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March 17th, 2007, 4:04 PM
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[a id]intro[/a id]Introduction:

Basically, a spriting duel gives you members the opportunity to compare your skills and abilities in a one-on-one contest with another member.

This thread here is for the posting of challenges, entries and results of the spriting duels. As this thread will be closed, posts will only be made by myself and Signomi, with each new post outlining the details of each duel. For discussion of the duels, head over to the Discussion Thread (http://www.pkmncommunity.com/showthread.php?t=81169).

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[a id]rules[/a id]Rules:

First off, obviously the PokéCommunity Rules (http://www.pkmncommunity.com/showthread.php?t=54097) and the Pixel Art Rules (http://www.pkmncommunity.com/showthread.php?t=65930) apply to the duels.

No recolours whatsoever

Recolours do not require much skill, and so any duel containing them will be put to an immediate and abrupt halt.

Stealing = slap

Just reiterating on this rule. If anyone is caught stealing the work of others, they will be banned from future participation in duels and receive a warning.

Work must be made specifically for the duel

That means you can't go and use a sprite created prior to the duel. If it is discovered that members are doing this, then they will be disqualified.

No aggression towards opponents/judges

Opponents: Sportsman ship is a must here - don't be a sore loser, and respect your opponent. If any sort of aggression is shown concerning the duels, whether in this thread or via PM, appropiate action shall be taken.

Judges: If for some reason you feel that the judge's decision was unfair, deal with it in a calm manner and simply ask another available judge to assess your entry.

More shall be added as we see fit

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[a id]duel[/a id]It's time to duel!

So now that you've read the rules and have a thorough understanding of them, youmay like to duel another member right?

1. Initiate the duel
In order to do so, just PM your desired member and issue a challenge. Remember that only one PM is required, so there's no need to continually issue PM's to the same user.

Within this initiation PM one should include:

Time frame
And so on

Whether or not you accept the duel will be up to you. But please always reply to the challenge with your response as soon as possible.

2. Organise your judge
At the moment we only have two judges available: .:Kaku:. (http://www.pkmncommunity.com/member.php?u=8845), Megafuz (http://www.pkmncommunity.com/member.php?u=12941) and Aviator Maz (http://www.pkmncommunity.com/member.php?u=18386).]. Just simply PM one of them asking politely that you would like them to judge, and I'm sure they'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Please note that the judges may get busy at times, so then you may have to wait a bit.

3. Let the moderator's know
Once all the formalities are organised, you can now go ahead and PM either of the moderators outlining the details of your duel. We shall place your entry into the challenge thread (after deeming it suitable of course). Challenge thread will come once the first duel is organised.

4. And the results are in!
Once we are notified by the judge of the results, we shall notify everyone as soon as possible.

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[a id]current[/a id]Current Competitors:

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[a id]past[/a id]Previous competitions:

Esupio vs. Tyler-chan (http://www.pkmncommunity.com/showpost.php?p=2415904&postcount=2)

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Any suggestions? Feel free to PM either Signomi or myself

March 17th, 2007, 4:10 PM
Competitors: Esupio and Tyler-chan
Theme: Animals
Restrictions/Regulations: Scratch sprite
Judge: .:Kaku:.




Esupio, although it's clear (upon zooming in) that you've spent time shading your piece, unfortunately the colours are way too close together, there's no real contrast and the shading is ineffective. The main shape of the piece is pretty good, the facial features are cute yet accurate, apart from the top of the head, which is too straight. Overall it's a cute piece, but try using a lower, broader range of colours.

Tyler, I'm not sure what type of look you were aiming for here, The lack of shading isn't a bad thing as such, but it does lower your score for quality and depth. The outline should really be smoother, it seems a little too blocky to me, I'm also not sure if it's a tail or giant foot. It also seems far too much like paper instead of a sprite. Overall if you were aiming for a paper Mario-esque then you sort of achieved it, if you were aiming for a decent sprite then you got part way there. Work on outlining, anatomy and shading, and you'll be better in no time.

Overall scores

Esupio 5/10 - Sorry Joe but the lack of contrast really brings the piece down.

Tyler 4/10 - Feels quite unfinished to be honest, still not sure what look you were aiming for.