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February 25th, 2007, 2:04 PM
Well, this is a redone version of an older RP of mine, so...


Welcome to Gailardia Academy; an academy that prides itself in being one of the largest academies in the world. The grounds consume the area of a large town, located on a private island in between North America and Europe. The island itself is special, equipped with a machinery that has the ability to create any given climate desired. That, however, isn't all that makes this island academy unique.

Gailardia has everything required to teach from kindergarten, all the way to the final grade of highschool, and the grounds are sectioned off by grade ranges. For example, in one area of the island, those students attending junior high would all have dorms in the same area, with the junior high at a nearby location. Now, I'd like to go into more detail about the geography of the island.

The island, itself, is a nearly a perfect circle in shape, sandy beaches surrounding the entire area of land. In the center of the island is the shopping district, which is filled with stores and other leisurely facilities. The Headmasters building is also in the center of the shopping district. It is a large building in which all of the faculty live. At the highest level of the building is the Headmasters office. Everything that takes place at Gailardia is discussed there. Also in the center of this district, lies one of the worlds largest libraries.

The area around the shopping district is divided into thirds. To the north lies the Public School district, and residences for the children and their parents. South-east of the shopping district lies the junior high and dorms for the junior high students. This area is only about a third of the size of the high school district, which lies to the south-west of the shopping district. Each district aside from the central district has its own sports center, with a field, a pool, you name it. Gailardia is well known for its wide variety of extra cirricular activities.

Although open to anyone who can afford the schooling, Gailardia also harbors a dangerous secret. The school itself is actually funded and sponsered by the Supreme Magi Counsel. Many of the students posess special abilities, be it the ability to use magic, or some other sort of mystical ability. A large portion of the students are just regular humans however, so only those with powers are aware of the others that share the same conditions. These special students are put through a special program. They are taught the subjects the others are, but they are also trained in how they use their powers. This takes place primarily at night, and one of the most common practices involves students fighting each other.

The conditions as to your arrival to Gailardia is much different, however. You recently embarked on a trip to Europe aboard a large ship, but three days into the trip the ship sank after a series of mysterious of explosions. As there was no time to get aboard life rafts or anything of the sort, you went down with the ship believing yourself doomed. However, this was magically not the case, and you find yourself upon a beach. Bruised, battered, and soaking wet. You are found by students soon after, and you learn that you've landed on the shores of the island that hosts Gailardia Academy. You are quickly brought to the Headmaster, who for some reason decided to pay for your schooling there. Unknowing to you, you have untapped abilities that are just itching to come out, and he wishes to help hone them.

A few days after your arrival, the Headmaster goes missing, and strange occurances begin. Students, primarily regular humans begin to go missing, and strange creatures begin to walk the campus at nighttime. As time passes, it becomes apparent that there's something very fishy taking place at Gailardia Academy, and it's up to the residents to stop it.


Age: (Between 12 and 18)
Grade: (Your grade doesn't have to match your age. You could have failed a grade, or you could have been put ahead, ect.)
Secret: (Are you a magi/witch? A vampire? Something else? As long as it has a human form, I'm pretty much good with it. Also, you can just be normal.)
Powers: Go into detail about the abilities you posess)

RP Sample:

February 25th, 2007, 2:36 PM
Nice Idea

Name: Cain Ritham

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Grade: 10

Secret:Even before he turns vampiric Cain always likes garlic. It is one of his favorite toppings. Other then most of his Vampric qualities he is still just a regular 15 year old. However once moonlight touches his human skin it changes. The vampiric qualities kick in and he changes. He grows claws, fangs and longer hair. Plus his pigmentation changes to pure white. His hair changes from black to white and his pupiles turn red. Then his eye sockets turn to snakelike slits. His voice changes to a more metalic quality. However once he is incontact with sunlight's touch he will revert back to his human form much more quickly.

Powers: Cain is a hybrid vampire. Meaning that during the day he looks quite the same. Exept when he goes into the sunlight his powers are weakened and he is not as strong. However in the night once the moonlight shines on him he is immediatly shawn with pale skin, claws and some scales. However he can suppress his thirst and retain's his free will.


He has black hair that is slicked and smooth. His body buildup is slim and his weight is 150 pounds. His height is 5"4. Cain wears a black tshirt over a longsleeved shirt that is white. The black t-shirt has a white skull on it. Over this he wears a Jean Jacket. The Jean Jacket has an inside pocket which he places random items. He wears blue jeans with a brown belt and a silver buckle. His shoes are white sneakers with black laces and soles. However once in contact with moonlight Cain will revert into his vampiric form


Cain's vampire form is completely different however. His pigmentation changes to pure white. His hair reverts to pure white as well. His flingers grow longer and claws start to emerge. His voice becomes more metalic and the biggest change would be his pupiles. His entire eye turnes red and his sockets turn into slits. However this transformation takes approximetly 5 minutes to take place. When sunlight hits a single part of his skin it will take under 1 minute to revert to human form.

Cain wears blue jeans with a brown belt and a silver buckle. His shoes are white sneakers with black laces

Personality: Cain is a quiet outgoing individual. People belive he has a flaming personality since he can get mad quite easily and always wants revenge. Yet he doesnt like to show weakness. Because of this he is very brave and strong. However once he becomes vampire Cain's personality will change. He will become more gothic, Shallow, and dark.

History: Cain's nationality is Russian but he has no accent. His parents were always pushing him to learn his native language but he never noticed any need to. Cain has always been interested in the supernatural. He is usualy viewed reading a book on vampires or werewolves. Cain perfers Vampires since werewolves become uncivilised and attack random people. He would rather know what he is doing.

Because of Cain's like of the supernatural he was usualy shunned at many of his friends. Because of this he delved into the supernatural even more by learning about magic and Necromancy insted of just supernatural beings. At the age of 11 Cain knew about every different type of hybrided human that could be created and Vampire was still his favorite

On his 14th birthday his parents gave Cain a surprise. He was going to Europe to see his grandparents who he never heard of before. However since they thought he could learn more by traveling on a ship then on a plane they sent him by ship. Cain disliked being "Shipped" off to an unknown country. But he liked the idea that he was going to europe.

Other: I plan on having my character getting bitten by a vampire eventualy. So I need someone to bite my character.

RP Sample:

Cain walked around the musty ship. Dust and sea air wavered around him. Cain decided that he would like it better to be on deck. So he walked up and looked out towards the sea. Cain always liked the sea since he loved fishing. But right now it looked like his prison. There was no turning back now. He was stranded on this ship heading to Europe. But there were positive things about this as well. The temperature was okay and there was hardly any rain but he still felt as if something big was about to happen.

Cain walked down to where the cabins where and went to his room. He got out a novel and started reading it. The title of the novel was called "Vampires? Reality or Mith?" It was in big red letters that looked like they were dripping blood.

February 25th, 2007, 3:50 PM
WOAH, I've spent WAY too much time on this sign-up. xDD; Seiji's sign-up. Because as you can see, Kiri's sign-up is rather... empty.

Name: Kazuhiko Kiri (Key - REE)
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Grade: Sophomore – 10th
Secret: Kiri is your average generic witch, broomstick and wand in hand.
Powers: Kiri can whip up nearly any kind of potion you can think of- love, rain, sunshine, whatever! That is, as long as it's in her trusty potions book which can be summoned in a snap of her fingers. Her broomstick and wand are summoned in a similar manner. She can transform inanimate objects into animals, but she cannot transform living people into inanimate objects, because such a contortion is dangerous. (Which means, she can, but she doesn't. It's against the Guidelines for Good Witchly Conduct. That book also appears with a snap of her fingers.)

Appearance (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v243/Kaiyoseila/Kiri.png): Kiri looks much younger then she really is, having short blonde hair, cut into a short blonde bob that reaches her chin in a messy layered look. She wears two red hairpins to pull her long bangs to the left. Her prussian blue eyes, though gray and dark in color, sparkle with the brightness of curiousity and innocence. Her skin is slightly tanned, and she has a light dash of pale freckles across her nose. Kiri is often seen wearing a pair of loose flowing black beach capri’s with a thick red stripe at the bottom of the right leg and a pair of red and white skinny flip-flops on her feet. Her torso is usually covered by a cotton tennis shirt, white with red lining and cap-sleeves. For accessories, you can usually find her wearing a red tassle belt and a white cuff watch, the clock having a red face and white hands. Kiri wears clear nailpolish and lipgloss, and when she feels like her outfit is too boring, she’ll lose the red hairpins and replace it with a red visor that’s worn sideway’s. All in all, she likes to dress in a casual sporty style.

Personality: Kiri is a very upbeat and cheerful girl, optimistic and whatever other kind of adjective you can think of to sum up this one word : Hyper. She can never sit still, and often get’s into trouble for it, and to boot, she’s not ashamed to be the one to drag someone somewhere against their will. As this is the usual way she makes friends, she’s made a habit of dragging other students she may have only met once to go eat something sweet. Jumpy and impatient, Kiri is always on the go, and never objects to doing anything fun. However, some downsides of being so hyperactive is that she isn’t an understanding person at all, and can sometimes give off the feeling that she’s a selfish brat who doesn’t care about anyone else but herself, even though she might not see it that way. Her temper is rarely triggered, as mostly everything flies smoothly over her head, and she hardly notices that she was insulted or made fun of. Kiri is innocent in all ways, rarely catches sarcasm, and often acts about half her age, instead of her real age.

History: Having been born the daughter of the woman who wrote the book, "Guidelines for Good Witchly Conduct", Kiri was taught magic from a young age- and how to use it properly, without seeming barbaric while she was at it. As much as she loved explosions and flying as high as she could, it was strictly forbidden, and her mother, unfortunately, had a tracker potion set for her daughter's magical movements. But this didn't stop Kiri from doing what she wanted- She was called the 'free spirit' by the other witches left in the Union that kept their magical actions under control, when it was really more like, 'Going-to-die-from-her-riskiness-one-day'. She knew all the spells in the book by the time she was ready to set off for Gailardia Academy- the age of 14. She has only attended Gailardia since the start of highschool, and has been 'homeschooled' for the rest of her earlier years. She had a little trouble making friends, and ended up realizing that people don't like people in which weird things happen. So Kiri ended up locking away her powers, and rarely returns home, fearing questioning as to why her skills have dwindled.

Other: After a slight accident with a flexibility potion, Kiri can do just as much as a normal contortionist. But she mainly uses her flexibility whilst on the mat- participating in the gymnastic's club. Kiri also has a tendency to slip up in her spells and potions from time to time...


Name: Naruko Seiji (SAY - gee)
Age: Appears 18, is about 250 years old
Gender: Male
Grade: Senior – 12th
Secret: Seiji is a 250 year old vampire, who has the power to change his appearance after 10 years, due to his eternal youth. He attends schools when he becomes bored, and the black choker her wears is really a flattened version of Yorimaru, his talkative pet bat which can transform to appear as Seiji’s father. However, the smell of blood makes him nauseous, therefore, he’s yet to touch a drop of blood for about 200 years. As a result, he has little stamina, and appears to be anemic.

