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May 7th, 2007, 6:51 PM
I can label this entire RP in one word. Different. So if you like more of the same, then feel free to skip on by this one. But if you like something out of the ordinary, then here's your spot.


AW takes place in a world much the same as the world of Pokemon. wild Pokemon still roam free and humans still live in advanced cites. The difference is, however, one that is very huge.

In AW, there are no trainers. In fact there aren't even any Pokeballs (yes this includes all Pokeball symbols as well), Pokecenters, or any of the like.

Instead, the Pokemon and humans share a different sort of bond, called a life bond. While still in their toddler years, a child is taken to a large auditorium where they are attracted to a Pokemon egg. when these eggs hatch the Pokemon inside them and the children are immediately bonded. some say that the bond comes from before then, but it's still being debated.

These Life bonds give their humans the ability to understand only what their Pokemon is saying when they talk, and vice versa. This has allowed for the exact understanding of all Pokemon between the fact that booth the humans and the Pokemon translate for each other. Also the Pokemon and the human usually develop similar personalties, or at least cover up the flaws in each others. And the are some people who tend to look ore and more like their Pokemon as they age.

And now for the fun part.

Pokebattles are done in a different measure than normal. Instead of humans giving out orders to their Pokemon, humans and Pokemon work together in combat side by side. Pokemon still use their attacks and physical strengths in battle but the humans have taken to using weapons. Some humans have even copied the way of fighting from their Pokemon to do battle with as with an example of most blackbelts and their fighting-types. Usually though, humans are somehow able, thought to be through the special life bonds, to learn a single maneuver that their Pokemon knows or has learned at one point. Still unsure of how a human can generate enough electricity to pull of a thunderbolt or do anything of the like. But they are able to none the less.

And that should just about cover the life bond issues.
Now on with the story.

Under the reign of King Leon II and his Arcanine (yes, a life binded Pokemon ad a human both share the same amount of respect and power. So technically Arcanine is king as well), the Kingdom of Areatha has flourished greatly. Technology like pokenavs and the like have been spread around the kingdom.

That is, until the war started. Klonos, the island empire run by the Emperor Nero and Empoleon (duh.. i wonder why empoleon is emperor?), has launched an unexpected attack on Areatha and devastated the coastal cities in a fell swoop. Klonoses' Generals Winnoah and Vaporeon and Jack and Blastoise then began their campaign into the heart of the kingdom. With the splitting of their forces Winoah began to march deep into the the outskirts of the kingdom and onto the fourth largest city, Waterfall City.

Over crowded with refugees the city mounted it's guard with a reinforced garrison of troupes. but being an outskirt city, it had had it's main fighting force taken for the good of the main front out on the sea in the earlier stages of the war. But the city overcrowded and under protected was too great a lure for Winoah and Vaporen to pass up. So they began siege of the city, easily taking it. It was to be yet another crippling defeat for the kingdom in favor of the Empire. Or were Winoah's intentions strictly political?

And to make matters worse is the fact that the Grand General Lord Lance and Charizard, have gone missing for more than a month. With the loss of such a great tactical mind and a hero to the people, what else is on the horizon? And why has Winoah brought her toddler daughter with her?

Whew finally over...

Character Info-

This RP will start out immediately after the siege of Waterfall City. Easy enough right? And to start out there will be three types of characters, though they really won't matter after a while unless some surprising thing pops up. For the most part we'll be in a group.

Anyway the three character types are a soldier, refugee, and league battler. Soldier means that you fought to protect the city and are still part of Areatha Army. Refugee is quite simple; you are fleeing from the war and are trying to get to safety after your home or town was occupied or destroyed. And league battler is just a plain and simple teenager who competes in the Battle leagues. For reference there was a tournament going on before the attack.

Now the different types also affect the age of your character. As previously stated, league battler is usually a teenager or young adult. Soldier is next and is predominately age 21-33. And finally a refugee can be any age, but lacks the same amount of combat expertise as the other two. Note i want a steady ratio of teach, so be prepared that if I get too many league battlers (which I expect), for your character to be cut over a lesser character who's a different type.

And also by weapon I mean no guns, chainsaws, or anything else overly extravagant. If you really don't understand, go look at the sorts of weapons used by lets saw... World of Warcraft or some other standard RPG. And when making you Pokemon selection, please remember that a Pokemon evolves with training and time, so i don't want to see and 13 year olds with a Dragonite okay?

And lastly, the human's move. humans find it easier to learn certain mover than others. Of course, normal moves top the list, being that humans actually can preform them. Next are fighting, dark and psychic moves, obviously. Poison, fire, and grass follow the in the next tier. And lastly are the others. note that bye having a human who can use a move in the third tier is a humans who has had serious training. Again, no 13 year old should be able to use dragon rage.

And here's the sheet.

Character Type:
Human's Move:
Other Notable Info:

Don't worry I'll post my character soon.

And here is some reference info on the RP in general-

Areatha Government structure-
Leaders- King Leon II and Arcanine
Generals- Grand General Lord Lance and Charizard, General Hiro and Alakazam
Waterfall City Commanding Officers- Cournal Sarah and Blazenken, Lieutenant Cournal Terry and Infernape
Ironstone City Commanding Officers- Cournal Brock and Steelix

Major Cities In Areatha-
Capital- Valincia City, safe
Second Biggest- Ironstone City, safe
Third Biggest- Seagate City, occupied
Fourth Biggest- Waterfall City, destroyed

Rating and Rules- [PG-16]
16 becuase were in a war, and in war people die. no even in Pokemon are they (always) immortal. (stupid immortal Pokemon....)
Romance is allowed

Oh and there is a list of Banned Pokemon that you cannot claim-
All legendaries
All fossilized or ancient Pokemon
All made up pokemon
Any Pokemon used by a previous APPROVED entrant
All Pokemon mentions within the plot and he government
Remoraid (just becuase I hate it most out of all Pokemon.)
Any Pokemon that resembles a fish or is a fish (due to the lack of water they need to survive)


Name: Jeth
Pokemon: Quilava
Character Type: League battler
Weapon: Iron Pole
Human's Move: Flame wheel
Age: 17
Height: 5'11
Bio: Born in Ironstone City where he was raised by his militaristic uncle. This was becuase his mom died in childbirth and his dad is a soldier who was constantly being called away on missions. However, this didn't lead to a lax lifestyle at all. Him and his cyndaquil were drilled daily as if they were new recruits. Whipping discipline into the two with daily marathons and billions of push-ups, they rarely acted up for fear of punishment when they were little still. However, when the two turn into their teenage years and Cyndaquil evolved, for some reason they decided to rebel against the system a bit: bending rules and cutting corners to annoy their uncle.Of course many push-ups and runs resulted.

