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April 29th, 2007, 6:28 PM
Okay, so I kind of wanted to get a Sinnoh based RP out there. I know the plot isn't of the highest quality, but I'm sure I'll get by. XD Anyways, DO NOT join if you are going to quit it without telling me. I'm hoping to make a sort of series, but that requires an RP to actually survive.


There exists a Team in this world more sinister than Rocket, Aqua, and Magma combined. This team isn't afraid to kill to reach their goal, nor do they hesitate to commit terribly crimes against Pokemon such as illegal testing. This team is known as Team Galactic, and is featured prominently in the Sinnoh region. They have a goal that even the members are unaware of, but they still carry on. Only a handful of individuals, the boss and his subordinates, are aware of the team's goal. The leader of Team Galactic, Cyrus, has but one goal. Through the power of legendary Pokemon, he wishes to create his own world, and rule it as a deity.

Cyrus originally planned on completing his goal by utilizing the powers of the Pokemon known as Dialga and Palkia. He used Team Galactic to capture the legendaries know as Azelf, Mespirit, and Uxie, and extracted the red gems from their foreheads using a variety of inhumane methods. Cyrus had his scientists create a necklace from these gems, and he took the necklace to the highest point of Mount Coronet, the Spear Pillar, and awakened the two Pokemon of time and space. However, just as Cyrus' dream was becoming reality, two trainers arrived and defeated him. Dialga and Palkia were subdued with help from Azelf, Mesprit, and Uxie, and Cyrus was forced to go into hiding.

Two years have passed since that fateful day, and Galactic has seemingly disbanded. There are small leftover groups left here and there, mostly run by its Commanders, but other than that Galactic has disappeared. Disbanded, that is, until Cyrus made a mysterious reappearance. Nearly a week after Cyrus had returned, Galactic was a fully functioning group once more. It was around that time that Cyrus made an announcement about an expedition to Full Moon Island. Apparently, Cyrus had been in Hoenn for the past two years, and had formed an alliance with Team Aqua. Based on the fact that the ocean was influenced by the moon, Archie and Cyrus made an educated assumption that the legendary Pokemon Kyogre and Cresselia may be connected. However, apparently some preparatory tasks needed to be completed before moving on with the operation...

Your Role
You and your Pokemon are in the general area of Solaceon Town, when you witness an explosion off in the general direction of the Solaceon Ruins. Curious as to what is taking place there, you rush over and encounter Team Galactic, whom apparently seem to be up to no good once more.

Occupation: (Normal trainer? Blackbelt? Gym Trainer? What?)
Pokemon: (6 only; no legendaries)

RP Sample:


Name: Soren L. Exenburgh
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Occupation: Archaeologist/ Mythology Student

Soren, having an interest in ghosts, the past, as well as the myths of the world, dresses in a fashion that certainly shows off these qualities. He stands at a height of 5'8" overall, and he has blue eyes and straight, black hair that reaches down to his shoulders in a ponytail. Although he usually wears contacts, he does have a pair of reading glasses that he carries around in his pack. Usually, he wears a pair of black dress pants along with a black shirt. Over top of this shirt, he wears a dark purple vest, which matches the colour of his standard running shoes. On his left wrist lay his Poketch, and on his left wrist is a silver bracelet with various silver charms resembling legendary Pokemon on them. There are eight in total: Latias, Lugia, Mew, Celebi, Jirachi, Manaphy, Ho-oh, and Giratina. This bracelet was given to him by his mother before she was killed by Team Galactic, so he holds it very dear. Around his neck is a simple, black, thin rope necklace, with a hook on it. Attached to this hook is usually his Mismagius' Pokeball. He keeps the rest of his Pokeballs in little pockets inside the right side of his vest, while the items he carries are on the left.

Soren is a very knowledgeable individual, especially when it comes to his fields of interest. If it's related to archeology, ghosts, or myths, Soren is your boy. He is usually very enthusiastic in regards to tasks he needs to complete, and he's easy to get along with. Because of the field he takes interest in, and the type of Pokemon he prefers, he is often regarded as loony or strange by many, some even keeping their distance from him. He takes learning very seriously, and is often consumed by his studies. When an issue piques his interest, you can guarantee that Soren will try and get involved by any means necessary. For example, when the fossils of a Kabutops were obtained by a small leftover faction of Galactic, Soren caught wind. He ended up infiltrating this small groups base disguised as a Galactic member just to get a look at them. He takes his relationships with others very seriously, especially with his Pokemon, since he believes strongly in maintaining a strong bond with those he spends every day of his life with, and because they were overall his best friends in the world. In regards to people, he tries his best to befriend everyone he can, but he understands that not every completely understands him. Despite how "square" he sounds, he is actually a fun loving guy who enjoys socializing with other. He has a deep hatred for Galactic, since they took almost everything from him.

Soren was born and raised at an estate in Floaroma Town by his mother. His father was almost away at work, so he rarely saw him. The times he did see him, however, he was often brought on trips to the far reaches of Sinnoh. At age 13, his father caught him his very first Pokemon, Misdreavus, when they went to the Lost Tower to pray for those Pokemon that had been killed by the efforts of Team Galactic. It was at this point that Soren began to develop an interest in training Pokemon. Gerald Exenburgh, Soren's father, was a scientist with a passion for the past. It was thanks to him that Soren developed an interest in Pokemon archeology, and when his father started his new career involving mythology, he gained that interest as well. When he was 14, Gerald admitted something to his son. He had begun to work for Team Galactic. Soren was traumatized, and distanced himself from his father for nearly half a year. It was around this time that Gerald approached Soren with a girl, no older than ten. The way she was behaving, she didn't seem normal. She was growling, and swiping with her hands while crawling on her arms and knees. His father, leash in hand, explained that Galactic had assigned him the task of raising this feral girl who had been raised by Houndour and Houndoom, and making her a normal person. He wanted Soren to do it, since he didn't have the time. Not being able to resist the first request ever given to him by his father, he accepted. He named the girl Lyff in reference to the sound she tended to make. It took six months of hardships at the estate before Lyff began to act more like a normal human. She was able to speak, and walk properly, although some of her instincts still remained. The two had become close friends, and Lyff finally decided to show Soren where she was raised. She brought Soren all the way to the Houndoom den, and the two even received Houndoom of their own. Nearly moments after they walked through the door to the estate, Soren was grabbed by his father, he was demanding he hand Lyff over to him so he could take her back to Galactic. Apparently, Lyff was going to be used in some form of experiment that night. Soren refused, and ran off with his friend to the nearby Jubilife City. When they returned a day later, Soren found his estate in flames. He ran inside the flaming building, only to find his mother's body dead in her bedroom. He barely managed to escape the estate, and when he did, Lyff was gone. It was possible that she had fled due to her instincts, though it was more probably that Galactic had swiped her while he was distracted. Upset, angry, and distraught, he found himself wandering Sinnoh until word of Team Galactic's disbandment started floating around. After this occurred, Soren began looking for Lyff, but couldn't find her anywhere. It was at this point that he was taken in by an old man in Celestic Town. This man apparently was an ex-archaeologist, and he specialized in Pokemon myths. Soren studied under this man for a year, before setting out to explore Sinnoh himself. He was studying Solaceon Ruins, home to the Unown, at the time Galactic showed up.


http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpffa/dpffa429.pngMismagius (F)
Mismagius was originally captured at the Lost Tower as a Misdreavus. She was also Soren's first Pokemon, caught and given to him by his father when they went on an excursion to pray for those Pokemon who had lost their lives at the hands of Team Galactic. Mismagius is a very mischevious, attention seeking Pokemon, who often gets jealous of others that take away Soren's attention from her. She often tries to impress him when her spotlight is taken, and since she is a rather clumsy Pokemon, it leads to some disastrous events. When she is embarrassed or upset, she often hides in solid objects so she can mope around. Overall, she is a very hyper Pokemon with only the best intentions in regards to her trainer; even if she screws up a lot.

http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpffa/dpffa471.pngGlaceon (F)
Glaceon was originally an Eevee given to Soren in the form of an egg by the well known Sinnoh Pokemon professional, Professor Rowan. He kept it as close to him as he did his Mismagius, and they formed an unbreakable bond. When he visited Snowpoint City with his father, he strayed away to train his two Pokemon, alone. He eventually got lost in the midst of a blizzard, and found himself getting attacked by a wild Sneasel. Eevee unknowingly took on the Sneasel near the ice rock and barely won. As a result of the location, Eevee evolved into Glaceon. Glaceon is a very calm and collective Pokemon, which is a personality that conflicts with Mismagius'.

http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpmfa/dpmfa425.pngDrifloon (M)
By the time he had obtained Drifloon, Soren had already developed an interest in ghost type Pokemon. After stumbling upon the Valley Windworks near his hometown of Floaroma on a Friday afternoon, he stumbled upon this strange Pokemon. He originally thought it was an actual balloon, and pulled on the string. Drifloon took this as an implication that Soren wanted to be friends, and it tied itself to his right index finger. After finding out that it was a ghost Pokemon, Soren felt empowered to keep it as part of his team. Drifloon is a very curious, naive Pokemon, that likes everyone and everything. It has been known to drift away from Soren, and cling to some random person or Pokemon, making complicated predicaments for him.

http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpmfa/dpmfa093.pngHaunter (M)
Shortly after he discovered his father's secret, Soren was encouraged by his Mismagius to revisit the Lost Tower so he could think properly. While they were there, Mismagius came across a Gastly she had been friends with before she was caught. Soren realized this all on his own, and asked the Gastly if it wanted to come with them. The Gastly agreed, and Soren had found a new friend. About a month later, Gastly evolved into Haunter after it was put through many battles when Soren's family's estate was assaulted by Team Galactic. Haunter, like Mismagius, is very mischevious, yet at the same time very loyal. He has shown signs of having a crush on Mismagius, although she is too dense to realize.

http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpmfa/dpmfa022.pngFearow (M)
Soren originally discovered Fearow as an egg washed up on the lake shore during his investigation of Lake Acuity, had a specialist identify it as a Spearow egg in the nearby Snowpoint City. Since Spearow were native to Kanto, and they weren't present in Sinnoh, he was left wondering how it came to end up in such a place. Since he wasn't able to find the egg's owner in Snowpoint City nearby, he kept it for himself. Over time, it evolved into the strong, reliable, sneaky Fearow it is today. Fearow plays a crucial role in Soren's party as a scout, since Drifloon is too easily distracted to handle the task itself. Fearow is also, by far, the most serious of all Soren's Pokemon, often keeping to itself instead of messing around with the others.

http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpffa/dpffa229.pngHoundoom (F)
Shortly before Team Galactic cut Soren off from Lyff, she had taken him to see the place where she was raised, and the Pokemon that raised her. The wild Houndour and Houndoom assaulted the pair when they entered the den near Veilstone City. However, they were soon called off by the Houndoom elder, who recognized Lyff's scent. It was then that the elder told two Houndoom to watch over the pair (or at least, that's what Lyff says she said). And thus, the two ended up gaining a Houndoom each. The two Pokemon represented the bond that they shared, and that bond is still shared even though they now lie on opposite sides. Houndoom is very protective, and is often blinded by this quality, albeit it's very playful.

Name: Lyff
Age: 13
Gender: Female
Occupation: Team Galactic Operative: Serving under Commander Mars

Lyff is a very innocent looking girl with big blue eyes, and forest green hair that she wears in a ponytail that reaches entirely down her back. She is quite short, standing at 5'3", but this is obviously due to her age. Despite the fact that most Galactic members are required to dress in uniform, Lyff has special rights to dress as she wishes, as long as she sports the Galactic emblem and it is clearly visible. So, since she still clings to her life in the wild, she wears clothing that represent it. She wears what is essentially an alternately coloured version of what most female martial artists (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dptr/dptr020.png) train in. A forest green, midriff-baring tanktop with a dark brown stripe across the chest and a pair of forest green short shorts. She also has a pair of dark brown, fingerless gloves on. Thrown over her shoulders she has a long, orangey-brown cape that reaches to just above the ground. There are many holes and such torn into the cape so that it resembles a fallen leaf that has begun to decompose. The signature "G" of Team Galactic is also featured in the center of this cape. She wears no shoes, as she sees no need for them.

Lyff is a naive child with a one-track mind. Because of the way she grew up, she is still oblivious to the nature of most people, and it is almost impossible for her to detect when she is being taken advantage of, or lied to. In fact, that's the whole reason she's with Galactic in the first place! She is a very caring girl, despite the field of work she's in, and because she is the youngest member of Team Galactic, she is bullied and pushed around by other members often. She does have a great deal of respect for Commander Mars, however, since she took her in and began to train her as her pupil. She sees Mars as a very strong trainer with a very strong personality. Lyff is very reliant on others, especially her Pokemon, since she feels she can't stand for herself on her own two legs. This lack of confidence in herself often leads to extra conflict with her colleagues, especially when she is around Cyrus. Mars tries to help her as much as possible, but it's a flaw she really needs to overcome herself. When not working, Lyff is a generally bubbly and curious girl with a big heart and a love for adventuring. She is very curious, and often ends up in trouble since there is still so much about the human world that she doesn't know about.

As a baby, Lyff was supposedly abandoned by her parents, and was found by a pack of Houndoom and Houndour. These Pokemon, too afraid of humans to take her to the city, decided to raise her as one of their own. She grew up learning how to essentially act like a Houndoom, and was accepted into the pack. When she was ten, Cyrus stumbled upon the den during a mission, and found Lyff inside. His interest piqued at the possibility of a girl raised by Pokemon being able to become a formidable trainer, he attempted to capture her. When he initially tried, he ended up confronting her along with the Houndour of the pack. He made quick work of the Houndour, but when he went to grab the growling girl, she chomped down onto his arm, sending a wave of pain through his body. Cyrus, who was essentially void of any emotion, knocked her unconcious with his own two hands and dragged her motionless body all the way back to Galactic HQ. For a few days after this, she found herself chained up in a dark cell underneath the HQ, tied up like an animal. Cyrus eventually assigned someone to find a person capable of taming her, and she ended up in the hands of Soren. When Soren first set eyes on her, she was covered up in a large rag with a hole for her head to stick through. She was snarling and growling at him, and he wasn't sure what to make of her. After a bit of time together, Lyff began to warm up to him, and began to learn how to speak and such at an incredibly fast rate. It only took six months for her to learn how to walk and talk! Not being able to let go of her past, however, she often visited the Houndoom den to seek guidance. She wanted to find out who her real parents were more than anything. When Soren's estate was burned to the ground, she was abducted by Commander Mars, who made her a deal. If she would work for Galactic, they would help her find her parents. This, of course, was a lie, albeit one Mars didn't want to tell, and Lyff has been used be the team ever since. Lyff still wonders about what happened to Soren, and secretly hopes that he can find a way to break her away from the dark group that she was now bound to.


http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpffa/dpffa153.pngBayleef (F)
Lyff was already in possession of Chikorita when she was brought to Soren's estate. Galactic had apparently provided her with the Pokemon so that she had a partner to rely on when she began to normalize. The two noticed the strong bond Soren had with his Pokemon, and began to strive for a similar relationship. The two succeeded, and they haven't been apart since. Chikorita evolved into Bayleef during Lyff's initial Galactic training. Bayleef has a very cheerful and carefree personality most of the time, but her mood is generally affected by Lyff's. Bayleef is also very loyal, and enjoys the company of others. Bayleef's biggest weakness is her overprotective nature. She sees the reality that Lyff is naive and easily used, so she attempts to protect her no matter the cost.

http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpmfa/dpmfa049.pngVenomoth (M)
Venomoth was a Pokemon given to Lyff when she accepted the offer to join Team Galactic. Over time, the two have formed a bond that is more like a business relationship than anything. As long as Lyff keeps him happy, he'll perform his job. He has been a valuable asset to her party on many of the missions she has been assigned, since it possesses powders with various effects, including sleep, poison and paralysis. Venomoth has a very unique personality in the sense that he has mood swings, a LOT. It is unusual for this Pokemon to hold a single personality trait for more than an hour. Lyff thinks it's a quirky feature that makes Venomoth a very special Pokemon, and it also gives some form of an edge during battle since it adds to unpredictability.

http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpffa/dpffa229.pngHoundoom (M)
Shortly before Team Galactic took Lyff away from Soren, she had taken him to see the place where she was raised, and the Pokemon that raised her. The wild Houndour and Houndoom assaulted the pair when they entered the den near Veilstone City. However, they were soon called off by the Houndoom elder, who recognized Lyff's scent. It was then that the elder told two Houndoom to watch over the pair (or at least, that's what Lyff says she said). And thus, the two ended up gaining a Houndoom each. The two Pokemon represented the bond that they shared, and that bond is still shared even though they now lie on opposite sides. Lyff's Houndoom is very serious, and is often blinded by this quality, albeit it's very playful.

http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpffa/dpffa416.pngVespiquen (F)
Like Venomoth, Vespiquen was given to Lyff as a gift for joining Team Galactic. Vespiquen and Lyff have a very interesting relationship, since Vespiquen sees herself as a mother figure to the human. Vespiquen is often seen picking up after Lyff, and well as scolding her when she does something wrong. Since Lyff had been raised by Pokemon for most of her life anyways, she acts in kind like nothing is wrong with the situation. Like the rest of the her Pokemon, Vespiquen is fully aware that Lyff is being used, and is waiting for the perfect opportunity to execute a plan that could get Lyff away from Galactic. Due to Lyff's blind loyalty and naive persona, it will have to be a plan executed through force, or else Lyff won't go along with it.

http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/eggsprite.pngEgg x2
What will hatch from these is unknown. Lyff was given them by Commander Mars as a present.

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reserve me a spot, kay?

I'll try and get a sign up by tomorow. >>

Legendary Squirtle
April 29th, 2007, 8:54 PM
can you reserve me a spot too, thanks

The Holy Shoe
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Hmmm...I've been meaning to try out an RP here. I'll work on something in the morning. ^^

April 30th, 2007, 3:08 AM
Sounds cool, I'll post my sign-up after school (3:00 EST).

April 30th, 2007, 10:22 AM
Name:Jason Green
Occupation: Trainer

Appearance:Jason stands at 6 feet,slim build and brown hair.
His long hair growing down over his eyes.He wears a a long,black sweatshirt with a white T-Shirt underneath.His black cargo pants slightly too big.Black boots on his feet slightly tarnished.

Personality:Jason is a usually a friendly guy,unless he is in a bad mood.If he is it's best to not say anything to get him going.
He doesn't like to speak about his past much unless he absolutely has to.

History:Jason's history is a complicated one.His mother died shortly after birth,leaving him and his 2 year older brother,Kyle,with an abusive father.When he was 10 he and his brother ran away from home with the pokemon they were given when they were each 5.
Travelling constantly for a year they had many hardships.
After a while they were offered a place to live at a house in Goldenrod City with the old man called Stephenson who lived there.They lived there for 3 years before Kyle left too train his Pokemon.2 years later Stephenson died of a heart attack.Jason decided to follow his Brothers footsteps and went on his own adventure.


