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April 22nd, 2007, 5:34 AM
these are two poems...well sort of inspired by some of the songs of "My Chemical Romance"

if theres something i want to say
why cant i say it out loud
why should i lurk and hide on the corner?
when i can see you standing there?

i thought i'd one day see a bright sunshine,
without someone on your arms
oh how it pains me to see yet happy
coz you remain to stand by your love

its good to know your doing good
but it still hurts that i dont
i see them all having the time of their lives
i guess the possibility is gone now

i just cant believe
that i made my mistake for the second time
dont know why, dont know how
but i keep on falling on my knees

i lie awake below the shimmering stars
now...theres just one thing i hope for
that your looking at the star im looking now

Misjudged Soul
the sky falls down, and all is lost
death is inches from my neck
here comes the day i dread
seeing everyone,laughing...knowing that im almost dead

here it comes, the pain and agony clenching my soul
i scream so loud, but no one could hear
the wails and moans of agony and fear
still i try to bear just to see them smile for the last time

flashes of light, my body lies motionless
my neck dripping with the blood that cost my life
someone's hand came out of the dark and touched my hand
i stood up like i always did, but i felt weightless

i held her hand tight, small and soft little fingers they were
only belonged to a small girl whom from the laughing crowd interfere
we walked and walked, and then she looked at me
with cheerful and hopefull eyes she said
this is where i go, and this is where your free

i was judged very wrongly
in a world that held its grip on me very strongly
i lived and died on a place where i was alone
but now that i died, all my misjudged sins were all atoned
because now, im with the angels that guided me through my sleep
the times when my skin got burned and the blades gone too deep...

April 25th, 2007, 4:51 AM
Welcome back to the poetry thread! Those poems have alot of feeling in them. They're really good that way. I hope I can see more of your poems again. ^_^ Good job!

April 25th, 2007, 11:16 PM
tee hee...thanks...didnt really expected it to be that good? my head was rusty when i made them...haha