View Full Version : Electric Reign

February 12th, 2007, 6:53 PM
Note: This is an unlimited deck.

Pokemon (20):
1x Zapdos (Fossil)
1x Ditto (EX FRLG)
1x Rayquaza (EX Deoxys)
1x Electabuzz (Base)
2x Electabuzz (E-Reader Expedition)
1x Dark Electrode (Rocket)
2x Voltorb (Rocket)
1x Manetric (EX Deoxys)
2x Electrike (EX RS)
2x Electrike (EX Deoxys)
1x Raichu (Fossil)
1x Raichu (E-Reader Expedition)
2x Pikachu (E-Reader Expedition)
1x Pikachu (Jungle)
1x Pikachu (Base)

Trainers (10):
3x Pokemon Reversal
1x Steven's Advice
1x Warp Point
1x Great Ball
1x Copycat
1x Desert Ruins
1x Master Ball
1x Switch

Energies (30):
30x Lightning Energy

Strategy: Get out Raichu, Rayquaza, Manetric, or Zapdos. If those fail, I fall back on Electabuzz and Dark Electrode.

Style: Combination of Haymaker-style and evolution-style.

Deck Record Among My Decks: 1-0