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March 7th, 2007, 12:26 PM
Here it is. Part two of New Generation

The New Generation: Angels and Demons

Rated PG 14


A few years after the defeat of Team Rocket and Team Aqua/Magma. They have decided to delve deeper. Team Rocket, Aqua and Magma have joined forces with a few other gangs and have merged into one ultimate pokemon laundering organization. Team Omni. They are recognized with White Magma uniforms.

After the domination of pokemon Gold/Silver and Crystal Team Omni had 1 powerfull leader. Giovanni who was studying pokemon for 3 years found out something. A mysterious plant found in Ilex Forest had a strange ability. Once ingested the plant would be able to change DNA. Which once ingested any DNA that would be admisitered to the patient would hybrid with the DNA and eventualy become it. Meaning if the plant was ingested into one patient and Charmander DNA would be administered to the patient the patient would warp into a Charmander.

So Giovanni decided to administer this treatment to highly advanced trainers that would be able to use this pokemon ability. One by one Team Omni has plundered trainers and their pokemon. They have kidnapped them and sent them to the Generation Labs. These have long been abandoned and have recently been opened again. It is located underground a few miles east of Vermilian. The trainers pokemon are in holding cells to the north of the complex and the trainers are in the medical labs to the south.

From Part 1:

As the trainers went into the recreational center. One by one they were taken away from the recreational center and ingected with pokemon serium. The pokemon serum worked with the food they ate. Then Giovanni made an appearence via widescreen. He told them about what they had been ingected with. Shortly after the Omni's gave the trainers a special kind of pill. When they took it they immediatly fell asleep. However some of them were already awake and they noticed that there was no longer any time limit for transformation. They mutated in front of their eyes. Then the hybrids broke out of the labs. Once they did so however the labs initiated a lockdown and traps with turrets formed.

The Hybrids managed to make it out after fighting their way. Most of them met a special mutant hybrid who was Blaziken, Scizor and had psy powers as well. It is unknown what his intentions were. He apparently was one of the first generation of pokemon hybrids. When Giovanni was still testing his formula. He disapeared however by teleporting away.

Soon the Hybrids went to the lobby of the Generation labs. But Giovanni was there waiting for them. After saying that the hybrids were to dangourous he detonated charges around the first floor. Then the floor beneath the lobby crumbled as the hybrids fell down it. But then they noticed they were now in a sewer pipe apparently forgoten when the building was built.
This is where they hybrids start. The sewer pipe.

However Omni's who survived the explosion are all around the lower floors of the Generation labs that werent destroyed. They are searching for a way out and to eliminate any hybrids they find.

But around Vermilan city trainers have noticed a large explosion coming out of the experimental labs. A few trainers flock towards the labs and try to find out what is going on.
Unlike the first part. You do not need to play as a hybrid. There are three templates




Trainers do not meet up with hybrids or Omni's till later in the story.

Trainers are random trainers in Vermilian city, they could be starter trainers or pokemon masters.

Omni's are random team members who are still in the remaining part of the labs. They are searching for any trace of survivors of the blast

Final Notes
Trainers will meet up with the Hybrids when they escape the complex via the old sewer tunnel. Omnis will escape the ruined complex eventualy and will still try to chase the hybrids even though their leader tried to kill them to take out the hybrids.

Only 10 other hybrids survived the blast Giovanni made.


1. All PC rules apply

2. Spelling and grammer is not very crucial but recommended.

3. Please stick to this roleplay like glue. I need dedicated roleplayers

4. You can have legendarys. Actualy it is recomended. You have up to 4 people being legendary

5. Trainers can be beginning trainers to being pokemon masters. Plus they can have a random assorment of weapons if they wish

6. Omni's carry pokemon and weapons. Mostly non-leathal weapons but they may carry a small weapon if they wish

7. One of the biggest rules is NO POWERPLAYING OR BUNNYING

8. If you are a legendary then you will not be able to go through the full potential of it. You will barely be able to skim its powers. Legendary roleplaying is used for people who will not powerplay with it.

9. You cannot have 2 of the same legendary's in the roleplay. You can have 2 or more of the same regular pokemon but not legendarys

10. Last but not least please have fun

Sign-up Sheets


Name: (self explanitory)

Age: (Please above 10)

Gender: (self explanitory)

Pokémon to hybrid with: (This is where it gets tricky. Only 4 people in the roleplay can hybrid with legendarys. But I implore you to choose your favorite.)

Description: (what your character looks like remember they look like pokemon now)

Personality: (What your character acts like)

History: (What happened that was so big that made you one of Omni's favorites? What happened in the labs? This is a crucal part to the roleplay)

Other: (anything else to add)

RP Sample: (Another important step. This is where you must show me what your writing style is so I can judge you.)



Name: (self explanitory)

Age: (Please above 15)

Gender: (self explanitory)

Pokémon: (if any. Please also post what their level is and anything else)

Description: (what your character looks like. Remember Omni's wear standard issue uniform. Which is a magma garb that is pure white with the Omni logo replacing the Magma one)

Personality: (What your character acts like)

Weapons: (if any. Omni's hold non leathal guns)

History: (How did you become an Omni? This is a crucial part of the roleplay)

Other: (anything else to add)

RP Sample: (Another important step. This is where you must show me what your writing style is so I can judge you.)


Name: (self explanitory)

Age: (Please above 10)

Gender: (self explanitory)

Pokémon: (if any. Please also post what their level is and anything else)

Description: (what your character looks like. No restrictions)

Personality: (What your character acts like)

History: (How did you become a trainer? This is a crucial part of the roleplay)

Other: (anything else to add)

RP Sample: (Another important step. This is where you must show me what your writing style is so I can judge you.)


1. Grim, Mewtwo, Mewtwo (Legendary)
2. Ash Jr. AJ Valentine, Trainer
3. Hotoru Barkwater, Hotoru, Medicham
4. Cheeky Typhlosion, Kayne Cinders, Typhlosion
5. Random Fan, Charley Vendie, Marowak
6. Lightning rider, Eria Uma, Giradina

Fallen Angel_Messiah Of Black Roses
March 7th, 2007, 5:03 PM
Name: AJ Valentine

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Pokémon to hybrid with: Lucario

Description: Description: AJ is a medium sized Hispanic teen, He's about Five Foot four and weighs around 130 something pounds. His eye's are a Cloudy blue and his teeth are nice and pearly, He is wearing an earing in his left ear and has a tattoo of the cross on his forehead. He wears Black leather pants and a black shirt with a white cross and the words 'Judgment Day' he wears black boots with iron soles. He wears a white trench coat with another cross on it, this times black. His hair is grayish white and styled in a ponytail. He always wears an engagment ring.

Personality: AJ has a fixed personality, he is serious and strict in battle but will also have a sense of humor to lighten up all the tense moments. Averagely he is a layed back calm kinda of guy, real outgoing. Even if you get on his nerves he will be willing to help you but if you really Piss him off your going to regret it, big time. So overall he's a layed back humorous yet strict and serious kind of guy.

History: AJ was known as the man who protected the city of Blackthorn when a sudden crime wave hit the city, considering there wasn't much police. AJ started to live in Blackthorn after beating the Johto leage in a very short period of time, considering he had the itch to battle. But good times faded as he was ambushed, gun taken away and shot in the leg, awoke in a mysterious place.

Other: AJ can play the violen and is engaged to a girl named Misty.

RP Sample: " Crap! The Solider is even closer then before!" Misty yelled watching a screen with a radar in the center, the machine was bleeping loudly. Our base was yellow on the map and the solider was green, it seemed he was just a mile or so from us and then there were two blue dots that meant non cultist and they were somewhat close.

" Let's head out! Barry, Rocky, Eline and Chuck follow me. Trina, Michael and Hudson follow Misty. My team will head towards the solider and rebel down there and Team B, Which is you guys" AJ said pointing towards Misty and the people by her, " Will go find the other rebel and the rest of you stay here and prepare for the worst possible situation. Now Move" AJ said in a smooth commanding voice, very authoritive.

" Move Team B" Misty yelled out heading to tunnel that would evidently lead into the main part of Pallet where one of the rebels were located. " Come on team, make sure your loaded up and follow me!" AJ yelled to his sqaud as he picked up both the Chainsaw attachment and UZI attachment not exactly sure what he would need. AJ ran out and into the stairway heading up fast, he was pissed that Dillon's lackies were trying to kill them or mabye it was all connected to the fact that his twin was an Arcana even though he had been an outcast from society he had been AJ's own flesh and blood. That's whats gonna be left of me if I don't focus and pay attention AJ thought to himself scoldingly.

AJ had made it out of the base and had already gotten half way to route one without any trouble and then it happened. Cultist, about six of them. AJ scowled and unholstered his Beretta quickly before the rest of his team had time to react, he aimed for one that had a purple robe on with a white mask on. AJ aimed for the Robed Cultist and pulled the trigger, Bam! the sound was an explosion of echoing despair that AJ had gotten used to, The .40 round had managed to find it's way into the Robed man's temple, it had shattered the mask and what sounded to be the skull as bone fragments and blood spewed out, AJ tryed not to look at the small splatter of brain matter behind the Cultist as it crumpled to the floor.

AJ looked at the other cultist, and didn't notice as one got close enough and knocked him to the ground with an iron rod. Barry springed into action and pulled the trigger of his Desert Eagle and smiled as the Cultists head exploded in an array of blood and other headly things. The other's got the clue and started to take down the rest with simple headshots, the battle was over pretty fast to say the least.

AJ and the group kept running and then there they were, at the enterance to Pallet Town and so far not a Solider in sight, " Good." AJ mumbled.
Misty stayed alert while sneaking upon the random buildings of Pallet, she saw some spell driven cultist. " Try to divert attention" She mumbled to her group as she kept going, keeping low and quiet and then Snap! "Sh|t" Misty curses as she stepped on a large twig, and as if it was an alert about twelve cultist started to surround them, almost moaning as they sluggishly raised large metal rods or bats. Misty nodded at her team and pulled out her thompsan, she pulled the trigger and almost dropped the machine gun as it unleashed an unholy spray of bullets onto the targets in front of her. Ratatatatatata the sound was deafning and her ears were starting to ache as the figures flew back, blood dribbling from several bullet holes in each one as they crumpled. Misty pulled her finger off the trigger and the sound instantly stopped, Thank god she thought to herself as she looked at the big ass pile of bodies.

"Move out!" Misty yelled as she kept going, while she was running she switched the magizines out for her thompsan. This was going to be a long night.

Arcana Tower

Dillon rubbed an orb made of crystal, and smiled. " Aww yes... Cain and Sol have made it to the destination, though it looks like Cain isn't coping as well as I thought as he would." He mumbled deeply and then grimaced, My children are dying though but his grimace was replaced with a bitterly sweet smile, They're indispencable though. He thought to himself slightly chuckling. " Master, you shouldn't have sent a boy for a mans job" a dark voice interupting Dillon's thought. " Do not worry Lord James. They are indispencable, no great loss." Dillon said, his voice was smoothly sour.

The door burst open without warning as medium sized caucassian bust through, obviously excited about something. Dillon frowned at the interuption, " Lord Dillon! The Magician wishes to send you a mess-" Dillon cut the man off. " Did I say you could come in? Did you knock? Obvious such manners can't be accepted." Dillon grumbled as he clenched his fist-
and the mans right eye exploded. Blood started to dribble down his face as he screeched in pain, " Shut up!" James yelled as he ripped the man throat out, cartillage and the gleaming shine of bone as his throat exposed, the man gave a final blood filled cough as he fell to the ground. Dillon smiled at James " Thank you. I'll dispose of this nuisence." Dillon said grinning as the body and blood disapeared. " We have buisness to attend to." Dillon said his voice fading.

AJ was waiting for the answer he wanted, the reason for the mans apearance when he remembered something. " Barry, where is that Sandslash?" He asked anxious, Barry replied with a shug. " Damn, where'd he go." AJ mumbled looking around

March 7th, 2007, 5:36 PM
Ash Jr.: Very nice sign up ACCEPTED

Here is mine

Name: Cain Ritham

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Pokémon to hybrid with: Mewtwo

Description: Cain has black hair that is so long that he keeps it in a braid that goes down to his sholders. He has a black leather jacket which has an inside pocket He wears black gloves that both have a white triangle on the top of them in the middle. He has grey jeans with a brown belt and a silver buckle. His shoes are white sneakers with black laces Cain is very slim yet he doesnt care about his weight

Personality: Cain is a quiet outgoing individual. People belive he has a flaming personality since he can get mad quite easily and always wants revenge. Yet he doesnt like to show weakness. Because of this he is very brave and strong.

History: Cain lived in Goldenrod city most of his life. After Crystal he trained with many of his pokemon in hopes to defeat the elite four. However he stumbled apon something bigger. Cain went into the abandoned rocket Gamecorner as a dare one day. Aparently they went out of buisiness a few months earlyer and were now being remodeled to be a wearhouse. Cain walked towards the poster that had the button behind it and noticed that a staircase was behind it. So once he walked down it he found out that he managed to find an Omni hideout. There he saw many different people including Archi, Maxi and Giovanni himself. They were talking about project Generation. However while hearing this Cain found out he was spotted on a security camera. He managed to escape however but found out he had already been identified.

Cain then recived a starter pokemon and started his journey. A few months later his pokemon were fully evolved and he decided that he wanted to settle down with his pokemon.

He moved to Pewter where he found out that there was an Omni hideout there as well. It was under the gym. Once he made it there he fought many Omni till he defeated an Omni executive and got away safely.

Cain traveled to Saffron where he found out that Omni found another hideout under Sliph Co. Cain went there and found out that Maxi was in charge of the hideout. Cain defeated Maxi after a lengthy battle and escaped one more time.

Cain returned back to the Gamecorner. But once he went down towards the hideout he found out that they created a new security system since then. He was captured within minutes and was taken to Giovanni himself. Giovanni was setting project Generation into play. Giovanni had a report from the executive and Maxi about Cain and saw the potential in him. So Cain was onroute to Vermilian city to be processed into project Generation

March 7th, 2007, 5:47 PM
Can you reserve me a spot? I'll do sign up later.

March 7th, 2007, 5:54 PM
Can you reserve me a spot? I'll do sign up later.

Okay then RESERVED

If you could just tell me wether you are going to be a rare or a normal

March 7th, 2007, 8:04 PM
Wondering if I could join

Name: Hotaru
Age: 15

Gender: Male

Pokémon to hybrid with: Medicham

Description: Hotaru has a white collared shirt unbuttoned, with a black shirt under. His lower half is covered in tight black pants, and black boots. He has black shoulderlength hair and dark purple eyes. His right wrist has a black spiked wristband.

Personality: Very outgoing, and fun. Hotaru has a competitive personality, but can be very foolish at times, yet still keep things together.

History: Ahh, let's see. Known as the only person to have accualy traveled into the past and future, Hotaru battled and beat the past, present, and future. He first descovered time travel in his father's lab, by mistake. He then traveled to his past, where he met his grandfather, and learned all the fighting styles of the past. After battling the Elite Four 60
years ago, he traveled back to his home town of Dugar, in an unkown region at the time. When he got home, his whole city was destroyed, Team Rocket had invaded his city and stolen his father's time machine, and caused havic on his past, and his present. He had to destroy the time machine, and Team Rocket. Two years have past since the accident, and his city considers him as a hero. But good things die fast. He was accused for the whole mishap with team rocket. His town thought he had gone back in time and started the Team and made them do the stuff they did. Hotaru left, and headed for Vermillion. He heard somthing about Team Rocket, it had supposedly merged into one team with magma and aqua, so he decided to check it out. And wanted to earn back the respect of his town. But as he entered the city, he was ambushed, and nocked out.

RP Sample: (This is from another rp site from a Naruto rp, hope it's ok, if not, I will type somthing else.) Hotaru looked at the screen. "Yes!!" he yelled out. "Looks like we do have to fight." he said, smiling at Banta. His eyes took another look at the screen. "What?!" he saw not only his name along with Banta's, but someone elses. "A three way battle, this could be fun." he looked at the other chalenger. "Konoha." he muttered under his breath. 'This might be harder than I thought. I am fighting two ninja from two other villages.' he thought to himself. His palms became sweaty. "You can do this Hotaru." he smiled. He tightend the wrappings on his arms. "This should be good. 'What I thought of doing was focusing on my Taijutsu first. But if I did that I would have to convert some stamina, and if I did that, when I needed Ninjutsu I wouldn't have enough. After studying the chakra control sheet I picked up before leaving home, then I should use some ninjutsu along with my taijutsu.' he thought again to himself.

He jumped off the ledge. "Thought I would never get down here." he said, rotating his right arm. "This match should make history right here." He said, smiling. "As far as I know, this is the first three way match in a while." he looked up at Daaku. He smiled. "I will make you proud." he whispered. He stood in the corner on the arena.

March 7th, 2007, 8:11 PM
HotaruBarkwater: A moderatly good signup sheet. But you do know that we all start in the medical part of the Generation Labs. So you need to include a part where you get captured by Omni. Otherwise everything is fine. Plus Team Rocket is now team Omni. So you need to do some editing


March 7th, 2007, 8:21 PM
Name: Lindsey

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Pokémon to hybrid with: Espeon

Description: Lindsey is a tall, lanky girl with honey blonde hair just past shoulder length. She has pale blue eyes, and her complexion is rather light. Lindsey's clothing consists of a pale purple T-shirt, and dark blue jeans with an eevee image embroidered on both legs.

Personality: Lindsey is always somewhat deep in thought, and is rather emotional, but hides her feelings with what seems to be a silly and happy attitude. She is extremely loyal to all whom she cares about, and would take a bullet to the heart to save a friend. She is never afraid to state her opinion on just about anything. Lindsey loves to sketch, and is rather creative and has a logical mind.

Lindsey began training pokemon when she was just 9, and defeated the Elite Four when she was ten. She learned a great deal about pokemon from her father before he died of an illness when Lindsey was 11. Lindsey has since become a somewhat well-known trainer in Kanto, having been victorious in many battles on live television, and interviewed several times by the local news and often by various newspapers. People have expected her to become a great gym leader, but Lindsey has always refused, preferring to travel with her pokemon and simply live life.

One day, Lindsey was training her pokemon alone in a park when she saw a hooded man standing against a tree. Thinking nothing of it, she just continued minding her own business. After an hour, the man was still standing by the tree, now he was talking on a cell phone. Lindsey began to walk toward the man, but he suddenly rush toward her, grabbing her and holding a gun to her head before she could even scream. He forced her into a car, where she was tied up and held still by another man.

RP Sample:

Raichu stood up, his body battered and bruised. The battle was getting fierce, and Raichu was exaughsted, but he could not let his trainer down.
Small sparks danced about his cheeks as he prepared to attack. He was not going to lose. These hopeful thoughts were proven wrong, however, when a powerful hyper beam from his opponent, tyrannitar knocked the poor creature senseless. Victory, today, did not belong to Raichu.

Hope that's good enough X_x

March 7th, 2007, 8:22 PM
Could I reserve a spot, yo? I have to log out, but I will beable to actually fill out a form in a bit. ><; Sorry for being a pain.

March 7th, 2007, 8:23 PM
Could I reserve a spot, yo? I have to log out, but I will beable to actually fill out a form in a bit. ><; Sorry for being a pain.

No worries Xhaiden


Rinjii_Justvisiting: We START in the medicinal labs. We do not include them in our history. This is to show the changes being made. Plus the Generation labs are Under Vermilian city so I doubt you could escape very easily unless you were a hybrid. Other then that it is fine


March 7th, 2007, 8:28 PM
Fixed it. I hope XD Is it okay now?

March 7th, 2007, 8:30 PM
Fixed it. I hope XD Is it okay now?

Rinjii_Justvisiting: Yes that is very good


EDIT: One more small plot point. When I said "They will be released". I ment they will be let back into the recreational center. I wanted to create it so that the trainers would have to escape Generation labs and then the second part of the roleplay would commence. The second part is called "The New Generation: Part two, Angels and Demons" The third part is called The New Generation: Part three, The Cure. Then the final part is called The New Generation: Part four: A bit closer to Heaven. If the roleplay lives that long

Anyway one more non-reserved person and we can start.

