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April 2nd, 2007, 6:44 PM
Overall Idea:

Naruto is an anime based on ninjas, and their different fighting styles. The most common way of fighting is using jutsus, which require use of chakra. Chakra is mixture of the energy present in every cell of the body and the spiritual energy gained from exercise and experience. Once mixed, it can be channeled through the chakra circulatory system, which is to chakra as the regular circulatory system is to blood, to any of the 361 chakra points on the body. Through various methods, the most common of which is handseals, the chakra can then be manipulated to create an effect that would not be possible otherwise, such as walking on water. Generally speaking, jutsu are divided into three categories: genjutsu, ninjutsu, and taijutsu. Ninjutsu also has two sub-categories: sealing jutsu and cursed seal jutsu, which are jutsu used to create seals for various purposes. Genjutsu are techniques that use the chakra in the victim's nervous system to create illusions; basically an advanced intellectual ninjutsu. Ninjutsu is a vague term referring to pretty much any technique that uses chakra and allows the user to do something that they otherwise would be incapable of doing. Unlike genjutsu, which makes the opponent see illusions, the effects of ninjutsu are quite real. Ninjutsu relies on chakra and, most of the time, hand seals (each hand seal showing a different animal in the Chinese zodiac) to be effective. The hands are put in sequential positions that mold chakra in the necessary manner to perform a jutsu. This is not always consistent, however, and some of the simpler jutsu seem to become second nature to experienced ninja, after which they can perform them at will. Additionally, some ninjutsu can be classified as an elemental jutsu, in those cases where a specific element (earth, fire, lightning, water, wind) is used. Sealing Jutsu are jutsu that 'seal' something inside objects or living beings. The most common application of this is sealing weapons or other objects within scrolls to efficiently carry a large number of items. Taijutsu refers to any techniques involving the martial arts or the optimization of natural human abilities in general. In other words, taijutsu is executed by accessing the user's stamina directly, rather than converting the user's stamina to chakra in order to execute a ninjutsu or genjutsu technique, meaning that taijutsu is much quicker to execute than (though potentially not as powerful as) ninjutsu or genjutsu. In some cases, chakra is used to enhance the techniques, particularly in the Hyuga clan's Gentle Fist style. Generally speaking, however, a taijutsu user rarely uses chakra in their attacks. However, the main idea inside this RP is revovled around the Advanced Bloodlines. Advanced Bloodlines are abilities passed down genetically in specific clans. Most clans have developed special jutsu related to their kekkei genkai (like Haku's Demonic Ice Mirrors or Kimimaro Kaguya's Dance of the Seedling Fern). Kekkei genkai and their related jutsu cannot be taught or copied by others, as they require the specific genetic trait to work. Advanced Bloodline abilities that work via the user's eye are called dōjutsu, such as the Byakugan and the Sharingan.


Many years ago, in a land unknown to all called Nikara, a group of gennin contained powers beyond other ordinary shinobi. This group of gennin were members of different bloodlines, such as the noble Hyuuga clan, or possibly the Aburame clan, which could control bugs known as destruction bugs. They may be labelled as a "group", but they have never met each other before, and are unaware of the amount of power they could obtain. However, there was one person who did: Yokoshima. She was the embodiment of evil, or so others had thought. She had lived in private, underground, and has tried to master all jutsu; however, she can only master so many before wanting to use bloodline jutsus. This was going to be troublesome for her, since they could only be obtained by being a member of that particular family. In Nikara, there are five main villages representing the different elements: Meteor Village (Fire), Seaside Village (Water), Desert Town (Earth), Hurricane Valley (Wind) and Cumulus Village (Lightning). Along with the five main villages, there are four smaller ones: Glacier Settlement (Ice), Jungle Village (Nature), Sun City (Light) and Lunar Village (Dark).

Lately, she has discovered these gennin, which posessed the abilities of the different bloodlines in Nikara. For the past few years, she has deducted experiments for new jutsus, to hopefully find one to somehow "steal" their abilities. Recently she has mastered this new jutsu. Using spies, the lord of the land had discovered Yokoshima's intentions. He has warned all of these gennin to get together and train, hide and most of all: don't get caught by Yokoshima or her minions.


You, as one of the players, will be one of the gennin. You are born into a bloodline that possesses unique abilities, but are unaware of how far your abilities can stretch. Now, you can pick a bloodline that already exists (Ie. Aburame, Hyuuga, Uchiha etc..) or make one up of your own. Making up your own bloodline, or using one that already exists, state what they can do which is unique to them, as well as what your own character can do. Also, if making up your own bloodline, it would be preferred if you could supply the others with a brief history of that clan. Now, the element of your village does not have to affect your form of fighting. It is suggested though, that, for example, you are being in the Aburame bloodline, that you take Jungle Village, or if Uchicha, you'd live in Meteor Village. It is not a must, but is preferred.

And Here is the Map of Nikara: Here (http://img172.imageshack.us/img172/7416/dsc00254qc9.jpg)
Thanks to Akadi (22sa) for the map!

<Bloodline> (Name abilities of the bloodline, what abilities you can use so far etc.)
<Bloodline History> (If a made up bloodline is used)
<Fighting Style> (How you fight, Ie. Ninjutsu, Taijutsu, Genjutsu, combo etc, but only use up to two of the styles, also explain the actual fighting style the character uses, Please Include Weaknesses and Strengths)
<Appearance> (Give AT LEAST a FIVE line paragraph, or will be declined/pending immediately)
<Personality> (Give AT LEAST a FIVE line paragraph, or will be declined/pending immediately)
<History>(Give AT LEAST a FIVE line paragraph, or will be declined/pending immediately)

1. No power playing
2. Don't criticize the map.
3. Please meet the requirements for the sign up sheet.
4. Read this whole first post! I've had experiences where I felt like the people did not read this whole plot and stuff.
5. Do not argue with me, you may state your opinion and tell me that something is wrong, but please, don't push it.
6. There will be some violence (Due to this being a Naruto RP), so player discretion is advised.
7. Have fun!

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April 3rd, 2007, 3:46 AM
As long as it is okay, I will finish my sign up after school.

<Name> Jason Soname
<Age> 13
<Gender> Male
First stage: Charugan: Allows the user to teleport their chakra to any spot. The user can also make their body fallow the chakra during teleportation.

Second Stage: Chakarugan: Allows the user to use the first stage's ability and can teleport their chakra to anything or anyone, and be able to levitate it.

Third stage: Chamasugan: Allows the user to always know where their chakra is even if they are far away. So if Jason put his chakra on a cat, he could use this to know where the cat is.

Fourth stage: Chorogan: Allows the user to do everything from each stage and when the user's chakra is on someone or something, he will be able to fallow it's every movement no matter how fast they are going.

Jason is only able to use the first and second stage for now.

<Bloodline History> The charugan is a dojutsu which was told in an ancient story. It told of a clan that had the abilities to levitate things, and teleport. Long ago an ancester of the soname clan, Micura had been doing an ugent mission. This mission was to find a rouge ninja and take him into custedy. When Micura found the rouge ninja, they fought. The rouge ninja soon had the Micura cornered. Micura looked to the rouge ninja's weapon, which was about to come down on Micura and focused. Right before the weapon hit Micura, it stopped in it's tracks. It was at that moment where Micura found his clan's bloodline.

This clan was liked by many, for they had helpped the village hiden in the leaves get through a war. After, this clan chose to forget about their abilities for some reason. As their bodies got used to not using their bloodline, they were soon unable to use the charugan. After Jason's grandparents learned that the clan in the story was their clan, they practiced day-in and day-out to be able to use their bloodline. After a year, they soon acomplished using the charugan and passed the ability on and on until it got to Jason.

<Fighting Style> Jason Likes to attack the enemy with taijutsu at the beginning of a battle to see how fast his enemy is. Then he lets the enemy hit him just once to find out his strength. After Jason knows his speed and strength, he will then use ninjutsu to waist time so he can think of a plan. After he has a plan, he will first use taijutsu added with ninjutsu to start off the plan. Jason's main weakness in battle is mostly genjutus. Although he knows what to do during genjutsu, he is still paralyzed by the illusion. And another weakness although very small is when he allows the enemy to attack him once. He likes to think ahead but will sometimes lose focus and will attack without a plan which will cause him to not pay attention to a trap he may be falling into.

<Village>Lunar Village (Dark)

<Appearance> Jason reaches about 5'11. He has light brown skin and dark brown eyes. His hair is a pure black color which shines beautifully in the light. His hair hangs over his face in the front and spikes out in the back of his head. Jason wears a baggy short sleeved shirt that is brownish green. The sleeves of this shirt are black and have wavy lines of dark green. Jason wears pants where on his leaft leg the jeans are short and on the right leg the jeans are long. On his left leg, Jason wears his wepon bag. Jason also wears a necklace of a dragon's hand holding a red orb.

<Personality> Jason is quite and careful but has very little patience. Jason is very loyal to his friends and would never betray them. He likes to think ahead before doing anything but sometimes when he loses focus, he will just act without thinking so this is a big problum when it comes to battles. Jason hates it when someone he doesn't know walks to him and starts to talk to him like they are best friends. Jason is annoyed very easly and when he is, you should run. Although Jason is quiet most of the time, he will be very loud and social when he wants. All in all, Jason is a nice kid but if he gets angree, don't mess with him.

<History> Back when Jason was very little, he wanted to become a ninja. His brother was a ninja and Jason looked up to him. HIs brother was considere one of the best ninja in the village. Jason knew that if he had any chance of fallowing his brother, he would have to train like there was no tomorrow. After going to the ninja academy, Jason trained much more. He was soon able to use his bloodline without a problum. Then when Jason got his headband and became a gennin, his brother died in a mission to another village. Jason's heart fell to the bottum of his legs. After a day of mopeing, Jason knew that his brother would want him to keep going and fullfil his own dream so he acted like nothing had happened and went on with his life. Jason, up to this day still admires his brother.