At the age of 14, the two decided to test their luck in the League battling Circuit. Relying on their years of strict military combat expertise, they did moderately well. Not shining or standing out, they decision wasn't well received by their uncle and his pokemon, but little did they care.

The two were just finishing a invitational tournament when Waterfall city was attacked.

Personality: Generally, Jeth is sort of a mild trickster, pulling pranks at the request of his pokemon. But he does know his limits and adhears to rules and tasks well. His pokemon, Quilava, is altogether different. A grand prankster and very lazy usually, he doesn't seem to like to ever follow the rules becuase he's supposedly "had his share" during them, growing up.

In battle the two act as if they are completely different people. The rash actions and hasty maneuvers of Quilava perfectly complement the tactical actions and quick thinking of Jeth. These two cover each other in battle normaly, but are known to "divide and conquer" when the occasion arises.

Other Notable Info: Jeth is a great jumper and is known to use strange combinations with his Quilava. Such as jumping off of volcano Pokemon's back while to thing skyrockets for the effects of an Overheat maneuver for added height.

May 8th, 2007, 6:18 PM
Hmm, Sounds interesting.

Name: Guil Hoah

Pokemon: Spritomb (I don't know if he has a pre-eve, if so Ill use that instead.)

Character Type: League Battler

Age: 14

Appearance: Guil's hair is brown and a tiny bit spiked at the front. He has a shirt that was long since ripped on the sleeves and is worn out from a life of battling in tournaments. Guil has had a scar on the side of his head scince he was eight years old, He calls it a birth mark but he really had a struggle with a pidgey that used one of its talons in defense. His eyes are Hazel in color, but the color of his eyes changes from hazel to black in battle. Something the Spiritomb he bonded with gave him. Guil's pants are also ripped, like his shirt, worn out from battles.

Height: 5 foot 8

Bio: When Guil was young he stayed out of the other kids activities in school, and when he was told to do something he would just do it alone. When he acted like this it was usually because his pokemon wasn't around, probably scaring people when Guil was at school. All the other kids laughed at him saying he didn't have a pokemon that he bonded with, he would protest but the othe kids just wouldn't listen. When they all grew up and became teenagers, Spiritomb started spending more time with Guil, saying things like, "Lets go to a tournament." or, "I want to go explore somewhere." It was just then that Guil followed the idea of the tournament and came to Waterfall city.

Personality: Guil is the sort of person who likes to keep his identity secret to most people, He received this behaviour from the Spiritomb he bonded with. Even so, he usually runs into a dangerous situation without thinking, and is somewhat the hyperactive type. When Guil gets mad or angery, you don't know what he'll do.

Other Notable Info: Guil doesn't use any weapons, he relies on Spiritomb and Spiritomb relies on him.

May 8th, 2007, 7:17 PM
Sounds pretty cool, I'll join if you'll have me, despite that I'm very new at RPing.

Name: Ronike Tapcast
Pokemon: Scyther (Nickname: Stryke)
Character Type: Soldier
Age: 22
Appearance: Not my best ever, but it works:
Height: 6' 1"
Bio: He attended school for a short while before growing frustrated with the pointless subjects and dropped out to be taught by his parents. His parents taught him how to fight, both with weapons and without, and the boy quickly grew to love the sword and practiced often. When it was time to be bonded with his pokemon, it was only natural that his bonded pokemon would be another who lived by the blade. Unfortunately, there was a terrible fire soon after Stryke hatched. Ronike's parents both died and Ronike sustained an injury which burned his left eye blank. Ronike was grief struck, and began a journey to recover. He came back at the age of 19, having seen and done much, and joined the army.
Ronike and Stryke can often be seen in high speed sparring battles, Ronike's dual katanas against Styke's Scythes, practicing against each other. The two are such masters of the blade that they are able to stop their swings mere millimeters away from contact. They keep track of the score: Stryke was winning by 2 matches before the attack.
Personality: Ronike was raised to be tough by his parents. Their deaths and his travels only accentuated this. His first impression is often harsh and he is often rude, but those who know him know him to be unwaiveringly loyal and brave, especially to Stryke. He is insanely competetive with his partner. He his exceptionally skilled in battle and very logical.
Other Notable Info: Ronike has somewhat poor depth perception, but a good sense of hearing due to training to outweigh this. Ronike can use agility. The sheaths of Ronike's blades are also made of hard material and can be used for blocking.

Fallen Angel_Messiah Of Black Roses
May 8th, 2007, 7:55 PM
Name: Joseph R. Kindle
Pokémon: Rurio- Male.

Character Type: Solider

Age: 26 (Is this okay?)

Appearance: Average height and weight, keeps himself in top physical condition. Joseph has brown hair fashioned in a summer cut, nice and short. His eyes are a dark Autumn brown, his skin tone is a slightly tanned Caucasian, this makes alot of people think that he is of the Philippine ranks. He wears a dark blue shirt with a light greenish black vest over it, he wears padded black fingerless gloves. He wears somewhat tattered blue denim jeans, he wears a brown leather belt that used to be filled with grenades but not anymore, he still wears it for good luck. he has ragid brown loafers for shoes. The front pocket of his vest is usually occupied with a small packet of cheap cigarettes, His jean pockets containing the fancy lighter he owns for the cigarettes.

