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April 21st, 2007, 5:01 PM
(To start off, I asked a staff member in the chat if they thought it was alright if I posted a thread like this, and he said he didn't see why not. And there is nothing bad in here, its something that has been discussed and talked about in schools, educational channels, etc.)

This thread is about how to defend yourself. Now, why would you fight someone? Well, starting a fight with someone with the intention of hurting them isn't the brightest idea, if you hurt them (and if you follow this guide properly you will) there is a chance you will be sued. Also you will have guilt for a while, and it isn't the right thing to do. So, why would you fight? Self-defense. We live in a world of over-powering men. How can you stand against them? By giving them something they don't expect, a fight in return. Picture this scenario, you're in 7th grade and kids have been growing stronger and more independent. They decide to stop making stupid insults and start using physical over-powering. You are in 7th grade, trust me, they can care less about passive-resistance. Many of the times they do it is for them to feel superior (and they are dumb, so they don't know your trying to make a point by resisting, they think your just weak) and/or to impress other people. So passive-resistance will get you made fun of by other people and more people physically hurting you. A pacifist might say well, eventually he will be the ones laughing at them when he gets a good job. Not quite. For one thing, the kid being abused might not be smart. There have been many instances where the physical abuse has gone so bad, that the kid kills himself, gets killed, or is emotionally and physically wrecked. To late to save the kid there. So, what will happen if you defend yourself? You raise your confidence, you gain respect, and best of all, you won't be abused any longer. You can then do what you want, study, get good grades, and then you can laugh at those bullies many years later.

Pressure points

Pressure points describe themselves. They are certain points in the body, when pressed exert lots of pain on the person. There are points located all over the body, some people have them and some people don't. Most people have them in the neck area. On the bottom some-what back of the neck there is some-what of a hole. If you place your fingers on it you�ll know what I am talking about. Don't do pressure points on yourself, I read somewhere (true or not, not sure) that doing it to yourself can cause problems. Anyway, it's a waste of time since it won't hurt. If you do it to that one someone else it will exert lots of pain on the person. Another one is one that people don�t know of. Take out your hand, and look at where your pinky is. Put your thumb under the palm where your pinky is. Grab your and like that and turn it the opposite way. This can hurt someone pretty badly. But, how do you get the chance to do this to someone else? This is mostly self defense when they grab you, if you're fast enough you have you grab their hand and do that in a quick motion. If you do it right they should be in a lot of pain. Another one is near the knee cap. Right about the top of the knee cap you squeeze. Refer to picture for extra guidance. This pressure point exerts a lot of pain, but from what I have discovered people somehow get immune to it after doing it to the person many times.


Poking the side of the stomach is a painful pressure point, and is extremely useful to people who don't exercise on a daily basis. I am not only referring to fat people, but normal people. Doing this pressure point isn't exactly manly, but it hurts.

Blocking and countering

Blocking is useful when someone is attacking you. What is there to do when someone attacks you? Dodge it? Well, you can, but how many can you dodge? Blocking punches and kicks are useful. Putting your arm toward your chest and lashing it out downwards is good for lower kicks. Not only does it block you, but it has a potential of hurting the guys leg. When his leg or arm is blocked, you have the opportunity to hit him square in the stomach. The fact that he is out of balance will make his stomach vulnerable and weak, no matter how strong he is. Remember, Houdini could withstand any punches to his stomach, but when he didn't expect it he was killed by a punch. Be sure to block your neck and places such as below the belt. How do you block something like a neck chop effectively? Here is how you do it. I am going to assume someone is neck chopping YOUR right side of the neck. Put your right arm on your waist and lift your elbow up to a, lets say to a 2:00. You then bring it up forcefully and quick right next to your head and neck so you successfully block it. Here is a picture in case if you mis-understood something.


Taking the offensive

Taking the offensive is important if blocking and countering doesn't defeat your opponent. Now, some of the things I am going to say require some practice, and some doesn't. Kicking requires some training to be in full affect. If you can kick high doing an axe kick is very useful and in some cases can defeat the opponent in one blow. Now, what is an axe kick? It is when you raise your leg and you SLAM it down on your opponent. If you lift your leg up, hitting the person, and still able to slam it down, you deserve applaud. What other kicks are worth mentioning? There�s a few. The infamous roundhouse kick is a good kick to master. It has been mastered by amazing people such as Chuck Norris. A roundhouse kick from Chuck Norris can stop a waterfall. Now, what is this roundhouse kick I speak of? It's a kick used to injure the side of someone�s body, and if you do it high enough you can hit the face.


