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To catch Ralts, a Psychic type Pokemon, early in the game, go into the grass directly outside of Petelsburg. You must have a positive disposition to encounter this Pokemon, which means your Pokemon must be attracted to you. This early in the game, it is almost impossible for them to really like you. It is weak at first, but a powerful Psychic type Pokemon can be very useful later in the game. Found in Route 102.

Pikachu and Pinsir
Found in the Safari Zone.

Other than by evolution, it can be found in Slateport, Pacifidlog, Evergrande, Mossdeep, Lilycove, Dewford, Routes 103,105 through 109, 110, 115, 118, 119, 121 through 123, and 124 through 134.

Mudkip is a Water type Pokemon. You can get it as a starter. Mudkip evolves in to Marshtomp at level 16 and it is a Water/Ground type Pokemon. Marshtomp evolves later at level 36 to Swampert, a Water/Ground type.

One of the best moves are Mud Shot, Earthquake, Blizzard, and Surf. Note: When you get Muddy Water, replace Water Gun with it. Then, when you get Surf, replace Muddy Water with it.

Mew is the only Pokemon that can learn all TMs and HMs. He can only be caught through a GameShark or CodeBreaker code.

Minun and Plusle
Found on Route 110.

This is a great Pokemon to have. It is a Water type which learns some Dragon moves and eventually Recover. Feebas does not evolve into Milotic they way a normal Pokemon does. To get Feebas to evolve, you must increase the beauty of it. To increase the beauty, it is best to use Indigo and Liteblue Pokeblocks. Save some Corn and Aguav Berries to make Pokeblocks with. Feed Feebas a number of Pokeblocks until its beauty is nearly at maximum. The next time Feebas grows another level, it will evolve into Milotic.

Other than by evolution, it can be found in New Mauville.

Magikarp can only be caught with an Old Rod.

Found in the Fiery Path. It may be a shiny version.

Illumise and Volbeat
Found on Route 117 only.

Found in the Safari Zone.

To find Groudon, go to the Cave Of Origin in Sootopolis City. It will be on Level 45 when you catch it. Groudon is a Ground type. Its ability is Drought and it summons Sunlight in battle. Its attacks are Slash: (Power 70, Accuracy 100), Bulk Up (Power -, Accuracy -), Earthquake (Power 100, Accuracy100), and Fire Blast (Power120, Accuracy 85). You can only find Groundon in Pokemon Ruby.

Found in the Fiery Path.

Gorebyss and Huntail
Get the scanner in the abandoned ship. Then, go to Slateport City. Go to the where the ferry is located and give the scanner to Mr. Stern. He will ask you to trade for his Deepseascale and the Deepsea Tooth. Choose either one of them, then give it to a Clamperl. This will raise its stats and allow it to evolve when traded. To get Gorebyss, give Clamperl the Deepseascale then trade it to a friend with a link cable. Then, have them trade it back to get Gorebyss. To get Huntail. give Clamperl the Deepseatooth and do the same thing.

Other than by evolution, it can be found in the Safari Zone.

Feebas can only be found on Route 119, and is very hard to find. Feebas only appears in six tiles on the route. The tiles are random, depending on the popular phrase you used in Dewford. Catching this Pokemon requires a lot of time and patience. However, when evolved into Milotic this Pokemon is very useful. To capture Feebas try using "Mudkip Ball" as your popular phrase in Dewford. Later it turns to "Natural Flowers". Wait until "Natural Flowers" is the popular phrase or attempt to change it yourself. To find Feebas, get to Route 119. Start at the bottom and move north. Stop at the first little lake, immediately after the large patch of tall grass, and go as far left on the lake shore as you can. Surf, move one tile north, and fish with a Super Rod. Note: The tile locations may vary from game to game.

Other than by evolution, it can be found in the Safari Zone.

Deoxys and Jirachi
You cannot get Jirachi and Deoxys during the game. They are given away through a Nintendo event, much like Mew and Celebi were in previous Pokemon games.

Found at Mt. Pyre (outside area, on the very top).

Castform: Recommended moves
The best moves for Castform are Blizzard, Fireblast, Thunder, and Solar Beam.

After you save the weather institute, talk to the man blocking the doorway. He will give you the Castform. It changes form, depending on the weather. It knows Hail, Powder Snow, Rain Dance, and Sunny Day. It is a Normal type and is at level 25.

In-game reset
Hold Select + Start + A + B during game play.

Blaziken: Recommended moves
The best moves for it are Blaze Kick, Brick Break, Bulk Up, and Sky Uppercut.

After you defeat Steven (the champion), go to his house in Mossdeep City. Read the book (Letter) on the table. It says to take the Pokeball. It contains a Beldum, at level 5. It is a Steel/Psychic type that knows Take Down.

