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Fallen Angel_Messiah Of Black Roses
March 19th, 2007, 5:18 PM
My first RP that allows you a lot of freedom in character, Choose your race, your skills, everything!

The Chaos Gate

Once Upon a time, Angels, Demons and all the other creatures of the ancient time roamed freely among the planet Rem. To be expected, the world wasn't perfect and war between the two dominant races occurred. This war made Rem to be from, A perfect utopia to being a hellish land. Most of the creatures died off during the war between Angels and Demons. After countless years of battle a treaty was to be decided, to split the land of what they could have once called paradise.

The Angels and Demons met in the last green area, a sacred spot. “ The Garden Of Eden.” Two representatives were to meet; St. Peter And Beelzebub.

The two met at the center of the garden, a small pure white gazebo sat there. With a pedestal inside of it, As they approached the pedestal a paper appeared. The Treaty; It read;

The once enchanting realm of a planet, known as Rem has been soiled.
By the constant war of the two races; The Angels and The Demons.
The place where the two leaders of the two races reside is known as my garden.
The Garden Of Eden
I am known as the Messiah of Balance.
I am Rem, I am Eden, I am the land which you destroy.
I am the water you drink, the trees you destroy.
I am the planet.
And I wish for the Angels And the Demons to leave, to there proper homes.
The Land known as Heaven and The Land Known as Hell, This is the land known as Rem, as Eden.
To make proper that neither races return, I will seal the Three realms from each other with a gate.
The Chaos Gate.
And as that, the two races were sent to there respective lands, to be in peace with there own. And as the years went by, decades upon decades, Rem was repaired. The land was harbored with green, the water as fresh and pure as the clear blue sky. Messiah of Balance decided it was time to harbor creatures anew, Of course Angels and Demons and creatures from before still inhabited the planet, very few.
Balance called the creatures of what he had created, humanus. These creatures were called this for there humanoid shape, ( These are basically humans)

Over the years, Balance stopped communicating with the people of the world, leaving them to figure out the planet themselves. And within centuries The Messiah of Balance was known as just a legend.
The Garden of Eden had long been a myth, the sacred land was sealed off from the impure, and was secluded. The Humanus had by now figured out what there bodies can handle, what they can create with metals and all other kinds of secrets in the world, Civilization was coming to life.

Over the next period of X number of years, The people of Rem started to hunt for a profession, the demons of the world. This Angered Beelzebub and he started his plan on invading Rem and killing off all the Humanus, The Angels saw what he was trying to do and tried there best to stop him. Beelzebub knowing that he couldn't do anything from where he was decided to find an individual on Rem to do his dirty work, He would have the Humanus break the Chaos gate. The angels saw this and decided to guide the individual in the right direction, against breaking the gate.

The Two individuals were chosen, A girl named Lyndi and a Man named Judas, both around Seventeen, where there energy is at its peak.
Judas was a man from the village, Futani. His village was raided by demons and his family killed. He was spared for he was in a secret room, underground his house. Judas was enraged and swore his revenge on the Demons. Beelzebub wasn't aware of this man and neither was St. Peter till later. Judas made it his life's work to slay the demons.

Lyndi was a Woman from the village Hitori, she was guided by Beelzebub to find the Angels individual and kill him or her, she was gratified of the power given to her and agreed.

After Lyndi traveled afar, killing who's energy was the special kind to be chosen, she then met Judas and the two battled, Judas won but spared Lyndi, This caught Beelzebub's attention and decided to try to control Judas, knowing that Judas wouldn't listen to him he disguised himself as St. Peter and made a story. He told Judas that opening the Chaos Gate would seal the Demons forever.

The first task that Judas would have to accomplish would be to Find the Garden Of Eden, Judas was told that to find the Garden Of Eden he would have to create a special map, magically. He was told he would have to make a great sacrifice for the magical power, he was reluctant but did what he was told.
He went to the underground of a major city, Loprotsen and set up a spell, a very ancient and powerful spell that would extract the energy of masses. He activated the spell and the city was wiped off the map in the extraction of all the people in the city's energy, they all died.

The energy was used and he created the map to the Garden Of Eden, he went there and was stopped by Lyndi who had now realized what she was doing was wrong and would wipe Rem clean of what purity it had. Judas told her that what he was doing would save the world and for her to get out of his way, she
said she would fight to the death to defend what was right, The two fought once again and Judas once again won. But she wasn't spared this time, as he approached the gazebo and the pedestal he saw a fountain, he looked inside of it and gasped. His reflection showed him, he was half angel and half demon, he then realized he had been deceived. Beelzebub realized this as well and decided to talk to Judas, “ Okay Judas, you have reached the chaos gate. You must now destroy it by speaking the ancient words, Signum Exsisto Infractus (Seal Be Broken) Be careful not to send energy of both Angel And Demon in though, that would seal the gate completely and forever.” Beelzebub said to him smoothly.
Judas decided to do what had been said not to, he felt the two energies apear, one in each hand. St. Peter finally saw this and in a panicked tone yelled not to, Judas faced the Chaos Gate and clapped the two energies together, the gate shattered and the demons were freed, Judas was killed.

Your Role: You must find the Garden of Eden and repair the Gate or if you are evil you shall try to make sure that the gate stays broken, Demons inhabit the planet and are slayed by the Humanus. It has been Ten Years since the opening of the gate, the Humanus race isn't in danger, this isn't an Apocalypse RP. So yeah, all the cities and continents of the planet aren't destroyed.