<Other> Jason believes that his brother's spirit is held in the orb on his necklace.

April 3rd, 2007, 4:16 AM
Aight, Telepathic is pending

also, there is no "village hidden in the leaves", so please should fix that.

Also, if you read the rules, they need to be 5 lines, preferred to also be 5 FULL lines. I'm not trying to be harsh, but it just helps.

April 3rd, 2007, 5:48 AM
Reserve me a spot, please! =3

EDIT: Finished. Might change some bits a little later on...

<Name> Mizuke Shuichi
<Age> 13
<Gender> Male

<Bloodline> Kyuushitsu (moisture absorbing) - Allows user to spread their chakra over an area. Depending on how well the user is at chakra control, and whether they have mastered the jutsu or not, the chakra is usually translucent, and only slightly noticable. But masters of this jutsu can spread their chakra so thinly, that it is just vaguely visible. Using it like a net, the chakra 'captures' or 'absorbs' any moisture available in the air, and brings it back to the user. This basically increases the availability of water for the useage of water-based jutsu. Because of this, it almost appears as if the user can use water-based jutsu without a nearby source of water. This can be used in a large area, such as covering an entire forest, or just to bring water from a 30 centimeter radius. Also, the larger the amount of chakra the user has, the larger their maximum area can be.

<Bloodline History> Kyuushitsu was first 'discovered' countless years ago, by a wondering traveler, called Mizuke Yuri. He originated from the Seaside Village, and he walked down the border of the island, then traveled by boat to the desert area, where the Desert Town was said to be located. However, while walking in the desert, he lost his map, and thus became lost. He spent several days wondering about in the hot desert, resting on the sand during the cold nights. He seemed to travel in circles, and eventually, ran out of water. The dehydrated traveler began to panic. He started to dig in the sand, hoping to unearth a hidden source of water, but it was no use. He knew he was going to die. But he continued to dig. He started to use his chakra to help him dig. Strangely enough, the more chakra he used, the more humid the air felt on his skin. After digging for several hours straight using chakra, he finally realised something: his chakra was drawing in water. Astounded by this, he spread his chakra around a massive area. The chakra instantly absorbed water in the air, and pulled it in towards Yuri, and he drank this water until he was satisfied.

Eventually, he did make his way to the Desert Town. After spending several days there, he traveled back to the Seaside Village, along with his new jutsu. He introduced this 'ability' to the rest of the village. However, it seemed that only members of the Mizuke family were able to use this jutsu, and thus it was declared a Bloodline.

Nowadays, older Mizuke clan members begin to teach younger ones how to use Kyuushitsu at a tender age of 7, as the Mizuke clan is seen as a ninja clan, and almost ninety-five percent of the children end up being ninjas. However, they actually prefer peace over violence, thus they try to avoid being involved in conflicts, such as war against other villages.

<Fighting Style> Shuichi uses a combination of his Bloodline and Ninjutsu, which is the traditional way a member of the Mizuke clan fights. He uses Kyuushitsu to gather water for him to use for water-style jutsu. His favourite water jutsu, which was created by his father, is 'Mizunaru Hebi' or 'Water-formed snakes', which launches snakes towards the enemy to bind them, or attack. At the beginning of a battle, Shuichi prefers to stay back, and let his 'teammates' fight using taijutsu, to study the enemy, before using ninjutsu to attack. If fighting alone, Shuichi quickly tries to disable the enemies movement, before using his ninjutsu. Shuichi's strength is his ninjutsu; he has a wide variety of ninjutsu at his disposal, not only water-elemented ones. Shuichi's main weakness is genjutsu; he has very minimal knowledge on how to counter the most common genjutsu, and a powerful one is sure to leave him vulnerable to enemy attacks.

<Village> Seaside Village (Water)

<Appearance> Shuichi stands at approximately 5"5', and he has a lean yet slightly skinny body. He has jet black hair, which is always scruffy and seems to generally spike upwards. His eyes are a dark, navy blue, but seem to turn a paler, almost icy blue when he is angry, or determined. He wears ash-black trousers, that come just past halfway down to his shin. The ends of the trousers are strapped down with small belts. Whatever shin is not covered by his pants are covered by white bandages. And he wears the generic, black, shinobi sandals. For his top, he wears a white, long-sleeved turtle-neck. On top of that, he wears a black, sleeve-less vest, with a silver zip, which is usually closed up. Also, he wears a small, blue-gray, short-sleeved jacket on top of everything, which go halfway down his torso. In hot weathers, he usually goes around without the jacket, slinging it on his shoulder. Shuichi has a gear pouch strapped onto the side of his left thigh (being left handed), and carries around a brown flask (a clan trademark) which he carries water in case of 'emergencies'. The flask is slung across his shoulder with a brown strap, and is slightly bigger than the size of an outstretched adult hand.

<Personality> Shuichi is timid and obedient fellow. Some say he got his timidness from his mother, and his obedience from his father. He always follows to the orders of people older than him, usually without making a sound. Thus, when he is not doing missions or training, he helps out the people in the village, doing chores and such. At times, he does like to pitch in his ideas and thoughts to people. During the rare times he gets to spend time doing what he wants, he likes to go to his room, and spend time alone, either reading a book, watching the people outside from the view through the window in his room, or just contemplating about recent events, or the future. Thus he is on the curious side, wanting to know about the little things that people usually don't care about. Shuichi is also protective, especially of his family, as in parents, the remainder of his clan, and the few friends he has in the village and he would do everything to protect these things. He is the kind of person who cares about other things more than he cares about himself, thus many predict he would end up killing himself just to save these things.

<History> Shuichi has, so far, lived a normal life. He was the only child of two highly skilled ninja, both from distant branches of the Mizuke family. Therefore, many had predicted Shuichi to become a powerful shinobi. And they were right. At the young age of nine, he was already close to mastery over using Kyuushitsu. And that was only after learning how to use it for two years. Many children would take at least five years to use it properly, but Shuichi took less than half that time. At the age of eight, Shuichi joined the ninja academy of their village. Being the youngest in the whole school, he was bullied by some of the older students. But he just ignored them, telling himself, "When I get graduate the academy, I'll be sure to take them down..." At the same time he started the academy, he also trained with his father at home, usually going over what happened in school. But his father's training was far more intensive than in the academy, pushing Shuichi's body, chakra and mind to their limit. He taught his son water-style jutsu, and other information and techniques passed on through the generations. So when he was eight, he juggled three different 'sessions' at the same time, everyday. All the training, however, payed off, as he graduated at the age of eleven at the top of his class.

<Other> Nothing, for now.

April 3rd, 2007, 8:31 AM
<Name> Hyuuga Haru
<Age> 14
<Gender> Male
<Bloodline> Byakugan. My character has been able to use the 64 Palm Strikes, Heavenly Spin, and Hinata's move (I will edit this as soon as I can find its name...) He cannot see chakra points yet.

<Fighting Style> Taijutsu/bloodline combo. Using the Byakugan to see the chakra lines in his opponent's body, striking them with chakra from the palms and feet to cause internal damage to the opponent's body. Rather than only being able to focus chakra from one point at a time(the hands or feet), however, the Hyuuga can emit chakra from their entire body at once, releasing themselves from traps and cutting ropes, when they spin around while doing this, creating a 'shield' around themselves, made of chakra. While the Byakugan is active a 'dome' of chakra is produced, with only a small 2-3 degree hole extending from the back of the neck. This is the biggest flaw in the Hyuuga's 'ultimate defence'

Haru deals with close range combat, using the Byakugan and the Gentle Fist techniques to subdue his opponents, as he has never killed them before, and dose not want to.

<Village> Hurricane Valley
<Appearance> Haru has the traditional black Hyuuga hair, but has a long lock of silver tucked behind his ear. His hair goes down to his shoulder blades and he has the byakugan, meaning he has white/grey eyes and no visible pupils. He wears a white short-sleeve jacket with a black long-sleeve undershirt, black jeans and black shoes, along with a chain-belt he wears just for 'the heck of it'. His hair is pulled into a long tail, fastened at the base of his neck, while his headband is positioned on his neck. He has also been known to wear white cuffs over his undershirt's sleeves from time to time.

<Personality> (Give AT LEAST a FIVE line paragraph, or will be declined/pending immediately)
<History>(Give AT LEAST a FIVE line paragraph, or will be declined/pending immediately)

I'll edit this later..kinda buzy at the moment and I want to grab a spot before this RP gets full/starts.

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<Name> Uchiha Minyu

<Age> 11

<Gender> Male

<Bloodline> Sharingan (2 tomoe - initial): Acquired at age 10. Reads and copies medium-speed taijutsu, ninjutsu, and genjutsu.

Sharingan (3 tomoe - complete): Acquired at age 10. Reads and copies all except the fastest taijutsu, ninjutsu, and genjutsu.

Mangekyou Sharingan (shuriken eye terrain): Unacquired. Reads all jutsu. Unlocks the strongest jutsu existing. POssibilities: Amaterasu - ninjutsu fire hotter then the sun's surface, burns through anything. Tsukuyumi - genjutsu tortures opponent to death or causes heavy psychological damage in less then a second. Warp Shot - shoots a part of an opponent's body to another location/dimention.

<Fighting Style> Dojutsu, ninjutsu.

-Sharingan (completed)
-Dragon Flame Missile (a-rank)
-Heavenly Vacuum Sword Pressure (s-rank): A complica

<Village> Meteor Village.

<Appearance> 4'11 with short, flat black hair. Average but warlike quality body. He wears a light blue shirt underneath a deep red Ninja jacket. Always attaches a katana to his back--currently carrying the "Sasuke's Katana," a thin golden yellow blade. It is carried in a black sheath which is tied to his back. Wears an white headband with a small Uchiha symbol on it, and wears his Meteor headband on his right arm. Wears black Ninja sandles, long socks and pants. Peach skin, not too pale. His [completed] sharingan is always activated.