March 7th, 2007, 9:45 PM
Name: Robert Jacob Price

Age: 18

Gender: Male (though, with his powers, who knows how long this will last?)

Pokémon to hybrid with: Ditto

Description: Robert sood very tall at 6'4'', with a similarly broad frame, with a slight pudge, but also a well formed musculature underneath a large black overcoat made of leather. He almost always wore, and still does wear a large panama hat made of black leather. His hair was a deep, dark brown, cut no longer than half an inch at most, and was usually covered by his hat. He had deep hazel eyes, which usually looked either distant, or dead, another part of his intimidating image.

Personality: Robert use to be a simple, if friendly person kept within an outer shell of indifference. Biut after the change, his personality became highly susceptible to changes, based on his transformations.

History: Formerly being an advanced trainer, Robert began his life early as a thorn in rocket's side in Kanto, not a killing blower, but certainly hampered a number of projects and attempts by rockets as he became powerful, alongside his darkened arcanine. Upon the strange 'disbandment' of rocket, Robert left to Johto. There, things were relatively peaceful, as he began to round his pokemon team, adding new friends to his faithful arcanine. But lacking evil to fight, he quickly got nbored just cruising for random trainers.

And so, he departed, this time to Hoenn. He sought further rare pokemon, creating a not so well rounded, but very devastating team of pokemon, and along the way, similarly provoked magma and aqua, daring them to try and bring their full force against them. And when they finally tried, they found that he had dissapeared. Gone into hiding among the minor regions, travelling to places such as Orre.

At last, however. He showed up again. Thinking things had cooled off appropriately, Robert returned to Kanto, seeking to enter the Leaguem and un-aware of the danger team Omni presented. Thus, in a quick and devastating strike, he was captured, seperated from his pokemon, and subjected to the torments of Team Omni.

Other: He doesn't exactly have full control over his transformation powers, in any aspect. But they're still fairly potent.

RP Sample: Snipped from a current roleplay. If that's a problem, please let me know.

Finally, the chaos was enough to direct my attention to the chaos by the other table. I turned slowly, reluctant to take my eyes off the pale skined guy, but what I saw managed to distract me. Firstly, there was a pink haired girl who had pounced, then forcibly removed from a relatively normal looking guy. There was another guy with them with red hair, who seemed to be the nexus of all the combined contempt of the group, and a perfect, almost too perfect image of a gothic girl. not the punkish type, but actually gothic. And, to top it off, Elly was heading straight for them.

The Ovalisk made her calm, but cheerful way over to the young girl. Being partially ignorant, and partially oblivious, and entirely uncaring about whther she was right or not, she had identified Jill to be an ovalisk as well, and happy to find a companion, she had walked right over to make conversation. Conversation, of course beginning with a full, flying, tackle-hug. Ovalisks were very eager to touch, since it was how they transferred their nearly eternal lives, and happiness to regular mortals. Not to mention that tame ones were often lonely for contact. "Yaay, I'm not alone anyWAAH!" She said, yelping out as my hand snapped out, grabbing her by the hair, sending her flopping to the floor. "Rooobbeeerrrt!" she whined, sitting up slowly, but not getting to her feet, or making another move towards the girl. "Elly, you know better than to touch people." I said calmly, despite a vein twitching in my forehead. "But she's-" "No, she isn't" I cut off, gently picking her up by the arms. I inclined my head to the chaotic group. "I'm sorry about that. My friend here is slightly more dangerous than she appears, inadvertently so." Why was I always so elequent when I was stressed?

Mia seemed slightly grumpy, but also more commiserating than Ami as she walked alongside noi, folding her arms behind her head as she looked up at the sky. "And it took all that time for them to say that, when you did it in less than half a minute." She grumbled, putting a hand on his shoulder. "I can't say I know how you feel,. but I understand that it's gotta be tough hon." Ami however, ruined all her well thought out plans, by squealing with delight and pointing at the coffee shop. "Look, Robert's here, and he brought Elly! Do you think he came to visit us?" She asked, excitedly running towards the shop, not noticing the pulsing vein in her twin's forehead.

March 7th, 2007, 9:47 PM
Shiney: This is a very good signup. It has much detail and has been thought out very well


Anyway im planning on starting the roleplay. Check back for the first post


Cain viewed the hallway he was walking through. It was white walled and had lights everywhere. He was bound by handcuffs and was being escorted by two Omni thugs. He did not know what he was in for but he knew it would be painfull. Eventualy they reached a door labled

New Generation Labs: Recreational Center

At least I will be able to stretch my legs

The Omni thugs unlocked his handcuffs and pointed towards two turrets on different sides of the recreational center. If he tried to escape now he would pay for it dearly. So Cain continued walking, the recreational center was a big room. Similarily resembling a school cafeteria. There were 8 tables seating 5. They were all facing a large view screen. The two Omni thugs walked back through the door he came in through and he noticed it locked behind him. This did not fear Cain. He did not fear pain and suffering. What was going through his head was what they were doing to his pokemon at this very moment. The though almost made him want to jump at the omni's. But he was not stupid enough to do so.

Cain was standing in the recreational center. He sat at the middle table and noticed that more trainers were coming in the same way he was. Handcuffed and pushed in.

Cheeky Typhlosion
March 8th, 2007, 12:04 AM
This looks interesting. I'd like to join, if it's not too late.

Name: Kayne Cynders

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Pokémon to hybrid with: Typhlosion

Description: Kayne has short, messy, chocolate brown hair that jsut brushes the tips of his ears, but reaches a bit further down the back of his neck. His fringe finishes just above his ocean blue eyes. He has a scar that is visible above and below his left eye, and when he closes it you can see the full mark. There is another scar that runs down the middle of his left upper arm, but that one is rarely seen. He wears a long-sleeve shirt the same color as his eyes with a thin, yellow stripe going down each arm. He has a pair of brown, 3/4 length shorts and grey runners with red stripes on the sides of them. He has a green backpack that he carries with him everywhere, and he has one PokeBall hanging off a chain around his neck.

Personality: Kayne's looks are quite deceiving. He is not as intimidating as he looks, for he is quite a care-free teenager who loves his Pokemon and is a great battler. He rises to any challenge set in front of him, no matter how difficult. He cares for others and puts his own safety last, and is always making friends with complete strangers. He loves having fun and joking around with his friends.

History: Kayne is the son of two former Gym Leaders, which gave him an edge in training right from the word 'go'. His father, in his youth, caused an awful lot of problems for Team Rocket when they began to make their comeback from their defeat in Kanto. Kayne quickly began to assemble a team of 'unusual' but strong Pokemon and was viewed as a threat. He defeated the Rockets sent to eliminate him with ease.

After a few years he was resting in a forest with his Pokemon, and woke up when he heard them cry out for him. He was taken by surprise as his Pokemon were already being subdued. The only the one who was able to even try to put up a fight was his starter, who was still beaten. When Kayne rushed to his side he was caught by a Machamp, just like his Pokemon, and was dragged away from them all. His backpack, which held his PokeDex, was also confiscated from him, so he was not able to call upon his other Pokemon to save him.

RP Sample: From 'The Crystal Flute'

CK ran up to him and grabbed him with huge force, pulling him to face her, and angrily shouted 'WHAT DID I TELL YOU?!?!' But then she noticed what Balos was loooking at, and now Jamie was also staring at it. The pink gas had drifted over to them, and began to fill CK's lungs. Balos wriggled free from her grip and stepped back next to Jamie to view this scene.

CK collapsed onto her hands and knees as she began coughing and spluttering from the gas. She could feel her spine beginning to extend right out of her body, she could feel her hair suddenly become somewhat thinner and ran between her ears, which grew past her forehead. For a brief moment her vision blurred, but soon returned to normal. In fact, it was better than normal.

The feelings of pain and choking subsided, and CK finally managed to get back to her feet. She looked at her hands, and noticed that her nails seemed a little bit longer, and were more like an animal's claws than anything. She turned to her Pokemon, who looked at her with expressions of shock. They seemed to be petrified. They quickly returned to their PokeBalls out of fear, leaving CK in the alley on her own. The confused girl turned the corner and looked at her reflection in the window of a shop.

What she saw made her scream louder than she ever had before...

I hope this is OK...

March 8th, 2007, 4:16 AM
Heh, mind if I join? >.>

Name: Charley Vendie

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Pokémon to hybrid with: Marowak

Description: Charley never took the time to take any notice with his hair (nor does he take the time to look at a mirror), so the only memory of what he thinks his hair looks like is what others say about him. They say he has nice cuts, short hair. His nose is slightly crooked, but not completely noticeable. Of course, his before he left on his journey, his Mom would always tell him that he had the eyes of the sea, and she had most likely been referring to the color. Now to the part that he’s sure of himself would be the fact that he always wore something that would always have a shade of brown in it. Even in his pants. People would remind him that he kind of looked like his Sandslash when they were to stand together.

Personality: Charley was not the mean guy, but he was not the nice guy either (nor would he be the in-between guy). In truth, his personality was driven by who he was around. He’d study the way a person would act, and then he’d act just the same to be accepted. It was a good way to get around when you had a lot of people to be able to count on you, but not always did this help. Sometimes, he’d act like how he would with someone else while he’s talking to someone different. This goes to them believing he’s changing, and one thing comes to another.

History: Charley had always been the one to mind his own business when the time is right, but when you hang out with someone that does not like to mind their own business, it kind of gets to you. So, Charley and his un-identified friend were found guilty (mostly Charley) when it had come to snooping around. In Vermillion, Charley and this un-identified friend were doing what they always did; having a nice, fun, Pokémon battle. As it went (as Charley’s life always goes), one thing led to another again. From a thrown away flyer had gone to Charley’s capture when he decided it would be okay to show people around Vermillion the flyer of information, read with not so shining bright lights on the top, Team Omni. Uh oh, maybe it wasn’t right to show a Team Omni member the flyer, huh?

Other: Nothing at all. Nada. Zero. Finished. Choked. Done. Not one.

RP Sample: Come on, you know me. XD j/k just to let you know, the words in parenthesis here are Charley’s thoughts. >_> May not be my best RP sample, but it's something.


I got to say, I wasn’t impressed. How low can a team like Team Rocket go? They just grouped up with Team Magma and Aqua! What the heck is wrong with them? This would probably be the most stupid thing I had ever known them to do.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t the one to talk. According the Rocket (Magma? Aqua? Omni? Why Omni?), I was supposed to stay quiet. Whether I was or was not the one to listen didn’t matter; these guys were dangerous, and unlike some people I know, I wasn’t about to make matters worse.

As I walked on with the handcuffs, I was pondering to myself of something else other than my sudden hatred for Omni. I was more thinking of what was going on in the surface of the rest of the world. Surely people would worry about me. Would they not come looking for me? Or was Omni going to…make me disappear? Was I about to walk into the room where I die?

This was all going to have to be held at a length; I entered the room I was led into. Whatever happened to me, the last thought I had before I entered the room was that I brought this on myself.

Then the Omni idiot repeated my thoughts. “You brought this on yourself, kid.”

March 8th, 2007, 8:09 AM
^^ that remembers me at my first roleplay i started at pokecommunity. You can watch it here Grim. Pokemon Hazard (http://pkmncommunity.com/showthread.php?t=51368)

Perhaps you can grap some ideas out of it. Have fun!

March 8th, 2007, 8:54 AM
Name: Eria Uma

Age: 14

Gender: male

Pokémon to hybrid with: Giradina

Description: He wears a black vest with a gold trimming on it. He also wears a white t-shirt under and has red eyes and blonde hair. He also wears black jeans and black and red Jordans.

Personality: He is a quiet kind of guy most of the time. He gets annoyed very easily though and has a short temper. He will only make friends with someone who is worthy of his friendship.

History: He has had a kind of quiet history (obviously). He hasn't met his parents before and has no siblings. He has lived with his grandpa ever since he was born and was taught to be patient and quick to react and be aware. He hates Team Omni for what they did to his cousin though and swears for revenge on them.He has defeated most of the admins in battles and has stopped at least 5 of their schemes. Team Omni was so pissed that they decided to kidnap him.He was kidnapped in his sleep and then awoke in the Omni base with all of the other trainers..

Other: none

RP Sample: I looked at the walls of the room I was closed into. I was another one of the people that Giovanni caught. A guard came up to me and told me to take the pill. I looked at it and the picture of Giradina next to it. So...Giovanni wants to eliminate our hybrid abilities , huh? Well , he should've made a better choice , for he made a grave mistake. I thought. I grabbed the pill and looked at the guard behind me. With great speed I grabbed his jaw and pried his mouth open. I shoved the pill into his mouth and he fainted in an instant , moaning with pain as he was being constricted by the pill. "I'm guessing it's because of him not being a hybrid...meh." I grabbed the keys and got out and started to run and look for the other's cells.

March 8th, 2007, 12:15 PM
OOC:Cheeky Typhlosion: Very nice
Random_fan: Im glad you want to roleplay here. This roleplay would be nothing without you


Lightning Rider: Finnish, It is looking good so far.


Anyway here is the next post. Remember the roleplay has already started. Once Lightning rider finnishes there will be one more slot left and it is Legendary.

Cain sat down at the middle table and saw other trainers do the same. Immediatly Omni guards started walking through. He heared much shuffling behind the door indicating that a large amount of Omni guards were there. Then Cain looked around at the other trainers who were just sitting down. Most trainers aparently were fearing for their pokemon just as he was.

Damn Omnis. Why are they doing this?

His question was cut short when he noticed the door opened and a large crowd of Omnis came through. They were pulling a cart that had food on it. Cain was increadably hungry and almost jumped at the sight. He had not eaten in 6 hours since his capture. He noticed that there were fourty plates on the cart and as he looked around there were fourty trainers here.

Finnaly some food.

Fallen Angel_Messiah Of Black Roses
March 8th, 2007, 2:37 PM
AJ groaned as his eyelids flickered open and then automatically winced in pain as searing hot pain shot through his leg, and then he remebered it all; Everyone screaming for me as they came and threw the town into chaos, I'm there standing up to them, gun to there head and then Bang a bullet from behind goes straight through my right leg. Falling to the ground and being tied up, and then... nothing. AJ got up as one of his assilents picked him off the ground, barking into his face " Get up!" AJ could feel the hot breath and smell the awful tuna smell in the mans breath.

He was slowly marched down the hall into a cafeteria, it hadn't been easy considering that AJ's leg had a hole punched through it, What? No wrap around it? Not even a friggin bandage! AJ thought to himself angrily as he was pushed into a seat by some trainer who seemed to be drooling over the cart, it was boy. With extremly long hair! AJ gawked, then feeling his own hair, which was in a very messy ponytail.

March 8th, 2007, 3:53 PM
Cain saw someone sit down right next to him. Since he hadnt spoken since his pokemon were taken away he jumped to an introduction.

"Hi im Cain. Whats your..."

But the introduction was cut short when they past out the plates. They were all basicly the same. A small salad with a small amount of dressing. What was wierd was that the leaves were very dark green. But it didnt matter since it tasted the same anyway. After he finnished his plate a pair of Omni thugs came out from behind him. They asked him his name "Cain Ritham?" Cain responded with


They immediatly grabbed him from behind. Since Cain had just finnished his food and was still very weak he did nothing to stop them.

Cain was dragged through the door and to a lab. He propped himself on a gurrney. Then two Omni guards typed his name into a computer. The computer showed his name and it showed what kind of serum to use. Cain had always been afraid of needles. When the Omni guard came with a Seringe full of purple fluid he was frightened. Cain had taken shots before, but nothing as excruciatingly painfull as this one. It was as if all the pain he had ever faced had come into that one needle. Immediatly the pain stopped coming through his arm and went to his insides.

The Omni guards dragged Cain back to the rec center. He walked very slowly towards where he sat before and continued with his introduction.

"Hi.... I am Cain.... What is your name?"

Fallen Angel_Messiah Of Black Roses
March 8th, 2007, 4:40 PM
AJ had eaten his meal pretty slowly, he was already a vegetarian so this was a good meal to him. Once AJ finished his plate was quickly taken up and put back on the cart, AJ's stomach growled loudly as he put his hand over his stomache. AJ noticed that the kid had been taken some where, Whatever he thought to himself as he started to get up and Boom! and AJ fell to the ground, Damn, what the hell was that? as he tried to get back up. And he saw, "Riot Shotgun, Beanbags" AJ muttered wiping the blood that had been forced out of his mouth, " My back hurts..." He grumbled sitting back down.

" Well thats just to bad" A caucassion man mumbled as he pumped the shotgun again, ready for anyone else who was willing to get up. AJ noticed the kid come back, " My names... AJ, AJ Valentine." AJ said to the kid as he sipped from a glass of water.
Don't pat me on the back Don't pat me on the back Don't pat me on the back AJ compulsivly thought grimly, his back felt like it was on fire.

March 8th, 2007, 5:01 PM
Aj got shot with a riot shotgun. Cain didnt help him since he could barely move with the firey pain that was going on in his insides.

So... painfull

Cain noticed a few other people getting dragged off the same way he was. The old painfull way. Cain was getting even more angry with Omni then usual. He had felt more angry and less compasionite by the second. Cain didnt notice it yet. But his pigmentation was slowly turning more blue by the second.

Aj looked as though his back was in much pain. But nothing was compared to the pain he was going to have shortly just as Cain did.

"Hey AJ. You Okay? Belive me its going to get way worse".

Fallen Angel_Messiah Of Black Roses
March 8th, 2007, 5:21 PM
AJ frowned at Cains words, " You really put me at ease..." He mumbled sarcastically fiddling with the ice in the glass, the glass was pretty old. It was dirty around the rims and had some black specs inside of the glass. How disgusting he thought to himself pushing the glass ajar and focusing of the pain in his leg, he put his hand on the wound and winced at the intense pain that followed, the hole had crusted crimson, the blood wasn't coming out very fast anymore. Just a few driblets, I'm lucky they punched a clean hole, if it had gotten stuck in there they wouldn't have taken it out and then... AJ stopped thinking as he shuddered knowing that led poisening would've gotten him.

AJ stopped obcessing over his wound as the scruff of his shirt was tugged from behind and with a single tug he was pulled out of the chair, he attempted to walk with the grunt but it was very difficult. The time they reached the lab he was ready to keel over, They overed him onto a table and poked a needle in him, extracting blood. They put it on a slide and started to type, they smiled and pulled out a syrenge full of neon blue liquid. AJ grimaced as they stabbed it in his neck and pushed on levy making the liquid inject into his bloodstream. AJ was already in pain and this was just.. hell. To say the least he thought tumbling over clutching his stomach, close to vommiting. AJ wasn't able to get up and they had to carry him back to where he had been, he sat helplessly.

And without AJ's knowledge inside his body, mysterious new cells were replicating, and taking over his nomal cells at an extremly fast rate. AJ was in fact, in all terms of the word; Screwed.

March 8th, 2007, 6:14 PM
ooc: I changed my Temp to show how I was caught.

March 8th, 2007, 6:26 PM
HotaruBarkwater: Im afraid that all the normal pokemon slots have been filled. You will need to choose a legendary pokemon if you want to join


March 8th, 2007, 6:48 PM
ooc: how, I was like third to join, I joined before a lot of the people reserved there spots.

March 8th, 2007, 6:58 PM
ooc: how, I was like third to join, I joined before a lot of the people reserved there spots.

Okay okay I will break the slots rule. Okay?

HotaruBarkwater: ACCEPTED

March 8th, 2007, 7:19 PM
Lindsey had not eaten any of he strange salad. She was hungry, bot not enough to take food from these people. She leaned over the table, staring at the salad without a word. The fluorescent lights in this cafeteria or whatever it was, was giving her a horrible headache. The room was cold to her, too. Being hungry didn't help. Lindsey was shaking as she awaited her turn to be forced into the lab.

Her heart seemed to stop for a moment as she was grabbed by her shoulders and she did not stand until the Omni grunt shouted at her. Reluctantly, the girl cooperated, and let herself be forcefully walked into the lab.
Lindsey was thrown onto a freezing metal table and held down as she felt a needle pierce her neck, taking blood, followed by another, which injected a completely transparent fluid.

