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Elemental Angels

{{Due to some Religious content, Reader discretion is advised…}}

Legend: In the beginning, God made man…

The legends of men dictate that after god made the world, the animals fallowed, after that man was given life so that he could care for the animals.

According to the scriptures an angel was sent down to the garden called Eden with a single mission, to banish Adam, his wife Eve and the snake of Knowledge from the garden of life, sending them out into the yet uncompleted world known only as Earth.

How ever, according to the legends of the animals, whose ancestors were also born in the Garden of Eden, a very different story is told:

After God created animals, man and woman soon after. He decreed that man should care for the garden and the animals that lived within it. Dragon, who was king of animals at the time, was given a special assignment. He was told to search the earth in search of perfect samples of every element. At first Dragon questioned this action, if God was all powerful then why didn’t he just create the perfect samples himself, this disobedient character that Dragon possessed was the main reason for the extinction of his species at the hands of God’s favorite creation, Man.

God simply smiled upon Dragon and said, “Why do I have to make them. If I am sending you for them then they already exist. I simply forgot where I left them and I need you, who can fly endlessly, to retrieve them for me.”

Dragon understood, he knew well that for an all powerful being, God sure misplaced many things. “I will go.” Said he, “I just wish to know why you need them Lord.”

“It is a secret.” That is all that God said before he retreated into haven.

Dragon searched the cold earth for many hundreds of years to find the perfect samples that god spoke of, as it turned out, each element was hidden very well indeed, in different colored feathers that attached themselves to Dragon’s powerful wings. When dragon had all seven he turned to find, that he did not know the way back to the garden. He had no way to retrace his wing beats for he had left no trail so that not even de demons closest to Lucifer could fallow him in his Holy search.

Not knowing the way back he flew as fast as he could, looking everywhere. No matter how hard he looked, he could not find the garden that he missed so much. None of the gifts that God had blessed him with helped him, for he was not blessed with a direct connection to haven like the birds were, those creatures who were able to look at the beauty of haven and sing with pure joy at the feeling. Calling for God’s help he flew over the tallest mountain he could find and stood upon it. Unfortunately, God could do nothing for Dragon, for outside the garden Dragon’s connection was severed and God could not speak to him to tell him the way home. So God sent his smallest and quickest messenger, Humming Bird with specific directions to where Dragon stood. Humming Bird flew at top speed; he was able to find Dragon in a few days, telling him that God had sent him, Humming bird led Dragon back to the garden. Dragon thanked God a million times over for saving him from the evils that he had witnessed and felt outside the safety of the garden.

Unknowingly and unwillingly Dragon had brought the serpent known as knowledge with him attached to his tail, the serpent slid off and into the tree of knowledge where he felt at home and where he could cause the most damage.

Dragon presented the samples to god. The black feather of Darkness that he had found at the bottom of the darkest pit, the pure white feather of Light that he had found in the rays of the morning sun, the blue feather of water that he had found in during a summer storm, the silver feather of the wind that he had pulled from the wind as it passed over his wings, the bronze feather of the earth that he had found on the mountain that was soon to be known as Sinai, The Golden feather of fire that he had found in his very own breath, and finally the transparent feather of ether that took him the longest to find because it was attacked to the moon itself.

Once again Dragon asked why God wanted them, and this time God told him, “I am preparing for the end.” And he said no more.

After Adam and Eve were banished from the Garden Dragon believed that the end was that moment but he soon understood that the elements were for something greater, something that his descendents wound never have the pleasure of seeing.

That is where the story the animals tell ends, there is more to this story. The only ones who know it how ever are the three main archangels who were given the duty to finish it.

God gave them the mission of creating the perfect Angels, Angels so perfect that their beauty could rival the legendary Beauty Lucifer once had, a beauty only known in the memories of those old enough to remember. Michel was given the duty to create the angels of Fire, Wind and Light; Gabriel was given the happy task of creating the Angels of Earth, Water and Ether; Poor Rafael was given the lonely task of creating the Angel of Darkness an angel that he knew he had to create in the image of the original Angel of darkness, for that was God’s will.

Michel and Gabriel created there angels quickly and trained them well, Rafael how ever took his time, taking many millennia’s to create his one angel and to teach it what it was meant for. When they were done, they showed there products to God who right away approved of the strengths and skills that Michel and Gabriel had given there Angels. When he got to Rafael’s Angel however, he found it difficult to understand for it refused to speak unless Rafael spoke first. God was first annoyed by this but then understood that Rafael’s Angel had only just been created and still was unable to speak for itself.

God then told the Angels that they had one mission, to infiltrate and defeat the evil and the darkness of Lucifer and bring the prince of Hell to haven so that the end can begin. In order for this to come about, God had to give each angel a Human Life, and since the Angel’s were to powerful together, he knew that they had to be raised apart. So he sent theses new souls to different parts of the earth to virgin mothers so that they could grow to the age of 15, find each other and complete there missions, little did God know that the free will that he gifted man with would filter into his new angel’s the moment they were conceived and they had the option to defy him… if that was there desire.

And that is how your story begins.

Rp Goodies:

Angelic abilities: Each Element Angel has its own brand of Angelic abilities, most take the form of a different colored fire that erupts from the hands and lives in the eyes. Flight is also an ability that all angels’ share, wings how ever are not. (The fallowing Elements Allow Wings; Fire, Wind, Darkness, and Light.), each angel was also blessed with the ability to sense the mood of his exact opposite. (Example: Darkness can feel when Light is happy. For a list of the Elemental Opposites see the bottom of this post.).
The different Elemental qualities of the Angel’s are also different from Element to Element, that is however how, if they decide to work together, they can create Elemental combos, (example: Wind and water create Ice.) The different Elements have many abilities most easy to understand, others not so much. (For a complete list of each Element Angel’s Abilities look under the List of Elemental Opposites.)

Angelic Weapons: Each Angel was given a sword created by the hands of Michel, Gabriel or Rafael, (if you read the legend then you know which angel made your sword), the Sword however is very hard to summon, being that it remains hidden within your element until you truly need it. Each Angel Calls there sword in a different way, that is something that I am unable to tell you, you have to figure that out yourself.

Angelic Wear: The dress Code for the Elemental Angels is non existent; since they were given human form the traditional dress of the Angels was forgotten and replaced with time appropriate clothing.