<Personality> Annoying loner. Has ambition for creating & performing powerful, flashy ninjutsu, and lives to fight. Likes to take walks when nobody is around. Doesn't like conforming, doesn't like studying, and usually does the minimum to pass while using his extra study time to study subjects of his immediate interests. He is very concealing to his family about his intentions and interests because he knows he will be condemned for them, and instead pretends to be stupid. Unpredictable - very friendly sometimes, cold other times, funny sometimes, melancholic other times. Likes to read people's minds, and can predict what people are doing from their body movements with his highly developed Sharingan.

<History> Age 0-9 - As a baby, Mingyu was an abandoned or lost baby. He was raised in the village of Earth by a family whom adopted him, but had a very unfriendly childhood. Always never fatally wounded, he had gotten into an uncountable number of fights, ever since age 4. He usually fought alone or with one or two helpers against entire gangs. Not ever belonging, Mingyu always searched the village and wondered alone to places, looking for interesting things to do by himself.
Age 9 - Mingyu watched the chuunin exams, and he was immediately amazed at how the Uchiha kid saw through evemy attacks and dodged so many shurikens and taijutsu moves. He would never forget that image of success.
Age 10 - One day, while to fighting to protect his little hut near the outskirts of the village from a gang whom was suspecting him, Mingyu suddenly was able to predict his opponent's moves. After witnessing Mingyu's strange eyes and improved abilities, the other kids ran away. Mingyu went home that night and looked in the mirror at his Sharingan. He always wondered why he didn't look like anybody from his family, and now he knows why. At first he wanted to show off his sharingan to people, being the annoying person he is, but thought twice, as the village might kill him because he's become even more of an outsider now. Having nobody to trust at the time, Mingyu decided to leave the village and use his new Sharingan caliber to fend on his own while searching for a way to get to Meteor Village, the home of the Uchiha clan of Sharingan bearers. Before leaving, he quietly visited the house of a really cute girl. He hesitated, but decided it was best not to say anything, as he didn't want to leave any intentions of value for the Earth Village right before he was leaving. He was still two years from graduating. Shortly afterwards, he stole a sword called the "Sasuke's Blade," and completing his sharingan whiling fighting to run away. Within 20 days of leaving, he managed to steal enough money take a ferry to Fire Country. There, he affilated himself with the Meteor Village, and was given a home with the Uchihas. Last name changed from Isa to Uchiha. He then went attended their academy and had adjusted to somewhat nicer life. He learned the Uchiha's basic fire techniques this year as well.
Age 11 - Graduated from Academy (three weeks before his 12th birthday). In effort to enhance his blade's range and power, he has been trying to learn the secrets of wind manipulation. By the time he graduated, he was still unsuccessful, however.

April 3rd, 2007, 11:25 AM
Shiranui, you are now accepted.
SilverTail, you too are pending, but just to let you know, you need to see the 64 points to be able to use "64 palms technique", if thats the one I am thinking of. =/
22sa: Okay, pending. Put more desrcip. in appearence and a little bit more in personality. Also, you need to state what village you're in (I know you metnioned it in your history, but there still is a section for it, it just makes it easier, ok?)

edit: Oh and also, the link to the map is working. And btw, don't dis it. >O

editx2: Zomg Kyle has made his sign-up!

<Name> Shiro Kanazeku (Also called Kain)

<Age> 15

<Gender> Male

<Bloodline> Shiro Clan (Same as Haku’s clan). Uses ice/water ninjutsu and to kill. Kain can control water and form it into ice and mold it into any shape. The most famous forms are Water Needles and Demonic Ice Mirrors.

Water Needles- Quite self-explanatory. Water formed into the shape of senbon, which have extremely sharp points. Water needles are used to puncture skin with ease and hit fatal areas to annihilate the enemy quickly.

Demonic Ice Mirrors- Uses up a large amount of chakra and water and forms many sheets of ice that surround the enemy completely in 5 of the 6 directions (Up, left, right, in front, behind. NOT beneath). The user or an ally of the user can enter the ice. Once in the sheet of ice, the user’s image is copied onto the faces of the other sheets of ice, and any actions or attacks (Including ninjutsus) are copied. This causes mass amounts of attacks from every direction, causing massive pain. If the wrong sheet of ice is attacked, the user will not be hurt, however, if the right one is attacked, the user will be affected, however the damage done will be cut down. When trying to switch sheets of ice, the speed of the user increases to avoid getting hit while switching, or seen when trying to switch.

<Bloodline History> In the Glacier village, the Shiro clan members are honored warriors that keep the village safe. However, down south of Glacier Village is Seaside Village. The people of Seaside village frown upon members of this destructive clan. If they discover any members of the clan residing anywhere near them, they send out ANBU members to kill them instantly. Due to the hate towards the Shiro clan, they have all lived and protected the only place they can call home, the Northern Regions of the World and Glacier village.

<Fighting Style> Kain fights similar to the rest of his clan. He controls ice and uses water and ice techniques to his full potential. Currently, he has mastered the water needles ninjutsu, but is still learning on how to use Demonic Ice Mirrors. Kain uses senbon and has pockets on his body to use at any time he can. Kain uses ninjutsu and his bloodline abilities only. The attributes he focuses on mainly are his speed and his dexterity. He loves using his water needles or senbon to hit fatal areas on his enemies. Kain is resistant towards most genjutsu (Unless it is of a high level) as well as ninjutsu, however, he has a major weakness to any physical or taijutsu attacks.

<Village> Seaside Village

<Appearance> Kain has extremely icy-blue colored eyes that seem to illuminate the area around him. Kain’s skin is very pale and he is very thin. Kain has pure fairly long yet spiky hair that is the same hue as the snow seen up north in the glaciers. He stands at around 5’10”, and weighs only 130lbs, not even putting him on the BMI scale. Kain wears white robes that reach down to his ankles. At about the last foot of his robes the white slowly fades into a light blue then into a more solid and darker blue. A black shirt can be seen under his white robes. Kain wears standard ninja, open-toed shoes. He has a pouch of senbon on is upper right arm, lower left arm, right thigh and left calf. When in battle his clothes slowly fade into a different, yet unique shade of blue.

<Personality> Kain is quiet and does not like to talk unless he finds himself in a conversation. He tries to hide his emotions, and makes sure to not let them take over in a battle. He tries to be a logical thinker and tries not to do anything too hasty when in a fight. He prefers to be alone due to his clan being hunted down by the village he know resides in. When in large battle that could be the difference between life and death his body pulses with energy and adrenaline. When he does, he gets a feeling of pure killing intent and he can get scared of himself. In reality, he is peaceful and tries to avoid any fighting, unless it’s training or a battle that needs to be fought.

<History> Kain had lived the first few years of his life in Glacier village. He had gotten along well with the other villagers and they seemed to enjoy his company. At the age of 4, he discovered his ability to control water, but only to a certain extent. His grandparents had been working outside near the frozen river when they saw him first use his powers. They immediately ran over to congratulate him. This may had seemed like the biggest day of his life, however, it would only get worse. That night a bandit raid of renegade ninjas from the Seaside village attacked the town and attempted to kill off members of the Shiro clan. Fortunately, most of them were not killed. Unfortunately, 4 of the ones that did die were his two grandparents and his two parents. For the next two years a family he visited often took him in. They quickly noticed a dramatic change in his attitude, but yet still saw the spark of peace in him. They tried to raise him to be more peaceful, but every night he had nightmares of the raid. Eventually, one restless night, he decided to run away. He couldn’t stay in the village anymore. He didn’t know where to go. He traveled south to find some place nicer and friendlier where he wouldn’t live in a place where his family had died.

After a few days of traveling southward, he hit a large mountain range (refer to the map!) and decided to climb it. The mountains however were extremely high, and took him a whole year to travel through. During that one year, he had learned to morph water into ice, and how to mold water and ice. This began his training in using the water needle technique. After a week of traveling he arrived at a village. He had seen the sign that indicated that the village was the Seaside village. He almost decided to keep on traveling, but he decided that it was time for him to settle down and see if he could live in the village. He changed his name to Anarok Kanazeku to avoid suspicion. He lived with another family that seemed friendly and they never questioned him; but they never knew of his secret of being a member of the Shiro clan. In secret he would travel east where the ocean met the mountains, and he would continue to train his unique abilities.

Now at the age of 15, he continues to train, and has mastered the use of water needles, and is still working on Demonic Ice Mirrors. However, after he masters the ice mirror technique, he plans on making his own, new unique jutsu.

April 4th, 2007, 11:55 AM
<Name> Tensaiji Uchiha

<Age> 14

<Gender> Male

<Bloodline> Sharingan: The Sharingan is a special type of pupil condition that naturally occurs in all members of the Uchiha clan, though not all of them gain the ability to use it. Itachi hints at some dark ultimate purpose behind the Sharingan, which both he and Sasuke apparently know, but the series has yet to reveal exactly what that purpose is. The Sharingan is thought to be descended from the Byakugan, but grants the user different abilities and a different insight.

The Sharingan's first and most well known ability is to memorize any technique that it witnesses. It can memorize ninjutsu, genjutsu, and taijutsu with perfect accuracy, allowing the user to use the techniques as his own. In order to reproduce copied jutsu, however, one must have the necessary skill or ability to perform them. In addition to physical skill, the Sharingan cannot allow the user to reproduce other kekkei genkai since the Sharingan user doesn't possess the same genetic trait. Additionally, Sharingan users cannot summon a creature which they have not made a contract with. The Sharingan also grants the user incredible clarity of perception, allowing them to track fast-moving objects with ease and even predict the subsequent movements of those objects. The ability to track and predict movement is largely based on individual skill, as unskilled users have much more trouble tracking fast-moving objects. A fully-evolved Sharingan eye can track all but the quickest opponents, even if the user can't move at the same speed. This perception is also great enough to see through genjutsu, depending upon the skill of the user, and the ability to observe the movement and flow of chakra, but not to the same extent or clarity as the Byakugan. Additionally, the Sharingan grants the user exceptional analytical powers, allowing them to instinctively pick up on various visual clues with little difficulty.

