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May 8th, 2007, 3:28 PM
Heh, decided to try out a new RP I've been messing around with lately in my head. >.>

The Protectors


At night in the Lilycove streets, there was an unfortunate occurrence. There was an accident, and a youth died that day. The mother was called down from way in Kanto, and even informed on the way. It was a tragic day for her, and once the body was identified to everyone, a tragedy to the whole world.

Famous Pokémon Master Ash Ketchum, was dead.

The world mourned as every police squad in Hoenn searched frantically for a reason for the death. It could have simply been kept as an accident, but there were just too many holes. The news eventually died down, but there were a group of Pokémon that still found this as legendary news.

These Pokémon were the legendaries themselves.

Ash Ketchum, chosen one, was dead. There had to be another chosen one, or else the world would fall to disorder. And so, the search eventually stopped, falling on one teenager as the chosen one. His name was Grice Scian. He was about to start the most dangerous journey in his life; a Pokémon Journey. He planned to get all badges, as Ash had. He planned to gain the recognition, as Ash had. And the legendaries knew that he would accomplish this.

But, the world is coming down. There are skirmishes everywhere with people using Pokémon to steal, and to beat up others. This world was falling to a very dangerous world. The disorder was beginning. The only one who could turn it around was Grice, but he wasn’t ready yet.

So the legendaries decided that the best way to protect him was to give him protectors.

Nothing was going to stop him from going on his journey, and the legendaries could not reveal themselves yet. They had to stay hidden, but they had a plan. As the world spiraled down, the safest way to start a journey was to start with a full set of six Pokémon. The legendaries planned on hand picking these Pokémon, and giving them to Grice.

The only problem was that there was no way that other Pokémon would agree to do this, even at the command of a legendary. They were in danger, and needed to protect themselves more than the savior of the world. So plan B came into effect.

The legendaries showed themselves in the dreams of six talented Pokémon trainers. They picked these trainers because they were trustworthy in what they had done in life. And they ask of them a favor.

You are one of the trainers that has been asked of the favor, and you say yes, without knowing completely of the effects. What was said was that you would protect the hero of the Pokémon world. What was not said was that you were going to do it as the savior’s Pokémon.


Game Objective

Protect the chosen one from many dangers that are to come with your life. If the chosen one dies, game over.



1. No Script Format; Paragraphs Should be More Than 4 Lines. (everyone should know this already)
2. No Spam
3. No Character Control
4. No Advertising
5. Any Questions Need to be PMed to Me.


Sign-up Sheet

Name: (Give yourself your human name and then give the name you want the chosen one to call you by) Example: Talis Armstrong—Water

Age: (how old you were as a human; doesn’t matter how old you are as a Pokémon) Example: 14

Gender: (Are you a boy or girl? Simple question) Example: Female/girl

Pokémon Species: (What species of Pokémon are you? If the Pokémon you choose has an evolved form, please choose the lowest evolved form. Also, no legendaries. If there were a legendary, then don’t you think the legendaries themselves would have been Grice’s Pokémon?) Example: Magikarp

Description: (Optional. Simply answer what your character looks like. Don’t give smart attitude and say “he/she looks like an Ekans!” or something. If you can’t think of a creative way to describe your character’s looks, then just leave it out. Please have this at least 4 sentences long) Example: The looks in Talis’ eyes are a deep blue watery color, with the scent of battle…etc.

Personality: (Give me a little info on how you act. It doesn’t have to reflect on your Pokémon’s personality; you can be the fierce battler blood angry type and be a Skitty all the same. Please have this 4 sentences or more) Example: Talis is the quirky type of girl that can’t handle the quiet types, and buries the loud types in a bliss of hateful words…etc.

History: (Optional. Here, I would like to know what is it that you’ve done that made you so special to be picked by a legendary to be one of the six protectors) Example: Talent is all that seemed to go by Talis. She earned her badges the first time she battled and…etc.

RP Sample: (I need to see how good you are at this. Please show me your best you’re better off given me more than 2 paragraphs and more than 8 sentences) Example: Talis opened her eyes. She tried standing, but fell onto the hard floor. It was then that she realized she had fins…etc.


RPer Status

Random Fan: Grice Scian, 14, Male, Human, Chosen One (Active)

Mr. Autosax: Robert King—Shadow, 14, Male, Misdreavus, Protector (Active)

Baker’s Bulbasaur: James Hollow—Firewing, 18, Male, Pidgey, Protector (Active)

Fallen Angel_Messiah of Black Roses: AJ Valentine—Jesus, 17, Male, Riolu, Protector (Active)

OmniReaper: Cain Ritham—Arbiter, 14, Male, Totodile, Protector (Active)

Nigma: Zuzou Zamachi—Rage/Lizz(friends only), 18, female, Pikachu, Protector (Active)

Galacdragon: Amelia Reiken—Kory, 15, female, Shinx, Protector (Currently no Activity)


My Sheet

Name: Grice Scian

Age: 14

Gender: Male

Description: Grice is dark tanned, and from that has jokingly by his friends been given a racial slur; Mexican Skin. He has black hair that is just about everywhere in the morning and solves itself as he goes on with the day. His eyes are perfectly oval and green, as well as his shoes. In fact, he uses green almost all the time as it is his favorite color. A green sweater topped his entire Trainer outfit. Inside the sweater was a black Tee, and to go with another match, black pants.

Personality: Grice is the cheerful kind. That is, when he’s not in a battle. In a battle, he gets serious, and begins to fight serious, saying his Pokémon will win, while deep inside, he would be hoping for that to happen. The problem with him when he’s not in a battle is that he has low self-esteem. He believes that he can’t complete anything, which is one reason why his parents allowed him to go on his own journey. They wish that he could gain self-esteem on this journey. This was Grice’s wish to, but felt it was not going to happen. He doesn’t realize that when he battles, his esteem is built up high. He doesn’t realize that he already had self-esteem all along. Even so, he wishes for it all to be this way; not just battles. So he’s going on a journey to fix his personality on the world, as well as enjoy it.


Final Notes

Incase you aren’t sure about what you are doing, this is what it is. You have been transformed into a Pokémon by a legendary to protect a chosen one from harms way. Your job is to keep an eye on him until the legendaries are ready to tell him that he’s a chosen one. When that happens, you will help the chosen one save the world.

Then, if you want, become a human again. XD

But beware; this isn’t a safe trip. As I guide us through, I will make sure that my character gets in lots of troublesome deathly danger; you must save me from certain death as we go on this journey.

Oh, and only six of you will be allowed to join. You will start at Birch’s lab inside cages, where I will be picking you up, and starting the RP.

Also, another note I have to give is that on June 4th through 24th, I’m not going to be online. At all. To solve this, I’m going to have my character get captured in some way, and taken away. It will be your job to try and find me, and when I return, I’ll see how you guys did. >.>

Fallen Angel_Messiah Of Black Roses
May 8th, 2007, 8:31 PM
Name: AJ Valentine- Jesus ( Prenounced in Spanish; Hay-sus)
Age: 17

Gender: Male

Pokémon Species: Rurio (I Still Don't think of this as a lengendary, BUT if you have a problem I'll change. I just like being humanoid.)