Powers: Seiji has the general ability to turn into a bat, though due to his stubborn attitude, he can only remain in this form for about 2 hours per day. He can also shapeshift every 10 years. He has the ability to stop a humans ‘time’ by sucking out all their blood, but because he dislikes the feeling of blood in his mouth, he’s yet to put the suffrage on another human. He doesn’t appear a vampire, but when he rids himself of his human façade, he is able to melt into shadows that can hold his capacity. Otherwise, he’s a rather unimpressive vampire.

Appearance (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v243/Kaiyoseila/Seiji.png): Seiji bears messy dark grey hair, and a slightly pale complexion. His eyes are a warm maroon color, and he is often seen wearing mostly black, red, and white. He prefer’s slim fit clothes, long pants and long shirts, along with a pair of narrow all-black converse. He is most often seen wearing rather normal clothes, maybe a long-sleeved white shirt with small blue, red, and yellow squares on the chest, two of each color arranged in a larger square. He’s also often seen in black single-breasted blazer that was specially tailored for him, and if not the blazer, then a tattered black zip-up vest with a white sleeveless shirt. (The vest is never zipped up, and the shirt, oddly enough, has the same design as the long-sleeved version.) If he does wear the vest, (which is only when it’s warm,) he’s often wears a pair of white or black wrist warmers to go with it. He’s never seen in pants that aren’t black or slim, and they almost always gather above his converse because they’re too long for him. He doesn’t particularly care about what they’re made our of though, so long as it’s not corderoy.

After about 80 years of the modern world, Seiji has found quite a love for accessories, and is rarely without a silver chain that hangs a pocket watch on one side and a wallet on the other around his waist. There’s almost always something other then Yorimaru around his neck, (And sometimes the pendant of his necklace is a cross, when he’s feeling insecure about whether his secret is still secret,) and he’s never seen without his signature black wristband ( http://img.hottopic.com/is/image/HotTopic/263401_hi?$product$)

Personality: Seiji is a very nonchalant, indifferent, and selfish kind of guy. Though you might not be able to tell at first, he’s very very picky about everything. First and foremost, he’s perhaps the pickiest guy you will ever meet when it comes to his clothes. He’s often told that when it comes to fashion, he’s worse then a girl. Second of all, he is easily offended. So whenever someone tells him that he’s worse then a girl, he will immediately be offended. Thirdly, Seiji has a very very short temper. So when he’s offended, he’ll often blow up and start arguments with just about anyone. Lastly, it seems as if when he loses his temper, it’s very entertaining, so he’s never lost any good friendship’s, because when he get’s angry, it seems to be a comical event for everyone but him.

And to add to those traits, Seiji can be very mannerly, having been raised by other vampire’s who hold onto old times a little more then Seiji himself. He is very racist, and even though his human-form personality is a short-tempered clumsy idiot, when he see’s other magical creatures, werewolves in particular, he gets very very bitter. However, even though he doesn’t really like human’s, he doesn’t make as big a deal with them as compared to werewolves, because Seiji is so used to being around humans.

Seiji’s Note: Because humans are so much more in tune with time then Vampires. Do you see anyone who’s NOT a vampire walking around wearing things you might’ve commonly seen in the 1800’s??? No!! It’s humiliating to walk down the street with vampires. Everyone thinks they’re cosplaying, and vampires think it’s normal. (He’s comparing vampires to his “grandmother”.)

History: Having been bitten at the age of 4, Seiji hardly remember’s what it’s like to not be a vampire. After getting bitten, he went to live with other vampire’s, all of them so old that not even Seiji could imagine how old they must be to have aged as much as they had, because a vampire aged so slowly. Or so he noticed after he realized he was only one inch taller after 10 years. He was taught the basics of being a vampire, shapeshifting so that you could match the age you were “supposed to be”. However, you were also allowed to stay young forever, although, not many vampire’s did this. Seiji was assigned to a ‘family’, the family ending up being an age old vampire who was tall and old, though not weak or frail in the least. This man ended up being Seiji’s ‘grandfather’. He was the one vampire who actually watched how time passed outside of the secluded mansion, and often took Seiji with him to the sights of the human universe. Being the youngest and smallest vampire in the mansion, and the first newcomer in at least a century, Seiji was doted upon, and certainly not looked down when he said he liked looking human instead like a vampire. Thus, he was allowed the privelege of attending Gailardia at the age of 11, and returns to the mansion every summer. He’s yet to share his secret with anyone, and has kept his current appearance for the past 18 years. (Which is why he now appear’s to be 18.)

Other: He has easily overcome fear of sunlight and the cross, but he’s always hates the smell and taste of garlic, even before he became a Vampire.

February 25th, 2007, 9:23 PM
Grim, you're lacking way too many details right now, and your signup is very short.

Please take not that my signups are very incomplete and I only posted this much to get the concepts out there before I forgot them. XD

Name: David Eddy
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Grade: 11
Secret: Elf (Elrohir Vanimedlë is his elven name)

Powers: It would probably be most suitable to classify David's abilities as those of a Magic Swordsman. While his elven blood allows him to utilize magic, he chooses to primarily materialize some of his magical energies into a weapon. This allows him to spawn a weapon whenever needed. He then uses his leftover power to cast a variety of offensive spells. Of course, he still has very little control over his powers since they were only recently awakened.

Appearance: David is a tall, slender boy with messy, firey-red hair. Much like your stereotypical elf, his ears are slightly longer and pointier than those of a human, although he makes an attempt to cover this fact with his hair. His eyes are a brilliant blue that are emphasized by his hair colour, and his face is very slender and defined. At first glance, his thin build would make you think he was weak and frail, but this is quite the opposite. Since he constantly worked on the farm of his adopted parents, he was actually quite fit. He generally dresses in a pair of navy blue jeans and a white t-shirt along with a pair of black running shoes, although his attire may change ocassionally. On his right ear he wears what appears to be an earring that appears to be a red base clef. This, along with his sisters earring, signify the promise to each other that they would not abandon each other. When he uses his powers, his hair begins to shine, and his ears extend out to the back in an extremely pointed fashion.

Personality: Despite what he powers may imply, David is far from the being the bravest person around. Because of his past, he is fairly untrusting and is always on edge. This aside, he is a good natured person who makes an attempt to get along with everyone. Usually, he is very submissive and inpersistant, which leads to issues during his training. However, he is completely different when the issue is in regards to Jill. An easy way to encourage him to train or fight harder is to bring up that he won't be able to protect her if he isn't strong enough. Although he tries to deny it, he is unconciously always on the look out for a possible girlfriend, like most teenagers. He is generally flustered around girls, and easily embarassed. Of course, his sister doesn't help this at all, especially since she has a very jealous side. When it comes down to it, David can either be a great or horrible decision maker depending on the situation, and what kind of stress or pressure he is under.

History: The two were both born in a summer home in Kyoto, despite the fact that they were four years apart, and lived in Canada. Four years after Jill was born, their parents passed away, leaving an eight year old David to take care of his four year old sister. The first year was rough, as they had no choice but to live on the streets due to a lack of relatives. Shortly after that year had passed, they were taken in by an old couple. It was at this point that Jill's academic prowess was discovered. She quickly skipped almost four grades after attending school for only two years, placing her in the same grade as her brother. This of course made David feel uncomfortable, and they began to argue with each other constantly. Only after the two who took them in died in a bizarre car crash did the two become very close. David was twelve, and Jill was eight, and the two made a promise to each other that day to protect each other. They sealed the promise when they split an old earring that belonged to their mother into two. The two pieces still reside on the two to this very day. What the two didn't know, however, that both of their parents were of elven blood. To be more specific, elven blood of the Vanimedlë clan. This clan had unique features that made them seem more human while not using their powers, although some features are still prominent.

Name: Jill Eddy
Age: 12
Gender: Female
Grade: 11
Secret: Elf (Alatáriël Vanimedlë is her elven name)

Powers: Jill, unlike her brother, is primarily a healer in regards to her spell usage. Her actual magical energy is not as developed as her brothers due to the age difference, so she wields an amplifier in the form of a long white staff with a large pink orb on the top. Being a prankster towards her brother by nature, she tends to practice many bizarre uses for their magical talents on him.

Appearance: Since she is only 12, Jill gives off a much more childish aura than her brother. She is at an average height for her age, and she too is very thin. Her hair is a vivid pink colour, and it waves its way halfway down her back with two high pigtails tied at the top with white hairties. Like her brother, her eyes are an extraordinary blue, she has pointed ears, and her face is very cute and slender. She commonly dresses in a pink t-shirt with a short, white skirt, and a small, white dress shirt overtop of the pink shirt. The dress shirt is open so that the white tee underneath is visible. She also wears a pair of white shoes with white socks sticking out. She is commonly seen with her fingernails painted pink, and she wears a pink earring shaped like a treble clef on her left ear. When she uses her powers, her hair has a tendancy to shine and her ears become more defined, just as her brother does.

Personality: Since she is much more intelligent than any other twelve year old girl, Jill tends to have an ego in regards to most things. She doesn't miss a chance to gloat, and she especially likes to taunt her brother, since she knows it bugs the heck out of him. In all respects, she is somewhat a girly-girl. She loves things that are cute, pink, soft, fluffy, and she is very careful about the way she dresses. At the same time, she is still essentially a child, and likes to act spoiled and selfish at times. Whenever she senses a form of relationship between David and a girl, that girl better be on her best behaviour or Jill just might bite off her finger... literally.

History: See David

Name: Noi Magistram
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Grade: 10
Secret: Magi

Powers: Noi, being the grandson of a powerful magi, contains the potentially to be the same. However, since he is by heart a passifist, he barely practices his magic and thus is fairly weak. He does know a variety of spells, however, both white and black.

Appearance: Noi has long, dark green hair that he wears, surprisingly, in two pigtails that flow off to the sides. They don't flow over his back, like one would think, but instead flow in front of his shoulders, down to his chest area. The pigtails are held in with two plain, white, hairclips. His eyes are a very light shade of green in colour, which can appear somewhat strange in the wrong light. He stands at the height of 5'5", and is very thin; giving others the impression that he's physically weak. Sadly, this is true, and Noi is a very delicate boy who is unable to preform physically without injuring himself, or collapsing due to using too much of his limited energy. He usually dresses himself in a white dress shirt, along with a pair of dark blue jeans. He often wears his white magi cloak as well, equipped with a hood and all. For footwear, he has a plain black pair of running shoes. He also carries a golden, circular locket around his neck on a necklace.

Personality: Noi has a no-violence stance or sorts, believing fighting solves nothing. He openly expresses his feelings regarding this, and is often attacked by other students just because they know he won't fight back. But, that's one of the reasons he has bodyguards. He is the type of person who seems to always have a firm grasp of understanding on every issue, and constantly looks towards the future in search of an answer. Although he does hate fighting, he will use his magic if necessary. That being said, Noi is very trusting, maybe even trusting to a fault, as his inability to be suspicious of people has gotten him in trouble many a time. Of course, he has his two bodyguards to keep him in check as best they can.

History: Noi is the grandson of the head of the grand Magi Counsel; the group that rules over anything mythical and magical in the world. Of course, it would be problematic if that information fell into the hands of the wrong people, so Noi was assigned two bodyguards, and spent the past few years with them. Even during the summer, when all of the other students go home, Noi was forced to stay at Gailardia due to his grandfathers fear of his own grandson being used against him. It is this paranoia that has led Noi to become such a weak person, as he hasn't had much contact with the outside world. Although his grandfather has had trainers teach him some powerful magic, he lacks the energy to use them often, if at all.

