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Always and Never
February 19th, 2007, 7:17 PM
The Fire Nation, the Air Nomads, the Water Tribes, and the Earth Kingdom. Fire Lord Sozin has just released the power of Sozin’s Comet against all Airbenders. In a genocidal killing in effort to kill the Avatar all Airbenders have gone extinct. But where has Avatar Aang gone? He has disappeared and no one knows if he is alive or dead. With the non-stop onslaught of the Firebenders the war is underway. The nations have been torn apart and the battles have begun. Earthbenders with their organized armies, Waterbenders with their pirate-like fighting style, and Firebenders with their fierce style and powerful navy. A secret terrorist organization has been formed to stop the fighting and the killing. A select few from the remaining nations want a world with no boundaries or borders. Even if what they do is violent, it is all an effort to rid the world of hate and seperation. You are a member of this small but powerful organization. Normal or being a bender from 1 of the 3 remaing nations everyone, who believes the world should be one, is allowed in.

Firebenders- The power to control fire. They are prideful and don’t take losing easily. Fire is able to be shot out of their hands and feet. With advanced fighters they may produce a stronger, blue fire and powerful electricity. Strength meets pride for firebenders.

Earthbenders- Organization is an Earthbenders best friend. With natural leading abilities, strategic battling is there key style. Rocks are able to be lifted into the air and sharp, pointed slabs of earth are able to be shot up. More powerful ones may also cause Earthquakes, open crevices, and lift much more heavier and bigger rocks. Organization meets dedication for Earthbenders.

Waterbenders- The power to bend water. Waterbenders take pride in doing petty crimes and sabotaging ships. Water is able to become a sharp projectile, and be frozen. In more powerful benders comes the ability to heal. Mischief meets testosterone for Waterbenders.

This isn’t like Nickelodeon. Way more gore and way darker.
Basic RP rules. (no god, powerplaying, etc.)
5 lines or more per post. Everybody likes paragraphs!
When in a battle with some one, end the post before your attack hits. Unless the person you are attacking is someone who is a made up cahracter and not another member.
Anyone may join.
No Airbenders. They’re all dead.

Sign Up:
Age: (Older than 18)
Race: (Firebender, Earthbender, Waterbender, Normal)
Appearance: (Relate it to your bending style, no present day clothes)
Other Abilities: (Weapons, more powers relating to element)

February 21st, 2007, 12:49 PM
Uh. I guess I'll join.

-Name: Tenkaichi Jishentai

-Age: 20

-Gender: Male

-Race: Earthbender

-Appearance: Tenkaichi has messy hair where he is always shaking it to make it move. He has brown eyes that shine and turn hazel in the sun. He wears a traditional Jishentai clothing which consists in a brown/black tunik that can be either wide or long. It is very tight on the arms to show the strength while the center of it shows a star inside a circle meaning luck. He also wears metal braceltes that are 1-2 pounds in weight. On his waist is huge silky pants that match the tunik. He doesn't wear any footwear because of his traditions that "you are born with powerful feet, you must use it."

-Personality: Tenkaichi is really respected because of his accomplishments in Ba Sing Se. He is very caring and will do anything to protect his freinds and even his rivals. When not training, Tenkaichi is teaching little children in a fun way to become powerful earthbenders. Out of his whole life, only one time he has really been sad.

-History: I want to reveal parts of this in the roleplay as either memory or when he's alseep.

-Other Abilities: Tenkaichi has a sword that was made from a special rock that detaches into various tools. Only Tenkaichi is able to form it, other earthbenders can only detach it into rock.

Always and Never
February 21st, 2007, 1:07 PM
nice sign up... you are accepted. need more people, spread the word.

February 21st, 2007, 1:33 PM
Name: Cher Yuex

Age: 22

Gender: Female

Race: Earthbender

Appearance: Cher is rather short, standing at only 5' 2", but it also gives her a kind of look that tells someone she's young and innocent. Cher has long, dark brown hair that reaches about the middle of her back. Cher's eyes sparkle with hazel.

Cher is a very attractive woman, with her hourglass shaped body, she sometimes draws attention to herself. Because she usually dislikes the attention, Cher wears her green and brown cloth baggy. Cher is also very flexible, and can be very sly, sneaky, and light on her feet.

Personality: Cher isn't shy, but she isn't exactly outgoing and bubbly. She likes to think and spend time by herself. But, when the time comes Cher is a great actress, sometimes used as a distraction in some missions. But, Cher is no push over. Cher can sometimes have a short temper when she's had no alone time, or the person talking to her is just plain annoying.

If you befriend Cher, she is very kind, sweet, and caring. You'll see that Cher is rather sarcastic at times, not to mention, very perverted. Cher loves to laugh and smile, but can be serious if the moment calls for it. Cher is also an extremely loyal person.

Cher likes earthly colors, but hates the color pink with a passion. She isn't girly. Cher also hates Fire and Firebenders, although if in the organization, she'd be more tolerant.

History: Cher was born the sixth of seven, the six others all being her brothers. Cher's parents had a very happy marrage, until the war began. THe Firenation killed her Mother, and after that, her Father was extremely depressed. Cher's Father and brothers all left to fight in the war, Cher being left with her Mother's only sister. Soon, Cher found out that the Firenation had taken the lives of her Father, and all six brothers. Cher had dropped into depression, herself, and was out to collect fresh water for the family she was living with and came back to discover that the Firenation had attacked. Not taking just the lives of her only realitives, but the entire village she had lived in.

Other Abilities: Cher can make a varitiy of animal noises. Cher is good with her hands, and is good at cooking with limited resorces. Cher is a great Earthbender, and when the battle is intense, Cher thinks of all the lives the Firenation stole from her and sends that anger into her Earthbending.

February 21st, 2007, 2:33 PM
Name: Stryder Brannok
Age: 27
Gender: Male
Race: Firebender
Appearance: Stryder has vibrant red hair like flames with a solem face to go along with it. cold hazel eyes top off the stone like impression of his face. he wears a long grey cape that flows down to his ankles over a tattered black shirt and ratted baggy black cowhide slacks. for shoes he has black moccasins. Also on his shoulders are ruby jeweled shoulder guards, they match the hilt of his blade and also provide protection. he carries a sword that is jeweled at the bottom of the handle as well as the hilt. the gem is a ruby, Stryder's symbol of peace. Stryder's left hand is hand made out of forged steel and he made steel rods on the inside which he had a craftsman link them to his severed tendons in his hand. (his hand was lost in the accident where he got his amnesia...read on) The hand serves no purpose really, just..there..

Personality:Basicly, Stryder is quiet. a word never leaves this mans face unless there is an absolute need for him to say something. most people think hes a mute, but they just dont know him. But when he's with friends and companions he tends to be more open and considerate, other wise he is like a rock

History: Stryder only can remember his history up to the age of 17 years of age, for it was then he was struck upon the head sending him flying into a river unconcious for about 2 hours. That "accident" caused by his father resulted in Stryder's long term amnesia. After 17 he continued to walk the earth, even though he shouldn't, and found out he had Fire Bending skills (he had forgotten he had had them) when he was 20 years old. after that day he spent every hour of his waking life training with his bending. eventually he became more poweful than any bender he knew period.

Other Abilities: the sword i mentioned earlier, it pretains to his bending.. he can send flames shooting up the blade, make it white hot, e.t.c.

EDIT: Here's the picture if anyone wants to know what he looks like: http://i96.photobucket.com/albums/l184/dreemxweever/trainer4-4.png

Always and Never
February 21st, 2007, 3:10 PM
Jake! At least give him a nickname or something. I'm never calling you Janus. You are accepted but Nickname. Everything else is just fine. Hazel is definetely in.

February 21st, 2007, 3:41 PM
fine, even though janus is a guy name, janice would be a chick.
either way.. just call him Stryder

Always and Never
February 21st, 2007, 4:30 PM
way better. Your only problem is 30%

lol, 98%

Ill post my sign up when I get to my dad's. Waterbenders would be nice. But whatever. Spread the word, need more people.

February 21st, 2007, 8:00 PM
Name: Haru Takami
Age: 18 1/4, but somehow looks to be about 16 or 17
Gender: Male
Race: Waterbender
Appearance: he is 5'1" and has long black hair that hangs down to his waist, along with strange, white-grey eyes. He wears the usual water-tribe outfit, but has a sky blue sash around his waist, and a dark blue scarf around his neck, hiding his face, when not wearing his scarf his tunic underneith his shaggy, north pole coat has a very high collar that goes all the way up to his nose.
Personality: He is very dark and mysterious, not liking to show any emotion to anyone unless he fully trusts them. He will only fight when provoked and will fight untill he has made sure his opponent has learned not to make that mistake again.

History: He grew up on his own, not having anyone to teach him untill he met master Jaku((yea, M. Paku's gret, great, great, great grandfather xD)), an elderly waterbending master who saw teh talent haru had and taught him. However, this was too late to save his social skills, which had depleted over the cource of the 6 years since his parents had died in a fishing accident when he was just four. He rarely talked over the years, other than thanking and asking his master for simple things. He began to see his abilities as a waterbender as a great responcibility as he reached fifteen and continued to train untill master Jaku died when he was 16. He has continued to train by himself and has even started to train younger, homeless waterbenders like he was himself. this however stopped when he was 17 ,and the war began. A year has passed since then and he has begun to train on his own, often having other members of the tribe criticize him for abandoning his teaching, and being the only known student of master jaku since his own son and grandson.

Other Abilities: He carries a large club and a jaw-shaped knife(much like sokka's), along with a rather large boomarang.

((ill edit this later, gotta go to bed now))

Dark Night
February 21st, 2007, 8:05 PM
[COLOR="Blue"]I'd really like to join, it sounds really cool, but at the moment I'm a little busy, would you mind reserveing me a spot?
Sign Up:

Name: Vizera
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Race: Firebender
Appearance: Vizera has light brown tanned skin. She's at a perfect weight for a 5'5", 21 year old girl. She's got a toned body for a girl, one that doesn't make her look too manly. She has midnight black hair, that goes down to the bottom of her ears and it's layered. She has white-blonde, natural highlights. She wears an orange long sleeved top that goes halfway down her stomach. She wears a black choker to cover up a burn that she got when she was a child in a bad firebending accendent. She wears red pants that she tucks into a pair of dark red and black boots. She has a a skirt that goes down to her knees and has slits all the way up to the waist band of the skirt. It's orange and red with a black fire nation symbol sewed into the front and back. Her eyes are a pure black, no other color in them.

Personality: Viz is distant, and she's not afraid to admit it. She likes to be alone and not to be bothered. She's merciless to her enimies, she won't give them a break what-so-ever. She's a determined and strong woman. She's independant and doesn't like to be bothered for nothing. She's very easily annoyed and has a temper. She'd do anything for those she loves and cares about and is loyal to them, which is very hard for people to get close to her. She follows orders and does nothing else.

History: Vizera's family was murdered when she was only 7 years old. The Fire Lord had them killed becuase he claimed that he found evidence that they were plotting against him and his plans. She was destroyed after that, tramatized to see her whole family killed in front of her. The Fire Lord then had her taken in by a wealthy family, knowing of her ability to firebend very well, to retrain her and destroy whatever her parents had told her. The family wasn't nice to her, they pushed her to her ultimate limits and treated her horriably. They locked her up a lot in a dark closet to torment her and turn her to the "firebender way." But no matter how hard they tried, they couldn't get rid of what her parents taught her, at least, they thought they had gotten rid of it. Viz stayed alone a lot and liked to be alone. She hated the Fire Lord for what he had done to her and everyone around her. Nobody cared about her, they didn't care what happended. When she turned 15 she joined this group to help gather the nations togeather, and for her own personal enjoyment, torment the Fire nation.

Other Abilities: Viz has a sword that has a red stone strip going down the middle of the sword. The sword can be split into 2 separate swords. Is said to be a prodigy of firebending. ~~~~
EDIT: Hope that's okay! If you need something changed just tell me!

Legendary Squirtle
February 21st, 2007, 8:51 PM
Sign Up:

Name: Seath
Age: 20
Race: Waterbender

Appearance:Seath wears the normal waterbender outfit, Dark Blue sweater with a long navy blue pants. He has jet black hair, which is often hidden thanks to the snow and light blue eyes. He also wears a pendant which was passed down from generation in his family.

Personality:Seath is mostly calm but can get angry if provoked over an extended period. He outgoing but he rarely trust people unless he knows them for a good while

History: Up untill age 10 he live an average life in the South pole. He and his family moved to the north pole a few weeks after his birthday. At the North pole he trained for seven years under the tutorledge of a waterbending master, untill he died by a fire nation general. He then spent the next three years of his life teaching other people the art of waterbending, as he was deamed a waterbending expert.

Other Abilities: He carries a normal wooden staff, that was given to him from is tutor before he died. He has intergrated several waterbending techiniques into it but doesn't regularly use them. He also has a leather pouch filled with water just incase there isn't a stream nearby.

Always and Never
February 22nd, 2007, 9:05 AM
all right, Silvertail you are reserved, Dark Night you are reserved. Legendary Squirtle you are not accepted.

Just kidding. Sign up is really good. Legendary Squirtle is in.

Always and Never
February 22nd, 2007, 6:31 PM
lol, thanks Jake.

Name: Huang "Phoenix" Feng

Age: 27

Gender: Male

Race: Firebender

Appearance: Huang has a simple hairdo that is short and and just lays on the top of his head. It is thick so he cuts it often. His blue eyes are always glaring and they have a reddish glow in them. His outfit is a simple black top that has a light, red cape connecting at the cuffs on his wrists. His pants are black and his shoes are simple red moccaisons that can pass fire through the material. It is all made from fire-resistant material. His public clothes are simple brown robes and a wicker-hat, much like Rayden's from Mortal Kombat.

Personality: This firebender hates firebenders. He very much dislikes people misinterpreting that, just because he is a firebender, he is evil and not caring. He doesn't like to talk but he does it anyway. He's not afraid of the firebending army and loves to challenge small ouposts of them. He believes that just because you can control a certain element, you don't have to hate that person. He trys to teach the members of his terrorist group this important lesson.

History: The "Phoenix" was born into a very wealthy home of a Fire Nation senator. Seeing how his father helped the Fire Nation do terribly evil things, he left his house when he was 14. By then he had a decent knowledge of Firebending but he needed a place to learn more of his techniques. He found shelter in a cave deep inside the mountains near the Airbenders. After about a year he decided to take refuge in Ba Sing Se. The day Fire Lord Sozin released Sozin's comet upon the Earthbender, the city had been checked for firebenders. He managed to find a bare spot in the ground and melted a hole to hide in. He quickley started developing walkways, and multiple floors. He traveled preferably then, meeting a lot of people from different nations. The war was getting in the way of everything so he decided to start a new nation. The new "nation" is just a small group of people but he feels it could grow into something huge.