Description: (Erm... Nothing really to say. Sorry)

Personality: A natural Hothead, AJ has always had a short fuse that seems to catch fire pretty easily, almost anything is a spark. When he isn't blowing up and such, he likes to think quietly to himself about things and then express his thoughts through fighting. Another thing to know is that he fights kind of dirty, trickery of all sorts. So remember people, don't mess with AJ. (Unless you want to wake up covered in mud and feathers...)

History: Always quite the trouble maker he was, he never liked pokemon Yet he was required time with pokemon to pass his Highschool classes and he spent a year journeying with an Umbreon. On this trip he gained the eight badges of the reigon and returned to the school about halfway before the year was over, this shocked everyone how fast he earned the badges starting with a low level Umbreon. He was a natural street brawler, king of the pack and this earned him the ability to control the crime going on in the city and neighborhood. The Legendaries seemed to pick him out because he would be the pure strength needed, not that his mind is bad, The quick time of beating a reigon out was also seen as a good trait of speeding through objectives, but still doing well on them. And against his will, he was chosen.

RP Sample: Aww... You've seen me Rp.. Oh well.

Black... Darkness This is all that AJ Valentine could see in his state of confusion and pain, What... Happened, where am I? All I see... Is Darkness? Why? These simple and single thoughts came passing through the mind of the Seventeen year old Hispanic as he came to. AJ's thought started to become clearer as did his vision, though it was still terribly blurred, he couldn't place the picture together. Therefore, he couldn't correctly use his sight or any other senses to know where he was. And what happened? AJ's thoughts were unanswered as he tried to move his numbed body, to no avail. It seemed as if he was glued to the ground for the time being and his sight was still screwy. AJ attempted to scream for help, and when he tried so... his eyes focused. AJ couldn't believe how shredded his voice sounded, like an animal. What has happened to me?

AJ started to search his surroundings, I don't think I'm in Kansas anymore It seemed even in his time of peril, AJ could still not take the thing seriously. AJ tried to remember, What had happened? And if on que, his mind started to project images of previous engagments, memories. Oh yeah, thats right, I was chosen by some freak Legendary Pokemon to help defend the freakin earth. AJ mumbled sarcatically in his mind, But that hadn't happened. That had been a dream, right? AJ couldn't decide anymore, he would just have to figure out for himself, and then probablly scream his head off.

AJ attempted to move his body once more, and suceeded as his arms started to push his body off the ground, in a half-asleep feeling state. He pushed his body off the ground and started to walk, disoriented. He found the mirror and opened his eyes- And fell back down, " I'm... A..A..A Pokemon!" He screamed in the growling of his new tounge. AJ couldn't believe it, he had said he didn't want to help and now here he was. Some blue and black furred, dog creature. Could this get any wor- and AJ stopped right there, "Thats a Jynx." He reminded himself as he sat down on his bed, face in his hands. What would he do?

This brought up a better question for himself, What could he do? He was no longer human, he was a freak. " I guess the first step is to pack up some supplies. No use in staying in a place I'm not wanted." he growled quietly, he was going to KILL the stupid legendary Pokemon for this and then the stupid chosen one, he would beat the guys face in, Amused with his own thoughts, AJ grinned.

(This is just an example, nothing more. Not to be used in this RP)

May 8th, 2007, 9:28 PM
Name: Cain Ritham, Arbiter

Age: 14

Gender: boy

Pokémon Species: Totodile (I was given totodile in Mystery dungeon. So I like it)

Description: He looks like a simple Totodile. Except he has a red scarf that he has around him. It was given to him many years before by his father. Since he has worn it for many years the legendaries have let him still have it in order to tell the difference between him and another Totodile.

Personality:Arbiter's personality is complex. He doesn’t care what other people think so he ignores any insults directed at him. When asked a very hard question it would take him longer then normal to answer it. This usually annoys people who want to ask him simple questions.

When in a battle Arbiter's personality would shift. He would try in any way to win. This would mean he would start shouting and getting riled up.

History: After battling many trainers and all the gym leaders Cain was given a reputation by all other trainers as "reliable and powerfull" Cain however was kind and belived in his pokemon that made him go all the way. He was able to survive through many trainers and gym leaders that made him almost unbeatable. The legendaries chose him because he was powerfull but kind and able to go through much danger without thinking of the consequences and still managing to get through it

RP Sample:

The darkness surrounded Cain as he opened his eyes. He had a strange dream. But he didnt quite want to wake up. It was a very good dream about legendary pokemon.

I wish I could see a real legendary

Cain finally decided to wake up. But something was wrong. He remembered going to sleep in his sleeping bag with his Noctowl sleeping in a tree above him. But he was not there. Cain finally woke up and looked down on himself.

A.... Totodile?

Cain who studied many things about water pokemon already knew what he was. But this still freaked him out.

"Im a Totodile?"

He realised he had just said his name in the form of talking. He grabbed his crocodile-like snout and scolded himself

"This must be a dream or something"

Cain finally stood up wondering where he was and what had just happened. This was a very strange but cool dream

May 9th, 2007, 3:13 AM
OOC: Reserve me a spot for later, I need to go make a character/go to school.

Baker's Bulbasaur
May 9th, 2007, 9:31 AM
Name: Human name - James Hollow
Pokemon name - Firewing

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Pokémon Species: Pidgey - LV8

Human appearence - James wears a tight white shirt with no sleeves underneath and medium sized light blue denim jacket with a deep white hood, he keeps his pokeballs on the inside of the jacket. He wears long baggy jeans to match his jacket with white nike trainers. His long hair is a clean blonde and is styled in a mop like fashion. He has very dark green eyes and a tiny nose on a rugged hansome face.

Pokemon Appearence - Firewing is basically your average Pidgeotto but his feathers are particuarly clean and ruggedly placed to match his human hair, his eyes are exactly the same as his human counterpart, bright dark green.

Personality: An arrogant spirit who believes that no task is below him, he will give anything a try which sometimes gets him into unforseen trouble! He tends to amuse himself by subtley mocking others for their foolish mistakes. He is extremely proud cautious which sometimes leads to being over paranoid which usually means he is quick to spot lies and traps, but sometimes he just overreacts and tends to slow everything down...
Behind this wall of arrogance however is a very kindhearted person who loves to help others where he can, he is quite the philosopher with a wonderful sense of humor and loving heart (Although he doesn't like to show it!). An expert in using and spotting battle techniques.

History: James Hollow always wanted to become a pokemon trainer but for all the wrong reasons. His older brother was already a trainer who had a good battle record, and his sister was a well renound pokemon doctor, and James felt like he needed to become a trainer to prove that he was better then them both. His father was also a pokemon doctor specialising in fossils and always showed great pride in his daughter, just as his mother had once been a routhless trainer who made the top 16 of the Johto pokemon leage years ago, so she had always spent most of her time with her son, helping him to improve, needless to say this made James feel pretty low, he knew he could do exactly what they had done, and what's more he knew he could do it better! As soon as he was old enough Jay began his journey, and although he was from Johto, he wanted to begin his adventure in the Kanto region for the sole reason that the greatest pokemon trainer ever to have lived had done just that, and if Jay was going to be a pokemon master, that would be the best place to start. Time went on and James grew older, stronger, more intelligent, and more in touch with the feelings of his pokemon. The connection which had been formed between the trainer and the pokemon made James realised that his reasons for battling were all wrong, for once in his life he was pokemon training for what it really was, the sharing of friendship, and tests of skill. James at this point was due to enter the pokemon leage which he done, and through his new found appreciation for pokemon, watched them battle as they never had before, he was truly amazed. This alongside his hard working pokemon, and his extremely impressive intellect for strategy, James and his pokemon made it to the top 8 trainers of the leage before finally being beaten. Soon after this, James returned home to spend time with his family before leaving home without a word of notice, his intention - To train. After all he may have become a much better person then when he began his journey, but his goals are still the same, and unfortunately, so is his arrogant attitude.

