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Always and Never
March 10th, 2007, 5:41 PM
Located from the walls of the Ruins of Alph...

We have sealed it away, to protect our fate...
The Ruins mark the entrance of Hell's gate...
But we sealed it away, deep within the walls...
He will be released when the barrier falls...

Long ago, in a time of desperation, the world called upon a hero. Humans and Pokemon alike would travel to the Beta Shrine and pray to the Unknown to stop the chaos. The Unknown, hearing the calls, constructed many halls of heiroglyphs, known today as the Ruins of Alph. The characters tell of a pokemon the Unknown had forged to answer the prayers of many. The Unknown had put all their power into a single being, known as "Annon-Droid", or Android for short. One factor the Unknown did not take into thought was the "Guardian's" free will. With the power it had at its disposal it soon broke away from their control and fearing the Apocalypse, the Unknown had sealed it away deep inside the Ruins of Alph.

Recently excavated text...

One, two, three, four...
The killing had to be stopped...
We feared, even for our own safety...
So, fear from walking around these halls...
For, if it were to awaken...
Well, you're curiosity can answer that...

You are invited!
To attend the final excavation of the Ruins of Alph.
Please, bring your pokemon to witness the digging.
The Secret of the Unknown is near, and we are sure
to find it! Arrive on May 4th and enjoy a great feast!
Hope to see you there!
~Ryozo Zuri

You are a trainer that is very interested in seeing what the Ruins of Alph hold within their walls. So please, join me in this RP to find out!

Basic RP rules.
5 lines or more per post. Everybody likes paragraphs!
Only one pokemon partner.
Any pokemon is allowed as a partner, except legendaries.

Sign-Up Sheet:
Type of Trainer: [Ranger, Normal, Other]

Pokemon Sign-Up Sheet:
Type of Pokemon:
History: [How, Where you caught it]

March 12th, 2007, 12:48 PM
Name: Jael English

Gender: Female

Age: 18

Type Of Trainer: Coordinator

Appearance: Jael has long black hair that she keeps swung over her left shoulder. She has light blue, almost gray, eyes. She is rather tall, standing at 5' 9". She is also rather skinny.

Personality: Jael is a shy girl who takes a lot of pride in her intelligence. She was never good at sports, so she always excelled in the classroom. She has trouble making friends due to her shyness, but the friends that she does have she would trust with her life. It takes a lot to get Jael to become angry, however she does become intense when she is in battle.

History: Jael had an almost normal childhood. She grew up in a small town with her mother and her father. She also had a small brother, and not to mention, her twin sister, Melrose. Her sister was the picture of perfection. Melrose was the class president, the cheerleading captain, and the Prom Queen. Sadly, Melrose died in a car accident the day after graduation. This is the primary reason why Jael has become timid and shy.

Name: Masquerain

Gender: Male

Age: 2

Type of Pokemon: Bug/Flying

Appearance: Masquerain is slightly larger than the average Masquerain, which is useful in battle.

Personality: Just like Jael, Masquerain is extremely intelligent. When in battle, Masquerain uses its intelligence to help predict its opponents moves.

History: Jael caught a small Surskit when she saw it being attacked by a Ratatta. After raising him for a year, Surskit evolved into the Masquerain that Jael has today.

March 12th, 2007, 3:12 PM
ooh an unown roleplay

Name: Cain Ritham

Gender: Male

Age: 16

Type of Trainer: Normal

Appearance: Cain's hair is black and is so long he keeps it in a braid that goes down to his sholders. Cain wears a standard issue ranger uniform. His pants however are blue jeans. His jacket has an inner pocket which he keeps his orange pokedex inside. His shoes are white and black sneakers (Similar to ash's first Gen shoes) His gloves are brown fingerless gloves. (BTW his ranger clothes are R/S/E ranger style)

Personality:Cain rarely talks to people about his problems. He is usualy talkative but he usualy forgets what he is talking about and keeps changing the subject. The only one who doesnt get annoyed with him is his pokemon. He feels that his pokemon is the one thing he can relait to. He loves to talk to his pokemon about how his day was or how he could beat the next trainer.

History: Cain lived in Pallet town most of his life. There he dreamed of being a pokemon trainer but not on as high a level. He only wanted to help people with his pokemon. Professer Oak gave him a starter after that but then he enrolled as a pokemon ranger. But shortly after a year Cain quit being a ranger since it had so many responsibilities and not enough pokemon training. Because of this his Pidgey was still level 10.

Other: None

Name: Pidgey

Gender: male

Age: 1

Type of Pokemon: Flying

Appearance: Standard Pidgey look. Except Pidgey also wears a scarf given to by its former trainer. The scarf is red in color.

Personality: Pidgey is always getting into fights with Cain. He is usualy bringing up sand when ever they get into fights. However in a pokemon battle Cain and Pidgey always resolve their differences and battle their hearts out.

History: When Cain was first starting out he went to Professer Oak. Professer Oak who also worked a pokemon orphanage decided to give him a flying pokemon who was Pidgey. Who was there the longest and took to Cain very well. Pidgey was abandoned by a trainer who caught the Pidgey but sent it to an orphanage immediatly. But left a scarf with it.

Other: None

March 13th, 2007, 10:38 PM
This looks interesting.

Sign-Up Sheet:
Name: Patience

Gender: Female

Age: 16

Type of Trainer: Private Eye Trainer/ Corrdinator

Appearance: http://img167.imageshack.us/img167/8330/amipb8.jpg Her hair is light pink and her eyes a deep crimson red. The shirt is black and the heart is pink with red writing. Her jearns are light blue.

Personality: She has a strong will to become the best and has a tendence to always want to be the center of attention. She loves fire, dragon, and dark type pokemon and has started develope likes for the eevee's and it's evolutions. She can be very calm in most situations as well as one who loves to solves riddles and to also be hired by the Police to help out in investigations when no one could solve them. She demands the best from her pokemon, but also cares deeply for them and has a tendancey to also but-in on everything.

History: When she was 5, someone had broken into her house and stole all the pokemon eggs from their barn. She had heard of a private investigater, known as Ash, to aid Officer Jenny and when he had stumbled upon their home and Officer Jenny hired them, they caught the bandet and brought back the pokemon eggs. Since than, she had trained to be just like Ash and has now been able to start up her own investigation. With the help of an old friend, she had managed to solve two cases already and is hopeing for more. Although she has had many experience with raising and hatching Pokemon eggs, she was also good at comming up with different ways for her pokemon to make appeals and cordinate neat attacks.

Other: None.

Pokemon Sign-Up Sheet:
Name: Dratini

Gender: Female

Age: 10

Type of Pokemon: Dragon

Appearance: http://img148.imageshack.us/img148/526/dratinishinypc8.png A Shiney Dratini

Personality: She tends to act shy around other trainers and just like Patience, she is a strong-willed Pokemon often pushing herself past her own limits. She is very loyal and protective of Patience, but also has patience with her when combinations don't work well.

History: Patience was out training herself with the help of her parent's pokemon to pretend to be the theif and steal an egg. This egg has always been the same egg and it was given to her by her parents to be her very first pokemon. One day, when she found her egg at age 11 from one of her role playing games, she noticed the glow of the egg and gasped picking it up and running home quickly with it and put it on the inqubater to help it hatch with her parents beside her they waited to see what kind of Pokemon would hatch and it turned into a small shiney Dratini. When the two met eye to eye, it was love at first sight and Patience began to train her hopeing to use her in compitition as well as help investigate mysteries. So far, Patience has been having a hard time making correct combinations and has still yet to win a ribbon and compete.

Other: Nick name: Eclipse

I hope that this is way after Ash and his crew's time. If not, I'll just have to adjust her age and rechange her history.

March 13th, 2007, 10:39 PM
It appears someone reserected this thread. I thought scyther forgot about us.

March 13th, 2007, 11:08 PM
It appears someone reserected this thread. I thought scyther forgot about us.

Reserected? Was it the same person who created it or did someone who isn't the creator, reserect it. . . If that's the case, isn't it against the rules?

March 14th, 2007, 11:27 AM
Reserected? Was it the same person who created it or did someone who isn't the creator, reserect it. . . If that's the case, isn't it against the rules?

No i ment it like a metifor. I ment that since this roleplay has had no replies from the creator and it has began to die. Then you posted your application. I said that you reserected it. But no its not against the rules. Just wait till Scyther evaluates our sheets

Always and Never
March 14th, 2007, 2:14 PM
Don't worry i'm here XD Both are accepted.

Always and Never
March 17th, 2007, 2:45 PM
Everyone who has signed up has been accepted. I'll be starting this in 4 hours so hurry and sign up!

April 15th, 2007, 1:56 PM
Name: Kenta Marlin
Gender: Male
Age: 19-20
Type of Trainer: Ranger
Appearance: Kenta has brown hair and wears a read bandana around his forehead. He wears the official Rintown uniform.
Personality: Kenta is cool & collected. He loves thrills and doesn't scare very often. He enjoys adentures and seeing rare sights, which is why he became a ranger.
History: He became a ranger simply for excitement, thrills, and adventures. Rintown leader, Spencer, having obtained the letter couldn't attend. In his place he sent his most hyperactive ranger, the one 'n only, Kenta Marlin!
Other: Kenta hates broccoli, and you wouldn't guess from his behavior, sugar...
Name: Butterfree
Gender: Male
Age: 5
Type of Pokemon: Butterfree
Appearance: The only difference between the looks of Kenta's Butterfree, and other Butterfree is that it has a bang that hangs over his eye.
Personality: Butterfree loves adventures as much as Kenta. He doesn't like danger though, even as far as running from a mission...
History: Kenta found Butterfree as a Metapod. It seems it had been a Metapod for 2 years! After compassion from Kenta it evolved and joined him as his partner pokemon.
Other: Butterfree loves hot scauce mixed with ranch, disgusting but true. He also adores pickled raddish dipped in hot barbecue sauce. What're you gonna do?

April 15th, 2007, 3:39 PM

Name: Andrew McGow Pali
Type of Trainer: Retired Rocket Exectutive, Currently Normal
Appearance: Andrew has shiny brown, short hair. His eyes are a sparkling, sapphire blue. He has a thin, lanky figure with a strong upper and lower body. He has a black under shirt with a comfy, loose, wite shirt. On the back of his shirt he has the symbol of a Pokeball. On the front of his shirt there is a picture of his favorite Pokèmon, Gardevoir. He has blue pants that match is glowing eyes. He has sparkling clean, white running shoes. He stands tall at 6'3". He has a thin, confident, face. He has low cheek bones, like an average American. His skin is a medium tan. He stands up straigt.
Personality:Andrew is very outgoing and makes millions of friends. He has friends of all ages. He is a very competitive trainer and will never give up. He has always been helpful. He is loving towards all of his Pokemon old, and new. Andrew is very smart. He usually has a smile on his face. Andrew is very energetic and active. He is obedient and very observent. He doesn't get mad too often. He always thinks before he acts. Most people think he is fun to be with. At first he appears to be a know-it-all, shy kid. But when people get to know him (which almost everyone does), they find that it isn't true. At times, he tends to get stressed. He always acts calm, no matter what. He is definately and optimist.
History:Andrew was born into a wealthy family of five. He is the youngest of them all. His parents usually ignored him, always paying attention to his sibilings. One day, his oldest sister died. His parents wouldn't tell Andrew why though. Andrew's parents now were always fighting about their money problems, and how they 'screwed up thier lives and their kids lives'. A few years later Andrew went to a far away camp in Kanto. He came back and his parents were even more stressed. His parents eventually divorced. His dad owned all of the boys, while his mom owned all of the girs. Each kid had visitation rights to their other parent. Andrew's dad quickly found a girlfriend with two kids, who was also divorced. Andrew's dad dated her for about three months, and they got married. Andrew's step mom and dad kept on fighting, but never divoreced. Andrew would lock himself in the closet and they would never notice. Eventually Andrew ran away to his distant cousins. His aunt called his mom, and his mom then got Andrew, because Andrew ran away, without his dad noticing. When Andrew was able to move away, he went to be a Team Rocket grunt. He moved his way up all of the way to a Team Rocket Executive, keeping his Team Rocket identety hidden from his family. Eventually, Andrew realized that Team Rocket was a bad group, and quit. Then, Andrew left to a small house in Violet City, Johto, to start a new life. There he became very interested in the Ruins of Alph.
Other:He has an amulet that he keeps always around his neck. Andrew has a special bond with his beloved Gallade. He can hear Gallade talk to him through his mind and Andrew can talk to Gallade by thinking.

Pokemon Sign-Up Sheet:

Name: Mooñ (moon-ya')
Gender: Male
Age: 30 | lvl. 39
Type of Pokemon: Gallade
Appearance: Mooñ looks like a normal Gallade, except one thing. Mooñ was born with a birth defect that made him slightly shorter and slightly a different color.
Personality: Mooñ is very laid back. He is of the calm nature, and is very quiet. He loves being outside with Andrew, defenitely when it is quiet and peaceful. Mooñ is a good fighter in Pokèmon battles, and a good companion outside of battles.
History: Andrew got an egg from his granddad when he was a little boy. Andrew cared for the egg a lot. One day it hatched. It had two Ralts in it; one male, one female. Both Ralts had a birth defect, and the female Ralts didn't make it. When Andrew turned ten, He started an adventure with his Ralts. Eventually, he evolved it into a Gallade.
Other: N|A

April 16th, 2007, 6:34 AM
Sorry to burst your bubble but he told me he isn't doing this anymore. But if he changes his mind then, sorry.

Always and Never
April 16th, 2007, 4:26 PM
Actually, the attention this has gotten, I might change my mind. If another person joins, I will start it.

Trainer Kat
April 16th, 2007, 5:37 PM
Well then, if you're going to start it when one person joins, I'll sign up. :]
Sign-Up Sheet:
Name: Kat Alexander
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Type of Trainer: Normal
Appearance: Picture okay? http://i145.photobucket.com/albums/r223/Gengarr/l_7d5d44703f116b4322495ce9a359ac32.jpg
Personality: Coming from a wealthier family, Kat is generally stand-offish. She is extremely stuck up, and even when in a panic, is not quick to accept help from others. She's also quite feminine, and loves pink. Because of her attitude, she says many things that could be taken as insulting, without meaning them that way. Though it's very rare that she opens up and accepts someone, she will be a very loyal friend once she does.
History: When Kat was younger, she met a trainer. Kat was only around five at the time, so she was very easily influenced. She watched the trainer battle a wild Wurmple with his Pikachu. While this wouldn't be very amusing to older trainers, as Wurmple is a very weak Pokemon, to Kat, this was one of the coolest things she had ever seen. She decided right then and there to become a Pokemon Trainer. She had seen many Pokemon, but she decided she liked the cat Pokemon the best. She yearned for a Meowth or Skitty, but her parents refused to get her one. She made up her mind that she wanted a companion bad enough that she would commit to being a Pokemon trainer. When she was eight, her best friend died of heart complications. This was devastating to her, and ultimately caused her to become stand-offish to everyone else, as no one lived up to the standard he had set.
Other: N/A

Pokemon Sign-Up Sheet:
Name: Reiji
Gender: Male
Age: 2
Type of Pokemon: Meowth
Appearance: Normal Meowth, except he wears a gold band around his tail.
Personality: Meowth, like others of his breed, has a quirky personality. He is a very territorial Pokemon and doesn't usually let others near his Kat. He stays perched on Kat's shoulder always, and his Pokeball only exists to remove him from battle if he gets injured. Meowth also is excessively enamored with shiny objects, moreso than other Meowths.
History: Meowth is Kat's first Pokemon. He has been with her for two years, given to her when her neighbor's Persian gave birth. The feline was cared for for two years before Kat officially became a trainer, using her loyal Meowth as her Pokemon.
Other: Though Meowth has met all of the qualifications to become a Persian, he refuses, as his lazy nature prevents him from doing anything that would jeopardize his position on Kat's shoulder.

Uggghh, sorry this isn't done. Could you hold my place and I'll finish it after classes tomorrow? I really should work on a paper right now. xD

Always and Never
April 16th, 2007, 6:38 PM
Holy crap! I can't believe it. If this is really like getting famous, you can PM me your sign-up and I'll think of a plot to get you in. I'll accept like 3 late sign-ups!!

Sign Up
Name: Ryozo "Ozone" Zuri
Gender: Male
Age: 22
Type of Trainer: Unofficial Researcher
Appearance: Ryozo's hair is a dark-brown that rests on his head. He never usually styles it seeing as he is always on the road. His blue eyes are very distinct across is face. He wears a white undershirt that is visible beneath his black dress shirt. He wears drak blue jeans that are held up by a belt with a belt buckle of an Unown "A". His red shoes are very worn out from him crouching all the time. He doesn't bother tying his shoe laces seeing as he doesn't have any.
Personality: Ryozo doesn't really see a lot of people because he is usually nose-deep in a book or dirt. He loves finding clues and finding ancient treasures. He makes most of his money by donating to museums. He is obsessed with the Unown and after getting permission to host an excavation, he literally died with excitement. His expression is mostly a smile, and is very friendly towards everyone. Especially, trainers.
History: Ryozo left home at 11, his mom practically kicking him out of the house to start his journey. He really hated walking and soon rejoiced in gaining a bike. As he traveled he gained the eight Johto badges and faced the Elite Four. He lost when the champion, Lance, obliterated his pokemon. When he reached Goldenrod, where he orginated, he went through a transformation. He thought, why am I not being educated? He soon raised enough money to buy a small house, which he lived and researched day in and day out, for about a year. After learning a lot about Pokemon one species always eluded him. The Unown. As he went around excavating ruins and other mysterious places, time went by fast. Soon seven years had passed, and he had grown into a fine young man. Meeting many people who shared his interests he developed advanced social skills. Especially talking with his Gardevoir every day for the past ten years.
Other: Sent out invitations to Pokemon Trainers he had met recently who shared the same interest he did in the mysterious world of Pokemon.

Pokemon Sign-Up Sheet:
Name: Nightmare
Gender: Female
Age: 10
Type of Pokemon: Gardevoir
Appearance: Nightmare glares a lot, but don't let that confuse you, she's the nicest pokemon you'll ever meet.
Personality: The only person that knows Nightmare is Ryozo. Nightmare talks psychically to Ryozo, which freaks Ryozo out, to death.
History: Nightmare was his first Pokemon and his only Pokemon that he has truely connected with. He released all his other Pokemon after losing the champion battle. He kept the Gardevoir.
Other: Nightmare secretly like Gallades. She will never battle one.

This tooke me an hour to write. *goes to sleep*

April 17th, 2007, 7:33 AM
Sign-Up Sheet:
Max Masato
Type of Trainer:
Max is about five-foot-three. He has moderately light skin. He has dark blue hair with bangs being about the same length as the rest of his hair and Dark-Black eyes. He usually wears a Brown shirt with a white dot and white collar. He also wears Light green shorts as well as a pair of Black, Brown, and white colored tennis-shoes.
Max has just started traveling alone a few months ago, and in that time has become a very well developed trainer and quite independent. He still relies on Book-Smarts to think things through, especially in battles. Since departing from Ash 2 years ago, he has become more like Ash in terms of just overall outlook on life.
Max was the son of Norman, and has always wanted to be like his Dad. A few weeks before Max’s birthday, Max witnessed the Indigo leauge. A few weeks after his birthday, he met Ash, and after pretending to be the Leader, Max decided to travel with Ash, before he left, he was given a Pokenav. Max, Ash, and May met up with Brock and the trio become a foursome. After the Hoenn leauge, Max decided to stay home. The decision did not last long, as Max decided to accompany him through Battle Frontier.
Like Ash, he has a trio of Rockets who chase him. They are Bonnie, Clyde, and Skitty.

Pokemon Sign-Up Sheet:
Type of Pokemon:
Like a normal Electrike, only more intimidating for soeme reason...
Electrike is a very loyal Pokemon, when the two first met, it was quite disobediant, though once Max protected Electike from a flock of Tailow, it has become his best friend, and his most loyal Pokemon. It has an overall playful persona.
because Max overslept the day he was to get a Pokemon, Treecko, Torchic, and Mudkip, had been taken, so he got the disobediant Electrike in Birch's lab.
It refused to evolve from the moment it say Wattson's Manectric. For an Electrike, it is very, very powerful.

April 17th, 2007, 8:49 AM
Name: Barry Piero
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Type of Trainer: Kindler
Appearance: Barry is 5'11" and weighs 159 lbs, he also has a Heterochromia condition making his left eye Red Brown and his Right Eye Hazel. Barry has messy red hair that seems to have been in a helmet for too long. He wears a yellow motorcycle jacket with 3 black stripes near the bottom end of the jacket's center, the jacket is kept unzipped to reveal a black t-shirt. He wears dark orange driving gloves, black motor pants and driving shoes.
Personality: Barry is very hot-tempered and constantly stressed out. He gets mad at very little things and doesn't like to hear what other people have to say to him. All he cares about is what he wants to do and nothing more. Barry is also very stressed from traveling and working, the only pleasure he gets out of life is searching for other opponents to release his anger on. He also enjoys watching fire and by it he becomes more calmer as if he is obsessed with the fire's every movement. His strategy over roll, burn it all down!
History: Barry used to be a Ranger and helped maintain peace in local routes and forest parks. Unlike many of his fellow Rangers, Barry started off with a Charmander and immediately became obsessed with its fire and flaming tail. He used to find his job as a Ranger to be very hard-working and not very fun, but his Charmander made it all the better. One day however, will change his life forever, there was a fire in the forest park he was in and instead of getting rid of it he made it worse by commanding his Charmander to add more flame to the blaze. Soon afterwards he was stripped of his Ranger Title and kicked out of the Pokemon Ranger Center. Ever since this event he has grown to become bitter and angry all the time. He claimed fire was just as part of nature as everything else and he was doing nothing wrong. He soon departed his Ranger life and traveled his own journey across many regions, training his Charmander to evolve into a fearsome Charizard. During his travels he received a letter from a "Ryozo" that explains an event that many trainers should attend if they wish to learn the mysteries of Pokemon, uncaring of what mysteries await him, he goes off to see if any trainers there wishes to battle him as his Charizard demands more training.
Other: Barry enjoys Motorcycling and racing. He also has a favorite line he used to say when he was a Ranger, "When you light a campfire, make sure the flame isn't puny."

Pokemon Sign-Up Sheet:
Name: Draco
Gender: Male
Age: 42
Type of Pokemon: Charizard
Appearance: http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpmfsa/dpmfsa006.png
Personality: Draco is intimidating and powerful, always looking for new opponents to fight. He enjoys using fire moves such as Flamethrower, to melt and burn things.
History: Draco was given to Barry as a small Charmander by the Pokemon Ranger Center as his partner. Apparently, it was abandoned by its previous trainer and was up for grabs. Seeming how most Rangers use Grass-Type Pokemon, Draco wasn't a popular choice, considering how weak it looked. However, when Barry first saw it when he became a Ranger he immediately fell in love with its fiery tail and the two has been together since. Barry has trained Draco to become a vicious Charizard powerful enough to use Flamethrower. Draco, like his master, is obsessed with fire and uses his fiery breath any chance he gets.
Other: Unlike most Charizards, this one is black making it a rare find indeed. But, like most Charizards, it prefers to fight foes deemed worthy of a challenge and would never waste its time fighting challengers it feels to be weak.

April 17th, 2007, 8:49 AM
Sign Up

Name: Salem Paroo

Gender: Male

Age: 25

Type of Trainer: Normal

Appearance: Salem Paroo enjoys looking dark and mysterious, wearing a navy blue trenchcoat, top hat, and shoes. Both his pants, shirt, and belt are jet black, leaving a shimmering gold ring on his waist, where the belt buckle is. His pokeballs surprisingly, aren't attached to his belt, but on a ring that goes around the waist of his trenchcoat. The long coat is covered in fastenings and pockets, leaving no need for a standard training backpack, though he does carry a satchel on the inside of his coat. Salem's skin a very pale, along with snow white hair that comes down past his ears. Though, while most would think he was albino, his eyes were a bluegreen leaving no real explanation for his pigmentation. Around the third finger on his left hand he wears a strange gold ring.

Personality: While Salem enjoys appearing mysterious and almost evil, he's actually a very fun guy to be around. He always likes meeting new friends and enjoys a nice battle. He always seems to wear a smile on his face, and even though he may seem dumb at times, he's actually a very deep thinker and smarter than most people his age.

History: Salem was born in Johto, and at the age of ten began his ascent through the pokemon league, collecting badges with his first pokemon Misdreavus (even though he's using Scizor as his partner on this new adventure) he always had a love for pokemon, and while he doesn't like to talk about some of his later teen years, he seems like a normal trainer, collecting badges throughout multiple regions.

Pokemon Sign-Up Sheet:

Name: Scizor

Gender: male

Age: 14

Type of Pokemon: Scizor

Appearance: Normal

Personality: Scizor is a fierce fighter and enjoys nothing more than a battle. He has a short temper, of course when you aren't on to his last nerve, he's one of the best friends you can have.

History: Scizor was Salem's fifth pokemon, but was instantly regarded as a key member of his party. Salem usually caught psychic, dark, and ghost pokemon, liking to look mysterious. Though among his sp. attackers, Scizor is a steel powerhouse of physical strength.

Always and Never
April 17th, 2007, 12:07 PM

I won't accept anymore.

I'll edit this post tonight when I have access to a computer.

April 17th, 2007, 4:35 PM
Aw man, I'm too late. -sniffs and wobbles off-

Always and Never
April 17th, 2007, 5:55 PM
OOC: Well, I'll let you in... because I'm a nice guy. So post your sign-up. NO MORE SIGNUPS AFTER THAT. In the meantime, it is time I started up.

My Pokegear alarm went off, screaming at me to get up. I opened my eyes and watched the driplets of dew slide down the side of my tent. I unzipped my sleeping bag and unzipped my tent. I grabbed the pokeball that sat on the makeshift table outside and dropped in on the ground. A flash of light surrounded the frontside of me as my Gardevoir appeared, levitating before me. "Good morning. I hope you had a good rest." I said to Nightmare. Like always, she never answered back. I walked down the path that was near and soon reached a rope barracade I had put up so no one would disturb my work. I took a deep breathe and packed it all away. This area had no interesting stuff in it. I was pretty far from Violet City, where I had to be tomorrow, to host the excavation of the Ruins of Alph. Hopefully, the Pokegear text messages reached everyone okay but I didn't let that bother me. It was time to make the long trekk through Union Cave, back up to Violet. I looked back at the sign that read,"Slowpoke Well." and didn't think twice about leaving. I was so excited to be hosting such a big event. I just hope all goes well. I thought as my Gardevoir turned to me. Don'ttt worrrryyy, itttt willll. she thought back. Nightmare could only understand thoughts, and that was never much of a problem. I entered the cold, dark cave and clambered up the rocks. It was going to be about an hour, two tops of getting back to Violet City. Hopefully, I wouldn't get held up.

April 18th, 2007, 1:54 AM
Kenta walked through the ruins with Butterferee by his side. "I haven'y seen anything yet! Spenser must be losing it." Kenta said. "Frrrrrreeeee!" Butterfree replied. "I know, right!" Kenta said. Suddenly his styler started ringing. "Solana here. I heard about your mission in the Ruins of Alph. Everything okay?" Solana asked. "Everything's boring. But besides that everything's great babe!" Kenta replied folding his arms behind his head. "I told you not to call me that, Kenta! Just get back to work." She replied blushing. "What stung her in the but?" "Frrrreeeeee?" Butteerfree pondered. "I know, right!" Kenta exclaimed as the two of them went deeper into the cave.

April 18th, 2007, 10:53 AM
Barry is in the cave where the ruins are held. He walks with a torch looking around his surroundings. There are strange symbols on the walls of the ruins. Barry goes near the walls and runs his hand on top of the symbols with a look of wonder.

"Tch, serves them right." He remarked to himself referring to the people who could of made the ruins.

He took a step back and kept walking, not paying attention, he walked into someone.

"Watch where you're going you clumsy nut!" Barry yelled in anger that someone hit him.

He moves his torch around to see a kid on the ground, he has brown hair and a red bandana, he is accompanied by a Butterfree. But what struck out most for Barry was the fact that this person is a Ranger, A Pokemon Ranger, a type of person that Barry just could not stand.

"A Ranger? I used to be one. It's going to be fun burning you to a pile of ashes!" Barry laughed.

Barry moved his jacket to show a single pokeball on his belt, he unclipped it and threw it at the Ranger.

"DRACO! I CHOOSE YOU! BURN'EM UP!" Barry commanded.

A red light was released from the ball and out came a black Charizard.

"GRAHH!" It roared.

April 18th, 2007, 11:48 AM
"Wow, it's been a while since I've seen these ruins..."said a man, smiling over the glorious Ruins of Alph, you could see in his eyes that he was looking back to younger days. "So, what do you think, Scizor?" The gleaming red pokemon exlaimed the first syllable of it's name to his trainer, in satisfaction of the ruins. The pokegear around Salem's wrist began to buzz, and he turned to look at it, suddenly the mysterious trainer realized that it was almost time for the excavation to begin. He and his pokemon began rushing toward the ruins, not wanting to be late.

April 18th, 2007, 1:42 PM
"I dunno what you've got against a ranger, but I appreciate the excitement! Butterfree! Protect!" Kenta exclaimed with a cheesy smile on his face. The flames blasted the aura and disappeared. "Listen rookie. Before I was a ranger I was a master trainer! Me and Butterfree go way back! I only bacame a ranger for the excitement! I was gonna quit but you've shown some light on my mission! Butterfree!" Kenta shouted. "Frrreeee!!" Butterfree screeched as it charged towards Charizard. 'Is that thing black?' Kenta thought to himself at the last second...

April 18th, 2007, 3:18 PM
"Elec-Trike!" Yelled the little furball of Electricity, using Thunderbolt.
"Ah!!" Screamed Max jolting awake, because of the electricity.
"Electrike" Said Electrike triumphantly.
"Sorry Electrike, did I oversleep, Again?"
Electike said nothing but glared at Max sarcasticly.
"Don't glare at me, we need to get going."
"Prepare for trouble...
...and make it double!
To Elect the world into devastation!
To smite all peoples within every nation!
To announce the wonders of truth and love!
To expand our roar to the stars above!
Team Rocket defeating all those who are good and right,
Surrender now or prepare to lose the fight!
Skitty, you got that right!"Came a voice.
"Not today, not this early in the morning" Groaned Max...
"With our robotic Donphan, your Electrike is as good as ours" Yells Bonnie.
Suddenly the Donphan mecha curls up and rolls at Electrike, and rolls right over it. Max starts to look around in horror, to see Electrike isn't there.
"The trunk sucked that Electrike in just like is was designed to!" Boasted Clyde.

April 18th, 2007, 4:23 PM
Barry laughed at Kenta's last statement. Barry's a mad man, a man who isn't so thrilled of people, especially Pokemon Rangers. He still holds a chip on his shoulder ever since he was kicked out from the Pokemon Ranger Center, but he isn't going to tell that to this guy.

The butterfree is seen charging towards Draco, but his Charizard knows a move that Kenta doesn't know of, at least not yet anyway...

"DRACO! FLAMETHROWER NOW!" Barry demanded.

Draco flapped his wings and spat out the powerful fire attack from his mouth, throwing a beam of pure flame onto the Bug-type Pokemon who rushed into it.

"Burn it, burn it all down!" Barry told his Charizard raising his hands with curled fingers.

April 18th, 2007, 6:39 PM
Scyther said I could join, so here is my role:

Name: Ronike
Gender: Male
Age: 22
Type of Trainer: Normal
Appearance: See my avatar
Personality: Ronike is and has been for a long time a loner and a bit harsh and boorish towards other humans. He displays great compassion and loyalty towards pokemon and, at least it is said, those who manage to befriend him. He seems to wander aimlessly to and fro, stopping only at places which catch his attention or have great hype. Its also said he likes a challenge: both physical and mental
History: Very little is actually know about this trainer, only that his family died when he was young, leaving him alone with next to no one, except for one rumored very close friend. Its said that he has traveled the world many times over and that he has helped avert many a crisis as well as that he has conquered some of the most elite trainers on the globe. Its said that he has even defeated the gym challenges in all four continents and passed the orange island league. No one knows why he lost his eye.
Other: Ronike has somewhat poor depth perception, but a good sense of hearing due to training to outweigh this.

Pokemon Sign-Up Sheet:
Name: Shales
Gender: Male
Age: 14
Type of Pokemon: Metagross
Appearance: Shales is the same size as the average metagross, its color is similar to the shiny version, only the silver is darker and the cross is a black metal, not bronzish.
Personality: Shales at first glance appears very aggressive, but this one is actually quite wise and something of a passifist. However, Shales is extremely loyal to its trainer and will do whatever Ronike tells him, even if he would prefer not to. He is also rather loyal to the few that have befriended Ronike.
History: Shales is said to be the first pokemon that Ronike received from his family when Ronike was eight. This explains the extremely close bond that the two have. They both can understand the other completely and often times it seems as though they know what the other is thinking. This close bond allows Ronike and Shales to communicate psychically even when a few miles apart.
Other: Shales usually travels outside of his pokeball, but he does have one.

I'll wait for approval before starting though.

Always and Never
April 18th, 2007, 6:49 PM
Your approved! Now RP! ALL RIGHT!

April 18th, 2007, 7:09 PM
Ronike awoke, as usual, with many rocks sticking into his back. "Man, another day of soreness and pain" He thought out loud, "Oye,Shales, come on back so we can get goin'"
"On my way, meet me at the path to the east."
Ronike got up and walked east, chewing on an energy bar on the way, til he reached the path. Instinctively, he looked up and saw Shales levatating down.
"You had a good morning, Shales?"
"Quite, I managed to snag some mcdonalds for you if you'd like some
"I LOVE MCDONALDS!!! Wait, how'd you manage that? Wait never mind, I already know. You 'borrowed' it, didn't you?"
"Duh, do you really think I could fit in those small doors?"
"'Course not. Thanks man, I was kinda hungry. Anyways, we should head towards those ruins of Alph."
They walked onward in silence, but Ronike's eyes got darker and darker as they continued.
"You gonna be ok Ronike?"
"Yeah, and beisdes, I want to see what intrigued him so much about these ruins that he gave his life for them. Besides, don't you want to see our old friend again? Hes said to be there on a dig."
"True, wouldn't want to miss him"
They emerged from the woods and came to the caves.
"Union cave, eh?" Ronike said, reading the nearby sign aloud, "Cool. Now all we gotta do is wait for him"

OOC: The person who Im waiting for does know, so its not just the first person. and if you didnt pick up on it, the italics are thoughts, regular is spoken. Im on the north end. Forgot to mention that

April 19th, 2007, 1:28 AM
"Use psychic to stop that flamethrower!" Kenta exclaimed. "Now sleep powder!" He continued. "Now while thier napping we'll vamoose." Kenta said, as he and his poke'companion dashed off. "Frrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeee!" Butterfree yelled in the horizon. "He's progressing to fast... Time to slow him down..."

April 19th, 2007, 1:57 PM
OOC: please have at least four ines, this is a good RP and I don't want to see it closed
Sorry I didn't start yesterday, I had to get to bed...o.O


Andrew woke up early. He walked out of his tent, and streched. Then, Andrew went back in the tent to change. Andrew walked out, again, and started to make breakfast. This time Andrew made eggs and bacon. He let out Mooñ to give him some breakfast too. Then, Andrew let out the rest of his team: Riolu, Shinx, and Buizel. He gave his whole team some breakfast. Andrew then packed all of his things, and set off for Violet City. Andrew started walking along, when his PokèTech's phone rang with a text message. It read:

Come to the Ruins of the Alph. Bring only one Pokèmon. I'll see you there.


Andrew remembered Ryozo. He had met him a little while back with other people who were also interested about the world around them. Andrew hurried to get to Violet City, to drop off Riolu, Shinx, and Buizel. Andrew finnaly got there and dropped of three of his Pokèmon. Then, Andrew went to the Ruins of the Alph, and saw someone running away with a Butterfree. Andrew thought that they were escaping froma crime, so he had Gallade teleport in front of him to battle.

April 19th, 2007, 2:12 PM
"What was that?!"the back of Salem's trenchcoat waved to his right as he stopped running suddenly. His peaceful blue eyes were now glaring to the inside of a nearby cave. His companion had heard the roaring too, as he'd stopped hovering and was trying to investigate the sounds as well. "You heard that roaring, right Scizor?"Salem asked his companion, who nodded. Both of them knew there must be something going on in this strange ruin, which happened to be the one they were excavating. "Get ready for a battle, Scizor,"the mysterious trainer said as he turned to his pokemon, "We don't know what might be in there."

Just seconds later both Salem and Scizor were rolling on the ground with laughter. They had expected something more fierce than a Charizard and it's trainer drizzled with sleep powder.

April 19th, 2007, 7:47 PM
Ronike had been pacing for what he thought had been quite some time now when finally...
"Alright, Im sick of waiting, let go in there and find him."
"OK, but you do realize we have been waiting only 15 minutes, right?"
"I know that... Well whatever, lets just go in there and find him."
The two ventured in for a while, when they came to a fork in direction.
"What now, Ronike?"
"Shhh. Im listening for footsteps."
Ronike closed his eyes and stood still for about thirty seconds, listening for echos that most would be unable to hear. Finally, he opened his eyes and pointed to the right.
"There are footsteps coming from that direction."
"And I sense a psychic presence that way as well."
"Sounds like them, lets go."
The two continued for a while, doing the same at all the intersections until they rounded a corner and...
"Ryozo. Its been far too long," said Ronike, his eyes softening.

April 20th, 2007, 2:10 AM
"Why does this always happen to me?" Kenta said as the Gallade appeared in front of him. Kenta backed up only to fall over a Geodude. "I've got an idea..." Kenta said blinking at Butterfree. It blinked back. "Captue On!" In mere seconds Kenta had drawn loops around the Geodude and captured it. "Geodude! Self-destruct!" Kenta shouted. Geodude exploded and dust shot every where. Kenta saw a Pidgeot and captured. "Take flight, Pidgeot!" Kenta continued. They flew off towards Olivine city.

April 20th, 2007, 9:47 AM
Barry woke up, the sleep powder didn't last very long. He saw his Charizard which was sleeping still and kicked him,

"You stupid idiot, you let him escape!" Barry told his Charizard.

The Charizard brought its head down in failure while Barry continued to yell at him.

"Tch, I'm gonna get that Ranger, I'm gonna get them all." Barry said in anger as the opposing trainer ran away from the battle like the coward that he is.

"Can't even finish a battle huh? Too afraid I bet." Barry told himself.

He picked up his torch and lit it again, he's angry, very angry that nothing went his way. Just then Barry saw something, looks like there are some more people coming into the cave that he's in to look at the boring ruins, maybe they'll be less of a coward and bring up a good battle.

"Chairzard shoot out some flames towards the tunnel to let everyone outside know we mean business, no one else comes in here without getting through us, and this time no sleeping. Got that?" Barry told his Black Charizard.

The Fire-type pokemon nodded and breathed out fire through the ruins where the enterance is and then roared right afterwards.


Barry waited to see if anyone else came in and started to make a fist with his free hand, "Where are these Trainers that the message spoke of? There has to be some people here I can burn!"

April 20th, 2007, 8:30 PM
"Woah buddy, that's no way to treat your pokemon!"Salem said with hostility burning in his eyes. He gave the newly awakened Barry a shove toward his Charizard and continued to tell him off. Scizor nodded at each of the angry points Salem made about the other trainers behavior.

"What's your problem with rangers anyway?"Paroo asked, turning his head to the side.

Salem knew he shouldn't be promoting the ongoing violence among the invitees, but he couldn't help it. In the pit of his stomach the blue clad trainer could tell that a battle was going to emerge from this.

Always and Never
April 20th, 2007, 10:00 PM
I stubbed my toe about fifteen times in the god forbidden cave. Luckily Gardevoir could float, make me actually jealous. These cave always scared me and I always pondered why the Magnet Train only ran to Saffron. Time to go... Gardevoir said. Something was bothering her, she seemed to know what was about to happen. I heard footsteps but Gardevoir wasn't leading me away from them. She was leading me too them. My heart skipped a beat when I rounded the corner, obviously when a trainer sees a pokemon the size of a minivan, like Metagross, it scares the crap out of you. The Metagross moved out of the way and I saw who was behind it. Then my heart skipped six beats.

April 21st, 2007, 5:18 AM
Kenta hopped off the pokemon and released it. He felt the air brush is face and watched the water row back and forth.
"Spencer's gonna kill me for ditching, but not like I had a choice, right bud?" Kenta said gesturing to Butterfree.
"Frrreeee..." Butterfree said timid looking from side to side. Suddenly Butterfree flew off towards the lighthouse.
"Butterfree!!" Kenta said, jetting off after him. He's never done this before! Kenta thought to himself. Butterfree flew to the very top of the lighthouse and through the highest window. Kenta tried to open the door, but it was locked.
"Darnit! Butterfree! Come back out here!" Kenta shouted up to the window. Kenta noticed a Machop walking around. Kenta quickly captured it and used it to break the door down.
"I'll take the lawsuits later!" Kenta exclaimed as he jogged up the steps.