Angelic Helpers: Each Angel was given a guardian to be there when the time for the Omega was neigh. It is always different but it is something that you always have with you. It can just as easily be the burette in your hair is it could be the dog that your parents bought when you were born.

Angelic Resistance: The most important thing, each angel has a different direct Enemy each represented and named for a Mortal sin. This sin is also your greatest weakness, the thing that you do most of all sins. (So in other words, we each commit the same Mortal Sin regularly.) (For a list of the seven Mortal Sins, See under the list of Element Angel Abilities)


Elemental Opposites:
Fire and Water
Darkness and Light
Earth and Wind
Ether is connected to everyone.

Elemental Abilities:
Fire; Fire will bend to your will. Your angelic flame color is orange.
Wind; if you learn how to control the wind well then you will discover that with that you can create electricity. Your Angelic Flame color is silver.
Water; the healing gift of the water gives you the powers to heal the wounded with a simple drink. Your angelic flame color is transparent.
Earth; you speak, the ground listens, you can also listen to the ground. Your angelic flame color is yellow.
Light; you have a direct connection to Michel and he can come to your aide if you really need him. Your angelic flame color is white.
Darkness; Complete control over darkness gives you the power to speak with the Prince himself, this is both helpful and extremely dangerous. Your angelic flame color is Blue.
Ether: Your powers are the complete control of the fabric of time and space, the down side, for every moment hat you change, a moment is taken from the life you have already lived, that means you loose your memories as well as family and friends, use your powers wisely. Your angelic flame color is black.

Mortal Sins:
Gluttony: You enjoy food most of all, it’s what makes you happiest, yet you over do it every time, you get greedy and want all the food for you.
Wrath: You think of nothing buy vengeance; all you want is for everyone to pay for everything that they’ve done to you, even if it wasn’t their fault.
Sloth: You’re lazier then the laziest Demon, you would rather that someone else did it besides you, even if it’s something that you enjoy simply because it involves moving.
Lust: You are led threw life by your libido and you listen to it always, when you want someone you want them that moment and you “Will” take them, whether they want to or not.
Pride: You’re the best and you know it, and you make sure every one can see your greatness.
Greed: You want more of everything, even the stuff you don’t need, you’ve just got to have it all!
Envy: You hate it when you see someone with something you don’t have, be it an object, a person, or a character that you desire. You long for it more and more until you can’t take it and you’ve got to have it no matter what the cost.

Do you think you are one of the Legendary Angles?
If so, Sign this contract.

Name: (since your original Angelic name was long forgotten, place here the name that your mother gave you.)
Appearance: (A picture along with a brief description will work just fine.)
Chosen Element: (From the list above chose what Element you think you can handle.)
Sin: (What is your mortal sin? Remember one per Angel.)
Birth place: (In what Country, City and Province were you born, remember not to be to close to any of the other Angels.)
Birthmother’s name: (This is very important in the story... why you ask? Because it’ll give each of us our way out.)
Personality: (Tell me what you’re like, keeping in mind your chosen Mortal sin.)
Rp Sample: (The most important thing of all, it will not only tell me how good you are but it’ll also let me know how you discovered your Powers and your guardian. Creativity counts for 89% of my judgment.)

Angels taken;
Fire ~ Pyrex (also no last name), Sloth. by The Pkmn Prodigy
Water ~ Erthen Wilken, Envy. By Speedo_nh
Wind ~ Ali (no last name eather), Greed. By SaintofHope
Light ~ Anya (no last name), Pride. By Netta
Darkness ~ Iori Yagami, Lust. By JBCBlank
Ether ~ Raziel Kain, Wrath. By OmniReaper

Name: Iori Yagami
Appearance: Iroi (http://img213.imageshack.us/img213/9409/ioriyamagamikingoffightkh0.jpg) enjoys the feel of a good leather jacket, the more expensive feeling the better is what he says.
Chosen Element: Angel of Darkness.
Sin: Lust
Birth place: Tijuana, Baja California, México.
Birthmother’s name: Yazmin Yagami
Personality: He’s very quiet despite a roaring libido, He loves animals and isn’t very good with people. He would rather spend time with his dog then with the beautiful girl next door. Less likely that he’ll have to say something.
Rp Sample: It's really long so you don't have to read it unless you want to know about Iori more.
A normal day in the life of a not so normal teenager; walking home from what could possibly be categorized as the worst day of school in the world. He runs his long fingers threw his long red hair, as smooth as silk, that’s what his mother said. Inhaling deeply he could still smell the rain, sweat and crisp like fresh lettuce, he stood by the bus stop watching as the dirty sewage water flowed from a nearby drain, he closes his eyes trying to ignore the putrid smell that came from the raw sewage. “Cinco días no mas…” he says to himself, only five more days till school was out and he wouldn’t have to deal with those kids anymore.
He places his hands in his pockets with a deep sigh; he runs his index finger over one of the many ten peso coins at the bottom of his pocket. I hope they haven’t raised the price again, he thinks to himself as a bus marked Jardín pulled up splashing him with sewer water. “PUTO!” he yells at the bus. He knew that he shouldn’t yell at the driver or else he wouldn’t be let in.
The bus driver made a face but accepted his money telling him to sit in the back. Iori liked the back even though he knew that the Driver had insulted him. I need a car; he thinks as he wraps his fingers around the pole in the middle of the bus, he didn’t feel like sitting with wet pants.
After a very embarrassing bus ride, he walks the two blocks to his house in silence, listening to the dogs bark at him as he passed. He opens his front door and calls to his mother; the only answer he gets is the old poodle mix that his mother had bought when she first found that she was pregnant. “Hey Charley…” he says walking threw the living room with the dog’s nose pasted to his pant leg. “Stay here Charley.” He orders the dog as he enters the bathroom, “I need to shower and I don’t need you smelling my pants while I’m in there.”
The dog sits down and watches the closed door. Iori turns on the shower water; steam erupts from the floor as the hot water strikes the white tile. Iori takes off his cloths in front of the full length mirror. He looks over the peculiar cross shaped birthmark on his chest; most of the girls who had seen it always believed that he had made it himself because it was so perfect, of course most of the time they didn’t ask about it again, they always ending up forgetting even their names after he was done with them.
Iori turns and enters the cascade of water, the warm water felt so delicious that he felt as though he were in the bed of the most beautiful girl at school, the one that he had been after for over two years.
With a satisfied smile on his perfect face he exits the bathroom in nothing but a towel. Charley fallows him to his room, as soon as Iori closes the door he removes the towel letting it fall on the dogs black face, Iori smiles as the girl next door squeals and calls to him. He always changed with the window open, he liked Angelina, she was good people and very good company. “Iori! Iori tengo algo que decirte!” she calls as she makes her way over her window ledge onto the three inch wide pipe that stretched between the two windows.
Iori wondered what she had to tell him, He reaches out his arms and helps her into his room, still naked but she had seen him naked before so it wasn’t something out of the ordinary. “Que quieres decirme Angie?” he asks.
Angie hugs him a really big smile on her face, “My dad said that he was going to be out all night…”
“Is that all?” He kisses her gently. A sound catches his attention, the sound of rustling, he turns around and sees, Charlie scratching up his bed sheets, “Charlie, get off my bed...” he says taking the old dog off his bed gently. Charlie barks at Angie fiercely, “Charlie, what the…” he turns around as a shadow falls over him.
Automatically Iroi strikes at the dark figure standing behind him, his fist goes right threw it. It was huge, eight feet tall at least, it’s gaping mouth was big enough to swallow him whole, Angie was laying on the floor, at least he thought it was her, It was nothing but a pile of blood and flesh. “Angie…” he whispers.
“Iroi… Iori fight it you have to fight it!” A voice says from behind him.
“CHARLIE!?” Iori cries seeing the old dog stand next to him.
“If you don’t fight it Iori, it’ll kill you and your mission will be over before it began…”
Iori was confused but he decided that he had to, “How can I fight something that I can’t touch?” He asks pulling back and running out of his room.
Charlie fallowed right behind him, “You know how! Just think about it!”
Iori closes his eyes as he cowers in the kitchen, How can I know how?!, suddenly it strikes him. He stands up straight, fearless, “Let’s Tango Puto!” Jumping at the Demon, Black wings sprout from his back, he reaches out catching a feather, the feather turns into a long sword that he uses to destroy the Demon. It turns into a pile of ashes at Iori’s feet. Iori falls to his knees as his wings disappear and he feels drained. Charlie pads over standing next to him, “What just happened?” he asks panting.
“I think it would be best if I more then just me told you… we must get to the meeting spot so that the rest of the Guardian’s and I can tell you and the six other angels what this is about…”
Iori looks at himself, “maybe I should get some cloths on first.”
“That would be a good idea...” Charlie says laughing.