Races to Choose From:

Humanus: Pretty much Humans, can vary in height and weight; From 4'8 to 6'5. So yeah, Humanus are a smart race, not the smartest but pretty smart. A Medium in the strength department and speed department.

Dark Elf: An elf species that specialize in the dark arts, they are a tall species and are of blue skin tone. Eyes are mostly either red or green, they have great magic skill and are a little stronger then the Humanus, highly intelligent. A little slower then most Humanus. The Dark elf usually have white or black hair.

Light Elf: Another Elf Species that specialize in healing spells, they are also tall and are of a peach or pale skin tone. Eyes are always blue, they also have great magic skill but are around the same strength as the humanus, highly intelligent and about the same speed of humanus, hair is usually either blond or white.

Wood Elf: The regular elf species that are of the archery persuasion, they are tall and usually have peach or pale skin tone. Eyes can vary, they have no magic ability but have a great eagle eye, they are decently strong. Not as intelligent as the other elfs, but around Humanus standards. They are very fast, faster then the humanus. The wood elf always has blond hair.

Dwarf: A short ( 3'11 to 4'9) They are miners and blacksmiths, they have a light skin tone and mostly dull gray eyes. No Magic abilities, they are semi-intelligent, around Humanus, dwarfs are very strong, stronger then humanus but not as strong as a dark elf. They are pretty slow, they are usually either bald or brown hair. Almost always have a beard.

Fairy: Able to adjust size, from ( 3 inches to 4 feet) They specialize in healing magic and like to help others, they are a very intelligent species, more intelligent then the light and dark elfs. They have no strength power, very fast when flying small but when having to walk at full size are as fast as Humanus. Fairies consist of a peachy skin tone and blue or pink eyes, their wings are either blue or pink as well ( Usually the color of their eyes) Their hair color can be from, Blond, orange, red, pink, blue, green and pretty much any color.

Undead: Skeleton: Skeletons are the size of a Humanus and are, well skeletons. They have greater strength and might be able to cast magic. This is basically a humanus, they are slower then normal humanus.

Zombie: A rotting corpse, bleeding, rotting, well it pretty much speaks for it self. Zombies eyes are always milky white and wear whatever and look like whatever they once were. They are dangerous but dumb and easy to outrun.

Halfling: Pretty much a splice of humanus and wood elf, they are great archers, have little to none magic ability. They are height of 5 ft to 6 ft, peach or pale skin, decent strength and great speed, intelligent as a regular humanus. Always have blond hair.

Goblin: Mean green ugly machine, they wield spears and are menacing. They vary in height from five foot to six foot, green or gray skin tone, red or gray eyes. Stronger then humanus yet very unintelligent.
They can't use magic, they are pretty slow. Have no hair, they can dip their spears in poison.

Hobgoblin: Very large, Six Foot being the smallest and nine foot being tallest. They are always brown in skin tone, they are one of the strongest species but very unintelligent. They are still bald, they use large spears which can still be poisoned. They can't use magic or archery, extremely slow. There eyes are either gray or red.

Mountain Dwarf: Like the regular dwarf, they are from; 4'3 at smallest and 5'5 at tallest. They are usually pretty heavy from muscle. They are very strong, stronger then a dark elf. Cannot use magic or archery. Eyes are dull gray, these guys don't mine and blacksmith, they are pure combat. The solider of the dwarf's. A little faster then the average dwarf, but are a little more unintelligent. They usually wield either a war hammer or battle ax, heavy weapons.

Half Giant: Being from, eight foot to ten foot they are very large. Their skin tone varies from, Brown, peach, tan and pale. Their eyes are either white, black or red. They are very powerful, stronger then the average hobgoblin, but they are extremely stupid. Very aggressive yet slow, they can carry various weapons; Spears, war hammers, axes, clubs etc; Weaknesses: Eyes

Werewolf: Starting as a regular Humanus and changing at a full moon, increasing in height about six inches, and gaining black fur. Longer teeth, Wolfy white eyes and a vicious attitude. Still has control over self, yet is more reckless and aggressive. Nose power is increased and so is the strength, they are a little slower then the average wolf. They do not carry weapons when transformed. Weaknesses are: Silver, Wolfs bane and quick silver (Mercury)

Vampire: We're not talking about that stupid Dracula crap here. These will look like average humanus but might be a bit paler then normal, or more commonly photogenic. Vampires have control of there fangs, them being out or not. Vampires usually have either red or green eyes, some may wear black and stuff like that, but most will dress normally. Some have the ability to turn into bats, while others don't. They do require blood to live, not necessarily human. They are the speed of the average humanus unless a powerful vampire which are faster, same thing with strength. They are usually more athletic. Vampires can carry any sort of weapon as long as it isn't silver. Weaknesses: Silver ( All) Garlic (Some) and can be commonly killed by destroying the heart, not necessarily with a stake.