Other: Noi has a staff, but it takes the form of a charm on a golden bracelet around his left wrist until he summons it.

February 25th, 2007, 11:07 PM
OOC: Lets see if I ccan convert my characters from the old roleplay.

Name: Robert Price

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Grade: 12

Secret: He is unknowingly, an avatar of the Goddess Meridia.

Powers: While his powers have only begun the most basic of manifestations, eventually he could reach the full status of an avatar. However, even though he is unknowingly acting as the hand of a god on a mortal realm, his so called 'powers' only go so far as being able to fight against most forms of magic with his willpower, leaving him with more defenses against such things than a regular mortal would have. He can also channel a trickle of power into any ordinary object, to allow it to stand up to a magical weapon of some sort, such as a walking stick, or a cup of water.

Appearance: Robert stands very tall at 6'4'', with a similarly broad frame, with a slight pudge, but also a well formed musculature underneath a large black overcoat made of leather. He wears a large panama hat made of black leather. His hair is a dark brown, cut no longer than half an inch, and is usually covered by his hat. He has deep hazel eyes, which usually look either distant, or dead, another part of his intimidating image.

Personality:Robert has two shades. His outer shell, which is just that; a shell. He's not unkind, but he makes no moves to befriend or conform to others perceptions of him, only accepting what comes. And then there's Robert as a person, who is only shown around the few people he calls friends. He's open about himself, and who he is, and often makes unusual jokes around them that few people understand. Still, he doesn't conform to other's perceptions, since friends should be able to accept who he is. Also, being an avatar of Meridia, he hasn't had an opportunity to encounter it yet, but he suffers from a potent drive to dispatch undead.

History: Robert grew up mostly like a normal child, apart from his father working in the government. That got him more than enough money to have the best in homeschooling, and fairly early in his life he discovered his powers of resistance in an encounter with an ovalisk. Inspired by that encounter, and heartened by his relative safety in being able to touch them, Robert became a big fan of Ovalisks. Using rivals, enemies, and homeless people, he slowly built up quite a nice colony, with the help of two of his friends, the twisted sisters.

Other: I'm expecting mroe exotic things to show up later, but jsut about anything I could put here has shown up in either history, powers, or personality.

Name: Ami & Mia

Age: 13

Gender: Female

Grade: 9th

Secret: Both Ami and Mia have an unsettling speed and agility, not to mention seeming communication between eachother that can't be measured or studied, seemingly not telepathic, natural, OR magical in origin. Though they claim it's just that they know eachother so well.

Appearance: Both girls are perfectly identical, usually wearing exactly matching school uniforms. They both have blueish black hair by nature, but often change the color of their hair, semeingly at random. Both aare of medium build for their ages, having fair bodies for their age, but nothing too remarkable, aside from their perfectly matching Imperial Rose color eyes.

Personality: Both of them also have seemingly identical personalities, which are almost always, even at the worst and most improper times. They're always happy-go-lucky, cheerful under any circumstances, which leads to some strange events at times. Despite this happy-go-lucky attitude though, they're anything but childish, usually acting far more mature than their age would call for.

History: Born to a family that had close ties to the magi council, their parents were at first distressed when their children showed no sign of magical inclination. But quickly, their own abilities developed, and they were trained to use them for the best of their skills. They excelled at study, both in using their own abilities, and normal education, quickly advancing their education to the nineth grade, allowing them to serve as bodyguards for some of the more monetarily advantaged students, and though never serving as bodyguards for him, both quickly took a short lived interest in Robert, and are now close friends with the young man.

Other: Both currently serve as bodyguards to one of the students at the academy, a Magi named Noi.

February 26th, 2007, 12:25 PM
Origin I created more information in my signup.

February 28th, 2007, 6:55 PM
Name: Stryder Brannok

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Grade: Junior (11th)

Secret: Warlock. Possess powers in the dark magic area.

Powers: As I just stated, Stryder possesses powers in the dark magic area, all damaging and harmful spells/magic. Knows some white magic (healing, status changing, e.t.c.) but lacks common sense to use it at the right time when it may be direly needed. A lot of his magic deals with flame and heat-like damaging spells, as a child he was always fascinated by fire and he still is to this day, so he studies fire and all relative terms as much as he can...but he knows other elemental magic too, like darkness, earth, and electricity.

Appearance: Stryder has vibrant red wavy hair that falls down by his ears, and is always getting in his face veiling his eyes from the rest of the world. Even though almost nobody sees his eyes, they are a hazel-green that when someone actually catches a glimpse of them, they normally are fascinated by the color mixture and brilliance. His face holds a solumn look that normally increases his stoism even more than anything else does, but when having fun he tends to relax more and smiles come onto him more often. Stryder stands about 6 feet tall and is skinnier than average, but yet slightly musculer. Over his body he wears a black sleeveless shirt that is concealed by a light grey overcoat that falls down to his ankles. This coat has hidden pockets on the inside by the chest where Stryder keeps important objects and weapons in. His lower section has the casual black fades jeans with rips and tears, and for shoes he wears a pairof black Circa Lopez's

Personality: Stryder is almost always quiet, not saying much to anybody. He likes to keep to himself most of the time and just stay away from everyone in the process. Sometimes he can be very cold and uncaring, therefore some people think he's heartless and was abused as a child or something extremely stupid like that. Although he can be cold, he usualy isn't to the people that don't look at him like he's insane. In lamens terms, he's nice to his friends and acquantences, but hates everyone who thinks he gives a damn what they think. (if that makes sense) Even though he has that strange personality of liking to be alone, he also has times where he needs to be with other people, or just wants to for the fun of it. Stryder usualy starts having fun when conversations start involving things that he takes pride or interest in, but he can have fun with people in any way really, when he wants. So bascly, in a nutshell, Stryder is an enigma of feelings, even though nobody can crack the outer core to get to those feelings and see whats actually wrong.

History: Stryder doesnt have much of a history, being he can't remember anything before the age of eleven. He grew up with his dad all of his life, no mother as she died when he was born. His father always hated him for it, but kept it inside so he wouldn't do something stupid to Stryder. But at age eleven, Stryder's father did do something stupid. He grew up in a town called Dori Nu on an island is Hawaii. This was an old fashion town, it came with a Village Elder and everything. Now when Stryder was eleven, his father basicly unleashed all of his hatred and rage toward Stryder by first yelling at him for three hours, then hitting him upon the head until he was unconcious, and if that wasn't enough, his father threw him in a shallow river and left him there to flee to the U.S. Stryder was left to die in the river, being almost all the way underwater for nearly two hours, he was removed and rescussitated by a innocent passerby. The Elder had told Stryder what had happened after he had awoken three days later, because Stryder had lost his memory. The rest of his years before he came to the academy, he studied alchemy and black magic, the Elder had told him he was a Warlock, as well as his father.
He became near to a master in spells and other black magic, especially in the area of fire. He then heard of the Academy in which he enrolled in after 10th grade.

Other: With no memory of what had happened before he was eleven, he has relied on the instructions and ways of life the Elder had taught him, which included daily lessons in sword mastery. Given his information, Stryder carries a sword on his back, Hilt embedded with ruby quartz, this sword he can maneuver and weild better than the Elder from his city.

RP Sample:
Stryder had walked into the deserted town and instantlly he felt shudders crawl up his spine as he had the infamous feeling of somebody watching him, stalking him, ready to attack at any given moment. He walked further into the dark area and looked around at the empty buildings, houses, even the street lamps were off. Except one, there was one street light ws still on in the middle of the city, it was giving off a luminous glow that spread throughout the large area.
He heard footsteps echo down the road somewhere and pulled his sword out of it's sheathe making a dull grinding noise. Right then he heard a scream. It wasn't a human scream though, it was too high pitched and broken apart. Almost like a bansee scream in a way. Whatever the hell it was, it gave Stryder goosebumps. "What in god's name was that?" He said out loud to himself. And as if almost on cue, a leech-like monster that stood on its hind legs jumped down from the illuminated street light and stood in the light that was being produced. Stryder stared at it, directly into the cold black eyes of the creature as it stared back. The creature made an odd sort of growling sound as it veered down on it's front two legs like a dog, opening its mouth bearing giant fang like teeth.
"What the F-" Stryder didn't get to finish, as soon as he opened his mouth, the creature was on the move toward him. Fast. Stryder readied himself and lowered his sword to his thigh as he ran full blast toward the creature.

We don't have to make two, do we? If that's the case I'll make another one, but this is my main.. hopefully i get accepted.

February 28th, 2007, 10:22 PM
lemme guess, headmasters a lycanthrope?

Name: Haru Takami
Age: 14
Gender: male
Grade: 8th grade, held back from 9th
Secret: is a spiritual medium and has a ghostly maid. He also has the ability to manipulate loose metal into an 'armor' of sorts, due to the blue crystal embedded into his right shoulder from birth.

Powers: He can manipulate any form of metal, turning it into another item(not alchemy) such as armor, toys, or weapons. He created the gauntlets and shoes he wears from boat scrapmetal he found laying on the beach next to him. He cant fully understand how he dose it, and wants to learn as best he can. It seems that any metal he changes however, looses its conductive property, and wont rust as long as it touches his skin. He once tried to remove the gauntlets and found that he was litteraly pulling the skin off his body by doing so, showing that the metal was fused to his body. His shoes however he changed without attatching them, meaning he can take theese off at will.

Appearance: He has silver hair that hangs down to his shoulderblades and has blank silverish grey eyes and pupils, even though he can see perfectly. He wears his school uniform with the left shoulder ripped off and sewed onto his right sleeve, making it extra long to help hide his shoulder, and give him more of a spiritual appearance, something he saw on a scroll back at his home (he's part of a traditional japanese family). He also wears a pair of metalic shoes with prongs like toes sticking out, two on each side of the toe area, two on the heel, and one on the outside pointing backwards, acting like snowshoes almsot but giving him exelent traction. These shoes are somehow flexible and have many rubber and fabric qualities, such as the ability to flex, and the ability to allow air in and out. He has two gauntlets fused to his arms with three large detatchable claws on each, these gauntlets seem to be able to breathe just like his shoes, but are completely metalic.

Personality: He is an outgoing kid, usualy trying to make friends when not scaring them off by forgetting to take the claws off his gauntlets. He dose however get very dark and moody when someone points out the fact that he dosnt have many friends. He dosnt like the fact that he has no idea how he got here, or why he is here, let alone why the headmaster is paying for everything. He just wants to get through school and get some kind of job, that way he can get on with his life, rather than wallowing in the shadowed presant he lives in.

History: His father is a spiritual medium, or thinks he is atleast. His mom on the other hand, is a mechanic. His household was divided into three main buildings, his mothers, which had many mechanical contraptions in it, some more dangerous than others, and his father's, which held almost all of the home's spiritual and mythical antiquities. Then there was haru's house, which was connected via-hallways to each house, while the other two homes were not connected by hallway, rather, connected by a solid wall that ran between the two, creating a small 'workshop' of sorts for haru, as his 'house' held things from bolth house's sides, mechanical, and spiritual. unknown to his parents, haru constructed a secret room of sorts in his own, a room for kinozuki, where she could be alone if she wanted, or sleep(yes, ghosts sleep). It was hidden by a small square pannel down in one corner of haru's wall, next to his bed.
He left home on a trip with his mom, as his father was reluctent to leave, to see the world. They boarded the ship to eruope, but were caught in the explosions and ensuing storm. When haru awoke his mother was nowhere in sight, he is currently searching school grounds for her at every available chance.