--To Be Edited--

--To Be Edited--

RP Sample:

The sun was blazing hot, although they were engulfed in darkness. The wind was blistering cold, but no plant, shard of grass or tree moved an inch, and it was quiet- too quiet. Seamus' breath became louder and more intense and the suprising sudden change of the weather began to effect his human body.

''...Ivysaur'' Seamus spoke with a slight trace of fear in his throat

''Do you know what's going on...?''

The grass type pokemon began to walk ahead of his master, closed it's eyes and took a long deep sniff. The senses of nature would hopefully make themselves known to Ivysaur and tell him what was behind this insane change in the weather. Seamus looked on at his friend with a sense of pride before turning his attention to the surroundings, something defenitely wasn't right and not just because of the strange turn in the predicted forecast.

(I've been here hundreds of times but this time theres something darker going on, something different....sure everything looks normal, but I know something is up and I think I might know why)

All of a sudden Ivysaur's eyes opened and widened with rage, his mouth curled and he bared his teeth, jumping backwards towards his trainer in a protective manner and beginning to growl

Seamus jumped in shock, and bent down putting a hand on his pokemon, whispering in his ear

''What is it Ivy? something wro.....Aaaargh!?!''

Ivysaur was quick to respond, releasing the strong vines from beneath the plant on his back and wrapping them tightly around his master, and leaping at least 20 feet into the air and taking Seamus with him, at that presise moment an incredible stampede of blazing hot fire flew underneath them both narrowly missing. Ivysaur landed hard on the soft grass some metres away from where the fire had flown from, bring Seamus down slowly and safly to land elegantly on the mass field. Seamus raised his head to see what had happened, and his jaw dropped as his suspicions were confirmed, he stared angrily and shouted.

''What are you doing here!?''

The beautiful but incredibly dangerous creature stepped forward on it's four legs and raised it's magnificent head, this creature knew exactly what it wanted and why it had taken the actions it had, and this stupid child wasn't going to get in the way again, besides- this time it was personal...
Entei had returned.

The fire pokemon stared hard at Seamus a look of hatred burning in it's eyes

''What's wrong Seamus Hansen? You looks suprised to see me...''

Entei said with a grin while stepping closer to the boy.
Ivysaur quickly stepped in front of his trainer and growled at the fire type, looking ready and willing to do anything neccecary to protect it's master.

''Ivy! Iiiivysaaur!''

the pokemon said without a trace of fear.

Entei growled in amusement

''I'd keep your pathetic excuse for a pokemon calm if I were you boy, it's not him I want''

Seamus stared angrily at Entei

''Be careful about insulting my friends, i've beaten you before and i'll do it again! Besides how are you even here? That's impossible, what do you want?''

Entei blinked and it's eyes began to glow with rage and it gave a deafening roar

''Nothing's impossible when you're driven by something insolent boy, and what drives me is hate, and revenge, against you!! What do I want? ...To fight!''

Entei leaped high into air, and Seamus looked up in fear as the might creature released a supreme charge of boiling hot fire.....

May 9th, 2007, 10:30 AM
Ahhhh! Im running out of time. Can I ask for a reservation?!?! I'll do as much as i can before class is out.

Name: Kail Hufall- Flare

Age: 14

Gender: male

Pokémon Species: Cyndaquil

Description: I'll probably get back to this... ^^;

Personality: (Give me a little info on how you act. It doesn’t have to reflect on your Pokémon’s personality; you can be the fierce battler blood angry type and be a Skitty all the same. Please have this 4 sentences or more) Example: Talis is the quirky type of girl that can’t handle the quiet types, and buries the loud types in a bliss of hateful words…etc.

History: (Optional. Here, I would like to know what is it that you’ve done that made you so special to be picked by a legendary to be one of the six protectors) Example: Talent is all that seemed to go by Talis. She earned her badges the first time she battled and…etc.

RP Sample: (I need to see how good you are at this. Please show me your best you’re better off given me more than 2 paragraphs and more than 8 sentences) Example: Talis opened her eyes. She tried standing, but fell onto the hard floor. It was then that she realized she had fins…etc.

May 9th, 2007, 4:08 PM
Fallen too long of a name to write: Well, now with the new releases of Diamond and Pearl, I’ve been proven wrong about Lucario and Rurio being legendaries. So, Rurio is alright. Anyway, this is actually a pretty good sign up. I should simply say you are accepted, but there are some problems. First of all, the history falls a tad bit short. Second, still concerning the history, is that the legendaries contacted trainers, and you say that you are not one. You have a good reason for them to pick you, but can’t you have been a trainer for a little while, as in, long enough to get some recognition? Yeah, even though I do know how you RP and know you are a good addition, and I’d be stupid not to accept you, I have to ask for you to edit the history a little. >_>; *Pending*

OmniReaper: Another person that I already know is an average RPer. Unfortunately, your sign up is not very good. You have the description and personality extremely short. Come on, I know you can do better on your RP sample; I’ve seen you RP. :P *Pending*

Baker’s Bulbasuar: This is an amazing sign-up. The RP sample was a bit off, but I assumed that was just you rushing to finish before someone took your spot or something. >_> Well, sorry to say, but Pidgeotto is not a good choice. Grice is barely starting his journey, and you’re gonna be his Pokemon. Birch is giving you to him. You think a starting trainer’s gonna get an evolved Pokemon? XD Anyway, the rest of the sign-up is good, and if you just change Pidgeotto to Pidgey, it would still be the same. So, until you change that part, *Pending*

Holy crap, first three are pending. O_o

May 9th, 2007, 4:26 PM
Name: Robert King- Shadow

Age: 20

Gender: Boy

Pokémon Species: Misdreavus

Personality: Misdreavus is literally the nicest person you'll ever meet if you're on his good side. The only fault in this is his temper, which gets out of hand on occasion. Though despite this, he usually stays happy and positive. When a new person enters his life he usually is too quick to make judgements on whether they're a friend or an enemy.

History: Ironically, Robert's first pokemon was a Misdreavus that he caught while him and some friends were sneaking around a Haunted House near his hometown. He had always had some creepy inner thoughts which brought out his love for ghost pokemon. He even studied under Agatha of Kanto's Elite Four. Soon he became obsessed with more than just ghost pokemon but all aspects of pokemon battling. He studied every aspect of it as he trained with his team of pokemon, giving him the nickname know-it-all. His knowledge and lust for it is what made him an asset to Grice's team in the eyes of the Legendaries.

RP Sample: "Aww, where am I...?"Robert awokened in a daze, confused as to his location. He definetely wasn't in Kansas anymore, judging by the strange place he was in. Then he realized something even more strange than his location. He couldn't feel the ground, though he could see through the corner of his eye that he was on it. It was as if he was a ghost himself, and physical things simply phased through him.

