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May 6th, 2007, 4:01 PM
*~A Struggle For Peace~*
PG-15: For minor language and minor violence.

The Kingdom of Teriono is large enough to be called a Region, and the legend of the Kingdom of Teriono was that a King and a Queen once ruled it. The King and Queen ruled over all Pokemon, but not humans. The legend states that since other humans wanting to rule over Pokemon for power and the world at their fingertips that they decided that a Princess would be born for every generation and would marry any man attacked the King and Queen she wished to be King. This would change her last name so no one could track down the royal family. But, now the royal castle is worn, and gray, everyone has pushed those thoughts into thinking they were plain legend.

But not Titan Draper. His father, and his father’s father and so on have been researching and tracking, trying to find the Princess so that he might rule. His father had found the Princess, who was already wed. He was enraged by this and burned their home down, along with them. He thought he ended the line of royalty for good, and Titan believes the same, that the rule over Pokemon is now up for grabs. But, little does he know, the royal line has no ceased just yet. The couple that his father had killed had had a daughter.

Now that Titan’s father has passed, he tries to concur Pokemon with an organization called Team Horo. This team has recently been causing a lot of trouble lately. The thing is there is only one person to defeat them, but she doesn’t even know she can do well... Yet. Of course, she’ll need help on this journey. She cannot face such an organization alone.

1.) Romance is encouraged, but nothing beyond mild signs of affection, such as kisses or hugs. Anything beyond that is a big NO-NO. You CAN skip over stuff like that, people.
2.) Yes, you’re allowed swearing. Don’t go overboard.
3.) I will allow very mild character control. You can’t control the actions the character shall take, but you can time the actions to your liking.
4.) Please read posts carefully. If a character is sitting under a tree, but gets up and moves to a different location, I’d like to not see “Whatsherface went over to that tree and sat down next to Thatchickwiththehair.”
5.) CREATIVITY IS NEEDED. We need plot twists! We need drama! Make this interesting!!!
6.) I reserve the right to kick you out if you don't meet my requirements.
7.) Other than that, you should know your rights from wrongs. If you don’t well... Good luck in jail. You all should know that the PC Rules do apply [of course] and if you’ve read all of this, I’d like you to post the word poka-dot anywhere in your profile. Thanks!

Name: {Make sure this is creative. I don’t want to see any last names from and anime or manga. Also, I disapprove of the last name of Smith, or anything common like that.}
Age: {17-18}
Gender: {Male}
Personality: {A nice sized paragraph, please. 5-6 lines. Remember, this is how your character acts alone or with others.}
Appearance: {The looks of your character. Also, a nice sized paragraph, 5-6 lines.}
Pokemon: {No legendaries; No limit to levels; Six Pokemon to a Party}
Species: {What Pokemon is it?}
Nickname: {Obvious}
Level: {Obvious}
Gender: {Also Obvious}
Pokeball: {What Pokeball it was captured in.}
Appearance: {A nice description of your character. A good paragraph, please.}
Other: {Anything else you’d like to add goes here.}
RP Sample: {Show me what you can do!}

(( Remember, that this roleplay has only one more opening, and that’s for a male companion to the Princess, which shall be my character. If I have not accepted anyone I’d very much encourage you to try out! I don’t like choosing, so please don’t take it personally! ))

Baker's Bulbasaur
May 7th, 2007, 3:35 AM
Sorry, just checking, You only want one more person aswell as yourself in the roleplay?

May 7th, 2007, 12:41 PM
(( Yes, that's correct. This is a one-on-one roleplay. ))

Mercury Violet Moonnite



Mercury is a wild, fun-loving, spunky teenager who is always looking for a smile to put on. She loves smiling, and laughing, as well as making others laugh and smile. She loves adventures and danger and risk, and believes that you can't take one step without risk. She is random and absolutely fun-loving. She's out-going and isn't afriad to express herself in public. She likes to be loud and be heard. She has a sarcastic sence of humor and is extremely perverted. She may act childish, but she just claims she's living life to it's fullest.
Mercury can be serious when the time calls for it. She's a good leader and loves her Pokemon to death. Although she's sarcastic and childish, Mercury likes to give affection to people close to her, such as random hugs or squeals. Mercury is a very loyal friend, someone who doesn't back down. She is brave and will always put her friends before herself.
If you get on her wrong side, you'd better watch out. Mercury has a somewhat short temper depending on how much she likes you. Mercury is also very stubborn and independant. Don't make her try to do what she doesn't want to or you might be lashed by her sharp tounge and smart remarks.












