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May 7th, 2007, 9:44 AM
Yes, I'm writing a third Beast Riders fic, but this one is bigger and more exciting than the first two put together. I have very high expectations for this story, not just of my fans but of myself.

As you will see in the preview, this fic is much more expansive than the first two fics, covering the entire world as opposed to just Johto.

This fic is a direct sequel to Pokémon Origins Vol. II: Return of the Beasts. If you haven't read this, you will have a more difficult time understanding the main characters, especially in the first couple of chapters. Before I start posting the actual fic, I suggest you read Return of the Beasts.

This fic will have a higher rating than the first two. IT IS NOT FOR KIDDIES. It has been marked for strong language, violence, blood, and some other adult content. There isn't anything explicit in the preview, but there will be scenes that could make some readers cringe once the fic gets going.

For those of you still left, enjoy!


Just when Josh and the Beast of Thunder thought they were clear of the dangers of the northern ice cap of Sinnoh, a high-pitched cry pierced the air. The cry came from a sky-blue bird a littlle larger than a typical Pidgeot. Its beautiful tail, longer than its body, distinguished it as none other than Articuno, the aerial counterpart of Suicune. Shortly after the cry, three waves of ice shards flew barely over Josh's head. These crystals were sharp enough to pierce the flesh of most Pokémon--they could easily tear a human's apart.

When the attack flew past Josh, he looked back. He recognized Articuno's cry. "It had to have been Articuno's," he said to himself. "But it isn't capable of spitting out ice crystals, only solid beams of cold." Then he saw a glowing blue object above Articuno's head, and a rider.

At the distance Josh was at, that's all he could recognize. When the bird gave chase, the rider and jewel became clearer. The jewel was on the end of what looked like a walking stick, but had to be a magical rod of some sorts. That was most likely the source of the ice crystals. An icy blue cape flapped in the air behind the male onboard Articuno. He wore no armor like Josh; instead seemingly ordinary clothes in various shades of blue.

More vollies of ice crystals flew around Josh. One stray crystal bounced off the armor protecting Josh's right shoulder, but he could feel an intense chill there as well.

The cold air slightly hampered Raikou's ability to run, but the lightning Beast was still able to breach 200 miles per hour. It kept the wizard and bird at bay...for a while. Josh knew he was only buying time. He just needed enough time to escape to the warmer areas of Sinnoh. With the bird closing in and the end of the snowfield nowhere in sight, Josh started to panic. "Raikou, can you run any faster?" Josh asked his Beast.

Raikou's eyes shifted skyward to an overcast sky. "Josh, it'll be really dangerous, but you're in luck. We might be able to lose him, but you gotta hold on tight. Real tight. I'll count to three. One..."

Josh's emotions changed from panic to straight-out fear. He had no clue what to expect.


The way Josh gripped Raikou, he was almost laying on it with his back to the sky. It was most certainly a deathgrip of sorts.


On three, Raikou leaped higher than Josh knew was possible. They towered above Articuno, and eventually landed in of all places, a cloud. "They'll never find us up here!" the Beast laughed as the cloud changed to a very dark purple color. Josh's heart was pounding from the massive jump. They should have fallen out of the cloud, but for some reason the rider would probably never know, Raikou stood there like it was solid ground.

"But how do we get back to the ground?" Josh asked. "Not even you could survive a fall this high!"

"This leads up to my concern about taking you up here. The leap up here was the easy part."

"The easy part?!"

"I'll explain what will happen. Remember in history class when they told you I descended to the earth via a lightning bolt? Well, I can also do the reverse. And that's what we're going to do. We came up to the clouds, now we're going to descend to the earth again."

"That's insane!" Josh protested. "I'll fry!"

"Josh, the Armor of the Raikou Rider will protect you. And if you're still worried, just grip only on my purple storm clouds. They won't be electrified during this process."

"Alright, but it doesn't change the fact that I'm still scared. I'll...trust you," Josh said reluctantly.

Raikou chuckled. "Haven't you always trusted me in the past, and nothing's gone wrong? Anyway, are you ready?"

"As ready as I'll ever be..." Josh was tempted to shut his eyes, but didn't. Most of Raikou's body disappeared; the only things left were his purple mane and his face. The rest of his body became a massive, yellow bolt of lightning. The moment the bolt finished materializing within the cloud, it shot down to the ground at seemingly incalculable speeds. Josh was glad he was laying down like he was--if he was sitting more upright on the Beast like he normally did, the speed probably would have blown him away. He couldn't see more than fifty feet in front of him. Everything after that was pitch black. The resulting ear-deafening boom could be heard for miles and miles away; it was many times louder than the strongest of ordinary lightning bolts.

Raikou pulled up just before striking the ground, slowing down significantly. Josh still couldn't see more than a hundred feet in front of him. After pulling up, the lightning bolt started to become jagged as it rushed across the snowfield. Holding on became a chore for Josh as the sudden jerks up and down created a very bumpy ride. After a bit of that, the Beast resumed his normal form and slowed to a stop. "That was it. How was it, Josh?" Raikou asked him. By now, Articuno and the "wizard" were long gone.

Josh had so many emotions going through his head, he didn't know what to say. For most of the ride, he was scared stiff; for one, he couldn't see very far in front of him. That was an indicator of the kind of speed Raikou was achieving. He was still paralyzed with fear even after the ride ended, but he also had a smile on his face.

"Riding on the incarnation of lightning is something you'd done many times. Now you have ridden lightning itself." Hearing this caused Josh to fall from his Beast. There was so much going through his mind, he had no clue how to process it all. "Here's the catch, though...I can only do it on cloudy days."