Dark Night
May 12th, 2007, 5:54 AM
Mind saving me a spot? I'm a little busy right now.

May 13th, 2007, 5:00 PM
Ok, I'll save you a spot.. so that,s you.. and everybody else who want's a spot... One.

I thought people would like this Rp... shows what I know.

May 14th, 2007, 10:09 AM
Name: Erthen Wilken

Appearance: No pic, sorry! Erthen is an fine young man. He has locks of flowing blond hair which is long enough to cover his rather large ears and half of his thick neck. His eyes are a brilliant turquoise blue, they stand out magnificently against his pale skin. Erthen is tall, roughly 6' and of medium build. He hails from the 21st century where the fashion is currently t-shirts and jeans. Erthen follows this trend and wears a baggy white t-shirt with three blue stripes running vertically across his chest. On top of his t-shirt, Erthen is usually clad in a black and grey striped hoodie, which is normally left unzipped. Erthen's jeans are a dark blue, with faded knees. Finally, Erthen wears black trainers, with silver streaks down the side.

Chosen Element: Water

Sin: Envy

Birth place: Birmingham, Warwickshire, England

Birthmother’s name: Janette Wilken

Personality: Erthen is intelligent and caring, he is always looking out for his friends. However, Erthen tends to moan about things he wishes he has, or how other people always brag about what they've got. Erthen usually disbelieves people when they tell him of their possesions and he constantly worries about what he has and how it is never enough. Although, Erthen keeps these thoughts to himself. Otherwise, Erthen is a sociable person who is rather funny to be around. He is reliable when needed and always loyal. Overall, Erthen is a calm and relaxed kind of gu, but he is full of jealousy.

Rp Sample: Erthen awoke and rolled over onto his back. He gazed around the room groggily, he swore he felt a presence. He sat up, to get a better view of his surroundings. His room was pitch black except for the illumination of his alarm clock. Erthen turned his head to check the time. 2:30 am! Erthen turned to look at his shadow on the wall, cast by the low green glow of his alarm clock. That wasn't his shadow! A fist surged from the wall and smashed Erthen's bed in two. The adolescence had just enough time to throw himself clear of the bed before it was destroyed.

Erthen staggered to his feet as the light came on in his parent's room.

"Erthen what the-" his mother let out a terrible shriek and tears welled in her eyes. Erthen gazed up at the enormous eight foot figure that towered over him. It was really dark and had a huge gaping mouth, a pit of no return. It was then that the orange stuufed lion on the shelf above Erthen's bed jumped down onto his shoulder. Erthen let out a small cry.

"Hey there, i'm here to advise you!" the stuffed animal was smiling at Erthen. Erthen was confused, but somehow, he knew he must listen to the toy. "My, first piece of advice..." said the lion stroking its bright red mane, "is....RUN!" The dark figure dived for Erthen and it was another narrow escape for the teenager. Erthen sprinted across the landing and stumbled downstairs, he was shaking, all over. Rar-Rar the stuffed lion hovered down the stairs after him, he had miracuosly gained small white wings from his back. Erthen opened his mouth to speak.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!" the toy lion bellowed to Erthen, who sat there his mouth open. "YOU'VE LEFT YOUR MOTHER UP THERE, WITH THAT....THING?!" Rar-Rar continued. Erthen paled,

"Mum!" he gasped. But he stayed still, what could he do to help?

"You have to help, its your duty!" cried Rar-Rar, as if he was reading Erthen's mind. It was then that Erthen stood up. He clenched his fists and charged upstairs, sprinting into his parents' room. His mum was cowering in the corner, letting out terrified cries as her husband huddled next to her and the giant figure loomed over them both. Erthen paused in the doorway to observe the scene of horror. What do i do? Erthen thought desperately.

"It will come." Said Rar-Rar coolly. It was then as Erthen stared into his mother's terrified eyes that the answer hit him.

"Hey! Leave them alone!" shouted Erthen assertively. The dark figure turned to face him. A sky blue feather fell from Erthen's hair. As he caught it, the feather transformed into a long cystal sword that matched the colour of his eyes.