Height: 5'11

Bio: After certain circumstances in his past he has been in a state of paranoia about a certain conspiracy. Of course you would be to if you were kidnapped by a major medical company to a isolated island in the southern part of The Ocean, kept in a tall tower and to aventully be used as an expirement. After a major error in the power system he got a chance to escape, given a knife at first. He survived the tower and all of it's super enhanced gaurds, escaped through the heliport, before the kidnapping he was a mechanic in Nacogdochus (We'll call it a city) after getting back, only to face another battle, he decided to help the cause. He met his Lucario, (As a Rurio) way back when he was little, His father gave the Rurio to him at the center like all the other children. Joseph and Rurio were as close as can be, Rurio eventully evolved into a Lucario and started to learn the english language slowly. When Joseph returned from his "Trip to the Southern part of the ocean" He picked up where he left off with Lucario and trained harder, they have now joined the army ranks.

Personality: Joseph is the humorus type, always cracking bad jokes at bad times. He is very radical though, he never thinks over options, he just runs into battle. Joseph is friendly, but as said before, a little paranoid. He is good to have on your side considering all his experience, he lives to battle and be part of all the action, if you can get past his corny jokes and severe cockiness then he'll grow on ya.

Other Notable Info: A master Marksman, (Even though there arn't any guns) He carries around the combat knife he used in the tower.

May 8th, 2007, 9:13 PM
Name: Horus Draco
Pokemon: Feraligatr
Character Type: League battler
Age: 16
Appearance: Horus's hair color is black and hair style is slicked forward. He doesnt even need to comb it because it just stays there. His pigmantation is pale but not albino pale. Eye color is cerulean

Horus wears a brown leather bomber jacket with an inner pocket where he keeps a few extra items. Underneath the jacket is a grey t-shirt with the words "Freelancer" On the left breast. Horus's belt is brown leather with a silver buckle. Attatched to the belt is his blade. A silver flamberg which he named the "Doomgiver. it has a silver blade and a brown hilt

His pants are black cargo's with pockets under the knee. His shoes are brown boots

Height: 5, 11

Bio: many years before Horus was born his father who was a battler married another battler. Shortly after Horus was born he was given a life bond to a Totodile something happened. There was a training accident in which both of the parents were battling each other on a cliff and Horus was watching from a safer distance. In a flash the battle broke out of control and the ledge they were training on became unstable and broke. Both of his parents and their pokemon were killed in this display.

After his parents died Horus was taken custody by a family friend. Throughout his life Horus was trained in the art of fencing and training. While still atending school. Horus was given a slight popularity due to his own personality and his pokemon. So he was trained after school and studied during school. After 5 years of training the guardian felt worthy of his abilities so he was presented with the last treasure that had been in his family. A silver Flamberg. Horus named this blade the "Doomgiver" and decided to train his pokemon to be a league battler. After doing so Horus trained even more and eventualy his pokemon evolved into a Feraligatr

Personality: When in battle Horus will toughen up all his emotions and bottle them up. Amazingly his pokemon does the same and it is almost as if they are linked. Horus does not know why he shares such a combination but it is very usefull. But outside of battle Horus tends to get emotional at times. But is no coward as he is as brave as any person. When stationary however Horus will display happy-go-lucky attitude in which he just gets very happy for some reason he cannot control. In this he may talk much more loudly then usual or become very clumsy and fall over. His Feraligatr display's other forms. Such as actualy showing bravery and clumsyness that they both share.

May 8th, 2007, 9:44 PM
Barboach: I like your character, but I have a minor reservation with it. And no, Spiritomb has no pre-eve. So for now...

Fiver: Hmm... well while I know where you are coming from with the phaser, it really is a gun. That and your character bio is too small. Give it some more filler so we can know where your character is coming from. That and the fact that You're character would have received their pokemon around 3 years old and not 10-11 like in the real pokemon show/games. So just fix that stuff, I see potential.

Ronike: I like it. So...

Fallen Angel_Messiah Of Black Roses: I'm sorry but this i cannot accept. First off, the bio doesn't even mention his life bonded pokemon who is supposed to do just about everything with him. That and while the age is fine for a soldier, the Pokemon isn't Don't you think that after 24 years of being together, Rurio would have evolved? And yes this is an excuse to go ahead and use a talking Lucario. That and the fact that the bio mentions a real life ocean, which is not the name of the ocean in this RP (It's just called the ocean...)

OmniReaper: Um.. you only have a few errors. Two of them are minor, one slightly bigger. The two are that the Pokemon and the human are actually bonded and the their personalties would tend to match over time. The second is that having Blaziken is against the rules. Yes i know stupid but one of the characters has it already (Cournal Sarah). And the other thing is that the bio just seems like it was really rushed. How did his parents die and what else happened during his other 15 years. So just get that fixed and well talk.

Yes I know, I'm a stickler for the bio but it just seems that the bio is necessary for the character. Having a past means that you have a foundation for the future.

Fallen Angel_Messiah Of Black Roses
May 8th, 2007, 9:59 PM
I think I fixed a few things, Truth is. Bio's are my worst points, :(

May 9th, 2007, 12:48 AM
Name: Theresa Quinn

Gender: Female

Age: Fourteen

Class: League Battler

Pokemon: Espeon

Attack: Confusion (channelled through weapon)

Weapon: Bow and arrow

Appearance: Although she is fourteen, Theresa looks around eleven. She's very small, about 4'11", and is skinny; not under-nourished skinny, but more 'greyhound skinny'. Her hair is shoulder-length and her fringe hangs over her eyes, and she wears either a red or white head-band - the colour depends on her mood. She has large, grey-blue eyes that are deep-set below dark, clear eyebrows. Her skin is fair and she has few freckles.

Her attire is strange when coupled with her cute appearance. As she was last competing in the tournament, she was wearing her dress set; a somewhat revealing outfit with brown leather cone-like shapes covering her chest and held in place with a white belt around her midriff and a collar of the same white leather. She wears a white leather belt with a gold buckle that holds up a pair of brown leather 'panties' (with underwear underneath, of course >.>) from which dangle brown and red leather straps, as well a silver chain on one side. Her leggings are very cowboy-themed, with brown patches at the top with red tassels dangling from them. They have thick 'leg warmers' that reach around her knees and sport a swirling pattern in darker cream. She wears red and brown arm bands and brown, flared gloves with cream hems and red, buckled leather arund the wrists. She has a white cowboy hat with a black strap of leather around its middle, and her shoes are white with a red leather strap. Her quiver filled with arrows is slung across her back on a white leather strap, and her bow is slotted through the same strap.

