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March 18th, 2007, 2:08 PM
Okay, this is my first plot and time being the RP master, so forgive me if I’m not too good…

The Legend

There is a legend in the world of Aedrys, speaking of a great war between the East and West over three mystic blades created by the God and Goddesses of this world. These three swords were the Blade of the Sun, the blade a blazing red-orange, was able to harness the Sun's great fury and call forth blazing rain, or create a blinding beam of light, and said to be forged by the Sun Goddess, Solarrin. There was the Blade of the Moon, a dazzling blue, forged by the Moon Goddess, Lunaria, said to be able to warp its wielder between any place instantaneously, as well as the wielder being able to warp the blade anywhere they wish. The last blade was The Blade of the Void, the blade a wicked black, created by the Shadow God, Kageriin, and was able to control shadows like puppets, as well as topple entire buildings with a single slash. If these three swords were ever brought together, an even greater power would be brought into the world, under the blades' wielder’s control, but this power was described simply 'Only one pure of soul shall not bring ruin to the world. Twisted of heart, or selfish of intention shall ruin the world and destroy themselves. To right this wrong, the pure must gather the blades of legend'. The three blades had been hidden by their forgers, never to be found, unless the time truly came when the whole of Aedrys was threatened. However, the greed of men did not heed these warnings, and sought the blades' great power.

This war raged for many years, until the West finally had all three blades in their possession. The West's king, a cruel Muro with a twisted heart had killed countless people, both innocent and warring. He craved only power, and didn't care what he had to do to get it. Once the three legendary blades were place together, they had vanished, and in their place was a great monster, a reflection of the king's lust for power. The beast, black as the king's heart, swallowed him up in dark tendrils sprouting from its body. The survivors of this incident named the beast, Exittaddo, 'Bringer of Destruction.' This monster then destroyed the West's capital, Doran, and the only thing that had stopped it was the Goddesses and God descending to Aedrys and destroying the wicked beast, but destroying their physical forms in the process. Their spirits took refuge in the blades they had forged, sealing the monster in a blade of its own, called the Arcumbre. This blade was made sure to be hidden well, as the Goddesses and God didn't have power to stop the beast again. The only way to access this blade was to bring together the three original blades at the Arcumbre's temple. To help guard the four blades, they 'touched' three people of Aedrys, of three different races, giving each and their bloodline a special ability, but this power has since faded from the bloodlines.

The people of Aedrys had then agreed to peace, not wanting a repeat incident. They rebuilt Doran, now a technological metropolis, and the three 'descendants' had guarded the blades, until, after a while, the people had forgotten the war and simply marked it down as a myth. The descendants, too, had forgotten where the swords rested, so the God and Goddesses used a bit more of their remaining powers to create special creatures, bound to the blades, and they were meant to keep all but the blades' respective descendants from ever entering the resting places.

One thousand years after the war was forgotten, the bloodlines no longer clearly identifiable, and the resting places left to ruin, the bloodline possessing Kageriin's power unknowingly found the Blade of the Void and took it from its shrine. Seeing the blade's great power, she began to feel the same lust for power as the ancient Muro king. The blade's guardian sensed this, but was powerless against the Blade of the Void. She had remembered the old legend, and craved the other blades' powers. This girl, a Kuria name Kurozyn, only 17, began to destroy other villages and towns, searching for the other descendants. Kageriin's spirit watched in horror as his power was being used to destroy the world he had helped create. He attempted to warn the Goddesses, and told them to somehow have their descendants claim the blades and defeat Kurozyn, whose fighting class has seemed to go out of normal people's abilities. She had the ability to call down ferocious beasts, as well as cast all elemental magic. Her skills with the sword were better than that of a well-trained blademaster. After hearing of the descendants claiming the other two blades, Kurozyn had fled deep in the Demon's Maw Mountains. Using water and wind magic, she was able to view the descendants and attempt to kill them by controlling monsters she had created. But, unfortunately for the descendants, they had no knowledge of Kurozyn's location or abilities.

You play as either the Sun or Moon descendants, (if those spots are left) or one of their teammates. You will all travel as a Slayer group, people who kill monsters and protect travelers from attacks. This way, you will gain experience and knowledge from battles, to prepare you for the showdown with Kurozyn. ~Also, after two more people have joined, we will decide where we meet.


Normal PC rules apply, along with no powerplaying, godmodding... If you visit this area of PC often, you should know what's acceptable... And NPC creating is fine, along with generating monsters, etc. Just don't go overboard with it. I control Kurozyn (my RP) and when 'boss-type' monsters (Kurozyn's creatures) pop up. When having a monster/your chara attack someone, let them react. And when reacting, don't have your chara dodge, block, or counter EVERY SINGLE TIME. And if you don't follow rules, or misspell/use words, YOUR CHARA SHALL DIE AN EMBARASSING DEATH.