The Sharingan does not automatically appear from birth in a user; instead, it will usually appear when the user is in a life-threatening situation, where the power of the Sharingan could save the user. After this first appearance, the user can then call up the Sharingan any time he or she pleases. The power of the Sharingan is judged through the number of tomoe in the eye, known as the "tomoe seal". It is not unheard of for a Sharingan user to have different amounts of tomoe in each eye. A fully-matured Sharingan has three tomoe in each eye.

<Bloodline History> (If a made up bloodline is used)

<Fighting Style> Tensaiji starts off with Fire Release: Phoenix Immortal Fire Technique to see how his opponet is able to use his/her speed to dodge. He then waits for the enemy to use a jutsu until the last minute and uses Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique to burn his victim. He will then end it with The First Gate. His main weakness is Genjutsu mixed in with Taijutsu.

<Village> Meteor Village

<Appearance> Tensaiji is a "cool" dresser. He wears a black opened jacket that has the hood always on him and the Uchiha fan symbol huge on his back. You can see small pieces of his wavy hair go down to his chin when not tied back. Since his jacket is open, he wears a pale white shirt that looks see-through. Matching his shirt is his shorts that are silk and are big on him, going 3" below his knees. His Shinobi sandals are both black and white to match his cloths perfectly and so no one can copy him. He is 5'11" tall and weighs 135 lbs. He looks like an more than average boxer-type. Unlike most Uchihas, Tensaiji is a tan-colored to make it seem that he is intimidating. Most young kids either look up to him or are scared of him.

<Personality> Tensaiji really doesn't care about anyone except for close friends and himself. He loves it when he is in danger and his adrenaline kicks in to gear. At this point, Tensaiji will activate his Sharingan with anger and will get ready to fight, not flight. Some ninjas in his clan respect him enough not to get in his way when he's mad. He only had one true friend before he died. Now, Tensaiji will only trust someone as kind-hearted as his dead friend. He also has a calm personality, but can turn into a cocky attitude when approached. No tough guy wants to fight him because of his threatening voice that is so serious and scary when he talks.

<History>Tensaiji was born in a family with 1 brother and 1 sister. He was the middle child while his brother was younger and his sister older. His parents played favorites while Tensaiji had to care for himself as he taught himself what's right and what's wrong. At age 5, he walked around his village and watched a ninja sparring with animals. At that time one of the animals noticed Tensaiji and quickly attacked him as an intruder. Luckily, Tensaiji activated his Sharingan because of life-threatening moment and was able to get saved by the mysterious Shinobi. A few years passed and he graduated the Academy on his 10th birthday. Three years passed, Tensaiji wanted to learn about handseals, so he practiced day and night to become the best at it. He has now had a good reputation for being called the "Hand-seal" because you can hardly keep up with his hand-seal movements.

<Other> Jutsus:

• Fire Release: Dragon Fire Technique: The user breathes fire along a cord or any other type of long object. While the technique is shown in the anime to be even larger and more devastating than Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique, in the manga it is shown to be nothing more than a small burst of flame running along a line of wire.

• Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique: Utilizing a large amount of chakra, a large ball of flame is exhaled from the user's mouth. When an Uchiha clan member masters this technique, they are recognized as an adult.

• Fire Release: Phoenix Immortal Fire Technique: This jutsu sends multiple balls of fire at a target. It is also possible to hide shurikens within the fireballs, creating an unexpected secondary surprise attack. For the most part, this jutsu is used as a distraction.

• Manipulating Windmill Triple Blades: Utilizing the abilities of the Sharingan, the user is able to control shuriken that have wire cords attached to them (two held with the hands and one with the mouth) and manipulate their paths to tie an opponent to a nearby large object, binding them. If there is no object, the shuriken will impale the opponent.

• Eight Gates: The eight chakra gates are eight specific points on a person's chakra circulatory system. They limit the overall flow of chakra within a person's body. The basis for the idea of the chakra gates comes from the body's limits on the functions within it. This makes the body much weaker, but it keeps the body from expiring too soon. By opening these gates, the user can surpass their own physical limits at the cost of extreme damage to their own bodies. The gates and what they release are listed below:

1. Opening (Initial) releases the brain's limit on the total strain on the muscles, giving the user five times their normal strength.
2. Rest (Heal / Energy) releases the brain's limit on the body's stamina, making a battle-worn person become miraculously ready to fight as if the fight had just started.
3. Life is located on the spinal cord, and releases the limit on the nervous system, which makes information travel at a faster rate and creates even more stamina. As a side effect, the user's skin turns red, indicating an increased blood-oxygen level.
4. Pain (Harm / Wound) releases the limit on oxygen intake in the lungs, creating much more oxygen for the body to use.
5. Closing (Limit) releases the limit on the amount of chakra released at one time.
6. Joy (View) removes the limit on how much fat and proteins the intestines can digest, and releases otherwise useless energy resources, giving the user even more power and stamina.
7. Shock (Wonder / Insanity) removes the limit on how fast the body can move, removes wastes from dead skin cells to feces, and gives the body a much cleaner system to work with, producing even more power and stamina.
8. Death opens the final gate located at the heart and uses up all of the body's energy. It makes the heart pump at maximum power and exceeds the power of every other gate. All the energy in every individual cell is used up, giving the user power well above that of any Kage. This "big bang" effect is only temporary, and destroys every muscle in the user's body, including the heart. Death is assured when opening this gate.

*Note*: Tensaiji is only able to open the First Gate.

Krafty Quill
April 4th, 2007, 12:15 PM
Oy, I've never watched Naruto in my life but this sounds interesting. Hope that aint an issue. I wanna join. So give me a minute to type up a sign up, right playa? ;D

April 4th, 2007, 12:32 PM
KQ- Kay, just write it up then. ^.^
Eureido- Pending. Oh and also, Eureido, the sharingan being associated with the hypnosis part is wrong. If you re-watch the part with the first Zabuza vs. Kakashi fight, you'd notice that the hypnosis part is from his OTHER eye, not his sharingan eye.

April 4th, 2007, 2:09 PM
Name: Kazuki Chiharu
Age: 12
Gender: Female
Bloodline: Chiharu's family has always had a large amount of chakra, it corresponds to all the jutsus they do to take all this chakra away. Yes, Chiharu's family is a summoning family. Even at birth, they first sign the phonix contract, held in the Kazuki family for decades and decades. Next, come other technical summons from the more smaller clans. These include, Turtles, Deer, Dolphins, Mice, and other animals that can be proven worthwhile for shinobi. Of course, this isn't much of a bloodline but the way the Kazuki clan works with animals is just elite and proffesional.

Bloodline History: The Kazuki family has never had a right on history, as they were usually myths told by old to the young. One example is that one day, Kazuki Shuu was walking down the path of the Sun City. Along the road, there was an injured bird, whos majestics wings almost made Shuu lose her sight. Of course, Shuu was an animal fanatic and just had to help it. She shrugged it off as one of those "robins" which it looked similarily like. she took hospitality and bandaged it's broken leg and mended it. Soon enough, it was good as new. And then, the "robin" soon again spread its' wings. But then it didn't remind Shuu of a robin. As it's majestics wings spread out, it glowed an odd red shade. It blinded Shuu's eyes, but as it's form got bigger, it became more legendary with every inch. It called itself Akane, and soon, Shuu understood why it was called that. Due to Shuu's kindness and tenderness she gathered up a blood contract for Shuu to sign, though this enabled the signer to sign other contracts too. At first, Shuu hesitated by then realized that Akane was waiting for someone to sign the contract and be her master. And so, That is how the summoning began.

At the age of 3- children of the Kazuki are brought to sign this contract, it is hidden in a secret library that can only be found "by the eyes of a Kazuki." No wanna-be summoner has ever found the way there. And while along the path of training, they sign other contracts from their brother and sister clans.

Fighting Style: All in all, the Kazuki clans style is mostly with Kuchiyose no Jutsu, and some ninjutsu that has to do with healing and light. The large amount of chakra they carry in their bodies is used until almost all of it is worn out. Also, the Kazuki clan studies Genjutsu. their type of Genjutsu is a bit of hypnotism though they have other styles of it too. Like, stabbing them in the heart with their worst fear and all that jazz. Taijutsu; it sucks. If a Kazuki was ever put into taijutsu, they would surely lose. All of them are Klutzes and easily trip or fall, though their small demeanor gives them a bit of avoidability. Their strength is long range, either 'kapowing' them with their summons or teasing them with their genjutsu, that is their total strong point. While also, they are skilled in getting out of genjutsu.

Village: Sun City

Appearance: Chiharu is a young girl with a tendency to be judged on her looks. A sheet of notebook paper, nothing short of a vexation. Gaunt, pale, and frail, those dialects are why that is that. Deceptive freckles trim the edges, hindmost her drab coffee eyes. With them, the pupil of it seems abnormal, only in light may the questioner see it is actually the spoke color, though not a liberal pupil altogether. Albino-shaded hair nearly ebbs to her shoulders and currently in the position of unkempt and disheveled, as curls grace her appearance. A hairpiece that wraps around her graces her neck and frames the face, while upholding her chin-length bangs. Attire with many pockets wrap her tightly, though only pastel, and distorted colors. A tee-top with a kimono masking over it, top the color of chestnut, while the kimono ivory. Wearing the modern denim, she usually wears them everyday. Or sometimes, different ones with different choices of graffiti pasted onto them. One day it is paint splatters, the other, words that can't be read well. Her feet are usually covered by simple tennis shoes. Accesories, as Chiharu calls them, or the sharpest knives are regularely hidden in her pouch, along with shuriken, and medical needles, which Chiharu uses often. Arms are shaped by two gloves the texture of leather.

