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March 14th, 2007, 4:51 PM

Long ago, there were amulets, otherwise known as PokèAmulets, spread all over Hoeen, Johto, and Kanto. There were twenty-one people from all over the Pokèman World chosen to find a certain PokèAmulet. They were called the ‘chosen ones’.
The PokèAmulet’s mineral they were destined to find had a special embedded spirit of a legendary Pokèmon. The person supposed to find a certain PokèAmulet also had that certain PokèAmulet’s embedded spirit. Their embedded spirit gave the people powers. Their powers led them to the PokèAmulet. If they wear the PokèAmulet, their powers would be even stronger.
They set out on a journey to find, and place the amulets in their special place: The Underwater Sanctum, located under Sootopolis City. When the PokèAmulets were all together they emitted a lot of power, keeping Sootopolis City lit brighter than usual, and keeping the Pokèmon World in tact.
It took all of these people twenty-one years to collect all of the PokèAmulets. Once the last one was placed, the Aquamarine PokèAmulet, all of the chosen ones, mysteriously died.
Fifty years later the Unerwater Sanctum collapsed, and the PokèAmulets spread all over the world again. Now twenty-one new people have been chosen to retrieve the PokèAmulets.
If some of the PokèAmulets get in the hands of Team Rocket, Aqua, or Magma, they will get a lot of power, and possibly send the Pokèmon World into chaos.


You are one of the new chosen ones to find a PokèAmulet. You have special powers that have to deal with the embedded spirit of the legendary Pokèmon you choose. You are to find you’re special powers, and are supposed to find the new place to put the PokèAmulets. You are also supposed to run into the Pokèmon that you’re PokèAmulet posses.


1. You are supposed to find only one PokèAmulet unless told by me that you can find another one.
2. Don’t make you’re powers too odd or too strong.
3. All PC rules.
4.No superpeople, except for you’re powers.
5. Post as daily as possible.
6. No posts over PG-13.
7.No legendaries in you’re team.
8. No godmodding.
9.PM me what you want you’re powers to be before you post you’re powers.

Legendary Pokèmon & Their Minerals: (to choose from)

Legendary/Mineral/Taken/Not Taken
1.Regirock/Granite/Taken by Wooper14
2.Regice/Pearl/Taken by Star Girl
3.Registeel/Mica/Taken by Wooper14
4.Arcticuno/Blue Zircon/Taken by Wooper14
5.Zapdos/Topaz/Taken by Wooper14
6.Moltres/Garnet/Taken by Electivire
7.Raikou/Chrysoberyl/Taken by Wooper14
8.Entei/Synhetic Ruby/Taken by Electivire
9.Suicune/Elbaite/Taken by Telepathic
10.Latias/Rose Zircon/Taken by Rinjii_Justvisiting
11.Latios/Aquamarine/Taken by Wooper14
12.Mewtwo/Alexandrite/Taken by Grim
13.Mew/Amethyst/Taken by ash jr.
14.Lugia/Silver/Taken by Star Girl
15.Ho-Oh/Gold/Taken by Lightning Rider
16.Kyogre/Sapphire/Taken by newblue
17.Groudon/Ruby/Taken by ss5vegeta
18.Rayquaza/Emerald/Taken by Zoom
19.Celebi/Peridot/Taken by Telepathic
20.Jirachi/Chrystal/Taken by RasoREdge
21.Deoxys/Cupriaa Elbaite/Taken by Electivire


Gender: Male or Female
Legendary Pokèmon & Mineral: Choose one from the above list (be sure to have the matching mineral and Pokèmon)
Appearence: will accept pictures, all people need to have 2 lines minimum
Personality:2 lines minimum
Pokèmon: up to 6; no legendaries
History: optional (Preffered)
Other: optional
Where You’re Character is at Start:


1.Up to 2 side characters
2. List where you are before you start post.

March 14th, 2007, 5:01 PM
Name:Cain Ritham
Gender: Male
Legendary Pokèmon & Mineral: Mewtwo/Alexandrite/
Appearence:Cain's hair is black and is so long he keeps it in a braid that goes down to his sholders. Cain wears a standard issue ranger uniform. His pants however are blue jeans. His jacket has an inner pocket which he keeps his orange pokedex inside. His shoes are white and black sneakers (Similar to ash's first Gen shoes) His gloves are brown fingerless gloves. (BTW his ranger clothes are R/S/E ranger style)
PersonalityCain rarely talks to people about his problems. He is usualy talkative but he usualy forgets what he is talking about and keeps changing the subject. The only one who doesnt get annoyed with him is his pokemon. He feels that his pokemon is the one thing he can relait to. He loves to talk to his pokemon about how his day was or how he could beat the next trainer.
Pokèmon: Blaziken, Pigeott, Tyranitar, Ampharos, Alakazam, Tentacruel
History: Cain lived in Pallet town most of his life. There he dreamed of being a pokemon trainer but not on as high a level. He only wanted to help people with his pokemon. Professer Oak gave him a starter after that but then he enrolled as a pokemon ranger. But shortly after a year Cain quit being a ranger since it had so many responsibilities and not enough pokemon training. Then a year later Cain found himself with 6 highly evolved pokemon and all of the Kanto badges
Other: optional
Where You’re Character is at Start: Pallet Town.

March 14th, 2007, 5:04 PM
@Grim: Pretty Good, could be a tad better.ACCEPTED
I'll post my sign-up soon...

Đ a r κ
March 14th, 2007, 5:36 PM
Wooper14, could you reserve a spot for me please?

March 14th, 2007, 5:43 PM


Fallen Angel_Messiah Of Black Roses
March 14th, 2007, 5:46 PM
Name: AJ Lee Valentine
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Legendary Pokèmon & Mineral: Mew- Athymest
Appearence: AJ is a medium sized Hispanic teen, He's about Five Foot four and weighs around 130 something pounds. His eye's are a Cloudy blue and his teeth are nice and pearly, He is wearing an earing in his left ear and has a tattoo of the cross on his forehead. He wears Black leather pants and a black shirt with a white cross and the words 'Judgment Day' he wears black boots with iron soles. He wears a white trench coat with another cross on it, this times black. His hair is grayish white and styled in a ponytail.

Personality: AJ has a fixed personality, he is serious and strict in battle but will also have a sense of humor to lighten up all the tense moments. Averagely he is a layed back calm kinda of guy, real outgoing. Even if you get on his nerves he will be willing to help you but if you really Piss him off your going to regret it, big time. So overall he's a layed back humorous yet strict and serious kind of guy.

Pokèmon: Mudkip, Togepi (Not in a pokeball and doesn't battle, just will be held in his arms or so), Espeon, Umbreon, Glaceon, Kingdra, Rurio
History: Optional
Other: AJ Can play the violen

Rp Sample:Misty stayed alert while sneaking upon the random buildings of Pallet, she saw some spell driven cultist. " Try to divert attention" She mumbled to her group as she kept going, keeping low and quiet and then Snap! "Sh|t" Misty curses as she stepped on a large twig, and as if it was an alert about twelve cultist started to surround them, almost moaning as they sluggishly raised large metal rods or bats. Misty nodded at her team and pulled out her thompsan, she pulled the trigger and almost dropped the machine gun as it unleashed an unholy spray of bullets onto the targets in front of her. Ratatatatatata the sound was deafning and her ears were starting to ache as the figures flew back, blood dribbling from several bullet holes in each one as they crumpled. Misty pulled her finger off the trigger and the sound instantly stopped, Thank god she thought to herself as she looked at the big ass pile of bodies.

"Move out!" Misty yelled as she kept going, while she was running she switched the magizines out for her thompsan. This was going to be a long night.

Arcana Tower

Dillon rubbed an orb made of crystal, and smiled. " Aww yes... Cain and Sol have made it to the destination, though it looks like Cain isn't coping as well as I thought as he would." He mumbled deeply and then grimaced, My children are dying though but his grimace was replaced with a bitterly sweet smile, They're indispencable though. He thought to himself slightly chuckling. " Master, you shouldn't have sent a boy for a mans job" a dark voice interupting Dillon's thought. " Do not worry Lord James. They are indispencable, no great loss." Dillon said, his voice was smoothly sour.

The door burst open without warning as medium sized caucassian bust through, obviously excited about something. Dillon frowned at the interuption, " Lord Dillon! The Magician wishes to send you a mess-" Dillon cut the man off. " Did I say you could come in? Did you knock? Obvious such manners can't be accepted." Dillon grumbled as he clenched his fist-
and the mans right eye exploded. Blood started to dribble down his face as he screeched in pain, " Shut up!" James yelled as he ripped the man throat out, cartillage and the gleaming shine of bone as his throat exposed, the man gave a final blood filled cough as he fell to the ground. Dillon smiled at James " Thank you. I'll dispose of this nuisence." Dillon said grinning as the body and blood disapeared. " We have buisness to attend to." Dillon said his voice fading.

AJ was waiting for the answer he wanted, the reason for the mans apearance when he remembered something. " Barry, where is that Sandslash?" He asked anxious, Barry replied with a shug. " Damn, where'd he go." AJ mumbled looking around

At Start: Blackthorn City

March 14th, 2007, 6:36 PM
Name: Lindsey May Rivers

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Legendary Pokèmon & Mineral: Latias/Rose zircon

Appearence: Lindsey is tall and thin, with somewhate pale skin, shoulder-length honey blonde hair and sky blue eyes. She wears a light green t-shirt and dark blue jeans, as well as a silver bracelet on her left wrist. She usually has a rather serious expression on her face, even if she feels slightly happy or annoyed.

Personality: Lindsey is..Odd. She's rather sensitive, but rarely shows how she feels. She usually tries to act happy around others, but is often sarcastic and offends people without realizing it. She has a hard time trusting new people, but will be extremely loyal to anyone who manages to become her friend. She likes to confuse people with twisted logic.

Pokèmon: Charizard, Rapidash, Mightyena, Persian and Swellow.

Other: Lindsey is an artist. She always carried a sketchbook and various kinds of pencils, erasers, and blenders.

Where You’re Character is at Start: Cerulean City

Đ a r κ
March 14th, 2007, 6:37 PM
Name: Jason Telep Sarano
Age: 14
Legendary pokemon and mineral: Suicune/ Elbaite

Appearance: Jason Reaches at about six feet. He has shiny black hair that is flat on the top but spikes out at the sides. His eyes are dark brown unlike his skin which is a shade of light brown. He wears very baggy clothes. His shirt is Dark green with the picture of a yellowish green dragon on the left side. On top of that, Jason wears a dark brown hoody with a zipper, that falls below his hips. His hood is very large and once it is on his head, it could cover his whole face if pulled down around his face. He wears dark blue, baggy jeans that overlap his dark brown shoes.

Personality: Jason is pretty confident of himself but is sometimes gloomy. He loves to help people when they need it but also likes to get help in return sometimes. He would never betray his friends or even the people who are mean to him yet are still considered his friends. Jason is a little bit of a show off. When ever he gets something new, he likes to keep it out in the open and show it off. Jason is a pretty nice kid although he does have moments where he will act very different from the way people think of him, he is still a nice kid.

1.Eevee: Male. Attacks: Shadow ball, Iron Tail, Bite, Treasure
2.Charizard: Male. Attacks: Air Slash, Flamethrower, Aerial Ace, Iron Tail
3.Hauntar (Shiny, if allowed): Male. Attacks: Destiny Bond, Hypnosis, Nightmare, Dream Eater
4.Medicham: Female. Attacks: Bide, Foresight, Palette Punch, High jump kick.
5.Rapidash: Female. Attacks: Fire Blast, Horn Drill, Flame wheel, Megahorn

History: Jason's father works in a high maintenance job, so his family must move from region to region. Jason was born in Hoenn. After a year or two, his family moved to the Kanto region, and so on. Although Jason hated moving so much, he loved meeting so many people and making alot of new friends. The biggest thing he saw and learned about on his trips was the pokemon in each region. He saw how each region had more and more different pokemon and yet how they were all so alike. After moving from place to place, Jason decided that he wanted to be a pokemon master, so once they went back to the Kanto region, Jason got his first pokemon from Prof. Oak. Jason then used his families moving to his advantage by catching pokemon from each region. Then, once Jason and his family came back to their home town, Littleroot, Jason began his journey on becoming a pokemon master. As time passed, Jason was soon given a nick name: Unbeatable Telepath. People called him that because he never lost a battle, until he got to the elite four. That was where he lost his nick name. Jason got up to the final person and lost. After a month of training, Jason was finally able to beat him, but it will take more than a month to regain his lost title of unbeatable Telepath.

Other: Jason's eyes turn black with a white dot in the middle when he uses his powers (If allowed)

Where your character is at start: Littleroot Town

March 15th, 2007, 2:38 PM
@ash jr.:Good: ACCEPTED
@Rinjii_Justvisiting: Could use some more on the Appearence:PENDING
@Telepathic:Everything looks fine:ACCEPTED

March 15th, 2007, 6:47 PM
Name: Rovert (Not Applicable) Hale

Age: 14

Gender: Male

Legendary Pokèmon & Mineral: Kyogre’s Sapphire (# 16)

Appearance: Rovert is about five-foot-three. Has very pale skin. He has blonde hair with bangs being the longest part and blue eyes. He usually wears a Red shirt with a lightning bolt on it. and blue jeans as well as a pair of black tennis-shoes.

Personality: Rovert will be very shy around most people, most of the time. After getting to know the people he will still mainly keep to himself, but has moments where he will go on and on. He can be an excellent friend but don’t expect him to open up right away…

Wailord; Male; Surf, Dive, Water Pulse, Water Spout.
Ninetales; Male; Overheat, Flamethrower, Flame Wheel, Fire Spin.
Sceptile; Male; Leaf Blade, Solarbeam, Giga Drain, Dragonbreath

History: Rovert is originally from Vermillion City located within the Kanto Region. His father was a close friend of Nivek’s dad in high school. His mom moved to the other end of Vermilion, as his parents divorced while Rovert was very young. His grandparents believed moving to Hoenn would be better moving every week between parents, so they moved to Littleroot. There he met up with Nivek, they quickly became friends. They left on a journey together and specialized in Double-Battling. They easily became the Hoenn champions. But Nivek, despite being a year younger, got more fame and recognition than Rovert so their friendship was strained. A year after becoming the champion, Rovert ran away to Johto. There he, under a pseudonym, became the champion and Nivek stayed the champion of Hoenn. They both travel to Kanto to become Champion there. They are the two finalists and Nivek discovers it is Rovert, and Nivek is finally beaten by Rovert. Rovert then goes back to Vermilion to be at his Dad’s funeral. He starts to go back to Littleroot, when he meets back up with Nivek. Nivek says that the only reason he was always so hard on Rovert is to make him get stronger, and that Rovert has finally found a way to surpass him. The two promise to meet back up a Ever Grande after they are done with their different tasks. (Rovert’s task was to find out something about what happened at Indigo Plateau[discovering his powers])

Others: When using his powers, his eyes turn completely Light-Blue. He can control endothermic energy, (Ice)

Where You’re Character is at start: Littleroot Town

(Man, I almost completely redid this.)

March 15th, 2007, 7:43 PM
@newblue: Put an age, gender, a paragraph for appearance and personality: PENDING

Star Girl
March 16th, 2007, 6:37 AM
Name: Jasmine S. (Sara) Taylor


Gender: Female

Legendary Pokèmon & Mineral: Lugia/Silver

Appearence: Jasmine is about five foot seven. Has a slightly tanned skin. She has brown hair that is pulled into a braided ponytail and blue eyes and wears glasses. She usually wears a white shirt with a a puple wing surrounded by a pink circle on it and black pants along with wearing a pear of black running shoes.

Personality: Has a tendency to be quiet and keep to herself most of the time. Once she starts to get to know people better she starts to get more friendly and extremely talkative. Is extremely loyal towards friends and is always open to new opurtunities.

Charmer (Charizard): Male, Knows: Blast Burn, Flamethrower, Dragon Claw, and Fire Blast
Spark (Ampharos): Female, Knows: Rock Smash, Strength, Shock Wave, and Thunder
Marie (Azumarill): Female, Knows: Hydro Pump, Ice Beam, Blizzard, and Surf
Sol (Victreebel): Male, Knows: Cut, Solar Beam, Mega Drain, and Razor Leaf
Nick (Noctowl): Male, Knows: Fly, Aerial Ace, Wing Attack, and Hypnosis
Kari (Alakazam): Female, Knows: Future Sight, Psychic, Psybeam, and Recover.

History: Jasmine originally hales from Pallet Town in the Kanto Region. Her father works as a researcher over at Professor Oak's lab and her mom just helps out around the house. She met Ira one day when Ira's parents were invited over for dinner. The two slowly began to develop a friendship over the times Ira would come over while her parents were at work. She began to display psychic abilities at a young age and seemed to naturally attract psychic type Pokemon even before she became an official trainer. She was eight years old when she was out walking when a young Abra teleported in front of her. Even though she had run ins with psychic types several times before she feelt a different connection with this Abra and she begged her parents to let her keep it and that is how she ended up with Kari. She began her own Pokemon Journey just about a year ago with her now evolved Charmander and Kari. Ira made the choice to leave at that same time with a Bulbasaur and a Seel ((see Info for details)). After they competed in the Pokemon League at the Indigo Plateau they took a couple of months of break before leaving on their Johto Jouney. When she left she left behind at Professor Oak's research center three of her orginal team.

Others: Her eyes turn golden and her body has a slight purple aura surrounding her when she uses her powers. She also hopes to become a Breeder after she has finished competing in the different leagues. Extremely close friends with Ira and is currently traveling with her.

Where You’re Character is at Start: Olivine City

March 16th, 2007, 10:27 AM
Name: Jimbob Pryre

Age: 14

Gender: Male

Legendary Pokemon and Mineral: Deoxys/Cuprian Elbaite/

Appearence: Jimbob has Spiky brown hair, (not un-natural like anime characters). He wears a white T-Shirt under an open, dark blue Denim jacket and he has Slightly baggy Denim jeans of the same colour. He wears a golden necklace/chain around his neck. He has tanned skin and is slightly short for his age. He has bright, shining, emerald coloured eyes and a scar that starts above his left eye and ends underneath. He has white running shoes that are slightly discoloured from adventure. Despite his height he has quite a bit off upper body strength. He's about 5'2" and about 85 Pounds (Just about 6 Stone-ish so he's skinny).

Personality: Jimbob is active and friendly but very competitive. He appears to have a lot of confidence, but deep down he has very little. He is good at lying and acting but is loyal to his friends. He loves his Pokemon as his family, considering for a brief period in time, he had no idea who he was and had no family or friends. He loves to battle for fun and dosen't mind if he wins or loses as long as he has fun. He also has a mysterious connection to Ghost Pokemon, espescially his first ever Pokemon, Shuppet. He has the tendancy to fall asleep practically everywhere and anywhere. He is renowned for his speed.

1. Shuppet:
Male, Knows: Shadow Ball, Psychic, Recover,Thunder Bolt.
Brief Description: Jimbobs best friend since he was about 5 years old, has been with him through thick and thin. He hates his Pokeball and is playful and friendly. Quite powerful and has adapted Jimbobs mannerisims, Jimbob and Shuppet are inseperable. They're practically brothers.

2. Torterra:
Male, Knows: Frenzy Plant, Leech Seed, Razor Leaf, Earthquake.
Brief Description: Jimbobs main power house and nearly won the final battle in the Sinnoh Pokemon league, but lost. Determained and tough, Torterra will protect his friends by any means and is known to be quite emotional under his tough exterior.

3. Frosslass:
Female, Knows: Ice Beam, Shadow Ball, Hypnosis, Dream Eater.
Brief Description: Frosslass met Jimbob as a baby Glalie in the Sinnoh region, she was originally a trouble maker and a theif. This led to her evolution; while rumaging through another trainers bag she came into contact with an awakening stone. Since her evolution she has been very affectionate towards Jimbob and very jealous when he talks to other Pokemon, even her own team mates, been known to give Jimbob an affectionate Ice beam on occasion.