{Make the sign-up decent, please? AND NO CLICHES. OR ELSE.}
Name-Character's name
Gender-Dude or Dude-ett?
Race-Options in a min.
Personality-Err, you should know this.
Description-Make it race specific, but you can add your chara's personal touches. This is for physical description. OR, if you’re lazy like me, you could throw the armor in too, and use this. (http://www.tektek.org/dream/dream.php) I personally prefer a visual, but words are fine, too. Only KuKuria, Muro and Humua (possibly Lieroso or Veinn if you can find the right stuff) are makeable with the link.
Armor- What the character wears. Can be simple or intricate, and won't change during the RP.
Class-Just wait a sec, 'kay?
Class Specifics-Robot for Engineer, Summons for Summoner, etc.
Weapon- Can change during the RP, so try to not make your first weapon too awesome. Unless you're the Sun descendant. In that case, all you really need it to be is red.
RP Sample-Just as long as you make decent posts and can spell...I mean it. You misspell/incorrectly use words, try somewhere else… Not trying to be mean, or anything, just use the right words and spelling.
Bloodline/Reason for Joining the Descendants-(I need someone to take the place of the Sun descendant, which is a Veinn. For the Sun decendant, since Solarrin is in the blade, you could have her communicate with your chara, if you want.)


Humua-Human. That's about it.
Kuria-Full blood elf. They're tall, slender, and not harsh on the eyes.
KuKuria-Humua with longer, pointy ears, so half-elf, basically.
Lieroso-Animal people, y'know, human with animal attributes?
Veinn-Dragon-Humans. Because I love dragons. And veinn cannot fly. They can hover and glide, but cannot freely fly. Their faces are more human than dragon, and their skin can be whatever color you want. Their wings are generally small, and they have tails. Their ears are...like a two feathered wing...like...ear (http://img145.imageshack.us/img145/9149/veinnearhw3.png).If you want a Veinn chara, please follow the description.
Muro-Demonic people, with horns, fangs, a slender tail, claws, ect. And they don't wear shoes. Their claws on their feet would just rip 'em.
Dragon-I only added this race because I have many a dragon character, so I thought that it would feel odd to me with no dragons. But please, I don't want 7 people wanting to be dragons. Anyways, dragons in Aedrys can wear clothes if they want to, although they usually don't. They're not very bulky, and stand on two feet. Their 'ears' can rage from two horns to cat-like ears, to nothing at all. Dragons also can have some sort of 'hairdo' such as Taiik (http://img157.imageshack.us/my.php?image=taiik1cv.png). Don't mind the little wings. I just doodled that. And didn't bother with the wings too much. Then there's Guardian (http://img147.imageshack.us/my.php?image=guardian1xb.png), who wears a shirt (and pants, you just can't see that.) has no fuzz, and has two horns for 'ears'. So there ya go.

So, if you want the most freedom with your chara, choose Humua, or KuKuria.

NOW, classes. And weapons and armor are suggestions. Not mandatory. ((These classes are based off of my characters in my fic. Which isn’t done. Even if it were, I probably wouldn’t post it here…))

Warriors specialize in physical power. They usually wear heavier armors, such as chain mail and plates. Other warriors wear lighter armors, allowing for more movement in battle. This class can be seen with any type of weapon, even staves.

Chaos Mage
Chaos mages are scholars of the black arts, able to cast destructive magic. They tend to wear light cloth armor, to better channel their magic. Chaos mages often use staves, maces, or daggers, but can use any weapon.

Healing Mage
Healing mages are masters of the white arts. They use defense as their offense, and are valuable to any slayer team. Healing mages are able to cure sicknesses, and heal wounds, even bring someone out of a coma. They cannot, however, bring people back to life. This class usually wields staves and maces, and wears cloth armor.

Spell Blade
Spell Blades are a jack-of-all-trades, but master of none. They are able to cast both healing and destructive magic, but not anything near as powerful as the Chaos or Healing mages’ magic. Because they have less need to channel powerful magics, they usually wear medium armors, such as chain mail or leather. Like warriors, this class is seen with many weapons.

Ninja are very agile and are also able to cast various weak black magics. They usually are good with projectile weapons, and are good at concealing themselves. Since speed is the ninja’s main weapons, they tend to wear light armor and wield smaller weapons. Dattebayo~!

Agile, like the Ninja class, but is better with closer combat. Assassins can also use darkness (as in the element, which is listed below) magic to weaken their enemies. Their main weapon of choice is the dagger, able to be thrown, or used in close combat, although they have been seen using a light sword, too. They tend to wear leather armors.

