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February 22nd, 2007, 9:09 AM
Wanted: Alive... If Possible
For violence, swearing, and possible blood and/or gore.
(( There is only one part open, a male part. The three other parts are already taken. ))

”Sir! We are completely set and ready to go! Say the word, sir, and the world shall know our presence!” The second-hand man to this whole operation said to the back of a black leather, swivel office chair.

Slowly, the chair would turn, the light in the room dim and only visible were two, delicate and fragile hands, fingertip to fingertip. “We’ve a problem.” Said a deep voice, the mouth it came from not visible to the second-hand man’s vision which was used to the bright light outside this door.

“A... A problem, sir? Please, state this problem and it shall be taken care of.”

“I know it will be taken care of, Michael; you’re such a loyal servant. Now, the problem... Four little brats. It’s a small problem, I’m sure you can take care of them for me, hmm?”

“Four... Brats? Children, sir?”

“Yes, Michael, children.” The word ‘children’ came out in a slow, disgusted hiss. “I will send you more information later, for now, I need you to get rid of your uniform. Burn it if you must. If you complete this mission, you won’t be wearing that low rank uniform anymore.” The boss continued, “Disguise yourself, become a regular Pokemon Trainer, and whatever you do... Don’t let a word about Team Omegan slip past your lips, or you won’t have a head to keep them on.”

Four regular trainers, following their own dreams in the Pokemon World are wanted for some reason. They pose a threat to Team Omegan they don’t even know. Team Omegan is just like Team Rocket, wanting to rule the world, but Team Omegan will be more powerful than Team Rocket ever was. But, if these trainers are not taken care of, there might not be a Team Omegan at all.

No one has ever heard of a Team Omegan, only Team Rocket, Team Aqua, and Team Magma. Depending on where the people are, Team Snagem. The members of Team Omegan have to be extremely careful not to even mention or utter its name. If one of the members were caught, they’d probably be terrified, but still not tell anyone anything. Even through torture. Why? What would happen if they even uttered the name to the Team of which they belong to?

The trainers do not know they’re wanted and being followed. For one reason or another the four trainers find each other and find they cannot leave one another. If these trainers are put out of this world, the world will no longer have hope from the incredible strength of Team Omegan.

Will they survive?

[I know rules are very boring, but it’s a part of life. And no, rules were not meant to be broken. Sorry.]
1.) Romance is encouraged, but nothing beyond mild signs of affection, such as kisses or hugs. Anything beyond that is a big NO-NO. You CAN skip over stuff like that, people.
2.) Yes, you’re allowed swearing. Don’t go overboard.
3.) I will allow very mild character control. You can’t control the actions the character shall take, but you can time the actions to your liking.
4.) Please read posts carefully. If a character is sitting under a tree, but gets up and moves to a different location, I’d like to not see “Whatsherface went over to that tree and sat down next to Thatchickwiththehair.”
5.) CREATIVITY IS NEEDED. We need plot twists! We need drama! Make this interesting!!!
6.) I reserve the right to kick you out if you don't meet my requirements.
7.) Other than that, you should know your rights from wrongs. If you don’t well... Good luck in jail. You all should know that the PC Rules do apply [of course] and if you’ve read all of this, I’d like you to post the word poka-dot anywhere in your profile. Thanks!

Name: {Make sure this is creative. I don’t want to see any last names from and anime or manga. Also, I disapprove of the last name of Smith, or anything common like that.}
Age: {17-18}
Gender: {Male of Female}
Personality: {A nice sized paragraph, please. 5-6 lines. Remember, this is how your character acts alone or with others.}
Appearance: {The looks of your character. Also, a nice sized paragraph, 5-6 lines.}
Pokemon: {No legendaries; No limit to levels; Six Pokemon to a Party}

Species: {What Pokemon is it?}
Nickname: {Obvious}
Level: {Obvious}
Gender: {Also Obvious}
Pokeball: {What Pokeball it was captured in.}
Personality: {Also kind of obvious. Doesn’t need to be as long as your character’s, but include some background history.}
Other: {Anything else you’d like to add goes here.}
RP Sample: {Show me what you can do!}

*~Hazel~*: Cher Yeux; 17;
PokeNerdiod: Katlin (Kat) Manro; 17;

Light_Azumarill: Allen McDermott; 17 1/2;
Random_Fan: Oren Fadey; 17;

I'd Just Like To Add
I am very tolerant with the attacks your Pokemon has. So, you're Pokemon doesn't have to know only four moves, it can learn unlimited moves, and it doesn't have to follow the games. Nothing outrageous, I mean, Arcanine can learn something like Solar Beam, that's understandable, but an Oddish can't learn something like... Uh... Water Pulse. 'Kay?
Light_Azumarill, and Kat, I'd love if you still read the plot even though I PMed it to both of you. I've added an extra paragraph to get this published!

Fallen Angel_Messiah Of Black Roses
February 22nd, 2007, 2:43 PM

Name: AJ Valentine
Sex: Male
Age: 17
Description: AJ is a medium sized Hispanic teen, He's about Five Foot four and weighs around 130 something pounds. His eye's are a Cloudy blue that seems to reflect innocence, frailness yet his eyes are very deceiving and his teeth are nice and pearly, He is wearing an earing in his left ear, It's in the shape of... well a cross, a golden one with some rhinestones on them and has a tattoo of the cross on his forehead, it's a eeriely white tattoo making it look strange, but still well fitting. He wears tight Black leather pants that seem to shine slightly and a black shirt with a white cross and the words 'Judgment Day' on it. He wears onyx black boots with iron soles that seem to be good for kicking people. He wears a long white trench coat that goes down to just above his ankles with another cross on it, this time black. His hair is grayish white and styled in a medium sized ponytail.