(hope you can imagine this ... I know it's complicated, but I'll try and upload a picture soon.)

*During battles, when the link between Theresa and her pokemon is at its greatest, Theresa's features become more angled and feline, and her eyes change to a deep blue colour with a white pupil.

Personality: Theresa's personality is a strange one. Depending on her company, she ranges from an upbeat, childish young girl to a dark, brutish tomboy. Her cuter personality is afraid of nearly everything and has a habit of hiding behind larger people and whimpering something like, "uguu". Her tomboyish side will challenge anyone and anything without [showing] fear.
At first, Theresa can appear to be a little antisocial. She spends a lot of time staring and analysing before speaking, making sure she knows what it is possible to learn about a person before opening up to them. Either way, she has a fiery temper and will never give up on a battle of wits. She will never admit to losing an argument, and is a sore loser in general.

Countering his master's unpredictable nature is Theresa's espeon. He's cool, calm and collected, and is always there to help Theresa think things through. He is unafraid to tap into Theresa's thoughts and give her a nudge in the right direction if he feels she is acting rashly. Also known to give her a helping paw in tests.

History: Theresa's life was never an uneventful one. Her parents, ever loving and determined that their precious first child should have a partner from birth immediately swept her off to the nearest auditorium and had her matched up. The egg Theresa had chosen was a zig-zag patterned one in cream and tan - an eevee egg. And since it hatched, things were never quite the same for her parents.

The tiny eevee and equally small child were always together. If one was not by the other's side, they would squirm and reach out to feel the warmth of their bonded beside them. They were partners in crime, perfectly matched. They would communicate together in total silence, sharing private thoughts meant only for themselves. And when they thought 'themselves', they meant, of course, the two of them. They were the same being, really - perfectly connected. And so when the time came for them to learn the art of battle, they were ready.

Theresa knew from the very first day of battle class that fighting wasn't for her. She was too small to hold the heavier blades, was too gentle and polite to weild the lighter twin blades, did not have the reflexes to use a staff and could not for the life of her work out why anyone would even bother to use a knuckle ("But what's the point? It's just like not using a weapon at all!"). Eventually, she decided upon the elegant bow as her weapon-of-choice.

When Theresa hit twelve years old, her eevee evolved into an espeon, and the bond between the pair grew even stronger. When they fought together, their partnership was seemingly unmatched as the arrows took on a psychic power that could blow back the opponent a good few feet. As a rain of arrows descended upon the battlefield, the espeon would dart between them as its master related where the arrows would next fall and make a powerful blow from close-range. Their prowess in classes drove them to enter the tournament.

Theresa had fought her way into the preliminary round and was taking on her first opponent of the secondary round before being defeated by some 'shady character' with a pair of long scythes and a dark-type familiar, judging by his technique. Accepting her loss less-than-graciously, Theresa had just been spending time seeing the sights with her beloved espeon. Or, she had been, until the seige began.

Other Notable Information: Honestly cannot swim to save her life. (ha ha, get it ..? Never mind >o<)

May 9th, 2007, 3:10 AM
OOC: Can I post my sign-up after school (3:00 EST)?

May 9th, 2007, 3:46 AM
Since I help create this Rp I suppose I should astleast join ;)

Name: Kota Blue Laflin

Pokemon: Pidgeotto

Character Type: League Battler

Weapon: Diamond pole

Human's Move: Twister

Age: 16

Appearance: He has blonde hair, green eyes. He wears white shoes. White baggy pants. A blue jacket and a white undershirt.

Height: 5'8

Bio: When he was three he was taken to his town stadium to meet his pokemon. He was attracted to a white egg with blue spots all over it. It hatched when he heard a voice that said "Ko- your here!" What hatched was a Pidgey. His Pidgey evolved when it saved him from a wild Beedrill. His father wasn't so lucky. His father took a stab to the heart from a man who was trying to steal from his mother. Pidgey killed them both with a gust of wind. Ever since Kota has been wanting to defend his land. He heard about the water pokemon attacking. He ventured out to go help.

Personality: Stubborn and Prideful. He is shy around the opposite sex. When he get s to know a person though it seems that his outgoing side flashes on and off.

May 9th, 2007, 10:11 AM
hm... sounds interesting... I had ideas similar to the bond idea... just never knew how to initiate... and is it possible for me to have two characters... my main will be a league battler and the other a refugee...(since we dont have any yet heh)

Name: Raven Heartnet
Pokemon: Metang (Meta)
Character Type: League Battler
Weapon: Guantlets
Human's Move: Mega Punch (Maybe Meteor Mash in the far future? ^^; )
Age: 16
Appearance: Raven has crimson red hair, which falls to the right of his face, and deep red hued eyes. His clothing consists of a sleeveless jacket over a plain dark red shirt and a pair of brown pants with brown shoes. On his right arm is a onyx colored guantlet that is heavily plated with a thin, hard alloy. On his left is a combat glove with similar alloys but in smaller amounts around the back palm and wrist.
Height: 5'4"
Bio: Raven, when he was small, grew up in a bustling town with commotion and peacefulness everywhere. He was bonded with a Beldum. At first they wouldn't do much except stare at each other or think in their minds of what the other would be thinking about. However, much to their knowledge, they can read each others' minds through telepathic waves of their bond. Raven saved Beldum from a rain of boulders during a walk through a mountain pass and their friendship flourished afterwards. After Raven turned 15 his Beldum had evolved into a Metang which he now calls Meta. He has traveled the lands in training with Meta. He went to Waterfall City to participate in a tournament but an attack from the Empire troops caused him to escape the premises.
Personality: Raven is a bit adamant but usually thoughtful. He tends to be conservative but wouldn't mind rushing into battle. He's strong in endurance and is rather kind sometimes. He's not much of a talker though but converses constantly with his Metang via telepathic waves.
Other Notable Info: Is a skilled hand-to-hand combatter but is still lacking in his mental awareness (which Metang is constantly trying to train him in. Heh!).