Other: His favourite classes in he school are shop, technology education, and mechanical workings. Having a mechanic as a mother has helped him greatly, already taking 10th grade mechanical workings. He traveled here with his mother and seems to know more about electronics than he should, even though his mother dealed with steam powered and puppet-like mechanics. It also seems that the crystal in his shoulder makes him invisible to most electronic devices, such as radar or cameras.

other, other: kinozuki's profile:

Name: Kinozuko Hyuu
True Age: 1,450 something, shes lost count.
Age of Appearance: 16
Gender: Female
Appearance: She floats about 3 inches from the ground, but is about 5'3" tall when standing flat-footed, she has long silvery hair that hangs down to her waist, the usual maid outfit, complete with aipron and small frilly hat thingy. She has sky blue eyes and is transclusent(meaning you can see through her but still see her)
Abilities: Kinozuki has the abilities of most ghosts, meaning she can become solid for short ammounts of time, pass through walls, fly, possess others for short ammounts of time, enter the 'spirit realm' where all ghosts live, a paralel world to our own, and enter mirrors to communicate, this however allows other humans to see her.
Personality: She's a ditz, theres no other way to put it. She is constantly tripping, even though she passes through objects and dosnt walk, falling on her face and usualy dropping whatever she is carrying. She cares extremely for haru and wishes she could protect him for the rest of his life, but knowing she is a ghost holds her back, and fears that if she tries to show her feelings he will banish her.
other: She continuously calls haru "Master Haru" or "Master Takami" even though he constantly tells her to call him haru. Haru and other mediums(true mediums) are the only ones able to see him.

RP Sample:

I sighed and got out of bed, getting on an exact copy of my previous outfit. My trenchcoat was the only thing from the previous day that was teh same, as I only had one weighted coat, all the others being too light to train with. I sighed and walked out into the training grounds inside the takamine clan's small 'villlage' of sorts inside konoha. (much like the uchiha household or the hyuuga household) I stood facing a set of straw practice dummies and sighed, it was time to perfect another jutsu I had been working on for weeks now, and I just hadn't been able to get it right yet. "here we go...dance of the cherry-blossoms!" I said, unclipping the pockets in my sleeves and spinning uickly, bone fragments shaped alot like cherry blossom petals flew out as i spun, flitting around in the air as I stopped"now..focus the chakra into all the fragments...and form them into a ring...." I muttered to myself, closing my eyes and catching all the fragments I could with chakra strings, forming a rough, saw-like ring around me. "now...aim...and throw! shattering bone ring!" I said, throwing the ring and slicing one of the dummies in half, just as my father walked out. "you missed two of them" He said dully, looking at me and shaking his head. "just watch.." i said slowly as the ring neared the wall behind it. Today would be the day I perfected this jutsu, I would show him I was strong. The ring hit the wall, but rather than sticking into it, it shattered into all teh bone shards, sending shrapnel everywhere and slicing the fallen dummy even further, cutting up the other two and stabbing into them. "one more thing" I said slowly, focusing on the shrapnel "rain of bones!" I said quickly, crossing my arms and sending the bones littered on the ground spinning like shuriken across the two remaining dummies, cuttign them or sticking into them further. I looked over to see the look on my fathers face, but he had gone, sighing I gathered up the bones and returned them to my sleeves, heading off to find gai-sensei and my teammates.

March 4th, 2007, 1:03 AM
(Well I felt a little out of place with my last character, but I fell a lot better with this one XP)

Name: Leon Almasy

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Grade: 11

Secret: Leon is a werewolf. Know there are many different types of werewolves, with many different traits, some only change at the full moon, while others do it at will, and others can’t control themselves while there werewolves, heck some don’t even have tails! Leon’s type, for one can change at will, but there our three different metheds to taking the werewolf form. One is by simply concentrating for a moment, another is involuntary, surprises, panic, anger, that can trigger part of it, such as his teeth pointing, his ear becoming wolf ears, or sprouting a tail, which can lead to some, less the ideal situations, and the third is by the moon. The closer to full the moon is, the more the transformation pushes, know it can be stopped through a bit of will power, but Leon has to be pretty calm when the moon is full to stay furless.

Powers: Well he can of course change into a werewolf, but what does that entail??? Well of course h will gain sharp teeth and claws. But his natural abilities are increased. His strength is increased, he won’t be throwing any cars, but he can throw a mean punch. He can smell things extremely well, giving Leon excellent tracking abilities .But the greatest increase is Leon’s speed, and reflexes. Leon, also, without even turning werewolf his these enhanced abilities to a lesser existent in his human form, the strongest one being scent.

Appearance: Well Leon is about 5 foot 8, not terribly tall, but not really short either. His build is quite lean, and he does have a bit of muscle, but he’s pretty scrawny over all. Leon has dark brown hair, it’s short, only reaching the beginning of the back of his neck, but his bangs are kind of long, just reaching above his eyes, thoughs eyes are a sharp shade of green. In looks overall, Leon is pretty sharp, he can easily pull off a great smirk, or cocky smile.
Now while a werewolf, Leon has a much lighter shade of brown fur his fur then his natural hair. While a werewolf Leon does gain a muzzle, but a very short on that is only a few inches longer then his normal mouth. He still has normal hands, but there now cover with black paw pads, and his finger nails are long, black, and sharp. His feet our similar to his hands, though his feet do grow a little, Leon also has the expected triangle wolf ears at the top of his head. Finally, Leon has a tail, is a little less then a foot and a half long.
Leon usually wears a plain red long sleeved shirt, decent for almost any weather. And unless it’s incredibly warm, Leon also wear a gray hooded jacket, with a large pocket/pouch in the front. (It’s good for hiding slightly canine features, should they arise.) Finally, Leon likes to keep it simple, so he sticks with the ever casual blue jeans, with some black, and red sneakers.

Personality: Leon is somewhat laidback guy, hard to anger, but can get easily annoyed, most people know the type. One thing about Leon, though you wouldn’t guess it from looking at him, his grades are actually mostly above average (He excels in art, since, and literature) despite this, Leon does extremely stupid things, and stunts, why even he doesn’t really know, it’s just his nature really. Leon is also very loyal to thoughs he trust, which again is something he can’t help. But when situations get dire, Leon can be wild, some werewolves have certain class names, baste on there personality, Leon would most likely be called a Guard Dog.

History: Leon gets his lycanthrope from his mother, who happens to run a restaurant back in the U.S. Leon had a normal enough up bring, his mother was the werewolf not his father, and he grew up not viewing it as that big a deal, his mother was always an odd one anyway, having and a love of sake, and her over all pushiness is just something Leon and his dad have to live with (She made sure to yell on the shore to hand out flyers and to advertise the restaurant to anyone that looked like they would be going to America, to the embarrassed of Leon, and quite frankly, his father as well. The thing is, until know, has never showed any werewolf signs, both of his parents thought he would never become one, and would give him a choice too simply become one (Biting does work, but it has to be strong, and deep, something that will be painful, and a bit bloody, not a simply nibble) Luckily, his mother did teach him the basic, control, and morph encase it did ever come out of the blue so he is somewhat prepared, but he still has to be careful a lot of the time.

Other: In, and outside of wolf form, Leon does experience Canine instincts, so, maybe if He sees a owner playing fetch with their dog, he might have to sit down and take a deep breath, his hair would probably stand on end, and one eye would probably twitch during this situation as well.

RP Sample: Leon gave a deep sigh, staring at the full moon, he was come and collective, so he was actually fine, and human at the moment. But this whole “Werewolf” thing was starting to get to him a little. ‘I mean come-on, I always wished to be a werewolf just like mom, and then I finally get my wish, and I’m on an island full of people were I barely get an privacy!’ Leon thought again sighing; at least he was alone in this forest on this full moon night. Then it occurred it him, he was alone, and if he was going to get better at control… ‘Ok I just have to stop being calm.’ Thought Leon searching his mind for something useful, then after e moment, a nearly repressed memory surfaced, one involving his mother, and far to much sake, just the thought made his hair start to raise as he gave a shutter. But it didn’t take long for him to realize that the hairs that were rising didn’t stop at his head. In an instant Leon was part canine. Leon couldn’t help but give a smirk that could scare any normal person. “Well never know when I’ll get this time again so…” Leon said pushing himself off of the tree, landing on all fours, standing up ready to see what he can do.

(PS: Weirdest thing, this sign-up set me back a day because I couldn’t come up with a name X3.)

March 4th, 2007, 12:25 PM
OOC: Okay, so I'm finally going to start this. Those accepted will be listed below. If you joined, but are not on the list, you can PM me to recieve a full look into why you were declined.

Accepted: Bijou, Shiney, dreemxweever, Clow, and me, I'd hope.

To save us from the terrible boring, RP killing, early introduction stuff, I'll start the RP a few days after our characters arrive. Well, the ones that were shipwrecked anyways. There are a few exceptions I allowed that have characters that already attend school on the island.

IC: "Master Magistram, it is time you got prepared for the Magi Counsel meeting this morning." A deep male voice informed the green haired boy asleep in his gorgeous Elizabethan bed. His eyes jolted open in response, but he quickly began squinting due to the sunlight shining into his eyes from the open window.

"Thank you Freeman. I guess I better get ready." The butler nodded in response as Noi sat up and began rubbing his eyes. "Thank you for making sure I was awake. Would you be so kind as to make sure the twins are up as well?" Noi's bodyguards, the twins, lived in the room next to his own. They were the only three students who had the privledge of living in the Faculty Building. His grandfather was the Headmaster, who had recently been kidnapped. Since his grandfather was part of the Magi Counsel, and Noi was the only living relative capable of filling his spot in case of his absence, Noi had to attend the meeting.

"Yes sir." Freeman responded as he left the room, closing the wooden door behind him. Noi cringed as he heard him banging on their door and yelling at them to get ready. At this point, he had already gotten out of bed and had begun to get dressed. He quickly did his hair, in the pigtail manner that some would consider girly. It was a family tradition, however, so he would not stray from it no matter what. After doing so, he scarfed down the breakfast of bacon and eggs that Freeman had left in his room, and proceeded into the hall where he was to wait.

"Are you two ready? The meeting starts soon!" he yelled through the thick door, hoping the twins could hear him.


"HURRY UP! HURRY UP! HURRY UP! I WANNA GO TO THE SHOPPING DISTRICT ALREADY!" A high, feminine voice echoed throughout dorm number 13 in the High School District. "YOU BETTER HURRY UP, BIG BROTHER, OR I'LL TURN YOU INTO A CAT AGAIN!"

"Shut it, shut it , shut it!" A red haired boy appeared from out of a bedroom door or grabbed a young pink haired girl from behind, covering her mouth with his right hand. "It's bad enough that you use your magic to pick on me, Jill, so you don't need to make all of the humans aware that you can do so." David uncovered his little sisters mouth, as she squirmed out of his grasp, before she swung around and slapped him across the face. "Ow... lets just go already."