April 21st, 2007, 12:50 PM
"Hey man, don't have a heart attack," Ronike said while smiling, "so its been like twelve years since we last saw each other, its no reason to make that kind of a face at me. Now come on, I know we have a lot of catching up to do, but Im ready to be out of these stupid caves."
The two made for the violet town exit while talking about all sorts of things.
"So I hear you're leading an excavation at the ruins of alph. What for?"
"Well you see, the ruins have texts on them speaking of... well here I have a picture of it on my pokegear. Take a look."
Ronike and Shales took a look at the text found on the ancient walls.
"Are we sure it is wise to be opening this? I mean 'the killing had to stopped'? That couldn't possibly be anything good..." Shales remarks after Ronike told him the texts.
"True, but think of all the ancient artifacts that could be found. And what of all the mysteries that this could unravel?" Ronike responds "And besides, any living thing locked away would long since be dead, right?"
"I suppose."
The group continued for a while when Ronike noticed that Ryozo was looking at him rather strangely.
"Whats troubling you old friend?"
"Nothing. Its just..."
"Let me guess: the eye, the hair, and Shales' weird colors, right?"
"Yeah. How did that happen?"
"Remember when he had those really bad storms a few years ago? Well, me and Shales were at the peak of mount Chimney in Hoenn when they struck. Of course, at that altitude, we were bound to have some troubles. Lightning struck my eye, causing it to lose all the color and permamently damaging the iris so that I can no longer see out of it. Its alright though, my sense of hearing is considerably stronger now that I only have half of my vision distracting me," Ronike said with a smile, "But Shales got worse. That much metal in a lightning storm is no good. He got struck... how many time Shales?"
"Right, seventeen times, which altered his genetics, creating his unique hue. All in all, we were lucky to survive that one. So tell me..."
And so continued the two, swapping stories and tales, until they reached the ruins.
"You gotta be kidding me, thats whats in that stupid well?" exclaimed Ronike. "Man, never would've guessed. Hey, looks like a fight over there." He continued, guesturing towards the mouth of the cave where flames shot out. His expression hardened. "Fire's not a toy, thats how people get hurt. Ill go take care of this."
"NO!" shouted Ryozo. "The magnitude of a battle inside those caves could cause a cave in elsewhere and prevent us from continuing the excavation! Let me call the police. They'll handle this." Ryozo pulled out his pokegear and dialed the police and told them the situation. "You're on your way? Great! Bye"
Ryozo hung up and turned to Ronike, only to find him no longer standing there. In fact, Ronike was no longer to be found anywhere.
"Sorry mate, Ronike's not to fond of the police. He says to tell you we'll meet you back here tommorrow when the excavation is to start. See you then!" came the metallic twang of Shales' thoughts.

April 21st, 2007, 2:00 PM
Name:Len Zaneros
Gender: Male
Age: 11
Type of Trainer: Normal
Appearance: Red shorts, Gold Yellow shirt, almost girl hair but still looks like a guy.
Personality: Nice, a little shy. Scared real easily but never refuses a poekmon battle.
History: Raised in a caring family they but died due to an explosion from team rocket. The Turtwig i caught a few days ago left with me on my journey until i got here.
Other: Loves all kinds of pokemon except evil.

Age: 4
Type of Pokemon:Turtwig
Appearance: Looks mean but on the inside very caring and loving.
History: My dad gave me a pokeball and a zigzagoon and zigzagoon accidentaly crashed into Turtwig knocking him out and then i threw my pokeball.
Other: NA

April 21st, 2007, 2:45 PM
Andrew saw that the ranger that he had cornered had captured a Pidgeot, and flown away with his Butterfree. Andrew walked all of the way to the dark cave. He told Gallade to light up the cave as he entered it. The two walked the long, winding trails, and came to the opening of the Ruins. Andrew saw that no one else had come yet, so he layed down his things, and took a nap.

April 22nd, 2007, 10:32 PM
OOC: Sorry I couldnt post in the roleplay. It is long and complicated reason. Anyway I hope no major plot points have happened while I was gone.

Anyway I need a slight plot summary as to what is happening. So I am leaving my character in a neutral place untill I get one.


Cain was walking towards the ruins of Alph. His Pidgey was on his sholder looking at the trees he was walking past. The sun was in his eyes as he continued to walk. He remembered the message he had gotten on his pokegear.

He already had only one pokemon so this would be okay. He continued to walk through the trees. Finnaly he reached the gunction point where Union cave was

Might as well take a break here before progressing

Cain sat down next to the berry tree wondering what to do next

April 22nd, 2007, 10:35 PM
OOC: Sorry for my very late entrance. I have a lot of catching up to do huh? I couldn't remember which pokemon rp I signed up for and I got an email about the play started and I'm like oh yeah. So here I come.


Just a few yards near the Ruins of Alph, was a lone light pink tent and inside was a sleeping young teen. She opened her eyes and blinked a few times as she noticed her tent was rather hot for being early in the morning. The night before, she had traveled all the way from the Hoenn to Jotoh for an interesting email she received. The night before that, she went to see Professor Birch to see what he had to say on the matter. He was very excited and had told her that it is something she as a pokemon corrdinator should not miss out on. He told her about the history and this drew her curiousity. She decided to take the adventure. After all, making it to the top 10 in the corrdination round at finals was something she was proud of and she deserved a day of adventuring without going to the stadiums. So here she was, near the Ruins of Alph and feeling very hot and humid in her tent. She unzipped the doors of her tent and peeked out to find the sun had risen high and she gasped jumping out of her tent.

"I can't believe this! It's already Noon?!" she stated sternily and rather loudily upset at herself for sleeping in so late.

In all reality, it really wasn't her fault. In each range there is a huge time change and difference between the four main lands. She also knew of another land, she has never been to before that had trainers called Pokemon Rangers. She had seen other Pokemon Rangers in her journey threw Kanto, Jotoh, and even in her Hoenn region, but never really knew exactly what they did.

She yawned streatching her arms high into the air and began to do a few stretches. She went to pull out her sleeping bag and rolled it up. She then took down her tent and folled that up to wrap around her sleeping bag. She took her packsack and facended them onto the top. Normally she would have brought Ponyta to aid her on this journey as she always had since the first day she captured her, but it said to bring one pokemon and that one pokemon was facened to her belt on her right side.

She began to walk towards the path that lead to the destination point of where she were to meet. When she came near the entrance, she stopped to notice someone had beaten her, but they were asleep. She smiled gently and walked over as quietly as she could and put her backpack down to rest on a rather large, round rock. She looked around and turned around to dig into her packsack and pulled out a small canteen filled with water. She then sat down upon the large rock not knowing that it was a Golem sleeping.

While she sat there, the sound of beeping went off and she slowly opened her side and looked at the small gadget. It was a message from the Police and she blinked a few times.

"I don't remember telling any of the police officers in Jotoh that I was comming so how did they know I'm here?" she asked as she looked closely and giggled.

"Stupid of me, I had the scanner on. That picks up any radio signals."

She knew this disturbanced wasn't ment for her, but it did spark her curiousity and she got up leaving her stuff and turned a corner where she saw a man standing there looking at another cave. She walked over to him.

"Hi, is there anything wrong? Are you here for the presentation?" she asked softly looking up to the man.

She being only 16 years old and stood at about 5'1" at height. She had straight, light pink should length hair with deep crimson eyes. She wore a black tee-shirt and blue jeans with a pair of white and pink sketchers.

April 25th, 2007, 7:13 PM
Once again, Ronike found himself in the middle of the woods, not lost, merely bored and with nothing to do.
"I'm so bloody sick of woods. I can't believe I actually prefer stubbing my toe in that cave to these woods." muttered Ronike, immediately before catching his foot on a root and faceplanting.
"Then again," he muttered, "whats the difference between tripping in a cave and tripping in a forest?"
"Hey Shales, you doing anything fun?"
When no answer came, Ronike practically shouted Shales' names mentally.
"Whats wrong Ronike?" came the answer of a worried sounding Shales.
"Nothing, you didn't answer me before, so I figured you were far away. Where are you anyways?"
"I'm still in the forest by the ruins, watching Ryozo and the others like you said."
"Thats weird, I can't possibly be more than a half mile from your location, we should be able to talk perfectly."
"Indeed, but there's been interference ever since we drew near to the ruins."
"I wonder what poss.."[/I] Ronike began to think when suddenly his mind was filled with a new presence, a strong and overwhelming one, one that hurt Ronike's brain just to hear.
The world began spinning around Ronike.
The world seemed to be tilting to Ronike and seemed to lose color. The thoughts made no sense any more either.
"....I........r......e.sh....s.p...f......y... a."
"...IKE!!! Ar..u o..y...m co..ng no.." Ronike heard Shales think before he collapsed to the ground. It was the last thing Ronike would hear for a few hours.

April 26th, 2007, 5:51 PM
Barry grew more angry and violent, the trainer wants to battle.

"Oh, So Mr. Hot-Shot Ranger here thinks he's better than us? Is that it?" Barry said asking his Charizard, the Black Charizard merely roared in agreement, it seems both enjoy causing trouble.

"That's a neat looking Pokemon you got there, what is it again a Scizor? Yeah? Hmph, looks puny. Draco what do you think?" Barry asked his Charizard.

The Charizard looked at the Scizor and roared,

"That's what I thought. Rangers stink, nothing but rules. Rules, rules, rules, I used to obey them until I went insane by them, as you will too. Watch the fire, watch the flame! Charizard! FLAMETHROWER!" Barry said in anger.

Charizard threw a beam of flame toward the Scizor. However it was stopped.

"What?!" Barry asked in surprise.

Just then a swarm of Unknown blocked the attack.

"Impossible! Charizard, Flamethrower!" Barry commanded.

However the attack was blocked, seems that the fiery Trainer has no chance. Just then the Unknown charged an attack and threw a strange beam towards the crazy Trainer and his Pokemon.

"GAHH! Snot-nosed bra---" Suddenly Barry and his Charizard vanished!

Where could they have gone? It was not his time to be in the ruins yet. Which is good since he's mean, but even then what has happened to him? Well one thing is for sure. He's now no where to be found!

April 27th, 2007, 3:10 AM
Scizor braced itself for the oncoming flamethrower. He was shocked that it didn't come, he reopened his eyes to find an even worse opponent. All around him were strange black pokemon, in odd shapes. Each one had an eye, staring at him intently.

"Quick, Scizor! We've gotta get out of here!"Salem shouted to his pokemon, as he tried to make it to the exit. Though there where he should have been able to escape, was a wall of Unkown blocking the way.

The Unkown swirled around slowly, making strange deafening sounds. Finally they pushed Scizor or Salem back to back. The two couldn't fight the Unkown back anymore. Suddenly one of the Unkown's eyes began to glow a firey white, and a beam of light was shot toward the exhausted duo. They were eveloped in the light, and then without a trace they were gone.

April 27th, 2007, 5:54 PM
"There you are, Butterfree!" Kenta said running up the last flight of steps.
"Oh no..." Kenta said as he stared at the Ampharos, and girl layng on the floor unconsious.
"Butterfree! What happeded!?" Kenta exclaimed.
"Freeeeeeee!?" Butterfree exclaimed. Butterfree flew over and started to lift the pokemon.
"Right." Kenta agreed. He walked over to the girl and lifted her up. The four of them headed off towards the Pokemon Center.

Always and Never
April 28th, 2007, 11:27 AM
I woke up at the sound of a Pidgey screaming in my ear. The day had finally arrived, my dream had become reality. I took in the fresh air and realeased Nightmare from her pokeball. Her and I jumped up in excitement and started sprinting towards the ruins. When I got there, the familiar pack of newscasters and the familiar pack of bystanders. I searched the crowd for Ronike, but, alas, he was not there. I walked towards the Ruins and was trampled by the newscasters. Question after question they threw at me, but I just ignored. I walked up the step and turned around.

"Hello everyone, welcome to the very first ever excavation of the Ruins of Alph, I will be your host today, so I introduce myself as Ronike from Goldenrod." After the applause had cleared I ordered the that I had invited to come up front, they were going to be coming with me. I waited for them to step forward.

April 28th, 2007, 10:07 PM
OOC: Okay, I'm lost and confused.


Being ignored by the guy, she had approached and decided to leave him alone. She shrugged her shoulders and turned to walk back towards the destination area where she was supposed to meet. She stopped at seeing someone introducing herself and the many people and reporters. She looked up to see the girl. When she stated about being the host, Pat blinked and picked up her back and walked up towards the steps and looked towards her.

"You sent out that message? I'm Patience, Pat for short. I just have one question. . . Why me?" she asked softly knowing she had become one of the top 10, but she didn't think that she was popular enough to be invited to something as this.

While she waited for the others to join up, Pat had fiddled with her small pokeball on her waist where her partner and best friend slept. She didn't like to bring her out mainly because she is a shy pokemon and mainly because of what had happened to her when she was younger.

Always and Never
April 29th, 2007, 7:37 AM
OC: I'm a guy, lmfao. But where we are in the story is since there is like twenty different storylines going on, I decided to make it more organized and merge them at the meeting area. Anybody who hasn't been 'eaten' by the Unown must report to the excavation.

A whole pack of people stepped forward. I was surprised that this many people actually came. There was an awkward silence for a couple of minutes until a girl, who introduced herself as Patience, well, introduced herself. She asked a bunch of really tough questions and used my default answer for ones I didn't know the answer to. "Please save your questions when we get inside of the Ruins." I smiled.

"I am Ryozo, the guy who has organized probably almost anything you see here. Except the newspersons..." I said coldly as I glared at the cameras and microphones. I waited for the rest of the group to introduce temselves.

April 29th, 2007, 11:32 AM
OC: I only got eaten because I happened to be there when they attacked...

IC: Salem woke up exhausted, and forced himself up from the orange grass. A gentle breeze blew between the blue leaves of some nearby trees. The sun shone wonderfully in the hotpink sky. Then it hit him. Where was he? The sky was pink, the plants were orange, and the last thing Salem remembered was being zapped by an Unknown. Scizor was laying beside him, still unconcious.

After waking Scizor up, Salem checked the time on his Poketch. He hadn't been out for very long, it read just a few minuted after he'd entered the cave. Then he realized something peculiar, the seconds weren't moving. The rest of the Poketch was working fine, surely not just the clock was broken. Then I realized, that the minutes weren't moving either. It was as if time had been stopped, or at least slowed down. The latter was confirmed when the seconds moved, after about ten minutes of waiting.

The truth to where he was finally struck Salem as to where they were. He was in the realm of the Unkown. It had only been seen by a handful of people, including Ash Ketchum. In fact it was Ash's publications that had taught Salem about the Realm. Though there were still too many mysteries to the whole thing. He had no idea of how to get out, but he did know one thing. He'd have to find Barry.

April 29th, 2007, 11:58 AM
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May 5th, 2007, 7:04 PM
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May 5th, 2007, 7:16 PM
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Pat was unsure of what to make of him. He had invited her and yet he had no idea why she was chosen or otherwise, he asked to save questions for inside the ruins. She turned to look around and noticed no one else stepping forward. She looked back up to Ryozo unsure if he had only sent her the message as no one else stepped up. Pat's cheeks began to turn a soft color of pink as she looked away feeling a bit uncomfortable.

"Well." she started followed by a little nervious giggle. "I guess I'm the only here."

She had no idea who this guy was personally and he had sent her message and only her. This wasn't something she was expecting. There had to be some kind of explanation about this. while she stood there waiting, she couldn't help but feel something was seriously wrong. Ever since she was fiends with her first partner, she had developed unusual abilities to sense when things were wrong. This was a direct result with her increadable bond with her partner who seemed to be intune with everything. Pat figured that when she did finally evolve, her partner's intune to nature and everything unnatural will be stronger and may very well over whelm her.

She snapped out of her train of thought and turned to look at the many cameras that were snapping pictures of her as she gave a weak smile. She hated cameras. She hoped they'd get out of the public soon or she was going to start panicing. It was bad enough at the finals, but here was worse.

Always and Never
May 7th, 2007, 4:16 PM
When no one else stepped forward I was alarmed. I opened up my Pokegear and searched for Ronike's pokegear. "Not Found." is what my pokegear blinked up at me. I checked like 4 others that I had invited and they weren't found either.

"Hmmm, that is very strange, but then again, that comes up when you turn off your Pokegear."

I took a deep breathe and exclaimed, "Is there anyone else that I invited to be here?"

May 7th, 2007, 5:13 PM
"Scizor, we need to try to contact Ryozo. He must stop the excavation or the others could be trapped in this world as well,"Salem said in a solemn voice. "I don't know if I can communicate through my pokegear but I can sure try."

Dear Ryozo,

Ryozo, if you are reading this, you must bring the excavation to a halt immediately. The Unkown have been awakened and are attacking people, Myself and another have already been taken to their realm.

Salem Paroo
Salem pressed the Send button on his pokegear and simply prayed that it would work. Then he did the only thing he could think of to escape from this world. He started to walk, it didn't matter which way to him, the orange plain went on for eternity with no end in sight.

"Now where is that hot-head?"he asked himself looking around for any signs of Barry and his shiny Charizard.

May 7th, 2007, 5:15 PM
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Unown World:
Uhhhhh.... my head.... where am I?thought a slowly awakening Ronike. Man, I haven't felt this bad since the morning after my 21st birthday, and I don't think I could ever have had THAT many moomoo milks... Guess I should open my eyes...
He opened his eyes only to be greeted with blinding pain and bright colors
Agh, bad idea. Where am I? I gotta still be asleep, even after all the places I've been, I've never seen pink plants... or blue trees... or a pink sky... man did someone spike a drink of mine or something? Where am I anyways?
He checked his pokegear's map.
Out of service area? What the h*** does that mean? Its never done that before! Man, even the clock is wrong... Musta got a virus or something, but I don't remember anything weird happening... wait a minute!
Suddenly it all rushed back to him
Bugger! That voice in my head, gotta warn Ryozo!

RONIKE!!!!! Shales' thought overpowered all in the area of the ruins as he came to the ruins.
The pokemon finally realized he was surrounded by news reporters and trainers and calmed down.
Oh, sorry about that, could you all hear that? Sorry, I'll just be moving on now... Oh Ryozo! I don't suppose you know where Ronike is? He hasn't been answering me since yesterday. And I thought you said you had a number of trainers entering the ruins with you, surely you're not entering with just this one girl?

Unown world again:
Ronike's pokegear made the discovery sound, telling him he had a new message:
Man, I love Zelda, such a fun game... So anyways, how am I getting a message?
He pulled it out and read the message of Salem
Thank you captain obvious, but why send it to me?
He quickly checks the address
Ok, why am I getting Ryozo's messages? Lets try replying:
Dear Salem or whatever:
For whatever reason, your message to Ryozo has reached yours truly, hopefully this one will reach you: I too am stuck here, wherever here is, and I am without my pokemon, so it would be best to join up with someone so as to gain some small form of protection. Any landmarks where you are? Cause all I see is Weird grass and trees.
Respectfully yours:
Ronike Tapcast
PS: Foward this and all other messages to any address you possibly can. Maybe it'll possibly reach someone. And if any are reading this, please message Ryozo to halt the excavation as soon as possible. Thank you kindly
Alright, lets hope that works He hits the send button and sits down, closes his eyes, and begins to listen to his surroundings.
Nothing to do now but wait, so I might as well get aquianted with the area

Always and Never
May 7th, 2007, 8:03 PM
I felt saddened that not many people showed up. I mean, this was like my life, but I owuld live. I looked through the crowd and noticed slight tremors, like really heavy footsteps. There sitting right on the edge of the crowd was Shales. Suddenly, my Gardevoir flew out of her pokeball. I could tell they were talking. Nightmare thought to me, "Ronike has gone missing. Not like his usual ways but like really bad."

I thought for a moment. Ronike was fine, I knew he could fend for himself whereever he was. Of course, I was worried, but there were more important things then a worried Pokemon about his dissapeared master. I started walking up the steps towards the ruins. Nightmare was following close behind me and Shales was too big to fit through the door. I turned back to the girl and asked her, "You comin'?"

May 8th, 2007, 2:35 PM
"How did this...Ronike, get my messages?"Salem questioned Scizor, who was just as clueless. Both of them felt strange, they'd been walking for hours(or at least real world hours) and they didn't feel tired or thirsty at all. "Well, I better reply..."

Dear Ronike,
I have no idea how to get out of here, or why you're getting your messages. I only know that we need to find each other but the landscape you described is the exact same as mine. The whole place may be grass and trees for all I know. We need to find each other though, but the only thing I think we can do is just walk...Unless we find some other landmark.

"Come on Scizor, let's find this guy,"Salem said, turning to his crimson partner, who nodded in agreement. And so the duo continued to walk further into the infinite orange plain. Then salvation came, he spotted something, a figure in the far distance. One in black, with a red cross on his clothes. A figure he could have sworn he'd passed by once at the excavation.

May 8th, 2007, 7:03 PM
This is the strangest thing. I hear hardly any noises of any animals. Only that strange humming noise and that of the grass and trees... and footsteps...of a man...along with the buzzing noise of a bug pokemon with wings...one of the scyther line I believe... Ronike stood, turned towards the sound, and opened his eyes to see a man in a blue coat along with a Scizor within shouting range. Ronike grinned.
"Yep, still got it HEY!!!! OVER HERE!!!!" He shouted to the pair, rather unneeded as the two were already headed towards him, and began to walk in that direction.
When the two trainers met, Ronike offered his hand to the trainer
"Salem I would assume? I am Ronike Tapcast, vagabond of the continents and winner of 32 different badges. Now, would you mind telling me where the h*** we are and how we ended up here?"

May 8th, 2007, 9:18 PM
Patience turned to see the lone pokemon making a rukus and then calming down as it talked with a psychic pokemon that appeared from the host's belt. She watched the conversation and looked at the pokemon. I can't imagine what they were talking about, but it didn't attack so it must be a tamed pokemon. Did it lose it's trainer? How could someone leave it behind. I would feel terrible if I ever left any of my pokemon or even wonder how my pokemon would feel. She was brought back from her thoughts when she heard a voice.

She instantly turned her head and turned to walk after him. "I'm coming."

She stood near Gardevior and turned to look at the lone pokemon one last time before she turned and entered into the ruins after Ryozo. She still couldn't believe she was the only one that showed up and to make it worse, he had to be a guy. Why her of all places? She had her reasons hidden from the world about guys and she wasn't going to be too happy about this, but she would try to enjoy the history of this Ruin.

May 9th, 2007, 3:04 AM
"Yeah, I'm Salem. I believe this is the Unkown Realm, we were transported here by the Unkown. Though I've studied this place before, I can't remember how it functions. Only a handful of people have ever seen it,"Salem said to the Ronike. "I think that it's a representation of people's inner most thoughts and desires, which must mean there's a lot more than grass and trees here. We've only just climbed into the rabbit hole, there's still a long way down."

Salem was happy with his Wonderland metaphor, but not as happy as he'd be to get out of this crazy place. In his mind he was struggling to remember any facts he could about the Unkown Realm Essays, and how they'd help him escape.

"Listen, Ryozo probably didn't get any of our messages. For all we know the excavation could still be going on and we'll have quite a few more friends here soon," we have to get out of here and warn him. Remember, time goes slower here, we may be able to get there just in time to stop him."Scizor nodded in agreement with his partner, then they both stared at Ronike for a reply.

May 9th, 2007, 6:36 PM
"Realm of the Unown, eh? And its a place which represents people's hopes and desires? Thats probably why I recieved your message, as I wanted to find another person here. And time moves slowly? I thought it was just my gear had a virus or something. Well if thats the case, we are pretty far out of the service range I would guess and Im surprised I even managed to get your message, so Ryozo almost definetely has not. As for getting out, we definetely need to find something out of the ordinary. Any exit would be somehow remarkable and not just this orange grass. The exit must be tied somehow to the ruins as it has that information to do with the unown... We should start walking and trying to find this "weird" area, I think better when walking anyway." Ronike awaited an acquiescence from the other trainer.

May 10th, 2007, 12:02 PM
"Well I think that last time people actually got out, the legendary pokemon Entei was involved. I can't remember how, though. But if they are directly related then we may be in trouble," Salem replied, his head hanging down, his hat shadowing his face. "Let's start walking, I guess."

He didn't want to end his reply on that sour note, but he couldn't think of anything else to do. Why couldn't he just remember what was written in Ketchum's essays! It was driving him crazy. And how did it take a Ronike and his inner most thoughts and get this world, surely they didn't just think of orange plants and a pink sky. Then Salem realized something terrible, something grave.

"My inner most thoughts..."he whispered, too quietly to hear. Scizor was the only other who knew of Salem's darkest thoughts and secrets. His greatest desires. And how terrible it would be if they came true in this world. Scizor was the only one that Salem had ever told, and had realized what danger this could put them in at the same time Salem had. "We have to get out of here, and fast. If a hunch of mine is right, that is..."

Always and Never
May 11th, 2007, 6:33 PM
I stopped right before I entered the ruins. "All right, people, This is a private excavation, please, I have cops all around, no intruders."
I looked towards the guards that I had payed to protect the members of my team, but with only the one girl, I knew it would make her feel safer with the natural suspicians of his grundgy appearance. I turned towards the girl.
"Well, that's a real spirit-breaker. I mean, I've been planning this for about two years and your the only one that showed up. Oh well, I'm here, and that's the important thing. I am Ryozo." I said as I offered my hand. I smiled when she shook back.
"Well first we're going to the latest chamber that has been unlocked. So, just trust me and follow me, it may get boring so we may need to chat to stay awake. So, if you have any questions, please ask."
I grabbed the torch out of my back pocket and lit it on one of the torches that were oddly already lit.

May 11th, 2007, 9:08 PM
As she walked, she was slightly surprised to see him stop quickly which made her gasp a bit. She had nearly bumped into and had managed to stop herself before she made a fool of this. She was already uncomfortable with him, but bumping into him would make it more complicated. She smiled falsely and looked down to his hand and shook it.

However, she felt better when he told her about there being more she sighed and relaxed a bit. "That's okay I guess. You really put a lot of effort into this discovery didn't you?"

Her tone was soft and gentle as he started in. She followed after him.

"Yes, you told me your name already." she murmured softly as she looked around ruin walls. She was slightly surprised, but partly uninterested. Going on a discovery ruin wasn't really her thing, but she had agreed she would go to learn "more" as the professor put it.

"Gardevior is very beautiful and looks to be strong and graceful. You take good care of it don't you?" she commented to pass the time away. She really didn't want to have to walk in silence. "How did you two meet and when did you two become an official team?"

This was what always interested her. When ever she saw a pokemon that was strong and beautiful, she had to ask the trainer all about their pokemon partner as if it were a popular star and she was a crazed fan. She had grown excited in this question as she awaited his answers.

May 11th, 2007, 9:19 PM
Unown World:
"A hunch of yours? Mind sharing? If not, I understand, but it'd probably help us survive this..." Ronike drawled out.
This landscape is really starting to get boring... I mean its just orange grass after orange grass after orange grass with a few trees mixed in. And I'm glad and all that I found someone else here, but I just wish that Shales were here. It'd make it just a wee bit more inter... He suddenly stopped and turned.
"I heard something... like a crash... over there" Ronike pointed off in the distance and then started walking that way.
Real World:
*sigh* I wish I knew where Ronike was. moaned Shales What if he's been attacked? I'm not there to protect him! He could be in danger! I have to help him... but how?
Suddenly, the letter C appeared before him...
Great, now I'm hallucinatin. Bloody fantasti...wait, isn't that an unown?
Of course, having asked the question, a flock appeared around Shales.
What the?!?
The flock began to spin around Shales, and began to slowly lift into the air
Oh... bugger came the cry of the distressed behemoth, moments before the flock and Shales disappeared, leaving naught but a flash behind.

Always and Never
May 12th, 2007, 5:16 AM
"I love Nightmare, she's like my best friend." I walked a little bit ahead of Pat and turned to face her. "Watch this."

My feet slowly lifted off the ground and I was levitating. I could see her face turn to horror as I started to laugh.

"Don't worry, that was Gardevoir, I'm not some freak of nature.
"Nightmare and I met like the fourth day of my journey. Of course, she wasn't my first pokemon, but she was my strongest and favorite. I couldn't manage all six of my guys and very reluctantly, I let them all go..." I looked at Nightmare. "...Except Nightmare."
We reached a fork in the road and read from the walls.
The main hall you've already passed.
Turn left for misery, turn right for salvation.
Whichever way you choose follow your heart.
And you may be rewarded...
...Or not.

The oldest puzzle in the book. I looked at Pat, "The oldest puzzle in the book, I know for a fact that the Unown created the Secret of the Unown to help the people, not to create misery. So right is the way to go."

May 12th, 2007, 8:32 AM
"It's nothing, let's just keep on walking,"Salem shrugged, beginning to walk faster toward the noise, his head hung down low. "We need to find out what that crash was!"Salem said, beginning to run toward the source of the noise, wanting to get away from any questions Ronike would want to ask. Scizor followed him closely.

May 12th, 2007, 7:25 PM
"Whatever floats your boat, man." Ronike yelled as he started to run towards the site as well.
Geez, wonder whats gotten into him?
When the two finally reached the point where they could see what had crashed, they saw a crumpled, dark silver, metallic mass, which Ronike recognized instantly.
"Shales!" Ronike exclaimed, and began to run towards him. He was so relieved and surprised to see his partner, he didn't even hear the sound of the flames behind the behemoth pokemon...

May 14th, 2007, 3:35 PM
OOC: Sorry I've been playing Diamond for awhile...


Barry found himself in an unknown world, what is this place he wondered? He got up holding his head in pain. He closed his eyes and started to pant. His Charizard started to growl in shock.
It looked like he was in some sort of weird landscape where everything is of different abstract colors. Something about the place made Barry feel better about himself, like more powerful, as if he is in control.

"I kinda like it here.." He grinned.

His Charizard who is still waking up growled back at him. His upper lip twitched in anger and he struck his Charizard.

"You big lug! You got us here! If only you were more powerful! I trained you for nothing!" The Kindler yelled.

The Pokemon moaned and then roared in anger, the Charizard started to shoot fire everywhere causing a big scene.

"Yes, that's more like it! No one is here to stop us! I don't know where we are but let's have some fun! Hahaha!" Barry laughed as he began to dance within the Charizard's fire.

May 14th, 2007, 4:35 PM
"Listen Ronike, this Metagross is seriously injured, we need to get it healed...but in the mean time I think I know who may have done this...Look over there..."Salem said pointing toward their new arrival, Barry. "I guess that Hothead decided to show up after all! Let's do this, Scizor". A grin ran across Scizor's face as he positioned himself for a rematch against Barry and his Charizard. "Show him no mercy,"Salem said with an evil look in his eyes.

Barry hadn't yet noticed him, obviously Charizard wasn't expecting a slash from behind. Scizor was much powerful than any of the trainers around him thought, the black Charizard went flying nearly 30 meters despite his large size.

"I guess we get to have our little battle after all, Barry" Salem said now that the fiery trainer had noticed him and Scizor.

May 14th, 2007, 8:49 PM
Pat watched as he hovered in the air with the look of surprise then out of anything else. She was not afraid or horrified by this. She had her own psychic Pokemon friend who loved to play tricks and would do so with such stuffs that she had gotten used to it and her psychic Pokemon had to figure out a new way to get to her.

"That is so cool." she said after her slight surprise and smiled getting excited. "I don't think you're a freak of nature or anything. But. . . You let go your friends?"

She didn't know how to feel about this as they came to a fork. She read the passage and followed after him. She had no idea what the Unknown would or wouldn't do, but if she were alone, she would have taken the path that had nothing to do with death or being hurt or anything containing to the hurting of the body, mind or soul.

"It must have been hard for you to let your friends go." she commented feeling her own sad story about her Poochyena who evolved to help lead the pack of Poochyena to keep out of trouble and also protect them.

It was one of her hardest thing to do, because she loved all her pokemon equally. She faked a smile as they walked.

"Okay, what the unknown like? What history do they have?" She curiously asked trying to not get so bord with the expedition as it wasn't her thing.

But she was insisted to go as she would "learn more things" as her professor put it. She would rather be working on more moves and learning new ways to appeal her pokemon's attacks with combos.

Always and Never
May 15th, 2007, 6:36 PM
"Ooh, that's a tough question. I was young then, about 16, and I don't really remember them well. I knew it was hard but six pokeballs at my belt was never my thing." I sighed. I never really thought about how my old Gyarados was doing, but it was strong enough to fend for itself. Pat then asked me a question about the Unown.

"The Unown are a very mysterious pokemon, seeing as they only one move, Secret Power, but I have a theory. When the Unown use Secret Power a bit of matter is produced. I think that the Unown, when they get together and focus on certain elements, shapes, and colors, can create anything they want, a power unique only to them. That's why I believe the Unown's story. Do you know the story? I'll tell you anyways." I smiled because I love talking about the Unown. I took a rest to catch my breath.

"It is said that when times were rough, in the olden times of Johto, that the "Beings of Letters" listened to peoples cries for help and granted them any wish, that was a physical object." I looked at Pat with an inquisitive eye. "Which works with my theory of their matter creation." I got back to the story. "When times were rough though, when the human population was declining at a dangerously steady rate, the Unown, taking on the role of protecters of all things decided to help all those in need by creating the ultimate power. The Secret of the Unown. No one knows what it is but the Ruins make me jump with excitement. Here, I'll read off a random hyroglyph."

Power and Life, that is what we gave it
But it took it back.

"Isn't that awesome." I stopped for a second and looked at the wall. I tapped the fourth brick from the top of the seventh hyroglyph, which opened a secret chamber.
"Here we are, the latest puzzle piece in the challenge."

May 15th, 2007, 6:55 PM
SHALES!!! Ronike ran over to his pokemon, still not having noticed the flames that were begining to surround around the groud. He dropped to his knees besides the pokemon, eyes wide with horror.
SHALES!! Wake up! Wake up!!!
"Listen Ronike, this Metagross is seriously injured, we need to get it healed...but in the mean time I think I know who may have done this...Look over there..."
Ronike obediently looked and saw the trainer and his Charizard.
He looks familiar... why? Ronike shook his head and returned his attention to his wounded pokemon. Salem's right, Shales is too injured. I need to get it to its pokeball... Ronike drew the dust covered pokeball from a pocket in his coat.
Return and rest up dear friend, I have a feeling we shall need you soon Ronike returned the behemoth pokemon and finally noticed the flames.
"What the?! Where'd these f-flames come from???" Ronike's voice cracked sligthly as he spoke.
Need to remain calm.... Breathe, Ronike, Breathe... its Ok, you'll be fine, and Shales'll be fine. Nothing to worry about.
He glanced back at Barry and Salem, and the trainers identity finally clicked.
Its that trainer from before, the one that was picking fights at the ruins! I'll teach him to play with fire!
"Hey hotshot!" Ronike yelled in a deep voice filled with rage as he stood. "Fire's not a toy, it kills people."
The fire glinted off of Ronike's eyes as he walked toward the trainer, ignoring Salem completely. There was no sympathy in those eyes, only rage.
"Lets see how much you like the fire when you are in it." Ronike growled in a voice completely unlike his normal tone.

Always and Never
May 18th, 2007, 4:03 PM
It was time to get out my natural puzzle solving gifts. I got as close as I could to the wall, and eyed what I thought would be important. I noticed gridlines like on the map in my pokegear, so I traveled to the axis of the pictures. To my satisfaction, there were Unown starting from the bottom going up all the way to the top, all 28 of them in order. Same as on the the x-axis.

Right in the center of the entire grid was one word.


I knew exactly what it meant. I turned to Pat so she could catch up.
"Hey, I'll explain my train of thought, see how the Unown are in that pattern? Well I'm thinking of a coordinate plain, and see the word beauty... I think those are cordinates... Here let me show you."

I texted on my Pokegear "[B,E][A,U][T,Y]"

After I heard the beep on hers, I signaled for her to solve it. Hopefully she knew basic math.

May 18th, 2007, 5:39 PM
Pat caught up easily and stopped watching him work. She rose her right brow in uncertainty and sighed rolling her eyes a bit. It was one reason she hated histroy stuff. Because the person who abviously discovered it was always having their nose into it instead of the world around them. This was something she felt pity for though would never show it.

She looked to him as he spoke and blinked putting on a smile. She looked down to her poke' gear and pushed the button. She looked at it and then the row of lines for the unknown alphabet lined up and the word beauty in the middle. She looked back to the poke'gear screen again.

"Okay, you've showed me." she said looking back up to him.

When she realized he wasn't responding she slightly drew her eyes together in a slight downward motion. "You mean you want ME to figure that out?" she exclaimed as she growled and turned her back to him thinking about it.

It was his discovery and he wanted her to do work? She had thought this was going to be a show and tell. Basically, the guide shows the ruins and then tells about them. She never dreamed they would ask her about doing the work. She sighed finally defeating herself as she looked down to the poke'gear. She was puzzled and had no idea what he wanted.

She turned around to look at him. "I have no idea what you want me to do with BE, AU, and TY. It doesn't make sense to me. Besides, how am I supposed to know how to do it, when there are no instructions?" she asked firmly glaring up at him.

It was quiet clear that she did not like math or cared for it.

May 18th, 2007, 9:57 PM
Charizard got back up, it seems that the slash wasn't enough to knock it out in one hit. It returned to Barry where he rose his hand, the Pokemon immediately cowarded, however he began to laugh the Pokemon gave a sinister grin and began to shoot more flames.

"Draco! FLAMETHROWER!" Barry commanded.

The Black Charizard reared its head and blasted out a beam of flame towards the Scizor, engulfing it in a blaze.

"Bwahahaha!" Barry laughed madly. He began to bring his hand over the fires that he is making and began to move his hand around the flame, almost petting it. A flame flickered, hitting his finger, he took it back with at first a face of pain which quickly turned to a smile.

"They are messing with my head! How you toy with me with your dancing!" He spoke to the fire, "This place... this field. It all looks like a dream. Don't you people feel it? Don't you feel the power? Oh, I feel it. I can feel the fire within me burning!" Barry told everyone.

"Grr... why don't you people just let me be. Can't you see that I like it here?" He began to get angry.

Suddenly the ground began to shake. This man is tainting the Unown Realm, someone really needs to give this Kindler some water to cool off...

May 19th, 2007, 4:44 AM
"Double Team, Scizor"Salem said calmly as the flames shot toward his pokemon. Immediately several images of himself appeared around Charizard, no one knowing which one was real. He turned back to Shales one more time as Barry ranted.

"Ronike! It wasn't him Barry who hurt Shales! Look at the burn marks!"Salem shouted pointing toward the Metagross. The burn marks across Metagross read a single word. "Beauty".

Suddenly the plain began to rumble violently. The orange grass began to wilt and darken to black. The sky went from pink to blood red. A thunderous roar could be heard from every direction.

"What's going on?!"Salem shouted toward the other two, despite there was no way they could hear him. Scizor left his copies behind, and seemed to just appear by Salem suddenly, still poised for battle

Always and Never
May 19th, 2007, 10:00 AM
I smiled. "Just, oh well, I guess I'll do it.

I looked at the X-Axis of the Unown and pointed to B, and went up until I got to E, and I pushed the brick in. I went to A then went to U, and pushed the brick in. Finally, I went to T and went to Y. I turned to her and laughed.
"This is so cool... Don't worry, I've been solving this puzzle for about a week..." I said cooly as I pushed the last brick in.

I felt cold, musty air push my hair back as the pressure released inside the room. Slowly, the entire ruins shook as the wall violently and slowly crept down to dissapear into the ground. Soon the tremors stopped.

I slowly walked in, but felt very uneasy, like someone was watching me. That, or it could of been my adrenaline rushing through my body.

The room was unbearably huge, with no floor, but a single wood bridge that went to a center column that I could tell had another puzzle on it.

The bridge looked sturdy but just in case, I told Gardevoir to gently lift us across. Succesfully, we reached the other side.

I got to the podium like column and examined it. When I got there I noticed a small hourglass, which coincidently just ran out as soon as I got there.

"Weird, let me read this aloud."


May 19th, 2007, 11:59 AM
Draco started to get dizzy by the copies of the Scizor and just blindingly shot fire everywhere. Soon Both the Pokemon and its master were within a vortex of fire.

"You got that right! Beauty! It's beautiful! Hahaha!" Barry laughed as he began to dance around the flame, he seems to be enjoying it.

Draco shook its head and opened his wings.

"CHARRR!!!!" He roared, his voice echoed within the field. The sky turned red and his roar became muted by the thunderous sounds from all directions. What is going on? For some reason though, the Charizard looks more threatening.

There was a stand off between the Scizor and the black Charizard. Draco quickly flew towards the bug type and flew up into the sky with it.

"DRACO! SEISMIC TOSS!" Barry commanded it.

Draco carried the Scizor by one arm and then started to twirl around in place. He began to spin around so fast that he looks like a giant black sphere in the sky with a red line following which would be the Scizor. With enough energy, Draco stopped firmly and threw down the Scizor back down towards the ground following a loud crash with smoke and debris hiding the Scizor out of the sight.

May 19th, 2007, 12:13 PM
She rose a brow as he began to push the bricks. "And exactly how is that math?" she asked annoyed. However, when the ruins began to shake she gasped and almost fell but caught herself.

She looked at the large door that opened and disappeared feeling the chill. When it stopped she slowly looked into the darkened cave. After hearing him speak she wasn't so sure if they should continue.

"Maybe we shouldn't enter that part. I have this strange feeling about it. Something like. . . negativity." she stated when she noticed she she was hovering into the air and flew into the ruins. "Looks like I don't have a choice." she murmured.

When they reached the middle, Pat began to wonder if this was a good idea and turned to look at the pillar. As he read the words she blinked.

"XX and XY? What is that supposed to mean? Boy and girl chromosomes?" she commented after he had finished the reading.

She slowly backed up a bit and had felt something behind her as she gasped and turned around to see what it was, but there was nothing there.

"I don't like this one bit. And if I bring out my partner, I might not like what I sense, but there is something here." she slowly moved back to be beside him.

He had a pokemon out already and he was an older person who could be her protector. Of course, she knew long ago that men weren't very protective and had to relay on her pokemon partners, but she figured he has a psychic so he should be dependable.

May 19th, 2007, 12:30 PM
"Barry, Stop it now!"Salem shouted, as Scizor easily rose from the debris. "If you don't then I'll have to show you a true battle. But I think that there's a force at work here much greater than any of us!"