Personality: AJ has a fixed personality, he is serious and strict in a situation but will also have a sense of humor to lighten up all the tense moments. Averagely he is a layed back calm kinda of guy, real outgoing. Even if you get on his nerves he will be willing to help you but if you really Piss him off your going to regret it, big time. So overall he's a layed back humorous yet strict and serious kind of guy. AJ sounds like your average everyday teen and doesn't care what anyone thinks, so he's never really depressed. So overall he's a layed back humorous yet strict and serious kind of guy, Don't get on his nerves and your fine and that concludes are little segment on his personality.

Species: Mudkip
Nickname: Muddy
Level: 60
Gender: Male
Pokeball: Luxury ball
Personality: Muddy has a strange personality, for one he doesn't like people with Red hair because his last trainer abused him and she had red hair, this is also why Muddy may have a bruise or to from the past. Muddy is serious like it's trainer but also really like's to mess around, just burn the midnight oil, ya know? Muddy doesn't have any emotional issues really, mabye the fact he has bad taste in music... that's pretty much it.

RP Sample:

AJ looked around the large room, it was pretty empty to tell you and that didn't bring comfort to AJ's mind considering they would need all the world had to offer them to win this war. He sighed and decided to go check the armory and make sure everything was running smoothly, " Hello AJ! Finished the Desert Eagle Project yet?" Asked a tall man in an oil stained shirt, his face was real rugid with facial hair and more grease. " Not going so well, the parts are hard to come by and when I get them it's a little hard to know the anatomy of the gun without completly taking it apart so I might be winging it for a while." AJ replied trying to act calm but it came out a bit frustated.

" That's to bad, with that kinda firepower... We could blow a Major Arcana demon to peices." The tall man said to AJ.
" Yeah, starting with the one located here in Pallet. The Fool." AJ said with a scowl plastered to his face.
" Don't worry 'bout it really, We completed the map of the Major Arcana Overlords." The tall man said smiling broadly and gesturing AJ over to a table. " Oh really now..." AJ muttered sitting down next to Barry. " Yep, The fool is here in Pallet, The Magician is in Viridian..." Barry started pointing at the map. " Yeah..yeah... Let me stop you right there. Your Forgetting that Dillon's been creating extra warriors, not as strong as the Major Arcana, but still mighty powerful compared to a regular human.

February 22nd, 2007, 3:30 PM
(( Ash Jr.: It's a pretty good profile, but there are a few things I don't exactly get. Why does AJ only have one Pokemon? Why, if he's been training with only that one Pokemon for seven years, is only at level sixty? And what does AJ really stand for? I'm sorry, Ash Jr, but I've been in a Role Play with you before. After awhile your posts transform into short paragraphs. I apologize once more and say *Declined*

Thanks for reading the rules, though! ))

February 22nd, 2007, 3:48 PM
Name: Cain Ritham
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Personality: Cain acts headstrong, when he is faced in a battle. However when he is alone he thinks to much and overemphisises a situation. When asked a question he would take a few minutes to answer. Cain feels Bold and brave yet he is not afraid to show his weakness. He is usualy finding friends in different towns he visits and usualy meets them in other towns he is yet to visit. He feels that he doesnt need 6 pokemon. He only needs a main one and a backup for just in case emergencies.
Appearance: Cain's hair is black and his hairstyle is slicked. The back of his hair goes down towards the bottom of his neck. His pigmentation makes him look almost like an Albino except for his black hair. He has a shapeedo tooth necklace that belonged to his father who was once a pokemon trainer. He wears a black hoody with a zipper and a hood. The inside of the hood is green mesh. He wears grey jeans with a brown belt and a silver buckle. His shoes are white sneakers with black laces and blue soles.

Pokemon: LVL 75
Species: Blaziken
Nickname: Blazken
Gender: Male
Pokeball: Luxury ball
Personality: Cain's Blaziken is blind without his trainer. Without Cain Blazken attacks randomly and shoots balls of fire in all directions. But with Cain the pokemon battles run smoothly without disorder. Cain feels that if he could train his Blaziken to the limit he could be unbeatable.

Level 50
Gender: Male
Pokeball: Luxury
Personality: Cain's Alakazam is always trying to win over Cain's attention. Wether it be his battles or just someone to lean on Alakazam is always there. But this usualy failes since Blaziken is the center of attention

RP Sample:

Next stop. Saffron City The announcement blared

Cain was on a train headed to Saffron City from Goldenrod. He hated Goldrenrod. It was all to happy, Saffron was a moody place. But not to moody like Lavender.

Cain stepped off the platform and found himself in the train station. He looked around for a map listing to find out how to get on the streets.

5 minutes later

Cain finnaly made it onto the streets after asking a random person. He made it to the Saffron city gym and thought

A Psy pokemon gym. I hope this isnt hard to beat

February 22nd, 2007, 4:08 PM
(( Grim: Uhm, no. Just... No. I've seen you roleplay, and, I mean, look at your RP Sample... That's not a paragraph, even if you put it all together. Also, you didn't read the rules carefully enough. *Declined* ))

February 22nd, 2007, 4:47 PM
Name: Jason Lockheart

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Jason has a rather hotheaded personality. He acts impulisviely due to his fiery spirit and his emotional passion that dictate his actions. One of his major beliefs is that a person can achieve their goals if they have an iron will to follow through on them. This has gotten him into many tough situations and his opinions often keep him on a "you either love him or hate him" basis. Jason makes a wonderful friend and a bitter enemy. Just getting to those titles is the hard part. People tend to avoid his hot headedness that they neither want to befriend him or become his enemy on the flipside. He will do what his heart tells him. No one will tell him otherwise.