"I knew you'd see it my way!" Jill giggled happily as she ran out the door, giving David reason to let out a sigh. She's had way too much energy since we shipwrecked here a few days ago and learned the truth. Now the Headmaster has disappeared, and we have today off while the teachers decide on a course of action... He thought to himself as he dragged himself behind her, making sure his hair was covering his ears. If any humans found out he was an elf, it would be an issue.

After about ten minutes of walking, the pair arrived at the shopping district, and Jill ran over to a coffee shop, demanding a snack. Seeing no other option, David purchased two bagels, and they sat down at a small, round table outside of the shop as they ate. This whole predicament sucks...

March 4th, 2007, 12:59 PM
I sat silently, sipping a cup of foamy cappacino. So far, all the books in the library I'd read about vampire's were... well... lame. It was about some vampire chasing after some girl and turning her into a vampire. All of them. I sighed and snapped the stupid book shut. Dracula my butt. You wouldn't catch me dead in a batman cape like Dracula's- unless, some wise-ass decided to wrap one around my neck, but that'd be only AFTER I died. And it'd probably only be Grandfather who'd have a sick enough sense of humor. And it wasn't as if I had the ability to die anyway.

I wrote down 'Dracula' on the notepad that sat next to my cup and cross it out. The only book that moderately came close to divulging something that might've been true was that weird book on vampire's where it said that we lived for 1,000 years after being bitten. And even then, it wasn't always 1,000. Depended on when you got bitten. I, would live for about 792 more years. Looking back, I can barely remember what it was like when I felt mortal. Normal. Whatever you want to call it. Not like I miss it all that much.

I looked up. That there, the new kids the headmaster had taken in. I lost interest in them quickly, after the shock of pink hair had worn off. I wrote the next book I would try. "Red Summer". I sighed. Human authors were so unoriginal with their titles. Humans. Were so unoriginal.

I fiddled with the checkered wristband around my left arm and opened up Dracula again, skipping to the end.

~ + ~

Skipping through the dormitories, Kiri knocked on her friend Riki's door, calling, "Rise and shine!"

No response.

Kiri sweatdropped. Riki must've already gone to the shopping district. She did so love the place, as she was rarely found anywhere but there. Kiri, however, wanted to go to the library- she needed the book that Kanako had sent her. Of course, Kiri could only summon books that were sent to her from the library- since that was the system that good witches used. Kiri shrugged and snapped her fingers, disappearing and then re-appearing behind the library. It wasn't exactly that far from the dormitories. Just close enough for Kiri's limit.

She marched herself around the building and up the stairs, shuffling over to the quietest and most abandoned corner of the library, before whispering, "Book of Advanced Spells VI!" and snapping her fingers. The heavy book fell into her hands, and she looked around herself. Good. Nobody in sight! She plopped down on the plush arm chair and opened up the book, just to cough at the amount of dust that floated into the air. Ick! She waved the old book up and down and an ample amount of gray dust exploded, before Kiri blew it all away.

"Hn- Breeze for Beginners!" Kiri pointed at the spell and incantation, muttering it under her breath and waving her currently invisible wand. A huge gust of wind flapped all around her, sending the books on the table next to her toppling to the floor.

"Uh... Whoops!"

March 4th, 2007, 3:52 PM
Leon let out a groan, he had been in a bit of a bad mood for the past few days, and that was understandable, after all the kind of werewolf he was didn’t just effect him when the moon was full, it’s every second of the day. Right know he was walking through the shopping district, having nothing better to do, chewing on some beef jerky. “Man, this is annoying, less then a week ago, I hated jerky, know I eat at least three pieces of it inbetween meals!” Leon grumbled to himself, spotting a coffee shop, know that sounded great, a nice hot cup of coffee, plenty of sugar, light on the cream, and a nice warm bagel, hold the cream cheese, a chance to relax, and not indulge in anything canine.

Leon let out a pleasurable sigh turning away from the coffee shop for a moment. ‘Yah this place isn’t so bad.’ Leon thought, then noticing a squirrel climbing up a near by tree. He shuttered for a moment, cringing his teeth and turning away, sighing once more walking into the coffee place, saying his order with some desperation in his voice, and slamming down into an empty table letting out a deep breath, he had to keep his cool, or everyone in this place would start running and screaming. Leon start slowing sipping his coffee, he didn’t drink the stuff often, but right know he needed it. Leon started to scan the people in the area, David and his little sis catching his eye, he vaguely remembered them from the boat, but it was easier to remember someone with a sibling.

The sad thing was, that was the closed thing he had to a friend here, Leon hadn’t been very social, he need to get a handle on this werewolf thing, he wasn’t half as good with control as his mother, and he had a pet cat, that for one struck him in his mind as a big problem, and god knows if, or when his parents want him back home… Leon gave slight wave, not really caring if the guy noticed or not, and start chopping his bagel ‘It’s so nice to eat something that’s not meat, I mean I ate a steak an inch away from raw… But this is nice, yah just take a moment, everything’s going to be OK’ Leon thought to himself, though not fully believing it.

March 4th, 2007, 9:16 PM
At Noi's words, one of the small ventillation shafts in the floor opened up. It seemed far too small for anyone to fit into, but only by the standards of regular people. Slowly, one of the twins peeked her head out from the small gap. "We're always ready." Ami said, as her sister easily scaled her way out of the dumbwaiter next to the door. "You should know that, hon." Mia said, and stepped over to the grate, helping her sister up. "Besides, it's not like I could have slept last night, with a big meeting coming up." They said, not noticing, or caring, that they were in perfect unison. Mia added "Large gatherings are like a picnic for assasins, even among the supernatural."

I sighed, sipping on a small flask, and then placed the distilled energy drink back under my coat. The 'little girl' who was walking alongside me, wearing slip on shoes, and a beautiful white dress that reached to her ankles, trimmed with gold. "You know, Elly. I wouldn't be drinking this early in the morning if you didn't run so often." She shrugged, her white blonde hair shifting around her shoulders. "It keeps you in shape." She said, giggling. I sighed, and took another long draft. I didn't notice the two people we were passing as we went by the coffee shop door. Even though one of them had pink hair. "Listen, Elly, you're dangerous. If you touch someone, it doesn't matter if they're still alive or not, it's grounds for murder. And technically, I'm supposed to be your keeper. so please, don't give me a heart attack before I hit thirty."

Once again, she shrugged me off. "I wouldn't be giving you heart troubles if you didn't smoke those cigare- Robert?" She asked, stopping and turning, since I had stopped, staring into the coffee shop. "Those aren't for smoking." I said idly, staring inside. I hadn't bothered to keep my voice down about the dangers an Ovalisk had. But I wasn't worried about that yet. There was something about one of the kids in there, he hadpale skin, and dark hair. Sterotypical, but for some reason, my hand started twitching, like I needed to grip somehting. Or strangle.

March 5th, 2007, 6:37 PM
"Well, you two should have slept. The last thing I need today is you two being cranky." Noi sighed as he headed downstairs to the meeting room . As he entered, he felt a burst of air fly at him. It was the Magi Counsels version of an identity check. The enchanted air would blow up against the entree, and confirm his or her identity, while disabling any spells that may have been cast on said person. That prevented anyone from using magic to appear as someone else. He quickly made his way up to the far head of the table; the position where his grandfather usually sat. Due to the lack of seats, the twins would have had to stand behind him. "Okay then, what is it you wanted to discuss?" Noi said to the group of old people before him. They were all decorated in ancient robes of different colours, and many of them hid their faces in the darkness.


"Y'know, sometimes I wonder how stupid the humans here are." Jill said to her brother quietly. "I mean, so many people here are obviously not human, such as Captain Gloom over there." She pointed at the guy off at a different table with pale skin and dark grey hair. Yup, he was obviously not human. But still...

"Would you be quiet already? We thought we were human up until a few days ago, and you're going to blow our cover!" David sighed in response as he hung his head down. However, his head went back up shortly after as something took hold of his ears and pulled him back, sending him backwards to the ground with his chair. When his vision cleared, he found himself looking up at the face of a girl. Overall, her face was pretty cute, but her eyes were a cold grey, and her hair was a greyish black that flowed partly down her back. She was dressed all in black sleeveless turtle neck, and a dress with a tulle ballet-styled skirt with a black ribbon tied around the waist, lined with lace around the arms. She also wore black leggings and satin arm warmers with ribbons tied around them.

"Good job with the cover there, elf boy." She taunted him as she flicked his nose. She was kneeling overtop of him, and he turned bright red.

"You don't have to call me that. You know my name, Seria." He muttered as he sat up. On their first day at the Academy, Seria had been the student in charge of showing the two around, as well as telling them about their secret. "And besides, what's wrong with the cover?"

"Your hair wasn't covering your ears all the way."

"Yes it was."

"No it wasn't."

"Yes it was."

"Would you two stop flirting? Honestly, you make me sick." Jill chimed in, pointing at the two. She muttered something and pointed a finger at David in secret, casting a spell on him that he was unaware of.

"WE'RE NOT FLIRTING" They shouted angrily simultaneously.

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March 5th, 2007, 7:09 PM
’Loud, annoying fools.’ Seiji thought to himself as he turned the page to read about Dracula appearing in a flurry of bats. (…Lame.)


Kiri blinked. Magic. That was the unmistakeable feel of magic. For the first time in at least half a decade, Kiri felt magic that wasn't her own. And it wasn't that faux magic that other mystical creatures generated it was pure magic! Standing up and tossing the book back into the empty void where items were sent back and forth, she hurried out of the library and looked around for the source of her hope, her- Kiri peered into the coffee shop and sighed. Definetely no witches. Darn. She stepped into the shop, just to double check. But it was confirmed even before she walked in. Not a single witch. Except maybe herself. But there was always another reason to hang around. She pranced over to Seiji and sat down in the seat across from him with an oddly heavy thud.

"Leave." Seiji commanded flatly and Kiri grinned, a beacon of light in the gloomy corner of the coffee shop.

"Aww, why?? I just got here!"

"Leave." Seiji repeated flatly.

Kiri puffed out her cheeks, "Hey. You're no fun. Beside's I haven't talked to you in forever!"

"So now, forever consists of what- 2 days?" Seiji raised an eyebrow, and Kiri scrunched her face up in a puppy pout until the polar opposite of herself rolled his eyes, turning a page in his book and consenting to simply ignoring the girl to the fullest extent. Kiri played with a sugar packet, turning the inside from sugar to salt with a snap of her fingers, humming to herself so that the snaps coincided with the rhythm.

"You're flat." Seiji snapped the book shut again, commenting on her humming, "And you're distracting me. What's so interesting about the sugar anyway??"

"It's more exciting then you."

Seiji resisted the temptation to throw Dracula at Kiri, a girl he'd had the misfortune of meeting two years ago at the opening ceremony. She took pleasure in pissing him off, poking fun at him, and bothering him, which was usually quite successful.

"Hey, why are you reading all those vampire books anyway?" Kiri asked, pointing the sugar packet at the book clutched in Seiji's hand.

"Um...." Seiji raised an eyebrow, "Because they're more entertaining then sappy highschool love drama novels?"

Kiri tapped her chin with a manicured finger, "I think vampire's are freaky."

An indirect, unaware insult. Seiji tried his best to keep his cool, and in his opinion, he did pretty well, simply sipping his coffee to avoid answering the comment.