He bolted up suddenly, and looked down to see his body. It wasn't there, just a strange purple ... body. It wasn't really solid looking, it was more like smoke, or a blanket flowing with the wind. He looked back at his hair, which was replaced by purple strands, that turned into pink at the ends. The only thing he could feel was a bead necklace, and was very confused by the fact that he was levitating. Suddenly it hit him. He was a Misdreavus now, he didn't know why or how, but he'd seen his own Misdreavus enough times to know what he was now.

May 9th, 2007, 4:34 PM
Mr. Autosax: Seems okay. Though, your RP sample is looking pretty similar. >_> Well, technically since you wrote it, it’s alright. Actually, I can’t find anything wrong with your sign up. I can say to add more to your personality, but you actually met the requirements there too. Wow, you’re the first to be accepted. XD *Accepted*

Baker's Bulbasaur
May 9th, 2007, 4:58 PM
[B]Baker’s Bulbasuar: This is an amazing sign-up. The RP sample was a bit off, but I assumed that was just you rushing to finish before someone took your spot or something. >_> Well, sorry to say, but Pidgeotto is not a good choice. Grice is barely starting his journey, and you’re gonna be his Pokemon. Birch is giving you to him. You think a starting trainer’s gonna get an evolved Pokemon? XD Anyway, the rest of the sign-up is good, and if you just change Pidgeotto to Pidgey, it would still be the same. So, until you change that part, *Pending*

Thanks bro ^_^
It wasn't so much rushed as I couldn't at the time come up with a more creative small story to show an RP example, so I just done something random with the attempt more being to show that I can RP well with good use of description and realistic actions and reactions of the trainers and pokemon, it's been a long time since I RP'd reguarly on here lol.

If you wish I have no problem switching Pidgeotto to a level 8 Pidgey.

May 9th, 2007, 6:47 PM
Thanks bro ^_^
It wasn't so much rushed as I couldn't at the time come up with a more creative small story to show an RP example, so I just done something random with the attempt more being to show that I can RP well with good use of description and realistic actions and reactions of the trainers and pokemon, it's been a long time since I RP'd reguarly on here lol.

If you wish I have no problem switching Pidgeotto to a level 8 Pidgey.

Yes, please do so. >.> And for some reason, I can't post this until I have a considerable amount of words, such as 25 per post. But I have nothing more to say, so I'm just having the rest of this be a filler. XD

Baker's Bulbasaur
May 9th, 2007, 7:05 PM
Done. And yeah it's to prevent spam, but it can be annoying when your post is relevant but short ^_^;;

May 9th, 2007, 7:24 PM
Alright, well everything's great now. You are accepted. *Accepted* Oh, and you too, Fallen. Now I just need three others to join, and we can begin. ^_^

May 9th, 2007, 7:30 PM
Random Ive added a little extra roughage

May 9th, 2007, 7:39 PM
Random Ive added a little extra roughage

Alright, it's a lot better. Not a master piece from you, but worthy anyway. XD *Accepted*

May 10th, 2007, 1:49 AM
Hey Random Fan! I would like you to ask if you could hold a spot?! ^^ If your rp is already full, it´s ok.

May 10th, 2007, 4:00 AM
Yeah, it's okay. Your spot is now reserved.

May 11th, 2007, 2:12 AM
Name: Zuzou Zamachi
Pokename: "Rage" or "Lizz"
Only friends can call her Lizz
Age: 18
Gender: female
Pokémon Species: Pikachu
Picture human form:


Picture Pokémon form:



For both forms: Zuzou has always a soft smile on her face and a tired or weird look she shows to her interlocutor. Her pink and sometimes Violette eyes sometimes have a cold or dangers even defying look. Her eyes are the most remarkable keepsake from the time before she changed her mood. Sometimes others feel attacked by these eyes even if she is smiling.


Zuzou was a mad trainer who liked to cause much damage and pain to other creatures. Her goal was to join Team Rocket or something else and she tried to do that in stealing, hunt Pokémon or beat other Trainers in battles. But her mood changed one day in a different direction as she med a Pokémon friend. It was a Sandshrew named Kade which changed her mood and her thinking about Pokémon battles and her own future. She had nearly stopped being mad and angry. Of course you can sometimes see the old behaviors of Zuzou, but now she fights for the right thing. After she had many battles with Kade on her side she decided the right to do: She let her Pokémon free. Of course her Pokémon did want to follow her, but for the most time she was alone, helping young trainers and Pokémon to find each other, to give trainers suggestions and helped out in Pokémon centers.

Of course sometimes she med with her old own Pokémon in the woods to talk and play with them, but she missed the old times. Raphael, her Mightyena could enticing her to be a Pokémon trainer again. So she decided to begin new and that her old friends would join if the time would come.

Zuzou is a very cheeky person who likes to make much jokes. She hates to be lonely or being insulted for her character, because something like that remembers her of her old herself. Sometimes she is in a bad or affronts mood of course. It isn´t easy for her being kind or friendly all the time. But for sure she defends her friends and Pokémon with her life. Never she would let happen to her friends anything. And if something happens, she is very revengefully. But all these things thrown together make Zuzou to a very loyal and good meaning friend who cares for her friends.

RP Sample:

From "Century War":


The day had started very good for Rey. The sun was shining and the birds were singing. He could look down the hill where his trainers house stood to the city and the long woods and mountains. It was beautiful. But Rey was lost in his thoughts. 3 years it was ago since the earth defense had fired human destroying virus rockets at the colonies, and his trainer and friend Sakure died. Her grave was behind the house, and Rey often visited her.

It was so scary to do this alone, but he didn´t want to take even one of his Pokémon friends with him. [Rey!] Rey didn´t response. [REY!, uh, here you are!] two Raichus reached Rey. The female one bite in his tail. [Ouch! Hey, who the hell is... ah, it´s you Frala...] Rey said. Frala went to him and pinched his ear. [Yes it´s me! I have to get someone who goes with me to the tribal dance... and i have chosen you!] [AI! Chosen me? I won´t go if you hurt me all the time!] Rey whimpered. [You have to promise that you will go with me!] she said while pinching his ear harder. [Ouch! Yes i promise, yes i promise, but please let off my poor ear!] he replied. Satisfied with this answer she let off. [Phew, i thought you will cut it off...] Rey said grinning. [Ok let´s go! You two are crazy...] now the other Raichu said.

[Crazy? I am not crazy, Rick, it´s this girl next to me!] Rey said. He received a punch on his left site. Rick was smiling. [I will go to look at Hiko, and Emin! We´ll see later on the Festival!] Rick said and went away. [This isn´t a festival...] Rey whispered, [... it´s to honor our dead trainers...] [But we have a lot of fun there, so it´s a festival...] said Frala, while she embraced Rey, who got red in the face. [And this time i want to have fun with you my dear Rey...] [Uhm, yeah, ok...] Rey didn´t know what to say. Frala was a beautiful girl, but Rey hadn´t much experience with girls. [Ah let´s go...] he said quick [... or we will miss the ceremony!] both went faster to the town, where much Pokémon of every type gathered to join the tribal dance.