Name: Astri Moonfall
Pokemon: Chansey
Character Type: Refugee
Weapon: Pot? (strickly for doing Soft-Boiled... heh)
Human's Move: Soft-Boiled
Age: 15
Appearance: Astri wears a turquoise one piece dress that is tied at the waist with a blue ribbon over it is a white apron. She also wears white sneakers and wears fire resistant blue gloves. Her hair is blue tied back into a ponytail with a green ribbon. Her eyes are a striking crystal blue color and shines brightly in the morning sun.
Height: 4'8"
Bio: Astri was born in Ironstone city but moved to Waterfall City because of the fresh air generated from the seas. Her pokemon, Chansey, has been with her ever since. Both wanted to become chefs providing delicate food for all. After the attack on Waterfall City and the destruction of her home there, she decides to leave for Ironstone City. Now a refugee, she still tends to help out in anyway she can.
Personality: Astri is a bit serious but kind and caring. She enjoys cooking despite it turning out bad most of the time. She can be found conversing with just about anyone as well as enjoying the talk of others. Her high spirits put people at ease and she isn't afraid to speak her thoughts.
Other Notable Info: Her cooking skills needs work but her Soft-Boiled is starting to improve.

May 9th, 2007, 1:22 PM
Fallen Angel_Messiah Of Black Roses: Hmm.. good fix. But still thinking. Remember that more are still to come along. but with being a soldier is a good bet.

OmniReaper: I like your character. However there are still others to come so I'm going to to have to say...

FullmetalxFangirl: One word. Perfect. Exactly what I'm looking for. Exactly.

Mr.Altosax: Okay I'll reserve you a spot.

Kota: Besides the huge errors and giant gaps we did talk about this right? And I know you're working on yours so I'll take this hot mess as a..

Fiver: Much better. Though as an Army officer how is he going to not use a weapon? Ahh.. oh well. It's what I asked for. And yes, you bleed you trek fascination. Don't worry, I like Voyager as well. Like I said, I see a great chance of entry.

Uzumaki_Naruto: Woah I like both. But sadly I'm gonna rule that you cna only have one. Get back to me with your choice and I'll certainly accept.

May 9th, 2007, 1:28 PM
Name: Julian "Jude" Harper
Pokemon: Hitmontop
Character Type: League Battler
Weapon: long, thin twin swords.
Human's Move: Rapid Spin
Age: 17

Appearance: Jude Harper has quite average pigmentation in his skin, his hair however is black. His original homeland was in a far away region, in which the trainers where bandanas as head gear. His bandana is a bright, lime green with a black stripe. Below the bandana, black bangs hang partially obstructing the view of his bright green eyes. He's quite skinny, as he travels often. His clothing looks kind of like a jumpsuit. It's main color is black, but all of the details are green. Both the jacket and pants have a vertical green stripe on the side of the sleeves and legs, as well as the rest of the trimming. The green zipper, only comes up to his chest, revealing a green shirt. The pants have many black cargo pockets with green buttons. Thankfully the laces on his black shoes, weren't green, but black as well. Beneath all of his clothes is concealed armor, that's made of very light weight chainmail.

Height: 5' 8"

Bio: Jude grew up in the far off region of Allcu, where he gained his lifebond Tyrogue. During the Allcu league his Tyrogue evolved into a Hitmontop.During his adventures in Allcu he had a greater conflict than other trainers, he was forced to single handedly take on an organization known as Team Meta. After his journey through Allcu was done he began travelling other regions. At the age of 16 he came to the Kingdom of Areatha, and at the wrong time. During his time becoming a League Battler in Areatha the attack on Waterfall City began, and Jude found himself in the middle of the conflict.

Personality: Jude has always stood for justice above anything else. He stands for whatever he believes in, even if it risks his own life. He always seems to be happy, and live for the day because he believes that no one knows when the end of the road will come. Though even though he looks happy all the time, sometimes he hurts deep down due to twisted experiences during his travels in Allcu. Experiences he doesn't tell anyone, even his closest friends.

Notable Things: He's a Romantic.

Special Skills: Agility and versatility

Baker's Bulbasaur
May 9th, 2007, 3:47 PM
Looks very interesting, i'll give it a try ^_^

Galbatorix Wyott (Gala-ber-tor-ix)


Character Type:


Human's Move:
Ice Beam


Dressed in the offical Areatha army uniform, Galbatorix wears a small silver chain around his neck attatched to a crusifix symbol, He carries multiple knives in the slots of his belt, his inside and outside coat pockets, and even his boots! Wyott has very hansome facial features with dark green eyes, short trimmed facial hair around his mouth, and small ears. His hair is short cut, tidy and dark black. Although his job requires him to keep in good shape he isn't very noticeably build, but standing at 6'5 with a mennacing stare his still striked fear into most people!

Height: 6'6

Galbatorix was one of two brothers him being the youngest by a 9 year gap. They lived with their mother and father and were always moving from town to town as their father was a soldier in the Areatha army like his father and grandfather before him. When galbatorix's brother was old enough he too signed up to serve in the army with his father to honor the tradition, and although this was hard for their mother with her husband and one of her sons being away a lot she was very understanding and proud of them both. As a child Galbatorix was very quiet but fun loving but often complained when his father and big bro were away, his chosen egg was named the Aqua Spring egg from which a Shellder was born which allowed him a friend to love and play with. One day however a tradegy struck- Galbatorix's brother and father were sent on a classified assignment with many other soldiers and were both killed in action. Although the mission itself was never revealsed to the Wyott army they were assured that the two men went down fighting bravely, and even managed to save the lives of three fellow soldiers. This was a heavy blow to their mother so Galbatorix was pretty much forced to grow up very quickly to help his mother get through it, being only 11 at the time he missed out on a lot of his childhood, and wasn't allowed the privalage of teenage years with little worries. Now fourteen years later Galbatorix has spent all his spare time to training, and has too has joined the Areatha army to serve, to show respect to the family tradition and honor his dad and big bro who he hoped to make proud. The shellder which has always been his closest friend has now evolved into a mighty Cloyster, an extremely loyal friend and powerful pokemon.

Galbatorix is not a hard person to get on with, he's the sort of man whom even if he has a negative opinion of you he'll just smile and let it go, he has seen and experienced too much to get over upset about petty character flaws. He is a very generous and loving man who would give anything to his friends and family, even his life. On the battlefield however Galbatorix turns into a mercyless killer who will stop at nothing to live another day and assure victory for his country. Although Wyott understands that his dad and brother went down they way they would have wanted to, he has never really gotten over their death and on a subconsciece level blames the state for taking away his family, nevertheless his loyalty is solid.