"GO TO HELL!" Erthen roared as he lunged forwards and tore through he monster with his razor sharp blade. The monster turned to ash at Erthen's feet. The brilliant sword disappeared and Erthen fell to his knees, completely drained. He turned to Rar-Rar who was on his shoulder once again.

"W-What happened? What's g-going on?" Erthen panted

"Oooh boy, this is gonna be hard to explain!" sighed Rar-Rar

Name: Brooklyn Santos

Appearance: Once agian no pic :\! Brooklyn, or Brooks is a handsome young man, who is just under six foot. Brooks has messy hair which he dyes red. This hair tends to cover his ears and stick out in random kicks all over his face. Brooklyn has deep green eyes, but some people claim to have seen them flash red on occasions. Brooks has broad shoulders and is quite muscular. Brooklyn wears a tight fit black t-shirt with a "flammable" sign on it. Brooks also wears light blue faded jeans and red and white sneakers. Brooklyn never seems to feel the cold, so having a hoodie is unnecessary for him.

Chosen Element: Fire

Sin: Sloth

Birthplace: Manhattan, NY

Birthmother's name: Sandra Santos

Personality: Brooks is the definition of cool, ironically. He always observes situations before leaping into them and is very relaxed. Brooklyn usually has an attitude whereby he doesn't really care. Brooks likes to think that he has the edge over everyone else. He was brought up in a big fancy house as his mother was a successful lawyer- this meant Brooks was used to getting his own way (being an only child and all). Also, Brooks father was never present, Brooks doubted he even had a father and his mum was always working. This only meant that Brooks had a lack of love and support, so he was used to the tough side of the world. Brooks will not be afraid to fight for what he believes in, but he will usually only fight-and look out- for himself.

RP Sample: The night was cold, the air was crisp and Brooklyn's made steam appear with every breath he took. The teenager trudged up his vast front lawn to his 3 floor house. His mum's shiny black sports car was parked up on the gravel drive.

"So, she finally decided to come home..." Brooks mumbled, as he approached the large oak front doors. he punched the security code into the system and used his credit card in the lock. As Brooks turned the solid gold door knob and entered the hall, he heard his mother shouting at the Puerto Rican housemaid- Lolita.

"Don't you ever, ever scare me like that again! Understand?" there was no response "I said do you understand me!" Then there was a shrill scream, Brooks ran for the kitchen, slightly worried of what his mother may have done to the housemaid. As Brooks reached the kitchen door, he vomited. Lolita was now a heap of bloodied flesh on the floor, but, as it turned out, it was in fact Brooks' mother who had screamed. For out of Lolita's now mangled body, a dark shade had risen. Brooks' mother sped from the kitchen leaving Brooklyn face to face with the huge shadow. Brooklyn ran towards the shadow and thrust his fist straight through it. He stared up in horror as the giant gaping mouth descended upon him. It was then that Kibble, Brooks pet toucan flew into the kitchen and flapped wildly around the monster's head.

"Run then!" Kibble growled. Brooks was now slightly shake so he did as he was told. He sprinted out of the kitchen and through the entrance hall. Kibble followed, with the huge shadow not far behind. "Brace yourself, because you're going to have to fight this thing sooner or later!" he shouted flying hastily after Brooklyn. The teenager stopped in the dining room where an ornamental sword hung on the wall. Without hesitation, Brooks grabbed the sword and waited for the monster. The moment the shadow was within striking range, Brooklyn leaped forwards and swung through the beast. Nothing happened. "That's not going to work!" cried a frustrated Kibble, "Just use your head- for once!"

Brooks closed his eyes, he thought hard. When he opened his eyes again, they were glowing a brilliant red.

"It's ON!" he boomed as he took another jump towards the shadow, as he did, long orange wings extended from Brooklyn's shoulder blades. He caught a burning feather in midair. The feather instantly extended into a long flaming sword that was a fiery colour. Brooks slashed the shadow hard three times. The monster fell to the floor in a pile of ashes. Shortly after Brooks fell to his knees too. His wings disappeared, as did his blazing sword.

"What the hell was that?" Brooks gasped with exhaustion.

"Now- I know this is going to be a lot to take in....." began Kibble.

May 14th, 2007, 6:27 PM
http://img110.imageshack.us/img110/9190/ioribj6.png Iori: I like him, he's got spunk. He'd make a great addicion boss.

http://img110.imageshack.us/img110/7334/charliens0.png Charlie: I'm not to sure, he needs to work on his word confusion, and the disapearing letters..

http://www.pkmncommunity.com/customavatars/avatar12252_36.gif It's my call boys, and I say he's Accepted, it's a very good Char. And besides he is the first one to sign up.

http://img110.imageshack.us/img110/9190/ioribj6.png I agree.

http://img110.imageshack.us/img110/7334/charliens0.png Can't fight with the boss, you're in kid.

http://www.pkmncommunity.com/customavatars/avatar12252_36.gif Welcome to the Elemental Angels.

((I was so bored....

I have disided that this Rp will start in exacly one week. with or without all of the angels, we can filter them in as they come if it is nessesary, I hope it isn't though.))

May 15th, 2007, 8:09 AM
Yay i'm in! thanks very much, this post is really to let you know i am still watching this thread, i can't wait till we start, but i hope we get some more angels showing up ^^;

May 16th, 2007, 7:08 AM
I need a spot reserved. Thanks

EDIT: Never mind

Name: Raziel Horn
Appearance: Raziel wears his hair long and black. His pigmentation is very pale while his body size is slim. His clothes consist of

1 white t-shirt
1. grey hoody that is usualy zipped up
1 trench coat that belonged to his grandfather (mothers side of course)
grey jeans
Brown belt
White sneakers

Chosen Element: Either
Sin: Wrath
Birth place: Vancouver BC Canada
Birthmother’s name: Maria
Personality: Raziel takes a while to talk about his feelings. When asked a question it usualy takes him a long time to answer. He is smart, brave and likes to use logic
Rp Sample:

Finally it was 3:30 and Raziel was on the bus going back home. Raziel was sitting in the back of the bus towards the left most seat looking out the window.

He looked out towards the forest that the bus rolled through a forest. The bus usually took this route with this bus driver. Raziel fumbled around in his pocket and took out his wallet. But he noticed he only had 10 dollars inside.

Damn. I was thinking of going to the mall later.

Raziel knew that with 10 dollars he wouldn't be able to buy anything but some cocaine. But he wasn't an addict so that wasn't an option.