Lindsey's insides felt as though they would melt. Pain followed the fluid through her bloodstream, and she couldn't even yell. Next thing she knew, she was being carried back out to the cafeteria, with the other trainers. She sat back in her chair, clutching her abdomen and unable to breathe.

March 8th, 2007, 7:30 PM
OOC: I need a few other people to have their shots before Giovanni makes an apperence. So please post your shot scene


a girl had been thrust into a chair close to Cain. Cain went over to her and sat next to her. He asked her a simple question

"They gave you the shot didnt they?"

The girl was clutching her abdomen and was having trouble breathing

Damn. They did give it to her. Why are these Omni's doing this?

Cains insides kept writhing. Then out of nowhere the lower part of his stomach started to gasp with pain. As if something was ready to burst out of it.

March 8th, 2007, 7:41 PM
Lindsey had calmed down a bit, though every nerve still felt as though she'd been burned. She looked over to the boy who had asked her if she'd been given the shot. He was hurting again now, and Lindsey could only watch. In the blinding cafeteria light she could see that his skin had changed color since she'd first seen him. The trainers were all undergoing changes. Lindsey looked away. Now she was truly afraid, especially since this was probably happening to her as well. The pain was beginning to fade, but it didn't mean that the serum had stopped working. Lindsey turned and leaned over the table on her elbows, and looked around. She could feel her skin tingling.

March 8th, 2007, 7:47 PM
EDIT: My bad on this; I misspelled my own character's last name. XD


I wasn’t the one to get hungry a lot. I usually could hold it. It had been hours since I last ate, and I still wasn’t that hungry. Unfortunately, I had to eat. There was no telling when the Omnis were going to let any one of us eat next.

Just because I decided I would eat the salad didn’t mean I wasn’t very much disturbed. For one, there were the gun shots that were scaring the crap out of me. Another was the fact of how they had just pulled someone out of the room and have that same person enter again with pain. Oh, the humanity in some people. Or in this case, lack there of.

“Charley Vendie?”

That was pretty weird; I could have sworn I hadn’t given my name out to anyone at all. Why would they know my name?

“I’m asking you, dumbass,” the Omni said with hints of the ‘I’m going to kill you’ voice.

I didn’t want to answer; they were just shooting! And a shotgun, at that!

Well, unless I wanted one of those bullets through my intestines, I had to answer the guy. “Ye—yeah,” I said, stuttering.

To let be known, I knew to myself that I wasn’t stupid. I saw what had happened to that other guy they had asked a name. I was ready for someone to grab me from behind. So, I sidestepped just in time. The Omni missed grasping me, but the Omni to my right slammed a bat right on my skull.

I got to say, that was pretty painful.

“AH—that fu—that—AH!” I couldn’t complete the sentences. The pain and the continued hit on my ribs were too painful to let me.

I was pulled up from the arms, and not even in a guiding way, I was literally dragged out of the room.

“No—let me go you—you—,” yet again, I found myself unable to finish my sentences. They weren’t hitting me; I was just plain out of breath. You could hear it in my voice. I wasn’t screaming at all; it was more of huffs and coughs.

I wasn’t paying attention to my surroundings at all, and I actually thought I was going to go unconscious or something. I was unfortunate though; they forcibly stuck a needle within me, and I became wide awake. The screams that echoed in this room were loud. In my mind, way back in the part of my brain that still found it right to make jokes in the wrong moments, I had thought that maybe the GYM leaders in Hoenn could hear me screaming.

No such luck; it was just painful brown liquid inserted into my system. And then what was supposed to happen to me? I was thrown like that second guy that went in there, tossed right next to him, out of breath and feeling dead.

I was able to look at the seventeen-ish looking person’s face though; I decided to read him like a book. I saw hatred of some sort; I wondered if he was able to see the hopelessness in me.

March 8th, 2007, 8:29 PM
OOC: I really want to speed this thing up. So if everyone who hasnt posted can you please do so? I want to show some big change.

IC: The pain was to great for Cain to handle. Immediatly he went towards an Omni guard and asked him for the nearest bathroom. Once he got to a bathroom stall he noticed something. The entire lower part of his body was begining to swell uncontrolably. Then he noticed his skin pigmentation was changing dramatacly. So Cain decided to leave the bathroom and check a few other people.

Cain went towards AJ and noticed that another person was there as well. Cain walked up to him and asked him a very simple question

"Hello. Whats your name?"

March 8th, 2007, 8:42 PM
Was that an angel calling me? Was there some sort of sign telling me I should just die? Nope, just the same guy that first went into the room asking someone nearly down and out if said person was alright. Uh, well, I would answer this person, but I’d rather do it when I was capable of words.

I laughed at the little joke I had made inside my head. Still, in all seriousness, we were still in danger. I was still going to get hurt, and I was most likely going to die here. If this person was doing what I think he was, then I should answer him. Because what I thought he was thinking of was that he just wanted to keep me talking so I could have something to still live for. Only, living hurt.

And now I can feel my stomach aching. Ow.

“Uh—Char—Charley,” I answered, though not even I could hear it; it was so silent because I was so out of breath. I just hoped it was enough to have this person hear me. Now what would be better; keep talking, or stay down?

Fallen Angel_Messiah Of Black Roses
March 8th, 2007, 9:01 PM
AJ looked at the victim placed next to him, In agonizing pain no doubt AJ thought to himself as he encountered ammense pain of his own, the pain was strange; It was like your entire body was melting and then being rebuilt, from the inside out. His chest felt like it had been ripped open, filled with gasoline and then lit on fire, This pain was on a whole new level that merged with the pain in his back and in his leg. AJ saw that the kid from before had come back, Cain.

AJ felt slightly relived but not much, considering. AJ's eyesight was blurring and he could feel his rhettna's just dialate rapidly, the blood vessels in his eyes felt like they were slowly breaking. AJ's mouth felt pretty good though, a nice cool feeling; A chill only to be accompyned by bleeding gums, " This is pretty twisted" AJ managed to choke out, and then a whole new level of pain came on, in his head. It was like someone shooting you in the head sevral times, but you wern't dying. A searing hot white pain in the head, Did they inject Ebola? or mabye Smallpox or Anthorax? AJ thought to himself unclearly. AJ was going insane.

And in AJ's body the newly, manmade cells were winning over AJ's normal cells. The virus was spreading to his nervous center, his brain. They were replicating faster, changing him from the inside out. It has now been thirty minutes since infected. AJ is still considered, in all terms to meanings of the word; Screwed.

Cheeky Typhlosion
March 8th, 2007, 9:20 PM
Kayne slowly opened his eyes and allowed them to readjust to the strange surroundings. His left eye took a bit more time to make any sense of the blurs, but it eventually gained focus. He sat up and felt a sharp pain in his left arm as well. He had taken a bit of a beating, and his scars were his greatest vulnerability. He then masaged his temples in an attempt to remember how he wound up in such a dull place, and wished he hadn't.

He remembered how he awoke with his Pokemon being tackled to the ground, and how a Machamp came up from behind and wrapped its arms around him, dragging him away from his Pokemon. Kayne instinctively reached for his PokeBalls on his belt. They were gone. Kayne felt a bead of sweat slide down the side of his face as he reached up to his neck to find a PokeBall up there. He grabbed it and ripped it off his neck and threw it gladly, but wis disappointed when nothing came out. He began to panic, not for his own safety, but more for whether he would see his Pokemon again.

A couple of men entered the gloomy room and picked up Kayne by his arms, and dragged him through several corridors before shoving him through a pair of doors and holding him firmly on a table. As he began struggling in their grip he felt two more men grab at his legs. He was completely immobilized. One of the men holding him down by his arms clasped them in one hand and used his now free hand to force his head onto the table. At that moment he felt a sharp object pierce his skin. He screamed loudly, hoping that someone would hear his cry and come to his rescue. But it was over just as quickly as it had began.

He felt his body slump as his strength suddenly left him. He once again felt himself being lifted up and dragged away from the table. He didn't put up a fight this time, as they carried him to a room full of people where the smell of food wafted through the air. But it wasn't a pleasant feeling. The food didn't smell so great, and besides Kayne had just lost his appetite, if he had ever gotten one after waking up. As he was placed in a chair he lifted his weary head to look around at the people in the room. He clutched his left arm, which was now in pain, and started rubbing his arm where his concealed scar was.

March 8th, 2007, 9:44 PM
OOC: Good only a few more shot people and I can advance the story a few hours where we have Giovanni make an appearence and we aptempt a breakout.

Cain noticed Charley was also in increadable pain. He murmered his name so silently Cain had to lean closer to him to hear it. Aparently his name was Charley. Cain decided to move towards some of the newer arrivals and went towards someone who had just come in. The newcomer sat down and was rubbing his arm. What looked like a scar was where he was rubbing

Man this is terrible

Cain propped himself next to the person and felt the similar warm feeling he had in his abdomen before. He was swelling uncontrolably there again. But he didnt care. He wanted to introduce himself to this person before something even more bad would happen

"Hi, I am Cain. Whats your name?"

Cheeky Typhlosion
March 8th, 2007, 9:53 PM
Kayne continued to rub at his scar, hidden under his shirt, attempting to relieve a bit of the pain to get the bruising over and done with so it wouldn't swell up. That was always painful to deal with. He looked up and noticed a guy walk over and sit down next to him. Kayne let his arm go and just let it fall onto his lap.

The boy introduced himself, 'Hi, I am Cain. What's your name?'

Kayne looked up at him, forced a small smile for the friendlinespresented to him and said 'Hey, my name's Kayne.' He then looked around the room at some of the other people. Some of them were clutching their stomachs, like Cain was, while the rest were just plain scared for their fate to come, possibly similar. Kayne wasn't feeling too bad in his abdomen, more his shoulder. It was very sensitive and he had just been wrestled down by four guys, not to mention the Machamp that dragged him here in the first place. He felt the pain pulsing through his upper arm, and once again lifted his opposite arm out of reflex and gripped his arm tightly, hoping that it would subside soon.

March 8th, 2007, 10:00 PM
Cain noticed that Kayne didnt touch his food. Cain pushed it towards him.

"You know that food actualy helps releive pain. Maybe you should try some food. It may help with your sholder there." *Points at sholder*

Cain then stared at the door. 2 Omni guards walked through it every 10 minutes and 2 more came back every 10 minutes as well. If he could just get past that door he could go to his pokemon and escape.

Ha fat chance that will do. There are lazer turrets on both ends of this room.

Cain noticed he was looking towards the bad side of things. Something that he did not usualy do. This puzzled Cain as he asked Kayne another question.

"So it apears they gave you the shot. I have one question. Where you a pokemon trainer?"

Cheeky Typhlosion
March 8th, 2007, 10:59 PM
Kayne picked up the fork on the tray and picked at the bit of food on the plate. It looked disgusting, but Kayne knew that first impressions were wrong 95% of the time, he just didn't realize unti he put the food in his mouth that this was one of those times where it was right. He couldn't tell whether it was the real taste, or whether it was his lack of appetite that was making it taste bad. But he didn't want to be rude in front of a stranger, so he slowly chipped away through the food.

After a while, Cain said 'So it appears they gave you the shot. I have one question. Were you a pokemon trainer?' Kayne swallowed another mouthful and looked down at his plate, those awful memories flooding back into his memory.

'Yeah,' he whispered in a low voice, feeling like he had let them down by not being there for them. How could I have dozed off like that? How could something like all of this happen so fast? I let them all down... He thought to himself. He pushed his fringe away from his left eye, unintentionally revealing another scar that was temporarily concealed, then looked up at Cain and said 'What about you? Do you have any Pokemon'

March 9th, 2007, 8:23 AM
OOC: Well, I'm away for a day, and the RP leaps ahead by huge bounds. If I forgot something, let me know. And sorry for the short post, I have to be ready for work soon

IC: I grunted slightly as I was bodily shoved into the door. I sighed, not trying to resist after the "escorts" walked out, leaving me sealed in the room with some other people. I looked around, curious, and began trying to work my hands free, which were handcuffed together. Apparently, they didn't want me being too comfortable after all the trouble I had caused in my earlier days.

"What, are they using us to test some kind of new mind control drug or something?" I asked as I walked over to where the others were, remembering the injection. I settled down at a table, grumbling something about the sons of female dogs who had taken my hat.

March 9th, 2007, 8:38 AM
(( Blarg, go ahead and take away my reservation, yo. I don't think I am going to have enough time to handle two rps and school. Meh, I hope this goes well for you all and I'll be reading along. n_n ))

March 9th, 2007, 9:57 AM
OOC: Okay Xhaiden. I will take you off the list, Shiney I need you to post the actual shot process. I think after you Shiney then I can advance the plot

IC:to come later

March 9th, 2007, 3:35 PM
Lindsey watched the other trainers. They were eating and talking...Were they much braver than she, or just going crazy?
She could feel her clothing loosening. She'd been shrinking for a while now. It took all of the trainer's strength to keep from panicking. Suddenly another burning sensation shot down her spine and throughout her body, and for a moment she could only see pale violet light. Lindsey fell from her chair, her teeth and fists clenched in anger, pain and fear. What was going to happen? The pain died and Lindsey lay still on the cold linoleum floor.

March 9th, 2007, 3:38 PM
OOC: Okay im tired of waiting. Shiney post your shot and advance the story

2 hours later

Two hours later the mysterious host apeared. Cain was sitting where Kayne was answering miniscule questions when he dug into his pockets again. He was astonished to belive that his watch said it was 2 hours later.

When are we going to leave this room?

Finnaly the light dimmed and the screen infront of all the tables turned on. First it was static, then a picture appeared. It showed the Team Omni logo. It was a dragon consuming its own tail. Then all of the sudden a tape of Giovanni infront of his desk apeared. We could see Giovanni and he started to speak

"Brave trainers it apeares you have had your ingections."

Then Cain looked above the screen and noticed a camera. He was viewing us as we were viewing him.

"Trainers what you have been ingected with pokemon DNA".

Then there was a resulting shock from every person. But Cain himself did not belive him. But ever since he felt the large amount of pain and swelling he had faced he felt it hard not to belive.

Then Giovanni lifted his own hand. It was growing and it was Teal. Aparently he ingected with Deoxys DNA

"If you do not belive me then look at this. Oh and by the way, the vegitables you have eaten trigger the transformation. Within 22 hours you all will be fuly pokemon."

Then Omni guards came around. They put a small pill and a glass of water infront of everybody.

"take the pill and swallow it. Once this happens you will have a painless sleep and will skip the entire transformation period. Of course you could stay awake through it and see the entire painfull process."

Then Omni Guards brought the tray that had the salads on it. But this time it had a printer. They placed the printer in between the tables and the screen.

"The Printer will post your name at the top and the picture and discription of the pokemon serum you have been ingected with."

Immediatly everyone crowded around the printer. The screen blanked out with just the rotating Omni logo. Cain went towards the printer and noticed it had just printed his own page. He took it and viewed the shocking picture of the pokemon he was about to become.

March 9th, 2007, 3:54 PM
Lindsey looked bewildered. She had not eaten the drugged salad, but she was still changing.
Perhaps the Omnis had been spying on her? Did they know that she was generally suspicious of things?

She took her page as it was printed and looked at the picture. Espeon. Not much of a surprise..She read on. Interesting...Lindsey looked at the pills on the table. She didn't want to take them...If she was asleep, who knew what the Omnis would do? She looked up and glared at the grunt who was watching them. She sat back with a defiant look on her face. The guard got the message. He lunged at Lindsey, who, holding her now-baggy pants up away from her feet, leaped from her chair and began to dash toward the other end of the room, but was caught by another Omni.

Lindsey flailed madly and tried to escape the man's embrace, but he only held her tighter, laughing. She gave up. She was pushed back to the table and reluctantly took the pill.

Cheeky Typhlosion
March 9th, 2007, 4:14 PM
Kayne gritted his teeth madly. How could do this to us? he thought to himself. He watched the printer, waiting for his own fate. While he waited he got a glimpse of the pill in front of him. He wasn't sure whether he wanted to take it. He hated feeling so much pain, but he wanted to make sure that nothing happened to him whle he was asleep. It was a big dilemma for him.

Right then he felt a burning sensation in his heart and held his hand up to where it was, and began finding it difficult to breathe. After a few seconds the burning feeling subsided. When he looked at the printer and saw his name at the top of the next page. He picked it up and looked at the volcano Pokemon on the paper. Typhlosion...

Typhlosion was Kayne's first Pokemon, and he was always being told that their personalities were so alike, because they were best friends. Now he was going to see things from his best friend's perspective. He smiled a little, before a Team Omni member came from behind and shoved him in the back.

'You'd better take that pill, kid.' He said. Kayne glared at him, before reluctantly picking up the cup, putting the pill in his mouth and pouring water down his throat. He opened his mouth to the Omni guard, who was now satisfied. As he walked back to his post, Kayne chuckled. The pill was hidden under his tongue, an old trick he learnt. Once he was clear he could spit it out... if it didn't dissolve in his mouth first.

March 9th, 2007, 4:26 PM
Cain looked at the picture and gasped. The picture was of Mewtwo, the legendary pokemon of legend. That was why the fluid in the needle was purple. That was why his legs were swelling. Cain looked towards the pills on the table. Immediatly he decided not to take a strange pill. Cain knew only one thing. He could not stay in this room for the next 22 hours. He needed to escape. But how would he do it?

Cain went towards the girl he had met before. She had taken the pill. Cain saw that she had gotten considerably smaller. Cain went towards the Pill on his desk. He put it in his mouth and swallowed it. Then he felt his entire world disapear in a wave of purple liquid

March 9th, 2007, 4:47 PM
OOC:I finished , I'm a rare , sorry for taking so long , please let me be accepted , and sorry for all of the commas.

March 9th, 2007, 4:51 PM
Lightning rider: your post looks good. Except for the history. You are supposed to post in the history how you got caught by team Omni. Also your sample looks like it is for this roleplay. If you read some of the roleplay you would notice that everyone is in a room called the recreational center. Even if you tried to escape 2 mounted lazer turrets would gun you down in a second.

Still Pending

March 9th, 2007, 4:53 PM
yeah well , I just took the idea sort of and made my own for fun. I'll edit history now.

March 9th, 2007, 4:55 PM
yeah well , I just took the idea sort of and made my own for fun. I'll edit history now.

Lightning rider one more thing I forgot to mention. You need to do something very big to be a legendary. So long story short you need to do something that shows you are a great trainer or piss Omni off in some way

March 9th, 2007, 4:58 PM
Hotaru woke up in a dark room. "What, where am I?" he asked, rubbing his head. "I feel like I just got the crud beat out of me." his vision began to get clearer. He noticed he was in a chair, locked in. "Huh!?" he began to shake the chair, trying to free himself. "The subject seems ready." someone said in the darkness. A single light shown on him. A person in a lab suit walked up to him. "Time for the injection." said the man. He pulled a needle from his side. "What!?" the needle was thrust in his stomache, once again knocking Hotaru out.

He woke up again, in another room, the same steps happening from the last time he woke up. He grabbed his stomache. "AHHH!" he yelled, it started to hurt, as if he was just stabbed with a knife.

March 9th, 2007, 4:58 PM
K I just edited and added some parts to the history.

March 9th, 2007, 5:00 PM
Lightning Rider: Okay okay you can post. Remember the roleplay has been advanced 2 hours. So you need to post your ingection and then advance 2 hours


Oh and by the way Hotaru im assuiming that you were out for 2 hours. Anyway you posted your shot so good work

March 9th, 2007, 5:22 PM
2 hours earlier*
I woke up startled to see many trainers around me also with shocked expressions. I got up as a man , who wore the Team Omni suit , grabbed my arm. I tried to shake him off but he just tightened his grip and injected me with a gold , white , and black fluid. He went away as I gave him a glare and bared my teeth. My head started to hurt and my already red eyes were started to get even redder and more irritated.

present time*
I looked at the printer as I saw the pokemon and my name being printed out. The picture was that of the legendary ghost dragon Giradina. My shoulders started to hurt and now I knew why. "Wings are trying to grow on my back..." I muttered fiercely. I looked at the pill I tried to run. A guard got me and shoved me back as I gave him a sharp punch to the jaw. "Darn you. I'll get you , little brat!" He shoved me back into the chair , knocking me over , and forced the pill into my throat and made me swallow it. I stood back up and started to feel drowsy. I fought back the drowsiness and stood triumphant. The only thing though was that the wings ripped out from under my shoulders , and caused me great pain. "Aaaaaaaaah!!! Gah! Darnit! It hurts! God darnit it hurts!!!!!!" I yelled in pain as my eyes started to grow redder and my hands grew claws and bumps were coming from along my sides. My dirty-blonde hair started to become golden and a tail painfully started to grow.