Siren: Always a female, these woman have the ability to sing a great song ( Wordless) which hypnotizes men and then the sirens can control them. They are the average size of a female humanus and almost always have either blond or orange haired. Eyes vary. Has the same speed, strength and intelligence of a humanus. Weaknesses: (Not really a weakness but it is smart to wear earmuffs. They can be killed traditionally)

Chaos Elf: The last kind of elf, likes it's relatives it is taller then the average humanus, having blue or green toned skin, Red, green or blue eyes, black hair. They are stronger then the dark elf and more intelligent, not as fast though. Usually in the dark alliance, they are aggressive and cold, they use dark and chaos magic, very powerful indeed. Weapons are usually magical staffs and rods. Weaknesses: Light magic

Liche: A liche is a poweful sorcerer that uses dark magic, usually undead but not always. They are slow creatures and not very strong, intelligence is very high though. They use magic to battle, if alive they will be pale skinned with crimson eyes and black hair. If undead they are skeletons with red eye glow and will most always be in a purple robe with gold lacing. They stand around six foot, though they can also be below at around five foot four. They will usually use a scythe to battle. Weaknesses: Light magic

Leechi: A humanus that can steal the energy of others, if in humanus form they will have white hair and gray eyes, pale skin. About five foot seven to six foot three, slow creatures and not very strong but make up with their high powered mind. If in Leechi form they will look monstrous, can be same heights but will have a slimy green flesh with several openings around the body that are mouths with rows of sharp teeth. They will have fleshy red pulsing eyes and powerful jawed mouths, their tongue alone and slice a sword in two, their palms of their hands have leechy openings that will suck energy right out of an individual. Weaknesses: Fire

Chimera\Hybrid: These creatures are usually humanus and other species spliced, since there are so many combinations you would have to either do it yourself or PM me what you want to hybrid.

Homuncules: No Not Full Metal Alchemist! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Homunculus

A homuncules are artificial creatures made by alchemy, basically flesh golem's. They will usually have white soul less eyes and be bald. They have advanced from nearly a foot long to much higher, Five to Six feet. These are controlled by the Alchemist that created them, sometimes if not perfected they will kill there creator. They are hollow soldiers, give them a weapon and orders and they will do it. Very hard to kill. Very slow unless sacrificed strength for so, Very powerful, not intelligent. Weaknesses: Mostly Fire

Elemental: An Elemental can look basically like a humanus with the hair color and eye color of the element used. Height is average. This is in categories.

Water: Will have blue hair and blue eyes, can basically control water and walk on it. Breathe underwater as well. One of the slower elementals but pretty average, average strength and intelligence. Will carry a rod with a blue orb in it. Average height, usually girl. Weakness: Electricity

Fire: Will have red hair and red eyes, can control fire and not be burnt by it, smoke will not choke the elemental of fire. A average speed elemental, immense power and average intelligence. Will carry rod with red orb inside of it. Average height. Weakness: Water

Air: Will have white hair and white eyes, can control winds and weather. Has the ability to hover and glide. Above average speed, low power and average intelligence. Will carry rod with white orb inside of it. Smaller then average size. Weakness: Earth

Earth: Will have brown hair and brown eyes, can control rocks and minerals, has the ability to raise ground and cause small tremors. Will be bigger then other elementals, bulky. Carries a rod with a brown orb inside of it. Very slow, very powerful, low intelligence. Weakness: Water

Forest: Will have green hair and green eyes, can control plants and make them grow the way they want.
Can attack with roots of tree's and will know more about plant healing and poisons. Smaller stature. Carries rod with green orbs inside of it. High intelligence, low power and speed Weakness: Fire

Electricity: Will have yellow hair and yellow eyes, can control electricity and thunder. Attacks will be electrical. Carries rod with yellow orb inside of it. Tall and slender. High speed, average intelligence and high power. Weakness: Earth

Serpentine: Serpent like creatures with humanoid shapes, can have a humanoid torso and snake bottom or other ways of doing it. Will always either have red or green eyes, tall. High intelligence usually, higher then average speed and above average power. Have the ability to poison others. Carries a spear for a weapon. Weaknesses: Fire and Ice

Shadow: A dark creature that looks like a humanus but is much more power, intelligence and power. Can overshadow people and turn themselves into mere shadows. Can make others do his or her dirty work, when in humanus form they will have black or white hair, crimson eyes and very pale skin.
Weaknesses: Light

Sin: There are seven, the seven deadly sins. All are in humanus form. Black Star On Forehead or hand or chest or back. All have the ability to track down each other.

Gluttony: Usually a little portly. Has the ability to Vomit acid.
Lust: Usually hot, Has the ability to seduce opposite sex and control them
Envy: Can change it's appearance. ( Shut up)
Pride: always a little tall, very powerful (Fist Fight!)
Sloth: Slow, but has very good defense and can evade most attacks. Can Read opponents mind.
Wrath: Usually a little on the small side but has great mental abilities ( Psychokinesis)
Greed: Can Change arm to any melee weapon.

Virtue: Like the sins, all are in humanus form and have a white start somewhere on their body.

Chasity: Has great healing abilities, enemy to Lust
Abstinence: Has the ability to puppet people, Enemy to Gluttony
Liberality: Can heal great wounds, only complete destruction will kill. Enemy to Greed.
Diligence: Has extreme speed and agility, Enemy to Sloth.
Patience: Can stretch all parts of body. Enemy to Wrath.
Kindness: Can turn body to metal and then shape themselves, Enemy to Envy
Humility: glare can stun enemies, Enemy to Pride.

Skills to choose from, ( Six Skill slots to start with, the more in one skill the better the skill)

Magic: All sorts of spells, elemental spells, Combat spells, and lots others.

Black Magic: Dark Magic, almost always for misfortune and evil. Will most always hurt people, higher spells can kill a man instantly.

Light Magic: Healing spells or spells used to repel darkness and evil creatures.

Paladin: A person who uses magic for his weapon, to increase the power or to repair it or even to add special attacks.

Alchemist: An Alchemist is a user of philosophy and science to create the unknown.

Rouge: A cross between a thief and an Assassin, or maybe even ninja. Can pick simple locks, use throwing knives and knows how to create common poisons.

Assassin: A person who kills others for money, can be a silent killer or not. Knows how to make complicated poisons and how to be stealthy.