Musician is certainly an odd class. They are able to manipulate raw elemental magic by simply playing music. Depending on the song’s style, beat, and such, the musician’s element (a musician will usually choose one or two elements at the start of their career) will react, and to what extent is determined by the musician’s will. Their weapons are their instruments, of course, and their armor is generally light.

Tamers specialize in bows, guns, and crossbows. They have no magic access, but have the ability to tame a wild creature to do their bidding. There may sound like no need for this class, with the use of Cyrun Gems, but Tamers can tame monster (magic manifestation), creature (gryphon, dragon, phoenix, etc), or animal (wolf, tiger, hawk, etc), and develop a strong bond with their “pet.”

Summoners call forth both creatures from Cyrun Gems and can tap into the elemental streams to create powerful monsters of their own creation. The created monster are then kept in a Cyrun Gem. If no Gem is available, the monster turns feral, similar to a normal monster. Summoners can have only one creature ‘active’ at a time. Summoners can also wield both white and black magic, but their spells are much weaker than a Chaos Mage’s or a Healing Mage’s.

This class specializes in creating machines and AI robots to do their bidding. Engineers can create anything from a simple sword to a giant mechanical dragon. They can also make convenient gadgets, such as a “magic” map, that shows the owner’s location, along with anyone in that person’s group. Engineers create these items by finding the base materials, such as wood, metal, or gems, and then using raw magic to shape and meld them into the desired shape. They are a valuable asset to a slayer team, as their specialized magic allows them to mend armor and weapons, in the off-chance that they break. Engineers don’t have any special combat skills, but can still don armor, pick up a weapon and start swinging it around. However, they tend to send their machinations into combat.

TOWN DESCRIPTON ~ This is all that was left after Kurozyn's little killing spree. And the descriptions are vague so that the RPers can create the areas, based on the bit of info.

Small port town on the West coast. It is often plagued by sea monster attacks. There is an inn for travelers starting on the great road. There are many docks on the coast.

Medium resort town on Teiyaros Island. Teiyaros is a relatively small island, north of Eeshi. The island is populated by palm trees and sandy beaches with crystal clear waters. Despite the island’s beauty, monsters run amok here.

Large industrial city. Doran is the rebuilt capital of the western lands. There are few monsters here, as it is protected by large gates. There are many shops here, ranging from your run-of-the-mill item shop, to expensive, rare artifact shops. There is also an inn here.

Small village in the middle of the Great Plains. This place’s power is provided by windmills, but monsters are drawn to these energy sources and often damage them.

Small village on the edge of Reitio Forest and near Umisa Ocean. The buildings are made of a strong wood, and the roofs of thick leaves. Most KuKuria are from here. The Temple of the Moon is in the woods near here.

Medium town at the foot of the Demon’s Maw mountains. There is an arena here, and weekly tournaments are held pitting slayer teams against each other. The prize is often a Cyrun Gem.

Large town in the Demon’s Maw. Haven for Veinn and dragons. It is located in a valley, half-way up the mountain. The buildings are carved from the side of the mountain itself. There is a temple in the very back of the valley, that no one has been able to enter for centuries. (Temple of the Sun)

Medium desert oasis town located in the Kinursi Desert. The buildings here are often made of magicked sands, preventing any heat from entering. There is a large, natural fountain in the middle of the town. Many grasses and trees grow around the pool.

Small village on the Southern Plains. It is almost exactly like Sheiru, only in a different area.

Large, beautiful town located near Kyose Woods, Maris Lake, and Oakarza Mountains. The Academy is here, teaching students about the arts, depending on the class they wish to be. Most people, however, choose to educate themselves, or have the locals teach them.

Kuro Outpost
Small outpost north of the Oakarzas. It was set up as a rest point for people going to Froswind. There are a few wooden buildings here, one being an inn, another an item shop, and the last a practice building, letting teams keep up their skills if they’re trapped in a snow storm. The outpost often has a thin layer of snow, but can sometimes fall prey to a vicious snow storm.

Medium town that has snowfall year round. There is an annual race here, having participants use any means (except teleport magics) to get to an ice Cyrun Gem. The course changes each year.

Large, grand city that is the Capital of Aedrys. In the middle of the city is the castle that houses King Veirallius and his son, Kazeryu. There are gates surrounding the city, and another set of gates around the castle.

The map is here (http://img341.imageshack.us/img341/2261/map2eb7.png).

ELEMENTS~ (The main description is pretty focused, which is why I made subcategories. Those don’t really need an explanation. Just have your chara cast magic based on the name. And magic in Aedrys is controlled by the mage’s willpower, and many mages call out a name for the spell, to help their concentration. The amount of magic a mage has and the spell’s strength is based on their level of concentration. If the mage is worn out, and can’t concentrate, they might not be able to cast at all.)