Other Abilities: He has learned to stealthily send his Firebending electricity into the sky to cause thunderbolts to rain down. He carries very small darts, that when thrown correctly, kill a man.

Always and Never
February 24th, 2007, 9:08 AM
The day had finally arrived. I had sent invitations to what I thought would be vital members in stopping this war, in which it said to meet me in Ba Sing Se on this very day.
They're probably stuck at the front gate. It sure took me awhile to get in. I'd better go out and help them.
I left the underground chamber that I created and starting traveling through the "Huang-made" hallways. It took me awhile to memorize all the paths and traps but I soon got it all down. Plus, I hung a giant blueprint in the meeting room. I reached a dead-end. Looking up, I slowly opened the trapdoor. It was late at night so not many people were about. I stealthily jumped up and reached inside my robes. My hat set upon my head perfectly and I made my way to the front of the gate.
Ba Sing Se was a beautiful city. The architecture was amazing and their plumbing system was revolutionary. It is a site for a lot of military coups... The last one was 10 years ago when I first arrived. Around the time Avatar Roku had been killed in battle. Earthbenders believed that they needed to revert to a dictatorship to take advantage of this sudden blow to the firenation. The Earthbending army controls the city now.
Lost in thought I noticed something that wasn't right...
Oh, no...
I walked faster at the site of three Earthbender guards gathered around the entrance to the city.
Oh, crap...

February 24th, 2007, 7:16 PM
I looked towards the moon as it shined through the invitation. Hmmmm. So Pheonix wants me to join his Terrorist group. I wonder what my Squad name will be. I smirked and gave a small chuckle as I heard footsteps real close. I took my sword and formed it sharper while I gotten ready to fight.

To my surprise, it was three guards checking their hourly night check to find any young children who aren't supposed to be outside at night and should be alseep. "You out there!" Said one of the guards as he caught me wandering. Another one took a step and launched himself towards me with a jolt of run.

OoC| You did say that we could have some battles with gore in it. ;)

Dark Night
February 24th, 2007, 8:27 PM
'Ba Sing Se? We couldn't go anywhere else?' I thought as I walked up to the entrance of the big town. 'Oh well Viz, it's your fault for joining in the first place.' I thought as I was just about to enter the town. Right before I got in, I heard people shouting and rushed to see what was up. There was a group of guards attacking another eathbender. 'Oh great! Trouble!' I rushed in to help the outnumbered earthbender, my blades in hand.
Sorry for short post!

February 24th, 2007, 8:33 PM
'Ahh, Ba Sing Se... We meet once more...' Cher thought in a dreamful way before positioning herself in the moonlight to read the invitation once more. 'Pheonix is his name, then? Must be a firebender... He better not try anything...' Cher thought, stepping into the dark alleyway.

A male that was a few years younger than her stepped into her view. He, too, had an invitation. "You out there!" Came a voice and then the sound of footsteps. Cher knew that they were after him. Cher instantly rushed out of the alleyway, almost bumping into the male, shouting; "Brother!" With a smile.

The guard caught her attention and a look of horror covered her face. The innocence of her features caused the guard to slow his pace to a stop. "I - I s - sorry, sir! This is my fault! I went out for a walk earlier in the afternoon and got lost... My brother came looking for me." Cher lied quickly. The guard seemed to take it. He grunted and nodded once, lowering his arms. "Well, hurry and get home!" He shouted. "Yes, sir!" Cher nodded and whirled around, taking the male by the arm and leading him down to street. Cher instantly held out her invitation, showing him that she had the exact same invitation as he had. "Let's try not to draw attention to ourselves, huh?" Cher suggested, looking over at his sword.

Always and Never
February 24th, 2007, 9:08 PM
I rested myself behind one of the wooden wagons and watched this little scene.
Not one of the three people that stood there heard me.
One of them quickly turned around. It just had to be the one with the blades....
I exclaimed "are you guys nuts?! Risking detection like that is seriously a stupid thing to do! I see you have all gotten my invitations and I need you all to quiet down. Three of the members are still needing to arrive so I need you all to sit down by me behind this wagon. Come over here, quickly!"
They all sat down eventually but none of them put away their weapons. heh...

February 25th, 2007, 11:20 AM
I made my sword decrease its size to look more like a knife. "So, you're Pheonix huh? Nice to meet you." I turned towards him with a cheery smile. "My name is Tenkaichi. And who are you other two?" I gave a sharp stare at the girl who was two years older than me and called me 'brother.' "Cool swords," I said as I watched the white-blonde girl. I showed them my minature blade with a cocky smirk showing on my face. "You have some nice weapons, but I think mines is also really handy when I need it." I watched and waited as I layed on the wooden wagon.

February 25th, 2007, 12:03 PM
Cher let go of the man who introduced himself as Tenkaichi's arm and glanced over at the man who was telling them to be quiet while yelling. Cher raised a slender eyebrow at him and slowly, with her arms crossed, walked over to behind the wagon, but didn't sit down. She was short enough not to be noticed behind it while standing. "We're not stupid, as you so proclaim Mister Pheonix, or I don't think you would've invited us." Cher pointed out.

Cher's gaze the sharp one of Tenkaichi, knowing that he didn't like the idea of Cher calling him brother. "At least I saved your clothing from becoming blood drenched." Cher pointed out before sighing. "My name is Cher Yuex."

Always and Never
February 25th, 2007, 12:49 PM
"Well Miss Cher, I'm glad you came along because you saved both of these two from being arrested."
She looked at me like I was insane.
"And I want you all to stop calling me Phoenix. That was my father's military title and it rubbed off on me. Now, don't be alarmed but I want you all to see something."

I slowly lifted my hand and I conjured up a small fireball.

"I am a firebender. But that is not a reason to hate me or not trust me. The reason I invited you hear is because I've traveled to all three nations and you are the most able. I trust all of you otherwise I wouldn't of said the things that I said in those invitations. I sure wish they put their weapons away, heh.
"I know for a fact that one of you is a firebender. And you wear the firenation symbol proudly. This group isn't about divisions or segregation. You were one of the most excited to join me , I think you'll rethink wearing the symbol in Ba Sing Se..."

Dark Night
February 25th, 2007, 1:10 PM
"Nice to meet you Pheonix!" I said as I finally heard him. I nodded at the boy who acknowledged my swords. I put them away and got myself out of the battle. I nodded at the girl named Cher and turned back to Pheonix.

As he conjured up the fireball, something sparked inside me. 'It's nice to see another firebender that's not out to kill you!' Through my journey to Ba Sing Se, it was hard to get here. I had to hide from everyone becuase of my sign I wore and I had to hide from any sign of the Fire Nation. I nodded as he talked about me and also formed a fireball to show the others. "Yes, I've been trying to hide it, but I haven't been able to find any other clothes and no matter how much I hate the Fire Lord, I still like my nation." I said trying to defend it as best I could. 'I don't blame the people of the Fire Nation, I blame the Fire Lord!' I grabbed peice of cloth hanging from the wagon, not careing what it was right now, and wrapped it around the skirt that held the sire symbol. "It stinks to have to hide this, it's sad actually."

Always and Never
February 25th, 2007, 1:28 PM
I watched Vizera put on the cloth and my respect grew for her.
"You don't have to worry. I have collected outfits over the years and put them in my hideout. We'll go back there when the others arrived. I wasn't saying you didn't have to not respect the people of the fire nation. I have met som extremely goodhearted people. I'm just looking out for you because if you wear a Firenation symbol in Ba Sing Se, you get thrown in jail for the rest of your life."
I looked at the 2 others who had befriended eachother.
"I want you all to know that just because we can control different elements doesn't mean we have to hate eachother. I greatly respect you all. What is taking the others so long?"
I took off my hat to show my respect for the ladies and started twiddling my thumbs in silence.

February 25th, 2007, 5:58 PM
I was watching over the group and chukling silently to myself observing there little mistrials and errors. Not to say i wasn't above any of them, because I knew for a fact I wasn't, and either way I wasn't one to look down upon others. Looking toward the group, I looked over the members so far and counted, 1..2..3..4..5..6.. Ha, and only two if em were girls, not much of a chance for me there.. I chukled to myself again. Theyre probably waiting for me...I should probably go out there sooner or later.. But even if i did, there's no way a group of seven benders can stand against earthbender guards. I flicked my fingers, creating little fire flecs appear at my thumb and index finger. I sighed. Allright.. I'll work my way over there.. I walked out of the shadows where I was hiding. Suprisingly, nobody noticed me yet... I walked closer and somebody did notice me, It was the greenish colored girl that noticed me first, in a very subtle way. Maybe subtle wasn't the word for it. The girl jumped up in suprise and yelled for everyone to look in my direction, which they all did, and following that they all adopted the greenish girl's expression. I looked down at the rest of my body, which was engulfed in blue flames. I probably looked like the excorsis to them.. or a poulterguis.. most likely a mix between the two. Oh.. Forgot about that.. That's usualy a shocker... I mentally doused the flames in my mind and instantly the blue explosion around my body was gone, exposing my true form and clothes. "Hey guys... In case you're wondering, I'm Stryder..."

February 25th, 2007, 6:25 PM
xXScytherXx - Please do not double post. *Referring to post #13 and #14. 12 and 13 are fine~*

Always and Never
February 25th, 2007, 6:55 PM
OOC: Sorry Bijou.

IC: I looked at Stryder for a second. I had met Stryder about 7 years ago and him and I practiced our firebending together. I knew I could trust him to join this thing. I don't know why he would burst into flames in the middle of an Earthbending city... Maybe it was to dust himself off or something...

He introduced himself to everybody casually. I notioned him to come stand by us. He retreated at first so I quickley said, "Hey, Stryder! Don't you remember me?" He, too, looked at me like I was insane.

February 25th, 2007, 8:20 PM
Cher turned her head, feeling as though something was watching her. Her hazel gaze shifted away, though, her attention elsewhere. But, when Stryder made his appearence while engulfed by blue flame. It didn't really creep Cher out. She just stared at him with a small smirk. Once the flames finally dispursed, a smile crept onto Cher's feminine features.

"Someone sure knows how to make an enterance..." Cher pointed out, still smiling.

Legendary Squirtle
February 26th, 2007, 11:28 AM
Seath walked the streets of the Earth kingdom city alone. He decided that the best place to find anything was to get to the center, but that was really hard.
"Im getting really close to the center" Seath thought, as he saw the high rising buildings.
After he got to the center of the city, Seath sat down and rested a bit.
"So how am I going to find this person?" Seath thought.
The answers to his question, came in the form of some smoke, comming from a building a few miles from were he was. Seath headed off in that direction hoping that it was indead what he thought it was. After a couple of minutes he finally got to source of the smoke. There he found four people, hoping that one of them was the person who sent the invited, he walked up and introduced himself.

February 26th, 2007, 2:15 PM
This guy named Phoenix was calling my name and asking me if I remembered him? Either I'm going insane, or this guy knew me before I contracted my amnesia... What the hell? This guy knows me?? I thought to myself. Straying away from Mr. I know you, I glanced at the one named Cher and noticed she was smirking, then she said something, "Someone sure knows how to make an entrance" That made me laugh out loud and the whole group turned towards me in complete aghast "What? I can laugh too, can't I? Damn..." I said loud enough for them to hear me. Cher's reaction was exactly what I was looking for.. I smiled. Now back to this Phoenix dude... "Alright man, how the hell do you know who I am? I'm flattered that you asked me to join this little revolt, but I don't know you in any other way." I said, moving closer to the group. Then the thought occured to me again and i froze in my tracks. "Wait...Did you know me about ten years ago? And then for some reason we just never talked again?" I waited for an answer from the mysterious guy, wondering where the rest of the group is. If he had said yes to that question, it would mean he would've known me before i got amnesia.. Which explains why I'm starting to think he's insane.

Always and Never
February 26th, 2007, 2:23 PM
I replied to Stryder's question very confused. "uhhh, After I ran away from home I stayed at your hut for a year. We practiced firebending day and night. I invited you hear because your insightful views of the world and your raw power." He seemed to look down and think awhile. A few minutes after Stryder arrived a voice came out of nowhere. The sudden voice made me jump. I replied to his introduction with one of my own. "Welcome to Ba Sing Se! I am Huang. Now that your here, I will all show you my "secret lair".
I put on my hat and got up. I turned my back on them and an instant thought popped into my head.
I sure hope they're following me...

February 26th, 2007, 2:39 PM
Interesting. He did train with me.. Well that just tells me I'll be learning a lot more in this journey. I thought to myself. I saw Huang was moving, so i started following him, resenting the fact he said 'seceret lair'. "So where is this little 'lair' of yours anyways?" I asked him in a casual tone, as not to catch the attention of the rest of the group.. they seem to be extremely suprised whenever I opened my mouth.
Which was not a suprising feature for these people, as i probably look like i want to torch somebody. The engulfment of flames probably set em off too.. Hmm..

Always and Never
February 26th, 2007, 2:53 PM
"Where is this little "lair" of your anyways?" I heard from behind me.
I called back, "You'll see soon enough, it will be our base of operations... a sort of headquarters."
An Earthbender guard ran around the corner and stopped in his tracks when he rounded it.
I had to think fast before the guard notified other guards. I got into stance. I lifted my right arm and swayed it to the left. Blue sparks started appearing. I swayed my left arm to the right. The blue sparks intensified. I push both my arms forward and sent a piercing beam of electricity. As my attack flew about 7 other elemental attacks flew after the same target. I realized my terrorist group is devastating.
As the dust cleared, the Earthbender guard was no more.
"Hurry, we have to get to my place now!"
I started sprinting.

February 26th, 2007, 3:06 PM
I sighed and dropped my head, knowing I wouldnt get anymore information at the moment. Then for some reason Huang unleashed an unreal amount of plasma, almost exactly like the plasma I generate at the hilt of my blade to send surging through any contact. maybe he did train with me I stopped thinking about that and focused everything on anger. I pulsed the anger towards my hand and I felt the madness being released into the vicinity as red and yellow flame in my palm. I moved in almost the exact same motion as Huang, but then I jumped into the air doing a sommersualt and landing on one knee, palm down into the ground. Instantly, a wave of fire erupted from my fingertips and charged towards whatever target Huang was aimed at. As this happened, I saw bright flashes as 6 other elements surged out of the group in the same direction as mine did. Holy crap... I completly underestimated the power we have here... with enough training and concentration, Im sure this group could overthrow a master in earthbending alone... Still in awe of the huge attack, I still thought we overdid it a bit, it was only one earthbender guard.. guess ya can't be too careful. Huang started running, fast, and he said something over his shoulder. I really didnt care what he said.. when a firebender runs from something, you follow him, if you hate them or not. I started after him with the remains of my attack still soldering at my fingertips.