March 9th, 2007, 5:34 PM
OOC: Good one Thunder. You posted your shot. Anyway Im going into a nightmare state and will wake up. Oh and by the way it takes another 22 hours for your character to completly mutate so watch the speed.


The world had changed. Cain was walking down a hallway. He was walking ever so slowly. Cain noticed that he was the same as he was before he had the ingection. Then Cain walked to the end of the hallway. There was a door at the end of it. Once he opened the door he walked through it and fell down a large pit. Then he landed on a streatcher where he felt a needle prick his sholder. Then as if it went twice as fast his features mutated to that of a mewtwo. He got off the streatcher and he felt himself fall once more down a pit. But this one had purple liquid at the bottom.

Cain woke up just as he hit the purple liquid. He looked at his watch and noticed only 20 minutes had gone by. By then he noticed the tips of his fingers and both his feet were starting to swell enormously.

Now I know why

Cain got up and noticed that the omni guards that were there before were gone. Apparently they didnt expect someone to wake up before it was time.

Ive got to wake up someone.

March 9th, 2007, 5:44 PM
OOC:Yeah , I'm just making the noticable parts grow quicker , the rest of the body of Giradina is , like , covered in armor. The next post is gonna have the mutation slow down.

March 9th, 2007, 6:33 PM
Cain walked around the room. The door was still locked but it could still be broken down. Then Cain decided to stop stalling and he started to run towards where the other people were. But once he started running he tripped and fell. He had noticed that there was a hole in his sneaker. But the hole wasnt made by anything outside the shoe. His toe had ripped a hole in his shoe. But this was not a toe he had recognized. Cain ripped off his shoes and socks and noticed that one part of his body had changed. His feet had become mewtwo. The reason he tripped was because his feet had swelled and mutated. Cain threw his shoes away since he no longer needed them and started running towards the trainers again. He went towards the trainers. He noticed most of them were not sleeping. Just resting. But they must have ignored him when he got up.

Cain went over to the purple girl he had met before. She was even smaller then before. Cain went over to her and tried to shake her awake

"Come on wake up."

March 9th, 2007, 6:47 PM
"She's in a deep sleep from the drug. She won't wake up easily unless you slap her around for a bit." I said as I walked up to the kid whose feet were growing into that of a mewtwo's. I looked at my wings , which were now red tipped. I suddenly got an idea. "You know.... If we're mutating into certain pokemon , that means we're gaining their powers. Not that transforming is a good thing. But I think that you could probably levitate in the air by now. I think I can fly. Wait." I tried harder and harder until my wings started to flap. I floated into the air and started to fly around the room. "See? You should try either levitating , or maybe telepathically speaking to the girl in her sleep."

Cheeky Typhlosion
March 9th, 2007, 6:58 PM
A little while after the pill had fully dissolved in his mouth, Kayne was fully knocked out, but he didn't realize it. For him, 22 hours was up. He was thrown into a cage and locked in. Kayne wandered around on thick, stumpy legs, then grabbed the bars with his claws and spent a good few minutes struggling with them, before he backed up and charged at them. He knocked it with his scarred arm, and felt immense pain shoot through his arm. He roared in pain as he grabbed arm.

Just then a door opened and a figure approached the cage. Kayne couldn't see who it was, but he looked familiar. He allowed a fire to swell up inside him and ignite his back, lighting up the cage. He looked at the figure and got quite a start when he saw who was at the cage. It was... him! A hand reached into the cage, with an open hand, and Kayne's double whispered his name. But it wasn't his voice. It was his Typhlosion's. Kayne was stunned, and reached out to the hand and gently grabbed a hold of it with his paw. So this is what it feel slike to be a Typhlosion.

Typhlosion then let go of Kayne's paw and began to back away as the bars of the cage began to close in on Kayne. He moved away from them as he moved in. Just before they constricted him to death he felt a shaking sensation. He closed his eyes and opened them once more.

This time someone was standing over him, shaking him, and a familiar looking figure at that. Kayne sat up and noticed that he was a little taller than he was before, but his legs were shorter. He reached up to his ears and realized they were longer than normal. As his hands slid down the back of his neck he felt four shallow holes. He quickly pulled his hand away, as they were hot to the touch. So... he thought, the transformation has already begun...

March 9th, 2007, 7:20 PM
Cain noticed Kayne had started to stir. He was looking so much like a Typhlosion. When Kayne finnaly woke up Cain went towards him

"So, you are a Typhlosion."

The one who was flying was flying very fast. Cain decided to try what he suggested. So he stuck his arm out, and tried to concintrate every single waking moment into doing something with his arm. But once he was close to doing so he felt a large amount of pain in his head. He collapsed in a heap.

Its to hard to do. I need more practice.

Cain's hand stopped swelling the palm. Immediatly the swelling in his fingertips trippled. Immediatly he felt very hot pain in his hands as his five fingers started to merge into 3. Then his fingertips started to bulge into very saggy ballike shapes. Then the swelling stopped and the balllike shapes kept pulsating and growing very slowly

Is this going to happen all the time? Maybe sleeping sped up the transformation process.

Cain yelled up to the flying person.

"Hey stop flying, they might have sensors or something up there."

March 9th, 2007, 7:38 PM
"Aaargh!" I shouted as the bumps on my sides grew an inch longer. I fell from the air and landed flat on the ground and was knocked out instantly. I then felt the searing pain and the transformation proceeded rapidly. After about 10 minutes I was up , but something was different...I was completely taller than the others. I tried to speak but all that came out was a growl. I looked in the mirror and I noticed why. I had almost completely transformed. I telepathically spoke to the mewtwo kid. "Sleeping speeds up the process , I'm already almost completely transformed!" I said with a growl. I tried to stop the process but it wouldn't stop. Man , I really wish I had a Blaziken's DNA injected into me right now. I thought.

Cheeky Typhlosion
March 9th, 2007, 7:46 PM
Kayne looked up at Cain, who appeared to be in a fair bit of pain, who transformed right in front of his eyes. Kayne was also feeling a burning in his chest. He could literally feel his insides adapting themselves to the conditions that were soon to occur. He then looked at his hands, his fingers were longer and no longer had nails. The tips of his fingers had become sharp.

'It can't be 22 hours yet... can it?' he said. He looked up at the guy flying around the room. He then thought for a minute. He clenched his fists and concetrated his energy on the spots on his neck. He felt his blood begin to flow up to his neck, and then he realised that he may not be completely fire-proof yet, so he let off at the last second. His blood and heart rate began to return to normal.

He noticed Cain had tried to use his powers, and the transformation process had begun to speed up. Kayne stood up next to Cain, put his hand on Cain's shoulder and said 'Are you OK?' He then recognised the shape of the feet and hands. He was in a state of wow as Cain's transformation into a Mewtwo slowed a little. 'Whoa, imagine the damage you'll be able to do.' He joked, trying to lighten him up a little, even though he knew it wasn't a great time.

Right then the guy flying around fell out of the air. After 10 minutes he was already completely transformed. Kayne felt a surge of fear flow through him with the combustible blood in his veins

March 9th, 2007, 8:03 PM
OOC: Since 22 hours would take the entire roleplay i decided to make it so the plant speeds up mutation in sleep and a strange chemical in the pills makes the growth speed up.


Oh no.

The flying person fell from flying. Then he started transforming before their very eyes.

"Sleeping does speed it up. Or maybe it was those pills"

Cain started waving his hand. To his surprise his new fingertips did not bob around like they were artificial. They stuck in place like rocks. Then all of the sudden the farmiliar swelling feeling in his legs took place.


Cain started to feel pain when he started to talk.

~Oh no~

Cain just then realised he had spoken with his mind. This surprised Cain. But then he had just felt a strange pain in his legs and realised that his pants were about to rip apart from the growth. Then all of the sudden his pants looked as if they would blow apart.

Cain ran back to the bathroom he remembered he went to and took off his pants. Not a second to soon because his legs expanded 10 fold. Now except for his upperbody he looked like a mewtwo with no tail. Then Cain felt a strange uncomfortability from standing the way he was now. So he started standing with his toes and felt as if this was the more proper way. So he ran out of the bathroom faster then before and went to Kayne

~Okay, we need to alert the other trainers. We need to break out of here now.~

Cain went towards the person who colapsed from flying. He immediatly tried to speak into his mind but as he tried to he felt the same type of pain in his head as before. So insted he tried to shake him awake. He needed someone to break the door down and get us out of here.

March 9th, 2007, 8:12 PM
I woke up from the shaking to find the Mewtwo kid in front of me. I read his mind and understood. I stood up and started running at the door. I tried to break only the door but shattered the whole 1/3 of the wall instead. This awoke the other trainers and I sent a telepathic message. ~We've gotta get outta here! The alarm is about to go off!~

And it did....

March 9th, 2007, 9:20 PM
OOC: @[email protected] This RP moves really fast compared to what I'm used to. ORP has spoiled me, I guess.

As I took the pill, I hadn't noticed that by now, my hair was shedding everywhere, and my skin was beginnning to flush, becoming a richer, pink color. But in my nightmare, I was reminded of the shot in troubled dreams.

Rather than being gentle, they had practically pinned me to the table, one on each arm, forcing it behind my back, and another one to guide me into place. And then one to actually administer the syringe. "What, dignity is THAT far out of the question?" I said, trying to ignore the pain, but it only worsened in a burning sensation, causing my words to turn into an inarticulate grunt. Then I had been handcuffed, and manhandled into the rooms for the waiting, pill, and of course the salad.

Now apparently, I had conked out a lot harder than the others, because I was still completely out of it for all this time. "Oh, shon of a..." I tried to say, trailing off into a strange slurring sound as I looked aorund. MY vision was blurry and warped. But looking at myself, I saw why. I still retained a human shape, but barely. I was hairless, and I didn't seem to have a bone in my body, which made normal movement impossible. My flesh was also a bright, semitransparent pink. The kind that made you think you could see through it, but you could never quite do it, no matter how hard you looked. And getting up was definitely out of the question with no legbones. And I even felt a burning in my core, as the changes continued...

March 9th, 2007, 9:41 PM
OOC: It may seem here that my character does not take the pill, but believe me, he does. (explained below)


Well, two hours had passed. I decided it would be best to get myself back together and stand up like a man. Boy, was that very painful. Still, I had to hold the pain in.

Eventually, a large TV turned on in the room. There was not one person who was not looking at the TV.

It was Giovanni; he looked just as everyone had always pictured him, only…I recognized him…I recognized him as the GYM leader of Viridian. Yes, it was very hard to see the face of that GYM leader, but I could tell right away that this had to be the same person! There was no denying it.

A printer he says. We all seemed to just get drawn to it. Why was I always the last one to get these things? The last sheet was mine. I wasn’t very much anticipating what I was going to become, even if it were false. Giovanni had me scared.

“Hey kid.”

The voice came from an Omni grunt. My paper was just halfway out. I don’t know why, but I did the idiotic thing and turned around. I just didn’t see it coming. It was just a flying object smacked right at my face while I fell to the floor, then another object to hit my arm. Saying it hurt would be an understatement.

“Ouch!” I said, trying to sound sarcastic, but failing when the real pain took over.

“You’re gonna need those, hehe,” he said.

The objects thrown were what looked to be a skull of some sort and a bone. Possibly the femur of some sort of creature. I tried to make out what they were, but I had double vision at the moment, and could not see a thing.

I stood and grabbed the paper. I tried reading it, but couldn’t. I would have thanked god for having me be blinded for the short moment, but the devil wanted to be evil to me and still have a picture of the Pokémon I was going to become.

Now I realized what it was I was holding; I was holding a dead Marowak skull and bone!

Pill? What pill? I didn’t need it; I fainted instead.


Pleasant dreams. That’s all I ever wanted to have for this day. That was my wish to the gods. The devil just kept nagging to ruin my day though, so he gave me a nightmare of sorts.

First of all, I could not tell exactly what was going on. Everything and everyone was just moving from one place to another. I couldn’t even look down to see myself. All I could do was stare at the beautiful with side sarcasm view I was given. Who here enjoys seeing your own Pokémon being tortured, given to Omni grunts, then seeing random people changing from human, to Pokémon, then to a random death. Yeah, I don’t think there are many.

One figure in particular caught my gaze. This figure, I could tell, was me. Only, this figure was not human; it was Pokémon. It was a freaking Marowak with no skull or bone as weapon; just naked in the eyes before me. Literally, eyes started popping out everywhere. Along with vines, that reached out, and began to constrict the poor Pokémon version of me.

Eventually, this version of me exploding in an array of light and sound. I began to wonder why the sound sounded so clear, but then I woke up to find freaking loud alarms blaring.

“Uh, I’m up already,” I whispered. Then I caught a glimpse of my arm. Scaly. I turned around and found my pants torn at the back, a tail hanging out. “HOLY SHI—!” I didn’t finish. I backed up to a wall so hard that I hit my head. It didn’t hurt.

I found the skull right in front of me, the bone near it. I guess they moved those both. Wait, skull + bone, - human skin, divided by height level change…holy crap, I was really becoming a Pokémon!

I touched my face to find that it was slightly stretched out; heck, I could see my face through my eyes! I wasn’t as small as a Marowak just yet, but I was getting there. That’s what I was afraid of.

Though, I could say off the bat, I felt very…naked. I glanced at the Skull and bone again. It seemed as if a bright light bulb had just come across my head. I grabbed both, putting on the helmet-ish skull. Much better. Though…

I ripped my shirt very easily. I found a slightly light brownish scaly underbelly to go along with my scaly brown skin. What’s happening to me?

Then I remembered what I had woken up to. Now, in the past few hours I had last remembered, I wasn’t stupid enough to just lie around. If I were to do that, I knew I was going to get pain inflicted upon me yet again. That is not something I wanted. But what was I to do now?


OOC continued: When he fainted, a Omni grunt shoved a pill right down his throat. He doesn't remember because he was not conscious at the moment. >_>

March 9th, 2007, 9:48 PM
OOC: Good Shiney. Now everyone has had their shots. Now its time for the breakout. Our first destination is the recreational center control room. Oh and im making my character almost completly mewtwo now.


Cain ran towards the door at a quicker rate then before.

~Come on, we are so close to freedom~.

Cain forgot about the turrets. They immediatly activated.

Oh no, not now.

Cain noticed that nobody was at the door yet.

I need to do something

Cain immediatly hoped this would work. He tried to conjour up some sort of psy ball in his hands. Cain concintrated with all his might and amazingly a black ball started to pulsate in his hands. So close to exhaustion he released it. The black ball split into two and went towards the turrets. Both of them exploded with a big force. Cain then colpased in a heap. The strain was to much for him. Then he felt a big headache and he reached towards his head. Then his hair fell in one fell swoop and he was completly bald.

That was inevitable

Cain got up but went into a crouching position. Then the headache grew. Cain reached towards his head and felt it reshaping. The pain was to much for him to handle and he collapsed again. This time his eyes felt as if they were burning. He closed them but he could no longer open them. Then after 2 minutes he opened them and gasped at what he saw. The entire world looked as though everything was alive. Then he felt his ears. A warm sensation came upon his ears as they grew. Then he felt his face. His nose grew forward and merged with his mouth. Then his gaw shrunk and his forhead went back. Then a strange tube started to come out of the back of his neck. It went and connected to the back of his head. Then all of the sudden he felt as if all his senses were immediatly hightened. Cain got up and ran back to the bathroom. He looked at the mirror and gasped. He looked almost identicle to the picture on that page. Except his tail was the last thing to grow.

Cain ran back to the door. He saw the armored hybrid and saw that he was already all finnished with his transformation. Just then Cain felt a very large amount of pain as a purple tail began to force its way out of his abdomen.

March 9th, 2007, 10:01 PM
I slowly slithered, yes, slithered out of my clothes, as a clump of pink goo. My arms were almost fully retracted, as were my legs. I moved slowly though, still unfamiliar with moving without arms or legs. I tried to speak, but it seemed I didn't have lungs. Or a mouth yet, it seemed. I slopped aorund, noticing the strange "people" all around me, mostly pokemon now. "This is certainly.. an interesting change..."

March 9th, 2007, 10:11 PM
Cain felt the biggest pain he had ever felt. Bigger then when he had the shot. Bigger then when he was swelling. The tail was pushing its way through Cain's now Mewtwo anatomy to where it would come out his abdomen. Cain fell to the ground in a crouching position. Immediatly he kept thinking of what the Omnis where doing and why they were changing them all into pokemon.

Giovanni didnt mention that. Maybe he was going to after we were changed.

Then the pain stopped. This frightened Cain and then it came again. Then a burst came as he felt and saw a purple tail push its way out of his abdomen. It stuck to the lower half of his torso and went up to his back quick as lightning.

Now I am. Mewtwo.

But there was one more change to take place. His personality was still Cain. He would soon be a Mewtwo entirely.

Cain got up as the pain stopped and noticed his tail reacted quicker then his hands did. Cain finnaly felt something the he didnt feel since he had his shot. He did not feel any pain. Then he just realised he still had his t-shirt and jacket on. He discared them because they felt like dead weight. Then he went back towards the screen. An omni apparently left a raggedy brown cloak. Cain's mewtwo senses triggered and he grabbed it and threw it over himself.

This thing feels more comfortable then the jacket ever did

March 9th, 2007, 10:14 PM
OOC: I hope this is okay; if not, I will edit it out. >.>;


As much as this all seemed much more calm (ignoring the alarms), my transformation was not over. And it appeared that the skull and bone were the last things needed to trigger the end of my transformation.

I felt pain course throughout my body. Well, now I was able to scream peacefully in pain.

So there I was, twisting around as much as a person could possibly twist themselves, having my hands to my throat. I felt that if I let go, I would lose myself. Either way, it was going to happen.

My bones were breaking and disappearing. I felt the popping inside my body. It was as if I was having a screaming contest against an unknown force in the room. The unknown force always got louder than me, so there I was trying to beat it.

Tears were falling right out of the sockets of the mask I wore over my head. They were my tears. My spine was shortening, but stayed at a length where I still had a tail. I was choking again. This wasn’t good for me; I just wished for it all to stop.

I fell to my side and saw my last changes taking place, right as my ripped clothes became to large for me that they fell right over me as I was pulled inside them. With my own clothes piling right on top of me; I thought I was going to suffocate in my own laundry.

Yet again, no such luck. The shirt was ripped when I had pulled it opened, and I easily escaped the suffocation. I was fully Marowak; my pants were still being worn by me, but if I were to stand up, they were going to fall.

“Ma…” Wait, that’s not how that was supposed to come out. I was going to say, ‘what happened to me?’ I stopped at ‘what.’ ‘What’ didn’t even sound like ‘what;’ it was Marowak language. I tried to speak again.

“Maro—wak!” I couldn’t speak!

March 9th, 2007, 10:21 PM
Cain noticed a Marowak. He immediatly tried to read its mind and felt no pain as he did before.

Its Charley

Cain went over to Charley and asked him

~Hey Charley. Its me Mewtwo~

What? My name isnt Mewtwo its Cain. Or is it? Charley was talking like a Marowak.

~I can understand you Charley. Come on lets get out of here.~

Then Cain noticed some pink goo. He felt a strange energy from it. He tried to read its mind and found out he could. Cain walked towards the pile of goo and addressed it.