Those are feet positions when starting a round house. Once you are in that position lift your right leg turn left (with leg getting higher in the air) and release your leg. When doing the turning your leg must be folded up first so when you release it lets out strength. Practicing this makes perfect. Is there any other kicks worth mentioning? I will mention one more but it isn't the easiest to master. Now stand in a normal position facing the opponent, lift up your leg (folded) and turn left. Do that in a 90� angle lifting up your leg a little more. Your body is turned 90� but your leg should turn a little more. You then release your leg STRAIGHT. Once mastered this can seriously hurt someone if you hit them in the stomach.

Training your shoulders and muscles used for punching are important. Punching a punching bag or the air hard and fast is a good way to get those muscles stronger. I met thin people who could punch harder than jacked up people. Punching is also an important part of fighting, especially if you neglect kicking. There are not only punching options available when you use your arms, but you can use things like your elbow as well. Here�s a technique which is effective in a numerous amount of things.


That picture doesn't look that scary, since it was rushly drawn, but in a physical match it can be scary. You put your left arm in the air and put it towards your right side of the body. Make sure it is high, that shows your are superior. Grab your fist with your other arm. Now, make sure when doing this you look scary, and look down on your opponent. Now, if done right your opponent is probably confused and scared since he probably isn't used to resistance. You then using your right arm push down your left arm, and of course, using your left arm to go down too. This is a very effective blow which can hurt the opponent. Once he is hit, don't ruin the moment, be sure to do another effective blow.

Now this trick can be a bit painful, but its very intimidating. Jump down to the floor and sweep up the legs of the person. If this is concrete or cement, you have proven you are ready for pain and is ready to take down your opponent any means necessary.

Fighting when your fat

You're fat and your in a fight. What do you do? Well, you know a good punch in the stomach will take you down and you obviously can't do anything listen on the top. So the best is the intimidate them with your weight. Slap your chests and yell at them. Hopefully they will stand down.

After you win

Yes, you are the guy stepping on the loser.


After you win you have to make sure he or his friends won't attack. There are several things to do. One, you can spit on him (if he hasn't ran away) and stare at the people watching or your already down opponent. Make sure you look intimidating. Two, you can step on him and say to the crowd Who's next? The chance of someone stepping up is VERY rare. You look intimidating and I can assure you they won't attack again.

Now, it's all over and what can you do? Well, you won, and be sure to rub it in their faces next time you see them. After all, they tried to ruin your life.

Advisory: Just because you have tried this, doesn't mean someone will not try and throw you in front of a car.

Now, if all else fails. Slap them with a rubber chicken:


April 22nd, 2007, 6:59 AM
That's a lot of text... Honestly, I only looked at the pretty pictures. :P

Nice guide though.

Fallen Angel_Messiah Of Black Roses
April 23rd, 2007, 9:36 AM
Nice Guide! I use alot of that when... Well beating down bullies.

I usually like a combo of the neck pressure point follwed by roundhouse kick and if they are knocked to ther ground... DROP KICK!


April 23rd, 2007, 10:11 AM
I can't tell if that entire thing was a joke or not. Firstly, in a straight fight with someone, you aren't really ever going to be in a position where you can execute an axe kick, even if you are able to. That'd involve putting yourself off balance by standing on one foot AND leaving your groin exposed. Which is never a good thing in a fight.

Punching air won't build your muscles, either. Weight training is the only real way of effectively building muscle mass on your arms. And the important thing about punching isn't strength anyway, it's accuracy and speed. You can be as strong as you want, but if you can't land successful punches to key areas of the face then you're at a disadvantage. Yet, if you can land a flurry of punches to weak areas on the nose, jaw and throat, then you can put yourself in the driving seat in a fight.

And using your arms to stop a kick isn't a great idea, either. If they're aiming a kick at your legs, then you use your legs to block it. If they're aiming at your midsection or higher, you move out of the way and aim a kick at the back or side of the knee on their standing leg. That'll almost definitely take them down temporarily.


You're fat and your in a fight. What do you do? Well, you know a good punch in the stomach will take you down and you obviously can't do anything listen on the top. So the best is the intimidate them with your weight. Slap your chests and yell at them. Hopefully they will stand down.

That is completely ridiculous.

To be completely honest, it sounds like you learnt all this stuff from fights on TV shows and movies and I wouldn't be surprised if you've never been in a real fight in your life. Which is fair enough, some people are lucky like that. But you shouldn't go around giving bad advice that could lead to someone getting their asses kicked.