March 5th, 2007, 9:19 PM
"But you hate coffee!" Elly said as we walked, in. "Sush." I said, tucking my hat away, sitting at a small table with the OValisk accross from me. "Don't touch anone. I need to think, not run." I said, focusing my eyes at the guy, ignoring the fact that he seemed to be being harrassed. "What is it.. Elly, do I know that guy from anywhere?" "No, why?" Came the response. "I can't figure out why, but I'm seriously mad at him. Just looking at him makes me want to break something. Preferably over his head." I commented, keeping my voice down low.

Ami and Mia kept close, literally on either side of Noi. It looked ridiculous, almost funny to see two young girls carefully scanning the room, scanning and checking every possible threat every time they went over it. Funny it may have looked, but chances were that most of the people in the room knew that they were lethally trained, and were tested against magicusers in the past. Thankfully though, they both kept silent, deciding not to try to emberass Noi. Yet.

March 6th, 2007, 11:06 AM
Leon sipped a bit of his coffee finishing it off, watching what was a show to him, that poor guy was getting ganged up on by thoughs girls. “Hhhmm Elf boy huh… Wait.. WHAT!” Leon muttered nearly spitting out his coffee, burning his tongue, but getting it down. ‘Wait a second, they aren’t exactly broadcasting this conversation over the coffee shop so how can I.’ Leon thought, gulping slightly, pulling on his ears. They were, at the moment, quite similar to David’s except for the fact that they were covered in fur.

It happens, Leon simply put the hood of his jacket on, but Leon was thinking of leaving, he really didn’t want to cause anything, right after he left his seat he turned to David’s little party, the little one seemed to be doing what little sisters do best, mockery, though Leon was an only child, there was this one girl in his neighborhood, older brother off to war, so she deiced to fallow Leon, night and day, many said they looked like siblings, to Leon’s distain. ‘Well I could help that guy out… I mean it’s either that or leave, go back to my room, and try not to think about casing cat’s up tree’s…’ Leon thought and gave a shrug, slightly walking over, positioning himself behind David.

“Um… Hey, I couldn’t help over hearing you, I mean, I really couldn’t help it, and I thought you might could use some help...” Leon said with a nervous smile, his usual confides had been scares lately the whole predicament through him for a loop. “Uh… I’m Leon, I was on the boat, and I guess I’m not entirely human either.” Leon said, keeping his voice down, never know who may be listening and all that, though he doubted anyone human could here, and that’s what they were watching out for wasn’t it?

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March 6th, 2007, 2:49 PM
"Shhhh! Do you people not get that we're supposed to be keeping our identities a secret!?" David finally snapped as he glanced around at the growing group of people. The group had finally begun to recieved glances and stares by passerbys, as well as glances from people within the coffee shop they were sitting outside of.

Unknowing to anyone, someone had caught sight of Leon's ears before he had covered them. "PUPPY!" Jill laughed in an extremely high pitched manor as she leapt over the table and onto Leon's back, grabbing around his neck so that she could hang freely with her legs in the air. She let go shortly after David had to get up and pull her off by the hair, which also resulted in him getting slapped across the face. The two began to argue following this, until Seria decided to speak up.

She had been discreetly looking through her book of students of the school while the two had been arguing. The Headmaster had given her a copy, since for some reason he trusted her. "Almasy, Leon, right? So, a werewolf are we?"

David flung around, obviously angry. "DID NOBODY HEAR WHAT I JUST SAID!?"

"Well, yeah. But, everyone here must already think you're crazy, so I think it doesn't really matter." Jill chimed in, jumping her brother and hanging off his neck. He showed no form of reaction, since he was used to it.

"So, Seria, does that book tell what powers you have? Let me have a look!"

"Hah, no way. Nice try though, you'll find out when its time!"

David let out a sigh, before sitting back down to pout, making sure to get Jill off first.


"That meeting was tough..." Noi muttered as he entered out into the Shopping District. "And all I found out was that I'm supposed to fufill Grandfathers duties in both the Counsel AND the Academy until he's found. I can't be the Headmaster of this school, temporary or not! I attend this place!" In order to relieve some stress, he was heading to his favorite little coffee shop...

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March 6th, 2007, 5:06 PM
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Leon smiled feeling a tad more confident. “That’s why I came over here dude, I’m not the one making a scene with his friends, if that’s what they are that is, plus I have nothing better to do with my day honestly.” Leon said, chuckling at that last comment, his hand rubbing the back of his head, then he heard Jill start laughing, already jumping onto his back, before he could turn around.

“Gah!!! Hey know don’t call me that, I have enough trouble without cute little nicknames!” Leon said as David pulled her off “Actually, that’s just what I would expect Lily to do, they really are alike… I wonder what she’s doing… At least her brother’s coming back, as much of a pain in the neck she is, know she’ll miss me.” Leon said, nearly muttering this to himself, with a light sigh, he then felt kind of odd, feeling the top of his head, he could feel two lumps, that little surprise attack freaked him out a little, his ears had moved too the top of his head, and as you can guess, there not just slightly pointed anymore.

Leon sighed a tad deeper, and shrugged a bit, and then notice the third person had a file on him. "Yep that would be me, funny thing, I get it by blood from my mom, but it didn’t start acting up until I got here, we thought I was out of the woods actually, but mom said one of her relatives could give me one quick chomp if I wanted to join ‘That Part’ of the family, guess I don’t have to worry about that know though.” Leon said with a nice light hearted smile. Smirking at Jill’s chime. “You know, she reminds me a lot of a little girl I know back home.” Leon said smiling at first going to a small frown. “And that means I have to watch her really closely…”
Leon stated, remembering that being like the girl he knows wasn’t a good thing. Leon took a seat leaning a little. “Well I got no were to be, I guess I might as well stick around, and I doubt I’ll be able to get rid of any of you anyway, Seria he said? Has a file on me, I saw you two on the boat, your obviously sibling, and know that she’s seen the ears, and "Seria" happened to just say what I am, I don’t think I’ll be able to ditch here, I’ve already tried that before... But hey, I could use a little chaos in my life!” Leon said sighing a tad, ‘From one pain to another I guess, oh well she can’t be any worse then Lily at least…’ Leon though not fully realizing the extent of the girls’ powers. “Um so you three have any plans? I’m bored stiff, the past few days I’ve just been trying to get a hold of the whole ‘Werewolf’ thing, and trying not to attract attention to myself.” Leon said with a blank look on his face.

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March 6th, 2007, 7:03 PM
Finally, the chaos was enough to direct my attention to the chaos by the other table. I turned slowly, reluctant to take my eyes off the pale skined guy, but what I saw managed to distract me. Firstly, there was a pink haired girl who had pounced, then forcibly removed from a relatively normal looking guy. There was another guy with them with red hair, who seemed to be the nexus of all the combined contempt of the group, and a perfect, almost too perfect image of a gothic girl. not the punkish type, but actually gothic. And, to top it off, Elly was heading straight for them.

The Ovalisk made her calm, but cheerful way over to the young girl. Being partially ignorant, and partially oblivious, and entirely uncaring about whther she was right or not, she had identified Jill to be an ovalisk as well, and happy to find a companion, she had walked right over to make conversation. Conversation, of course beginning with a full, flying, tackle-hug. Ovalisks were very eager to touch, since it was how they transferred their nearly eternal lives, and happiness to regular mortals. Not to mention that tame ones were often lonely for contact. "Yaay, I'm not alone anyWAAH!" She said, yelping out as my hand snapped out, grabbing her by the hair, sending her flopping to the floor. "Rooobbeeerrrt!" she whined, sitting up slowly, but not getting to her feet, or making another move towards the girl. "Elly, you know better than to touch people." I said calmly, despite a vein twitching in my forehead. "But she's-" "No, she isn't" I cut off, gently picking her up by the arms. I inclined my head to the chaotic group. "I'm sorry about that. My friend here is slightly more dangerous than she appears, inadvertently so." Why was I always so elequent when I was stressed?

Mia seemed slightly grumpy, but also more commiserating than Ami as she walked alongside noi, folding her arms behind her head as she looked up at the sky. "And it took all that time for them to say that, when you did it in less than half a minute." She grumbled, putting a hand on his shoulder. "I can't say I know how you feel,. but I understand that it's gotta be tough hon." Ami however, ruined all her well thought out plans, by squealing with delight and pointing at the coffee shop. "Look, Robert's here, and he brought Elly! Do you think he came to visit us?" She asked, excitedly running towards the shop, not noticing the pulsing vein in her twin's forehead.

March 10th, 2007, 1:19 PM
"An ovalisk, huh?" Seria said aloud, flipping through a completely different book now, one about 'fictional' creatures. The boy had never announced the species of the creature, but for some reason Seria was well educated in regards to the subject of those creatures unknown to most of the world. "Yeah... might have been a bad thing to run into that, considering it has the ability to regress anyone into a cute loving, childlike ovalisk through physical contact..." She muttered, getting a sweatdrop out of both Jill and David in response.

"Wait wait wait! You mean if any of us were to touch that innocent little girl, we could become a cute loving ova-whatchamacallit?" David asked, apparently confused at the subject. The discussions involving these things were still so new to Jill and him, that they had problems comprehending what was going on sometimes.

"Psht, I could do that to you and I'm not even an ovalisk." Jill laughed. The group was lucky that people had started heading into shops for lunch, so the streets were basically empty. Well, empty aside from the boy approaching the coffee shop, with two girl trailing behind him. He went towards the door, but headed over to the group as he saw Seria.

"You are Seria Blackwater, right?" Noi said cheerfully, yet he seemed nervous. "Could I possibly have a word with you? I'm Noi Magistram, and I've been asked to come to you with a message from the Counsel. Could you possibly step inside with me for a moment?"

"Magistram? You mean you're his grandson?" She replied, recieving a nod, and she followed him inside for approximately three minutes. He told the two girls that had been with him to stay outside, but were requested inside as Seria came out. "You guys." She stated calmly. "Have you heard much about the recent student disappearances?"

"What? The rumors of multiple students disappearing each night? I thought that all it is is a rumor." Jill replied, a sudden burst of interest showing in Davids eyes.

"Yeah well, if you want to see the truth, meet me out here tonight at midnight. It means you have to sneak out, and it will probably be dangerous, but... I'll explain my reasons if you come." She then wandered off after mumbling "Now I need to get ready..."

"Dangerous? How bad could it be?" David said as he got up, Jill following after. He began to walk away, a brown dog tail poking out from his pants bringing a giggle from Jills lips. "Well, we're going. And if it means staying up past midnight, I'm going to get some shut eye. Nice meeting you all." He concluded with a wave of the hand in the air, the tail still wagging.

"Don't worry, I'll disable the spell... later." Jill giggled as she ran after. "See yas!"

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March 10th, 2007, 1:53 PM
"Nene, Seiji, didja hear that??" Kiri hissed in a near inaudible whisper. Seiji sighed, folding his arms.

"If you heard it, how could I have not heard it?" Seiji snapped, but Kiri ignored him.

"Let's gooooooooo~!" She grabbed Seiji's arm and dragged him out of the coffee shop, leaving behind an empty coffee cup, a notebook with various vampire books scratched out, and a copy of Dracula. Oddly enough, there was a 2 dollar tip that wasn't there before. But, those were the benefits of being a witch.

