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April 23rd, 2007, 3:47 PM

*|*Wars are terrible clashes of two opposing forces. They tear families apart and cause nations to suffer cries of despair from the highest commanding officer to the poorest man begging for scraps. The fires of war have engulfed many countries; and now, its savage flames have gripped the nation known as Kanto. The wicked organization Team Rocked has obtained an iron fist in ruling the familiar pokemon region. With no uprising hero or force to save Kanto from oblivion, Team Rocket managed to gain control of the major city of Saffron, and began to branch out in all directions. Gym leaders of cities tried to fight back, but with an abundant amount of members, cities were taken over quickly. Giovanni had risen up as the leader of Team Rocket, and based himself in Saffron City where he commanded like an unjust monarch. The Elite Four were the last stance in saving Kanto. As if mocking the entire system, Giovanni recruited the strongest of Rocket Executives and henceforth they were known as the Wicked Four. Together along with Giovanni, the Wicked 4 destroyed the Elite Four ruthelessly. With a group of deserters of Kanto, the Elite Four fled to Johto, which had managed to avert Giovanni's gripping gaze. However, if Giovanni sucessfully conquers Johto, it will be the beginning of the end. Hoenn and Sinnoh will be unable to resist Team Rocket's malicious spread. Thus, Giovanni will have finally gotten his true wish. World Domination. A great depression will surely blanket the world, just as it clouds Kanto. The warriors fight for more than just their homeland. They're fighting for freedom and finally ending the calamity that is known as Team Rocket. The story begins as the Elite Four tries to regain their beloved land known as Kanto. *|*

Rated: [PG 15.] Romance is allowed, just make it not overly vivid or obscene.


The Elite Four is recruiting a resistance force of powerful trainers all throughout Johto. With headquarters in Goldenrod City and Blackthorn city. Trainers are instructed the ways of war and fight on the battle lines just past the mountain line dividing Johto and Kanto. Each Elite Four member has factions that they command in battle.

The primary force Johto has in defeating Team Rocket. Each Faction is divided into 8 divisions based on the power. Each Division is divided by 3-4 members; one being the division captain.

The Icy Rose: The faction that Lorelai commands. Members of this faction don't necessarily have all water / ice teams, rather they have a sole water/ice poke and two other members on each team to support it. This faction is one of the frontlining teams in the war. Their secondary duty is retrival of information possessed by Team Rocket to pass on to Lorelai herself. Based in Cherrygrove City.

The Obsidian Fist
Primarily the frontrunner in the battles among the warfront and led by Bruno. The members of this faction fight ferocious battles in the southern section of Johto, extending from Pallet to past Fuscia City. Members on this team have a solid fighting pokemon that accompany them at all times. Based in New Bark Town.

The Cunning Fang
The faction that Agatha leads. Since Agatha is rather elderly, this faction is in charge of securing the defense of all of Johto and the mountains bordering Kanto and Johto. Each member posseses a ghost time. Agatha is based in Ecruteak City, but the majority of her faction is scattered throughout Johto.

The Archaic Draconis
The most powerful of all four factions, and led by Elite Four leader Lance. This faction's job is to assault major cities and try to overcome Team Rocket with the massive powers Dragons possess. Based in Blackthorn City.


*|* Sign Up Sheet *|*
~ Name:
~ Age: (Minimum being age 16)
~ Faction:
~ Appearance:
~ Personality:
~ Team: (Consists of three pokemon. Depending on which faction has been chosen, the corresponding type must be included in your team)
~ Biography:
~ Other:

Last Note: I'll accept three others besides myself. I may decide to choose more based on the feedback I get. So try to make your sign up sheets as thorough as possible. I'll post mine in a bit, I didn't want to make this post longer than it has to be. XD

Also, since I'm only going to accept 3-4 applicants, it would be reccomended that all 3-4 of us are in the same faction. This way we can interact and stay together. If you're absolutely opposed to being in the same faction...well PM me after being accepted and we'll talk. Either way, I'm not worried about this since I'm willing to do whatever. Good luck to everyone.

Fallen Angel_Messiah Of Black Roses
April 24th, 2007, 5:01 AM
~ Name: AJ Valentine
~ Age: 17
~ Faction: The Archaic Draconis
~ Appearance: AJ is average height and weight, he is Hispanic male which means his skin tone is dark, a tannish kind of tone. He has snowy white hair, that almost looks like platinum. His hair is in a short ponytail, about six or seven inches. His eyes are a angelic baby blue that seem to scream ' Oh my god! It's an Angel!' but his eyes are pretty deceiving. AJ has a medium type face, Not to tense, yet not to 'Cute' it's the whole pretty boy thing, with a great sense of 'I can kick your ass! And it's plastered on my face!' AJ wears a cross pendant right around his neck, it is a shining silver that just seems to kick out at you. AJ's main attire consists of a tight black undershirt made out of generic material, nothing real special. He wears a somewhat small dark crimson red combat vest with flames on the topper sleeves, on the back of the vest it reads in bold white letters ' Made In Heaven' and over that he wears a large white trench coat that has a cross on the back that is black and also the title, 'Fallen Angel'. He wears tight black pants, a nice leather texture. He also wears black combat boots, they have an iron sole in each shoe for more efficient walking. He has black fingerless gloves, they aren't fuzzy, just real padded. He is muscular, but not in the way that muscles are bulging everywhere and it looks like your kind of on steroids... AJ has a gold stud in his left ear ( Not Gay!)
~ Personality: Despite AJ's Appearance... He's a real nice guy! AJ plays the 'Good Cop, Every survivor counts. Doesn't matter what happens to me' card. He also tries to make sure that no one has to get hurt in a bad situation and this will also go for the bad guy, he has tried to keep this trait ever since learning that a long line of murderers and crooks were his descendants, he will try to make everything right and make up for his descendants sins. He is an overall nice guy but does get fed up pretty easily by annoying people, he has a very great level of sarcasm and has the greatest comebacks for when he is insulted, which would seem out of character for a guy like him. He has a pretty decent sense of justice, and not to mention the fact that he loves adventure.AJ isn't someone you really want to anger, but to anger him you have to actually try since it takes alot to actually anger him. Considering getting fed up and actually getting angered are totally different. He is serious and strict in battle but will also have a sense of humor to lighten up all the tense moments, this makes him a good companion. Even when your on his nerves he will try to help you out, but as said before he is not good to be around when angry. And that is pretty much AJ, the 'good cop who wants everyone to be safe'

~ Team:
Feather- Female Dragonaire- Given as a dratini from blackthorn gym when AJ turned 13
Judas- Male Lurio- Hatched from egg given at 16
Oden- Male Lucario- given to from dad when 13
~ Biography:
AJ lived a average life, school, jobs... The works. He spent alot of his time brawling in the streets against bullies and other stupid people. So up until now has been natourisly boring. Almost tediously boring...
~ Other: Street fighting, A couple roundhouse kicks. Ya know

April 24th, 2007, 2:23 PM
@ Fallen Angel:

You use the same character sheet for every role play. This shows you do not have versatility as a role player. If you're still interested, make an original character and fix up your grammatical errors. *~Pending~*

April 24th, 2007, 5:03 PM
Save me a spot while I make a new character.