Other Notable Info:
-Ladies Man

Special Skills:
-Fast action knife throwing
-Good hearing
-Good long/high jumping skills

May 9th, 2007, 6:00 PM
I actually still plan on changing mine a bit, but since you like it, I'm just gonna re-sprite it later to show the change in costume. Not til later though.

May 10th, 2007, 8:22 AM
Crud... hahaha.... i guess i'll stick to Raven...(so wanted to do some soft-boiling with Astri too... T-T)

May 11th, 2007, 8:09 PM
Alright I've had these sign-ups open for a few days. No sense in not getting started huh? But first:

Mr.Altosax: Hmmm.. god entry. but due to constraints on the amount of league battlers

Barboach: Exactly the smae thing said as before. I got too many League Battler entrys (as expected). SO I'm sorry but you are

Baker's Bulbasaur: Well... yes. Yeah it's good. And you're smart too sliding by becuase you signed up as a soldier.

And too all the rest who want to make changes to their profiles: Go ahead, but don't make them too great of changes. After all I've already accepted.

Baker's Bulbasaur


Annnnnndd............let's start this!

Jeth Sat in a tree on a hill viewing the destroyed city. He could still hear the sounds of the marching army and the occasion resistance battle. The smoke sacks filler the sky and the the once beautiful waterfalls were destroyed in places. He sighed.

His Quilava leaned slightly away from the mess, complaining about not being able to fight and something else about how stupid and cowardly Jeth was for making them run. Jeth didn't care. at least they were safe. Turning his head the other way, the way of the dirt road, he saw a caravan of refugees leaving the city in droves. However, the sight was severely depressing simply becuase the shear amount of people was roughy a fraction of what it should have been. Then he spotted the Lieutenant Cournal Terry and his Infernape off the the side of the road directly orders to his underlings.

"Heh, he's military. Maybe he'll let us help out with the war. I can't stand to sit around like you do when something this big just itches me... " Quilava said as he jumped out form the tree and walked toward the Lieutenant. Jeth sighed again and went to stop the overexcited pokemon from getting into trouble.

OOC: Okay so the plan is for everyone to meet up with the lieutenant for orders. get you're intros aside and then the orders on what to do next will come.

May 14th, 2007, 7:50 PM
*insert slashing sound of your choice here*
*thud thud*
A Klonoan and his partner fall to the ground. Ronike and Stryke are behind the duo, completely calm.
"Stupid Klonoans and their water types, we didn't have cut them down if they hadn't insisted on pickin a fight." lamented Stryke.
"True that, it wasn't even fun. They weren't even disciplined enough to defend from one attack!" exclaimed Ronike as he put away his twin swords volo and vires. The two continued walking on the gravel road leaving the city.
"Hey, don't give 'em such a hard time." Stryke started seriously, before grinning and braging, "afterall, not everyone is as fast as me."
Ronike grinned back. "Except for me of course."
"Scores in my favor by two last time I checked"
"Outta what? Three-hundred?"
"Three-hundred and fourteen, to be precise."
"Whatev, big difference." Ronike stops and looks back at the ruined city. "How could it have come to this?" Ronike shook his head and checked his watch. "Crap! We're gonna be late for the lieutenant's orders if we don't hurry up!"
"Chill man, we're not that far off. Ten minutes run, tops."
"Fine, race you there!" and with that, Ronike ran off at an inhuman speed.
"What?!? Cheater!" and then the mantis pokemon was off as well.

May 14th, 2007, 8:36 PM
"Auu! How pretty!" Theresa exclaimed excitedly, sweeping up her espeon who had been lagging behind, all the better to examine someone's half-eaten hamburger. The unfortunate pokemon found itself ushered through the door of a little shop filled with tiny, glass statues of pokemon that seemed to wink at the espeon, and looked almost as if they were alive. The espeon blinked and wriggled out of the small girl's grip. <Don't break anything this time,> it grunted, settling itself on Theresa's shoe and munching contentedly on the red leather strap. Theresa scowled. "Yes, ma." She proceeded to inspect the array of ornaments along the shelf carefully until she noticed a particularly detailed one of a scizor striking a defensive pose. She picked it up to get a better look, and it was only when the roof began to cave in that she thought that maybe she had just done A Bad Thing.

Chunks of plaster fell in towards her head, earning screams and flying shards of stone smashed the glass objects into pieces and sent them spiralling into the air. Theresa saw herself reflected back at her a million times over, and as the glittering knives swept around her in arcs, time seemed to slow until a particularly sharp piece sliced by her cheek and she felt warm blood creep down her face into the corner of her mouth. She immediately reacted with lightning-fast instincts - she screamed. "Uguu! H-help!" Curling into a tight little ball of quivering fear on the ground, tears mingling with her blood-stained cheek, her espeon was required to move itself from its halfway-comfortable position and do something a little more productive than its master's actions.

It stood swiftly, and the gem on its forehead began to glow a pale blue. A visible force field began to form around the pair, and the roof and walls collapsed around it, settling above and around the human and pokemon partners. They were alive. Scarred, trapped by flickering flames and debris, but alive at the very least. Theresa took to opportunity to call out again. "Please help!"

Ray Captain
May 15th, 2007, 8:54 AM
Name: Ray Malvia Captain

Pokemon: Haunter

Hometown: Klonos

Character Type: Legue Battler

Weapon(s): Gauntlets

Human's Move: Shadow Punch

Age: 15

Appearance: Ray is tall for age standing around about 6'2". He weighs only 137 lbs though. He has white hair that covers one eye. His eye that is exposed is a ghostly yellow. He is dressed in long black and white cargo pants which has a torn knee on the left. His purple and black hoody is always unzipped and shows his t-shirt which has also become torn over the years of travel. His gauntlets are the only things that aren't wrecked or messed up. They are light and spiked so when you get hit,you feel it!