Personality: Impish and optimistic, Chiharu is a reincarnation of these two words. She’s sly, knavish and will usually order people around using this prodigious ability of hers. Chiharu teases and makes people think less of their selves, while her frequency of sarcastic remarks will only make the first-impression of her worse. Chiharu is one of those people that can turn the world upside-down with a small hint of a smile, grin, smirk, or just her lips turned upward in a happy position. She's blindly optimistic and never takes a chance to make the scenario more clement, sunnier. Chiharu is dubbed as the "Bawling Baby," or in a manifested definition "A cry baby," how she alleged that name, was that in every doleful or inadequate moment, she does one simple thing, she crys her heart out. One may see this annoying, but Chiharu will particulary barricade the tears herself, not for any known reason. She's upbeat and perky, and tries to make the best of the situation, another recitation, if any someone of something is abiding to be rapacious to her, she'll also lament over the situation. In precise, Chiharu is hyper, acts like a toddler, is buoyant, and not aghast to bellow. Her own language, is definitely her eccentric deameanor, where she says -chan at the end of everyones names, including boys, which mentions her character.

Her personality clashes with brooding ones and makes them greatly annoyed, especially if they hate perky people. To Chiharu, life is a game that must be always of fresh moves and continuous entertainment, free of routine. Changing horses in the middle of the stream is another small quirk for Chiharu, which makes decision making, and sticking to a decision, particularly hard for her. Chiharu is incredibly imaginative, thinking of new ideas almost all of her time, but concentrates on the good stuff in life. Only thinking of optimistic things, you could address her as a "Goody goody." In fact, she doesn’t think of herself at all, only as “Chiharu-chan,” herself. Chiharu is typically full of creative energy and enthusiasm with a great inner drive, which is expressed through action, to prove her. She is constantly seeking experiences which give them the opportunity to prove she is the best. There is little timidity to be found in Chiharu, she is a confident "doer" who frequently forges ahead regardless of the consequences. However, this impulsive behavior can sometimes lead to problems because Chiharu tends to leap before she looks. She is not afraid to take risks or gamble in order to have her way. If Chiharu’s impulsive drives can be tempered, then she will accomplish much and become a successful leader.

History: Chiharu was actually normal during some part of her life, but that fact has all but entirely been forgotten. She was born on the scant town of the Seaside Village, mothered by an experienced poison maker and fathered by a Seaside ninja. And that was probably the only time she was normal. Throughout her whole childhood however, her father hid a chronic illness that continued to irritate and hinder him on missions until, eventually, during an invasion mission, he almost died because of the illness. Despite her mother’s occupation, she had no medicine for Chiharu’s father. So, it was decided that the family move to Sun City, where a cure was progressing far further than any other Hidden Village. Her mother believes Chi-chan became eccentric during the desert journey, perhaps coupled with depression and trying to shoulder the responsibility of taking care of her father. They’d made it to Sun City… but her father died shortly after they had managed to find a medic to help them.

Đ a r κ
April 4th, 2007, 3:23 PM
I have finished my sign up. I may change the bloodline history. I will tell you if I do.

April 4th, 2007, 5:16 PM

This RP blows the RP master is a childish fool

April 4th, 2007, 6:32 PM
Okay, first of all Lucian, in your bloodline description (Not history) you don't mention the "moon eye" and only mention the use of dolls, which IMO wouldn't be the advanced trait, the moon eye would be. Also, the personality paragrpagh is wee bit short, please add more info to that. If you need anything to look at for help, just look at someother peoples' sign-ups. So you are currently pending.

Miku-chan is also pending.

And Telepatheic, you're appearence and personality are still too short.

If I missed anyone my apologies in advance.

April 5th, 2007, 3:08 AM
Okay i edited my post, so check it out i made adjustments to the kekkei genkai, the personality, and i described crow and the other dolls

Đ a r κ
April 5th, 2007, 3:27 AM
Okay, I have updated my personality and description.

April 5th, 2007, 4:04 AM
Ok, Telepatheic is accepted.
Lucian, I'm not quite sure you understand the fact that there are no actual Naruto characters in this, right? Meaning Naruto doesn't exist, Sasori doesn't etc etc etc. So you should change that. /=

April 5th, 2007, 11:55 AM
Ok, Telepatheic is accepted.
Lucian, I'm not quite sure you understand the fact that there are no actual Naruto characters in this, right? Meaning Naruto doesn't exist, Sasori doesn't etc etc etc. So you should change that. /=

Okay, I'll fix it.

But if there are none of the existing characters, then the Uchiha clan cant exist... Neither can the Hyuuga clan... Thus there would be no sharingan or byakugan, Thus eliminating half of the sign-ups... Also your's would be void too, because the Water and Ice mastery comes from haku's clan...

So that means either they DO exist, or the whole RP is en-void.

Also pointing out, the only thing sasori effects is me looking up to him, it isnt that big a deal, i NEVER saidi met him, Stories do the same thing...

April 5th, 2007, 12:00 PM
I said the CHARACTERS don't exist, NOT the clans. Please use common sense next time.
edit: I also find this evident that you did NOT read the first post, which I have seen many instances of this, which really gets on my enrves. =/ Because people make stupid arguements. Ie. This one right here.

April 5th, 2007, 12:02 PM
yes.. thusly if the character dont exist... there is no one to take on the role of keeping the clan alive... you need them in order to reproduce... MY statement was using common sense your's isnt

April 5th, 2007, 12:15 PM
And didn't I mention this is a completely DIFFERENT world in which the clans DO exist, but the particular characters in the anime DON'T exist. So don't throw that "common sense" crap at me, or I'll kick you due to you starting to argue my calls. Also, this is an RP built on the idea of the anime, it is NOT a RP based on the plot of the anime.

April 5th, 2007, 1:09 PM
okay, w/e be a little ***** and kick me. i really could care less, you're just a child being an ass because i porved you wrong. and now i dont want to be in your RP so F*** you

April 5th, 2007, 1:33 PM
Okay, for one Lucian, this is your SECOND time harassing others, this is Killer-Swift's RP, and you need to realize that.

I suggest you calm down and try to think about what you say before you post it.

April 5th, 2007, 3:08 PM
Err, thanks Bijou..

Anyways, Lucian is now declined/out.

And just to let you all know, once everyone has fixed up their signups, and one more specefic person (Or two I guess) post their sign up, we shall start! ^.^

April 5th, 2007, 5:11 PM
KQ- Kay, just write it up then. ^.^
Eureido- Pending. Oh and also, Eureido, the sharingan being associated with the hypnosis part is wrong. If you re-watch the part with the first Zabuza vs. Kakashi fight, you'd notice that the hypnosis part is from his OTHER eye, not his sharingan eye.

Ok. I'm almost done with it so I'm going to leave it there only because it's gonna take a while to delete it. You should just ignore in the case.

Edit: I'm finished now.

April 5th, 2007, 5:28 PM
Ignore what? *is confused* =S
Anywho, you're still pending, you and Miku-chan both need to finish your history and I believe that would be it. ^.^ Silvertail needs to finish his signup (if he ever gets to it =/), KQ needs to make his, Skitty needs to make hers, and 22sa has to fix up a few stuff, and he'll be ready.

edit: Umm Eureido, you need to expand it a bit more, your history nor your Personality have reached the MINIMUM amount of lines.

April 5th, 2007, 5:42 PM
Ok. I fixed up my History. I hope I get accepted into your RP!:nervous:

April 5th, 2007, 5:44 PM
Mkay, you're almost accepted, just add one or two more lines onto App. and Per. then you're accepted, please read the rules that you need 5 lines as a minimum.

April 5th, 2007, 5:58 PM
Yay! I finally finished. Hopefully you will accept me now that I started his Appearance from scratch and added more detail into his personality.

April 5th, 2007, 7:03 PM

This RP blows the RP master is a childish fool

And congratulations on that temporary ban you just received. You must feel so proud. Spamming, swearing, flaming, and breaking the sig rules. You're on a roll.

Apparently, the owner of the RP is much more mature than you could ever hope to be. When he fails, he asks for help, he doesn't start kicking and screaming because he didn't get his own way. Let this be a lesson for next time to abide by the rules next time.

April 5th, 2007, 9:11 PM
Okay, thank you Origin. ^.^

Also, Eureido, almost accepted, your app. is just a wee short, just add one or two more smaller descriptions and you will be fine. For ex. say if he is thin, fat, tall, short, skin colour etc.

April 6th, 2007, 9:39 AM
Okay! I'm accepted now right? I did height, weight and skin tone.

April 6th, 2007, 9:45 AM
Okay, you are accepted. Sorry for keep on buggin all of you guys on extending it, but its nice to have at least 5 lines, and it isn't that hard either.

Skitty Miaow
April 7th, 2007, 3:50 PM
Okay! Finally, here is my sign up! Sorry for the long wait! ^^"

<Name> Hinju Kirima

<Age> 13

<Gender> Female

<Bloodline> Hoderi

<Bloodline History> Hoderi means ‘Fire Shine’ and the Hinju legend states a powerful fire demon granted this power. The Hoderi allows the Hinju clan to manipulate fire, and use it to their own advantage. It can be provided as a shield and a weapon. Even in damp conditions, the gifted Hinju (Not all members of the clan have the power) can call forth fire for their purposes.

<Fighting Style> By using Ninjutsu, Kirima attacks from afar. Close range attacks are her weakness. Her special technique is the “Fire Release: Ribbon Dragon of Flame” in which she combines fire and ribbons, using chakra to fuse the two into a powerful fire dragon. The technique itself does not drain a lot of her Chakra. By using her Hoderi she can attack using flames, causing severe damage. Rarely does she use it separately, but merges it with her Ribbon Dragon of Flame to enable more control over the demon. When she fears her enemy may be at an advantage, she calls forth a wall of fire, in which she protects herself, and stores any energy directed at the shield.

<Village> Meteor Village (Fire)

<Appearance> Kirima is approximately 5ft 4, and is slim. Her hair is a deep brown and is tied back with ribbons. Her eyes are a deep grey, and her skin is quite pale, making her look naturally tired. Her choice of clothing is shorts, and a simple top. The colours of her clothing are dark, to blend in with the shadows. Around her neck is her Ninja Headband, and tied to her leg is a Kunai knife, not really for battle, but as an accessory. Her arms have ribbons tied around them, and she has a thick white one tied around her waist. The symbol of the Hoderi is a teardrop shape, which is etched on Kirima’s forehead – she has had it since birth.