February 26th, 2007, 4:32 PM
Cher smiled warmly at Stryder when he laughed out loud at her comment. Although he may have been a few years older than her, he wasn't bad looking. Then again, it was about midnight, and Cher had had a full day of traveling. Cher pushed the thought into the back of her head.

Huang made a motion for all of them to follow and head for the 'base'. Cher glanced around at the others who were invited, and really couldn't tell if there were anymore Earthbenders in this group such as her. At least three Firebenders, Cher had observed.

Slowly, Cher began following. But, soon, they were once more interupted by an Earthbender Guard, and Cher sighed with annoyance. She took a step forward, but Huang had already taken a stance. Stryder also joined him and they both attacked the Earthbender with extreme power. This caused Cher to take a step back.

She had only known these people for five minutes, how was she suppose to trust them? They had already killed one of her own kind with the most powerful attacks she had ever witnessed. Was this 'base' a trap? What was Cher supposed to do?

She now had to make her decision quick, because the Huang had took off. Cher blinked several times, her hazel eyes glancing about nervously. But, because of the sudden burst of action, Cher's legs decided for her. Cher joined in on the sprint, being a natural runner, she dashed quickly to catch up.

Always and Never
February 26th, 2007, 5:26 PM
We soon reached the trapdoor. My stomach was sick from murdering an innocent man. I looked back at the group.
"I... I'm sorry everyone. It's just that the only chance to end this war is in our hands. With the Avatar gone there is not much hope. I want to reassure you that if that had been any bender, I still would of sacrificed them to keep our stealth. Please... forgive me."

I opened the trapdoor.
"This is the moment of truth. Go inside if you trust me. Leave if you don't."

February 26th, 2007, 5:53 PM
We reached the trap door a second after Huang had gotten there, I waited for him to unlock it and let us inside. I had no intention of hesitating on this, after I had seen what everyone is capable of. I saw Cher coming and I got a painful twinge in my stomache. It was a feeling of disgust. I was disgusted by myself, how could I just basicly vaporize an innocent earthbender...I felt horrible, then I realized how awkward it must have been for Cher to see that happen... I decided to make an action. As soon as Cher had caught up with us, I walked over to her, who had been looking quite sceptical about this whole organization. She was facing away from me, on purpous I don't know, but either way, i gently tapped her shoulder. Instantly I had that twinge of remorse and memory of killing an innocent man. I pushed my emotions away for a while. "Look, I'm not one for personal confrontation...Well, not with someone I don't know" I smiled trying to make light on the subject, trying to cheer her up, but then my face got solumn again. I know how you must have felt back there. It seems like we're just killing them off, but it's more than that. You probably are thinking you shouldn't join, but I saw your bending back there... You're amazing in earthbending... We need someone like you.. plus your just a great addition to the team in general. It's always good to have a pretty face around." I smiled again, this time keeping it. "what I'm tryin to say is, ya gotta trust us. we're not doing this to go on a killing spree of earthbenders. At least, I'm not.. I wouldn't do anything like that, It looks like I would though" I motioned to my appearence and clothes "C'mon...Whattya say? You in?

February 26th, 2007, 6:19 PM
Huang lead them all to a trap door, of which he opened and motioned for all to enter. But, Cher seemed to be the only one having second thoughts. Was this their way of regaining the peace of the Nations? Killing innocent bystanders until they all give up? And then, if outnumbered, run? Questions buzzed in Cher's mind as she turned away from the trap door that was still being held open and stared down at the ground, trying to think about this.

But, a grasp on her shoulder made her thoughts dispurse. She turned, now suddenly facing Stryder, her eyes meeting his. When Cher expected yelling and a shove to get into the trapdoor, Cher only found a soft voice. Comforting. Cher listened as he spoke of her bending powers, and his compliments. "It's always good to have a pretty face around." Stryder told her, Cher finding a smile on his face. Cher had been complimented like this many times before, but this time, a light tint of pink crawled across her features, but it was covered by the darkness of the night.

Cher looked down once more and sighed. She brought her head back and looked Stryder straight in the eye. She had this talent of telling whether or not an individual was lying. She found no signs of lying and Cher finally decided that she might as well.

"I'm in." Cher finally said. "But," Cher quickly added, "Everyone just better realize that the peace between our nations can be resolved without killing... Killing just makes us as bad as what we're fighting against." Cher said before walking around Stryder and entering the trap door quickly, hazel eyes darting around to absorb her surroundings completely.

February 26th, 2007, 6:29 PM
I'm thinkin' you're right, and any other ideas I'm deffinatly open too, I don't know about the others though.. I said, voice trailing off as Cher had already started to walk in. I sighed thinking to myself about the whole issue of the amnesia. Does Huang really know me for who I am now? Or am I still a seventeen year old in his eyes..? I don't know what to think anymore. Everything's so confusing...But that Cher...Wait.. Thinking about a girl? Maybe I have matured.. Or is this a sign of the opposite? I wanted to explode in my head righ there on the spot. I ran in after Huang to ask him something "Hey Huang! Do you have anything you need to explain in the next.. Oh, say, 10 minutes? 'Cuz I was wonderin if I could.. take a walk, I guess..."

Always and Never
February 26th, 2007, 6:38 PM
Stryder asked me a question.
"Wait one second."
I jumped down the trapdoor. I directed everybody to thier dorms and gave them each a key. Once they were secure I took off my hat and went to the entrance.
"I'm walking with you. Let's get a drink, my old friend."
I closed the trapdoor and we set off.

February 26th, 2007, 6:47 PM
OOC: Now whos powerplaying? i dont remember anyone actually going into the base :P:P

IC:"Uhm, Yeah.. Alright.. There's a good place right down the road from here I think..." I said that with a huge tone of question in my voice. He looked at me quizzicly "Ok, I lied, I don't know left from right around here. I'll follow you." Knowing I could probably trust him, being I knew for almost a fact he did in fact train with me.

Always and Never
February 26th, 2007, 6:55 PM
OOC: Kay

"Just follow me. Now what's up? I mean you've barely talked to me tonight. I can obviously see you have a thing for Cher. I was pretty stupid of us to obliterate that guy. Now Cher will never trust me. But I sense something wrong with you... What is it?"

He, again, looked at me like I was insane.

February 26th, 2007, 6:59 PM
He had said that he knew something was wrong. Nobody could ever tell when something was wrong, either that or nobody wanted to help about it. I shot him one of my "are you completly insane?!" glances, like I did when he said he knew me.
"Did you honestly know me and train with me years ago? Because.. well, I'll let you answer before I tell you..This is gonna suprise you..."

February 26th, 2007, 7:05 PM
Cher was shooed off into her own bedroom, and handed a key. Cher turned to speak to Huang. "Than-" Cher was cut off by the door closed in her face. "-k you..." Cher finished, sighing.

Cher moved over to the bed and sat down on it, looking down at her key. What was going to happen around here? There was no offical greeting, no meeting, no... Nothing. Had Huang asked for them to arrive too early before he could even think of what to do? No grand tour of this 'base', no directions. She was just led to the room and stuck there.

Was Cher trapped in here? Had Stryder fooled her? Cher glanced down at her key once more. If she had been trapped, why was she given a key?

Always and Never
February 26th, 2007, 7:09 PM
"Well, of course. You and I seriously never stopped training. You know that scar on your right leg? I gave that to you. It was funny as hell. But one day I had come back from the village with food and you were nowhere to be found. I'm seriously surprised that I could track you down. I managed to find you in New Sozin. But, seriously, what's wrong?"

Legendary Squirtle
February 27th, 2007, 10:22 AM
Seath layed on the bed in the room that was assigned to him. He fiddled with the key as he thought about the recent events that he saw.
"Is violence the only way to stop the war" Seath thought as he remembered his life at the south pole. Seath then started to think about all the thing he knew about the other nations.
"I guess that is the only way" Seath thought "unless I can think of another"
Seath decided to go and check out the base some more, to clear his mind a bit. He left some of his belonging in the room and closed the door with his staff in hand.

February 27th, 2007, 2:06 PM
I looked at Huang while he was talking to me, I could tell he was confused...I would be too if I was in his postion, well... I'll lay it on him now. "Kay look, the reason you couldn't find me back in our village was because I left. I had been shunned by everyone, or so said the Elder. Why he told me that? I don't know, but I believed him because I didn't know better, because I didn't remember anything before the day the Elder explained everything to me. The night before my father hit me over and over, resulting in unconciousness, then he threw me in the river where i stayed, almost dead for two hours. Which, again, resulted in my amnesia. I know you think I wouldn't have known that after the amnesia, but the Elder told me that's what happened, so I continued to believe him. Now I wonder, is that what really happened...But yeah, the whole thing has me pissed off beyond reason because I can't remember anything at all." He was dazed at my little story, at least that's what I got from the look on his face when I finished. So we walked a little farther and finally we reached the pub where we got our drinks. After those were consumed I asked him " Hey, we should probably bring something back for the group, like.. foodwise, it was kind of rude just to walk out on them like that, even if it is midnight. I can only imagine how Cher-" I stopped mid-sentence. Gods... there I go thinking of her again I thought to myself I just can't get her out of my mind for some reason. I turned to Huang again and started my sentence over "Let's just go smuggle some food for the little terrorists" With that, we both laughed.

Always and Never
February 27th, 2007, 2:41 PM
"You mean you don't remember any of our invented firebending tricks?" I asked as I got up from the stool. "You don't even remember me?" I was surprised. I sure hope he could trust me. "It may sound like I'm making this all up but if you have any questions about the year I remember with you, then fire away."

I went to the corner of the block and burnt the lock away on the bakery. Oh well, We'll be leaving Ba Sing Se this week.

I grabbed a bag and threw another one at Stryder. We both filled the our bags with pastries and other leftovers from the day's sales. Since we were there I forcibly opened a small shelf and took all the money. "Let's go, now."

We started walking back to the trapdoor. "I gave all the members keys, I forgot to give you yours so, here you go." I threw the key at him and he caught it. "Every key that I gave everybody can unlock any door in that house. I have nothing to hide. I want you to tell everyone when we get back if they're up. I need some serious sleep..."

We both walked silently for a couple of minutes.
"You know what happened to your father, don't you?"

February 27th, 2007, 2:52 PM
Cher stood from her bed, tired of simply thinking about the night's events. Cher silently exited her room, the key she had been given remained in her pocket as she quietly wandered the halls, her footsteps the only thing that was heard from her.

Cher went exploring, opening various doors to see what they were. Most were bathrooms. But, then Cher stumbled upon a short hall with a dead end, but three doors. On one door, a waterfall sign that had been hand carved and then painted. On another a flame, and on the last door a boulder. "Hmm..." Cher hummed, silently entering the door with the boulder hung upon it.

Cher's eyes wided at what she saw. A huge room that was perfect for Earthbending. Its size was spacious and it was obvious that more than one Earthbender could train here at a time. "Why not give it a try?" Cher questioned herself, tossing her over-shirt onto the ground, now being in her sleeve-less training suit. Cher exhailed and consintraited, then inhailed deeply. With that, her training began.

February 27th, 2007, 3:01 PM
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February 27th, 2007, 4:25 PM
"I'm sorry... I don't remember anything from before the age of 17. It pains me just to try and think back, like my memory was blocked, not amnesia, but i doubt that's possible, even for the Avatar." I chuckled at that thought- The Avatar... He's been gone for decades.. why am I mentioning him now? " But what do you mean what happened to my father? didn't he die off like the rest of the village eventually? That's how I remember it anyways.. Do you know something I don't?" We reached the trapdoor only to hear clashing rocks banging on the inside of the base, but it sounded muffled, like inside of a room or something. Either way, I thought it was bad. Huang heard the noise too, but i didn't wait to see his reaction. "C'mon, that sounds bad..."

Always and Never
February 27th, 2007, 4:39 PM
Stryder ran off to see what the problem was. I already knew so I didn't bother to go looking. Pretty much no one trusted me and I wouldn't dare bother whoever was training. They'd probably crush my skull...
I went to my room and hung up my robes. Why doesn't anybody trust me. It's quite unfortunate that people prejudge me just because I'm a fireben... My surroundings faded away as I fell into a deep sleep.

February 27th, 2007, 4:56 PM
I ran into the base to find that everyone was still asleep, except there was one thing that made me otherwise suspicious, Cher's door was ajar which made me think... Should i have trusted her? Was it even a good idea to get her into this? I might've made a huge mistake here. I walked further into the halls of the base, wondering why Huang wasn't following me. Maybe he already knew what was going on, that guy's amazing smart like that... I followed the adjacent walls of doors until i came to a dead end, with 3 doors, one to my left, right and in front of me. Lo and Behold, I heard rocks cracking apart behind the one to my right..Which of course, was the door that had a huge boulder on it. I sighed and rolled my eyes Ahhh Cher... Training already... I opened the door and observed what was going on. My jaw dropped halfway and my eyes grew wider the longer I watched. It wasn't so much of the Earthbending, it was the person doing it. Gods...I hate to say it myself, but she is amazing... I thought to myself as i watched the girl perform Earthbending skills I had never seen before. Shes extremly good at earthbending too... Wow... I attemtped to get her attention. "He-Hey! Whatcha doin? Well I guess that was a foolish question, hows about, Why in hell are you earthbending at 3 in the morning?" I smiled at her with that comment. She was in a training suit of some sort, I saw the shirt she was wearing earlier and realized she must've been wearing that suit under her over shirt. She's deffinatly the earthbender I thought she was, amazing in skill and power..Gods... And after my little self reflection, I realized she was looking at me.

February 27th, 2007, 7:06 PM
Cher continued training, for reasons not only to get a work-out. She didn't like the fact that another Earthbender was killed, and it only reminded her of her family's death, so she had rage to get out of her system. Besides, she wasn't tired. Cher had slept all day before arriving, just to not be sleepy for whatever the night might have brought.

But, her training was interupted by a familiar voice. Stryder had arrived and was questioning as to why she was training so early. "Was it that loud? Sorry," Cher said with a nervous smile, making a short tower of rock raise so she could sit on it and take a breather. Cher brought her head up and smiled warmly to him. "Mm, well, I'm only up because I slept most of the day, yesterday, so I wouldn't be tired for tonight. At least I'm getting tired because of training." Cher said with a shrug.

Dark Night
February 27th, 2007, 7:22 PM
Wow! Not on for a day and you miss alot! Sorry about that!
I'd had trouble sleeping. I kept tossing and turning dureing the night, dreaming about the horrible things that had been done to me by my horrible adopted family. I woke up with a start, sweating heavily. I pushed back the covers of my bed, grabbing my shirt from a chair in the room and put it over the undershirt I slept in. I grabbed the skirt with the fire nation symbol on it and the cloth I'd found earlier. I wrapped the cloth around the skirt so you couldn't see the fire nation sign.