Dusk Ball



Mag (Or Maggy)



Timer Ball






Nest Ball






Dive Ball






Net Ball

Mercury has fiery red hair that cascades over her shoulders and rests just below her shoulder's blades. Her eyes are of a hazel color. Her body is shaped as an hour glass, and she may look fragile and slender, but she is very capable of defending herself if in the right position.
Mercury's attire usually consistes of darker colors, because she dislikes colors that hurt her eyes. And she also finds that darker colors look better on her. Her clothes are usually rather baggy, hiding her slim curves and womanly features beneath clothes that fit her unique style. Usually, she paints something small next to her eye using liquid eyeliner, and her hair up in different styles. This just makes her look unique, different, and out of the ordinary.

RP Sample:
Ireland sighed, her anger subsiding as she stepped onto the soft sand of the beach. Jingle looked up at her trainer from her arms. “Odd?” She questioned quietly. “Yes, Jingle, I entered you in the Tournament.” “Odd, oddish!” “Don’t stress! You’ll do great! I know you will!” Ireland encouraged her. Jingle sighed in disbelief and shook her head slightly.

Ireland opened her mouth to continue, but she didn’t get the chance because a call interrupted her. “Hey! You! You’re Moonnite, ain’t ya?” A brute voice asked. Ireland turned and smiled, seeing a rather buff man a few feet behind her. “In fact, I am Miss Moonnite. Why do you ask?” “I demand a battle!” “Name your game!” “Six on six!” “Sounds good.”

“Go, Marowak!” Said the brute and he threw his Pokeball to reveal a high level Marowak who looked very ready for battle. “Jingle, I choose you!” Ireland declared, setting Jingle on the sand. “Odd!” Jingle cried, shaking her head. “Come on, you’ll do fine, I promise!”

Finally, the little Oddish made its way out to the battlefield, quite nervous. “Go, Marowak, use Stomp!” The brute made the first call and sent his Marowak charging after Jingle. Ireland knew that if the Marowak hit Jingle, she’d faint on the first hit. “Dodge, Jingle!” Ireland called, causing Jingle to take a huge leap into the air.

“Now, Use Razor Leaf!” Ireland instructed, causing Jingle to send out a fury of leaves, being flung at the Marowak who tried to beat them off with its bone. By then, Jingle had landed on her roots and was waiting for the next command. “Jingle, use Grasswhistle!” Ireland instructed. Jingle began folding her leaves into a sort of whistle and sent air our through the leaves, causing a sort of lullaby noise to come forth.

This sound seemed to lull the Marowak to sleep and it soon fell into the sand, asleep. The brute growled in defeat and returned his Pokemon, throwing another Pokeball to reveal a large Machoke. The Machoke laughed at Jingle’s size, not listening to his trainer’s commands.

“Jingle, Acid.” Ireland said calmly, causing Jingle to angrily spit acid in the Machoke’s face, quickly poisoning it. “Now, Leech Seed!” Ireland called. Jingle hopped into the air to get a clear shot of the Machoke that was rushing around, Acid in its eyes. Jingle spit a seed out at the Machoke, that hit it directly in the head and grew thick vines instantly, covering the Machoke completely so it couldn’t move before beginning to suck the energy from the Machoke, which was losing energy from the poisoning and the Leech Seed.

It was now that Ireland noticed all the attention they were attracting, watching as a small crowd began forming.

Fallen Angel_Messiah Of Black Roses
May 7th, 2007, 1:38 PM
Name: Jesus Rodriguez (Also Goes By Trent)
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Personality: Where to start... Where to start. Jesus is a mysterious man to start with, he trys to leave as many details out as possible when with a person, the less they know the better. Jesus has a pretty strange sense of humor, being the one to laugh when someone does something wrong, kind of cruel really. Jesus won't fill a clueless person in as well, he thinks it's entertaining to watch someone be an idiot, as said before. Twisted sense of humor. Jesus is a chain smoker, sad but true and he doesn't do anything to do to hide it. Jesus will also speak Spanish alot to confuse people, he finds it humorous and does it whenever possible. He doesn't do very well with other people, he likes to be a loner but the truth is he needs a team to back him up. Jesus is not to be trusted, he can betray in a New York minute.