Height: 6'2"

Bio: When he first got to his selection of eggs he was drawn between two. One was a Ghastly,the other a Ponyta. He chose the Ghastly though because he heard a voice from it. It told Ray to "Choose me please." Ray thought it was odd but picked it anyway. Not much happened unitil he was 15 (besides his Ghastly evolving) and then his hometown,Klonos,attacked another city. He escaped the island with the help of his friends. Sadly they didn't make it because of the soldiers leaving Klonos. He made it to Waterfall City and left just before it was destroyed.

Personality: He is normally gloomy and shy but he does have a temper. He doesn't talk much unless it is to Haunter. He will not accept friends easily but if you do become his friend till death. He will treat any girl with the highest of respects but doesn't care for dating or romance of any sort. He has strong will and if he sets his mind to it,it gets done. He has a tendency to not like to fight unless forced to.

Other Info: Ray is a great jumper and has a slight power to read thoughts

is this good?

Baker's Bulbasaur
May 15th, 2007, 1:54 PM
Galbatorix Wyott stood atop the highest branch of a tree that had near on reached it's end. Cold wind threw itself into his face although he did not flinch. He blinked and shook his head, looking down at the battlefield...

This is ridiculous, we're getting nowhere, fast...

The tall soldier bent his knees and leapt down a good 15 feet from the tree, landing smoothly on the hard earth. He remained in his crouched position for a moment and began to think, was this the end? Was he to die the way which had seemed to become tradition to his family? Well, if that is the case so be it...

''I will be as always, a loyal servant to my region''

''And I as always..'' Came the voice of a large cloyster, floating next to the dying tree, ''Will loyally stand by your side as your partner and your friend. Till death.''

Wyott stood upright, but kept his eyes staring down to the earth. All of it was once filled with beautiful trees, flowers, nature for a far as the eye could see, and now look at it all, a wasteland.

Cloyster came up behind the soldier and it's mystical voice shone ''It's a shame, but you know as well as me Galbatorix, that above all things, and beyond all fear and doubt...there IS hope...'' The pokemon gently sprayed a dripple of water gun over a pile of earth, and Wyott watched as from the ground a very wint, but very real baby flower emerged. Wyott stared at it for a moment before turning to Cloyster.

''It's young, and may very well not live to see another day, but then again....it could grow strong, and one day become a thing of elegance, beauty and strength.''

Wyott smiled at these wise words.

''Come friend'' He said gently ''We still have a job to do, we must collect our orders...''

Cloyster smiled, and the two turned around, heading towards their destination.

May 25th, 2007, 7:05 PM
Name: Rin
Pokemon: Eevee (Nick name- Silvee)(Color- Silvery white)
Character Type: Refugee

Weapon: none (Marshal arts)

Human's Move: Wish

Age: 10

Appearance: A shy child with Sholder langth Silvery hair, and light blue eyes. She wears worn out blue jeans ,and a shirt that was once white under a worn out brown jacket.

Height: 3'7"

Bio: She was rased by her father in a small vilage far from the capital. Her father started to teach her how to fight even before she could stand. Like all kids she as was given her egg when she was around 3 and as soon as eevee hatch she also stated to train with Rin. After the war started Rin's father said they need to go the the capital so they left the vilage. On the way there they ran into a unit Klonos's solders. Rin father told her to run and then he and his Rapidash attacked the solders. At first she tried to help her father but had to run when silvea was badly injured. Crying don't leave me as she held Silvea close she used wish for the first time to save her. The two waited for rin's father till the sun started to go down then started back to where they meet solder's. Rin found her father and Rapidash not far from there dead. She spent the night burying her father and Rapidash then started wondering in the morning with no real plain in mind, only a hatered of Klonos.

Personality: Shy, but not afaid to defend her self. It takes a while to gain her trust but once you do she is surprisenly dependable for her age.


OOC- Rakii has ok'd my charater

"We haven't had anything to eat sence that nice lady gave us that loaf of bread yesterday and I'm hungry!

"Complaining isn't doing it get us to Waterfall City any faster... anyway once we climb this hill we should see the city."
Rin tales her Eevee as she starts up the hill. About half way up she notices that dark thick smoke is riseing from the durection of the City.

"Silvee... is that smoke?" She asks at the same time as Silvee sneezes and says "Smoke!"

They look at each other then as one run up to the top of the hill where they stare at the once beautiful city now in ruins.

"But I thought we'd be safe here....." Rin mutters as she watches one of the building clapce from the fires.

"Run!" Silvee pushes at Rin's legs to get her going as a group of Solder's look up from the road at them. One says some thing and his Infernape jumps up the hill and grabs them before they'd run half way down the other side. The Infernape brings them back and drops them in the middle of the solders. Looking around Rin realizes there Areathan Solders.

May 26th, 2007, 8:42 PM
There was a rush of wind, and then Ronike and Stryke appeared among the soldiers.
Call it a draw?
"Never! Hey you there!" Ronike gestured towards a soldier. "Which of us got here first?"
"Uh... you both got here at the same time..."
Told you so. Considering you got a head start, perhaps it should be my point.
"Shut up." Ronike rolled his eye and he told the soldier"You couldn't of just lied, could you? How long 'til we get our orders?"

"Um... I'd say about ten more minutes."
Well fancy that, we're early for once

June 19th, 2007, 9:59 AM
Name:Max D. Reams


Character Type:Gym Battler

Weapon:A Voodoo doll.

Human's Move: Dream Eater


Appearance:Tall.Wears a black jacket, and black pants that are stitched toghether with purple thread.He carries around a voodoo doll that his grandmother gave to him as a child.


Bio:Max has been able to master psychic energy.He has learned how to use the move dream eater because of the great terror that he was put through as a young kid.He never tells anyone what happened to allow him to harness the power of psychic energy.He has few, friends.He drifts the land killing every rebel that comes in his way.

Personality:Quiet,stands by his pokemon no matter what,craves vengence on anyone that hurts him or his banette.

[how did i do?!]