Appearance: Jason's appearance somewhat differenciates from his personality. He has jet black hair that seems to even have a gleam to it. His brown eyes are full of experience and solemnity. His torso has some lean muscle, but at first glance looks skinny. He also has a pair of long, lanky legs that add to his height.


Species: Swampert
Nickname: N/A
Level: 50
Gender: Male
Pokeball: Pokeball
Personality: Swampert is the final evolution of Jason's first pokemon. Swampert also balances Jason's fiery passion. Swampert is quiet and insightful, yet he is extremely loyal to Jason. He also is willing to take hits for Jason when he is under extreme situations.

Species: Flygon
Nickname: N/A
Level: 50
Gender: Female
Pokeball: Pokeball
Personality: Flygon is the most caring pokemon of Jason's group. She will always try to save injured pokemon by whisking them to the nearest pokemon center. She tries to please everyone, including Jason and will always try her best.

Species: Jolteon
Nickname: N/A
Level: 50
Gender: Male
Pokeball: Pokeball
Personality: Jolteon has a stiff personality. It still does not completely respect Jason as a trainer, therefore it has a conflict with him. Depending on Jolteon's mood will he listen to Jason's commands. Otherwise, he'll do as he sees fit.

Other: Jason only keeps three pokemon because he doesn't want to create an internal conflict within his team. With three at his side, he can minimize weaknesses; plus he can keep his options open in case he comes across a pokemon that he would like to capture.

RP Sample:

Jason released his newly evolved Flygon from its captive state. The ball impacted with the ground and a blinding white flash engulfed the area. The green dragon emerged from the light and flapped her new wings with admiration and confidence. Jason jumped on her back, adrenaline was now beginning to pump throughout his body and with a small pat, Flygon launched off the ground. It was an out-of-this-world experience for Jason as his stomach seemed to do backflips at the gravity that had no effect on pulling him back to the ground. Flygon began to accelerate and flew through a small wispy cloud.

Jason hollered with happiness when the cloud seperated and felt like cotton candy evaporating moments later. Eventually, Flygon and Jason passed a fluttering group of Butterfree that were pushing Flygon into a friendly race. Flygon agreed by narrowing her body and letting the air currents push her at an extremely fast pace. The Butterfree could barely keep up as the flapped their wings frantically. Flygon then landed in a small clearing of grass and the exhilieration that had enevloped Jason was now gone. He thanked Flygon for the ride, returned her to her ball, and then left with the intention of flying very often now.

OOC: I was kind of stumped on the RP sample. I'm having a bit of a block today. x_x

February 22nd, 2007, 5:01 PM
(( Key: I dunno why, but I see potential in you... Alright, I'd like to see more detail on the Appearence. Height, weight maybe, what he wears, does he have dimples? xD Just, more detail. Perhaps a bit more on the Personality... As for the RP Sample... I'd love if you added more. You're literate, and I like that. Describe... Maybe, your character getting into a battle or something? For now *Pending* ))

Name: Cher Yeux

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Personality: Cher is a fun-loving, wild, crazy chick with never-ending spunk. Cher is extremely perverted, as well as playful and teasing. This girl loves being sarcastic and loves insulting people who get the rare chance to be insulted by the sharp-tongued female. But, Cher has a shy side to her, but it only comes out when Kat isn’t around. Kat is like the support beam holding up the spunky side of Cher, which is the side Cher has the most fun on. When Kat isn’t around, Cher likes to be quiet when she’s usually loud, and is very shy around people she doesn’t know when Kat isn’t around.

Cher is extremely loyal, loving, caring, and thoughtful. But, Cher has a short fuse at times when someone keeps disagreeing with her on the same exact subject. Cher loves to receive and give hugs and signs of affection, whether it be squealing with joy at the arrival of someone, tackling the one she cares for in a hug, or dancing around the person in a circle. Cher is also very sensitive to certain topics, but, Cher will usually talk about anything with anyone.

Appearance: Cher is a very, very beautiful and attractive woman. Her hair is a thick, dark brown and it flows down to the middle of her back. Her eyes glitter with the rare color of hazel. Cher has an hourglass shaped body and is flexible as well as sly, sneaky, and quick. Men often compliment Cher, but Cher dislikes the attention.

Cher’s attire consists of dark colors, nothing very light. Her clothes are also baggy so she doesn’t get as much attention. Cher loves most colors such as blue, green, black, red, gray, and gold. Cher’s body is very healthy since Cher likes to be healthy and everyone else around her to be healthy, as well. Cher may not look intimidating, but beware, this chick can pack a punch. Cher needs to be quite angry to actually throw a punch, but it might come sooner if someone is harming Kat or any of her friends.