Scizor didn't want the fight to stop, he was angry by now. Within the center of each of his large claws energy was beginning to build up in the form of white hot spheres. It glared at the Shiny Charizard with a terrible hatred.

"Scizor, if he makes another move, take him out..."Salem whispered to his pokemon, his eyes still fixated on Barry and Charizard. "Listen Barry, I'm not a Ranger, in fact I've never even met you. So what's your problem with me anyway?"Salem asked, trying to get into Barry's head a little deeper, despite the fact he was sure there wasn't much inside Barry's head anyway.

Scizor brought his arms back, positioned for a powerful attack. He was levitating slightly off the ground, ready to strike back if the Charizard continued to fight.

Always and Never
May 19th, 2007, 12:32 PM
"Believe me, there is nothing here, the oxygen you are breathing is the first oxygen in here since who knows when. And indeed, the opposites of life, boy and girl, it's gotta be something. Let me think for a bit..."

I thought for awhile but my conclusion was something I didn't believe.

"Well I do know for a fact that their saviour is the Secret they're hiding, but, from hearing the first couple of lines, I pretty much don't believe myself. Well, when we got here, see that hourglass? that ran out, and it says when time runs out, and seeing we're a boy and a girl, maybe they predicted our arrival... The Unown are psychic types and it is rumored they know everything, so maybe... they knew we would be here long ago, before we were even born, obviously... but I just can't get around that... Do you believe it?"

May 19th, 2007, 7:01 PM
Barry took a deep breath with his nostrils and slicked back his red hair with his hand staring at Salem.

"Tch, me? Starting a fight with you? Pfft, You were the one that wanted to have a rematch. I figured... why not? I beat you once, I can beat you again.. and I did! Bleh, aheh, ahahahaha! Hahahahaha!" Barry laughed.

Draco flapped its wings in delight and started to grin, laughing with its master through growls.

"I don't like Rangers. But you know what? I don't like you anyway. Do I need a reason to have a problem with you? Maybe I like doing stuff like this." Barry grinned.

Due to Draco calming down with the fire attacks. The fire around Barry began to die down, a few flames remains leaving a scorched area of the field with no more but black dirt and burnt grass. Where the ground shook once more.

"What in the world!" Barry shouted as the ground underneath him began to shake once more as before. A loud noise can be heard and what was a red sky is now filled with black Unown.

"It's those darn things again! Why I 'oughta!" Barry said getting angry.




The Pokemon floating above began to chant spinning slowly in one spot through twitches, their big white eyes never leaving the trainers below them.

"What the heck? Beauty? Time? Who is talking to me! You brat! You did this to me didn't you!" Barry said pointing to the two trainers in front of him but it's not them who are talking to him.

Just then a large black hole developed under Barry and his Charizard sucking them under the field.

"WHAT! YOU! I'LL GET YOU YET!" Barry yelled and before long he and his Charizard were completely gone!

All that remained was just a now recovered field and a sky still full of Unown now focusing on the other two trainers...

May 19th, 2007, 7:26 PM
"Why do those things keep eating him...We could have used him to get out, as soon as he cooled down a bit..."Salem said, regretting the missed chance to reason with Barry. The rumbling continued, despite the Unkown leaving. The roaring continued, and tremors could be felt from far away, like footsteps, getting louder and louder and louder.

Then they finally came into view. They were enormous dinosaur like creatures, one blue and one purple. The blue one had beige plates on it's torso, while the purple one had silver. Both of them were covered in sharp spikes and spines, their eyes glowing a bright white.

"What's happening here?!"Salem shouted, barely able to hold him up from the powerful tremors. The giant Nidoqueen and Nidoqueen kept coming closer, bringing the thought of impending doom into the minds of Ronike and Salem. "We're not going out this easily, Scizor. If we have to die, let's go out with a bang!"

Immediately after Salem's words the Scizor was back on it's feet, and fast as lightning it appeared in front of his trainer. Inside it's claws the charging attack was growing even further, beams of fine white light glimmering outward against the crimson sky.

May 20th, 2007, 4:00 PM
Ronike watched as Barry flew away with the unown.
Hmph. Serves him right after creating all that fire. Bloody Pyro...
"Why do those things keep eating him...We could have used him to get out, as soon as he cooled down a bit..." Salem lamented.
"Whatever you say, though I doubt he would've ever calmed down. Ah!" Ronike fell to the ground as another quake hit. "And why won't these stupid earthquakes stop! The fire and that pyro is gone, the unown should be hap... oh, thats why" Ronike finally saw the two Nidos aproaching.
"We're not going out this easily, Scizor. If we have to die, let's go out with a bang!"
Man, the guys a freaking drama king. Although I suppose he is gonna be the only thing to protect me from those things Ronike clenched his fist in frustration. D***it! I wish I weren't this useless, but what else am I going to do? My only pokemon is out of commision on the ground over there! Ronike glanced at Shales, but found the large pokemon to be replaced by a giant white pillar of light.
What?! That light is coming from the unown! I swear to god, if they kill hi
Calm down Ronike, the light is healing my wounds.
Ronike was shocked to hear the metallic twang.
The giant white pillar disappeared, leaving the behemoth pokemon looking just as good, if not better, than its usual self.
Yep, glad to be back in business, though I'm not fond of this tatoo. Shales mentally gestured towards the burn marks that hadn't disappeared. Beauty isn't exactly the most threatening word, you know?
Shales! I'm so glad you are better! Now, what do you make of these creatures on the horizon?
Shales glanced at the horizon.
What creatures?
How can you not see those things? They are taller than a... Ronike stopped as he noticed the absence of the giant pokemon on the horizon. The unown were also gone. "What the s*** taco just happened?!" Ronike yelled as he stood up. The grass and trees and sky were all back to their normal, albeit bright, hues.
This is so weird. I have great hearing and I can always hear something, but there is nothing, no wind, no chirping, nothing! Ronike shivered unconsciously. It's unnatural and creepy
"Maybe we should get going somewhere else, this place is starting to give me the willies, and I don't often get scared." Ronike said to Salem.
He turned to walk away, but tripped once more when yet another quake began, the strongest yet.
"Son of a..." Ronike started, but was halted as he noticed the crack in the ground a few feet in front of him, which was approaching him.
Shales! Use psychic to keep me, Salem, and Scizor from falling into the hole!
Ronike turned to Salem and Scizor and told them "Don't panic and stay still, Shales will keep us from falling."
The fissure reached the group, but they all remained aloft in the air.
Ronike, I need to move you to safe ground, something is trying to pull you guys down.
The group hovered about five feet away from the fissure and landed. Ronike wiped some sweat from his forehead.
"Man, this just keeps getting more and more fun, eh Salem? Now, lets get... Whats that?" Ronike pointed towards a figure rising from the fissure.
We need to leave. Ronike had never heard Shales sound so panicked NOW!
Ronike tried to move his legs to run away, but he found he couldn't move any muscle from the waist down.
"Something is keeping us from moving! But that thing is asleep! It couldn't have that much power to do so while sleeping..."
The metallic figure opened its eyes.

May 20th, 2007, 4:09 PM
She looked up at him as he spoke. A faint smile could be seen as she shook her head turning her back on him.

"Just like you scientists and archaeologist. You can't believe anything that can't be explained by facts, figures, and analyzing." she giggled as she looked up to the ceiling which was high above them that looked like it went on for ever and ever.

"I believe it yes. But what I don't understand is how? No pokemon can predict the far future unless they have been with Celebii and it took them to our time here and now. Is it really so hard to believe that maybe it wasn't the Unknown? There are so many things that even you and others can't explain with facts and figures." she turned to look at him and then back at the words.

She suddenly felt something flash in her mind as her smile faded. She wasn't sure, but she felt as though she was trying to remember something. She walked to the pillar and reread the words.

"I feel as if. . ." she grew silent and turned to see he was looking at her as she giggled nervously. "It's nothing." she faked a lie as she had this ominous feeling. "We should get going. This was really something, thanks for the tour." she turned to walk over the small path when stopped short.

She had it again, that strange feeling of remembering something. As she tried to pinpoint it with her mind, she felt a sudden pain as she brought her left hand to her forehead. She had just received a terrible headache.

May 20th, 2007, 5:51 PM
"What is that thing?"Salem muttered, as the giant metallic creature opened it's eyes. "It's definetely no pokemon..."Scizor responded by muttering it's name. "It's...beautiful..."Salem continued, a manic look growing in his eyes. The color changing from a deep blue to a wild lime green. His long ivory locks began to wave in the presence of the sheer power of the creature. "It's exactly what I've been searching for, all of these years!" he said as an insane laughter began to escape from his mouth. Scizor looked just as changed, a cold, evil look in it's face. "Are you ready Scizor!?" The crimson pokemon nodded.

Finally the Scizor brought it's arms together, sparks flying through the blinding lights coming from it's claws.

"Hyper Beam!"

From the pokemon's claws came an enormous blast of energy, surrounded by a crimson spiral, with sparks flying all around it. It struck the creature head on, though it wasn't fazed. The flash of light dissapated revealing a large black spot on the metallic beasts torso, though it didn't look to be in pain at all.

Salem was acting stranger than ever, not even aware of Ronike's presence anymore. It was as if Salem's identity itself had changed...for the worse. No one but Scizor knew what was going on in his mind, or who Salem even was. But it was sure that Salem wasn't what he'd seemed.

Always and Never
May 21st, 2007, 11:30 AM
"Leave?! No way! You can leave if you really want to but we've only just begun! I just... can't leave, no way, not when we've gone this far."

I sat down and pulled a lunch bag out of my backpack. A great big rost beef sandwich.

"Yummy. So are you gonna stay, or what?"

May 21st, 2007, 5:51 PM
Barry awoke. Where is he? It's rocky and dark, he must be in a cave. As he began to move around he started to hear squishy noises and felt wet. He began to get up but kept on slipping, he couldn't balance himself. This wet substance, it's almost like some sort of slime. It's all over him. Falling now on his stomach he could see some light, figures very near to him. Reaching towards them by dragging his body with his arms and hands he noticed that he was resting near a pillar. What happened to him? Wasn't he just at the Unown Realm a moment ago?

He started to smell something, it smelt like beef... roast beef. So hungry all of a sudden he saw a man dressed mostly in dark clothing. Who ever he is, Barry saw that he has food. On complete impulse, Barry grabs the sandwich and devours it. Stealing the food and gulping down the beef in quick large chunks. It is here where he showed himself more clearly as a man shivering, scared, completely covered in some sort of slime and two words imprinted on his forehead,

Beauty. Time.

And then he passed out and collapsed on to the floor.

Always and Never
May 22nd, 2007, 11:13 AM
A sort of loud banging sound echoed through this chamber. I paid no attention to it until finally a man, covered in some sort of 'oobleck' came up to me and took my sandwich. I was about ready to pop him one right in the jaw but he dropped to the floor before he got the chance. I also noticed a jet-black Charizard in the corner with it's tail-flame put out.
Immeadiately, I jumped up and grabbed the torch off the wall and put it near the Charizard's tail. It soon erupted into an orange flame that warmed the surrounding area. With that taken care of, I grabbed a pillow out of my bag and laid it underneath this man's head.
"Barry, I remember you, obviously, since I gave you an invite." It was kind of funny to see this proud, head-strong, determined trainer reduced to nothing but a body on the floor. I grabbed two max revive's out of my bag and threw one at the Charizard, and one at Barry. Seeing as I just helped him, II hoped he wouldn't turn against me like he normally would.
I thought about that as his eyes opened.

May 22nd, 2007, 3:57 PM
The only thing that Barry was dreaming of when he passed out was just darkness. Then he heard the loud noises that he heard at the realm of the unown and suddenly a giant white eye with a piercing black pupil emerged out of the shadows and looked straight into Barry's soul. Is it by this horrific nightmare that he awoke.

"Grah.." He muttered spitting out the remains of food left in his mouth from when he passed out. He found himself lying on a pillow. He's covered in some sort of goo.

"What the hell is this stuff?" He asked himself as he started to wipe some of it off.

He felt light-headed and woozy as if he woken up from a very deep sleep. As he got up his body began to ache and his legs hurt him so much as he tried to stand that it felt like he was never to do before. The numbness of his body faded and only pain remained to take its place. He looked around and saw his Charizard who was covered in the slime as well and was acting funny too.

He looked around and realized that he was with Ryozo. He's the one who gave him the invite to the ruins in the first place but this isn't their first encounter. They met before, a couple of years before all of this. They were at a Tournament, it was actually for the Pokemon League, however neither of them could beat the Elite Four, Barry was known though as "The tough, hot-headed Kindler". He would have never thought in his life time that Ryozo or anyone else for that matter would invite him to anything. Not really friends, just two past trainers who recognized one another.

"It's you.. I remember you from way back. Where the heck are we? What is all of this stuff? Some sort of joke?" Barry yelled asking for an explanation for the slime that he was covered in.

The slime though seems paranormal and has some sort of reaction with mood, it began to glow a bit brighter pink when Barry got more and more upset.

May 22nd, 2007, 5:03 PM
Salem grunted in anger when Scizor's attack hadn't affected the giant creature. The beast growled, it's metallic body shining against the maroon sky. A powerful force resonated from the creature, making grass blow back away from it just like Salem's hair. It was partly visible in the form of shining white streaks flying through the air. It's eyes glowed crimson, with a dark fury. It seemed as though it hadn't even noticed Scizor's massive hyper beam.

"Your power will be mine..."Salem said to himself, looking downward, his eyes concealed in shadow. Slowly he raised his head toward the beast. His bright green pupils seemed to glow as he met eyes with the beast. His navy hat was finally blown off by the sheer force of the creature, toppling across the ground and blowing away into the horizon. Salem's hair had lost it's silver sheen and was now a ghostly white, it's ends meeting in sharp jagged points all around him. "Scizor, get ready to fight for real. That pathetic hyper beam was meant for that weak Charizard, we'll show this thing an attack more it's level...Go!!!"

The Scizor closed it's eyes and paused for a moment, as if it was meditating. It suddenly opened them with a powerful surge of energy, it's eyes were no longer yellow, but the same green as Salem. They're movements, even breathing became coordinated, as if they were a single being. Without direction, Scizor's claw began to glow a bright silver. Resonating with a powerful energy, just as the metallic beast was, yet less violent.

"Metal Claw!"Salem shouted, his eyes fixated on the beast, in the same manner Scizor's were. At the exact time of Salem's announcement Scizor shouted the attack's name in Poketongue. It seemed as though Salem and Scizor were able to communicate with each other without even speaking. The Scizor began to charge toward the beast, but stopped short. It's body massive claw shaking with power, it halted at least seven meters before the creature, and slashed the air powerfully, it's intentions only known to Salem.

Always and Never
May 22nd, 2007, 6:47 PM
"Dude, shut up, we're in the same room, calm down. Here's a towel, and don't worry, that goo is just corn starch with water... checked it here on my pokegear."
I gave a quick glance at Pat, making sure she was ok. Then I turned back to Barry. "So, uhhh, did you follow us in here, or what? Just, tell me why you were late for the whole beginning of the excavation." I waited for an answer. After hearing it was about the Unown I blurted out...
"Tell me Everything."

May 22nd, 2007, 6:52 PM
Ronike watched as the Scizor shot the powerful beam at the creature and shook his head
*sigh* Moron. That creature is so powerful that all that beam will do is anger the creature. He should be able to tell that. Salem seems like a logical fellow.
Ronike watched as the creature took the shot without even trying to dodge.
Like I said: too powerful for that kind of an approach.
He looked towards the crazed trainer that was spewing orders.
He looks completely different now. I doubt he will listen to any logic now. I suppose its best to let him get roughed up a bit so his head is cleared.
Ronike, what are you talking about? If Salem takes a hit from that thing, he'll die! Its too strong!
Don't worry, I get a feeling that that creature is gonna try and play with us first. It won't go for the finishing blow immediately
The creature momentarily looked towards the arguing pair. Ronike again fell to the ground and felt as though his head would explode.
You think I can't hear you two talk? Ah but how right you are. Watch this next one:
What the?! cursed Ronike Shales, I still think the Salem needs to be knocked out of this, but be ready to get him out of here ASAP. Same with Scizor and myself
He stood up as the pain receded and glared at the warring group.
I have a feeling we'll be needing to run soon...

May 23rd, 2007, 12:28 AM
OOC: Gee Darth Moose, what is my character? Chop liver? My character is with Ryozo.


Pat noticed the rude man before she could say anything, stepped back as he watched the man. It was obvious that she wasn't even noticed which was fine, but that meant that she could slip away.

She didn't like to be in this place as it kept sending hazy flashbacks and giving her intense headaches when she tried to focus on them. She turned to walk out hoping no one saw her. She seemed to easily slipped out and turned the wrong direction in what she thought was the exit.

May 23rd, 2007, 3:16 AM
"It worked..."Salem said happily. A malevolent grin shot across his face, as where Scizor's claws began, a crack began to grow in the air. More began to grow for it, like the entire Unkown world was just a shattering mirror. In the sky he could see swirling images of the real world, he saw Ryozo, Pat, and Barry, as well as Sprout Tower in Violet City, and other scenery he wasn't familiar with. Finally everything in sight was littered with the cracks, shaking violently ready to shatter. "Cover yourself Ronike..."is all Salem muttered before he wrapped his navy trenchcoat around him.

Suddenly all of the pieces of the Unkown World were torn apart, shards of the landscape flying in all directions. As they flew they simple dissapated, the Unkown's Realm becoming a simple memory to Salem. Whever one of the shards was absent a small piece of the real world appeared. Though still before Salem was the sleeping monster who began to wince as shards of it's world came crashing into it.

Finally the entire Unkown Realm was gone. Salem, Scizor, Shales, Ronike, and the monster were back in the real world again. They were in a strange room. It felt as though they were underground, though the stones were cut out in an ornate fashion. The large slabs of rock seemed to be tinted different colors, making large elaborate patterns all around the room. A strange goo covered the walls, glowing a sky blue. Behind them was a golden door, which he could hear muffled voices coming from. In front of them on the floor was a large golden ring, with strange symbols spaced evenly around it. And rising from the centre of the ring, was the metallic beast.

May 23rd, 2007, 12:56 PM
OOC: Where's the patience? I'm trying to stay in character, Barry isn't really very smart or caring of his surroundings. I was going to get to your character in a continuing post. Just give me some time, a lot happened in only a couple of posts. To be honest, I kinda got lost after the whole "metallic creature" thing so I'm just rolling with what we got here.


Barry told Ryozo everything, well anything that he remembered or was worth mentioning. Barry was very vague with his description of the Unown Realm. The only things that came to mind during the discussion was the battle between Draco and a Scizor and that's really about it.

"Tch, and now I'm here covered in this stuff." Barry said cleaning himself off with the handed towel. "And to think those things talking to me were bad enough." Barry said as he compared the Unown to "things". But before he could elaborate on what they were telling him he noticed Ryozo look at someone else in the room that Barry hadn't noticed before. Before he could check to see where this person was he noticed a girl with pink hair leaving the room.

"Whatever, I don't need to tell you anything!" Barry grinned, Besides, if I was you, I'd check on whoever just left here." He turned and tossed the towel back at Ryozo, "As for me, I'm outta here, to think I thought tough trainers would be here. There's nothing here other than some weird writing on some rocks and black letters flying around." Barry said with an uncaring tone.

Draco snarled and followed closely after his master who was about to leave the room.

"I will tell you one thing though. I wouldn't mind going back to where ever the heck I was. The feeling I felt there... I felt as if I had power to do anything.. ha, maybe I should of made a wish there to fight some real trainers!" Barry laughed and continued to walk away where suddenly the cave shook again as if something entered the ruins...

Always and Never
May 23rd, 2007, 6:21 PM
OOC: Just so you guys know, that metallic creature is the Secret of the Unown. Now that you're in the real world, DO NOT HAVE IT AWAKE. Have it in suspended animation.

IC: I felt the atmosphere of the room change when I noticed Pat had left. I knew what to do with this puzzle, and I wanted her to see. Hopefully she'd find her way out. I mean, I just couldn't leave, I couldn't. When Barry left I actually felt kind of relieved. No more destruction to these remarkable ruins I said as I unzipped my bag. I pulled out a giant suitcase that when I opened up revealed 28 pokeballs. All conveniently placed in ordder. Soon I had unleashed all the pokemon that had been compressed in their to reveal every Unown possible, even the elusive punctuation.
"All right guys, I caught you in these very ruins, and you're my pokemon so do what I've taught you... circle formation, now!"
The pokemon made a perfect circle all in order of the alphabet and slowly orbited the shrine where I stood. The ruins shook as the Unown started to glow, as a giant crack in the wall appeared. The odd thing about this crack, though, was that it was perfectly straight, until at least I noticed it was giant door openeing. The door revealed nothing but darkness until finally I was greeted by the last thing I would expect. The other people I had invited to the Ruins...
"Wha...?! What are you guys doing down here?!"

May 24th, 2007, 1:36 PM
"What was that?!"Salem exclaimed as the ruins began to shake. Beneath the tall golden doors he saw a bright glow escaping. He heard several chatters of Unkown, as the ruins shook violently. The lime eyed trainer had no idea how the creature remained dormant during all of this action. "No matter...there's no time for distraction. Scizor, there is a very powerful force at work in these ruins, and I believe that this creature is it's source. We need it in our posession..."

Scizor nodded and began pacing around the circular room counter-clockwise, it was a strange maneuver. Salem had already begun walking around the creature in the other direction. Both of them seemed entranced, completely ignoring Ronike. The pair seemed to be inspecting the creature, observing it's details. They were also looking toward the floor frequently, at the many strange markings etched into the stone.

The beast's crimson eyes were fixated on the tall golden doors. It was like a statue, trapped in a position. Though it's pose didn't look defensive. It was if it had frozen itself, in a position of dominance. As though it held a position of power. Within the golden ring which surrounded the beast, a golden light rose, making the beast look even more glorious. The strange markings on the floor and walls seemed to root off from the ring, perfectly symetrical around the entire span of the room.

"What is this thing?" Salem asked confused as to what the beast was. It didn't look like a living thing, it looked like a machine. A robot. How could something like this be in ruins thousands of years old, and what purpose could it serve? There had to be something strange at work here. If he'd come to the real world after shattering the Unkown's then why hadn't the hat that had blown off come as well. Why did Metagross retain his burn mark while the beast's mark had completely vanished?

May 25th, 2007, 1:13 AM
OOC: I'm lost help! I don't know what's going on? What the hell is the metallic thing and what not?


Pat had made her way and had suddenly collopsed at having another (tremor???). When it stopped, she slowly stood back up and looked around. She didn't know the guide wanted to show her anything, but something about this place was too much for her to handle. She kept getting fearious hazy flashbacks and when she tried to focus on them again, she recieved a huge headache which caused her to stop.

She bent over, collopsing to her knees, clutching her forehead. "This is stupid, why am I having those hazy memories trying to reviel themselves and when I try to think on them, I get a headache. What is going on?!" she yelled out loud as the headaches subsided again as she stood up.

She began to walk again, trying to forget about the place when she was shocked to see strange markings on the sides of the walls on either side. The thing was that these markings were the unknown's bodies imprinted in the wall. She stopped and turned to her right looking at them.

"That's strange, I don't remember these markings here. Am I lost?" she asked and shook her head as she continued walking.

It was a good half hour before she realized she wasn't getting to the entrance. She stopped and looked around. Instantly her mind began to race, Where am I? I am lost? What do I do now? No one knows I left the guide and he probably doesn't even know I'm missing. He's a scientist or archologies so it's only naturally he wouldn't know, but still.

She decided to turn around and try to retrace her steps again. She began to wonder if it was smart to leave the ruins, but she couldn't help but feel something unique and frightening, so. . . Unknown. Pat hated the unknown. (Not the pokemon unkown.) She hated not knowing what was going to happen to her in this place. The fact she felt that unknown, scared her greatly. She hated to be scared especially since she had only one pokemon partner with her. Had she thought about brining her other pokemon, weather it was asked to or not, she would have so that if her pokemon she had now with her, had been hurt or weakened, she'd be out of luck and end up getting hurt herself, maybe even killed.

May 25th, 2007, 10:24 AM
OOC: I don't know what's going on either lol


Every tunnel looked the same. Every turn ended up going to the same destination. Every path led to the same way. Circling the ruins and growing dizzy in the darkness, Barry has finally lost his way. Away from everyone else he seems to be alone, unable to make his way through the tunnels. Was it smart of him to just leave with no guide? Probably not. All he wants is to just leave this place and let everyone else deal with the Unown.

After a bit of walking he bumped into someone,

"Gah!" Barry muttered. He looked closely and could see a pink haired girl, she looked scared. Not of Barry but the place they are in, the maze in the ruins.

"What the heck? Thinking you own the place.... taking up the whole tunnel!" Barry said getting angry over nothing.

"Fine!" Barry moved aside from her, "Do what you want, but I'm getting the heck out of here, you can tell that nut Ryozo thanks, but no thanks. I have trainers to seek and Rangers to beat up! I don't have time for the mysteries of Pokemon!" Barry admitted to her.

He muttered some curses to himself and continued to trail off using Draco's tail light as a guide in the darkness. He then found a narrow tunnel with symbols of the unown across the walls. As he walked through it the symbols began to move a bit and big eyes were opened watching Barry.

"Wha-What the heck is this?!" Barry asked surprised.

The walls of the tunnel began to ooze with the same slime that Barry was soaked in only moments ago when he was brought back from the Unown Realm.

"Great, it's these things again! Draco! Flamethrower!" Barry commanded.

The Black Charizard shot out a force of fire from his mouth. The attack though didn't seem to work as the Unown kept on advancing towards them.

"What stops these things? Tch, I never leave a fight. I'm ready to win! And if winning means burning down this place then I have no problem with that! Draco! Fire Spin!" Barry yelled.

The Charizard began to shoot fire everywhere turning the tunnels into a spectacle of light and flame...

Always and Never
May 26th, 2007, 7:24 PM
OOC: The Secret of the Unown is that metallic creature. By me and the one girl entering he place we awakened its spirit inside the sprit world of the unown. Scizor brought its spirit into its real world body and now it is dormant but all hell is about to break loose. So don't worry, the robot thing will wake up and it will be like before the Unown sealed it away, "to protect there fate." Just read that poem and you'll understand. AND STOP WITH THE FIRE IN THE UNOWNS, the unowns won't suddenly attack you. Enough with the fire. Just, let Ronike post and Ill go.

May 26th, 2007, 8:33 PM
OOC: Sorry, been real busy with school and work

"Salem, I think we should just leave before that thing awakens. Its obviously too powerful for us to destroy if it survived the dimensional collapse and that hyper beam with barely a scratch." Ronike made for the exit, thinking Ryozo and Scizor would not be far behind. When the trainer continued to pace around the Machine, Ronike began to get impatient.
Calm yourself Ronike, he's obviously too preoccupied for whatever reason with that creature.
Ronike restrained himself and gritted his teeth
We need to leave now, or else this thing will wake up and I get the feeling it won't be happy to see us. Ronike thought to Shales
True, shall we get Salem's mind off of it forcefully then?
Guess its the only way... Pick up Ryozo in the next room too, I keep hearing his voice from there. They may not like it, but we need to leave. Now.
There was a pause, and then: I told Nightmare whats happening, and she's telling Ryozo and getting him outta there herself. Puts less strain on me, four people are enough already
And with that, Ronike, Shales, Salem, and Scizor all began to glow with a blue light and hovered in the air.

May 27th, 2007, 12:04 AM
Pat was slightly shocked at being bumped into and turned to look at the boy. She stayed silent as he spoke and she gave him a nasty and angered looked. However she shoved it off. She didn't want to move down to HIS level. As he left her she knew it would be better to stay where she was and not follow the arrogant trainer who only wishes to find strongest pokemon trainers. Pat wished she had her own fire type pokemon to take on his Charizard and teach him a lesson.

Her pokemon were strong yes and she had divided her team into two teams. One for regular battles and the other for performance battles. Her dragon pokemon she had with her was used for both and she really didn't want to engage in a battle unless it was necessary. The last thing she wanted was to have a wounded pokemon in a cave of wonders. She gasped a bit as she was hit with another wave of hazy memory and she tried not to think about it.

Just then, she heard screaming and the roaring of a Charizard. Shortly flames burst in the area. She ran to where he saw her and stopped gasping at the sight before her.

"Will you stop panicing and call off Charizard?! No wonder you think you're tough. You panic alot and you think that's how you win battles?!" she growled angrily as she noticed the slight slime and again she was hit with a wave of hazy memory, but this time, it stayed as she clutched her forehead.

Pat noticed the headache was gone and she opened her eyes and gasped at where she stood. A silvery-white mist formed around the secret chamber where there was the pillar. She walked over to it only to find there was no writing, but on top was a small silver plate with 26 letters written in the long forgotten language of the alphabets. Pat turned upon hearing something and noticed a little girl about 10 years old running to the pillar.

She wore a silvery-white gown with spaghetti strapped dress that tapped the floors surface. She had long light pink hair that hung down and went to the back of her knees she presumed. She didn't get a look at the girl's features, but strangely enough, she bent down on her knees and looked up to the plate with her fingers interlocked together as she held them in front of her chest.

"Please Protectors, the Guardian is out of hand, Please forgive the King for trying to control the guardian from you. We didn't realize it was too powerful to control. Please protect us. My father is only human and I tried to tell him not to take the guardian from your control. Please help protect my race, my people and my pokemon friends. Please." she pleaded when the plate glowed and there appeared 26 unknown that surrounded her.

As Pat watched, the 26 Unknown had released a powerful golden light that engulfed the area including herself.

When pat blinked and looked around she looked at the green ooze. "The Unknown. . . I'm not sure but. . . I think I know what had happened all those years ago. But first things first. " she stated to herself. "Turn and run Baka!" yelled Pat as she watched. "What is more important to you? You're life or your pride?! No one can defeat that green slim so lets get moving now!"
Pat wasn't going to move until the head-strong trainer came to his senses.

May 27th, 2007, 6:30 AM
As Salem was pulled into the air, the entranced look in his eye disappeared. He looked sharp and focused again. Though despite this his eyes still had a malevolent look to them.

"Thank you, Ronike..."he said shaking his head, as if he were trying to regain the bearings of his lost mind. "We have to find Ryozo and fast...Without him there's no way for me to find out the secret of this thing..."Salem said, his voice still bringing about a certain eerieness, not the same calm and peaceful voice he'd had before. "I don't think I've been very straight with you on my identity, have I?"he continued after a pause, finally bringing up the subject of himself changing after the monster had appeared in the Unkown Realm.

May 27th, 2007, 7:12 PM
Barry grew upset at the girl who was around him,

"His name isn't Charizard! It's DRACO!" He shouted.


Draco lifted up his head and blew out flame toward the slime. The slime remained however, as if untouched by the fire. The weird goo started to ooze down to from the wall and threw itself at the black Charizard.

"What in the world?! What is this stuff?" Barry asked confused as to why he can't hurt it.

"Baka? BAKA? What's a baka? You can leave if you want, but I am taking this slime down! I am Barry! The toughest trainer! I will burn this cave to the ground with my fire! NO SLIME CAN BEAT ME!" Barry told Pat. "Draco, stop fooling around! Fire Spin!"

Draco unleashed a vortex of fire towards the slime. The flame managed to burn some of it but more slime just kept on pouring down until it finally started to cover Draco.

"Gah!" Barry muttered. Draco was getting covered by the slime until it was unable to move any longer without struggling. Barry returned Draco to his pokeball.

"That's it! I don't need that darn Charizard, I'll do this myself!" Barry said angry. He punched the slime but he ended up only hurting his hand by the wall. The slime started to get on him now.

"Grrr... Fine! But this isn't over yet! Oh no! Not by a long shot!" Barry spoke to the slime, and with that he grabbed Pat's hand and ran for it.

"Good thing I'm here to save you! I have to do everything around here! Sheesh!" Barry told her as he ran off with her.

May 28th, 2007, 12:47 AM
She chuckled a bit at his question.

"BAKA means Idiot!" she said shocked that there was a trainer who didn't know Japanese Language.

Of course, not many trainers did, that's why she tought her pokemon all japanese words for attacking in battle. It was one tactic that always left her opponient confused and on their toes.

She hmphed and turned to walk away at his comment. "FINE! Be a stubborn baka." she mumbled.

She was shocked when he grabbed her hand and ran her out. She followed as she was dragged.

"You saved me? PULEASE!" she growled as she jerked her hand away. "Baka." she confirmed that even though she heard him say his name, that was going to be her pet name for him until he wised up.

She ran ahead of him. "Oh, and uh, for the record. . . I can run faster then anyone. They don't call me the wind goddess for nothing." she stuck out her tongue and giggled suddenly sprinting fast toward the exit.

May 28th, 2007, 5:56 AM
"Ronike...Let us down, please..."Salem said as he noticed the slime begining to shift around. He could hear flames from outside the room, obviously Barry had done something bad again. The glowing slime began to climb up over itself trying to reach the four in the air. "We have to get out, now!"

The slime just kept getting bigger and bigger on the floor, it seemed to just grow from the walls, though it wasn't able to touch the ring that contained the giant beast. Salem tried to struggle from Shales' psychic grip, but it was useless until he stopp the attack.

"I SWEAR BARRY, IF I EVER GET OUT OF HERE ALIVE, YOU'RE HEAD IS MINE!!!"Salem shouted as loud as he could, hoping Barry could hear him as the slime finally began to wrap around his foot, trying to pull him down.

Always and Never
May 28th, 2007, 11:56 AM
"Ha ha, guys, if you havn't noticed, I'm already here."
They both jumped up about two feet as my voice echoed through the cavern. "How could you not have noticed that giant door opening? I've been standing right here for about five min... wha... oh my god... it's beautiful..."
I was in awe at the petrified statue that stood in the middle of the room. In front of its feet it held a plaque. It read,

Beware, for in here...
No one can hear your screams...

"Woah, creepy. This must be it... the secret of the Unown. It's wonderous. Now, tell me, how the hell did you guys get down here? And I'm getting really sick of this slime, and I know what it is... it is organic material, which means it is alive, but it has no mind. Wat I mean is it is like a worm, it moves but it has no brain. It is created by the Unowns Hidden Power, which creates useless matter, like this slime. It may be annoying but don't worry about it, light is what gets rid of it, not direct liht but serious light from the move flash."

May 28th, 2007, 12:08 PM
OC: OH, the door was to us. When you said "other people you'd invited" I thought you meant people not represented by rpers.

IC: "We took the scenic route,"Salem said turning to Ryozo with a grin. He sword he'd looked back during the slime attack and seen the door shut. "But we have other matters to deal with right now,"he continued, looking back toward the monstrous slime, writhing about trying to take shape. The slime from outside the chamber was now coming into the room, and Salem knew that nothing good could come from it.

Scizor became a blur on the other side of the room, and instantly reappeared beside Salem, poised to strike whatever was attacking them. Another glowing sphere was beginning to form in his right claw.

Salem knew that Scizor and Nightmare alone wouldn't be able to fight this, and Shales was still weak from whatever attacked him. He had no idea where Barry was, as well as anyone else Ryozo had invited. Like the ranger who'd attacked Barry with Sleep Powder.

Always and Never
May 28th, 2007, 4:22 PM
"Stop worrying about the slime. It is nothing bad, believe me, the rain washes out of the Ruins all the time. Don't fight it... only energy will be lost if you do, so calm down."
I walked over to the statue and nearly hugged it.
"My life's work, finally completed... now... how to excavate this to the surface.."
With that final thought, the big statue in the middle, in which I thought was petrified, clasped its hand.

May 28th, 2007, 6:29 PM
Barry followed Pat into bright light, they have found an exit. Barry ran out of the ruins and found himself back at the dig site again, its mid-afternoon.

"Eh, eh..." Barry muttered, catching his breath from the run.

Barry looked at Pat and twitched his upper lip like a dog towards her with a disgusted look across his face.

"Tch, wind goddess? So, you think you're hot stuff huh?" Barry asked Pat making fists out of his hands.

Suddenly screams could be heard echoing from the cave, it sounds like someone is in trouble. Barry grinned and started to walk away from the ruins.

"I don't know about you pumpkin but I'm getting out of here. There's nothing here for me other than some weak trainers who deserve what's coming to them in there." Barry told Pat pointing his thumb to the cave behind him, uncaring of the people in trouble within.

Barry then put his hands in his jacket's pockets and began to walk away...

May 28th, 2007, 6:38 PM
"Which is why we are getting out of here." Ryozo sprang into the air along with the others. "We do NOT want that thing awake again. That thing is too powerful, especially in here. Its aura alone is powerful enough to bring this whole thing down around us. Sorry Ryozo, but we are leaving. Now. For real this time." And with that, the group of trainers and Shales flew out of the room at a high speed and made for the exit. "So Salem, what was this before about your identity and not being entirely honest?"

May 28th, 2007, 9:54 PM
She giggled as she made it out and turned to look at Barry with a big smile and unlike Barry, she was tired and breathing heavily, but she did not show it as she stood there folding her arms.

"At least I don't pretend I'm the best baka." she murmured no at all affected by his insult.

She did get a kick out of Barry's arrogance and tough attitude. She rose her right brow at the head strong trainer and folded her arms in front of her with a look of slight infatuation, though she never knew it. Here a few screams she looked toward the ruins and then back at Barry as she gave him a disgusted face.

"Fine Baka, be an idiot. At least when I talk, I do the walk as well. And when I walk, I do the talk. You are nothing but talk and talk with no walk." she scolded as she turned to walk toward the ruins. "You are all talk and don't even back up what you say." she knew what she had said before that would confuse anyone who didn't understand and had finished with that last line.

She took in a deep breath and relaxed herself as she wondered how she was going to get in there to help without getting lost again. She began to think of a plan.

May 29th, 2007, 3:07 AM
"Well, my name is Salem Paroo, but I'm not really the kind, peaceful traveller I let on to be...Let's just say I have very dark intentions, and to fulfill them I'll need the energy from that thing inside the ruins..."Salem said trying to make it sound the best it could. "And by the way, you should have studied it more while it was still a statue, Ryozo...Entering that ring is what awakened it." A flashback came to Ronike and Salem, of Salem and Scizor pacing around the room observing everything.

Then there was no time to think. The ground began to tremor furiously, and cracks began to open all over the ruins, bright white lights shooting from each of them. The giant monster began to rise through the top of the ruins forcefully, screeching violently.

Scizor appeared in front of Barry, using it's unrivaled speed. The Scizor simply pointed in the monster's direction, prompting the man to look back and help.

May 29th, 2007, 6:53 AM
Barry made a pause in his walk as not only did the girls words bothered him but the Scizro from before stood in his path. He turned around to face the girl yelling at him,

"What? WHAT?! Do you really think that I can't beat up all those monsters in there if I wanted to? Grrr..." Barry started to grow a red face and became upset.

"I'll show you missy! I'LL SHOW EVERYONE IN THERE THAT WHEN YOU MESS WITH FIRE YOU'LL GET BURNED!" Barry marched back to the ruins and released his Charizard.

"CHAR!" Draco growled.

"Pull yourself together you dumb dragon, we have some guys in there that needs a good whoopin! Are you with me?!" Barry asked Draco.

The shiny Charizard threw his head up and made a fantastic roar.

"GRAAAAHHH!!!!" Draco roared.

Barry jumped on Draco's back and held on to his neck,

"Use your wings for once and get in there and burn up anything and everything you come across!" Barry told his Charizard.

The Fire Pokemon snarled in happiness by this idea and swiftly went back through the cave where there it awaits its challenger, the Unown!

May 30th, 2007, 3:10 PM
As she stood there thinking she turned and glared at him as he flew on his Charizard.

"Baka! Stop!" she yelled as she ran toward the entrance while taking out her pokeball from her left side and pushed the button and threw it ahead of her. "Use Light Screen and block the entrance!" ordered Anya as a red beam shoots out of the opened ball and there appears a glittering Dratini making it's call.

Instantly already infront of the entrance, a mystical shield forms infront of her and the entrance as Anya looked to the black charizard and his trainer.

"If you want to prove yourself to someone, then prove it to me! Show me that you are not a Idot!" she challenged reading herself.

They just got out, to think he would be stupid to enter back into the ruins was stupid, especially if it's collapsing. It seemed the screams had faded which only means one thing. Everyone was fine.

"It's not right to pick on the Unknown. They did nothing to hurt you!" she growled angerily as she awaited to see if she accepted her challenge.

May 30th, 2007, 4:04 PM
Draco smacked his head into the light screen and fell to the ground on its side where Barry slid off him. Barry got up with some dirt on his jacket and raised a fist out towards Pat.

"What is your problem? I can do whatever I want!" Barry told the girl. He then looked at her Dratini, "Hahahaha! What is that? A mutated Caterpie?" Barry joked with Draco grinning by the joke.

"You're such a weakling, Draco here wouldn't even waste his time fighting your worm." Barry said with Draco nodding, "You trainers are a joke, but you know what? I'll play your little game..." Barry said with a mean voice. "I'm going to burn your worm there to a crisp and turn it into a Dratini shish kabob!" Barry laughed.

"Draco! FLAMETHROWER!" Barry commanded.

The Charizard moved its head and shot a beam of fire across the field toward the Dratini.

May 30th, 2007, 4:33 PM
Suddenly the Dratini disappeared from the massive flames, consumed by a red blur. Reappearing behind Draco was Scizor holding the small dragon pokemon.

"Now's not the time to fight each other! Haven't you looked up yet?"Salem shouted pulsing with anger, beckoning to the giant monster tearing it's way through the ruins. From the glowing cracks flowed swarms of the Unkown, circling the beast in a large sphere formation. As each piece of the ruins fell apart several more Unknowns flowed from the openings.