Thief: Can pick complicated locks and pick pockets, breaks open combinations and safes.

Ninja: Close to the Assassin, knows well made poisons and is stealthy person. Well at throwing knifes and stars.

Necromancer: Summons the undead.

Blacksmith: Can smith metal objects such as, swords and sheilds.
Miner: Mines rare ores and other ores for blacksmithing.

Treasure Hunter: Hunts for ancient treasures, has a knack for puzzles.

Knight: A swordsman.

Samurai: A swordsman that doesn't use shields, they know important parts of the body to damage.

Demon Slayer: Slays demons for a living. Knows important weaknesses

Appraiser: Identifies rare objects and what they are worth.

Chemist: Creates potions to increase powers and heal wounds.

Farmer: Grows important herbs and plants.

Priest: Has a natural strength over demons and the undead.

Judo: A Judo fighter

Animal Breeder: Breeds rare pets that are useful in battles

Lumberjack: Cuts down trees and makes things.

Jeweler: Creates Jewelry which are sold for high prices.

Cook: Can cook things that are important for healing and improvement.

Dragon Slayer: slays dragons as a profession

Dragon Rider: Is able to ride a dragon

Merchant: Buys things and then sells them at a higher price.

The Map:

Continent: Tyrol: A medium sized western continent, only real export is Meats and Furs.

Provinces Of Tyrol:

Huri: The largest Province in Tyrol, is mostly desert and uninhabitable. Not important.
Gyre: The Northest Point of Tyrol, Is a large hunting ground full of wild beasts.
Rini: The Only real cizilized Province in Tyrol, Has three main cities.

Cities Or Tyrol:

Fyre: The largest city in Rini, For merchanting.
Gorni: A smaller city in Rini, Has ancient temples for touristing.
Libili: The other small city in Rini, Used to stay while in Tyrol, full of Inns and pubs.

Villages Of Tyrol:

Lickiw: A small village in between Gorni and Libili, Has one Inn. Poor Village.
Gyure: A large village by Fyre, Home of many foreign alcohols

Continent: Umbrol: A small Northern island continent, Main Export is Furs and Ice remedies


Yutiki: The largest Province of Umbrol, A great area for hunting ice beast, There are herbs that are exclusively there that heal frostbite when mixed right.

Jihut: A smaller province that is a total iceland, it is to cold to live regulary there, but ice fishing is at it's peak here.


Gui: The only city in Yutuki and it is very large, this is a market place and a place to stay. Great hospitals in this area.


Limpwut: the only village in Umbrol, it is between Yutuki and Jihut, it is there for stocking up for the trip upon Jihut, the wilderness.

Continent: Alumos, Northest area on the map and totally uninhabitable, temperatures reaching below sixty is common.

No cities or villages or provinces

Continent: Orsha: Orsha is a mid northern continent, it's main export is medicines and herbs.


Ukilate: The largest province, it is the northern top of the continent and dominant. It is a decent tempature up there, it snows most of the year long at a small rate. A great place to live, not to hunt.

Hituy: A smaller province that has a great river inside of it, full of very rare fish that have uses in medicines, It is a little warmer in Hituy then in Ukilate.

Joinjau: A very small province that is basically a large plain, full of wild animals and strange plants. Only one village here.

Gugola: Right next to Joinjau it is basically just a giant port, only one city and it is based on the port there. Not a good place to live.

Burnita: A very large city in Ukilate, salespalce and all around industrial place.

Burmita: The sister city to Burnita, a little smaller but still big. For the rich, like a Beverly hills

Singdoesa: The last City of Ukiltate and a dump to say the least, very sleazy city.

Ugogog: A city near the river in Hituy, not a large one and it isn't as civilized. Better not to go.

Bureu: A city at the bottom of The province Hituy, again, not very civilized, maybe for a small stay but not to live forever.

Bovu: The only city in Gugola, relies on the nearbye port for money and goods. Its a small but nice city.


Bul: The only village of the province, located in Joinjau, only place there to get supplies and to rest. Pretty small village.

Continent: Sirius: Most western continent, very desert and has only one use. There is a special tower there that is used for telling the future.

Tower Of The Desert: Only area that is used in Sirius, For telling the future.

Continent: Minerva: A mid western continent, very small. Main export is rare animals


Heji: The larger province of the two in Minerva, Full of rare exotic animals.

Hatorri: The smaller of the two in Minerva, Not a very good area. Dangerous due to poisonous animals.


Lub: A large city in Heji, full of merchants and stalls with furs.

Ruba: A smaller city in Heji, main use is vacationing, has inns and pubs of all sorts.

Loprotsen: The only city of Hatorri, and it was destroyed by Judas years ago. This has collapsed Hatorri's economy.


Bugle: Small village in between the two provinces, poor and not very important.

Continent: Azure: Largest continent on the planet, all sorts of things. Three large Provinces

Jin: The largest province in Azure, known for it's extremely rare metals.

Lumos: A smaller province in Azure, has great fishing spots and great forests with rare plants.

Yuri: The last province in Azure, is known for it's amount of merchanting, the cities here have everything under the sun.


Jini: The largest city in Jin, and the main. Miners bring their ores into the city to sell or to make things with the help of blacksmiths. Rich City.

Renji: Another Large city in Jin. Has great caves full of rare ores.

Lumi: The largest city in Lumos, has many medical shops and nurseries ( Plant)
Lumres: The smallest city in Lumos. Has many inns and pubs.
Hubgi: A large city in Lumos, Is surrounded by heavy forest

Yuril: The largest city in Yuri, full of merchanting. The city of shops.
Yurbi: A large city full of inns and pubs, full of antique shops.