April 24th, 2007, 5:17 PM
@ Wooper14:

Sure thing. Just make sure you can get it in ASAP. Don't rush, but, well you know what I mean. *~Reserved~*

April 25th, 2007, 11:22 AM
*|* Sign Up Sheet *|*
~ Name: Julian (Jude) Harper
~ Age: 22
~ Faction: Archaic Draconis (I'll switch my faction and team if everyone chooses something else)
~ Appearance: Jude Harper has quite average pigmentation in his skin, his hair however is black. His original homeland was in a far away region, in which the trainers where bandanas as head gear. His bandana is a bright, lime green with a black stripe and pokeball symbol. Below the bandana, black bangs hang partially obstructing the view of his bright green eyes. He stands tall and proud, at 5' 10". He's quite skinny, as he travels often. His clothing looks kind of like a jumpsuit. It's main color is black, but all of the details are green. Both the jacket and pants have a vertical green stripe on the side of the sleeves and legs, as well as the rest of the trimming. The green zipper, only comes up to his chest, revealing a green shirt, and if it were zipped, a pokeball symbol would be revealed across the jacket. The pants have many black cargo pockets with green buttons. Thankfully the laces on his black shoes, weren't green, but black as well.
Around a bright green belt are three pokeballs. Though they're sometimes blocked from view by the strap to his backpack, which surprise, is green and black.
~ Personality: Jude Harper has always stood for what's right to him, no matter what. He always tries to not hold grudges, and make friends out of enemies. Of course, when that doesn't work he can become one of the most fierce competitors out there.
~ Team:
Flygon, Jude's Dragon type pokemon, caught when travelling Hoenn as a Vibrava.

Tyranitar, His first pokemon(originally a Larvitar) when he travelled in his home region.

Arcanine, The first pokemon he caught, after he began travelling. Used to cover Flygon's weakness against ice types.

~ Biography: (I haven't made Jude's entire backstory yet, for I'm making it in the form of a fanfic). He is from a far off region called Allcu, though there are no unique pokemon from that region. Jude's first adventure during the Allcu pokemon league involved fighting an organization called Team Meta, which performed genetic experimentation on pokemon. By the time he beat the leader of Team Meta, he had his Tyranitar and Arcanine, but Flygon is relatively new. After Allcu, he travelled to the four main regions, and gathered more pokemon in all four regions. Recently he travelled to Kanto, just as Team Rocket began it's attack. Knowing that he had to help Kanto regain power, he went to Lance (who he's had a few tangles with, but I'll try to keep those out of the roleplay) to help.
~ Other: (I'm sorry that I can't tell much about Jude, but it would ruin the fanfic I'm writing, I'll try to keep the fanfic plot away from this as much as possible)

April 25th, 2007, 1:17 PM
Name: Ty Jordan

Age: 16

Faction: The Icy Rose

Apperance: Ty likes to wear black, he a black tee shirt with a blue vest, black jeans held up with a belt with three pokeballs all decorated to know the differance, he has black heelys with red shoe laces, a scar below his left one, and black spiky hair which he hides under a plain black fitted hat. His backpack is black with a pokeball on it in it is everything he needs to go anywhere: extra clothes, food, etc.

Personality: Ty is quiet when he isn't involved in anything but when he is he wants to take charge he gets really mad when things don't go his way, and he gets mad really easliy. He is a nice guy most of time when he feels like it so people should stay on his good side because he is not afaid of a challange even against his own teammate. He really likes sports so he is fast and atheltic. If someone keeps talking he will tell them to shut up on reflex.

Team: Empoleon, Glaceon, Sealo

Biography: When he was young growing up in Sinnoh Ty has always been fascinated about water and ice pokemon. When it rained and the water pokemon came out he put on his coat and boots and played with them. When it snowed the same thing happend except it was ice pokemon that came out. So when he was ten everybody know which pokemon he was going to pick, he picked Piplup. He trained with it and caught two pokemon (Evee and Spheal) with it and trained for a long time until they were strong so when they heard there was a war they joined Lorelai's team.

April 25th, 2007, 1:43 PM
Keeeeyyyyyyyyyy. :3 Wtf hi, I'ma try to join up, okay? Just let me get started. xD;

~ Name: Reishin Kou
~ Age: 16
~ Faction: The Cunning Fang
~ Appearance: Reishin (http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/52259424/?qo=8&q=Pokemon+Trainer&qh=boost%3Apopular+age_sigma%3A24h+age_scale%3A5) wears her long black hair straight, her bangs cut straight across her forehead and the body of her hair held back by an orange headband with a white stripe down the middle. She has steely gray eyes with an ample amount of mascara, her black rounded square glasses having the tendency to slide off the bridge of her nose. Usually found in a white turtleneck shirt with wide sleeves, this shirt has a red skull and crossbones, though it's more a comical skull then a ghastly one. She wears a black vest that is cut halfway down, and this vest has zippers up and down the front, which serve essentially no purpose. A pair of black biker shorts are covered by an orange belt slung across her waist, which carries a colorful array of different kinds of pokeballs. Reishin wears a pair of black knee high boots, that are lined with orange and have skulls on the outer ankles, and to complete her look, an essential for all trainers. On her back is a brown, thick strapped backpack, which holds all her essentials.

~ Personality: Stubborn as can be, when Reishin wants something, Reishin stops at nothing to get it. With a one-track mind, she doesn't seem like the most efficient person in the world, and she probably isn't. A slow thinker, and a slow acter, she gives off a sort of sluggish, lazy feel, and earned herself the nickname, "Sloth" in pokemon school. However, Reishin is extremely vain, and her endlessly calm and boring personlity is only capped by her endless pit of self-confidence and egoistic attitude. Due to her completely unattractive personality, she tends to drive people away from her, but what with such a high held pride, Reishin doesn't seem to care all that much. She doesn't accept pokemon battles unless she either, A) Feels like a battle, or B) Feels as if the trainer asking deserves a battle from someone as experienced as herself. (Or so she thinks.) Reishin is usually spacing out when someone's talking to her, and when they do have her attention, she's a snappishly sarcastic person who has a frightening way of thinking.

~ Team: Banette [Whist - Male]
Charmeleon [Therm (Term) - Male]
Exeggutor [Lozze - Male]

~ Biography: Reishin grew up in a family of 5, herself being the middle sibling. Always at the top of her class in pokemon school, she was the know-it-all, but different from your stereotypical know-it-all. She was queen of the world, in her eyes, and had a creepy interest in poison, ghost, and dark pokemon. If there had been a 'Most Likely to Join Team Rocket' label in the yearbook, Reishin would've blown it away with her name in big, bold red letters. She found her first pokemon in a supposedly 'haunted' house, in which a mischevious band of Banette played the game of 'scare the humans away'. Reishin, however, was someone who needed to have her life at risk in order for her to become frightened, and as far as she was concerned, blood-free, white stereotypical ghouls were not life threatening. After capturing the banette that had tried to scare her out, the rest of the band ushered her out in less then five seconds. But nonetheless, Reishin and that certain pokemon she'd caught were made for each other, and bonded quickly, even though Reishin had always found trouble making friends with humans. And thus, time went on, and Team Rocket threw rocks into her peaceful pond of a life, and she set up the fence around her pond by joining up with The Cunning Fang, a group which wouldn't throw her into the undesirable turmoil of the frontlines of battle.