"That is our enemy. And we have no chance against it either. The only way we may survive for a few precious minutes, is if we all work together against these things,"Salem said darkly, his voice eerie with the mention of their impending fate.

The Scizor walked over to Shales and Nightmare, who were standing near their respective trainers. The three stood in a proud line ready to face whatever this beast was, or at least that's what Salem hoped was going through the minds of the others'. Scizor had put the Dratini down and choose sides for itself.

"Now! Are you with us? Or against us?"Salem said, his head coming up his lime green eyes glowing with Scizor's again. The navy trenchcoat blowing behind him triumphantly.

Always and Never
May 30th, 2007, 5:41 PM
I couldn't take it anymore. I reached into my bag and pulled out something I hoped that I did not have to use. A gun.
"Barry! What the hell is your problem?! Can't you see this is probably one of the most worst times you could be pretending to be tough? There is one thing I hate more than seeing these beautiful ruins fall apart and that's seeing you with your totally distorted ego. Now you have two options... one, you can shut up or sit down, or two, well, you know the answer."
I was shaking all over, knowing that I had unleashed something upon this world. I watched Barry out of my peripherals as I stared hypnotically at the disastrous event that was taking place. By now people were gathering, and I could see Gardevoir tell Shales to tell Ronke to tell everyone to leave. Well, that's at least what I thought.
Suddenly, out of the blue all the noise stopped, and nothing could be heard. The sky blacked out, as the Secret of the Unown raised itself towards the sky. It was in a pose that made it look like it was being crusified and it looked amazing. The unown, however, were revolving around it in a perfect circle. There chants broke the silence as they sung the most chilling song ever.

Unnoowwnn, Unnoowwnn.

It was total chaos but also the most calming thing ever. I looked at Barry. He didn't matter anymore, since everyone was putting away their pokemon back inside their pokeballs, in which I did the same thing with Gardevoir. As Nightmare dissapeared inside the red light, the eyes of the figure levitating above the sky slowly lit up in a rage of red. With a blast of a Dark Pulse, the unown surrounding it slowly floated upon the ground, fainted or maybe even dead. It moved its limbs and did a sort of a stretch. Finally, he situated himelf in the sky and calmed down. The sky was still dark, and I had a feeling it was going to stay dark, for a real, real long time.

May 30th, 2007, 6:41 PM
Ronike's eyes and attention belonged to the creature in the sky and the carnage it had left behind.
So much sensless damage, this is ridiculous! That thing must be stopped, but how? Its too powerful Ronike pondered this for a moment.
Ronike, Ryozo says you need to tell all these people to leave before they get injured
Yes! The massive crowd behind you. Pay attention man, this is no time to be distracted. Shales reprimanded.
Ronike wrenched his eyes from the floating figure and turned to his pokemon. Your right, sorry. That thing in the sky though, its so powerful.... how are we going to beat that thing? I have no idea... And since when does Ryozo have a gun! Right, doesn't matter, these people first...

"Everyone, you all need to leave. That thing in the sky there," at this Ronike gesticulated to the floating enigma, "That thing has enough power to kill us all. We shall remain to contain it, but all of you must leave. Now. If you aren't gone in two minutes, Shales here," Ronike pointed to his partner, "Will forcefully remove you. And not gently either."
At these words, the mass of reporters and tourists ran away from the ruins.
Well I guess that takes care of that. Now Shales, you should return. That beast up there is about to release an attack if its aura and that sound are anything to judge by.

Agreed. I will assuredly need my strength later. Just don't do anything stupid
With that final piece of advice, Shales returned to it pokeball.

Sure enough, a dark pulse came soon and knocked out all the pokemon in the vicinity, though it did far more to the unowns floating right next to the metallic creature.
This thing... it must be stopped.
Ronike shut his eyes for a moment and listened carefully.
"Ryozo, Salem, Barry, and... you over there. That thing is not preparing an attack or anything, its just waiting. We need to take advantage of this while we can and unleash our combined might on the creature. We can all get back to fighting each other later. Right now, we need to stop this beast with whatever we have. So release your pokemon, and get out whatever weapons you have that we could possibly use. That thing will require all that we have and likely more." With this speech, Ronike sent out Shales and drew a small, but powerful magnum from his left boot and loaded it with ammo from his right boot. He looked to Ryozo. "You didn't think you were honestly the only one with a pistol, did you? Unfortunately, I doubt these will be accurate at all on their own from this range. However, be ready with it should that metallic thing lose altitude from our pokemon's attacks."

May 30th, 2007, 7:10 PM
Barry brought back Draco, it seems that there is something else that wants to fight, however Barry didn't really seem to care about it. He looks at trainers in front of him getting ready for a battle with that thing in the sky with those Unown floating around it.

Then it happened, the sky turned dark, day turned to night and the world seemed upside down where there the Unown around it fell to the ground defeated by the attack from the creature. Everyone is getting scared by it and are running around in panic taking out weapons and their pokemon to battle the creature up there in the sky.

Barry however doesn't feel the need to help anyone since he doesn't like anyone here. Sitting down on a stone left over by the debris of the blown up ruins he stretched out his legs and crossed them and just sat there ready to watch everyone get beaten up by the unknown creature with a look of satisfaction across his face.

May 31st, 2007, 1:57 AM
OOC: Um. . . Please don't control my character like that.


Pat wasn't at all insulted by what he called her partner. . . At least on the out side. Inside, her altar ego raged with hatred for the boy.

"So, you are a wimp after all. You think you're tough when your Charizard is the one that's the weakling. Only weak Charizards who show off thinking they are strong are really just weaklings." she stated and was slightly shocked at her Dratini disappearing.

She turned to look at the others slightly upset that they would interrupt their battle, but at the same time, glad because she didn't want her partner to get hurt in the battle. She glanced up and was suddenly hit by another wave of intense pain again. She crouched down grabbing her forehead.

Dratini flew over to her side and tried to comfort her. However, as it got darker, Dratini looked to see the Pokemon were being returned and Dratini was out of luck.

"Th. . . this pai. . . Pain!" she choked out tears streaming down her cheeks. Instantly the pain disappeared and she stood up as she looked up at the circling unknown.

"Just like before." she murmured tears streaming down her cheeks now for a reason she did not know.

She stood apart from the others, staying where she was when they found her. Dratini coiled around her waist a few times, something that Pat knew was her being comforted.

May 31st, 2007, 3:16 AM
" I don't see why any of you called your pokemon back anyway..."Salem sighed. Scizor and him were bonded like few trainers and their pokemon had ever accomplished. If there was trouble they faced it together, not by locking Scizor up in a little pokeball. "Our attacks will be useless, we'll never get past the aura, or the Unknown. We need someone of much more skill than us. But until they get here, we can definetely try and fight."

With that Scizor began to fire up another massive hyper beam, the insides of his claws glowing blindingly.

"Let it begin..."

Always and Never
May 31st, 2007, 6:21 PM
OOC: I don't like the reinforcements idea so please scratch that out. And Dratini's can fly?! I didn't know that.

IC: I was nearing a nervous breakdown. What had I done? Why didn't I heed their warnings. Random sentences echoed through my head like, "The Ruins mark the entrance of Hell's Gate." and things that that were completely obvious. I threw my pistol on the ground. There was no need to fight, there wasn't even a need to even try to get away. I alone had brought upon a terrible fate to the world. Soon I fell to my knees, my eyes open widely. I had never sweat like this before, and it felt like I was getting torn apart. I turned to the group. I was having a nervous breakdown, but I managed to cough out, "There is no reason to fight, just give up..."
They looked at me in a clashing glare.
"Can't you see what I've done?! Look at that thing! Soon this entire world will be gone. This is the legendary Secret of the Unown, the one force that would be a total nightmare to mess with. And look what I've done, I've done more than mess with it, I've totally pissed it off!"


I fainted.

June 1st, 2007, 3:38 AM
OOC: The reinforcements were Clair and Lance, (I thought that if there was a giant monster/sky turning black/ etc. that somone would notice and come) but ok I edited. And also if you're referring to me, Olha I didn't control your Dratini at all. Scizor merely moved it from the fire (which is very possible because dratinis are small) and then just set it down. I didn't have you or it make any actual decisions. And if I just came off like a jerk then I apologize, I didn't mean to.

IC: "No, it's not your fault Ryozo. We can still stop it!"Salem shouted as Ryozo slipped out of conciousness. "Wake up, we can't do this without you, Ryozo!"Salem shouted with anger, shaking Ryozo trying to wake him up.

Scizor's charged energy was much larger now, but no where near as strong as in the Unknown Realm. The fight would have been easier there, with the unlimited resources. Here there was no way to fight this monster. Salem's arms dropped to his side, his hope given up. His entire body loosened and his eyes became blank.

"We can't win...Ryozo is unconcious, and all of us are fighting amongst each other. There isn't any time left, in just a few minutes that monster will be fully awakened. As in it will actually attack," Salem said in a monotone. As if all of his emotions were gone.

June 1st, 2007, 6:25 AM
OOC: *Blinks* Oh, no. I was referring to the all the pokemon were sent back into their pokeballs. That to me was taking control of my character. And fly? As in you know she was on the ground after being let out and how do I describe it? Sort of like flying but not really I just didn't know what to call it. I've never seen how a Dratini moves other then in the Pokemon Stadium where they were flying but close to the ground. That's what I was doing. And no, you don't sound rude or a jerk. ^_^


She was brought back from her pain as she looked at the guy who invited her here. She slowly stood up and walked over to him. She slowly placed a hand on his right shoulder as she gave a gentle smile.

"Don't say that. This has happened before. This. . . secret has happened before. . ." she calmly commented as she looked to Dratini who nodded her head. "Eclipse, my Dratini has allowed me to experience my headaches. We were there you and I. Don't you remember? Didn't anything in there reminded you of anything?" she pleaded softly unsure of how the secret was stopped.

That was left out, but she was pretty clear on what she saw. They were both there at the pillar before they even met. Before the two of them were born to this era. She turned to the others.

"You guys were there too. Don't you remember? We were all there." she asked hoping she wasn't going crazy and making all this up including the headaches.

She turned to look at the large metallic giant her eyes glaring at it. Dratini uncoiled herself from around her waist and landed in front of her gazing up.

"Eclipse. . . combine your powers with Scisor and the other pokemon." she ordered as she turned to the others. "Weather you believe me or not, let us use our attacks together to form a strong attack unlike ever seen before. When more then one element are combined, they can have amazing results." she explained as she remembered how she had managed to use two attacks in her final round of two different elements and got an amazing result and high appraise. She would wait for the others in hopes that they would agree with her. . . at least for what she suggested about their pokemon.

June 1st, 2007, 8:04 PM
Barry took out a lighter and started to fiddle around with it, opening and closing the lid while waving his other hand above the flame. He then closed it and looked back at everyone else.

"Please, what is it with you people? You all talk like you're a bunch of hot shots and look at ya, when the battle finally comes you all run around like chickens with their heads cut off!" Barry laughed uncaring about the creature floating in the sky.

"Look at that thing up there, it looks like some dumb Scizor with some extra steel around it and already you're giving up before it even did anything? Come on, Ryozo, pumpkin, jerks, this is all you got? Hehehe, hahahahahaha!" Barry laughed madly at the trainers.

"I'm not surprised in the slightest, I see why you lost now to the semi-finals towards the Elite Four, you gave up before you even faced the first Elite didn't you Ryozo? Tch, at least I managed to have the guts to face Lorelai." Barry said mocking Ryozo and him being a coward.

"Well whatever, who cares now, I just wish that thing up there kills you all already so that I don't have to hear any more whining. Heh, heh, hahahahahaHAHAHAHAHA!!!" Barry laughed at everyones impending doom.

June 1st, 2007, 8:24 PM
OC: Yes, Barry said Lorelei! Lorelei is the name of my dreamgirl...(not the one from pokemon, but I just got back from a Styx concert)


Scizor looked angrily at Barry at the insult of the beast looking anything like him. With the added anger, Scizor's eyes glowed a bright green, and the power of the charging beam grew larger.

"Barry, you're the fool. For one you're babbling at an unconcious man, and two you're the one talking like you're a hotshot. You go parading your "power" but I haven't seen a single example of anything powerful from you. If you want to prove yourself, then do it against that walking apocalypse behind you, and we can fight each other later,"Salem said, his voice sounding monotone, as if he was in synchronization with Scizor, it was confirmed because Scizor muttered it's name in the same rhythm of Salem's syllables.

Obviously the technique was result of year of training, and required an insane amount of concentration. Salem's lime green eyes seemed lost in the absolute focus, blocking out the entire outside world.

"Listen all of you, obviously Scizor can't do this alone. I do believe that Patience has provided an excellent idea, and we should use it. Together we may actually be able to hold this thing off for a while, but alone we'll be crushed in an instant," Salem said, keeping the blank stare toward the monster as the energy within Scizor's claws increased.

June 1st, 2007, 9:38 PM
"Barry, help or shut up. If you don't I may soon do something I may regret later." Ronike looked towards to join Salem. "Nice trick there with Scizor. I thought only psychics could accomplish it."
Shales, I know we haven't done this since... well since forever, but its necessary now.
I couldn't agree with you more Ronike
Good, now lend me your strength His eyes glowed blue So that we can stand a chance against this beast!
His aura grew to a level where it was able to be felt, though no where near on the level of the Metallic Creature.
"Ah... I had forgotten how good this felt. Now, for Ryozo, the best thing we can do is have Nightmare deal with him."
Ronike raised a blue enveloped hand and Nightmare's pokeball hovered up and released the psychic pokemon.
Nightmare, we need you to wake up Ryozo and talk some sense into him, lest we all be in trouble
Then Ronike and Shales walked foward to join Salem in preparing an attack.
"Hmmm... what to use what to use...." Ronike glanced toward his partner and grinned.
"What say we show them a REAL steel attack, eh?"
Shales retracted his legs into his body and began to hover above the ground. His four legs all began to glow and steadily increase in brightness.
Ronike turned to Salem.
"You do know that even with the might of our pokemon, we have no chance without the aid of Barry and Ryozo, right? All you and I can do is stall this thing long enough so that someone may convince them."

June 2nd, 2007, 3:49 AM
Pat was shocked that Ronike didn't even notice her as if she wasn't there. And that fact that no one else remembered or even had the memories. Perhaps she was the only one meant to have them or maybe something about being in close connection with her mystical dragon had something to do with something awakening from deep inside. She shut her eyes tightly feeling left out and she opened them glaring at the creature. Eclipse, her Dratini turned to look at her as if shocked she lost her energy and it was mixed with anger and hurt. Eclipse gave a light whimper in comfort as Pat nodded.

"Thanks Eclipse, we have to work together. They don't believe our power is worthy to be mentioned. I guess they think that only they can hold back and don't mention anything about me." she suddenly said as she found herself feeling pity and anxiety. Depression hit her like a ton of bricks and she didn't know why.

Eclipse was shocked and leaped forward to her trainer trying to shake her out of it.

"Eclipse, use your Dragon Breath when the others attack." she ordered in a mono-toned and down sounding voice.

Eclipse turned to the beast and awaited until the others were ready to fire their pokemon's attacks. Eclipse knew she had to do something to bring her trainer's sudden unknown depression up. Eclipse began to glow brightly as it light up the sky momentary. Eclipse suddenly grew longer and larger and when the glow faded, everything returned to normal and there coiled in front of her was a Dragonair.

Instantly Pat found a new surge of enlightenment hit her in waves as she looked to Eclipse as if she was awakened. She shook her head.

"What the hell am I thinking? Thank you Eclipse, now lets do this. . . Are you boys ready? Because we are going to knock this thing back." she was suddenly fired up and ready to stand with the boys.

Always and Never
June 2nd, 2007, 5:34 PM
Gentle tidal waves of purple drifted through my totally blank mind. Nightmare's red eyes haunted my dreams, forcing me to face reality. She had a way of forcing me to do things, and right now, like many times before, she was forcing me to wake up.


I woke up. I was in the process of realizing that this wasn't totally my fault, at the same time realizing what was going on. That creature... it was so magnificent. I had to help.
"Nightmare, quickly, use your strongest thunderbolt against that Pokemon! Now!"
My job, though, was completely different. I needed to scroundge up some information on this beast, to know what ticks it off, and most importantly, its weaknesses. There was only one place that could hold that information, ad that was the The Book of Alph. The Book of Alph was an old artifact I found way back when I started excavating the Ruins of Alph but seeing as I was totally new at reading the text, I had no clue what it said. It was time to risk my life and venture back into the darkness that was the chaos of the Ruins.
"Guys, I'm going back in, don't ask why, and do not follow me, and Gardevoir... Why are you so tensed out?"
It's whispers echoed through my mind. I laughed and told her, "You know, when I'm not around, I trust you to make the right decisions." She was overjoyed as she slowly glided towards Barry. She starting charging a thunderbolt, but before I could see, I had already entered the ruins.
Good luck, Barry. I thought to myself.

June 2nd, 2007, 7:01 PM
"Good luck, Ryozo. Just make it back alive, ok,"Salem said, it was hard enough to maintain the synch at this level. He wasn't able to show any emotion in his speech because of the immense mental energy being used to power Scizor's attack. "Nightmare, you have to give it your all. Without Ryozo helping you your attack won't be as powerful as Shales' and our's. We need you to keep a hole open in the Unknown's barrier long enough for us to attack the beast," Salem said finally taking a break from his orders. "But, as far as I know Patience does not know how to sync...We need you Barry."

Had Salem been able to focus on anything but building Scizor's attack, he would have been praying that they'd just be able to hold off this creature. Just long enough for some more powerful trainers to come. Hopefully the Elite Four, but maybe even not all of the Elite Fours in the world would be able to take this thing. Yet, there was a strange air to it all. As if it had all happened before.

June 3rd, 2007, 1:50 AM
Pat narrowed her eyes as she looked to Eclipse.

"Well, since you all think I'm a weakling. . . Then it must be true. I'm leaving and let you guys handle this." she stated softly as Eclipse turned to her trainer shocked.

"Eclipse, obviously we have a long way to go to reach their level. Let's go." she stated as Eclipse moved over and Pat hopped on her and Eclipse flew into the air flying away from the boys and their metal object.

She couldn't believe that if she didn't look the part, then maybe she's not as strong as she thought.

"They can handle this by themselves Eclipse, it's plain to see that they don't need us." as Eclipse flew away Pat was confused, angered, and hurt.

She knew about how to possibly stop it and the others didn't have anything similar to what she experienced.

June 3rd, 2007, 5:20 AM
*sigh* "She needs to calm down" The words were strained as Ronike's total concentration was in powering up Shales' attack. "I'll get her back. Hang on." Ronike closed his eyes and focused hard on Pat.
Patience, be more like your name and stopped being all depressed. We need all the help we can get and the only reason we "ignored" you was that we were sure we already had your help. I don't think you realize how hard it is to maintain this level of synchronization and speak. You are no weakling. Now get back here, we need your help!
Ronike opened his eyes and stumbled a little, hard of breath.
Shales, Im not sure how much longer I can charge this attack. We shall have to release this very soon and we have nowhere near enough power...

Always and Never
June 3rd, 2007, 8:05 AM
The constant tremors and the darkness. That's the only thing this place had. "Left, left, right, left, right." I said to myself remembering which way to go. I started sprinting, and soon, about half-way there, I was totally winded. I took a break as a giant slab of concrete landed right next to me, nearly killing me. It was time to run again. Every other step I had to dodge giant slabs of stone and mud. I took the lighter out of my back pokcet and lit it. There, in a shattered glass stand stood the Book of Alph.
"Yes!" I exclaimed. I started reading it as I ran back.

When the world was in despair we created a monster.
Beautiful as it was it was created from the raw material of...
...and steel...

I stopped for a second.I knew what it meant. The Secret of the Unown was a Dark/ Steel Pokemon. I read again.

The smiles we created...
...The despair it brought
The only way to stop it is to not wake it up.
For if it is awakened, nothing can stop it.
Not even the Ruins man...
...the Cloaked man...
...the rememberer...
...the Loner...
...Not even the Fallen Ranger...

I nearly died. The Unown knew this would happen. The ruins man, me, the cloaked man, Salem, the rememberer, Pat, the loner, Ronike, and finally the fallen ranger, Barry. I reached the exit.
The group was there.
"The creature is a Dark/ Steel pokemon! Even though this book says it is impossible to take out, we're gonna try, so reorder your attacks to something super-effective! Gardevoir has nothing super-effective but she does have Shadow-Ball. So quickly, use Shadow Ball!"
I looked up at the creature to find that, out of all the things that could possibly go wrong, it had disappeared.

June 3rd, 2007, 12:05 PM
Ronike turned to Ryozo
Dark/steel? That means a change in attacks is in order Shales, though little changes...
I got you Ronike, Brick Break it is... wait where'd it go?
Ronike turned around confused to see the beast was gone.
"What the?! Where'd it go?"
Did it go after Pat perhaps?
I hope not, but better give her a heads up...
Ronike conveyed the idea to the others, then closed his eyes to make the psychic connection again. However, when he tried, he found himself blocked out of her general location, much like trying to talk psychically to a dark pokemon.
Ronike opened his eyes and turned to the others.
"The things aura is too strong, I get send out a psychic message, it gets blocked by the darkness at this range. I think we should follow in her general direction and make sure she is alright. When I connected to her before, she was in a that way direction." Ronike pointed away from the ruins and then started to run in that direction after the other trainer, hoping the others wouldn't be far behind.

June 3rd, 2007, 6:12 PM
She gasped when she heard a voice and looked around as Eclipse flew away. When she realized she was being contacted threw telepathic mind she slightly narrowed her eyes and shook her head. "Patience, be more like your name and stopped being all depressed. We need all the help we can get and the only reason we "ignored" you was that we were sure we already had your help. I don't think you realize how hard it is to maintain this level of synchronization and speak. You are no weakling. Now get back here, we need your help!" stated the voice.

"I am a weakling. You guys don't need our help. I'm the only one who knows anything and I'm always being ignored. And just because my name is Patience doesn't mean I am. That is why I chose to be alone with only my pokemon as my only friends." she stated out loud as Eclipse turned and looked at Pat though she didn't think he could hear her after all, she wasn't physical like they were.

She knew that having a physic link with your pokemon isn't needed to make her pokemon stronger. They were strong without it because of friendship, love, and caring. She felt that as long as they believed in their physic link to their pokemon, thinking that's the only way pokemon can be their strongest, she will never be in their league as they have it when she doesn't.

She knew that there are many pokemon trainers who don't have the physic link and still managed to become great trainers.

"Don't look at me like that Eclipse." she firmly commented as Eclipse turned her head and continued flying.

Pat turned to look at the metallic object, but it disappeared as she gasped a bit surprised.

"Wh. . . Where did it go?" she asked herself and she looked down to the ground below and then returned to look at her partner pokemon. "Eclipse, let's go home. They had destroyed that thing without our help. We have a long way to go in training Eclipse."

She felt hurt and Eclipse knew she wasn't being herself. She had thought that evolving would snap her trainer out long enough to launch a powerful attack, but still she was over powered by the metallic creature and the connection they once had was beginning to lesson the longer Pat stayed in her depression state. Eclipse had to do something before she was completely cut off. Not threw psychic powers, but threw one thing that not all trainers had with dragon type pokemon. The power of the mystical dragon of the Dratini power threw out its evolutions.

June 3rd, 2007, 7:24 PM
"Where did that thing go?!" Salem shouted as the sync between him and Scizor instantly shattered. The two were thrown a few yards in either direction by the disruption in the sync, and the charged hyperbeam disapated.The bond had been broken and they definetely wouldn't be able to regain it long enough to fight the creature...wherever it had gone.

"I'm sorry Scizor...I was too surprised to keep our bond,"Salem was breathing heavily, tired from wasting so much energy. Strangely Scizor's eyes remained green, though they weren't glowing. "Where could the thing have gone...it was just here! Patience is probably in trouble, we need to get on the move, Scizor!" Without saying his goodbyes he began sprinting in the direction that Patience had went. Scizor followed along, though it had to slow down it's pace to not get ahead of Salem.

Finally they found her. She was standing many yards away, though she was facing the opposite direction, and wouldn't be able to hear him though the noise the storm was making. Next to her was Dragonair, Salem hadn't gotten a good look at it since he was maintaining his bond with Scizor. It was magnificent, and much more powerful looking than Dratini had been. Then he felt it, a small tremor, but the cause of it was terrible. Salem turned around and faced what he'd feared it would be. The steel creature was staring him right in the eyes, just feet away.

June 3rd, 2007, 9:35 PM
Barry didn't move anywhere because he doesn't care about what is going on. What he did find amusing is the creature has vanished and everyone is running around all over the place and that girl, whatever her name may be, ran off somewhere.

"Hehe, good job Pumpkin, I always knew we could count on you... for nothing! Bwahaha!" Barry smiled as nothing was going the way as everyone hoped it would.

As he sat on his stone he could see in some distance that the figure of the creature is floating right behind the trainer with the Scizor, but instead of warning him, he simply got excited.

"Finally, they're gonna get it. 'Bout time, I'm getting sick of them running around and whining like a bunch of idiots." Barry sound growing impatient as the monster hasn't attacked anyone yet.

June 4th, 2007, 12:07 AM
OOC: *Blinks* Their flying. tee hee hee.


Pat gasped as she was hit with another wave of intense pain to her mind as she collapsed on Eclipse' back. Eclipse turned her head to look at her trainer and began to descend down to the ground. When they landed, Eclipse watched Pat and tapped Pat with her tail in an attempt to awaken her.


Pat opened her eyes when she realized she was sitting at a long table full of food. She was bewildered by this interesting place and looked to her right where she saw Salem sitting across from her, but he looked to be about 15 years old. She looked next to her to see Ryozo who looked to be 16 years old. She looked in the other direction to see Ronike about 16 years old sitting on the other side of her. And last was Barry about 13 years old who willingly got up and walked away.

"This feast is too boring. I'm going to leave you losers here." he stated as Pat shook her head.

"Same old Barry. . ." she gasped when she realized what was happening.

They all were wearing unique outfits. A man stood up who was shadowed and Pat couldn't make out his face.

"We welcome the prince of the four regions into our. . . Three princes from our region. Of course the west region has always been thinking they are better then everyone else, but we are still united under a single union." he stated with a gruff voice as Pat watched Barry leave out the door.

Dinner was over and Pat walked out to the garden and spotted Barry sitting alone with an arrogant look on his face. Pat smiled and she walked over to him.

"Is this seat taken?" she asked softly, herself being only 10 years old as Barry smirked.

"Yes. You can't sit here princess crybaby." he growled as Pat glared at him.

"You really should treat a princess that way she needs to be treated. Or any other girl for that matter." stated a new voice as they both turned around to see Ryozo followed by Ronik and Salem.
They were all at the temples which would one day become the ruins as each of the princes ended up going back to their region. A few months later, war struck out with the four regions and Pat was left inside. Her parents hearing about the Unknown's secret powers had moved in to take control of the metallic object after the innocent poor people begged to be saved. Pat hated how the war broke out and how their people were starving amidst this war. However, her father's greed into gaining more power was too great and Pat ran into the Temple, where she knew the pillar stood with a plate.

Outside the metallic creature found it could break from it's captures and did so now doing what ever it wished and against the king's orders. It was then Pat had realized her father was and mother was destroyed leaving her the last heir.

"Please protectors, The guardian is out of hand, pleas forgive the King for trying to control the guardian from you. We didn't realize it was too powerful to control. Please protect us. My father is only human and I tried to tell him not to take the guardian from your control. Please help protected my race, my people and my pokemon friends. Please." pleaded Pat as she was surrounded by the Unknown circling her.

She closed her eyes as she felt each one talking to her as one. "From Metal we created it. . . But you humans placed Darkness into it. You are the only one who has purity and gentleness. However, we are unable to stop it now. It has been too powerful, but we need you and the other four region royals to help seal it away." They stated as Pat opened her eyes and running into the ruins were Ronike, Ryozo, Salem, and Barry trailing behind only to see the chaos. They gasped at the sight and Pat gave light smiles.

"Minna?! Please help us. The Unknown needs our energy to help seal the creature. Our world may still be able to be saved." Tears streamed down her cheeks as they ran into the circle of the Unknown with Pat. However, Barry stood there folding his arms, with a smirk and amusement.

Pat glared at him with teary eyes. "For once Barry-san, Set aside your personality, pride, and arrogance and help us!"

However Barry remained and the Unknown began to tremble as the creature made it's way toward the temple.

"We will have to do this without the last region royalty. Pat, you are the Royal of the inland. Ryozo you are the Royal of the North. Salem, the Royal of the South. Ronike, the royal of the East, and the last royal is Barry of the West. We will use your energies to help us seal the creature, but you will all give your life in doing so." the unknown said together as Pat looked to the others shocked. It was too much.

"Is there no way to stop it?" asked Ryozo sternly.

"No. We can only seal it away and keep it sealed." they stated as Ryozo nodded in understanding.

"Then I will do what it takes to stop this war and the creature." Ryozo always the first to step up.

"So will I." stated Ronike and Salem together.

"Me too." Pat's voice was shaky.

Suddenly, out of the blue, Barry joined in. "Fine. I don't want you all to have the fun. Besides, I want to be the one to be greater then you all!" he chuckled as the others didn't hesitated to argue right now.

Instantly a huge golden flash formed as the Unknown gathered their energies and the five royals of the regions also glowed. The metallic creature appeared and was instantly hit by the attack and began to fall into a frozen sleep. It vanished from the corrupted and damaged land, but at least the world was safe. From the bodies of the five royalties of the regions glowed and from each of them was born the legendary pokemon known to man. They separated to use the life given to them, to protect the different regions of the world.


Eclipse had placed her trainer on the ground with Pat's head resting on her long, slender, scaly body. She still sparkled and glittered like all shiny pokemon did. Eclipse could see the metallic creature, but also noticed another trainer and his pokemon in which she got happy, but somewhat shy. However, it was the Metallic creature that had her worried while her trainer was out.

OOC: Okay, before you guys go crazy, I just thought I would shed a little light on what I meant. Well, I have written a fan fic about how the start of the legendary pokemon came to be and I found with a little tweaking, I was able to transport it here. So, hopefully that will give you guys a little more inside on the flashback. And I tried to RP your younger selves the way they are now as best I could so don't get mad at me if I didn't do it right. I also hope this doesn't mean I controled your characters. It was just so you guys can keep the main plot going while I get the history done. Unless you want me to include you all in it?

You guys can add onto that or change it if you felt your character would have done it differently.

Always and Never
June 4th, 2007, 2:35 PM
OOC: Cain? Who is Cain? You mean Ronike? I think you messed up xD.

IC: "Oh, no." I said as I saw the metallic creature behind Salem. But I realized something.
"Don't move Salem, and don't worry, the thing is right behind you, but have no fear, for if you notice how its feet are blurry... It's using double team. It's probably miles away, seeing as its feet are like that."
The image of the creature seemed to drift away. I went up to Barry and grabbed the scruff of his neck.
"You should seriously shut up. Ronike has a freaking gun in his hand and your pratically wishing us dead?"
I looked at Ronike.
"All right, I'll give you one chance to show your extreme masculinity." I threw him on the ground. I offered my cheek for him to punch.
"Hit me, you coward. But be warned, if I'm gone, no one will understand the text offered in this book. You may think you're invincible but, you see your human too."
I left off the last word as I took my own fist and whapped Barry right in the nose.

June 4th, 2007, 5:51 PM
The image of the creature suddenly disappeared from in front of Salem. It was playing with them now, and even worse that meant it was fully awake. Unknown were flying freely, terrorizing the landscape. They were firing small beams of energy that destroyed anything non-organic. They phased right through plants and the occasional wild pokemon. The sky was black, and lightning darted around throughout it, illuminating the ground. An eerie mist was spreading around, faintly glowing violet. The massive tremors were reshaping the ground. It seemed like all hell was breaking loose, and it was probably the same across the entire world.

Salem regained his bearings, and keeping an eye out for the monster he started toward Patience again.

"Patience, you can't leave us like that! This thing could be anywhere, we need to watch each others backs," Salem said to Pat once he finally made it to her and Dragonair.

The roar of the lightning was fierce, as if it was the beast's roar itself. Salem had begun to second guess that the beast wasn't a beast at all. It was much more intelligent than all of them, and had greater power than anything he could imagine. They had to be careful, they had no idea what powers it may have, where it was hiding, or what city it may be terrorizing.

""Hit me, you coward. But be warned, if I'm gone, no one will understand the text offered in this book. You may think you're invincible but, you see your human too,"Ryozo yelled at Barry, punching him across the face.

"Oh no..."Salem said realizing something the others didn't. The beast was created by the hatred of humans, and they were merely feeding it. Giving it more strength...

OC: Um, was your flashback actually us younger, or past lives, because Salem is no prince.

June 4th, 2007, 6:31 PM
"ENOUGH!" Ronike yelled into their minds used psychic to force the two apart.
"Your hatred towards each other is only fueling this creature. The unown even confirm it. Shales says they are chanting 'From Metal we created it. . . But you humans placed Darkness into it. Now we will destroy you.' We are only acting this way towards each other because of the collective hatred of all that came before us. We need to put aside our differences immediately. Ryozo, you need to calm down. Take some deep breaths. And Barry, you need to step down off your high horse and take a look around you." Ronike waved his hand about and projected images that Shales sent him of the destruction the unown and the beast were causing for emphasis. "If we can't destroy this thing, this will be all that is left for us in the future. Sure, you may survive, but most won't. And the problem with being the last of the trainers is all things fade in time. You will be no different. And think of it this way, you will be the trainer that defeated the great and powerful secret of the unown. You will be in history books and no one will ever doubt your power again. Now if you choose not to, history will see you as a coward and you will be ridiculed when we beat this thing for running, but its your choice, not mine." Ronike turned and ran after Salem and Pat.
Shales, Im sick and tired of being suprised, so keep a brick break at the ready, in case we find this thing.
Gotcha Shales let loose his legs, still hovering, and held them behind him, while they began to glow.
Ready at any time
Good, cause I think we are catching up to them.
Ronike pointed ahead to the trainers and their pokemon running.

June 4th, 2007, 10:16 PM
OOC: It's supposed to be a past life. It would all be explained.


Pat squinted her eyes a it as she gave a slight groan and opened her eyes. Eclipse looked at the trainer who approached them and started scolding Pat who was actually unconscious at the time. She gave a light giggle.

"What did you expect? I was a wimpy coward back then. . . Why would I be any different now?" she slowly got up as Eclipse turned her head and got excited as Pat stood up with soft eyes.

Her eyes were puffy and glossy as if she were about to cry. "Salem-san. . . This has happened before. We have faced that thing before and we lost our lives protecting this world. Don't you see, we were all here way back then. But everything was different. We were just learning to capture the Pokemon. And we were once all royalty. You Salem, were the Prince of the Southern part of the world. Ryozo was the Prince of the Northern part of the world. Ronike was Prince of the Eastern Part of the world, and Barry the Western Prince of the World. I was the Central Princess. With the help of the Unknown, we were able to put that thing into a deep sleep, stopped in time. But with all of us appearing at once together again, must have awakened it. We must still be somehow connected to our past lives and still have our royalty powers. I think I know how we can stop that thing. . . We did it with the Unknown, but it looks like they have been overpowered. Even though we gave up our lives to protect this world once before, we won't die this time. . . Because we have something now that we didn't back then. Eclipse." she stated as she looked to her Pokemon partner and then turned to see the other trainer's pokemon. "And your pokemon. Just like Ash, who was chosen to protect the world with the legendary bird pokemon all those years ago, so are we now and here. The unknown or some higher power must have known this would happen again and allowed us to be reborn again. Don't you guys get it?! I know you think I'm crazy, but it might just work. We can do this, I know we can." she teary eyed stated.

Despite her enlightenment about the far past of their lives, she still felt as though it had happened today. Not to mention she was feeling the effects of the darkness which also helped to dampen her usual self furthering her into depression and confusion. She was doing what she could with Eclipse's help to keep herself from following her emotions again and it was very difficult as even back then, she was always lead by her emotions.

Pat knew she probably sounded crazy, but she wondered if what they did long ago and wondered if they still had their connection links of the regions back in their past lives as royalties. If so, they just might be able to stop it long enough to have the Unknown destroy it once out of control. . . But then she was plagued with thinking maybe the Unknown were controlling the thing now.

OOC: *giggles and sweat drops* Yea, I was thinking Cain in Digimon as well as I went to the first page to get the ages of your characters and had thought that Omni was rping with us.

June 4th, 2007, 11:45 PM
Barry had his head thrown to the side by the punch, growing angry, he made a fist and struck Ryozo in the mouth just as he done talking. While stunned, Barry tackled him to the ground and began to beat him up with no mercy.

"RAAH! AHHH!!! YOU FOOL! YOU DON'T KNOW ME AT ALL!!" Barry yelled at him realizing what he has done, he got up and saw the beaten trainer on the ground.

"Don't you ever TOUCH me again!" Barry continued to yell at the beaten up trainer.

He rubbed his nose and kept his fist firm.


"What?" Barry asked looking around, he heard a voice in his mind.

"Didn't that... feel good?"

Barry began looking around trying to see who or what was talking to him.

"I can make you the best, the greatest trainer who ever lived. You shall go down in history as legend.

All you must do is... submit..."

Just then an image of the creature, the secret of the Unown came to mind. Images of it surrounded him, it showed him things, memories, memories long forgotten...

He was back in the Ranger Center, a young trainer with red hair can be seen choosing a Pokemon. He seems happy that he gets to finally receive a Pokemon friend. Other Rangers can be seen around our trainer, all picking Pokemon.

"Oh a Gloom!"

"Bulbasaur! YAY!"

However, our trainer was left alone, until...

"Hey what about that one?" The young boy asked pointing towards a golden Charmander.

"Hmm? That?" Asked the Vet Ranger, "That Pokemon is no good, we're gonna give it away to a Pokemon Day-Care. Why not have this Bellsprout instead?" The older Ranger asked showing the red haired boy to a Bellsprout that seemed to be in better health.

"No... I want the Charmander over there."

"A Ranger with a Charmander?"


Everyone began laughing at the boy, he took his Charmander and promised that he will show them all, he will show the world that he can do it! He can do anything! However his life of a Ranger was a lonely one with nothing but rules and work. No fun, no games and no one to be friends with. This Ranger and soon the innocence of the boy began to fade as his want to help people turned to hate as those he wished to aid did nothing more but mistreat him, mock him and corrupt the very fabric of his mind until one day the forest he swore to protect grew ablaze. What a coincidence.

They made you work and have no fun as they laughed and mocked you behind your back...

Deeper into the psyche of Barrys mind the creature went to show the truth...

A feast is brought within Barry's view. It was a table filled with food and everyone he knew was there. They all seemed young, Barry seemed to be about 13 years of age. Uncaring of his opinion they try to persuade him with food and the promise of fame. But deep down, fame was just a hollow feeling, Barry wanted something but he didn't know what and these people never once gave it to him. Growing angry by everyone he got up and left the table.

"This feast is too boring. I'm going to leave you losers here." Barry said, loud, to make sure everyone heard him.

As he left the room and he found himself in a garden with his bottom lip twitching and his eyes stinging. He inhaled softly and exhaled by muttering out the words, "..losers..." He felt like weeping but he dared not to express himself. Instead, he sat down on a bench and watched the flowers of the garden sway back and forth by the wind and become steady once more. He began to wonder why he was the one to be left alone, why him? What did he do? He couldn't figure it out why he was considered hated and by this he grew more upset at himself.

“Is this seat taken?" Asked a soft voice.

Barry looked up and saw that it was Pat, that girl. She always was the one that approached him as no one else ever bothered. He knew that no one cared about him and by this he snapped at pat for toying with him,

"Yes. You can't sit here princess crybaby." he growled.

She only glared at him, it was unknown what her eyes held, what she was really thinking. Barry figured that it was just hate, as usual.

"You really should treat a princess the way she needs to be treated. Or any other girl for that matter." said a voice coming from behind the two, it was Ryozo.

Everyone loved him, he was the star in everything. The hero in every play, the best athlete in every game. He was good in everything and everyone adored him. No matter how much Barry tried he was never better, and when he did manage to succeed, no one cared. He didn't like him, he didn't like his friends and above all he didn't like the idea of ever helping any of them for anything as all of them were selfish.

There was a flash and soon another memory came,

Barry found himself at a temple, everything felt so similar, as if he has done this before. There he saw it the creature in the air. Floating in his metallic majesty. Everyone looked at the creature with shock and terror in their eyes, Barry however did not for he had no reason to be a afraid of something he knew of. It was the guardian of the king, well was, in either case he knew what it was and it was no surprise to him. He felt like he was one with the creature, how they both were used just to do things, how no one really wanted to know more about them or even care. Barry envied the creature as it did something that he couldn't do and that was to be completely free from everything. Maybe it didn't grow out of control, maybe it just got fed up for taking orders all the time. All work, work, work, work, and no time to play.

Of course, Ryozo was the first to speak,"I will do what it takes to stop this war and the creature." He said, the first to step up. Always the first, he didn't want that, shallow or not, Barry wanted the fame, maybe then will he be recognized as the best of the best.

"Fine. I don't want you all to have the fun. Besides, I want to be the one to be greater then you all!" He exclaimed and helped defeat the monster.

The battle was too great for Barrys body and soul to take, and with everyone else, once the monster was sealed, he grew tired. As everyone else fell, he still stood until his legs gave.

"Heheheh... I was the last to fall... beat that you losers..." Barry laughed. However the laughter faded as he looked to see everyone were fading from this world.

However they went together, Barry was left alone. Alone to die.