I walked out of the building, enjoying the fresh air. I started to cool down, and the remainder of the dream was wearing off as well. 'I really wish I could practice some firebending.' I went around the building, into a dark area behind it. "Looks like this would be a good place!" I said as I looked around for any enemy earthbenders.

I walked around the little area I had, fireing blasts of fire as I did the 5 forms of Katas I was taught when I was little. As soon as I was done with that, I through my arms out to my side and caused the fire to spin around them and up my arms. I shot them right in front of me at a target I'd figured. I jumped up into the air and came down in a spin with flame surrounding my legs and surrounding me as I spun.

Always and Never
February 27th, 2007, 7:45 PM
I woke with a start. I looked at the crack under door to see moving shadows. An hour of sleep is good enough... I put my robes back on and realized the trapdoor was open. Damn, should of showed everybody around. I jumped up into the fresh air. The first thing I noticed was Firebending. I watched Viz firebend. "You really shouldn't be doing that out here in the open. Quick, follow me." I jumped back down the trapdoor hoping she was following me. I waited in the hallway for her to jump down.

Dark Night
February 27th, 2007, 7:52 PM
I turned around with a start as I heard Pheonix's voice. Eventhough he didn't want us to call him that, I still did. I looked at him. "Sorry. I can't not firebend and I didn't know where I could really without lighting the place on fire." I said as I saw him dissapear into a trapdoor. I followed slowly, a little reluctant to go, but decided it was okay. 'He's a firebender, I should at least trust him a little bit." I said as I jumped down the trapdoor, landing in a hallway next to Pheonix. "So there is actually a place to firebend around here?" I asked as we walked down the hallway.

Always and Never
February 27th, 2007, 8:04 PM
"Of course, just follow me. I've been down here for 9 years. It gets really boring just sitting around. Building this place passes the time." We reached the three way break. I opened the door and let her through to show my respect for her. Her eyes opened wide as she witnessed the firebending arena. I sat down at a bench. I was really tired and I'm sure talking to Viz would wake me up. She was still standing at the doorway surveying. I waited for her to say something.

Legendary Squirtle
February 27th, 2007, 9:26 PM
"I guess not alot of people stay up in the night" Seath thought as he passed a couple of people who were walking in the opposite direction.
Seath walked untill he found a dead end with three doors, the door on the right was opened and contained a few people who were talking.Seath noticed the door on the left had a water tribe sign, he opened it revealing a huge pool of water.
"This is my new favorite place" Seath said to himself.
He then took his staff and placed it in the water causing it to freeze. Seath then walked on the ice and focused his chi. Suddenly the ice around him mealted and swirled around his body, leaving the top half of his body visible. The tornado of water formed around him, as he directed more chi in the clockwise direction necessary for the technique

February 28th, 2007, 1:14 PM
"Well, if you consider loud to be rocks smashing against walls, then yeah.. i guess you were loud, but no biggie really... Everyone else is awake anyways, cept for one, and apparently he can sleep through a hurricane" I laughed quietly after I said that and turned back to her. Walking farther into the room, the door slammed shut with a defying boom oops I thought. "So tell me about yourself, you seem really interesting to me, wouldn't mind getting to know you a lot better...Alright I lied, I wanna know you a whole lot better, but oh well" I said, face getting dark red with embarrasment. I turned my head took look at the wall, pretending I was observing something while I waited for her to answer me.

Dark Night
February 28th, 2007, 3:49 PM
I nodded to show my thanks for showing me some respect, not that I cared about it. 'But it is better to be respected, especially by another firebender.' I thought as I stepped into the room that Pheonix was showing me into. I stopped and looked around at the amazing firebending arena. My eyes widening as I saw it. "Wow!" I said as I walked father into it. I turned to look at him as he sat on the bench. "So you actually built this place? This amazing!" I said as I actually smiled, showing the less distant part of me.You know that you're the nicest firebender I've ever met."

Always and Never
February 28th, 2007, 7:09 PM
She complimented my peacefulness. "If your my enemy then I'm not nice. I never was for meaness. Plus, you guys are going to stay here for awhile so why make enemies. Sunbreak will be in about two hours. I won't be going back to bed..." I look towards my feet and took a deep breath. "I'll call a meeting in the morning. Until then, I want to see your style of Firebending." I waited for her reply. I'm tired.

February 28th, 2007, 9:53 PM
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Always and Never
March 1st, 2007, 3:07 PM
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Dark Night
March 1st, 2007, 6:30 PM
I turned to him. "You must not know a lot about me. Even those who were not my enemies, were mean, meaning every firebender I know. Except for my family of course." I turned around to hide my face as it turned red. 'Shut up Viz! You didn't need to mention that!' I turned back to him. "I'm sorry! I probably woke you!" I apologized as I got into the postion to firebend.

I took a deep breathe and focused the fire to surround my arms, then I controlled it spin around my whole body and jumped up in the air bringing my blades out from the hilt and swung them around as I spun in the air. When I landed I moved foward punching then parring with spits of fire comeing out of both. I did an upward sidekick and spun it around, spinning the fire that came out around in a 360 degree area. I moved about, throwing fireballs around, still haveing a small connective fire string that I might be able to control them, spinning them around.

I stopped to take a breathe after an hour of nonstop firebending. Pheonix haveing been quite the whole time I firebent. I turned to him and placed my hands on my knees. "So how was that?"

Always and Never
March 1st, 2007, 7:12 PM
She started Firebending. Her style and gracefulness were impressive. Then everything went dark. I woke with a start. I was really interested with her bending but I dozed off about fourty times. She asked my opinion. "That's the exact reason why you are here..." I stood up and took off my robes revealing my normal Firebending clothes. "I've got an idea, let's have a little fun... I challenge you to a friendly-Agni Kai." She smiled to me and bowed. I bowed back and we walked ten paces in opposite directions.

March 2nd, 2007, 5:17 AM
"Oh," Cher breathed, smiling nervously. "I guess I get kind of careless when I'm focusing on a certain thing." Cher explained. The boom of the door slamming shut didn't really seem to scare Cher, or even make her flinch. What Stryder said next surprised Cher, but made her smile warmly. Stryder blushed at what he had said and looked away from her, towards the wall she had been attacking, which had marks of dirt all the way up the wall.

Cher's smile grew, finding his embarrasment cute. She summoned up another thin rock with a flat top. "Stryder," She said, trying to gather his attention, and then motioned for him to sit down. "So, you want to know more about me, huh? Well, what, exactly, do you want to know? There's an awful lot to know about me."

March 2nd, 2007, 2:43 PM
I heard my name and was rustled out of my concious daze of embarrasment by a kind, sweet voice. As i heard my name I was startled, but i turned back towards Cher anyways. She had motioned me to sit down right next to her on a mound of rock she had made, still smiling I went to sit next to her. She had mentioned that there was apparently a lot to know about her. I blew a burst of flame at the door handle, melting it shut. " I see this in two ways, There aren't any more earthbender in the building that would need to get in here for a while, so now we have all the time ya need to explain this to me. Hell, you might get some info outta me to.." I leaned back on my rock, fire flowing up behind me to keep my back supported. I stretched my legs out. "So what are you all about?" I said, smiling at her, making another 'bed of fire' behind her rock, just far enough away that she wouldnt think I was trying to do something to her. "Don't worry, the fire wont hurt ya"

March 2nd, 2007, 4:12 PM
Cher watched carefully as Stryder took a seat down on the rock she provided for him, a small smile on his face. He suddenly blew a burst of flame at the door in which he had entered, and was now melted shut. What exactly was he doing? So, now, he wanted to know pretty much everything about her, as well as locking her in a room with him? She'd keep on her toes. He may be a teammate, but he was still a firebender, and she didn't know much about him. At all. Still, he had himself at the disadvantage, placing himself in a room with a great earthbender, who's skills he had witnessed, and in a room that was perfect for the skill she was best at. Was this a trap, or did he just really want to know about her?

Whatever it was, Cher was getting sort of freaked out as he set up a 'bed or fire' for her like he did himself. "Thanks, but no thanks." Cher told him, guesturing towards the fire he had created. Cher picked up her over shirt and slipped it on, thinking of where to begin. "I must warn you, if you don't like to hear of stories with death and sorrow, I don't think you'd wantt o hear of my life." Cher warned, looking over at him to make sure that little fact was okay with him.

March 2nd, 2007, 4:20 PM
I saw another sceptical look on her face as she saw me blast the door. "dont worry about it, im not gonna try anything.. I just dont need anyone barging in while you're trying to explain this to me. Anyways, that meld is so weak you could throw a rock at it and it would break. Trust me, if I didnt want you getting out, which would be a horrible idea thinking of the fact that you could probably bludgeon me to death, I could make that door impenatrable. Butttttt, I didnt. did I?" I laughed as she had looked at the fire bed I produced and rejected it. Oh well, it was a good idea in my head at least I thought to myself. Then she slipped back into her overshirt and asked if I had any problems with death and sorrow " Honestly, you think where I got to where I am now based on happiness and flowers? Nope.. It's all coldness and dark in my history, not much your gonna say will suprise me. I'm not suprised by people that easily, believe it or not."

Dark Night
March 2nd, 2007, 4:56 PM
I smiled. 'This is going to be interesting!' I bowed and he bowed back, as we walked 10 paces away from each other I took off the stupid cloth that I was wearing over my firenation skirt. I through it away, letting it fall to the ground without a second glance. "Seeing as nobody else will probably show up, I can take this ridiculous thing off!" I said as I looked down at the fire nation symbol on the red and orange skirt.

"Are you ready?" I asked as I prepared myself for an attack. I turned around jumping up into the air shooting fire from the bottom of my foot as I spun. As I came closer to the ground and Pheonix, engulged in flames now, I shouted. "Hope you were ready!" I said as I came down with about 3/4 of my energy.
Hope you don't mind me making the first move!

Always and Never
March 2nd, 2007, 5:17 PM
Good thing I had fire resistant material, I was covered. I spreaded my stance and the flames ceased, All the while charging my own attack. I stuck out two of my fingers and aimed it to the wall on my left side. My arm started shaking as blue fire erupted all down my arm. "You're the one who should be ready." I said with my arm still deep in blaze. I pointed the two fingers directly at her and unleashed a giant wall of pure blue flame that danced as it traveled at Viz with extreme speed.

Dark Night
March 2nd, 2007, 5:40 PM
I landed and Pheonix was covered, but he stance was spread and he escaped unharmed. I juimped back as I saw the blue flame appear. 'Ah, so he can use the blue flame. Only thing he doesn't know is I know how to avoid it.' "Do you really think that's going to matter? I'm a prodigy back home, I've learned to deal with those who are able to control it." I moved in close to him in lightning fast speed, my left arm getting a small burn up it. I was able to hear him breatheing as I got in close, I shocked the arm with 1 finger at a pressure point. It moved out of dangerous area. I used a shock shove on his ribs before I jumped back into a fighting stance a couple of feet away. I moved my arms around in a circle the fire comeing out of them following. I used palm heels on the fire circle and fire shot out in lightning fast bullets.

Always and Never
March 2nd, 2007, 5:52 PM
Boom. It seemed about two seconds after I released my attack that my chest had been stricken sharply. It knocked the air out of me but I didn't have much time to catch my breath. I started being bombarded with really painful 'fire nuggets'. I closed my eyes and quickley crouched down and tripped her. As she fell I quickley put out my hands and shot myself away so I could take my first breath after the blow to my stomach.

Legendary Squirtle
March 2nd, 2007, 5:58 PM
Seath finally stopped the water techique in fear that I may get distracted from the thoughts running through his head. "I will take I break a guess" Seath said finally resting after a half an hour of none stop waterbending. Seath then sat on the convenetly placed seat.Seath looked out a widow and decovered that the sun was rising,he then stepped out of the waterbending room. "Wow" Seath said as he saw an attack from some one from the firebeaning room. When he went inside he saw two people fighting, Seath decided to watch as the too people fired blow after blow of intence firey blows.

Dark Night
March 2nd, 2007, 6:07 PM
The next thing that I noticed Phoenix was ducked down and I was flying to the floor. I turned my body to be able to catch myself with my arms. As I fell, I was able to catch myself, my burnt arm sending a sharp pain all the way up to my neck as it hit the floor. I jumped up, propelling myself in the air with jets of flame from my hands. I twirled around and swung my body head first toward Pheonix as I used the flame from my hands as a firery blade comeing towards him. A broad smile swept across my face as the training from my firebending sensei swept into my mind.

As I was in the air, I turned my head to notice that another person had entered the room. 'A waterbender?' I smiled again and swung my body faster toward Phoenix. 'Hope he enjoys the show!'

Always and Never
March 2nd, 2007, 6:22 PM
I took a deep breath. I looked up to see Viz speeding towards me. This is bad... All I could was block as her attack connected with my body. Boom. I lost my breath again. She was fatigued, though, so I took advantage. I quickley broke her stance and used her own center of gravity as her downfall. I sprinted away so I could catch my breath, again. The waterbender that entered seemed entertained.

Dark Night
March 2nd, 2007, 6:38 PM
I attacked and I was able to knock his breathe out yet again. I rested for a milisecond and started to breathe hard. Next thing that I knew I was on the ground and Pheonix was far away from me. I noticed the waterbender watching us seemed to have fun and was enjoying it. I moved my arms behind me and used them along with my legs to jump back up, fire shooting from my hands and feet as I did a somersault in the air and landed squarely on my feet. I didn't wait for the fire to reach Pheonix before I moved toward him, I used the fire on the bottom of my feet, to speed me even faster than I usually was toward him. I used a shock shove form as I was a couple of feet away from him, fire came out in the form of the shove.

Always and Never
March 2nd, 2007, 6:48 PM
I watched her charge me. I had no idea what she was doing but I knew that she was coming in for a physical attack. I just sat there waiting for I was not without defenses. Her hands struck my chest and I could hear them sizzle. She was freaking out for she had seriously burnt her hands. I was on the ground, dazed because that attack had broken one of my ribs. "Enough!" I managed to cough out. "This Agni Kai is over!"

Dark Night
March 2nd, 2007, 6:51 PM
I strained a scream, trying to hold it in, as my hands were burning. I still had hit Pheonix though and I felt as one rib cracked. I stepped backs he fell to the floor. I looked down at him as he tried to talk. 'What did I do?!' I got down on my knees next to Phoenix, "Are you alright? I'm soo sorry! I should've warned you that I could get violent." I reached for him when my hands started to sting again. I pulled them back and cradled them. I got up and walked across the room, as far from him as I could get. 'And to think that this was supposed to go easy.' I grabbed the cloth I'd thrown and ripped pieces off to wrap my hands.