Appearance: Appearance: A sturdy Hispanic man, about five foot nine and weighing in around 178 pounds, he has messy black hair that goes to his shoulders, time to time he will put it in a messy ponytail. Has crimson red eyes, they sometimes look as if they are glowing. Jesusa wears a shiny black leather button up sleeved shirt, the buttons are made of a shiny clear plastic and are centered on the black leather sleeved shirt, there is a small breast pocket as well. He also wears black leather, fingerless gloves on each hand. Jesusa is left handed. He has a black leather belt as well, bearing a single chrome buckle in the center. The Belt is tight and goes well on his waist. Jesusa wears long black leather pants, they tighten against his legs but make a comfortable fit and still leave flexibility for kicks and other leg movements. He wears black combat boots, the heels of the black combat boots are made of dirtied steel. He will wear a black bandanna over his head occasionally and also his trademark all the time sunglasses. Oh, and guess what else? A black trench coat that reaches down to his ankles as well to make him more of his mercenary self. Jesusa will occasionally have a pack of cigarettes in his breast pocket


Species: Dragonair
Nickname: Feather
Level: 61
Gender: Female
Pokeball: Prenium Ball
Personality: A kind motherly type, likes to make sure the other pokemon are alright and attempts to tend to any wounds they have, physical or emotional. Feather was given to Jesus as a child, when she was a Dratini, Jesus ignored her for a while because she was weak back then. Feather grew stronger and Jesus started to respect her more, right up until she evolved which earned her battle rights.

Espeon- Female- The intelctual, a very intelligent pokemon that can tell others about lots of things they would never know about, Espeon knows lots about the world and such and can even read human text. When a question is asked, she will answer. Found in Goldenrod with her Brother.
Level: 45
Nickname: Star
Pokeball: Great Ball

Umbreon- Male- The Gothic one, the one that is the totall opisite of optimistic, thinks that "darkness" isn't a personality but a life style. Not exactly social freindly, but a strong fighter. Found as an Eevee with his sister in Goldenrod.
Nickname: Shadow
Level: 50
Pokeball: Ultra Ball

Kingdra- Male- A dreamer, the one who stares off into space fantisizing about what they could become and soforth. Jesus trys to keep him out of battles for his knack of spacing out. Caught as a Horsea and earned his title as Jesus's second pokemon.
Nickname: Alfred
Level: 64
Pokeball: Ultra Ball

Glaceon- Female- The sassy type, scoffs at others and prances around like she owns the place. A true snob some would say, but deep inside Frost likes poetry and soft music and things to do with nature. Often called the "Ice Queen" Frost was captured not to far from Star And Shadow, While she was asleep.
Nickname: Frost
Level: 60
Pokeball: Ultra Ball

RP Sample: Misty saw the strange Demon Project ran off, to aid the call of another. Which meant that there are more then I expected here! Misty thought cautiously to herself as her arms which held the dangerous SMG that she had just pulled out faded in strength, " Just about how many of Dillon's Soulmen are here?" Misty questioned herself, now fully aware of the hellish situation, The Rebels called Dillon's experiments Soulmen, because they had no soul. Making them dangerous advisories. Not To mention amazingly unpredictable.

Misty checked her current Drum Clip, it still had a decent amount of .45 APC rounds. Her Thompson was a custom, AJ had designed it, faster use and reloading. Not to mention better capacity and power, " A Valentine Original" He had said, he hadn't been joking, a chunky Sub-machine gun with rapid fire, filled up with a nice two hundred and fifty ammo count. Enough to take down anything... or anyone.

Misty went over a couple of feet and found her .357 Colt Python, a large scratch on the chrome chamber, Misty felt her face redden as she picked up the Powerful Magnum, comforted by it's awkward weight in her strong left hand, " Sweet Bliss" She murmured almost silently as she started back the way she came, now more then ever determined to kill those of Dillon's ranks.