Pokemon: {No legendaries; No limit to levels; Six Pokemon to a Party}

Species: Banette

Nickname: Grin

Level: 92

Gender: Male

Pokeball: Heavy Ball


Species: Dusknoir

Nickname: Uno

Level: 90

Gender: Male

Pokeball: Timer Ball


Species: Drifblim

Nickname: Feather

Level: 87

Gender: Female

Pokeball: Luxury Ball


Species: Gengar

Nickname: Snik

Level: 89

Gender: Female

Pokeball: Heavy Ball


Species: Frolass

Nickname: Sleet

Level: 86

Gender: Female

Pokeball: Luxury Ball


Species: Mismagius

Nickname: Jewel

Level: 87

Gender: Female

Pokeball: Luxury Ball

Other: Cher is a beautiful and graceful singer, and although Cher loves music with a passion, she doesn’t sing out much. Maybe hum once in awhile, but not full out sing. Cher is extremely modest with her talents. Cher has an odd fixation on Ghost Type Pokemon, if you havn't noticed.
WARNING: Cher hates the color pink and poka-dots. She isn’t girly. If Cher is handed anything of the color pink – that isn’t edible – will be torn, ripped, shattered, broken, and stepped on.

RP Sample: (( From ‘No One Said Life Was Easy’ ))
Ireland sighed, her anger subsiding as she stepped onto the soft sand of the beach. Jingle looked up at her trainer from her arms. “Odd?” She questioned quietly. “Yes, Jingle, I entered you in the Tournament.” “Odd, oddish!” “Don’t stress! You’ll do great! I know you will!” Ireland encouraged her. Jingle sighed in disbelief and shook her head slightly.

Ireland opened her mouth to continue, but she didn’t get the chance because a call interrupted her. “Hey! You! You’re Moonnite, ain’t ya?” A brute voice asked. Ireland turned and smiled, seeing a rather buff man a few feet behind her. “In fact, I am Miss Moonnite. Why do you ask?” “I demand a battle!” “Name your game!” “Six on six!” “Sounds good.”

“Go, Marowak!” Said the brute and he threw his Pokeball to reveal a high level Marowak who looked very ready for battle. “Jingle, I choose you!” Ireland declared, setting Jingle on the sand. “Odd!” Jingle cried, shaking her head. “Come on, you’ll do fine, I promise!”

Finally, the little Oddish made its way out to the battlefield, quite nervous. “Go, Marowak, use Stomp!” The brute made the first call and sent his Marowak charging after Jingle. Ireland knew that if the Marowak hit Jingle, she’d faint on the first hit. “Dodge, Jingle!” Ireland called, causing Jingle to take a huge leap into the air.

“Now, Use Razor Leaf!” Ireland instructed, causing Jingle to send out a fury of leaves, being flung at the Marowak who tried to beat them off with its bone. By then, Jingle had landed on her roots and was waiting for the next command. “Jingle, use Grasswhistle!” Ireland instructed. Jingle began folding her leaves into a sort of whistle and sent air our through the leaves, causing a sort of lullaby noise to come forth.

This sound seemed to lull the Marowak to sleep and it soon fell into the sand, asleep. The brute growled in defeat and returned his Pokemon, throwing another Pokeball to reveal a large Machoke. The Machoke laughed at Jingle’s size, not listening to his trainer’s commands.

“Jingle, Acid.” Ireland said calmly, causing Jingle to angrily spit acid in the Machoke’s face, quickly poisoning it. “Now, Leech Seed!” Ireland called. Jingle hopped into the air to get a clear shot of the Machoke that was rushing around, Acid in its eyes. Jingle spit a seed out at the Machoke, that hit it directly in the head and grew thick vines instantly, covering the Machoke completely so it couldn’t move before beginning to suck the energy from the Machoke, which was losing energy from the poisoning and the Leech Seed.

It was now that Ireland noticed all the attention they were attracting, watching as a small crowd began forming.

February 22nd, 2007, 6:19 PM
How the heck do you make an RP that sounds so cool. O_o

Name: Oren Fadey

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Personality: There is no limit to how Oren’s personality can change. He can be acting one way one day, then the next day a whole new way. Sometimes, he alternates how he acts two times for two separate days. His most common personality that can be found when he is alone is more of kid-ish one. He still laughs at fart jokes and such, making him seem immature, but he will not always be like that. He will sometimes be very serious when offended, and may offend back, unknowingly. This gives him a bad reputation, along with his appearance. Though the chances of that are so rare; it’s like the saying goes: Don’t mess with the bull or you’ll get the horns. Another plus to his personality is the ability in which he can makes friends with others when the time is flowing just right, making him a slightly friendly person. So he has the side of him that people hate and the side of him that people like. Which do you see?

Appearance: He looks like he just got out of a rumble pit and got bitten by snakes for four miles straight. Wow, and he still has clean clothes to slightly cover that up. His eyes are green, the same color as his hair (which he had colored due to a dare). His hair wasn’t wild, but it wasn’t very tamed either. It was like watching a groomed hairball. Ew, that’s nasty, but strangely, not bad looking. Usually, he wears casual clothing, maybe a button shirt every once in awhile, but with the appearance of the fight and snake bites as mentioned before, he looks pretty dangerous. He doesn’t look like someone you want to leave your five year old next to, and doesn’t look like someone you want to meet at a bar (even though he’s underage). Beyond the looks, it’s really only his personality that he tries to show, so now he looks like a semi-messed up guy that likes to hang like the guy you think helps granny bake her cookies.

Species: Sandslash
Nickname: Shalin
Level: 63
Gender: Female (oh, that’s a first for me >_>)
Pokeball: Normal ball
Personality: Shalin was a trade Pokémon Oren had traded his Ralts for. Why he did that, he had no clue, but he still liked Shalin a lot. Of all his journey, Oren didn’t feel the way he felt whenever Shalin was around. She was good to be around because of how she acted. She acted somewhat like a child, and would sometimes do what Oren would call a “parody” of what many beginner trainers do. The only time she looked intimidating was when she was in battle.