Bagon is the first stage of Salamence (Dake's best Pokemon, which is Dragon and Flying type). You can find it in the smallest room in Meteor Falls. On the rectangular piece of land, you will find TM02 (Dragon Claw), which gives Attack 80 and Accuracy 100. Bagon evolves into Shellgon, then into Salamence. Salamence is like a fire dragon; cannot learn water attacks, but can learn Flying, Fire, and Dragon attacks.

When you get the Sea Incense from Mt. Pyre, breed two Marill (male and female). Give the female Marill the Sea Incense and put the two Pokemon in the Daycare Center. When you get the egg, you will get only male Azurills. If you gave the Sea Incense to the male Marill, you will only get female Azurills.

Altaria (other than evolution)
Found at the Sky Pillar.

Found on Route 120 only.

Getting a female starter
Keep starting the game over repeatedly until you get a female starter.

It could allow you to leave it at the Day Care with a Pokemon of the same Egg Group. Eventually, it will breed an egg. This allows you to have more of the same Pokemon.

The Pokemon that will hatch from the egg will be the same species as the female.

Get all three starting Pokemon
Wait until you can buy a Pokeball and catch at least one Pokemon. Trade with a friend at the Pokecenter. Make sure that your friend has a Pokemon to give away. Trade the Pokemon you selected in the start of the game, then start the game again. Continue this process until you have all three (Torchic, Treecko, and Mudkip). Make sure that when you trade to your friend, he has kept the Pokemon you have given him or her. When you have chosen the last starting Pokemon, catch two Pokemon. Trade with your friend again to get back the two other starting Pokemon you previously gave him. You should now have Torchic Mudkip and Treecko.

Latios and Latias
When you get the Master Ball in Team Aqua's/Magma's lair, do not use it on Kyogre/Groudon. Latios and Latias will eventually appear in your game, and they are extremely difficult to catch. They will run from route to route.

Just after you finish the game, on television there will be a report about a one-of-an-kind Pokemon that is now loose in Hoenn. It will show up all over Hoenn in the grassy areas. You will only have one chance to catch it. It rarely appears. It depends on which game you are playing; Latios for Pokemon Ruby and Latias for Pokemon Sapphire.

When going after Latios and Latias, always use Repels so you are not interrupted by other Pokemon.

Other than by evolution, it can be found on Safari Zone.

Other than by evolution, it can be found on Route 129.

Go to the house near the water in Mossdeep. There should be a man standing next to it. Get the Super Rod from the man inside the house. Go down the steps of Mossdeep to the shallow water, where you can walk. Stand at the edge and use the rod. Wailmer will almost automatically start biting.

Volbeat and Illumise
Found on Route 117.

Found on Route 119.

Treecko is a Grass type Pokemon. You can get it as a starter. Treecko evolves at level 16 and turns in to Grovyle, a Grass type. After that, it evolves again at level 36 to Sceptile, a Grass type.

Torchic is a Fire type Pokemon and you get it as a starter. Torchic evolves at level 16 and turns in to Combusken, a Fire/Fighting type. After that, it evolves at level 36 into Blaziken, a Fire/Fighting type.

To use Torchic and not get defeated by the first Gym Leader, train it until it evolves to its second stage. It will learn Double Kick. Use it against the first Gym Leader. It is very effective against Rock types.

Tentacool can only be caught with an Old Rod.

To make it easier for Swampert to help defeat the Elite Four, teach it Surf, Ice Beam, and Earthquake, plus a move of your choice.

Shiny Swablu
A shiny Swablu can be found just outside of Meteor Falls, where Zangoose is caught. You will find a lot of Swablus. Keep searching and you can find a yellow/gold one.

Found on Routes 102, 111, 114, 117, and 120.

Found in Petalburg Woods.

Other than trading for Pikachu, it can be found on Route 116.

Found on Route 113.

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This is all very helpful...to those who are big noobs to Ru/Sa!

and they can ask their inquery in the pokmon GB games forum...

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Jiraichi can be obtained without a nintendo event
What you need is Pokemon Channel
A gamecube
A cube to gba link cable
Ruby or saphire
A gba or gba sp
Complete both games then the Jiraichi option will apear on the menu of Pkmn Channel
link the gameboy to the gamecube
And use the Jiraichi option on pokemon channel
Note: 1 Jiraichi per game only

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To start with a female pokemon try being a boy named Alan.
It has never failed me

To start with a female pokemon try being a boy named Alan.
It has never failed me

June 4th, 2004, 10:15 PM
That is rather coincidence... as hackers have hacked all over it and they found no relationship with the trainer name and the starter's gender.

I'll ask someone to merge this with the faq... I don't know how personally, so i'll ask someone to do that tomorrow.

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