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April 13th, 2007, 9:05 AM
Ever since there have been people who could wield magic, there have been magic users that have used their powers to raise themselves above others, or subjugate those without magic. Admittedly, most are minor, but eventually, there were a number who quite nearly ruled all mortals behind shadowy scenes with their powers. In the early 1980's, a foe to these forces appeared. Shrouded in mystery and black cloth as if he were a mummy, a single person infiltrated, and effortlessly killed all of these shadowy rulers, one after another. He displayed uncanny abilities against magic, though seemed to posses none for himself. At last, with all magic users terrified, and the mortals unknowingly free again, the mage-killer slid into ambiguity, only appearing in the direst of circumstances.

However, now he has become more active. Slowly at first, then more and more quickly dispatching justice for lesser and lesser crimes, the mage killer is to the point where he considers nearly any magic user a criminal to be punished by death. Many of the leading magic users are working on a solution to this killer, but in the meantime, the rest of the magical communities try to hold on to their calm lives without giving into the panic that an unstoppable killer is on the loose...

And this is our story. We are no more than a simple group of people living in a semi-urban town in today's world. Most of us are students of some form of magic or another, but we're all painfully aware of it, as well as the Mage-killer's activities unlike the rest of the mortal world at large. He was last seen killing an Enchantress who was running a campaign for mayor, without her committing a single offense to mortals to anyone's knowledge.

Notes: Right now, all of us are either non magical, or learning some form of magic or another. I'm actually hoping to be rather magic heavy, so don't feel you need to go without it just for story purposes.

As usual, I have the total right to remove anyone from this roleplay who I deem to be detrimental to the progress, or environment of the story.

Have fun, or I get out my STABBY! *raises dull pencil*

Magic: (Describe your powers, what the history of the magic is, how skilled you are at it, how you're learning, ect.)
RP Sample:

April 14th, 2007, 9:27 PM
I hope this is okay...

Name: Cassidy Ledin

Age: 16 years old

Gender: Female

Appearance: Cassidy has long brown hair that falls up to the middle of her back. It ends in large waves that give the impression of shorter hair. She normally leaves her hair down, covering her striking lime eyes. She further hides her loveliest feature with small round reading glasses that she rarely takes off. A thin silver chain hangs from her neck, carrying a small emerald feather pendant, a gift from her deceased mother. She is often seen in long-sleeved turtlenecks in various colors and long skirts that hide even her ankles. The skirts she wears are black, always black. On her feet, she sports sandals. As for her height, she can easily get lost in a crowd as she only stands at 5’’2. From afar, you’d think her to be stout but in reality, she is actually curvaceous. Her outfits just give her a different appearance.

Personality: Your first impression of Cassidy would no doubt be of a shy quiet and maybe a little insecure bookworm but that’s not all she is. Cassidy is indeed all of those things but surprisingly she’s also a talented actress. Lying is no doubt very easy for Cassidy and she can easily fool anyone into believing her especially because she looks exactly like someone who is well, too studious to lie to anyone. She is an avid reader and has very keen and observant eyes. She rarely speaks up but when she does, it’s something important. Of course, there is one very interesting part to her personality and that is... when you feed her cheesecake, she changes completely. The introverted little girl transforms drastically into another person and that person is loud, wild, on a sugar high, seemingly drunk on happiness, and just a teensy bit perverted. There is just one side effect to that; after a transformation, she stops talking for 26 waking hours.

History: Cassidy belongs to a middle-class family who lives in a small town. She has a father, an older sister, and a cat. Her mother died a year ago due to childbirth. Her baby brother didn’t survive either. A few days after the funeral, she announced to her dad that she was going to live with a female cousin in the city and that she was taking Fluffball, her cat. Her dad believed it was for the education since she got a scholarship for a prestigious school there but in truth, it was to learn necromancy so she can speak to her mother again.

Magic: Cassidy has very limited power for the time being. Under the guidance of a helpful teacher who sends her books and anecdotes on necromancy, but never meets up with her in person, she learns more and more about the art. The books she reads talk about calling on the dead and the various experiences of others with necromancy.

Necromancy is is a form of divination in which the practitioner seeks to summon "operative spirits" or "spirits of divination", for multiple reasons, from spiritual protection to wisdom.

For now, Cassidy is barely capable of calling on spirits, limited only to calling on the spirits of cats who died from starvation.

Other: Her dad and sister thinks Cassidy is living with her cousin but her cousin left the flat to her soon after she arrived. Her cousin Lexy is now living with her boyfriend and she left the flat to Cassidy so her parents wouldn’t find out.

RP Sample:

It was nearing daybreak and the moon shone as bright as ever outside her window. The stars twinkled mischievously as if inviting her into the night and under any other circumstance she would have waltzed into the night with a book tucked neatly under her arm. However, she couldn’t tonight or any other night for that matter. It wasn’t safe. No, it isn’t safe. The mage-killer was out there and- what was that?

Cassidy drew the blind down, keeping the images of the outside world away. She tried to believe herself safe but- There it was again. Knocking. Someone was knocking. It sounds so close like it was only-

Her doorknob rattled. She froze. Someone was inside with her.