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April 5th, 2007, 5:55 PM
>Yin Yang<

There is a legend of ten stones that can create a planet like earth. Each stone has it's own ability which makes it special. These stones are very dangerous in the hands of evil but are more dangerous when together. If someone where to use these stones to create another planet, it would cause that person's planet to die.

Long ago there was a battle that decided the fate of the ten stones. The Darkers, who want to use the stones to create planets and rule them use black magic out of a book called Darkness. Black magic or dark magic is magic that purposely harm people in any way. Darkers use these types of spells to obtain abilities and to torture people. Once a darker signs Darkness they gain a curse mark that takes away one of their senses. This only happens after a darker signs Darkness and only happens once, but once it is on, you can not get rid of it without the help of a strong force.

The Light bringers wanted to stop the darkers from fulfilling their plan. Light bringers also use spells except these spells are white magic which comes from a book called Light. White magic is the opposite of black magic. These spells do little damage and usually help people. Like darkers, light bringers also use spells to gain abilities but once a light bringer signs Light they gain a mark that makes them unable to kill. This too only happens once and after signing the book.

After signing darkness or light, that person pretty much sells their soul to the book. And in return of your soul, the book will show you spells through your mind. You will never be able to forget the spells. The types of spells you learn is based on your skill level and your personality. You also gain a massive amount of chakra from these books and if you die, the books will revive you, but this only works once. And you don't have to use the books reviving powers for yourself, you can also use it on a friend.

Light bringers and darkers use spells instead of techniques or seals is because spells are more affective and don't take away chakra. But if you add techniques with spells, you will lose chakra but the attack and speed will be ten times the power. Spells are similar to techniques in a way. You must say the spell with much feeling and must be sure of yourself in order for the spell to go up to it's full potential.

The battle between the two sides took many months but in the end, the light bringers prevailed by using a spell not written in Light. This spell will only be known by someone who needs it to protect the ones he loves. This spell was called Lighcore. This spell, when in contact with a darker will erase everything dark and evil. One light bringer was able to use this spell. His name was Yashi Soname. But as Yashi used Lightcore, his brother, Shiya who was born into the lower branch of their family used a spell called Shakai. This spell was similar to Lighcore except it will only be known by someone who is filled with hatred for a loved one.

When Shakai is in contact with a light bringer, it will release everything good. As the two attacks collided, it caused all light bringers and all darkers to lose their memories. They forgot about everything about the books and the stones. Everyone's curse marks faded and there was no trace of darkers or light bringers.

It has been one-hundred years and a descendant of Shiya, Yankato has stumbled across Darkness. After reading the book, he had knowledge of Light, the ten stones, light bringers and Darkers. After signing darkness, Yankato lost his sense of sight. But once Yankato gained a stone necklace for his fifteenth birthday, he regained his sense of sight. Yankato knew that this must be one of the stones and he soon found out that they must be able to heal your bodies faults and wounds. After seeing what one stone could do, Yankato got greedy and began planing on how to gain every stone and use them to create multiple planets and rule them. Yankato knew he couldn't do this alone, so he formed a group of darkers who fallow him and also want the stones for their evil plan.

-Your Role-
You are a brand new gennin who is about to meet your sensei. The first chuunin exams will be in a week and the second will be a month after the first. You do not have any knowledge about darkers, Light bringers, Darkness, Light or the ten stones. You must find the ten stones, before the darkers and stop their plan. The ten stones are spread out across each hiden village and is guarded by traps set by ancient light bringers so be careful. Each stone has it's own way of being obtained, some through dreaming and some through fear. Alot of surprises will be found as you look for these stones.

-Darkers and their abilities-
1.Yankato/ Shadow: |Leader|Male| From village hiden in the leaves|Controls the shadows, levitation, teleportaion|
2.Shakai/ Reality: |Co-leader|Male| From village hiden in the leaves|Uses hands as paint brushes and draws thing which come to life|
3.Haiaka/ Illusion: |Co-leader|Female|From village hiden in the mist|Makes anything look like she wants|
4.Numashi/ Cameal: |Member|Male|From village hiden in the mist|Can blend with surroundings|
5.Donami/ Fusion: |Member|Female|From village hiden in the Leaves|Can fuse with the shadows|
6.Gahuto/ Growth: |Member|Male|From the village hiden in the rock|Can exert chakra and turn it into any form|
7.Haianta/ Haunt: |Member|Female|From village hiden in the cloud|Turns self into a ghost|
8.Konami/ Demon: |Member|Male|From village hiden in the sand|Creates demons out of shadows|
9.Shankagu/ Fang: |Member|male|From the village hiden in the grass|Turns self into a ware-wolf|
10.Chai/ Shade: |Member|Male|From village hiden in the Leaves |Controls the light, Telportation and levitation|
11.Shai: |Spy|Male|from Village hiden in the leaves|Master weponist, super speed, super-human eye-sight|