She found herself jogging at a strange pace down a side of the steep hill, she quickly found her Friend. Trina, it was quite obvious to Misty. That Trina was dead.

Misty felt hot tears form in her amber eyes as she saw the twenty three year old woman dead, lying on the cold ground, not to move ever once again. Misty said a short prayer before taking her fallen comrades Glock 17 and single hand grenade, " Rest in peace. I swear I shall avenge you. Or at least die trying" Misty said quietly to the inanimate corpse, Dillon was going to pay.
Pay for this alternate reality of a hell.

May 11th, 2007, 5:58 PM
(( Fallen Angel_Messiah Of Black Roses: I'm sorry, but I don't believe your character is the right character for this particular roleplay. Thank you for trying out, though! Sorry, but, *::..Declined..::* ))

May 13th, 2007, 10:39 AM
Name: Daiten Moorlock
Age: 18
Gender: Male

Personality: Daiten is an intellectual young man with a level head. No situation is never too outrageous for Daiten, he just handles it calmly and with good use of his powerful knowledge. That's the serious side of Daiten. When Daiten has no pressures or worries, he is a joker. Not a joker as in some crazy fool who is always hyper, foolish and uncontrolable; Daiten just says the right things at the right moments. Daiten is caring too. If he sees an injured pokemon he will care for it and nurse it back t health before releasing it back to the wild. However, many of the pokemon Daiten has nursed prefer to stay with him, thus he has obtained many pokemon in this way. Daiten is always looking out for those he cares about and is very friendly to anyone he meets. He very self-conscious though and sometimes worries himself over the slightest things. Daiten can also let his knowledge go overboard too, this is where he becomes quite bossy and arrogant.

Appearance: Daiten is 6' exactly, he has broad shoulders and a large chest. His messy hair is a jet black and is long enough to cover the back of his neck, both his ears and his forehead too. Daiten's brilliant emerald eyes contrast his hair to make his appearnce very bold. His has no facial hair and has no intentions of growing any. Daiten is quite an imposing figure due to his height and his width. But, to soften his intimidating look, his wears a baggy white t-shirt with a pattern of red barbed wire on it. He wears faded blue jeans which hang nicely upon Daiten's legs. They are not skinny jeans, but they are not hugely baggy either, just the way Daiten likes them. As for Daiten's trainers, they are brilliantly white tennis shoes with red soles and have a pattern of small red rings on the side.

Species: Poliwag
Nickname: Poli
Level: 58
Gender: male
Pokeball: pokeball

Species: Noctowl
Nickname: Sensae
Level: 54
Gender: Male
Pokeball: Great Ball

Species: Gengar
Nickname: Fear
Level: 56
Gender: Male
Pokeball: Dusk Ball

Species: Umbreon
Nickname: Flash
Level: 58
Gender: Male
Pokeball: Luxury Ball

Species: Flareon
Nickname: Therma
Gender: Female
Level: 50
Pokeball: pokeball

Species: Aipom
Nickname: Spike
Level: 47
Pokeball: Safari Ball


"Alright Poliwrath, Dynamicpunch, Let's go!" Serphen ordered, his Poliwrath surged forwards with incredible speed, hitting the Sceptile square in the face. The huge lizard pokemon flew backwards for a couple of feet before landing hard on its back.

"Sceptile, don't get pushed around!" ordered the ironically fiery cooltrainer. "Leaf blade! Go!" the giant Sceptile dashed towards Poliwrath, its right arm held backwards on which a huge pointed leaf glowed menacingly. Serphen knew a direct leaf blade at this stage in the battle would be critical for Poliwarth. But he waited just a little longer.
"Poliwarth! Dodge!" cried Serphen. With impressive speed, Poliwrath side stepped the grass pokemon. Sceptile was in full charge and could not stop, Serphen noticed the small window of opportunity and acted fast. "Poliwrath, seismic toss!" The giant tadpole pokemon grabbed Sceptile's huge tail and launched it high into the air.

Serphen smiled, all he had to do now was make sure Poliwrath launched his water pulse at just the right time and the crowd would go wild.

"Johto League quarter finals, here i come!" chuckled Sephern to himself.