"You're such a pain!" Seiji tried to rip his arm out of Kiri's grasp, but she relentlessly held on.

"Didn't you hear it?? Aren't you curious??" She asked after they had passed even the library.

"I heard it." Seiji said flatly, "But I'm not curious."

"Yes you are." Kiri waved her hand, convinced, "Let's tag along!"

Seiji sighed heavily, "Can't you mind your own business for once? Just once in your life time?"

"I've already completed that step!" Kiri grinned, "Otherwise I'd be bothering you about why you're so much like a big scary vampire!"

Seiji narrowed his eyes, "I'm not sure whether to be insulted or grateful."

"Be grateful!" Kiri chirped, "So! It's decided Coffee Shop~ Midnight!" And with that she skipped around the back of the library, and disappeared with a snap of her fingers. Seiji, however, would tag along only because it had been maybe ten years since his last trip outside at night. Hopefully, this little adventure of Kiri's would be blood free, otherwise, somebody would be living about a thousand years by the time tomorrow was done.

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March 10th, 2007, 8:35 PM
I nodded slowly, and started to move off, thinking, not noticing that Elly had taken my hat, and wore it draping over her eyes as she followed in perfect step behind me. Missing students.. The first thought that came to mind was a necromancer of some sort using them in experiments, and I shook my head, trying to think clearly. Why did it have to be a summoner of undead? It could be any number of causes. My thoughts seemed to be more and more biased since the wreck. I sighed as I headed back to my room. If it was going to be dangerous, I needed some meditation to keep myself fresh for midnight. "Come on Elly, lets go rest."

Mia And Ami pretended very well that they hadn't been trying to listen, but they gave eachother meaningful looks. "Noi..." they both said in unison, but Mia trailed off, and Ami continued. "If it's going to be dangerous, I really don't think you should put yourself in that kind of trouble." She said, a worried look on her face. Mia took the opportunity to put her arm around Noi's shoulder. "Yeah, maybe this once, you could send one of us out to find the information for you, and just relax inside with the other one to guard you." She said, in a too-innocent tone of voice, which went right over Ami's head. "That Sounds like the safest idea." Mia's oblivious twin said, smiling warmly.

March 10th, 2007, 9:39 PM
Leon looked at Seria blankly for a moment. “Regress??? As in making someone younger?” Leon said the thought of this making him shutter. “Um yah, that’s not really for me I was a hell raiser as a kid, hyperactive, immature, prank pulling, trust me, it’s a good thing I don’t have an older sibling, I wouldn’t have made it this far, they would have killed me, heck I would have killed me!” Leon was a bit nervous he wanted to avoid this girl know, he didn’t want to have to deal with the aftermath that he would cause if he would happen to be regressed in any way, shape, or form.

Then Leon’s ears raise high, after hearing what Jill just said. “really you can huh?” This made Leon give out and uneasy laugh looking at David, sneaking over to him. “Dude, whatever you do, don’t let your little sister turn me into a kid ok? I remember what I was like, if I think like I did back then, I would happily join her in all kind of pranks and tricks, and I really don’t want to have to deal with the trouble I cause when I come back to my senses. And hyperactive kid, and unstable werewolf powers, equals trouble, plus, you’ll be in the middle of a tornado of chaos! I don’t what you can do, but man, nothing good can come of me becoming a kid.” Leon whispered to David trying to stress what kind of trouble could be caused if Jill deiced to have some fun with him, though the thought of causing mischief with the girl did sound kind of fun.

Leon noticed three other’s enter, a guy, and twin girls, the guy approaching Seria, Leon simply sting there and listening. ‘Missing students? This sounds big.. Really big.. Well I always did like mystery shows…’ Leon thought to himself sitting silently. After the time was announced Leon smirked with enthusiasm. “No problem, I can sneak out easy, plus maybe I can even stretch out my claws, if you know what I mean.” Leon aid winking, still smirking. As David walked away, Leon noticed the dog tail wagging behind him, he was about to say something, when he swallows his words, David was a cool guy and all, but messing with his little sisters fun, and getting on her bad side was something he was a little afraid to do, David didn’t even seem to notice, and Leon couldn’t help but snicker at the canine appendage, having had been there before. “Well I guess I’ll be going too, I’m getting really hungry, no worries, I’ll be here, I’ve always been a bit of a night owl anyway, big surprise.” Leon said rolling his eyes and chuckling strolling out the door, looking for a pizza place to stop at before heading back to his dorm, he was about fill the bottomless pit his stomach had become with a whole large meat lovers pizza, so maybe he could relax before midnight.

March 12th, 2007, 7:19 PM
Shopping District; outside Deitra's Coffee and Cake shop. 11:55pm.

"Well, I hope you learned your lesson for the night, Diana." Jill laughed at the little girl she had dragged all of the way to the coffee shop from her dorm. The pair stood right before the shop door, and Jill took note of the rate the clouds were covering the starry sky. The girl looked to be about ten years old, and she had straight, red hair that was cut at her shoulders. She was dressed in a simple white blouse and jean skirt. The most noticible features on the girl were her two long, pointed ears. Judging by the redness of her eyes, she had recently been crying, and she was shaking. "So, David, this is what you get for telling me to 'stop acting like a scared little girl'."

"S-s-stop it!" The little girl piped up, she sounded shy, timid, but most of all, scared. "You didn't have to drag me all the way here like this, i-i-f you had just changed me back, I wouldn't be s-s-o scared..." David was almost clinging to his sister at this point. Truth be told, her powers had some serious kick to them when applied in such a manor. "C-c-change me back before the oth-"


"...others get here..."

"Oh, god. That's hilarious Jill, you could seriously start up a show and make a lot of money entertaining with your powers!" Seria laughed as she approached the duo, crouching down to get a better look at David. "If it wasn't for the hair colour and ears, I wouldn't have even known it was him!" David could tell, it was obvious. Seria was being very cautious about something. As if almost by a mood swing, she turned dead serious. "You better change him back before 12 though. It would be a problem i you left him like this."

"Yeah, yeah. We still have four minutes." Jill laughed as she threw her arm around David's neck, placing him into a headlock. As she let go, she gave one more comment. "I want the others to see him first~"

"MEANIE!" David shouted immaturely, causing the other two to laugh some more.

Meanwhile, in some bushes across from the shop, Noi was tucked away with room for both him and the twins, watching the group. "Really, that girls transformation powers are something. It really makes me wonder what that boy can do... I wonder if Seria's suspicions were correct." He said aloud to nobody in particular.

March 12th, 2007, 7:36 PM
"Who knows." Mia said, her voice somewhat strained. She ahd been garunteed that there would be danger here, and she didn't want to risk Noi in any way. She had been working just as hard as her sister at guarding him, but she tended to worry about it far more. Ami piped up, cheerful as usual "It'd be interesting to see if she could actually affect Robert. At the very least, it might make her a little nicer."

I stood on the roof, and went through my pockets and gear one last time. Banshee sword. Good. Walking stick, good. Cigarettes, lighter. Good. Marbles, good. Swiss army knife, good. Firecrackers, good. I had everything I was likely to need, so I stepped forward to the roof. "Beautiful night to die." I remarked idly, gazing up at the sky, not hearing the faint rush of air behind me as Elly pounced into a tackle-hug. "Get off of me! ...ELLY, GEROFF!" I yelled as she swung herself around on my neck, tilting me off balance. "SONOFA!" I yelled, the air thankfully knocked out of me by my collision with pavement as I fell to the street below. "Owie." I said, breathing in and out slowly to recover my bearings, Elly standing on my chest as though this was a regular occurance.

March 13th, 2007, 4:36 PM
"Uh-oh!" Kiri giggled, swinging her legs as she sat on the edge of the roof, "Looks like somebody had a little trouble with the wardrobe tonight!" Her bright azure eyes practically cut through the darkness of the night against the black sky, and the person who owned the red eyes standing beside Kiri scoffed.

"More like a problem with his gender." Seiji folded his arms and rolled his eyes, possibly the only one who wasn't laughing at the elf's obvious misfortune, his pointy ears sticking out like a sore thumb, and Seiji's vampire eyes being able to see them through the clear daylight- or, well, nightlight.

Kiri hopped off the roof and said, "Hey hey, we-"


Kiri glared over her shoulder, just to find that Seiji had already disappeared, "Happened to overhear you today in the shop," Kiri jerked her thumb at the coffee shop behind her, "We'll keep it secret, so don't worry! I, am the MASTER, at keeping secrets. And Seiji is like," Kiri made a face and folded her arms, imitating the boy, "Very very stingy. He's got nobody to tell it to. So anyway, anyway," She repeated herself out of excitement, "Something about the headmaster??"

Seiji's heavy sigh was heard as he sat down on the bench in front of the coffee shop, having emerged from the side alley, "Kiri's just a nosy brat."

"That was mean!!" Kiri whined, blubbering blatantly fake tears, "You're no fun Seiji! Butthead! Butthead!"

Blood or no blood, Seiji was ready to bite Kiri's head off- quite literally, in his case. Clamping his mouth shut to hide his growing fangs, he sat stock still, trying to simmer down, even though he was visibly sizzling from annoyance.

"A~nyway!" Kiri gave the group a sunny smile, "My sincerest apologies for butting in, but I just couldn't resist being curious! Me and Seiji'll just tag along, feel free to ignore us to the fullest!"

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March 14th, 2007, 5:56 AM
Leon was leisurely walking through the streets, whistling lowly, keeping an eye out for near by trees, just incase someone was to walk by, he need somewhere to hide after all, he wasn’t about to get caught, not know. Leon’s attire hadn’t changed that much, he had kept his jacket clean enough to wear it again, but he had changed his jeans, to a more slightly tattered, fade version, after all, didn’t want to lose a good pair because of his tail. He also wore sandals, just incase he need to quickly rip off his shoes. Leon was somewhat excited, this could be fun, or a disaster, or perhaps even a fun disaster, either way, Leon was ready for it, and the great thing was, these people weren’t normal, it would be harder for Leon not to wolf out, it was night, the moon might peak out of the oddly cloudy night, and the moon always made it harder, except for that one night, when the moon is covered by shadow.

Leon arrived, a few minutes early, actually just in time for someone to say David, and then start bursting into laughter. Leon slowly walked over, not wanting to attract attention, noticing Seria right off the bat, she was talking to Jill about her powers, this alone caused a chill down Leon’s spine, Jill was basically his worst nightmare, the annoying little girl next door, with super natural powers. “Glad to see you guys made it, but wears…” Leon cut himself off, noticing the younger girl that look a lot like.. Leon let out a small chuckle, covering his mouth trying to hold it in, it was, well, freaken hilarious, but a second later, Leon’s laughter stopped, after he realized something, if she could do THAT to David, who was an elf, a creature of magic, what could she do to him? If David was so defenseless, then he was beyond defenseless, the only thing he could honestly do was try not to provoke the young mage.