-Stones and their abilities-
1.Yin: |Control over light.| :Telepathic/ Chai
2.Yang: |Controls the shadows| :Yankato
3.Shika: |Control over time|
4.Akashi: |Control over space (Gravity, etc)|
5.Reaku: |Control over reality|
6.Ploneta: |Control over the earth (Ground, etc)|
7.Wasato: |Control over water|
8.Plakata: |Control over nature (Plants, grass, etc)|
9.Atastrophy: |Control over the atmosphere (Wind, etc)|
10.Anaka: |Speech to animals|

-Sign Up-
Age: (12- 15, you are new gennin)
Personality: (five or more sentences)
Description: (Same as above)
Side: (In the Rp you will be given a choice of being a darker or a light bringer which will you choose)
Stone: (Which stone is your character supposed to get)
Clan: (Only if your character is in a clan. Atlest five sentences)
Bloodline: (Only if your character is in a clan. Give it's name, abilities and if it is a dojutsu give a small description)
Techniques: (Remember that you are just a gennin)
Fighting style: (How does your character fight. Also give your character's weakness)

-Extra info (Not that important)-
Naruto: Six Hokage
Shikamaru: Jounin/ teacher
Choji: Chuunin
Ino: Medical ninja/ Jounin
Neji: Anbu
Lee: Jounin
Tenten: Chuunin
Sakura: Medical ninja/ Jounin
Hinata: Jounin
Kiba: Chuunin
Shino: Anbu
Temari: Anbu
Kankuro: Deceased
Gaara: Kazekage of sand village

1.All PC rules apply
2.No power playing
3.I will only let a small amount of people be from clans like aburame and nara.
4.If you join, you must stay with this Rp
5.If you are gone within a week without informing me, your character will be gone.
6.There may be some time skips in this Rp
7. Please make sure you actually read all if this.
8. Have fun

April 6th, 2007, 6:25 PM
OoC| I'll finish later.

•Name: Aburame Tensaiji

•Age: 14

•Gender: Male

•Personality: Tensaiji is just like his father, Shino, mysterious. No one has noticed him ever since he was in the Academy. He also has an ambition to become known to the world and become very powerful. Shinobis underestimate him for being weak, but that's where his Destruction Bugs come in. He is usually isolated because of his clan's ability. In combat, Tensaiji prevails in battles by systematically staying steps ahead of the enemy.

•Description: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/2/21/Vol34Shino.png Tensaiji looks like his father when he was young. The only difference is that Tensaiji has a small smile on his face most of the time (although no one can notice.) Unlike his father, he never shows his Destruction Bugs to anyone. He only uses it stealthily so others can think it's their natural instinct to protect their "home." His clothes consist of grayish-green, hooded jacket over a black, high-collared, buttoned shirt. This choice of attire coupled with his sunglasses leaves only a portion of his face visible, making recognizing him nearly impossible.

•Side: Light Bringer

•Stone: Reaku: |Control over reality|

•Clan: Aburame

•Bloodline: At birth, he entered into a symbiotic relationship with a breed of insect know as the “Kikaichu” or Destruction Bug, as all his clan did. In exchange for feeding on his chakra, the bugs serve multiple purposes for their host.

1. Destruction Bug Technique-Destruction Bug Technique is a Ninjutsu technique utilized by the Aburame clan of Leaf village. After being born, the clan member serves as the host nest for the kikai bugs. In return for feeding on the chakra the hosts' body provides, the insects will do the bidding of the clan member. The host can use the bugs to seek out the chakra of the opponent and attack them, or use the bugs for their own techniques such as the Kikaichuu Bunshin.

2. Insect Clone Technique-Insect Clone Technique is a Ninjutsu technique utilized by the Aburame clan of Leaf village. Using the destruction bugs living in their body, the clan host uses the bugs to form a Bunshin copy of themself to trick their opponent. Once damaged by an attack, the technique ends and the clone disperses back into the bugs which formed it.