4. Milotic (Shiny):
Female, Knows: Hydro Pump, Hyper Beam, Recover, Mirror Coat.
Brief Description: Jimbob didn't catch Milotic, she was given to Jimbob by a fisher, the fisher hated Feebass' and considering it was an alternate colour the fisherman thought it was dieseased. This is Jimbobs Second power house, very strong in battle but it is also Jimbobs main contest Pokemon. Oh yeah and she's Shiny! (Here (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpffsa/dpffsa350.png))

5. -Empty Space, may catch a Pokemon if allowed-
6. -Empty Space, may catch a Pokemon if allowed-

Where Your Character is at Start:Home, Mount Pryre. Just returned from the nearby city; Lilycove City. Hw was at Lilycove City for the Grand Festival (Came Third) xD

Brief History: Jimbob grew up on Mount Pryre, where he met his first Pokemon, Shuppet. He was Kidnapped by Kanto Team Rocket when he was 10 and he was Brainwashed, he escaped from life as a Grunt when he was 13 with Shuppet. He then started his adventure through Sinnoh where he re-obtained his memory and obtained his Turtwig, Feebass and Glalie, (Now Torterra, Milotic and Frosslass). He is currently living at home in Hoenn. Like his Older sister Pheobe (Ghost trainer from the Hoenn Elite Four) he has a strong connection and can communicate with Ghost Pokemon. Even though he only has two ghost Pokemon he wants to eventually take her place in the Elite four. He now plans to adventure through his favourite Region, Johto.

Other: Good: Jimbob gets psychic, telepathic and telekinetic powers that only occur when he is wearing his amulet. Can also levitate and soar at high speeds.
Bad: Takes up a lot of energy and must be wearing his Amulet.

EDIT: Changed Description and personality. And Pokemon. Also added personality descriptions for Pokemon.

March 16th, 2007, 11:22 AM
@Electivire: You are supposed to find the PokèAmulet in the RP, so take out the amulet part in the description. Declined

Oh, and everyone ya'll can catch Pokèmon w/out asking, as long as it isn't a legendary.

And for my Sign-Up:

Name: Andrew McGow Pali
Gender: Male
Legendary Pokèmon & Mineral: Latios, Aquamarine/Arcticuno,Blue Zircon
Appearence:Andrew has shiny black, short hair. His eyes are a sparkling, sapphire blue. He has a thin, lanky figure with a strong upper and lower body. He has a black under shirt with a comfy, loose, wite shirt. On the back of his shirt he has the symbol of Shima Island, which is a whirlpool. On the front of his shirt there is a picture of his favorite Pokèmon, Lapras. He has blue pants that match is glowing eyes. He has sparkling clean, white running shoes. He stands tall at 6'3". He has a thin, confident, face.
Personality:Andrew is very outgoing and makes millions of friends. He has friends of all ages. He is a very competitive trainer and will never give up. He runs triathalons and is good at swimming, cross-country running, and cross-country biking. His favorite of the three is swimming. He has always wanted to help out the Pokemon community. He loves it when he gets a new Pokemon. His Pokemon are more than just parters to battle with, they are is friends. He isn't a sore loser or sore winner.

Name: Politoed
Gender: Female
Moves: Water Pulse, Hyper Beam, Earthquake, Double Edge
Nature: Jolly

Name: Feraligatr
Gender: Male
Moves: Hydro Pump, Return, Iron Tail, Dragon Claw
Nature: Serious

Name: Sealeo
Gender: Female
Moves: Sheer Cold, Double Edge, Ice Ball, Surf
Nature: Lax

Name: Snaesel
Gender: Male
Moves: Beat Up, Shadow Bawl, Aerial Ace, Strength
Nature: Naughty

Name: Gardevoir
Gender: Female
Moves: Hypnosis, Dream Eater, Thunder Bolt, Attract
Nature: Gentle

Name: Erureido
Gender: Male
Moves: In Fight, Giga Attack, Focus Punch, Focus Bomb
Nature: Calm

History: Andrew was born into a family of 7 kids. All of his brothers and sisters grew up to be well- known. He thought he couldn't live up to his sibilings. He had gotten a lot of Pokèmon too. One day he got a letter adressed to him talking about the PokèAmulets from Prof.Rotwood saying that he was a chosen one. Meybe he could become well known from this, he thought. He found out that he has powers too. Then, he set out on a journey to Four Island, where all of the chosen ones, like him, will meet.

Andrew sibilings(from oldest to youngest):
1. Wallace, 21, Gym Leader
2. Noland, 20, Frontier Brain
3. Brawly, 18, Gym Leader
4. Flanery, 17, Gym Leader
5. Misty, 15, Gym Leader
6. Tate, 9, Gym Leader
7. Liza, 9, Gym Leader
Other: When Andrew uses his powers he gets blue marks on his body (like tatoos) that are similar to the marks on Latios. His powers relate to the powers of Arcticuno.
Where You’re Character is at Start: (I was going to start in Lillycove, but everyone else is...) Goldenrod City

March 16th, 2007, 3:58 PM

@Star Girl: ACCEPTED


March 16th, 2007, 5:05 PM
Name:Eria Seiryuu Uma


Gender: Male

Legendary Pokèmon & Mineral: Ho-oh/Gold

Appearence: http://i47.photobucket.com/albums/f174/aquinostyle/batsustrider.jpg He wears navy blue pants and a navy blue t-shirt.He also wears a red mask over his nose and mouth and also and a long red scarf around his neck. He also wears arm guards and fingerless gloves.

Personality:A very talkative person. He has a positive look to things but is sometimes serious. He is energetic and has a good sense of humor and a sense of justice. He does not like people who annoy him though (obviously).

Pokèmon: Blaziken , Torterra , Feraligatr , Pichu , Glaceon , Staraptor

History: He has lived in Pallet Town for ever since he could remember. He never got his starting pokemon , Torterra , from Oak though. He as traveled around the regions of Shinou and Johto and found himself winning against the Shinou Pokemon Champion Shirona and kind of having a crush on her , since they are of the same age. He has declined the offer of Pokemon Champion and has become friends with Shirona and as written to her weekly.

Other: He hates foods like Wasabi and Fish.

Where You’re Character is at Start: Pallet Town

March 16th, 2007, 10:26 PM
Name:Kojiro "Zoom" Taikai
Gender: Male
Legendary Pokèmon & Mineral: Rayquaza/Emerald

Appearence:Kojiro has Spiked blonde hair,which seems to never move no matter how fast he is running or moving,he wears a blue worn down shirt which hes worn since the age of eighteen the shirt has wings sowed onto the breast pocket and once belonged to his father.he wears black pants with a chain hanging loosely.He also wears black scuffed shoes.

Personality:Scornful to many around him he prefers to be alone ,he doesnt have many friends and keeps to himself,always making hurtful comments to those who try to befriend him the only one he is truly respectful to is his mother.He tremendously trains his pokemon even though he does his bond with them is very strong

Metagross:Metal Claw,Meteor Mash,Psychic,Take Down

Gyrados:Hydro Pump,Dragon Rage,Twister,Thrash

Salamence: Dragonclaw,Dragonbreath,Fly,Aerial Ace

History: He was born in Lilycove City to his father and mother,His father was a expert pokemon trainer,and always prefered flying types,his father became a cop and was constantly after Team Rocket one day while on a routine run he observed a grunt stealing a pokemon he chased him but was never heard from again.This loss of his father crippled him he never became friends to anyone and kept to himself.When he became old enough he decided to become a pokemon trainer his first pokemon was a Bagon which he found walking around in a cave the bagon was hostile towards him but after Kojiro caught him the 2 were inseperable after awhile he caught a weird looking pokemon in the same cave a beldum.He trained the poekmon trememdously and and fought other trainers and eventually evolved unto what they became today his most recent pokemon was magikarp which quickly evolved into a Gyarados.He continues to strive to be his best.He has a nickname which many people call him throughout Lilycove they call him "Zoom" for his Pokemon's lightning fast attacks and he is said to be one of the fastest runners in all of Hoenn.Lately Kojiro has felt strange as if apart of him was missing.
Other: when he uses his powers a bright aura glows around him
Where You’re Character is at Start: Lilycove City

March 17th, 2007, 6:22 AM
@Lightning Rider:you need two lines of appearence, no matter what. Otherwise, everything is good. PENDING
@Zoom:Everything looks good: Accepted

March 17th, 2007, 6:50 AM
Am I accepted now i've taken it out or not? Edited Personality and Description quite a bit by the way. Also Changed Pokemon and added Brief descriptions.

March 17th, 2007, 6:57 AM
Name:Ray Hikari
Gender: Male
Legendary Pokèmon & Mineral: Jirachi/Chrystal
Appearence:Has Spikey White Hair and has eye color of sapphire blue
Personality:loves dragon pokemon because a kingdra ones save his life from drowning,quite and calm,intimidating and timid if angered and also a bookworm,Admires Kingdra and The Leader Norman.
History:When he was only 6, his family went to LiLyCove for a vacation,he wandered around and has tripped over a staryu and by coincidence a Wailord used WaterSpout and send Ray in the Middle of Lilycove and Mossdeep.A Kingdra appeared and save him and the Gym Leader Norman came to save him and the startled Kingdra went away,he used that experience to always gets stronger
Others:he can only use his power when its triggered,that's why he's searching for the PokeAmulet to find some Adventtures and Answers
Where You’re Character is at Start:Littleroot Town

March 17th, 2007, 11:32 AM
I just updated the sign up , wooper

March 17th, 2007, 12:12 PM
@Electrive: Accepted
@Lightning Rider: Accepted
@RazoREdge: needs a lot of work. Improve grammor and spelling mainly. DECLINED

March 17th, 2007, 2:08 PM
Can we make a start soon? It might take a while too get the other 12 members.

March 17th, 2007, 3:14 PM
ya, we will start soon...

If anyone wants to play 2 main characters, you can post another sign up.

My other character's sign up is coming soon...

Đ a r κ
March 17th, 2007, 6:01 PM
Ok, here is my other character, hope it is good.

Name: Benai helay planata
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Legendary pokemon and mineral: Celebi/ Peridot
Personality: Benai is very energetic and loves to rough play. He talks the talk and walks the walk. If he begins to start something with someone, he won't back down from fighting. He is care-free and lives life to it's fullest. Benai will protect his friends at all costs and always has their back. Benai will never leave a friend to fight someone by themselves. Although Benai is very care-free, his conduct is still very good. He is very polite and will help anyone even if they are a stranger.

Description: Benai has short, shiny black hair which falls to the bottom of his chin. His hair also has dark green highlights. His eyes are also a beautiful dark green color. His skin is a mixture of black and white but his body shows more whiteness than darkness. Benai wears a dark green, short sleeved shirt that has the picture of a pure black four leaf clover melting in the middle of the shirt. He also wears a pare of black, fingerless gloves. Benai's pants are baggy, dark blue jeans that overlap his black shoes.

1. Turtwig: Male. Attacks: Razor Leaf, Seed Bomb, Leach Seed, Body slam.
2. Leafeon: Female. Attacks: Leaf Blade, Grass whistle, Razor Leaf, Sunny Day.
3. Blaziken: Male. Attacks: Sky Uppercut, Blaze Kick, Blade Test, Counter.
4. Tododile: Male. Attacks: Hydro Pump, Aqua Tail, Aerial Ace, Shadow Claw.
5. Golem: Female. Attacks: Rollout, Arm Hammer, Earthquake, Explosion,
6. Arcanine (Shiny): Male. Attacks: Extreem Speed, Heat Wave, Fire Spin, Thunder Fang.

History: When Benai was born, his mother died after delivering him. Benai's father was furious because of this unfortunate event and hated Benai ever since he was born. Benai's dad raised him for thirteen years, then threw him out in the streets, not caring what would happen to Benai. After a month of no money and no job, Benai began to meet many pokemon. Benai found alot of poke balls around the streets apparently dropped by trainers. Benai took this to his advantage. He took the poke balls and caught pokemon. As time passed, his relation with his pokemon grew and they helped him get threw life. Then after a year of fending for himself, a woman crossed by him and offered him a home. Benai accepted and lived with her and her family. This family had many people who were known in the world. This woman's husband was a gym leader, her oldest son was a leader pokemon ranger and her youngest daughter was a master at pokemon contests. This womans younger son was planning on becoming a master pokemon breeder. The only thing this family didn't have was a pokemon master. Benai then trained with his pokemon night and day wanting to become a pokemon master, knowing that he was sent to this family for a purpose. Benai wants to become a master, make his mother proud and prove to his real father that he was born for a reason, not just to have his mother die. After another year with an actual family, Benai set off on his journey to become a pokemon master.

Other: Benai's hands turn dark green when he uses his abilities. He uses his powers mostly for defence but sometimes uses them for offence.
Where your character is at start: Littleroot.

March 18th, 2007, 5:05 AM
Telepathic: Accepted, again...I loved the way you wrote you're apperence...Very good.

as for my sign up:

Name:Leah Electricitas Electrometri
Gender: Female
Legendary Pokèmon & Mineral: Raikou, Chrysoberyl & Zapdos, Topaz
Appearence: Leah has bleach-blonde hair, that isn't bleached. She has her hair pulled back into a tight bun. She has beautiful, beady, yellow eyes. Her skin is nicely tanned. She has shiny, white teeth, and a beautiful smile. She wears a tight yellow shirt, with her favorite two Pokèmon on it: Minun and Plusle. She wears tight, black jeans, with yellow lighning bolts on them. She has pure-white shoes.
Personality: Leah loves to run. She is the fastest in her city. She is called Lee, due to her initials: L.E.E. She is always outgoing and is always ready for adventure, and new friends. She loves all of her playful Pokèmon. She wishes that someday she will get a chance for a big adventure.

Minun, Male
Plusle, Female
Pachirisu, Female
Luxray, Male
Electabuzz, Male
Ampharos, Female

History: Leah was born into a small, rich family in Violet Town. They lived in a huge mancion. She went to the best of Pokèmon schools, withch was in Lillycove. She moved away from her parents early to go to a year-round school. She never got to talk to her parents. On one weekend she decided to visit her parents back in Violet Town. She found out that they had moved to Azalea Town. She went to Azalea Town and found out that they had moved to somewhere else. She kept on going to many towns to found out that they had moved somewhere else. In one town she found out that they had died. She moved back to Lillycove to continue school. When she was 14 her whole grade went to Shinno to get Pokèmon. She graduated top of her class.
Others: She gets a scar on her forehead shaped like a lightning bolt when she uses her powers. (Yup, I'm going Harry Potter! o.O)
Where You’re Character is at Start: Lillycove City

March 18th, 2007, 5:06 AM
sorry im not good in english, if it has been declined again pls. reserve me for jirachi..
here i improve it a little, here i go

Name:Ray Hikari
Gender: Male
Legendary Pokèmon & Mineral: Jirachi/Chrystal
Appearence:Has Spikey White Hair and has eye color of sapphire blue,wore a green hoodie and blue pants, has a sleeveless green undershirt
Personality:loves dragon pokemon,quite and calm,intimidating and timid if angered,a bit of a bookworm,Admires the pokemon Kingdra
Pokèmon:Blaziken-Slash,Fire Punch, Blaze Kick, Mirror Move
Kingdra-Twister,Ice Beam, Surf, Body Slam
Altaria-Dragonbreathe,Dragon Claw, Fly, Sky Attack
Magneton-Zap Cannon,Thunder,Facade,Hyper Beam
Slaking-Skill Swap,Covet,Faint Attack,Strenght
Gardevoir-Psychic,Magical Leaf,Hypnosis,Dream Eater
History:When he was only 6, his family went to Lilycove for a vacation,he wandered around and has trip over a staryu and by coincidence,a Wailord have hust used WaterSpout and send Ray flying off in the Middle of Lilycove and Mossdeep.then a Kingdra appeared and save him,brought him to the land and Norman happens to passed by saw Ray unconcious and brought him back to his parents, he realized that a kingdra save him before Norman did.by paying Kingdra back to his Kindness,he swore to be a best friend to Pokemons.
Others:His powers is a defence mechanism,an aura will surround him and give him power to freely control metal and a cocoon will cover him to prevent him from harm,though he will not remember anything at all
Where You’re Character is at Start:Littleroot Town

March 18th, 2007, 6:23 AM
RazoREdge: Declined. Reserved. Make a new character and look to make sure it is like the one that I edited.

Name:Ray Hikari
Gender: Male
Legendary Pokèmon & Mineral: Jirachi/Chrystal
Appearence:Has Spikey White Hair and has eye color of sapphire blue,wore a green hoodie and blue pants, has a sleeveless green undershirt
Personality:loves dragon pokemon,quite and calm,intimidating and timid if angered,a bit of a bookworm,Admires the pokemon Kingdra
Pokèmon:Blaziken-Slash,Fire Punch, Blaze Kick, Mirror Move
Kingdra-Twister,Ice Beam, Surf, Body Slam
Altaria-Dragonbreathe,Dragon Claw, Fly, Sky Attack
Magneton-Zap Cannon,Thunder,Facade,Hyper Beam
Slaking-Skill Swap,Covet,Faint Attack,Strenght
Gardevoir-Psychic,Magical Leaf,Hypnosis,Dream Eater
History:When he was only 6, his family went to Lilycove for a vacation,he wandered around and has trip over a staryu and by coincidence,a Wailord have hust used WaterSpout and send Ray flying off in the Middle of Lilycove and Mossdeep.then a Kingdra appeared and save him,brought him to the land and Norman happens to passed by saw Ray unconcious and brought him back to his parents, he realized that a kingdra save him before Norman did.by paying Kingdra back to his Kindness,he swore to be a best friend to Pokemons.
Others:His powers is a defence mechanism,an aura will surround him and give him power to freely control metal and a cocoon will cover him to prevent him from harm,though he will not remember anything at all
Where You’re Character is at Start:Littleroot Town

Okay... This is how I would like it (at the least):

Name:Ray Hikari
Gender: Male
Legendary Pokèmon & Mineral: Jirachi/Chrystal
Appearence:Ray has spikey, white hair. His eyes are a, sparkling, sapphire blue. He wears a green hoodie and blue pants. He has a sleeveless green undershirt.
Personality:Ray loves dragon Pokemon. He is quite and calm. If he is angry, he can get intimidating and timid. Ray is a bit of a bookworm. He admires the Pokemon Kingdra.

Blaziken-Slash,Fire Punch, Blaze Kick, Mirror Move
Kingdra-Twister,Ice Beam, Surf, Body Slam
Altaria-Dragonbreathe,Dragon Claw, Fly, Sky Attack
Magneton-Zap Cannon,Thunder,Facade,Hyper Beam
Slaking-Skill Swap,Covet,Faint Attack,Strenght
Gardevoir-Psychic,Magical Leaf,Hypnosis,Dream Eater

History:When he was 6, his family went to Lilycove for a vacation. He wondered around, and tripped over a Staryu, and he made a loud sound. A startled Wailord must have had used water spout, which sent Ray flying into the middle of the ocean, between Lillycove and Mossdeep. Then a Kingdra appeared to save him. The Kingdra brought him to land. Gym Leader Norman happened to pass by and see Ray unconcious. Norman brought Ray back to his parents. Ray realized that a Kingdra had saved him before Norman noticed. By paying Kingdra back he swore to be best friends to all Pokemon.
Others:N/A (tell me what you want you're power to be before posting it)
Where You’re Character is at Start:Littleroot Town

March 18th, 2007, 6:39 AM
thanks for the tips
well i think my character's power is freely controling metals/steel

March 18th, 2007, 7:45 AM
okay that sounds good. write a new sign- up and I'll probably accept it. We will start the RP soon.


March 18th, 2007, 9:18 AM
ok then here i go!