~Mr. Jacob Prince. I see you are a pile of liquid. We must get out of this room. More Omnis are undoubtably on their way~

March 9th, 2007, 10:30 PM
As much as I’d love to get out of here, there is just one thing that kept me from responding to the fact that a Mewtwo was speaking to me; I COULDN’T FREAKING SPEAK!

I tried again and again, but all that came out were Marowak words and different forms of them. “Maro—Maro—ro, Maro—wak!” Dang, I couldn’t pronounce a single human word!

I wasn’t even thinking at all; it never registered to me that there was a freaking Mewtwo talking to me, and the fact that I could think of what to tell this Mewtwo instead of try saying it. It was signs of panic. The Mewtwo moved away from me anyways, so I continued with trying to form words.

I tried again and again, but each time was an even dumbed down attempt of the last. It wasn’t working; I just couldn’t form human words.

Well, there was one thing I knew; I had to get out of there. Immediately, I stood ready to walk. Unfortunately, I was so un used to the height level that even though I already knew how to walk on two legs, I couldn’t walk at all. I tripped. My attempts at walking were worse than my attempts at talking.

March 9th, 2007, 10:40 PM
OOC: Very good job Random. Your taking your character to new heights


Cain went back to his descarded jacket and found a pocket knife and a peice of string. Immediatly as if he knew what to do he cut two holes in his raggedy cloak. Then he fasned the string into it. Then he placed the cloak back on. He now had a hood for his cloak.

Now I am complete.

Cain ran up to Charley who was trying to walk but kept falling over. Cain tryed saying his name over and over but he couldnt. It was as if his real name was Mewtwo.

Cain then knew that Charley could take care of himself and ran to where the armored pokemon was. Pokemon? Isnt he a human or is he like me a pokemon? What is going on with me?. Then Cain understood. He was becoming less human and more pokemon.

What is going on with me? Am I not pokemon? No thats not right.

Then came Cains memory. Most of his human memories including his parents and adventures with pokemon were fading fast. After 20 minutes the only thing he could remember from his human past was this day.

Cain ran through the door to where the Giradina went through. He saw that most of the other pokemon were running through the maze of the facility. Then an annoucement came on the PA.

"Trainers. Please return back to the recreational center or our grunts will elimenate every single one of you."

Cain snorted. He didnt think that these weak humans could stop him.

March 9th, 2007, 10:58 PM
I slopped around in confusion, as my body finished forming. Rather than realising my possible mental problems, I was going intoa panic,. Too many pokemon, too many! which one to use, which one could I be to protect m- Wait.. Use? What was I thinking?! I struggled to keep a hold of myself, and just in time to hear the communication, I began slopping, very slowly, in the direction of the rec area. I still wasn't good at movement as a blob, it seemed.

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March 9th, 2007, 11:00 PM
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"Trainers. Please return back to the recreational center or our grunts will eliminate every single one of you."

Uh oh. That didn’t sound like it was going to be…painless. Like today was ever not painful. I shuddered. Either way, I was at a vulnerable position; if they were to try to eliminate me, then they would succeed. I needed to get the hang of being a Marowak fast; my life literally depended on it.

You could say I was on all fours, but not entirely. I was trying to keep myself balance so I could stand up. I tried pushing myself up, but it was too hard for me to handle. I was sweating hardcore. I grabbed the bone I had used before and used it to help me stand. Slowly, I was able to stand, leaning on the bone. Okay, I was up. Now what?

Very carefully, I let the bone fall to the floor. I was just standing now. I raised my right leg, moving it forward. It hit, but I had been trying way too hard. You could see it right through my skull that I was straining just to keep on going. I did it with my other foot, putting it in front of my right.

I tripped.

Okay, nothing to worry about Charley, you’re just going to be gunned down if you don’t get the hell out of there, I thought to myself.

I tried again. I failed again.

I was sitting on the floor now, still holding the bone while thinking of what I could do now. Well, I could always throw this thing, I thought, swinging my bone around in the air. No; I wasn’t a professional at this. I needed help. Or else.

I hated to admit it, but I was crying within the skull. I did something I thought no one would ever see me do; hopefully, no one would be able to see or hear me for what I did or said next.

“Ma—ro…” I said, tears rolling down. If this bone were to be my only weapon, then I had to face it. I was dead already. I was so dead that I actually believed people were able to decipher what I had just said; ‘help—me.’

March 9th, 2007, 11:03 PM
OOC: Since Cain no longer views himself as a human anymore im using his new name


Mewtwo was about to run throught he maze when he heared a plee

Help me?

Mewtwo ran back to the rec center and saw Charley. He went to his side and tried to lift him up.

~Come on. I can understand you.~

Mewtwo then lifted Charley and helped him try and walk. He noticed he was crying in his skull.

Pitiful, but he is a weak pokemon. I need to help him.

Mewtwo carried Charley to the door out of the rec center and bent over to his level.

~I hope that you can learn to walk and stop crying. Now,~

Then Mewtwo picked up Charley's bone

~Throw this at any Omni's. Im going to the North to where the other pokemon are.~

March 9th, 2007, 11:28 PM
Lindsey awoke to the sound of an alarm. She was under blankets...Or what seemed like blankets. A violet, feline-esque head emerged from the bundle of clothing that Lindsey had been wearing. The sleek pokemon shot out from under it and looked around, ears pulled back and it's face bewildered. Lindsey felt her hands and feet all on the floor...But it felt right. She knew what had happened, her change into an espeon was complete. She looked over at the door. Pokemon, the transformed trainers, were rushing out so she dashed after.

She could feel her memories fade. Everything that made Lindsey herself. No! She couldn't let this happen...She wasn't even done finding herself...All of it couldn't be gone now.

As the former trainer ran, she fought furiously to keep her mind the same. She could not lose the memory of her father...Her mother..Her best friends...

March 10th, 2007, 12:17 AM
On my way back, I paused, looking around as I saw what seemed to be an espeon. I blinked in confusion, trying to hold onto mymemories. Which of the trainers had she been? I was NOT Going to lose my memori- My defiant thought cut off abruptly though, when I noticed my body changing, the pink glop shining a bright white light. "Wh.. what?" I asked, in a light, female voice that wasn't mine. I didn't have a mirror, but I was now a tall, lanky girl with honey blonde hair just past shoulder length. I had pale blue eyes, and a complexion that was rather light. And I had clothing, thankfully. I wore a pale purple T-shirt, and dark blue jeans with an eevee image embroidered on both legs. I wasn't aware of it, but I looked exactly like Lindsey had before her change, my powers automatically mimicing the last genome strands of human left in her.

Cheeky Typhlosion
March 10th, 2007, 12:38 AM
Kayne watched as all the rest of the trainers finished transforming in front of their eyes. Then he felt a burning sensation in his chest and collapsed to the ground. He started panting hard, trying to breathe as his insides changed. Then he noticed that his muscles begant to get a little thicker, ripping through his clothes. Earlier his hair had changed to a dark green colour, but now he could see pale yellow fur sprouting all over him. He could feel his face extend itself out a bit, and all except four of his teeth disappeared, the remaining ones becoming sharp scizors. He closed his eyes, then felt the pain rise up from his chest to his neck. With a loud roar he let loose all of the pain as his neck exploded into flames.

He looked around the room, his vision sharper than ever. He kicked off what was left of his shoes and tore off his already ripped clothes. The only thing he left was the PokeBall on the chain around his neck. It hung below the vents exploding with fire, and seemed to remain undisturbed so he left it there, but began to feel a strong emotion as if he no longer needed it. It was the Typhlosion in him, wanting to discard the now useless object. Kayne tried to keep his old mind in control, and resisted the urge to strip the chain off him.

He decided to stick to four paws for the time being. As an announcement was put over the PA Kayne growled slightly. He could feel his personality slowly become more and more aggressive.

March 10th, 2007, 12:56 AM
I looked over at the Mewtwo , who I now know is Cain , carrying another trainer who transformed into a Marowak. Omnis appeared through the next set of doors and were slightly scared to see me. I looked at Cain and told him to run.

~I'll take care of these pests...~

I bent my neck forward and then rose back up and roared a huge roar that sounded throughout the region. The Omnis ran away as I shot out an orange beam that I suddenly recognized was Hyper Beam. I rushed through almost every single wall and destroyed most of the turrets until I saw a large pit filled with lava. I stopped and looked back.

~Stop! You guys will have to fly on me to cross this pit unless you can float or fly yourselves!~

March 10th, 2007, 7:13 AM
I was given the bone back from the Mewtwo. Had I not been a Marowak, I probably would have been able to wipe the tears within the skull away. Unfortunately, the tears were within the skull, and I could not wipe them away. I just took in what the Mewtwo said to me, then just stood. Standing wasn’t hard; it was walking that was.

Now I held the bone. This thing was the only thing I had to protect me. I tried walking forward again. It was hard, but I was not going to let it be impossible. I used the bone to support me; I knew it wasn’t going to be enough, but it was better than trying to walk without it.

I had entered the hall, my left leg dragging as I was still just getting used the right. My right leg was acting as my left leg while the bone was acting like my right leg. I reached the wall and just sat. I was unfortunate though, as I turned to sit down, I slammed my tail hard on the wall, pushing it towards me and giving me some pain. I winced at the pain, but for the most part, would not try crying again.

After thirty seconds of just sitting there, I used the bone to help me back up. I had to get out of there. I was afraid of what might happen if the Omnis were to catch me. I walked on with the bone’s support.

Fallen Angel_Messiah Of Black Roses
March 10th, 2007, 9:17 AM
AJ had been put in a lone room, sound proof. Probally best for everyone considering I hadn't taken the pill, I remember back at the moment of it all.

Two Hours Earlier, Cafeteria.

AJ found his picture, a Lucario and his anger pinted up " You monsters!" He yelled as he ran for Giovanni, his anger blinding him. And another beanbag hit him in the back, he fell over and he was carried away. " Give us something to watch, better then TV I bet" one of them said throwing him into the room without the pill, minutes later I was screaming my head off. The pain was as if parasites were eating me alive within, my nervous system, my heart, my brain. My skin felt like it was melting off the muscle, I was regretting about complaining from the bullet. I could feel my veins pop, my mouth was bleeding and so were my eyes, I couldn't move, just screaming followed by wimpering

And now AJ wasn't doing much better, he knew he had mostly changed by now though, since he hadn't taken the pill they had given him a double dose to speed up the process. AJ stumbled up and looked into a broken mirror, he was about completly changed into Lucario, he had shrunk more then a foot and was a Lucario. He still had the cross tattoo on his forehead and his ring was still there but the clothes had slipped off when he had gotten smaller.

Some people came in and without complaning he let them take him to the area where the other "Pokemon" Were, he didn't recognize any of them.

March 10th, 2007, 11:34 AM
Giradina blew a hyperbeam at many turrets

~Good job. Now lets go~

Charley was wobbling, Mewtwo just hoped that he wouldnt cry out for help again.

Mewtwo ran through the way the Giradina went. But then once he got there he saw a pit of lava.

~An Omni trapping device. This is one way to trap humans but not pokemon~

Mewtwo only had experience with shadowballs and mind reading. So he needed some practice with levitating.

Come on, come on

Mewtwo then sat down on the ground. He then tried to concintrate in trying to levitate himself. Within moments a blue sphere apeared around him.


Mewtwo levitated himself across the pit. He went over to the Giradina.

~I will help the other pokemon. You take out any Omni's that come~

March 10th, 2007, 12:38 PM
~sure thing big-toes!~ I said with a laugh. I looked on as many Omnis started to appear. What was surprising though , was the fact that they brought the big guns , Pokemon....

~Hmph , this is getting tougher by the minute. Look at all of those Gaburaisu and Gyarados!~ I said sarcastically. I shot out a purple sphere that I recognized as pulse bomb. It connected and blew most of them away. I easily shot down the ceiling to block the path the the omnis were coming from , making sure no extra chunks hit or blocked out any other trainers.

~Okay we're clear here! Where's the Lucario kid though!?~

March 10th, 2007, 12:41 PM
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Hotaru stood up, looking around. He looked at his arm, it began to change. "What!?" his right arm was now that of a Medicham. "What is this?" he said, staring at his arm. He realized he was turning into a pokemon. "Could this be the transformation I heard them talk about, they're injecting us with pokemon dna!" he yelled out.

A few more hours of looking around the room he was in, trying to find a way out. By now his whole body had gone through the transformation. "I'm a Medicham." he said, watching as the last part of the transformation had been done. He knew his powers, his Medicham had the exact ones. "How about." A ball of darness appeared in his hand. "Shadow Ball!" he yelled out. He blew a hole in the side of the room. He had created an opening. He walked out, looking around. "This looks like an experimental lab, I guess there is other people here, I should go find them." he began to run down the hall.

March 10th, 2007, 1:09 PM
Mewtwo levitated across the pit again. He slowly helped a few pokemon over the pit. Then he went back to the recreational center. He saw Charley the Marowak was there. He was pitifuly trying to walk with the support of his bone. Mewtwo knew this pitiful pokemon would not make it out of here alive.

~Come on, let me help you~

Mewtwo picked up the Marowak. Then he started running back to the pit. Then he quickly summoned a blue sphear around him and levitated across the pit.

~Try walking again. But please dont sit around doing nothing and crying in your skull~

Then Mewtwo went back to the rec center to find any more pokemon.

~Are there any more pokemon here?~

Fallen Angel_Messiah Of Black Roses
March 10th, 2007, 1:38 PM
AJ was feeling better, well not that good. But still it was an improvement. AJ started to test around, to get a better feel of being a pokemon, namely Lucario. AJ started to test around with attacks, he started with a metal claw which he clawed through the poorly defended walls. AJ saw other's escaping and was about to join them but knew this was his only chance to do anything about this condition.

AJ figured out pulse bomb and broke out of the room, he stealthly broke into the main lab and found his trenchcoat. Finnaly he thought to himself slipping it on, but the main reason for being in the lab was to find what was needed. AJ stared at the counter where the needle had been injected, this sent shivers down his spine as he looked at all the empty syrenges in the trash can. AJ quickly located a vial that had clear liquid in it, the label read " Pure.." but part of the label was ripped off, he stuck the vial in one of his pockets and took a new syringe and quickly relocated to the group.

" Lava..." AJ mumbled looking at the trap that would keep them there.

March 10th, 2007, 2:28 PM
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Oh and by the way to any newcomers. The roleplay is now a free roleplay. Meaning you can still join but you still need too post your shot and your transformations.


Mewtwo saw another pokemon had come. It was a Lucario. But Mewtwo didnt have time to transport another pokemon across the lava

Mewtwo summoned a blue sphear around him and levitated across the pit. Then he ran through a hallway. Then he noticed that there were more turrets around here then the rec center.

Hmm, well not time to dwell on it.

Mewtwo made it to the end of the hallway and found a room. This room was more like it was full of holding cells.

This must be where they wanted to trap us after we were transformed.

Mewtwo noticed camera's and Turrets all around. He summoned a shadowball and launched it towards a turret. It exploded in a ray of sparks. But just then all the other turrets guided themselves towards Mewtwo.

~Time to have some fun.~

The turrets started to fire upon Mewtwo. But he knew what to do. Immediatly with all his strength he tried to summon a barrier. It worked and a barrier of light apeared infront of him. The bullets hit the barrier and bounced off.

It helps being a pokemon and not a weak human

Then Mewtwo noticed that not all the cells were empty. Some of them held pokemon.

March 10th, 2007, 3:04 PM
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Grim, if you wish for me to switch perspectives, I will.


It may have not been the insults; it could have very well been something that I just did not like. Firstly, if it were to be the insults that were driving me at the moment, then they were not doing a very good job.

What this tough wannabe was telling me was that I was a crybaby; plain and simple. I knew only a little; I knew that this Mewtwo was a human once, and had humane feelings too. At the moment, he was not acting like a human to me. He was helping us all get out of here, but it was with the ‘badass’ attitude. I had to clench my fists, clenching double tighter on the one holding the bone.

It’s just one of those days where you just knew you had to stay away from someone. I hoped that this is what everyone would get from me; the next move was probably the stupidest thing I had ever done, yet it worked out plenty.

The next time the Mewtwo had come by me, hatred had hit me towards him. The tears, human tears for a perfectly well fitted situation, stopped. As I had said before, I wasn’t a pro at this. I was not born a Marowak.

I reeled back, then tossed the bone, falling on the floor. It was flying right towards the Mewtwo, like I had planned.

Only it missed, and hit one of the Turrets in the other room. You know, a Marowak bone is pretty strong. I realized that as the turret just collapsed, and the bone returned hitting the ground right in front of me, sticking right into the ground.

Now I just hoped the Mewtwo believed I had thrown that to hit the turret than to hit him. It would do no good to have this Mewtwo have hatred in me. If this were to happen, I could always blame it on new instincts. He might believe me, considering he already thought of me as a crybaby.

March 10th, 2007, 3:30 PM
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Mewtwo was busy shooting Shadow balls at turrets when a bone boomarange nearly hit him. It made its way towards a turret and it exploded. Mewtwo only knew of one pokemon here who used a bone as a weapon.

~Good work Marowak. But next time try not to aim to close to the mark~

Mewtwo made it to the cells inhabiting pokemon. He knew he needed to release them. But just then he felt a strange energy coming from a pokemon at the far end. It was a Blaziken that didnt recognize him and nor did Mewtwo recognize the Blaziken. But for some reason he felt a strange energy pulsating from that pokemon.

~Everyone. Release these pokemon. After this we must escape. Giovanni may try to send more grunts to take us out~

March 10th, 2007, 3:40 PM
I looked at Cain and nodded. I slashed through three cells just to let one pokemon out. I sweatdropped at my size and strength and looked at the other cells to see a Blaziken giving off a strange energy. Weird , I don't know him or does he know me....What could this mean?? I thought.

I was suddenly rammed into the wall by a Gyarados. I looked at it angrily and rammed him back. I looked back at the wall and noticed a lab with many pokemon in it. I beckoned Cain to come here and look at this.

~Are these the pokemon whose DNA was put into us? Cause if they are then where's Mewtwo and Giradina and Lucario?~

March 10th, 2007, 3:43 PM
~I do not think these are hybrided pokemon. These must be regular pokemon from the outside.~

This was why he had gotten a strange energy from them. He was used to Hybrid energy. Either that or he knew some of these pokemon. But he did not remember anything from his human past. He could barely remember being a human. The last thing he could remember was a needle in his arm, a nightmare and the transformation. But that itself was just a haze.

Mewtwo ran to the end of the room where there was a freight elevator. He saw that the elevator had a capacity of ten. Maybe this could lead them to the surface or somewhere else. This facility must be pretty big.

~Come on. This elevator might make it to the surface or something. Come on.~

Cheeky Typhlosion
March 10th, 2007, 4:32 PM
Kayne turned and raised himself onto just two legs and spotted the grunts approaching them. He felt a strange urge to fight them, but took control of the Typhlosion and insted, turned and ran. He wasn't running very fast, and they were easily catching up to him. He looked behind him to see how big them gap was, but when he faced forward again he screeched to a halt as he almost ran into the Mewtwo.

He looked down and noticed a pit of lava. Kayne smirked at the sight of this, and jumped straight in. He broke the surface of the lava and paddled towards the other end. 'Lava from a volcano? I am a volcano Pokemon. It means nothing to me.' Kayne climbed up the side and noticed that the others had already beaten him there. Mewtwo was firing Shadow Balls at the turrets firing at them. Kayne closed his eyes and finally gave in to instinct. He opened them once again, this time with his jaws, and released small little balls of fire that merely bounced off the turrets.

'Oh, bugger,' Kayne thoguht in his head. For the first time, Typhlosion agreed when Kayne thought to run. He turned around and ran into a room full of cells. He ran past several empty ones, and a few that had Pokemon in them. He saw an elevator at the end and thought 'Yes! Freedom is just in front of me!' But then he stopped. He turned back towards the cells, full of Pokemon, and felt so sorry for them. They were reaching out, crying for them to go with them. Kayne felt sympathy for them.