Hungi: A small village by Renji, nothing special.
Jubi: A large village in Lumos, full of aggressive villagers.

Sign up sheet:

Age: ( 16 and up)
Main Occupation:
Skill slots: ( You get six)
Nickname: (If Any)
Side: ( Good, bad or Neutral)
Place of Birth:
Strength: ( The way these work, is you get six marks. Each one of these have one already, you can decide how much each gets)
Vehicle: ( Dragon, wolf or what?)
Element: ( Earth, air, ice... etc

Other Stuff:

Stats: Heres a small thing on stats. Everything has a base which counts as One. The more you add to one, the better it gets! Heres a chart

Base: Depending on race, this is average strength for that race. Not that strong though.
Level 2: This is Two points. You are more strong then how your race usually is, not by a lot.
Level 3: This is Three points. You are abnormally strong for your race.
Level 4: This is six points, You are considered a very strong person in your race. Probally praised for it.
Level 5: This is Eight Points: You are a hurcules in your race!

March 26th, 2007, 8:18 PM
Whoa this is a huge one. Ive always wanted to join a roleplay where we have so many options. Here is a character I have just reserected. He is called the drifter

Name: Cain Ritham

Age: 16

Sex: male

Race: Human

Sub-race: Vampire

Main Occupation: Drifter. Has no current stay. Just wanders through towns looking for people to save and wicked people to feed off of.

Skill slots: ( You get six)
1. Black Magic
2. Animal Breeder
3. Necromancer
4. Knight
5. Rider
6. Assasin

Height: 6"5

Weight: 160 Pounds

Appearance: Not much is known about what Cain's appearence is. What he wears is easily distinguishable. Cain's head is entirely covered in an ancient form of a Balaclava. The only thing anyone can see is his eyes. Cain's eyes are red in color with black slitlike pupils. The eyelids and the rest of the skin not covered by the mask is grey. For his torso Cain wears a layer of Chain mail with platemail ontop of it but the Chainmail is still visable. This goes with his legs as well. Cain wears brown leather gloves with a small metal plate in the shape of a spike on the opposite side of the palm. Cain's belt is a brown leather belt wih a simple gold buckle. Cain's boots are brown leather with steel incased. Cain seldom takes his clothes off in fear that he will be attacked.
Personality: Cain's personality is very strange. Firsty people see him as just another knight in armor unless they look very closely. At his eyes witch puts people off him. Mainly the only reason Cain goes into a city or a town is to find people in trouble. Which he saves. And to find people who are causing supream trouble. Which he feeds apon. If he can he may try to gain money for his saves. Cain only speaks to people who talk to him. His voice in that case is a very deep groan like sound. Which of course puts people off as well.

Nickname: The Drifter (called name)

Side: Neutral

History: Cain's history is barely recorded. But from what he remembers he lived in Gyre. He was born and raised with his parents. His mother was a woman who cared for sick animals. Which Cain usualy helped with. This sparked his interest in animal helping. His father however was a powerhungry former knight who wanted Cain to follow the traid. His mother died when he was 9 and his father always wanted to train him so he would not die as well. He didnt want to bare to lose anothe family member. When he was 10 he started training in many different arts that included fencing, guile and archery. But when he was 14 he sparked something else. A local former wizard taught him simple magic in the town behind his fathers back. But when his father found out about it he killed the wizard and continued to train Cain. However a month later a Vampire found out about the former knight and wished for blood that felt as if it were earned properly. He bit Cain's father and proceded to bite Cain as well. As soon as he did that however Cain took a sword he had and killed the vampire thanks to his father's teachings. However Cain's father wasnt vampireised and died from bloodlose. Cain who was then tramatised that he killed a vampire and thought he killed his father as well. So taking apon his father's old knight armor, then dying it dark colors. He fled from the town. However shortly after he noticed his vampiric curse.

Birthday: August 3d

Place of Birth: Gyre

Strength: Moderate

Intelligence: moderate

Courage: Above average

Charisma: Moderate

Speed: Moderate

Weapon: Cain wields a simple Claymore.

Sub-Weapon: Cain has a small crossbow that is tied to his right leg. It is tied down very strongly but he is able to undue it very quickly. Also he has 20 bolts which he reuses.

Goals: to go through life. No current goals yet

Fears: Spiders, demons, Chamiras

Vehicle: Cain doesnt have vheicles Yet. But is trained to ride animals

Element: Fire

March 26th, 2007, 9:48 PM
Name: Ranmyaku Tenbukuro (Surname First)

Age: 20

Sex: Male

Race: Liche (Alive)

Sub-race: Shadow

Main Occupation: None, wanders around places looking to cause mischief

Skill slots: ( You get six)
1. Black Magic
2. Alchemist
3. Chemist
4. Paladin
5. Magic
6. Thief

Height: 5 Foot 9 Inches

Weight: 152.46 Lbs.

Appearance: Tenbukuro (Goes by Tenbu) has never shown his true appearance to anyone. He always wears a pitch-black cloak with the hood on, the edge of the hood covering his eyes. The sleeves are at a length where they hang over Tenbu’s hands. The bottom is dirty because it goes down over his feet and drags on the ground. The front of the bottom however, is cut so that Tenbu’s pointy shoes are showing, which are also black. When in the presence of someone else and he lifts his head, two bright crimson eyes show.

Personality: Tenbukuro is a silent individual. He’s intelligent, but not very fast or strong, preferring to fight using strategy and his magic. Also a very evil person, he is a master thief and can pick almost any lock if he wants to steal something. When someone is in need of help, instead of helping he makes the situation worse. He is a strategist, and likes fighting. Tenbu also believes in Moral Nihilism, thinking that there is no such thing as right or wrong.