Name:Cole Kosuke
Gender: Male
Legendary Pokèmon & Mineral:Jirachi/Chrystal
Appearence:Cole has Dark Green hair, blue sleeveless shirt, orange shorts green pair of sandals and a hat same as a DP triathlete
Pokèmon:Blaziken(M)-Slash,Fire Punch, Blaze Kick, Mirror Move
Kingdra(M)-Twister,Ice Beam, Surf, Body Slam
Altaria(F)-Dragonbreathe,Dragon Claw, Fly, Sky Attack
Magneton-Zap Cannon,Thunder,Facade,Hyper Beam
Slaking(M)-Skill Swap,Covet,Faint Attack,Strenght
Gardevoir(F)-Psychic,Magical Leaf,Hypnosis,Dream Eater
History:When Cole was visiting Mossdeep City, he came attracted to the Space Station.There he visited the Station and explored the whole building, while he was watching the stars through the telescope, he saw a star-shaped pokemon gliding through the space.The Pokemon opened its eyes and look directly at Cole,then the Pokemon eyes turns white and Cole began to feel strange.Cole later knew the Pokemon he saw was Jirachi,then when got home all the electronics he passed by was making strange noises,the noise was familiar with him,then he realize that was a sound of Stell-type move called Metal Sound.he realized that Jirachi gave him that powers and the only way to reverse it is by finding Jirachi's PokeAmulet.
Other:His power to freely control metal is a defence mechanism, he uses his powers if he's in trouble or by accident
Where You’re Character is at Start:Littleroot Town

March 18th, 2007, 11:16 AM
RazoREdge: Good. you need a personality. on you're personality make it into a paragraph so it is more than one line. Just do that and you're accepted: Pending

Đ a r κ
March 18th, 2007, 11:26 AM
@Wooper14: I added a small detail to my second character's sign up where it says "other".

March 18th, 2007, 11:45 AM
Note: When I talk about contests I mean like the ones from the Anime.

Kari Chrono



Legendary Pokèmon & Mineral:
Entei & Synhetic Ruby
Moltres & Garnet

Kari is a stunningly beautiful young girl, she has piercing, yet breath taking ice blue, aquamarine eyes and her beautiful hair ends where her knee starts. Her hair flows with a mousey brown colour made unique with a light blue streak of hair that starts from her fringe and ends at her cheek. She has tanned skin and wares a white tank top, a mild pink skirt and a white hat with a mild pink Pokeball symbol imprinted upon it. Her running shoes are bright white with pink stripes. She has a very light brown, bag that falls at her waist.

Despite her beautiful appearence she is actually quite snobish and naive. She is absalutley terrified of bug Pokemon. But the passion burns within her and her love of fire Pokemon reflects this. She is tough and has lasted on adventures through Kanto and the Sevii Islands with many Contest Ribbons under her belt. She came Second in the Kanto grand festival and Won the Annual Sevii Grand festival on One Island (Knot Island).

1. Rapidash Female:
Flamethrower, Flame Wheel, Extremespeed, Overheat.
Brief Description: Rapidash is newley evolved. She was Karis' first Pokemon. She demanded that her Dad buy it for her. Ponyta didn't like Kari at first because she was too spoilt. Kari one night protected Ponyta from a gang of Bikers on her home island (Five Island) and Ponyta came to respect her trainer. She evolved at the last round of the Sevii Grand Festival. Rapidash and Ninetails are her primary battle Pokemon.

2. Charmander Male:
Ember, Fire Spin, Fire Fang, Scary Face,
Brief Description: Charmander was given too Kari by Prof. Oak. It was her Second Pokemon. Like Magby he is primary used for the plimenarys of Pokemon Contests. Charmander has been with Kari for a long time, it hates too battle. The Pokemon is very timid, calm, friendly and loveable. Slightly more Chubby than regular Charmanders he is Karis Cutest Pokemon. He wouldn't hurt a fly and is often seen out of his Pokeball, although he does go inside on occasion he is often carried around by Kari. (Like Misty and Togepi).

3. Magby Male:
Ember, Fire Punch, Will-O-Wisp, Double Team.
Brief Sescription: Karis Third Pokemon was given to her as an egg from by her Grandparents, they own a daycare center on Four island, next too Karis home island (Five Island) Magby and Charmander are her two favourite Pokemon for the first round of contests (Where they show off Attacks) Magby thinks that he is really strong and when released from his Pokeball he shows off his Boxing and kick boxing "Moves". (Aww... Cute)

4. Ninetails Female:
Shadow Ball, Heat Wave, Overheat, Flamethrower.
Brief Sescription: This is the only Pokemon that Kari actually caught. She caught it after she and the Wild Vulpix teamed up too stop two thugs. Vulpix and Ponyta teamed up too defeat the Thugs two Pokemon (Steelix and Skarmory). After this Kari challenged Vulpix to a battle where she caught it. Kari and Vulpix agreed too use evolution as a last resort in a contest against her biggest rival. Since then Ninetails and Rapidash have been her two main battle Pokemon and Power Houses.

5. Quilava Male:
Flame Wheel, Dig, Heat wave, Fire Spin.
Brief Description: Karis Fifth Pokemon. Kari recieved Quilava in a trade for her mischevious Wigglytuff (Wigglytuff hated Kari). Quilava is very affectionate and has only been in one contest, the Sevii Grand Festival. He won his first (and only) Contest battle.

Kari is very spoilt because her Dad owns Four and Five Island in the Sevii islands. Her mother drowned in a horiffic accident envolving a Tentacruel (who was just playing) and as a result she has a deep rooted fear and hatred of Water Pokemon. She is an elite Co-Ordinator having won one a Grand Festival and came second in another. All her Pokemon are her best friends.

When she uses her Powers she gets a flaming red aura and her pupils turn red. She can control flames and use the Pokemon attack 'Flamethrower' from her hands.

March 18th, 2007, 12:20 PM
Electrive: Accepted. you can find Moltres's Amulet as long as you put it on you're sign-up and only have one power

March 18th, 2007, 11:20 PM
i must forgotten it sorry ^_^

Name:Cole Kosuke
Gender: Male
Legendary Pokèmon & Mineral:Jirachi/Chrystal
Appearence:Cole has Dark Green hair, blue sleeveless shirt, orange shorts green pair of sandals and a hat same as a DP triathlete
Personality:Cole is a genuinely kind person who is always trying to help people and pokemon out.He is a bit of a simpleton who constantly uses his ability(to freely control metal)against people, but that is because he just can't stand seeing these nasty people hurting and tormenting little kids and pokemons.Coming from a rich family, people had pretended to be his friends so that he would buy them things, that is why he hate people who decieve others into thinking they were there friends.
Pokèmon:Blaziken(M)-Slash,Fire Punch, Blaze Kick, Mirror Move
Kingdra(M)-Twister,Ice Beam, Surf, Body Slam
Altaria(F)-Dragonbreathe,Dragon Claw, Fly, Sky Attack
Magneton-Zap Cannon,Thunder,Facade,Hyper Beam
Slaking(M)-Skill Swap,Covet,Faint Attack,Strenght
Gardevoir(F)-Psychic,Magical Leaf,Hypnosis,Dream Eater
History:When Cole was visiting Mossdeep City, he came attracted to the Space Station.There he visited the Station and explored the whole building, while he was watching the stars through the telescope, he saw a star-shaped pokemon gliding through the space.The Pokemon opened its eyes and look directly at Cole,then the Pokemon eyes turns white and Cole began to feel strange.Cole later knew the Pokemon he saw was Jirachi,then when got home all the electronics he passed by was making strange noises,the noise was familiar with him,then he realize that was a sound of Stell-type move called Metal Sound.he realized that Jirachi gave him that powers and the only way to reverse it is by finding Jirachi's PokeAmulet.
Other:His power to freely control metal is a defence mechanism, he uses his powers if he's in trouble or by accident
Where You’re Character is at Start:Littleroot Town

March 19th, 2007, 8:39 AM
Can I join?

Name: Emerald Topaz
Gender: Male
Legendary Pokèmon & Mineral: Groudon/Ruby
Appearence: Tall, medium weight, short brown hair and brown eyes. Normaly weres a T shirt (it's very hot near the Volcano) and jeans. He has no facial hair and sorta muclely arms, quite long legs and roundish shaped head.
Personality: Smart, mysterious, caring and dosent like talking much. He can get annoyed with people but dosent use his powers unless he has to, he loves training his Pokemon in new places. But hates sports and annjoys just relaxing sometimes, he gains more pride of himself every badge he gets, he is hoping for his last badge in Hoenn but can't work up the nurve to ask Flannery.
Dragonite (M)- Outrage, Hyper Beam, Wing Attack and Thunder.
Tyranitar (M)- Hyper Beam, Rock Slide, Earthquake and Crunch.
Salamence (M)- Double Edge, Dragon Claw, Crunch and Fly.
Metagross (M)- Psychic, Iron Defense, Meteor Mash and Hyper Beam.
Shiny Magikarp (M)- Splash, Tackle and Flail.
??? Egg.
History: A drifter who passes from land to land, came across Lavaridge Town, he then found a rather confatable looking hot spring bath, whilst taking a hot spring bath he meets a girl named Flannery in the spring who happens to be the town's Gym Leader, finding that she has a love for Pokemon but can be clumsy he helps her become a better more confident Gym Leader, they then after time fall in love, though Declan rarley ever leaves Lavaridge other then to train, most of the time Flannery joins him but he sometimes needs time alone. After escaping from Flannery's 'grip' he ventured far to Mt. Chimney were he looked up and to find a Earthquake suddenly occurs causing fire to swirl around him, just before losing contiousness he heard the legendary cry of Groudon, he the woke up in a in the towns Pokemon centre, Flannery had found him, he was lost for hours he wakes up and dosent tell her what happened he then goes out to train his Pokemon the next day, he then accidently in rage stomps and creates an Earthquake at one of his Pokemon, he then finds out about his power, he never tells anyone only him and his Pokemon know.
Other: Many trainers want the Shiny Magikarp and Girlfreind is Flannery. Has the power to cause massive Earthquakes fire, power is sometimes uncontrolable. He has collected all the Hoenn badges epcept for the Heat badge.
Where You’re Character is at Start: Lavaridge Town.

March 19th, 2007, 9:08 AM
erm , no offence ss5 vegeta , but I've already taken Ho-oh. And wooper14 , I think you forgot to update the minerals and pokemon part. =P

March 19th, 2007, 9:39 AM
I'll change it to Groudon then, it come s from Hoenn.

March 19th, 2007, 10:04 AM
ss5vegeta:Declined. Need a paragraph on appearence and personality


will start very soon!!

March 19th, 2007, 10:22 AM
I edited it. Tell me what to imp[rove if you must, I probably wont be bothered to and won't enter.

Star Girl
March 19th, 2007, 1:48 PM
Name: Ira Wilson


Gender: Female

Legendary Pokèmon & Mineral: Regice/Pearl

Appearence: Light blue hair that falls to her shoulders and dark blue eyes with glasses. She stands about 5'6. She usually waers a light blue shirt and black pants. She wears a necklace around her neck that has a small charm that is in the shape of a snowflake. She also wears a charm bracelet that has snowflake charms on it

Personality: She prefers to keep to herself. Appears to be cold at times especially to strangers. She prefers to keep to herself and can take her time to warm up to people. The few people she is close to she trusts quite a lot. Those few people that truly do know her know that and respect her not only as a trainer but as a friend.


Vera (Venasaur): Female, Knows: Razor Leaf, Cut, Solarbeam, and Frenzy Plant
Ember (Ninetales): Female, Knows: Fire Blast, Flamethrower, Fire Spin, and Will-O-Whisp
Crystal (Dewgong): Female, Knows: Sheer Cold, Surf, Ice Beam, Aurora Beam
Shaw (Noctowl): Male, Knows: Fly, Aerial Ace, Wing Attack, and Hypnosis
Bolty (Raichu): Male Knows: Strength, Rock Smash, Thunder, and Shock Wave.
Zan (Xatu): Male Knows: Psychic, Future Sight, Recover, and Confusion

History: Hales from Pallet Town in the Kanto Region. Both her parents work as researchers at Professor Oak's labratory and before she left she found herself home alone quite abit when she wasn't out and about or at Jasmine's house. She and Jasmine met when her parents made her come to a dinner that Jasmine's father had invited them over for. After that initial meeting she and Jasmine would sometimes hang out at Jasmine's house after school until one of her parents came to pick her up. She discovered her powers completely by accident. One day she was wishing she had some ice and she accidently formed a ball of ice in her hands. After a couple more attempts at the same thing she realized that whatever was happening was no fluke. A couple of months after she discovered her powers she found a washed up injured Seel on the outskirts of town that she helped nurse back to health and was allowed to keep at her house. A year ago she left with Jasmine on her Pokemon journey bringing along a now evolved Bublasaur and the Seel that she had helped to nurse to help several years before. After they competed in the Pokemon League at the Indigo Plateau they took a couple of months of break before leaving on their Johto Jouney. When she left she left behind at Professor Oak's research center two of her original team.

Other: She and Jasmine are close friends and are currently traveling with each other. She is unaware of what she wants to do after she finishes competing in the differen leagues but is also considering becoming a Breeder.

Where You’re Character is at Start: Olivine City

March 19th, 2007, 1:57 PM
Wow, more and more people. We are supposed to start soon so that is pretty good.

March 19th, 2007, 5:18 PM
Star Girl: Accepted... Pretty Good

ss5vegeta: Accepted: just watch you're spelling and grammor during the RP.

Here is a sign up for the 2 regi's

Name: Luther, and Robert
Age: 13, and 13
Gender: Robert: Male, and Luther: Male
Legendary Pokèmon & Mineral:
Luther: Regirock/Granite/
Robert: Registeel/Mica/
Appearence: Robert and Luther are identical. They have brown hair and tanned skin. They usually wear grey T-Shirts and blue jeans. They have a muscular lower and upper body. They have black shoes.

Robert is outgoing, but not as much as Sammy. He loves sports, but mainly football. He has plenty of friends. He is always proud to battle with his brother, but not his sister.

Luther isn't outgoing at all. His sport is basketball, but preffers playing the piano. He has some friends, his biggest friend: Robert. He doensn't care wether he battles with his sister and brother.

History: N/A
Other: n/a
Where You’re Characters are at Start: Mt.Pyre

And finnaly, the starting post(s):

Goldenrod City
Andrew woke up, and went to the bathroom. He was getting ready for the big day. He took a shower, and got all spiffed up. He packed his backpack, and went down stairs. All of his brothers and sisters had come home for spring break. Wallace, Noland, Brawly, and Flannery were already up. Wallace was in the pool training his water Pokèmon. Andrew went outside, and sent out Politoed. Wallace had given him Poliwag.
"Hey champ! Why up so early? You know, you're gonna wake up the young'ens."
"Hey Wallace. I think I'm going to head to Four Island today, and start a journey."
"Oh, that sounds cool. I wish you luck! But, for now, I need to get back to training!"
"Okay, see ya!"
Andrew walked into the house and was greeted by Noland.
"Hey! I see that you're finnaly starting a journey of you're own."
"You know what, I'll loan you a Pidgeot to get you to where you need to go."
"Wow, thanks."
"Good luck!" Noland said as he handed Andrew a Pokeball.
Andrew walked into the kitchen to see Flanery helping mom with breakfest.
Andrew's mom said,"Finnaly starting on a journey?"
"Yeah" Andrew replied.
"Well, good luck!"
Flannery ignored him; Flannery didn't like him too mutch.
Andrew walked out the door with a Go-Tart, and saw Brawly running laps.
"See ya, Brawly!" Andrew said as he released the Pidgeot.
"Pidgeot! Fly!" Andrew said as he boarded the Pokemon. In what seemed like seconds they reached Four Island.
Well, I geuss I'll just wait for the others. Andrew thought.

Đ a r κ
March 19th, 2007, 8:04 PM
Littleroot Town

"Ahh." Jason sighed while stretching his arms out. He then leaned over to a counter which had his bag filled with his clothes and ect. He put his arms through straps and headed downstairs. He then walked into the living room and noticed his dad writing on a piece of paper with alot of writing. Jason then headed to the kitchen and saw his mother and she didn't seem all to happy.

"Mom, whats wrong?" He asked. "It's nothing. It's just, we have to move again and your going on your journey already and we wont see you for a long time. And I know we will be moving alot more so you won't be able to find us. We won't see each other again." His mother said while beginning to cry.

Jason leaned forward to hug his mother. "It's ok, and besides, I will be on T.V. so you will always see me." "Promise me you won't get into trouble." "I promise." Jason finally headed out side and looked to the sky. "From here on out, it's just me and my pokemon."

LittleRoot Town

"Benai, wake up or you will be late!" Yelled Benai's mom. "Ah!" Benai yelled as he jumped in astonishment. "Man, can't I get two more five minutes of sleep?" He said as he stood up and grabbed his back pack. He headed downstairs and hugged his mother. "how do you plan on getting around?" She asked.

Benai seemed puzzled. "Uhh, I don't know. I was planning on riding my Arcanine." Benai's mom didn't seem glade. "That is the only pokemon you have that you can ride. You need to catch a flying pokemon." "I will mom, bye see you soon." "Ok, bye make us proud." She said, not crying since she was used to her kids leaving.

As Benai walked out, he noticed another kid. He had his Charizard out. "Uh, hey kid. Do you think I could catch a ride with you?" Benai asked.

March 19th, 2007, 8:44 PM
Pallet Town

Eria looked at the clock and sighed. "Seven o'clock in the morning. Might as well get ready..." Eria started to put on a new pair of clothes as he got out of the shower. He went down to the kitchen of his house and started to make some eggs. He was still drowsy though and wasn't focusing right. He put his hand on the stove and burned it a bit. "Gah! Damn it!"

Eria walked outside with a smile and breathed in the fresh air. "Aaaah. It's almost time!" He said with a smile.

March 19th, 2007, 8:59 PM

The alarm clock bleeped red letters that read 7:02. Cain didnt want to get up though. He had bad experiences from getting up early. Ever since he stopped going to trainer school he stopped getting up early. But when he became a trainer he had to get up even earlyer. But now that he was a trainer he no longer had to do so. But he just felt that he was wasting the day not getting up early if he didnt.

Cain got up finnaly and put on his clothes. He proceded to place his jacket on but he decided to do it later. Cain walked past his pokemon who were snoozing. Blaziken in a chair, Pigeott on the roof in a nest he made recently, Tyranitar outside in the backyard with tentacruel, Ampharos snoozing on his back and Alakazam meditating quietly. Cain's pokemon were used to getting up early like he was. But there was one exception, they didnt groan about it as much as he did.

Cain quickly woke up his pokemon that were inside the house. Then he went downstairs and gave them some pokechow. He proceded to make himself some Pikabite cerial and some Orange Juice.

After having breakfast Cain put his jacket on along with his shoes and placed his pokemon in their balls. Then went outside. Tyranitar was eating dirt as usual and Tentacuel was swiming in the water by Pallet town. Cain was glad his parent's old house was near the water. Ever since his dad died and his mother moved to Goldenrod he was left with the house. It was given to him on trainer loan meaning he wouldnt have to pay for it untill he was 30 years old.

Cain of course was bored of staying around Pallet town. He wanted to explore Kanto again and maybe even Johto. But of course he already got his 8 kanto badges and didnt want to go to the pokemon league untill he was stronger.

Cain shethed all his pokemon in their balls. Then he decided to walk towards the town square and see some beginner trainers get sent off with their starters and maybe get into a pokemon battle.

March 19th, 2007, 9:39 PM
Eria looked around the town square a bit and relaxed. He wasn't usually able to have free time but today was the exception. Soon , I'll be able to travel around the world again. he thought. He lied down and started to watch the clouds. He thought he could make out a rainbowy bird in the distance but shrugged it off.