Barry remembered it now, his past, present and future life. He knew what he did and what he has gone through. All he has to do now is make up his choice.

"I never did like you Ryozo, you were always the favorite of the bunch, everyone loves Ryozo." Barry said upset, "Remember, you invited me! All this time I thought it would be for something more... but it’s not. You're still the same and these trainers are all too weak. You were weak back then, you were weak at the Elite Tournament and you are weak now." Barry told Ryozo and loud enough for others to hear. "You tell others what to do, what if I don't want to fight that stupid thing? I am not some dog that will roll over at your every command." Barry shouted.

"Hear me!" Barry asked everyone. He threw out his pokeball to release Draco. The Black Charizard shined a spectacular glow that only certain pokemon do. The Charizard seemed pumped and roared with his master.

"I am Barry Piero the Kindler! I am FIRE! I am POWER! And I am the greatest Pokemon Trainer this world has ever known! And you, all of you are nothing more but pathetic little pawns in the way of this cruel and selfish world to come to an end." Barry said making everyone realize clearly that he has submitted to his hate and the darkness of the creature. In fact he seemed consumed and possessed by the darkness.

"Everyone will wish to be me and grow jealous! I will be marked in every history book! I will be known and remembered by everyone! The world will be MINE! Now, which one of you will be my first to bring me forward on my path to glory? Ah, how about you..." Barry said with his Charizard more powerful as dark aura swept across his body.

June 5th, 2007, 6:35 AM
"Don't cry, Pat..."Salem said, he wasn't a very emotional person, it seemed out of the way for Salem. "I believe you, the Unknown know everything, and they won't lie to you,"he continued.

Finally he heard Barry, his eyes shot over to Ryozo and Barry to see a terrible scene. Ryozo was on the ground, and Barry and Charizard were growing a dark aura. The beast was working through them. He knew something had to be done to handle Barry.

"You think we all love Ryozo?!"Salem shouted at Barry, smirking darkly. "I came here to kill the man, I just got a little preoccupied!" Salem continued, shocking everyone. To confirm the statement, he reached into his trenchcoat and pulled out a knife. He dropped it to the ground, it was useless now.

Once again the Salem that had been revealed in the Unknown Realm returned. He stood up taller, with perfect posture. His pupils disappeared, leaving just glwoing lime green spheres. His expression became evil, with a wicked smile. He reached into his shirt and pulled out a silver chained necklace, at the end was a strange item. It was made of red metal, and shined like a ruby. The edges were encased in silver, and the item glowed eerily.

"I'm sorry to upset you, Barry but while you are the kindler I am something much, much worse. You could say that I am... The Revolution, I am Darkness, and I am Power, I am the greatest Pokemon Master in the World, and you Barry are nothing but an ignorant fool!" Salem chuckled stealing Barry's speech. Salem's entire voice had changed. It was extremely calm and relaxed, but it had a chilling effect. It was evil, yet soothing. "He is the one we are looking for, Scizor. Do not kill him, unless absolutely necessary, we want him alive," Salem turned to Scizor, who nodded at the command.

Scizor became poised for battle again ready to fight Charizard. The fire pokemon would be know match, all it could do was shoot fire and roar. Scizor had a severe type weakness but Scizor outmatched it in speed as well as strength. Barry just didn't know it yet.

"Stay here, Patience,"Salem said, turning around to the girl and her Dragonair. "This may get dangerous,"he stated, though it was obvious. He suddenly turned around, though his movements were all smooth, as though he were gliding across the ground. "You make the first move, Kindler!"

June 5th, 2007, 10:53 AM
Barry was unimpressed by Salem, he's just full of all talk. He could see his Scizor more clearly and it's still the same. Barry will teach this trainer to not underestimate him.

"Draco, end it quickly, we have a world to claim!" Barry said quite sure of himself.

The Charizard roared and flew swiftly towards the Scizor where there he vanished in thin air! The Scizor, with claws ready, prepared for a coming attack. Draco however came from atop and crashed into the Scizor, trying to throw a counter, Charizard grabbed his claw with his mouth and crashed it.

"Draco, Flare Blitz" Barry commanded as the dark aura grew stronger.

Draco grabbed the crippled Scizor and flew up into the sky with him. As he flew higher and higher he could be seen becoming engulfed in flame as he began to leave the planet's atmosphere. Now in space, Draco positioned the Scizor in front of him and flew straight back down to the earth, like a falling meteor in the sky, Draco looked like a shining star made of flame with smoke trailing behind him as he crashed down creating a huge explosion. As the smoke cleared, Scizor could be seen as a body, completely knocked out, laid in a blanket of fire and smoke. It seems that the Pokemon won't be fighting anytime soon. After Scizor's defeat, Draco returned back to Barry's side with glowing red eyes and hes body consumed by darkness.

As Draco took a step forward, Barry raised his hand to make the Pokemon pause in his steps. Barry cracked his neck with the following cracks of his knuckles.

"You see, my wish is coming true. I am the strongest and you wish you were me... but you're nnnooooottt. Heh, heh, heh..." Barry smiled.

"I'm gonna beat you down just like how I did with Ryozo. Then I'm gonna take that chain of yours and shove it down your throat." Barry laughed as he began to walk towards Salem ready to fight him. The dark aura engulfed the kindler and turned him into a being of anger. Though his opponent may be evil, he is not darkness and he is, most certainly, not pure of heart.

June 5th, 2007, 11:10 AM
Salem laughed malevolently at Scizor falling to the ground defeated. He did a back flip onto the large boulder behind him to gain higher ground, and a position of dominance. Suddenly the Scizor faded into nothing, and several copies replaced it.

"Double team, the whole time. This beast has given you power, but it has sealed away your very mind. Hyper Beam!!!"Salem shouted, addressing no particular Scizor.

Suddenly the real Scizor appeared behind Draco, a hyper beam in his claws that was brighter than the one in the Unknown Realm. He brought the two claws together, forming an even brighter sphere, with orange sparks flying all around it. He thrust it forward, firing a beam of epic proportions. It was more massive than Scizor's body, with a blue beam spiraling around it, and the orange sparks dancing through it. It consumed the Charizard firing him toward the ground.

Amazingly the beam was still held for at least thirty seconds, firing straight into the ground, pushing Charizard down with it. For a while the fire pokemon's silhouette had been visible in the beam, but it had been blown away soon after. Finally the beam stopped, and Scizor floated down to the ground, his claws smoking. It had the same evil grin as Salem.

"See, Barry, this creature has given you nothing," Salem smiled. "You're even weaker than before. Now tell you're little friend to show himself, I want to meet it face to face."

Scizor moved to Salem faster than the human eye could see, as all of the copies faded away. They seemed like equals, rather than Scizor was Salem's servant. The strange item around Salem's neck was starting to glow stronger. It had a red aura that snaked around, as though it was searching for something. It intertwined with the purple mist that covered the ground, not mixing with it. It almost seemed to embrace Salem, increasing his evil presence.

June 5th, 2007, 11:25 AM
The blast did nothing to Draco other than scratched his back. He threw down Scizor in the ground and crushed his body and then set it to ablaze. That's it Scizor is done.

"Nice try, but you are no match. Have fun in the dirt!" Barry told Salem as he punched him in the face and then tackled him to the ground where there he immediately began to pound on him furiously into the ground, thinking the job is done he gets up from the fallen trainer.

"Finally, you finally shut up!" Barry said referring to Salem talking so much trying to be better. He then kicked him as he laid on the ground just because he can.

"Now if you excuse me, I have a world to take over. Smell yah later loser." Barry laughed and with that he headed out and began to charge up energy.

June 5th, 2007, 12:11 PM
OC: Um, that's controlling my character and godmoding SEVERELY, you can't just say that Scizor and Salem are both beaten.

Always and Never
June 5th, 2007, 2:07 PM
OOC: Just so you know, you are modding characters. Try to like leave your post at like a cliffhanger for the other person to make the action. Now, don't think I'm controlling your character. Controlling your character would be killing him, but since you beat the crap out of me back there^ I thik I'm allowed to take order.

IC: Ow. It was a total lucky shot, and ssince it was night, pretty much, I couldn't see a thing. I watched the two insane trainers work out there egos. I walked up to Ronike and we started talking.
"Dude, what the hell, look at them. You and I never wanted power... and if powermakes you like that, I wanna be the farthest thing from it. Just, you and I have guns, and everybody is freaking out. Now, I'm not saying I'm gonna kill anybody, but it is time to take order."
He nodded.
I took my gun and cocked it. "Haha, just like old times."
I aimed towards Barry's legs and pulled the trigger. I knew I had hit him seeing as his leg collapsed from under him. He was pissed.
He tried to get up but his leg wouldn't let him. Curses spewed from his mouth. I wiped the blood from my neck. "Shut up."
He started yelling and I raised a brow. "Dude, seriously, shut up. I have a gun, and it wouldn't matter to me if I have to sarifice you to save the world."
I grabbed the Book of Alph. I started reading passages.

The beings of the equator
and the beings of the prime merridean
Meeting at the center
The center of feminism
They sacrificed their lives to save us
But in fact, they may of doomed us all.

Pat had finally returned. She seemed to know the answer to that little riddle. I waited for her response as I took a maxrevive out of my bag and threw it at the Scizor. Luckily, Ronike had brought Salem back.

June 5th, 2007, 2:53 PM
"Thank you, Ronike, and you too, Ryozo,"Salem said, the evil look gone again. His eyes returned to normal. "Damn this thing!" he shouted, tearing the item off of his silver necklace and throwing it to the ground. He stomped on it, crushing it to pieces. "I'm sorry...I'll explain everything later, but for now we have to kill this hot head. I know it seems rash, but it has to be done."

Salem walked over to Patience again. Scizor followed, fully healed.

"Anything else in your visions that may help us?" Salem asked her, still keeping his eyes on Barry. He'd picked up the knife again just in case it had to be used.

June 5th, 2007, 4:13 PM
OOC: Thanks for waiting. Gonna go back a little while for a sec here.
Ronike watched the battle between Draco and Scizor with a growing frustration.
This is so pointless, this fight is merely fueling the dark beast and while these two fight, that thing is destroying more and more.
Just as Ronike was about to intervene, Draco somehow threw the Scizor to the ground despite having been blasted by the enourmous hyper beam.
Alright, this is just ridiculous and has gone on long enough. Stupid dark powers...
Ryozo turned to Ronike and :"Dude, what the hell, look at them. You and I never wanted power... and if powermakes you like that, I wanna be the farthest thing from it. Just, you and I have guns, and everybody is freaking out. Now, I'm not saying I'm gonna kill anybody, but it is time to take order."
Ronike nodded and said "You read my mind. I got Salem and Draco, you take sir Ego over there." Ronike nodded towards Barry.
I took my gun and cocked it. "Haha, just like old times."
Ronike grinned. "Indeed, only now we're saving the world instead of rebeling against our parents."
Ronike and Shales walked over to Salem, who didn't notice them because he was so focused on Barry and his Scizor.
Hes so distracted with Scizor that he has lost that dark aura, and we can use psychic to levitate them.
Right, on three then
The two focused on Salem, and he hovered off the ground again like before. The evil look in his eyes instantly disappeared. Ronike heard a loud BANG which startled him so much, that he lost the concentration needed to hold the psychic connection. Upon losing the connection, the result was less forceful than that of Scizor and Salem's, as it was less physical, but resulted in Shales dropping Salem a foot or two to the ground.
"Whoops, sorry about that." Ronike apologized and then turned to see that Ryozo had shot Barry in the leg.
Wow, he was serious! Remind me never to get on his bad side.
But at least Barry is under control now. Do you want to relink Ronike?
No, its just a waste of energy right now, but when danger hits, be ready immediately.
Very well, and Draco?
Use psychic to restrain him.
The black charizard was instantly immobilized and rendered harmless.
"Thank you, Ronike, and you too, Ryozo,"Salem said, the evil look gone again. His eyes returned to normal. "Damn this thing!" he shouted, tearing the item off of his silver necklace and throwing it to the ground. He stomped on it, crushing it to pieces. "I'm sorry...I'll explain everything later, but for now we have to kill this hot head. I know it seems rash, but it has to be done."
Ronike looked at Salem stunned.
"Is that evil thing still affecting your head? Barry may be a moron, but he will be a powerful ally if we can convince him. And its not like he can do much in his current condition. I say we bring him along with Psychic and convince him on the way to help us. And besides," Ronike looked to Pat, "If she's right about this, we will need him if we are to use our old powers. And about that, the legendaries you say... I wonder if we can contact them somehow through our old bonds and enlist their help? If we could, we would have this thing dead no problem! So... any ideas?"

Always and Never
June 5th, 2007, 6:39 PM
"Abolutely not. I gave him chances, probbly even three, he is worthless." I was getting steamed. Barry was still shouting profanity, and the darkness was becoming more evident. The shadows actually had a pcychollogical effect on my brain, seeing as if I wasn't here, I would of never thought about shooting. I turned to Ronike.
"If what PAt said is true, than I've gone completely insane." I bit my lip. Everyone was looking at me.
"Seriously! Look at him! He's not going to help us, and that worthless Charizard can't do anything but burn things. I mean I trust you guys, and sent here to kill me?! Pshh... No one has the guts to seriously go through with the decisions, so no hard feelings? Just tell me why you wanted to kill me."
The tremors had ceased and it was time to finally leave.
"Ronike, get Shales to use Psychic to make us levitate, and Nightmare will Teleport us to a Pokecenter."
Once again, I had fallen to my own sensitivity.
In a blink of an eye we had gotten there. Luckily, Nightmare transported us to Mahogany Town, where the plague of the monster hadn't yet reached. The nurses there went straight to work on Barry's leg, and I turned on the TV.
"Around 5:45 PM tonight, immediately following the expedition of the Ruins, violent things starting erupting from Violet City. The Pokemon here have starting freaking out, and are destroying everything in sight. Here behind me, lays Violet City... In ruins."
I gasped. I sat down and turned up the volume.
"One thing we have noticed is this melancholy feeling that everyone has, and since everything is with nature, something horrible is corrupting this wonderrful natio... This just in! We have foootage of a bionic man that seemed to have erupted out of the ruins and caused this, wait! This is a pokemon. Please be alarmed at what you're about to see, for some viewers, it may disturb you."
The scene cut and showed a video play. There we were, in all of our dirt-worthy glory. And there it was, silently crusified in the weightlessness of its own aura. It showed everything that we had just lived, from the exiting the ruins, to finally, the creature dissapearing. I turned down the volume on the TV.

"All right guys, I think it is time we had a nice little chat about why we need to stay here. I mean, right now we can decide to totally end it, or we're all in this together. Whatever decision you make, we won't stop you. But first, I've been noticing some extreme discomfort vibes from Pat. Now Pat, I understand you've been having really freaky visions, over the course of the day. Now, Ihave the Book of Alph, and it has some serious historical significance to your visions. I just need to know what they are, so quickley, please tell us what you have been experiencing.

June 5th, 2007, 7:33 PM
Salem had begun breathing heavily as soon as Ronike saved him. His skin was regaining color, and his hair was slowly turning from white to brown. His eyes were blue again, just as Scizor's were yellow. Obviously it had something to do with the artifact that Salem had destroyed. He had also removed the trenchcoat, leaving just a black button-down shirt.

"If I could throw in my two cents, please," Salem said, after Ryozo asked Patience his question. "I don't think that this crisis is as centered in the Ruins of Alph as we think. The monster...I've seen it before, when I got the artifact. I found it in the Solaceon Ruins, in Sinnoh they hold Unknown as well. And I think that there are also Unknown in the Sevii Islands.


Salem is walking through some ruins, with Unknown on the walls. It is five years before the present time. There is a small band of explorers with him, the entire group fitted with exploration gear. Finding a secret panel in the wall, they push it, opening a large door.

"So, this is the Secret Chamber of the Solaceon Ruins,"Salem smiled. He'd been waiting a long time for this discovery. "I guess that the rumors were true after all."

Before them was a large stone statue, standing at about six feet. It was in the image of noneother than the Secret of the Unknown, around it's neck hung a silver chain necklace. At the end of the chain, a piece of red metal, it's edges encased in silver. Salem approached it admiringly, and removed the necklace from the statue. Immediately the air of the room seemed to change, becoming darker, as the statue simply crumbled into dust. On the wall where the statue had stood was a strange message written in English.

"The Soul is Yours
Pray not find the Body
The Beast is Asleep
And the Beast is Hungry
Awaken again, and Hell will be Earth
Heaven is nothing but a long lost Hope"

"Hmm, that's strange...I wonder why it's in English..."Salem said, placing the artifact around his neck. He began to lose pigmentation, and the team tried to persuade him into putting the item in his bag instead, so they could analyze it.


"Every member of the team died before we left the ruins...The Soul wanted me to kill them, and I listened. I wanted the power for myself, so I killed my closest friends,"Salem said, on the verge of tears. He'd told the entire story as he'd remembered it. He couldn't talk anymore, obviously the men who'd found the artifact with him were very close to him.

June 5th, 2007, 7:35 PM
OOC: ^_^ Wow, things are really getting heated. I'm having fun which is surprising.


Pat watched in horror and tears as she saw everything. She collapsed to the ground on her knees, glancing down. "This, can't be how it happened." she closed her eyes and clutched her ears to stop hearing everyone and their egos going crazy. Eclipse allowed a gentle barrier to surround her which blocked out the sound of everything leaving it silent. Pat opened her eyes seeing the sound stopped and then looked at Eclipse and then and barrier around the two of them. Pat gave a teary smile.

"Eclipse. Thank you again. I'm sorry I'm falling from your senses. I will try to hold on to them." she stated and looked as everything seemed to calm down.

Eclipse let the barrier fall and she could hear everything again.

"Beings of the Equator? That book is talking about our past lives. But I don't understand the doomed part. How could we have doomed. . ." she stopped short in her sentence her eyes drying up now from the comfort of the others. It seemed she was no longer being effected by the Metallic beast who seemed to be humoring them. Was it possible the object knew it was them from long ago?
At the pokemon center Pat looked around and seemed to hold on to her sanity but she was always the one running away or too afraid to move.

"Yes, I believe I might know, we were here once before, but long ago. The book explains in riddles about this event, but how I know about it is a mystery to me. I hate ruins and anything that involves them. It maybe a connection to my past life." she stated softly

"I think we need to know why this thing was created in the first place. All I know is that my father. . . um. . . past father. . . The central region was being over powered by all four regions and I guess we were losing and my father became obsessed with the Unknown and when our people cried out, The Unknown answered their prayers, but my family had to go ruin it. But I can't figure out what started the war in the first place. It's all my fault, I pleaded for my father even when he didn't believe in it. But it was because of my purity and righteousness that they granted my wish." She closed her eyes trying to envision the final days of their past lives.

"Heir to the Northern Region was in front. That was Ryozo. To my left, Heir to the Eastern Region was Ronike. Behind me was the Heir to the Southern Region. . . Salem and to my right was Heir to the Western Region Barry. And Heir to the Central Region was me. We were younger then." she opened her eyes.

"We were more in-tune with Nature. It's true back then Ryozo was highly thought of and everyone admired him. . . But the smart pairing was wrong. My father cared about fame and power. We were the Central for a reason. To keep the harmony and balance of the other four regions. I've always favored Barry back then." She remained silent as she closed her eyes trying to drown out the news even though it was turned down. Pat felt like she was talking in circles. She couldn't think or make out the events straight.

"Northern, Southern, Eastern, and Western were the gates. The Central was the key. We were granted rebirth and are the last of our families from back then. Salem and Ronike. . . You two have the ability to heighten your pokemon's powers right? Ryozo has the ability because of his Psychic connection to Nightmare. Barry and I did not have the connection. But since Eclipse evolution, I have been more in-tune with her then ever before. I can feel what she feels and she can do the same to me. We don't have that connection of talking, we can feel what the others is thinking. I think that has something we need this time. We can not rely on the Unknown like we could back then. We have something more, our own pokemon. I think we need to stand the way of the compass and channel our energies to the pivot point. . . The middle." She looked to Barry. "I know you have that connection too, it just has taken both of us longer then the others to know it. They are all the same, but viewed differently by the viewer. Barry, I've always tried to be friends with you back then. I've always tried to reach out to you but you always shot me down and I was afraid of you. That day of the feast, I wanted to slap you and rip your eyes out from their sockets you made me so angry at always shooting me down! How could you not notice that I liked you more then the others back then?!" she growled angrily again going off her emotions. "Even now, after knowing about our past lives, I wanted to beat the crap out of you and knock some sense into you!" she looked down tears forming again, making her eyes glossy. "But as always, I backed off. Barry, if you don't want this, and you want to rule the world, then you'll have to kill us four. . ." she glanced up. "Starting with me." her eyes though glossy had the pure, caring nature.

She knew the others were shocked by her words, but she meant every world of it. It was clear that she wasn't being clouded by darkness or evil. It was her genuine self. She was ready to accept what ever fate Barry chose. Eclipse could feel her thoughts and stood ready to lock the others with a Light Screen if Barry decided to kill them. Mainly to keep the others from stopping Barry as well as save her.

June 6th, 2007, 11:06 AM
OC: Um, that's controlling my character and godmoding SEVERELY, you can't just say that Scizor and Salem are both beaten.

Oh yeah? Well your character is way to invincible, just how many times are you going to use the "Double Team" move over and over again? No one can touch your Scizor that and now all of a sudden your character is some sort of dark being also? Not sure about this but I felt the creature was supposed to be all powerful and now your character is seemingly more powerful than it which goes against the entire RP. Now we have a character more powerful and evil than the creature itself so what was the point of going crazy over the secret of the unknown? How the way I see it the RP should be retitled to the Secret of Salem and how he beats everyone in a single post by spamming Double Team and using Hyper Beam, over and over again. In other words, its hard RPing with your character since you over powered, by like, a lot. What else am I supposed to do when RPing with a [email protected]?!

I'll make a post later, if I'm still allowed to, but if Mr.Altosax pulls off something like that again then I'll quit unless you don't want my character anyway, which is cool. You can always say "Barry died" and inform me with a PM or something.

June 6th, 2007, 1:11 PM
I refuse to argue with you, I'm just not a violent person. But you were the one who first just killed me off without a chance to react, so I had to use double team and give myself more power so you couldn't god model. Besides I've just explained half of the reason I had that power in my previous post, and will explain the rest as the story progresses. And by the way, you are still in the RP, if you'd just take some time to read the posts you'd know this.

Always and Never
June 6th, 2007, 5:21 PM
OOC: Guys calm down. Salem isn't too powerful, but seeing as he broke the thing that controlled his ultimate fuel for battle, I'll bet we won't be seeing Hyper Beams quite as much. And Darthmoose, Barry is definetely still in, he's like the protagonist antagonist. Don't know how to explain but you're character is needed. I shot you in the leg so we could get out of there. Now no more flaming, since I don't want this thread closed. Try to solve it in PMs and such. Now, I'll wait for Ronike or Darthmoose to post, then I'll post. Just, everybody in this RP is needed. Just, in the RP we've gotta stop fighting eachother and start to face the world that's being destroyed. OMG this is turning totally apocalyptic. Just, calm down, and write this RP. xD

June 6th, 2007, 5:45 PM
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June 6th, 2007, 8:30 PM
Barry's lying there in bed in a complete haze. He can see nurses work on him and do surgery on his leg but he doesn't remember how he got here in the first place. All he remembers is the battle he had with Salem and then dirt. After many hours of surgery, Barry awoke half asleep and half awake due to all of the pain killers that were given to him. Everyone were in and out checking up on him until there that girl came, he never found out her name, and confessed her feelings towards him. It was all too much to bear. He wasn't possessed anymore, at least he didn't think so. He felt weird, different.

He saw that Ryozo was there, he couldn't tell if anyone else was there, watching TV, it seems he was in the room all this time when Barry was asleep.

"Ry-Ryozo?" Barry asked, his voice was weak, he felt like he was sapped from every ounce of strength he once had.

"[Cough] What happened?" Barry asked, he turned his head away from him and just stared out the window of his room.

"It doesn't matter... I don't care..." Barry said still sounding weak due to the operation and everything else that just happened.

Barry was acting funny, he sounded much more nice than usual. He doesn't sound mean, dumb or nothing. It seems that the drugs used on him during the operation seems to be giving him a more happier attitude.

"I'm glad [cough] that you made it."Barry surprisingly told Ryozo, "I didn't mean a word of it" Barry turned back to face Ryozo, "As a matter of fact, I think you are a good trainer, a really, really good one. The Elite Four don't know what they're doing to disqualify you, those semi-finals were full of garbage! I mean they allowed me to win right? Hahaha.." Barry laughed and then coughed in pain.

He looked around and realized Draco was no where to be found, "Where's my Charizard? I know you guys don't like him, but I do. He's my best friend, I looovvveee him!" Barry said and started to smile, he didn't sound like himself, the pain killers are making him act this way.

"By the way, how is everyone?[Cough] I'm sure everyone made it out okay? Where is everyone anyway?" Barry then slowly moved his arm and grabbed Ryozo, "Tell Salem I'm sorry, No, no, I'm stupid, I don't know what happened... [Cough]" Barry told Ryozo unaware of how nice he is acting. He let go of him and place his arm back on his bed.

"By the way, where is Pumpkin? You know, that girl.. umm... she never told me her name... I remember she told me something, but I don't remember much of what she spoke of.." Barry admitted, he then smiled. "Hahaha! I like her Dragonair, ain't it purrrrty?" Barry said laughing still high off of the drugs that the doctors gave him for the intense pain that his leg is giving him.

"I sure do wish I found out her name..." Barry told Ryozo who is just sitting there stunned at Barry's behavior. "Listen, Ryozo, Ryozo? Did you beat that thing? I bet you did Mr. Hero! Hahaha!" Barry said as a joke, "Ahh... well, if not then it's okay. But if you find him, please, don't hurt him. He's lonely, just like me, infact, he is a lot like me! I don't know what it is, but it's a really nice guy once you get to know him. He's [cough] just mad... augh[cough] he just wants a friend.. something that I never had also... you see? He's just confused...." Barry told Ryozo.

Was this all true? Or was this just Barry mumbling on due to his highness from the pain killers given to him? Though, he was possessed so it may hold some value. In either case, Barry looked around his room like a first-born baby looking at their very first room.

"[Cough] We're friends right? If not than that's okay... I'm used to not having any...[Yawn] Well, tell everyone that I'm sorry and see if that girl is here, I want to tell her something.. but... [cough]... ya' know, I don't think it matters. I know you guys hate me...WELL I'm going to rest a bit now.. but if anyone comes... or if you still wanna talk...just... let... me...know...." Barry said with his weak voice trailing off as he laid there resting his eyes.

Always and Never
June 7th, 2007, 12:51 PM
I looked wide-eyed at Barry. Why was he acting like this? I mean I've never seen him to be nice to someone who actually shot him. I pointed to the tiny little pokeball that sat on the desk.
"There's your Charizard."
He nodded and started talking about the creature.
"It's evil. It turned evil, as it says in the book, by the King of the Center. Whatever that means. I don't think it can be saved."
Barry fell asleep. I thought to myself, If all I have to do to make him nice is to drug him up, then I'll go buy like three prescriptions. I started reading the book again. The book was talking about how the kings and queen of the five nations. It says the North King was king of Sinnoh. The East King was king of Kanto. The South King was king of Hoenn. And the West King was king of Johto. Makes sense seeing as that's is how they are arranged. But there was something else to this king business. It said that there was a queen, from what seeing is the central region, all of them put together. They were all of the same family, and they had given there lives to save the world. But how were they related to us... Pat did say that she remembers her Past-Life.
Then I realized. We were the Kings and Queen. I read on.
Bring the 4 items of Truth, Chaos, Dream, and finally reality to the center shrine. They were all located in different regions.
I went outside to talk to the group.
"Guys, we need to talk. I have found out a great deal of information by reading this book and it is time I shared it with you. Now it says that there were Kings and a Queen of the past that stopped this creature before, and I think Pat's visions confirms this. Now I read on it says that we need the four items of Truth, Deception, Chaos, and Reality. I believe what Pat said is true, we have our Pokemon now meaning we are so much powerful. We need every single one of us, een Barry, and he was seriously just nice to me, so hopefully he'll agree."
I sat down and took a deep breathe.

"To stop this creature, we need to travel to all four regions and get these items of Truth, Deception, Chaos, and Reality. We must then bring them to the place where Pat saw in her flashbacks. Then, maybe we have a chance to save the world. But there is a chance we may fail, and possibly when we get to the shrine, we could lose our lives. Just like we did before. All I know is, I'm going to do whatever it takes to save the four nations, even if it comes to the end of my life."
I looked at the group. "Leave now if your selfish enough to hold your life above the rest of the world because as soon as Barry is back on his feet... we are going to find the item of truth inside the Ruins of Alph. Then we'll travel to the Tanoby Ruins. After that we'll reach the Solaceon Ruins. And finally we'll reach the underground of Mt. Pyre. It will be an extremely large journey and I'm sure that creature will cause total destruction along our way trying to stop us. Just know that this is going to be the greatest adventure of our lives, and possibly, the last."

June 7th, 2007, 1:36 PM
"So once Barry leaves, we set out..."Salem said. "Wait...I thought we were princes, according to Pat. And the King of the Central Region was Pat's father," suddenly Salem's eyes widened as if he'd realized something. "The Regions were at war...so the King created the guardian....but the evil of humans made it a monster...No...no, no..."he was almost muttering, his voice getting softer, like he was just saying his thoughts aloud.

Suddenly he turned to Patience. His eyes manic with fear.

"Pat! What did the King look like in your visions?! Did he have white hair?! and Green Eyes?! Like I did earlier?!! Please tell me you remember!" he pleaded, grabbing her by the arms and staring into her eyes.

No one knew what was going through his head, even Scizor. Scizor usually knew everything that Salem was thinking.

June 7th, 2007, 2:43 PM
She looked to Ryozo as he spoke and she looked down to the floor.

"Our father's died in the war. . . That automatically made us the Kings and Queen of our region." Pat stated softly.

As he finished talking she nodded her head. Wondering if maybe they should split up. If they split up and each one goes to each region it might just work. Barry had a flying Pokemon that could carry him. Ryozo had a psychic Pokemon that could teleport him. With Dratini evolving, Dragonair could fly. But that left only three being able to make it.

"I think that we might need. . ." she stated when she interrupted and turned to look at Salem. When he grabbed her arm she blinked unsure of what he was asking her.

Pat closed her eyes trying to envision the King. She opened her eyes. "That would be impossible. If I really am this reincarnation, I would have been born with the same traits of my father because I would be next to rule. . ." she closed her eyes again.

Pat found herself back in a thrown room where she was standing in front of the queen. She had raven black, long black hair and emerald green eyes. Pat looked down and noticed she was younger looking and wore the same dress as before. After realizing she was inhabiting herself as the young princess she noticed the queen crying.

"Mother?" she asked her voice younger sounding as well as softer.

"Your father is trying his best to stop the war. We are slowly losing. He's going to the Sacred Temple to ask the Unknown for help." stated the queen as Pat suddenly felt herself fleeing from the thrown room.

It was as if she was just along for the ride. Her body lead her to the inner temple where she saw the King. His hair was a shimmery silver and when he turned to see if he was followed, Pat could see the Emerald Green eyes. Pat was hiding behind a large pillar listening and watching.

"Please Unknown, here my prayer. Help me stop this war and bring peace back to our regions." He said as Pat watched feeling tears forming in her eyes as if she knew something bad was going to happen.

Suddenly Pat gasped as she saw a dark shadowed figure appear in front of the king. It looked almost ghost like as it spoke.

"Give us your soul and we'll stop this war." the voice echoed, but Pat didn't like the sound. It sounded evil and dark.

"I give up my soul for peace." he closed his eyes as the dark shadow launched itself to the king and was sucked in.

Pat's eyes widened in terror as the king turned around with an evil smirk. "Finally, I will rid this world of all humans. The unknown will not be able to stop me." he laughed as Pat fainted in the ruins.

Pat opened her eyes and looked away. "The King gave his spirit to the metallic creature. He was nothing more then a puppet, pretending to be my father. He had silver hair and emerald green eyes." Pat looked back to Salem.

"Minna? We were all puppets of that thing. It played us when we introduced evil into it. I think that we need to split up our search. Each of us needs to return to our region. I think, the princes, you guys know the wear abouts of the items. It is obvious that my part doesn't have any such items, but. . . I believe if I concentrate hard enough I might be able to figure out more of these visions." she got up and walked over to the PC where she opened her box and picked out one pokeball as it appeared to her. She picked it up and looked to the others.

"I will use try to force more of our past lives with my Pokemon here. They say Alakazam has the power of sight. If that book is corrected, then there must be some way for the central heir to access the powers. In other words, I think I am the key to awakening and channelling the power, but even know, I don't know how we did it in the first place way back then. But I do know it wasn't just me, I was just the gathering point." she called in Eclipse and use her other pokeball.

"Bandit go!" she ordered as she pushed the circle button and it opened to let out a red beam that hit in front of her and there appeared Alakazam. I just hope my Alakazam has lived long enough to access the power of sight. Pat worried otherwise she would be in trouble.

June 7th, 2007, 3:09 PM
"Oh God...No!"Salem screamed after Pat told him what the King looked like. "That thing around my neck, The Soul. It was the King! It wanted to be reunited with The Body, The beast...and I granted his wish. Crushing that artifact...let the King's soul into the Beast's body,"Salem said. It pained him unbelievably that he'd been manipulated by The King the entire time. Suddenly he took a deep breath, and fought the pain.

"Minna? We were all puppets of that thing. It played us when we introduced evil into it. I think that we need to split up our search. Each of us needs to return to our region. I think, the princes, you guys know the wear abouts of the items. It is obvious that my part doesn't have any such items, but. . . I believe if I concentrate hard enough I might be able to figure out more of these visions," Patience said.

"No, we can't split up. If The King were to find any of us, we'd be killed. There's power in numbers. We should all head to the Sevii Islands off the coast of Kanto, to the Tanoby Ruins first. It's the closest," Salem said, his voice calmed again.

"I will use try to force more of our past lives with my Pokemon here. They say Alakazam has the power of sight. If that book is corrected, then there must be some way for the central heir to access the powers. In other words, I think I am the key to awakening and channelling the power, but even know, I don't know how we did it in the first place way back then. But I do know it wasn't just me, I was just the gathering point." Patience called in Eclipse and use her other pokeball. "Go Bandit!" she said, sending out an Alakazam.

"How long until Barry wakes up, I'm ready to save the world,"he said, trying to laugh in the face of fear. He struggled to stay positive, it was hard after being controlled by an evil spirit for five years. He didn't get many laughs then. "I might not have the energy that the King gave me, but I'm starting to get used to being without it."

June 7th, 2007, 3:16 PM
OOC: We allowed to bring in other pokemon of ours to use as Transport slaves?

Always and Never
June 7th, 2007, 6:00 PM
OOC: Ronike, enough OOC posts. You're gonna get this thread closed. No new Pokemon. Barry's Charizard can fly, Gardevoir can Teleport, etc.

I looked at Pat crazily. "We are not splitting up. If one of us failed, we wouldn't know it, and the whole piece of the puzzle is ruined."
Salem said something.
"Think Salem... Tanoby Ruins aren't closer. You do know where we're going to have to go first... Back to the Ruins of Alph. We have Shales to lift the collapsed walls... But that's where we need to go first."
I went back into Barry's room. It was time to do something. I walked out of the room and grabbed a Chansey behind the desk and carried it into the room. "Softboil. Now."
It looked at me fearfully, but still did it anyway. Slowly, the blood-soaked bandage turned back to its pure white beginning.
"Wake up!"
Barry was in a deep sleep. I guess it wasn't his time to wake up. It was time to prepare for the journey. I walked back out of the room.
"So I'm predicting that this journey will take at least one month. So we need food, and lots of it. So I'm going to go to the Pokemart and pack up. I hope you guys can help just as much by preparing tents, and getting cantines. We'll only take what we can carry on our back... and I only have enough money to feed one of all our pokemon. So you may only bring one."
I looked at Ronike. He was silent, I think still taking it all in. "You're coming with me, man to the Pokemart."
We walked out the door and I peeked back in.
"Get Barry to wake up, and prepare everything else. See you in a little while."

June 7th, 2007, 6:07 PM
OOC: Hope it's not too late to join >_>

Name: Edward Brooks

Gender: Male

Age: 18

Type of Trainer: Pokémaniac

Appearance: Edward wears a large brown poncho that does a poor job of hiding his immense muscles. His skin is covered by a thick, black leathery type of clothing. It is extremely flexible, and highly durable. Aside from that, he wears a thick white wig to cover his bald head. An abnormality within his family genes has given his eyes white irises. With oddly sharp teeth, his mouth is affixed in a permanent grin.

Personality: Edward is very aggressive, disliking anything and everything he sees. Especially photographers.

History: Edward was raised in a small town without a name. He became a pokemon trainer simply because he felt like it, and has spent most of his life without parents, hunting a rival trainer named Petrelli Parkenson.


Pokemon Sign-Up Sheet:
Name: Venom

Gender: Male

Age: ??

Type of Pokemon: Bidoof

Appearance: It's an ordinary Bidoof. Save for the black and white color scheme.

Personality: Venom, like its trainer, despises everything it sees.

History: Edward found a Bidoof wandering around the land during his travels. He promptly beat it into submission, and it now follows him out of fear.

Other: Venom has been trained to be able to chew through steel.

June 7th, 2007, 6:48 PM
OOC: Im pretty sure that it's too late to join, and also Scyther, I'm going to edit my post so that I'm only bringing Scizor (Don't know how I'm going to keep up, but I'll improvise.


"Well, of course the Ruins of Alph are closer, I assumed we were saving it for last. That's the heart of the King's reign, after all," Salem said, replying to Ryozo. "Tanoby Ruins are in Kanto, and if we skip over the mountain range then Kanto's close. It shouldn't take very long to get to Vermillion, from which we can sail to the Sevii Islands."

He looked over to Scizor, obviously mentally talking with him. Strangely though, their bond wasn't psychic, as everyone thought. They had just learned to synchronize their minds, and think in unison. It was the result of vigorous training together for nearly ten years, before he explored the Solaceon Ruins. They'd just spent so much time together than it developed over time, though Salem had no doubt that it was supernatural after all of the event today.

"You go ahead with Ryozo, Ronike. I'll wake Barry up, and fill him in on everything..."Salem said to Ronike, heading toward Barry's room. He could only pray that Barry would be drugged enough to not attack, and hope that that beast was out of him. Salem was probably the only one who knew what it was like being possessed, and the memories were vivid, too. The entire five years of eternal darkness. Killing countless people for The King's gain.


"Hello Salem..."the voice came out of nowhere. Salem was walking toward the exit of the Solaceon Ruins, his friends saying he should take the necklace off. He was feeling weary, and his skin was growing paler. He could see his brown bangs becoming grey.

"What was that?" Salem asked, looking around, he friends approaching him, trying to take off the necklace.

"Salem...do not let them take me...they want me for themselves, they're evil men, they only want to hurt you!" the voice shouted again. It was an evil voice, and seemed to come from everywhere. "You are my rightful owner, and they have no right to take me! Show them what they deserve, Salem...You know it must be done."

Salem's eyes began glowing green, and a look of hatred shot across his face. He tackled the man nearest him to the ground, pulling out a knife used for hacking away at bushes. He stabbed the man in the chest.

"It's mine! It's mine, and you can't take it!!!"Salem growled madly. His eyes growing manic. The men began to back off, but he kept attacking them, and one by one they all fell, cold and lifeless.

"Yes, Salem...You have done the right thing, and you will be rewarded for it...You will have ultimate power, so long as you and Scizor obey me..."the voice beckoned. Finally Salem's hair was pure white, his skin a ghostly white. He began to glow with a blood red aura as the King finally took him over. He began to laugh manically...laughing,standing among the bodies of his friends.

"Yes...I will obey you! Whatever you say..."Salem answered his new master, his soul completely given up.


"Wake up, sleepy head..."Salem muttered to Barry as he entered the room. Barry was slowly coming to, Salem hoped he wouldn't be too confused by the change of hair color and the lack of trenchcoat. Barry still wasn't waking up, just rolling around in the bed. Salem walked over and shook him, not caring to be gentle.

June 7th, 2007, 7:33 PM
"Whatever you say Salem. I suppose we'll go to the pokemart while we wait for Barry to recover, I am running somewhat low on supplies." Ronike turned to Shales
You stay here. If something goes wrong, help out and let me know, ok?
You got it.
The metallic behemoth "lay" down in a corner out of the way and looked to "shut down". Ronike turned back to the group
"Shales is just taking a nap, its been kinda eventful today. So shall we go then Ryozo?"
The two walked out the door and over to the mart.
"So, I assume you wanted to talk to me about something? Otherwise you wouldn't of pulled me away by myself. So, what is it?"
Ronike waited patiently for his friends answer.

June 7th, 2007, 9:53 PM
Barry had a dream when he slept, he dreamed of a grand kingdom, a whole region that was his. It was such a nice dream, if only it was true. After awhile, Barry awoke.

"...Huh?" He asked puzzled when he say a Chansey and Salem by his side. "What happened? I feel like I got shot in the leg." Barry said as he rubbed his leg to discover that the wound was completely healed but the pain still remained.

"Wha- WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING HERE?!" Barry yelled at Salem, scaring the Chansey out of the room. "You have some nerve to come in here and wake me up like I am some darn pet of yours! I am not a puppet of neither you or Ryozo and never will be. And when you see that stupid jerk tell him I hate him and I want him dead!" Barry told Salem, "And that goes for you also!"

The drugs used on him during the operation must of worn off, Barry is back to his good 'ol sweet self that everyone knows and loves. He sat up with his leg stinging in pain.

