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March 16th, 2007, 5:34 PM
Here are WaterTrainer sprites.He let me show it to all forums Please rate. Do not use these without my permission or i'll bring them down! I'll update more everyday


~*!*~Tatsujin Gosuto~*!*~
March 16th, 2007, 6:29 PM
These are amazing your fakemon rock. I love the coloring and the shading on all of them


:t354:~*!*~Queen Boo~*!*~

March 16th, 2007, 6:33 PM
I saw those on Serebii.
And guess what? I just payed a visit to Water Tariner's thread.
-forum link removed-

Sorry if this counts as mini-modding

March 16th, 2007, 6:44 PM
Yeah he's my friend. He let me show it

March 16th, 2007, 6:54 PM
Are you sure?
You shouldn't showcase them, even so. These showcase is to showcase your sprites.
If water trainer wants his sprites shown, let him do it himself.
And they don't need your permission, techincally they need his.

But they're good sprites, with good anatomy, and shading.

March 16th, 2007, 7:44 PM
his torkoal evo sprite is one of the best designs and sprites i've seen in a while.

good stuff. that guy really knows how to use his colors.

March 16th, 2007, 8:23 PM
SuperDeoxys: Showcasing the work of others, whether given permission or not, is a very serious offence. If your friend wishes to showcase their work, they can do so themselves.

Astral Maelstrom: A report is all that is needed. Moreover, linking to other forums is not allowed.

So as of now, this thread is closed~

Warnings shall be issued appropriately.