Eria then looked at the new and battling trainers. There were a few he had an interest in. There was one in a blue cap and blue shorts with a Chimchar that was battling a kid with a Starly. Soon he got back up and checked out the internet on his pokeNav for any updates on Pokemon and weird happenings. "Hmph , a kid beats the Orange Island League. Big deal." Eria said with a slight smirk. He looked around at all of the trainers again and started to do push ups and jumping jacks.

"Well , gotta get ready. Now don't we , Staraptor?" Eria said to the bird pokemon that he just let out. It landed on his arm right after he finished excercising and started to look around.

March 19th, 2007, 9:58 PM
Beginning trainers were always good to look at. Cain looked towards the young trainers with their rookie pokemon. Wishing he was there again doing random excersizes with pokemon looking at him. Cain unleashed Pigeott and let him fly up to the tree. Then he sat down on the grass and continued to look at the trainers. Then he let out Blaziken who also liked to look at them.

Blaziken always looked with great enthusiasm at the trainers. As if he wanted to get into a pokemon battle. Cain always shook his head at Blaziken though. He didnt want to beat all these trainers into the dust when they just start training.

Cain took his pokenav out. Then he started going into his text messenger. Then he went through his list of contacts. A month before Cain got so bored he went to all the other trainers who had already completed their training and got them on his contact list. Then he went and texted "Hi, ny 1 wanna take a walk?" Cain's screenname was "Grimcrusher 220" So he was pretty well known among pokemon trainers in pallet. Since there were only about 6 people in Pallet done with training.

Cain looked towards the trainers with their rookie pokemon. Pallet town was a pretty small town so about 40 people were around them. Cain smirked when he saw them finnaly finnish. Then he saw they started towards the gates of pallet town. Then Cain felt a very large wave of envy when he saw them run past it. He really wanted to do the same.

Blaziken got up, he saw a very farmilar look in its eyes. The sign of battling. It was the same look he saw when he faced Giovanni and defeated him. But Cain was not in a battling mood. He was in an exploring mood.

Cain gestered for Blaziken to lie down again. After he did Cain looked at the clouds in the sky. A few of them went together and formed a humanoid with a strange tail.

Strange clouds

March 20th, 2007, 12:16 AM
is it the start of the rp? well i think everyone started now pkay here i go!

Kringggg!!! Kringggg!!
"Guess it's time for cleaning then" says Cole.
he fixed his bed,took a shower , brushed his teeth and go.
Cole always gets up aroud 6:30 in the morning, he wanted to help Prof. Birch by cleaning around Littleroot Town
"Cleaning up already?, kids shouldn't be up this early until 7:30, my child" said the nice old lady
The nice old lady was called Granny Smith,she was here long before Cole could remember.
"Oh, don't worry I'm used to it"Cole replied
"Okay, but after you've sweep some dust off go to SLEEP!"commanded Granny Smith.
Everybody in Littleroot Town knows that Granny Smith has a dark side and it ain't pretty.
"Um sure, uh...okay will do"Cole says scaredly.
Kringggg! Kringggg!

"Ugh, I shoudn't have slept when Granny told me but she's so scary!"Cole told to himself
after that, he took a shower(again), make breakfast and eat it(of course),then Prof. Birch knocked on his door.
"hey there Cole!,Can I asked you a favor" says the Prof.
"What is it?"replied Cole
"you just visited Mossdeep City, right?"the Prof. says
"Yup! Would you like me deliver something?"Cole says unexpectedly
"Wait the minute!, how did you KNOW?" The Surprised Prof. said
"you had a Sunstone with you and you just knocked on my door,that's unusual for you"Cole explained
"Okay, deliver this to a scientist name Kirk Patrick"Prof. Birch said
"Yes sir!" Cole said excitedly
Cole always love doing favors to the Prof. and it is only rarely for the Professor to asked him.
After a while he send out his pokemon,Altaria
"Altaria use Fly,Mossdeep City we go!"
then in an instant Altaria carry Cole, and flew to Mossdeep.

it's my first Rp so sorry if it is wrong.

March 20th, 2007, 5:34 AM
OOC: RazoREdge: You are doing pretty good for you're first-ever post in an RP.

Four Island.

Andrew was falling asleep waiting for everyone. He finnaly decided to get up and explore. He walked around and saw some of the people that always gets up early.
"Hey," said one person,"You're new around here. What's you're name? My names Prof.Rotwood."
That name sounded fammiliar, but not off the top of his head.
"My name is Andrew Pali."
"Oh!" The man yelled. Then he brought it down to a whisper,"Are you one of those kids I sent you a letter to?"
That was it! Andrew thought.
"About the PokeAmulets?"
"Yes! Where are the others?"
"I guess they are on their way."

Mt. Pyre

Robert woke up first, and got into his clothes. (He still takes showers at night) Robert checked his things and his brother's stuff. He looked at the alarm clock. It read 8:13. They were later than they were supposed to be. Robert shook Luther awake. Luther got dressed. Then they both grabbed their packs. They walked outside. They saw their sister, and asked to borrow her Noctowl to take them to Four Island. She gave in and let them borrow Noctowl. Finnaly they were off and got to Four Island in just seconds.

Lillycove City

Leah woke up early, as usual, and went through her normal process. She took a shower, got dressed, got packed, ate some breakfast, and headed out the door. She went to the apartment above hers, where her best friend lived. Her best friend owned every type of flying Pokèmon, besides legendarys.
Leah knocked on the door. Her best friend opeded the door, and said,"Need a flying Pokèmon?"
"Yes, please."
"Okay, witch one?"
"I'll make a good apperence with an Altaria."
"Okay, here you go! Good luck!"
Lee grabbed the Pokèball and went outside. She told Altaria to fly to Four Island. They were there in a couple of minutes.

March 20th, 2007, 8:01 AM
Covelily hotel, Lilycove City

Light started too flood the small box of a hotel room. It was empty except for a small bed and a teenage boy was snoring hapilly and loudly on the cheap and shabby bed. Next too his shoulder lay a small ghost Pokemon snoozing hapilly when... BANG! The boy rolled off his bed and smashed his face on the floor. The boy shot up into a standing posistion -still half asleep- as if he was under attack.

"Whoisit?" The dazed boy asked the mid air. He Blinked and run his hand through his spikey hair. He checked his brand new, blue, Poketch that he won in the grand festival as a runner up prize. It was March 20th, the date which was stated in hbis mysterious letter from Professor Rotwood on four island.

"Hey Shuppet, Wake up!" Shouted Jimbob. "We're Going too Four Island!"

"HEY STOP SHOUTING!" came a voice from the room below.

The Little Ghost Pokemon woke up, he floated over too his master and gave him an affectionate horn attack. Jimbob took his Shower, spiked his hair up, Brushed his teeth, grabed his Denim jacket and his belt containing red and white spherical devices called Pokeballs and left the Hotel through the window.

Shuppet and Jimbob traveled until they reached Lilycove Beach. Upon getting there Jimbob checked his Poketch map and planned his route too the Sevii Island Archapeligo.

"So, Shuppet, Time to call on Milotic by the looks of things?"

"Shup-ee!" the happy little Pokemon chirped.

Jimbob reached for his belt and detatched one of the spherical devices. He held the ball up and a red light shot out. The red light turned into a Giant, Elagent, beautiful, Blue and Yellow Serpentine Pokemon known as Milotic.

"Milo!" The Pokemon exclaimed in a rather posh voice.

"Let's go Milotic!" Shouted James as he grabbed Shuppet and jumped onto Milotic. Milotic dived into the water, her blue scales sparkling, and off they set for Four island.

Five Island.

In a grand bedroom, decorated in pink and red. There was a stunningly beautiful young girl sleeping peacfully in her giant four poster double bed.

The Girls Charizard shaped alarm clock roared a deep roar before the radio came on. This signified it was 8:30 AM on Five island and time too wake up. In the corner of the room was a chubby little orange Pokemon called Charmander. It had a cute Red Scarf, Charmander had been woken up by the alarm clock and obviously wasn't ready to wake up as it burst into tears. Kari Picked it up and Hugged it tightly. Next to the Charmander there was also a baby Magby who has been up for an hour trying to perfect a move that is impossable for him to learn. The Hi Jump Kick.

"Still No luck Magby?" Kari Giggled watching her Pokemon trying to jump and kick but falling too the floor. Kari laughed and looked out of her window. Her Rapidash was up and running around its race course. There was also two other Pokemon talking in their Pokemon languages, it was Quilava and Ninetails, then they started to have a practice battle.

Kari remembered her meeting with Professor Rotwood and dived into the Shower, brushed her hair, brushed her teeth, got dressed and Rounded up all her Pokemon in their Pokeballs (Except Charmander) and grabbed her hat downstairs.

"Dad, Is the Yacht ready?" Kari shouted to her dad as she was putting on her shoes.

"Yes hunny! Oh! While you're on four island there, go meet your Nan and Grandad at their daycare center, they have a suprise for you!"

"Ok Dad, see you... whenever I see you, Bye!" Shout Kari as she burst through her front door (Jeeves will shut it later.) "I Choose You, Rapidash!" she shouted throwing a Pokeball on the floor, releasing a flaming horse Pokemon in a flash of whitle light. Kari hoped on its back and then at lighting fast speeds; Rapidash and Kari set out for the Yacht to Four Island.

By the Way, may suprise you but this is my first ever time I've been in an RP.

Đ a r κ
March 20th, 2007, 9:05 AM
"Sure, where are you heading to?" Jason asked Benai who was now standing next to Jason's Charizard. "Four Island" Jason seemed a bit shocked and surprised. "Really, i'm heading there too. Did you get a letter from a professor?" Benai then seemed surprised also. "Yea, so your looking for the you know whats?" "Yea, so lets hurry." Jason finished while hopping onto his Charizard's back.

Charizard grabbed Benai by the shoulders and held on tightly. "Lets go Charizard." Benai moved his head to look at Jason. "Come on, have some feeling when you say it...Lets Go Charizard!" Benai corrected. "ROOOAAAR!!!" Charizard happily roared, then flapping his strong wings.

As the two flew, they very quickly arrived at Four Island. "Wow, that is one fast Charizard you got there." Benai said while fixing his hair which was screwed up by the wind. "Thanks." Exclaimed Jason. Benai turned around and noticed a few people already here. "Hey people!" Benai yelled. "Does he know how to be quite?" Jason thought while fallowing Benai to the group of people.

March 20th, 2007, 9:07 AM
Well im out, Wooper14 already screwed up the story by putting Flannery in his part, when I clearly put her in my sign up.

March 20th, 2007, 10:12 AM
Well im out, Wooper14 already screwed up the story by putting Flannery in his part, when I clearly put her in my sign up.

He did it first...

Ummm... The Sea?

Milotic had slowed down so she, Jimbob and Shuppet can take in the sights. A swarm of Tentacools swam by and dived underwater. Suddenly out of nowhere came a loud and high pitced scream.

"Milotic, that way!" Jimbob shouted. Milotic charged off in the direction of the scream, followed closely by Shuppet.

"HELP!" Shouted a girls voice, obviously in distress. Jimbob saw a girl, she had short brown hair. She was wearing goggles and a full body swim suit. She was being atacked by a school of Remoraid. "HELP!" She srieked again.

"Milotic, use Hyper Beam!" Jimbob shouted. Milotic opened opened her mouth as wide as possible and generated a yellow energy bakll that turned into a beam. She shot it at the Remoraid. All the Remoreid swam away as fast as they could. Jimbob Stroked Milotics head, she chirped happily.

"Thanks, I couldn't battle them because I was too busy drowning too reach a Pokeball, my name is Mellisa, I'm a traithlette swimmer, who are you?" the girl said really fast, without pausing for breath.

"My names Jimbob, I'm headed for Four Island, anywa-" Jimbob started before he was cut off by the gang of Remoraid.

"Remo! Raid raid... REMO!" Shouted a Remoraid that was somewhat bigger than the others.

"Shuppet, what did he say?" Jimbob asked.

"Shup, Pet pet shup!" the Pokemon explained.

"Oh, so he's the leader... he want's to battle me? Alright... Shuppet, Go!" Jimbob said. Melissa looked confused, she didn't lnow that Jimbob could talk to ghost Pokemon obviously.

"Shuppet! Use Thunder Bolt!" Jimbob yelled.

"Shuuup-eeeee!" wailed the little Pokemon as his horn glew yellow. The horn gave off electric energy that zapped all the Remoraid and Melissa.

"Sorry Melissa," Jimbob giggled scratching the back of his head. Suddenly everything fell silent, all the Remoraid swam away escept for the leader. The Leader started glowing with a bright while light. He grew increasingly bigger and grew four tenticles, a nose spout and as the light cleared he was red. He had evolved.

"Woah... Remoraid evolved into Octillery! Go, Shuppet, use Shadow Ball!" Jimbob asked his Shuppet. The ghost Pokemon performed a Shadow ball but Octillery countered with a Hyper Beam, straight through the Shadow ball and hit Shuppet.

"Shuppet, use Recover!" Jimbob commanded. Shuppet closed his eyes and started too glow yellow. After He was fully restored the aura vanished. Octillery used Flamethrower, not towards Shuppet but towards Milotic and Jimbob.

"Quick, Milotic, use Mirror Coat!". Milotic glew with all the colours of the rainbow and when the searing flames hit they were deflected but two times more powerful. "Now, Pokeball Go!" Jimbob shouted as he threw a Pokeball at the Octillery. The light on the Pokeball stopped, Octillery was captured.

"Wow, nice capture!" Melissa congratulated as Jimbob caught the Pokeball. "How do you feel about a trade? You seem to have a good relation with Ghosts and you haven't bonded with Octillery yet," she added really fast without pausing. "I love water Pokemonm and that looks powerful and my ghost Pokemon dosen't like me!" She said even faster than ever.

"Errrm, sure, what is the Ghost Pokemon?" Jimbob asked, a bit preplexed.

"It's a Drifblim, you can Fly too Four Island with it. It even has a Basket that you can take off if you want too battle." Melissa shouted excitedly.

"Sure, here, take Octillery."

"And Take Drifblim,"

After a few minutes of thankyous, goodbyes Melissas mindless talk and telling the Pokemon about their new trainers; Jimbob, Milotic and Shuppet carried on for Four island.

"I Choose you, Drifblim!" shouted Jimbob throwing a Pokeball. Out came a Giant Hot air balloon with a face, it had a hot air balloon espescially made for Drifblims and its prevolution Drifloom. It is special because it can be returned to the Pokeball with or without Drifblim.


Jimbob hoped abord his new Pokemon, returned his Milotic to her Pokeball and fell asleep. When he awakes he should be at Four island.

Female, Fly, Protect, Destiny Bond, Psychic, Shadow ball. (Come oooooon, just one extra attack)
Brief Description: Got in a Trade with Traithlon Melissa.

March 20th, 2007, 12:57 PM
Meanwhile, at Littleroot
"Scetpile, finish this up," Rovert Exclaimed," With Leaf Blade"!
"Leaf Blade beat my Arcanine?" Exclaimed Rovert's sparring partner.
"Good, Sceptile. That will do it for today. I think you are still getting stronger, it is so amazing to have watched you grow from the time you were a Treecko. Just like me and... Anyway, great effort, Sceptile," Says Rovert.
"Scep, Scep," Responds Sceptile.
"No way,?" Asks Rovert. "how can it be that late?!? I need to go, return Sceptile,".

March 20th, 2007, 1:11 PM
Cain got very bored looking at clouds. So he returned Blaziken and Pigeott to their balls and decided to go on a walk.

Cain walked back to his house. Then he noticed the mail was here

Let me see, ads, junk mail. Hello whats this?

Cain took a letter out. After opening it he quickly read it.

Hmm four island? Ive been there, its not that far

Cain released Pigeott. Then he stroked his feathers gently. This was a tradition he gave to Pigeott whenever he wanted to fly somewhere.

"Pigeott, we are going to four island. You ready?"

Then he jumped on the bird pokemon and it flew into the air. Since Pigeott had wings that could go nearly the speed of light in a few seconds he made it to four island within minutes.

The small island was below Cain and his pigeott. This was the most action he had all week.

"Okay set down there." He said pointing towards a lab he saw

March 20th, 2007, 1:23 PM
I started to look at my email and saw the title of an email called 'Four Island'. "Hey , that's not very far. I guess we have to go now , Staraptor." I got on Staraptor and flew next to another trainer who I assumed was also going to Four Island. But this kid I've seen before. And I think the name was Cain.

"Hey! Aren't you the kid named Cain?" I asked the kid as I got a little closer on my Staraptor. I then heard a beeping noise from my PokeNav and knew that it was a message. I checked to see who sent it and noticed that it was Shirona who did. I read it swiftly and wrote back. I reverted my gaze back to the kid and introduced myself. "Hey , I'm Eria. Nice to meet you!"

March 20th, 2007, 1:29 PM
OOC: Well im out, Wooper14 already screwed up the story by putting Flannery in his part, when I clearly put her in my sign up.

And, good news: The PokèAmulets2! Featuring D/P Legendarys, and possibly some others! Coming Soon on a thread near you!

Andrew, Luther, Robert, and Lee:
Four Island
Andrew was starting to see people show up. Two 13-year-olds came first. They were riding a majestic Noctowl. They sent the Noctowl back home, and came walking to Andrew.
"I told you, Robert! There's no need ta wake up so early! There ain't no'one here!"
"Yes there is! Look! He don't look like no native!"
They finnaly walked up to Andrew.
"You here to find one of those amulet-things?" asked Luther. Robert looked mad, like it was a secret.
"Yea." Andrew replied
"Well, then wher'd every'one go?" asked Robert
"Actually, you are the first two to show up, besides me. Let's wait for some more people, and I'll take you to Prof.Rotwood."
"Fine." said Robert. The two walked not too far away, and started to fight again.

Next Andrew saw a girl show up on an Altaria. She got off of it, like she didn't own it, and came walking toward Andrew and the twins.
"Hi!" she said.
"Hey, I bet you're here to find a PokeAmulet? Huh?"
"Ya." she replied, "My name is Leah, but go ahead and call me Lee."
"Okay, I'm Andrew. These two are twins, from who-know's-where."
"Okay." she said. She walked over to Robert and Luther and said,"Hi, my name's Lee. What's your's?"
"My name's Luther, and this here is my brothe' Robert. Like to battle?" He said as Luther and Robert both reached for their Pokèballs.
"If it's fine with you." she said.

Andrew saw a yaht in the distance headed this way. He turned around and saw two people on a Charizard. One was yelling hi, and the other looked pissed off at him. Andrew decided to wait until these people caught up to him to greet them. Andrew turned the other way, trying to ignore the two on the Charizard, and saw a hot-air-ballon Pokemon, with a passenger sleeping inside of it. He decided to wait for that kid too.

Andrew decided to let out all of his Pokemon for some fresh air. "Come on out everyone!" he said. He watched as all of his Pokemon,Politoed, Feearaligatr, Sealeo, Snaesel, Gardevoir, and Erureido came out and streched. "Gardevoir, teleport over to the yacht! Eruriedo, teleport to the sleeping freak! Wake him up and scare him! Snesel, go over to the Charizard people and battle them! Were going to have some fun! And, go!"
Gardevoir and Eruriedo turned red and vanished. Sneasle started running like crazy, showing off his claws. The other two just started cheering the others.

Luther sent out Chimchar, and Robert sent out Turtwig. Lee sent out Minun and Plusle.
"Okay let da battle begin!" yelled Robert and Luther.

March 20th, 2007, 1:38 PM
OOC: Wooper im going to introduce my character to yours.


Cain noticed another person pull up close to him. Pigeott must have gotten tired from the flying so he decided to land finnaly.

"Pigeott. Land right there." Then he pointed towards a spot on the island.

He noticed a few people already there with pokemon out.

Four Island

Pigeott landed on the exact place Cain pointed to. He jumped off pigeott and stroked his feathers.