Personality:Jason's first pokemon.Quilava is a a very excitable pokemon.Easily annoyed too.He is very close too evolving but can't seem to get that last little bit.

Lucario (M)
Personality:Evolved from a Riolu,he is a loyal pokemon with a strong sense of justice.But he is actually a very fun loving pokemon underneath

Personality:She is a very quiet pokemon,and rarely socializes with the rest of the group but that doesn't stop them from liking her.

PersonalityWeaville is a great pokemon on Jason's team.Although he is aware of it and is a bit cocky at times.

Personality:Munchlax is,like most of his speces,always eating.He is very happy and jolly.

April 30th, 2007, 12:11 PM
Name: Leon Williams
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Occupation: Fire Pokemon Expert/Gym Leader Hopeful

Appearance: Leon is rather handsome, by most standards. He's at a tall height at 5'11". His build isn't thin, but he's not a muscle head either. He's a happy medium. His skin is a rich apricot color and has a warm glow to it. It tends to bring out his shiny blue eyes. His long red hair is pulled back into a long braid that travels down past his shoulders.

He wears a black T-shirt with a small fire symbol on the chest. Around it is a black leather jacket, with a flame print rising up around the bottom edge. The neck of the coat was big and furry, it's color was a mixture of reds and yellows. It almost looked like a large lion's mane. He wears matching leather pants, but they aren't tight like the jacket. They look more like bellbottoms, and have the same fire print as the jacket on each leg. He wears flat black shoes. Some don't know whether to call him a biker or a dancer. Around a fire print belt are 6 pokeballs. Tied around the collar of his jacket, Leon wears a long fiery cape.

Personality: Being a master of fire pokemon, you'd think that Leon would have a "hot" personality. You'd be right. All of the emotions he feels are never very subtle, but explode out of him. He talks loud and enthusiasticly often, without realizing it. Though his emotions can also change very fast too. If you get him angry, then he'll be just like the raging fire that he uses in battle. Even though he's not a pyromaniac anymore, you could say he's still a little crazy. Not actually crazy but extremely energetic, he can't sit down for more than a few seconds. Though he's able to focus his high flying emotions very well, which is Leon's greatest strength. His greatest weakness however (like Brock) is his love for girls. All girls...

History: Leon grew up at a large Pokemon Ranch in Sinnoh, near Solaceon Town. When he was 10 disaster struck. Team Galactic came and kidnapped every pokemon on the ranch. When Leon's parents stood up to Cyrus they were taken hostage and never seen again. This brought Leon into the care of his Aunt and Uncle in Solaceon Town. The event caused severe emotional damage and Leon became a pyromaniac. After he set off a huge fire, he realized what he'd become and decided to use his obsession with fire to his advantage. His mental anguish disintegrated as he ran away from home on a quest through Sinnoh to master all aspects of fire pokemon.

Once Leon became the self proclaimed master of fire pokemon, he sought the Sinnoh Pokemon League Council. Currently he's trying to convince them to authorize a fire gym in Solaceon Town, but they won't allow him to until Flint's reign in the Elite Four is ended. He often thinks of moving away to Johto to become an official gym leader if Sinnoh doesn't promote him soon.


Arcanine was the first pokemon that Leon encountered after he ran away from his Aunt and Uncle. It was a Growlithe then, and he caught it with one of the pokeballs that he stole from his Uncle, a pokemon breeder. It evolved during a fight against Wake's Quagsire. Growlithe was his last pokemon, and Quagsire was Wake's last. It seemed completely hopeless, but just as Quagsire prepared it's final attack Growlithe triumphantly evolved(there was a fire stone on the floor...) and defeated the Quagsire despite the type differences. Arcanine is Leon's best friend, and very loyal. Yet, in battle it's one of the fiercest opponents you'll meet, as it uses it's cunning agility to it's advantage.

Typhlosion was what hatched out of an egg that he'd received, after Leon had returned from his journey. His Uncle had given him the egg, and being a fire pokemon, Leon couldn't resist training it all the way up to it's final stage. Typhlosion is a monster in battle, attacking multiple times rapidly, trying not to leave an opening for opposing pokemon to attack. It's favorite combination is firespin, followed by a series of Flame Wheels causing a giant fiery vortex. It's the same in real life, always trying to be the center of attention.

One day in Solaceon after he'd returned from his journey, everyone would see a Ponyta wandering around the town. People had tried to catch it, but their pokeballs didn't work. It turned out to already have a pokeball. The Ponyta had escaped Team Galactic's attack on Leon's Ranch years before.It recognized Leon despite the years that had gone by, and showed him the location of it's pokeball. Whenever Leon needs a ride he uses Ponyta, who had evolved into a Rapidash recently, for a quick lift as he doesn't have any flying pokemon. It is a very elegant, and majestic pokemon, and always likes to make a statement. People regret it when the make fun of Rapidash.

Magmar was caught while Leon was exploring a small chain of Volcanic Islands off the coast of Sinnoh. They're too small to even be named, but they were a popular training spot for fire pokemon, and learned about it when passing through Iron Island. It was tough to catch, but in the end Arcanine prevailed, and it was caught. It is generally dimwitted, but in a fight it uses it's strong physical attacks to make up for the rest of the team's special attacking.

RP Sample: Salem closed his eyes and grinned. It was an evil grin, a dark aura even seemed to be swirling around him.
"So, you thought you could beat me. You thought that you'd be able to save the day, didn't you. I'm sorry to let you down, but...Get him, Scizor."Salem smirked malevolently. He reopened his eyes with a maniacal laughter. The eyes that I couldn't bare to look at. Their lime green almost seemed to glow, a darkness flowing from them striking fear into the hearts of his opponents. So calm, yet so terrible.
On the command Scizor brought his large claws back up to his sides, extending them fully. The small circles on each of them began to glow a bright white, as a similar light began to swirl around each arm. Even though it was pure white it kept getting even brighter, until I had to squint to see anything. His entire claws were now engulfed in a white hot glow, and sparks began to creep around Scizor's body. In one swift motion the steel pokemon brought back his arms and tilted his chest forwards, then thrust each claw forward, making them impact in front of him. The attack that emerged was unbelievable.
"Pupitar!"I shouted in desperation to my doomed pokemon. From the Scizor's claws shot a hyper beam of unbelievable proportions. It's main white energy beam had to be at least 6 feet wide, not counting the large orange spiral around it, and the blue electricity sparking at random all around the attack. Pupitar was in peril, and all he could do was harden itself. He became nothing but a black silhouette in the white beam, then he simply faded to nothing. The beam kept going right through him, and devastated a wall.
"Hmm, it took less than I thought,"the madman chuckled, admiring the still going beam from his Scizor's claws, "Excellent work, Scizor."
Then the unbelievable happened. I could see the beam starting to struggle, not as if the attack was ending but as if something was holding it back. The orange spiral would start and stop, and the beam began flashing with sparks. A powerful roar could be heard through the beam, from where Pupitar had been. A new silhouette had appeared within the beam. A much bigger silhouette had appeared, like a giant spiky version of Larvitar. Once again it roared, and I could see the silhouette pushing against the beam with it's small, but powerful arms. The entire beam up to it's point disappeared, leaving a giant green creature pushing against it.

Legendary Squirtle
April 30th, 2007, 3:06 PM
Name: Jake
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Occupation: Normal trainer

Appearance: Jake is an attractive boy to say the least. Standing at 5'10", he is at average height for his age; he weighs about 180 pounds. He is always active, giving him a lean and built figure, and also giving him the athletic advantage over most. He has straight, jet black hair. He also has oddly colored light brown eyes, and dark brown skin. He is always seen wearing a plain gray shirt, navy blue jeans, and grayish, white shoes. He wears fitness gloves on each hand with the fingers cut off, to cover up a burn he has on his right hand. He carries a black backpack, with a purple flame everywhere he goes; in which necessities are kept such as pokeballs, potions, food (for himself and his pokemon), and more. Jake always wears a black pokeball belt, used to carry, his pokemon

Personality: Jake is very reclusive and quiet. He keeps almost all his problems to himself and doesn’t like to allow other people to get to know him. It takes quite some time to crack his shell and get to know him. If someone does get to be close to him it’s as if his personality takes a flip. He becomes much nicer and may even confess some of his feelings to the person. Once Jake trusts someone and considers them a friend he will not want to lose them and will defend them will all his strength. Jake is very witty and sarcastic and loves to point out flaws and mistakes that others make.

History: Before Seath decided to take on the Pokemon League in Sinnoh he lived in Mossdeep City in Houen. He lived on the small island for most of his life. After saving a Squirtle from a Sharpedo, he decided to go to Sinnoh a region unknown to all lot of people. He eventually managed to beat all 8 Gym leaders and qualify for the Pokemon League. He got to the quarter finals before finally being knocked out by the former Champion of the Sinnoh region. He then decided to spend another month before returning to Houen.



Squirtle is Jake’s first pokemon and thus very loyal to Jake. It will take charge when Jake is not around and is kind towards other pokemon. Even though its kind to other pokemon, it don’t like being around new people without Jake. It doesn’t want to evolve because of an incident it had before it was given to Jake. Though it’s unevolved it can still hold its own in a battle and bring down opponents that look bigger than it. Jake keeps it outside of its pokeball all the time, just incase something bad happens and he can’t reach his pokeball.

Arcainine (M):

Arcainine was given to Jake, as a Growlithe as a gift, from his father right after he beat the first gym. At first Growlithe and Seath never go along great, they would often argue and Growlithe would ignore Jake’s commands in battle. However in Eterna Forest, Squirtle managed to convince Growlithe that Jake wasn’t bad guy, Growlithe decided to obey Jake’s orders from then on and a bond developed between them. Growlithe then evolved into Arcainine after Jake gave it a fire stone during his 6th Gym battle match against Steelix. Arcainine tends to have a aggressive personality no new pokemon, but doesn’t attack until Jake tells him too.

Gardevior (F):

Gardevior was caught as a Ralts near Velstone City by Jake. It had a shy personality and wouldn’t talk with any pokemon or person it didn’t know. Ralts eventually evolved into a Kirlia, and then again into a Gardevior at Jake’s Final Gym battle against Volkner’s Ambipom. Gardevior has a great bond with Jake and will give its life for him. They have a psychic connection that allows Jake to give commands to her telepathically, but this is rarely used.

Luxray (M):

Luxray was caught as a Shinx near town, making it Jake’s first caught pokemon. It was and still is a really energetic pokemon. It evolved into a Luxio to protect Jake from a swarm of pokemon and then a Luxray some time after. Luxray is always up for a battle even if the odds are not in its favor. It will become disobedient to Jake, because they don’t always see eye to eye, but this only happens on rare occasions. Jake uses Luxray in a lot of battles and it has become his powerhouse.

Cranidos (F):

Cranidos is Jake’s newest pokemon. It was dug up by a scientist as a Skull fossil, and was given to Jake after he came home from the Pokemon League, to be revived at the Oraburh Museum. As soon as it was revived, it got scared and ran off into the wild. Jake chased after it and managed to befriend it by giving it a rare berry that its species ate long ago. The scientists at the Museum decided to let it go with Jake because they wanted to study its evolved form. Jake rarely uses Cranidos in battle mainly because, he just got it. Cranidos has a more passive personality and will do anything Jake tells it to do, except meet other pokemon. It’s mostly by Jake’s side, when he is out of his pokeball, because he is the only trainer Cranidos trust.

Staraptor (F):

Staraptor was caught by Jake as a Starly. This capture was Shinx’s first battle and was intended to see how strong he was. After Starly was weakened by Shinx’s tackle attack, Jake decided to catch it because it was really strong and he knew he would need it for his second gym badge. It evolved into a Staravia during a practice battle against a trainer’s Hoothoot and again right before Jake’s 5th Badge. Staraptor has a caring personality and will look out for all of Jake’s pokemon when he is not around.

April 30th, 2007, 3:10 PM
Name: Alicia [Alice] Florence
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Occupation: Assistant in the Sunbaked Pokemon Spa

Appearance: Alice has a very feminine appearance, complete with all the delicate lady-like aspects needed in a young lady of proper descent. Her long, pale blonde hair reaches the small of her back, her long bangs reaching just past her chin, and set in a side part that is an inch above the end of her large emerald eyes. However, these bangs are clipped aside by two green triangle-shaped clips, and kept out of her way along with the rest of her hair, which is usually brushed behind her ears. Her normally pale lips are graced with a sheer pink gloss, and this is the only make-up that Alice opt’s to wear most of the time, unless the occasion calls for a dash more. Her attire consists plainly of a white turtleneck shirt, the synthetic material water-proof, and the wide, flowing sleeves reaching halfway down her forearm, though folded back once and buttoned in place with a large lime colored button. The turtleneck reaches half a foot past the widest curve of her hips, and mostly covers the black pleated mini-skirt that covers her mid-section, a two thin white stripes passing around the bottom edge. Underneath the skirt, Alice wears a pair of black bikershorts which are cut so that they don’t pass the rim of the skirt. On her legs are a pair of black knee-high tights that peek out from behind a pair of ashen colored boots that resemble figure skating shoes that extend up to the bottom of her kneecap, the criss-crossing laces white and lined with a bright green. She wears a dark olive fanny pack around her waist which also carries her pokeballs, acting as a sort of belt, while a black fingerless glove wraps itself around her right hand. This glove, however, only covers her knuckles, and half of her palm, and doesn’t reach her wrist.

Personality: Alice has a laid-back personality, and may seem like she has a flat string of reactions, which is almost always a quiet smile and gentle response. She always tries her best to please the people around her, even though what with her whacked out sense of humor and complete lack of common sense, the joke is usually on her. She rarely expresses any emotion in excess, other then bubbly ditzyness, giving most people the impression that she’s not a very smart person. And when it comes to anything but battle strategies, she really isn’t all that smart. Alice is unbelieveably gullible, helpless in stressing situations, and mostly only good for a laugh at her expense, or for moral support. Even if she’s a useless bag of extra luggage, she’s a loyal friend, and when she truly trusts someone, she discards all thought that the person in question is even capable of lying to her, or using her. This makes Alice the kind of selfless person who’s concentrated so much on helping other people achrieve their dreams, that Alice herself doesn’t have a dream of her own, and simply likes helping out other people. Thus, Alice easily feels alone, and has very little self-confidence in her own abilites. A caring person, Alice usually ends up playing an older sister role for the people around her, even with her spacey and kind of dimwitted impression.

History: A quiet girl, Alice was always someone who was known and well liked, but never someone people preferred to be around because of her strangely lenient personality which gave little or no authority. She usually ended up being used by the kids around her because she was so gullible, and was so easily tricked. However, this was something Alice never noticed or realized, even as she grew older. She perfected her skills in the fine arts before turning to pokemon training and grooming after she met her first pokemon, a Roselia she found hiding in her family’s rose garden. She quickly excelled in grooming, and discovered that her father’s sister owned a pokemon grooming shop in Solaceon, and within the week, she’d convinced her aunt to let her help out. She spent the next 4 years in Solaceon, and is now a common sight in the stores scattered about the town. Alice spent most of her time outside, and grew up alongside the Roselia, which she gave no nickname until she found another pokemon, a Cherrim whom she nicknamed Bluuza. It was at this point she decided to name Roselia as well, and thought a double letter trend in the nicknames she gave would be incredibly cute. Though she has a full team, the only pokemon she's ever captured are Wailord and Magnezone, the two she uses in battles most frequently (as she couldn't bear to see the rest of her pokemon's coats dirtied,) and the rest she'd either found or had been given.

Roserade : F : Rozza (RAH-zah) – Given

Rozza is a very vain pokemon, the type who believes that she is queen and everyone else, well. Everyone else exists only to keep her company. She has strong opinions and is quite the opposite of her longtime trainer, Alice. It’s odd that Rozza will take commands only from her trainer who could easily be unraveled by Rozza’s headstrong personality. Strangely enough, Rozza is prone to becoming extremely jealous of Bluuza, mainly because she believes that as Alice’s first pokemon, she should’ve been the one to receive a nickname first, and it’s not hard to find Rozza picking on Bluuza. Rozza refuses to battle unless her personal appearance is threatened, or insulted. She keeps the Spa smelling nice by sitting on the counter, lounging there for most of the day.

Cherrim : F : Bluuza (Bl-OO-zah) - Found

A cheerful spirit, Bluuza resembles Alice in all ways possible, save for the fact that she is a very hyper pokemon who’s constantly all over the place. As gullible as can be, it’s almost dangerous for Bluuza’s health, how easily she believes what she’s told. Bluuza, however, has incredible trouble trusting any pokemon that isn’t a grass type, and is deathly afraid of bug pokemon, to the point where she’s run away for a week at the sight of a beedrill owned by the neighborhood honey farm. She loves provoking Rozza however, and she does nothing in the spa, simply floating about and bothering either Rozza or Pann.

Vulpix : F : Krisst (Kr-ISS-t)

Almost as vain as Rozza, Krisst is Rozza Jr., and though she has a type advantage over Rozza, she looks up to the grass pokemon as the queen of the world. Even though this admiration is rarely shown, the similarities are imminent, as Krisst has a tendency to be as lazy as can be, sleeping on one of the lush beds that are meant for customers, and rarely enters battle unless provoked to do so. However, unlike the short tempered Rozza, Krisst can keep her calm and cool for much longer, making it extremely difficult to force the only fire pokemon in the team anywhere near the battlefield.

Magnezone : NA : Splizz (Sp-LIZZ) - Captured

The main pokemon that Alice uses in battle, Splizz is very much like an overprotective older brother, often scaring away strangers with a good shock when they walk or stand too close to Alice, or sparking with electricity when he deems anyone around his beloved trainer ‘unworthy’. He listens to all her commands, and executes them as quickly as he can possibly go, the easiest to command in battle. Splizz takes pride that he’s the fourth pokemon Alice ever caught, and is often seen boasting about it. Splizz is one of the few pokemon who take the effort to get into an actual argument with Rozza, and the arguments are usually about who Alice like’s better, and usually end without a clear winner or loser.


Leafeon : F : Pann (Pah-NN) – Given

Perhaps the only female pokemon in the team willing, or suited for battle, Pann is a serene pokemon, and is more often mistaken as a statue as she sits stock still next to the sliding glass doors that lead to the spa. She can sit like this for hours on end, often successfully ignoring the cherrim that’s usually trying to make her move in some way or another. Pann moves only at the sound of Alice’s voice calling her name, and she can sometimes be seen trailing her trainer’s heels in town.

Wailord : M : Whill (Hoo-ILL) – Captured

Rarely seen in battle, Whill can usually be found in his pokeball, sitting on Alice’s hip, otherwise, he is nowhere near Alice at all, free to swim where he pleases in the ocean that’s a short ride from Solaceon. Though Whill is mostly just a stand-in pokemon, he feels extreme loyalty to Alice, and when he hears Alice’s magnified whistle, (amplified by Splizz,) for his prescence on the sandy beach, he speeds towards the beach as quickly as he can go. He was captured as a Wailord, and is the most recent addition to Alice’s team.