<Personality> Before her grandmother’s death, Kirima was shy and would often depend on her grandparent’s support in everything. She was timid and did not get on with other children. Once her grandmother passed away Kirima realised it was time to change – not just for herself but also for her grandfather and her grandmother’s spirit. She became more confident, and more easy going. She found it easier to make friends, because she was more open. However, she became more stubborn to do things right, and despite being more loyal towards friends, she still lacked some trust. If she meets someone new, she will either instantly like or dislike them – or in some cases form a secret rivalry with them. Deep down, her motto is ‘Live life to the fullest’.

<History> Kirima grew up with her grandparents, since her parents were talented Ninja, also possessing the Hoderi, and were always away from home on dangerous missions. Her grandparents taught her how to master the Hoderi. When the gennin exams were due, her grandmother passed away. This affected Kirima deeply, and failed the gennin exams the first time round. Her teacher realised she had potential, and arranged the resit for her. After she passed, she was placed into a team with fellow gennin. The highest ranked mission they ever had to accomplish was a B-Rank.
Nothing seemed out of the ordinary until her grandfather took ill, out of poisoning. Kirima, at first, wanted revenge for her grandfather – despite the fact he was getting better – and believed his poisoning was related to her grandmother’s death. Her grandfather told her that revenge was just an excuse to start another pointless war in life, and that she should embrace the fact that she – unlike so many others – is still alive, instead of avenging other’s who have died.
Her grandfather returned to his normal health, yet still takes ill from time to time. He still teaches Kirima new things, and hopes that one day Kirima will be able to take control of the Hoderi Knife – the legendary Hoderi weapon.

<Other> The Hoderi Knife is a simple blade, however it has the power to be joined with fire, and can cut through many substances. The Hoderi Knife is not passed to just anyone, the member of the Hinju clan wishing to possess it’s power must prove their worth. It is a sacred relic and is honoured by the Hinju clan.

April 7th, 2007, 3:57 PM
Skitty Miaow is accepted. =D
and you know Kyle doesn't like waiting! >x< J/k ;D
Yay! 4 People accepted as of right now, 5 more to go.

edit: Okay, 6 of the 9 people who have made sign ups have been accepted. For those other 3 (Krafty, Miku-Chan and SilverTail), you have until 12:00PM Monday to finish. If you're not in the same timezone as me (Currently 11:39PM), then it'll be 36 hours 21 minutes from this post. And I will start the RP tomorrow morning, so you late-comers can join in a bit later. Also as a note: No more sign ups will be allowed accept for the above 3! If you really want to join, send me a quick PM of your sing-up.

editx2: I'm starting it now! Also, I shall PM the people who are in, the other 3 may finish up their sign ups. NO ONE else may join except for these last 3. Also, I'll PM you at one point in the RP (soon-ish) and say when you will be attacked. Other than that, your characters should continue with their regular daily routines.

IC: I woke up again, to a family who had no idea who I really was. They made breakfast for me, a nice cup of tea along with French Toast with bacon. I poured the maple syrup all over the french toast and bacon, and quickly ate it down. I looked through the window and noticed it was the foggy today that you could barely see your own hands in front of your face.

I walked outside and breathed in the misty air. I decided to head out again to train, for a good week or so. I went back inside to tell my 'mom'. "Hey, ma! I'm going to head out for a few weeks again, I think I really need to continue training! Can you pack me some food please?" I yelled out to her. After she packed the food, I headed out to the east. All the water in the air made me feel so tempted to manipulate i; but I couldn't. I shouldn't take the risk of being seen by anyone in the village, they'd probably hunt me down.

After a few minutes I had figured I was far enough away from the village that I could start using the water. In the distance I could see some small trees. "Alright, target practice time!" I whispered. I put my hand out and spread my chakra to the water in the air, and gathered it until it was thick enough and had condensed into a more visible form, then turned the blob of water into tons of needles made of ice. I quickly snapped my hand towards the trees in the distance and the needles flew over there. I walked over to see if I had hit them or not. It took me about a minute to get there, and I noticed the one tree had turned into a porcupine. The needles stuck in almost every part of it that had been facing me, it was practically impossible to touch it without getting punctured by the needles.

April 9th, 2007, 8:43 AM
"Vacuum Sword." Minyu said, as he waved his Sasuke's Katana in mid-air down at some gigantic rock and trees. An orange energy fired off from his Katana and managed to dissolve the surface of the gigantic rock, and the tree barks. "Weak." Minyu then compressed his attack around his sword to act as supplementary pressure to increase the cutting power of his sword, then slashed again when he came in close contact with gigantic rock. The sword slashed through explosively and formed a huge, rough scar on the rock. "Ouuuuuccch," Minyu complained, as small pieces of the rock splattered everywhere and hit him in many places. His wind chakra became wild and made him drop his Sasuke's Katana. "Damnit." Still a ways to go. I can't seem to maintain the shape manipulation for more then 3 seconds before it starts pressuring my arms, which makes me lose focus and unable to defend myself from my own technique. Damnit, my sword is getting better, but I still got a long ways to go before I can do this effectively.

Đ a r κ
April 9th, 2007, 10:23 AM
"Charugan!" Jason yelled. "Good, now do the second stage." Said Jason's dad who stood in front of him trying to teach Jason how to use the third stage of charugan, chamasugan. "Chakarugan!" Jason yelled again. "Ok, now here we go. Watch me." Jason watched as his father did a hand sign. "Chamasugan!" He yelled. "Now you do it Jason."

Jason slowly lifted his hands and put them in the same position as his father did. "Chamasugan!" Jason's eyes started to change a bit. "Yes! Keep going!" His father excitedly yelled. But Jason's eyes went back to they were before. "Sorry dad." Jason sadly exclaimed. "...It's alright. I just thought that maby you were like your brother. He was able to use the chamasugan when he was your age. But I guess not."

Jason lifted his necklace around his neck and squeezed the red pendent. "Yea, he was the best...Well, i'm gunna go." Jason said as he walked to the door. "What, where are you going?" His father asked. "I'm going to train...by myself." Jason replied. "Why can't you stay here so I can help?" "Because, you talk too much and I hate it when people talk too much." Jason finished as he left through the door. "He always says he is going to train but he always ends up in the game corner." Sighed Jason's dad.

It took Jason at lest five minutes to get to a hot spring. "I think I should warm up my chakra before training." Jason focused his chakra to his feet. He then lifted one and placed it firmly on the water. Before you knew it, Jason was standing on the water.

"I don't know why...but, i'm in the mood for a battle. But I think i'll save that mood for the chuunin exams." Said Jason as he walked off the water. "I think I want to go to the game corner and play some gam- I mean build up my speed." Exclaimed Jason as he focused his chakra on the game corner which was less than a mile away.

April 9th, 2007, 12:16 PM
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April 9th, 2007, 4:01 PM
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Krafty Quill
April 10th, 2007, 8:00 AM
Sorry for the prolong. Hope every thing's OK with my sign up. x_x

Dontaleo Swagga



The most accurate description of Dontaleo Swagga would be half black, quarter Asian and quarter bling bling. If size does count for real, he’s 5’06”, a hundred forty five pounds, every ounce of steel. Save for his powerful arms, Dontaleo’s figure is rather slim, but quite a safe distance from anorexia. Regular training and break dancing help tone and maintain his form. His most impressive features are probably his eyes. Lavender orbs sit in the narrow slits beneath dark, thin eyebrows. Many have regarded his natural eye colour in high significance; the colour in itself is rare, especially given his tanned complexion. He has short, jet black hair, known to glimmer in certain light sources.

Dontaleo isn’t particular about his clothing. Any baggy pants, long shorts or loose slacks would work for him. He never considers tights or anything of the kind at all. The same rule applies to his shirts. He prefers basket ball jerseys or white tees. One thing any onlooker would notice about Dontaleo Swagga, is his affinity for jewelry or ‘bling bling’. From earrings, to chained pendants, to flashy watches, they form the quarter bling bling of who he is. Most would think that they’re all for show, but their shiny effect has been known to temporarily blind foes, granting Dontaleo an advantage in battle.

Dontaleo Swagga isn’t one to keep things to himself. His rather big mouth does everything but shut up for more than a few minutes. This doesn’t appear to be a problem in normal conversation but many get easily annoyed by the constant sound of his voice. Not to mention he always speaks in rhyme. One can imagine just how aggravating that can become, but most people in his life have learnt to cope with it. If there’s any hope of becoming friends with Dontaleo Swagga, one would have to be prepared to take the good with the bad, some of the bad being his talkative nature and occasional bragging. That’s the just type of person he is. Dontaleo Swagga wouldn’t be much of an upcoming rapper if he didn’t brag every now and then after all.

<Bloodline> Boomboom

<Bloodline History> The Boomboom clan consists only of Dontaleo Swagga and Papa Boomboom. The fighting style they use is called ‘Booyakazajitsu’. The most powerful technique is the Booya Wave, which is a powerful flow of energy that is fired at the enemy through the palms. It’s a chakra based attack. Read below for more on the history of Booyakazajitsu.

<Fighting Style> Booyakazajitsu
This form of martial arts was founded by Dontaleo Swagga’s grandfather, Papa Boomboom. On one sunny afternoon, Papa Boomboom was strolling down the street in his shower cap, minding his own business, when he was arrested for being sexier than Justin Timberlake. It was a serious offense that almost led him to the death chamber. But the judges and jury decided to put him in jail indefinitely, only releasing him once he had gotten considerably older and his good looks had deteriorated to such an extent that Justin Timberlake was once again the sexiest man alive. In the meantime, he’d have to learn how to defend himself from all the jailbirds wanting to poke their sticks where they didn’t belong. In other words, they wanted to ASSassinate him.