"Take a break. Im going to check out the island a little"

Cain noticed someone released some pokemon. He saw him release a Politoed along with a Fearaligatr with a Sealeo, a Snaesel, a Gardevoir and a Erureido. Cain walked up to the trainer

"Hi. You a trainer?"

Fallen Angel_Messiah Of Black Roses
March 20th, 2007, 1:55 PM
AJ had been riding all night, he had to make it to Goldenrod first and then he could take the train to Saffron and then get a plane to Mt. Pyre on four island. He revved up the motorcycle and tryed to enjoy the firm breeze that surrounded him as he sped through the darkness, he had just passed Eurteak about thirty minutes ago so that must have meant he was close. AJ checked his map, keeping his eyes on the road as well and saw that he was a few minutes away. AJ smiled and looked straight ahead.

He soon arrived in Goldenrod and rushed for the train station, his freind would meet him there and take his motorcycle to hold for a while. AJ reached the station and ran inside passing his freind and throwing the key's back to him. AJ didn't have much time as his train was starting away, he jumped at it and got inside. " Perfect" He mumbled handing his ticket to a lady.

He soon arrived in Saffron and had to rush again to get to his flight to Island four, he sped down the road and got a cab where he then was droven to the airport. He quickly got on his plane and went off, real soon arriving on the island. He got off and noticed that Togepi had woken up, he put him in his pouch specially made for a togepi and went off. After walking a ways he came to a clearing with some other trainer's in it. " I must be in the right place" He mumbled looking around.

March 20th, 2007, 5:51 PM
Andrew, Lee, Luther, and Robert:
Four Island

Andrew watched as a kid with a Pidgeot, and a kid with a Staraptor neared the island. The kid sleeping was still asleep. The yacht was on it's way. The Charizard kids were still messing with Sneasle. Humph. A plane landed at the airport. Andrew figured that a lot of people would be coming on the plane.
"Hi. You a trainer?" said someone who looked a lot like Mrs.Ritham in Goldenrod.
"Yup. You look familliar. Know anyone by the name of Ritham?"


"Chimchar! Use ember on Minun!" yelled Luther.
"Turtwig! Use razor leaf on Plusle!" yelled Robert.
Chimchar breathed embers on Minun. Minun dodged most of them, but did get hit. Turtwig's leaves on his sprout turned white, and started duplicating. Then Turtwig started shaking his head, sending the duplicated leaves flying toward Plusle. Like Minun, Plusle dodged most of them, but still got hit.
"Minun! Plusle! Use spark!"
The two pokemon held hands. They closed their eyes and generated electricity. Then all of a sudden they yelled,"Mine!Plus!" and let out sparks of electricity.
The sparks hit perfectly on target, but Chimchar and Turtwig didn't faint.
"Okay! Turtwig, use razor leaf on Minun!"
Turtwig went through the same process again. Minun had used a lot of energy to use the spark attack, so it wasn't ready to dodge the attack. He used little walls of electricity to block the first couple of leaves, but then was too tired. He let the leaves pound on him, and finally fainted. Lee sent out Luxray, getting more serious now.
Turtwigs whole body then turned white, and started to transform. He was evolving into a Grotle.
"Chimchar! Use ember on Plusle!"
Chimchar used ember on Plusle, and Plusle was also weak. Plusle was weaker than Minun, and just let the embers pelt on him. He fainted, too, like Minun. Lee swithced it out with Ampharos.
Chimchar aslo started to evolve. Now, a Monferno, it is mutch stronger.
"Okay, kids, it's time to get serious. Luxray, hyper beam! Ampharos, thunder."
Both Pokemon used their attacks at the same time. The hyper beam and the thunder mixed, and created an electric hyper beam. The attack hit hard, and made both Monferno and Grotle faint.
Robert and Luther had just lost their main powerhouses. But the battle still was happening. Robert decided on Pachisiru, and Luther decided on Magby.
"Magby! Use flamethrower!"
"Pachisiru! Use super fang on Luxray!"
Magby blew his flamethrower towards Ampharos. It was impossible for her to dodge it, so it hit her hard.
Pachisiru started runing towards Luxray at full speed and bit it. Luxray lost exactly half of it's HP.
"Luxray! Ampharos! Use discharge!"
Both Pokemon used the attack at the same time. Magby survived it barely, and Pachisiru regained health by getting hit.
Luther gave Magby a super potion.
"Pachisiru! Use spark on Ampharos!"
The Pokemon tackled Ampharos, but with a jolt of electricity. Amphoros almost had no HP left, and Lee didn't have any potions.
"Amphoros! Return!" Lee held out her luxary ball. In a beam of red light Amphoros was gone. This counted as a loss.
"Come on out Manetric!" yelled Lee, "Luxray! Manetric! Use discharge on Magby."
The two Pokemon did the horrifying attack, leaving Magy fainted.
"Ruturn!" yelled Luther," Come on out Duskul! Duskul! Use shadow ball!"
"Pachirisu! Use treasure on Manectric!"
Duskul threw a shadow ball at Luxray. Luxray has just a little HP left and can't continue.
"Ruturn Luxray! Good job!" Luxray returned into his Pokeball, while Lee sent out Pachirisu.
Pachirisu used the treasure attack on Manectric. Manetric still has a lot of HP left.
"Manectric! Use thunder on Duskull!"
"Pachirisu! Use charm on Pachirisu!"
Manetric sent a jolt of electricity through Duskull fainting it.
Lee's Pachirisu made a sweet look on its face to the other Pachirisu and Robert's Pachirisu fell in love. Robert's Pachirisu refused to attack anyone on the other team.
"Come on out Mankey!" yelled Robert,"Pachisiru, seeing as you won't attack the other team, return!" It counted as a loss.
"Mankey use cross chop on Pachirisu!"
Mankey used cross chop, and fainted Pachirisu. Mankey stood no chance against Manectric.
"Manectric! Use thunder to finish this off!"
Manectric used thuder, and electricuted Mankey.
Lee had one a battle.

Luther obtained a Monferno by evolution
Robert obtained a Grotle by evolution

March 21st, 2007, 7:35 AM
hey thanks wooper14

"wow i never realized how fast my altaria could be!"the surprised Cole said
then while heading to the Space Center, Cole saw something familiar
"hey there!, long time no see"said the mysterious voice
"hunh?, oh its you two tate and liza" Cole said
"hey, want..."tate said
"a rematch"liza completed
"sorry, but im here to deliver a package"Cole replied
"Oh, a packaged...."tate sain uncomplete
"sunstone?!,to Prof. kirk patrick.."liza says surprisingly
"are, we correct"they answered together
"hey!, how'd ya know?"cole asked
"its a secret you'll never know"the twins quickly replied
after a while to escape the twins overfriendlyness he ran to the space station and started to look for the guy called Kirk patrick
"are you the one prof. birch sent?"the voice says
"prof. kirk patrick?" cole guessed
"oh! im not a proffesor...yet"says Kirk patrick
"that kids!"cole said to himself
'i here you saw jirachi from the space"Kirk patrick said
cole gave the sunstone and explained
"guess you must head to the sevii islands then"kirk explained
"hunh?why?"Cole replied confused
"you know tate and liza, right?"kirk said
"of course, why?" cole says while figuring out which is which
"they had a brother-dont know his name but he said about the pokeamulet thingies or something like that and convinced me to tell you that go to the four island and check on him"kirk said
"ok then"replied cole who didnt understand a thing kirk said
"well of to go to the four island..hey! that's where lorelei lives and HEY my cameras still there"cole says surprised
then he has a flashback of going to the four island while he was in the trainer school, then the class was about to live and cole forgot his camera for hurruying
"i wish the films were in there!" cole says hopelly
"Altaria!, go to the four island now, we must go get that camera-thats the only time i met an elite four and she is the nicest"-cole commanded
and in an instant, altaria and cole was nowhere to be scene

March 21st, 2007, 8:51 AM
Jimbob: Aboard Drifblim?

Jimbob awoke finding that his new hot air balloon Pokemon and his Shuppet were charging at high speed towards a falling Eruriedo. The Eruriedo laughed and Teleported. Shuppet and Drifblim both used a Shadow ball on the Pokemon and it fell to the floor.
After the dust settled it turned out that Eruriedo had teleported just before Impact and landed safley next too a tall lankey boy about half a quater of a mile from Jimbobs location.

"Wow, great job Drifblim, you've earned a rest...Return Drifblims basket!" shouted Jimbob. He pointed the Pokeball at his basket and returned it to Drifblims Pokeball. "Come on out guys, have a look a play!" Shouted Jimbob as he threw three more Pokeballs into the air. Out of the Pokeballs came the shiny Milotic, the beautiful Froslass and the Mighty Torterra.

-10 Minutes later-

"So, I take it the mob of trainers over there are here for the same thing as me, that guys got a Manectric! Cool!" Jimbob said to himself in a mumble. "Hey guys, we're heading over there! Where the Trainers are, let's go! Drifblim, Froslass, Torterra, Milotic... Return!" Shouted Jimbob as he returned his friends to their homes. He and Shuppet sprinted a full speed too the mob of Trainers.

Kari: Yacht

"AHHH!" Screamed Kari at the unexpected visitor. The Gardevoir had made Kari jump half a mile. "YOU SCARED ME TO DEATH! I CHOOSE YOU... QUILAVA!" Shouted the distressed Kari. The small Pokemon came out of its Pokeball and assumed battle posistion.
"Quilava, get fired up!" Commanded Kari as her Quilava set itself on fire.

"Quilava! Use Flame Wheel!" Kari shouted. Quilava generated a ring of fire around itself and takled Gardevoir, She dodged. "Now, use Flamethrower!" Quilava shot a powerful Flamethrower from its mouth. Gardevoir was hit by this one and teleported away.

"Well done Quilava, we're here now anyway, Return!" she exclaimed happily. Quilava went back into its Pokeball and Kari released Rapidash from her ball. "Rapidash, take us to the group of trainers over there!" shouted Kari. She jumped on its back and put Charmander in the sadle bag. Rapidash jumped off the side of the Yacht and charged across the field.

Rapidash, Charmander and Kari caught up to a boy who was running with a Shuppet.
"Hey, are you here to see Professor Rotwood?" Kari asked the boy with incredibly spikey hair.

"Yeah, I take it you are too? My name's Jimbob"

"I'm heading there too... My name is Kari, do you wanna battle?"

"Yeah ok then!" Agreed Jimbob, his face gained a somewhat scary, competitive grin.

Kari Dismounted Rapidash.

Jimbob and Kari: Four Island, BATTLE!

"Three on Three Pokemon battle, no substitutes!" Shouted Jimbob

"Ok then, come on out, Ninetails!" Kari shouted.

"Niiine!" shrieked Ninetails.

"Go, Milotic!" Jimbob shouted. He seemed do have an advantage here as his Milotic was water type.

"Wooow! THAT MILOTIC IS SO BEAUTIFUL!" Kari screamed. All Milotics are beautiful but this one is Blue and Sparkly.

"Ninetails, Extremespeed!" Kari shouted, the second she had finished shouting, Ninetails had knocked Milotic to the floor, there was a line of dust where Ninetails had just attacked. "Now Ninetails, Overheat!" Kari grinned. Ninetails glew red and let off lots of fireballs that pelted Milotic. Milotic... fainted!

"See, type advantege isn't everything," Kari bragged.

"No, Milotic was just worn out from swimming and battling Remoraids!" Jimbob laughed.
"I choose you, Froslass!" Shouted Jimbob as the Ice Pokemon was released from its Pokeball.

"Fro- Fross!" exclaimed Froslass excitedly. He Jumped on Jimbob and gave him an affectionate Ice beam.

"Erm, Charmander, use Ember on Jimbob, he's a bit stuck..." Kari laughed nervously.

- 1 Minute later -

"Now, I will show you Type advantedge isn't everything. Froslass, use Hypnosis!" Jimbob said camly. Froslass approached Ninetails and shot Pink circles into her eyes. Ninetails fell asleep. "Use Dream Eater Froslass," he said smoothly.

Froslass flew over the top of Ninetails and graciously did a back flip, she then started absorbing a black mist from Ninetails' head.

"NO! Ninetails Return, Rapidash, Get'em!" Kari Shouted as the Rapidash -who was behind her- charged into battle. "NO WAIT, CHARMANDER COME HERE!" Kari shouted worriedly.
Charmander jumped out of the bag and plodded into Karis arms, his red scarf blew in the wind as Kari picked him up.

"Rapidash, Flamethrower!" she shouted as Rapidash spat out a large flamethrower aimed at Froslass.

"Counter with Ice Beam!" Jimbob shouted. The Flamethrower met the Ice Beam but the Ice melted and Froslass was hit.f

"Wow, you did Great... Return. I Choose you... Shuppet!" Jimbob told his Pokemon. Shuppet -Who was also behind his Trainer- was sent into battle. Kari laughed.

"He's your choice, this'll be easy!"

"Don't be so sure" said Jimbob "He is one of my strongest Pokemon and my best friend! Shuppet, Thunder Bolt!"

Shuppets horn glew yellow and released Electricity at Rapidash. Direct hit.

"Rapidash, Flame thrower!" Kari said angrily with flames in her eyes.

"Shuppet, Shadow ball!"

The Shadow Ball tore through the Flamethrower and his Rapidash heads on. She fainted.

"Rapidash no!"

"Yeah, nice one buddy!" Congratulated Jimbob.

"GRR... Return Rapidash and go Magby!" Kari yelled.

The little fire Pokemon released punched and kicked the air a few times and fell over. "Magby, get up and use Contest plan Alpha niner theta!"

"What?" Jimbob asked.

"He can't block it if he dosent know what's happening!" Kari thought to herself.

Magby made four copies of itself with Double Team. They all Jumped and their fist set on fire. They all Punched Shuppet (Of course only one hurt him) and then the Magbys all gathered in a circle. They all combined an Ember attack and launched it at Shuppet.

"Shuppet! Use Shadowball X5!" Jimbob shouted. The Shadowball produced was 5x as big as a regular one. The Giant Ember and Shadowball met in midair and exploded. Magby and Shuppet were sent flying. Both fainted with the giant explosion but got back up.

"Shuppet," Jimbob laughed. "Use Recover!"

"What no?!" Kari yelled.

Shuppet closed his eyes and started too glow yellow. After He was fully restored the aura vanished.

"Shuppet, use Psychic!"

Shuppets eyes flashed Blue and Magby got a blue aura, he was picked up with psychic and sent smashing to the ground.

"NOO, MAGBY!" Kari yelled as she returned it to its Pokeball.

"Great Battle!" Jimbob said holding out his hand too Kari, she shook his hand.

"So, let's meet the others," Jimbob suggested

"Well we COULD of rode on Rapidash but she's out of commision."

"I can fix this one... Go Drifblim and Basket!" Jimbob shouted as the Pokemon materilized.

Jimbob, Shuppet, Kari and Charmander hoped aboard and at full speeed the charged towards the others. They made it in a couple of seconds and returned Drifblim too its Pokeball.

"Hey everyone, I'm Kari from Five island... My daddy owns this Island and five island by the way," She bragged.

"Hey i'm Jimbob from Mount Pryre in Hoenn, this is Shuppet!"


"HEY THAT GARDEVOIR/ERURIDEO ATTACKED ME!" They both shouted in unision.

Jimbob won a battle.

March 21st, 2007, 8:56 AM
"hey! you must be one of the chosen ones!"says a mysterious voice
it turned out to be Prof. Rotwood
"chosen ones?"Cole replied
"this chosen hoodavega is confusing me!" cole said to himself
"so then, what's your name?"asked Prof. Rotwood
"oh its Kosuke...Cole Kosuke"answered cole
"okay cole...whaydaminit! you dont' know the chosen ones?"the surprised Prof. said
"didn't you get my letter?"the Prof continues
"what letter?"cole asked
then cole has an hyphothesis of having thrown papers go into the shredder or Slakoth thinking it was a leaf and ate it
"anyway, you'll soon find out and hey speaking of which why don't you meet the others!"the Prof. suggested
"guess so, first i'll pick up my old camera it was expensive!"cole replied
Cole went to the pokemon center and ask nurse joy if she had seen it
"oh, you mean this cole!"Nurse joy says while holding the camera
"you still remeber my name?"asked cole
"of course silly!, its only rare that a person ot thing angered lady mako!"Nurse joy answered while laughing
after a while he saw somebody there talking to someone guess there are talking something important then saw a sneasel battling two charizards
"two charizards?, and a sneasel...hmmm.."Cole says while thinking
"nope haven't had a clue what they are doing"Cole says
then sat down in a log while watching the sneasel fight off with the charizards

March 21st, 2007, 9:49 AM
Andrew, Lee, Robert, and Luther:
Four Island

The sleeping boy woke up and started attacking Gallade. Gallade teleported back, just fine. Then, the boy started coming this way.
The yacht neared the island right when Gardevoir came back, unharmed. Then, someone came out of the yacht, and starting riding this way on a Rapidash. The two got into a battle before they reached Andrew. The boy had won, and they came this way.

"Hey everyone, I'm Kari from Five island... My daddy owns this Island and five island by the way," said a spoiled voice.
"Well, I'm Andrew and my dad owns Hoenn!" said Andrew.(He doesn't really)
"Hey i'm Jimbob from Mount Pryre in Hoenn, this is Shuppet!" said another voice.
"Hi, I'm Andrew Pali. I'm from Goldenrod City."

Lee and the twins walked up to Andrew.
Lee said,"I've got to take these two to the Pokemon Center, to heal their Pokemon."
"Okay, come back." Andrew waved bye to Lee. He kind of liked her.

Lee took Robert and Luther the the Pokemon Center. On their way they ran into an abandoned Elekid. Lee picked up the Elekid and took it the the Pokemon Center.
Robert and Luther set their Pokeballs in a special tray, and watched as Nurse Joy healed them.
"Nurse Joy," said Lee,"I found this injured Elekid on the side of the road, could you care for it?"
"Why, yes dear," said Jurse Joy,"I'll heal him right away."
Nure Joy took him to the back. After a couple of minutes she came back and said,"I think that he is your's now, because he evolved! He was so happy that you helped it!"
"Wow, thanks!" said Lee. Nurse Joy handed Lee a Pokeball.Lee released the Pokemon, and gasped. It was a shiny Electabuzz.
Lee went to her PC. She finnaly decided to store Manetric and keep Electabuzz in her party.
Finnaly, the three kids left to go back to Andrew.

Lee got an Elekid by capture.
Lee got an Electabuzz by evolution.

March 21st, 2007, 10:52 AM
"Wow, a shiny Electabuzz? I have a Shiny Milotic!" Jimbob exclaimed as he handed his Pokeballs over too Nurse Joy.

"Wow... I want a Shiny Pokemon... Anyone wanna trade?" Kari asked, she batted her eyelashes desperatly.

"No!" said everyone of the chosen ones present at the Centre, even the ones without shiny Pokemon. Kari grabbed her Pokeballs from the tray and stormed off to talk to Lee in some strange female language.

"Thanks Nurse Joy," said Jimbob, he grabbed his Pokemon and walked outside the backdoor. There were many trainers playing with their Pokemon and a few battling trainers. Two inparticular had obviously only just got their starter Pokemon from Proffesor Rotwood. (He gives out Magby, Budew and Azuril)

"BUDEW, USE LEECH SEED!" Shouted one trainer as his Pokemon fires a seed at the other.
"AZURIL, BUBBLE!" Shouted the other boy. Both Pokemon knocked each other out and were returned to their Pokeballs.

"So, when are we going to see Professor Rotwood?" Jimbob asked Andrew.

"Well-" Andrew started.

"Don't ask him Jimbob, he'll only be sarcastic!" Shouted Kari angrily.

"One sarcastic comment aboout his dad owning Hoenn is all he made." Jimbob interupted.

"I don't care!" She shouted walking back over to Lee and the Twins.