"Sceptile, use the sunlight up there to launch a quick solarbeam." the sceptile let out a growl of comprehension and began absorbing the sunlight. Serphen glanced to the sky. Dammit! he thought, a warm summer's day, perfect for a solarbeam.

"Tile!" the lizard pokemon was now glowing a brilliant white colour, all over his body.

"Solarbeam!" cried the Cooltrainer. Sceptile sent a vast beam of orange light speeding towards Poliwarth.

"Poliwrath, counter with Hydro Pump!" Serphen had no other option, the solarbeam had come too fast, there was no chance of Poliwarth dodging the blow. Despite Poliwarth's best efforts and raging hydro pump, Sceptile's solarbeam was just too immense. It rushed forwards hitting Poliwarth directly. A dome of orange light engulfed the water pokemon.

"P-Poliwrath!" gasped Serphen with a more distraught complexion. As the resulting smoke of the solarbeam cleared Poliwarth came into view. The tadpole pokemon was still standing, just.

"Finish it Sceptile, quick attack into iron tail!" By this time Sceptile was back on the ground and awaiting commands, he heard his trainer's next orders and, with a wicked grin, shot towards Poliwrath with his tail glowing.

"Uh-Oh." murmured Serphen

May 13th, 2007, 1:30 PM
(( Speedonh: Looks really, really good! All I can ask of you is to be a bit more descriptive with your RP Sample. Edit that, and you're in! *~Pending~* ))

May 13th, 2007, 10:43 PM
There you go, i added an extra chunk to my RP sample, hope it's ok for you! :)

May 27th, 2007, 6:54 PM
(( I am SO sorry that I havn't replied to this! You have no idea how mad I am at myself. *is shot*

Anyway, thank you for adding more! That means you're *~Accepted!~* ))

"Ugh," Mercury growled at the sun that was beating down on her as she was perched atop Jaws' head as he swam across the great ocean, but they were kind of... Lost. She couldn't use a map in the middle of the ocean, and all she knew was that she was heading North. And the plan was to keep heading north until they found something.

From time to time when Jaws got tired she'd switch to flying with Dragonfly, but Jaws had had a nice, long rest and he seemed to be getting good exercise. Everything was peachy keen except for two facts: Loosing water and food. Constantly would Mercury's stomach roar at her and she'd just groan and tell it to shut up. But, heck, at least she was getting a tan... Or... Was it turning into sunburn...?

"Jaws, you see anything?" Mercury asked her Pokemon. The gentle giant growled sadly, basically telling her that he saw nothing at all. Mercury sighed and lie down on her stomach on Jaws' head, closing her eyes. "Tell me when you see somethin'..." Mercury told him sleepishly.

June 24th, 2007, 12:55 PM
Hi, i would like to join the rp if that is okay:)

Name: Pummel Nebraska Craven

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Description: Pummel is a rather beautiful girl, her hair is long, it reaches her to the middle of her back and is always shinning and glancing. Her eyes are honest, easy to read and the colour of the night sky, a yellow ring surrounds her iris like a snake around a black pearl. Pummels skin have always been very white and because of that she is wearing white or black clothing most of the time. Her favorite outfit is a white summer top with white long pants and black boots, her belt is made of silver and leather and she always wears a leather necklace with a noctowl figure around her neck. Pummel are not a small girl but she ain't the tallest one neither, she is a average seized girl with a flexible and muscular body, which means that she can be the perfect dancer or a lean killing machine at times..But mostly she just likes to sing and relax

Personality: pummel is a very sweet and peace loving girl.. at times..
The truth is that Pummel is and has always been a adaptable girl, she adapts to the people she i around, that means that if she is with a sweet person she will be a sweet person to, but if she is around a mean person she will show off her sharp tongue skills biting back in the verbal language faster the a Ekans can bite. Pummel is calm and fun to be around most of the time, she likes to be the one who watches Pokemon battles rather than than being the one fighting, if she feels threatened or her friends are in danger she can become a rather dangerous enemy to have, especially because she believes that in a battle there is no playing dirty, there is only a winner and a loser after the fight, everything that happens from the start to the end is nothing but a war that she has to win no matter the costs.