RP Sample: Kanan bit her lip. She mustn't say a word.

"I-!" Kanan started but she stopped herself. No. She would simply have to sit with this devlopment, whether she wanted to get that Shichibi or not. It was Leader-sama's wishes. Besides... Kanan felt her gaze slip to her left, where Mine, the odd girl, should've stood. But instead, it was an empty spot, and Kanan could hardly name the person who stood on her right. Should she inform Leader-sama of her theory on Mine's life? Or would she be punished for doubting her partner's ability? No. Best to be quiet. Kanan would simply have to find a way to capture both the Gobi and Rokubi herself if it really whittled down to that. If Mine wasn't alive right now... Kanan was pretty sure Leader-sama would know. He would have her ring.

Silence was a handy partner. But curiousity... that was different. After all, it wasn't everyday she saw the entire crew of Akatsuki, save for seemingly two members who had some kind of nerve: Mine and someone else. And it wasn't everyday one saw two people with blinding pink hair and bold teal hair. Then there was... the man that she'd seen in the tunnels. She felt her right eye narrow in the slightest, and she wrenched her bitter gaze away. Kanan sorely missed her caves now. How would she get about in such a conspicuous cloak without them? They had been her home. Her bed. Her- HER COLLECTION WAS STILL DOWN THERE.

Kanan felt herself choke and stiffen.

No. Now was not the time to show weakness or desire for anything other then doling out the orders of Leader-sama. She racked her brain.

Gobi, Rokubi. One was in Konohagakure. Mine would know who he was. After all, she was originally from Konohagakure... It had been so long though... and Kanan didn't doubt that the Gobi was much younger then the both of them. Mine possibly may never have met him. But, her bugs, the ones she collected when she just sat there like a boring statue... those useless bugs... Would certainly come in handy.

Kanan almost opened her mouth to say what had been on her mind. It would help, after all. Mine had been from Konohagakure. Kanan was from Iwagakure. She'd paid avid attention to the Jinchuuriki from Iwagakure. Avid. Attention. Perhaps she'd been a little too interested in him. He was an interesting fellow, however. It was following him in which Kanan had found that poem written in dying blood that day. But she doubted he'd seen it. It was a simple thing on the wall, a dying message that had obviously been overlooked or respected until Kanan came along and destroyed it.

"Leader-sama." Kanan said boldly.

Rokubi. To be honest, Kanan might have lost interest in the Jinchuuriki explanation at this point. She knew very little about the Rokubi. Thus, another reason why she should be permitted to chase the Shichibi.

But Kanan's bravery melted away once Kanan actually looked at the Leader of the Akatsuki. If there was anyone Kanan feared, it was Leader-sama. In fact, it was almost a phobia, just to stand in his prescence or see his face.

Kanan would not permit herself to stutter again however. She took a quiet breath and spat out what she had to say in an even and fearless voice, "I would like permission to capture the Shichibi, who resides in my home village of Iwagakure."

There was no reason to give things that support the decision of sending her after Shichibi. It was either 'yes', or 'no'. Leader-sama would ask if he considered it.

He wouldn't if he didn't consider it.

April 30th, 2007, 3:15 PM
Er , can you reserve me a spot? I'll try to get a sign-up on here tomorrow.

April 30th, 2007, 9:39 PM
Name: Robin Rose. (Often purposefully misspelled "Rob Roze")
Age: 18
Gender: Female (not that you could tell)
Occupation: Gym Leader Hopeful

Appearance: Robin keeps herself under the masquerade of a boy, for reasons not to be shown just yet. She stands at a fair height of 5'8'' and keeps her black hair very short and spiked in style. sometimes adding bright streaks of color. She usually wears bindings around her chest, as well as baggy black shirts with full sleeves, often with some form of logo on them underneath a somewhat less baggy leather jacket that makes it impossible to tell just how toned, or what exactly her figure is. Also black, if you weren't catching the pattern by now, as well as dyed black Khakis, and you got it, black boots with steel ribbing. All of this contrasts sharply, but goes well with her tawny eyes, and dark complexion.

Personality: Robin keeps an outer shell that matches her appearance. Masculine, aggressive, and highly volatile. And after so long, the sweet girl that used to be her has long dissapeared under the act, and she now literally sees herself as 'Rob Roze'. While not overly mean, she's very sharp and quick with her tongue, and even quicker to start a fight at the slightest provocation, whether it be against friend or foe. While not exactly machoist, she tends to shun anything seen as the slightest bit 'girly' and go to extreme lengths to do so.

History: Robin grew up a mostly normal life, always sweet and cheerful to those around her, just like any other girl would have, always considerate. She grew up raised by her father and mother as an only child, with her Mankey as her closest companion, and all was well. But near her eleventh birthday, something happened to her. She keeps it a tightly kept family secret, but the facts are that her father died under very strange circumstances, and her uncle gave up his Pokemon Gym, and opened a trainer school in the local region, and no one's been able to link the two, despite many attempts to do just that. Hre mother and father also divorced as a result of this event, and her mother quickly re-married. Since then she's been at odds with both father and stepfather under the name "Rob" and taken up her hard shell. She spent a good few years training with her uncle, both with pokemon, and training herself nearly to the point where she could fight against most pokemon herself. And now she's currently training to set up her own gym some day by adventuring out into the world for a wider range of experience.


http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpmfa/dpmfa083.pngFarfetch'd (M)
Caught as part of an important lesson with her uncle, to show her that even perceived "weak" pokemon can decimate even so called "Powerful" Pokemon, Farfetch'd is more calm, and reserved than most of her pokemon, but is among her fastest, and very deadly with it's strikes.

http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpmfa/dpmfa057.png Primeape (M)
Her first pokemon, Primeape has always been there for her, through the best of times, and through the worst. Primeape is strong, fast, and her primary pokemon, even spending time training with her to improve her own strength and fighting abilities, making her nearly his equal.

http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpmfa/dpmfa395.png Empoleon (F)
Her most recent catch, a demonstration to her uncle that she as a person is growing too, she managed to subdue and catch the water pokemon, without using any of her own pokemon. ((Though admittedly, she nearly drowned in the process) Empoleon keeps herself somewhat distant from the others, but is a very hard hitter, and mixes her high power with tricks and tactics to outlast opponents.

April 30th, 2007, 11:48 PM
Name: John "Johnny" Brit
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Occupation: Gym Trainer

Appearance: With his sensational wavy brown hair that hangs down to the top utmost part of his eyebrows, that compliments his very light brown eyes. Around the base of his chest and his shoulders, a vest which is brimmed with a ruby color that trails around the openings of the vest on the arms as well as the collar that opens around his neck, other colors that appear to reside on the vest, is a very light black color, almost grey but not as light. Circling his neck is a chain that hangs eleven inches down, at the end of the chain is an emblem of a tiny onyx, a onyx which anyone who knew Johnny would know, it represents his immense infatuation with rock and ground pokemon. His eyes which hold the light brown color, are at a oval shape, though not too oval, slightly curved at the left side of his left eye, and right side of his right eye. Beneath the vest mentioned earlier is a red shrit which leads to the beginning of elbow, around the rim is an onyx color that covers most of the rim, light grey streaks can be seen in a diagnoal fashion on the onyx. Around the belly button is a belt tightened fastly around, but sloppy, the end of the belt which is supposed to be tucked away, is left dangling in its place. Across the center of the belt, is another emblem of the fist which appears to be a boulder circling the center with the initials "PW" standing for Pewter. A sparkling set of rings are around the middle and index finger of Johnny's left hand, the rings though are attached in the space between the fingers, if one ring comes off, they both come off together. Across the index ring and middle ring are two initials "VM", which stands for Vajra Mushti, the name of a brass knuckle weapon used by Johnny's favorite martial artist. From the buckle down, Johnny wears a Sashinuki Hakama which are gathered at the ankles producing the "ballooning" effect. As for his feet, he wears regular athletic sneakers, colored black and has crimsion lines starting from the hilt all the way to the nose.

Personality: Immature for his age, almost a loud mouth child. Johnny is the type of person who will shout during a quiet time, talk loudly during a dinner, and make little kid jokes. There is no serious side to him, occasionaly he has his moments where his face will bear the significant look of a mature and wise young man, but in his heart Johnny is a joker, which irritates him wildly as his influenced pokemon share the same nature as him. Always looking to have fun, and being an optimistic person, even during battles he will laugh, and generally have a good time. It is only within the most important of battles, such as the gym battles held at the Pewter City Gym, Johnny's attitude changes, not drastically, but enough to know its no longer play time for Johnny. Regular battles however, cause him to be as he normally is, his motto is one that fits him perfectly "If its not important, then dont stress it!", which leads some to believe nothing but gym battles are important to him. He shares quite a tender relationship with his pokemon, making sure to give each pokemon his time and respect, whether its joking around or...well whether its joking around, he spends an abudant time with them, he is quite the carefree gym trainer he so subconsciously gives off.

History: An estatic person since he was young, Johnny couldnt help but love adventures. A long time ago when Johnny was the ripe age of five, his father, who was a coal miner, was working deep into Mt. Moon, excavating anything they could find, Moon stones and anything valuable. During that day, while Johnny waited for his dad to come home like always an idea came to his head, why doesnt he just go to his dad instead right? Well he had no idea that a coal mining station, none the less Mt. Moon itself, is quite dangerous. From Pewter City, to Mt. Moon, the little boy took on his tiny quest to locate his father. Upon arriving at the entrance and peering inside, he was starting to get a mixed feeling of nervousness and courage. Deep inside the sound of machines could be heard and the vibrations through the ground of said machines could be felt, he followed them, thinking it would lead him to his dad. After walking for two hours, too Johnny two days, he finally found his dad, though he was in a cave with other workers using a very powerful drill. Running through the tunnel he was in, he was closing in on his father's cave entrance, smiling happy knowing he completed his journey, he yelled out to him. This shocked the father to hear his young son in such a place, he accidently dropped the drill which collided with the wall sending very powerful vibrations through it, it caused a cave-in for the father and little Johnny, fore his passage to his father was blocked and the passage he took to get to his father was now sealed off too, it was indeed a powerful drill to perform such a stunt. He cried, he cried viciously thinking he was such a fool to come, his stupidity obtained the better of him he thought. Johnny thought this was how he was going to die, alone, until just then he felt little vibrations coming from underneath him, he moved aside and up popped the head of a little sandshrew. The little sandshrew noticed Johnny was sad and started to entertain the boy, this made Johnny happy and wipe his tears away. After about 30 minutes have gone by, Johnny could hear his father yelling for him, telling him to take cover. As he did, a gigantic steelix plowed through the blockage, his dad saved him. That day he took home the sandshrew as his first pokemon and his companion.

He grew older, stronger, and smarter. Johnny was becoming a man and his father has influenced the teenager alot. Johnny helped his father with the coal mining countless times, and during those times, Johnny would meet many ground type pokemon whom he would play with. His hometown housed the Pewter City Gym, Brock being the leader of said gym. During an excavation, Brock lent his hand to Johnny and his father, during those times, and countless ones after, a friendship with Johnny and Brock was formed. When he was sixteen, Brock told Johnny that he should come to his gym and be what is known as a "Gym Leader Trainer". Able to use benefits from the gym, and also a good place to train Johnny did not turn down the offer and accepted glady. Now that day Brock did not tell Johnny to join because of there friendship, but merely because Johnny was such a skilled trainer, it even crossed his mind that Johnny is very close to succeding Brock, which made him think of the future of the gym.

At current time three years later, Johnny after becoming such a successful trainer, and Brock assisting him to become better, an idea had risen. Brock was informed of a region he did not know much about, one called the "Sinnoh" region, within it held mysterious pokemon he had never seen before, Brock proposed that Johnny go to the land and see the many pokemon, if possible, catch them as well. It wouldnt benefit much for Brock, but he knew Johnny spent almost his entire life in Pewter City, and he needed to leave, to get out, to experience an adventure. From Vermillion to Canalave City, Johnny was very excited to be where he was, a new place, new people, and most of all new pokemon to capture. After wandering about, he has heard of the Solaceon Ruins, Johnny thought this might mean more ground pokemon and without a second notice, he made his way there. Currently in Solaceon Town, he wanders about to the Ruins.

-History: The very first pokemon Johnny had caught, this is also the same pokemon that kept Johnny happy during his tragic time. Over the years training with Brock, the spunky little Sandshrew evolved into what is now a Sandslash. Being by his side always, he followed Johnny to Sinnoh.
-Personality: During there first encounter at Mt.Moon, the Sandshrew then was a generous and caring pokemon, but of course Johnny's negative influence poured right into Sandshrew, playing jokes on each other, and digging holes so Johnny could fall into. This Sandslash is the pokemon counterpart of Johnny.

-History: Johnny found this pokemon with her leg crushed under a rock, during an exploration of Mt.Moon with Brock, the poor thing was in immense pain so Johnny and Sandshrew (at the time) lent the little girl a hand. Waving and saying there good-bye's, Johnny leaving with a smile, Cubone followed him wanted to not leave her, he gained her respect. Looking back he, Johnny noticed this, and with a smile told her too catch up, being Johnny's second pokemon.
-Personality: Cubone is a bit more laid back and not so Johnny like, she however does enjoy a laugh here and there and will laugh when Johnny humilates himself, especially in public. With a few tricks of her own, she tends to play with Sandslash, which leaves the poor shrew pokemon in an embarrassed fashion.

-History: The same steelix his father used to save him, is now in his possesion. Before Johnny left to Sinnoh, his father presented him with his Steelix, even though his dad could not go there and watch him, his Steelix sureley would take his place. The bond between Steelix and Johnny is a very close one as well, nearly as close as Sandslash, ever since Johnny was a baby he knew the giant pokemon and would always play with it.
-Personality: Indeed, Steelix is watching over Johnny like a fatherly figure, or as much as a pokemon can to a human. Steelix is not one to joke around like Johnny's other pokemon, hes an old fashioned one. Amusing as they may be, Steelix would shake his head at the pokemon's and Johnny's jokes, scoffing as he turned away from them. He clearly has no tolerance for childish antics. But he will occasionally smile, though will try to hide it as well.

-History: The very first pokemon Johnny captured when he arrived in Sinnoh, he encountered the pokemon laying in muddy water near the harbor, though it looked depressed, it was really very angry, which Johnny found out the hard way when he approached it. The pokemon acted vicious and in return, Johnny and Sandslash stopped the pokemon from being so violent and captured her.
-Personality: When he first captured her, she was very disobidieant, not wanting to listen to a word. Though the time has changed and Johnny managed to get her under control and gain her respect a bit. Just as Steelix, she is one not to joke around with, though she enjoys pulling pranks, pulling pranks on her would be catastrophic.

-History: This one was quite the nusiance for Johnny and his dad. The pokemon loved to cause tiny earthquakes to annoy the miners and mess up work, breaking valuable equipment and such. Rhyhorn needed to be stopped, it was during this time that Sandslash was still a Sandshrew, but Johnny had the thing all trainers needed, confidence. The tiny pokemon was intimidated at first, but after words of encouragement from Johnny and Cubone, Rhyhorn was knocked out and captured.
-Personality: Though he was a misfit before his capture, unlike Hippopotas, he does not cause trouble anymore. He adores joking around and causing tiny earthquakes to trip the others.

RP Sample: Will do, just need some rest now xD;

May 1st, 2007, 3:28 AM
Name: Evan James

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Occupation Breeder

Standing at a normal 5'9, Xtian looks shockingly diffrent from teens his own age. He looks much more mature. His snow white hair is held up by his red head band. His light green eyes glow in the sunlight. His shirt is three diffrent colors. White sleaves, red bottom half and a black top half. The back is completly black. He carries a dull yellow bag that has been worn down from its long time use. A black and yellow wrist band resides on his right arm and two black braclets on his left. His pants are a lighter black until the knee then its the same color as his bag. He wears a pair of red and black jogging shoes which look almost brand new.

Personality: Evan is a very ligh hearted kid. Beating the Elite Four at the age of 15 and making it to gym leader in Johto by the age of 16, he could be a very cocky kid, but he isn't. He keeps his cool and is just like any normal teenager. He likes to have fun and goof off, which sometimes can get him into trouble. He will befriend almost anyone and treat you like family unless you wrong him in anyway. He is fun to be around and loves to play pranks on people, but when it comes to battling, he is as calm as ever. He can think on the spot and is a great strategist.

History: Evan grew up in the Johto region. After beating all the gym leaders in the Johto region he flew to Kanto and beat the leaders there. After he beat the Kanto region he decided to go to Hoenn. It took him two years to beat the Hoenn leaders and the league there. After that, he decided to take on the Elite Four. He made it all the way to Lance without a problem and almost lost to him. After a terrific battle, Evan beat Lance and became one of the Pokemon World Champions.
After his father retired as the leader of the Violet City gym, he asked his son to take over. One year as gym leader, and only 9 trainers beat him. Once Sinnoh announced the official opening of their set of gyms, Evan asked his little brother to take over as gym leader as he tried his luck in the Sinnoh region.


After growing from a baby Ralts, Gallade is proud of his strength and loves to fight. He is Evans strongest pokemon. Gallade is the kind of pokemon who shows off and sometimes takes his opponents for granite. He is a playful pokemon and is like his master. He loves playing tricks on people, and other pokemon. He is the first pokemon to jump in a fight when others are being picked on.

Charizard (m)
Sizor is Evans second strongest pokemon. Sizor was Evans, first Kanto pokemon. He caught him as a Scyther and took him into his team immediatly. Sizor is a rather lazy pokemon. He hates flying and doesn't like battling. He does love his master and if he needs to battle he will. He is also very caring. If someone is hurt or pushed down, this gentle creature is the first to help

Umbreon keeps to herself most of the time she is out of her pokeball. She is a very queit pokemon who doesn't like battling. She is very calm and when in battle uses her head like her master. Though she hasn't been with Evan that long, she cares for him deeply.


Walking through Golden Rod, Evan headed towards the pokemon center at the center of town to revive some of his pokemon. "Wow, that was tough for only using two pokemon. It would have been alot easier if I used you, isn't that right Ralts?" Evan spoke smiling at his pokemon who walked lightly beside him.

< Yes master. It would have! But Sizor did a good job. But fire over powers him everytime! But Umbreon was more than enough job for his other pokemon. > His pokemon used psychic to send her reply straight into Evan's head. < Master did you hear that? > His pokemon spoke to him.

Evan tightened his ears a listened carefully. Someone was yelling at another person to end the battle. Evan and Ralts ran into an alley where the cries came from. There was a battle between an Eevee and a Scyther.

"Scyther, lets just have some fun with the whine bag and his sorry excuse for a pokemon! Its not like we have anything better to do!" The Scyther's owner laughed, not knowing who was watching. "Get up wimp! Lets finish this battle!"