Leon just leaned against a wall, trying not to cross the girl’s path, he was admittably even more afraid of her now, as she put David in a headlock he couldn’t help but think out load. “Man, and I thought I was a demented kid..” Leon said a few second later realizing he had done nothing to make that sentence quite. There was little doubt in his mind that all three would hear that, and that caused him to get nervous, really nervous, he was even starting to sweat a bit. And the a few second after words he realized, that when he got nervous, especially during the night, something usually happened, the first thing he did was feel above his head, tugging on what were know triangular wolf ears. “Why is it always the freaken ears!?” Leon said pulling on them hard, it hurt but he didn’t care right know he was annoyed with his lack of control; it’s been eating at him for days. His mother only taught him some basic exercises if the change came out of the blue, neither them expect it to pop up when he was this far away from her, at this age, so it’s really become a problem. Leon gave a deep exhale, deciding just to leave them alone, there didn’t seem to be much point in hiding them, not right know at least, everyone seemed to have there own, plus if anyone came by, he could simply cover them, I mean what’s going to be stranger, a boy wearing a hood, or a girl to young to attend classes at the school popping out of no where?

Leon noticed other’s joining, a girl that seemed a bit.. Immature, but nice enough, Leon wasn’t one to talk, he tired to act mature, simply because he w as a brat in his younger years, but he didn’t really pull it of that well. An the other guy.. Gave off a weird feel, Leon could smell him, and it was different, he couldn’t put his finger on it, but it was something.. Werewolves and vampires have always had an odd history usually there natural born enemies, but there are plenty of cases of the two being friends. Leon felt no hatred to this guy, but something kept striking him as odd, odder then the others around him, it was a nagging feeling that would stop, but Leon simply brushed it away for know, simply waiting to see what happened next, it was almost like watching a play, after someone through you on stage.

March 14th, 2007, 9:27 PM
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IC: "Ugh, Jill, change him back. I'm pretty sure all of us, if not just me, are sick and tired of seeing him looking so pathetic." Seria finally complained as she surveyed the area once more, taking careful note of the location of Noi and his bodyguards. It would be... problematic if something was to happen to him. After she was instructed, Jill began chanting the reversal spell. Well, a form of a reversal spell anyways. After the golden light around the young girl subsided, things were fixed somewhat. Instead of the little girl, there was a girl about David's age. It was obvious that Jill had only reversed the age portion of the spell, as the girl had red hair that went halfway down here back, and she was dressed in larger versions of the white blouse and jean skirt. Whats more, she could have been considered a cute girl, as she had all that what most guys would find attractive, including a cute face. The notable flaw was still obvious; the elven ears extending outwards from her hair.

Seria let out a giggle, before glancing at the watch on her right wrist. "11:59. I guess that form will have to do for now, since she should still be able to use her magic in that form."

"She? What? Didn't she change me- Ah!" David exclaimed as he heard his own voice and got a good look at his new 'assets'. "Wait. My magic? What am I going to need my magic for?"

"You'll find out in 5..." She pulled her hand into her shirt. "4..." She seemingly grabbed an object from within her shirt. "3..." Her arm shot out of the sleeve, revealing a pistol. "2..." She took aim at the door to the coffee shop. "1..." She placed her finger on the trigger. "Game time." As if the entire thing was rehearsed, various yells and screams echoed from across the campus. Most of them weren't even human...

The door to the coffee shop basically exploded open, a large, black, worm of some form shooting outwards towards Seria. Still airborn, without its entire body out the door, it opened a large, bloodred eye as if it were to attack, only to get a bullet down the middle. The carcass fell to the floor, and eventually faded into the air.

"Wh-wh-what the hell was THAT!?" Jill and David said in synch. It sounded a lot more natural with David as a girl compared to when he was male. "Jill... change me back."

"Yeah, yeah. Probably not a good time for my sense of humor, huh?" She smirked in reply before giving a short chance, leaving a completely normal David standing before the group.

Seria jumped onto a nearby rail, and then leapt into the street. "Dammit, there are more of them than I originally assumed! Noi! You hurry up and brief them, I'm checking out the Public area!" She then disappeared in the blink of an eye. The brother and sister duo were, at this point, very confused.

Deciding he was tired of sitting around unarmed, David closed his eyes, and his hair began to glow as a sword composed of red light began to form in his right hand. As the sword became whole, he opened his eyes with his hair still glowing, sword in hand.

"Okay! Time to give you guys a rundown!" Noi said cheerfully as he appeared from behind the bushes with his hand in the air. He sweatdropped, however, as he felt breathing on his neck, and a pair of glowing red eyes appeared. This beast looked more like a big, black tauren than anything...

March 14th, 2007, 9:47 PM
I immidiately stepped forward, bringing my walking stick up to bear, causing it to seem to reflect an impossible ammount of moon and starlight on it's glossy black surface. But even as I tried to advance on the beast, Mia literally thrust herself at Noi, trying to knock him bodily out of the thing's range, as Ami leapt onto it's back, unsheathing a four inch switchblade, and immidiately trying to rapidly stab and cut at the things neck, hoping to hit an artery. "Elly. Hide. I'll call you if something human that needs disposal comes up." I said in a flat tone, and the dangerous creature nodded, hopping off into a dark alleyway. Now I wouldn't have to worry about collateral damage...

March 16th, 2007, 6:12 PM
Kiri blinked, sweatdropping as she squeaked in a high pitched voice, "Oh! Hi, big beastie!"

"Damn you!!" Seiji yelled, and Kiri blinked spinning around. Her eyes widened and she stumbled backwards, right into one of the big black monsters and she spun around snapping her fingers as many times as she could, and after the tenth snap, the freakish being disappeared entirely. Normally, Seiji would've been dumbfounded, but as he cradled his face in his hands and stumbled back into a dark alleyway, he saw nothing of what Kiri had just done. Letting out an agonized yell, the shriek of a bat was heard, the choker around Seiji's neck folded itself into the shape of a bat and flew across the moonlit road, shadows following it.

"I thought you were a vampi-"

"Yorimaru." At this point in time, Seiji had calmed down, his fangs that stretched halfway down his chin indicating his age, his skin even paler, and his jet black hair curling out, "Get rid of them."

The banshee-like laugh of the overgrown bat shrieked through the night and the shadows that he'd collected engulfed the black beasts and slowly turning his blood-red eyes towards the boy who had kept his gender earlier, he murmured, "Werewolf."

The bat laughed again and hissed, "Roger that."

He bolted for the werewolf and Kiri snapped her fingers again, the bat letting out a strangled cry as it folded back into a choker and snapped itself around Seiji's neck. Kiri looked serious for almost a second before she wagged her finger at Seiji scoldingly, "That's a very very bad vampire!! You don't attack allies, silly!"

Seiji narrowed an eye and sighed, "You ruined the moment, pitiful girl. I haven't even the bloodlust to kill a werewolf now."

"That's the point!" Kiri grinned and gave him a thumbs up, snapping her fingers three times, the smaller monster behind her disappearing, "You must be ancient to get rid of all THOSE monsters! And your fangs are pretty long too."

A very visible vein pop made it's way to Seiji's forehead as he grumbled, "Gee. Thanks. I feel so young. At any rate..." Seiji put the back of his hand against his fangs, "This is what I get, for tagging along. Tell me when the blood's gone." He removed his hand from his mouth and covered his eyes, the fangs visibly shrinking as each second passed.

Kiri turned and snapped both her fingers, but paused.


"Uh-oh what?" Seiji snapped, annoyed.

Kiri snapped her fingers again and again, "Uh-oh!!" She cried more frantically this time, "Wand, wand, wand!!" She muttered snapping her fingers. After what seemed like a lifetime (more like, one minute,) a bright cherry red wand fell into Kiri's hand and the girl sighed, "I used too much today. Can't believe I have to use this junk." She tapped the crimson liquid that had splattered on the bench and the rest of it disappeared, "Blood, all gone!"

OOC: If it's not okay that I got rid of most of the beasties, then tell me. < <;;

March 18th, 2007, 12:09 PM
This time Leon couldn’t help bit snicker, a female David didn’t quite bother him as much as a crying, little female David. Then a count down started, this made Leon a bit tense, this would probably mean something, Seria was acting like the world might end at one. The when she actually said won Leon just stared at the door of the coffee shop he was leaning against, dumbfounded at the giant black worm blasting out the door. “Well you don’t see that everyday.” Lean said blankly doing a back flip afterwards, getting out of the worms range, sense getting his werewolf powers, Leon had become quite the acrobat.

‘Ok, know what did mom say? Punch, kick, smash, bash, whatever, but claw and fang are only for emergencies, or against real monsters’ Leon though looking at the worm creatures. ‘Yah ok, I think they qualifies as “Monsters” well I haven’t eaten a worm in twelve years, but if there was ever a time..’ Lean said still starting blankly at the creatures. “Well looks like it’s party time.” Leon said smirking, his fangs showing, he was getting excited. Then he started to sniff the air, turning around, seeing a large bat bolting toward him, looking like it had the intent to suck him dry of his blood.

As it came closer, something in Leon snapped, he was quickly on all fours, growling loudly at the on coming creature fangs flaring, then it was snapped back to what Leon was sure was a vampire. Even then Leon growled a bit more for a minute, then coming back to his scenes, looking dumb founded once again. “Wow… That’s new..” Leon said getting to his feet noticing that there were still creatures in the area. “Well if there was ever a time to be cover with fur from head to toe…” Lean said closing his eye for a moment. It was almost instant if you blink you would miss it, Leon was a full blown werewolf, it was one thing about his type of werewolf, the transformation was quick and painless, unlike some poor souls. “Ok, so know what?” Leon said not know whether to attack these things or not, but he was ready to go wild if need be.

March 18th, 2007, 12:51 PM
"Anyways, back on topic." Noi sighed as he swatted away a small, mouselike monster with the golden staff in his hand. He moved closer to the main group, who were all combating the creatures themselves. "These monsters are referred to as Viruses. It's unknown where they come from, but they like to feed on humans. They started to appear the night the Headmaster disappeared, and it has forced us to hire Seria."

"Hire Seria? For what?" David replied as his blade pierced the flesh of a snake virus attacking Jill. Jill wasn't particularly good at self defence, but she was helpful at support magic.

"Seria, well... She's a virus hunter of sorts." Noi answered after fending off another mouse virus. "I can't really go into more detail than that right now. If you want to learn more, its best to ask her later." He threw his right index finger into the air, as if it was a queue for the sound of gunfire that followed, as well as the moans and groans of dying viruses. "That would be her. Anyways, these viruses only came out between the hours of 12am and 6am. The reason I had Seria call you guys here, was, well, because I want to enlist your aid. We're trying to throw together a Virus defence group."

March 19th, 2007, 7:45 PM
I sighed, getting out a small lighter, and lighting a single cigarette. As a long legged, wiry Virus came close, looking almsot like a spider, apart from the fact that it had several dozen legs, I put the killer to my mouth, and exhaled rather than inhaled, my power turning it into a minature flamethrower, but exhausting the cigarette in a matter of moments. "I think I don't have anything better to do for the next two years, so why not?" I asked, suddenly twitching as I heard a shout. "RRRROOOBBBIIIIEEE!"I jumped in shock, right as I felt a small pinprick from a neurotoxic dart in my back. I was much more afraid of the voice, though.

A young, blonde haired, blue eyed girl with alight blue T shirt, and much darker jeans pounced off of a rooftop, locking her arms around my neck, causing me to fall to the ground with her on top of my back. "Robbie, I finally found you again, it's sooo good to see you again!" She said, and I responded with some strangled gargling sounds into the pavement.