March 2nd, 2007, 7:00 PM
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IC:As I waited for Cher to answer, I started thinking about everything that had happened to me in the past 10 years and what the elder had told me about my father. As I was thinking about what had happened, what I had gone through, something happened. My body started shaking and trembling. It wasnt like, huge tremors that were noticable or anything, but I deffinatly noticed it. Then it happened in my mind, it was like an electric shock ran through my brain, first everything was black then I saw half altered images of my father, being whiped and beaten with rocks. By earth benders. I couldnt see all what was happening, it was like a super fast slideshow. As this was happening I was now shaking uncontrollably and Cher was yelling my name trying to wake me up. Then suddenly I woke up and was filled with unexplainable rage and emotion. Cher stood in front of me, shaking my shoulder asking if I was ok. I moved her aside, "Move, I can't let you get hurt." I walked over to a huge boulder sitting in the corner and my fist ignited with blue flame. I released all of my rage and anger into the boulder through contact of my fist, striking it with a blow that shattered it into millions of tiny pebbles. I walked to the door of the room, my hand still aflame, i used it to re melt the door handle and form it back into something that slightly resembled a handle. I pulled the door open, looking at the ground, "I'm so sorry" I left, running outside.

"Huang!!!" I screamed, running outside the base. I went around the corner only to find Huang and Viz heated in an agni kai. I ran up in between them. "Look, I'm extremly sorry, I'll make this up to you, but Huang, something just happened...I remember everything." This was really starting to piss me off. The memories were al flooding in like tidal waves, making me even more angry. I ran off in the opposite direction everything gradually becoming covered in the blue flame. "Wha-What's happening to me?!" I yelled out loud and dropped to my knees as the flames engulfed my entire body again, only this time it wasnt a pleasent warmth, it was a burning rage that surrounded me. I screamed at the top of my lungs as the flames covering me grew higher into the sky. Dammit, this goes on and there will be millions of guards here in five minutes! I thought to myself. The flames were growing hotter, and then I saw the color of the flame go from blue to black for a split second, then I was out.

Dark Night
March 2nd, 2007, 7:11 PM
As I leaned against the wall, I noticed another firebender come into the room. 'Must be Stryder.' I walked over to where he was with my head down, not wanting to look at Pheonix. "What are you yelling about?!" I asked as I heard him explain that he remebered everything. My sunny dispostion back I frowned at him. 'Why did he have to interupt?!' As soon as I thought that, Stryder ran around the room, covered in blue flame. I turned to Phoenix, "What's going on with him? Is he alright?" I asked as my bad temper left at seeing another firebender in trouble. As I rushed for him, he blacked out. I dropped to my knees and checked to make sure he was okay. 'He still has a pulse, that's good.' I thought as I turned back to Pheonix, "He needs help."

Always and Never
March 2nd, 2007, 7:18 PM
"Stryder, hold on a second..." I managed to get up. I clumsily walked over to the waterbender. "Heal, now. Her too." I pointed to Viz. He agreed and he put his hand on my chest and called Viz over. He grabbed both her hands amd closed his eyes. I fainted. I woke up to see everyone standing over me, even Cher. I looked at Stryder. Gross I thought as an unexplained driplet of liquid hit my forehead. "Help me up already!" It was morning. "Everyone, breakfast is in bags in my room. Follow me Stryder..."

March 2nd, 2007, 7:26 PM
I tried to get back up. The waterbender healed me.. Gotta remember to thank him...
When I got up i just fell right back down again, only in a forward motion. It was actually quite funny, to everyone else at least.. Not to the person falling over. I finally got up and follwed Huang to wherever the hell he was going. "Huang. What in hell just happened to me? I was all the sudden covered in painful flame. Then it turned black. I really don't think that's a good sign. And what the hell happened to my father?!" I kept talking to him, voice trailing off to the others who were walking inside to grab a bite to eat.

Always and Never
March 2nd, 2007, 7:39 PM
"Well, you and your father have the same name... the village elder wasn't shunning you, he was shunning your father. Your dad left the village and stopped here. Of course, he was stupid enough to challenge the guards. His body was completely massacred." I opened a door. "His grave is right there." I pointed to a single gravestone. "The black fire is something you discovered. It drains your energy immensely but is extremely powerful..."

March 2nd, 2007, 7:48 PM
I shuddered. " It's all coming back to me now, the elder, our training. you giving me my scar on my leg"I said in a flat tone "The black fire too.. do you know how to control that? Or was that my own discovery?" I asked him. My head was killing me, he was right, the black fire really did drain all of my energy. I could barely move. "So.. what really happened to my memory? What really happened that day? thats the only thing I cant remember.. How i lost the memory"

Always and Never
March 2nd, 2007, 7:59 PM
"It is really confusing, your dad left that day... he's not the one who blocked your memory... I am." I expected to get the crap beat out of me but nothing came. "You were on a rampage. I had to protect the village. I am the one who blocked your memory. You discovered the black fire. We called it the Darkness. I can only do it with my pointer fingers." I showed him. "You and I were quite good at discovering things..."

March 2nd, 2007, 8:06 PM
"How did I know something like this was coming... So.. the darkness... is it controllable?
because if i can never controll it, i'm leaving."

March 2nd, 2007, 8:14 PM
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Cher sighed as he finished explaining about his innocence. How he wasn't going to try anything. Even if he was, Cher was sure he was underestimating her. Just by some of the actions he took, she could tell Stryder found her attractive. That could be used to her advantage in certain situations. But, this wasn't one.

Cher looked down at the floor when he said he was alright with the death and sorrow part of her life. At this point, she wouldn't look at him until after her story was complete. Cher created a bed like Stryder's flame one, except with smooth earth and she lie down on it, staring up at the high ceiling. With a sigh, Cher began explaining.

"Okay, well, I was born the sixth of seven children. I was their only female child. My mother was the most beautiful maiden in all of the Earth Kingdom, at least according to Father. Father was a very hard working man, very powerful, although his rank was rather low while Mother's was high. So, I had five older brothers, and one baby brother, who all protected me and made me laugh, oh, life was great back then... Until the war began... It was first my Mother who was kidnapped, she was raped and killed, left in the middle of the forest to die... When Father found out, he slipped into depression, and the family was never the same again. But, when the war began heating up, all of my brothers and my Father went out into war, and in war they all passed. The Fire Nation had taken the lives of my family... So, I was forced to move in with my Aunt and Uncle, on my Mother's side... But, soon, the Fire Nation attacked there, too, while I was out collecting water. I found the town in ashes when I returned... From then on, I became a wanderer..." Cher said, looking over at Stryder and finding that he was beinginng to shout and shake all over the place.

"Stryder?" Cher asked with worry. "Styrder? STRYDER!" Cher shouting, beginning to shake in him attempt to wake him. He finally did, but looked extremely angery, causing Cher to stand up. "Are you oka-" Cher was cut off by Stryder pushing her aside, telling her he didn't want her harmed. He walked over to a nearby boulder and zapped it into small pebbles. But that wasn't the end of it.

Before Cher knew it, two members of this team were out cold, and the sudden rush of action had subsided. Cher sighed, knowing that she really should be getting some sleep, but she was too worried about both Stryder and Huang who had also fainted.

March 2nd, 2007, 8:29 PM
"I'm heading back Huang, this is getting depressing."
I started to walk back saying that, and as I was, I was thinking about what had just happened in the last half hour. Gods...I couldve taken everyone out... What am I? I'm going to spend every minute possible training the darkness... I can't go out of control again. To think, if I wasnt in my right mind when we were in the earthbending room, I couldve killed her I shuddered at the thought. Punching the ground, a circle of flame rose around me and slowly dissapated as I walked. I'm going to devote every waking minute of my life training and helping this group I had made up my mind. I wasn't leaving.

I walked back to the base, to find Cher waiting for me, apparently she was worried about me and Huang. I felt it comforting at least someone was worried.. And not laughing at me anymore. I sighed. "Yeah.. dont worry.. I'm fine.. so is Huang...Sorry i gave you a scare.." with that said he resumed his postion of staring at the ground.

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March 2nd, 2007, 8:38 PM
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March 2nd, 2007, 8:44 PM
Cher watched as Huang and Stryder left to talk, leaving Cher to sit and wait. Stryder still hadn't given her a yes or no answer of her question from the night before: "Are you okay?" And now, she hadn't had any sleep at all. She felt groggy and sleepy, but still worried about Stryder. He had gained her trust already, a world record. Why? Because he cared enough to shove her aside and focus his energy on that boulder instead of herself. For that, he gained Cher's trust.

Footsteps caused Cher to lift her head, seeing Stryder enter, Cher jumped to her feet and walked over to him, although he had already begun talking. As he apologized, Cher smiled. "Hey," She said, cupping his chin gentally to make him look up at her, "I've seen a lot of things that are scary, Stryder, and you're not one of them... Besides, its not you're fault. You controlled it long enough to be able to push me aside without harming me with your contact, right? That certainly counts for something." Cher assured him, her smile bright.

Cher removed her hand from under his chin and glanced over towards the bell that Huang was ringing. Cher shot one more smile to Stryder before walking to go to the meeting.

Always and Never
March 2nd, 2007, 9:26 PM
Stryder walked away. I sat myself against the wall. I replayed everything that had happened that night. I was so tired but it didn’t matter. Things like this had to be dealt with. I walked away and into the main meeting room. I rung the bell that was situated on the wall in there. Eventually everybody made it into that room. “Please, sit down. We have a lot to discuss.” Everyone sat them selves onto a desk. “Ok, I will address you all individually and we will sort out your problems that have happened tonight.” I looked at Viz first. “If you would like you can go down the hall there and change into one of the outfits I keep around here... I have thousands. And don’t worry about the Agni Kai, it was amazing. Sorry about your hands.” I looked towards the Waterbender. “Your skills came in handy tonight. I hope you respect me because I sure as hell respect you. Thank you for fixing almost everything tonight...” I looked at Cher. “Cher, Cher, Cher... You know you can trust me... The key I have given you opens every single door in this place. Just, I want you to know I respect you deeply. We are all humans... you and me both. It doesn’t matter if you are an Earthbender or a Firebender or a Waterbender, it just matters how you portray yourself. Please, don’t think of me as a Firebender, think of me as a human.” I looked at Stryder. “Good god, man... You have had a rough night. I do have to tell you quite a few things about the darkness though... It isn’t safe. If you use too much of it in a period of time it will begin to take over. It can’t be used powerfly like you have done tonight and 10 years ago. Why do you think I made you forget you had it? Anyone is unsafe in that. I never use it, but I do know how to.”

I turned around and started pacing. “I was thinking about a symbol for our group. Just a simple triangle. It represents three different edges coming together to form a shape. Just like we have done tonight. It’s perfect. Three different kinds of benders forming together into an organization. Just think about it. We are one of the most powerful groups ever. But we need to come together and fully trust each other. Being a different bender gives you no right to think you know someone before you actually do know them. So I was thinking... Maybe we could go around in a circle telling everyone about our pasts and misfortunes because of this war.” I sat down in my chair and put my feet on the table. “Anyone want to start?”

March 3rd, 2007, 5:09 AM
Cher took a seat at the large circle, watching all of the other seats slowly fill, leaving no gap in the perfect circle. Cher crossed her legs to look more casual and to become more comfortable. If this whole organization thing was to work, Cher would need to try hard to gain the trust of the other members, and then have them gain her trust. Respect was rather easy to gain. But, the other female may view her the wrong way, like a woman who's after all the guys. But, Cher hoped that's not the way the only other female member looked at her. Cher hoped she'd be able to bond with this girl and they'd support each other since it wasn't easy living with men, Cher knew that extremely well.

Huang caught her attention as he spoke her name thrice and told her to trust him. This caused Cher to cross her arms. He'd get this trust in due time, when he earned it like Stryder had. As he spoke of the symbol, Cher thought it was an alright idea. But, perhaps a circle should be better since Cher though circles usually meant peace, where all beings were one, perfect circle of harmony, like the circle they had formed with the seats.

But, now Huang was speaking of everyone spilling their guts about their pasts, and since no one was speaking, Cher sighed and spoke up, "I will," She declared quietly. "Perhaps now you'll understand why I don't take kindly to many Firebenders." Cher said, looking down at the floor, although it was directed at Huang and he knew it, too. (I'm just going to copy my explaination from my post before.)

"Okay, well, I was born the sixth of seven children. I was their only female child. My mother was the most beautiful maiden in all of the Earth Kingdom, at least according to Father. Father was a very hard working man, very powerful, although his rank was rather low while Mother's was high. So, I had five older brothers, and one baby brother, who all protected me and made me laugh, oh, life was great back then... Until the war began... It was first my Mother who was kidnapped, she was raped and killed, left in the middle of the forest to die... When Father found out, he slipped into depression, and the family was never the same again. But, when the war began heating up, all of my brothers and my Father went out into war, and in war they all passed. The Fire Nation had taken the lives of my family... So, I was forced to move in with my Aunt and Uncle, on my Mother's side... But, soon, the Fire Nation attacked there, too, while I was out collecting water. I found the town in ashes when I returned... From then on, I became a wanderer..."

Dark Night
March 3rd, 2007, 5:46 AM
Everyone was at the meeting. The first one to tell about their history was an earthbender called Cher. She spilled everything of why she didn't trust or much like firebenders. When she stopped I nodded, 'Nobody much likes the fire nation!'

"I'll go next!" I said as I sat there surrounded by other benders with my arms folded and a frown on my face. "I love the fire nation! I just don't like the Fire Lord who made my life a liveing nightmare. I don't blame anybody else except for him becuase if it weren't for him, the other firebenders wouldn't be doing all of this." I said as my anger started to return as I remebered what happended. "I've seen what happens if others try to rebel, it's not pretty." I looked around at everyone, then stopped at Haung, then went on to look at the other girl Cher.
"My parents didn't believe what the Fire Lord was doing was right, so they tried to rebel. They actually acheeved a big group." I smiled a bit at this. "The Fire Lord went for my family first. He didn't burn my parents, no, he murdered them and left them to die in their own pool of blood that came from their open stomachs. He took me, knowing how good I was at firebending, and hoping that he could 'reprogram' me to think like all the other firebenders. He put me with a high up family. At first it seemed like it was going to be okay, but it didn't end up being that way. Their oldest kid noticed how good I was, and was jealous about it. He told his parents something about me trying to rebel against the Fire Lord, just like my parents, and they were even harder on me. They locked me up in dark rooms for days without food or water, and when I came out I was almost dead. I was put into hard soilder training for 9 hours a day." I took my choker off to show them the burn I'd recieved. "And this, I got at one of these sessions for accedently out doing a higher officer. I left once I got this invatation from Haung. THey don't know where I am right now." I set back in my chair my arms folded again. I would have cried, but my training taught me not too.