The tribal dance was a full success! The decoration was beautiful, and the music was something everybody likes. The night had started and the festival was moving on. Every Pokémon got here and did the ceremony way to honor their dead trainers and all the other dead humans. After doing that, the Pokémon started to dance to the rhythm of the music, everyone with his own style. [Rey, i have something for you!] Frala shouted to Rey. [Huh? What the...] before Rey could do anything, Frala was kissing him. Frala smiled and send Rey an unexplainable look.

She looked beautiful in the colorfully lights of the town and her eyes shined bright. Rey was speechless and couldn´t do anything, he was too fascinated from the last moments, and what Frala had said. Did she want to be his girlfriend? Rey got red in the face and he was kind of ashamed because he didn´t know what to say. Frala laughed and went on with dancing. [You are a lucky one...] Rick said. Rey was shocked. Had he seen the scene? [Perhaps you can establish a family with her...] Rick said in a calm voice. And he had been right, then it was tradition in the Clan Rey and Frala were in that the female Raichus looked for partners. And surely Frala had chosen Rey. Rey didn´t know what to say, but then he looked up to the shiny stars and thought about his trainer. Sakure surely did want something like that for me. Living in peace with a family... Courage got big in Rey and he said to Rick [Yes, i think you are right, Rick. Perhaps i am a lucky one. Hey didn´t Tria want to go with you to this festival?] Rey smiled. [Are you sure? I thought she didn´t want to come! Excuse me Rey, i have to find her!] Rick said, while leaving him. [I wish you the same luck as me my friend...] Rey whispered laughing.

May 11th, 2007, 4:29 AM
Nigma: Hmm… *gets ideas for Reintegration Project* XD A great choice of character. Plus, now that I’m thinking about it, I realized both this RP and your RP are set at the same time. Just a little bit off at some parts (such as devices to talk to Pokemon). Actually, I might work around that, and this could actually be a good tie-in with Reintegration Project. >.> Well, we’ll discuss that later. As of right now, *Accepted*

Now I’m just waiting for Uzumaki to finish his sign-up. Then, we can begin.

May 11th, 2007, 2:47 PM
Since last I checked five pokemon does not a six pokemon team make...

Name: Amelia Reiken- Kory

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Pokémon Species: Shinx

Description: I'm gonna take the optional option.

Personality: Amelia is very gentle and kind, not really liking to fight. She much prefers talent and grace to brute force and strength. So, she refuses to learn any kind of move unless it can be used in a way that can show off her style. She is also highly intelligent, and absorbs information like a sponge.

History: Amelia is one of the world's greatest top coordinators, having beaten many of the best in contests an Grand Festivals all over the world. She is recently temporarily retired because her precious Eevee go hurt very badly by a cheating lying stinkbag of a coordinator named Harley (not to be confused with the anime Harley. I'm just not creative with names. I've been using the same two character names for a long time now.)

RP Sample: I'm pretty good at this, been at it for a few months and I've got the hang of it.

Amelia awoke from her bed with a start. What a nice dream she had had last night. She could have sworn she had agreed to become a Shinx in order to help save the world. Hah, funny. She pushed the covers off of her with her hind paws and began to stretch like a cat waking up from it's nap, and then pounced off of her bed, landing on the floor on all fours. She then walked over to her mirror and attempted to pick up a brush and do her hair, bt for some reason her front paws wouldn't close around the handle. Funny. Well, no matter.

She then began to scoot her body over to the bathroom to brush her teeth, but couldn't reach the counter. Oh well. Her sharp teeth could go one day without brushing. Then she attempted to sit down on the toilet, but couldn't reach that either. Now that was a problem. Then it struck her. Paws. sharp teeth. An inability to sit on the toilet. She bounded back to the mirror in her room, hopped up onto a chair, and screamed. Unfortunately, all that came out was a loud "MROOOW!!!!!" Sudden;y, Amelia's mother came in and screamed, then grabbed a broom and began to swipe at her daughter, though all she saw was a Shinx.

I hope you like it.

May 11th, 2007, 6:04 PM
Random Fan I have a question. Where exactly will everyone start? In cages in the Professor's lab or in the wild? Since you didn't elaborate that much on that.

May 11th, 2007, 7:07 PM
Random Fan I have a question. Where exactly will everyone start? In cages in the Professor's lab or in the wild? Since you didn't elaborate that much on that.

It's on the fourth paragraph in the final notes.

Galacdragon: This is a very well written sign-up. I can't really say that there is anything bad about it, so normally, I'd say that you were accepted, but I'm still waiting on Uzumaki to finish his sign-up, as he requested a reservation. However, If I get on tommorrow and it's not finished (as it hasn't been for the past two days >_> ) then I'll accept you. ;)

May 12th, 2007, 9:46 AM
Sorry for double posting right here, but I see no other way of doing this. >_>;

Galacdragon, congratulations. You're accepted. XD

Now, I’m ready to start this thing. Just a few notes before we begin for everyone, incase it was not said clearly in the first post.

Everyone is starting out at Prof. Birch’s labs, in cages. My character will be picking you guys up, and starting the journey. Your job, again, is to protect me on this journey, which is a much more dangerous than usual one. Those of you that made a description for your character as a human, I don’t know why you did that, but you can use that to your advantage as in flashbacks and such. >.>

Also note that my character will be learning about some of your so called “pasts” by Prof Birch, as in when you were born and how you were caught. It’s not much of a character control, because basically, neither of you did this; this was when you were not in the Pokémon bodies, meaning that there would have been a bit of auto pilot to take the Pokémon you are in to their location at Prof. Birch’s lab. Don’t know if that makes sense, but if it doesn’t, PM me and I’ll explain easier.

Fallen, you did mean Riolu instead of Rurio, right? Kind of confused right now and all spinning, so I'm just gonna assume that that was what you meant (since I checked for Rurio and found nothing but a bird). XD

Other than that, have fun. ^_^


I knew what was going to happen the second I entered that door to Birch’s lab. I knew for a fact that this would be the first step in my life to becoming a Pokémon Master. The first thing I had to do, was become a trainer. From there, it would be a piece of cake.

I understood very well that the world was really spiraling downward. After Ash died, there were many things that you wouldn’t normally see happening, happening. Crime was somewhat being kept safe as it always had, but there were other things that were being changed for the worse. There were a couple of natural disasters coming and going. Sometimes, it would look like a natural disaster was heading your way, but then it just disappear in the next minute. I mean, this was good, but strange.

So many people I knew used this as an excuse to not be on this journey. I had to admit that those were good excuses, and maybe not going on a journey was a good idea. But my parents said it would be good for me, and I knew that they were right. This journey wasn’t so much about me wanting to be a trainer, as much as I did at the same time, but it was more of me trying to find myself.

It’s hard for me to explain, but I knew for a fact that this was a good idea; going on this journey. I entered Birch’s lab, where I was greeted by him as I walked in.

“Ah, Grice,” he said calmly.

“So what happened?” I asked quickly.

“I’m sorry Grice, but we couldn’t get the exact Pokémon you ordered.”

I blinked once, thinking about it. Well, I had ordered quite a team, some even from different regions. “That’s okay,” I said. “So what did you get?”

He picked up a clipboard from the counter he stood by and flipped through it a couple of times. There were actually not a lot of papers on that clipboard, and after getting a short glimpse as he flipped a page, I realized that each page was a list of six Pokémon for trainers.

I was guessing not a lot of people wanted to be trainers anymore.

“Here you are. Well, we were able to get 3 on your list.”