~ Other: Reishin usually pushes her glasses up every other five seconds because they're always sliding down. It's a bad habit, and she refuses to fix the glasses to fit, even though she's practically blind without them.

April 25th, 2007, 2:12 PM
Name: Lux Zakura


Faction: The Cunning Fang

Appearence: Has black straight hair that completly covers between his eye so you will normally only be seeing his right eye and the rest of his hair goes down his neck, a scar on his left eye because of a knife he was using when he was 13, Lux is left handed, and is a little short for his age, his height is 5'2", like the sinnoh pokemon trainer he wears the same hat as he does but it is dark red and it covers his left eye, he has dark brown eyes, black and red baggy jeans, his skin color is light brown, he has a black basketball jersey with a dark red teashirt under it and a black vest over it. He has white nikes. He wears a 2 belts that cross diagnoly on his waist and each hold 3 pokeballs. Lux has a black glove with no fingure slots on his left hand. In the middle of the gloves there is a dark red pokeball. Some people think he is scary but ghost pokemon don't think so. Some people think he is cool and scary. But when you get to talk to him for awhile he grows to like you as a friend.

Personality: He will help a friend and anyone in need. He doesn't get in trouble all the time because he really just goes outside and plays with his pokemon. When you get to know him he turns out to be a really nice guy. He likes ghost pokemon so his goal is to catch the legendary pokemon that comes in your dreams known as Darkrai. When he sits in a tree he has a net ready for someone that walks by. He doesn't care who he catches but when he catches them or it he uses his ghost pokemon to use Hypnoses and that goes with an old fasion Nightmare attack. But when they wake up he spies on them in the trees without a sound. He has alot of humor but some of the jokes he makes are kind of harsh. He has the abilty to see ghost with all of his training with ghost pokemon.

Team: Dusknoir, Gengar, and Sableye.

Biography: When Lux first started his pokemon journey he only had a Duskull and he was only 10. He didn't go into any contests or in any pokemon leagues. He started from all of the other regions but didn't talk to anyone but his pokemon. When he reached the Kanto region he went into the pokemon Mansion. There was one thing Lux wasn't scared of... ghosts and ghost pokemon. Ghosts were trying to scare him then he encountered a Dead mother Marowak at the top. It attacked but his Duskull put it to sleep and it used Nightmare. After that his Duskull turned into Dusclops then stairs just appeared and people in weird clothing came running down and when they took a good look at Lux they brought out their pokemon and the pokemon just charged at them his Dusclops used protect and the pokemon just blew away right back up the stairs. " You earned this Dusclops." He gave it a Reaper Cloth and it evolved into Dusknoir. Then he went up the stairs and all of the pokemon were gone and a mysterious figure was floating his way. "I guess your Darkrai... well your going to be mine in a few seconds... Dusknoir use Hypnoses and that should go with a regular nightmare." The Darkrai didn't struggle at all. It only used Nightshade dirrectly at Lux! "Ha thats all you can do... Dusknoir use Protect." The protect attack knocked Nightshade right back at Darkrai. There was a big explosion and a huge screech!! The smoke cleared and Darkrai was gone. "I know we didn't destroy it but I wonder why it ran away and why it didn't come in my dreams." After that he went back to Sinnoh and spent his time catching ghost pokemon. He caught a Gengar,and a Sableye.

April 25th, 2007, 2:37 PM
@ Mr.Altosax:

Hmm, I don't know if I like the fact that you can't reveal anything about your character. Without seeing potential in your character, I won't know if you can participate. I'll consider. Clean up your bio a bit and try to add more descriptions where possible. *~Pending*~

@ Ty2

I'm sorry but your bio is too small. You're lacking descriptions and there are grammatical errors. Maybe next time. *~Declined~*

@ Jyukai

Excellent. I'm honored to have you. ^^



Well, for one, your first sentence has an excessive amount of commas and not a period until four lines down. Your grammar isn't good enough. I apologize but *~Declined~*

April 25th, 2007, 2:41 PM
Can I reserve a spot for later?
~ Name:Kai
~ Age: 16
~ Faction: The Cunning Fang
~ Appearance:
~ Personality:
~ Team: Gengar, Dusclops ,Spiritomb.
~ Biography:
~ Other:

Fallen Angel_Messiah Of Black Roses
April 25th, 2007, 8:32 PM
Okay, I'll try my best to make someone new... (Cracks Fingers)

Sign up- Post it in the morning, gotta do HW

April 26th, 2007, 4:37 AM
Can i have a spot or is it too late?

~ Name: Len
~ Age: 17
~ Faction: The Obsidian Fist
~ Appearance: Average height for a 17 year old. Wears a Red shirt that has tennis written on it. Wears Blue, Gold, and White pants.
~ Personality: LEn is Nice but when somebody gets him angry he turns to the dark side. At one ofhis schools a kid called him stipud idiot and Len beat that kid up. But if you dont get on his dark side he is a good kid.
~ Team: Lucario, Monferno, and Gallade
~ Biography: Born in Sinnoh in the town called Sandgem. He grew up there his whole life and loved the world until a team called The Archaic Draconis came in and destroyed most of it. His whole life he wantsed revenge and now he can get it.
~ Other: NA

April 26th, 2007, 4:06 PM
*|* Sign Up Sheet *|*
~ Name: Julian "Jude" Harper
~ Age: 20
~ Faction: Archaic Draconis
~ Appearance: Jude Harper has quite average pigmentation in his skin, his hair however is black. His original homeland was in a far away region, in which the trainers where bandanas as head gear. His bandana is a bright, lime green with a black stripe and pokeball symbol. Below the bandana, black bangs hang partially obstructing the view of his bright green eyes. He stands tall and proud, at 5' 10". He's quite skinny, as he travels often. His clothing looks kind of like a jumpsuit. It's main color is black, but all of the details are green. Both the jacket and pants have a vertical green stripe on the side of the sleeves and legs, as well as the rest of the trimming. The green zipper, only comes up to his chest, revealing a green shirt, and if it were zipped, a pokeball symbol would be revealed across the jacket. The pants have many black cargo pockets with green buttons. Thankfully the laces on his black shoes, weren't green, but black as well.
Around a bright green belt are three pokeballs. Though they're sometimes blocked from view by the strap to his backpack, which surprise, is green and black.
~ Personality: Jude Harper has always stood for what's right to him, no matter what. He always tries to not hold grudges, and make friends out of enemies. Of course, when that doesn't work he can become one of the most fierce competitors out there. Jude has always had a short temper, though he'd rather be nice, he can't help it. Anger seems to run in his family. However, the most dominant characteristic in Julian, is bravery, being able to stand up for what he believe in against countless opponents.
~ Team:
Misdreavus: When travelling in Johto, Jude found a Misdreavus hovering around Mt.Silver. He knew it was a rare pokemon (and thought it was adorable) and couldn't resist catching it. He knows it would be stronger as a Mismagius but he refuses to force it to evolve.

Tyranitar: Jude's first pokemon was a Larvitar, since the normal Allcu starters were stolen by members of Team Meta. Luckily Larvitar was hidden in case of a break-in. Professor Steury, one of the leading pokeprofs in Allcu gave him the Larvitar so he could find Team Meta's base and end their pokemon experimentation. By the time he fought against Team Meta's leader with Lance, Larvitar had evolved all the way into a Tyranitar.