Might as well head home or something

Raziel usualy suffered from a bad memory. Currently he even forgot where he was going. But then he corrected himself

I might as well take a walk through the park

~~~~~5 minutes later~~~~~~~~

Raziel was walking through a path in the park. Much of the sunlight just flew through the trees making it very hard to see.

Why do I always wear this trench coat? Its probably 30 degrease (Celcius if you want to know)

But he noticed something.

It was a bird. An Owl to be precise looking at him through the trees. Raziel didn't notice it at first but then he heard something

It was a slight rustling. He turned around to the source of the sound. But there was no one there.


He quickly began to walk again. However once he turned around he noticed a dark figure

"Is Halloween in town half a year early?"

The dark figure didn't respond as quickly moved towards him. All of the sudden Raziel shrugged and said "What you cant take a joke?"

The figure responded with actions. Raziel felt his instincts quicken as he started to walk backwards. "Look what do you want?"

All of the sudden the owl from before swooped in from the trees bringing many leaves with it. The Owl was pure white and hooted fiercely. But Raziel knew what it ment


Raziel took its word for it and ran in the opposite direction. He quickly ran out of the park and towards a nearly empty street. However the dark figure was already there.

The Owl landed on its shoulder. It quickly hooted in a different tune

Kill it

Raziel quickly replied "How?"

But the Owl remained motionless. This was his battle

The dark figure kept coming at him and soon Raziel was cornered. Then he quickly braced for impact when all of the sudden he felt something he rarely felt before.


Raziel who was pretty good in gymnastics did a side roll. Then all of the sudden he felt something else that he recognized.


Anger pulsated in Raziel. The hatred which he didn't usualy feel. Then he charged towards the figure. However he ran right through it.

"What the?"

"Kill it" the Owl commanded.

Suddenly more anger pulsated. Then he felt something else. He felt wings grow out of his back. Quickly he saw a feather in the air.

I always thought feathers were good luck if you caught them

He quickly caught it. The feather changed in his hands into a silver claymore. In one slash Raziel felt himself slash the demon into pieces within seconds. But he barely knew he did it. The creature burned to ashes in front of him. However the sword disapeared after the ashes appeared.

What just happened? Raziel gasped as he fell to his knees. Soon he felt himself losing energy. The anger that pulsated within him took a large amount of energy.

The owl looked at him strangely. Then answered "You killed the demon. Meaning you are an angel put on this earth for a reason. I am Sion. However we are running out of time. I will fill you in more on the way to the meeting place"

OOC: Okay completed the roleplay sample

May 17th, 2007, 6:14 PM
OmniReaper, if you edit your Rp sample I would be happy to accept you, remember the Rp sample is saposed to be the discricion of when you discover your powers and find your guardian, read mine and Speedo_nh's for ideas.

For now you're Pending.


May 17th, 2007, 10:56 PM
Hey, looks like fun. I would like to join.

Name: Anya

Appearance: http://img172.imageshack.us/img172/7171/hikarikorh7.jpg Wings are a symbolic on the picture. They aren't actually there when I rp her out.
Top: Silver Tee shirt with a light pink, buttoned up vest.
Arms: Has white sleeves that reach up to her elbows. As a triangle form near her hands with the point having a small ring which moves around her middle finger.
Bottom: Wears a silver skirt with little, light pink rose patterns sewn on it.
Legs: No socks, stalkings, or anything. Just bare.
Shoes: Usual white, heels with a light pink cloth wrapped around her ankles.

Chosen Element: Light
Sin: I would have preferred Envy, but it's already taken so I guess I'll try Pride.
Birth place: I would prefer Alaska, but it's close to Canada and Alaska is the only state I know most about. (Meaning I live there.) I'll make it Unalakleet, Alaska.
Birth mother's name: Anastasia

Personality: She looks angelic enough and believes that she is the most prettiest looking girl in the entire world as she has many follows which adds to her fuel of pride. She also believes that she can have anything she wants and if not, she makes sure to take it. She loves to be the center of attention and show off having a big ego and stepping on everyone that got in her way. She is quick to anger and may end up fighting. She knows and thinks she's the best and when someone challenges her, she will take it up and succeed. She shuns anyone who tries to tell her otherwise and is always cold and distant to anyone who tries to get near her, pushing everyone away. Though she was popular and good at everything she did, she was satisfied enough, but she always craved more taking up many hobbies.

Rp Sample: Upon being born, she had a very beautiful look of a princess and looked nothing like her parents. Therefore, they gave her the name Anya as she was the first born and will be the last as her mother was barren.

Anya had short blue, wavy hair and usually hung down. Her deep blue orbs had a look of pride and passion. Being only 5, she had already developed a huge ego that 5 year old shouldn't have. Of course, she realized that many parents of her "friends" envied her beauty wishing their children were as beautiful as them. That was how she got her pride of beauty started.

When she was 10, she stopped to notice a silver colored feline being attacked by little kids and it was screeching and hissing. She walked over and smirked. "You boys are pathetic. Go torture something else you wimps." she growled.

The boys quickly got up and ran leaving the poor silver furred cat with a fluffy tail. She looked down and was about to leave when the feline suddenly jumped up and stared at her. Anya was slightly shocked at the eerie feeling she got and then it hit her. The cat must think she is beautiful and angelic as it was true and she'd do anything to prove it. She turned to walk away, her hair had grown longer. She always wore a silver skirt with light pink rose designs on it and a silver tee-shirt with a light pink buttoned up vest. She wore sleeves that fitted her arms perfectly and stopped near the elbows. She had the point of the sleeve on her middle finger as it was a new fashion and design. This was something she was good at, always taking some fad and making it better.

"You have a big ego and it shows." stated a voice as Anya stopped and turned around to look at the one who spoke. It's voice was deep and sexy sounding , but she saw no one.

She shook her head and turned to walk on her way. "You really should hid it more." stated the voice as she stopped and giggled a bit.

"Why should I do that? I'm the best at everything there is. If you have a problem with it, then I guess I'll have to show you a thing or too." she firmly stated as she turned around and again saw no one as she blinked getting angered.

"You should do well to take my advice." stated the voice as she looked around still not finding the owner of it.

"Where are you and stop playing games!" she growled angrily.

"I'm down here Ice Princess of Pride." he stated as she looked down to see the white cat.

She blinked a few times as if she was going crazy and kept it to herself. She noticed no one was around except her and the cat. "You?" she stuttered unsure if she should ask.

"I did. My name is Artemis and I have been waiting for you to mature." stated the feline as her eyes grew wide and she turned around quickly to walk away from it.

The cat named Artemis blinked watching her leave. He started to follow her to get her to understand. He walked to her side.