Nickname: The Chaotic Shadow (has others, this is his main)

Side: In-between Neutral and Bad

History: Tenbu was born and immediately abandoned, fending for himself and learning the black magic arts. Being someone who traveled a lot, he learned from many people. He learned Alchemy, Thievery, and Chemistry. Thinking only of himself, he was never the one to help others unless they were of some use to him, which has never happened. Most normal people would call Tenbukuro a narcissist and a selfish person, but that doesn’t matter to Tenbu because he doesn’t think there are such things are right or wrong, there are only decisions and actions. Following his beliefs and practices, Tenbu has become a powerful mage who could fight many beings. After he had grown up, he learned how to ride beasts, and got a giant raptor. With his pet, he traveled across many places causing mischief. Along the way, he earned himself the nickname, “The Chaotic Shadow.” Learning of this, he now refers to himself by this name when greeting new people.

Birthday: October 14th

Place of Birth: Lumres, Lumos, Azure

Strength: Moderately Low - 2

Intelligence: Very High - 5

Courage: Base - 1

Charisma: Base - 1

Speed: Moderately Low - 2

Weapon: A custom made scythe. The pole is 6 feet long and made of smooth black wood. The scythe blade is made of a hard durable metal that has a coating of platinum over it. On the flat part of the blade, there are a bunch of little spikes that are each 1 centimeter long so that it can be used on both sides.

Sub-Weapon: None

Goals: No long-term goals, but likes to perfect his magic arts. Also protects the chaos gate from people trying to close it

Fears: Only fears Light Magic and powerful demon hunters

Vehicle: A giant pure white raptor that has black spikes along the back of its skull. There is a black saddle on it that have reigns that are attached to a face mask. The raptors eyes are golden and the teeth are also pure white.

Element: None

Hehe, I'd like to complement you on creating such a fine masterful rp. It must've taken awhile to create this, and it will be awesome when it starts and we get a lot of people.
Also, I noticed two names of the places. Heji and Hattori. It seems you like Detective Conan.

Fallen Angel_Messiah Of Black Roses
March 27th, 2007, 4:19 AM
Omnireaper: Good sign-up. ACCEPTED!

Cantthinkofaname: Good guess, I am a fan of it. LOL. I was trying to see if anyone would catch that. Good sign up- ACCEPTED!

March 28th, 2007, 11:17 AM
Omnireaper: Good sign-up. ACCEPTED!

Cantthinkofaname: Good guess, I am a fan of it. LOL. I was trying to see if anyone would catch that. Good sign up- ACCEPTED!

So Ash jr. I have a question. Will all our characters have to meet in a specific place. And also can you post your character sheet so I can see how to improve mine?

Fallen Angel_Messiah Of Black Roses
March 28th, 2007, 1:32 PM
Omnireaper, Um.. We don't HAVE to meet in the same place. I want the Rper's to have the freedom they deserve.

Name: AJ Valentine
Age: 17
Sex: Male
Race: Humanus
Sub-race: Wood Elf
Main Occupation: Slayer
Skill slots:
1. Rouge
2. Psionics
3. Psionics
4. Psionics
5. Marksmanship
6. Marksmanship
Height: 5'8
Weight: 179 lbs

Appearance: AJ is average height and weight, he is Hispanic male. He has white hair, that almost looks like a platinum. His hair is in a short ponytail, about six or seven inches. His eyes are a angelic baby blue that seem to scream ' Oh my god! It's an Angel!' but his eyes are pretty deceiving. AJ has a medium type face, Not to tense, yet not to 'Cute' it's the whole pretty boy thing, with a great sense of 'I can kick your ass! And it's plastered on my face!' AJ wears a cross pendant right around his neck. AJ's attire consists of a tight black undershirt, he wears a crimson red combat vest with flames on the topper sleeves, on the back of the vest it reads in white letters ' Made In Heaven' and over that he wears a white trench coat that has a cross on the back and also the title, 'Fallen Angel'. He wears tight black pants, leather. He also wears black boots, they have an iron sole in each shoe. He has black fingerless gloves.

Personality:AJ plays the 'Good Cop, Every survivor counts. Doesn't matter what happens to me' card. He also tries to make sure that no one has to get hurt, he has tried to keep this trait ever since learning that Judas was his descendant, he will try to make everything right. He is an overall nice guy but does get fed up pretty easily, he has a very great level of sarcasm and has the greatest comebacks. He has a pretty decent sense of justice, and not to mention the fact that he loves adventure.

Nickname: Fallen Angel

Side: Good
History: He was born in Sirius, the tower of the desert. Also known as the tower of heaven. After spending a majority of his life there he finally got to travel. He went to Minerva first, resting in Heji and gathering supplies before heading to Hettori to pay his dues to the destructed place. Paying respect to all the graves. He soon left, deciding to head to a new place, over the period of three years of demon slaying along the way. He reached Rini and found his pet and somewhat partner. He named the wolf, Renji and together they quickly traveled, heading to Azure. AJ is currently in Jin, and the city of Renji. He is staying with a friend.
Birthday: December 25th
Place of Birth: Sirius, Tower Of The Desert (Tower Of Heaven)
Strength: Base:1. Add 1. Final: 2 points
Intelligence: Base:1. Add 2. Final: 3 points
Courage: Base:1. Add 1. Final: 2 points
Charisma: Base:1
Speed: Base:1. Add 2. Final: 3 points
Weapon: Revolver ( Shoots energy)
Sub-Weapon: Combat Knife
Goals: To seal the gate
Fears: Isolation, Eternal Darkness
Vehicle: Large Snow Wolf
Element: Light

March 28th, 2007, 2:37 PM
oh i see now on the stats. i was a little confused too. so, each one starts with one, and you add 6 to any of the five. k. also, i didnt know you could repeat the skill things. i just thought to get rid of one so i took of 6. also, a question from me as well, do our characters like, level up or something similar?