“Which ones?” I asked.

“The Totodile, the Pikachu, and the Riolu.”

Okay, so there were a few from my list. Though, I really wished that Charmander or Sandshrew were on that list; they were among my favorite.

“So then what did you replace the rest of my team with?” I asked.

“We replaced them with…a Shinx, a Pidgey, and a Misdreavus.”

“Sweet; Hoenn journey with no Hoenn Pokémon,” I joked.

“I just wanted to say,” Birch began, “that two of them belonged to trainers before, so they might give you a hard time at first.”

“Which ones?” I asked again.

“The Riolu and Shinx. The owner of the Riolu called him Jesus, and the owner of the Shinx called her Kory.”

“So that means I can name the others but them, right?”

“Yes. Would you like to name them now?”

I thought about it for a moment. “Nah, I’ll name them after I see them.”

After a bit of more talking, I was given my Pokémons’ Pokéballs, as well as another pair of five for catching more. I was given the Pokédex, and the Pokénav. I fixed my clothes a bit, and then I was finally ready to see my Pokémon.

I was led near the back room. It was in here where my Pokémon were kept.

“They’re probably still sleeping. Are you ready?”

I knew I was. I was ready for this when the idea of me being a Trainer was pitched. I practiced on how I was going to battle, and even played on simulators on arcades. Of course I was ready to be a trainer. I could handle the battles to come.

But then again, that wasn’t the question. The question was if I was ready for the journey. Was I?

For a second, I stayed quiet. Then, I shook myself away from my deep thoughts and answered, “Yes.”

“Good.” Birch opened the door.

May 12th, 2007, 10:29 AM
OOC: I'm going to call my character by his nickname.


Arbiter woke up the moment the door opened. Noticing he was still a Totodile

Oh well.

Suddenly he noticed Professor Birch who he saw before on his journey. He was walking in with a trainer. Suddenly Arbiter noticed that this trainer was only starting out. Why else would he be in the pokemon lab with an excitement expression on his face.

Lets see who he chooses. Arbiter thought as he jumped right up. All of the sudden he had the urge to jump up saying his name.

May 12th, 2007, 12:15 PM
OCC: I will give my character an intro or something like that.


It was the last day Zuzou had seen her free Pokémon in the woods. Only Raphael the Mightyena did come to meet her. The others had something to do right now so she had talked the hole day to her Pokémon friend. It was the time to say good bye. [Zuzou...] the Mightyena begun. "What´s it?" he said in a calm voice. "Alright, what do you want?" [Protect this trainer. Protect him with your life... i have had a strange dream the last 3 days...] "Ok Raphael, i promise that i will protect this trainer with everything i have..." [Thanks Zuzou...]

That were the words of the Mightyena. Zuzou had thought the hole day about it. But she was tired. She had already got ready for bed, because tomorrow would be a very important day. The day of a new journey and it didn´t matter for her how the journey would be. Just begin from the start. She felt asleep within minutes. Then it happened. This strange dream:


It was dark around her. [So you wanna start a new journey?] a voice asked her. "Ye... yes i want to! Who are you? Show yourself!" [I see why the others have chosen you. You aren´t afraid of anything, are you?] "What are these for stupid questions? I want to see you NOW!" Suddenly the darkness went away. She was standing next to a tree. A bird was sitting on it, a yellow big one... Could it be? It was Zapdos! [Surprised? I am here because we want something from you!] Zuzou was for some moments speechless, but she recovered very quick. "What could it be? What do you want from me?" [In your past you did some cruel things Zuzou... but we saw that you have changed your character. So here is a second change...] Zapdos said calm. [You have to go journey with a new trainer. You have to protect him...] the legendary continued. [I]First Raphael told me something like that, and now Zapdos... this world is strange... "Ok, no problem! Let´s get ready!" [Uhm... there is another question... what electric Pokémon do you like?] the bird asked something like amused. "Wha... what? Uhm... well... perhaps... a Pikachu? The others aren´t my... hey! You don´t want me to be...!"

-----dream end-----

Zuzou awakened with [… a Pikachu…] on her lips. She looked down at herself. She couldn´t believe it but it couldn´t be ignored. She was a Pikachu in a cage. [Grr… if I find this legendary I will fry him…] she said to herself. She looked around. There were other Pokémon in other cages. A Totodile, a Rurio, a Sphinx a Pidgey and a Misdreavus. It seemed still to be night time. Or at least something like that. It was dark in the room and she could hear the breath of every Pokémon in this room loud and clear. What a luck… now I am a Pokémon and I can´t be happy at all… protect the next trainer I meet. Perhaps I will bite him in his feet if he comes to close to me… Of course she wouldn´t do that, but now she was offended and annoyed. What if others would find out who she was? She had to think about another nickname or something. I will call me Rage… or Lizz… aww I hate situations like that…

She had to wait about 2 hours before something happened. 30 minutes ago an older man had begun work in the room next to hers. After she had awaited that something happens, a younger voice was heard. She was still offended and sat in the corner of her cage. She couldn´t do anything but look repelling. Her long ears looked down and she was growling a bit. The sound of the sleeping Pokémon made her going nearly crazy. She hadn´t slept much and after this “shock” of being a Pokémon and because of this noise she heard because of her Pokémon senses she never got the change of sleeping well. The door opened and an old man and a young boy came in. The first thing she noticed was that the Totodile had awakened and it looked nearly as excited as the boy which came in. Rage, which she called herself now just was too offended to give the boy a look…

May 12th, 2007, 4:55 PM
"Mis?"Robert asked as the door popped open, still not able to speak English. It pained him to be stuck in this cage, and getting forced into a journey with some punk kid. Though this had to be something important, it was the legendaries themselves that brought togther this "team". That's the whole reason he'd joined in the first place, after all it's not everyday a pokemon like Darkrai appears to you. Now he didn't think Darkrai was all that cool anymore.

Robert finally looked up to this "chosen one" for the first time. He was just an average kid. The kid who he'd be taking orders from was almost half of his age. Robert could only hope this kid wasn't as average as he seemed. Since the lights were finally on, Robert looked around the room at his five companions. The legends hadn't done such a good job choosing a team. A pidgey? Two electric types? Whoever chose this group had out done themselves.

"This is going to be just peachy," Robert said, though all the humans heard was "misdreavus".

May 12th, 2007, 6:07 PM
Arbiter looked around to the other pokemon. He noticed that the Pikachu had perked up a little and started to examine him. So Arbiter formerly introduced himself. He stopped jumping up and turned to the Pikachu.

"Hi, whats your name?"

Arbiter hoped that the Pikachu didnt think he asked because he had nothing better to do

But as a human he had a long history of asking stupid questions. So Arbiter asked the Pikachu a question that he was wondering about.

"I hope you dont mind me asking. But were you once a human?"

Fallen Angel_Messiah Of Black Roses
May 12th, 2007, 7:31 PM
AJ had awoken from the sleep he seemed to have been within and sneaked a look at his surroundings, he was in a cage, steel bars that trapped him within.

It was as simple as that, and to make matters worse... He was still a stupid Pokemon, an animal, a Riolu. AJ sighed from deep within his now furry chest, and huffed. This sucked, that was the only true observations of the young blue and black furred Pokemon with a human's mind.