March 3rd, 2007, 7:07 AM
I sat back in my chair, taking it all in. I was still exhausted from my accident earlier, but at least now I could conentrate on what people were saying. I listened to Cher explain everything she told me, almost as if I was in a state of deja vu. After she had explained for a while, the other girl, Viz, stood up and volunteered to share her bit of history. I noticed she had agreed with Cher about nobody liking the Fire Nation. This I thought was odd, considering she was a Firebender.. Ahh well, she probably had a good reason to say it I thought to myself.
When Viz was done, I stood up and bowed my head for a split second, showing my gratitude for the girls before me, and volunteered myself to share everything I had leanred in the last 3 hours or so. "I had better do this now, the sooner the better, I guess." I had said to the group, and I walked to the front of the room we were all in. Then my story began...
" It all began about 24 years ago, when my mother died under the sentence to death from the villagers of my town. She had betrayed the village in numerous ways, stealing, lying, and hurting other members of the village. They had killed her, silently and quickly, a quick stab to the heart and she was out. My father had been aggressive for all time after my mother's death, knowing if he had treated her better she wouldn't have done those things. My father took this rage out on the town, vandalising and stealing just as my mother. Only, the village elder shunned him, no death sentence or anything. This was right after my first run in with the black fire we call Darkness. I had gone through a rampage in the town, destroying everything. Huang had cleared my memory afterwards, so it would never happen again. Then my father basicly destroyed what was left, and was shunned. I had heard that a Stryder Brannok was shunned from the village, and thought it was me. So i disapeared under the impression that my father had beaten me, through me in a river and caused me amnesia. All through the next 10 years, I trained and trained as hard as I could with my bending skills, trying my hardest to perfect them. And not much later I got an invitation to this group. So yeah.. with both my parents dead, no more living relatives. My father challenging earth guards and being bludgeoned to death, I've had a fun life. But the one thing that seperates me from a lot of you, is that I don't hate any specific bender in any way.. Im perfectly fine being on a team with all of you. We all just need to trust one another and become more of friends."

I had finished my story, and I sat back down in my chair, resting my head back, playing with a ball of fire in my palm. I couldn't think of why I was having this unnerved feeling, it was bugging the hell out of me. I had a feeling something really weird or bad was going to happen soon, whichever came first...

Always and Never
March 3rd, 2007, 3:04 PM
“So we all have a norm... Firbenders ruined our lives.” I took a deep breath. “I was born in the Fire Nation city of New Sozin. My dad was high up in politics. If 5 people were to die, I would have been the next Fire Lord. Of course, I didn’t like the attention. I hated it actually. It’s amazing how much my dad’s position in power changed my life. I know a lot of things I shouldn’t... I used to look at the documents he was writing in the middle of the night. They were horrible... they showed an organized list of every soldier killed in battle from all four nations. My dad would always try to teach me politics... It made me sick. When I was about fourteen I decided to run away. I had to put a special herb in my dad’s drink to make him sleep. After he was out I left.”

I pointed at the hat that laid in the corner of the room. “That’s the only thing that has been with me through my many years of travel. I was a loner after leaving my dad. When I was fifteen I found a comfortable place in a nearby Fire Nation village. There, I met Stryder. I stayed with him for a year becoming about three times more powerful than I was. I left after the incident. My travels brought me to all of the nations, where I met all of you. You probably don’t remember me but, apparently, I remember you. My main home in that decade was this exact place we are in. It has sheltered me from the horrors of war. Of course, my father is still looking for me. I’m a wanted man...”

I then noticed something was very wrong. “Where is Tenkaichi?” I asked everyone. Nobody answered. “Please, excuse me...” I ran towards his room. I opened the door. There I saw one of the most horrific sites ever. There, laied Tenkaichi’s mangled body with his killer standing over him. He was killed with his own blade. The person who killed him was one of the most familiar faces I had ever known. The killer lifted his palm and gently formed a gentle blaze. It expanded within a millisecond and was launched towards me. I watched as the fire engulfed my entire left side. I hit the ground. The pain was horrible but it was beginning to numb out. I looked at my left side to just see smoldering ash. I looked up to see my killer step over me and run away.

I was beginning to blacken out. I was in a state of half-conciousness and reality. I looked up to see Stryder. “Library... Book #1267... Page 112... You’ll know what I mean when you read it... Stryder... My father did this to me...” His face disappeared into the surrounding darkness that was taking hold of me. The pain disappeared. I gave one last breath and gave into it. I was gone...

I slammed onto a muddy path. “Where am I?” I actually said aloud. I looked around but the tree canopy obove me blocked most of the sunlight. I lifted my hand to bend but nothing came out. I looked around for anybody. All I could see was a baboon like thing. It started talking to me. “Welcome to the Realm of Koe. This is one of the spirit world’s many realms.” The shock had hit me. “The spirit world?!”

March 3rd, 2007, 8:01 PM
That creeping sensation just kept sinking in, deeper and deeper as the other two girls and I waited for Huang to come back along with the apparently deaf earthbender. I was figiting in my chair, wondering why it was taking so long. Something was wrong, it just hit me.. I felt something had happened. I got up and said to the girls "Hang on, I'll be right back... I'm going to go check on Huang...Stay here..." I left the room, wondering down the same hall that Huang entered to find tenkaichi. There was a door that was slightly ajar, spots of blood leading away from the door. That's not good... I opened the door, only to find great horror staring me right in the face. Tenkaichi had been mutilated, rather primativly I might add, with his own blades. As well as Huang, who was missing the entire left side of his body. He looked up at me, "Stryder..Book 1267...Page 112.. You'll know what I'm talking about." He said that with his last words, took a breath and gave into the pain silently. I knelt down beside him in silence, covering his face with a red veil I pulled from my pocket. "I will avenge you.. old friend..." I said aloud.
Immediatly I went back to the commons room, the girls were still there, ating anxiously to hear what I had to say. " No time to explain, come with me. Now" Not waiting for their reaction, I turned and walked to an opposite hallway of which I had walked down earlier. I came to a door with a book carved out of wood hanging upon it. The library. That book he was talking about, It must be in here. I thought to myself. I went in, looking around aghast at the amazing amount of books that were stored in such a small room. They were all sorted by numbers, from 1 to 3000. Gods... I went to the section where the book Huang spoke of should have been listed under. "1265...1266...12...67! This is it!" I shouted aloud. I flipped through the pages and eventually I got to page 112. I glanced at the page and my mouth fell open when I processed the contents of the chapter.
"The Spirit World?!?"

Legendary Squirtle
March 3rd, 2007, 11:07 PM
Seath headed to the library after 20 minutes of trying to heal Huang. "My waterbending abilites could only do so much" Seath though as he walked down the narrow passageways. Although Seath healed Huang's phsyical wounds he was a little bit too late."There is only one way I know of that could work" Seath thought," and its all the was back in the North pole". As soon as he opened the door, he heard too words that he had only heard in tales. "the spirit world" Seath thought "but I though that was fake". After suffling around a bit, he took a seath and decided to listen in on what infomation the book had to offer. He was exausted almost to the point were he would fall asleep but he knew that something important was in that chapter and he had to find out what.

March 4th, 2007, 8:37 AM
Cher listened to what everyone had to say, and none of their pasts seemed easy, none of them at one point said, "I love life," but everyone had to have pain at one point in time. But, Cher lifted her head and watched as Huang left their precence to go check on someone. Soon after, Stryder left and Cher was left with the only other female. Cher saighed, wondering what was going on.

Cher got this strong, strange gut feeling and suddenly stood. Just then, Stryder appeared, seeming flustered and told them to follow him. Cher glanced around before doing so. Wondering where they were off to, a familiar smell sharply hit her nose. As they continued, they passed something that made Cher stop dead in her tracks. Huang was no longer with them, only one half was still there, the rest of his body lie in a huge pool of blood.

The blood drained from Cher's face, becoming pale. This was extremely serious. Not only had Huang passed, so had Tenkaichi. Cher's throat tightened and her stomach churned, suddenly not being able to breath. Her knees felt weak, like they were going to buckle under her weight. Cher closed her eyes and began shaking her head. She had finally found people to care about, people who might actually begin to care about her, and now they were disappearing, one by one. How was Stryder going to control Darkness without the help of a Firebender who actually could control the Darkness?

Tears filled the sensitive female's eyes and Cher took off down the hall, away from the scene, the sharp smell of blood no longer filling her nose. Cher soon stopped, gasping for air, she fell to her knees, shaking her head slowly, three tears falling onto the wood floor.

Dark Night
March 4th, 2007, 10:21 AM
I was left with the other girl, Cher as Styder went after Haung who had left. I wanted to go see what was happening, but decided to stay.

As Stryder came in, I could tell something was wrong. I followed him and Cher as we walked and saw Haung, one side missing from his entire body. I'd never seen anything like it. I saw Cher, her face turning deathly pale. I covered my mouth as I was starting to feel a little nausious. 'I wasn't trained for this.' "What happended to them Stryder, and why are you reading about the Spirit World?"

I saw Cher run down the hall. 'Probably couldn't handle it.' I debated with myself on wether or not to go after her, or stay with Stryder. I ran down the hall and saw Cher on her knees, crying. 'This isn't like me at all, but she needs help and I need to try and be nice.' I knelt down next to her. "Hey, it's going to be okay. Stryder must know something, he'll get us through this." I said as I tired to comfort her. "We've got to be strong if we want to get through this. Are you going to be okay?" This was really hard for me to be nice, I'd never really recieved kindness, so never gave it.

March 4th, 2007, 10:43 AM
I had turned around, face still showing the leftovers of the amazement of what I had just read. "Huang... he.. went to the Spirit World... We...make sure you keep his god damn body." I said to the waterbender as I walked out of the library. I walked back to the commons room, still in unbleif on what Huangs last words were. My father did this to me the words ran through my head like a bad itch. I made a vow then and there to return Huang from the Spirit World and kill off his father, even if I had to die in the process. I wouldn't let Huang go without some kind of dignity.
I walked back into the hallway where the girls were knelt down next to each other. I crouched next to them. "Guys..Don't worry.. He's coming back." I said quietly, taking Chers hand and pulling her back up on her feet. Viz followed suit. "I'm not going to let this go even if I'm killed doing so, we're not going to give up." A thought came to my mind. The Darkness I thought... "I need you two to promise me something, it's about the Darkness. Even though I'll be training day and night, if something happens...I want you to to leave, run to a safe distance until I pass out... I don't care if I look like I'm dying, Run." I said to them, walking slowly back to the commons room
"Now.. we need to figure out what we're going to do next. Ideas?"

Always and Never
March 4th, 2007, 10:48 AM
The baboon monk identified himself as Enma. “So you are like the guardian of this place? Or just a random spirit? Why am I even here?!” I was so full of questions my head was about to burst. Enma yawned and replied, “I am just a normal spirit who welcomes all spiritually gifted souls to the Realm of Koh. You are dead, my friend, but it seems you should’ve gone to the Outerworld where most sprits go... hmmm...” I looked around, it was so dark so I tried to Firebend again... nothing. “Why can’t I bend?” I asked the spiritual monkey. “This realm you are in is all an illusion, You don’t have a body... nothing is physical in this world, so what makes you think you can do physical attacks?”
“You mean all this isn’t real? It’s just an illusion?” I asked him. “Well this place is as real as any other but it is still just an illusion.” So many questions were filling through my head. “Why is this place called the Realm of Koh?” He laughed at this and pointed to a giant tree in the center of the swamp. “Because of Koh, the Face Stealer.” I sat down in the mud. “Why is he called the Face Stealer?” The mammal smiled. “Why don’t you go see for yourself? But.. I’m not that mean... Under that tree is Koh’s lair and when you are talking to Koh, and you show emotion, he steals your face.” My eyes opened wide. “I’m not gonna bother him then, why do you think I got sent here instead of the afterlife?” One of his eyebrows lifted up. “I don’t know, but I know who does...”
I got excited, “Who?!”. He smiled and opened his mouth. “Koh.” A chill ran up my spine. “Thank you, Enma, I hope we can talk again.”, I smiled an got up and shook the mud off my pant leg. I started walking and I heard Enma comment, “Yeah, right.”
I walked towards the giant tree and look at the stone pillars that decorated the entrance. I noticed the moss grew on the side away from the cave under the tree. So I can’t show any emotion to this guy or he’ll steal my face? This will be fun... I got to the entrance under the tree. Stone steps spiraled down into the darkness. Here I go..., I thought as I slowly started to walk down the steps.

March 4th, 2007, 11:10 AM
Cher took deep breaths, regaining control of her tears as she leaned her forehead against the wall beside her. There was soon a voice that was trying to comfort her, that belonged to Vizera. Cher sniffled and sighed, making a noise that sounded like a grunt. "I'll be fine, I just..." Cher tried to find the right words to explain, but it was hard to explain. "Everyone I actually trust or like dies in some way... I've got no family left, no ground to stand on, nothing for me to fall back on." Cher mumbled, more to herself than Vizera.

Stryder soon arrived, took her hand, and brought her back onto her feet. Cher swallowed hard and let her hand fall back to her side, looking down at the floor, but still listening to Stryder's words. It was obvious that Stryder didn't like how he possesed the power of Darkness, and that he didn't want anyone harmed, but, no matter how much comfort of attention Cher received, that she didn't even ask for, Cher would still be scared. Scared about bringing her bad luck upon this organization. After all, two members had already died, and they hadn't even begun the rebellion.

March 4th, 2007, 4:07 PM
" Ok, apparently nobody has any ideas first off, so I have something.. The book I was reading from says something about a Hai Bei Relic, I don't remember what exactly it said, So we're going back to the library." I got up, leading the other two to the library, opening the door for them. I walked over to where I layed the book down, and opened it to the folded page. I read aloud, " Hei Bai is a patron spirit of Senlin's Forest, A forest within the Earth Kingdom, With a dedicated statue located within the center. It is said to be a spirit gateway in which you can contact spirits that reside within the spirit world. There, on top of the alter, we will find the Hei Bai Relic. Which is said to have spiritual powers to bring a lost spirit back to his body. We will be able to contact Huang at the statue." I said to the girls and the other waterbender, who were all looking at me in a daze. " Go grab all of the things you may need, I'll grab anything I need and we'll meet in the commons room in about 5 minutes." I said, gazing upon them with a fierce look in my eye.