He was relieved when he heard a voice say <Everyone. Release these pokemon. After this we must escape. Giovanni may try to send more grunts to take us out> Kayne nodded, and his pupil dilated, the final part of the transformation taking place. He ran towards some cells and slashed at them several times before he succeeded in freeing two Pokemon. As he approached six more Pokemon he felt familiarity coming from them. They were bunched together at the back of the cell, scared out of their minds. Something about the combination seemed familiar, but Kayne couldn't put his finger on it.

March 10th, 2007, 6:23 PM
Mewtwo kicked a cell door belonging to the Blaziken. It went down very fast. Mewtwo decided at that point to read the Blaziken's mind.

This Blaziken belonged to a trainer. then a picture erupted in his mind. But the picture looked very farmiliar. Little did Mewtwo know this picture was of himself as a human.

~Okay, after we are done with freeing the pokemon. Get into the elevator. It only holds 10 at a time so we need to make more then 1 stop.~

Mewtwo shook the image out of his head. Then he pressed the elevator call switch. All of the sudden another announcement came on the PA. It was Giovanni's voice

"Trainers, if you do not go to the recreational center we will have our elite grunts come to that level you are on."

Giovanni looked like he was in a hurry. Little did the trainer's know Giovanni was going to escape the labs.

~You hear that? Giovanni is going to have his elites come. Lets take them out as well~

Then Mewtwo leaned on a wall next to the elevator. Waiting patiently for the elevator to reach their level.

Cheeky Typhlosion
March 10th, 2007, 6:57 PM
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Kayne slashed at the bars holding the six Pokemon. As soon as they were down he gestured for them to follow him. But none of them moved. An Absol was sitting next to an exhausted Armaldo, who was propped against the back wall. Just in front of them was a Vaporeon, who was standing guard over a Rattata and Electrike. In front of all of them was a Typhlosion, flames alit and muscles tense as it prepared for the worst.

Kayne shook his head in disbelief, then listened to what Mewtwo said, and the announcement. Kayne knew there wasn't that much time, so he leapt into the cage and started communicating with the Typhlosion, since they were same species.

<You have to get your friends out of here. There isn't much time.> Kayne frantically said. This wasn't going his way.

<Why should we listen to you? You could be one of them> The cautious Typhlosion responded.

<What choice do you have?>

<To fight you!> The Typhlosion leapt at Kayne, who rolled out of the way and out of the cage. Typhlosion once again leapt at him, knocking him to the ground. Right then the elevator bell made a ding sound, and Kayne looked at the door, closed for the moment, as he waited for them to open.

<Here they come...>

March 10th, 2007, 7:15 PM
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*Ding* Mewtwo saw Kayne and another typhlosion fighting. Right when he was about to break them up the elevator doors opened. Immediatly Elite Omni grunts came out. The elites looked vaguley similar to the grunts. Just that they were wearing gas masks and held riot shotguns.

Once they ran out of the elevator they threw smoke grenades and lazer sights clicked. But mewtwo didnt hear a single gunshot, on the contrary he didnt hear anything. The smoke cleared in a few seconds and he saw the elite soldiers had a strange blue glow on them. it was like they were frozen.

What the I didnt do that. I didnt even concintrate.

Then Mewtwo saw a hooded figure at the other side of the room. Its hand was out and it was covered in the same blue glow. Then the figure ran down the hallway. Once that happened the blue glow on the soldiers disapeared and they collapsed.

~The elevator is clear. You guys go up it. Im going to check this floor out again.~

Mewtwo ran in the same direction the figure went.

March 10th, 2007, 11:08 PM
I saw three pokemon that suddenly made me have a picture in my mind. But it was weird , I felt they were my friends. I freed them from their cells and they gathered around me. I suddenly had the picture again and it was that of me and the pokemon: Sceptile , Pichu , and an Umbreon. I suddenly realized why I felt what I felt. These pokemon are mine.... But I barely remember them now. They probably feel the same bond from my hybrid form that we had when I was human. I thought. I beckoned them to follow me and I ran into the huge elevator. And when I said huge I meant huge!

I waited for the others to finish freeing the pokemon until Omnis started to appear again. I telepathically told them what to do.

~Sceptile, bullet seed them. Then Pichu you thunder wave them while Umbreon uses faint attack on them all.~

They all listened and defeated the Omnis in no time. I beckoned them back and we all waited for the others.

March 10th, 2007, 11:18 PM
OOC: Here comes part two of part 1.


The New Generation. Part 2: freedom, or is it?

Mewtwo ran for the hooded figure. But then he realised one thing.

Maybe this is a trap. This thing might lead me to a trap with all the other Omni's. Mewtwo insted decided to run back to the elevator when he heared another PA announcement.

"What do you mean they have been elimenated? They were our elite". This was obviously an accident and Giovanni must have pressed the microphone by mistake.

Something interesting was that Giovanni's voice had changed. It became like a very large growl. (Like Deoxy's growl)

Mewtwo made it back to the elevator and noticed almost everyone had reached the next level. He pressed the elevator button and saw the doors close as he saw that there were still 2 more levels to go before they could make it to the surface. Right next to the button marked 3 was the word "Experimental labs".

So we have just left the recreational center and now we are in the labs. Time to find Giovanni.

March 10th, 2007, 11:54 PM
I went up to the experimental labs with Cain. I looked inside as my huge head broke through the door. I came back out and told him that it was all clear and that Sceptile has searched the room. I went inside the huge doorway that I broke through and walked around. Suddenly I found some vials filled with the colors from the DNA fluids we were injected with. I looked and read through some notes right next to them.

~Cain , I think you should listen to this.~ I said as I beckoned him in. I read a part of the notes to Cain. ~These syringe fluids are very important. These are only to be used if the hybrids prove to be dangerous and revolt. However , these fluids have been tested and have only transformed the hybrids 95% through.~ I said with a surprised look. I then looked at Cain as a crash sounded from the other side of the room. A shadowy figure dashed towards me and hit me with an attack I knew as Metal Claw. I flew back ten feet until I attacked with a swipe of my claws. The figure dodged and then it came into the light , showing its appearance. I had a disgusted and surprised look on my face as it appeared to be a fusion of a scizor and a blaziken. "What the hell did they do!?" I yelled out all of a sudden. I then realized that I just spoke out loud. "And how the hell did I just speak!?"

March 11th, 2007, 3:57 PM
OOC: Time to create a major plot point


The hybrid pushed Mewtwo and he felt he had enough.

~Time to end this, Psychic~

Mewtwo levitated the hybrid. But all of the sudden the hybrid's hand glowed blue and Mewtwo felt himself break his psy connection. Then he heared the monstrosity speak. The voice had a snakelike tone to it

<Sssso.... we sssseee Giovanniii made new Hybridsss.>

Mewtwo knew this must have been a previous hybrid made my Giovanni. But it was Scizor, Blaziken and had psy powers.

~Giovanni must have been trying to create a new branch of super pokemon.~

The hybrid stopped attacking. Mewtwo motioned to the Giradina to stop attacking. Mewtwo was surprised as he was when he spoke.

~Well aparently Giovanni must have something in these vials~

Mewtwo went over to the colored vials. They looked much like the serium in the needle. He went over to the purple vial.

~Ah and he is mine. Well time to finnish that old fools mistake~

Mewtwo then summoned all the psy energy he could. Immediatly all the vials shattered. But of course Mewtwo expected something to happen so he summoned even more psy energy and soon all the liquid vanished in a cloud of smoke

The Hybrid laughed in his snakelike tone.

<Ha, relish your pokemon appearence. For now you are it perminetly.>

Mewtwo stood there dumbfounded. He asked him patiently <What do you mean?>

The Hybrid cackled in the mist <Ive been in this lab for the past few months. Giovanni brought us here the same way you. Except however his plant and serums werent perfect. So we were hybridded with other pokemon. But since our personalities were to differently mixed we all revolted and escaped. I stayed behind however. But I became trapped here. Now we are stuck in these forms. Those vials contained the antigen to this virus.>

Mewtwo heared enough. He was not infected with a virus. In fact he was glad that he destroyed the vials. He no longer wanted to be a weak and megalomaniac human no longer. He noticed that the vials must have splash damage as well since without even drinking it, enough exposiour would turn the subject back to human form.

Mewtwo went towards the computer and imputted the Giradina's human name. Then a vial came out. The schematics on the computer read "Human-pokemon hybridding solution. Test subject Uma Eria," Then a discription came underneath it. "Solution contained in vial made specifilcly for Uma, Eria. Must be injected, once injected the subject will hybrid with a Giradina.

Mewtwo levitated the golden vial. He took a syringe and emptied the solution into it. He then carried it over to the Giradina.

~This is another needle containing the pokemon hybrid solution. If you do not wish to talk like a human and be a powerfull Giradina anymore inject yourself with it. Otherwise since you came in contact with the serum more then I did you will revert to a human eventualy. Given the choice I know what you will do.~

The Hybridded monstrocity cackled very loudly and ran off. But before he did he said one thing <know thisss, These labsss harborrrr a secrettt far greater then hybriddingggg.>

Fallen Angel_Messiah Of Black Roses
March 11th, 2007, 5:04 PM
AJ wasn't enjoying being a pokemon very much, AJ charged up a pulse bomb and headed towards some elites, " Shoot me will you" He mumbles in pokespeak and unleashs the pulse bomb into the small group, knocking them all unconcious. AJ grabbed a riot shotgun and began wiping some grunts out, it was harder with his paws but he still got the job done. AJ headed off, to the labs where he would meet up with the rest of the group and then he noticed something on his trenchcoat, a green leaf? and then he rememberd.

AJ was eating his salad, trying to enjoy it in the grim setting and as he lifted a forkful to his mouth a single leaf fell into his trenchcoat, AJ ignored it and kept on.

AJ smiled, " This might be crucial to change back" He mumbled reaching the lab seeing all the others and some hybridic creature, he aimed the shotgun at it but lowered it, he was probally was just another poor victim. AJ saw that all the vials were gone and made sure that his stuff was safe, he started to think Mabye they want to be like this, so he kept what might be a cure to himself.

March 11th, 2007, 5:17 PM
The Lucario went into the labs they were in holding a riot shotgun. But then he lowered it. Then he started to make a new vial using a genetic code Mewtwo didnt use before. Then the Hybrid came back as if to see if they left or not. Mewtwo edged towards the monstrosity and asked him plainly

~Whats he doing?~

The hybrid answered as if he knew this would happen <He issss making aaa cureeee. But he needssss the plant.>

Mewtwo went over to the medicine cabnit on the other side of the computer. Inside was the same type of pill that the Omni's gave them. He handed it to the Lucario and told him

~ Here, this will do what you want. But belive me you do not know what you have till its gone~

Mewtwo exited the lab and saw that the hybrid left as well. Now Mewtwo was to regroup with the others at the next elevator and get to level 2.

Cheeky Typhlosion
March 11th, 2007, 5:18 PM
Kayne watched as all the grunts were wiped out, and the other 'trainers' made their way to the elevator. Kayne used all his strength to wrestle the Typhlosion off him and ran for the elevator, but it closed before he got there and started going up. He slammed his fist on the doors in anger several times, even though he knew they wouldn't open up.

He turned around to the Typhlosion and once again tried reasoning with him, {Listen, I know you don't know who I am, but I can asure you that you can trust me.} Right then the Rattata crept out of the cage, stared at Kayne for a minute, then said something to the Typhlosion. Kayne couldn't understand the Rattata, but obviously Typhlosion could. They must have spent enough time together, plus Kayne wasn't used to the ears of Pokemon and had no idea how to interpret the different words. Typhlosion gave the Rattata a nod and then looked back at Kayne. The rest of the Pokemon slowly came out of their cage.

{We'll trust you for the time being, but should you do anything to betray us... I will personally rip you apart, limb from limb.} Kayne froze at the tone used in the Typhlosion's threat. He could certainly talk the talk, and possibly even back it up if he wanted to. Kayne nodded in agreement.

Right then the elevator came back down and opened. Kayne walked in, followed by the six Pokemon, and he punched the up button to meet with the others. When he got there he found Mewtwo injecting Giradina with something.

Kayne was confused, {What the hell's going on?! What are you doing to him?!}

March 11th, 2007, 5:22 PM
Mewtwo was still holding the syringe and it was still close to Giradina. Then he noticed the elevator doors opened and 7 pokemon came out. Then he recognized one as Kayne who cried out What are you doing to him.

~Oh, nothing just checking out if he is going to stay pokemon or not.~ Then Mewtwo handed the syringe to Giradina and went over to Kayne.

~This lab has vials that change a hybrid back from pokemon form to human.~ Then he pointed towards the computer.

~Im going after the rest of them. If you want use that computer and you will get a vial. That is your choice. But I already know yours.~

Then Mewtwo ran in the opposite direction. But just then he saw the hybrid input his own genetic code. Just then a vial came out and he placed it in a syringe. Then as if it came out of nowhere he took a syringe and levitated Mewtwo into the air. Then he took a plant out of his own hood.

"Time to test my hypothesis."

The creature tried to ingect Mewtwo with the syringe. Immediatly Mewtwo cried out with a psy burst. Immediatly he broke the psy connection and teleported behind the hybrid. Mewtwo lunged at the hybrid who tried to change him. But once he did so the creature quickly teleported leaving only his cloak behind.

Cheeky Typhlosion
March 11th, 2007, 5:46 PM
Kayne watched as Mewtwo ran off across the room, then looked at the computer. Change back into a human? Maybe I'll remember what's going on around here... Kayne walked up to the computer and fiddled around with it, and before too long a vial came out. Kayne picked it up and looked at it. The liquid inside was red, with a slight orangy glow. So this is what they put in me. He then felt a presence behind him, and turned to see the Typhlosion right in his face.

{What's that?} he asked.

{I'm not sure. Apparently it can change me back into a human.} Typhlosion cocked his head. The Rattata ran up to Kayne and rubbed up against his legs. He said something that Kayne couldn't understand, so he just ignored it. The Rattata's excitement faded and he bowed his head.

Typhlosion picked him up, placed him on his shoulder and said {Don't worry. He just doesn't understand.} The Rattata said something more, and Typhlosion replied {So do I.} Kayne shook his head in disbelief that even though he was now a Pokemon there was still secrecy among those around him. It was frustrating for him.

He was also still hanging onto his vial. He noticed a sort of lop for hanging it off a string. He then remembered the chain around his neck. So it is of some use after all. He unclipped it, slid the vial on and then slipped it back together. Now he had a PokeBall and a vial around his neck. It felt crowded for him, but he felt they might come in handy.

March 11th, 2007, 6:13 PM
Kayne had mixed feelings about his choice. Mewtwo didnt blame him. But he needed to get out of here before the hybrid would try the same thing again.

~Come on lets get out of here.~

Mewtwo went out into the hall connecting with the lab. Then he noticed this floor was smaller then the previous one. But the hallway connected with a much larger room.

Where are the other pokemon?

Then Mewtwo noticed other hallways branching out from the larger room. They must have left through this way. Mewtwo ran back to the lab and motioned to Kayne, the Giradina and the Lucario to follow him.

Fallen Angel_Messiah Of Black Roses
March 11th, 2007, 6:23 PM
AJ took the pill and slipped it into his pocket, unless he came up with two Beretta PX4 Storms with full clips, he would need pokemon abilities to get out, his Lucario abilities. AJ decided to follow the Mewtwo who he had decided was once Cain, maybe. AJ started to think to himself as he often did and tryed to remember what he knew about viruses, he suddenly started to hear in his head his 12th grade biochemistry teacher talking. " A virus is a microscopic particle (ranging in size from 20 - 300 nm) that can infect the cells of a biological organism. Viruses can replicate themselves only by infecting a host cell. They therefore cannot reproduce on their own. At the most basic level, viruses consist of genetic material contained within a protective protein coat called a capsid. They infect a wide variety of organisms: both eukaryotes (animals, yeasts, fungi, and plants) and prokaryotes (bacteria and archaea). A virus that infects bacteria is known as a bacteriophage, often shortened to phage. A Virus is calssifyed by it's shape, mutagen and the rate at which it infects." which meant that AJ might only have a little time, it would be a risk he would have to take.

March 11th, 2007, 6:36 PM
ooc: sorry if any of you took what I said in a mean way. I just was saying.

bic: Hotaru looked at each door that passed him by. 'I wonder where they keep them until it happens?' he thought to himself. He looked at the words written on each door. They seemed to be the names of the people in the room. "Ranal" one said. "Weird." he said to himself. He knew someone by that name.

March 11th, 2007, 8:22 PM
It wasn’t my fault; I just couldn’t walk. I had trouble getting a few of the Pokémon out of the cages, but I was able to handle. Unfortunately, I was too slow at what I was doing. Eventually, the last batch went up the elevator, consisting of two Typhlosions and a couple of others. Why didn’t I try running? Why didn’t I yell for them not to go up the elevator, so that I could go too? Why didn’t I move?

I was left alone, below. I didn’t know how to bring the elevator down; even if I did, I was too much in a panic situation to take any notice in it. What was the other alternative? Find another way out. That was one. I decided to do just that.

I tracked back, as much as I could with my lousy walking, leading towards the lava pit again. There had to be a way I could get to the other side and check. There had to be something I was missing here; I would not let myself be let to get captured down here!

Unfortunately, I failed to stick with this. As said in the PA before, there were going to be Omnis looking for trainers-turn-Pokémon hybrid. They stuck with their promise, and I was surrounded by about ten Omnis. I still had my bone; I could fight back. It was a decision I decided to take. I readied the bone, holding it much like you would a club, or baseball bat. I tried to tell them off, but all that came out of my mouth were growls and Marowak speak.

In no way was I intimidating; one just ran to my back and kicked the back of my skull with their boot, knocking me out instantly. God, how does all the bad stuff happen to me?


OOC: I'm gonna go ahead and have some fun right now. If you want, notice that I'm missing or something, but try not to look for me; I want to torture my character for awhile and then get back with the group later, if that's okay. >.>

March 11th, 2007, 9:37 PM
OOC: Okay Random.


Mewtwo ran through the halls of the labryenth that was the third floor. Eventualy Mewtwo heared another PA announcement.

Giovanni: "Attention all trainers. One of your kind has been caught and is now in our custody."

Mewtwo didnt know if this was a taunt or if he was telling the truth. One thing was surtain. He needed to get to the security part of the complex where whoever was captured would be.

Mewtwo eventualy made it to a smaller room with a map of the complex. It read the security ward was near the elevator.

Hmm, hit two birds with one stone

March 12th, 2007, 2:42 AM
I looked at the syrum as I injected it into my front leg while following Mewtwo. It started to work , but only slowly. And when I say slow I mean as in every three minutes I changed a feature. "Cain , we've got to hurry! At this rate we'll never--Aaaaargh!" I yelled out as the middle legs started to retract back into my sides."Anyways , at this rate we'll never be able to get out in time!" I finished as the legs kept on retracting back.

March 12th, 2007, 4:48 AM
ooc: I guess I'm joining the 'group' now.

Hotaru began to walk down the hall. He heard voices. 'Well since I'm Mediham now, I have psychic powers. He searched out a Mewtwo in his mind. 'Hello, is anyone there?' he telepathicly told the Mewtwo. "Maybe there are others." he proclaimed, almost loosing all hope. He began a slow jog down the hall, which turned into a fast run.

March 12th, 2007, 3:26 PM
Mewtwo noticed a Mediham in his mind behind him. He was surprised that he could hear it talk to him. Since he saw the Marrowak have difficulties with his powers. Then he noticed the Giradina having transformation problems. But this he could not help him with.

Mewtwo sent out a teleconnetic message across time and space

~We are near the security station. We are about to break in and find a fellow pokemon that was captured.~

Mewtwo looked over to the Giradina

~Are you okay with this? Because there are probebly alot of Omni grunts behind this door.~

March 12th, 2007, 4:15 PM
"Yeah , I'm okay with this. And I also have these guys with me..." I said with a nod a I turned to look at Sceptile , Pichu , and Umbreon.

