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February 9th, 2007, 7:32 PM
Im going to enter the State Championships 2007 and i am not sure if the deck i have composed is good enough so please tell me if its okay. It has mostly lightning types. Some delta species also. This deck is called "The Force Of The Tyrano."


Tyranitar EX x1 (Dragon Frontiers)
Ampharos x1 (Unseen Forces)
Latios x1 (Comes from the special thing with both latias and latios)
Latias x1 (Holon Phantoms)
Raikou x1 (Promo)
Feraligatr x1 (Dragon Frontiers)
Ditto-lightning x1 (Delta Species)
Croconaw x2 (Dragon Frontiers)
Flaaffy x1 (Unseen Forces)
Gligar x2 (Dragon Frontiers)
Tyrogue x1 (Unseen Forces)
Totodile x2 (Dragon Frontiers)
Pupitar x2 (Dragon Frontiers)
Mareep x1 (Dragon Frontiers)
Mareep x1 (Unseen Forces)
Larvitar x3 (Dragon Frontiers)
Charmander x1 (Crystal Gaurdians)
Dratini x1 (Delta Species)


TV Reporter x1 (Dragon Frontiers)
Potion x1 (Delta Species)
Professor Oak's Research x1 (Dragon Frontiers)
Switch x1 (Dragon Frontiers)


Lightning Energy x24
Fire Energy x1
Double Rainbow Energy x1
Rainboy Energy x2
Boost Energy x2

Strategy: Tyranitar EX is my power house in all. I even named my deck after it. It defeats a pokemon in 2 hits if you have the right amount of energies. Then i can take down anything. If i dont get Tyranitar EX i try to get either Ampharos or Feraligatr. I also might try to get Raikou. My other cards are either to stall until i get the right cards or to just attack my opponent.
This deck is better than my Confusion Magma Bros. Deck.

Please Tell me if its okay for the championship?

Im Making a New deck soon called "Confusion Magma Bros."

February 9th, 2007, 7:48 PM
"Confusion Magma Bros." has Fire and Psy pokemon cards.

Typhlosion x1 (Unseen Forces)
Typhlosion x1 (Dragon Frontiers)
Heracross x1 (Dragon Frontiers)
Shining Gyarados x1 (Holon Phantoms)
Milotic x1 (Dragon Frontiers)
Charmeleon x1 (Crystal Gaurdians)
Charmander x1 (Crystal Gaurdians)
Kirlia x1 (Dragon Frontiers)
Kirlia x1 (Dragon Frontiers)
Numel X1 (Crystal Gaurdians)
Swellow x1 (Dragon Frontiers)
Taillow x2 (Dragon Frontiers)
Licktitung x1 (Dragon Frontiers)
Vulpix x1 (Dragon Frontiers)
Torkoal x1 (Holon Phantoms)
Xatu x1 (Deoxys)
Quilava x1 (Dragon Frontiers)
Cyndaquil x2 (Dragon Frontiers)
Cyndaquil x1 (Unseen Forces)
Natu x1 (Deoxys)
Eevee x2 (Sandstorm)
Espeon x1 (Sandstorm)
Ralts x1 (Dragon Frontiers)
Slugma x1 (Deoxys)
Feebas x1 (Dragon Frontiers)
Smeargle x1 (Dragon Frontiers)
Ditto-Fire (Delta Species)


Potion x1 (Fire red and Leaf Green)
Energy Search x1 (Ruby and Sapphire)


Fire Energy x14
Psychic Energy x14

Rate from a scale of 1 (horrible) to 10 (perfect)
Same with the other deck i made.

Strategy: I wait till i get my heracross or Cyndaquil because they can do a lot of damage for only 2 energy cards. then i try to evolve my cundaquil to its final stage. Then if my typhlosion gets struck out i wait for Shining Gyarados and then im bound to win. This deck is worse than my other deck "The Force Of The Tyrano" but its still pretty good. Thats my opinion. Please Rate!