View Full Version : My Anger

code zerro the deluge
March 4th, 2007, 1:23 PM
I'm a fighter
Figher I am
I dont understand
The pain & suffering
I have to go through
I'm gonna show you
I was just to tired
I'm stuck through the wire
And maybe you an see
How I can be
How I wanna be
And see be is me
So here I am
I am a slave
Stuck to this early grave
When I die I'm a hit the pave
It's an early fate
It's and early date
To death
This might be her last breat
Before she passes
I am so scared
I start to fast
And I ware this mask
To hide mistakes
I cant wipe away and erase
Off this face
Of guilty concience
I created this monster
Let me stop
Before I take it farther
I'm feeling sober
I need my father
To save me from these impostars
This is no lie no make believe no movie
Its not a doosey
Its not time to be choosey
Im in this big war
I dont know what for
I have seen better days
Whee I can truly
That I deserved my stay
So this is my last shot
With these verses its a race against the clock
And when you hear gunshots
Thats when the fun stops
You can call me the best
Say it its done
I am the blessed one
No time for games
But I do this for fun
And this pun
And these scars of my past
Full force so loud
I rap and I'm done in a flash
My father would be so proud
My mother is ill
And I need to rest and just chill
But I'm gonna kill
This is the deal
Im gonna save you
These skys are so grey
ave you from the blues
I'm gonna choose
Not gonna lose
Im gonna express my anger
Better watch out
Your in danger
Your a stranger
Im in favor
Dont be a hatter
And later
My mind is in the cold
Stick out my chest
Am I bold
With this deam
I can succedd
With a degree
That gives me
The right to be mean
The second menest MC
I wish I could take back things that I said
And the blood color red
And I'm dieing on the inside
Crying on the out
Because its hard to tell the truth
And agreements
I'll make a statement
This is my last step
Can I be your favorite?