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March 19th, 2007, 2:11 PM
When you left(2)

When you left
My decision was clear
My wish was granted..and im here..

When you left
I passed the bridge and im waiting for you
But theres no one here
Theres only a cold chill coming from..nowhere.
Theres a scary shadow coming from the corner.

When you left
My heart was taken away.
Then I looked up at the sky and its partly gray..
My hands shaked, my tears flowed
The place I wished for sliped out of my hands.
The place im in came in its place.

When you left
I dreamed of a white heaven place, but I got a black red nightmare...
Your not here...no ones here.
Then it comes to me, like a flashback..

death..I took my life for someone who's dead, someone who went beyond to a better place..

When you left
I imagined you where sad cause I was not there.
But I was wrong..
You where happy, you where in a better place...
You where with you family who had also passed away.

When you left
I only though of myself
Of my sadness, of my lonelyness
I didnt think that you would be happy if I kept going
If I kept trying after a great lost..

Im sorry........

When you left
My world ended
Im sorry I wasn't strong
But I also cant change the fact that I killed myself
I can't role back time
Im stuck here by myself..
With my tears flowing I shall stay..
But im happy my friend.
That atleats your happy where ever you are..
And even though i'm in a place that kills me.
The though of your smile makes me have hope that i'll see you one day..

Im sorry,I dont have the spelling check thingy so I dont know how to check my spelling.But please tell me if its any good.I want to learn more about making poems.I'll really like that.Thank you.^^