Thus, Papa Boomboom developed the art of Booyakazajitsu. This fighting style incorporates various martial art forms including Tae-Kwon-Do and Capoeira. Papa Boomboom mastered control of his chakra and learnt to channel the energy throughout his body at will. This intensified the power of his moves greatly. Over the years, through training in his jail cell, his overall strength multiplied by more than a hundred folds! He was then sentenced to death for being too strong and resisting rape whilst in prison. But Papa Boomboom refused to go to the Death Chamber. On the night of his execution, he ordered the biggest meal in the history of final meals, and literally broke out of the prison before desert could be served.

Upon his escape, Papa Boomboom learnt his son had been assassinated. He knew the man responsible. Justin Timberlake. Thus, he adopted his grandson Don, who was only a few months old at the time, and taught him the art of Booyakazajitsu so he could protect himself against JT’s evil crime syndicate! Papa Boomboom and Don lived in hiding for over ten years until the heat of his prison escape had died down. Don changed his name to Dontaleo and adopted the false name ‘Swagga’ to protect his true identity. Papa Boomboom is glad to see that his grandson is following in the footsteps of his father, who was once a famous rapper.

<Village> Glacier Settlement

Dontaleo doesn’t remember much about his past. Only that Papa Boomboom constantly warned him not to reveal too much about himself to his friends. Dontaleo never saw his grandfather’s face until he turned ten. Papa Boomboom always used to wear a paper bag over his head, and when he asked him about it, he just told him that he had to wear it or he would be arrested for breaking the law again. Dontaleo was into rap at a very early age. Next to learning the art of Booyakazajitsu, his favourite past time was listening to hip hop. It’s no wonder he started writing his own scripts and got himself a deal with a record label at the age of 3. The record label could see potential in the young artist and agreed that his album recording would commence once he turned 18. Dontaleo has since been enjoying the hefty advances his label gives him, often getting himself the hottest gear and shiniest bling bling.

Dontaleo Swagga always speaks in rhyme and cleans his own toe nails.
Papa Boomboom can produce milk out of his own nipples. (Where did you think Dontaleo got his fix from as a baby?)
Dontaleo Swagga and Papa Boomboom get extremely paranoid when they hear the song ‘Sexy Back’, believing it’s the danger signal for arch rival Justin Timberlake’s approach.

April 11th, 2007, 3:18 PM
<Name> Marasu Aburame
<Age> 16
<Gender> Male
<Bloodline> Aburame clan - Control over bugs

<Fighting Style> Marasu is apt at ranged weapon combat. His real use of projectile weapons, however, is not always apparent. He uses his projectiles to allow his bugs to reach his targets faster, though they can crawl to his targets themselves. Once attached to a target, Marasu's bugs can do a number of thngs : allow Marasu to track the target, paralyze or poison the target, put the target to sleep, explode on the target, or even drain the target's chakra. Marasu can also have his bugs form a clone of himself, or create a powerful defensive wall around him and his allies. He can use his chakra to camoflague himself. He is skilled in medical nunjutsu, but not much beyond that. He brews his own medicines and antidotes, but also he brews toxins and other dangerous chemical compounds that he injects into his bugs so they can transfer to his targets. From living in a forest for his life, jumping from tree to tree, he has become very fast and agile, and can dodge most projectiles and ninjutsu attacks with ease. he is physically weak, however, and is easily overwhelmed in physical combat. Also, he can be easily beaten by large barrages of ninjutsu, especially fire ninjutsu.

<Village> Jungle Village

<Appearance> Marasu is very tall, standing around 6'2'' or 6'3''. He is very slimly built, and is quite light. His skin is very tanned from living outside all his life. He has jet black hair, not to long, but wild and unkempt. His eyes are a bright vivid green, but are often hidden behind his blue lense, silver framed sunglsses. His sunglasses also partially hinds a long vertical scar, maybe 4 inches, cutting across his left eye. Do to this, he is unable to see out of his left eye. he wears a plain black hooded sweater with a front pocket where always keeps his hands when he's not fighting. He wears a brown belt with a compartment for his shuriken and kunai, one for his medicines and antidotes, one for his toxins and chemicals, one for herbs not yet brewed, and one for food. He wears blue denim jeans, and is always barefoot.

<Personality> Marasu has always a sort of outcast. Do to his ability to communicate with bugs, most people thought he was insane, or were disgusted by his ability. Because of this, he was withdrawn himself and just spends time with his pet bugs. However, he does have some friends, and to those friends he is devoutly loyal. He always puts other's needs in front of his own. He does tend to be reckless, and doesn't accept help easily. He thinks he can do nearly anything himself. He is very intelligent, and views any problem logically. He has a cool and calm demeanour. He always stays focused, and is very hard to trick, annoy or distract. He always stays on task, and will only stop when he believes it has been completed to his high standards. He often shows tendicies towards perfectionism.

<History> Marasu never technically lived in Jungle Village. His parents had a little log cabin just outside Jungle Village, where his mother gave birth to him. He was able to communicate with bugs before he could speak English. By the time he could walk, he could already command his bugs, and have them create a clone of himself. One day when Marasu was out exploring, he fell down a cliff and tore out his left eye when he hit a rock. His father, who was a skilled surgeon, repaired most of the damage, but the eye itself was unsalvagable. Marasu also had his father keep the scar; Marasu felt it made him more distinguished. His father made him a glass eye, matching the color of his right eye. As he grew up, his father taught him many techniques using his bugs, like the protective bug wall and the ability to leach chakra with his bugs. His father was also the one to teach him all Marasu knows about medical ninjutsu and herb brewing. Marasu learned about absolutely every plant and herb; which could be eaten, which could be used for medicine, which ones could make exceptional poisons, etc. By age 10, Marasu wanted to join the ninja academy in Jungle Village, and his father reluctently allowed him to. He was older than most of his classmates, but advanced very quickly do to his exceptional skills his father taught him, and Jungle Village's lack of medical specialists. In just two years, he graduated from the ninja academy, half the time it took most people. He has gone on many missions, even a couple of B-rank missions. His skills have grown even more. He has always followed his team but never lead. He is excitedly awaiting the rest of his life, and everything his life will entail.

<Other> Marasu can brew numerous medicines, toxins, chemical compounds, and antidotes from various herbs. He is also unable to see out his left eye do to an injury as a child.

I'll finish later, i just cant think right now

April 11th, 2007, 5:50 PM
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April 11th, 2007, 7:27 PM
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April 12th, 2007, 8:15 AM
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Skitty Miaow
April 12th, 2007, 3:31 PM
"Hey pappy!" Kirima yelled out to her grandfather, "Will you teach me today?"
Her grandfather grinned, "First, you have chores to do."

Kirima scowled at the family cow. It scowled back. "Just stay still!" Mattie mooed, refusing to obey. "You stupid thing with four legs! If I don't milk you, pappy won't teach me!"
Every morning started out the same. Kirima was told that, if she could control her patience, she would be able to control a lot more than the average power granted by the Hoderi. However, with a cow like Mattie, things were hard.
A chuckling told her that she was being watched. "P.. pappy! Mattie would not stand still!" She glared at the cow, until it mooed again.
Another chuckle. "Mattie, stop being so.. Awkward. Kirima is trying to train."
The cow shrugged. Kirima growled, it had definetly shrugged!

Sitting back, the old man laughed. Kirima's mother sat out in their little garden with them. "Gee Kirima, it's only a cow."
Grandfather raised his eye, "Aye, that Mattie is. But Kirima.. She seems to have a rivalry with her." He chuckled again.
Kirima sighed, "C'mon! You promised that you would help me!"
Her grandfather smiled, "Okay, but you already know a lot."
Kirima moved closer to him, "Teach me how to make a dragon, other than the one I can do right now."
Her grandfather sighed, "I told you, you adapted the Ribbon technique for yourself, only you can change your Dragon."
Kirima shrugged, "Then battle with me! I need to become stronger!"
"Kirima! Your grandfather is old and frail, show some respect-"
"- So you think you are that advanced, do you?" Her grandfather had a smirk in his eyes. He stood, the Hoderi mark on his head darkening.
Kirima nodded, "Let us train pappy!"

April 12th, 2007, 6:32 PM
I decided to just stay where I was. I didn't feel like travelling the whole way to the eastern bank of the main land. I set up a little camp just a few kilometres to the east of Seaside Village in a thin forest. After setting up the tent, I walked through the woods until they got a bit thicker and started to train. Thankfully the water in the air was more dense than usual, making it possible for me to manipulate it.

"Time to try DIM" I whispered to myself. 'DIM' was the short-form I gave to the Demonic Ice Mirrors Technique. I placed my hands in the tiger formation and focused my chakra through the air, collecting as many water molecules as I possibly could and forced them together to make it into a visible blob. After a few minutes of this meditation, I had gathered enough water to make a ring of water that surrounded me with around a 5 metre diameter. I then whispered "Demonic Ice Mirrors!" then the water suddenly hardened into ice and form into multiple sheets of ice. I had started to lose my chakra, as always. The ice formed into just two sheets, tying my personal record.

April 12th, 2007, 7:10 PM
(by the way, it's mid-october right now, a week after Ninja grade year finishes, and the time when Ninja graduated from the academy.... the Chuunin exams begin in January)

Minyu closed his eyes and began meditating and concentrating. He started performing his technique very slowly. Sword Pressure.... flow chakra down the sword.... form a blade.... wind nature manipulation...concentrate... A blue jet-flame like chakra formed around his sword. Minyu opened his eyes and swung his sword. A light-blue energy wave crashed ahead. This time, it cut three vertical holes in the tree, in the shape of three huge blades, and caused shallower disintegration surrounding the three holes. He practiced doing this, from different angles for the next 8 minutes, and got tired again. I already have ideas for the next step... I'm going to combine my fire chakra with wind chakara... and create an even more distructive blade.

More importantly, I need to awaken my mangekyou sharingan soon. With it, I can use power of the gods....