Hitmontop: Jude's third pokemon, found as a Tyrogue in the dense Mountain Range on the southern edge of Allcu. It evolved just a few weeks after it was caught into a Hitmontop while it was fighting the rock gym leader of Allcu.

~ Biography: Jude is from a far off region called Allcu, though there are no unique pokemon from that region. Jude's first adventure during the Allcu pokemon league involved fighting an organization called Team Meta, which performed genetic experimentation on pokemon. He fought his way through the pokemon league, collecting badges, as well as clues to the whereabouts of Team Meta's hideout. Once he reached it, he fought along with Lance to defeat the leaders of Team Meta, and the most wicked of their experiments. After finally defeating the Allcu Pokemon League, he travelled to the nearby Hoenn to compete in their pokemon league. After failing in his final battle in the Hoenn Finals, he also travelled in Johto, now at the age of 16. After Four years living in Johto, he finally came to Kanto to compete against their pokemon league. A few weeks after being in Kanto, Team Rocket's attack struck forcing him back to Johto. Since Jude had no dragon pokemon, he was turned down by Lance, but told to go to Agatha with his Misdreavus.

~ Other: Jude has very few connections with his family, and not little is known about them. The only family member Jude ever mentions, if any, is his mother who still lives in his hometown in Allcu.

April 26th, 2007, 7:00 PM
@ Seadragon42

Your sheet is completely lacking details and length. *~Declined~*

@ Mr.Altosax
Looks like a doable RP sheet. Unless a potentially better participant shows up you will most likely be accepted. *~Pending~*

@ Jyukai
Great bio. All I ask is that you limit your team down to three unless that's a problem involving your character. If so, PM me. Looks great otherwise. ^^ *~Accepted~*

Fallen Angel_Messiah Of Black Roses
April 26th, 2007, 8:16 PM
*|* Sign Up Sheet *|*
~ Name: Jesusa Rodriguez
~ Age: 19
~ Faction: Archaic Draconis

~ Appearance: A sturdy Hispanic man, about five foot nine and weighing in around 178 pounds, he has messy black hair that goes to his shoulders, time to time he will put it in a messy ponytail. Has crimson red eyes, they sometimes look as if they are glowing. Jesusa wears a shiny black leather button up sleeved shirt, the buttons are made of a shiny clear plastic and are centered on the black leather sleeved shirt, there is a small breast pocket as well. He also wears black leather, fingerless gloves on each hand. Jesusa is left handed. He has a black leather belt as well, bearing a single chrome buckle in the center. The Belt is tight and goes well on his waist. Jesusa wears long black leather pants, they tighten against his legs but make a comfortable fit and still leave flexibility for kicks and other leg movements. He wears black combat boots, the heels of the black combat boots are made of dirtied steel. He will wear a black bandanna over his head occasionally and also his trademark all the time sunglasses. Oh, and guess what else? A black trench coat that reaches down to his ankles as well to make him more of his mercenary self. Jesusa will occasionally have a pack of cigarettes in his breast pocket.

~ Personality: Where to start... Where to start. Jesusa is a mysterious man to start with, he trys to leave as many details out as possible when with a person, the less they know the better. Jesusa has a pretty strange sense of humor, being the one to laugh when someone does something wrong, kind of cruel really. Jesusa won't fill a clueless person in as well, he thinks it's entertaining to watch someone be an idiot, as said before. Twisted sense of humor. Jesusa is a chain smoker, sad but true and he doesn't do anything to do to hide it. Jesusa will also speak Spanish alot to confuse people, he finds it humorous and does it whenever possible. He doesn't do very well with other people, he likes to be a loner but the truth is he needs a team to back him up. Jesusa is not to be trusted, he can betray in a New York minute.

~ Team:
Dragonair- Female- Given by the Blackthorn gym as a Dratini when Jesusa turned of age, evolved into Dragonair.
Rurio- Male- Found as an egg inside the ice caverns not to long ago.
Kingdra- Male- Evolved from Horsea that was found in when fishing.

~ Biography: Born in Blackthorn into a small yet average family, he naturally got experience with dragon type Pokémon. As a kid the only Pokémon he "Caught" was a Horsea, the other's were gotten in other ways, he caught the Horsea when he was ten and quickly evolved it into a Seadra. At ten he also received a Dratini from the Blackthorn city gym, he trained with it less because it seemed to be a little weak, Man was he wrong. At age fourteen his Dratini evolved after a common battle into the majestic serpent like dragon known as Dragonaire. When he was sixteen his Seadra evolved with the uncommon help of a dragon scale he bought at a souvenir shop in a beach are, he has just recently gotten the Rurio. He found the egg in the ice caverns and nursed it till it hatched into the Rurio. Of course as a kid he wasn't as much as a jerk and wasn't so crude. But he was raised up with the basic philosophy of " Your either the powerful or the weak" and being the opposite of his cousin grew up to be a "Working man" Taking odd jobs and such, never getting up to assassination though. Just some theft and hacking jobs, he was at the top. Until disaster struck in the form of a lame black suit with a red "R" on it. When the Rocket's struck his jobs ended with trustworthy clients, the Rocket's beckoned to him but Jesusa spat in their face, declining their offers. He quickly fled to Johto and joined Blackthorn's Ranks.

~ Other: Likes to ride motorcycles, AJ Valentine's cousin

(Sorry the bio is so lame...)

April 26th, 2007, 9:15 PM
Hey this looks pretty good, although johto is my least favorite region. Lemme reserve a spot. I know, i know you're probably thinking, "Who the heck is this guy?" But trust me, i can rp. Why I'm even the admin of a very good kingdom hearts rp site.

All i'm asking is a reserved seat and i'll post soon. 'kay?

April 27th, 2007, 1:34 AM
hey i'll have my sign up posted by 12:00AM My time, So it's 4:33AM now, I'll do my best!

P.S. if you saw the other one... i promise i wont be a baby and complain or call names.

Question for Jyukai, how do you name a link?

April 27th, 2007, 2:50 PM
~ Name: Blake Lunesto
~ Age: 17
~ Faction: The Cunning Fang
~ Appearance: http://i82.photobucket.com/albums/j269/cisqua15/yuki129.jpg
Blake's immediate aura seems to be one of malicious vibes. His dark appearance causes many to feel disconnected and even frightened. However, Blake's soft eyes show only kindess that swells within his heart. His silky dark hair accentuates his eyes and compliments the rest of his face. Slim and lanky, Blake doesn't show brute force, but rather inner strength. His body seems frail, but his will and mindset are strong. He also goes great lengths to keep himself hygenic at all times. First impressions are very important to him.

~ Personality: Blake has an inner core that nearly no one can puncture. Within a constant calm and a serious demeanor, Blake is kindhearted and looks for the best in people. Few people get to know the true Blake, but once befriended he will fight for his loved ones. Blake also has a confidence when it comes to battling. He knows his strengths and tries to focus on them to win a battle. One of the biggest weaknesses Blake possesses is his inability to fight vehemently. He cannot stand to see people be injured, which is one of the reasons he joined the Cunning Fang. Highly intelligent, Blake is good at deception, but be fooled not. If it comes to battle, Blake will fight to win if he or his friends are threatened.