"You know you have special powers. I'm shocked that I found you at such a young age, but you will have to do. Time is of the essence Anya and I need you awaken your powers and I can help you." stated the feline as Anya kept on walking trying to ignore the feline.

"Well, judging by your silence means you are getting over the shock of me talking as well as realizing that you already know how to unleash your powers, but some how. . . I don't believe you can even awaken your powers." stated the feline with a slight smirk.

Anya stopped short in her walk and turned to glare down at the feline. A hint of a challenge sparked her deep ocean blue orbs. "Are you saying I can't awaken it? I'll show you!" she growled as she focused her powers. Her body was outlined in white flames as Artemis gasped and smiled.

"Then take this you feline!" she growled as she brought her hands together in a clap and extended them out as two orbs of light formed in her palms, her arms bent at the elbows as her legs had already spread out.

"Wait, I believe you! You are amazing." Artemis quickly shot out as Anya's challenged spark quickly turned to a smirk and the element left her.

"Told you." she turned to walk away from the feline as Artemis smiled.

She has already awakened them? How did she gather all that energy at her young age? If she were to unleash it, I'm sure I would have been toast and she would have been weakened greatly. Artemis commented to himself.


I will say, I found it rather difficult as to how I wanted her to awaken her powers of light and how to show it. And I also wasn't sure if I should have the cat Artemis be telepathic or one that actually talked. Because I love the talking animals, I decided that it would talk. If not, I could change it. I hope it workds Blank. ^_^

May 18th, 2007, 2:56 PM
*smiles* that works find Netta, I'm kinda worried that she's so young, my first plan was for all of us to be the same age, but now I think it's better that you're so young, you're gonna be one heck of a fireball for my char.

You're my Opo. Netta. XD. This will be cool it means that I"ll chalange you often.

You're Accepted.

Three more days till we start.

May 18th, 2007, 8:40 PM
changed the roleplay sample and character name

May 19th, 2007, 2:14 AM
Just wondering.....if some angels aren't taken, may people who are already part of the RP create multiple characters, because i would like to be fire as well as water(If it isn't taken by the time the RP starts!)

May 19th, 2007, 3:14 PM
Very nice sample Omni, you're now Accepted. as for your question Speedo, If there are no more angels by the time we start, you can add another Sign up sheet along with your first Post. Does that work for you?

Dark Night if you still wish to join, the only availible elements are Wind and Fire. the only availible Sins are Sloth and Greed.


May 19th, 2007, 3:34 PM
You forgot about Gluttony and earth JBC

May 19th, 2007, 4:11 PM
Well what do you know... I did.... Thanks OmniReaper. *places gold star on your forhead*


May 20th, 2007, 1:09 PM
So has it been 3 days yet?

May 20th, 2007, 6:15 PM
Tomarrow It will be, and when tomarrow comes I'm gonna put up the title of Part 1.


May 21st, 2007, 6:05 PM
((I know no double posting.... but it's the most important post, the first one!))
Part 1
The Meeting of FIRE.
28 days remain

Iori smiles as he looks down at Charlie, “I can’t believe we’re meeting in America…” He places his feet on the back of the seat in front of him, much to its occupant’s dismay. “What’s so good in America that it isn’t in Mexico too?!”

Charlie only growls, he couldn’t talk on the bus, people would stare. Iori didn’t care; he would talk to Charlie like this even if Charlie couldn’t answer him. Iori’s mother returns to her seat, she had gone to ask the bus driver a question. “Odio a los Americanos…” she hisses pushing Charlie aside lightly.

Iori smiles and sits right; he didn’t need her pinching his leg on the bus, “How much longer?” he asks her in Spanish, being very rude to the rest of the world.

She smiles and puts her arm around her only son, it seemed like it was only yesterday that she found herself pregnant after a night of partying, which was 15 years ago, now she had this… teenager to worry about. “Only an hour.” She answers him, petting Charlie as he wines. “Did you give Charlie his arthritis medicine?”

“Yes mom…” Iori answers impatiently as Charlie licks his knee. “What do you want you ugly dog?”

Charlie growls.

Iori bends down and kisses Charlie on the head, “You’re dirty…”

“No thanks to you practicing all night…” Charlie whispers into his ear, “Blue fire is very messy Iori…”

Iori sits up and snuggles against his mother, he loved her very much, she was all he had, and he didn’t even know if he had a father she never talked about it. “I’m going to take a nap…” he says closing his eyes.

Instantly he fell into a deep dreamless sleep.

He woke up when the bus stopped short and he slammed his head on the seat in front of him, “Hijo de Puta!” he shouts and get’s slapped by his mother.

He blushes as some people laugh, Iori actually hears Charlie snicker. “Sorry mom…” he says grabbing his bag and helping her with hers.

The get down and are met by his aunt Angie, Iori loved his Aunt, she had really big… He received another slap, for staring. Iori wishes that he could rub his red cheek but his mother had shoved her bag into his hands so they were currently full. So he keep checking out his aunt’s cleavage while his mother’s back was turned. When his aunt finally notices him he kisses her on the forehead, the only place he could reach. “Hola tía.” He says as she pinches his other cheek. He didn’t like when she did this, but he couldn’t do anything about it.

She helps them to her new car and jabbers on and on about her new grandchild, being 59 she was allowed one by now. “Iori be careful dear it’s a new car…” she says as he fumbles and drops his bag with a very loud thud that made Charlie jump.

He smiles, shoves his bag in the trunk and takes Charlie by his caller, “I’m going to the Mall.” He announces pulling Charlie’s leash out of the pocket of his Rabbit fur overcoat, “Charlie needs the exercise and I have money to spend. I’ll be at Aunt Angie’s house by 9:30 mom, promise.” He says as he leaves.

His mother watches him leave worried, she knew that Iori was a strong boy and that he could take care of himself, but... he was all she had in the world, and she didn’t want anything to happen to him. “BE CAREFUL” she shouts to him.

“I WILL MOM, I LOVE YOU!” he calls back as he rounds the corner.

When he got to the Mall he sat next to the large fountain, “What’s so special about Point Place Wisconsin ((XD)) that all the angles are going to meet here?” he asks Charlie who was lapping water from the fountain.

“No one will notice… when a bunch of teenagers… talk about stuff that makes no since… and besides... this is where the Archangels left you guys.” Charlie says panting. “I hate being old…”

Iori smiles and pets the old dog, “I know… so when they get here, you’ll tell me about everything?” he asks making a small blue flame float over his cupped hands.

“Yes… and turn off that fire, don’t let anyone see, the next thing you’ll do is show them your wings huh?!” Charlie scolds.

“No I won’t.”

“Yes you will I know you.”

Iori makes a face and calls over a guy from the coffee shop, “Can I have two coffees, one with two sugars and a hazelnut, and make his,” he points down to Charlie, “With a shot of gin.”

The guy frowns but takes the order anyway, who was he to judge.

When he came back Iori paid him and opened the top of Charlie’s coffee stirred in some more of the old dogs medications and sat back sipping his. Waiting for the other seven angles that Charlie said would meet him in that spot.

((That’s where you guys come in.))

May 21st, 2007, 10:42 PM