History: Pummel was born in the Kanto region in a very wealthy family, her father was a powerful company man and her mother was a huge and famous Pokemon fashion designer who fell in love with each other and married, the marriage only lasted a few weeks but unfortunately Pummels mother got pregnant during that time period, after she was born both her mother and father rejected her, they send her to the Johto region instead where she lived with her mothers sister who treated her as her own child.
Pummel never Saw her mother or father but they send her everything she needs, gifts, fashion cloths, and when she was old enough they send her the best Pokemon's they could buy for money and the best Pokemon equipment they could lay their hands on, Pummel how ever was not happy with the way the threaded her, they never send her letters, only money and things and one day she could not take it anymore, she decided to run away from her home even though she love Amelia, her aunt. On her short journey she met a legendary Pokemon who helped her and they became friend for life, but after a while Pummel decided to return to her home, saying goodbye to her new friend was hard but necessary because the Pokemon was shy and did not like to be around other humans.

Love: Single

She owns alot of pokemon but currently she is walking around with
1. Dragonite - Kurisse
2. Bulbasaue - Butter
3. Kadabra - Hekari
4. Pupitar - Avalon
5. Whismur - Scream
6. Houndour - Hex

RP Sample: (( This ain't a "real" rp sample but i had to write a rp sample and then i..ehm.. Just forgot to stop writing XD ))