"GAH! Stupid leg..." He muttered to himself. He slowly got up, limping around, "Well what the HECK are YOU looking at?!" Barry who was in patient clothes, asked Salem. "Can't you see I need to get dressed? Get the heck out of here!" Barry yelled as he kept on pushing Salem towards the door before he could even speak until he finally pushed him out and closed the door in his face. After he locked the door he made a face full of pain as all of the sudden movement made his leg hurt him more.

"Oh, ahh.." Barry muttered in pain as he limped back more into his room and looked through a closet that was there.

After awhile, he got dressed into his regular clothes again.

"Phew, that was a pain in the butt.." Barry told himself.

He tried walking straight but he couldn't, every step he took hurt even more than the last. The wound is fully healed but the pain still lingered in his leg. It would take sometime before it will completely go away.

"I need to get out of here, if I stay they'll force me to help them as if I'm some sort of dog, forget that." Barry thought to himself.

"Aha!" Barry said as he found his pokeball on his night table. "Draco... get me out of here." And by saying that he opened up his rooms window.

"Time to make my quick get-away." Barry smirked and laughed to himself at his dastardly plan. He jumped out the window, "Draco! I choose you! FLY!" Barry ordered as he threw out his pokeball to release Draco. The Charizard growled and caught Barry and flew away. Barry sat on Draco's back and slowly rested on the Pokemons neck as he tried to hold in the pain coming from his leg. They were high up in the sky now trying to make their way out of Mahogany Town with a destination unknown. Barry only wished he could of seen that girl again instead of Salem. Then something popped up in his head,

"Pa..Patience..." Barry muttered. "Char?" Draco growled confused. "It's nothing... HA-HA! Let's see how those losers like it when they realize I'm not there! Hahaha!" Barry laughed as he hoped to be a real inconvenience for the trainers.

June 8th, 2007, 1:47 AM
Pat was shocked but she knew he was right. If one of them failed, it would be total disaster. She sighed and looked at Bandit. She sighed and looked to her Pokemon. Without a single word she called it back in as it faded and walked back to the P.C. She returned Alakazam and closed down her box. As they walked out, Pat had a strange feeling as she placed Eclipse who was in her pokeball to her side and heard the screaming and yelling of Barry as she shook her head and sighed. Moments later, Barry pushed out everyone including the Chansey.

She decided she would let her memories come on their own. Besides, she didn't think her Pokemon had the sight and they already had a psychic Pokemon on the team. She stayed silent and walked out of the center and stood there near the top of the steps looking up to the sky. She immediately felt a rush of wind as she looked around. She could swear she heard flapping of a large Pokemon and walked down the stairs and looked up.

She gasped when she saw the black shiny charizard fly away with a little rider on his back.

"BARRY!" she yelled as she clutched her fists. "What. . . Do I have to do to get him to wake up!" She growled as she ran back into the center.

"Quick change, I'll handle Barry and bring him back kicking and screaming as well as his Charizard. You let the others know we'll meet them on the trip." Pat ordered as she ran back out and took out her pokeball again.

She tossed it into the air in front of her. "Eclipse, it's time to fly." she ordered as the pokeball opened up and appeared in front of her was a red beam which landed on the ground and glowing to appear was Dragonair.

She got on her back? and held on as Eclipse flew into the air after Draco. She didn't know how she was going to bring him back kicking and screaming, but she was going to try. She was going to try and be brave and not be a wimp like before.

"BARRY YOU HARD HEADED MALE OF UNKNOWN GENDER!" she yelled more to get his attention and perhaps to anger him. "Why can't you for once in your life think about others?!" she asked loudly as they came up after them quickly.

June 8th, 2007, 4:45 AM
"Wha- WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING HERE?!" Barry yelled at Salem, scaring the Chansey out of the room. "You have some nerve to come in here and wake me up like I am some darn pet of yours! I am not a puppet of neither you or Ryozo and never will be. And when you see that stupid jerk tell him I hate him and I want him dead!" Barry told Salem, "And that goes for you also!"

"Same old Barry," Salem grinned, "Now get up, we have to save the world." Barry continued his yelling at Salem, followed by storming off out of the room. "Why is he like this?" Salem asked himself in a whisper, as he sent out his Charizard.

"FLY!"Barry shouted, as Salem's jaw dropped.

"You're paying for that!" Salem shouted after Barry as Draco crashed through the ceiling. As always Patience began an angry rant at Barry, also followed by flying off after him...Salem knew there had to be an easier way to settle things like this. "Wait a second...How can you be a male if your gender's Unknown?!"he yelled after Patience, knowing he wouldn't get an answer. Luckily Barry was flying East, toward Kanto. They should be able to stop both of them once they reached Viridian City. He sighed and started over to the Poke'mart to brief the others.

Always and Never
June 8th, 2007, 6:45 PM
Ronike and I had to go to the next town over to reach a useable Pokemart. Gardevoir teleported us there for faster travel. When we reached Ecruteak I noticed as I looked on the horizon almost thousands of smoke streaks reaching towards the sky. I turned to Ronike.
"How do you feel about all this past-life stuff and what not? I mean I'm having a real hard time to grip onto this stuff. Do you think we should be doing this? I mean chasing after a dream that is so far away?"

June 8th, 2007, 10:48 PM

Barry looked behind him to see who yelled at him, "Huh?" He asked puzzled. He saw a Dragonair with a girl riding it, he knew right away who it was. She was able to catch up with them and blocked their path of flight. Barry, for a second, was happy to see her, though he would never admit it. Barry? Happy at anything? That's not his style as he thinks this is all some gag to get him to join them on their quest.

"Ah, look who's here, it's Pumpkin. How you doin' pumpkin? Oh and by the way I'm a guy, heh, I could show you some proof if you like." Barry smiled and winked at her, he couldn't care less how embarrassed Patience became by that.

"Well, what in the world are you doing here? Oh, wait, lemme guess, you're here to cry for me. I already know what you're going to say: Barry help us! Do this, Do that, blah, blah, blah. If I liked taking orders I would of stayed as being another zombie Ranger." Barry told Patience.

"So what's wrong now? What if I don't want to help any of you. Will you shoot me again? Gonna force me like how THEY tried to do?!" Barry asked pointing back to Mahogany Town.

"Tch, I don't need to answer to anyone. Maybe I like doing things like this. You know, I should of let you stay in the ruins lost, that way there would be one less person I would have to deal with." Barry told her.

"Now listen here, I'm gonna go somewhere to find some real trainers to fight. You guys can continue skipping down lollipop lane but I'm not." Barrys leg stung him again, "Ahh... augh.." Barry grabbed his leg in pain, Draco turned to see that his master is still hurt. "S-So, get out of my way princess, unless you wanna cry about it." Barry taunted her.

June 9th, 2007, 12:16 AM
Pat blinked unsure of what he meant by his comment of proving it to her until he wink and she immediately grew red in embarrassment as she was about to tell him off when it hit her. She listened to what he had to say and then smiled.

"First of all, I doubt that even if you did show me, there would be nothing there or a tiny, wimpy weedle." she shot back as she tried to let her embarrassment go thought it was really hard.

"Second, I believe that you really care, but don't want to admit anything to anyone. Not even Draco, even I can see Draco is a very powerful and one of the most handsome Charizards around especially him being a rare color. Thirdly, my name is Patience. Say it with me, PATIENCE! Not pumpkin, not Princess! Patience." she growled and sat up on Eclipse.

"And I wasn't going to order you to do anything." she calmed down and looked away angered and hurt at once. "I was going to ask if you could help us." she glanced back up to him fighting the urges of tearing up.

When he didn't comply she slowly had Eclipse move to meet the side and stop as she looked down at his leg and the pain he must be feeling. She placed a hand on his cheek and slightly moved over to kiss him lightly on the lips of just a peck and pulled away. She brought her hands down and looked ahead of her angered and hurt more. "Then do what you want. At least, I got give someone a kiss before the world comes to an end." she stated as Eclipse slowly flew back toward the center and Eclipse stopped as Pat turned around.

"Who will there be to fight. . . if everyone is destroyed except you." she held out her tears until Eclipse flew quickly toward the center.

When she was far enough away, she began to shed tears. When they reached the center, she had finished and tried to look as if nothing had happened though it was obvious with her puffy red eyes as she dried her tears off.

"Thanks Eclipse, return." she stated as she looked to Salem. "He's not coming. We'll just have to try without him." she didn't look Salem in the eyes and only walked in with her pokeball and headed right for the counter as she gave the nurse her pokeball. "Please heal her. We have a long journey and I want her to be in tip top shape." said Pat as the nurse nodded and took her pokeball into a room.

Pat moved over to the far side of the bench and sat down taking in a deep breath. She had to be strong both physically and mentally. She decided then and there that she will not let anyone down, run away or cry any more.

June 9th, 2007, 6:35 AM
"How do I feel about all this?" Ronike shrugged and turned away. "It all seems somewhat farfetched to me to be honest. But you know what? We don't really have any other options at the moment, so I will believe it until a better option appears. Now, we should hurry up and buy what we need as Shales said Barry is waking up."
Ronike and Ryozo took the potions and Revives to the front counter and bought them all. They then walked outside and Nightmare transported them back to the pokemon center.
The two appeared next to Salem.
"What happened? Where's Barry and Patience?" Ronike asked.
The Salem brought Ryozo and Ronike up to speed.
"Well, thats unfortunate, but I get the feeling he will come back later on his own terms. And if he doesn't, well we shall have to hope that the four of us will be enough. As for Pat, we just need to give her some time. But lets all be ready to go when she is."

June 9th, 2007, 10:22 AM
"Well, I assumed that much. He's flying toward Kanto, we'll run into him at some point,"Salem said to Pat, not realizing that she was on the verge of tears. Suddenly Ryozo and Ronike appeared next to him, making him jump back out of surprise. "Don't do that again!" Salem shouted, trying to regain his bearings.

"What happened? Where's Barry and Patience?" Ronike asked.

"Barry flew off, Patience went after him, He wouldn't come back, Patience came back, and now she's in the pokemon center," Salem said, as short and to the point as possible.

"Well, that's unfortunate, but I get the feeling he will come back later on his own terms. And if he doesn't, well we shall have to hope that the four of us will enough. As for Pat, we just need to give her some time. But lets all be ready to go when she is," Ronike said.

"It's a shame I couldn't go after them...Scizor and I can't fly or teleport," Salem said, his head hanging down. "Wait, what do you mean we need to give her some time?" he asked confused.

Salem looked into the window of the Pokemon Center to see her sitting down, depressed, though she wasn't crying. He remembered that she hadn't been looking at him when she rushed in.

"So once she's ready...we leave," Salem said, as a statement not a question. "I'm going to try and cheer her up," he continued walking toward the Center.

Always and Never
June 9th, 2007, 5:05 PM
Why would anyone feel depressed over Barry. I thought silently.

"No. We're not waiting for someone to feel better. If we're gonna even have a chance to save the world, we leave now. And we're not going to Kanto, we're going back to the Ruins of Alph. We have the stuff and it is time to go."
I walked to the door and soon everybody had gotten up too. I said, "Fear... fear is going to be our one setback, so try not to let fear choke you up. And if anyone is in trouble and we can save them, we're going to. Now, we need eachother, all 5 of us. *Cough* Even Barry.. *Cough*
"Salem, our only hope for real meat is your Scizor's hunting skills. Hopefully it can hunt down full-grown Miltanks. Gardevoir with her thunderbolts will be good for charging Pokegears and waking us in the morning. Shales is obvious our path-clearer and Dragonair... Is one of the most important Pokemon here. Starting fires and getting us around short distances."
I walked outside.
"There is one thing that I know about this quest. Life will never be the same."
Gardevoir wasn't ready for another full-blown teleport. We had to wait about an hour for her to charge up until we finally could go. We mostly chatted on a big rock near the Lake of Rage until she was finally ready.
In a big flash of white light we were back in the apocalyptic setting of outside the Ruins of Alph.

June 9th, 2007, 6:59 PM
Pat looked to Salem and foced a weak smile. Before she could say anything, the nurse came back with her pokeball.

"Here you are, your Dragonair is fully healed and ready to go. She's a very beautiful and looks to be very well trained. You did a good job, just be careful, the world is counting on you guys. I don't know if you can handle it, but I'm going to give you my belief. That goes for Blissey too right?" she asked as Blissey nodded in agreement.

"Thanks." she Pat as she took her pokeball and stood up looking up to Salem. "Well, let's get going." she stated as she lead the way out of the center and came to the other two boys.

As they sat around, Pat stayed silent the entire time, mostly becuase of her feelings. She had to keep them undercontrol and couldn't lose it like she did back then. She played with an empty pokeball that she always carried around incase she found a pokemon she wanted to keep, but really didn't feel the heart to chapture any.

When they were teleported back to the center, Pat felt a sudden rush of cold and darkness run over her as she bit her lip trying to be brave. "This place. . . Seems more. . . Eerie and painful." she stated as she looked at the place in her visions where she saw a ghost like image of the five of them falling down in her mind.

She blinked them away and looked to Ronike. "So, what do we need to do now? Who was it that was incharge of this region?" she asked softly.

June 9th, 2007, 7:26 PM
OOC: Hey, I'm going to be gone from tomorrow until Saturday, so...if I don't post again until then, somebody have something happen to me.

IC:"Very well, Ryozo," Salem said, "though I still don't think it wise to go to the Ruins of Alph again so soon."

Salem knew it was a lost cause, Ryozo's mind was set on the Ruins of Alph.

"Yes, Scizor might not have the power of The King anymore, but he can definetely hunt Miltank," Salem said, after Ryozo explained how they'd have to survive. By now the whole gang, save Barry, was sitting near Lake Rage. Salem stared at it dreamily, as if reminiscing. He most likely had a lot of memories surrounding the lake. Suddenly he took the black backpack that had been slung around his shoulders and started digging around in it. It had been concealed the entire time at the Ruins by his trenchcoat. He reached in deep, and pulled out another top hat, but instead of blue, it was black, like his new apparel. "I always keep a spare," he grinned, slipping it on to his head. "Gardevoir's looking better now...Let's hit it."

The entire group was enveloped in a flash of white light, and suddenly they were back. Back to the Ruins of Alph, or what used to be the Ruins of Alph. There were no living thing in sight, not even plants. The entire terrain consisted of a grey colored dirt. The sky was black again, illuminated by lightning. Before them were the ruins, completely crumbled.

"So, what do we need to do now? Who was it that was in charge of this region?" Patience asked, turning to Ronike.

"I'm honestly not sure, Ronike is in charge of Johto, but if memory serves correct than this was the site of the inland Kingdom. Pat's. After all, they're the ones who made the monster," Salem said. Suddenly he felt a cold hand on his shoulder. His eyes widened, as he looked back around. Nothing was there. "Did you guys just feel anything?" he asked. Salem knew he must be imagining things, though the feeling was so real. It felt just like the presence of the King was still lurking at the ruins.

Always and Never
June 10th, 2007, 7:33 PM
"Ahem. Salem you're mistaken. Actually the book of Alph says Pat was the Princess of all four nations. Making the whole world a, well, whole. Think about it..."

I took a piece of paper and drew the regions.


It's as simple as that. Well not because of the stupid lattitude and longitude, but you get the p[icture. I was the North King, I am the King of Sinnoh... Barry was West, a.k.a. Johto. That's all I could remember.
"Just, whatever. The book said the regions in this order... Johto, Kanto, Sinnoh then Hoenn. Then it said Truth, Deception, Chaos, and Dream. It is a pattern so Johto holds the item of truth, Kanto holds the item of deception, Sinnoh holds the item of chaos, and finally, Hoenn hold the key to dreams."
I glanced at Ronike.
"Man, get chales to clear a path so we can climb down into the hell-hole."

June 10th, 2007, 8:17 PM
"Alright then, we go in, get the item, then get out, all as fast as possible. I don't want to have to deal with that thing any more than necessary." He turned to the destroyed ruins in front of him.
Alright Shales, this'll require us both.
Thinkin the same thing Ronike, just not that its a lot of junk, so lets take it as we go and move only whats necessary.
Ronike glowed blue with Psychic energy once again. He began to walk foward with Shales. Without pausing, he lifted his hand and willed the debris in front of the entrance to lift and move out of the way. It did so, and the two stopped and looked back to the others.
"Ryozo, come on man, you're the one that knows the way, we're just the path clearer. Where are we going man?"

Always and Never
June 10th, 2007, 9:55 PM
OOC: I just gotta good idea. All right, I'm gonna find an Unown trapped in the ruins and I'm gonna save it, and it's gonna hang with us and be our friend. Seeing as Pat had that empty Pokeball, it's almost like it was meant to be. So, I'm forcing you to love the idea.

"Uhhh, about that. It says "items". That doesn't make me think of anything at all. I guees we'll just wait and see. Let's go."
Gardevoir and I started chatting.
Nightmare, what do you think truth would be?
A magnifying glass? A book? A uhh..."
You don't know either. Let's go to the place where we unlocked the beast.

"Everyone, I have an anouncement to make. I was reading in the Book of Alph and I've come up with a nickname we can call this monster. Well other translations of Unown, are Annon, and it is a droid. So I was thinking it could be called the Annon Droid. Android for short."
Soon after about thirty minutes we reached the chamber. The place was half caved in, and the bridge was broken. There was only room for one person in the room in the room and I knew it was going to be me. After a quick acknowledging glance back I crawled into the entirely dirt filled chamber.
The smell of dirt was stained throughout the air. I soon reached the otherside of the wall but there were no exits. There was no where to go. I soon came back to the hole I had come in and saw the group waiting for me. Sudden'e behind me two little rocks fell down as an apparent bit of soil shifted. Being naturally curious, I had to check it out.
I slowly crawled over the the mound of dirt and there laying on the ground was an Unown. It was seriously injured and I had to hurry before it would die.
I crawled as fast as I could back to the whole and stuck my head out. "Give me a Max Revive! Hurry!" As soon as I had it I got back to the Unown. I touched it to it and it glowed in an aura of yellow light.
It opened it's eye and flew up happily. It was indeed thankkful for me saving it seeing as it pressed itself against my arm. That seriously made me realize that the Unown weren't toys or tools, like I had used them, they were pokemon.. Pokemon that had a complete mind to there own. I picked it up and brought it with me.
I slid through the whole and plopped right down onto my backside. I let the Unown go and it flew around the room making happy squeals in enjoyment.
I was in hysterics watching the group freak out as he ricocheted across the room. "So guys, what do you think of him? He's classified as a "Q" Unown and I've actually grown quite attached to the little guy. He's not like most Unown, seeing as if I would have done that to any other it owuld of just sat there in a trance. There's something different about this kid."
I still hadn't found the item of truth yet... but I wasn't going back up there.
"Someone else go up there now. I want to rest." I said as my eyes followed the black "Q" around the room.

June 10th, 2007, 11:23 PM
OOC: ~_~' You want me to capture that thing? Sorry, not much of an unknown poke-fan. Just joking. . .


Pat looked up to the boys and was slightly shocked at the results. She was almost blown away. Her, the princess of the world? She chuckled it off in light humor.

"You think I am that? There is no way. No one can be the World or even ruler of them. . . Can they?" she asked softly as she looked away.

She knew she was the center, but didn't think it meant the world. She sat down feeling faint and dizzy. When Ronike was clearing the path she got up and followed the boys being the last one to enter. It was still puzzling to her. It was impossible, her past life couldn't mean. She lost train of thought when she watched Ryozo enter the whole.

"Ronike was the East so that means he is the King of Kanto and Salem was South which leaves. . . Hoenn." she stated as she saw Ryozo come back wanting a revive heal and then came back with an unknown.

Pat blinked at the pokemon rather strangely and gave a slight, weak smile. As the Unknown Q started zooming around, it seemed to stop in front of her and was looking at her. Of course, it could have had it's back to her too. She took a step back slightly unsure of it.

When Ryozo came back asking for someone else to go, Pat kept her watch on the pokemon in front of her.

"Ryozo? Was this Unknown hurt badly and in a trance, or was it just hurt badly?" she asked as smiled to it.

Hello Princess. The voice echoed in her head as she gave a short scream and fell down on her bottom looking up at the pokemon. She wasn't quiet ready to hear it speak and address her at the same time.

"It spoke! Didn't you guys here that?!" the shocked Pat blinked.

The Unknown then zoomed around again as if it was giggling and Pat watched it. She took in a deep breath and closed her eyes. She opened her eyes and then looked back up after calming down.

"Of course, they Unknown helped us out last time. Could it be that this one is. . .?" she asked not believing she was going to say it.

Was it possible for Pokemon to be reborn again, but only in different times? Pat stood silent. She had said too much already and she figured they probably think she's crazy as it is. She shook her head. "Never mind." she fiddled with the empty pokeball again.

She sat down and sighed a bit and looked to her pokeball. She blinked when she realized something. "Ryozo? Wasn't there all 26 Unknown surrounding the giant?" asked Pat again thinking about weather or not pokemon are reborn, just not in life like it is for humans, but in different times.

OOC: I will be going camping for a week with family and I don't mind you guys taking control of my character for a while until I return. Just please try to stay within her character. And Barry, I will not tolerate any high quality lovy dovy stuff so don't do it. *giggles* Sorry a joke. I'll see you guys Monday night. . . Next monday night in Alaska time. (not sure what time zone that is.) Oh and. . . No we do not live in igloos or mud huts so don't ask.

June 11th, 2007, 4:29 AM
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"I never thought of it as a droid, or a especially an android...but whatever floats your boat Ryozo," Salem said. "Now listen, I've thought up my own little plan. I know it's dangerous to seperate, but I'm skipping out on these ruins, I'm heading to Kanto. I'm going to warn the citizens of King Android, and hopefully I'll be able to warn to Elite Four. I'll be with a good company of people, so don't worry. I'll be back here soon, I may even find Barry!" Salem said. He didn't look like he wanted to go. "It's just, people have to be warned. If you haven't noticed Violet City is already destroyed, Good Luck."

With that Salem left, despite the group's arguments. He knew it was dangerous, but without Barry the group would be useless anyway. And with the Elite Four on their side, the quest could be much, much easier.

Always and Never
June 11th, 2007, 8:02 AM
"Salem, I'll let you go, but do not even think about entering the Tanoby Ruins while you're there. The Tanoby holds moore riddles than this one and only people who have gone through years of study can understand the writing inside there. We need eachother when we tackle the ruins, and since this one is technically already "tackled" we'll be fine here. Just don't cause Panic."
And with that he left, blasting his way through the ceiling towards the surface.
"Good luck!" I called after him.
Suddenly, as soon as he left my Pokegear turned on. I opened it up and turned to the TV port.
"I have horrible news... two more towns of Johto have been completely destroyed by this monster. I'm sorry to say that New Bark Town and Azalea Town have been completely turned to ash and rubble. There has been at least 40 casualties today including, Kurt, the famous pokeball maker, and Professor Elm, the evolution researcher. We'l..o..to...ou..r.. shhhhhhhh"
The live feed was interrupted by complete static.
"Guys, it is complete hell up there... we need to act fast. And Pat... this Unown wouldn't be a reincarnation, you see, Unown never die. This guy would be the real thing.
That's right, Ryozo.
"Woah, that's awesome. Did you guys hear that... I'm right. Now let's think, what could this item of truth be... I mean I was think the Book of Alph since it is telling us all this fact, but it was out in daylight, no booby traps or anything. Let's brainstorm."
And with that I sat down and opened the Bookof Alph to the page where it had stated that the item of truth was in the Ruins of Alph.

OOC: Since everybody is going to be gone, Ronike can post one more and Darthmoose can, but it will be a week before I post again. Just don't have long conversations.

June 11th, 2007, 9:12 PM
Barry started to become angry over something. He just couldn't figure it out.

"If the world comes to an end, and I am the only one... then that makes me the Ultimate Pokemon Trainer!" Barry thought to himself. He liked that idea but something else was bothering him. There was something about that plan that didn't agree with him.

"Tch, what the heck was that all about back there? Help them? Me help them? Ha, there is no ME and THEM. There is only ME.. and.." He looked behind him and realized that she is gone now. Now it is only him.

Nothing but clouds in a the clear blue sky that slowly became black and gray. The winds rushed past him and Draco was having a hard time flying.

"WHAT IS THIS?!" Barry yelled asking Draco for the reason of the sudden weather change. They seemed to have hit a rather large hurricane. Without paying any notice, Barry swooped right into it.

"Uhh... where am I?... "

Barry awoke to find himself at the shores of an unknown island. It seemed to be very far away from any regions, but, it felt as if he has been there before. A place from a long lost past...

As Barry got up he discovered a rather large structure that seemed to be the ruins of a once ancient temple. Being guided by curiosity and memories of a life long ago, Barry entered the temple. The Temple is quite old and full of sand. It is dark, cold and holds a stench of stale air and muddy beach sand. Most of the structures within the ruins seemed broken as large pillars laid scattered across the stone floor. But one thing did remain intact and that was a huge face made up of stone that seemed to be the only thing in the ruins.

As Barry took a step in closer to the stone statue face the eyes glowed red and the statue head spoke, "THE YOUNG PRINCE HAS RETURNED TO HIS KINGDOM. THE SOUL OF ANCIENT PAST NOW REINCARNATED AS A MODERN BEING. PRINCE OF OLD, STATE YOUR NAME." The statue spoke.

Barry jumped back and looked at Draco who was just in much shock as Barry was. "Grr... What the heck are you talking about? I am Barry Piero! Now shut up!" Barry yelled at the talking statue.


The statue then began to shake and move to the left with sand and dust trailing behind showing a hidden passage way that was behind the statue.Barry withdrew Draco back in his Pokeball and smirked, "Birth right huh? Okay, alright, I knew that I always held the higher deck of the cards. I'm gonna get the thing in here and teach those dumb trainers a thing or two. Heh- heh- heh..." Barry schemed. He then entered the passage way as the statue moved back into place so no one else could enter... or leave...

He immediately found himself at a moat. The room was cold and dank with dark water covered by mist making the water and ground become invisible through the thick mist. There lays a bridge made of wood that looks old as it shakes back and forth by the slow drifts of the waves.

"Piece of cake, I'll get through this in no time flat." Barry told himself as he cooly walked towards the bridge. "Geez, some TRAIL." Barry joked as just then something whipped past his ear.

"Gah, what the heck?" He asked himself as he discovered his hair wet. He looked behind him and saw rather large SeaKing flying out of the misty water and aiming for Barry.

"HOLY!!!!" Barry yelled as he began to run as swarms of flying Seaking began to chase after him. Barry saw the exit in front of him and dove for it. The exit was a large duct like structure where he fell into leaving the flying Seaking to only fly straight into the wall.

"Phew... what in the world as THAT?" Barry wondered as he slowly got up and walked into the next area.

He found himself in some sort of shrine with the walls covered in carvings that depict Aipoms. There in front of him stood a pedestal with silver objects on top of it covered in webs and dust. "Hmm... wait a second..." Barry told himself as he grabbed the objects. He began to put them in place, soon the object was put together to take the shape of an Aipom. He then stood it back in place on the altar. The statue began to glow bright silver showing the entire room that was secretly holding many Arboks and Ekans.

"Oh, isn't this dandy." Barry said as he reached out for Draco's Pokeball. However the snake pokemon were too fast and began to hiss as they slithered and leaped their way for Barrys body. Behind our Kindler a stone door could be heard beginning to close, without a second thought, Barry raced for the door that was only seconds of closing. The trainer quickly threw himself in the dirt and rolled out of the room only seconds out of harms way.

Finally, Barry was now in a room that has a small opening in the wall with an artifact within, though it was hard to see it from a distance. As Barry progressed further into the room he found himself in some sort of circular arena. Fire began to circle him, trapping him surrounded by flame. Just then a statue that looked similar to Barry walked into the arena.


With a quick flash of bright light, the statue transformed itself into the image of past Barry. He looked to be only 13 years of age. He was equipped with a silver chest plate, gauntlets and boots. His clothing was white and his back was cloaked by a white cape with a red interior. He truly looked like royalty. Like the Barry we all know, this one still held their smirk full of aggrogance.

"Ha! What a pathetic little shrimp! You think you're me? I'm gonna beat you up and show ya who's the real champ! Prepare yourself!" Barry challenged as he threw Draco into battle.

"CHAR!" Draco roared.

An image of a Golden Charizard materialized at the side of the the image of young Barry.

"IZARD!" The Golden Charizard roared back.

"DRACO! FLAMETHROWER!" Barry commanded.

Draco unleashed a powerful Flamethrower attack which was only countered by another Flamethrower. The two fire attacks hit each other only causing an explosion sending them both flying back. When the explosion settled, the two Charizards can be seen standing in the middle of the area wrestling each other. The white Charizard ended this with a bite to Dracos neck. With a screech the two fell to the ground. Draco pushed its foe away and then tripped it over using its tail. As Draco got up he grabbed the White Charizards tail and flew up with him and began to spin around preparing for a seismic toss.

"YEAH, DRACO! HEAT THINGS UP!" Barry yelled for his Pokemon.

Draco then smiled and flew down with the white Charizard until they both hit the ground. As the smoke cleared, Draco was all that remained who roared victoriously.

"RAAAAAH!!" Draco growled.


And with that the image of ancient Barry faded with the ring of fire following. All that remains were the spoils of battle. Withdrawing Draco back in its Pokeball, Barry smiled, "Yeah, whatever. Power, huh? Hmph.. 'bout time I got something worthwhile." Barry said as he made it to the hole in the wall.

"WHAT?!" Barry yelled in anger as he took out the object that he did all of this for. It was some small, old hand mirror that looked like it hasn't been used in decades.

"I came all this way for this stupid thing?" Barry asked.

Suddenly the floor underneath him began to shake and tremble and quickly he found himself getting higher and higher above the floor until finally the ceiling above him opened and the floor brought him all the way up back outside again.

A cool ocean breeze past by Barrys face, whipping his hair around, "This thing is stupid? What the heck does "Truth" and my "birth right" mean anyway? Well whatever.." Barry said as he looked into his mirror and began to make faces into it.

Suddenly, the mirror showed the ruins of Alph and everyone going into it where there held hidden an ancient artifact. Scenes followed with fire and destruction with the being of the unown dancing at its marvel of ruination.

"Ha, ha, ha... I like this thing. If only it could make this stuff real. Hmm, who cares about them, what about me? Show me! Make me powerful you stupid magic mirror!" Barry yelled.

The mirror began to show a scene of pure emptiness. A world that held Barry, the last and best of all Trainers! "Hmmm... I like where this is heading, they say they needed me to fight that thing and I bet they need this mirror to help also. Haha! Oh well! So much for them! HAHAHAHAHA!!!" Barry laughed.

"Augh! Arg, eh...ah...." Barry grabbed his leg and dropped to the ground. The pain was too unbearable. In that temple it seemed to have disappeared, but now it has returned to claim his leg. "Ahh, oh... augh..." Barry muttered in pain, he looked into the mirror as he stumbled to the ground holding his leg in pain and watched the being of the unown turn into a man who was then holding Patience in his arms. "Augh, wha-what? Arg!" Barry grew confused as he looked into his mirror in agony. Something though seemed out of place. Was this really an artifact of truth? Or could this all be just a huge trick to deceive the ancient Prince...

June 15th, 2007, 1:59 PM
are there any spaces left
if so heres my sign up sheet
Sign-Up Sheet:
Name:Joe Ward
Type of Trainer:speicilist
Appearance:hmmm....um dark hair navy jacket jeans
Personality:synical sarcastic
History:Adopted by pokemon at birth

Pokemon Sign-Up Sheet:growlith
Type of Pokemon:fire
Appearance:cute but viscious
Personality:cute but viscious
History:adopted by its parents
Other:not much else

June 16th, 2007, 12:32 PM
OOC: I'm back, but just forget my last post, there hasn't been anything going on. Also is Scyther actually banned, or is his username just a joke? I'd rather wait for either him or Ronike to post again before I do, and no Jimmy, there are no spots left right now in the roleplay.

June 16th, 2007, 6:02 PM
OOC: Yeah Scyther's temporarily banned for double posting, he'll be back soon and he wanted me to tell you to not to find anymore artifacts. He told me to tell you specifically to edit your post Moose so you dont find chaos. Its not all that important in your post anyways, so just edit it out and start from the island from before. Ill put a post up when Ive got an idea/time.

"Well, since no one else seems to want to enter, I suppose I will. I feel drawn in anyway." Ronike heard another voice in his head, but one lacking the Metallic twang of Shales'. It felt instead ancient and mysterious, but upbeat at the same time.
Thats because you each are linked to your old items. You will be able to find only your respective items. Thats why Ryozo was unable to find yours.
Well that voice is very annoying if I do say so myself
You can hear it too Shales?
But of course, Shall we?
Ronike withdrew his Pokemon and knelt down to enter the small passage way. He reached the other side and saw the small hole where Ryozo had gotten the Unown from. Seeing as how there was no where else to go, Ronike climbed up into and soon found himself in the chamber of Android.
"How did I get back in here?" He thought out loud, "I didn't go back thru that door, so how could I have ended up here? Well at least that thing isn't here, otherwise Id be in trouble. Well guess I should go back..." He turned around to look at the hole he came through to find himself facing a wall.
"Well [email protected], thats weird. Guess I better find another exit or that item..." He looked around, trying to find a way out, but even the door from before was gone, the room was just a round room, somewhat like an arena.
"Well crap, theres no way to exit. Now what?"
As if to answer, Ronike heard a booming voice:
"I dont know what the hel1 that means, but my name is Ronike and I seek the item of Truth and an exit."
In the middle of the chamber, a bright white ball of light appeared. The light began to grow until it enveloped the whole chamber. As Ronike's eyes adjusted, he saw that the chamber had changed from gold to a color of pure white, and a sword and a sheath had appeared in the center of the chamber. It was the most beautiful sword Ronike had ever laid eyes upon, and Ronike felt compelled to take it.
As Ronike approached the hovering weapon,
"Yeah right, as though after all of this I am going to leave this item behind."
He ran the remaining distance to the blade and grasped it. Again another pulse of light shot out of the blade. Ronike felt his cape disappear and instead replaced by the weight of the sheath and sword.
Ronike turned to see the half of the room he had just come from had become much darker, nigh pitch black in color, and that infront of the exit, a figure had appeared. The figure sported clothing of that of a person from years past, though it had the same basic design as Ronike's: black with a red X. However, the colors were much darker. Ronike looked to the face and saw the same face and expression as a younger, perhaps 18 year old, version of himself. The figure was holding a weapon in the same design as the Sword of Truth, but the colors were inverted.
"I am the head of the knights of Lyte, and the ultimate test of your lineage. Prepare yourself for battle!"
And with that, dark Ronike charged
Crap, Im gonna have to defend myself with this sword even though I've never wielded a sword in my life!
Ronike raised his sword only just in time to parry the blow of Dark Ronike, but he did not anticipate the force of the blow. It knocked his sword away and cut thru his clothes. The parry however did manage to prevent any wounds.
This is going to end with only my death if this continues, if I can't even defend myself and that Dark me has been doing this his whole life, what chance do I have?
Fear not my Prince, for I can relay to you the sword experience of your previous self!
What? The sword? How is this possible? These items... have a consciousness? Woah!
Ronike reeled in shock as his arm with the sword raised itself of its own accord to parry Dark Ronike's next blow. His Dark self appeared shocked as well with this new development, so shocked in fact that Ronike's attack caught him unawares and nearly went unblocked towards the figure's head. The figure grinned.
"I see you have aquired my experience of fighting. Its been sometime since I fought a worthy adversary, don't make this boring for me...
What the deuce is going on? How am I doing this?
Worry not, it is only you remembering things from all your past lives. You grew so experienced with me that you needn't think, your body just reacts.
The fight continued for quite sometime without either side gaining gaining an upperhand. Then, Ronike thought of something:
My link with Shales! But I can't get to it in the middle of this fight, my hands are to full just attacking and blocking. Perhaps if I can focus, I can join with him. Its the only thing I can do now, or else this fight will run forever, but I will have to close my eyes for a few seconds to do it...
He parried a blow particularily fiercly so as to prepare more time, then closed his eyes to focus on his partner pokemon. He heard his Dark self rally and prepare a new strike sooner then he had hoped and prepared to reopen his eyes. But the he realized... he could hear the blow and the direction it was coming from. He parried it with his eyes closed. His opposite was so astounded by this that when Ronike threw another blow towards his neck, the dark form had no chance to block it. However, Ronike stopped the blow mere millimeters from connecting.
"It just feels wrong, like Id be killing a part of myself..."
The Dark Ronike smiled and began to grow brighter.
"Congratulations, you pass. Wield the sword's power wisely, but know that what you see will not always be pleasing."
There was one final pulse of light, then a pulse of darkness. Of course Ronike saw none of this, his eyes were still shut. When he finally opened them, he saw the room had become gold once again, but the door remained. In addition, the blade now was half the white color he had seen before, and half the black from the Dark form. The blade felt more complete somehow. Ronike took the Sheath from his black to see that it was swirled in darkness now and that the darkness was moving. In fact, it seemed to be forming words:
"The one whom wields the dark blade of the sword
Shall see that which is that he wants to ward.
Grasp the light
and See the delight"
Grasp the blade? That seems like it will hurt, but I suppose I might as well try it.
Ronike lay the sword on the ground and touched the White part of the sword. A wind began to pick up and blow his hair about, though there was none in the chamber, and Ronikes blank eye grew even whiter. Through it, Ronike saw a shining Pat on a dragonite with the Sword of Truth, a mirror, and two other obscured items floating about her. Android was beneath her and it seemed to be melting away.

Ronike felt his hand pushed off of the blade.
Wow, was that a vision of the future? "See the delight?" Must be what will happen if the right choices are made. What of the dark side though...
He flipped the sword over and touched the dark side. The wind once again picked up, and this time his blank eye turned black. Through it, he saw Android hovering above an altar, in which he, Pat, Salem, and Ryozo stood. Android charged itself with darkness and shot a huge beam into the altar. The altar exploded and the beam continued and cut thru the earth. The ground quivered and deep fissures came out of seemingly nowhere. A canyon deeper than the deepest canal of the oceans appeared where the altar had once been. Ronike could tell the world was ending.

He once more felt his hand pushed away, signifying the end of the vision. He sat stunned for a minute, then put the sword back into the sheath, which now held no words.
He told you, I won't always show you what you want to see.
I know, its just hard to believe, the end of the world. I see now how we must win this war at all costs.
Just know that sometimes knowing the future will cause events to play out paradoxically.
Ronike opened the door to be greeted by brilliant brilliance once more. He stepped in, and found himself in the chamber by his two friends once more.
"You guys won't believe what just happened to me..."

June 16th, 2007, 7:09 PM
~~Sometime Later~~

"We're finally here, everyone," Salem said, on either side of him were noneother than The Dragon Master, Lawrence and The Psychic Master, Perry. It had been a very long day, flying to the Indigo Plateau to meet Lawrence. Luckily Salem had connections, he was able to speak with the Elite Four and tell him the entire story from the beginning. The Elite Fours from all four regions were banding together with gym leaders, as well as trainers to prepare for the next attacks by Android. There had been much commotion at the Tanoby ruins, but just as Salem and Lawrence had arrived a Black Charizard and it's trainer flew off with a strange mirror. Salem knew it was Barry, and knew that he must have the artifact of deception. It meant war. Lawrence decided to band with Salem and called Perry to join them in adventuring to Mt. Pyre. Where they would find the item of Dream, before Barry could cause any more trouble.

The group had reached Hoenn, and dived underneath Mt. Pyre, and to their surprised actually found a secret entrance there. There were ruins just like the Ruins of Alph, Tanoby, and Solaceon. Now the trio stood in the gate way to the ruins, where there were messages scrawled over the walls in Unknown Lettering.

A pair of red eyes illuminated in the darkness ahead of them, and the entire ruins flooded with light. There was a giant statue of a man in medieval armor.


"My name is Salem Paroo," Salem said to the statue.

"I am Lawrence," the Dragon Master continued followed by Perry.

"PRINCE SALEM PAUL PAROO MCXCIX, OF THE SOUTHERN KINGDOM, AND BRAVE KNIGHTS LANCE AND LUCIAN, THE KEEPER OF DREAMS HAS BEEN AWAITING YOUR VISIT. PLEASE ENTER, AND MAY YOUR GREATEST HOPES BECOME REAL," the statue continued, as the back wall slid open, multicoloured lights flashing out at random as the trio bravely marched forward.

Salem had went right back into the rabbit hole. The group was ascending a crystal staircase, each step suspened individually, in midair. Everything else was just colors. Just an empty white space, with waves of yellow, magenta, and cyan flowing freely around. Up ahead there was a large circular platform, made of the same transparent crystal. He could see something in the center, but the group was too far down to distinguish what it may be.

Finally the platform was reached, there were equally spaced glass columns around the perimeter of the platform. Each held a different colored sphere at the top. In the center was a more intricate column, It was shorter, but wide, and had many strange carvings in it. Atop was a crystal ball, glowing with every color of the rainbow. It's appearance seemed almost hypnotic. There was a strange force resonating from it, blowing back the hair of the trio. Though there was something much more distracting than the crystal ball. A black silhouette, standing before it.

"Ah, so you've finally arrived. It's been awhile, Salem. I almost missed you, though it is much more comfortable in my own body, than trapped in that stuffy relic," said the King's voice. The figure turned around, revealing emerald eyes and sparkling white hair. He wore medieval armor that was very intricate, and very sinister looking. His skin was ghostly white. A look of pure hatred shot across Salem's face. "Yes, yes Salem. It's that very weak-minded hatred that made it possible to bend you to my will," the king said, wearing a contorted grin. "I assume that you've come for the Orb of Dreams, is that right?"he continued gesturing to the crystal ball. "Go on and take it, you are it's heir, and therefore the only one who can use it."