June 27th, 2007, 4:09 PM
Name: Zelda (not copying the game, its my horse's name)
Pokemon: Ninetales
Character Type: league battler
Weapon: bow and arrows
Human's Move: confuse ray
Age: 19
Appearance: Zelda has long black hair, wears a silky black cloak and underneath wears a black tank top and black pants. She has piercing green eyes. She somewhat scares people at first, but once she gets to know someone, she is a very loyal friend.
Height: 5'4
Bio: Zelda was born in a small village. Her parents were killed in an accident when she was five, and she was raised by an old man who was something of a grandfather to her. He was bonded to a Haunter, and Zelda learned her love of ghost pokemon from him. She wished for a ghost type when she was bonded with her egg, but instead it was a vulpix. At first she was disappointed; if she loved ghost types, then why wasnt she bonded with a ghost? but it was all for the best; Devon (the old man) taught her how to teach her vulpix moves like confuse ray, and use them like ghost pokemon can. She learned a really unique way of training her vulpix, who became a ninetails when Zelda recieved a firestone on her 13th birthday; she trains in total darkness. (I wont go into that, if i am accepted Zelda will explain if necessary). When the war broke out, Zelda was out traveling to the different battle leagues, but she knew that she was needed in battle. Devon had been teaching her how to us her own ghost powers, and she knew that they would be needed, along with her bow skills. Now she is on a mission to help out wherever she was needed.
Personality: Zelda is very quiet and to herself at first, but she will never hesitate to help out in any situation. She is careful of people she doesnt know, but once she gets to know them, she is a loyal and true friend.

July 3rd, 2007, 6:03 PM
This is my first character, so don't be too hard on me (I did spend 20 minutes making him, but it was at 3 am, so the two cancel each other out) and if I am rejected, can you give me some constructive criticism?

Name: Fens Newhaver

Pokemon: Sentret (nicknamed Sentry)

Weapon: Crossbow

Human's move: Amnesia (channeled through crossbow bolts)

Age: 21

Character type: Refugee

Appearence: Scruffy and unwashed. Eye length tangled mess of light brown hair and eyes to match. Wears ragged clothing; a pair of old hiking trainers, olive green combats and a red tshirt under a dirt-and-blood-and-who-knows-what stained loose grey jumper

Height: 5'10

Bio: Fens was born and raised in a coastal village where many of the inhabitants had bonded to water-types, so it came as a shock to him and his family when he found out the egg he bonded with was that of a Sentret. He had an uneventful childhood, parents married, only child, lower-middle class. He went through school ok, got a stall in the village market selling fruit and spent a lot of time and money getting an everstone for his beloved Sentret. He and it never really battled enthusiastically like a lot of other people, and he never planned on battling in gyms or in the league. He was shocked by news of the invasion, and horrified to discover that the military were coming to draft in the area of the village. It was at this point that he set out for Valincia City, looking for a safe haven from the war. He only carries a weapon to defend himself and Sentry, and uses Amnesia as a purely defensive maneuver.

Personality: He likes to think of himself as a conscientious objector, rather than a coward. He hates the war bitterly. He has a deep seated issue with trusting poeple and pokemon other than his life-bonded Sentret. It does not make him socially awkward, he can make friends fine, but it always sits there in the back of his mind.

Other information: Very agile and can run like snot

July 5th, 2007, 8:14 AM
cool I'll try.
Name: Tamo Remsiw
Pokemon: Whismer, male
Character Type: Refugee
Weapon: A large thick stick. It is about 2ft 6in and has a point on one end.
Human's Move: Double Team
Age: 13
Appearance: Tamo has an average build for his age. His bright purple hair is messy, no matter what he does to it. He also wears a pink collared shirt with bright orange pants, color shemed with his Whismur. However, his eyes are emerald green.
Height:about 5ft7in
Bio: Tamo was a brilliant student in school. He loved learning and spent most of his time in the quiet library, where he could relax and avoid the kids who made fun of his interests. Of course, his pokemon was one who enjoyed the quiet as much as himself; whismur. Tamo quit school two days before the attack, sick of everyone there. Fortunately, He and whismur were outside of Waterfall city when he saw smoke billowing out. Realizing what must be happening to his home, he ran staight to Ironstone City. both of his parents are grunts for team Universe, so they must be helping with the attack. Tamo is thinking of joining the army.
Personality: Though quiet and timid, Tamo can be funloving and somewhat of jokester. His main tactic in battle is to bother his opponent into submission.
Other Notable Info: Tamo has amazing sight; a trait inherited from his cave dwelling partner. His stick has a hidden metal pole in it to keep it from breaking.

July 13th, 2007, 5:22 AM
1. It would be great to get this started again
2. Who are you talking to?

August 13th, 2007, 1:41 PM
This sounds cool...

Name: Abby
Pokemon: Charmander (Nickname- Ember)
Character Type: League Battler
Weapon: Shotgun
Human's Move: Dragon Claw
Age: 15
Appearance: Abby has long, brown hair that falls a little bit past her shoulders. Her eyes are a pretty shade of blue, and her skin is not very tan, but not very pale either. It's in the middle. Her outfit is all black and somewhat suggestive. It is: a black tank top, black jeans, and black heals. She wears black eyeliner, grey eye shadow, and soft, pink lip stick. She weighs a little over 110 pounds.
Height: 5' 7'
Bio: Abby is used to being made fun of. She went somewhat emo because she felt like no one loved her. She spent most of her younger days with Ember, so they share an incredable bond. She can be outgoing, but normally doesn't talk to people because she's afraid they'll make fun of her.
Personality: Abby is somewhat emo. She doesn't cut herself, but she normally feels down in the dumps. There are those moments when she feels really happy and outgoing, but they are rare. She suffers from bipolar and is somewhat anorexic.
Other Notable Info: Abby can deal with most harsh comments, but don't call her ugly and NEVER, and I mean, NEVER, call her fat.

August 31st, 2007, 3:17 PM
Name: Michael
Pokemon: Charmander (Nickname - Junior)
Character Type: League Battler
Weapon: A small sharp stick
Human`s Move: Double Team
Age: 14
Appearence: Michael has short black hair and wears black pants, a black hoody, and black shoes. He wears a black cap aswell.
Height: 4`10``
Bio: Michael used to work for a gang but left to spend time with his best freind Junior, Michael has a sparky personality.
Personality: Michael has a sparky personality but will get really angry if any one calls him Mike, or hurts his freind Junior.

September 5th, 2007, 12:36 PM
OOC: My pokemon is a Charmander! I posted 1st!