OC: I will join the RP tonight (not much time right now!), also, can i please reserve the fire angel, since it hasn't been taken?

EDIT: I updated my character profile(s), so i don't know whether or not you want to accept my fire angel JBC, i have no time to join the RP right now, but i will try to begin tomorrow!

May 22nd, 2007, 5:20 PM
((YOu'll have to change the Sin to something else, Greed I had reserved for a close friend. so You'll have to choose anouther sin, all and all your Fire angel is accepted.

the red hurts my eyes...))

May 22nd, 2007, 5:37 PM
Name : Ali Suturaifu

Appearance: hxxp://images6.pictiger.com/thumbs/39/3d237dfd37723be19b8bc4bbf910bd39.th.jpg
(just change the xx's to tt and copy paste to see the image... i cant post urls cause i dont have 15 posts or more...)

Chosen Element : Wind

Sin : Greed

Birth place: kangerlussuag, green land

Birthmother’s name: karoni

Personality: cold personality tends to make other people suffer to get wat he wants

Rp Sample: imagine if you will, a young boy, who never had anything, yet wanted so much.

On the day of his 16th Birthday he was given a very expensive and elaborate gift, that’s when it began the greed, he wanted something better, something bigger something even more expensive. Unfortunately in this country there isn’t much money, so he decides to do the only thing a man in his place can do… He steals, steals money, steals computers, steals anything he can get his hands on, continually trying to get something better, and the more he gets, the more he wants.

One day he was seen trying to seal a laptop from a house close to where he lived, and was forced to run leaving his stolen goods, he was chased for some time, but after a while even the police had to stop fallowing him, reports were coming in of a blizzard, “he won’t last the night..” they said.

Alone and cold he kept running trying to make sure that they weren’t behind him anymore, even after he knew they weren’t he kept running. He ran for what seemed like hours, he stopped only when his legs were ready to give out on him.

He was angry about being caught, but most of all about letting go of that laptop, Looking around him he remembered something his teacher had told him, and that was now common knowledge in this part of the world were days last weeks, the sun can burn even when clouds cover the whole sky. Standing on the oldest ice sheet close to town he knew that no one would dare fallow him, and yet, he also knew that he was to fare to be able to go back, and besides he was really tired.

It got colder, so cold that the tears were freezing to his cheek; he was very far from the city, meaning that it could get very bad if he didn’t have his wits about him. He got frightened as every person does when they feel the reality of there own mortality. He screamed, at first a soundless, blood churning scream then he began to throw out words, ‘Why can I have more?!’ ‘Why does my life have to suck like this?!’ ‘Other people don’t deserve better then me!’

He swore that he’d make them pay, in this life or the next, he disserved everything they had, he disserved everything they wanted, and he was worth it all! He lived hard; he suffered all his life, why should some spoiled brat be allowed happiness and not him!?

If he had been paying attention he would have seen the birth of the snow storm in the distance, he would have known to start getting protection up. But at that time he had stopped screaming and started crying, cursing god for giving him so little. The storm grew stronger all he did was stand there and watch it, wait for it.

Suddenly as though by some unseen power, he thought, ‘I don’t want to die, it’s to soon.’

He looked at the storm clouds, they flashed and he stared angrily, and said in a firm cold voice very much unlike his own, “Go away! I don’t’ want to die! I will not die! Not like this!”

The storm calmed immediately, the wind stopped blowing and the clouds dispersed, he could only stand there dumbfounded, “It has to be coincidence…” he says to himself.

That didn’t keep his heart from going a mile a minute as he ran home, “it was… only luck…” he kept saying to himself as he ran, “No one ... can do that… can they?”

He fell to the ground, cutting his hands and knees, that’s what he got for being distracted, “I have to get back home, or mom will be really angry with me…”

He walked the rest of the way; it took him a really long time to get back, an hour, maybe two.

Luckily the time went by fast because he was busy thinking about what had happened, when he finally got home his mother was fast asleep, he didn’t know the time so he wasn’t sure how mad she was going to be. “Three AM!” he exclaims when he gets into his room, the praying mantis that he had caught when he was 10 was looking at him threw its jar; it tapped the jar signaling that it was hungry.

Ali fed it, and flopped onto his bed, “I bet mom will make such a fuss when she wakes up…”

Unfortunately she hadn’t been asleep; she had been waiting for him. She wanted to see what he would do. As soon as he was almost asleep she barged into his room, She starts screaming about how late it was and how pissed off she was, “I know mom I know… I just had to…” Ali started but she didn’t let him finish.

“I don’t’ care if you have to save your life! You’ll be here when I tell you to!” she screams.

He stands up looking her in the eyes, “So! If my getting home meant my death you wouldn’t care!?”

“Of course not! You have to obey me! I’m your mother! And you’re nothing but a little dumbass! If it wasn’t for me there would be no you! If I wanted I could take your life!”

“Not if I take yours first…” he says in an emotionless voice, with a single push he shoves her into the desk knocking over the praying mantis in it’s jar.

“What!?” she screams slapping him across the face.

“You heard me…” he continues in the same emotionless voice, “Because of you I had nothing… and now you want my life... That I will not allow!”

“Wait… just wait!” she says backing away from him. The look of hate was enough to send a Polar bear running.

“You’re not getting that lucky…” A small whirlwind wraps around his left arm, “If I do this... I’ll be free... Free of you and the way you restrain me!” he points the wind at her a small blast hitting her in the shoulder.

She screams and runs away, but he easily catches her in the living room, “Die… mother…” he says as wind burst from the souls of his shoes and he stabs her in the back with the whirlwind, blood splatters all over the place, bathing the room in red.

His mother lies on the floor aching in pain, “How…” she spits up blood, “could… wind… do that?” she asks, looking up at her only son.

“Wind can bring down the mightiest of mountains, and turn a person…” he jumps above her, “into nothing!”

Throws wind at her, wind so strong it could cut threw cement, “Good bye… mother..” he lands, where his mother once was, there was only a puddle of blood. “Now I can get what I deserve…” he says laughing like a mad man...

The praying mantis stood in the doorway, shaking his head and praying, “Oh Ali… what have you done…” He whispers and prays for the soul of Ali’s mother to be taken into the bosom of the lord.

May 22nd, 2007, 5:46 PM
((I've been waiting for you Saint, Your accepted, now guys this is his first Rp so I want you guys to be nice and helpful, he's a really good Rper he just needs some confadence. *smiles*))

May 22nd, 2007, 6:31 PM
Raziel suddenly woke up. He was on an airplane flying towards the "Meeting" Place. Sion was in the cargo hold since he was an owl.

Finally after a few hours the plane landed in Wisconsin. Raziel took the cage containing Sion but didn't take anything else. Sion pecked at him for an hour since he was supposed to travel light

Raziel hoped that his mother wasnt fussing to much about him. Since he did have to sneak out in order to get on the plane. But he hoped she wouldnt get to angry.