"Please stop this! My pokemon isn't that strong yet and your just being a bully!" The boy replied. "Please ju---" The boy was stopped talking as an Ralts appeared suddenly in between the Eevee and the Scyther. Evan walked slowy from the shadows of the alley. "It isn't nice to pick on children." Evan lifted the young boy to his feet. "Take your pokemon to the Pokemon Center and have Nurse Joy take a look at it, ok?" The young boy smiled up at Evan, grabbed his pokemon and ran from the alley. Then Evan turned to the trainer.

"Who gives you the right to get involved with something that you have no business in?" The trainer asked. "You just let my toy go! I have no one to toy with now. So I guess I get to toy with you. Scyther attack!" The trainer growled. His pokemon took off from his standing place and headed straight for Evan.

"Ralts, psychic." Evan spoke these two words slowly letting the pokemon get closer. "You have no right to pick on little kids like prey. He is just only gotten his first pokemon and you think you have to teach him who is the boss in town. Well let me tell you something, its not you. His sorry excuse for a pokemon huh? I was just like that little boy. I had a pokemon who couldn't battle. Just wait, because in few years he is going to be so far past your greatest accomplishments! You think you own this town well let me tell you something else. You dont own jack! Now I will teach you not to pick on the little guy!" Evan spoke these words not only from anger, but from hate. He hated this boy and he had a reason to. The Scyther, who was frozen in place by Ralts' psychic could do nothing by listen.

< I hate waiting like this. I am tired can we just finish these two off and go? > Ralts spoke to Evan. Evan stood there, towering over the teenaged boy. "I hope you can change. For your own sake. Otherwise, I will know and I will be back." Evan warned the boy before he turned around and nodded at Ralts.

Scyther was sent flying back towards at his trainer as Ralts spun his head in the same direction. "Hey! I wont have you treating my po---" The boy was interupted as Ralts sent a psybeam hitting directly knocking out both Scyther and the boy.

Slowly Evan turned and walked away as his Ralts used psychic to set the boy and his pokemon agianst the back of a brick building in the alley way.

< Master > his pokemon spoke as she caught up to Evan. < Do you think he will learn? > His pokemon asked him as they headed off in the direction of the pokemon center. "For his sake, I hope so." Evan replied in a low tone as he walked into the doors of the pokemon center, dissapearing from sight .

Fallen Angel_Messiah Of Black Roses
May 1st, 2007, 4:43 AM
Name: Jesus Rodriguez (Also Goes By Trent)
Name is Prenounced: Haysus
Age: 23
Gender: Male

Occupation: Mercenary ( Will work for either side, Team Galaxy Or Trainers)

Appearance: A sturdy Hispanic man, about five foot nine and weighing in around 178 pounds, he has messy black hair that goes to his shoulders, time to time he will put it in a messy ponytail. Has crimson red eyes, they sometimes look as if they are glowing. Jesusa wears a shiny black leather button up sleeved shirt, the buttons are made of a shiny clear plastic and are centered on the black leather sleeved shirt, there is a small breast pocket as well. He also wears black leather, fingerless gloves on each hand. Jesusa is left handed. He has a black leather belt as well, bearing a single chrome buckle in the center. The Belt is tight and goes well on his waist. Jesusa wears long black leather pants, they tighten against his legs but make a comfortable fit and still leave flexibility for kicks and other leg movements. He wears black combat boots, the heels of the black combat boots are made of dirtied steel. He will wear a black bandanna over his head occasionally and also his trademark all the time sunglasses. Oh, and guess what else? A black trench coat that reaches down to his ankles as well to make him more of his mercenary self. Jesusa will occasionally have a pack of cigarettes in his breast pocket.

Personality: Where to start... Where to start. Jesus is a mysterious man to start with, he trys to leave as many details out as possible when with a person, the less they know the better. Jesus has a pretty strange sense of humor, being the one to laugh when someone does something wrong, kind of cruel really. Jesus won't fill a clueless person in as well, he thinks it's entertaining to watch someone be an idiot, as said before. Twisted sense of humor. Jesus is a chain smoker, sad but true and he doesn't do anything to do to hide it. Jesus will also speak Spanish alot to confuse people, he finds it humorous and does it whenever possible. He doesn't do very well with other people, he likes to be a loner but the truth is he needs a team to back him up. Jesus is not to be trusted, he can betray in a New York minute.

History: A mysterious past to work around, born in Johto's Blackthorn and going from there. Jesus was always the shady one, the one that unerved everyone around him. No one knows how he came into the buisness, But he does deserve credit for covering his past, locking it. And Suffocating it.

Dragonair- Female- A kind motherly type, likes to make sure the other pokemon are alright and attempts to tend to any wounds they have, physical or emotional.

Rurio- Male- Considered a bully by his peers, he jabs at the others about their weakspots and how they are totally useless. He likes to see others in misery and loves the urge of battle.

Kingdra- Male- A dreamer, the one who stares off into space fantisizing about what they could become and soforth. Jesus trys to keep him out of battles for his knack of spacing out.

Glaceon- Female- The sassy type, scoffs at others and prances around like she owns the place. A true snob some would say, but deep inside Glaceon likes poetry and soft music and things to do with nature. Often called the "Ice Queen"

Espeon- Female- The intelctual, a very intelligent pokemon that can tell others about lots of things they would never know about, Espeon knows lots about the world and such and can even read human text. When a question is asked, she will answer.

Umbreon- Male- The Gothic one, the one that is the totall opisite of optimistic, thinks that "darkness" isn't a personality but a life style. Not exactly social freindly, but a strong fighter.

RP Sample:

Misty saw the strange Demon Project ran off, to aid the call of another. Which meant that there are more then I expected here! Misty thought cautiously to herself as her arms which held the dangerous SMG that she had just pulled out faded in strength, " Just about how many of Dillon's Soulmen are here?" Misty questioned herself, now fully aware of the hellish situation, The Rebels called Dillon's experiments Soulmen, because they had no soul. Making them dangerous advisories. Not To mention amazingly unpredictable.

Misty checked her current Drum Clip, it still had a decent amount of .45 APC rounds. Her Thompson was a custom, AJ had designed it, faster use and reloading. Not to mention better capacity and power, " A Valentine Original" He had said, he hadn't been joking, a chunky Sub-machine gun with rapid fire, filled up with a nice two hundred and fifty ammo count. Enough to take down anything... or anyone.

Misty went over a couple of feet and found her .357 Colt Python, a large scratch on the chrome chamber, Misty felt her face redden as she picked up the Powerful Magnum, comforted by it's awkward weight in her strong left hand, " Sweet Bliss" She murmured almost silently as she started back the way she came, now more then ever determined to kill those of Dillon's ranks.

She found herself jogging at a strange pace down a side of the steep hill, she quickly found her Friend. Trina, it was quite obvious to Misty. That Trina was dead.

Misty felt hot tears form in her amber eyes as she saw the twenty three year old woman dead, lying on the cold ground, not to move ever once again. Misty said a short prayer before taking her fallen comrades Glock 17 and single hand grenade, " Rest in peace. I swear I shall avenge you. Or at least die trying" Misty said quietly to the inanimate corpse, Dillon was going to pay.
Pay for this alternate reality of a hell.

Name: AJ Valentine

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Occupation: A wanderer, Likes to challenge the best

Appearance: AJ is average height and weight, he is Hispanic male which means his skin tone is dark, a tannish kind of tone. He has snowy white hair, that almost looks like platinum. His hair is in a short ponytail, about six or seven inches. His eyes are a angelic baby blue that seem to scream ' Oh my god! It's an Angel!' but his eyes are pretty deceiving. AJ has a medium type face, Not to tense, yet not to 'Cute' it's the whole pretty boy thing, with a great sense of 'I can kick your ass! And it's plastered on my face!' AJ wears a cross pendant right around his neck, it is a shining silver that just seems to kick out at you. AJ's main attire consists of a tight black undershirt made out of generic material, nothing real special. He wears a somewhat small dark crimson red combat vest with flames on the topper sleeves, on the back of the vest it reads in bold white letters ' Made In Heaven' and over that he wears a large white trench coat that has a cross on the back that is black and also the title, 'Fallen Angel'. He wears tight black pants, a nice leather texture. He also wears black combat boots, they have an iron sole in each shoe for more efficient walking. He has black fingerless gloves, they aren't fuzzy, just real padded. He is muscular, but not in the way that muscles are bulging everywhere and it looks like your kind of on steroids... AJ has a gold stud in his left ear ( Not Gay!)

Personality: Despite AJ's Appearance... He's a real nice guy! AJ plays the 'Good Cop, Every survivor counts. Doesn't matter what happens to me' card. He also tries to make sure that no one has to get hurt in a bad situation and this will also go for the bad guy, he has tried to keep this trait ever since learning that a long line of murderers and crooks were his descendants, he will try to make everything right and make up for his descendants sins. He is an overall nice guy but does get fed up pretty easily by annoying people, he has a very great level of sarcasm and has the greatest comebacks for when he is insulted, which would seem out of character for a guy like him. He has a pretty decent sense of justice, and not to mention the fact that he loves adventure.AJ isn't someone you really want to anger, but to anger him you have to actually try since it takes alot to actually anger him. Considering getting fed up and actually getting angered are totally different. He is serious and strict in battle but will also have a sense of humor to lighten up all the tense moments, this makes him a good companion. Even when your on his nerves he will try to help you out, but as said before he is not good to be around when angry. And that is pretty much AJ, the 'good cop who wants everyone to be safe'

History: AJ grew up in a pretty bad side of the neighborhood and had to fastly learn how to defend himself, After intense training over a few months with his cousin Jesus he learned how to Fight. He became the best street fighter, the best brawler in the hood and became left alone by the other guys. After colledge he left for Sinnoh, to fight the best of the best and he did, with a little money losing. He now will battle trainers, Either pokemon or the real deal, for prizes of course.


Rurio: Male
Rurio is one of AJ's favorite pokemon, he is the energy of the group. The sheer hyperactivness and peepy attitude that keeps AJ's mood good. But sometimes Rurio is to energetic for his good, often going ahead of the group and getting himself hurt. He also wants affection though, he trys to get AJ's or any other trainer's attention with tricks and such, he is an attention grabber.

Lucario: Male
The Serious one, the one that is devoted to training with his partner AJ and AJ's first pokemon. Lucario has a knack for snide, nasty little remarks and keeps to himself. Even though he is cold and bitter he wont let his freinds be harmed, even if it means putting his own life on the line.

Mudkip: Male

Mudkip is a carefree type of pokemon, doesn't like to battle. Just relax and laze around, Lucario usually snaps at him for this of course. But Mudkip doesn't care, he likes to sunbathe and just lounge around.

Togepi: Male
Still new to the world, a naievve one. Togepi doesn't know what things are, often getting himself into unesscary danger. Togepi likes alot of attention from AJ and can cry if not given that attention.

Tyrouge: Male

A real comedian, even in the worst of situations he will still find room for his sappy, corny humor. But this doesn't mean he lazy like Mudkip, Tyrouge trains just like Lucario and becomes stronger from it. Even if it means putting up with Lucario's attitude.

Kingdra: Male

A wise man, holds what would seem infinite knowledge for the other pokemon and will talk in aggrivating and somewhat confusing riddles. Kingdra seems to have a knack for ticking off the other's when they need advice, of course being as wise as he is... He is totally oblivious to the fact that the others are agrivated.

RP Sample:


AJ smiled a genuine smile as Landis called off his Pokémon, " Lamont?" AJ asked Landis, and then chuckling a little, " Sorry 'bout that, just kind of a funny name" AJ said to "Lamont" and then putting on a serious face, " Look, we don't have much time. Very limited, have you been listening? Gunfire, I'm not even sure if my team is still alive." AJ's face showed dread but it quickly cleared up, back to seriousness.

" You don't have a very good mortality rate if you go alone, even trying to hide will most likely kill you. Come with us, we were planning on raiding The Fools base, killing him. Free Pallet of the spell, make is safe." AJ was on a roll.

AJ put his hand into his trenchcoat and retrieved a P-38 Handgun, he placed it in Lamonts hands with three extra clips. AJ smiled, " That knife wont do you much good, each clip holds sixteen. You have sixty four shots, make em' count." AJ said to him.

AJ's radio picked something up, "Jason to Rocky , tell the others that I've caught one of Dillon's Elites. Send a mini squad over here to fetch him. I'll keep watch on him...." the voice said, AJ scowled. " Idiot, this is Captain AJ" He mumbled into it, " We don't have time to get to your coordinates. If you can kill him, do so. If not, flee." He barked into the radio.

Almost just minutes afterwords another signal came in, " AJ! Hudson is dead! We're being ambushed. Requiring back up!" Misty yelled frantically through the radio.

AJ went pale, he froze up. " Hello? Hello?! AJ?!" Her voice went on, AJ raised the radio. " Understood."

AJ turned to Lamont, " Come on! Soliders are dying!"

Trina had been her decoy, Misty had quickly made sure they both fell in a covered place, they had switched clothing and weapons and then gotten back up. Yet Misty didn't know she would get hit with a paralyse Misty had known that she was a target, time to end this...

Misty reached a distance of about ten feet from Sol, she started to creep up behind him. And in about a minute she was behind him, her Colt Python barrel was in the back of his head. Her finger on the trigger.

" Game Over" She whipered into his ear, she pulled back the hammer of the revolver

Vulpix-trainer K
May 1st, 2007, 1:44 PM
Name: Mida Sunday, but she mostly introduces herself as Miss Noir

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Occupation: Gothic EMO

Appearance: Mida is a pretty but dangerous looking Gothic girl with traditional Black hair that is tied together with a big Blood-red ribbon. She wears a large black leather jacket with a high collar, four brown bags and long black sleeves, on her hands she has long fingerless gloves that way you can see her black nails and a fake diamond ring on her left hand. A big Black coloured belt carries ten pokeballs, but only four actually have pokemon. (Mida just hates backpacks) Her jacket continues and covers half of her legs the rest is covered with black tights and on her feet big black biker boots.

Personality: Mida is totally EMO and by that she hates everything and everyone including herself (thought she occasionally shows love to her pokemon.)

History: Mida had a tough childhood being the daughter of a high-standing Team Rocket member. She herself however wasn't so interested in all that Rocket stuff and that caused her to be hated.
That is when she turned herself to Goth. What did it matter if everybody hated her if she also hated herself. One day, at the age of 14 she just left her parents without a word of explanation. Not long after she left Mida found out that she didn't make much chance if she had no pokemon and after a long time she finally caught herself a Gastly.

Haunter [M]
Mida's first and most loyal pokemon. He is very mischievous and it is not rare for him to come out of his pokeball and fool around with his trainer and even has a bright side on life.
Mida painted Haunters pokeball black so it would match her style

Golbat [F]
Mida's second pokemon which she found worthy enough to serve her. Golbat is very modest and always hides herself when she wins a battle. Her pokeball holds a sticker off a bat and she is also the last pokemon from which Mida decorated the Pokeball.

Kadabra [M]
Mida caught this - then abra - accidentally when trying to catch Murkrow (which she still caught at the end). Kadabra is a gentle and caring pokemon that sees himself as Mida's personal bodyguard. He has a king's rock on his head that raises his chance of doing a critical hit.

Honchkrow [F]
Mida's favourite pokemon of which she occasionally brags and even (when really no single person or pokemon is watching or even nearby) hugs. Honchkrow herself is naive of nature and is easily distracted or deceived. She also has a notable luck that maybe also made her Mida's fav.

RP Sample:


Mida entered the Pokeball, she slowly pushed her sunglasses in front of her eyes and took her belt of. "Here heal." she said as she banged the belt on the table. A frown appeared when seeing Joy's smiling face. "OK hold that mouth. No talk, I am not interested in whatever lousy thing you say to me. And hurry up. I need things to do." Mida turned around and went to one of the benches, she sat down with a sight and placed her boots on the table, waiting for her pokemon.

May 1st, 2007, 2:13 PM
Nice! Simple yet attention grabbing and fun. Nice RP! OK I'm not very familiar with the towns and layouts in Sinnoh so if I mess up then please don't hesitate to correct me. OK, here I go.

Roisin (ROW-sheen) Haruka

Pokémon Coordinator

The glamorous fifteen year old known as Roisin is a girl of such beauty that many boys have fell for her upon first sight. Her luxurious and shining; long blonde hair falls just above the back of her thighs. Her golden fringe hangs freely; just above her eyebrows which she usually parts in the middle and carefully lays each of the strands of parted hair behind her ears. Her Bright Blue and sparkling sky Blue eyes are really bought out by her bright Orange and Yellow tight dress which falls at her knees. Her dress has a White collar that is pretty much always open; revealing her White-Gold chain with a Firey Orange Gem encrusted within. Underneath the short dress she wears a pair of very dark Blue cycling shorts like her Coordinator heroine, May. Also like her idol, she wears a Bandanna -but unlike Mays'- hers is Light Orange like the pale stripes on her dress. Her pure white running shoes sparkle in the sun as she walks and match her white Co-ordinater style gloves, with black tips on the end.. She stands at a healthy 5”4' and weighs about 168 pounds. She has bright White teeth and long black eyelashes. Also despite all Roisin does to make herself look as glamorous as she is, she resents make up and hates to wear it thus revealing her small scars on her right cheek and above her left eye. She has a light brown bag that hangs from her shoulder too her hip.

You'd expect a girl that looks as 'plastic' and beautiful as Roisin too be a complete snob and resent her underlings, but you couldn't be farther from the truth. Having not always been so beautiful she has a very happy and bubbly personality and will make friends with anyone and everyone. Also despite her looks and 'happy go lucky' personality she is actually rather intelligent and highly gifted with a powerful brain and memory; purposely dumbing herself down and then suddenly surprising people with her genius when she needs it. But Roisin isn't a super human with nothing but good qualities; her bad qualities are less often seen than her good ones but they play a prominent role in her young life. She is a very insecure person due to experiences in her past and the slightest insult to her and she goes of like a rocket. Also her tendency to hold grudges and seek revenge on people is a bad side of Roisin that she performs discreetly, just like her worst quality. Her worst quality has got to be her Machiavellian, or manipulative side, which makes her a complete control freak -like a lot of intelligent people- and often causes arguments. Her worse sides of her personality aren't seen as often as they are discreetly preformed.

Roisin was born in the shining white metropolis known as Goldenrod City. When she was a 3 year old girl she was caught up in a horrific road accident which killed many people, including Roisins' Mother. This is where her life spun out of control. Her once warm and loving Father became very stern and angry. He blamed his daughter for the death of his wife and turned too drink. When Roisin was 4 years old her Father became very abusive and mentally unstable, he would kick her out of the house late at night where she roamed the streets alone, afraid and cold. One fateful day Roisins' Father took his own life and Roisin was finally free but know there was a problem, she had no place to live.