Always and Never
March 4th, 2007, 5:01 PM
I shuffled my feet down the steps. The coldness was unbearable and it was starting to make me shiver. I was nearing the bottom of the steps and I heard what sounded like a giant millepede crawling up the stone wall. I took a deep breath and straightened out my feaures. Hopefully, this was the last time i used emotion down here. I walked down into the darkness. I looked forward, and yelled, "Koh! I summon you for a conversation!" Boom. A giant centipede collided with the ground right in front of me. It took all of my will power to not flinch but I managed not to. "Mr. Feng, I've been waiting a while to talk to you..." The white spirit mask it had on was frightening... It clambered off. "Why have I been summoned into your realm?" I said exasperately. Koh turned to face me and slithered up to me. "You see, Huang, may I call you that? you see there are a lot of pure spirits in the world, and you don't even come close" He said with a smile. "But I summoned you here because I am sick of thousands of useless souls coming into my lair and screaming at the site of me. Their faces are tasty but it is still exhausting. You're the first one I truly summoned to talk to." I blinked hoping that wasn't emotion. "What does that have to do with me?" I said, still looking at a faraway rock against the tunnel's wall. "[i]As you know, the Avatar has disappeared... I may know of his where abouts but I can't tell you. It would anger the other spirits. I summoned you here because your little "terrorist" group is seriously important in keeping the three nations at bay of total destruction. You were not meant to die and for you to have, is a very dissapointing occurance. I may not be able to help you get out of the spirit world, but I may help you contact your friends." I sure wish I coulda expressed emotion... "How will you be able to help me, Koh?" He looked at me. "[i]Hei Bai!" The loud scream nearly ruptured my eardrums. Soon a panda appeared at the entrance. "Hei Bai will take you to a portal. Hopefully you will be able to contact your friends and congratulations, I will not steal your face." I followed Hei Bai out of the cave. "So?" I asked him.

Dark Night
March 4th, 2007, 6:21 PM
As Stryder came in, I had to admit that he did. I felt sorry for Cher, but I never really knew how to comfort anyone, because no one had tried to ever comfort me except for my family when I was very young.

I nodded as Stryder explained what we needed to do and left with a bow to the rest of everyone standing there. I walked down the dark hallway past the beautiful room that Huang and I had been fighting in. I stopped in it's doorway to look and amaze at it. 'To think that was barely a couple of hours ago.' I sighed heavily, shutting the door. 'The first person to actually try and connect with me.' I walked to my room and grabbed up the bag I'd come with, stuffing a little food and water along with a rolled up sleeping pad and a pillow. I looked at the outfit that Haung had found for me to wear instead of my fire nation clothing. I shut the door and changed out of my clothes. I put the new outfit on and put the black corset that I'd worn over my fire nation clothes over my new set of clothing and tied a black ribbon around it to keep it on. I placed my fire nation clothes in my bag, and headed out the door towards the commons.

As I reached the commons, nobody else was there. I put my stuff down and waited for the rest to arrive, playing with fire in the palm of my hand as I waited. Seeing fire was the only thing that actually calmed me down.

Legendary Squirtle
March 4th, 2007, 8:36 PM
Seath quickly walked out of the room and headed towards his room. Seath navigated the twisted corridors, that he had become accustom to. So many questions rushed through his head as he finally got to his room. "Well I guess its a good thing I didn't really pack out anything" Seath said as he walked into his room. He quickly gathered up some of his belonging and some food and water. Seath then headed to the bathroom where he refilled his animal skinned pouch with water. He then took his staff along with the other things he packed and headed to the common rooms. When he finally reached he found out that he was the second one to reach. Without saying another word he sat down and waited for everyone else.

March 5th, 2007, 7:42 PM
Cher sighed sadly as she walked through the hallways to her room. Once she entered, Cher lifted her head. She didn't have anything to bring. Or did she? "Time to toughen up, girl." Cher said to herself. "No more tears, no more of that nonsence." Cher said sternly. "I've dealt with loss before, I can deal with it again. Besides, I'm probably the only one that can navigate through the Earth Kindom since I've seen it all." Cher told herself. Feeling better, Cher walked up the the desk beside her bed.

She opened the drawer to take out the spool of jade ribbon she had found there this morning. She torn off a peice, using her teeth, and tied her hair up in a high ponytail. She slipped the spool of ribbon into her pocket and walked out the door, soon returning to the common room with an emotionless face.

March 6th, 2007, 11:45 AM
I walked into my dorm, looking around at the emptyness of the gaping room. Huang had given me a huge room, I don't know why though. I grabbed my sword sheathe and slung it on my back and donned my grey overcoat. Alright. I'm ready...Theyre probably all waiting for me... I thought, leaving my room. I walked into the commons room where, lo and behold, everyone was waiting. " Okay everyone...We have some business we're going to need to discuss before we actually leave. I've decided that nobody will be our leader, decision maker, guide..bla bla bla. We make decisions as a team, and if one person is out...Then we all are. Cher, you're going to be a big help being you know your way around the earth kingdom...We need to make it to Senlin's Forest attracting the least attention as possible from anyone in general. If we need to stock up on food.. We might have to raid a town, but let's not think of that right now. What we need to focus on is how to get to Senlin's Forest." I pulled a map of the Earth kingdom out of my sword's sheathe. I pointed to the dot that indicated our base "This is us. We need to get here." I drew an imaginary line across the map to where an icon of trees was displayed. "What worries me the most is that there are many towns in the way, and I don't know any way around them. Cher, do you think you can avoid those towns?" I asked her, looking at her quizzically.

March 6th, 2007, 1:02 PM
Cher looked down at the map as Stryder lay it out of the table, where everyone could lean over and look. She studied the map, finding it didn't include most land features of the large Earth Kingdom. "Cher, do you think we can avoid these towns?" Stryder asked, but Cher didn't lift her head from the map. "Hmm..." She hummed, indicating she was thinking. The towns that lie in in their path were marked in small black, dots on the map.

Cher tilted her head, recalling some of the locations on the map. Cher finally placed her graceful finger on the map, directly beside the first town. She, also, drew an invisible line beside all of the towns, staying west of them. "All of this is vast forest." Cher said, her finger tracing a line all the way up to the Senlin's Forest. "The forests of the Senlin's Forest are like rivers to the sea. They are also beside all fot he towns, so if we must raid, then we won't have to travel very far. I also know that there is a base of many people who can help us right here." Cher said, pointing to an area that looked about a day's travel away from the Senlin's Forest. "I know them personally. They can guide us through the Senlin's Forest, if we need them. Also, they've great food. Any traveler that gets lost there is a lucky one. No one dares mess with their land because of their number and power. They're kind like us, only with greater numbers. Much greater."

Always and Never
March 6th, 2007, 3:11 PM
I stepped out into the musty air of the swamp, once again. I was beginning to like it here because of the fact that there was no war affecting every move you make. Technically, I was free. My thoughts quickley dispursed as I looked at the panda. "Hello", I said bowing, "I am Huang Ryozo Feng. I'm sorry to bother you but I don't know why Koh wants me to be with you." I watched the panda walk over to a clear patch of pure mud. It embedded its claw into the mud and started scratching out letters. The first one was "GUIDE". The second one was "2500 MILES". The third one was "RESURRECTION". I understood exactly. "Well, it is good to have a guide around these parts. So where are we gonna be exploring, Hei Bai?"

The panda was anxious to get going. He didn't feel like scratching more passages in the mud so I wondered what was going to happen next. The bear started tapping its foot. It scratched into the mud "GET ON". "Oh, heh, sorry." I jumped onto his back. His warmth was even more cozy then Firebending. It felt great to feel warmth again. The long journey to whereever we were going was beginning and I hadn't eaten breakfast.

March 7th, 2007, 7:55 PM
Cher nodded and answered my question, telling us we can get to the Forest by going through smaller woods. She also added she had friends on the way. " All right. We should get going really soon, now would be good." I said, with a hint of sarcasm in my voice, then I thought of Huang's body. I shouldn't leave the body laying there like that... I thought to myself. "Hang on, one more quick thing." I ran back to the room Huangs body was located and pulled him out of the tangled mass that he represented in the corner. I picked up the petrified body and moved it to the bed on the other side of the room. Putting the veil back over his face, I ran back to were the others were waiting, again. "Alright, let's set out..." I said to the group as I rolled the map on the table back up and shoved it back into my sheathe. I still couldn't shake the feeling I kept having, something was about to go wrong.. I could feel it underneath my skin..

Legendary Squirtle
March 7th, 2007, 9:37 PM
After a few minues of just listen to what others said.Seath stated "I guess we should get going". Although he didn't like the fact that there was no river marked on the map, he knew that the fast they went the faster they would come back. "This could be really dangerous" Seath muttered to him self as the thought of an ambush entered his thoughts. He started to think of all the things that happened since he joined this group. After a few minutes he made up his mind, he was going with the others. "This is the point of no turning back" Seath thought as he finally got up from the chair that he was sitting on.

March 8th, 2007, 8:22 AM
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It had taken me weeks, but I was finnaly here. Ba Sing Se; the capital of the Earth Kingdom. All I had that brought me here, was an 'invitation' of sorts that had been delivered to me at the North Pole. Why me I handn't the slightest idea; I was just a simple waterbender, and hadn't really 'taught' anyone anything. Something didnt make sence here, and I could feel it in my bones. I walked up to the two gaurds standing at the entrance, not sure what to do really. "Uhh....can I come in?" I said, shrugging slightly. They gave me a strange look and took their hands from behind their backs, sending rocks to grab my wrists and ankles, knocking me to the ground.

"So, the fire nation is using waterbender disguises now?" the gaurd said, glaring down at me.

March 8th, 2007, 1:29 PM
We reached the entrance of the Earth capitol's entrence after a few minutes of running. When we got there, there was a water bender being held down by Earth guards. I ran towards them, the Earth guards were now standing with their backs to us. They were holding rocks above their heads, ready to bring them down upon the water bender. I walked silently and casualy up to them, igniting just the tips of my fingers. I wasn't planning on killing them, not after my conversation with Cher. I creeped up in between them and tapped their temples each simultaniously and they dropped to the ground. I turned back to Cher "Don't worry, their not dead". Almost right away the boulders that were levatating began to drop. I caught them in rings of fire and launched them across the barren feild. The rocks holding the waterbender fell to the ground also. I helped him up, looking at him curiously. "You were sent by Phoenix, weren't you?" I asked the guy, looking at him with a hint of suspicion in my glare, as I didn't know whether to trust this guy or not.
Either way, my firebending probably put up a red flag to everyone inside the city. We needed to get the hell out of there, and fast. "We need to go, now." I said to the waterbender and the rest of the group, and started running toward the forests Cher had indicated on the map before.

Legendary Squirtle
March 9th, 2007, 5:20 PM
The guy who we saved looked vaguily familer to Seath but he shrugged it off knowing that he taught many water benders from the North pole. Seath then started to run, knowing that more Earth kingdom guards would some be there. After a minute of non stop running we finally got to the forest, that was on the map. "The trees in this forest are really big, which means there must be a river around here" Seath said as he stop to take a rest. After a while he got up and looked around. "Let's keep walking" Seath said,"we arn't getting any closer by just sitting here."

Dark Night
March 9th, 2007, 5:43 PM
'Another waterbender? Great!' I nodded at the new recruit. "Come on! We've got to get out of here! They'll be after us in less than a second, we need to go now!" I said as everyone else suggested the same thing. I sprinted toward the forrest Cher said would be the safest way to go. I stopped as soon as I knew we were safe and couldn't be seen, and put my hands on my knees trying to catch my breathe. "We should keep moving, just in case they continue to send people after us." I said through rasped breathes.

Always and Never
March 9th, 2007, 7:29 PM
The warmth from Hei Bai's fur was really building up my strength. I had been riding him for what seemed like a day while catching up on my sleep. I awoke suddenly to find Hei Bai gone. I was in the middle of a barren wasteland with mountains dotting the horizon. I got up to look around and eyed Hei Bai. He had a stick of bamboo in his mouth and it looked like he was brushing his teeth with it. Then, out of nowhere, a giant paw hit the entirety of my right side. It sent me flying into the dirt nearly twenty feet where I had been standing. Good thing I was dead because that sure would of killed me. I looked to see who my attacker was and it was a giant wolf. We must've been in its territory because it tore off for Hei Bai. The panic-stricken panda transformed suddenly into a giant, huge-jawed, creature. A light blue beam shot out of its mouth and hit the wolf. A dust cloud blew up and when it cleared, the wolf was no more. "Hei Bai! We gotta get out of here soon!" I could tell he was tired but we had to get out of there. He slowly melted into the panda shape I had grown to follow. I jumped on his back and he started slowly for the mountain range. Crunch, crunch. The sound of the black and white bear's pawsteps were relaxing. I dirfted off into one of the most relaxing sleeps I had had in at least 12 years.

March 11th, 2007, 6:07 PM
Cher nodded to Stryder as he took down Earthbender Guards. "I know," She replied. She began running for the familiar forest she had once traveled and darted into the cover of the thick trees. It was a dence forest, but it would clear up as they traveled. Still, the base of benders was still about two days of travel away. She was sure they weren't going to run all the way. Cher wasn't a fan of running, really.

Still, the thought of seeing the kind people who helped her when she had gotten lost in these woods. She wanted to see how Kisa, the baby she had met, had grown up. She would be about six now. And her brother, Kasui, who was just a year older than her. They were friends, but nothing more, really. Kasui was an earthbender, just like herself. Perhaps he would even like to join their group since it was so small compared to his people.

March 12th, 2007, 4:47 PM
I followed them, unsure what to do or say. That man who had saved me was a fire bender, and who was this "Pheonix" person that he had talked about? All these things were confusing me. When we stopped I leaned against a tree. "I have some questions too, like why those gaurds tried to kill me!" I said angrilly. All I had was the water on my person, and that wouldnt be enought to face a firebender.....I'd have to be careful of what I said. "and who is this Pheonix person?" I asked "was he the one that sent this?" I pulled out the letter I had received several days before.

Dark Night
March 12th, 2007, 5:20 PM
As we all leaned against the trees, the new waterbender asked about what had happended. "They attacked you becuase they thought you were a firbender and that you'd come to attack the city. There had been a little trouble with some of us firebenders almost being caught." I said as I was finally able to catch my breathe. I looked at him, still a bit angry. "I'd watch what you say, some of us aren't always so relaxed, especially right now." I said, my firery temper and great personality comeing back. "As for Pheonix, yes, he was the one who sent you the invitation. He's dead, but there's a way we can bring him back." I said as I stood straight up and summonded a little fire in my palm, trying to be able to see exactly where we were. "We really need to get moving, they might be here soon." I said as I saw lights moving toward us. "Cher, can you lead us the way?" I noticed that I was acting a little bossy and like the leader. As soon as I realized this, I shut up and put my head down.