3. Insect Wall Technique-Insect Wall Technique is a Ninjutsu technique utilized by the Aburame clan of Leaf village. After forming the needed hand-seals, the clan user will expel the destruction bugs living in their body. The bugs will surround the member and fly at a high rate of speed forming a protective wall vortex. The vortex will be strong enough to destroy incoming bug attacks. The vortex can be disrupted and the clan members inside rendered vulnerable if sufficient explosive force is expended outside the protective shell.

4. Insect Gathering Technique-Insect Gathering Technique is a Ninjutsu technique utilized by the Aburame clan of Leaf village. After forming the needed hand-seals, the clan user will place their hand to a surface and extend a web-like chakra lure to insects in the surrounding area to their location. Running this web over the area will cause any nearby bugs to walk up into it and follow it back to the source.

•Fighting style: Tensaiji is indestructible when it comes to using bugs as ninjutsu. The only weakness is hand-to-hand combat taijutsu and some genjutsu.


April 7th, 2007, 12:29 PM
Yeah, I'll start doing this soon, but I'll finish laterish ^_^.

Name: Ai.
Age: 12.
Gender: Female.

Personality: Ai is one of the most loud-mouthed, rudest girls you will ever meet. She is lazy, and wants everything to be in her own perspective. To a newcomer, she makes them feel terrible and as if they can't fit into this world. That, they should just fall in a ditch and die. But if that really happened, Ai would just laugh a tiny laugh and say "Hey, it wasn't my fault the kid was that suicidal, haha." She speaks freely, as she wants to, and if something feels queer for her, she'll will take it up with the boss. Though, Ai hates being bossed around, so she can usually be classified as a team leader who'll "accidently" let people go die. If something will go wrong, Ai will probably shrug it off, though beat the crap out of the guy who is causing it. You can say Ai is rough and rugged, like a horrid hurricane over the sea, and that's exactly how she is. Also, she is a bit of a sadist, and actually likes seeing people toturted. And that's why she goes on a annual trip to the Konoha jail to see the torturerers in action, and has become quite good companions with Morino Ibiki, psh. If Ai had always had her way, she would probably be on her way to world domination. Though brave people have stood up, but a day later, they wind up tied up in a dark alley with a kunai to their neck. She only listens to the Hokage, and even with him she is a loud-mouthed prick.

Now, I wouldn't say that Ai is emotastic, and that's right. One time, a kid "tattle-taled." on Ai, but Ai had a lawyer, a plea, and proof to make sure she wasn't blamed. And after that, she stuck her tongue out at the poor kid who got in trouble. But I can pretty much say something, mess with Ai, and you die. Hey! That rhymed, Ai and die, what a perfect combination. Now keep that important piece of advice in your head. I'll repeat it again. Mess with Ai and you die, mess with Ai and you die, mess with Ai and you die. Got that? Then good, keep it, as it will be the last words you heed if you don't listen to this. Alliances? Teamwork? Working together? Those words aren't in the vocabulary of Ai. She'd rather beat 5 S-Class criminals by herself then with 500 other shinobi at her side, this just shows how stubborn Ai is. What'd happen would be this:"What?! Don't do that!" "Go over there!" "Just..just..GO FALL IN A DITCH AND DIE!!" And so, this will teach you never to mess with Ai, ever.

Description: Ai isn't recognized as pretty or beautiful; in fact she thinks of herself this way too. Ai is flat-chested and has a lack of curves, though her body is frail and slender. Ai has blood-red hair and it is usually unkempt and messy, like she woke up just a minute ago. And that is what she does. Ai is petite as well, standing at a height of 4'11'' and nothing makes it up for height. Except her eyes. Ai's are an ice-blue color. They can easily be mistaken as grey, except for the difference of saturation that Ai tends to get into her eyes. One day, they might be a dull blue. While others, they are a freezing ice-cold blue that has mighty contrast. Ai's attire consists of a small kimono, that reaches up to her mid-knees, it is a white color and the texture of it is sheath, though it doesn't give much comfort to Ai. In fact, the texture of it feels a lot like calloused sheep wool. Underneath, Ai wears a heap of bandages, underneath lie scars and other various cuts Ai recived from training. Those reach down to her mid-legs and are taken off everyday to bundle her legs up again with fresh bandages. Ai's weapon pouch; consisting of shuriken, kunai, ten scrolls, and a majority of senbon needles; is placed onto her right leg. She wears the traditional ninja sandals, but they are a black color. Her headband rests along her neckline, acting as a necklace.