Nickname: Mist

Nickname: Nocty

Nickname: Phon

~ Bio: Blake grew up in a secluded ranch in the mountains dividing Johto and Kanto. He grew up happily with both of his parents until Blake's father went away on a journey of his own. Promising he would return one day, his father soon enlisted in the war and was sent off on various missions. The days went by, and the war raged on an even larger scale. As Blake grew to about 12 years old, Blake found a Misdreavus gliding through a forest. He used an old pokeball that he found in his house's basement and threw it, suprising the oblivious ghost. With some luck, he managed to catch his first pokemon. As years passed, Blake trained with Mist until he was the ripe age of sixteen and ready to enlist into one of the Elite Four factions. It was during the time that his father had left that he had gained his dark aura. His mother noticed that he was growing distant from her, yet he was becoming stronger. She could still see the kindness through his mysterious demeanor. Since he was highty intelligent and ambitious, she knew she was going to have to let go of him sooner or later. Teaching Blake everything she knew, including morals and values, she knew she had successfully raised a son to become a man.

When Blake finished his training, he was ready to set off on his own adventure. He knew immediately that he would fit in best with the Cunning Fang, Agatha's faction. A pro with ghost types, the faction relied on gathering information and supporting the other factions. Blake told his mother about his aspirations in which she replied with sorrow. She had now lost her son and her husband to the war, what more could it take from her? He made a vow to her, similar to his father and promised to come back as soon as the war ended. With a heavy heart he journeyed to Blackthorn City, where he hoped to find himself along the way.


@ Fallen Angel:
Same thing with Mr.Altosax. *~Pending~*

This applies to everyone. If you reserved a spot, I am expecting your bio to be turned in by Sunday at the absolute latest. If there is a conflict in this, please PM me so I know ahead of time.

April 27th, 2007, 9:59 PM
Wow. not liking the great marsh in Diamond... but oh well. Anyways...

Name: Thryce Bannen

~ Age: 16

~ Faction: The Cunning Fang

~ Appearance: Most people really can summarize his looks into one word or sentence. while he may be very slender, make no mistake about his height. It's only at an average five feet, nine inches. nestled on top of his head is a neatly trimmed mess of black hair that somehow ends into a long two foot pony tail at the back of his head. His wardrobe is also very odd for a Trainer, let alone anyone. Thryce prefers a nice white dress shirt and black dress pants over any warm jacket and blue jeans. His backpack kinda matches the rest of him, being a mixture of whites, blacks and greys.

~ Personality: A joker. which is funny since it's the exact same word Thryce would use to describe himself for one reason and one reason alone, it's a card in a standard deck. Yes, Thryce is what he calls an "Illusionist". Which to the rest of us is no more than an amateur magician who plays tricks with cards. In fact he would have been actually performing had this war not broken out. So now he's here with the Crimson Fang doing reconnaissance work. Which is not a bad deal for him considering that it gives his Hauntar a chance to practice sneaking around for their tricks and his Quilava time to practice speed runs and diversionary flames. all of which are useful both in combat and in performing.

~ Team:
Hauntar- Nicknamed Nite, this hauntar was never caught by Thryce ever. Rather, it just stays around him for some reason,coming out when called and otherwise behaving. but we all know that that can't be accepted in this world, since most if not all of the technology reguarding pokemon including pokecenters and the liek require the pokemon to be in pokeballs. So one day the hauntar caught itself.

Quilava- Nicknamed Fuel, Qulava was the starter pokemon that Thryce accidentally received. originally he was supposed to receive a Kanto pokemon since he journeyed all the ay to Pallet Town from Lavender Town for one. But somehow a visiting assistant from Johto must have mixed up the pokeballs when they knocked oveer the cart. And then after it evolved form a Cyndiquil to a Quilava, it was involved within another accident. Somehow it ate the everstone wthing Thryces Backpack and now won't evolve intoa Typlosion. The stone was never seen again.

~ Biography:
Born and raised in Lavender Town where he would help his grandmother out inside the tower as a sor of guide. The work depressed him deeply becuase of all the sad faces that he turned to a comedic side to lighten the moods of the people coming to visit. at first it was just subtle jokes but then he developed a knack for card tricks and started to perform for the visitors after they had mourned enough. which is when the Hauntar, Nite, came as a Ghastly and using the sneaky art that it could do was able to make the performances almost magical.

And then at the age of 11 he set off to go to Pallet town to get his first pokemon, which as previously mentioned was a Cyndiquil. For some reason also, tyrce never caught another pokeomon. Which officially means that he never actually used a empty pokeball. so as he was finally about to obtain his eight and final Gym badge, Team rocket's plan was unleashed.
At first it wasn't so bad. he was able to travel around performing for audiences, under watched guard, and even do a few things he hadn't been able to do before Giovanni took over. But as tie went by he began to notice the injustices and wrong doings happening within the region. And then one day the Rocket's cam for him under shady circumstances. Of Course he bolted for his life and fled to the free Johto region. But he couldn't forget about his grandmother or any of the people back in his hometown.
So he Joined up with the Elite Four and, under the banner of the crimson fang, has been slowly fighting back the tyranny of Giovanni.

~ Other:
When flipping through his deck of cards, he comes upon the three's a lot and uses them to decide what to do with his actions.

He likes pie for some reason (lol that was a joke)

April 28th, 2007, 8:57 AM
*|* Sign Up Sheet *|*

~ Name: Ashe (A-sh) Takemi

~ Age: 21

~ Faction: Obsidian Fist

~ Appearance: Ashe (http://i32.photobucket.com/albums/d30/anime-adict/Ashe-1.jpg) wears brown cargo pants and a small leather jacket. The jacket sits just above his stomach and fits snugly around him. He looks very feminine and acts like it as well. His blonde hair falls just under his eyes. His eyes are filled with love and compassion, but upon gazing into them one can see they are filled with fear and hurt. Although he looks weak he is truly one of the stronger people from his village, because of this he signed up to go out and train as a pokemon trainer, upon learning of the E4’s dilemma he signed up to join the obsidian fist, training his Machoke into a Machamp as he entered the group.

~ Personality: Although timid and quiet most of the time, when he needs to Ashe can buckle down and fight like the rest of ‘em. Shy and witty, Ashe is more likely to think about his battle tactics then to rush into a brute force war. Because of this he always keeps his strong pokemon close to protect him if anything should happen.

~ Team:

http://i32.photobucket.com/albums/d30/anime-adict/Pokemon/Characters/236_003.png Tyro
http://i32.photobucket.com/albums/d30/anime-adict/Pokemon/Characters/475.png Gallade
http://i32.photobucket.com/albums/d30/anime-adict/Pokemon/Characters/355-f_002.png Duskull

~ Biography: Growing up in a small town in the far off place of Shinnoh, As i was on my way to professor Rowan's lab I tripped over a stick and landed face to face with a big skull, upon further inspection, i found out it was a Duskull, but this one was unusual, it had a red coat behind it instead of the normal black one.

Once i reached Rowan's lab he told me this pokemon was very special and that sense it had followed me there it wanted to be with me. So instead of giving me a pokemon he told me to look after the duskull for him. Instead of being a normal pokemon Duskull floats behind me like ash has his pikachu.

After spending my time working on the gyms and gaining respect as a Shinnoh elite four finalist i heard that there were problems in kanto and johto, so i forfeighted my Final pokemon battle to join the fight.