After some mimicking and making fun of Kari Jimbob asked again; "So, when are we going to see him? Should we go back to the field first, meet the everyone else?"

March 21st, 2007, 11:24 AM
Andrew, Lee, Robert, and Luther:
Four Island

"So, when are we going to see him? Should we go back to the field first, meet the everyone else?" asked Jimbob.
"I think we should go that way now. I'm sure the two with the Chrizard will follow behind us. Let's go."

Andrew led everyone there to Prof.Rotwood's Lab. It was a pretty nice setup. He had a big lab with nice furniture. He was itn the back of the lab signing papers, and studying.
"Hello, um, Mr. uh Prof.Rotwood."
"Oh! Oh, I didn't notice you. Yes?"
"We're here to help you with the PokeAmulets."
"Oh, good!" he got up and took them to the back.
"Let me see. Let me figure out which PokeAmulet each of you need to find."
He put a pictue up to Andrew.
"You must find the aquamarine and the blue zircon amulet. You're powers will have to do with ice."

March 21st, 2007, 6:47 PM
"Scep, Scep," Responds Sceptile.
"No way,?" Asks Rovert. "how can it be that late?!? I need to go, return Sceptile,".
"Sceptile, we practiced this, grab me and get to the dock."
"Scep."Nods Sceptile
"Here we are, the port."Excuse me, is this the boat to the battle frontier island?"
"Yes sir," Responded the sailor, "why ya a-headed to the Battle frontier isle?"
"I just feel like I need to, I can't explain it,"

By the way, Wooper, Rovert controls Ice, remember? And every time I read about Robert I think it's rovert, can you abreviate it to Rob?

March 21st, 2007, 10:46 PM
ooc: Man I got to stop playing GTA. That game gets me to hooked and I cant view the forums


The person asked if he knew anyone by the name of Ritham. Cain snorted and said

"Know anyone? My last name is Ritham."

Shortly after Cain was lead to Professer Rotwood's lab with the others. Professer Rotwood said that they needed to find these Amulets.

"Wait. How many amulets are there? Why do you need all of us?"

Cain then pointed towards the other trainers. Wondering why there needed to be such a large number of trainers to do this errand.

March 22nd, 2007, 5:21 AM
"Yes sir," Responded the sailor, "why ya a-headed to the Battle frontier isle?"
"I just feel like I need to, I can't explain it,"
"Ya better hurry, 'cause if you don't, ya ain't gonna get to the boat,"
"What!?" Exclaims Rovert, "Go Sceptile, use your speed to get me to the boat!"
A Few Moments Later
"Thank goodness, I just made it. Ow..." Said Rovert
"Excuse you, you really shouldn't walk into people.".
"Wait, Nivek?"
"No way, Rovert?"
"Why are you..."Said Rovert.
"Going to the..."Said Nivek.
"Battle..."Rovert Said.
"Frontier?" Asked Nivek.
"I just wanted to see an Island, is that so bad, Is that so wrong?!"Exclaims Rovert "And you?"
"No, there is nothing wrong with it. I am going to Battle Frontier to find new Pokemon."

March 22nd, 2007, 5:28 AM
Andrew, Lee, Rob, and Luther:
Prof.Rotwood's Lab, Four Island

"Wait. How many amulets are there? Why do you need all of us?" asked the person by the name of Ritham.
"There are 21 PokeAmulets in all." answered the proffessor.
"What is you're name?" he asked to Lee.
"My name is Lee Electricitas Electrometri."
"Okay, you must be the one to find the Chrysoberyl and Topaz amulet." he turned to Robert and Luther,"And you two are?"
"My name's Rob, and this here is my brotha Luther."
"Okay, Rob, you must find the Mica amulet. Luther, you are to find the Granite amulet. Rob, you're powers will have something to do with the substance of steel. Luther, you're powers will have something to do with rocks."
Andrew, Lee, Robert, and Luther went to the back of the room. Andrew started to think about ice. He was practicly asleep because of the boring subject when he felt somthing wet on his hands. He woke up and looked at his hands. There were ice balls as big as his hands on them. Then, out of the blue he started to levitate. He had found his powers.
If only I can controll them! Andrew thought.

March 22nd, 2007, 5:59 AM
"I just wanted to see an Island, is that so bad, Is that so wrong?!"Exclaims Rovert "And you?"
"No, there is nothing wrong with it. I am going to Battle Frontier to find new Pokemon."
Meanwhile, At The Dock
"Ha, the saps, they believed!" Yelled the Sailor, "They would have never expected, a helpless sailor, to truly be an undercover Rocket Agent1"
Back To The Boat
"I am going out on deck."Says Rovert.
"Be my guest."
Rovert started walking doown the hall and got on deck.
"Huh? Nivek, get up here!".
"What is it... What the, isn't the boat..." Asks Nivek.
"Yes, we are going further and further from the battle frontier."Responds Rovert.
"Then where are we headed?" Asked Nivek.
"Based on my calculations we are headed to..." Responds Rovert, "the sevii islands"
"That's not too bad. I needed to go there anyway."
"Whoa, ironic. I need to go there too."
"Well we are almost there." Said Nivek.
One Hour Later
"Here we are, Four Island." Said Rovert, "Now where is Professor Rotwood?"
"That's why you're here? Me too. I know where it is, over here. There it is."
"Cool, can you wait here? I need to talk to him alone." Asked Nivek.
"Be My Guest," Mocked Rovert.
Five Minutes Later
"What was that about," Asked Rovert.
"Uhh... Nothing."
"I need to talk to him now, just wait here."
"Hello, hello. Who might you be?" Asked Rotwood.
"I am Rovert Hale," Answered Rovert.
"Ah, another letter holder." Responded Rotwood. "Once everyone arrives we will talk of the letters. But for now get aqcuainted with the others."
"You see, my friend is outside, and I need to have him go to the hotel if this will take long."
"Before you go, who's your friend?"
"Nivek Matthews,"
"This will be interesting, two naive people." Whispered Rotwood.
"Nivek, this will take longer than I'd hoped, you need to go ahead to the hotel,"
"Whatever, see you later,"
"Rotwood, I'm back."

March 22nd, 2007, 7:32 AM
Jimbob and Kari - Rotwoods Lab.

"My name is Kari, Kari Chrono," said the snobbish girl politely

"Kari, you need to find two Amulets, the Synthetic Ruby and the Garnet," said the Professor as Kari exited into the back room.

"Jimbob, Jimbob Pryre." Jimbob stated, the Professor checked his computer...

"Jimbob, you will be looking for the Cuprian Elbaite Amulet," the Professor informed him. Jimbob joined Kari and the others in the next room.

Note: Edited Jimbobs Powers, check first page.

In the room there was complete Chaos, a few people were getting used to their new found Powers. Andrew was levitating in the air shooting ice balls at Kari and she was returnng flamethrowers.

"THAT'S IT ANDREW! I DECLARE A POKEMON BATTLE!" screamed Kari, her annoyance at Andrew had reached bursting point and she grabbed a Pokeball from her belt. Charmander -knowing who vicious an enraged Kari could be- crawled uunderneath the nearest chair and covered his eyes with his tail.

Kari Proposed a Pokemon battle with Andrew.

March 22nd, 2007, 7:52 AM
Out of character: Yeah, another poster! I was tired of waiting.

Back In Character:
"Whatever, see you later,"
"Rotwood, I'm back." Said Rovert, "I know I'm supposed to wait but will you please tell me something?".
"All I'll tell you for now is, you are destined to find Kyogre's Sapphire." Answered Rotwood.
"Cool, I'll find out who some people are" Exlained Rovert
"Well the others have went outside to see Andrew and Kari battle."
"I'll go out there. Professor, would Jimbob get mad if I called him JB?"
"I am not sure,"

March 22nd, 2007, 8:30 AM
"i must have dozed off"said cole
then cole run off to the pokemon center
"prof. rotwood?"says cole
"oh, you're back"answered the prof
"cole, it says here that you are supposed to find the chrystal pokeamulet"explained the prof.
"okay, so do i have special powers?"joked cole
"oh yes, it has something to do with steels"the prof. answered back
"okay that's cool, i guess"cole said to the prof
"hey why dont you meet the others"suggested the prof.
"sure where are they?"cole asked
"there just outside, preparing for a battle!"the prof said
"i'll go check it out!"cole said in a hurry
then cole rushed of to see the fight

March 22nd, 2007, 9:00 AM
Hey, aren't you a chosen one?" Rovert asked Cole.
"Yeah, which way to the fight?"
"This way, I was just headed there." Rovert said, "This way,"
Cole nods his head in thanks.
"Nice kid. But I have decided to not watch the fight. I need to get back to Nivek, he probably thinks I died."
Rovert runs back to the main part of the lab.
"You can tell him if you want... Oh Rovert, hey." Says Rotwood.
"Nivek? Why are you here?"
"Oh, I needed to talk to him. Let's head back,"
The two send out their pokemon and get back to the hotel via their pokemon.
"Hey Nivek, do you remember the Kanto championship? I finally beat you then," Said Rovert.
"I remember, but do you want to have a battle?"
"Go Sceptile," Yelled Rovert with a smile.
"Good, I've been bored." Said Nivek, "Go Blaziken".

Out of Charater: I tried to control Cole as little as possible.

March 22nd, 2007, 9:50 AM
Lee, Robert, Luther, and Andrew:
Outside of Prof.Rotwoods Lab

"Fine. Three on three." Andrew said as he let out his Gallade.
Andrew kept on levitating, how fun. He waited to see Kari's first Pokemon. This was most likely an easy win.

OOC:Yes! I just beat Steven's Metagross, Armaldo, Skarmory, Cladol, and all of his other Pokemon 'cept Craydilly in a one-hit-KO (For like the twentyith time). And guess what move I used! I used Surf! lol... OMG now he's saying Kudos to you....Yay! My egg is in the hall of fame...lol


Lee walked over to Cain. She had a small crush on him.
"Want to battle?" she said in a nice voice. Then she let out Minun and Plusle.

Robert and Luther were thinking about their powers.

March 22nd, 2007, 9:58 AM
"Come on out... Ninetails!" shouted Kari angrily.


"Ninetails, use Heat Wave!" She commanded. Ninetails focused and then out of nowhere a blistering ray of red wind came from behind Kari and his Gallade head on, he was sent smashing onto the ground. Gallade stood back up.

OOC: How are we going to decide who wins at the end?

March 22nd, 2007, 10:03 AM
"Go Sceptile," Yelled Rovert with a smile.
"Good, I've been bored." Said Nivek, "Go Blaziken".
"Blaziken, blaze kick!" Yelled Nivek.
"Sceptile dodge and use bullet seed and follow it up with a leaf blade!"
"Blaziken, get up! Use dynamicpunch to stop that attack!"
"No!! Blaziken! Get up! Use blaze. Now blaze kick,"
"Sceptile, Overgrow."
"Blaziken, Overheat!"
"Sceptile, Solarbeam!"

March 22nd, 2007, 10:06 AM
After a meeting with Rovert, Cole finally catch up and heard a shout
"wow! that girl really surprised me,she's even louder than a Exploud!"Cole said to himself
"i hope this is going to be an interesting battle!"Cole exclaimed

March 22nd, 2007, 10:16 AM
OOC:don't know...


Gallade got back up, with a lot of HP still left. It is Andrew's turn now.
"Gallade! Use focus punch!"
The tip of Gallade's right arm started glowing. Then Gallade teleported to Ninetails, which was unexpected, and punced it. It was right on target. Ninetails squeled in pain.

March 22nd, 2007, 10:18 AM
"Blaziken, Overheat!"
"Sceptile, Solarbeam!"
The two attacks collided with monstrous results, A veil of thick smoke covered the arena.
"Huh?" Exclaims Rovert, "Return SCeptile,"
"You havn't been training. Though you beat me once, you can't give up on training. That is why you lost," Said Nivek.
"How?" Bawls Rovert, "I am going out to see the end of a fight. Bye,"
A Few Moments Later
"Hey professor, I'm back, is the fight finished?"
"Nope not yet,"
Another Moment Or So Later
"Cole? Is that you?"

March 22nd, 2007, 10:31 AM
"Ninetails, are you ok?"

Ninetails stood up wincing in pain. "N-n-Nine!"

"Ninetails, Ultimate attack time, OVERHEAT!" Kari shrieked

Ninetails glew red, suddenly there were lots of small fireballs exploding out of Ninetails. Gallade dodged a couple but he got pelted in the end. He fell to the floor.

OOC: We could end it in a draw, maybe?

March 22nd, 2007, 10:32 AM
Out of Character: I know how to finish the battle, choose someone to be a referee and after they decide enough damage has been dealt one faints.

Back in Character:
"Cole? Is that you?"
That Ninetales doesn't look nearly as expirenced as my Ninetales, as mine could have dodged." Said Rovert, "Though Gallade is pretty powerful, my Sceptile could beat him too. It has loads of experience fighting fighting types."

March 22nd, 2007, 11:01 AM
OOC: newblue, I guess you can be the 'ref'

Gallade fell to the floor. Gallade stood up.
"Gallade! Use focus bomb!"
Gallade's hand turned white again, but tis time, an orb formed. Gallade teleported behind Ninetails and dropped the bomb. The bomb blew up after Gallade teleported back.
"Good job." said Andrew.

March 22nd, 2007, 11:10 AM
Out of Character:
Thanks, I will let Electivire and you attack once more, then decide.

Fallen Angel_Messiah Of Black Roses
March 22nd, 2007, 6:48 PM
AJ had just followed the trainers, being silent and being carefull not to be in there way.
AJ didn't feel like getting yelled at today so he just calmly trailed the others, occasionly talking to his togepi, hushing it to sleep. And then the group had arrived at a lab, strange really, but weirder things have happened.

He watched as they started there childish battle, each trying their hardest to win. AJ chuckled and layed against a tree to watch.

Pretty impressive pokemon, good tatics as well. But not to impressive. AJ had given up real battling three years ago when he had earned the last of his... How many now? 32? no wait! He had also done orange leauge, so around 36 or so. Pretty impressive, but not by much.

AJ heard his ringtone, " You thought you were there to guide me, You were only in my wa-" AJ anwsered his phone cutting off the ringtone.

" AJ! How's it going? Almost finished?" Came a desprate voice.
" No, it might take a while." AJ replied annoyed.
" Err... This Gym is so hard to run!" Came the voice again.
" Look Alfred, Just battle. If they win give them the badge" AJ said to him.
" But what about th-" And AJ hung up, he sighed and tryed to relax more.

March 23rd, 2007, 7:20 AM
That Ninetales doesn't look nearly as expirenced as my Ninetales, as mine could have dodged." Said Rovert, "Though Gallade is pretty powerful, my Sceptile could beat him too. It has loads of experience fighting fighting types."

"HEY ROVERT, I HEARD THAT!" Shouted the spoilt hot-headed girl.

"Come on Ninetails, how about we try our secret wepon? Psychic pail in comparison to ghost attacks... NINETAILS, USE SHADOW BALL!" Screamed Kari.

Ninetails charged at Gallade and stopped, then she charged up her black energy ball and shot it at her opponent. It was a direct hit in the stomach.

"Good battle, it could go either way..." Jimbob said as he sat down near AJ. Shuppet started to play with Togepi. "That Gallade is very strong and fast, Psychic and fighting type. But Ninetails has some pretty powerful attacks,"

OOC: You are gonna judge fair, no kissing up to the leader of the RP... Oh well xD

March 23rd, 2007, 7:22 AM
Out if Character:
If you say things like that I'll disqualify your Ninetales! For no reason!

March 23rd, 2007, 8:38 AM
"wow what a jerk"Cole said to himself
"Gallade is pretty strong, being able to survived that Shadowball!"Cole exclaimed
"this is some pokemon battle, hey do ninetails learn Shadowball"Cole asked to Rovert

March 23rd, 2007, 9:10 AM
That Ninetales doesn't look nearly as expirenced as my Ninetales, as mine could have dodged." Said Rovert, "Though Gallade is pretty powerful, my Sceptile could beat him too. It has loads of experience fighting fighting types."
"this is some pokemon battle, hey do ninetails learn Shadowball"Cole asked to Rovert
"Normally, No," Explained Rovert, "But I suppose anythings poosible."
"By the way Cole, what are your powers?" Asked Rovert, "Ahh, I see."
"Shadow ball from a Ninetales, astonishing, simply astonishing. Maybe... Oh yeah, I have to go practice!"
"Practice what?"
"My hangliding of course,"

Out of Character: I will actually be the refferee in the story, not an out of character thing like this.

March 23rd, 2007, 9:15 AM
Out if Character:
If you say things like that I'll disqualify your Ninetales! For no reason!

Didn't you see my 'xD' at the end, basiclly meaning 'lol' which basiclly means Iam being sarcastic.

March 23rd, 2007, 9:28 AM
Out of Character:
Actually it means laughing which can mean sarcasm, but in any case I saw that.
but, the thing is, I'm being sarcastic too.

March 23rd, 2007, 9:30 AM
"Hey, don't you want to watch how the battle could turn out?"asked Cole
"Eh, sorry"exclaimed Rovert
"hey, why didn't Gallade used SubPunch?"asked Cole
"guess he already left"Cole exclaimed
"hmm, anything is possible?"Cole wondered what Rovert mean

->Guess im out of character too XD
->guess newblue didn't understand it electivire, oh well

March 23rd, 2007, 9:36 AM
Out of Character:
Actually it means laughing which can mean sarcasm, but in any case I saw that.
but, the thing is, I'm being sarcastic too.
Oh OK, sorry. Hard to tell over the Internet...

March 23rd, 2007, 9:48 AM
hey anyone wants to continue the rp?

March 23rd, 2007, 10:07 AM
(I would, but my character is practicing, and Wooper hasn't decided on his last attack)

March 23rd, 2007, 12:49 PM
OOC: stop being out of charater so much! Get on with the RP. I'll post mine soon, my cousins are fisiting. Great.
And RozoREdge, make post 4 lines or more.

Đ a r κ
March 23rd, 2007, 6:24 PM
OOC: Sorry I have been gone for so long.

IC: Jason & Benai
Four Island

"Hey, Benai. Do you think you could be a little quiet?" Asked Jason treing to be silent. " Quiet, why? Come on, be a little exciting!" Benai enthusiastically exclaimed. "So, embarrassing" Jason thought. "Oh, I think we are going." Jason said while fallowing the group.

After a minute, they arrived in a lab. One person had said that this was Prof. Rot wood's lab. The professor then gave out the names of gems that everyone had to find and their powers. "Powers?" Jason whispered. "Did you say something?" Benai asked to Jason. "Oh, no. You must be hearing things."

After everyone left, Jason and Benai walked up to the professor and asked about what they must find. "You, Jason was it? You must find the Elbait amulet and Benai, you must find the Peridot amulet. Jason your ability should be to move at inhumanly speeds. So fast that you can make it look like there is more of you. And I think that there is a very low possibility of you being able to control water. Benai, you...you should be able to move plants at will. very useful for travel and defense."

Benai had a strange expression. "Defense...that isn't like my personality at all...But I guess with all my strength I need some defense." Jason seemed very gloomy. "Speed...who would have thought that I would be able to do that?"

Benai ran towards the back of the room as soon as he heard the word "Battle". Once he fallowed the others outside, he began to watch the battle. "I want to battle too..." Thought Benai as he looked around.

He then noticed Jason walk outside. "Perrrfect... Jason, I challenge you to a battle!" As soon as Jason heard Benai yell his name, he knew that nothing good could come of it so he quickly ran to a nearby bush and hid. Benai lost track of Jason and began to look for him.

"Come on Jason, it's not like the battle means anything. It's just a friendly match..." Benai then saw one of the bushes move. Benai then figured that he could test his abilities. Benai lifted his right hand towards the bush and raised it. At first,nothing had happened. But after minute, the bush lifted.