Side: Darkers.
Stone: Shika(-kun <3.)
Iri’s World: Why, this is a truly frightening Genjutsu. It sends someone to her imagination, so to speak, filled with creatures of her own images, where the sky is purple and the grass grows on clouds. While it is easy to realize this is a Genjutsu, Ai usually uses this move after having paralyzed the trapped person with her poisons.

Fireball no Jutsu: A ball of fire. Mainly used when she needs to heat up a poison or liquidate something. She has little control over the fire and has, more than once, accidentally started a wild fire because of it. It’d be useless in battle for her.

Ice Breath no Jutsu: Basically, a freezing breathe. But so to say, it takes time to make things into an icicle level and is virtually useless in battle. Ofu uses it to cool off hot drinks or preserve some type of fruit she’s found and later wants to experiment on it.

Chakra Sphere: A ball of charka that can be summoned from any charka point in her body. This is yet to be perfected and involves direct maintenance of her charka points to work correctly. She can control whether its usage is destructive or healing and despite this being a powerful jutsu, Ai has no plans to, even in a truly dire situation, to use this jutsu for harm.

Healing Spire: A concentration of spiraling charka that comes out of her hands, meant to help with precision when she’s trying to heal more tedious jobs. This spire can be destructive with a short turn of thoughts, however Ai will have named it healing in light of her resolution to not use it to harm. Will be learned when she’s mastered Chakra Sphere.

Fighting style: For Taijutsu, Ai is pretty… well, evasive, mainly. Being flexible and acrobatic, she tends to evade and throw some blend of poison at her enemy rather than try to knock a tooth out. If she were put into a complete Taijutsu battle, she’d probably lose. Otherwise, Ai is fairly good at archery, but she forgets what some of her Trick Arrows do sometimes… and that can lead to trouble. As expected, Ai, as she is often called, carries herbs and gorges and pouches of poisons, powders, healing elixirs, and who knows what else (probably animal parts, different blood samples, and other things that might make the queasy regret meeting her.) She is also a far more defensive piece to a team than most tend to believe, her offense truly focused with a bow and arrow she carries during all moments. The arrows are rigged to usually carry just a little bit of anything she’s made, whether it be poisons or elixirs and even more are screwy, ending up as “Trick Arrows”, her own creations, of course.

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April 7th, 2007, 8:17 PM
Mikuru-chan: Everything looks fine... Accepted
Erureido:Pending and a picture is fine as long as you still put a description.

-My Sign up-
Name: Chai Soname

Personality: Chai is gentle and quite. He doesn't usually talk out loud and mostly mumbles under his breath. Chai likes to be covered when it comes to cloths. Even if it is hot outside, Chai will not wear shorts. Chai absolutely loves friends. He loves helping them and just being around them even if they are just sitting on a log watching the sky. Chai is also very aware of his surroundings. No matter where he is, he will always look around and check if there is anyone around. Although Chai is nice and thoughtful, he has another side. If someone pushes his buttons too much, he will release the other Chai. Chai's other side is similar to his nicer side but takes more risks. This other side of Chai is very loud and doesn't think helping friends is important. But he still treats them like they are his own life. Chai's other side will protect his friends with every bit of life he has. So Chai is pretty much like a good cop, bad cop.

Description: Chai reaches at about 5'11. His eyes are a beautiful dark brown and his skin is light brown. Chai's hair is pure black that shines when in the light. His hair, at the front hangs over his headband and falls to eyes. At the back of his head, Chai's hair spikes out into the air (Like Sasuke's hair). Chai's headband obviously hangs around his forehead. Chai wears bandages around his arms which stop before reaching his hands where Chai wears a pare of black gloves that have his family's sign which is the yin yang sign. Chai wears a black cloak with a large hood that also has his family's sign on it, except the cloak has it on it's back. This cloak's long sleeves cover chai's arms and ninety percent of his hands. The cloak falls over Chai's baggy, dark blue pants and cover fifty five percent of his legs. Under his cloak, Chai wears a short sleeved white shirt. Nothing special, just a plain white shirt

Side:Light bringers
Stone:Yin |Control over light|
Clan: The Soname clan, also known as the witch/ wizard clan is a clan full of people who use their chakra to win their battles. This clan has a special type of chakra which is now called psych chakra. Psych chakra is chakra that can be controlled to look like levitation or anything psychic. The Soname clan developed something that was able to control this chakra, it is called the charugan. This is the only clan that can use this jutsu which is now classified as a bloodline. The final stage of the charugan unleashes a type of chakra found in the Soname clan that is more powerful than their regular psych chakra. This chakra was given the name of mind chakra. This chakra, when in contact with a brain will know everything that is going on in that brain, including thoughts and intelligence.