After a couple of weeks, during one of her nightly cries, she heard a high pitched squeaking next to her. As she looked to the side to try and locate the source of the squeak, she found a bright pink blob trying to hug her foot. The little blob also seemed to be crying. /it turned out to be the rare Pokémon known as Ditto. The young girl Picked up Ditto and hugged him, thus beginning a long friendship. Over the next Year the two friends entertained each other and were there for each other. They were best friends. When Roisin was 7 years old she was found by Johto Social services and placed under care of her Mothers Dad, her estranged Grandfather, Juan in Sootopolis City, the famous Coordinator and Gym Leader. And until she started her Journey with Ditto they lived in Juans Mansion with all the Water Pokémon.

On the day she left to become a Coordinator, Juan gave her a baby Snorunt as a present.


Ditto is a very happy Pokémon that has been with Roisin since she was Six years old and as a result the two share a very close friendship. Ditto has adapted most of Roisins mannerisms, the good and the bad. Ditto will do anything to make people laugh. Even though Ditto isn't male or female he's mostly referred to as male. Dittos Transformation powers are practised daily and have been improved vastly. Ditto has his own Pokéball but perfers to stay on Roisins shoulder. Ditto is mainly used in battles for Contests.
Roisin and Ditto have always consideredeach other as Siblings and Ditto will sometimes transform into her Trainer to reflect that.

Froslass: Female
Snorunt was with Roisin since she (Snorunt) was a baby. It has been with her on her Journeys around Hoenn and Johto and eventually she evolved near the start of her Sinnoh Journey when exposed to an Awakening/Dawn stone in Jubilife City. Since evolution Froslass has become sort of a wise Prophet, like a mentor for People and Pokemon alike. Roisins' Murkrow seems to have upmost respect for Froslass. Snorunt and Froslass have been a powerful member of her team used for both battling and appealing in contests. All in all she's sort of a loner; but once ou get to know her she'll treat you with the upmost respect and admiration.

Spoink: Male
Spoink was the only Pokémon that Roisin actually caught in Hoenn and has been a powerful member of her team used for both battling and appealing in contests. If you ever met a more joyful and happy-go-lucky Pokemon then it'd be a surprise. He is a very hyperactive little Pokémon that never stops bouncing, even to the point of exhaustion. He is very sociable and childish, also very fun/loveable and a great friend. Spoink has a very powerful range of psychic attacks that he learned from experience.

Murkrow: Male
Murkrow was the first Pokémon that Roisin caught in her native homeland of Johto. He has been used in appeal rounds only once and in battle fairly often. Murkrow has gained quite a bit of experience from the battles. He -like his trainer- is also a control freak and when he was in the wild he fought a Honchkrow for control of a flock of Murkrow, of which he lost and after he joined Roisin he has been determined to become stronger. Through his arrogence he will not evolve until he has fought and defeated a Honchkrow as he already has the experience to evolve. He also has a huge Ego and a lot of pride. The only human that he'll show compasion too is Roisin and the only Pokemon he trusts is Froslass, who he sees as his Mentor. He seems to have a rivalry with Teddiursa.

Teddiursa: Male
Teddiursa was a very mischievous Pokémon captured in Johto. Upon capture he became a very loyal Pokémon and a powerhouse in Roisins' party. It knows some very powerful attacks like Metronome, Dynamic Punch, Mega Punch and many other powerful attacks. Teddiursa has a very mischievous nature but nowhere near as bad as he was Pre-Capure. Teddiursa is very friendly and gets jelous of her other Pokémon, espescially Ditto, as Teddiursa wants to be her best friend. He seems to have a rivalry with Murkrow

-She has no Sinnoh Pokémon as of yet-


5 x Hoenn Ribbons
Entered Hoenn Grand festival but didn't make it into the Semi Finals.

5 x Johto Ribbons
Entered Johto Grand Festival and came in 5th Place

3x Sinnoh Ribbons.

RP Sample:
Aww I hate this bit, I have to search a million and two posts :'( I'll do this bit tomorrow, if i have too xD

May 1st, 2007, 5:46 PM
OOC: Signup coming soon, David - don't fret!

Le Sign-up!

Name: Blue Alexander Genjineko

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Occupation: Ex Team Rocket Executive

Appearance: When you look at Blue, the first thing you'd notice is his eyes. A radiant crystal blue (which earned him his name) color stands out like a lighthouse to a ship in a storm. His eyes are easily his best feature. However, unfortunately, the rest of his body isn't anything TOO fantastic. His arms are not ripped, his abs are not rock solid, and his pecs are not bulging from his shirt. However, he is by no means fat - at just over six foot he stands tall and lean over most other people that he knows. His dirty sand colored hair is untamable - It runs to about the base of his neck, and it just loves to dangle a few inches in front of his eyes whenever he needs it NOT to. Because of that fact, a pair of goggles hold the hair just above his brow line, where it is held at bay, for the most part.

Apparel wise, he loves to wear layers. Usually, what he wears is simple enough; a T-shirt with various logos and slogans on them, all of which is covered with an open collared shirt. If the over shirt has a pattern, it'll usually be very plain, perhaps tartan or even just simple checks. His pants are usually either a pair of ripped up jeans, or gray cargo pants, the ones with a thousand pockets, and you can never remember where you put the thing you needed. He owns one pair of shoes; a pair of all-black hi-tops with neon green laces, riddled with tears and rips. He carries with him a standard pack, configured to his liking, with an extra pocket for his Pokegear.

Personality: Blue may be the coolest guy you'll ever meet. He's extremely laid back, and even if he isn't THAT amazing, the way he talks, he'll have you eating out of his hand within 15 minutes. He's a smooth talker inside and out, and can usually convince people that what he's saying is true, even if it's a complete and utter lie. He suffers from a minor superiority complex. He's always been an accomplished trainer, and therefore, rarely takes a challenge seriously. He isn't one to brag or boast, because he thinks he doesn't have to; EVERYONE already knows how cool he is. When the snap hits the fan, though, he'll be the first one to take action. When disaster strikes, he becomes a powerful leader, and his sharp wit and mind are put to work. His personality really molds around the situation - he can be cold and cruel, or happy and carefree. It really just depends on the scenario.

Blue doesn't have many glaring fears, but what do exist are fairly severe to say the least. First of all - Blue is terrified of spiders of all shapes and kinds. Usually, it just ends with Blue covering his eyes, and trying to ignore his shaking knees, but taunt him enough, and you might find your dear Spinarak in several pieces across the room, and a sobbing Blue in the corner. In addition, although not quite as serious, Blue has a mild dislike of heights. Looking at extremely high buildings and rickety thrill rides are enough to make Blue fidget. Blue has never liked the advice "Don't look down!" Because in the end, what are you ALWAYS going to do?

Blue holds jazz music dear to his heart, and the old great big bands are seldom not found grooving through the ear buds of his pokegear. Blue has very little tolerance for stupidity, and will without hesitation, remove himself from a situation that he finds to not be intellectually stimulating. To people whom he finds interesting enough, however, the spotlight is on the lucky individual. Be prepared to have plenty to talk about with this young man.

In general, Blue externally seems to be so laid back that he has no goals, or self motivation. However, internally, rests a man with a true desire to be revolutionary. Blue has spent his entire life searching for a chance to make a difference in SOMETHING.

Blue's intuition is unmatched in the sense that he can tell right off the bat if he's going to like someone or not. In addition, his negotiation skills are unrivaled. He's an excellent mediator, and can usually resolve a conflict with minimal effort. He's a fabulous speaker, and you give him a piece of your heart, don't expect to be rid of him anytime soon - he'll steal the rest from right under your nose.

Blue's mouth can sometimes run like a train off course. When he disagrees with someone's opinion, you'll know about it in a hurry. While Blue is a pretty easygoing guy, don't expect a completely obedient drone. Expect a wise cracking kid; who is always "too cute to be mad at for long."

History: Born and raised in Ecruteak City, Johto. For the first 13 years of his life, he lived a very rural life. His parents owned an old inn off the outskirts of town, where he spent most of his childhood, being home schooled by a woman from Olivine, where he learned everything he needed to know. When he turned 15, he decided to study abroad in Saffron. With a hug and a kiss from his parents, he hopped onto the magnet train in Goldenrod en route for Saffron City. That was the last he ever saw of them. Nobody know where they went. They simply disappeared. When he went back to the Inn, it was abandoned, and up for sale. He spent a few months there trying to convince the mayor not to tear it down, and finally got a young couple to take care of it - Mark and Nancy Consel, along with their son, Artemis. However, his satisfaction for saving his old home was short-lived - after 2 months back in his shoddy apartment in Saffron, the fact that his parents were missing really hit home, and he spiraled into a deep depression. He was brought out of this by his joining of Team Rocket. He was 15 at the time.

Fast forward 2 years. Blue is 17. After spending 2 years doing grunt work, Blue was promoted to the rank of Jr. Executive. Placed under an incompetent Executive (who was practically given the position due to her mother being a major funder of Rocket, and her father being an ex-executive.) who was killed on the third mission that she was assigned to as an executive. Blue took over her command for several months before disaster struck.

While on an important mission, a few of the members of Blue’s team of Rockets decided to betray him, and sold him out for cash. He was held in a cell for several weeks until his trial found him to be innocent of the crimes he had committed. (The trial was rigged, of course, but that’s beyond the point.)

Even though he got off (nearly) scot-free, he still held a disgusting grudge against Rocket, and decided to leave Kanto altogether, finally decided on Sinnoh as his new home. While traveling around the region, he stopped in Solaceon for a couple days to recover…


http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpmfa/dpmfa215.pngSneasel - Male - "Lash"

Lash is, has been, and will forever be, Blue's right hand man. Ever since he was given to Blue from the arms of a dying man 8 years ago, the two have grown closer and closer, until the current day, when they have become nearly inseperable. He is nearly always at his masters side, ready to defend him at a moments notice. As a pokemon, Lash is great alright, but as a partner, he's invaluable. As a sneasel, he's quick, nimble, and damn near brilliant, making him a useful strategist.He loves to explore, and loves to climb, be it rocks, trees, or the enemy. He has a vast knowledge of medicinal herbs and natural remedies, so he has Blue keep a pocket in his pack open for such remedies. An excellent cartographer and explorer, he makes an irreplaceble dent in Blue's team, and his heart. Outside of battle, Lash is just as much of a charmer as Blue. You might say that he's a "mini-Blue." He's quick with a retort or a joke at any given moment, and given enough opportunity with the proper female..

http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpmfa/dpmfa045.pngVileplume - Male - "Enfoncé"

Enfoncé, or Fonse for short, is chronically depressed. When he isn't sleeping, he's writing deep, nonrhyming poetry, or painting dark paintings with the oils he secretes.. or sometimes he's just sulking. It is Blue's belief that this depression stems from a rather repugnant smell that he can expel when angry. This particular secretion is unusually potent, which may very well cause a chemical imbalance in the inner workings of the Pokemon. This fluid is, by chance, a very effective antidote, and Lash can, and has, used it to neutralize even the most powerful venoms. Captured as a Gloom with no friends, the Pokemon stayed as sulky as ever once it evolved.

http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpmfa/dpmfa405.pngLuxray – Male – “Axel”

Axel is very proud, very dignified. While quite possibly the most powerful member of the team, he will never fight anyone who’s weaker than he is. When he speaks, he speaks with an air of dignity only the best of the best uses. Although he sometimes talks down to others, he would never disrespect his comrades or his commanding officer. Loves to sleep.

http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpmfa/dpmfa055.pngGolduck – Male – “Splash”

One of Lash’s old friends, Splash is a welcome new addition to Blue’s team. According to Lash, Splash was a mute Psyduck who remained very childish and cute until his old trainer, Julian was murdered at the hands of vicious mutant Pokemon. Splash left the team in order to better himself. 4 years later, he emerged a fully functional (and speaking) Golduck, prepared to reunite with his friends to make up for the mistakes in his past that caused his trainer his life.

Splash is quiet and somber most of the time, and has yet to really warm up to anybody in the team except for Lash, whom he’d known very well years before. He still remains loyal to Blue however, and gives his all in battle, all for the memory of the trainer whom he had spent most of his childhood with.

http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpmfa/dpmfa430.pngHonchkrow – Female – “Morrigan”

A very mysterious Pokemon, Morrigan was traded from a crazy channeller for near nothing. (A Starly, to be precise) At first, Blue didn’t understand why – then it hit him. Literally. Morrigan was the most violent little monster Blue had ever met. Always spitting in Blue’s face and making fun of him, Blue almost never took it out of the dusk ball. That is, until it tried to steal a dusk stone. The stone was to be smuggled – through her stomach. Bad idea. As it evolved, it’s mentality changed, and it became a completely different Pokemon. She talked less and less back, and became less and less violent.

http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpmfa/dpmfa428.png Lopunny - Female - "Flopsy"

To the casual observer, one might describe Jessica as a "nice lady," but that's only to those who don't know her. She is a party animal, and takes every opportunity she can to "stick it to the man" as she calls it. When presented with strangers however, she's polite as can be - always trying to make a good impression in order to "gain the man's trust." She's a rebel in every manner, and she's very good at what she does.

RP Sample: Not getting a response quite as quickly as he had hoped, he gave up trying to talk to the strange girl, and leaned back against the wall as Mika walked in, with a small boy whom Blue had never seen. He was small, it seemed, and timid; even more so than Sem. To Blue's great surprise, however, the child, who must have been 9 or 10, settled into Mika's lap, much as if the boy was her own child. This is odd. mused Blue. There are a lot of people on this team who might be considered less than.. mature? Blue tasted the word for a second. Well, maybe that isn't the right word for it. I guess it'd be something like - but his thoughts were interrupted by a sharp voice calling out.

"Alright, listen up." Mika's voice rang out above the small talk, and everything became very quiet. The lights dimmed, and from the table in the center of the room a hologram erupted, showing a sort of complex. Lash's eyes brightened. <Alright, NOW we get to see some action. This is probably a top secret military base, or maybe the G-Men's hideout, or maybe..> the sneasel's mind went wild, thinking of all the amazing enterprises that could be brought out from the hologram of this building.

“This is the Kanto Branch of the School for Educationally Gifted Pokemon Trainers." Mika continued. Lash's jaw nearly dropped, and the wild look in his eyes turned to mush, as the sneasel's little heart melted. <A school?! Of all places to be espionage artists..> he spat quietly, hoping in retrospect that Mika didn't hear him. Mika continued.

"Our Intel says that there are G-Men Recruiters all throughout the building, posing as students, to try and build up their forces. Somewhere on campus is an informant who’s gone completely AWOL for reasons we believe to be related to the G-Men Recruiters.” Lash shrugged, his heart a tiny bit healed. <This won't be too bad.>

Mika's tone darkened considerably, and Lash's ears perked up, eager to hear this bit of drama. “There is a small chance the agent did not go into AWOL mode to prevent detection by G-Men Forces. There is a small chance… he or she converted to their forces. This is the basis of our mission. Posing as students in the school, we will be trying to find out the whereabouts of the informant, whether they be good or bad, and attempt to, if he or she is still on the campus, bring him or her back alive. Maimed is perfectly acceptable.” Lash grinned almost malevolently, staring lovingly at his claws. <Oh, that can be arranged..> he smiled to himself. <This won't be so bad. We'll just go in, whip some ass, and get out of there. It's not like we'll be in classes or anything.. Blue already finished school, so...>

The hologram suddenly changed, now depicting a boy and a girl. An icy hand gripped Lash's heart. “While at the school, you will take classes of some sort. We’re not going to draw unwanted attention and sneaking around won’t get us the information we need." Lash almost sunk to the floor in misery. <Classes?! Classes!? Anything.. but classes..> Promptly kicking Lash softly to get him up, Blue continued to listen intently. "Those over 16 will attend the high school wing, those under 16 but over 12 will attend classes in the middle school department and anyone under 12, which I think is just Yoh, will attend the elementary wing. Before you all start groaning about school, just be thankful they have no uniform.” Lash scoffed. <Yeah. Thanks, fate.>

As Mika clapped her hands briskly, the hologram faded out, and the lights faded in. “After we all get back up, you’ve got an hour to do whatever the hell you want. I’ll have the PA ladies page you when our bus, yes a bus, is ready to go. Make sure you have anything you think you might need, the store’s on level six, the poke center’s on level B3 which is three above here.” Mika said, and snapped her arm to the side, “Dismissed!”

The hour came and went. Blue barely had enough time to get his pokemon through the pokemon center before a nasally voice crackled through the PA. "Team Drache, your transportation has arrived.." And at that, Blue was whisked away to the bus.

Lash safely tucked away in his pokeball, Blue clambored onto the bus, his bag of clothes and other such belongings safely hanging from his shoulder. He sat down on one of the seats, and within minutes was asleep. <Who knows what's going to happen? Better get your sleep in now.. just in case.> Lash had said before retreating to his Pokeball. Blue heeded these words well, and as the rumble of the bus gently massaged his head, Blue dozed off to sleep, earbud headphones lightly tucked into his ears, his hair tenderly covering part of his face.

When he came to, the bus had come to a complete stop, and nearly everyone was off. Blue stood up hastily, not wanting to be left behind. Tearing the headphones out of his ears and shoving them in a pocket, he ran outside, catching up with the group. It was almost by the time they actually made it to the school. "Almost six o' clock." he mumbled to himself, checking his Pokegear.

With few incidents, everyone managed to get their rooms okay. Blue had been assigned a room with that guy... what was his name? Bill? Whatever his name was, Blue was stuck in a room with him for who knows how long they'd be here. Truly, Blue didn't like the idea of being back in school, especially during this snowy weather.. <But hey. It's not like we've got anything else better to do.> Lash reminded him.

They were sitting at dinner. Blue had let his larger pokemon out into the back area. Since it was a school for pokemon, they had a bunch of convenient services for Pokemon. Poke-food vending machines, and even little Pokebathrooms. Blue found some of this unnecessary, and Lash found it insulting, but they could both agree on one thing - it wasn't too shabby. Blue, Lash, and Spoink sat and ate together in silence. Blue had a sinking feeling that this wasn't going to be a particularly friendly experience. The other boys weren't exactly.. sociable. To add to that, the girls, Mika included, were practically falling over the younger boys. "Looks like we might be in this pretty solitarily, boys." whispered Blue to his 2 small friends, and they both agreed solemnly.

The three friends ate slowly, being almost the last ones to leave. By the time he had collected all of his Pokemon, made it back to his room, unpacked, and showered, it was nearly 10 o' clock. Blue clambered into bed, his Pokemon all safe in their balls, turned out the light, and uneasily fell asleep.

Blue did not sleep well. The nap on the bus had kept him energized, and made it tough to sleep. He found himself waking up several times in the middle of the night, unable to go back to sleep. Finally, unable to stand it any longer, Blue got out of bed, threw on a T-shirt and a pair of jeans, and slipped out of the room, leaving Will fast asleep.