Benai smiled after he saw Jason fall out of the bush. "Come on Jason, why are you always so scared? Baby." Jason's eyes grew. He stood up and whipped off all of the dirt on his pants. "Fine, lets battle." He exclaimed.

March 23rd, 2007, 10:19 PM
OOC: stop being out of charater so much! Get on with the RP. I'll post mine soon, my cousins are fisiting. Great.
And RozoREdge, make post 4 lines or more.

OOC: DOUBLE POST. Anyway this roleplay goes really fast. Oh and I noticed Wooper that most posters are violating rules in the RP. Soon Bijou may come to give us a warning.

I assume Wooper's character Andrew is battling no?


Apparently a battle had initiated. Cain looked at the battle at hand. Apparently a battle was going on. Cain who was growing restless cheered with the rest of them for the battle. It was in Cain's soul to battle and he never liked just sitting around.

Andrew who Cain spoke to earlier was battling. Cain walked over to him. Then a great emotional spur stirred inside Cain. He immediatly wanted to battle really badly. So he said outloud to the battler.

"Come on finnish this. You can take him"

March 24th, 2007, 6:13 AM
Andrew, Lee, Robert, and Luther:
Four Island

The Ninetailes used a powerful shadow balll, but Gallade stood firm.
"Good job. Gallade use in fight!"
The Pokemon teleported to the different sides of the Ninetails, each time punching it. After a while, Gallade teleported back. Both Pokemon looked almost fainted.

Cain ignored Lee's propose to a battle, so she yelled,"Can we battle!!!!!!!"

Robert and Luther, the youngest of the bunch were getting bored and wondered off to catch new Pokemon.

March 24th, 2007, 6:23 AM
"In Fight, wow that's a powerful move"exclaimed Cole
"with that power, i wonder who could win"Cole said
"If Ninetails used another Shadowball, Gallade will faint"Cole exclaimed
"but if Gallade use another In fight attack, ninetails will faint"Cole exclaimed again
"this battle is turning out pretty good!"Cole sais excitingly

March 24th, 2007, 9:02 AM
OOC: Well, newblue has to decide now...


"No Ninetails!" Kari shouted.

Jimbob ~asleep~
Watching battle with AJ

Jimbob, who was currently sleeping against a tree, woke up and took a look around. Shuppet was still playing with Togepi and the battle was going strong.

"This battle could go either way, I'm going to take a walk in the woods, are you coming Shuppet?"

"Shupee!" said Shuppet shaking his head, so Jimbob ventured into the woods on his own as Togepi was climbing on Shuppet.

As Jimbob entered the woods, the surn was bursting through the trees, there were a few Kakuna hanging from the trees and some Weedles climbing up the trees. Suddenly Jimbob heared a loud buzzing sound. Then as if out of nowhere hundereds of Beedrill charged out from the woods and chased Jimbob.

"BEEDRILL!" He shouted as he sprinted at full speed to try and get away from said Pokemon when he saw a building up ahead. He charged inside and slammed the door shut.

"Wow what is this place?" Jimbob asked himself. He looked out of a side door, the place was full of Pokemon, hundereds of them. He was approached by an old Lady.

"Hello, welcome to Four island Pokemon Dayvare Center, how can I help you?" asked the Old lady.

"Oh sorry, I just came in here to escape some wild Beedrill," Jimbob explained.

"Well, would you like us to raise any of your Pokemon?" asked the Old Lady.

"No thanks, I'll be going back to Rotwoods lab soon," Jimbob told her, her eyes lit up.

"You were invited to Rotwoods lab? Great! Do you know a girl called Kari?" She asked him.

"Yes why?"

"I am her Grandmother, do you mind delivering something to her?"

"No sure, what do you want?" Jimbob asked.

She took a necklace off her neck that was attatched to a Pink and white Pokeball and handed it to Jimbob.

"This is a birthday present for her, please give it to her," she asked

"Sure I will," he agreed

"Thank you sonny, as a gift I'll give you this,"

She went into the back room and came back with a Pokemon egg in an incubator!

"Wow, th-thankyou!" Jimbob exclaimed.

"Quick go, it was her birthday yesterday," said the Old lady

"Ok, thankyou, bye!" shouted Jimbob as he ran outside. The Beedrill startet to gang up on him again.

"Forget this... I Choose you, Froslass!" Jimbob shouted angrily. "Froslass, use Hypnosis on all the Beedrill!"

"Fros-La-Fro-Slaas!" shouted the Pokemon as she released Giant Pink rings from her eyes, putting all the Beedrill to sleep. One of the Beedrill dropped something, it was a heavy Pokemon so it fell to the floor wihth a loud thud and woke itself up.

"Pine- CoPine?" said the Pokemon.

"Wow, a Pineco!" Shouted Jimbob. But before he could say anything else; the Pineco started to Rapid spin towards him. It hit him square in the chest, he was sent flying and he dropped all of his Pokeballs. Then Pineco used Rapid spin on a Pokeball button and caught itself!?

Jimbob gathered all his Pokeballs and looked at Froslass.

"Erm, Froslass what just happened?"

Froslass told him that Pineco caught itself (Jimbob can talk to ghost Pokemon).

"Wow, but if this Egg hatches i'll have to many Pokemon around? Anyway, Froslass return,"

Jimbob made his way back to the others with a Pokemon egg in his arms, a new Pokemon on his Belt and a Pink and white Pokeball containing Karis birthday present in his Pocket.

Jimbob Got a Pokemon egg.
Jimbob "Caught" a Pineco.
Kari will get a new Mystery Pokemon.

Đ a r κ
March 24th, 2007, 6:00 PM
Jason and Benai
Four Island

After walking to a spot away from the other battle, Jason and Benai began their battle.
"Go, Tododile!" Yelled Benai enthusiastically. "Tododile eh?...Go, Eevee!" Yelled Jason totally out of character. "An Eevee huh...Tododile, use aerial ace plus shadow claw!" Benai ordered.

Tododile's claws turned purple and Tododile ran toward eevee. Then at the last minute, tododile jumped back and jumped forwards and slashed at eevee with it's claw. "Eeee!" Squealed eevee as he fell to the ground. "Eevee!...are you ok?" Jason asked as he ran to him and put him back on his feat. "Eevee!" He yelled.

"Your a trainer? Doesn't seem like it." Benai taunted. "Err. Eevee lets show him what we are made of...Now go and use bite!" Jason commanded. Eevee sped forward to tododile and opened it's mouth showing his sharp teeth. "Dodge it!" Benai yelled. Tododile jumped back and dodged the attack. "Now Eevee, shadow ball while tododile is in the air." Eevee opened it's mouth again but this time a ball of darkness appeared and was shot out at the tododile.

"Hydro Pump!" Benai said. Tododile opened it's mouth and out came a blast of water. The two attacks collided and created an explosion. The two pokemon fell out of the smoke and lye there on the ground. The two soon got up and waited for the next command. "Aqua Tail/ Iron Tail!" The two boys yelled almost at the same time. Eevee's tail grew grey and Tododile's tail turned completely blue.

The two pokemon jumped toward each other and hit each other with their tails. The pokemon fell to the floor again. "Eevee, now's our chance..." Benai seemed scared of what was soon to come. "Treasure!" Eevee suddenly jumped to it's feet and ran to tododile. As soon as tododile got up, eevee's attack landed. "No, tododile!" Yelled Benai. "To...di-ile." "Tododile return." Benai exclaimed and he took out a poke' ball. Tododile returned to it's poke'ball. "Ok...Go Golem!"

March 25th, 2007, 4:26 PM
The Ninetailes used a powerful shadow balll, but Gallade stood firm.
"Good job. Gallade use in fight!"
The Pokemon teleported to the different sides of the Ninetails, each time punching it. After a while, Gallade teleported back. Both Pokemon looked almost fainted.
Both Pokemon collapsed only to have Gallade stand back up.
"Ninetales is unable to battle, the winner is..."Said the ref.
The Gallade collapsed, only to have Ninetales get back up.
"Gallade is unable to battle, the winner is..."Said the ref.
Suddenly, Gallade got back up, and the two both collapsed.
"Both Pokemon are unable to battle, the match ends in a draw." Finished the Ref.

Out of Character:
Sorry I'm late, I just got back.

March 25th, 2007, 7:13 PM
OOC: Sorry , I won't be able to post for a while. Go ahead and bunny my character.

March 25th, 2007, 10:40 PM
OOC: Wooper im assuming your character Lee asked mine to battle from what i read. Well i guess I should answer then.


"Yes we can battle. Ive wanted to battle for a few weeks now."

Cain hoped that his pokemon were ready for battle. Even though they were more restless then he was and were attacking inadimet objects in their freetime.

Cain took out a pokeball in his left hand. Since it was in first position it probably was Alakazam. Alakazam was Cain's most recent pokemon as he caught him just before he evolved into a Kadabra. It was before he went to Sabrina's gym and managed to defeate Sabrina with ease thanks to the psy pokemon.

"Okay. Lets see psypower. Go Kadabra"

Cain threw the pokeball hoping that his throwing arm hadnt weakened in the months that it had no use.

March 26th, 2007, 9:51 AM
"No, Ninetails," Kari said disappointed. "It dosen't matter, you did great, Return Ninetails," Kari said cheerfully as she returned her Ninetails to her Pokeball.

"Hey, KARI!" Shouted a voice from the distance, Jimbob came Charging out of the woods, holding a Pokemon egg. He stopped and pulled something from his pocket. He handed it too her. It was a necklace with a Pink and White Pokeball attatched to the bottom.

"What's this?" Kari asked Jimbob looking confused.

"It's a birthday present from your Grandparents, I've just seen them," Jimbob said.

"Wow! Thankyou Jimbob," shouted Kari, she launcvhed herself at Jimbob and gave him a hug. She put the necklace around her neck, dettatched the Pokeball and threw it. In a flash of bright light, out came a...

OOC: I'll reviel Pokemon next time... Can it be wearing Karis first Amulet, it would take a while for her too find two, this way she can find her other one when Jimbob does.

March 26th, 2007, 11:07 AM
"hmmm,it ended up in a draw"Cole exclaimed
Cole never have predicted that it would end in a draw
"since there is no exciting event going on here, i'll be exploring the island"Cole said to himself
Cole was looking around and saw an Aipom
"that's weird an aipom is here"Cole wondered
"i'll try to catch it!"Cole said
"Blaziken, I choose you!"Cole commanded
then Blaziken was there hoping for a battle
Aipom just used Fury swipe!
Blaziken has some scratches on it but it was still standing
"Blaziken use SLASH!"commanded Cole
then blaziken claw started to glow and scratched Aipom!
Aipom looks badly hurt
Aipom is angry and used SWIFT
"Swift?"the Surprised Cole said
then glowing stars just came up right in his tail and shoot it just like a shuriken
"oh-oh, Blaziken's mad"Cole said worriedly
Blaziken has an attitude of not listening to Cole when his angered
then Blaziken used fire punch
his flaming knuckle damages aipom
aipom looks hurt now
Aipom doesnt give up
Aipom just used...Slam!?
"wait that's an egg move!"Cole says surprisingly
it hits blaziken so hard that blaziken just fell down
"Aipom's very good i'll catch this"Cole said excitingly
no pokemon trainer ever make Blaziken fall down Aipom's the first..no not Juan,not Glacia(E4) not Wallace
then blaziken stood up jump then come with a flying kick and his feet is burning
"Ouch, i fell sorry for Aipom, Blaze kick is Blaziken's most powerful move"Cole exclaimed
the blaze kick attack just hit Aipom and Aipom cant stand anymore Aipom even got burned
"Pokeball go!"Cole said while throwing a pokeball
a red light just captured Aipom and it has been sucked into a pokeball
"I captured an Aipom!"Cole yelled
then the pokeball disappeared
then a tree, Blaziken punched and it destroyed it
'Looks like Blaziken's trying to learn Brick break"Cole said
"Blaziken replace mirror move!"Cole commanded
then Blaziken forgot Mirror move and learned brick break
Cole went to the pokemon center's PC a deposit all of his pokemon and withdrew Aipom
"I'll catch some more!"Cole says
then a Aipom got out of his pokeball and lay on Cole's shoulder
Cole decided to walk around and see if there is more wild pokemon and decided to train Aipom here is the moveset of Aipom M LVL43 Swift,Slam,Double attack,mega punch
not long after that Cole saw another pokemon

Cole's Blaziken learned Brick Break
Cole captured an Aipom

OOC:Cole doesn't want Aipom to evolve into an Ambipom

March 26th, 2007, 2:07 PM
Andrew, Lee, Rob, and Luther:
Four Island

Andrew's Gallade, and Kari's Ninetails both fainted. It was a great battle. Soon after, Jimbob came running and threw a Pokeball to Kari. Rob and Luther where nowhere to be seen, and everyone needed to depart soon. Lee had finaly gotten Cain to respond, and they started a battle. She chose Minun first, and Cain sent out a Kadabra.
Andrew decided to go to the PokeCenter, to heal Gallade.
"Hi," said Nurse Joy,"Would you like me to heal you're Pokemon?"
"Yes please," said Andrew as he handed her Gallade's PokeBall. She healed it on the healing machine.
"There you go!" something seemed weird about that Nurse Joy. He sent out Gallade to see a Magikarp. WHAT!
He ran back to the Pokemon Center when something fell off of Magikarp. He looked down to see a necklace. He picked it up and shoved it in his pack. He got back to the Pokemon Center and jumped behind the counter. He ran into the back to see a lot of Magikarp in a pile, and on the other side of the room a Team Aqua grunt with a lot of PokeBalls in front of him.
Andrew sent out Feraligatr to deal with the grunt, while Andrew untied the real Nurse Joy, and took the bag of Pokeballs.
Feraligatr scared away all of the grunts and Andrew checked each Pokeball, and soon found Gallade. He left without a word.
Nurse Joy chased Andrew down and gave him a premire ball with a Pokemon in it as a thanks.
Andrew released a Pokeball with a...

OOC: no the mystery Pokemon doesn't have an amulet!


Rob and Luther went deep into the woods, coming across a lot of Pokemon. Luther caught a Magnemite, while Rob caught a Yanma. The Pokeballs disapeared and were sent to the PC.
Rob and Luther went to the Pokemon Center, and got out their new Pokemon.

Đ a r κ
March 26th, 2007, 4:15 PM
Jason & Benai
Four Island

Jason had noticed that alot of people had left to different places already but he didn't care that much, he wanted to win this battle. "Go...Golem!" Shouted Benai. Eevee and the Golem stood in their positions seeming to have a staring contest until Benai broke the silence. "Arm hammer!" Benai commanded.

Golem's arm turned a brownish color and Golem ran to Eevee. "Dodge it!" Jason yelled as his eevee moved to the side, avoiding the attack. Golem then fell because of it's weight. "Good, now shadow ball!" Eevee opened it's mouth just as Golem fell and out came a black ball of energy. It shot at Golem.

"Quick, Golem, use rollout!" Golem pulled it's head arms and legs into it's body and rolled away from the shadow ball. The Golem turned and attack eevee while still using rollout. "Eev!" Eevee shrieked. Eevee was then knocked-out. "Eevee return." Jason said while taking out eevee's poke ball.

"Come on out, Hauntar!" Jason exclaimed as he pulled out another poke'ball and threw it. Out came his Hauntar. "Use destiny bond, Hauntar!" Jason yelled. Hauntar's hands turned completely purple and the moved like a clock. Golem then got chills. "Golem are you ok?" Asked Benai. His Golem gave a grunt telling him that he is fine. "Ok, this is a ghost type so.....u-...use rollout!" Benai hesitantly said. Golem turned it's head and nodded to Benai knowing what the plan was before Benai said anything.

Benai's head went down as Golem turned into a ball and sped to Hauntar. Just before getting to Hauntar, golem used Explosion.

As the dust cleared, both pokemon were unconscious. "Return/ Return." Jason and Benai said. "You win." Benai sadly exclaimed. "What?!" Jason asked. "You win...I just don't want to battle anymore, ok?" Jason's body calmed down. "Ok....You did good. Come on lets get to the pokemon center."

As the two walked to the pokemon center they saw a boy. "Hey, isn't that Andrew?" Jason asked. "Benai stopped Jason from steping any further. "What is it, Benai?" Jason asked. "I forgot, I have some revives in my bag." "Oh, really? Good, now we don't have to go to the pokemon center." Benai took out four revives and gave two to Jason. After reviving their pokemon, Benai and Jason ran over to Andrew to see a pokemon.

March 27th, 2007, 7:08 AM
OOC: Mine won't have an amulet then... The Pokemon that is she recieves is pretty obvious if you look at Karis team, and considering the lack of fire Pokemon...

Jimbob & Kari

Out of the Pokeball came a baby chick Pokemon, orange and yellow in colour. The Pokedex identified it as a Torchic.

"OH WOW!" Screamed an over excited Kari. She charged at the Torchic and grabbed it, she gave it a big hug. "Torchi-Toor!" shouted ther Pokemon as it released an ember attack on Kari. "AHHHH MY HAIR!" She shrieked. Luckily Jimbob released Milotic from her Pokeball and saved her hair.

"Wow, it's aggresive an I bet it's strong, yet still a cutie, You'd make good friends with Magby, he thinks he can do boxing, and Charmander is just adorabl-" She started, but Charmander was missing! He'd crawled under a chair inside before the battle started. Kari went back inside and he was gone.

"Don't worry Kari," said Jimbob as he put his egg on the floor. "I'll help," he added. "Milotic return, and come on out; Froslass, Torterra, Drifblim and Pineco!" Jimbob shouted as he released his four Pokemon (Milotic can't move well on land) "Froslass, Torterra, Shuppet, you three help look for Karis Charmander," Jimbob commanded. Pineco tried to hug Jimbob before realising it had no arms, Jimbob picked it up and gave it a hug. Froslass got jealous and Ice beamed Pineco. "Froslass!" Jimbob shouted, Pineco used Explode and the Ice exploded with it. Shuppet was waiting for Jimbob to come with him, it is rare they are apart (except earlier). "Sorry Shuppet, I need to train Pineco," Jimbob said. Shuppet grumbled and went to search with the others.

"Good idea, Magby, Torchic and Quilava, help them look fro Charmander," Kari commanded as she released her Magby and Quilava. "Now Rapidash, I need you to take me to the Pokemon centre!" Kari shouted throwing Rapidashs' Pokeball. She hoped on and was on her way to take Nintails to the centre.

"Now Pineco, let's see how strong you are, what attacks do you know?" Jimbob asked Pineco, before realising Shuppet, Froslass and Drifblim weren't around too translate. "I'll check the Pokedex then..."

"Pineco attack number one; Rapidspin,"

"Ok then Pineco, try a Rapidspin!" Jimbob shouted.

"Piine!" shouted the Pokemon before going into a highe velocity spin at a tree, knocking it down.

"Wow Pineco,"

"Co- Piine!" It chirped, it tried to hug Jimbob again, seen as it couldn't it just got ready for its next attack.

"Pineco attack number 2. Earthquake. Error Pineco can not learn Earthquake until after evolution," Said the voice from the Pokedex.

"Wow, you can use earthquake?" inquired Jimbob.

"Co," it said in an attempt too nod.

"Ok, Earthquake!" Jimbob yelled.

Pineco jumped in the air and came down with a Rapid spin into the ground, causing an earthquake.

"Woow!" Jimbob congratulated him. "That's amazing!"

"Pineco attack number 3. Double Edge. Powerfull but Waring, hurts thew User."

"Wow, that's strong, I'm not going to risk it, and your last attack is Explode I take it?"

"Co," It responded happily.

Suddenly Torterra and Shuppet appeared, Torterra had a chubby Charmander, wearing a red scarf, on its back.

"Well done guys, now wheres Drifblim and Froslass?" he asked. Suddenly a cage fell down on Shuppet and Torterra, it was attatched to a Submarine, just by the sea shore, also there was another cage with Froslass and Drifblim captured inside.