Salem knew he couldn't fight the King with mere wits. He gritted his teeth and cautiously proceeded toward the crystal ball, as the King stepped to the side. Lawrence and Perry followed closely.

Salem reached out and touched the crystal ball, and it began glowing more brightly than ever. Suddenly Salem and Scizor's bodies began to glow as well. Both of them screamed in pain, as Salem's arm began to sink into the ball. A silver material began to twist it's way up Salem's forearm.

(More of the post to come tomorrow)

June 20th, 2007, 6:48 PM
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Pat looked to Ronike and then noticed the sword. However, she didn't see it with her eyes, it sort of hit her with a strong vibe that made her nearly weak in the knees that she had to kneel down to keep from falling. She let a small smile to her features.

"Ronike. . . You have the item of truth. I'm. . . Somewhat afraid." she stated softly when she was hit again by another vibe which caused her to gasp.

She had a connection to the items, but only when they were in the hands of the ones that owned them. The second vibe was powerful enough leave her weakened, especially since Barry was slowly being taken from her and the others.

It was only them now and she wasn't so sure why they split up when she thought they should do it the first time she mentioned it. Shaking the thought out of her head she slowly stood up.

"Well, Barry found his item. . . Don't ask me how I know, I could feel it, but I think we might have to fight Barry as well." she stated almost as if it was a warning.

She looked around. "Ronike, you can tell us all about it later. Right now, we need to find the other two items. Where is the next item?" she asked softly looking at the book of ruins in Ryozo's hands.

She looked to the Unknown and smiled then took her empty pokeball out while letting it get to it's normal size.

"I guess, we should get this Unknown. I feel sort of strange battling with it, maybe if I asked?" she looked to the flying Unknown as she held the ball in front of her holding it out.

She had always known the the Unknown were more then just objects, but at the same time, she really didn't know much about them.

June 20th, 2007, 8:18 PM
OOC: Just to let everyone know, Barry is the Prince of the West Region. So technically, he does not own his item yet. He kinda just took the item of the East, Kanto. As I see it, the sword is really his true item, he was deceived by the Temple of Kanto to take the mirror and since he is not the true holder of the mirror it is corrupting his mind even further.


The mirror showed Barry many things. Visions of power, images of future glory and a world burning in fire. All of these false premonitions filled Barrys head with a false hope of power, and since he is not the original holder of the mirror, it makes it all the easier for him to be taken over by the cursed relic.

"So it is power that you want... I can grant you infinite power. Is this what you want?"

"Gah?! What? Where... WHO'S TALKING TO ME?!" Barry yelled and then looked at the mirror. "What the..."

"I know why you want it. You do not need to tell me. I shall grant you power beyond your comprehension. Now look into my lens and I shall show you your future, your future of glory."

Barry curved his lips to make a wicked smile. The mirror is taking over his mind, it promises him power, power to triumph over anything, all he has to do is submit to the mirror, it is that simple. The mirror shows him standing atop a great mountain with all of the relics in possession and everyone staring at him in awe and then looking down in sorrow.

"All shall love you and despair. Your power shall make you a handsome warrior. Anything that objects to your might shall be smote in a single blow.






Everything that you have longed for shall vanish from this earth. All that will be left is you, and ME. SUBMIT AND BEHOLD THE GLORIOUS POWER!!"

"I-I will submit." Barry gave into the Mirrors power.

"I can sense the other relics becoming activated. Those former royalties have found them, yet one remains untouched by their hands. Quickly, take us to the Region of the north. There, in the town of the sun I can see ancient ruins within... Solaceon Town..."

Barry, feeling newly found power flowing within him, obeyed the mirror of lies and headed north for the ruins of the sun.

June 21st, 2007, 6:05 AM
Salem continued to scream in pain as the Orb of Dreams was wrapping around his arm. The Orb began to shrink, to the size of Salem's palm, as silver armor began to form from the silver substance around Salem's arm. The orb suddenly stopped glowing, and became a dormant grey. It was infused into Salem's right hand, immobilizing his fingers. His fingers were wrapped in the silvery substance holding the orb in place, It formed intricate armor all the way up his forearm.

Salem collapsed to the ground, his energy expended by the orb's combining with him. Suddenly the King pulled a sword from the sheath on his side and swung fiercely at him, blocked by Scizor, who was now even faster than before.

"Very Good, you must have seen through my illusion, you really are the heir to the throne, aren't you," the King said, his body and voice changing. His voice became more sincere, as his body became a younger Salem. Salem figured he was 16 years of age. "By combining with the Orb, you have proven yourself as it's holder. Now your wildest dreams will come true. You must go to help your friends now, please hurry."

"Can't I have any explanation on what this thing is?!" Salem shouted as Young Salem simply faded away into nothing. "I have to go the Ruins of Alph, you two join the rest of the Elites. They'll need you to hold off the monster," he said, turning to Lawrence and Perry who nodded and started toward the staircase. Which to their surprsie...wasn't there. "What the?" Salem asked staring at where the staircase had been. Don't worry, Salem. I'm here to help. Salem's attention was drawn to the crystal ball, which was flashing in unison with the voice. Just wish you were out, and it shall become true. Salem obeyed the voice, closing his eyes he focused on being at the Ruins of Alph, and his companions being at the Indigo Plateau. Suddenly he felt a strange wind, and the ground beneath him was different. He was outside the Ruins of Alph.

He looked down at himself to see if he was all in one piece. He was and more. He felt physically better, and stronger. The pure silver armor seemed to be supporting itself, rather than Salem was holding it up. His clothes were scratched and torn from his travels, but other than that his body wasn't marked at all. He could hear the sound talking from inside the ruins.

"What do you say to a dramatic entrance, Scizor?" Salem asked, as Scizor nodded. "I do miss my coat..." Once again he closed his eyes, as the crystal ball began glowing, along with his body. Suddenly the light went away, and once again Salem had made a wardrobe change. He was now in the same outfit he'd started in. Both his blue trenchcoat and hat were back now. The only different thing was that the right sleeve was actually tucked into the silver armor, rather than over it. And it was stuck there, too. "Let's go have some fun."

The pair began to walk, as Salem held out the crystal ball, it was glowing brightly in multiple colors. It was seemingly glowing more fiercely as they progressed down the tunnel.

Patience's voice could be heard talking about some Unown, and a sword of truth, and Barry.

"How's it going, guys?"Salem said, as he walked into the chamber, instantly illuminating it with the orb's light.

June 21st, 2007, 9:13 AM
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EDIT: Alright, here we go:
OOC from Scythe again (cause he cant help but meddle...): "The right way to say it is Unown. Unown is the pokemon, Unknown is a mystery."

Ronike drew his new blade at the sound of someone's steps.
"Talk later, right now, someone's coming."
But it was only Salem. "Hey guys hows it goin?"
Ronike sighed in relief.
"Besides that you almost gave me a heart attack? Geez man, what with the shining lights and all I thought you had to either be Android or some evil pokemon coming to kill us." He pointed the blade in the direction of Salem's arm, "But at least you too were succesful. Pat says Barry has gotten his as well too, so now all we have to do is get Ryozo's item." He turned to Ryozo. "But now Im confused, I thought this was Barry's region, so why was my item here?"
I can answer that for you, Prince of the East
The key shaped Unown swirled around Ronike's head, chanted its name, and pulsed with a white light that pulsed faster and faster. It was hypnotizing really. Ronike couldnt take his eyes from the Unown. Ronike began to feel woozy and only just managed to get his sword back into the sheath before collapsing onto the ground.

Ronike awoke to find himself in a dark room, with the Unown at his side.
"Where are we?" He found his voice to be strangely echoey.
The Unown turned to him
You said you wanted to know why your item was there, this is why. Look there.
The Unown turned his head towards a bunk bed where a young child was lying awake in excitement. Ronike walked over and saw that the kid looked exactly like a younger, maybe 4, version of himself. Young version of him then spoke to the kid in the top bunk.
"You asheep Ryuzu?"
"Course not, learn to talk righd. How I be sheeping when I ish gedding a baby brudda!"
Just then, the door opened, and a man with long white hair and piercing emerald eyes stuck his head in and said, "Ronike? Can I talk to you for a little bit?"
"Its your highness Ronike, and could you bring that sword I gave you before too?"
I was royalty before?!
Yes, you all were, I thought you knew that... You were all related too...
The younger Ronike got out of bed, walked over to his dresser, where Ronike saw the Sword of Truth was leaned against inside its sheath. The sheath read:
This shall cause the Android
To bring forth destruction.
It shall create a Void
and nigh impossible will be redemption
But the Young Ronike of course could not read this, and thus did not comprehend the sheaths warnings. He grabbed the sword and rushed out the door to meet his dad. Out in the hallway, Ronike saw that the king was joined by another shadowy figure, one who Ronike could not make out any distinct outline at all.
"I see you brought the Sword of Truth. Good. Now young one, I shall give you a present, one which you will like much. Just give me the sword."
"Okie dokey Daddy."
The young Ronike handed the King the blade.
"Good. Now here, take this mirror." The king brought a mirror out from behind his back, and moved to hand it to his son, but stopped as a flicker of fear shot across his face. "Just promise me, you will never look into this mirror. Ok?"
"Why? Ish id broke?"
"Dont ask, just promise me that."
"Ok daddy, but I don undershdand."
"Dont worry son, dont worry. Now, try and get some sleep."
With that, the King gave young Ronike the mirror. Young Ronike then went back into his room, leaving only the king, the mysterious silhouette, and the two from the future.
You do know what that mirror is, do you not Ronike?
"Well, its obviously another item, but why wouldnt he let me look into it?"
He doesnt want you to look into it as he fears it will show you something that will turn you against him or something that will make you useless to him, for it is the Mirror of Deception.
"But why would he give me that item, when the sword is mine? It seems like that would only make it harder to stop the Android"
Indeed it does, but perhaps the king wanted that. Look at the sheath now.
Ronike and saw the king was walking away with the sword now on his back. The sheath now read:
Your highness' plan
shall be one which failed
For the secret can
Not be quailed
Ronike turned incredulously to the unown
"Wait, the king aims to control Android?"
Indeed, now come. We must follow the King, what he says is important.
The Unown and Ronike followed the King and the misterious figure down the hallway. The two walked silently, and Ronike could tell something was troubling the King. After about five minutes of walking, the King finally spoke up.
"Remind me again why we need to switch these two items and endanger the lives of all my children."
The shadowy figure spoke, but no sound came from his mouth.
What's going on? Why can we not hear him?
I dont know, this has never happened before...
Thankfully the king spoke up again:
"Yes, I know that otherwise the secret would die and we would not be able to take his power," Ronike gasped at this, the revealing of the conspiracy, "But isn't there any other way that doesn't involve the endangerment of my children's lives?"
The figure merely shook his head. The king sighed, and the Unown stopped following.
Why are we stopping?
We stop for that is all we need know. Now, there is something else I must show you, which shall prove to you the true owner of the blade.
There was a giant flash of light and Ronike found himself and the Unown in a small room with a regal bed in it. Atop this bed, sat the king and a young child that looked as though it may have been Barry at a younger age, likely three or four. The King held the Sword of Truth in his hands. He held the sword out for the young child to take.
"My son, on this the day your sister is born, I bestow upon you the title of prince of the west and give this sword to you, the birthright of the west," at these words a shadow of a darker side of the king flashed across his face, " and it shall protect you, my son."
Barry took the sword, though Ronike could tell it was an effort, and the Sheath once more rearranged into a message:
You are not my true heir,
Though to be fair,
My abilites are thine,
though some I keep as mine,
In hopes that one day, for our world's psyche,
I shall be passed to my rightful owner, Ronike.
Ronike saw a flicker of fear cross the King's face, and then he said:
"Actually, Im gonna take this sheath away, and get you a better one, ok?"
"'K, daddy"
The Unown once more spoke to Ronike:
Let there be no more doubt, the sword is rightfully yours, your blade was only considered the item of Johto due to the treachery and greed of the king.
I see now.
There is one more thing I need show you: the consequences of this.
The flash of light returned once more, and Ronike and the Unown were once more transported thru time and space, this time arriving at the Altar where the Sword of Truth's dark vision had been.
Wait, this is the same temple as before, what is this?
This is the Altar of the Unown, the exact middle point of the four regions, and where the true blessings of the Four Items show their true power. This is where you must go eventually. But that is negligible at the moment, pay attention.
Ronike was compelled to look inside the Altar, and he found himself, Ryozo, Barry, Pat, and Salem all standing inside. The four young men all stood on their respective cardinal directions, holding their items out, but Ronike had the mirror of Decption, and Barry held the Sword with a smirk on his face. Pat stood in the middle. A golden beam of light shot from all the items towards Pat.
Whats going on?
They are attempting to stop the "Android" as you have decided to call him, but as you know, they fail and it is only sealed away. Now you shall see why.
Ronike looked back to the light show before him, and saw now that Barry's light and His own were not the golden color of those of Salem and Ryozo, but instead a wavy silver.
The old Ronike spoke: "Whats going on? Why is this happening?"
Ryozo was the one to reply: "Remember when we looked thru the mirror and saw this, but Barry said the sword showed us failing? Well what if the mirror shows deceptions and the sword reveals truths? What if we are destined to fail?"
Old Ronike looked pained and the observers could tell they all were begin to be pained by the items. Old Ronike barely managed to get out: "Too... Late... Now," before the entire group was engulfed a golden light just as in Pat's flashback.

Ronike awoke to find himself once again back in the Ruins of Alph.
And the rest, my friend, is history. Or all of it, technically, but you know what happens afterward.
What did you see?
Ronike was so overwhelmed by this wealth of information, that he scarcely recognized the voice of his companion Shales.
"Wow, Ive got so much to tell you guys. And we need to hear this before we leave, so chill for a moment."
Ronike proceeded to give the group a recap of his flashback, and the two visions of the sword.
"So yeah, thats why we have to win. This whole thing just got way bigger."
Ronike felt his Pokegear ring. "Hang on..."
He opened it up and turned up the volume.
Welcome to the morning news. Let's get straight to the story. Out of all disasters of all kind, this is far by the worst. The pictures that you see behind me are not false at all, they are exactly as they seem. I am sad to say the entirety of Johto lays in ashes. In total, there have been about 20,000 confirmed deaths, and 50,000 reported missing. We will keep you posted on.... Wait! I have confirmed reports that the Hoenn town of Petalburg is in flames. The military has taken actions. May god be the only one who can help us..."

Always and Never
June 27th, 2007, 7:30 AM
OC: This is my first post of being back. *kisses webpage* Oh man, I've been counting down since two weeks ago.

IC: I was overjoyed when Ronike had found the sword. He told us about a conspiracy where the king had switched the item of truth and deception so that we couldn't kill the beast, but only seal it away. In actuallity the sword was Ronike's true item and was the heir to the western throne, vise-versa for Barry. After hearing what happened to Johto, I had to hold back tears. The population of Johto was only about 80,000, and seeing that there were 70,000 casualties creates a big lump in your throat. The Unown flew to me and sat on my lap.
"Thanks, man, now there is one thing I've been wondering about you... What is your name?"
He said he didn't have one or at least he didn't remember it. There was no thought about it when the roar of a Charizard could be heard far away in the tunnels. It was time to go.
"This will be the battle that decides the fate of the planet... Ronike and Salem, you take on Barry. Pat is coming with me since the Unown is in her possesion. I threw out Gardevoir and she looked around. She listened in on my memories and got caught back up to speed. She lifted me towards the hole in the ceiling while she started floating too. Hopefully Pat was following suit with her Dragonair. I turned to Ronike and Salem.
"I'm going to Solaceon to find my item, you guys need to turn Barry's attitude around and see what he's been up to. He may have the item of deception so make sure he doesn't break it. Good luck."
With that final remark Gardevoir and me went full speed ahead in the tunnel in the ceiling Salem had created.

June 27th, 2007, 9:45 AM
OC: Yay, Scyther's back!

IC: Salem was stunned by the news of Johto's destruction. In just a day the beast had destroyed an entire region, and Salem had no idea where the King may be. He'd forgotten about the King until his encounter with the fake one in the Dream Realm. Surely wherever he was he was creating an even bigger threat than the beast. Finally Salem was brought out of his trance by Ryozo's voice.

"Thanks, man, now there is one thing I've been wondering about you... What is your name?" Ryozo asked Pat's Unown, who replied by telling the group he didn't have one. Salem was surprised to see the Unown with the group, he'd missed the entire episode of it's capture. Though he had a nice little toy, himself, Salem thought looking down at the strange gaunlet on his arm.

"This will be the battle that decides the fate of the planet... Ronike and Salem, you take on Barry. Pat is coming with me since the Unown is in her possesion," Ryozo commanded as he began to ascend.

"Wait Ryozo!" Salem shouted as Ryozo ascended. When Barry had flown North from the Sevii Islands, Salem could only have guessed that he was headed toward Sinnoh. That was the reason that Salem had gone to Mt. Pyre in the first place.

"I'm going to Solaceon to find my item, you guys need to turn Barry's attitude around and see what he's been up to. He may have the item of deception so make sure he doesn't break it. Good luck," with that Gardevoir and Ryozo shot straight up...right through the hole that Salem had made.

"Come on Ronike, we've got to get going," Salem said. "Get close, we need to leave fast or else they're doomed." The crystal ball in Salem's palm began to glow, enveloping the duo in a bright flash of light.

June 27th, 2007, 10:27 AM
OOC: So that explains it. Alright then. BTW, Barry isn't at the Ruins of Alph, so I don't understand how you can hear his Charizard there.


Finally arriving at his destination, Barry is at the ruins in Solaceon Town. He entered the caves in the mountains of the town and made his way towards a strange door. It is very big and has pictures of the unown all over it as if it is trying to tell a story. In the center of the door is a large hole with a strange slit, it seems that a special object is needed to open this door to enter further into the ruins.

"So, the royals have changed the rules. It seems that I have chosen the wrong person to do the job."

Barry holding the mirror looked into it. He could see the others at the Ruins of Alph, Ronike is holding a sword. And there Ryozo could be seen leaving.

"Tch, a wretched human is coming this way. However he does not hold the key. We need to bait out the one that holds the Sword of Truth."

There was a slight pause to the mirror's words and then it gave Barry orders.

"I want you to fight this boy and show him our might. I have given you power, now show me that you know how to use it."

Barry looked into the mirror and could see Ryozo coming here,

"You're just like them! Don't tell me what to do!" Barry snapped back at the relic.



Fine, if you do not wish to comply then I shall simply take over that pitiful mind of yours. Your body shall become mine. I shall quench your thirst for power whether you like it or not."

Just then electricity of dark power can be seen emitting from the mirror and twirling around Barry.

"GRAAAHH! WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO ME?!" Barry shouted as he was getting electrocuted. He fell to the ground and then soon the electric shock stopped. He stood back up and looked at his newfound body emitting dark aura.

"This body will do. I shall destroy this impudent boy as an example. All of the items will belong to me soon enough and the world shall follow."

Faint footsteps of a newcomer can be heard making their way into the ruins.

"So he is already here. The bait has arrived." Barry? said to himself and then snickered.

Always and Never
June 27th, 2007, 12:23 PM
OOC: I have the key... Just the mirror is too stupid to think for itself xD The key isn't the Sword of truth, it's something much more precious, much more mysterious. and, lol, I guess I'm gonna be doing the pokemon battle that will decide the fate of the planet... lucky me... Let's say that roar was really the Secret of the Unown.

The wind in my hair was so relaxing. I looked back at the continent of Johto and watched the smoke grasp for the sky. Fire licked the air and I could feel the heat all the way from where I was flying. I had a lot to think about on the way there and I had a strange feeling all the way to the Solaceon ruins that I was being watched. I could see Sinnoh in the distance, and seeing as me and Pat weren't talking I had the whole time to think to myself.
What's going to happen to the world if one of us fails...
Obviously, it is going to end...
You're right, best not think of it, and look, we're here.
I stepped down to the ground and took a deep breath. I was here at the entrance of the Solaceon ruins. I watched a couple of rocks slide down the side of the building and followed them to the source. Standing on the top of the ruins was Barry, but not the usual Barry, this Barry was very scary and a very scary Barry is something you don't want to mess with.
I looked at Pat who was overjoyed to see Barry.
"Pat! That's not Barry, I can tell... This barry is born of deception. Don't get near him."
I Spread out my arms and floated up to the top of the ruins. Standing twenty feet in front of me was Barry.
"What is wrong with you? Hmmm, Gardevoir can't read your mind. you're not Barry. Who are you?"

June 27th, 2007, 3:34 PM
OOC: Okay, I'm confused now. Why did you put so much emphasis on the sword if at the end it's meaningless. In other words, why did you make the sword seem like such a big deal as if it was the key when in fact it isn't? To be honest I don't think neither you or Ronike know what you're doing. You both constantly change things and alter the plot for your characters benefit. Also if the sword not being the key is some sort of plot twist please make it part of the story and not some stupid OOC Post that doesn't even make sense.

PS: If you want to clarify this to me personally, please give me YOUR screen name and not Ronike's.


I'll make an IC later.

June 27th, 2007, 7:08 PM
OOC: No we know what we are doin, we have been talking about it since the day Scythe got banned. Its not the sword that is important, its the fact that the sword and mirror were SWITCHED that is important. The reason why the sword got a lot of attention in the flashback is bc its my item, I know what it can do. The mirror is yours to do whatever with, and I didnt want to limit you at all. Its the same reason why I didnt have your character talk and why in one of my visions I didnt say what dreams and chaos looked like. Its up to you. Trust us, we have things pretty well planned out for a while now. As for my character, I prolly wont have much time for an IC post, so for this battle we are to have, if any, with the Android, I give Salem control, but Scythe gets control of my char beyond that. Just when you are controlling me, check AIM to see if Im on (ronike21), and if so talk to me about how you are using my char. And Moose, I know almost as well as Scythe what goin on right now, so if you want to talk, talk to me god dammit. If you ask me something I dont know, then Ill direct you to Scythe.

Always and Never
June 27th, 2007, 8:38 PM
OOC: Okay, I'm confused now. Why did you put so much emphasis on the sword if at the end it's meaningless. In other words, why did you make the sword seem like such a big deal as if it was the key when in fact it isn't? To be honest I don't think neither you or Ronike know what you're doing. You both constantly change things and alter the plot for your characters benefit. Also if the sword not being the key is some sort of plot twist please make it part of the story and not some stupid OOC Post that doesn't even make sense.

PS: If you want to clarify this to me personally, please give me YOUR screen name and not Ronike's.


I'll make an IC later.

Completely understandable.

I gave you my SN's in a PM. I am going to show the key when I get my item. I think the only thing unfair is me not getting to do my trial of lineage. So if Ronike has the key, how can I do it? I told you what the key is. Now enough OOC.

June 29th, 2007, 7:15 AM
"What is wrong with you? Hmmm, Gardevoir can't read your mind. you're not Barry. Who are you?" Ryozo said, staring down the new Barry. Suddenly a large flash of light appeared, swirling with light reds, blues, and yellows.

"Thought you might need help, Ryozo. I knew that Barry would be here, and after all...you told me to fight him, go get your item, I can take him until you do," Salem said, as him and Ronike walked out from the flash of light, caused by the crystal ball in Salem's palm.

Salem walked over, and stood a few feet away from Ryozo, staring down Barry just as Ryozo was. Salem looked back at Ryozo for a second and mouthed the word "go". Salem reached down to his belt, grabbing Scizor's pokeball, and released the crimson pokemon. It stood just in front of Barry, facing down Draco, despite it's massive size.

"Let's dance, Barry. We never did get to finish our first battle in the ruins," Salem said, trying to draw this strange-acting Barry into battle, and away from the Ruins' door. Scizor nodded in agreement, poising himself for battle.

Salem was the only one who knew what Barry was going through right now, why his voice sounded different. Barry was posessed, just as Salem had been. Ronike was standing next to Salem, with Shales ready to fight as well.

June 29th, 2007, 8:36 AM
"So you think you can defeat me? Hmph, Ruler of the South. You shall meet your end here." His voice echoed like a ghosts whisper to the living, he seemed to have no bounds in this realm.

Barry? then took his Pokeball out and released it to face the Sizor and its Metagross companion. The Charizard seemed to flow in dark aura as well. It looked more powerful.

"Prepare yourself!" Barry? yelled.

Draco roared towards the two Pokemon and started to create a vortex of flame around them. The fire spin was huge and engulfed the battlers in a ring of flame. The mirror in Barry?'s hand began to pulse and a flash of light emitted out of its lens. Draco roared again and suddenly a dozen Dracos came out of him and started to make their way to the Scizor and Metagross.

The scenery began to change, the ruins started to look anew. Everyone. Everyone shall be deceived. The present is now the past and the future is set to remain unknown. Everything looked new. All of the trainers in the ruins found themselves now in a grand temple, wearing their clothes of the ancient past.

"I am the Ruler of all, bound by no region no longer. I shall make his dream come true. The most powerful, the most loved. All shall dream to be me and despair. This new world will fall into utter chaos and I'll see to it. And when nothing is left... I shall rule it.

The Guardian
The Unown...

Everything that you hold dear is but a lie, a deception, an illusion that I have created. Your hope is meaningless. Allow me to purify you within my flame. "

All of the Charizards flew up and prepared a Flame Thrower that was shot in all directions of the ring made of flame.

Always and Never
June 29th, 2007, 5:16 PM
When Salem had told me to go. It was my time. I turned to Pat and said, "That isn't Barry. Please don't do anything stupid... we need you..."
Gardevoir and I walked into the ruins looking back at the scene. The world depended on me to this. My thought's broke when the pokeball on Pat's belt exploded in a flash of red and the "Q" Unown shot towards me.
You need me, I'm coming too.
I nodded. As I started walking I looked back, and a small film appeared around the entrance of the ruins. I ran back to the entrance and looked out. Everybody was different, different clothes, different hairdos. They looked as though they were in a time way before now but I looked normal.
The Mirror can only control a certain amount a space to turn into deception. They're not really back in time but if you show them the truth. They'll go insane, simple as that. Let them be decieved, as long as you're not, it's fine.
Again, I nodded and followed the passages. I hated the Solaceon ruins, so many mazes, so many ways to go. I was being guided though, as if I was connected to my item. Gardevoir was guarding me like always did. I mean her name means, "Devine Guardian" after all. It's perfectly natural that she would go to instinct. The little Unown spun around the different mazes leading me I laughed at the thought that I was being guided by my own emotions. I was subconciously following the Q. Soon we reached a chamber, one rock in the middle, and a huge empty wall on the norh side of the wall. The unown turned to me and stated some information.
Now, I was with you when your spirit hid this. Your life energy will coalesce with your past live's and he shall be able to communicate to you through your heart. Ryozo, I know this is a steep favor to ask, but please, please don't ever let anything go wrong when you are all at the shrine. It may spell out disaster for us all. The world depends on you, all of you...
A tear fell from the Unown's eye as a giant voice boomed out of nowhere.
"Ryozo! Welcome."
Gardevoir came closer, touching my arm. Something was about to happen. Not neccesarily bad, but something...

June 29th, 2007, 7:14 PM
OOC: Wow, you guys really don't wait do you? Okay, my post is going to be long. I wish you guys held out to give me time to respond. There were lots of things I would have done differently. But anyways, Here I go. Good luck reading guys. And just for the record, Pat wouldn't be overjoyed to see Barry. *sticks tongue out*


Pat looked at everyone in the ruins and yet she stayed silent. When Ronike mentioned that they split up and that she was supposed to go get the next item, Pat hesitated. She brought out the Pokeball with Eclipse and called her out with little emotion or sounds. In a sparkling glitter she appeared glancing at Pat. Pat moved to Eclipse's body and hopped onto her back and they followed Gardevior. Pat didn't know what to expect anymore. It was too confusing.

While they headed toward the other ruins, Pat was suddenly hit by a strong vibe that made her give a gasping scream as she held her forehead. Soon it stopped and Eclipse turned her head to see if she was okay and Pat gave a weak smile and a nod. The pain was great and Pat was afraid of what had happened. She felt as though someone close to her was in darkness and flame. As they reached the area, Eclipse hovered a few feet seeing Barry. Pat bit her bottom lip and could tell that it wasn't Barry and she feared him. Eclipse slowly purred lightly in comfort and to not be afraid reassuring Pat that she would protect her. Pat nodded slowly just as she was told to stay away from him.

The two hovered there watching the battle unfold between Barry and Salem(?). Pat didn't realize that she was in her past clothes. She couldn't stand to see the two of them fighting. It wasn't right, it was wrong, why couldn't they see that? Pat remained in the air obeying the orders given to her to not do anything foolish. Pat lightly placed her right hand on the top of Eclipse's head, reassuring her that she was fine so far. It was then she looked down to notice she was wearing a bracelet with four colorful gemstones on it. She looked down to herself to see she was wearing a dress. Not just any dress, the dress of her past. The skirt part was short reaching only to the top of her knees as she blushed a bit and moved her left leg so it joined her right leg on one side of Eclipse. She couldn't believe she was in this outfit. It felt so wrong and she gazed more at the bracelet. Slowly it began to sparkle on all four gemstones simultainously in order. Blue, Red, Green, and Golden Yellow gentle sparkles. Pat gasped as Eclipse gave a strange siren cry and glowed lightly and the two of them were engulfed by a silver orb of light, becoming nothing more then a bubble of protection. Pat had closed her eyes from the intense brightness.
When Pat opened her eyes she was standing in the air. She was alone though. There was no one around and she looked in-front of her seeing the battle between Salem and Barry unfold more, yet she couldn't hear anything. It was silent.

"Princess." echoed a voice as Pat blinked and looked around.

"Who's calling me?" asked Pat as she looked to her right and left.

"Princess." the voice echoed again as a silver beam of light shot past her left side as she gasped and turned around to see Eclipse outlined in lavender light glowing softly.

"Eclipse?" asked Pat unsure of what was happening.

"I was waiting for this moment to happen. When the deception will be shown to everyone but one of you all believing you are in the past." Eclipse's voice sounded angelic and gentle to the tone.

"Deception? Why can you talk?" asked Pat.

"I will tell you later Princess. Princess Zana is your guardian name. Your birth name back before you were reborn. You, were given special powers that the other royalties were not given. They were given objects that would help protect this world, but the King grew jealous, knowing about your special powers. But he couldn't get control of you because I was there." said Eclipse as Pat tilted her head a bit.

"That bracelet is from your past, given to you by all four princes. There is one more item you must find yourself. This item, allows your true self to be awakened, You are the light that will destroy the darkness and bring balance back. The one thing you lacked long ago, was that item, you rejected it, do you remember?" asked Eclipse as Pat closed her eyes.

The war was terrible and Pat was standing in the thrown room where her father sat with an evil grinning smile.

"Princess Pat, you are more then you know you are. You alone can control the beast as long as you remain pure and retain your title." stated the King as the younger Pat narrowed her eyes.

"I will never let that happen. I don't know what you're talking about! I am not the one who can control that beast. No one can, Father you must stop this senseless war! Please!" pleaded younger Pat as the King smirked and rose his hand.

Instantly Pat was grabbed by an unknown force around her neck and lifted up into the air as she began to choke. "Foolish girl, I will show you. You will awaken to your true self. I will be the one to control the Destruction."

A sharp cry echoed as the King gasped at seeing a huge electric beam of flame fly right for the King who released his grip and dived away. Young Pat fell to the floor gasping for air. She was panting hard and turned to see a beautiful lady clothed in silver gown walk toward her. Her hair was silver-blue and hung down to the small of her back. A small golden orb was embedded into her forehead.

"Princess, we must go now." Said the strange woman who had worn a winged tiara.

Young Pat stood up and turned to look at the King. "I renounce my thrown and will never let you have control of that monster! I will shut it down and destroy it forever!" Shouted young Pat as she turned to run out followed by the older lady who was grim.

Before they reached the ruins the young Pat stood there looking at it as the monster appeared.

"Princess, you cannot renounce your title. Everyone depends on it." said the lady as the young Pat turned to look up to the tall woman.

"I've made up my mind. Please Zemera, let me make my decision. I will stop that thing." said young Pat.

"Then you need all four regions to do it. Each region royal has a special item that is very powerful. They will have to awaken their powers and you have to take in those powers and unleash them in one shot. It won't be easy." stated Zemera as the young Pat smiled.

"You will die Pat before you dare to destroy my Destruction." shouted the King as the two of them turned around to see a huge black beam heading right for Pat who froze with fear.

Pat had tears running down her checks as she saw Zemera blocked the attack that wrapped around her body and began to squeeze her to death.

"Pri. . . nce. . .ss. . . Run!" Zemera ordered as Pat turned to run toward the ruins sending a mental voice to the other Princes' to meet her in the ruins with their items.


Pat had tears running down her checks as she looked at Eclipse who's body shimmered with light and she appeared as the lady.

"I protected you and you awoke as Princess Guardian Zana, you had the power to destroy that beast, but something went wrong. Someone foreseen this and." said Zemera Eclipse as Pat narrowed her eyes.

"Switched the Items." finished Pat remembering about what was told in the Alph Ruins. Zemera Eclipse nodded.

"Because you awoke, you granted me rebirth for protecting you and created the Dragonairs. I was the first after the rebirth of the planet and soon many more pokemon returned. I had to return to you, knowing you would need me once again, but this time, you must not renounce your title. Accept that you are both Princess Guardian Zana and Princess Pat. Two people in one body. Believe and Accept yourself. Become who you were supposed to be." said Zemera Eclipse as her body shimmered once again and she returned back to her Dragonair form and the orb disappeared.

Pat was hovering in the air standing in-front of Dragonair who's body color had changed to a glimmering silver. She looked to her bracelet and quickly moved over to Eclipse' body to get on before she fell.

"Eclipse. . . Show me." ordered Pat as Eclipse nodded. The princess dress from long ago was gone and she was back to herself.

As they flew away from the ruins she closed her eyes reaching the others. I will be back. There is one thing I need to do.

June 30th, 2007, 6:19 PM
"Bring it on, whoever you are!" Salem shouted at Barry as Draco began to charge. Salem seemed to be very confident for some reason. No one knew what may be coursing through his head. "I'll take this alone Ronike. If I get taken out, then go in. Barry and I have unfinished business."

Suddenly everything began to change, their surroundings began to change. The ruins became new, into a grand, elaborate temple. The plants seemed to be greener, and bigger. Everyone's apparel was transforming to their past lives' clothing.

Salem's trenchcoat became a cape, and his hat disappeared entirely. There was fancy golden trim on his clothes, that was surprisingly actually metal. It was twisted around in strange spiral designs. He gained silver armor on his other forearm and his forelegs. Of course, his right arm already had the armor. For some reason the new clothing, even though it had metallic armor and was obviously more heavy, it seemed more natural and light despite the material.

The four combatants were now surrounded by a swirling ring of fire, towering over them malevolently. Whatever possessed Barry was ranting evilly about the fire and deception, but Salem's train of thought seemed to be less focused. He seemed more dreamy, with a strange smile on his face as the crystal ball's glow wrapped around him. Then Salem realized that Ronike was still in the ring. And Draco split into twelve different Charizards.

Salem and Scizor just stared at the Charizards building up their flamethrowers, ready to fire the attack at them. Both Salem and Scizor's irises were the same rainbow color of the Orb of Dream's light. They could for some reason see a strange darkness twisting around 11 of the Charizards.

"I see right through your tricks...right through your deception, Barry," Salem said, once again in unison with Scizor. Suddenly the orb's light began to concentrate around the ball itself, becoming brighter than before. Shockingly a similar light was forming within Scizor's claw. "Ready, Aim..."Salem continued, getting the Charizard's in his sights. "Fire!" he shouted just as the dragon's fired their flamethrower attacks. At the exact moment they did, two power beams of light shot from both Salem and Scizor. They shot at a perfect angle, meeting each other in the exact center of the ring. Suddenly both beams all became a swirling vortex that covered the entire ring, absorbing each of the twelve flamethrowers. It died down soon after the attack, as a wide grin came across Salem's face.

"Let's see your little mirror beat that, Barry!" he chuckled.

July 1st, 2007, 5:55 PM
OOC: Just to let you know, this is a 4 vs. 1 fight, there's a reason why I am making Barry extremely powerful. I spoke to Ronike about this in a PM.


As the vortex cleared, Barry? could be seen with his own orb of Dreams. The Artifact became one with his arm as well, much like how Salem uses his artifact.

"My, my... doesn't this item look familiar?" Barry? asked as he rose out his hand where a direct clone of Scizor appeared.

Barry began to laugh hysterically and started to sing;

"So you think you've got friends in high places
With the power to put me on the run
Well, forgive me with this smile on my face...
You'll know what power is when I'm done

Scizor? Started to move around the trainers quickly, creating afterimages of itself to make copies. Draco recovered quickly from the attack with enhanced copies, even the orb of dreams will be tricked now.

"You're playing with the big boys now,
Ev'ry spell and gesture
Tells you who's the best, you're
Playing with the big boys now

Barry? told Salem as he seemingly teleported in front of the trainer to create fire in his hand where he closed his hand and when he opened it birds appeared.

Stop this foolish mission
Watch a true magician
Give an exhibition how
You're playing with the big boys now!"

During this time, Scizor? began to surround Scizor and made him dizzy with a series of punches rendering him useless.

You're of such low degree
You will kneel before me
Kneel to my splendorous power...
You put up a front
You put up a fight
And just to show I feel no spite
I'll let you live as my slave
Now just give up and behave"

However, Salem's distraction worked and Ryozo was able to get through to get his item.

"Or it's your own grave you'll dig, boy
You're playing with the big boys now!

Barry? laughed as the fiery ring grew larger and turned light blue to show how intense its heat is.

July 1st, 2007, 6:15 PM
OOC: I will be back to my house tomorrow, so I will enter the battle either tomorrow or tuesday, whenever that may be in the RP.

Always and Never
July 1st, 2007, 8:46 PM
The voice sended chills down my spine. I was beginning to get light-headed, but I had to be strong. Behind me, a thunderous roar shook the small room as a stone wall collapsed, sealing me inside. I was trapped.
"Oh, no..."
After losing more than 48 hours of sleep due to this monster, it was beginning to have its side-effects. I was exhausted, alone, and most of all scared of being trapped down here. I sat down and gardevoir sat next to me. Tears were forming in my eyes, all those people... gone. Was it my fault? As a tear ran down my cheek I heard a strange noise. As smoke filled the air, I looked for the source. On the wall where I had looked before some writing was getting burned into the wall.
On the wall there it read something I couldn't believe. "I AM THE ROYAL GUARDIAN OF THE TEMPLE. PREPARE YOURSELF FOR THE ULTIMATE TEST OF YOUR LINEAGE." Whispers filled the air as my eyes followed the charred letters forming on the stone. "WELCOME RYOZO OZONEAU ZURI MCXCIX. THE ITEM THAT YOU HAVE PUT HERE HAS LONG SINCE STAYED HERE. JOURNEY IN." After reading that, which looked oddly in my hand-writing, a voice boomed out sounding quite familiar. It was my voice.
"Oh yes... Hello Ryozo, long time no see, actually long time. Now I'm going to help you, but if you're not Ryozo then you'll be stuck... forever. Now listen closely. I am going to tell you a series of riddles. If you can't answer them your dead, if you can, well then your lucky. Listen to this...
I turn my head and you may go where you want. I turn it again, you will stay till you rot. I have no face, but I live or die by my crooked teeth... What am I?
The ending of those whispers were trailed by echoes of laughter. I looked at the Unown. I turn to let you go and turn to let you stop. Hmmm, I looked at the Unown. My trail of thought on the riddle was lost in staring at the little guy. He was weirdly shaped, he looked like a "Q" but he also looked like a bunch of things. A saw, the letter "F" when turned, and a key. I snapped out of it and thought of the riddle again.
"A key! That's it! It is a key." A slight tembling started beneath my feet and a keyhole appeared on the wall. One problem, though, seeing as I didn't have a key. The Unown Q sqealed with excitement.
"This is my purpose... This is why destiny has brought me to you..."
The "Q" shot into the keyhole and slowly turned himself around. Cracks started appearing in the wall and quickley, I sprinted to the Unown. I grabbed him and in a last minute attempt to stop the loads of rocks that were collapsing above me, I dived to safety. Gardevoir quickley cleared the rocks and I stepped into the chamber that had formed.
I was in a beautiful room, plated with gold, and statues of knights were all around. It was a library, I could tell there were some valuable items in this room, the total sum probably breaking the 10,000,000 pokedollar mark. There floating slightly above the ground, showed a more clean, darker version of myself.
"Hi. Now I see that you are Ryozo, so please sit down adjacent from me."
I hesitently tip-toed over there and slowly but surely sat down.
"Very good. Now I am going to ask you questions only I would know, and seeing that you are me well, you shouldn't have a problem at concluding the answers. Now listen, There is one that has a head without an eye, And there's one that has an eye without a head. You may find the answer if you try; And when all is said, Half the answer hangs by a thread."
I knew the question immediately and quickley replied, "The only thing that hangs by a thread is a tooth and a pin or a needle. Since two of those are in a normal phrase I'll have to say, Pins and Needles."
"Exactly, try this one. Of no use to one Yet absolute bliss to two. The small boy gets it for nothing. The young man has to lie for it. The old man has to buy it. The baby's right, The lover's privilege, The hypocrite's mask. To the young girl, faith; To the married woman, hope; To the old maid, charity.
"Easy, A kiss."
"All right, you are ready to reclaim your item. Now be warned, do not let this fall in the hands of anybody. It will only be calmed when in your grasp. Just never let it out of your site. Otherwise, complete chaos will be on the horizon. But seeing as you're down here getting the ring of Chaos, it seems the world is likely to end soon. Good job, moron."
There sitting on a golden shrine was a column of pure platinum and spirals of gold spun up it. In a small stand sat the most beautiful piece of jewelry I had ever seen.
I walked slowly up the steps and I reached for the ring. As I touched it, a sensation ran through my body, like the feeling of goosebumps. Holding it, I felt complete, and all thoughts of doubts were gone out of my head immediately. I felt like a new person with this new strength. I slipped the ring over my right ringfinger and it was a perfect fit. For once, in the past two days I was happy.
I ran back out to see that the wall that had fallen, was again up into the ceiling again. It was time to take the long walk back.
I looked at the ring, and after about five minutes of examaning it, I deemed that it was useless for the time being.