A very destructive element, possessing no healing or defensive abilities. Based on magical offense.
Subcategories of Fire are heat and explosion.
Opposite of Ice.
A defensive element, using barriers to deflect attacks and reflect magic. Based on magical defense.
Subcategories are snow, hail and cold.
Opposite of Fire.
A balanced element, possessing healing, defensive and offensive maneuvers. Water is Multiuse.
Subcategories are mist, steam, and acid.
Opposite of Lightning.
A very destructive element, having no healing and weak defensive abilities. Based on magical speed.
Subcategories are cloud and sound.
Opposite of Water.
A ‘tank’ element, having no healing abilities (unless using the ‘Nature’ subcategory), but strong defense, stamina, and strength. Based on physical defense.
Subcategories are nature and stone.
Opposite of Wind.
An elusive element, based on a ‘hit and run’ strategy, which is effective, as wind-based things are generally frail. Wind can also solidify air to create temporary barriers. Based on physical speed.
Subcategories are time and blades.
Opposite of Earth.
The ‘healer’ element, having very weak offensive abilities, but strong healing, stamina, and defense. Also allows removal of negative effects, such as Slow, Poison, or Blind. Based on healing.
Subcategories are ray (an offensive version) and shield (an even more defensive version). Even damaging magics are classified as White Magic.
Opposite of Dark.
An offensive element, although it has weak physical traits and direct damage magic. It focuses on dealing damage through using enfeebling magic. Based on magical offense.
Subcategories are shade (a defensive version) and malice (+direct damage, -enfeebling.) Classified as Black Magic.
Opposite of Light.

Cyrun Gems are physical manifestations of elemental energy, formed the same way that monsters are, although gems take much more energy to form, making them a rare find. Gems have the ability to amplify magic of their element and capture monsters of their element, too. Each Cyrun Gem can hold up to 3 monsters. However, the only people who can call monsters out of the Gems are Summoners. Each different element of a Gem can only be found in a certain area, too.


Monsters are living, physical forms of the elements, created like Cyrun Gems, but they need much less energy to be created, making them much more common. Monsters are generally found in the same place that Cyrun Gems of their element are, but sometimes a Fire monster could be in a Light area. Monsters also can have two different elements, making them more versatile, but easier to find the right Cyrun Gem to catch them with. Monsters are caught by being weakened to the point of near-death, and are then drawn into a Gem. If there is no Gem present, or there is none of the right element, the monster turns back into energy. After being caught, the monster is still weak, and cannot be used for a day.

Here's where monsters of certain elements are generally found.

Lightning~Leis (Oakarzas)
Earth~Reito (Reitio Forest)
Dark~Demon’s Maw Mountains
Light~Leis (Kyose Woods)

I will also make a bestiary soon, and any contributions will be appreciated.

Lol, reading.

Here's the Example (my) Sign Up

Name- Tsukai
Gender- Female
Race- KuKuria
Personality- Tsukai is usually pretty calm, but can be a bit hardheaded and sharp. She is a bit timid during battle, and is terrified of spiders. Despite wielding a heavy blade she prefers to stand back a cast during a fight.
Description- http://img483.imageshack.us/img483/3436/tek070318b5cf77lb5.png
Armor- The headband, armbands, and shoes are thick leather, the pants denim, and the shirt is a smooth, but durable cloth. The gloves (which are dark blue) are the same material as the shirt. There is a hole in the shirt underneath Tsukai's pendant.
Class- Engineer
Class Specifics- Tsukai's Mech is Neji. Its body is a dull silver, and its almond eyes are yellow. It has the shape of a naga, with a serpentine body and two four-segmented arms. The first is the shoulder/upper arm. The second is the elbow, which is a ball with a small spike on it. The third is the lower arm, which has two blades on it. The last is the hand, which is a ball with four sharp, movable fingers. The hand on Neji's left arm can morph into a laser cannon. The cannon is powerful, but slightly inaccurate and has a limited number of shots before it needs to charge. There are Veinn-like ears on its (although it seems boyish) head, alond with a red triangle on its forehead. There are three smaller triangle connected to the larger one, each with the points touching the larger. There is a long blade on the end of Neji's tail.
Weapon-The Moon Blade, which is pretty much this (http://img398.imageshack.us/img398/7278/moonbladewy2.png). The blade shimmers, and is semi-transparent. The hilt is wood, with a metal grip.
RP Sample- Heh, I would probably accept myself.
Bloodline- Moon.

Not much, but still a decent enough description to let others "see" what my character does/is.