"Alright , we should get ready and open the door. It's just the middle legs that are retracting right now..." I stared at my sides as they retracted more and more. I shivered with the feeling of this. "But it doesn't feel or look pretty...." I said with a sweatdrop. Suddenly I heard a huge roar. I looked at Cain with a questioning look on my face. I then saw a gun like machine coming out of the door and my pupils shrunk. It shot silently at Cain. I saw that it shot out a needle of the purple fluid from last time and noticed that it was Mewtwo's DNA , and saw a bit of green stuff that I knew that it was the sollution. "Cain , watch out!" I called out to him.

March 12th, 2007, 4:23 PM
~Oh no!~

A needle went towards Mewtwo. Immediatly he summoned enough psy energy to divert it into a wall.


Mewtwo ran the opposite direction summoning a barrier to protect himself. But it would not help if he ran out of energy. Mewtwo noticed they caught up with the other pokemon. If he didnt destroy this machine they would all die.


Mewtwo needed someone other then himself to stop this big machine. He needed a very large pokemon to help him. Mewtwo called towards the Giradina and pleaded

~Take this thing down.~

March 12th, 2007, 5:12 PM
"Sure thing...Just let me get my psy barrier up too." I raised up my shield and grinned. "Those won't work now , Pulse Bomb!" I shot out a pulse bomb and destroyed the machine , but not before it shot out another solution that broke Cain's now-weakened shield , piercing into his arm , the fluid streaming into it. I looked at him gravely not long before I screamed out in immense pain. I suddenly changed all over , except for the wings. I shrunk back to my normal size and my head was going back to its original shape. I winced as I returned to my normal self. I felt my two legs again and balled up my fists , getting comfortable with my original body. But I still had had something on my back. I looked and noticed that I still had one wing left. "Bah , just great! Cain , are you okay? That shot looked like it hurt bad."

Fallen Angel_Messiah Of Black Roses
March 12th, 2007, 6:44 PM
OOC: Grim, Just to let you know. It's Telekinetic. Just saying, anyway..,

AJ had tried to blend in with the crowd, what was going on.

This all just plain sucks, if a person has acsess to a thing that will heal a fatal wound, wouldn't they use it? The same should go for this unruly situation AJ thought to himself watching everyone, and there every move.

AJ saw that the Giranda had been reverted about nintey five percent of the way back to a human, Mewtwo didn't look so good and did the Giranda call him Cain? Cain as in the meek kid he had met back at the cafeteria?

AJ stopped thinking it over, too confusing.

AJ took out the syringe and the pill, he was disgusted in what he had become. So in his angered state he slammed the syringe hard into his chest, the liquid expelled into his system. He swallowed the pill and waited for his puration.

March 12th, 2007, 7:00 PM
Slowly, I was getting my consciousness back. I wasn’t anywhere on the floor at all; instead, it seemed as if I was being dragged. No, I was being dragged.

I tried to move, but I failed each time. Then, in the next moment, I was tossed. Yes, tossed, as in no one was holding me as I flew across the room. Or was it a room? Where was I going? I wasn’t too sure. All I knew was that there was a wall coming closer to me.

And then I hit it, and the sounds of locking were heard. I turned around. I just realized that I wasn’t tossed at any large distance; I was just thrown right into a cage. And the cage was locked by the Omnis.

I couldn’t see much; it was just me in a locked environment. It wasn’t even an environment my species was used to.

Err, I mean the species I was transformed into.

I reached around the cage, trying to find the bone I once had as a weapon. It seemed that the Omnis took it away from me, leaving me unable to defend myself. I had no weapon; there was no way I was going to survive whatever it was the Omnis planned to do to me.

I didn’t even understand why I had been transformed in the first place. It all seemed out of place; what would the Omnis want to do with me? No, more like what would the Omnis want to do with everyone.

I wasn’t going to get an answer any time soon; I had nowhere to escape to. I was a trapped hybrid.

I waited in the cage for a long while. I didn’t know what would happen to me; and frankly, I didn’t care anymore. Every time I looked at my arm, I would try to close my eyes and bury my face in myself. My Marowak skull would unfortunately not allow such a thing to happen. I couldn’t feel myself anywhere on my face because of the stupid skull.

I don’t know how long time had passed by. Eventually, I found that the cage was a portable one, as an Omni grunt took hold of it, and I found the cage being carried away with not much care at all. Where was I going? I wasn’t too sure.

The cage door opened, and the cage was turned so that I fell out violently onto the floor, landing on my side. The pain was very noticeable.

“You and your stupid trainer friends,” The Omni started. I tried to look at him, but that just resulted in a kick to the face, forcing me to look away. I felt some blood fill inside the skull. “You thought you could go ahead and ruin some of Omnis great works? You trainers thought you could release all Omni property to the wild again? Hah, all you get for your troubles is this.” Another kick, harder. I wished I had my bone to fight back; this just wasn’t fair at all.

With a small glance, I was able to see around the room. It seemed to be a storage of some kind. Where was I?

“You fought us as Pokémon,” the Omni went on. “So you think you can use your Pokémon abilities against us?” I was afraid to answer; a kick is not something I would want again. “Fine; act like a Pokémon all you want.”

There was a silence. After a few seconds, I slowly turned around. I expected to be kicked, but instead, there was nothing but two very dangerous looking Mightyena. I gulped. That was all that was needed from the two; behind them, I saw the door close, and heard it lock. I was in a room with only two other Pokémon.

And then they attacked me; I had no weapon, so all I could do was face the bites and scratches as they were given to me.

March 12th, 2007, 7:44 PM
OOC: Okay, lets hope there are no more shots going into my character for a while *wink wink*



Mewtwo felt a shot peirce him. But he knew he had 24 hours till he reverted. He needed to find a new mewtwo shot or else he would revert his personality.

~Dont worry I will be fine~

But then Mewtwo felt an anger like no other. He immediatly yelled out a growl that was not his. Just then he felt a psy connection with him and the machine as it constricted itself and blew up. Mewtwo felt himself fall to his feet. The psy attack drained him of all energy and he could barely walk.

~Must..... get.... Ingection.....~

Mewtwo was glad they made it back to the start of the maze. Since if they didnt it would take to long before he would revert.

Mewtwo made it back to the lab. He went over to the computer and typed his genetic code. But he quickly felt his features changing.


Mewtwo didnt noticed how much damage he had taken to his own body. He was bleeding at his arm since peices of glass from the syringe he directed away hit it. Mewtwo felt his arm numbing very quickly. But soon a vial apeared out of the computer. Mewtwo summoned enough energy and retreived a syringe. Immediatly he poared the liquid into the syringe. But he didnt make a regular dose. Mewtwo made a tripple overdose. Not knowing what this would do but hoped that it would help Mewtwo immediatly ingected himself with the Mewtwo DNA. Then he noticed more leaves in the cupboard. After eating one of them he still felt in pain but releived. Then he typed in his genetic code again and got another vial and tied it to some string. Then he tied it around his neck. Where it would be safe

~My body may be broken but I no longer wish to be a pitiful weak human~

Mewtwo took the glass out of his arm. Then he summoned the cloak the hybrid from before left behind. Then he quickly wrapped it around his arm. Quickly a scarlet stain apeared but it didnt leak.

~Lets hope this doesnt get infected~

Mewtwo started to walk down through the maze. He noticed the Giradina start morphing back into a human.

~Pitiful. Just at your prime you morph back into your original state. Well not me, I would rather die then be a weak human again.~

Mewtwo was glad he destroyed the death machine when he did. If he had another shot now he would most surtainly die.

Mewtwo broke down the security entrance door. He noticed a cage in the middle of the room with a marowak beside it. Mewtwo immediatly ran over his mind and smirked. He was correct Charley could not help himself.

Mewtwo used psychic and levitated the two dogs attacking the defenceless creature. Then he quickly levitated them into a wall knocking them unconcious.

Mewtwo bent over to Charley and grinned.

~So, I thought you got lost or something. Not captured~

March 12th, 2007, 8:05 PM
OOC:I didn't fully revert to normal , the transformation stopped on the right wing the reason is because the syringe solution was incomplete so it would probably have left some body parts still transformed and an ability unchanged. Sorry just wanted to point that out.

March 12th, 2007, 8:10 PM
OOC: I know I pointed it out. Look where i said "Start morphing back into a human". I never said the transformation was complete. Anyway Back to the roleplay

IC: To come later

March 12th, 2007, 8:12 PM
OOC: Eh, I wasn't finished with the punishing of my character, but whatever. XD BTW Grim, I'm in a storage room, not security. >_>; Ah well, let's just go with it.

Here I was again, being saved by the being that I had suddenly felt a fuel of hatred from. I wouldn’t show it; it was inhumane to go and attack someone, or something, just for an insult. That was never like me. So, the second best bet I had to go with was just embarrassment. At the same time, relief hit.

“Thank you,” I said, out of breath. I tried standing, still having trouble. It wasn’t because I didn’t know how to stand in this form; it was because I had just gotten a major beating by two very powerful Mightyena. Add that with the kicking from the Omni grunt.

As I stood, I felt some of the blood that had filled inside my skull begin to drip down. I shook my head, having some of the blood come right out of the eyeholes. It looked as if I had tears of blood.

I need to take this thing off; but how?

I looked around, turning in a full circle, searching the room. “Where’s my bone?” I asked.

March 12th, 2007, 9:20 PM
~They must have put it somewhere~

Mewtwo summoned some psy energy and opened a supply closet. Mewtwo grabbed it and gave it to Charley

~Lets hope you dont lose this again. Now we have one more floor to go. The elevator is supposed to be near here. Stay close, cant you at least try to learn how to walk?~

Mewtwo got up and went to the other side of the security room. There was a door and he quickly opened it. Then he noticed the hallway ramped upwards. There must have been an elevator at the end of the hallway.

~Guys, there is another hallway here. Come on we are almost homefree~

But Mewtwo still felt pity on this small creature. He knew there was only one way

Mewtwo bent down to Charley's level. He immediatly asked him

~I can make you human again. If that is what you wish. But its not okay to run away from your problems~

Mewtwo already knew what the answer would be. Considering that the Marrowak was crying inside its skull. He noticed that even some of the tears were mixed with blood.

~If you wish to be human again, Just say so. Otherwise follow me.~

March 14th, 2007, 6:11 AM
ooc: by the way, even though he is a Medicham, he is still going to be refered to as Hotaru.

Hotaru nodded at the message he had gotten. He quickly ran down the hall. He passed by the room when he was running around like a retard. Hotaru quickly made it to the security room, where he noticed the Mewtwo who had spoken to him. But there was two other pokemon. A Merowack who seemed like he was shedding tears of blood, and another. But this one wasn't pokemon, more like half. Hotaru walked infront of the situation. "Hello, I'm Hotaru." he said, nodding. He looked at the bone the Mewtwo had handed the Merowack.

March 14th, 2007, 11:24 AM
OOC: Since this roleplay is starting to die I was thinking of posting the last post till the next part of new Generation. This is the final chapter of part 2 of part one. The New generation will continue to Part Two. Angels and Demons. (This one will include more of a trainer theme)


Mewtwo went up the ramp not pausing to look behind himself. The elevator was within his grasp. He saw the frieght elevator. He walked inside it and noticed the first floor button. He pressed it when he saw 9 other pokemon with him.

The elevator went up to the top floor. Mewtwo saw a hallway coming out of the elevator. He ran through this hallway and saw a very large door.

~Okay, we are mere footsteps away from the way out. Come on~

Mewtwo opened the door. He saw that they were in a lobby. It was a small room and he saw the one person he hoped to see. Giovanni, at the front near the door.

Giovanni noticed the trainers. He laughed in a deoxyes like growl. Then Mewtwo noticed he was also almost done with his transformation. The hybrid kept laughing as he yelled out

"Well, I was right to hybrid trainers. However I have seen you are to powerfull to control. So I must go to plan B"

Mewtwo pondered what Giovanni was talking about. Then he finnaly found out. There were explosives all around this floor. Mewtwo noticed a switch in Giovanni's hand. He pressed it and all the charges blew up. Giovanni walked out of the door of the complex and Mewtwo saw the door close behind him. But that was all Mewtwo saw from that point on as he felt the floor beneath him crumble. Then it gave way and he saw himself falling through a similar pit he remembered from his dreams.

Mewtwo woke up at the bottom of the pit. It was not as big as he remembered. Then he noticed he had only falled a few feet. Giovanni planned this all along.

Mewtwo looked at his surroundings and noticed something. Giovanni must have forgotten there was an abandoned sewage pipe beneath the first floor of the complex.


To be continued

OOC: This roleplay will be continued to part 2 of The New generation. Check back to the roleplay section for it.

March 14th, 2007, 4:51 PM
Hmm, I'm sorry, but because Part 2 is also apart of the essentially same storyline, you'll have to keep it in here.

March 14th, 2007, 5:03 PM
OOC: Okay then Bijou. Okay Part two will begin soon. Once I see that people wish to continue with the rolepaly.

EDIT: Okay check back to the first post for the new intro. Plus we are now Accepting new applications. So please all newcomers post your applications. Oh and I got rid of a few people who didnt post for a very long time. So if your not on the first page that means you need to reapply and I wont be as leneant this time.

Fallen Angel_Messiah Of Black Roses
March 14th, 2007, 5:41 PM
Name: AJ Valentine

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Pokémon: None

Description: AJ is a medium sized Hispanic teen, He's about Five Foot four and weighs around 130 something pounds. His eye's are a Cloudy blue and his teeth are nice and pearly, He is wearing an earing in his left ear and has a tattoo of the cross on his forehead. He wears the omni uniform. he wears black boots with iron soles. He wears a white trench coat with another cross on it, this times black. His hair is grayish white and styled in a ponytail.

Personality: AJ's new personality is that to be reconned with, he is cold and doesn't care what happens to anyone as long as he is alright. Deep inside AJ is the old AJ, and sometimes that shows, but Giovanni keeps him in line. AJ is basically emotionless now, a puppet and the puppeteer is Giovanni, AJ will kill, if he has to.

Weapons: AJ carries a Stun baton and a revolutionary Electric pulse handgun, The Electro Pulse gun works like this: In the shape of a magnum the six chambers each hold a cartridge that is full of synthetic plasmetic energy, when the cartridge is clicked it the energy will come out of the cartridge in a thin rod shaped pulse, it will look like it impales the victim but will just leave minor burns and short term paralyse. AJ will also carry three syrenges, One with a generic hybid synthesis, ( Eevee) a cure for the hybrid formula and a syrenge with the parasite egg in it.

History: After the collapse of the building preveiously AJ was tooken, he was half dead for not being in a safer place of the building, Giovanni saw that AJ had been fully cured and decided he would be the specimen of a diffrent project, AJ was injected with the egg of a parasite that attached to his nerve system and was controlled by Giovanni. AJ is Giovanni's headhunter, his prey; The hybrids.

Other: The parasite has given AJ a bit of a tune up, he has the strength, dexterity, speed and agility of three men.

RP Sample: Misty stayed alert while sneaking upon the random buildings of Pallet, she saw some spell driven cultist. " Try to divert attention" She mumbled to her group as she kept going, keeping low and quiet and then Snap! "Sh|t" Misty curses as she stepped on a large twig, and as if it was an alert about twelve cultist started to surround them, almost moaning as they sluggishly raised large metal rods or bats. Misty nodded at her team and pulled out her thompsan, she pulled the trigger and almost dropped the machine gun as it unleashed an unholy spray of bullets onto the targets in front of her. Ratatatatatata the sound was deafning and her ears were starting to ache as the figures flew back, blood dribbling from several bullet holes in each one as they crumpled. Misty pulled her finger off the trigger and the sound instantly stopped, Thank god she thought to herself as she looked at the big ass pile of bodies.

"Move out!" Misty yelled as she kept going, while she was running she switched the magizines out for her thompsan. This was going to be a long night.

Arcana Tower

Dillon rubbed an orb made of crystal, and smiled. " Aww yes... Cain and Sol have made it to the destination, though it looks like Cain isn't coping as well as I thought as he would." He mumbled deeply and then grimaced, My children are dying though but his grimace was replaced with a bitterly sweet smile, They're indispencable though. He thought to himself slightly chuckling. " Master, you shouldn't have sent a boy for a mans job" a dark voice interupting Dillon's thought. " Do not worry Lord James. They are indispencable, no great loss." Dillon said, his voice was smoothly sour.

The door burst open without warning as medium sized caucassian bust through, obviously excited about something. Dillon frowned at the interuption, " Lord Dillon! The Magician wishes to send you a mess-" Dillon cut the man off. " Did I say you could come in? Did you knock? Obvious such manners can't be accepted." Dillon grumbled as he clenched his fist-
and the mans right eye exploded. Blood started to dribble down his face as he screeched in pain, " Shut up!" James yelled as he ripped the man throat out, cartillage and the gleaming shine of bone as his throat exposed, the man gave a final blood filled cough as he fell to the ground. Dillon smiled at James " Thank you. I'll dispose of this nuisence." Dillon said grinning as the body and blood disapeared. " We have buisness to attend to." Dillon said his voice fading.

AJ was waiting for the answer he wanted, the reason for the mans apearance when he remembered something. " Barry, where is that Sandslash?" He asked anxious, Barry replied with a shug. " Damn, where'd he go." AJ mumbled looking around

March 14th, 2007, 5:42 PM
Ash Jr.: Very nice signup Aj. Oh adn BTW you dont need to make a new signup unless your original character changed gradualy from what he/she was in the beginning


March 15th, 2007, 2:21 PM
Name: Nivek & Rovert

Age: 12 & 13

Gender: Male & Male

Pokémon: Blaziken, Tentacruel, Cacturne & Sceptile, Ninetales, Wailord

Description: Dark-Skinned, Black-Hair, Caucasian & Light-Skinned, Blonde-Hair, Caucasian

Personality: Sarcastic, Very proper & Shy, Vengeful

History: The duo started out in Hoenn, by recieving Torchic and Treecko

Other: Rovert has gone mildly insane because Nivek is a tad better than him so Nivek always gets the credit and glory despite them being a team.

RP Sample:
"What was that?" Exclaims TJ, "Oh look, an Electrike,"
"Hey," Said Max.
"Oh, I had a feeling Electrike was yours."
"Yeah it is,"
"Huh, a Pikachu?"
"Hmm... Could it be?"
"Hey Max," Says Ash.
"I knew it, Ash it's time to keep your promise,"
"That is why I'm here,"...

"Pikachu, thunderbolt,"
"Thunderbolt, Electrike,"
"Pikachu, Quick Attack"
"Counter with Tackle,"
"Now Volt Talckle, Pikachu"
"Full power spark, Electrike"
"Thunder, Pikachu,"
"Electrike, you too, Thunder"
"Both Pikachu and Electrike are unable to battle, the match ends in a tie." Says TJ.

(I still don't completely understand the RP sample.)

Fallen Angel_Messiah Of Black Roses
March 15th, 2007, 2:53 PM
OOC: Wow Newblue, just a few pointers...

Try putting each person in a diffrent setup, and adding a little more to the whole.. thing. Just a pointer

March 15th, 2007, 3:23 PM
Name: Nivek & Rovert

Age: 12 & 13

Gender: Male & Male

Pokémon: Blaziken, Tentacruel, Cacturne & Sceptile, Ninetales, Wailord

Description: Dark-Skinned, Black-Hair, Caucasian & Light-Skinned, Blonde-Hair, Caucasian

Personality: Sarcastic, Very proper & Shy, Vengeful

History: The duo started out in Hoenn, by recieving Torchic and Treecko

Other: Rovert has gone mildly insane because Nivek is a tad better than him so Nivek always gets the credit and glory despite them being a team.

RP Sample: (Another important step. This is where you must show me what your writing style is so I can judge you.)

Newblue: Okay this is a good setup. Except you are missing an RP sample. An RP sample is where you make an example post. Once you make an RP sample then I can accept you


March 15th, 2007, 3:44 PM
ooc: keeping the same character Grim, just lettin you know.