Fallen Angel_Messiah Of Black Roses
March 28th, 2007, 2:39 PM
Canthinkofaname: Well, Your character sort of levels up. When you kill something you get some points which leads up to leveling up and learning new skills.

Other character: Not done yet

Name: Leon Eagle
Age: 23
Sex: male
Race: Humanus
Sub-race: None
Main Occupation: Slayer
Skill slots:
1. Rouge
2. Thief
3. Thief
4. Thief
5. Thief
6. Treasure Hunter
Height: 6'1
Weight: 198 lbs
Appearance: Average Caucasian male, deep brown eyes and a tough rugid face. The whole 'Bar Fight King' Look. Has dirty blond hair, styled short. He wears a black undershirt with a insignia of a ninja star on it, in the chest. He wears a black trench coat over it that has many inside pockets for holding stuff. He wears navy blue jeans with scruffs on the knees, he will sometimes wear a hat. A beret, a black one. His shoes are just ordinary loafers, and he usually has the feel of beggar when around him.
Personality: A real rough man, likes to get to the point and isn't always the nicest person. Feels that AJ's attitude will be the end of him, he tries to be a little opposite.
Nickname: Thief of Renji
Side: Good
History: Nothing Interesting, just spent his life as an ordinary person. Spent his life protecting the city, while also making a quick buck with thieving skills.
Birthday: September 17th
Place of Birth: Azure, Jin, Renji
Strength: Base: 1. Add: 1. Final: 2
Intelligence: Base: 1. Add 3. Final: 4
Courage: Base: 1.
Charisma: Base: 1 Add 1. Final 2
Speed: Base: 1
Weapon: Katana blade
Sub-Weapon: Combat Knife
Goals: No real goals
Fears: None apparent
Vehicle: Horse
Element: Fire

March 28th, 2007, 10:14 PM
OOC: What the hell, I'll give it a go. After talking extensively with the creator about this, I have a custom character ready, complete with fencing. Also, this is a WIP, I don't have time to complete it, due to guests being over.

Name: Domovi Kular

Age: 23

Sex: Male

Race: Hybrid

Sub-race: Human-Zombie

Main Occupation: Murderer/Duelist

Skill slots: (Fencing: The art of using a single-handed blade to dominate an opponent over two hands. Usuaully relies on speed over power, unless in the case of an extremely strong person. Avoidance: Defensive skill. Relies on Avoiding blows, rather than attempting to block every attack. Cannibalistic Health: Undead only; Can regenerate from feasting on the body of the living/recently deceased. (My only real way to heal, since white magic hurts me. ._.) Good AJ? If not, I'll change it.)
1. Magic
2. Fencing
3. Fencing
4. Fencing
5. Avoidance
6. Canibalistic Health

Height: 6'0''

Weight: 225



Nickname: Dom

Side: Barely good

History: Barely Alive, Domovi suffers fomr reoccuring, and just as quickly lost memories from his past, due to the extensive damage to his brain cells. What he does know, however, is that his family took the loans from the wrong sort of people. and in missing a payment, wereall scrapped. Only having a basic mastery of magic at the time, training to become a red mage, he attempted to cast a healing spell even as he was slain. The awry and misguided spell caused this as a result. Teetering on the edge of madness, and on the constant broink of death without dying, Domovi is a cursed being, yet too attached to this life to give it up. It's unknown even to him why he's decided to help close the gate, but he blames it mostly upon his madness.

Birthday: November 18th

Place of Birth: forgotten in the time since his "death"

Strength: Base 1+2=3
Intelligence: Base 1+2=3
Courage: Base 1+1=2
Charisma: Base 1 (Zombies HAVE no charisma! o_o)
Speed: Base 1+1=2

Weapon: Heavy one handed sword, a banshee shaped blade.
Sub-Weapon: his body

Goals: Regaining sanity, and a measure of life, and faintly hopes to retain his current ability to live indefinitely.

Fears: Losing his sanity any further, an end to his half life.

Vehicle: Samina

Element: Void

Fallen Angel_Messiah Of Black Roses
March 28th, 2007, 10:18 PM
Shiney: That is fine, to make your own skills like that. Looks good so far!

April 5th, 2007, 6:02 PM
Name: Enzeru, Kouken (Guardian Angel)

Age: 21

Sex: Male

Race: Sin

Sub-race: Sloth

Main Occupation: none (SLOTH)

Skill slots:
1.Ninja-(Fan mastery)
2.Ninja-(Fan mastery)
3.Ninja-(Fan mastery)
4.Ninja-(Fan mastery)

Height: 74”

Weight: 195 lbs

Appearance: Kouken is a Tall albino male. He has pure white skin and his long white hair covers his red eyes. Kouken wears a black body suit, similar to that of a ninja. Kouken also has many holsters for weapons. One on the thigh of each leg, holding a fan in it, and one large one on his back, holding his large fan. Most of the time, Kouken hides his clothes under a black trench coat and hunter’s hat.