Species: Blaziken
Nickname: Bade
Level: 63
Gender: Male
Pokeball: Normal ball
Personality: Bade was Oren’s first Pokémon. Starter, actually, straight out of Prof. Birch’s lab. He was very tempted to battle anyone that appeared, though Oren had trained him to try and hold it. That didn’t mean he didn’t show his anticipation for battle, though. He was ready to take on anything. He also always tried to battle Shalin, which would then get to an all out “who’s the better Pokémon” battle, trying to be the best for Oren. Though Oren didn’t take this lightly, he did find their battles entertaining.

Species: Manectric
Nickname: Manelin
Level: 60
Gender: Male
Pokeball: Great Ball
Personality: Manelin was more of the balance between Shalin and Bade. Though, he wasn’t the quiet type. As a matter of fact, he liked to have a lot of fun. When Oren would call for his Pokémon to quiet, he wasn’t the first, but he would do it better than Bade or Shalin would. He was a good listener and loved to play. Nothing else needed to be said.

Other: His Pokémon journey in Hoenn is almost over. He just has to beat the Elite Four, which he has failed to do twice.

RP Sample: The Elite Four battles were right in front of me; I could just get in there and take the battles, hoping to win, then fail again. No, I can’t fail. I’ve trained harder this time. Am I ready? God, what do I do? I hope I can do this.

Thoughts and thoughts were going through me, getting me more nervous. Heck, who wasn’t nervous to battle the Elite Four? It was so freaking hard to do! Four straight battles, then one finale battle to be named champion. The first time I had gone through there, I got to the champion, but lost. The second time, I lost at the fourth battle. Now I asked myself again; was I ready?

I didn’t have to; the person showing me on to the first battle asked. “Are you ready?”

I just sort of stood there, not knowing what to do. Eh, I was in a bit of a pickle. It wasn’t a very interesting pickle; slapped with the green of my eyes and hair, and slippery all over. No, wrong simile; I was as nervous as a…eh, I had nothing. Oh well.

“Uh, let me just check over my stuff; I’ll be back later,” I said as an excuse. I moved away from the corner and sat at a bench. How was I to do this?

“Come on Oren,” I said to myself, “You trained your Pokémon long and hard enough to get them to beat this league. You can do this…Oh what are you kidding? You suck. Return after five more levels in training with your Pokémon.” I beamed suddenly, happy. “That’s a great idea! I’ll wipe the floor with the Elite Four if I do this! Awesome!”

With renewed energy, I made my way out of the building to fresh air. I took in the breeze, loving every moment of it. Why? Because, well, I just felt like doing that. No, that wasn’t the real reason, but heck, it made me feel good. Was a reason really needed?

“While I’m at it,” I said, speaking to only me again, “I’ll go to Lilycove.”

Why Lilycove? Because, in Lilycove, the one person that my Pokémon had a kick at fighting resided. It would be nice to train with him. What was his name again? It was…Geoff. Yeah, that was his name.

Geoff, I had to say, had way too much time on his hands. He would train a large variety, and I’m serious here, large, each at different levels, just to help trainers with battling, and hopefully get them better at battles. Shalin, Bade, and Manelin loved to battle him. They did it countless times when they were last in Lilycove.

“Geoff, I hope you’re ready,” I said, and began the trek across the large landmass of where the Elite Four were located.

February 22nd, 2007, 6:29 PM
(( Random_Fan: xD Its a gift, I guess...

D: I can't believe you're making me choose... ><
Okay, well... Uhm... I'd read the rules over again, unless its somewhere in the RP Sample. Anyway... I can't... Find anything wrong with your profile, buuuuut... Can you try and add a bit more to the Personality and Appearence? *Pending* ))

February 22nd, 2007, 6:37 PM
Uh oh, I'm not the kind of guy that likes to make things complicated. >_> No seriously, I get all guilty and stuff.

I'll back out. Though, this can be easily corrected. What if, say, I'm a member of Team Omegan? Or, I can RP as one of your created Pokémon. >_> Either way, I don't want to make anything unfair and complicated, so as I say, I back out, unless those two things I mentioned before can be slightly bended. >.>

February 22nd, 2007, 7:16 PM
(( Okay, Key sent me a new verson of his sign-up, and I've decided to Accept him.

Random, if you're still interested in Roleplaying as a member of Team Omegan, then, please, just tell me. ^^ ))

February 23rd, 2007, 9:07 AM
Sign-up! (Blatantly stolen from myself!) XD

Name: Allen McDermott

Age: 17 (and a half! XD)

Gender: Male

Personality: Coming from a well-off family related to Professor Oak through his cousin's half-brother's father (and proud of it!), Allen has this sort of snooty, "I'm too good for any of these people, but I guess I could help the little people out" attitude. He comes off as a typical rich-boy and he doesn't really see that as a problem. He's always bragging, always playing things up in a manner that makes him look a cut above the rest. He can be quite insufferable, really. He's the kind of person who sends back food at a restaurant because it's a little too cold, or not tender enough. He thinks his way is the best way, and pouts when no one else wants to follow it. In fact, he does quite a lot of pouting in his daily life.

Then there's this other side to him that few get a chance to glimpse. The side that longs to have a normal family with parents that care about you. The side that wishes his own childhood would have been fun and useless. There's also a part of him that feels bad when he goes too far with his annoying self and makes someone sad or cry. He actually has quite a soft spot for crying that he tries his best to ignore.