Sheila, was sitting on her hotel room...
Raven was watching late night T.V. and Keith was hanging on the wall, silent as always. He was still a good Pokémon. Sheila and Raven never talk for long periods of time because he often started talking about something other than what she wanted to talk about. Keith was different. He never started talking about anything else and he just looked at her with those cold eyes, in a weird way, like he was listening to her every word...
Raven suddenly started laughing, the cartoon he was watching was about a Phsyduck ... Sheila didn’t see the fun but it was on the Pokémon channel so nothing in the cartoon was in any human language...
Sheila got up from the giant bed and walked over to the window, the stars looked pretty on the midnight sky...
From the window she could see the entire city, and more. She opened the window and enjoyed the fresh air...
A group of Pidgeys were flying over the buildings and a Skitty was getting ready to sing a midnight song on a rooftop near her room...
Sheila closed the window in a hurry, just soon enough to avoid the sleepy song the Skitty was singing. She sighed then smiled. Raven looked at her for a while before he returned to his movie. Keith looked at her from the wall... Sheila walked through the room and over to the bathroom.
She began to fill the bathtub up with warm water and took off her blouse and pants. She was about to take off her underwear when she heard Raven screaming something in the bedroom.
Sheila sighed, "WHAT IS IT?" she asked. The Vulpix just kept on screaming. Sheila walked out of the bathroom and through the living room, sending a loving thought to the two eggs lying on the couch, covered in blankets and pillows. Beside the eggs a radio was on. Sheila once read a book about eggs. Pokémon mothers often talk to their offspring while they are in their egg shells so a radio was the closest she could come to talking 24/7 with the eggs. She came into the bedroom where Raven was standing on the bed howling. "What’s wrong Raven? You cant be hungry you just ate!" Raven jumped up and down like he was trying to tell something to her. Sheila walked over to the bed and looked under it. Raven stopped howling and Sheila started screaming. Under the bed a weird brown-looking Pokémon was sleeping. It was covered in blood and looked very hurt.
Sheila stopped screaming and got the half dead Pokémon out from under the bed.
She held the poor thing in her arms while the blood ran down her skin and painted her white bra red. "Oh my Gosh!" The Pokémon seemed to far away to react on her voice. Sheila laid the Pokémon down on the bed.
"Great, I wanted to be a Pokémon trainer. I wanted a Pokémon, and suddenly, I have Pokémon all over the place!" She ran to the bathroom and grabbed a First-aid kit. She tried to fix the Pokémon’s left arm but it seemed to be broken. The blood started to run through the mattress.
"It’s going to die!" announced Sheila. She ran over to a chair and got a large brown sweater on that covered her lower half. She had no time for putting on her pants too, before the Pokémon would die! She thought that it was better to run half naked through the streets. She picked up the Pokémon. It stopped breathing... "OH GOD!!” Sheila put it down again and did some of the training she learned from school, mouth to mouth and so on...
The Pokémon started to breathe again! Sheila picked it up and ran through her hotel suite, "RAEVEN STAY AND PROTECT KEITH AND THE KIDS, DONT LET ANYONE COME IN!" Sheila ran through the entire hotel with the Pokémon dying in her arms. People looked at her when she passed them. She didn’t blame them, she was half nude and the Pokémon was bleeding all over her. She didn’t stop running when she reached the streets. She ran towards the Pokémon center, she forgot to put on shoes, and the sand burned her feet and the rocks cut them open. She didn’t notice the pain; all she could hear was the silent heartbeat of the Pokémon in her arms. It was almost dead now, its small heart was stopping and she couldn’t do anything about it. She closed her eyes while she ran. Sheila cried.. Her tears landed on the ground behind her because of the speed. Why? She thought to herself Why did I have to live on a hotel so far from the Pokémon center?
The Pokémon started crying. Sheila opened her eyes and looked at it...
It tried to speak but no word came out of its mouth only blood. Sheila faintly smiled, "Everything is going to be fine my sweetie, no one will hurt you, you are safe with me" She didn’t know why she said it, it was something her mother always said to her when she was a little girl. The Pokémon made a low sound as if it was drowning in its own blood. Sheila screamed, "NOOOOO!" Her legs hurt and she couldn’t breathe, she just couldn’t run any longer. If there only was a way to. Suddenly she stopped, she was right outside of a bar and a old Pokémon was looking at her. It was bound to a tree with a rope.
Sheila ran over to it and tried to get up in the saddle but she burned her hand when she tried to get up. She didn’t have time to notice the pain; she turned to the Pokémon and fell down, crying on her knees.
The Rapidash whined but looked at her with warm caring eyes, like it was trying to ask her what in the world she was doing. "Please" Sheila screamed the words out because the pain in her heart was forcing her not to breathe, hurting her even more... "I need to get to the Pokémon center, I can not run anymore. I found this Pokémon under my bed and Raven was, Keith!.. And I couldn’t...!" Sheila gasped for air. The Rapidash didn’t seem to understand her. "Please..." Sheila’s voice was now only a silent whisper, “If I don’t get to the Pokémon center real quick, this Pokémon will die..." Sheila looked at the Pokémon in her arms, it was fainting. It looked white because of the blood it had lost... Sheila felt something warm on her forehead, she looked up.. The Rapidash gently pushed her. Sheila got up from the ground. The Horse Pokémon nodded. Sheila grabbed the reins and swung herself up on the Rapidash with the other Pokémon held tight to her chest. "YA!" The Rapidash started running, Sheila was surprised of how fast the Pokémon could run and she nearly fell off its back. But, she grabbed the horse around its neck and held on. Not because she could die if she fell of the Rapidash, she just knew that the Pokémon would die soon and she just HAD to rescue it. People and Pokémon on the streets jumped aside when the flaming Pokémon ran towards them, Sheila felt like time had stopped. She was sitting on the Rapidash, the Pokémon’s warm blood covered her entire body and her own blood ran down the sites of the fire Pokémon. She looked at the creature she was holding, it seemed dead to her, but through her wet sweater she could feel the small heart beat silently. She hugged the Pokémon. The Rapidash stopped... Some trainers who were having a late night cigarette saw here and ran into the center. The Rapidash looked at her, Everything seemed so far away, her body felt warm and tired. Someone was screaming and another one was talking to her. It all seemed so far away; maybe it was all a dream.
She smiled to the Pokémon. Someone got her off the Rapidash and down on the ground... She was laying there on her left side with the Pokémon in her arms... I opened its eyes just a bit... She smiled at him... "Its okay" Her voice was a low whisper, a nurse came over and bended over Sheila and the Pokémon, "No one is going to hurt you."
She closed her eyes and the world around her went all black, almost every sound disappeared, she couldn’t feel her legs...
"I’m here, you’re safe..." She slowly whispered...Then her entire world went black... A warm male voice spoke to her. Inside her head, she wasn’t afraid of it, she knew the voice even though she never heard it before...
"I know Sheila, now I’m safe....."
No sounds, no words, no feelings, just darkness...
Sheila fainted.