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September 27th, 2003, 8:39 AM
i would like to know who added me to his/her contacts list? beacause i can't acept any contacts without knowing who they are. thanks.

September 27th, 2003, 8:45 AM
A topic just for finding out who added you to MSN isn't really suited for a topic...

You shouldn't accept contacts unless you know them, yeah. People who want to add you should PM you first.

John Denver
September 28th, 2003, 5:25 AM
Maybe you should just ask people who use MSN and their sn's..instead of it centering around ya...shizzah

BOO ya!

September 28th, 2003, 6:02 AM
Hmm...wasn't this closed before?

September 28th, 2003, 6:09 AM
Dakota opened it for some reason... *close*