Around girls, on the surface he seems like the same insufferable jerk; but really on the inside he's quite nervous and unsure. Growing up an only child with all male friends didn't leave much room for learning about how to deal with the fairer sex.

Around boys, he's his usual self, with an added bonus. This bonus comes in the form of initiating contests and races that he can't win. For as much talk and attitude Allen has, his skills are sorely lacking.

Appearance: Allen gained a lot of his looks from his father-- his icy blue eyes, his dark brown, almost black, hair, and his lightly tanned skin. However, he seemed to not inherit his father's build, and instead remains quite lean and skinny. He is happy that he has inherited his mother's smile though; it seems to give him a warm, innocent look.

Allen's favorite color is red, "the power color" as he likes to think of it. He usually wears some kind of red top to his outfit, be it a sweater, a dress shirt, something classy and semi-formal. For the bottom, he always wears a pair of black slacks with black dress shoes. To top off his clothing, he likes to wear a dark red cape-like cloak. It gives him a rather interesting look. He carries all of his supplies in a small, black backpack that is usually hidden by his cloak. He has a very expensive silver watch on his arm with which he'd rather die than part with. He usually keeps his pokeballs in his right pocket.

Species: Quilava

Nickname: Singe

Gender: Female

Pokeball: Premium Ball

Level: 40

Personality: Singe was Allen's first pokemon, and boy did she have to prove herself. Allen had wanted a male Cyndaquil, but it was either Singe or waiting another three months, so he grudgingly took her. Singe was not about to be brushed aside though, and so she used her tough and powerful personality to win the boy over. She had a never say die attitude and loves a challenge.

Species: Corphish

Nickname: Clamp

Gender: Male

Pokeball: Lure Ball

Level: 38

Personality: Clamp was Allen's second pokemon; one he hired someone to go fish for in a lake. Clamp is a rather clumsy pokemon, not always paying attention to what his large claws are doing. He can easily knock over a pile of dishes, a person, an important object, anything really. Allen and Singe have to watch him closely when he is out.

Species: Mareep

Nickname: Clara

Gender: Female

Pokeball: Luxury Ball

Level: 25

Personality: While Clara is the one pokemon of Allen's that absolutely adores him, she is also the weakest of his team. She's quite whiny and dainty; a very girly girl. She doesn't like getting dirty, and will often dissolve into a puddle of tears when something happens involving dirt. Allen can't help but be swayed by the cute, teary eyes, or cater to the fluffy little creature. She often gets exactly what she wants, and is really the only one that can make Allen do what she wants.

Other: Nothing! ^.^

RP Sample:

"Hey there kid! Wanna battle?" came a voice from behind Allen.

A nerve twitched somewhere on his handsome face. Kid?! Obviously this person behind him did not know what he was getting himself into, because no one called Allen McDermott a kid. The dark-haired boy turned slowly to face his challenger, a small boy with a backwards-turned cap and an outfit that clearly said 'young, inexperienced, bug-boy'. Allen chuckled a little.

"Oh please," he said with a slight sneer on his otherwise warm smile, "You're surely not worth my time." Which, he wasn't.

The little boy glared at him a bit. "I could beat you pretty boy! Gimme your worstest stuff!" he said confidently.

"Worstest?" Allen said with a wider smile, making it look more like a mocking smile, "Oh, I will." With that he flicked his right hand out of his pocket and with a flick of the wrist, called forth his first pokemon; a Quilava. Allen would teach this child some respect. After all, the boy was so pathetic that he couldn't even use proper grammar.

Singe stood ready to battle; after all, it was usually the only thing she was brought out for. She could see the look on the kid's face before her go from confident to nervous to worried all in about ten seconds. It was obvious from his look that he had no pokemon that could combat a fire-type. How stupid, not to have any balance on one's team. This was crucial to a pokemon trainer if they wanted to win.

Allen took this moment to continue impressing the boy before him. "This is my Quilava, Singe. Did you know that she was specially bred to withstand physical attacks by one of the world's top pokemon breeders? She's won almost two hundred battles against people such as yourself, and she has no problem ripping apart a weak little Caterpie's defenses," he said slowly, smiling wider.

"I-I gotta go!" the little boy said quickly, his eyes still on Singe as he backed away and left. Allen nodded to Singe, who seemed disappointed with the fact that her challenge was once again scared off, and then returned her to her ball.

"Heh, kid... Allen McDermott; a kid! Ha ha, that's great," he chuckled to himself, walking off in the direction he had been facing before.

February 23rd, 2007, 12:07 PM
(( Light_Azumarill: xD Your RP Sample entertained me. ^^
Anyway, I just need you to change the age. It's 17-18. ^^ ))

February 23rd, 2007, 3:33 PM
XD Ah, sorry about that! I totally meant to change that and must've forgot. ^^; Edited!

February 24th, 2007, 10:52 AM
((...>.< Your computer craaaaaashed....D'= ))

Name: Katlin (Kat) Manro

Age: 17

Gender: Female [Duh]

Personality: Kat's personality is a unique one. It includes sarcasm and perverted humor. She loves to laugh and joke, but can also be as serious as a heart attack. She protects her friends and family when they need it. But when she is around Cher, it is all different. They laugh and joke, and could go on for hours talking about everything and nothing all at once. But without her best friend, she is the shy and quiet girl who seems lonesome. And when she is in public alone, she tends to shy off to an un-populated place, because she can get quite parinoid in a crowd of people.

