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April 1st, 2007, 10:34 AM
With the series on hiatus for the moment and PUSA's wrap-up of Battle Frontier, I thought I'd try a new tack: comparisons of the dubbing process. Given the changes behind the scenes, would you say PUSA improves over 4Kids, 4kids was better, or a draw or neither? Now that we have 47 PUSA episodes, a comparison can now be made.

I only want to delve into the process, thus, I have to give some ground rules:

1. No flaming the new voice actors. You can criticize the acting in a constructive way, but that's it.

2. Same goes with the edits/content revisions. Constructive.

3. No flaming either company. That's a given, too.

My issue on the PUSA would be Team Rocket's further revision of puns and the fourth wall jokes (to be fair, I didn't care for the puns with 4Kids, either). And also, as Dogasu pointed out: the loss of silence that people were raving about in the first few PUSA episodes.

Now, to be fair, PUSA can go back and correct line errors like Max's Earth type line from "Chip Off the Old Brock". That's something 4Kids would never do.

Including the link to Dogasu's BF comparisons to assist you with PUSA: http://dogasu.bulbagarden.net/comparisons/battle_frontier/bf_list.html

Just keep it civil. Enjoy the critiquing.

April 1st, 2007, 6:18 PM
Well... thats hard. I like the voices that 4kids used better, but for some reason I like the scripting with PUSA better. 4Kid's seemd to have a lot of translating mistakes, like in "At the End of the Fray" when Metagross fires a hyper beam, Brock says, "That's one powerful Solarbeam". And I've noticed others. So far I haven't noticed any with PUSA. Really the only think I haven't liked about PUSA is that they can't decided on airing times. Like, it was two every Saturday. Then One every week day night (except Friday), then once a weekend. It's much to confusing.

Miss Reyna
April 1st, 2007, 6:30 PM
I really kinda like the PUSA one better just because it kinda was a bit better on the pun dub titles. I never really like the pun titles on just the pokemon names and I like it how PUSA kinda focus on the characters too by using their names in the titles. That was nice.

I didn't mind the voices at all. I mean they are not 4Kids VAs but they are good VAs so PUSA did a good job. I kinda like this new Ash voice because it kinda shows he can mature a bit but then that could have been because the Battle Frontier was for him to grow up a little like we saw towards the end of the saga.

To tell the truth I don't really know much to say anything about 4Kids and PUSA because to me they were both enjoyable to watch. I mean there wasn't really much difference between the two except PUSA kept the text and the riceballs but I am sure that 4Kids would have done something about the text like white it out like always and change the riceball into a sandwich which isn't something that bad like they have done to other animes in the past. I say PUSA did a good job with the trasition from changing hands from 4Kids.

April 7th, 2007, 9:55 AM
Gryph, I wouldn't blame PUSA as more blaming CN for forcing them to dub all those episodes in a short period of time. It beats what they did to GX and 2 a week vs. 5 a week. Big difference.

Anyway, one item I thought was interesting was a Dogasu observation from Brandon's intro episode.

Ash: "...I've worked hard for every one of them. I swear, I can even beat a Ho-Oh."

PUSA, where'd this arrogance come from? Satoshi never said anything that bold in the original - he just stated that he would like the chance to challenge Hou'ou to a battle.

A lot of people have been saying that Ash has gotten a lot more arrogant and rude since PUSA started dubbing the series, and it's lines like this that show this to be true. Pokémon USA, the main character of the show may have a tiny over-confidence problem once in a blue moon, but it's supposed to be done in a subtle way that doesn't make him look like a complete ass. Sheesh.

Indeed. I'm not being critical, but it does present an interesting issue. Had PUSA had the rights the previous season and "Vanity Affair", they could have built up to this and compensate for "Vanity Affair"'s weak Japanese writing. I say that because "Vanity Affair"'s issue came off as abrupt as Satoshi didn't develop such things until only that episode within the seasonal fare. Hm...

Just doing an curious dilemma for ya.