I reached the entrance and saw the edge of deception.
I coudn't get out, the film that covered the cave wouldn't let me out. Ronike, Salem, and Pat had to take on Barry on their own. I was no help. I did all that I could do, I watched.

July 2nd, 2007, 6:24 PM
As the two flew toward the ocean, they were stopped by seeing the large android blocking their way. It turned to face them as Pat bit her bottom lip. Eclipse gave a soft murmur to calm Pat down and reassure her. The android released a huge beam toward the two as Pat clung to Eclipse' body and she dived out of the way. It seemed the metallic creature was trying to hit them as time and time again they dodged the attack.

"Eclipse. . . How do we get there?" asked Pat feeling helpless when she felt a sudden vibe of protection and looked down to see an image slowly forming under them.

Again Eclipse dodged another beam as it hit the water and the beam headed right for Pat and Eclipse when a cry was heard in the sound of a song and appeared out of the water was a huge orb which blocked the attack. Eclipse hovered there as Pat's eyes widened in disbelief. The beam disappeared and there hovered the beautiful legendary pokemon.

"Lugia?" asked Pat amazed as he turned his head.

"Go Princess and reclaim what you did not years ago. I will handle this battle. Go now." ordered Lugia as Eclipse dived down under Lugia who then flew right for the metallic creature releasing his beam attack to it to give them time.

Eclipse flew under the beast. "Hang on." echoed a voice in Pat's head as she clung to her partner pokemon and they dived into the water moving deep. Pat had closed her eyes and held her breath as they went deep.

Lugia was hit and sent crashing into the water with a huge splash. Lugia then shook out of it and looked up to see the metallic beast moving on it's course and Lugia dived after Pat and Eclipse.

Pat was beginning to lose air as they made it into a large underwater cave.

"It's okay Pat, you can breath." echoed the voice as Pat opened her eyes and took a deep breath expecting to engulf water, but she found she could breath.

She watched as they were greeted by Lugia swimming beside them. Lugia nodded and they swam upward and came into a cave with air and Pat looked around as Eclipse moved over to the shoreline. The cave was dark and cold. Pat stood up and turned to see Lugia.

"This princess is where I must leave you. You will have to choose which legendary you released in order to awaken. The fate of our world rests in you and the princes' of the regions. Good luck." said Lugia as he dived into the water.

Pat turned around to see two huge doors made of rocks. In a glimmering silver light, Eclipse turned to her ghostly human shape.

"Let's go. Be brave Princess." said Eclipse as Pat nodded and the two of them stepped toward the doors.

It began to slowly open to show a bright silver light that filled the entire cave and when it finished, there was a golden bridge and cloud like ground with green weeping willows and tress of all sorts. There ahead of her stood three stone statues of what appeared to be three birds and a blue gate. The statue birds resembled Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres with Moltres perched on the top of the blue pearly gate. As the gates opened the statues suddenly came to life. Pat began to walk into the gates, but Eclipse stayed behind. Pat turned to look at her.

"You must do this alone Pat. Only you can chose the right legendary that will help you awaken." said Eclipse as Pat nodded and turned to continue walking. The gates shut behind her and the three statues returned into statues.

July 5th, 2007, 12:22 PM
OOC: Where did Pat go?...She's supposed to be fighting against Barry with Ronike and I.


"Fantastic..."Salem muttered as Barry gained an Orb of Dreams. "This should be a challenge after all..."he said dreamily as Barry began his song. Suddenly dozens of Scizor copies began to appear, speeding around the group of fighters. "That's not going to work, Barry..." Salem smiled. His personality was continually changing, he had been very serious before. Now he was acting completely spaced out, as if the battle had no importance.

He held out the true orb, shining more powerfully than ever. Oranges, greens, and violets were adding to blend of colors, giving it each color of the rainbow. It seemed to be reacting with Barry's some very strange way. As if it was angered by his use of it. Suddenly a strange bass note began to accompany Barry's singing. It became a series of short notes, keeping a beat, and became a grand orchestra. Horns and violins joined in, perfectly matching Barry's singing.

"So you think I am a fool?
Well I see through your trick.
My crystal ball is not a tool,
your use of it makes me sick!" Salem sung, to counter Barry. It seemed they were in a much stranger battle now, music was everywhere. Salem wasn't sure if he was actually singing, or if the Orb made it appear that way.

Scizor was suddenly hit by a fury of punches as Barry began his next verse.

"You're of such low degree
You will kneel before me
Kneel to my splendorous power...
You put up a front
You put up a fight
And just to show I feel no spite
I'll let you live as my slave
Now just give up and behave!" Barry sung out. Salem had no idea he was such an accomplished singer, he seemed less artsy than that.

"Why that barely rhymed at all!
Scizor are feeling good, you look so very pained!
The next attack that I will call,
Scizor it's swords dance time!" Salem returned with his own verse.

Suddenly something surprising happened. Salem's orb of dreams began to change. It's became less spread out, and suddenly became focused into the ball. A glowing blade of light grew from the crystal ball itself, acting as a sword for Salem to use. Scizor's claws began to glow with the light as well, but didn't change shape. Both trainer and pokemon jumped toward the middle of the ring, slicing at the fake Scizors. They after images faded into darkness, until finally the "real" one was hit. It exploded into a black fire and disappeared. Salem's sword disappeared, no longer needed for the battle.

"Barry, oh Barry you think you are so strong
Don't stand behind your pokemon, and face me like a man!
Don't you see you've done a wrong?
What is your master plan?" Salem continued singing. In the middle of this verse Scizor backed away, leaving Salem to fight Barry, but still ready in case Barry told Draco to fight again.

July 5th, 2007, 3:56 PM
OOC: It seemed that Salem wanted to fight him alone so Pat is giving him his chance to beat Barry. Besides, two against one isn't fair don't you think? Pat will be back soon I promise.


As Pat made her way down the long flight of golden path, she stopped when it came to a fork in the road. . . Latterly there was a huge fork embedded into the ground. Pat tilted her head a bit and gave a little giggle.

"A fork in the road. . . I get it." she giggled again as her voice echoed as she looked around.

Slowly mist began to form around her covering up the surroundings as Pat began to worry. She couldn't see 2 feet in front of her now. It came quickly yet, pat continued walking looking around. She stopped when she noticed a shadow flew past her which caused her to stop and look in the direction of the shadow. It came again threw the other side of her as she turned around there.

"Who's there?!" asked Pat unsure and getting afraid.

"Mmmmmnnnn." echoed a high, soft pitch voice as Pat blinked.

The voice sounded calm and playful. Pat looked to her bracelet to found the red gemstone sparkled. Pat closed her eyes and the mist disappeared around her. When she opened her eyes, she came face to face with a large blue eyed small, cute face. Pat smiled as she looked at the pokemon with it's long lion like tail and small light pink body.

"Mew?" asked Pat happily it wasn't a mean pokemon.

"Mew." it said as it flew around her and Pat continued walking as Mew followed after her.

"Hmmm. . . Articuno, Moltress, and Zapdos were guarding the first gate. Lugia helped escort me and Eclipse. Mew is here as a guide." Pat know understood what was happening.

The legendary Pokemon of the worlds were gathering here in this magical place for one reason only. To stop the destruction of the world. When they came to another gate, this was red pearl color and this time, the three statues aside it were the dog legendary of the Jotoh region. Raiku was on the right of the gate, Entei was on the left of the gate and Suicune was perched on the top of the gate. The statues came alive and they started to roar and growl at Pat as she approached the gate.

"Begone human. This place is only reserved for those chosen." the booming voice of Entei growled.

"I will not leave until I have completed my duty for now. I am Princess Guardian Zana and Princess Patience." Pat tried to act royalty though she had no idea how to do it.

"We shall see." growled Suicune in a low female voice as all three unleashed a hydro cannon, Flamethrower, and Thunderbolt toward Pat as she closed her eyes and shielded herself with her arms in front of her face.

The three combinations formed a whole new element and yet, Pat was unharmed as she opened her eyes. Mew was hovering outside smiling as the attacks stopped. The three legendary dog pokemon gave their smiles.

"Welcome Princess Zana. If you had not been her, you would have been transported back to the entrance by Mew. Please, continue on." said Raikou as Pat smiled, though her heart was pounding.

The gates opened and Pat started to walk threw it. Mew stayed behind and watched her as Pat turned nodding to Mew in thanks and continued walking. The gates closed behind her and the three legendary dog pokemon returned to statues.

July 5th, 2007, 7:31 PM
OOC: Mr. Atlosax... umm.. okay.... Anyway I have 3 other people to fight probably and one of them is going to be a more important battle than compared to your character so to get things going; I'll end this.


Having enough of the trainer in front of him, Barry? could see the others preparing to attack him. This trainer is giving everyone too much time to make an attack, Barry? has to finish this quick, and he will.

"Alright, bye-bye pathetic human" Barry? told Salem as Draco recovered from the counter attacks and forced Scizor (The real Scizor) into the ring of fire, where there he finished him with a flamethrower. The battle with Salem is over. Without Scizor there was very little he could do.

"Now, now, don't cry. Everything will come to an end soon enough. " Barry? said as a steel cage suddenly appeared around Salem, trapping the trainer rendering him useless.

Barry? looked around and could see the other trainers just watching, it seems that they are ready for a fight however the girl was no where to be found.

"Is this all that you reincarnations possess? Just cheap tricks. You cannot fool deception. Reality is an illusion, all that exists is my absolute power. BEHOLD!"

Barry? rose up his hands to create an image above him. There Android appeared.

"You cannot win. Your Pride, your Hope, your Emotions, all of it is meaningless. My power is absolute."

Barry? looked around and saw the other relics that the trainers hold. He instantly created copies of them. A sword, an orb, and a ring.

"Though you hold the relics of old, none of you know how to use their true power. But do not threat, all of this will be gone soon enough and Android's work will be complete. As I have easily taken over this body, Android will easily take over the world and a glorious event shall come! All will be destroyed, none shall live! HAHAHAHAHAHA!"

The others began their advance, but the ring of fire made it hard for them to reach Barry?.

"Have fun with my little present!" Barry? laughed at Android came down and began to attack everyone.

Always and Never
July 5th, 2007, 8:14 PM
The carnage was overwhelming. My breath was short as I watched Barry? [I hate that question mark!] heartlessly take out the Scizor and not think a second thought. It was all a deception, everything was a lie.
Everyone was getting thrown about. Nothing can match the Android's power, not even the deception one. But I noticed something. When Barry? had created the fake items the transparent film, that had trapped me here had weakened. I had to think of something quick.
"Gardevoir, thunderbolt!" I said as Gardevoir and the Unown geared up for the attack. As Gardevoir shot the spouts of electiricity, the Hidden Power of the Unown swirled around the bolts. It was time to rock 'n roll.
I sprinted, faster than I had ever through the wall, leaving me perfectly safe as I passed through this. I had to take advantage of my stealth, but I still had to act fast. There was only one thing I could do. I sprinted again, this time feeling even faster towards Barry? then last time. Gardevoir picked me up with her psychic as I reeled back a kick.
Barry? thought I was aiming for his face, but it was a mistake he would pay for. As his head ducked out of the way I felt my foot connect with the mirror, shattering it into hundreds of pieces.
As I hit the ground, all I could hear was silence. I looked at the broken mirror and I looked at Barry?. He was standing still, motionless, everything was standing still. It was as if time had stopped. The Unown flew over to me.
"What have you done?!? You have broken the mirror of deception! The only chance for slavation is ruined, all because of you!" The "Q" screamed as he bombarded me with tackles. I grabbed it and yelled, "Why the hell isn't anything moving!"
It looked at me with a tear in its eye and whispered, "5...4...3...2... ...1."
An explosion emerged from the mirror, as it sucked up all the illusions that it created. The fake Android reached for anything to grab onto as it was sucked into the shards of glass littered upon the ground. It was a beautiful sight really, but it had to be gone. The gold that plated the temple was sucked off, into the shards. The armor that everyone was wearing was thrown off.
The sun finally appeared from behind the clouds of darkness and soon it was back to the way it was....except for Barry? of course.

It looked as though the dark force within him was trying to take him down with it. He was in the biggest internal conflict of his life, and hopefully, he would make the right decision. Either, side with it and be stuck in a world which no one has ever seen before, or gain independence, and stop the carnage.

July 6th, 2007, 4:52 AM
OOC: Oh, I was starting to think it was just the two of us...seeing as everyone else besides Ronike was there, and he hasn't been able to post.

Suddenly the music came to a halt. Barry? thrust Scizor into the very wall of fire, and Scizor was violently charred into a crisp. It screeched in pain, as it fell, the orb's color disappearing from it's eyes. The orb's light altogether disappeared. Salem fell just as Scizor had as the steel cage grew up around him. The look of shock and pain on Salem was as if he'd just been shot.

"So, you cut the music..."Salem said, no look of emotion on his face at all. "It was a cheap shot," he faintly smiled, as he fell to the ground. He could barely hold himself up anymore, as he just gazed up at the rising android. Barry?'s voice had grown faint, just echoing mumbles now. Suddenly Salem heard something. Ryozo's voice, followed by a powerful strike of electricity. Then the sound of glass breaking.

Suddenly the fire disappeared, along with the cage. Salem was easily able to climb up from the ground, and the burn marks on Scizor were gone. However it did look weakened. Everything that Barry? had created using the Mirror of Deception was gone.

"I owe you one Ryozo, Thanks," Salem told Ryozo, brushing the dust off of his trenchcoat. Then disaster struck...the darkness around Barry? was beginning to collapse violently. It was as if the shadows were trying to pull Barry? back into their own realm. The "Q" Unown was on a rampage, trying to tackle Ryozo. Barry? was still clutching the shatterd mirror.

July 6th, 2007, 7:11 PM
OOC: What's that? You guys seriously don't know how to RP don't you? I'm serious when asking this. I've been having problems with this RP and now its clear. Too be honest that was just a stupid post, I'm gonna pretend that didn't happen and if you have a problem with that then you can PM me about it.

Barry? laughed as Ryozo kicked the mirror, his leg went right through it. His dream of ending the battle faded, the truth was, Ryozo never broke anything, he was only thinking about it. How shameful.

The mirror faded back into existence,

"You didn't seriously think it would be that easy did you? Pathetic Ruler of the North." Barry? laughed as he caught Ryozo's leg and broke it with a single snap and then threw him to the side.

"None of you can touch me. You do not know how to control the power of the relics." Barry? told the downed Ryozo and the still caged Salem.

"I remember there being two more of you humans. I will see to it that I will find them and crush them." Barry? assured everyone as suddenly a copy of Android was made again.

"Now, if you excuse me, I have some ruins to attend to for a certain summoning. Heh heh..." Barry? laughed as he jumped on Draco and flew to the darkening sky.

Always and Never
July 6th, 2007, 9:43 PM
OOC: Kay, I'm fine with that. Just wanted to try it out. Just calm down a little with the power. And don't break my leg, put me to sleep or something.

July 6th, 2007, 9:56 PM
OOC: IM BACK B1TCHES! Gonna go back a bit for something I had been meaning to do.
IC: At the begining of the fight, Ronike had every intention of fighting along side Salem, however, after the illusions began to appear, some new presence welled up inside him and prevented him from doing so. The new presence made Ronike feel indiferent, as though the outcome of this match and the end result of the world were of no concern to him. Shales felt this change as well
Ronike? You Ok? Im getting some strange vibes from you. Very similar to the sword's in fact...

We dunno... Its as though all the sudden we are extremely indifferent about this whole ordeal...Perhaps... no, pay no attention to it.

What? And why are you speaking so weird and... proper?

I said pay it no mind!
Ronike's eyes flashed a dangerous glance at Shales with these words, and the behemoth pokemon could see that Ronike's eye had returned to normal and that the irises had become like the sword: black and white.
Your eyes! Shales began, but stopped when he saw Ronike's eyes narrow. Nevermind. Are we joining this battle?

Perhaps. Lets not pick sides too early.

What are you talking about?! If we lose, the world ends.

Thats what you are meant to think, but is it the truth? Just sit back and watch for now.

Thats not you Ronike, thats just the sword, its playing with your head.

Perhaps. But perhaps not. Just watch.


The two sat idle until finally they saw Scizor thrown into the flames and Ryozo kicked the mirror. Although this did not truely dispell the Deception, it did loosen Truth's hold on Ronike's mind, which had been being amplified by the Deception, just as everyone else was being held by their items. Ronike shook his head a bit, as though recovering from a bad headache.
Woah, that was weird... Why haven't we started to fight yet?

Your back! Shales exclaimed gleefully. He cut in before Ronike could ask any questions. No time for questions, we need to catch him before he can get away!
Ronike looked to the fleeing Barry, then back to Shales, then nodded momentarily before gaining the blueish aura of Psychic power.
Lets get him then.

Ronike drew the blade of Truth, and used his Psychic link with Shales to fly up next to Barry and Draco. He slashed at the Dragon's neck with the flat of his blade with inhuman strength and knocked the duo back to earth.

"Leaving so soon Barry?" taunted Ronike as he floated back to the ground. "Come on now, you can't leave without fighting me. Afterall," Ronike said and his Aura changed from the blue glow of Psychic power to a new glow of crystal white, just like that of his sword, "you wouldn't want to leave without fighting your most worthy challenger here, now would you?"
Barry only laughed at this.
"What makes you think you are any more worthwhile than the pathetic rulers of the North and South?"
"Because we two are the rulers of East and West, Deception and Truth. We are polar Opposites thru and thru." With this Shales came up from behind Barry and Draco. "Besides, those other two barely knew how to control their items. You have the experience of it former owner and I have the experience of my sword itself. We are equals in knowledge of our power. So, let us fight now!" exclaimed Ronike as he brought the blade of Truth into a battle position.

July 7th, 2007, 7:15 AM
Salem fell limp once again, as the illusions returned. He hit the ground hard, as Ronike began to call Barry to fight. Something seemed different about Ronike, the way he spoke, it was more sophisticated. Though Salem couldn't make out the words at all, everything was becoming a blur.

"So, have you given up already? I do have to give you credit, you did make it farther than the original Salem, he was killed in this battle. Though, you will meet his fate if you just lay there..." a voice said. Not from around him this time, but inside of him. It was the voice of the Orb. It was faintly glowing again. Suddenly Salem felt power coursing through him again, and began to climb up.

"I am not the Salem you know... That was a different Salem. I'm just an ancestor, but I can assure you! Him and I are very different," Salem began speaking. His eyes now glowing with the orb's light. "History isn't written in stone! I have a choice in this matter, and it won't be the mistake my ancestor made!"

The orb was glowing at full power now. Salem lifted it high, and slammed it into the ground. Suddenly the cage began glowing, and shattered into pieces.

July 7th, 2007, 5:32 PM
OOC: Kay, I'm fine with that. Just wanted to try it out. Just calm down a little with the power. And don't break my leg, put me to sleep or something.

OOC:You want me to put you to sleep? So you want Barry to kill Ryozo? I have no problem with that, but I'm sure you would so I won't do it. And besides, you shot Barry in the leg with a gun. Not sure if you realized it, but this is a POKEMON RP not Gantz or something. So you having a broken leg is fair enough. Be happy it's a leg and not your skull =)

BTW what did your last post have anything to do with the story? Isn't the story about an Android and us getting and trying to control the artifacts in the first place so we can kill the Android. Isn't that what this is all about?

Oh yeah, how come Salem has the Chaos artifact if he only has the item of Dreams?


Barry? laughed as Ronike challenged him to a duel as he pointed the sword of truth at him. Suddenly he started to remember something and there a picture of him and Patience came to mind.

"N-No..." Barry? spoke out.

"NO! I am in charge!"

"NO! I WILL NOT LET SOME MIRROR TAKE CONTROL! MY POWER COMES FROM WITHIN!" Barry? screamed. He landed Draco back down and started to struggle with the mirror.

After moving his hand wildly he struck the mirror on a nearby rock, smashing it to pieces beyond repair. Draco nodded in agreement and shot a Fire Blast at the remains, melting away any further hope of using the mirrors power. The Artifact of Deception is destroyed and with it all of it's illusions has come to an end.

"The nightmare is over, I can see clearly now that the rain is gone. I can see all obstacles in my way for now I shine, I shine like a sun-shiny day!" Barry yelled out claiming back his soul.

Draco saw his trainer come back to him, deception no more. Barry climbed on to the back of Draco with a newfound heart and flew to the heavens, to the great blue yonder.


His magnificent Charizard gave a heavy growl of satisfaction. He opened his wings and flew to the sea, hoping the others will follow under Barry. There in the great abyss, Barry could see something going on in the waters down below, it seemed to be... AN AWAKENING!

Always and Never
July 7th, 2007, 7:23 PM
OOC: This RP is in a state of confusion. I'm deleting my last two posts. Because they were totally irrelevant. And Darthmoose, calm down. And Salem doesn't have the Chaos item.

July 8th, 2007, 6:17 PM
OOC: This is the last post and I'll have Pat return. ^_^


Pat was unsure of how it happened. As she continued walking, she noticed the area changed. It had turned into a great valley made of gold. Pat stood there at the rolling hills and mounds of golden yellow grass that danced lightly against the gentle blow of the wind. Pat began to walk no longer seeing the golden path as before, but as she continued walking, she stopped to see that she was standing on a thin strip of silver. As she followed it, it began to grow wider and when she looked ahead of her, she saw it was a silver path this time.

"A valley made of gold with a silver path? This doesn’t make sense. How could this be in our world? Is this some kind of deception?" Pat asked herself out loud and continued walking finding herself being lead by an unknown force.

She glanced down at her bracelet and this time, the green gemstone sparkled once and when Pat looked ahead, she noticed an emerald pearl green gate and there stood three strange pokemon. Pat was unsure of this. She had passed the Kanto Legendaries Articuno, Moltres, and Zapdos. And the Jotoh legendaries’ Suicune, Entei, and Raikou, and these were the Hoenn, But this had four legendary guardian statues. On the right side of the gate was Groudon. On the left was Kyogre. On top of the gates stood two strange flying creatures. As Pat neared them, the two statues turned into colors. The larger twin of the top was blue and white. The smaller twin was red and white and they looked down to her.

"Latios and Latias . . . The twin psychic dragon pokemon." Stated Pat as the two larger statues remained still.

"How can you all be here?" asked Pat when she saw the sky light up with strange colors and appeared two red pokemon as they landed next to the twins. "Deoxy?" Pat was shocked.

"We aren’t the really legendary pokemon . . . We are just their spirits awaiting to be released. Although our bodies are half powered, we cannot take the mechanical being down. You dear guardian must find which one of us is real and fake. The last test is through this gate." Said Deoxies together as Pat blinked.

The gates opened and Pat was unsure of what might happen. "What about those two?" asked Pat as Latios smiled.

"If you weren’t chosen, they would have awakened to destroy you. What lays behind these gates is the last test." Said Latios.

"Good luck." said Latias as Pat nodded and walked threw the gate. Latios and Latias turned back to statues and the two Deoxies flew away.

The gate closed behind her as Pat continued walking. The silver path suddenly grew wider as she walked and she stopped at the last test she was supposed to take. She came to a huge circle of the legendary pokemon she didn’t meet yet. Pat was unsure of what to make of them. She walked closer and they all looked at her. She looked down to her bracelet, but the last gemstone made of golden yellow did not sparkle like the others did. In order this were the legendary pokemon she saw.

Ho-oh, Jirachi, Celebii, Dialga, Palkia, Darkrai and last was Rayquaza. Pat walked into the center of the circle and glanced at them. They stood still, but kept their watch.

"This is the guardian?" echoed a voice which sounded rude and arrogant as Pat turned to look at Darkrai.

"I think she’s beautiful." Said a voice belonging to Jirachi as Pat gave a weak smile.

"Only one maybe able to tell us if she is the true one." Stated Rayquaza her voice sounded just and bold demanding authority yet had a gentle feminism to it.

"She is the one, but will she deny her title again?" asked Celebii as Pat looked to her. Celebii’s voice sounds childish and playful.

"She will have to choose which one of us, is hers." Stated Palkia as Pat glanced at the others.

"Choose now." Demanded Dialga as Pat looked at the seven.

"Give her time, she will choose. Remember; time doesn’t work in this realm. Once she passed the blue pearl gates, time had stopped for her." Stated Ho-oh as Pat closed her eyes.

She heard a sharp cry echo deep in her mind and she opened her eyes.

"Rayquaza." Stated Pat as she looked to it. The others grew silent and pat noticed the last gemstone was sparkling more then once.

As she watched, it then allowed the other three to sparkle like a wave effect. The roar of Rayquaza echoed and shook the entire realm and there appeared behind it, was the last gate. The others turned to statues where they stood except Rayquaza. Pat nodded and walked toward it. As she neared it, a bright light flashed and the last pearly golden yellow gates opened as a huge gust of wind blew.

Always and Never
July 8th, 2007, 7:52 PM
OOC: In case you don't know what Olha meant, remember, when we gave our lives at the shrine, we were reincarnated into the legendaries...


I looked at Salem. I was in disbelief.
"What the hell is the point of even trying now? I mean Barry is insane, and all attempts are failures."
Hopefully Ronike was giving Barry a run for his money, and I was sure of it as I watched the dome of darkness slowly recede.
As the fake twilight turned back into day, it wasn't sunny as I was expecting. It revealed a beautiful night sky, full of stars. It was a full moon tonight. The Unown started talking to Salem and I.
"Tonight is the night of the full moon. Tonight is the night that we must make it to the shrine. By the location of the moon I'd say it is about 11 PM. We must be there by 4 AM this morning, or all will be in vain. Heh... Guess who's back..."
I looked up in the sky and doing lood-de-loops was Barry, hopefully he wasn't going to be a jerk.
"Salem... It's impossible for us to save the world... The Q says the mirror is broken. All hope is lost..."

July 12th, 2007, 6:18 PM
OOC: Well... I was waiting for Olha, but since that doesnt appear to be happening...
IC: Ronike was incredibly suprised by the outburst of Barry. So much so that he lost control over the sword and hence the white aura surrounding him and Shales faded.
What the hel1?! Shales, do you believe him?
...Not sure... lets see how the others take it to decide, but for sure do not take your eyes off of him...
"Barry?! What the hell man?! Whats with the Schizophrenia man? You good or bad? Dont you fly away from me!! Dammit..."
Well he is gone I suppose. Shall I track him Ronike?
I suppose, might as well know where he is later. For now...
Ronike walked over to the place where Barry and Draco had destroyed Deception.
We do need Deception to stop it dont we Truth?
We do indeed Ronike.[b]
Well then we are rather f*ed, aren't we? Or is there a way to repair it?
[b]Yes, it can be repaired, but in a way we cannot accomplish right now...
Well thats great... What now then?
Follow Barry.
Ronike sighed heavily. "Fine. Come on Shales, lets get after him."
Shales went into hovering mode and hovered over to Ronike and helped him up with Psychic power. Ronike then tapped a button on the side of his boots which activated magnets. These magnets allowed Ronike to remain latched onto Shales without effort from either of them.
"Gotta love modern technology... lets get goin!"
The two flew off after Barry and towards the water.

July 12th, 2007, 6:47 PM
Name:Mike Joyce



Type of Trainer: Pokemon Enthusiast(I warn people about the dangers of pollution and help injured pokemon)

Appearance:About 5 feet tall. I have dirty-blonde hair and I always wear a sideways bandana with a pokeball in it. I am mostly seen holding up a peace sign, smiling with my eyes closed(I do this everytime I catch or rescue a pokemon)

Personality:I am quiet, but can be very crazy and outgoing with people I am used to. I am usually sitting alone by a tree while the rest of the group huddles around a table or fire(like Ash's treeko) but when a new pokemon appears or a pokemon is in need i am the first to respond.

History:My father ran away from me and my mother when I was only 3 years old. When I was 10, three days after I received my first pokemon, my mother died, and I began my career as a pokemon trainer. I have caught every pokemon from Kanto,Johto,and Hoenn, and went to sinnoh in search of new pokemon

Other:I enjoy blueberry pie.




Type of Pokemon:Sneasel

Appearance:Looks like all sneasel, but has a bandana around its neck identical to mine.

Personality:Hates pokeballs. Always travels with me and is always close by. Strange because it knows all the punch attacks(fire punch, ice punch, thunder punch, etc.) is incredibly fast.

History: First pokemon given to me by Nurse Joy.

Other:Sneasel was abandoned by its own kind and it strated a group of pokemon who stole everything, this group included a crobat and espeon.

Always and Never
July 12th, 2007, 10:37 PM
You are seriously kidding, right?

Stupid n00bs. That's like the fourth one.

Ah well, no one but Dathmoose, Olha, Mr. Altosax, xXscytherXx, and Ronike may post in here.


IC: As I saw Ronike travel with Shales, I had no choice but to follow.
"Nightmare, it's time to go, come on Salem."
The Unown latched onto me as Gardevoir picked me up. I loved pretending to fly. It was getting cold out, and the face on the moon was looking rather ill tonight. As I drifted towards Ronike and Barry, everything was silent. It was the silence before the storm, a big battle was on the horizon. My thoughts were shattered as my Pokegear rang. It showed a newscaster, sobbing telling what had happened.
"The great Professor Oak is dead. May I repeat, the entirety of Hoenn and half of Kanto is totally scorched. This thing has killed 3/4 of all people on the planet, and there is no hope for anybody. This will be our last broadcast, ever. May god be with everyone."
My feet hit the ground, and my legs buckled beneath me. Tears were streaming down my face, as I layed down to look at the stars. Hopefully, everyone had gotten the same broadcast I had. The stars were beautiful, and it was a horrid thought that 3/4 of the entire world would never see them again.
"There's no point in continuing. The mirror is broken. We are already dead."
I was sobbing, for the first time in nearly 7 years. It was a horrible feeling, being helpless. I sat there, staring at the moon, my spirit shattered.

July 12th, 2007, 11:41 PM
OOC: You were waiting for me to post? lol That's funny because I was waiting for other's to post. Okay, here I go.


Pat found herself greeted by Eclipse or once called Zemra. Upon Pat’s forehead was a silver circlet with the trinity cross circles and four gemstones of sapphire, ruby, emerald, and gold. In the middle of the circlet trinity cross was a silver, heart shaped gemstone. However, it seemed to be only an illusion as it faded and Pat stumbled onto the ground weakened. Zemra ran to her.

"Princess?" asked Zemra as Pat gave a weak smile. However, Zemra’s eyes widened as the orb on her forehead sparkled once.

"You’ve found the true legendary pokemon that belonged to the guardian. Quickly, this realm is collapsing, I also fear that something had happened to the others. We must get there quickly." said Zemra as her body glittered in silver light and she returned to her silver Dragonair form.

Pat stood up and moved onto her back as Dragonair gave a shrilling cry and dived into the body of water and down. Pat hung on. As they made their way threw twists and turns, they came out of the underwater cave and Pat turned to see the cave disappear as if it wasn’t really there. They were quickly greeted by Lugia who nodded and veered off to the left. Eclipse burst threw the surface of the water as they took flight into the air. Pat’s pink hair had seemed to grow slightly longer and the tips of her hair showed traces of silver. Pat could sense the sudden stillness and there she saw the place where she left everyone. But no one was around. Just as they neared the landing plat, Pat jumped off and looked down at the shattered glasses.

"Zemra is this?" Asked Pat bending down to look at the shattered mirror.

Princess. . . Use your powers. Echoed Zemra's voice in Pat's mind as Pat looked to Eclipse and then touched the first piece of glass.

Without warning, Pat noticed her bracelet appeared back on her wrist and each of the gemstones sparkled in order of sapphire, ruby, emerald, and gold. The pieces of glass then began to hover into the air as Pat watched the glittering pieces fade. Pat's eyes widened and she received news about the last broadcast and the deaths.

"Eclipse. . . Let's go." said Pat now holding back her tears as she moved to climb on Eclipse's back and they took off toward the direction of the others.

Hang on guys, I'm on my way. Pat called out with her heart and new found dragon powers to contact Nightmare to relay the message to the others.

July 13th, 2007, 5:36 AM
"Well, I guess I'll save it for Android..." Salem said. He'd summed up a mass of power for nothing, as Barry had broken the mirror's power. He'd flown away again, but at least he wasn't evil anymore. "We need to get going if we want to beat that thing, we don't have time to wait for Pat." Scizor was healed now, the burns had never been real, the entire battle must have been the mirror at work.

Ronike started off after Barry as Ryozo's pokegear began ringing. "The great Professor Oak is dead. May I repeat, the entirety of Hoenn and half of Kanto is totally scorched. This thing has killed 3/4 of all people on the planet, and there is no hope for anybody. This will be our last broadcast, ever. May god be with everyone," the voice of a newscaster said.

"Too late, then...This battle took up way too much time, the rest of Kanto is probably being destroyed right now. It's coming to Sinnoh next, we have two choices. We can wait at the southern tip of Sinnoh, or we can ambush it. It will probably come here as fast as possible, it may be drawn to the Unown of the Ruins," Salem told Ryozo. "Of course, you can pitch in your ideas, too. Either way we do this, we're going to have to follow those two."

Salem tried to remain cool, thinking of his plan. Though he was in shock that so many people had already been killed. How could anything be this powerful was beyond him. Unless of course, the King was already reunited with his beast, in which case Salem doubted the group had any hope of winning, even with the items.

July 13th, 2007, 11:56 AM
Barry looked at the others and the destruction over the horizon.

"You guys can go, but I'm waiting right here." Barry told everyone harshly. He sensed something, there was a pounding in his heart that told him here is where he should wait. The most important thing to him is about to come. And soon, out from the ocean and back to the world was the girl, Patience.

Barry saw the girl riding her Dragonair. Barry flew over to her direction as she was catching up to everyone and stopped her in her tracks.

"So you decided to show up after all." Barry spat the words out with a face of disgust. The girl looked down and tried to fly to the side but he blocked her again.

"There's something different about you.. but I can't put my finger on it." Barry told her. "I smashed my mirror to pieces... you were right.. all this time you were right.." Barry admitted.

"There was a conflict in my heart. I wanted power yes, but I only desired this to get something else. A something that I wanted all my life but was never given to me until up to this point: love." Barry confessed his true intentions to Patience.

All this time, he was acting this way because he thought this was the only way to get what he wanted.

"My life was a mess before you came into it. Don't you understand? You make me Patience." Barry gave his feelings towards her. Draco came to the Dragonair's side where there Barry reached out and lifted Patience's head only to be greeted by a kiss. Barry kissed her back. When his lips met hers it was official that he meant his words and cared for her deeply.

"I don't care about them, or the world for that matter. All I care about is you and you alone. I know I can't win you back this way after everything that I have done but I will make up for it by defeating Android." Barry told her preparing himself for a battle.

Draco rose out of Pat's way and quickly climbed into the sky.

"If I don't make it back, remember that I did it for you. With my remaining power, I will use whatever I have left to take down this monster and if I have to die along with it then so be it! Good bye Patience, and thank you..." Barry's voice trailed off.

Draco roared and flew into a cloud of destruction. Following Barry would be a foolish decision, he has become lost to the sky and was unable to be detected. But his destination is clear; Android.

July 14th, 2007, 4:00 AM
Pat was slightly shocked at the glittering Charizard and Eclipse was equally shocked as well. As she tried to get Eclipse to get around him, he stopped her yet again. Pat narrowed her eyes as she glared at Barry.

"I'm won't run ever again!" she growled angrily having enough of Barry.

Half of her was happy to see him again, but the other half wanted to punch and beat the crap out of him.

"There's something different about you.. but I can't put my finger on it." Barry told her. "I smashed my mirror to pieces... you were right.. all this time you were right.." Barry admitted.

Pat's glare turned to confusement at that. I am right? Thought Pat as she decided to hold her tongue to see what Barry had to say.

"There was a conflict in my heart. I wanted power yes, but I only desired this to get something else. A something that I wanted all my life but was never given to me until up to this point: love." Barry confessed his true intentions to Patience.

If Eclipse's mouth could open, this would be the jaw dropping. Pat was unsure of how to take this news. What on earth posses him, to make him confess feelings for her? She thought he hated her and even despised and maybe even would have killed her if he had the chance.

"My life was a mess before you came into it. Don't you understand? You make me Patience." Barry gave his feelings towards her.

As Draco came to the Dragonair's side, Pat had all train of thought left her and feelings of confusion and anger left her when Barry reached out and lifted her head only to be greeted by a kiss. Pat's eyes widened in disbelief and for that moment, it seemed as if time had stopped just for her and Barry. She lightly closed her eyes and returned his kiss and pulled away lightly, tears beginning to form in her eyes. Why was she feeling like he was telling her about his feelings because he was going to leave her forever?

"I don't care about them, or the world for that matter. All I care about is you and you alone. I know I can't win you back this way after everything that I have done but I will make up for it by defeating Android." Barry told her preparing himself for a battle.

Pat was shocked yet again, that he didn't care for the world or the others. But she was flattered and happy. Mixed feelings of worry, fear, excitement, passion all rolled into one giant bottle.

"Barry don't! We can do this together." Pat wanted to say, but the words couldn't come out. Her lips and tongue refused to move upon her command as Drago flew off and her voice was lost in her vocal cords. Pat gasped and found her voice again, but was silenced yet again.

"If I don't make it back, remember that I did it for you. With my remaining power, I will use whatever I have left to take down this monster and if I have to die along with it then so be it! Good bye Patience, and thank you..." Barry's voice trailed off.

Eclipse was about to follow, but was held back by the confused Pat. "Barry!" She shouted after him as he disappeared into the sky. Pat refused to let her tears fall from the bottom of her sockets. "You Prideful ill-tempered fool! Don't do it for me! Why can't you just swallow your damn pride!" she growled angrily knowing that it was not going to work this time.

Pat closed her eyes. Eclipse turned her head and put her nose to touch Pat's arm as she opened her eyes to look into the eyes of her partner. "Thanks Eclipse, let's get to the others quickly." whispered Pat as Eclipse let her voice ring out into the wind and flew toward the group that was slowly flying away from her. She had to get to catch up quickly. Time was short and she had a plan on how to use the shattered mirror, but she was going to need the other partnered pokemon's help for this. Of course, they were a Charizard short, but it would have to do with four.

Always and Never
July 14th, 2007, 7:30 AM
As I stared at the stars, I pictured the poor persons that perished across the land. As I looked at Barry and Pat, I actually realized something. Barry was actually his own person, who had emotions and feelings. This automatically made me gro respect for him.
As he flew off, I knew where he was going. I turned to Ronike and Salem.
"Barry is doing the most admiral thing right now and I can do nothing to support him. I don't know about you guys, but I'm ready to give my life, just as Barry has done just now."
As I slowly flew up, I wiped my tears away because they made me feel weak. Good thing Gardevoir was faster than she let on, as we quickley teleported across the night sky, and I soon reached Barry. I had a couple things to say to him. I layed on my back as we traveled across the sky.
"Hey, I don't know how to say this, but I'm seriously sorry. For shooting you in the leg, for never understanding that you're a person. It just never occured to me that everyone in the entire world is relying on us. On you, on me, on every single one of us.
Now, I'm not saying we have to be best friends, but let's at least have a truce for now. For the remaining survivor's sake."
I floated up to Barry's level, and gave him my hand to shake.

July 14th, 2007, 12:19 PM
"Guys, I think we're forgetting that we don't want the battle here. It draws it's power from the Unown in the temple, we need to move the battle to Solaceon Town...the citizens have probably fled by now,"Salem said. He was trying to think of this at a strategic standpoint, he wanted to be prepared as possible.

By now the black skies that had originated in Johto had long been present here. Probably as far as Mt.Stark. The only light came from the crimson lightning firing from the clouds. It was getting close. They could hear the monster's destruction, from the other side of Mt.Coronet.

July 14th, 2007, 3:18 PM
Pat finally caught up to the others only to see Nightmare and her tamer disappear. Pat caught the end of the conversation of Salem. She thought for a moment and then gasped looking at Salem.

"I think I know what I can do. When Eclipse and I went away from you guys for a brief time, we encountered that metallic monster and it somehow seemed to chase me. Salem. . . I think it will follow me and Eclipse. The only problem is. . . I'm not sure where Sinnoh is located in this area where we are." said Pat as she closed her eyes.

"I don't' think we need to sacrifice ourselves. There is one thing I haven't been able to tell you guys. Back in our previous life. . . I was more then just a princess. I was also a guardian. A guardian that could control that beast and the King was after me and tried to kill me. I renounced my title as the guardian and ran away as I always do. I've accepted that I am three people in one. Pat, the Princess and the Guardian. Let me be the bait." said Pat as she Eclipse gave a gentle coo and I looked to her.

"You know where Sinnoh is? Then it's solved. You and the others try to get the others to Solaceon Town before the Android and us get there." stated Pat as she got Eclipse to fly away toward the metallic monster.

Just as on cue, the thing stopped short from it's advanced and slowly turned to face the oncoming as Pat bit her bottom lip. She wished she wasn't right.

Always and Never
July 23rd, 2007, 2:00 PM
Well, we had a good run.

This was one of the best RPs I have ever been in. It had a great story and some great RPers. Well, if any of you make an RP, I'll certainly join it.

Ah well.