Appearance: Kat's body is a slim and slender beauty. Although she does not like to show off her breast like other women, she tends to wear tight shirts. Her silken midnight black hair flows down to her shoulders. Her bright blue eyes stick out amongst her pale, ghost like skin.

Kat's clothes consist of jeans and a t-shirt. You could usually find her wearing her favorite blue jeans, were the knees are torn and were ittle doodles form when her hand meets a Sharpie.


Species: Espeon
Nickname: Sun
Level: 88
Gender: Female
Pokeball: Pokeball

Species: Dragonite
Nickname: Midnight Flyer (Minnie)
Level: 82
Gender: Male
Pokeball: Ultra Ball

Species: Delecatty
Nickname: Precious
Level: 79
Gender: Male
Pokeball: Super Ball

Species: Lapras
Nickname: Layna
Level: 86
Gender: Female
Pokeball: Premeir Ball

Species: Charizard
Nickname: Flare
Level: 90
Gender: Male
Pokeball: Pokeball

Species: Persian
Nickname: Boo
Level: 84
Gender: Female
Pokeball: Luxury Ball


Other: She carries a guitar around, named Chi-Gi. She can also sing quite well in most occasions.
She is an artist. She can draw anime and mange character quite well, and also loves to paint.

RP Sample:
Standing on the edge of the stern of the ship, Kaylin Marhin looked out into the foggy mists of the dirty sea. Leaning against the edge, he mind fluttered off to another land, somewhere other than England. Knowing that she was to be there for the rest of her life, she dreaded to go. Life in the country was a drag to her, but city life would've been more dull. As the ship approached land, orders were called out. A tall stragrely man appraoched her, bowing lightly.

"Exuse me, madame." He spoke in a slight French accent. "But if you could, gather your things and get ready to disembark." She nodded solemnly as the man walked away, and grabbed her suitcases. The ship stopped with a sudden jerk, sending her to the edge. She had stayed in tact with her belongings, but a silver cross had fallen off of her neck. Frantically peeking over the edge, she saw a small silver chained cross slip into the murky waters. She sighed heavily, walking to get off the ship.

March 18th, 2007, 6:51 PM
(( Oookay, I apologize for my absence, and I have come to inform you all that Key has withdrawn his position in this Role Play, and so Random_Fan has taken his place.

PokeNerdiod: You know that you're already accepted, but, I need you just to try hard and post at least a paragraph, okay? I'll help you if you need anything, and you already know that.

So, with that said, I am proud to proclaim that THIS ROLE PLAY HAS NOW, OFFICIALLY STARTED!!! ))

Cher tilted her head back and sighed, waiting in the lobby at the Pokemon Center for Katlin. With a new day came new surprises, but one thing that wasn't surprising was that Kat wasn't in any hurry to get her butt in gear and get back onto the road. A Banette sat beside the girl, his body's position in the same as his trainer's.

"Mis!" Jewel rang out in greeting as she floated up to her trainer, a grin on her shadowed face. "Mornin', Jewel... Say, do me a favor and check on Kat, would ya?" Cher asked, nodding towards the hallway. "Mis," Jewel nodded and floated off gleefully.

"Banette." Grin mumbled, glancing at the Chansey behind the counter that had it's stubby arms crossed and was tapping it's foot at the pair who had they're feet on the table, crossed in a lazy manner. "Chan! Chansey!" It commanded, pointing at their feet. "Ban," Grin grumbled, removing his feet from the table, Cher's feet soon following to the floor. "Can't take a load off anywhere anymore, huh?" Cher asked her Banette. "Ban," Grin nodded with agreement.

March 19th, 2007, 3:20 PM

Katlin sat up lazily, her eyes still closed. She moaned heavily as she tried to get her groggy eyes to open. The sunlight hurt her eyes as she adjusted to the morning light. Her short black hair was tangled, more so a mop on her head. She sighed and stepped out of the bed, a slight shiver shot up her spine as her feet touched the cold floor. A mirror was placed on the other side of the room so Kat looked to it. A smile appeared on her face as she saw her hair. She laughed and tamed the tangle on her scalp.

"Epse!" The small Espeon greeted her, rubbing against her leg. "Espeon!" She yelled once more. "Oh, hey Sunrise..." Kat smiled, rubbing in between her ears. She turned to her mess of a pile, sighing heavily. She managed to get her stuff together which included her other pokeballs of various kinds. The bag was heavy so she lugged it behind her. She opened the door to be greeted by a Mismagius. Kat smiled as if she were in trouble.

"Ah. Jewel...so I see Cher is...waiting..." She laughed nervously.

((How was that?))

March 19th, 2007, 3:37 PM
(( Great! ^^ Keep it up like that. ))

"Correction," Jewel began, a sly little smirk upon her darkened features, "Has been waiting." Jewel corrected her, giggling as she flew back down the hall to greet her trainer, who was trying to relax. "Is she up?" Cher asked as she opened one eye from their closed position. The Mismagius nodded gleefully and floated around, whirling, twirling, and spinning up near the ceiling. "Watch the fan," Cher warned before sighing.

Cher checked her watch and blinked sleepishly. She heard faint footsteps coming from down the hall, and by the cries of an Espeon, Cher safely assumed it was Katlin. "If we're ever gonna make it to Lilycove by today, we need to get a move on! It all depends on how fast we move and how many people piss you off. I want to witness that FireFly Festival." Cher called, standing from her seat.

Cher picked up her backpack and slung it over her shoulder as Grin stood beside her, watching Jewel wizz around on the ceiling. "Come on, Jewel, you, too." Cher said to her Mismagius, who soon floated back down to where Cher could keep watch on her.