Personality: Not wanting anyone to know he is one of the Seven deadly sins, Kouken is naturally paranoid. Suspicious of everyone around him, He never tells anyone his name, instead he uses the Alias Shiki. Also Kouken is often found lounging around, looking up at the clouds and stars, That is until he smells or tastes blood. Then Kouken becomes an enraged maniac, devoid of all human emotions and thoughts, He becomes a blood-lusting killing machine. This is partially because of his birth from hell, and also from the evil festering inside of him.

Nickname: Shiki

Side: EVIL!!!

History: Doesn’t know much about his past, and to he honest he doesn’t care. All cares about is staying alive and keeping his newly found power. One thing he does know is that he was selected to be one of the sins, and he loves his new power. The extra granted strength and the new pet, loves his new life.

Birthday: Doesn’t know if he has one

Place of Birth: Hellspawn… Hell? Found in Sirius, Tower of the Desert

Strength: Norm. lvl 2 Smell. lvl 3 Taste. lvl 4
Intelligence: Norm. lvl 2 Smell. lvl 1 Taste. lvl -2
Courage: Norm. lvl 1 Smell. lvl 2 Taste. lvl 3
Charisma: Norm. lvl -1 Smell. lvl -2 Taste. lvl -3
Speed: Norm. lvl -2 Smell. lvl 1 Taste. lvl 4

Weapon: Large Bladed fan.

Sub-Weapon: Small metal fans

Goals: Staying alive

Fears: Losing his power

Vehicle: Giant Hell-Wolf. Name, Fenrir

Element: none

Other Stuff:

Fallen Angel_Messiah Of Black Roses
April 6th, 2007, 3:51 PM
We are ready to start! Lucian is accepted.

AJ, A lean, muscular seventeen year old Hispanic, Wearing a white trenchcoat. His white hair shining in the sun, his crimson eyes glowing with anticipation. AJ shut the wooden door behind him and walked out into the packed streets of Renji. Conversations between people, complaining couples and the squall between merchants and buyers. AJ smiled to himself, walking faster. He reached a large fountain in the center of the city, it was dedicated to the founder of the town, Kiren Anolc. A rather muscular man, holding an iron Trident. AJ dipped his hand into the fountain, it was sparkling in the glimmer of the sunlight, the water was clean and cool.

AJ walked away from the fountain and continued to a store and then to go off to all the Merchants holding what he needed, he would need a hefty amount of supplies to make the trip to seal the gate. But... He would have to find the Garden Of Eden first.

AJ found his first stop, A general store. He went inside the building and started to browse, he picked up a Cantine, compass, Box of matches, Tinderbox, axe, and a Map. He payed for the bunch and quickly left, next to go to a Merchant not to far.

The Merchant had sold him what he had wanted, just some more basic items. Nothing to big.

AJ looked into the sky, it was turning dark. He would leave soon.

April 6th, 2007, 10:19 PM
It had been a good while since Tenbukuro had caused some mischief to anyone. He was returning to Lumres from a trip he had been on, and on his way back he saw an unsuspecting traveler. Tenbu looked over at the traveler down from his raptor and spoke to him. "Greetings traveler. Where might you be going?"
The traveler stopped and looked up towards Tenbu, who was clad in a black robe that hid his true identity of The Chaotic Shadow. "I'm heading to Lumres."

Tenbu smiled, but the traveler could not see it. "That's funny, I was just heading there myself. Too bad, you won't make it there." The travler raised a brow in question before he fully understood what Tenbu meant. Tenbu lifted his arm, aiming at one of the nearby trees. Tenbu's hand glew from inside his sleeve, and so did the tree he was aiming at. Before the travler could look, the tree snapped off of its trunk and floated in the air before smashing down at where the travler stood. The travler saw the oncoming tree and started running for his life while screaming.

"Ah. That's the good stuff I like the hear," Tenbu told himself aloud as his giant raptor started moving again. "Well, I guess I'll be in Lumres soon. I can cause some more mischief later once i get back to Lumres... heh," Tenbu laughed and moved his leg to hit the raptor's side to tell it to go faster. The raptor started running when Tenbu's leg connected. "I should be at Lumres in a few minutes," the shadow said and smiled.

April 7th, 2007, 10:30 AM
The Drifter was currently boarding a ship. To parts unknown was what he was thinking. The sun was out but he didnt care. His Balaclava was protecting his face. He mearly looked out to the sea. The ship was almost at its port. Jubi in Lumos was the boats destination. He was going to mearly do some feeding and continue on.

Once the boat made it to the port Drifter walked off it. Mearly looking at the town before him. It looked like it once belonged to barbarians and jackles.He hoped not. He didnt want to get into a fight he probably could not win.

Cain walked through the large town. Villagers just mearly stared at him. The Drifter doubted that anyone in Jubi had ever seen a vampire. Much less someone like him. But he didnt care what the villagers thought of him. He just needed transportation to the next town. To his knowledge it was Lumres.

April 7th, 2007, 6:48 PM
Tenbu had arrived in Lumres after a few minutes of travelling on his raptor. When he reached Lumres, he went to a merchant who sold maps and bought one of Azure before heading to a nearby pub. He opened the door and sat down at the nearest table while his raptor waited outside. Tenbu opened up his pack and pulled out the map he just bought and looked it over, speaking his plans aloud so only he could hear.

"Alright. My scythe is becoming a little dull, and I don't want to keep sharpening it. There's only one metal that never becomes dull, and it can only be found in Renji, so I guess that's my next destination," The Chatoic Shadow said and walked out of the pub while everyone stared.

Tenbu mounted his raptor and set off towards Renji to get the unique metal that never became dull.