AJ started to take a glance at the room he was within and he then knew where he was, where he had to be, Professor Birch's lab in Newbark town of Hohen.

" So some kid way younger then me is going to order me around and make me fight other Pokemon... how my life has taken an absolute turn for the worse." AJ pondered to himself in more of a bad mood then he thought he would be.

AJ saw other Pokemon in the room and stared in a bored tone at them, they were just dumb ol' average Pokemon without a care in the world, they ate and slept and maybe battled. Nothing else.

May 12th, 2007, 11:33 PM
“Wow…” that’s all I could mutter. It was all that my brain would let me say. I had studied the beginning of trainer journeys before, and had read about how it was when you used to start with only one Pokémon. It seemed like a fun challenge that way. But since all the bad things began happening, life got dangerous, and the one companion start was near banned. It was unsafe to travel with only one Pokémon companion.

Now I stood in front of my team, and I could tell just by looking, that this was going to be something special. It was either the spark in them or the spark in me, I’m not sure. What I am sure of is that I saw something when I saw this team, and I knew that I was ready for what was to come.

I couldn’t help but kneel down to stoop to some of these Pokémon’s heights. My eyesight first came to the ones I had originally wished for from Birch. Then, they traveled to the new ones placed as replacements.

“She’s beautiful,” I said, trying to compliment the Misdreavus.

Birch coughed, and forced a small inaudible laugh down. “It’s male,” he said.

Opps. I felt embarrassed. “Well…you’re cute,” I said, then moving on to the Riolu. “So you say that I’ll probably have trouble with this one or something?” I asked, as I extended my hand to pet him.

“Well, he did belong to a trainer before. I wouldn’t get too close just yet.”

I don’t know if I should have heeded his warnings or not. My hand ended up brushing softly over the Riolu’s head. “So your previous trainer called you Jesus?” I tried small talk, knowing very well that if any answer was given, I wouldn’t be able to understand it.

Fallen Angel_Messiah Of Black Roses
May 12th, 2007, 11:46 PM
AJ let out a grumble as the new teenage trainer patted the top of his furry little head, this guy was asking for it, major time. AJ swore to himself that he would get back at the stupid Legendary pokemon who had layed this whole beastly thing upon him and he also swore he would someday beat this stupid trainer's face in. The first one, wasn't very realistic in terms. The second one? He would make sure of it. Make very well sure of it.

AJ couldn't help but smile as the obviously dim trainer mistook the Misdreavus for a female instead of it's so blaintly obvious identification of the male status, very humorus indeed.

AJ heard the trainer say something, about his name being Jesus, if AJ remembered correctly... That was the name of his cousin that lived in Sinnoh, very strange to say the absolute least, AJ decided he would Alias as that name. AJ decided to answer the poor fool, even if he wouldn't understand it. " Your an Idiot." AJ said smiling a cute little Riolu smile.

May 12th, 2007, 11:53 PM
Just hearing Riolu speak made me feel…I don’t know, it felt really good. I couldn’t help but smile. Now for the main question. “This is a male, right?” I asked.

“Yes, he is. How can you not tell?”

“Sorry, I don’t really pay much attention to detail.”

All I had to do now was turn left, to see the other I had wanted. Pikachu. Such a cute one, too. I adored it with one glance. “Female?” I wondered.

“You got the hang of it now,” Birch complimented.

“Come on girl,” I said, calling the Pikachu over with my hand. My goal at the moment was to make friends with my entire team from the start so that it wouldn’t be harder later on in the journey. I was telling myself that this was the easiest part of my journey, but something deep inside me told me I didn’t know the half of it.

May 13th, 2007, 2:30 AM
Rage looked at the Totodile. Pathetic... look like i´m in a Team with strange poeple... she thought. Then the Totodile asked her two questions. [Rage is the name, and for the other thing, you don´t have to know...] she answered with a strained voice.

The boy begun talking and confounded the male Misdreavus with a female. Dho! What´s with that guy? Is he really that excited for his journey and stuff that he didn´t look at details? She heard the Riolu say "You are an idiot" with a smile on his face. Well, at least i am not alone in feeling about this situation... Then the boy turned to her cage. [Of course i am female...] she grumbled.

Rage crossed her arms and looked away from this boy snarling. Raphael, why you made me promise to protect this boy? Even if the Riolu could act like he would like the boy with a smile, she couldn´t. Perhaps she would learn to like him if she would know him better, but for the moment she was affronts. Affronts because of the hole situation. I promise you Raphael, that i will keep an eye on this trainer... but... if he ever remembers forcing me to go into a pokéball, i will bite him...

May 13th, 2007, 4:43 AM
Robert growled at the human for mistaking his gender. He was pretty sure that this team wasn't going to get along so well if this kid didn't wise up. Then Robert had an idea to get out of his terrible cage.

The Misdreavus began thrusting itself around the cage, though he felt nothing, making it look as if he wanted more room. He began to cry his name, trying to get the good Professor to let him free.

"Come on, just open up the cage, already!"Misdreavus exclaimed, sad that the humans couldn't understand him. He began poking his head at the lock, making it even more obvious.

Baker's Bulbasaur
May 13th, 2007, 4:43 PM
OOC: Sorry my opening post is late, I've had Yu-Gi-Oh UK nationals this weekend and haven't been able to get online until now, but nice to see we've begun ^_^.


Where am I?...

James thought to himself as he stood upright in pitch blackness. The last thing he could remember was taking a quick break from his daily training, and now all of a sudden he was...somewhere.


said the trainer, but his only response was that of a bellowing echoe which seemed to travel for miles and seemed to take a great deal of time to disapear completely. James didn't know exactly what was going on but the only explanation he could think of was that he was dreaming...dreaming about something which felt very real.
The trainer swept a hand through his hair and proceeded to walk forwards, on and on for about 5 minutes he must have walked but nothing changed, still he remained in this strange pitch dark chasm and he was willing to bet that the same result would occur if he was to walk for miles without end.

James stopped and took a deep breath before pinching his arm hard to no change, whatever this was- he wasn't dreaming, but then if not, where was he? And now did he get here?


James span around fast as he heard a soft voice speak, the noise echoed as his had and slowly disintegrated.

''What the?...'' James said feeling slightly alarmed, but more prepared for anything that may suddenly appear; that was James Hollow for you, always prepared, never off guard.

The voice said again, slightly louder now

''You have been chosen Firewing, youhave been chosen as one of the 6 protectors''

James looked all around him as far as he could see for the source of this voice, he was becoming rather annoyed

''Firewing... Who'se that? Chosen for what, protectors of who??''

All of a sudden farely 5 feet from where James was standing a shape began to make itself out in the dark, a glowing outline of some sort of creature with flashing white eyes...it was huge, and for a reason that James couldn't explain he recognised it.



Firewing Opened it's eyes sharply and quickly as a result of a new found light, he shot up and stared around, he seemed to be in some sort of cage, along with 5 other pokemon, and staring in at them all was a man dressed in a professors coat, and a young girl with a broad smile across her face. This all made sense to Firewing who had been explained everything by the Legendary pokemon. These other pokemon must have been humans too and also serving as the protectors, and was this girl perhaps the one?

Firewing stepped forward into the light and although he didn't know why, or why he even thought this, but he knew that he must do what had been asked of him and that all the questions he had would be answered in due time, but for the time being he would just have to accept it.