Fallen Angel_Messiah Of Black Roses
March 15th, 2007, 3:49 PM
OOC: Grim, Since I'm not a hybrid anymore so my legendary slot it open. Just to say,

March 15th, 2007, 3:53 PM
OOC: The roleplay has started now. This is a freeroleplay meaning you can still join. Anyway Trainers start outside in Vermilain, Hybrids in the sewerpipe in the ruins of the labs. The Omni's are in the blown up portion of the labs

IC: To come later

Fallen Angel_Messiah Of Black Roses
March 15th, 2007, 4:29 PM
OOC: Lol, AJ right now reminds me of Wesker and Nemisis combined. From RE Series

AJ opened his eyes as the large tube drained its explornary fluids, the tube opened and he stepped out. " Code Alias; Project Messiah of Light activated." He heard himself say and across the room he saw another person step out of a tube, another voice. More deep. " Code Alias; Project Messiah of Darkness activated." it said.

AJ dressed himself in the outfit he would be going in, extremly heavy iron boots, The white omni outfit, his white trenchcoat. He fixed his hair from the mess and fixed it into a ponytail. He didn't care what the other was doing, but he looked over and- " Thats me" He mumbled, the other solider was like... a clone, down to every detail. Except he was wearing a black trenchcoat, he holstered his weaponry. AJ did the same and went to report to Giovanni.

" Very good." Giovanni murmered, " Head out, you will be able to track the Hybrids yourself. You are very advanced technoligy." He said as he walked away, AJ and the other man were sent into the city. Officially, The Messiahs were on the hunt and fully operational.

March 15th, 2007, 5:11 PM
OOC: Since you just posted an RP sample i guess I can accept you


Remember an RP sample is just like a post in a roleplay. Anyway Newblue you can post now


The sewer tunnel felt very disgusting. Mewtwo dearly wished he didnt throw away his shoes before because he was stepping in waste. But at least he was alive and well. Because if he didnt fall down to this sewer tunnel he would have died. Mewtwo looked behind him and noticed only 10 other hybrids who survived.

~Okay. Lets follow this tunnel. It must lead somewhere~

Mewtwo started walking through the dirty tunnel. He saw slime and other types of refuse everywhere. The tunnel swirved around a bend and Mewtwo saw an opening.

~Finnaly. Daylight~

It had been half a day since Mewtwo saw daylight. But to him he had never seen it. Mewtwo ran for the opening and noticed where they were. The Sewer pipe poked out through a cliff at the edge of Vermilian.

Well. We finnaly made it out.

March 15th, 2007, 7:53 PM
Hotaru fell down into the sewers of the Omni base. "What the hell." he said to the pokemon around him. "Where are we?" he asked, looking at Mewtwo, he was running out. "Hey, wait up!" he yelled. He began to run after him, hopping the others would follow. He came to an opening, standing next to Mewtwo he said, "Vermillion. And it's a pretty big drop from here." he looked at Mewtwo. "Wonder how were going to get them all out."

Fallen Angel_Messiah Of Black Roses
March 15th, 2007, 8:23 PM
AJ scanned the area, " Where to start... where to start." He mumbles as he flips out his magnum, his was chrome while the other projects was onyx.

AJ walked directly into the road, a car sped towards him. Not slowing down, he completly turned his body around and noticed for the first time, Everything around me is going so slow, but I'm moving at normal speed... He thought to himself as the car came about three inches from him, he raised his magnum and spun the chambers, he aimed at the engine of the car and pulled the trigger.

What looked like a blue laser came out and went into the engine and the cars front exploded into a fiery rage, the whole veichle flipped leaving AJ unphased.

AJ smiled and kept walking, he focused and everything sped up around him. He had just balanced his own speed to normal so he blended in just right, He reholstered his magnum and tryed to scan for any signs of hybrid life.

Hybrid movement in coordinates, 94 East, 22 West. Latitude 31, longitude 08 a voice said in his head, " Perfect" He mumbled as he went top speed, things, people and cars were extremly slow around him as he ran his speed.

He reached a cliff, he started to walk very slowly. He put sunglasses on to hide his glowing red eyes, you can hear his every step with the iron boots. Thud Thud

He walks up behind the pokemon, " Game over, now tell me where the rest are."

March 15th, 2007, 8:43 PM
I scanned the area that I had dropped into , or safely hovered into because of my wings. I looked around to find Cain getting out of the sewers. I glided over to him and followed. I started to look around and noticed that we were in Vermillion. "Thank god , there's sunlight!" I exclaimed with joy as I ran outside. But then there was a little girl who was playing with a ball across the street from where we were. She looked at me and screamed and ran away. I looked for what might have freaked her out and remembered my wings. "Looks like this is where my transformation stops , Cain."

March 15th, 2007, 9:48 PM
Mewtwo levitated via his levitation. He went to the top of the cliff and thought about the dilemma. Then he pointed towards a small jaged path that led up from the sewer tunnel.

~Use that path.~

Just then Mewtwo noticed a strange break in the psychic paterns all around. Something farmilar around him changed. Then he noticed something. It was the similar paterns of the Lucario AJ. But there was something different about them. Then he finnaly knew

~So AJ. You took the serium after all. Who knew a traitor like you would sink so low to join team Omni.~

Then Mewtwo noticed the Giradina hybrid from before. Except he looked almost fully human except for his wings. Then he went over to Cain not noticing AJ behind him and said "Looks like this is where my transformation stops , Cain."

Mewtwo replied thoughtfully ~Pity, I thought I could relait to you much better as a pokemon.

Then Mewtwo pointed towards AJ. ~Here is AJ our former friend who sold us all out. He is part of Omni now.~

Mewtwo made a psychic message to the other 8 hybrids.

~Do not climb up the cliff. Omni is here and I do not know how long I can hold them off~.

Then Mewtwo tried to reply to AJ's question

~Well AJ I wont tell you where the others are. So what are you going to do?~

Fallen Angel_Messiah Of Black Roses
March 15th, 2007, 9:58 PM
AJ merly smiled as he unholstered the magnum and pointed it at Cain, " Well let's see, I wouldn't want to be a freak like you people." He said to Cain, very calm.

But you are one! You have a goddamn parasite living it you! a voice inside him eruppted, the old AJ. AJ grimaced as he concentrated better and went to Cains other words of sovrenty.

" Team Omni is the future, they will lead us to the place we will relate to as shambila, a paradise! The garden of Eden! Giovanni will lead us." AJ said in a more tranced voice, repeating what Giovanni had said.

" I am not know as AJ any longer! I am the Messiah Of Light! I am Code Alias! And I will destroy all of the sinnery in this world, namley, The Hybrids." He continued.

" Wont tell me, eh? To bad, I thought I might spare you Cain. Oh well." AJ said to him going into speed mode, everything around him became slow motion as he ran towards Cain, he came up behind Cain in half of a second and put the magnum to the back of Cains head. " Now as I said before, Game over" He whispered into Cains ear, pulling back the hammer of the magnum.

March 15th, 2007, 10:57 PM
Mewtwo felt the magnum press against the back of his head.

Okay I have one shot at this

Mewtwo hoped that he could summon as much energy as he could. Once he heared the hammer of the pistol pull back and he heared AJ say "Game over". Mewtwo reacted. In less then one second before Aj pulled the trigger Mewtwo initiated teleport. He teleported behind Aj. Then said clearly

~It looks like the tables have turned~

Mewtwo dearly hoped that Aj didnt have any other weapons. With a wounded arm and the fact that he didnt have as much energy as he used to. These factors put Mewtwo at the risk of death.

Mewtwo teleported behind a nearby tree. With no other cover he was on his own to try and defend himself against AJ. He was alone but not out yet

Then Mewtwo tried a different tactic. He tried to read his mind. But once he did he felt a very large block onto it.

What the?

Then he noticed something else. The reason there was a large block here was beacause his mind was no longer his. Almost all of Aj's mind was being controled.

And just when I thought this day would not get worse

Mewtwo placed both his hands into a shadow ball like position. Then he pointed it towards Aj.

Fallen Angel_Messiah Of Black Roses
March 15th, 2007, 11:09 PM
Without even turning AJ said aloud, " Very cute, now if you want to live. I suggest, you surrender, or atleast think up some better tricks then this." Was all he could say as he pulled a stun baton and then he aimed his magnum again. " Look Cain, your games are getting old. You may be a poke freak hybrid monster, but I'm no longer considered an easy prey." AJ said to his adversary.

" Now, Lets see. I can cure you if you want, or maybe you'd like to be like me?" AJ said in a cold manner flapping out his trenchcoat to reveal three syrenges, one was the cure to the hybridnes, two was a generic hyrbid formula, three was a parasite egg.

Covering the needles up once more AJ pointed the Magnum towards Cain once more, he pulled the trigger and watched as the laser pulse came out, impaling the mewtwo.

March 15th, 2007, 11:22 PM
"No , Cain!" I yelled out , surprised by the fact that AJ just shot at him. I rushed at AJ and did the unthinkable , I accidentally used a pokemon move. "What the..?" I noticed the same purple glow in my hand and knew exactly what it was. "AJ , you'll pay for that! Pulse Bomb!!!" The attack hit him straight in the back. The impact was so powerful that he was blown back into the sewer past Cain. I looked at Cain and saw the blood coming out. "Cain! You're bleeding alot! Here , lemme' help!" I took out some bandages and wrapped them around his wound. I nodded the okay to move and saw the Omnis at the high part of the road. "Damn them. What have they done to AJ.....!?" I looked back at Cain and knew he wouldn't be able to stand for very long. "Cain , you should lay down. We'll all wait here and we're not going until you're okay , for AJ might try to kill you again. I noticed that he missed your heart , but only barely."

Fallen Angel_Messiah Of Black Roses
March 15th, 2007, 11:54 PM
AJ grimaced as he was hit by the destructive attack, he was in the sewers no doubt.

AJ just smiled and fixed his shades, " Oh well, I enjoy a good hunt. And my targets are, All of them." AJ murmered and then started to laugh to himself, " This should be fun"

AJ checked his magnum and put in two new cartridges to replace the used ones, he was ready to kick some hybrid Ass!

AJ started to walk straight, he would soon reach the exit, " No not soon. Very Soon" And he surpassed speed once again, he reached a diffrent pipe however. AJ just scowled and got off there, either way. He was out of the sewers.

AJ was angry now, he would have to track them down once again. In his anger he punched a tree and it went down like a house of cards, New strength

March 16th, 2007, 11:43 AM
Mewtwo got up.

~Damn, that hurt~

mostly Mewtwo felt more pain. He wraped bandages around his wounded body. The giradina told him to wait where they could protect him

~no..... He is to powerfull. Aj is being controlled. He is now a puppet. He has hybrid weapons. I read what little of his mind that wasnt controled. He has four syringes. 1 cure, 2 hybrid DNA and one eggsack. I do not know about the last one though. It has something to do with Giovanni.~

Mewtwo fell over again. It was hard to get up with a large gash in your torso.

~Guys. we have to keep moving. Aj will eventualy call for backup if he keeps losing to us. Plus he has syringes. We cant last forever~

Mewtwo attempted to limp away. The worst thing to happen to him was if Aj ingected him with hybrid cure.

March 16th, 2007, 5:53 PM
Hotaru watched the scene take place. He watched as the shot was taken, the pulse bomb hit, and the bandage was whipped out. "Damn AJ. What happened to him. I know we barly knew him, but still, to sell out someone so fast." Hotaru began to walk in the direction of AJ. "You guys go. I have to do somthing about AJ." he said, walking into the sewer. "Cain, get some help, I see one hell of a battle coming up." his voice grew fainter as he continued down the tunnel.

March 16th, 2007, 8:18 PM
Hotaru the medicham went and tried to do something brave by going after AJ.

~No dont. He is to power..~

Mewtwo fell over again. The pain was tremendes yet not leathle enough for death.

~AJ has strong weapons. He is being controled by Giovanni.~

Mewtwo hoped he wouldnt collapse under the strain. Then an idea came to mind

~Guys. We have to get to Vermilian. There AJ cant attack us without some casualities~

March 17th, 2007, 7:06 AM
Water dripped. No; I can’t really say it was water. If wasn’t water. It was that sewer junk. And I was deep right in the center of it.

I had just awakened, my eyes being filled with the liquid, as I was under the water. I pulled myself up, taking in a large amount of air. Then I just waited there for a short amount of time. It wasn’t until a large thud and cracks were heard, with dirt flying into the sewer room, that I fell back towards the water. I covered myself in the most disgusting mixture of whiz and crap.

Most likely, something very heavy was just thrown at one of the walls of the sewer.

I pulled myself up again, this time, not taking a breath. I looked ahead for a long moment, then stood up. I was still a hybrid; now I was covered in crap. The liquid substance was rolling off my chest and skull, but that would not leave the smell out. I never knew that I would ever be forced to be down here.

With my bone to help, I wiped away very little of the liquid. Then, I walked.

March 17th, 2007, 1:40 PM
Hotaru stopped, turned around to notice what Mewtwo had said. "Guess your right, but I will get my revenge." he said, clenching his fist. Hotaru walked up to Mewtwo. "I know how we can get to Vermillion without injuries. There should be a path leading directly to the mountain, into the woods. From there, we can reach Vermillion. My brother lives there. He won't reecognize us until I show him this." Hotaru pulled the chain that hung from his neck. "We got this from our father, before he died." he said. "He can help us." Hotaru had his clothes from before with him, over his shoulder. He put on his spiked wristband and his pants, which now looked baggy on his medicham boddy.

Fallen Angel_Messiah Of Black Roses
March 22nd, 2007, 7:27 PM
AJ brushed his hand across his sleek white hair, feeling every tiny bristle and then snapped back to reality. " Where are the targets..." AJ mumbled to himself scanning afar, only to pick up nothing. " They better not be on the move..." He mumbled darkley and then perking up a bit, " Oh well, it'll be worth it to decapitate them ever so." He said and then following up with his dark demons laugh.

He checked his gun, it was made of sleek silver, chrome to say the least. And it was powerful, even if it didn't shoot real bullets, just powerful laser shots. It was a destructive weapon that was all his. He checked his bag and to his joy saw that he had 24 speed loaders readied up, which meant... 144 shots! " I'm a lucky man..." He mumbled as he started his way into the city.

March 25th, 2007, 6:50 AM
OOC:Hey Grim , I won't be able to post because I'm grounded so you can be free to bunny my character if you want.

*Edit*OOC:I'm back!

IC:I turned to the hole and felt the presence of AJ , and that he was on the move. "People! We've got to go , now! Ugh....Aaaaagh!" I called out as I was shot in the neck with a needle like object. I pulled it out only to find that it was as dry as a desert. I then knew I was injected with the same parasitic lifeform as AJ , and I suddenly blacked out and was still standing. I was falling into a deep darkness in my mind... And I felt a fear I never felt before...

"Ack! Somebody help meee!!!!" I called out helplessly and then I suddenly stopped falling. I saw a figure who looked like me but with white and silver trimmed clothes and silver hair. "Who are you...Huh!?" Blood covered thorns te size of skyscrapers grabbed me from underneath and swung me around. They then stopped and brought my stabbed , wounded , and bloody body to the mysterious person. "Hmph , who am I? Why , I am you....I am your evil side.... I am the other Eria Uma!!!" I looked at him surprised and then turned my surprised look into an angry look. "Then , you must've been awakened by the syringe containing the parasite... Now I understand... The parasite doesn't take control of people's minds , it just awakens everyone's evil conscience..." He then looked at me with a smirk and just spoke with a cool attitude. "You're even brighter than I thought. So , do you remember my real name?" I just grew angrier and angrier until I felt Giridinas emotions from within my heart since we were mentally and psychically linked. "Yes , you are , or were , my brother.... Judai Uma....."

I then saw him walking towards me until he was just a hand's distance away from me. "Good job , my twin... But now it's time for me to be taking over....!" I then fell into a deep , deep sleep that I felt I couldn't wake up from...

~Judai's POV~

"Aaah... So this is how it's like to be in my brother's body. It feels great to be out in the open again. Especially after three years of being stuck in both Eria's mind and Hell at the same time." Judai looked at the Mewtwo hybrid who he now knew as Cain. Judai saw the Omni member who shot Eria and beckoned for an ion laser pistol. The Omni threw a little capsule that , when Judai caught it , popped into a solid gold pistol like weapon with the temperature showing on the handle. "Hmph , perfect... Heeyah!" Judai hit Cain square across the back of the head and down the bandaged injuries. Cain was knocked down to his knees and then Judai brought out a second ion laser and pointed it at Hotaru. He then pinted his other ion laser at Cain and smirked. "Hmph , nobody move or else there will be problems... especially now that Eria's out of the picture." Judai then noticed that Eria's clothes were changing to the color of his own similar clothes. The trims were turning silver and his eyes were turning blue. He then had his own hair changed to his own silver hair. The red on Eria's Nikes were changing to blue and all of the black to white. All of the colors were changing except for the wings. "Time to say goodbye , Cain and Hotaru...Kukukukukuuu!" Judai then pulled the triggers of the lasers and the beams shot out.....

Fallen Angel_Messiah Of Black Roses
April 7th, 2007, 8:49 PM
OOC: *Blinks* Okay... ( Seems a little to magic for my taste.)

AJ's Techno Sunglasses picked up something, A new project operational, Alot weaker, no real improvments to the body. " Just another controlled grunt with a gun. Worthless." AJ grumbled as he started to run full speed, the world slowing as he sped through the city. Jumping car to car, smashing windsheilds, of course they would never know what had done it...

AJ felt as the only reason they had injected the new boy was to lead AJ to the group, this was a good idea considering he could pick up other carriers of the parasite. He soon was in the range of sixty yards from the subject, before closing in he called Giovanni on the headset to make sure it was a go.

" The new slave shall show me respect as his higher up and captain. If not, I shall nutreulize him." AJ mumbled into the microphone of his sunglasses, he heard a simple yes at first.

" That is fine Messiah Of Light, Carry on. And do not fail me, am I clear?" Giovanni asked through the headset.

"Crystal..." AJ mumbled back disconnecting and heading in.

April 7th, 2007, 9:49 PM
OOC: Thats fine lightning


Mewtwo was shot in the back of the head with a lazer from the most unlikely person. Eria shot him in the wounds as well. Mewtwo immediatly scanned the traitors brain. But its signals were different then the last time he did so. This was not Eria. It was someone wearing an Eria suit. But it was still vaguly similar.

Mewtwo immediatly summoned a recover. But this one took longer then 1 milisecond and drained Mewtwo even worse then before.

With a quick flash Hotaru and Mewtwo were held at gunpoint. However Mewtwo was the one with the advantage. He was the one who was fully pokemon.

~Die traitor~

The second the traitor pulled his trigger Mewtwo summoned a barrior with the last of his strength. The lazer bounced off the barrier. Before Eria could notice Mewtwo launched a psychic attack at him and pushed him back. He did not know what happened to the Medicham. But what he was focused on was the traitor Eria

~Should have known one of us would be a traitor. But what I didnt know was that one of them would be part human. Now I know that humans are just backstabbing powerhungry beings. But I of course will leave this place with my physical being intact~

Mewtwo knew he had an advantage over the part human. He was fully pokemon and had psychic powers. He knew that his injuries would keep him running or even moving at all. But he still had the ability to give the traitor a run for his money

April 8th, 2007, 9:12 AM
"Hmph , looks like Eria should've kept his Pokemon form. Oh well , no matter..." I walked towards the Mewtwo once more and grinned. I raised my hand and swung it. "Brick break!" The shield shattered and Mewtwo was out in the open. I decided to launch another laser at him but all of a sudden I felt a restraint. "W-what the hell!?" I then realized that Eria and Giradina were holding me back , knowing that the laser shot would probably have killed Mewtwo. "Damn it , I'm being reverted back to Eria! Urgh , agh! This is only the beginning Eria and Cain! Just you wait!!!" I then reverted back into my own little mind prison and was only able to watch Eria surface into his body again and see him staggering.

~Eria's POV~

"Urgh , Cain...Are you okay? Ack!" I started to throw up blood and vomit as the effects of reverting back to normal and the psychic attack took its toll on me. "We need to hurry... If I faint Judai will come back out and I need a secure area with at least a little mind binding so that it won't be easy for him to take control... Ugh..." I told Cain. I looked at Hotaru and saw what Judai did. He had a hole in his midsection and was bleeding out more than I expected. "Hotaru! Cain , we need to get to the hospital or a Pokemon center fast!"