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March 12th, 2007, 10:21 AM
Ok Now lets see if this works the beginning storyline:

There are many villages in this new world & ifyou were to travel to any town you would have to go to the center of the world then to another location basically all of the routes make a star picture & in between the town not including the middle theres a huge mountain patern where theres a spirit to battle. All of these towns drift closer to the edges of the world (I know its a sphere but im going with the square flat piece of paper theory) & there are people from each town set to save this world... heres the catch only some of the towns can survive in this world & if you fail to protect your town you may fail & fall off the worlds edge. The spirit in the mountain is one of the few ways to survive when you defeat a spirit you get a stone of an odd colour, then use this stone to protect your village.

About the stones: To protect your village you need to get a stone from another village, bring it to yours, go to your temple, challenge the spirit, get the special stone, place it in your villages fountain of hope to survive AND do it all before the stone in the village comes back (One day) & another village takes the stone (not including the village that has the stone) ALSO people can work for other villages & protect them instead OR (The bigest catch) Bring all of the stones to the Middle of the world & compete in a cavern to keep your village alive & the biggest part is if the person that goes in fails the town loses ALL of there stones to the winning village. To keep your Village alive you have to have the required ammount of stones to stay alive by the end of the needed time example if you need one stone by the end of that day & you don't get it EVAQUATE... or perish. Also you can use stones to get items to help you in the war, what i mean is a bonus is Village that have stones get one pebble each villager to earn items & each villager gets the stone. You can also CREATE stones by going to the center on all the villages & the center of the world theres a rock, put a stone/5 pebbles to challenge all of the spirits & then get 5 stones for your village. Only Chosen People from each Village can take this Challenge.

Types of people: Villagers (People from there own village that havn't changed villages during the roleplay & can help protect there stones), ExVillager (Villagers that changed villages by choice),Forced to change Villagers (Villagers that changed villages to survive) Chosen ones (One per village, these people have no option, they can't change village's if there in trouble, if the village dies the chosen goes with it & these people are the only ones that can challenge spirits BUT they can't get stones/pebbles from other villages. To add to this Only chosen can go to the Center of the World to challenge other Villages They have symbols on them that has a pokemon thats type is equal to there village example Charmander=Fire), Thieves (People that go to other villages to steal stones), Pokemon Protecters (I havn't seen but it could be somewhere besides here but in this roleplay you can sign up as a pokemon & protect your village!), Chosens Freinds (Chosen ones choose these people but there only allowed to chose people they trust example what happens if they change villages & then one village has access to a spirit!?! & I kinda allready told ya some just now but these people can challenge spirits, Other Chosen ones/Chosens freinds in the center of the World AND change vilages but they still can't steal stones from other villages, Because of that fact its possible to decline freindship), Islanders (These people are Chosen ones that stuck to there village but these people can do virtually nothing, These people have to face abbout 1000 pokemon with only one of theres then they can survive so basically its a 1-1000 for the battle *all 1000 are level 5's* but you can change pokemon in the battle, if you have no pokemon left your type changes to Failure), Failure (These people have lost the battle & were chosen ones/ chosens freinds. These people are stuck on an island & arn't allowed to leave *Can make a new character but can't be from the same village & start over*)

Sign up sheet rules:

1: No legendary pokemon

Heres the sign up sheet:

Name: (Your characters name)
Age: (Are you 5 hundred billion years old or two? Lets be acurate & try in-between)
Gender: (Boy or Girl?)
Character type: (Pokemon protecter, Chosens freind, A Chosen Pokemon, basically anything above this entry form *pokemon protecters can be any extra role just add "PokeProtecter" at the beginning of the type name)
Village: (Where do you live?)
Pokemon: (If your a human put in what pokemon you have along with shiny if the pokemon has it or if your a PokeProtecter put in your pokemon type & remember no legendarys!)
Symbol: (Chosen ones only, put in a pokemon here *Preferably your favorite pokemon but doesn't have to be* & you can summon that pokemons abilitys in battle! PokeProtectors Can chose another pokemon *since your already probably you Fav Pokemon you can chose another maybe your second fav?* & Use there abilitys too & yes legendarys are alowed here, oh & dont forget that it has to be the same as your village)
Personallity: (What does your character act like? Shy? Curious?)
Description/Picture: (Either a picture of your character or a descrition, PokeProtecters can have no decription if they want just say *none* but well lets say your a shiny you can put that in)
History: (Has anything happened to your character to make him/her act the way he/she does?)

Name: Minus
Age: 12
Gender: Male
Character type: PokeProtecter Chosen One
Village: Eletrice Island
Pokemon: Shiny Minun
Symbol: Plusle
Personallity: Very Curious & shy at the same time but like's adventure
Description/Picture: A Shiny Minun with a Plusle Symbol on Both hands & to add to that he wears a black cloth as a robe.
History: Minus has been woried ever since the prophecy started & hes been thinking "Im just a pokemon... what can I do about this?"

Also here are the Villages
Name: Element, Chosen one & pebbles he/she has, ammount of stones in village

Eletrice City: Electric, Minus 0, 0 Stones.
Firicintay City: Fire, None 0, 0 Stones
Insetopia: Bug, None 0, 0 Stones
Dealth: Dark, None 0, 0 Stones
Drakonia: Dragon, None 0, 0 Stones
Ligatin Town: Light, None 0, 0 Stones
Aquarius: Water, None 0, 0 Stones
Streburo City: Steel, None 0, 0 Stones
Stonoltor Town: Rock, None 0, 0 Stones
Poisiningtor City: Poison, None 0, 0 Stones
Figyint Town: Fighting, None 0, 0 Stones
Flyantae: Flying, None 0, 0 Stones
Gorynal Town: Goast, None 0, 0 Stones
Grysville: Grass, None 0, 0 Stones
Iyarth City: Ground, None 0, 0 Stones
Frozential Town: Ice, None 0, 0 Stones
Realthenville: Normal, None 0, 0 Stones
Physheal City: Phychic, None 0, 0 Stones

We need at least 1 chosen for at least 5 towns (Town with no chosen one you can't join unless your joining as a Chosen one don't worry town with no people wont be affected) before we can start. Good luck! Your Gonna need it.

March 15th, 2007, 11:26 AM
Name: Iris
Age: 12
Gender: Boy
Character type: Poke protector
Village: Drakonia
Pokemon: Dratini
Symbol: Salamence
Personallity: Iris rarely talks to people about his problems. He is usualy talkative but he usualy forgets what he is talking about and keeps changing the subject.
Description/Picture: None
History: Iris usualy gets worried about this fabled prophecy. But he doesnt worry about it since he feels he doesnt need to get worried about every little thing.

March 16th, 2007, 9:33 AM
O.K. 1 question...
1: Theres no Chosen for Drakonia yet & you just said pokeprotector chosen or not?