The Submarine was about to take off, it had a Team Aqua symbol on the side, they had just sent a grunt too the Pokecentre and since capturing Jimbobs Pokemon they took off, leaving the Grunt thet went to the Centre alone.

"Are you ready Pineco?" Jimbob asked, he put his Egg under a tree.


"Ok, Pineco, use Rapidspin on the Sub!" he shouted. Another High velocity blast at the Submarine put a hole in the side. "Now, use Double Edge on the Cages, send them back this way!" He shouted. Pineco did that, he started to glow and charged at the cages so hart they were sent to Jimbob.
"Now finish it, jump off, use Earthquake in the water to create a Tidal wave!" he bellowed.

Pineco did what he was told but nothing happened, th etidal wave had no effect and a cage was being sent at Pineco. "Pineco use Explosion!" Jimbob yelled, it was a last resort but it worked, Pineco exploded and the Submarine went flying. Pineco was also sent flying but back into Jimbobs arms.

"Wow Pineco, you did great, no better than that," He congratulated Pineco. "I'll take you to a centre now," he said. "You lot did great finding Charmander, Torterra, Froslass, Return."
"Now go Drifblims balloon!" The balloon attatched to Drifblim, Jimbob -carrying his Egg-, Shuppet and Charmander got aboard.


"Here's your Ninetails," said Nurse Joy handing Kari her Pokeball. "Thanks... Hey I've got a message," Kari said as she pulled her Poketch out of her Pocket. "Jimbobs' found my Charmander." she said to herself as she felt the worry slip away. "Rapidash, Quilava, Magby and Torchic return," she said, returng her Pokemon.

Jimbobs Pineco:
Rapid Spin
Double Edge

Kari got a Torchic
Kari ost Charmander
Jimbobs' Pokemon found Charmander.

March 27th, 2007, 7:17 AM
"it's a...i'ts a riolu?"Cole says surprisingly
Cole decided to catch Riolu
"Go! Aipom!"Cole commanded
Aipom was ready to battle
"Aipom use Slam!"Cole exclaimed
Aipom's hand-like tail whipped Riolu
Riolu just used Counter
a red light appeared in Riolu's body and almost knock-out Aipom
"Use Swift then"Cole said worriedly
a star like power appeared in Aipom's tail and began shooting it like a shuriken
Riolu just used force exert!
Riolu's punch got all its power and hits Aipom
Riolu seems tired
Aipom seems to collapse
Cole threw a pokeball, riolu didn't fight back bec. it's too tired
then Cole went to the Pokemon center and heal aipom and riolu
then after a while Cole trained riolu a he has this moveset
riolu(M)-forse exert,reversal,sky uppercut,pallete punch

Cole got a Riolu

March 27th, 2007, 7:35 AM
Jimbob, Shuppet, Charmander, Drifblim and... well... Egg?
~ Aboard Drifblim

"When we get there, I'll get Pineco healed, Shuppet, you take Charmander to find ari and come back too me, then I'll send this Egg to Mount Pryre, my home, Say hello to my other Pokemon and I'll find Andrew and the others," Jimbob said to everyone like a mission briefing. Jimbob looked down. "I coulf of sworn that was Cole down there, but since when does he have an Aipom and Riolu, also where are his other more powerful Pokemon?"

They arrived at the Pokemon centre and carried out their tasks, Kari was waiting for them so Shuppet stayed with Jimbob. Charmander and Kari ahd a huge hug and stuff. Jimbob went inside and Gvae Pineco to Nurse Joy. He went to the Phone so hew could send his Egg to his family. (He promised he'd get his brother his first Pokemon)

"Hey Shuppet look!" Jimbob shouted as he pointed to the screen. There were five Pokemon there all waving (sort of). There was a Muk, Crobat, Duskull, Alakazam and the other one was Snorunt (Who is now a Froslass on his Team).
"Wow, my team from my Hoenn adventure," he said to himself. They had a chat before Jimbob hung up and went to get Pineco back. Suddenly Andrew jumped over the counter and burst through a door. A couple of minutes a Team Aqua member (With no transport since Jimbob destroyed the sub) and Andrew came bursting out with Feeraligatr, Gallade and a Bag of Pokeballs. It took a couple of minutes to locate Pineco and then Nurse Joy gave Andrew A premier ball. Jimbob and Kari watched in amazment as a (Insert Pokemon here) came out of the ball.

March 27th, 2007, 8:15 AM
"hey isn't that Jimbob aboard a Driftlim?, Jimbob must be talented. I wonder if he can saw Rovert there hangliding"Cole said
Cole thought that Rovert is weirder than him
Later on Cole finds a ralts, it has been poisoned by a wild Koffing
Cole brought ralts at the pokemon center and told nurse joy what happened
Cole then captured ralts so it can be fully healed
then later on nurse joy said that ralts has a Pokerus
Cole then learn about pokerus and decided to train ralts
but Cole didn't realized that his ralts was color BLUE
when ralts evolve into a kirlia Cole just notice that kirlia was color blue
"Nurse joy, nurse joy!"Cole said hurriedly
"what's the matter cole?"Nurse joy replied
"My Kirlia is color BLUE"Cole exclaimed
"Oh my i didnt noticed that Kirlia was a shiny pokemon"the Nurse explained
"it isnt the effect of Pokerus?"Cole says
"no, it isn't Cole"The nurse replied
then cole went out to train Kirlia some more
"Oh my Cole was getting more mature now than before"the nurse says the herself
"well i better use this awkening stone to kirlia to awaken him"Cole said
Cole used the awakening stone on kirlia then it evolve into a Gallade
"Wow i have my own Gallade just like Andrew!"Cole said
this is the move set of Gallade(M)-magical leaf,in fight,psycho cutter, blade test

Cole got a Pokerused shiny Ralts
Cole got his ralts evolve into a Kirlia
Cole used a awakening stone to Kirlia to evolve into a Gallade

March 27th, 2007, 4:08 PM
Andrew, Rob, and Luther:
Four Island

The premire ball had contained a Swinub, level 30. It had a nice moveset too: Ancientpower, Earthquake, Stone Edge, and Hyper Beam. He opened his Pokedex. For Swinub it said:
Swinub roots for food by rubbing it's snout against the ground. It's favorite food is a mushroom that grows under the cover of dead grass. This Pokemon occasionally roots out hot springs.
It wasn't the Pokemon that Andrew expected, but it is pretty strong. Andrew went to the PC to look through his Pokemon. Andrew decided to switch out Sneasle for his Swinub.
After that he entered to 'friend code' for his house.
"Hi Tate! Liza! What's up?"
"Nothing much." they answered in unison.
"Hey, can I see my Hoenn team?"
"Sure," said Tate as Liza got out Andrew's Pokeballs.
Liza released all of the Pokemon at once. Torkoal, Chimecho, Tropius, and Exploud were all there. Andrew had Sealeo and Gardevoir with him.
Andrew said 'hi' to his Hoenn team, and logged off.

Star Girl
March 28th, 2007, 5:14 PM
OOC ~ Sorry for not making any posts earlier. I did have a post planned originally but than I had to rethink it and I haven't had a chance to really go through and make another good post since then. On another note my keyboard acting up sometimes does not help either.

Olivine City

"Weeh! Were finally here!" Jasmine cheerfully yelled attracting a few stares as they wandered down the streets of Olivine City.

Ira rolled her blue eyes at her friend's behavior. They had just arrived in the town after spending the last couple of days lost on their journey. Ira sighed thinking, 'Well that's what happens when you let Jasmine have the map.'

Truly she enjoyed her friend's company but Jasmine had far from the best sense of direction, which was the reason why Ira usually to hold the map. But for some odd reason Jasmine had wanted to be the one that read the map this time instead of her. Even after several years of friendship Ira still had yet to gain an understanding of her friend's sometimes bizzare personality.

Soon the two girls found themselves at the Pokemon Center dropping their team off to get healed. It was there that they ended up finding out the Gym Leader was at the LightHouse taking care of a sick Pokemon. Deciding to check out what was going out the two retrieved their Pokemon and headed out for the LightHouse.


OOC ~ Unfortuanetly several of my keys have just decided to freeze up on me and I am not in the mood to copy and paste several things, it is a pain in a butt as it is to have to do that with the p key. So Unfortuanetly I will have to quit here for now. I will add more when my keys start working better. Or at least my quote key is back. No this has nothing to do with my Spyware, I just need a new computer and I probably will not be getting one for a couple of months.

April 4th, 2007, 2:57 PM
OOC: I hope this isn't dying.


Andrew walked out of the PokeCenter, and headed toward Prof. Rowan's Lab.
"Proffesor Rotwood?" Andrew asked for.
No answer.
"Proffesor Rotwood?" Andrew repeated.
Again, no answer.
An elderly lady walked by and said in a crackled, old voice,"Is Proffesor Rotwood there? He usually is."
"Well, he's not answering."
"That's odd." she replied as she walked off.
"Proffesor Rotwood?" Andrew said, yelling this time.
Andrew heard a door open in the back. Andrew ran behind the lab, which is where the Pokemon were kept. Andrew saw two people in a black outfit, with Pokeballs in their hands.
"Gallade! Stop them! Get the Pokeballs!" Andrew said as he through Gallade's Pokeball.
Gallade telepoted over to the two grunts, who got scared out of their minds, and dropped the Pokeballs.
The grunts ran past Gallade, and sent out their Pokemon, for a battle.
"Return, Gallade!" Andrew held out the Pokeball.
The two Rocket Grunts sent out a Lombre and Nuzleaf.
"Come on out! Swinub and Sealeo!"

April 4th, 2007, 4:36 PM
"My hangliding of course,"
"Go Sceptile," Yelled Rovert, "By now, you should know the terrain, get me to the cliff,"
"Scep, Scep," Responded Sceptile eagerly.
Once at the cliff, Rovert got into his Pack and quickly put together his collapsable hanglider.
"One, two, three!" Yelled Rovert, jumping off.
Rovert was quickly able to adapt to the new air currents, and he was displaying his aerial acrobatics, until...
"What's that?" Asked Rovert looking in the distance, "A Drifblim? A person? Jimbob?"
Upon closer inspection, Rovert leaned it was, in fact, Jimbob. So he quickly glided in Jimbob's direction.
"Jimbob, what would you say to an aerial battle?"
Jimbob answered "...

Out of Character: If you've landed, we can place this post chronologicly in the middle of your post.

April 5th, 2007, 7:33 AM
Cole went to the pokemon center and saw Aipom holding something
"what's that Aipom?"questioned Cole
"Aipom?Aipom Aipom Aipom Aipom pomai aipom pomai ai ai ai pom Aipom"Aipom said
Cole seems to be confused, luckily his pokedex can determine what are the pokemon saying. Prof birch install that so Cole can understand what his Slaking is saying.
the pokedex said "I got it while we were walking to get to the building with a ball in it exactly like the once yo use to catch us pokemon,my tail is handy so scientist have determined that we aipom have called abeleteys or something like that and that my eeveelity is pik-ap that i can pick up some hidden things on the ground"
"wow Aipom is really talkative"Cole exclaimed
he took the item and identified it as a Rare candy
"i now have 59 of this"Cole said
Cole exchange Aipom,Gallade for all of his pokemon party and send riolu to Kain,the kid next door
after a while he was getting tired so he decided to rest in the pokemon center

April 5th, 2007, 11:41 AM
OOC: Wooper, why are you talking about Prof Rowan, I thought it was Rotwood, sorry if 've missed something... Yeah newblue, let's do that.

"Ok Rovert, I suppose, 1 on 1?" Jimbob proposed.

"My only 2 Pokemon that can fly are Drifblim and Shuppet, and I can't use Drifblim... Oh wait.. Froslass!" he thought to himself.

"Ok, I choose you, Froslass!" he shouted throwing th Ultraball into the air. Out came Froslass which gave Jimbob an affectionate Ice Beam attack.

She then took battle posistion, waiting for Roverts Pokemon.

April 5th, 2007, 1:27 PM
"This will have to be quick, as my only Pokemon suitable for this battle is Sceptile! If I don't use it, I fall to my doom from weight on my hanglider, if I use Sceptile and it starts getting slower, It'll jump on me and I fall to my doom!" Though Rovert.
"Go Sceptile!" Yelled Rovert, "Jump on Frosslass!"
Sceptile is able to use Solarbeam to propel itself upwards and jumps upon Frosslass, the Frosslass is thrown off balance for a moment do to the addditional weight.
"Sceptile, Leaf Blade while it is dazed"
The Sceptile, uses Leaf Blade, but as Frosslass falls several feet, Sceptile falls off!
"Sceptile use Solarbeam to level yourself!" Yells Rovert, "Then use Frenzy Plant to get an actual landmass to stand.!"

April 5th, 2007, 2:45 PM
Jimbob aboard Drfblim, 20 minutes into Past
"Wow that was a powerful Leaf Blade! Froslass, are you ok?!"

"Fr- Froos!"

"Great! Anyway, Froslass use Hypnosis!" Jimbob commanded. But the hypnosis missed and Rovert only just dodged the Hypnosis.

"Sceptile's a grass type, I need to hopefully finish this quick, Pineco's in trouble! Froslass, use Ice Beam!"

"Frosss!" shouted the Pokemon. She released Icy waves of energy that directly hit the falling Sceptile. Sceptile was losing altitude fast along with Rovert.

OOC: For anyone who dosen't know, the above is set before I got to the Pokemon Centre. So Pineco is out cold and I'm flying with Drifblim.

Present time. PokeCenter

"Wow, Andrew left without a word, I was going to ask him when we are going Amulet hunting... Oh well, come on Shuppet let's go outside."

Jimbob and Shuppet progressed outside the door to the centre. There was a stream and a small foot bridge.

"Heh heh, these Pokemon will fetch in mega bucks!" Grunted a deep voice. Across the river was a muscular Team Aqua member pulling in a net from the river. It was full of wild Feebass.

"Hey, put them back!" Shouted a female voice from behind him. It was Kari and Charmander. "Go on Jimbob, show him who's boss."

"Ok, Pineco, I choose you!" Jimbob shouted throwing a Pokeball.

"Not so fast!" laughed the Aqua member. He jumped over the river and caught the Pokeball. "Ha ha! You won't be using this!" he snorted.

"No Pineco!"

"Shuppet, Shadow ball, Go!"

"Come on out Kingdra!" Grunted the Aqua member. "Use Dive!" He commanded as his Kingdra jumped underwater.

"Nevermind Shuppet, you can't go underwater, I choose you, Milotic!". The blue Milotic sparkled as it was released from its Pokeball. "Dive underwater and use Hyper Beam."

"Kingdra, Dragon Pulse!"

Kingdra shot three dark purple rings of energy at Milotic who was charging a Hyper Beam.

"Hang in there Milotic... Now Fire!"

The giga yellow energy attack blasted Kingdra to oblivion.

"Kingdra no!" Shouted the Aqua member chasing after his Pokemon.

"Shuppet get back that Pokeball!" Jimbob commanded. Shuppet used Psychic to stop the running Aqua member and then stole the Pokeball, returned it to Jimbob and sent Aqua grunt flying towards his Kingdra.

Kari released the confused Feebas back into the river.

"Feebass shouldn't live in the river, they should be in the sea," Kari explained.

"Mi, milo!" Milotic explained sadly.

Shupept translated for Jimbob.

"Y-You're leaving?" he asked dissapointedly.


"Promise when the Feebass are strong enough to protect themseves, you will come back!" Jimbob exclaimed excitedly.

"Milo!" she replied in a high pitched voice.

Withing 5 minutes Milotic and the Feebass were out of sight.

"I'll miss you buddy," Jimbob moaned. "Bye,"

Jimbob released Milotic

OOC: Sorry for complete lack of detail, I needed to release someone.

April 8th, 2007, 10:51 AM
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April 8th, 2007, 5:41 PM
Rovert quickly and skillfully leveled him, and yelled, nothing. Sceptile understood that Rovert considered Jimbob "Worthy" of expirencing his actual battling style. Sceptile used Solarbeam and quickly rocketed upwards and once again used Frenzy Plant to allow it to walk.
"Jimbob, have you ever heard of iniative? It is how my Sceptile fights."
Jimbob looked startled at the information he heard. While he was still taking it in, Sceptile used Dragonbreath on Frosslass, and finished up his assault with a Body slam.

April 9th, 2007, 7:39 AM
Jimbob - Past.

"Froslass?!" Jimbob yelled. His Pokemon started rocketing down to the ground at full force. He reached for his Pokeball and yelled; "Return!" He shot a red light from the Pokeball and sent the beam at Froslass. She converted into a light and dragged back into the spherical Pokeball.

Sceptile looked absalutley exhausted with all the Solar Beams and Frenzy Plants, but happy with the victory nontheless. Jimbob was nearing the Pokemon Centre.

"I'll give you a rematch, later on," Jimbob anounced to Rovert who gave him a thumbs up.

Jimbob and Kari, Present.

"Why are we going through the woods!?" Kari screamed at the top of her voice. A few Pidgey flew away.
"Charmander, It's time for a rest!" she said as she sat down on a log with the Chubby Charmander.

"Kari, come on we've got to find Andrew, then I'll rematch with Rovert," Jimbob argued.

"GRRRR!" Kari screamed "FINE I'LL JUST RUIN MY FAVOURITE SHOES!" she shrieked.

"Shuppet, do you want some food?" Jimbob asked.


"Ok, here ya go," Jimbob said as he fed him a PokePellet. As the Trainer, Co-ordinator and the two Pokemon walked along casually; they noticed that there was an extra traveller.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Kari shrieked out of suprise and disgust. The screech was amazingly high pitched. It made all the HootHoot and Spearow scatter.

Next to Kari there was a small blue Pokemon walking along as if he knew the gang.

"WHAT'S THAT?" she yelled.

"Hold on i'll check!" Jimbob yelled whipping out his POKeDEX. H pointed it towards the Pokemon in question.

"Crjoagunk, the Poison Pokemon," The POKeDEX said in a smooth female voice. "It has poison pouches in its cheeks. It stabs its fingers which are oozing with a powerful poison into the unguarded areas of its foe. Croagunk makes an unpleasant sound by inflating and deflating its poison pouches. Its aim is to frighten the foe." It contiued.

"Wow. Do you want a PokePellet Croagunk?" Jimbob asked plesently. Croagunk looked up at Jimbob with a unnerving and fixated gaze. It lasted for for a few seconds. Jimbob started to get nervous, until Croagunk nodded. Jimbob handed him the Brown coloured snack. Croagunk held the snack with both hands and nibbled it slowley as he walked. He gave Jimbob a nod of appretiation and carried on walking alongside him.

Jimbob lost a battle.
Jimbob befriended a Croagunk.

April 9th, 2007, 7:44 AM
-Double Post, sorry-


April 10th, 2007, 1:09 AM
After a while Cole had fallen asleep
"huh? whats going on here?"
"where am I?"
"where did all my pokemon go?"Cole said wondering
mean while Cole's Gardevoir sense a disturbance to Cole
Then Gardevoir used her Psychic powers to enter Cole's dream
but then Cole's Gallade quickly get out of his pokemon
Cole forgotten Gallade to be deposit and left Slaking in the PC
Gallade's remaining Psychic powers was used on Cole to be enter in Cole's Dream
"Gardevoir?Gallade? is that you?"Cole asked the mysterious pokemon
Gardevoir and Gallade sensed Darkrai's Present and hurried to find Cole before Darkrai did
Gardevoir and Gallade searched and searched and finally found Cole with Darkrai
"Oh no! Master!"Gardevoir said using her Psychic Power

April 10th, 2007, 2:38 PM
OOC: When are we all meeting up too get the Amulets? Is this Dead or something?

IC: Coming soon.

April 10th, 2007, 4:30 PM
OOC: We will meet up after I battle the Rocket grunts. It would be faster if someone would walk by me and help me out.