May 2nd, 2007, 5:31 AM
Is this RP still open for sign-up sheets? Ehehe. I'll just take my chances...

Sign-up Sheet

~ Name: Ashyln Reki

~ Age: 16

~ Faction: Icy Rose

~ Appearance: Ashlyn has long blond hair, the majority of which falls up to the middle of her back. A good chunk of it though hangs only up to her shoulders just for a cute effect (or so she believes). Loathing her black eyes, she wears colored contacts in a shade of icy blue. The contacts really serve no purpose other than to fool everyone into believing she’s just another blonde. She wears different clothing all the time thanks to her role as a member of the information-retrieval squad, the Icy Rose faction. Normally though, especially on rest days, she just wears a pink pleated mini-skirt and a black long-sleeved top. On her feet are knee-high combat boots that seem to contrast her entire look.

~ Personality: Ashlyn is your regular bubbly girl who’s ditzy and sociable to everyone in the entire world. Then again, that’s just what she wants you to believe. She’s actually hot-headed and a bit hateful, but she’s learning to keep her feelings in check. Often, Ashyln denies how she feels about things especially when it comes to happiness. When given something obvious to rejoice about, she spends five minutes ruining the hapy glow it should leave on her by telling herself how it could have gone better.

Her smile when she’s in the battlefield means she’s won and you just don’t know it yet. On the other hand, if you just see her walking past on a bright sunny day, it’s probably a sign she’s putting on her façade. A tad bit fanatical about everything related to shoes, she easily switches out of her real personality and changes into the sometimes bordering dim-witted blonde stereotype.

~ Team:
Glaceon – female
Seel – male
Abra - male

~ Biography: She grew up in a family of 3. It was just her, her mom, and an older brother she never sees. Her dad split right after she was born and shortly after she turned 5, he came back and stole away her brother. Ever since then, her mother has been her closest ally and she has grown to detest her surname.

In school, she was just a regular student but her other classmates thought her to be a ‘dumb blonde’ because she was always staring out the windows, dreaming of yesterday and how she could have done it differently. This stereotype infuriated her but it never got her to open up to the rest. She didn’t believe she needed to change anyone’s opinion. Instead, she just became cold and icy whenever anyone tried to approach her. The comments hurt her and since the day they first called her that, she never forgot the stung.

She carried it with her until the war began and she joined the Icy Rose faction to protect her mother who refused to leave Kanto. There, in the faction, she put the old stereotype to good use.

~ Other: She bites people when angered. Calling her by her last name is the same thing as calling upon you Glaceon’s Icy Wind.

May 2nd, 2007, 3:51 PM
@ Blankspace:

Good sign up. My only worry is that you won't stay active. You only have fifteen posts so I'm allowed to have my doubts. If you promise to stay active, you're in. *~Accepted / Pending~*

Also, the last spot has been reserved by Niwa. We'll have to wait until he posts his bio until we can finally start this roleplay.

Edit: If for some reason Niwa is unable to post his bio, or must withdraw, Fallen Angel will be the replacement. Thanks again to everyone that applied.

May 2nd, 2007, 8:15 PM
Well, I promise to stay active. I haven't really been posting lately since I'm working on my pokemon fanfic and I've been waiting for an RP in the other roleplay section. But there is no need to worry, I'll stay active once this thing starts.

Also... should I change my faction to The Cunning Fang? I just noticed that you both chose that one. Oops?

May 3rd, 2007, 1:07 PM
Ok, I'll hold it to you. Glad to have you with us. ^^ *~Accepted~*

Well, I would prefer it, but if you're absolutely against the idea you could stay in Icy Rose but do mission alongside our division. However, this would be a little complicated since you'd have to bring the other members in your division as well.

Also, another note. Blake, Reishin, Ashlyn, and Niwa's character will all be starting off as 12th division. This is the bottom of the barrel in terms of rank goes. Since they're all new recruits it makes sense rather than us all being the number one division in the faction. It will also improve as we execute missions and progress through the story.

May 3rd, 2007, 2:05 PM
OOC: Ok, I'm not sure if "anyone better" came, so am I in or not?

May 3rd, 2007, 4:33 PM
~ Name: Danny Bellows
~ Age: 15
~ Faction: The Obsidian Fist

~ Appearance: He always wearing a headband on his head to symbolize his extreme workout ethnic he shares with his pokemon, them being of the fighting nature and almost constantly in movement to increase there strength. A typical muscle shirt is what Danny loves to wear, but not just any muscle shirt in particular, his, Danny's muscle shirt, is tied at half way down not leaving the shirt to have any usual sway it would have if a slight breeze past. This was applied to his entire wardrobe, having loose clothes restrict his movements, and it also makes him feel as though hes "naked". A small black belt, much skinner then an average belt, is what fastens his muscle shirt to his abs tightly. The section where the muscle shirt ends around his shoulder, is tattered from excessive training, looking as though Danny has purchased this piece of clothing from the dump, rags are the looks it compels, its known that Danny initially ripped off the sleeves of the original shirt to give him this new look. Sweatpants are a must for a person who is constantly training his body, especially in the most extreme of conditions. His pants also bear the similar apperance as the muscle shirt, an even smaller version of the collar around his body is used around both of his legs, one at the ankle and one at the mid of the thigh on both legs. Danny chooses to not wear any shoes, not that he cannot afford them, he thinks to himself that it builds endurance.

~ Personality: Depending on what he is presently doing his mood will vary. When it comes to his training and his training of his own pokemon, he becomes a very serious young man. Not letting anything distract him or let his pokemon stray from there training course, he is very strict towards his regiment. His attitude out of his serious training time, is laid back, not something one would expect Danny to be at first glance. He would never let any "dirty" food enter his or his pokemon's bodies, this being about him, he refuses to let them and himself eat any sweets of the sort. Since he was young he hasn't touched sweets ever since he met his Tyroge, this makes people think this is the cause of his sour and strict attitude towards him keeping there bodies "clean" of unpure essences.

~ Team:
Tyrogue - The first pokemon Danny has caught when he was younger. They have so much history, and Tyrogue, like Danny shares an immense seriousness when it comes to training and perfecting themselves. In this relationship they both support each other in any activity the other performs. Its like a coach and athlete relationship is shared. One noticeable appearance on the Tyrogue is, its scar under its right eye. This scar was caused of an unfortunate accident that took place during there training, a result which made Danny rethink his entire persona, but with Tyrogue brushing off the wound and merely acting as though it was nothing, he gave Danny his dignity back in what they both loved to do.

Machoke - Danny met this Machoke as a Machop on his early adventures through Johto with Tyrogue. The Machop, at the time, was attacking random passersby at will. Taking it upon himself to subdue the overly active fighting pokemon, Tyrogue and Danny made quick work of it. Capturing the Machop in the process, Danny tried to raise it with care, but it has little respect for him. The only way the Machoke now respects him is for the reason, Danny helped it evolve through his training. Otherwise the pokemon will sit around lazily and will not follow Danny's command most of the time.

Mankey - A very recent pokemon caught by Danny. Surprisingly, this pokemon was captured due to the efforts of the Machoke, though not on purpose. During training when Danny had Machoke lift and toss boulders to build strength, one went astray and a loud shriek was heard. Running to see what happened, he saw a Mankey lying on the ground, fainted. Thinking of it as a perfect chance to raise another fighting pokemon, he captured it. Of course after it awakened and threw a very fierce tantrum at Danny, they started to get along very well.