The night was very chilly, and Blue found himself wishing he had put on something a tad heavier. Nevertheless, he wandered the hallways, thinking deeply about just about everything he could think of. Just when he thought himself about ready to attempt some sleep for the ump-tillionth time, he stopped at his door, listening very hard. Somebody was walking. Very quietly. Perhaps.. too quietly? Suddenly, Blue's imagination took hold. A traitorous scumbag, just walking about, unsuspecting, when suddenly.. *POP!* Revenge!

Taking care to not make any noise, he snuck around the corner, peeking around it, hoping to find the person he was looking for. "..Jackpot." he snickered, the figure walking down the hallway towards the deck. Blue was preparing to dash out, when the woman stepped outside, and Blue immediately abandoned his plans for attack. Long emerald green hair that couldn't be seen in the dark was suddenly illuminated in the moonlight, and Blue immediately knew the identity of his suspect.

Mika stepped outside, fairly upset, from what Blue could see at that distance. As she stared into the sky, Blue contemplated approaching her. Depending on what kind of person she was, that could either be taken as an act of kindness, or an intrusion of privacy. Blue shot the line, and went for broke, walking down the hallway towards the leader of his team, his heart pounding. This had better not backfire.. he thought to himself, as he stepped into the pale moonlight. Taking a shaky breath, he called softly.

"Lady Mika..?"

May 1st, 2007, 7:53 PM
Okay, waaaaay more people than I expected signed up for this. Anyways, if you check the first post you'll see my signup. Now, onto the hard part: declining and accepting. Sorry guys, but due to the sheer number of signups, some of you will be declined due to that reason.

Mika-chan (Reserved)
Deskmenu (Declined)
Mr. Altosax: I need a better RP Sample, so for now (Declined)
Legendary Squirtle (Declined)
Jyukai (Accepted)
Shiney (Reserved)
Niwa (Accepted)
Hyuuga Neji (Declined)
Fallen Angel_Messiah Of Black Roses: I want to use this RP to work with you. I know you have the potential to do so much better than you do already. For now, add some personality to your Pokemon and I'll call you accepted under the condition that you listen to the advice I give you. Oh, and the Hidden Gym Leader thing won't work either. I'm placing a ban on being a Gym Leader. XD;
Vulpix-trainer K (Declined)
Electivire (Accepted)
YoshiRiRu (Accepted)

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I wasn't even finished with my signup, but hey, its your choice.

May 1st, 2007, 10:52 PM
So, Can I post a character still?

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Nice sign ups YoshiRiRu and Asch. Make mine look pants :( ... Anyway thanks for accepting me without an RP sample, do I need too put one or shall I leave it?

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Sorry about the Sample, I didn't really know what you wanted. I haven't been here long enough to have any good RP posts. I'll edit mine a bit so I'm not a gym leader, and for the sample I'm just going to write a few paragraphs.

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[Not Finished!]

Sign Up Forum
Name: Aliea Kuchiya
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Occupation: Team Rocket Scout (Executive Ranking)
Aliea doesn't really dress way out there. Because she makes most of her own clothing herself, it seems to intermix her two favorites styles, comfort and "leave-me-alone" into her own special thing. Most of the time it involves fishnets; for some reason, she can't get enough of the fishy goodness and sews a portion of them onto practically everything she wears. Her mid-back length purple hair, in contrast to her bright red eyes, often gets her mixed looks from the general population but she's used to it and it doesn't really bother her anymore

Yes, she owns several store bought sets of clothing, most of it covered in a shiney material or metal of some sort, but she prefers to tailor it to fit her own needs. Most of the time, you'll find her in a pair of baggy pants or loose but not too loose jeans and a shirt of some sort. Her most common outfit is one she made herself (that she just had to make in seven different shades of dark purple, blue, green, brown and red) and all of them include fishnets sewn over the arm or covering a less than appealing section of skin. Her body is seemingly well built for her small stature. (she's only 5'4) She is often accused of starving herself because of her underweight ness but honestly, she loves to take five to ten mile runs and she used to be a somewhat competent dancer. She has no real six pack of ab-ness but she does have a flat tummy, somewhat nice arms and thighs and her seemingly seventy ton black messenger bag is no big deal for her to lug around. Around her neck, she wears a small silver key, something that she was told could amplify her powers if she could figure out what its usage was. If the key is taken from her howerver, she has a tendancy to flip out.

On the Outside
Aliea is extremely shy and comes across as cold-hearted because she doesn't talk much nor does she speak to people in general. She's used to be teased relentlessly because of her hair color and because of that she's very much of the idea that all people will reject her. To avoid the pains of rejection, she tends to steer clear of people as much as she can but she will talk to someone if she's spoken to first. She's used to being called a slur of bad names or being talked about in the dark of night and it doesn't bother her anymore. She's, on the outside at least, become absolutely netural to the entire thing and doesn't let any pain it might be causing show through.

On the Inside
Aliea is a blur of emotions. Her memories are mostly bottled up and locked inside a box beyond a door nobody can get to, not even her, and with it are the majority of her true emotions and feelings. There are a few things that cause her 'true' personality to shimmer through her exterior and these things are small children, infant pokemon and being pushed beyond her natural emotional limit. When this type of extreme emotional distress of an occurance happens, Aliea is seen as a normal weak human being and, as anyone could suposse, she hates these occurances with a passion. Around small children and infant pokemon however, she is viewed as almost a surogete mother; there have only been one or two children that have ever not felt the urge to run and either cry on her shoulder or be held in her protective arms.

History: [Davi-sama. <<; You say anything about how strangely familiar this sounds and I’ll eat you alive. Aliea’s another gem. D< so you may burn. –huggles the little emotionless ball of fluff- <3]

Aliea was born in Saffron City to parents who were not ready nor did they care to have a child at that point in time. Her father worked only for Silph Co and her mother cared only for the opinion of her husband and the neighbors. She cannot recall ever being held beyond the infant years. Such lack of affection caused the girl to become emotionally unstable and when a tragic accident took both her parents away, she was given to her uncle who just happened to be a high ranking scientist working, in secret mind you, for Master Giovanni. Although Team Rocket had long since gone into hiding with the Magma and Aqua scandals in the Hoenn region, Giovanni found interest in the then six year old child. He found her strange emotional status, or the lack there of, interesting and ensured that the girl was properly trained and researched. When she came of ‘Trainer’ age, he sent her out on a few easy missions and found her progress astounding. She scaled through the Rocket ranking system and achieved executive rank before anyone prior.

Because of her unique emotional history however, she was not given a team to order around but was instead sent out on the most dangerous of scouting missions. This time, her mission was to go to Sinnoh and find out just what Team Gala-whatever was up to to avoid another scandal from occurring so quite possibly Team Rocket could make a strong come back. She’s known lightly by the GP but as she’s never been arrested or captured, they probably have a much different idea of what and who she is that is most likely very far from the truth.

So, after hearing rumours that the infamous (but oh so inferior team) was going to be in Solaceon doing something bad, she headed there and has absolutely no idea that an old face would surely become a new enemy... [dun dun dun...]

Karian. M. Charizard

Umbro. M. Umbreon

Mimi F. Gengar

Missy F. Misdrevious

2 Eggs (One would be a shuppet and the other would be a togepi

RP Sample:

She wanted to slap him again but then again, he might hit back. The more she was around him, the more she began to doubt he was the type of guy who found hitting women repulsive. Prehaps even, Valen wouldn't have to think twice to smack a baby that accidently crossed his path. He was the worst type of individual the world could imagine and she knew that he didn't deserve Kyoko's attention (Not that she'd change her mind; that girl was more stubborn than a Stantler when it came to such things) to the slightest of any extent. While she didn't like it... she'd made a promise to Kyoko and there was nothing on this earth that was going to prevent that from coming true.

Sure, the two had had their run ins but, at least from what Rosairie's mind could gather, Valen bared a striking resemblance to someone Kyoko thought the world of. Maybe, maybe that's why she tried so hard to get his attention. She was, after all, the only person in this little group he showed any real one-sided aggression towards. True, he and Rosairie didn't get along but it was a mutal hatred of sorts. Kyoko really didn't bare any harsh feelings towards the boy, her outburst before was just frustration. Nobody, not a soul in the universe, likes to be left out of things because people believe it's 'over their head', especially when the topic of discussion is something intriquing.

Then, then Reina had to speak. The world had already lost a good deal of kittens due to the tounge of that wench and now it had just lost another. Rosairie, who normally didn't have a temper, was now quickly losing her cool and if reina didn't watch it, she'd have a mark on that pretty little face of hers. However, for the moment at least, she turned on her designer heels and faced the two of them. "Back off?" her arms crossed her chest in a defiant stance, "So you can torment someone half your size with no consequences? Puh-lease"

"No Valen, you don't understand and while that's probably a first for you, try and pick your ego up off the floor." she rolled her eyes dramatically, "That letter isn't for Vincent, it's addressed to you. However, since you're too good for a letter of apology and a request for forgiveness, I can take it back." She reached out her hand and, as her volume levels plummeted, her eyes narrowed sternly, "If you want to stoop so low as to reject the heartfelt apology that, in my opinion you really don't deserve, well, that's your choice." But, it would be good to note that if he did give the note back, she'd probably smack him again. Her eyes were that furious, "It wouldn't take that long you know and although you want your stupid beauty sleep, which, by the look of your face and those bags under your eyes, you desperately need, but I think you could take a few moments to read it; it's not going to kill you nor is it going to take several hours to dechiper."

Rosairie couldn't waste much time here regardless; Kyoko had gone off without her pokegear so there was no way to find her easily which meant a royal trek around the city. If only she could slap Slythe.... then maybe she'd finally snap out of this horrible mood she was in. (Then again, she liked not having a crimminal record)'

[/Not Finished!]

[Gah... I'll finish tomorow Davi-kun, I need to go to bed. >>]

May 3rd, 2007, 7:11 PM
Yes, I know I was declined but I felt I had to finish my sign up. Its kinda a superstitious thing. Sorry.

May 5th, 2007, 5:20 PM
OOC: Okay, so Shiney and Mika need to finish their signups. Sorry this is so long, I was feeling in a creative mood tonight. XD;

Solaceon Ruins: Bottom Floor. 5:30AM.

"Yes! This is great stuff!" An enthusiastic young man exclaimed as he examined the Unown lettering on the wall. "I really need to thank you guys for this! I would have never known that the messages are different in the morning without your help!" A group of Unown of different letters began to circle around the teenager, the breeze created blowing his ponytailed black hair up, down, and around. They seemed to be enjoying themselves, and a Mismagius chased random ones around like it was a game. Soren, while he was amused, was also concerned. He was afraid of Mismagius doing something that would irritate the Unown that had helped him in the first place. He turned back to the panel he had been glancing at previously. It really was quite amazing, as the text during the day was just random blabbering. This text, however, actually said something:

"The key will bring death?" Soren read with a hint of worry in his voice. The concept of death was never a positive thing, especially when mentioned in regards to something that could very well be related to Pokemon mythology. "So, do you guys now anything about this?" He proceeded to ask the Unown, but only received shaking signifying a "no" in return. Soren pressed up against the old stone wall in an attempt to see if anything would move, but nothing occured. However, when he began knocking on it, he found it sounded hollow behind the foreshadowing message. "Mismagius." He said firmly, and the Pokemon froze from its joyful activities and floated over to her partner. "Do you think you can go see if anything is back there?" The Pokemon giggled in response with a happy look on its face before dashing in through the wall. It poked its head back out and gave a nod. "Interesting... Go back and use Shadow Ball on that section of the wall. It doesn't seem like it will move without force." As his partner disappeared back into the wall as quickly as she had appeared, he lead the Unown to the opposite side of the ruin as to avoid debris. Without notice, something impacted the wall, sending shards of brown stone and dust flying everywhere. When the dust cleared, Soren proceeded to enter the new whole, his Mismagius rejoining him soon after. He followed a strange stone staircase upwards a level, until he stumbled upon a lone podium. In the center of the podium was an orb of some type, glowing a different colour every few moments. "This must be the key..." He muttered under his breath as he picked the orb up. It was small, maybe about the width of half his palm. It was breathtaking. Originally, he had no intent of taking it with him. As far as he was concerned, this jewel belonged to the Unown.

However, he had no choice once he heard the cries of Unown, whom of which sounded like they were being attacked. Panicking, he stuffed the orb into one of his inside pockets, and plucked a Pokeball out of the other. He threw it to no particular target, and a Glaceon came out when it hit the ground. "Glaceon?" It originally asked as it tilted its head, perhaps wondering what was going on. It's ears twitched violently as it heard the ruckus from the nearby room, and it began to growl after catching the foe's scent in the air. The three ran back into the other room, only to find the ground scattered with unconcious Unown, and two Team Galactic grunts standing before them accompanied by their Dustox and Drapion partners.
They were dressed in the usual attire, and even had the same funky, blue-ish green hair styles. The two men took one glance at the furious look on Soren's face and laughed.

"Whatcha looking at kid? Don't tell me these pathetic Pokemon were yer friends!" The first grunt laughed. "You better get outta our way, or we might have to mess ya up." Soren clenched his fist in response to the threat. He had dealt with Galactic in the past before. They had killed his mom, taken his friend, and his father was even a well known member. The second grunt chimed in soon after with "Listen kid, we're looking for an orb known as 'Arceus' Pearl'. You look like a smart kid, so maybe you'll do the right thing and tell us what you know about it. I wouldn't want to have to hurt you!" Soren smirked at the threat, and reached into the pocket in which had hidden the orb, and pulled it out.

"So that's what this thing is called, huh?" He said arrogantly as he held it up into the air, the glow it gave off illuminating the dark room and revealing just how many KOed Unown lay upon the ground. "Sorry, guys. If you had gotten here a few minutes sooner, you might have been able to run back to your big boss Cyrus with this thing. But, I guess since you were too slow, you'll be running back with your tails between your legs because you got beat by a kid!" A fresh smirk took hold over his face when he got a look at the faces of his opponents. Furious, completely furious. Yet, at the same time very dumb. The Dustox wouldn't be a problem, but Drapion weren't exactly pushovers. Soren realized that to gain some sort of victory during the battle, he'd have to use psychological warfare beforehand.

"Damned kid! I'm gonna make ya eat those words! Dustox! Use Silver Wind!" The first grunt shouted as he threw his right index finger in Mismagius' direction. Generally, bug attacks were potent against ghost Pokemon, but at the same time psychic attacks were potent against bug types. Mismagius, acting on instinct, ended up sending a Psybeam shooting at the Dustox and KOing it in one hit. The frustrated grunt returned his partner to its Pokeball, and reached for another, only to find himself stopped by the second grunt. "You idiot. The place is going to blow any minute now! Lets just leave the kid here and pick the pearl out from his remains!" The first gritted his teeth together as he turned to leave, the second beginning to do the same, but stopping. "You're Commander Exenburgh's son, aren't you? I can see the resemblance. What I'm wondering, is why you bother resisting us when your father is one of us."

"So he's a Commander now, is he?" Soren asked as he began to approach the exit as well. He was trying not to act like it, but the news of a bomb was making him deathly afraid. "Let's just say I've put my relationship with him behind me, and I have a bone to pick with him."

"Heh, is that so. The name is Zylas. However, I don't think you'll be able to 'pick your bone', since you're going to be trapped in here until the explosives go off. I'm sure I'll see your body again when I'm taking the Pearl from your cold, dead hand." With that, the Drapion punched the wall of the exit, causing the stone above it to fall below and fill in the only way out of the room. If the explosion didn't kill him, he'd surely be crushed by the falling stones, or suffocate if he remained trapped. He attempted to use force to break through the newly fallen blockade, but failed miserably. The chance of more debris filling the exit even if he moved what was there was probably anyways. A sinking feeling in his stomach, he returned his two Pokemon to their Pokeballs and glanced at the ground. He realized something was amiss, for the Unown that were there previously weren't there anymore. As if on queue, he heard the sounds of many Unown circling around the room above him. He went to look up, but suddenly found himself standing in the grass just nearby the ruins.

Outside Solaceon Ruins. 6AM

He looked around at the forested area in a daze, trying to rationalize what had just taken place. Had the Unown teleported him out somehow? He really wanted to dwell on this topic, but was snapped out of it as the sound of explosives echoed through the air. The smell of smoke filled the air as appearances of large pieces of rock flying up into the sky began. This was really bad. Despite being a small town filled with farmers and ranchers that spoke funny, Solaceon Town was still nearby. If any of those rocks hit someone or something, it'd probably be destroyed. Soren could do nothing but hide under a group of nearby trees and hope he wasn't hit while this was happening. When it appeared to be all clear, he ran back to where the ruins once more. It its place was what was apparently a crater, a big whole in the ground with debris everywhere. Galactic members appeared to be digging through the hole, and he heard "that kid has to be down here somewhere" said by Zylas from earlier. His concerns turned to truth as he noticed a Galactic Commander there as well. Mars (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dptr/dptr144.png). She was dressed in her usual "spacewoman" appearance with her same old red hairstyle that looked like it came out of a bad 90s movie. Even so, she was an attractive woman in her early twenties, and a powerful Pokemon trainer. He was about to make a move himself, when he found himself lifted up by both arms by a fairly large, bald, muscular man behind him. He sensed his doom when he found himself being dragged over to Mars.

"Hey boss, look what I just found snooping around. Seems to me like this kid is asking for trouble!" The guy said quite loudly, getting the attention of Mars as well as the crew in the pit. "Hey! That's the kid! How the hell did he survive!?" Zylas shouted to his Commander, who smirked in response as she approached Soren in the man's grasp."

"Put him down, I'll take care of this. Hurry up and go get her while I deal with this." Mars said coldly as the bulky man dropped Soren, leaving him to stumble before gaining proper footing once more. "So, Soren Exenburgh. Son of Gerald Exenburgh, our newest Commander. I have a proposition for you, and since you have what we're looking for in your pocket, your response is even more crucial." She said coldly.

"Go on then, although I doubt I'll be handing your little item of fancy over anytime soon." Soren remarked. He was once again trying not to show his fear, but his shaking right arm gave away his guise. This wasn't a surprise, though. Team Galactic weren't pushovers like the teams from the other countries. They would shoot for their goal, no matter the cost. Soren was dealing with a Commander, the highest rank of a member aside from Boss, although Cyrus held that position.

"I would like to extend a formal invitation from our great leader, Cyrus, to join our little group. Apparently, he along with your father would like to see you with us for whatever reason." She said colder still, yet at the same time it sounded sly, like she had some sort of trump up her sleeve.

"N-no!" Soren refused as he took a step back, his whole body shaking now. It was futile to bother fighting back if they attempted to do so, he was just too outnumbered. "I vowed back when you people took my mother's life that I'd do away with you people! I'm not joining!"

"Well, that's just not acceptable, is it?" Mars responded in kind as she glanced behind Soren. A young girl with green hair in a ponytail and blue eyes approached. "Maybe someone you hold dear can talk some sense into you then..."