March 19th, 2007, 4:04 PM
Katlin walked down the hallway, seein Cher at the end. She ran towards her, wailing her with a hug. She giggled and smiled, looking into her eyes. "Eh...I know." She shrugged, letting go. "But it was a good dream! It had...Gary in it..." She sighed, going off into a rabid fangirl moment. She snapped back into reality, looking down at the pokeball that was rattling. She looked at it akwardly, then realized it was Midnight Flyer. She smiled and looked back at Cher. "Hey, we could fly there you know." An evil grin appeared from one cheek to another. "Come on...Minnie's wings need excersize." She begged.

Her backpack didn't quite weigh a ton, but it was close. She slung it over her shoulder with an "Oof". She slumped over, trying to make the load easier to carry, but it was unsuccsesful. She gave in, putting it back down on the floor. She unhooked a small red and white pokeball, then pointed it in the air. "Come on Flare! Help me on this one!" She said, letting the tall red dragon out of it's virtual home. "Char!" It yelled, bending down to look into Kat's eyes. "Can you carry it for me?" She asked it. Flare nodded, picking up the backpack with it's tail.

March 19th, 2007, 4:22 PM
Cher rolled her eyes at Katlin. "You and your Gary Oak dreams... He's not that good looking." Cher told her. "Now Ash Ketchum..." Cher began, but chuckled and waved her hand at Katlin, trying to say she was just kidding. Cher, too, noticed Katlin's Pokeball wriggle, and Cher took a step back. "Katlin, don't let Minnie out yet..." Cher warned, but she had already let her Charizard out, but Cher sighed with relief as he didn't hit the ceiling like last time.

"Okay," Cher started, "Now you've got him in the lobby, try getting him out the door." Cher said to Katlin as she shook her head and sighed. "Besides, why do we have to fly! I'm trying to lose weight, you know!" Cher said, but Katlin knew she was just kidding, after all, Cher was just kind of perfect. Not too skinny, not too fat.

March 20th, 2007, 4:07 AM
It didn’t take very long to get to Lilycove. Sure, the preparations were to be made, the ship had to be furnished, the tickets had to be bought, but it was honestly a very short trip. If I had owned a flying type, then maybe we could have gotten there a lot earlier. Oh well; I didn’t own a flying type. Now I had to face the consequences. Which really weren’t that bad anyways.

I took the ride, and before I knew it, I was in Lilycove. The brightness of the sun shined down on the town, giving it a resonating look. It looked very tranquil; I could only imagine how the rest of Hoenn looked.

As soon as the trip to Lilycove was made, I first headed to the Pokémon Center. There wasn’t a need to; I had already healed my Pokémon when I had left the Elite Four area. I guess it was just at this moment that I decided would be just about the right time to gather myself together and start preparing for the battle I was about to undertake. I took a minute or two to start thinking of how I was going to play out my strategy.

Then I was on my way.

Geoff’s place wasn’t that far from the Pokémon Center. As I got closer, I got anxious. There were times when I found myself over-thinking, then sometimes over-doing. These times usually led to me losing. I just hoped it didn’t end up that way here. Even if it did, I knew I’d still have the courage to fight again.

So I didn’t expect it to find that Geoff had moved. He moved to somewhere else other than Lilycove? But he’s been here like, his whole freggin’ life!

There was a notice on the front door. It was pretty small type letter, but it was still readable. I snatched at it, and read.

“Fellow battlers, I am sorry to say that I have now moved to a new home. I will still battle and help you train, but it will no longer be in Lilycove. It will be in Fortree City. I am sorry for the inconvenience."

Short and to the point, as he always was. Well, at least now I knew where to find him. So that’s where I went.

First, I needed to go west, then north, then west again. Those were the directions pressed along the map I held. Well, I have been around Hoenn from bottom to top; I basically already knew by now where to go. And so I left.

April 17th, 2007, 2:19 PM
Katlin mocked at Cher as she talked of Ash. "Blah blah blah...Ash Ash Ash..." She sighed, her dark eyes rolling. She sighed and looked to the tall, dragon-like pokemon behind her. She shrugged and pet it. Her delitcate pale fingers ran across it's red surface. The Charizard let out a soft roar in pleasure. A small smile crept onto her lips.

Her smiled faded as reality kicked in. "Oh, crap!" She yelled, hitting her forehead. "Damn...you're right...Erm...Minnie, I just got you out, but I have to put you back..." She sighed. But her face lit up in a flash, as she noticed she was at a Pokemon Centre. A menacing grin curled her lips. She snuck over to the counter and looked at the nurse behind it. "Excuse me Nurse Joy...but could you check on my Charizard? I don't think it's felling well..." She said in a faux worry. The large dragon pokemon behind her cought on, coughin slightly. It played along like she thought it would.

"Heh, now I guess I just have to stay here longer..." She shrugged, smiling cheekily at her friend. Her skinny body strode over to the benches, flopping herself down. rawled out, her figure exposed. A long slender arm reached behind her head. Sleep came almost instantly.

April 17th, 2007, 2:34 PM
Cher titled her head at Katlin as she pet her large Dragon. It took her a moment, but she came back to reality. Cher grumbled at Kat as she made her Charizard fake being sick. She groaned loudly and scrunched her face together at her lazy friend and stomped out the door, Grin following his trainer outside. Jewel looked between the two twice, confused, before flying after her trainer, as well.

"Gawd, she's so lazy. I just want to travel!" Cher complained, her head falling back as she groaned again, walking into town.