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March 10th, 2007, 1:32 PM
This is a traditional Doom like zombie thriller. Like New Generation it will have many parts. This is my second roleplay after The New Generation.

12 days before midnight

Rated PG 16

For many centuries God and Lucifer quarrled about who would be able to inhabit earth. Since God basicly controled Lucifer he could not do anything. But now he had a new way to get to earth. Lucifer has found a portal to Earth. Right in the middle of New York. But now he has sent Demons and Vampires up to Earth to inhabit it.

Now a portal to hell has opened in the middle of Central Park Newyork. Vampires and Demons have escaped from it. Zombie viruses are also infecting people around the portal. Soon the entire world will be inhabited unless something happens.

God already knows of this and has sent Angels to Earth. But God doesnt have as many Angels to control the Demons. What will happen? Will the Demons take over the world or will the Angels be able to help. Lucifer's portal has clouded the already night sky. The humans must survive for 18 days when sunrise comes again. But will they last that long.

You are a human who is in the middle of this rampage. In the first post the portal will open and everything will take place. What will happen? Will you help destroy them or will you join their ranks?

If you wish it you can have your character turn into a vampire or zombie. Demons are mainly things created by Lucifer so hands off.

Final Notes
Lucifer only has 1 portal. He only has so many demons and Vampires. It takes a while to create more so this could be an advantage.

Vampires and Zombies have many weaknesses. Vampires can die if they have enough bullets to the head or the heart. Zombies only have 1 weakness. The brain must be destroyed by any means.


1. All PC rules apply

2. Spelling and grammer is not very crucial but recommended.

3. Please stick to this roleplay like glue. I need dedicated roleplayers

4. Your character can turn into a zombie or a Vampire. Zombiefacation must be done either by virus's or a bite. Vampireisum is from a bite on any part of the body.

5. One of the biggest rules is NO POWERPLAYING OR BUNNYING

6. Remember that if you mutate your character to that of a zombie or vampire then it will be exposed to the hunger and weaknesses of it.

7. Last but not least please have fun

Sign-up Sheet

Name: (self explanitory)

Age: (Please above 10)

Gender: (self explanitory)

Vampire, Zombie or human: (You can start as a Vampire or a Zombie but you must state how you became so.)

Description: (what your character looks like)

Main weapon: (We will all get weapons. But what is your main weapon?)

Personality: (What your character acts like)

History: (What happened before the portal opened)

Other: (anything else to add)

RP Sample: (Another important step. This is where you must show me what your writing style is so I can judge you.)


1. Grim

People can be booted out of the roleplay because of inactivity. If you are inactive for more then a week you will be booted out and someone can have your slot.

Fallen Angel_Messiah Of Black Roses
March 10th, 2007, 4:56 PM
Name: AJ Valentine

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Vampire, Zombie or human: Human

Description: AJ is a medium sized Hispanic teen, He's about Five Foot four and weighs around 130 something pounds. His eye's are a Cloudy blue and his teeth are nice and pearly, He is wearing an earing in his left ear and has a tattoo of the cross on his forehead. He wears Black leather pants and a black shirt with a white cross and the words 'Judgment Day' he wears black boots with iron soles. He wears a white trench coat with another cross on it, this times black. His hair is grayish white and styled in a ponytail. He always wears an engagment ring.

Main weapon: Striker Shotgun W' Chainsaw Bayonette

Personality: Personality: AJ has a fixed personality, he is serious and strict in battle but will also have a sense of humor to lighten up all the tense moments. Averagely he is a layed back calm kinda of guy, real outgoing. Even if you get on his nerves he will be willing to help you but if you really Piss him off your going to regret it, big time. So overall he's a layed back humorous yet strict and serious kind of guy.

History: AJ had a pretty normal past, nothing special happened. He spent his childhood at the shooting range, and became an excellent shot. By age eight he was in love with a girl named Misty, he took up violen lessons with her and she took up shooting at the range with him, they were two lovebirds. He finished high school early, and is currently engaged to Misty

Other: AJ is an excellent shot.

RP Sample:
Misty stayed alert while sneaking upon the random buildings of Pallet, she saw some spell driven cultist. " Try to divert attention" She mumbled to her group as she kept going, keeping low and quiet and then Snap! "Sh|t" Misty curses as she stepped on a large twig, and as if it was an alert about twelve cultist started to surround them, almost moaning as they sluggishly raised large metal rods or bats. Misty nodded at her team and pulled out her thompsan, she pulled the trigger and almost dropped the machine gun as it unleashed an unholy spray of bullets onto the targets in front of her. Ratatatatatata the sound was deafning and her ears were starting to ache as the figures flew back, blood dribbling from several bullet holes in each one as they crumpled. Misty pulled her finger off the trigger and the sound instantly stopped, Thank god she thought to herself as she looked at the big ass pile of bodies.

"Move out!" Misty yelled as she kept going, while she was running she switched the magizines out for her thompsan. This was going to be a long night.

Arcana Tower

Dillon rubbed an orb made of crystal, and smiled. " Aww yes... Cain and Sol have made it to the destination, though it looks like Cain isn't coping as well as I thought as he would." He mumbled deeply and then grimaced, My children are dying though but his grimace was replaced with a bitterly sweet smile, They're indispencable though. He thought to himself slightly chuckling. " Master, you shouldn't have sent a boy for a mans job" a dark voice interupting Dillon's thought. " Do not worry Lord James. They are indispencable, no great loss." Dillon said, his voice was smoothly sour.

The door burst open without warning as medium sized caucassian bust through, obviously excited about something. Dillon frowned at the interuption, " Lord Dillon! The Magician wishes to send you a mess-" Dillon cut the man off. " Did I say you could come in? Did you knock? Obvious such manners can't be accepted." Dillon grumbled as he clenched his fist-
and the mans right eye exploded. Blood started to dribble down his face as he screeched in pain, " Shut up!" James yelled as he ripped the man throat out, cartillage and the gleaming shine of bone as his throat exposed, the man gave a final blood filled cough as he fell to the ground. Dillon smiled at James " Thank you. I'll dispose of this nuisence." Dillon said grinning as the body and blood disapeared. " We have buisness to attend to." Dillon said his voice fading.

AJ was waiting for the answer he wanted, the reason for the mans apearance when he remembered something. " Barry, where is that Sandslash?" He asked anxious, Barry replied with a shug. " Damn, where'd he go." AJ mumbled looking around

March 10th, 2007, 6:36 PM
Ash Jr.: A very nice sign up as usual. Very much detail


Fallen Angel_Messiah Of Black Roses
March 10th, 2007, 6:43 PM
OOC: Thanks, Oh and since your Box is full I'll just say it, Yes I will make a fic and yes I would like to be freinds

March 10th, 2007, 7:16 PM
OOC: Thanks, Oh and since your Box is full I'll just say it, Yes I will make a fic and yes I would like to be freinds

Thanks. My box is empty now. Oh and this roleplay will start when 3 more people join.