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February 14th, 2007, 6:32 PM
Note: This is an Unlimited deck.

Pokemon (16):
1x Chansey (Neo Destiny)
1x Jynx (Base)
1x Deoxys (EX Deoxys)
1x Mewtwo (Black Star Promo #14)
1x Mewtwo (Expedition)
2x Mewtwo ex (EX Ruby and Sapphire)
1x Metang (EX Deoxys)
2x Beldum (EX Deoxys)
2x Ralts (EX Sandstorm)
1x Ralts (EX Ruby and Sapphire)
2x Kirlia (EX Ruby and Sapphire)
1x Gardevoir ex (EX Sandstorm)

Trainers (11):
1x Super Potion
1x Energy Removal
1x Potion
1x Lady Outing
1x Rare Candy
1x Professor Oak
1x Challenge!
1x Super Rod
2x Switch

Energy (33):
33x Psychic Energy

Goal: Get out Gardevoir ex. If that fails, the four Mewtwo cards are there to fall back on.

Type: Same as my first deck. (beatdown - evolution hybrid)

Deck Record Among My Decks: 0-1