''Bring it on'' said Firewing, which instead was nterpreted as a loud- ''Piiiidgey!''

May 13th, 2007, 10:42 PM
OOC: Well since everyone is remembering their dreams I might as well


"right then "Rage"."

Arbiter didnt know what to make of the Pikachu. Unlike regular Pikachu who always bursted with emotion this one seemed very sad. As if she had made a bad choice.

Oh well

Arbiter decided to check out the other pokemon he would be with. He looked towards the Pikachu who just woke up and growled. The Misdrevous who looked like he was trying to break the cage open. The Riolu who made a smartass remark towards the humans.

Judging by what im seeing everyone here is very different.

Totodile shrugged and started to remember his dream.


Cain was in the black fog. It was as if he was waking up in a dream. For this one was more real than most.

Suddenly he stopped walking as he saw a blue light. After a while the fog parted and Cain saw something that proved he was dreaming

It was Articuno. The legendary pokemon he thought was only in fairy tales and novels. All at once the blue bird growled veyr loudly. But it seemed to be understandable

<Hello. You human are chosen to become one of the six protectors.>

"Protectors of what?"

The blue bird looked more fierce as it started to growl more loudly <You are to protect the chosen one. But humans themselves have the ability to destroy what they are to protect. So you will relese humanity and be reborn as Arbiter."

"Arbiter?" Cain heared the alias Arbiter very long ago. It was a nickname his father gave to his own pokemon before setting off on his journey.

Suddenly the blue light began to engulf Cain as he felt very hot. All of the sudden he began to feel sick. Then he collapsed.


Arbiter suddenly noticed he had dosed off in his memories. Suddenly he remembered he was remembering the strange dream he had.

"Well then. That was strange" Arbiter said as he stood up again looking at the other pokemon.

May 14th, 2007, 7:44 PM
I moved my gaze from Pokémon to Pokémon. I smiled; there was not much else I could do. Prof. Birch called me back out of the room, and reluctantly, with one final look, I left.

“So, are they good?” he asked.

“Yeah,” I answered. I thought about it just a bit more, thinking about how they could help me on my journey. The more I thought about it, the more I realized that this was going to be really good for me. I was already feeling like a changed man. “Yes, they are.”

“Good. Let’s get your paperwork done then.”


An hour passed by real quick. With every minute, I kept thinking about my journey. I was extremely anxious to start. But, I also knew that in order to start, I needed to sign a couple of ownerships and show my own license. Birch said that it wouldn’t take long.

“Tell that to the hour I just spent,” I had joked.

We both had a laugh. Then right after, we were back on serious business. He gave me five Pokéballs and a Pokédex. The second I got the Pokédex, I played around with it, looking around the content it contained. As I was doing this, Birch placed the Pokénav on his desk. After awhile, I put the Pokédex away and was ready to listen again.

“Okay, so here is your own personal Pokénav. Hope you enjoy it. You do have your bag, do you?”

I then realized that I didn’t. How could I forget?

“That’s okay,” Birch said when I told him. From under his desk, he pulled a black one-strap backpack. “It’s all yours.”

I thanked him as I began putting away my stuff. I couldn’t help but keep a smile on my face. Once everything was secure, I was ready to be led back to my Pokémon.

“Here are their Pokéballs,” Birch said as he handed me six more Pokéballs. I knew what I was going to do. I knew what Birch expected me to do. But as I was, I wanted to befriend my Pokémon first. Once I was sure that they liked me, or if they were doing something wrong, or even if I just had to get somewhere faster and didn’t need anyone dragging along, then I would put them in the balls. As of now, I had no use for them.

I placed them in my bag and was ready to have my Pokémon.

“Get ready; for probably the next few minutes, they might act wild around you just so they could get used to you,” said Birch.

“I’m ready,” I answered.

“Good.” He opened the door to the room again, and opened each and every cage. The back door opened, and I was told by Birch that I could leave with my Pokémon now.

“Okay…” I looked around, not sure how their first reaction would be. “Come on everyone; let’s go.”

May 14th, 2007, 8:17 PM
About an hour later Arbiter noticed that the door to his cage opened. All of the sudden he saw his new trainer.

Well might as well make the most of it. If I give a bad first impression i'm given a bad look.

Arbiter walked towards his new trainer. Noticing that a few other pokemon were doing the same.

Arbiter made it towards his new trainer. Hoping he was noticing him.

May 15th, 2007, 3:13 AM
"Finally I'm out! "Robert exclaimed! He charged toward the trainer growling, though unfortunately since he was a ghost pokemon, the misdreavus phased right through him.
After that Robert simply went down to the floor, it's head hung low in self pity.

May 15th, 2007, 1:38 PM
After the boy was gone again, Rage started walking up and down restless. What would come up to her in the future? She didn´t know. She had promised her old friends different things. But the promise she gave to her Sandslash was the most important at all. She thought about it, but was disturbed by the wild Misdreavus which wanted out of it´s cage. Should she just make friends with this other Pokémon, or should she go her own way?

Her mood had already changed, and her purple eyes watched all other Pokémon who were in the room. She had to grin a bit. It was obvious that some of them were humans in the past, and it was funny to watch them to find out there characters.

After about an hour the boy came back with the old man who opened the cages. She could smell that the boy was excited and unsure. She ignored the behaviors of the others and went over to him. While inspecting him she tried to remind his scent. Rage was already used to be a Pokémon for a while, the only thing she had not tried was producing electricity. Rage looked in the boys face starting to talk. [I don´t know if you can understand me honey, but if you can listen... if you won´t make anything stupid with me, i´ll give it a try... well...] she didn´t know how to say. [... ah don´t mind. If you need me... i´ll wait over there...] she finished and went to the other end of the lab, sitting down on something which looked like a food barrel. Rage had the intense feeling of cleaning her fur. And so she did.

Fallen Angel_Messiah Of Black Roses
May 15th, 2007, 2:38 PM
AJ watched as the male Misdreavus that had been mistaken for the oppisite gender of the feminine type, female. The poor ghost looked crushed when he just went through the new trainer, hanging it's head, AJ just grinned smugly. Whatever was instore for them all probably wouldn't be pleasent, or wanted; But he and everyone else would have to anyway or be smited by the almighty and overley annoying Legendary mornic Pokemon.

AJ looked around the room some more, now realizing he was free and out, to explore his new point of veiw. He walked outside of the now open cage and saw that walking was somewhat strange, new and short. AJ walked over to the new trainer, the newbie who would be in charge, AJ just stood in front of him and glared ath the guy. In a general kind of way.

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May 15th, 2007, 9:03 PM
The first to come to me was the Totodile. It just looked so cute and adorable; I smiled. Then the Misdreavus tried the same, but failed, falling through me. I couldn’t help but giggle a bit, but felt sorry for him at the same time.

The Pikachu stayed a distance from me, seeming to try and tell me something. At the moment that I could carefully look at her, she stopped.

And the Riolu just watched from my front. I wasn’t sure how to react to that.

“Well…” I began. I wasn’t so sure what to do next.

“The journey,” Birch helped out.

“Oh yeah,” I said, slightly embarrassed. “Well guys, let’s go. Can I trust you all enough to leave you out of your balls?” I wasn’t so sure whether they understood it or not. I was about to find out though.

May 17th, 2007, 10:49 AM
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