1. Charugan: Allows he user to see chakra and be able to teleport his/ her own chakra to any place.

2.Chakarugan: Allows the user to levitate anything his/ her chakra is on.

3.Chamasugan: Has the abilities of the first two stages except, this stage knows where the user's chakra is at all times and if the user's chakra is on someone or something, he/ she will be able to fallow it' every movements.

4.Chorogan: Has the abilities of all the other stages. This stage unlocks a different type of chakra in the body. This chakra can read minds when in contact with a brain. So if Chai teleported this chakra into someone's ear, the chakra would find the person's brain and would know what they are thinking. Then, by using the abilities of the third stage, Chai would be able to know what his chakra knows.

Blind death: Chai teleports (along with his chakra) behind the enemy and slices him/her with a kunai coated with his chakra which will stay on the enemy. Chai will then activate the second stage of the charugan and levitate the enemy. Chai will then coat his bandages with chakra and will make them wrap around the enemy and squeeze tightly.

Energy ball: Chai first focuses his psych chakra on his hands. He then forms it into a ball of chakra. This ball of psych chakra, when in contact with the enemy will absorb his/her chakra.

Bombardment: Chai creates multiple energy balls and throws them at the enemy until their chakra is gone.

Thief: Chai creates two energy balls in each hand. He then wraps them in those two hands. Once Chai lands an attack, he takes the enemy's chakra and it becomes his own, psych chakra.

Flight if death: Chai throws a energy ball and once it hits the enemy, it will release Chai's chakra. He will then throw countless weapons into the air. After, Chai will teleport the enemy into the air right in the direction of the weapons.

Fighting style: Chai usually uses taijutsu to get his psych chakra onto the opponent so he can use his bloodline technique but he is best at ninjutsu. His weakest point is genjutsu even though he knows what to do in the situation of being in a genjutsu. Chai likes to use most of his attacks to find out about how the opponent fights that way he can make a plan. Chai's weakness is if the opponent starts to belittle him which will then get chai so mad that his other personality kicks in. But the down side is that the other chai doesn't think, he acts.

April 8th, 2007, 10:27 AM
I finished. Tell me if I need to change it.

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April 8th, 2007, 12:05 PM
Erureido: Still pending. The description doesn't tell much about how he looks. It just says that he looks like Shino. To me, that isn't enough. Not everyone knows who Shino is. Please give more information.

April 12th, 2007, 6:15 PM
Name: Asaato Tsukiko

Age: 13

Gender: Female

Personality: Tsukiko is often viewed by others to be a very happy-go-lucky and sometimes ditzy person. A dreamer, she is often sitting in a corner or looking out the window fantasizing about a better life especially a life where she is a better person. A smile is her best weapon as most people are often endeared by it or figure the smile makes her weak-minded and she uses this to her advantage during spars. She is very lethargic especially at night. She is a nocturnal person because she detests the thought of following the schedule society forces upon all. Tsukiko is the sort of person who acts like she cares about everyone and everything to keep up her façade of happiness. Unknown to everyone, she is a very emotional person who does not believe in happy endings. Her deepest wish is to have a taste of paradise by living in her own world, a world similar to the ones in her daydreams.

Description: Tsukiko has straight jet black hair up to the middle of her back with long bangs that she normally sweeps to the side of her face. Her hair is usually in high pigtails to further promote her image of childish happiness and innocence. When in pigtails, her hair falls slightly below her shoulders. She has dark blue eyes that can seem cheerful and bright but also dark and sad. She has a chubby frame due to her weird sleeping habits. Although short for her age, she tries to hide it by wearing a short white dress with black vertical lines running up the sides. Underneath she wears black cycling shorts that end in the middle of her thighs. The leggings serve to hide several cuts all over her upper thighs.