The next day, Minyu came his training grounds again.

Đ a r κ
April 13th, 2007, 4:48 PM
OOC: If you don't want me do do this, tell me and I will change my post.

IC:"Left...left, right...up, left, down, right up left." Jason thought as he moved his feet to the game he had been playing. "Your on fire!" Said the voice on the game. "Left, right, left." Said Jason as he did the last three moves. "Man did that wore me out? Ok, now that I have built up my stamina, it's time to go and practice my fighting moves." Finished Jason before jumping off the stage of the game and heading for the exit. As Jason walked out of the building, he heard his name being called. "Jason!...thank goodness that I finally found you..."

The man looked to the side and noticed the game corner. "I should have known. Anyways, you have been given a mission." Jason sprung up. "A mission? Why would I be wanted to go on a mission if that villain is out to get people like me?" Jason asked. "I don't know much but I did over hear them saying something about you being the best for this mission." "Well I guess I can handle it. What level is it?" "Well since Yokoshima is out there. For you, it is a..." The shinobi stopped.

"What, what is it?" Jason commanded. "...It is an A ranked mission." "A!?" "Yea. But they have required that an Anbu go with you." "Then why didn't they just send an Anbu on this mission." "Ok, here's the real deal. They want you to be bate." "Bate?!" "Yes. The Anbu member is to fallow you unseen. Then if a minion of Yokoshima comes, the Anbu will catch him and we might get a lead on Yokoshima's location. But all in all, there is a real mission." "What is the real mission?" "To take this document to the Seaside village." Said the man as he handed over a document.

"I still think I should stay and train." "Playing dancing games don't count as training. But this will also be a good way to train." "I guess. So when do I leave?" Jason asked. "In half and hour." "Ok, see you later then." Jason exclaimed as he walked away to get his things packed.

April 16th, 2007, 5:41 PM
Shuichi looked through the window of his bed room to find a thick layer of fog covering much of the landscape. He tried to peer through this fog, and through great effort, managed to see the people outside walked on the streets of the village. Some of the people walked as if they were blind, and held their hands in front of them to prevent them from bumping into other people. But this proved to be futile, as many people carelessly tripped over rocks on the floor, and some even ended up hitting other people in the face with their arms, as they swung about frantically as they started to panic. At the sight of this, Shuichi held himself back from laughing. Instead, he breathed out loudly. Slightly curious about the fog, Shuichi picked up his jacket which was lying on the floor, and made his way downstairs, passing his parents, who were at the dining area of the house. And just when Shuichi reached out his hand to open the door, a voice called out to him from behind. Shuichi turned his head, and slightly turned his torso. His blue eyes focused on his parents.

“Where are you going, Shuichi?” his mother questioned him. Shuichi fully turned his body to face his mother. As he was about to open his mouth in reply, his mother interrupted him. “Well, whatever it is you are planning to do, you can’t go until you have eaten your breakfast.” As she finished saying this, Shuichi’s father stood up. He slowly walked out of the dining area, and towards Shuichi. The tall, stern-faced man patted the young shinobi on his shoulder, and smiled. He slowly bent down so that his head was in a similar level to that of Shuichi's. The man whispered to the boy's ear, which made a tingling sensation in his ear. Shuichi tried his best not to flinch, and listened to what his father was saying. His mother looked at them and wondered what was said in the one-way discussion.

After his father had finished what he was saying, which seemed to have taken a long time, he once again patted Shuichi on his shoulder, and walked through the door to go to work. Shuichi sighed, and walked towards the dining area for breakfast. "What did your father tell you?" his mother asked curiously as Shuichi sat down on a chair. But the boy only shrugged. His mother sighed, and began to bring Shuichi a plate of food. "He told you not to tell anyone, didn't he?" the woman asked again. But Shuichi shrugged once more. The mother laughed, and started to mumble to herself as she began to wash the dishes. Shuichi finished quickly, and walked outside, putting on his jacket as he swung the door open to the outside world.

Đ a r κ
April 19th, 2007, 4:10 AM
Jason had been in his home packing for his mission to the seaside village when someone knocked on his door. Jason carefully placed his unready bag on his bed before getting up and going to the door. "Hello?" Jason asked as he twisted the door knob and opened the door. "Hello, Jason right? I'm the Anbu member who is going to travel with you." Said the man at the door. Jason scanned the Anbu member. "I like the outfit." He said. "Uh thanks. Are you ready to go?" The Anbu asked.

Jason turned his body half way around and looked at his bag. "Not quite." He exclaimed. "Well hurry up!" The Anbu commanded. Jason immediately ran to his bag and began to finish packing. The last thing that went in the bag had been a kunai that Tsumi, Jason's brother was said to use before he died. "You could just put that in your weapon pouch." The Anbu said. "I don't use that kunai. That's why it is in my pack." "Why don't you use it?" The Anbu asked. "...My brother used it before he died in battle, now shut up and lets go. I don't like waiting!" Jason yelled as he put on his pack and headed for the door. "Hey, don't give me that tone. I am an Anbu black op and you need to respect me!" he commanded. "...I do respect you. But it is just, I have little patience. Now can we go?" Jason asked. "Yes, but watch the attitude." Finished the Anbu.

As the two walked out of the room, they immediately headed for the gates of the village. Once they arrived, they were greeted by Yoshu, the man who told Jason about his mission. "So, you two are ready for your mission?" He asked. "Not until you give us the document." The Anbu exclaimed. "Oh, right...Here you go." Said Yoshu as he handed the Anbu the document for the seaside village. "Ok, we are off." Said the Anbu. Yohu waved them goodbye as Jason and the Anbu headed out for the seaside village.

May 8th, 2007, 10:24 AM
ACK! I still hope you can edge in a few more people Killer... :P
This'll be my first time rping in a few months so... hope i dont screw up too bad haha...(female character this time too!)And I'd ask that you reserve a spot for me if I don't finish. Thanks in advance.

<Name> Fuinjin Aira (heh, pronounced ah-e-ra)
<Age> 13
<Gender> Female
<Bloodline> Wind Dancer; blood is infused with the power of wind, able to control wind, make wind, summon different wind familiars, high speed movements/quick reactions
<Bloodline History>
The ancestors of the Fuinjin family devoted their lives to studyng the wind, and after many years of studying and devotion, they developed techniques that allowed them to become embodiments of the wind. The Fuinjin family has been known in the Hurricane Valley as the family of wind dancers hence the term for their bloodline, Wind Dancer, and they excel in speed and wind techniques. Their unique bloodline allows them to control, make, as well as summon wind familiars at will; however, summoning wind familiars needs no contract but requires much experience and control. Since they are the embodiment of wind, they are held in high regard in Hurricane Valley.
<Fighting Style>
Aira wields a short katana and is skilled at hit-and-run tactics as well as melee combat. She easily adapts to the environment thus allowing her to alternate between Ninjutsu and Taijutsu according to the situation. Though she may be fast and reflexive, she can't take too many hits. Also, she's not very good at genjutsu since her clan was designed to quickly dispose of enemies.
Secret Technique: Wind Barrier: a defensive skill which wraps Aira in an invisible barrier of slicing wind; however, due to her inexperience, she can only create it for 20 seconds.
Secret Technique: Windsheer Cross Slash: (requires a sword of some kind or kunai) a melee ranged attack, attacks with an X shaped slash of focused wind
Secret Technique: Wind Star Cross: a focused force of wind slams the target directly from above in an X shape; downside is a chiming noise in the air will tell of it's arrival
Secret Technique: Wind Bladebeam: (only usable on the ground) a projectile attack following the ground in the form of a vertical air wave that bursts into smaller waves traveling randomly until it disperses or collides with something
Secret Technique: Dual Wind Dragon Tornado Blast: creates two images of dragons in the form of wind and strikes the enemy with the force of two tornadoes; Aira's ultimate jutsu that drains a huge amount of chakra and leaves her unconcious for a day, two at most
<Village> Hurricane Valley
Aira has emerald hair that is tied in a single ponytail bundle with a dark green ribbon and has semi-curved green eyes. Aira stands at about 4'11" and has a very feminine look but it belies the power of her swordarm. She wears a sleeveless, deep red shirt together with brown shorts, dark blue sandals, and a pair of thin, brown gloves. She carries a short katana similar to that of a samurai's; however, the blade is slightly thinner thus reducing it's weight and power. She has a few visible features on certain parts of her body, her arms and legs, that depict rune markings that are the source of her unique powers; however, she doesn't know the meaning of them yet.
Aira is unsociable unlike most other girls but that doesn't mean she won't speak. She likes keeping things simple and as well as keep emotions in. Most times she has on a tough and calm personality but despite her calm yet quiet self, she can be active and aggressive during battle. Her thinking that keeps her in control is: "Hit hard and fast. Be silent but deadly. Boys are distractions. And girls shouldn't be all nice and pretty." In regard to her code, she tends to neglect boys and the being pretty fact. At certain times, she may even shoot mean looks but under all the calmness, aggressiveness, and multiple personalities she may have hides a childhood she hopes to drown away.
Aira is the first daughter of her family which surprised her parents because they had only sons in the past. Some legends told that the first daughter of her family would gain tremendous potential and be blessed by the wind. When Aira's parents had found out about the almost-forgotten legend, they decided to give her harsh and extensive training that was more than the sons ever had to bring out her full potential. They confined her to the grounds and she was never let out. She underwent many long months of training and she cried a lot after each session. As years pass, she begun to cry less and less until she had stopped crying and started to keep emotions in. She had hated what her parents had put her through but she knew they wanted to see her potential. Aira tried each and every day to impress her parents but she never seemed to get any reaction of some sort as if they wanted more. When the day she graduated from the academy and became a Genin came, she finally decided to part from her family and leave any and all memories of them behind. Her childhood had shaped her tough and calm self she has constantly retained. Her meeting with another ninja named Fuiko started her journey of understanding the meaning of "friendship".
<Other>She can summon an infant wind dragon or eagle