~ Biography: Danny grew into a family of exercise enthusiast's. Now, not surprising at all, his family's influence started to show in him when he was young. If the body was not fit, nothing can be fit. It was a saying his father said to him and a saying he holds dear to himself and stays true to it. After leaving along while after from his home and setting out on his adventure, Danny caught wind of what was happening in Kanto. The fact that the benevolent team known as, Team Rocket, was performing such evil deeds in Kanto, and causing so many people pain was something he couldn't stand. He proposed the idea to Tyrogue and asked him if he was ready to go and help, and the pokemon shook its head, no. This shocked Danny, he always thought his pokemon to have some sort of justice embedded in him, but the pokemon not wanting to help others made him think otherwise. Tyrogue did not want to go because he was worried for his safety, Danny's safety. He wished him to not receive arm, and thus Danny did not know this until the Elite Four arrived in Johto. Where a very strong fighting pokemon user, Bruno appeared. Understanding what he could from Tyrogue, he made out the assumption that Tyrogue did not want to see Danny hurt. Of course a series of head shaking, and nod's, which lasted nearly five hours. Let him finally know the truth, and his faith in the pokemon was brought back. It was now time for him to set out, the time of the restoration of Kanto and the freedom of the pokemon was at hand.

May 3rd, 2007, 5:09 PM

I apologize but I have accepted Jyukai, Blankspace, and Niwa to participate in my roleplay. Better luck next time.

On a more important note. After seeing Niwa's character sheet, I've decided to change up the faction thing. There are no more divisions, but there are still ranks. Basically, based on what the head honcho of each faction orders, is how we'll interact. For example, Agatha needs a scouting mission near the coast of Pallet Town. She'll order whoever she deems necessary into a group to work together. The factions will actually provide an individuality among each member in the army. I think that this will provide more versatility rather than having everyone in the same faction and division. If you have any questions just PM me. We're starting...now.


The clouds exploded with bullets of cold, gray water. Lighting could be found stretching across the blackened sky, which was shortly followed by a din of thunder. The surrounding mountain range that Blake was attempting to cross was being assailed mercilessly by storm. Shielding his eyes from the downpour, Blake trudged slowly down the barely visible mountain path. There was almost no cover in this rocky terrain, so he would have to keep travelling until he found a hollow cave to sleep in. An idea stuck him moments later and he found himself releasing Mist from her ball. "Mist! I need you to look for a hollow or something for us to stay in and wait out the storm!"

The small ghost pokemon obliged her master and then dissappeared from sight. Path sloping downwards at a rather steep angle, Blake tried hard to keep himself from falling. Raindrops kept pounding the earth, which made things even more harsh for Blake. He was just about to reach a small valley between two mountains but unfortunately stumbled upon an upturned rock. Rocks instantly met with Blake's face as he tumbled down the rest of the slippery slope until winding up at the mouth of a flooded river. Mist appeared at the moment Blake collided, and told him of a small cave just nearby. Still a little jostled by his fall, Blake regained his balance and staggered over to the small cave Mist mentioned. It was carved deep into the mountain as Blake could tell, yet he wasn't worried about its ihabitants, rather, the torrential storm just outside. He could then hear shouts in the distance.

<It appears that there are several trainers brawling out there> replied Mist to Blake's puzzled face.

Blake wanted to rise and go see for himself, but the storm was furious in its wrath, and he was still very exhausted from the travelling through the mountain. Exhaustion began to grip him, and he succumbed to the world of dreams.

May 3rd, 2007, 6:37 PM
hey not to sound mean, or complain but you skipped over two ppl'z posts without saying anything, you then accepted someone after those 2 ppl

May 3rd, 2007, 9:08 PM
OOC: Um, Key since you said that the different faction thing will work, do I have to make my own imaginary members?


Ashlyn stared at the large stacks of boxes in front of her. They were everywhere. All forms of furniture in her room were covered by the menacing boxes. There was not a place to sit or drop one's thing in the hopes of unpacking. Even the closets were blocked by the stacks and piles. Her bed was covered in random articles of clothing as well. Her entire room looked like a garage sale waiting to happen. She certainly did not expect this. Stepping past the threshold, she nudged the door shut with her foot. She frowned at the disaster area and somehow tripped into a stack of the boxes, sending them over into other stacks, creating a domino effect. A few minutes of glaring at the mess, she remembered something.

Someone tapped her on the shoulder. "Hey, you're new here, right? One of the new recruits?" asked someone bearing an 'I've been promoted' party hat.

A curt nod was given him and Ashlyn continued on her way to her newly-assigned room. Slowly and composedly she went on her way despite the irritating banter her superior was making. She mustered as much self-restraint she could to prevent herself from calling forth her seel. It was her first day here and she really did not want to make a ruckus. She would hate to be kicked out for injuring a superior right after being accepted.

She faked a smile at the male keeping pace with her, struggling not to strangle him. Who in the right mind would care about his collection of rubber duckies anyway?! He noticed nothing amiss and continued on with his joyful ravings on the beauty of rubber duckies and how he was so glad to have smuggled his entire collection out of Kanto.

Nearing her room, he left her to return to his duties. "Just don't forget to enjoy your room, okay?" he called.

Now sitting in her supposedly wonderful room, she engaged in a staring contest with the boxes and tried to believe that the chatty boy didn't know about the room's present condition. However, upon examining box after box, she realized something that she could not take lightly. Most boxes bore the name of boy and those boxes he owned, happened to carry what else but junk to her.

Somewhere inside Icy Rose's dormitory, a scream echoed with an intensity that rivaled that of Feraligatr's when on a rampage.


editted to fix the post and to remove the errors to do with divisions and such... ^^;;

May 5th, 2007, 12:12 PM
"Believe me, it's fine." Reishin sighed, her legs crossed one over the other as she stared at Whist and Therm, both of whom sat before her. Lozze, who was sleeping soundly in his pokeball, made no movement, even though the two pokemon who were not asleep were arguing as loud as they could manage.

<'It's not fine!!'> Therm cried, <'I'm in unbearable pain now because of some stupid prank that didn't even work!!'>

<'It wasn't stupid!'> Whist snapped, about to go on about how ingenious his pranks were, but it was just this one fluke in which it had failed miserably and sent a pan flying into Therm's face. The prank had originally been meant for Lozze, who could easily stop the pan with a good psychic, but the minute he'd stopped it, a bucket of icy water would fall onto him. But, quite frankly, Therm could not stop the pan with a psychic, therefore, had hit him full force and sent him flying out of the warehouse in which the foursome sat, discussing who's fault it was that Therm's snout was smashed flat into his face.

"Listen, I could hardly care less," Reishin sighed, annoyed, "So shut up and let me think."

Whist and Therm shut up, but stared resentfully at their trainer, both of them no doubt wondering what their trainer could possibly find worth thinking of. Probably different ways to shut them up again. Both the banette and charmeleon had been on edge since their team was assigned to the lowest ranking division, indignant that their obvious skills were not acknowledged and that they'd have to crawl their way to the top like everyone else. It just went to show how spoiled they were, Reishin would always say, and it would always shut them up.