Side: Darkers

Stone: Anaka: |Speech to animals|


Ame no Hari (Rain of needles) - It is a technique taught to her by her older sister shortly before leaving for Suna. It is used by performing a few seals while concentrating chakra in the user’s hands or whichever part of the body is in contact with water. Then the name of the attack is announced and the chakra is released into the water, sending both the chakra and the water flying into the air before rapidly raining ‘needles’ on its victims. Tsukiko is nowhere near perfecting the skill as presently she can only control a small amount of water that showers the water at an unbelievable speed. Her parents tease her saying that what she does is not Ame no Hari but Kakeru no Hari (Sprinkle of needles). If mastered, the Ame no Hari allows the user to rain down on opponents nearly a lake of ‘needles’. However, this technique drains all if not most chakra when performed to its complete potential.

Tochi no Saiwai (Land of Happiness) –This is another technique Tsukiko has yet to master. It is a genjutsu that allows the user to take both the user and the victim into a place devised by the user. In this place, the user’s fantasies are completely in control. What happens in the imaginary place is believed by the mind to have truly happened thus leaving an effect on the bodies of the victim and the user. A side effect of the skill is that when released from the genjutsu both the user and victim remain delusional for a certain amount of time. Tsukiko has only used this ability to harm another once and that was when her older sister hid her pillow during naptime. Even then, she only managed to bruise her sister, not managing to even draw blood. Most of the time, she uses it for one of her elaborate daydreams. To use the genjutsu, blood must be drawn from the user and used to write the kanji characters for happiness on the forearm. The more the skill is used, the more chakra is required to use it.

Byoki no Hikari (Sick Light) – This is a prank technique Tsukiko uses to skip class when she feels lazy. She grabs a flashlight aims it at herself and uses her chakra to amplify the glare of the light, leaving her sick for a time. Normally it lasts just long enough for her to be excused from the day’s classes and get out of the building. She sometimes uses it on her unsuspecting parents on days when she wants them to stay home with her.

Ichimon no Mizu (Clan of Water) - It is a technique used by her father to kill but for now Tsukiko can only use it to make little water dolls to act out scenes for her. Lack of skill prevents her from using the technique to its fullest which is to summon gigantic figures made of water to crush the enemy. At her present state, she makes the little dolls individually by holding water in her hands and concentrating her chakra and mental energy into the water.

Fighting style: Tsukiko avoids fights in general believing it to be a waste of time; however, when it is necessary to battle, she tries to lure the opponent near a body of water where she may have a slight advantage. Even during fights, she tends to forget about the present state and instead thinks about how she should have done something differently. This leaves her vulnerable to be attacked until she either focuses or gets hit.

Others: She wakes up at midnight and takes daily naps at noontime while most people eat lunch.

Um, is this okay?

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April 13th, 2007, 3:09 AM
Blankspace: Very good job. You are Accpeted.

April 16th, 2007, 2:49 PM
-Sign Up-
Name:Eria Uma (Eria is his first name)



Personality: He's a bit over the top from time to time , and has annoying ways of trying to get attention from people. Despite this he has a strong will and a great sense of justice. He sometimes skips class and is always getting into trouble , pulling pranks , and getting into fights. But Eria warns everybody who fights him to never let their guard down , or they'd regret it.

Description: (Same as above)
Side: (In the Rp you will be given a choice of being a darker or a light bringer which will you choose)
Stone: (Which stone is your character supposed to get)
Clan: (Only if your character is in a clan. Atlest five sentences)
Bloodline: (Only if your character is in a clan. Give it's name, abilities and if it is a dojutsu give a small description)
Techniques: (Remember that you are just a gennin)
Fighting style: (How does your character fight. Also give your character's weakness)

OOC:Reserve me a spot , I'll finish later Korinku (I can't stop the habit of calling you Korinku! Ack!)

April 18th, 2007, 2:05 PM
Ok. It took awhile because I was about to give up on this thread, but I atleast raised the Personality and Appearance by 2 sentences. If you want, you can now decline me. :disappoin

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April 18th, 2007, 3:00 PM
If you want to quit this Rp, i'm fine with that, just tell me. But if you are going to stay, you are Acceped

April 18th, 2007, 3:12 PM
Ooc| I wasn't going to quit. I just thought that if I couldn't describe him more, then I was not going to RP with him. But since I'm accepted (thank you by the way) I think I'm going to stick to this RP and see if this goes without getting boring.