"Wait, wha-"

"Commander Mars? What was it you needed of me ma'am?" A high pitched, feminine voice chirped shyly from behind Soren, interrupting him. It was familiar, yet distant to him. He knew it, yet he couldn't place who's voice it was. He wanted to turn around to look, but he wouldn't dare at this point.

"Ah, yes, I need you to battle him for me. Show me that you have the potential I believe you have, child."

"Umm... I don't know if I can beat this person. He looks kind of strong from the back..." The girl replied. It sounded as if she had little confidence in herself. Not being able to hold his curiosity anymore, Soren spun around to see his opponent, and almost passed out when he saw her.



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May 5th, 2007, 6:46 PM

Pann's eyes shifted towards the rattling glass doors, which were threatening to shatter from the shrieking voice. It was one of the rare movements that Pann allowed as she sat like a statue and stared at everyone who walked into the store, but even so, the pokemon couldn’t miss this. It was a daily event, in which that odd woman who seemed to be Alice’s trainer would yell at her for bumbling, or to go get something. Pann would often sit at her spot next to the berry trees and ponder whether, if that strange woman was Alice’s trainer, did that make her Pann’s trainer too? Lazily ignoring Bluuza who’d floated out of the shop, the petals around her head catching the wind that was exhaled with the screaming and yelling. Pressing her ears back, Pann muffled the sounds of yelling, and caught Bluuza’s attention. The cherrim quickly took up her usual pastime of trying to make Pann move again, though Pann had moved her last muscle.

“C-Coming!” Pann’s trainer had a sweet voice that highly contrasted that old woman’s voice, which was shrill and far from pleasant. Bluuza poked Pann’s forehead in vain, the leafeon sitting as still as ever and staring straight down the road towards the farm on the corner, like always. After about five minutes of no response, Bluuza grew tired of the game and floated back into the shop, to see Alice letting a small pichu run around her shoulders. The cherrim held her breath and tried not to let jealousy overcome her as she floated over to sit with Rozza on the counter. The roserade gave no motion that cherrim had taken up post next to her, and continued to nap peacefully.

“Listen here Alice,” The old woman snapped, “I want you to go find me some Lum berries. The one we planted two days ago should be starting to ripen now, and if you did things right, then there should be two waiting for you. Put them into a cloth, they won’t crush, even if you step on them, but it you lose them, then your in big trouble little miss. Remember, you’re not allowed to go any further then the berry patch, no adventures in the ruins!!”

Alice nodded and took the blue and white checkered cloth from the strange woman before heading for the sliding glass doors, which were always cleaned just so that there wasn’t even the slightly speck on them.

“Don’t forget your pokemon! There are unknown in those ruins, it’ll be bad if you get caught up in them!!” The bat shrieked after Alice, even though she’d hardly taken three steps away from the spot she’d originally stood.

“R-Right! Come on guys, want to tag along?” The twinkle in Alice’s eyes meant that if they did tag along, she’d grab three sweet Pecha berries for Krisst, Rozza and Bluuza, a sour Aspear berry for Splizz, and a bitter Rawst berry for Pann. Rozza and Krisst returned to their pokeballs, deciding not to take the walk to the edge of the forest, accompanying Splizz on Alice’s belt. Pann however, took the dignity of walking alongside her trainer, to make sure no trouble befell her, just so that she could react quickly, even if Alice couldn’t. Bluuza took her usual post on Alice’s shoulder, waving to random people who were working their fields, even though they’d been waving more at Alice then Bluuza. Holding her head up high, Pann paid no mind to the friendly humans who greeted her trainer, and instead kept her eyes peeled for enemies. Indeed, it did seem like Pann’s attentive attitude was of a positive profit, as she was the first to feel the explosion while the trio collected the numerous berries, the first to notice that the Sitrus Berry tree, one of the most useful berries in the entire grove, was stripped clean.

Pann barked at her trainer, who was still a little shocked from stumbling as the ground shook. Bluuza quickly retreated into her pokeball, fearful of something a normal human like Alice couldn’t place, but something that Pann was growling and waving her tail about.

“Pann, what’s-“

“Poison sting!”

The leafeon easily dodged the silver rods of poison, ignoring any command that Alice might’ve given her and whipping her head about, thrusting a Magical Leaf at her opponent. It was quiet for a split second that felt like an eternity for the shaking Alice, before a blood curdling shriek emitted. Pressing her ears back, Pann dashed forward, leaving her trainer behind to dish out a quick attack. It was an easy ordeal for her, forests were Pann’s homefield, and Alice could barely make out another barrage of leaves attacking the two strange clad men who’d stolen the sitrus berries and attacked Pann and herself.

“Rrr…” Pann scowled over her shoulder as she tread lightly back to her trainer, having successfully chased away the strangers. Alice bent over and when Pann turned around again, her eyes met the biggest Rawst berry she’d ever seen.

“Aunt Cecil’ll definetely be unhappy, but thank you for making them go away Pann!” Said Alice with a smile, and Pann, embarassed to be rewarded for what she considered common conduct, took the Rawst berry in her mouth, pretending that the berry was no surprise to her, and it’s size wasn’t of any concern to her.

“Think I should let out Splizz, just in case?” She asked Pann, who replied indifferently, her voice muffled as she chewed a large bite of Rawst berry. But Alice decided it would be for the best, and the magnezone quickly turned on hostile when he was released, glaring straight into the forest while Alice continued to collect the berries, albeit, a little more quietly as she gave shifty glances at the sitrus tree that was stripped clean.

Dawning Mew
May 5th, 2007, 10:00 PM
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May 6th, 2007, 3:31 AM
Qwarr~... "Ugh, I'm so damn hungry!" A young man atop of a giant rock snake like pokemon shouted to the heavens of his need for food! Johnny, currently in Solaceon Town, was aimlessly wondering about looking for the so called "Ruins" which he believed to hold more ground pokemon. So far, his progress on locating the ruins however, has been zero. Besides it was quite difficult for him to locate said ruins, when he is in such a famished state. Thinking of other less important things, his impression on the region, Sinnoh, is an impression he himself was surprised to have. The abundant pokemon he has never seen are what truly amazed him, although this could be for his lack of traveling anywhere farther then Cerulean City. For a second, it made Johnny think about capturing these pokemon but then simply brushed it off, remembering his obvious obsession for ground pokemon while traveling atop of Steelix, which brings us to the next subject. Along the road from Canalave City to his current location, Johnny decided to take a lazy route and instead of walking, hitched a ride on Steelix, telling the pokemon the exercise is good for it. But the pokemon knew he said this in order to pawn a free ride, the grey snake did not mind though it was more then happy to help him.

Hopping down from Giton, a name meaning "Giga Ton", Johnny calls his father's Steelix this in order to tease it of its giganticness, it being not the pokemons official nickname, it ignores Johnny anytime it is called it. He withdrew Steelix and out came his new friend in Sinnoh, Hippopotas. "Hey, hey, you should know this place very well eh? Seeing as your from this region and all." The pokemon looked at Johnny as if he was the most idiotic person ever. The pokemon may have been captured in the Sinnoh region, but for it to know the entire landscape was a ridiculous request. "Im starving Hipp, dont you know a place to eat around here?" Continuing with the same arrogant question, not noticing the pokemon's look it shot him. Hippopotas began to enter its own little world away from Johnny as it began exploring this town, obviously new to its surroundings, he also began to take notice to what was around him.There wasnt that much to see around these parts, what he did notice however was a daycare center not too far from where he was. He even attempted to leave the bad tempered Hippopotas there for awhile hoping it would become better, but when the pokemon heard this it released itself from within its pokeball and comically bit Johnny in the leg.

Qqqwwaaarr~..., his stomach started to grumble again only louder this time, he felt a small tug on his leg and looked down, what he saw delighted him. Hippopotas wheeled a light brown ball with a slightly darker brown stem, the pokemon mimicked a person eating as to tell Johnny this was food. With delight Johnny patted the pokemon on the head and took a big bite of it, savoring every drop, but he began to notice..something was off about it. The pokemon snickered as it watched Johnny eat the "fruit". "..Wait a minute...Hipp, where did you get this? Its awfully dry, and I cant put my finger on it, but it taste surprisingly similar..". Hippopotas nudged the ground to signify the "fruit" original location.
"D-...Did you just feed me dirt!? GAH-" Johnny comically gagged on the dirt ball that was entering his throat. "Y-Y-You! This is so gross!" the pokemon was rolled over on its back laughing not taking notice to the torture Johnny was receiving in his stomach. "What im most impressed about is how you managed to turn this dry dirt into such a nice round ball. Sure making it round is no big deal but to keep it in place water would be needed, and we haven't seen any source of water for an hou-...you didn't.." Hippopotas could barley contain itself, it looked as though she could die from laughter at the conclusion Johnny was coming too. "Did you p-" *BOOM*

An explosion was heard that cut off Johnny's laughter instantly. Looking toward the direction of the sound, a large boulder the size of a poke' moving van was hurdling towards him and Hipp. With a swift movement of his hands he returned Hippopotas, which was still laughing I might add, and released Steelix in the next. The pokemon didnt fully grasp the situation at end, but it quickly took notice of the boulder and instantly headbutted it, sending the boulder to pieces. As bits of rocks showered down Steelix hovered over Johnny making sure not to let the trainer succumb to any harm. When Steelix moved away Johnny was still glaring in the direction the large boulder came from, he himself not fully understanding the situation as well as the pokemon, he climbed onto Steelix and headed towards there new destination.

Upon approaching closer to the target, he noticed wild pokemon scurrying away from it. Whatever is going, seems to have upset the pokemon a great deal... He noticed a Vespiquen fly by him, he turned on Steelix's head, while the pokemon was still moving, and shouted " Hey! Dont worry! Whatever is happening, I, Johnny will take care of it!" giving a thumbs up to it, and a smile, the pokemon ignored Johnny completely as it fled. Scorned, Johnny looked away, Steelix chuckled to itself. As the distance narrowed between Johnny and the destination, he could see the rubble of a ruin just a little bit over the horizon of a small hill he was overcoming.

Reaching his point, he scanned over what was taking place. It seem quiet a few individuals were involved with some weird looking people. "Is that Team Rocket?!" Johnny jumped from atop Steelix's head, trying to take a good look of the people at the scene from his close, yet far distance. Some of them were dressed in spiffy uniforms, where as, he noticed two people dressed normally, a male and a female. Who were these two? Johnny had no idea, but they were both engaged into battles and not to mention outnumbered by the uniformed people. He the boy would need the assistance as there were more members around him, but Johnny had his own problems now. Having a gigantic pokemon by your side isn't the best way to keep from having attention "...Way to go Giton.." knocking at the pokemon's side. One member was on his way to Johnny with a two loose Drapion by his side. "You have got to be kiddin' me! You think your measly little pokemon can take on Giton!? Tough luck!" Johnny boarded the Steelix and engaged the unknown person into combat, the pokemon were no sweat. "Iron Tail Steelix!". With its tail glowing violently, it swung its massive body part at the Drapion, knocking one of them out but missed the other one. The left over Drapion lunged at Steelix's sturdy face. "Poison Sting!" Its trainer yelled. The pokemon was about to perform its move when Steelix quickly captured it between its jaws. "Crunch!" Johnny yelled happily, knowing this battle was clearly over.

Dispatching the fainted Drapion in Steelix's mouth, Johnny once again regained composure atop of Steelix. Instead of going to one of the trainer's outnumbered, he thought to himself to watch the situation that was taking place. The girl looked as though she was capable of handling herself with her magnificent pokemon, and nothing extravagant was happening with the boy, but he was being approached by a young girl. Johnny stared and listened to what was going on, thanks to his prior engagement with one of the uniformed freaks, he was closer to the boy now and was in ear-shot range.

May 6th, 2007, 9:01 AM
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The cries came from the area of the wilderness near the ruins. And then, several shapes burst forth from the trees, running at high speeds. Apparently too busy with their own qarrel to notice the explosion, or the confrontation they were racing towards, a Primeape dashed across the grass with great bounding leaps. From behind it, a young man dressed in black leather, and behind and above them, a difficult to see bird pokemon. The primeape turned in the middle of one leap, sticking out its tongue at it's pursuer, and caught a pebble in the forehead for it's trouble. the velocity causing it to develop a minor concussion as it fell to the ground, rolling for several feet. "HAH!" Shouted the young man, stopping to loom over the semiconscious pokemon. "Toldja you couldn't get away."

And it was just then that the bird pokemon glided silently in, and whacked his trained in the back of the head with the stick it always carried. "OW! What the hell, Fetch?" I aske,d spinning to confront it as it landed. "Fetch'd!" It said, holding up it's stick in one outstretched wing, as though proclaiming victory. "You're annoying." I said to him, and he gently tucked his stick away into his feathers. "Oh, look." I said, turning to glance at the people several yards off, as Primeape began to get to his feet, wobbling somewhat. "Want to intrude?" "FETCH'D!"

May 7th, 2007, 6:32 PM
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When it happened, Blue was standing in the Solaceon Town Pokemon Center. As Joy was handing Blue his pokemon, a distant explosion shook the building. Fonse, who happened to be out of his Pokeball at the time, was sitting in a corner pulling petals from a flower. When the minor shake hit the center, the Vileplume didn't even flinch. When it was over a couple of seconds later, a heavy sigh escaped his mouth. <Guess I lived again..> he crooned, and stood up to follow Blue from the center.

Fonse was always upset. <There's just nothing about the world,> he would say, <that makes me happy. It's just one big dissapointment after another.> (Of course, he had no basis for his claims, he just liked to complain.) <I just wish I could curl up and->

"Fonse! Come on." Blue's voice cut through the low buzz of the townspeople. Although still sulky, Fonse complied. Blue was always able to get him up and walking again.

Quickly returning Fonse to his dusk ball, (<Back to my deep, dark hole.. reminds me of life.>) Blue headed in the general direction of the rumble. It had been almost... 3 days since he'd seen any real action, and hopefully this would put an end to this boredome streak.

A gust of wind blew, shoving the putrid smell of explosives into his nose. Covering his face with his shirt, he pushed through a tall hedge and nearly yelled in shock. The entire ruins were no more. Substituting for the once beautiful ruins was a huge, ugly crater; inky black smoke billowing from several points inside the blast zone. As he gawked, two people stumbled out of the bushes looking rather confused. Their choice of dress was rather.. interesting, to say the least - silver space suit lookin' things with (obviously[and poorly] dyed) teal colored hair. As the couple looked Blue over, suddenly, the male snarled. "I know you! Rocket scum!"

Blue was taken aback, but said nothing, only slowly reaching for his belt. "Don't think I forgot about what happened last time we met! It's payback time!" At the same time, each one of the Galactic grunts reached for a pokeball, and Blue reached for two. Lash and Splash emerged from the flash of light by Blue, and a Croagunk and Glameow appeared on the other side of the battlefield. And like a flash of lightning, it was on.

Blue was cold and calculating in battle, and he issued orders with passion. "Alright, this'll be no sweat. Lash, use faint attack on Glameow - with your speed it'll be a snap!" With a nod, Lash sped forward, and dodged in and out, before making the dive, striking fast and hard right into the chest of the Glameow. It was at that moment that everything changed. Suddenly.. suddenly the Glameow was so perfect.. The sneasel nearly double over - how had he not seen how gorgeous she was before? He could have sworn that she'd been looking at him the entire time.. Lash was through fighting forever if he could just be with this wonderful pokemon for the rest of his life...

May 8th, 2007, 12:00 PM
OOC: It's long but I'm not sure how long as I typed it on OpenOffice (Like MSWord) But if it's extremely long -Which I doubt- It's because I'm putting off doing my Homework by using this as an excuse xP...Ok, time for some gender bending!

Outside PokéCentre – Solaceon Town.

It was an amazing and beautiful day in Sinnoh. The Sun was strong and the breeze was calm, perfect weather for a Pokémon Battle. Two Pokémon trainers were currently undergoing a practice battle outside of Solaceon Cities' Pokémon centre. One of them was a lanky boy wearing Dark Blue Jeans, a White T-Shirt and a Blue Bandanna around his head. He was currently battling with a Croconaw. The other Trainer was an average height girl with a Yellow-Orange striped shirt that fell at her knees accompanied by Dark Blue Cycling shorts. She had Pure white running shoes and was sporting a Yellow bandanna. Her long blonde hair reached to the back of her thighs and her baby blue eyes were rather piercing. On her shoulder was sitting one of her friends, a small blob of a Pokémon called Ditto.

“OK Murkrow! Finish it off with a Shadow Ball!” Roisin -the Girl- commanded too her Small witch like, Bird Pokémon.

“Muuur!” He screeched as he released a ball of pure Dark energy from his Beak. Murkrow aimed the Shadow ball at the unsuspecting; Blue Crocodile Pokémon.

“Crooca!” Croconaw shouted as it was stuck by the Powerful Shadow Ball attack. Croconaw fell to the floor; unconscious and was returned to his spherical home known as a Pokéball.

The little Witch like bird Pokémon flew over to his trainer gracefully with a very smug look on his face. The very proud Murkrow shot a smile at Roisin; who returned it. She seized Murkrow and embraced him in a hug, jumping up and down excitedly. “You did it! You won!” She squealed at the Blackbird Pokémon; he seemed embarrassed by this and flew out of her arms and landed on her Left shoulder.

“Dit-dit-dit!” came a high pitched voice from her other shoulder. Roisin turned and smiled at both Pokémon and then she pulled out 3 other Pokéballs from her beige coloured bag.

“Come on out! It's feeding time!” she yelled as she threw them up into the air. In a huge flash of white light erupted three other Pokémon. A mysterious hovering Ice/Ghost type known as Froslass. The hyperactive and fun pig Pokémon: Spoink and finally the seemingly physical powerhouse, the cute teddy bear: Teddiursa.
“It's feeding time!” she yelled as her Pokémon all cheered.

“You know what too do Ditto!” she exclaimed as she turned too Ditto with an encouraging look on her face. Ditto Returned the look as it chirped its name. The pink blob hurled itself into the air and his unstable body started to expand wildly in all directions. He was Transforming. As Ditto came closer too the floor it was very flat and long, in a square shape. Suddenly his Pink/Purple colour had changed into a Green colour with Red patterns on. Ditto had Transformed into a Picnic Blanket; with a face.

“Nice one Ditto!” Roisin shouted as she pulled out a tub of Pokémon food from her bag. She emptied it on top of the blanket, near Dittos' mouth. “Dinners' served guys!” she yelled as her friends charged towards the pile of PokéPellets. The little Pig Pokémon Charged forward, grabbed one Pellet and started to bounce off in another direction. Froslass had Grabbed a handful and floated over to sit under the shade of a tree; alone and Ditto was being fed by whatever Roisin dropped inside his mouth. There was only a small pile left on the mat. These were being demolished by the two Rivals; Teddiursa and Murkrow. They never broke eye contact as they scoffed the food down their throats until; there was only one left. They both stared at each other, anticipating the others' moves when suddenly. They both charged for it. They piled on top of it and started pecking and scratching each others' eyes out .(Figure of speech xP) As they were fighting the last Pellet rolled slowly into the mouth of Ditto who ate it happily.