<'What are you thinking about?'> Whist finally asked and Reishin slid her gaze over to her first pokemon, and gave him a sinister grin, suggesting that she was plotting something big.

"What am I thinking about?" Reishin asked in a low, mysterious voice. The two pokemon leaned forward, their interest captured.

"Nothing." Reishin finished flatly, turning back to staring out the dusty window, leaving two pokemon to stare at their trainer with unimpressed gazes.

<'We have a dunce for a trainer.'>

<'Why do we listen to her?'>

<'We don't. Usually.'>

"Quiet, I'm trying to think."

<'LIAR!!'> Both pokemon shouted at their trainer.

May 11th, 2007, 4:03 AM
"Tackle!" Ashlyn yelled. "Tackle! This isn't just a training session, Galeon! This is a training session for war! Do you hear me?"

Glaceon responded by tackling harder. She attacked the tree relentlessly, causing leaves and branches to fall. Another reprimand from Ashlyn made her move even faster. Still Ashlyn yelled. There was still something wrong. It still wasn't good enough. Faster! Glaceon sped up its movements. Faster, faster, faster. Glaceon quickened. She was almost invisible.

Her trainer was still not impressed. "Glaceon, move faster! Faster! Faster! I don't train pushovers!"

<Pushover> muttered Glaceon. <Pushover? Pushover?! I'll show you pushover...>

Glaceon picked up the pace. It sed up, beating the trunk of the tree, its roots, back to the trunk, over and over, and moving faster and faster. Finally it disappeared from sight for short periods of time. A smile crept up Ashlyn's face.

"Okay, Glaceon, honey. You can stop now"

Returning to Ashlyn's side, her speed returned to its normal pace. She strutted back with her head held high and a haughty aura. She stopped casually in front of her trainer and licked its paw.

<What were you saying about pushover?> Glaceon asked, emphasizing the last word. <I could have sworn you called me a pushover. Do I look like a pushover? Does that look like a pushover's work?> she pointed to the remains of the tree, now barely a stump.

Ashlyn's expression darkened. From its previous glow, it went back to the angry look commonly associated with her. "Don't get ahead of yourself, Glaceon. You may have learned Quick Attack but that's still nothing compared to what Seel can do. And who's been with me longer?"

<Stop comparing me to him!> Glaceon yelled. <And if he's so great, why isn't he here training to be the best?!>

Ashlyn pointed to the west in the driection of the city. "There's a shallow place over there that's great for swimming. I let him and Abra relax for the day since I'm training you"

Glaceon turned its head, feigning disinterest despite obviously hurt about this matter.

A sigh escaped Ashlyn's lips and she kneeled in front of Glaceon, scratching her behind the ears. "Hey, you did great today. Don't mind my being a jerk. It's part of my job description as your trainer. Remember you signed the contract a day after I caught you."

<Hmph> went Glaceon, rolling her steely blue eyes. <Whatever>

Ashlyn pulled a small treat from her pocket. "Hey, this is for you. Congratulations on doing that technique"

She left it in front of Glaceon. It was a poffin, Glaceon's favorite.

"Now I want you to bask in your happiness before going back to the city since once you get back, I'll go back to being the jerkiest jerk you've ever met. You hear me, Glacy, sweetie?"

Ashlyn left and Glaceon stared at her retreating figure in surprise at how a few words from her trainer could drastically change her mood.

May 11th, 2007, 4:42 PM
Warmth was spreading. Sounds began to ring throughout Blake's ears. The first sound he could recognize was a merry cackle a nearby fire was emitting. Rubbing his eyes, Blake sat up and opened his droopy eye-lids. Sitting in front of him was a huge man. He had ripped muscles packed all over his bulk and a long mane of brown hair that was tied back in a ponytail. He gave off an aura of pure power which left Blake slightly overwhelmed. It took a few minutes for it to register that he was sitting in front of Kanto's very own: Bruno.

He turned his head and acknowledged Blake's presence.

"You're awake. That is good. There are things we must discuss however." he told Blake in a deep, booming voice.

"Let's start with who you are and why you are here?"

Groginess was now ebbing away from Blake as he cleared his head and answered Bruno calmly and curtly.

"I'm from this mountanious region. I crossed through last night in an attempt to reach the Elite Four headquarters. I plan on enlisting in the army."

Bruno took what Blake said into consideration and went into a deep thought. Diverting his head, Blake stared deeply into the embers burning before him. He had only hoped that this course of action would be the best for him. What if it was all pointless. Would he truly be able to help?

"You are headed in the right direction my friend. However I warn you. The road ahead is perilous and there will be instances where your life will be in serious danger. Do you still wish to proceed?"


"Very well."

Bruno then stood up, revealing to Blake a massive height to accompany his massive bulk. He then reached into his belt and pulled out a worn pokeball. He flicked to the ground, where a huge Onix filled up the back of the cave. Commanding Onix to ram through the back of the cave, Blake watched in awe as the rock-like snake easly tore down the back wall. In response to Blake's flaberghasted stare, Bruno simply said: "Your way is that way."

May 13th, 2007, 7:09 AM
Knocking. Three brisk knocks on the door followed by two subtle slow ones woke Ashlyn that night. It was loud enough to stir Glaceon who slept at her feet but it did not affect her enough to wake her. Neither was it loud enough to rouse Seel who slumbered in the inflatable pool in the corner nor Abra who slept in a little nook beside Ashlyn's bed.

Ashlyn eased the covers off and tiptoed to the door. She pressed her ear next to the wood and heard retreating footsteps. Faint as they were, she knew they were footsteps. In the dead of the night, minute details like footsteps were noticeable beyond compare especially for a light sleeper.

A few moments passed and the sounds faded into the night. Not a sound was to be heard other than Ashlyn's deep breathing and her pokemons moving about in their respective places. Ashlyn turned the knob and nudged the door open gently. She must not wake anyone. What if it was a spy from Team Rocket prowling around headquarters? If everyone were alarmed, the spy would be able to run off. But then again, what self-respecting spy would knock on the door of an enemy?

Keeping these thoughts in mind as she stepped out, she mentally prepared herself for anything. But nothing immediately got her attention. The cold tiles chilled her feet and a sudden breeze filled the hallway. She took another few steps and surveyed her surroundings. No one was around and no light from any dorm room was on. She sighed. Perhaps her mind was playing tricks on her. There was nothing here at all of interest.

Turning, she glanced upon her door a note, a sheet of paper with words scrawled upon it, obviously distorting the true handwriting of the sender. So she was wrong. There was something of interest.

She took it in her hands and went inside, shutting the door firmly. She made sure to lock the door as well, for fear that the note was simply a diversion. It was wartime, after all. The safest of places cannot be truly said to be safe at all. Every place was a possible combat zone. In any and every place, you could meet your death.

Returning to her place under the covers, the bed creaked. Abra's eyes flutted open and he saw how wide awake his trainer was.

<What is the matter, Ashlyn?> was the simple question.

With a shake of the head and a sweet smile, Ashlyn answered simply nothing. Abra nodded and closed his eyes, feigning immediate sleep. Despite his show of believing his trainer, he knew she was only acting. A smile only proved that there was something wrong. Ashlyn's acting could fool anyone but her closest allies and Abra was one of them.

Once sure that Abra was asleep, although he was not actually sleeping, Ashlyn took out the note and read it quickly before tucking it securely in her pillowcase.