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April 26th, 2007, 12:15 PM
I'm leaving pokecommunity so I just wanted to say,

Why I Quit:

I'm quitting because I DONT like Pokecommunity because whenever I want to post something there is a database error so if you were my friend sorry that i'm leaving!Bye Gyes:4: :sean: :3: :psy copy: :20: :pokeball: :2: :os: :19: :chu: :mew: :17: :9: :may: :15: :7: :top: :5: :snea: :king: :13: :latias: :14: :lg: :8: :16: :meow: :bone: :18: :mew2: :1: :dragonite :10: :fr: :11: :kec: :12: :t331: :t203: :t137: :t009: :t267: :t201-!: :t073: :t094: :t352: :t224: :t158: :t030: :t288: :t309: :t201-g: :t115: :t373: :t245: :t179: :t051: :t104: :t362: :t234: :t168: :t040: :t298: :t319: :t201-q: :t125: :t383: :t255: :t189: :t061: :t082: :t340: :t135:

April 26th, 2007, 12:19 PM
Bye. Have fun where you're going.
Leaving threads are not allowed though.