“Break it up!” Roisin screamed as she attempted to separate the two Pokémon. “Argh! Froslass! Use Hypnosis on Teddiursa!” She yelled out of desperation. Froslass hovered over too the fighting Pokémon and shot out Three Bright Pink rings of energy fron her glowing pink eyes and shot them towards Teddiursa. The young Bear Pokémon put his fist back inside his mouth and curled up on the floor, he slowly drifted into a light sleep.“Thanks Froslass,” she sighed and smiled at the Ice/Ghost Pokémon hovering next too her. She pulled out Four Pokéballs from her bag and returned Three Pokémon to their Pokéballs. “Wait a minute!” She said. “Froslass, Murkrow, Teddiursa... Who am I missing?... SPOINK!” She shouted stuffed Three of the Pokéballs back into her bag. She started running down the hill accompanied by Ditto, back into his Regular form.

“SPOINK!” Roisin yelled as she ran down the hill. “Dit-dit-to!” Ditto screeched, mimicking her. They were running down the hill for a long time before they stumbled upon an enclosed farm space. There she saw a young girl playing with a young Cherubi. “Hey! Have you seen a Spoink bounce down here?” Roisin asked frantically. “What's a Spoink?” The little Girl asked. Roisin groaned and turned to Ditto who seemed to get the idea. Ditto leaped into the air and transformed himself into Spoink. But there were some differences as Transforming from memory was very difficult for Ditto. It was nearly exactly like Spoink but he had a Pink nose and no Pink cheeks. Also it was quite a bit larger than the average Spoink. “Yeah, I saw that... It wandered into the woods,” the girl replied. After Roisin thanked the Girl they charged off into the Woods looking for Spoink.

“Spoink! SPOINK!” She shouted into the woods. Roisin collapsed to her knees when suddenly she had an idea. “Come on out Murkrow!” she shouted as she released him from his Pokéball. “Now Ditto, Transform into Murkrow,” she commanded. Sitto Expanded into the shape of Murkrow and then assumed The Crow Pokémons' colours. “OK, search the Forest together and when you find Spoink send up a Shadow Ball each and we'll come too you. If I find him first; watch out for a Psybeam and come too that,” Roisin informed her Pokémon like a mission briefing. They gave an affirmative nod and flew off in search of Spoink.

As she walked into the woods she was suddenly taken by surprise, the Earth was shaking underneath her. It wasn't hard to locate the source as she saw a giant steel, Serpentine like Pokémon with somebody on its' back. “Wow, a Steelix!” She exclaimed. All of a sudden everything fell silent. Many wild Pokémon were charging out of the woods. All the Pokémon were desperately escaping from something, not caring what they destroyed in their paths. “Spoooooooink!” cried a high pitched voice. Spoink had just leapt from a tree and into Roisins arms. But before She could even acknowledge him there was an extremely loud noise, it was an explosion! Rocks were flying everywhere and smoke was billowing from the distance.

“WOW! WHAT WAS THAT?!” Roisin screamed in utter amazement. “Spoink Spoink?” the young pig chirped as he looked around. “SPOINK!” he squealed as he wriggled himself out of Roisins arms, Roisin jerked her head into the air where a couple of giant boulders were hurtling towards them at a very high speed.

“AHHH! SPOINK, PSYBEAM!” Roisin shrieked out of instinct. Spoink jumped out of her arms and sprung himself up into the air with his tail. The enormous Pink pearl that rests on Spoinks' head started to glow brightly. Spoink screamed and unleashed a gigantic ray of psychic energy, all multi coloured and very beautiful. The Psybeam collided with the huge boulder and caused it too explode into millions of little pieces. “You did it Spoink!” Roisin shouted as she scooped up the small Gray pig Pokémon and embraced him. “Hopefully Ditto and Murkrow saw the Psybeam. Sure enough Ditto and Murkrow had found their way back too Roisin.

“Thanks you two,” she started. “Murkrow and Spoink, return,” she said happily; returning them too their Dusk Ball and a Fast Ball respectivly. “Ok Ditto,” She sighed, looking a Ditto who had assumed his normal form. “Let's go see where that explosion came from,” and together the duo walked into the distance.

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May 12th, 2007, 7:24 PM
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"Dammit, we're drawing too much attention like this." Mars muttered to herself as she acknowledged all of the battle forming in the area. "I know Cyrus wanted to make it known that we're back, but at this rate we're going to end up outnumbered... Ah well, might as well enjoy the performances!" She smirked as she once again took a look at the multiple conflicts, but watched Soren and Lyff in particular. "Mental warfare works every time. How I love playing with the personal fears and anger of others..."

"S-soren... you're alive?" Lyff stuttered as she placed her hands together and brought them up to her chest. At this point many things were flying through her head, as they were Soren's head. "I... was told you were killed in the fire, that you'd never be coming back..." She hesitantly placed her right hand on a Pokéball from around her waist after noticing a glare from her Commander. There was no way she wanted to fight the friend she thought she lost, but she was so loyal that she couldn't refuse an order from Commander Mars.

Soren gritted his teeth at the entire situation as he held his left arm to the side, with his right arm fiddling with Mismagius' Pokéball around his neck. The fact that she looked really cute in that outfit aside, it was a very bad one indeed. The girl he had been searching for the past two years was standing right in front of him, and he couldn't even say something as simple as "its been a while" because of the circumstances. She, of all people, was a member of Galactic? The same person who shared feelings of hate towards them with them? "I guess in one way I died that night. My mother was killed, you disappeared without a word. I spent TWO years looking for you! What the HELL are you doing with THEM? You told me you hated them!" He lunged his Mismagius' Pokéball towards the girl, but it hit the ground about halfway to her, releasing Mismagius. The levitating purple Pokémon looked around in a confused manner, and became even more confused when she saw Lyff standing before her. Her first impulse was to fly over and tackle-glomp Lyff, but the fact that Soren wasn't already over there indicated to her that something was amiss. "If you're really with Galactic, then I'm not going to stand here and do nothing just because you're my friend. I'm not holding back..." It was obvious by the tone of his voice at this point that he was torn up inside. However, Lyff remained silent, now staring at the ground. She shook her head, indicating she had no intention of fighting him.

"Girl! What are you doing?! I took you under my wing, and you're going to do as I ordered you!" Mars yelled ferociously at the girl as she reached for a Pokéball of her own. Soren still had his back turned to her, however, so he couldn't see what she was doing. "As soon as we get back from this mission, you're going to receive maximum punishment! But for now..." At this point, a Scizor was present beside her, with her previously held Pokéball being stashed back into her pocket. "Your Achillies' Heel over there has something I require!" A shadow brushing over him almost instantly caught Soren's attention, and he turned his head in time to see a large, red claw smash into the side of his head. As he hit the ground, Arceus' Pearl flew out of his pocket, and was quickly retrieved by the Scizor. Mismagius attempted to distract it with a Shadow Ball, but the attack had little effect on the large, metallic insect. "Scizor, finish the boy. I want Lieutenant Lyff over there to understand the difference in our ranks, and what it takes to reach the rank of Commander." The Scizor nodded, and raised it's right claw into the air as it began to walk towards Soren.

"No!" Lyff shouted as she ran in between the Pokémon and it's target, stretching her arms out to form a blockade. Scizor looked to his master with irritation, and she nodded. Scizor used his left claw to knock her aside, leaving her with the wind knocked out her on the ground, before continuing. Just as he was about to finish Soren for good, a Lucario came seemingly out of nowhere and knocked the Scizor away with a Close Combat attack. A shower of Sleep Powder followed soon after, knocking out anyone within a two kilometer radius. As Mars began to fall to the ground drowsily, she managed to mutter "Dammit Cynthia..."

A Mansion: Mount Coronet Range. 10:00AM; 2 days later.

"What the heck hit me...? A Wailord?" Soren groaned as the sunlight brushing across his face woke him from his deep sleep. He twisted around violently in the white bedsheets of the old, Victorian style bed for a few moments, before remember what had happened. He shot up in the bed, but was suddenly harassed by a jolt of pain in his side. He lifted up the white shirt he was mysteriously wearing, and found a huge purple bruise from where the Scizor had hit him. The sound of feminine giggling across the averaged size bedroom took command of his attention. Sitting on a brown, Victorian style chain was Lyff, dressed in a white blouse and jean skirt, laughing her head off at the antics of the boy. "What are you- Where are we? This isn't a Galactic base, is it?"

"Nooope~" The girl replied in a calming nature as pulled her hair back into a ponytail, and wrapped a green hairband around it. "The Elite Four are apparently forming an Anti-Galactic group. They bailed us out the other day. You got knocked out pretty good you know, you've been out for two days. A lot has happened."

"TWO DAYS!?" Soren replied, considerably shocked. He had known that he had hit his head after being knocked down, but he had no clue he had been out that long. "And wait, then what are you doing here? Aren't you with Galactic?" Lyff just sighed in response to that question, and then threw some clothes at him from a nearby shelf.

"Hurry up and get changed. I'll tell you my situation later, but for now we have something to attend to. Apparently the Elite Four, and the Champion, Cynthia, want to have a meeting with all of us." She replied, noting an obvious look of confusion on his face when she said 'all of us'. "Oh, right. Aaron used his Beautifly's Sleep Powder to knock out everyone involved in the conflict, then Lucian used Alakazam to teleport us all here. Since you were out for so long, they decided to let us do whatever we want in this mansion until you woke up. Cynthia said she 'had a feeling' you'd wake up today, so we're having a meeting about the vague details." More confusion filled the boys face. "About the Anti-Galactic group... they haven't really told us more than that yet, and something about them wanting everyone's help."

"Fine, I'll get changed... JUST GET OUT."

OOC: So, your character should basically have killed the two days stuck in the mansion doing something, and they should probably be on their way to the audience chamber at some point in your next post. The audience chamber is a large white room with marble floors and a podium, lined with chairs.

May 12th, 2007, 8:08 PM
"Ahhhh..." Alice deflated, looking at the white door in front of her. It had been maybe three hours since she'd gotten lost, for maybe the 7th time in the last two days. This meant she'd spent the majority of the last two days, lost. No, worse then lost. Hopelessly lost? That couldn't describe it.

Lost, without a hope of finding the right way around. Indeed, she'd seen the very same white door she stood before at least 16 times within these past few hours, and the seemingly empty grand halls yielded her no savior. But perhaps that was her fault. Having been embarassed out of her mind, Alice had tried to be as quiet as a girl could be, taking light slow steps and not saying anything louder then the 'pat pat' sound of Pann's feet hitting the ground.

The leafeon could've easily found her way out, but was adamant that her trainer get herself some directional skills. Pann, thinking much too far into the future, had decidedly began training for Alice for the time when Pann would no longer be there to save the day. Thus, when Alice shot a desperate look at the pokemon, Pann turned up her nose as if she hadn't even noticed.

Bluzza, tired of seeing the same old thing, had taken to napping on her trainers head, falling off every now and then.

After the third trip around the door, Pann sat firmly down on her behind, and stared passively at Alice, unmoving from the door.

"Pann, come on! Don't make me leave you here!" Alice's obviously hollow threat came.

Pann glanced at the door and back at her trainer, as though exhasperated.

"Oh?" Alice looked at the white door, "Are you finally telling me the way? Then let's go already?"

Pann heaved a sigh and slowly followed her timid trainer through the door, into a practically all marble room lined with chairs all around the walls. Alice visibly shrunk, and Pann sat down again, knowing that Alice needed to take it all in for just a few thousand seconds.

"It's... a very big... and cold room, isn't it Pann?"

"Nn." Pann replied, seating herself next to a chair, halfly leading her dumbstruck trainer to sit. Actually, Alice didn't even really know why she was here. At all. Blind to anyone that might've been in the room, Alice stared at the archly ceilings, and Pann stared at the marble floors.

May 17th, 2007, 1:34 PM
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Noo don't abandon this! I was actually going to post tommorow, funny you should say that. Done, even if it is the worst thing since burnt Bread.

The Garden of the luxurious house that Roisin and Ditto had been accommodating for Two days, was just as amazing as the Grand, Victorian styled house that it was attached too. The Elite Four Champion of Sinnoh, Cynthia lived here, which was quite obvious by the look of the Garden. In one area there was a very Odd Stone that whenever you neared it erupted into a Dark, Mysterious and insanely playful Spiritomb. In the Rose Bushes, by the huge Lake were Two Roserade and their Litter of Budew and Roselia, singing happily while playfully attacking the Pokemon in the lake with Water Sport. A few Gible were swimming in the pond, under a watchful eye of their Parents, Gabite and Garchomp. Alongside the Gible were a school of Baby Feebas and Magikarp, their Parents were Gyarados and Milotic, a Few Pink Shellos, One Blue Shellos, One Blue Gastrodon and a Pink Gastrodon were occupying the rest of the lake.

“Wow Ditto, I could stay here forever,” Roisin sighed, knowing her stay at the mansion was nearly over. She was asked to meet with the others at the audience chamber, she was supposed to be there five minutes ago but she was never very good at Timekeeping.

“Kroooooow!” came a cry, as if from nowhere. It was Murkrow. He landed at Roisins' feet and started squealing as if he were on fire.

“Whoa?! What is it Murkrow?!” She inquired worriedly as Murkrow was freaking out in front of her. “Calm down, I can't help you if you don't tell me the probl-” she started, but she was interrupted by the sweet sound of Teddiursas' voice.

“Teeedy!” It was shouting as it burst around the corner, with an evil look on his face. It was holding a very Dark Purple object in his hand, as if he were about too throw it. Obviously Teddiursa didn't expect his Trainer to be around the corner, his face was stunned when he saw Roisin and Ditto lying on the Grass with a Screeching Murkrow.

“TEDDY! WHAT IS THAT?!” She commanded as Teddiursa dropped the rock and started to lick his hand. Roisin shot Teddiursa an evil look before proceeding to pick up the object.

“Is this... A Dusk Stone?!” Roisin asked flatley. “Were you trying to Evolve Murkrow again?!” Teddiursa placed his hands behind his back and kicked the grass. He knew he's been caught. But before she could shout at him there was a bellowing voice from the back-door steps.

“BRONZ!” It yelled. Roisin wheeled around to see Lucian and Bronzong at the door, looking pretty mad.

“You were supposed to be in the Audience Chamber 10 minutes ago!” Lucian shouted. Roisin started to do the exact same thing as Teddiursa, but she whistled while doing it.

“Ditto!” Yelled the Pink blob that launched himself onto her shoulder. He was jumping to her defence but Lucian couldn't understand what he was saying.

“Well, hurry up!” Lucian yelled as he released a little yellow Pokémon from its Spherical home. “Ok Abra, use Teleport, take me and Bronzong to the Audience Chamber.” and with that and a flash of blue light, they had vanished.

“Hey Abra, Teleport us to the blah blah blah,” Roisin micked as she pocketed the Dusk Stone. “Be good while I'm gone you two, and can you find Spoink, he's missing again, I think he's with Froslass...” Roisin informed Murkrow and Teddiursa. They nodded and seemingly went into competition finding the two Pokémon. “Ok Ditto, Transform into Abra and Teleport me to the Audience Chamber please... that place that Teddiursa nearly destroyed last night... Stupid Metronome...” Roisin articulated as her Pink blobby friend Transformed into an Abra. And in a flash of Pink light, they had vanished from the Garden and materialized inside the Audience Chamber, attracting a lot of attention. She located the nearest seat and Sat down with her Ditto, awaiting their briefing.

May 19th, 2007, 11:36 AM

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You ask me the question

Why was she here? Oh yes, she was here because she was given a mission to the bug-infested region of Sinnoh to investigate Team Galaxy or something along those lines because they were doing something that was obviously up to no good and they were not informed that this role in the current world of Pokemon in general was already taken by Team Rocket and thus, if they were deemed to have any chance in hell of succeeding, Aliea had to stop them or somehow convince them (Social situations were not her forte) to turn to the Team Rocket side.

What a total drag.

Staring out the window with the memory running down your face

She was a pretty little thing. Her mid-back length purple hair was tied back in a tight mid-height ponytail, secured with a black tie snuggled under a bright red bow, the same exact shade as her somewhat mind-boggling red eyes. For clothing, she had on a pair of medium-wash blue jeans that went to the floor if not for her three-inch heeled black combat-ish boots and above the belt she had a simple black tank top with a giant neon-red star smack dab in the middle of it. Around her neck was an ancient looking silver key with strange characters enscribed into it and while it didn't really match her outfit, it seemed to be part of her image as were the fingerless black metal-plated gloves on her hands.

Is there more to this maybe?

Solaceon, city of farmers, adventurous folk who wanted to explore the remains of the ruins and people who were just simply passing through. It was a decent town and the quiet atmosphere it normally gave off was the reason Aliea had stayed here as long as she had. It was like the garden outside Saffron, the garden she had turned into her sanctuary before her innocent and secluded life turned into what it was now. The reminiscing feelings that had stired in her heart in this town had convinced her to stay and, unfortunately, it was not meant to be as long of a break as she had wanted.

No, Team Galaxy-whatever had just happened to show up in the stupid little town to do whatever it is the stupid little single-cell brained team needed to do.

Than dancing for pennies in the street like a gypsy girl

Aliea really had no idea as to why these idiots thought they were kidding people with their not-so-hidden influx in the town's population. She had a pretty good idea as to why they'd come; there was a ruin outside of town that had been destroyed by someone (Or something) and according to Sinnoh Myths (Which were more abundant than decent wild pokemon it seemed) there was a magical power in the ruins, waiting to be unlocked. On a rather gloomy ominus morning, she'd slipped out of the pokemon center and headed eastward. It was before the sunrise but the sky was not enveloped in total blackness. It must've been about 5, 5:30 but checking her watch would make the stupid thing beep and giving away her position would be stupid. Very very stupid.

Unfortunately, some stupid little boy apparently didn't get the memo and was dragged from his own hiding spot by a burly looking man who then proceeded to drag him over to some high-ranking official who then turned to a girl who couldn't be much older than Aliea herself and instructed her to annialite the tresspasser. Like a stantler in a pair of headlights, she looked frozen and was seemingly trying to get out of this predicament. Unable to resist a small smile, she settled back against the bark of her tree branch so that only someone looking FOR her would be able to find her.

Newbies fumbling around in the darkness were always amusing.

June 28th, 2007, 6:12 PM
Name: Trainer Alex
Occupation: Beggining Trainer
Appearence: Alex is a boy with blonde hair and brown eyes. He looks like the FR LG hero,except with a blue vest and hat&darker jeans.
History:His father used to be the 8th sinnoh Gym Leader,but he left to defeat the elite4,and they never heard from him since. He is currently living with his mother. Prof.Rowan gave his Turtwig as his starter,and he soon caught a treecko in the grass.

June 28th, 2007, 6:32 PM
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