Legendary Squirtle
March 14th, 2007, 10:34 PM
"The Earth kingdom gaurds thinking fire benders would dress up like waterbenders to get in, what has the world come to" Seath thought, as he got up from the rock he was sitting on. Seath and the others soon started walking through the jungle once again. As he walked pass bush after bush, Seath couldn't help thinking about his family and tribe that were waiting for his return in the north pole. The other waterbender reminded him about all his friends and students that he had taught over the few years, that he took over from his teacher.

Soon he looked up and saw that a river blocked thier path. "I will take it from here" Seath said, as he faced the river. Normally he would freeze the water to create a path, but he wanted every one to get across quickly and easily. Seath focused his chi on the river and put his hands in front of him. Suddenly the water parted, leaving the smooth river bed to walk on. "Its safe to go" Seath said, knowing that he could hold the water like that for hours.

March 15th, 2007, 6:48 AM
"I coulda done that.." I muttered, passing him and 'borrowing' some of the water, creating a small slide of sorts down to the riverbed. Turns out this was a pretty deep river, deeper than I expected atleast. I walked across the river, ready for any tricks anyone tried to pull, such as letting the river run freely for one, that was possibly the oldest trick in the book, lure your opponent into a river and let it run back freely once you were sure they couldnt escape.

Legendary Squirtle
March 20th, 2007, 9:11 AM
Seath then waited till everyone was safely across before he attempted to cross. Suddenly out of the bushes a rock came flying out. Seath managed to dodge it, but in doing so he lost his consentration and the river returned back to normal. "Darn they caught up with us" He thought as the person came out of the bushes. It was the same earth kingdom guard that was knocked out earlier. "You people can go ahead, I'll catch up" Seath shouted, from across the river.

"Your a brave one" The Earth Kingdom Guard said as he sent more rocks flying in Seath direction. Seath instanly took his fighting stance and rasied hands in the sky. The water at his feet rose up, high enough to cover his face, and froze creating a temporary ice shield. The ice shield took some hits, as Seath thought about which approch to use.

March 20th, 2007, 1:07 PM
I saw what happened and ran at the river, seeming to skim across the surface, having created a 'bridge' of ice just under the surface. "dont think your in it alone" I muttered to the other guy. I stopped about halfway across teh river and made a circular motion with my hands, bringing them together as eight large tentacles of water formed around me. "I've got a debt to repay you guys for saving my life, and I don't like being in debt." I lashed out at the earthbender with one of the tentacles, aiming for his feet to break his grip, the very tip of the tentacle freezing to a sharp point incase he tried to defend himself with a slab of stone.

Always and Never
March 23rd, 2007, 4:36 PM
I was bleeding. I had no idea where I was or where Hei Bai was. My back.... My back was broken and I felt it slowly fuse back together. I looked up to see rocks still rolling down the hill where we had fallen. The mountain was huge. Soon, my cuts were gone and I got up. I was in a dens part of the forest, near the edge. "Hei Bai!, cough, where are you?"

My legs soon collapsed as Hei Bai's snout flipped me up onto his back. I was soon settled but Hei Bai was sprinting. I looked back to see about five Spirit Wolves. "RUN!" They soon ran off as we exited their territory. We ran for hours after that, since we had to go around the mountain this time. Hopefully we would get to the portal soon. I was tired of not being able to firebend.

I thought of the fellow members of the group. Who knows where they are by now. I took a chance by telling Stryder to go to Hei Bai's relic to get me back. I seriously didn't know it was actually going to work. I closed my eyes and fell asleep. But they were restless. They foretold the destroyment of my body, back in Ba Sing Se. They had raided the fort and brought it out of there. I woke up right after I was them put it in an unknown building.

I soon fell back to sleep having a dream of the group leaving Ba Sing Se. They were being chased. They were surrounded... Earthbenders from all sides. I woke before I could see what was happened.

Dark Night
March 24th, 2007, 7:29 AM
As we all crossed the river Seath stayed back to hold off the Earthbender guards and the new waterbender went to help him. I stopped dead in my tracks. 'Should I go help them? I can't firebend,' "but I can fight!" I yelled as I grabbed out my dual swords swinging them around speeding toward one of the guards. "Looks like you two could use some help!" I said as I caught one of the guards off guard and slashed him ascross his stomach and chest. He fell to the ground and my blades shown with red. Another guard sent a couple of huge rocks toward me and I slashed them in half before they could hit me. "Come on! You've got to be able to do more than that! It's pathetic for someone who's supposed to protect one of the greatest Earth Kingdom cities" I temted the guard who through the rocks at me and I sped up to him, dug one of my blades into the ground and used it to spin me around behind the guard and kicked him in the chest as he turned around, sending him flying. I pulled my sword up, and jumped after the guard that landed on the floor. I stabbed him before he could get up.

Always and Never
March 30th, 2007, 8:00 PM
The dreams rushed in now almost as clear as day. There were so many Earthbenders around them, so much killing. Vizera was amazing in her combat and the shock of force through her swords from the boulders didn't even hurt her. Cher standing there, warding off Earthbenders. But Stryder... he was nowhere to be found. He had slipped away from the group. "Where are you going!" I screamed as I awoke. Hopefully these were dreams.

Who would've known the Stryder really had strayed away...

April 5th, 2007, 7:17 AM
OOC: God.. sorry gurs for missing like.. a page of action... I practically have no internet.. New house and all. You probably wont be seeing me on as recently for a while.. Keep this alive though!

IC:I had grown tired of the fighting, it was time for a break. I walked away from the rest of the group who were ruthlessly fighting off a pair of Eath Guards, Cher doing nothing, trying not to get involved. I can see why she isn't involved.. They're her people, her kin... What I didn't understand was why they needed to kill off every man that came into their way. Was it necessary to kill them? What about taking them out temporarily? I sighed, then realized with horror, What if it was one of our own to get in the way? Would they kill that person off? Still thinking, I decided to vent some of the steam by training.
I ignited my hands in blue flame and walked towards a dense part of the forest where the trees were the thickest. I shot bolts of fire into a huge thick tree. Continuing my training, I felt there was an evil presence around me.. A bad aura of sorts. It better not be happening again I thought, still blasting away at the tree. Then what I feared most started to happen. The flames at the tip of my fingers grew black. Crap! Not again! I tried franticly waving my hand to get the fire out, but it had no effect, then i slammed my hand in the ground, still nothing. Wait.. If Huang could control it.. I can to. This is my chance to train it.. Make myself better/ I thought as the black flame creeped up my arm.
I focused all of my anger, all the emotions I had at the moment into my shoulder, thinking of the flame slowly crawling back to my fingetips. To my amazement, the black flame went down about a centimeter. Keeping it controlled was just about the hardest thing I had ever done, probably the hardest thing I ever will do. After a few moments of control, the flame spontaniously grew up my arm faster than before. I tried harder to control it, screaming and using all of my energy to keep it off my upper arm. Then, all of th sudden, it gave in to me. I had pused it all the way back down to my fingertips, and i could bring it up to my shoulder at will, then back down again. I laughed out loud in releif, the fire still at the tip of my hand. I flew my hands backwards in happyness and my engulfed hand hit the tree behind me and instantly fell to the ground beside me, "[/i]Oops.. should probably be more careful...[/i]" I need to keep this quite.. if people knew I can do this, I have no idea what could happen.
I got back up, feeling releived after the training, and walked back to the group. They've gotta be done with those guards now... I thought.

April 5th, 2007, 8:45 AM
Cher felt defenceless. She didn't want to harm the people of which she used to live along side with. Everyone else was attacking at will, and Cher didn't like it. Paralyzed, Cher thought. Then, a sly smirk appeared upon her features.
Cher reached for the bag that was resting against her hip, pulling out her favorite fan that was gracefully decorated. Also, three, small, pink balls. She smirked at the information that all the guards were male and she chuckled to herself.
Cher made a loud whistle catching the guards attention. She waved her fan at them, kind of coaxing them over with her smile. It seemed to be working, and the men were beginning to swarm like bees to their queen. With that, Cher forcefully threw down the three, pink balls that exploded into pink dust. Cher rapidly fanned herself with the fan and coughed as she walked out of the pink cloud. Once the dust settled, all the guards that were trapped in the dust cloud were out cold. "Knock out dust," Cher said to herself with content.

Always and Never
April 6th, 2007, 9:37 AM
I was awakened by the roars of Hei Bai. He tore off leaving me alone, the fire my only light.I lit one of the torches I had handmade and looked around. Hei Bai had enscribed something into the ground.

I feared the worst having heard that and decided it was time to take this all in. I had heard about reaching the human world from the spirit world but mostly they were myths. Of course, they wouldn't hear, see, or smell me, but it was worth a try if I was gonna find out what was taking them so long. I sat cross-legged and closed my eyes. The familiar state of meditation creeped through me like the hair on the back of my neck.

I slammed into soft soil underneath a giant pine tree. I had reached the normal world. That was too easy... I tried to firebend... still nothing. I climbed the tree to find out where I was. Like a beacon that was calling my name, I spotted a large column of fire reaching for the sky. I jumped down and ran for my life towards the flames. Hei Bai had turned into his demon counterpart, just like he had done verses the spirit wolf. Dead Earthbenders all around, none of them whom I cared about. I looked who Hei Bai was crouched over and it was the entirety of the terrorist team. Uh-oh...

Legendary Squirtle
April 7th, 2007, 1:07 PM
"That's the last of them,” Seath said, as he regained his composure. He looked around and saw the amount of earth benders that he either froze or sent for a swim. Though his main intension was to subdue his opponent, he could help but feel a bit sorry for them, since the Earth kingdom was also against the Fire Nation.

Seath mumbled something to himself, and then looked around him to see if every one else is ok. Suddenly something caught his attention, it wasn’t something one could see it was a feeling. Seath had never had this feeling before, the feeling that something even worse would happen very soon.
Seath looked around again, unsure of what to do or say, he then created a frozen walkway across the river and walked to the other side. “Darn, I no one discovers this” Seath thought, “or we might be branded as enemies”
“We have to get out of here” Seath stated, as he noticed a large column of smoke reaching for the sky

April 8th, 2007, 9:48 PM
I got up from falling over the dead tree branch only to see to my horror, smoke billowing out of the forested area around me. Then I heard the screams and cries of either our group or the earth guards. I didn't want to find out which, but reluctantly I ran toward the screams. Please let the screams be from the Earth Guards... I prayed to myself silently a I sprinted toward the revandevous point.
Once i got there I was terrified at the sight that was before me. It was a giant panda figure, only blue and extremly scary and angry. It seemed extremly angry about the forest being burnt down. The worst part of it all was this huge panda demon was crushing the life out of the rest of the group and I couldn't do anything about it whatsoever. I looked at the ground and saw an acorn, an idea sprouted in my mind. It was a crazy one, probably didn't even have a chance at working...But it was the only chance I had to save the group.
"Hai Bei! What are you doing? You're crushing the life out of the people that arent responsible for this!" With that said, three things happened. 1. Hai Bei got off the group and slowly moved towards me a bit. 2.My team got up staggeringly and then looked at me lke I was insane and 3. I started to feel like an idiot. "Yeah, uhm.. I'm the one who started that fire in the woods, not them." The panda moved closer to me, getting angrier by the second, as my team were making hand motion signs to shut up. "But its not as bad as you think! Yeah, I'm sorry for accidently burning some stuff down.. But it's the way of life! Think about it...This acorn here" I picked up the acorn and showed it in the air. "It's going to grow into a tree sooner or later and make new acorns. Then some other idiot is going to burn down the tree that came from this acorn, and it will continue in a circle just like it did now!" I knelt down onto the ground placing the acorn in the soft dirt, hoping the act of kindness and apology will be worthy of Hai Bei's foriveness.

Always and Never
April 8th, 2007, 9:59 PM
Hei Bai was dangerous and amazing at the same time. Of course I felt for the group being crushed underneath him, but who could blame him? Stryder ran out of the thicket and started pleading to Hei Bai. Stryder seemed different... I didn't know how to explain it. When he started talking about the circle of life I thought about it for awhile. Stryder should know the only way to control the darkness is sincerety. Without it, it is evil. Hei Bai slowly shaped back down into a panda. I wish there was some way I could communicate to them... Then it hit me. Hei Bai! I mean they can see him. I walked up to Hei Bai and whispered in his ear. He trekked over to a clear patch of dirt and scratched...

April 9th, 2007, 3:58 PM
I nodded and 'skated' across the frozen water. "where do we go, now that I've helpd theres not much else I can do." I said as I thawed the ice I had created earlier. "I can't really head back to the north pole now, can I?" I joked, streaching andgathering up some water, putting it into a small pouch, capping it with a stopper and looking around at the group. There were earthbenders and waterbenders..but also firebenders? This was going to be very strange...and this Pheonix charachter, who was he? Their leader obviously, but why did he choose me? I was probably the least skilled fighter here....

Always and Never
April 15th, 2007, 12:27 PM
I felt my body slowly drift away with the wind. I was leaving the human world. Oh well, I got out what I wanted t osay from my vision. I woke up sitting cross-legged near the fire I had made before. I took a deep breathe and laid back. The stars were asolutely beautiful. There were two moons. Amazing... I took closed my eyes taking it all in. As I thought of the beauty I thought of the Firebenders, bringing constant threat to everyone. I was ashamed that I was a firebender and hoped, for the first time, that when they resurected me, I would just be normal. Not classified as dark, ferocius, or even mean. I would be classified as a normal human being. I fell into a deep sleep.

Legendary Squirtle
April 18th, 2007, 10:43 AM
In all of Seath years of living he had never seen anything like what he saw as soon as he looked up. A huge demon, type thing, was on the rampage destroying miles of forest and killing some people in the process. Seath stared in disbelief as the monster got closer and closer to him and the others. Seath wanted to run but it was like his legs were paralyzed. It was at that instant that the monster stopped, Seath could hear someone shouting but couldn’t recognize the voice. Seath watched as the monster turned back into a Panda and continued to walk towards him, causing Seath to pick up his staff in worry. The, now normal size, panda then stopped a few feet in front of Seath and wrote something on the ground. It then looked back at his and walked off, into the forest.

Seath then walked over to were the panda wrote something in the dirt and started to read it. The message was


Seath looked at the others as he read what the Panda wrote.
“Looks like we are going to get more than we bargained for” Seath thought.

Always and Never
May 1st, 2007, 5:50 PM
OC: I am ending this. I seriously have lost interest and it seems you guys have too so whatever. Here is a overview of what should of happened:

The group goes deep in the woods and fights the Firebending settlement, they reach Hei Bai temple get the relic, go back to Ba Sing Se and find firebenders stealing my body, they kill them they put my spirit in my body.

That's all I had got. I'm gonna start another Avatar soon, so keep on the look out... If you even care