~~~~~~~~1 hour later~~~~~~~~

Raziel got out from a taxi after paying the driver. Sion was on his shoulder. He began to walk into a local mall

Raziel soon found himself walking into the mall. He quickly walked past a few shops. But soon he saw a coffee shop. He quickly went to the counter and ordered.

"Can I have one hot chocolate with whipped cream."

Sion looked at him skepticly. Why not have a coffee?

Raziel laughed. "I had a bad experience with coffee."

The person at the counter brought over a cup with a lid over it. "Oh and can I have some nuts?"

The man brought over some nuts. Raziel gave them to Sion who started to munch on them.

"So Sion. Where are we supposed to meet?"

Raziel was standing outside the coffee shop. Outside that was the fountain which he saw someone who looked just as old as he was sitting on it. But the strange part was he had a dog with him and was letting it drink coffee.

"There is something strange about this." Raziel said as he sat down on the fountain. But made sure to be well away from the person letting his dog drink coffee.

May 22nd, 2007, 10:45 PM
Changed my sin JBC, but i will begin the RP tonight! (I can't wait!)

May 23rd, 2007, 6:20 PM
(( *nods* Can’t wait to have you join us Speedo. ))

Iori looked at the boy with an owl on his shoulder, "Is that one?" he asks Charlie.

"yep..." Charlie replies licking his white muzzle, "The owl is the archangel Sion..." Charlie looks up at Iori, "Call him over..."

Iori gulped the last of his coffee, "I've never been good with people... what do I say?"

Charlie smiles, "Well you're going to have to learn. Why don't you go over there and talk to him?"

Iori stands up and tosses his cup into the trash can on the other side of the fountain, "I don't know Charlie..." he hugs his Rabbit skin overcoat close to himself, it's what he did when he was nervous, "he look's so... different." he looks at the kid threw the corner of his eye. "How do I know he'll like me... or that He's actually one."

"You know he is... you're the Angel of Darkness... run your fire to him, see what he is..." Charlie tells him and starts lapping at his coffee some more.

Iori sits down and sighs, placing his hand on the fountain he ran a line of blue fire to the boy that sat with the owl on his shoulder... as soon as the fire touched him Iori felt as though he were traveling threw space... cold and yet... warm, and yet... endless. "Either." he says and then tries to see if something will work... he sent a message with the fire. I am Iori... the Angel of darkness, there is no need for you to fear me, come over and we can talk like normal people.

May 23rd, 2007, 7:00 PM
Raziel heard a wisper in the air. All of the sudden he recognized it

I am Iori... the Angel of darkness, there is no need for you to fear me, come over and we can talk like normal people.


Raziel almost fell over into the fountain he was sitting on the edge of. He immediatly recogized where it came from.

The strange boy who had a dog did it. He suddenly heard Sion say something

"Ah. I see you have met your first angel. Well go on and introduce yourself"

Raziel knew that if he didnt he was going to get pecked by Sion. Se he walked up to him

"So your an angel. I am Raziel. Sion here" Raziel pointed towards Sion "Tells me that I am the angel of either. So what are you?"

May 23rd, 2007, 7:08 PM
Iori smiles showing perfect teath, "I told you, I'm the Angel of Darkness, and Charlie..." He points to the dog who was now licking the remainder of the cofee, "Told me of your guardian angel."

Iori reaches out and touches Sion with a slight hint of blue flame on his finger, "he's a beautiful animal. you got lucky."

Charlie growls. Iori only smiles more and mocions to the empty space beside him, "Have a seat, we have some waiting to do." Leaing back on his hands Iori sighs letting his overcoat hang open, "Vaya Vaya...other angels..." he looks at Raziel, "My names Iori by the way, in case you didn't get my message right."

May 23rd, 2007, 7:23 PM
Anya was walking down the street with an annoying feline following her. She rolled her eyes as she turned her head to view the feline behind her.

"Do you have to follow me everywhere?" she asked annoyed.

"Of course I do. I'm your guardian, and I'm here to make sure you follow the path that is right Angel of light." he stated as she stopped short in her tracks and turned around to look down at him.

"I'm not this Angel of Light!" she growled as the feline smirked.

"Then what are those wings behind you?" he lied as Anya gasped and she turned her head to look at hershoulders but saw nothing as she heard a slight snicker.

"See, you are the Angel of Light. No human has ever looked so beautiful. Why don't you believe me ever time I say it?" he asked as Anya turned around and began to walk again.

"So, am I supposed to do exactly?" she asked as the feline stopped short and became silent.

Anya had kept walking. When no one spoke, she turned to look only to find he vanished as she rose a brow.

"About damn time." she stated as she continued walking on feeling something strange tugging at her spirit.

However, she ignored it and continued walking.

Tha Pkmn Prodigy
May 25th, 2007, 8:27 AM
sry for the late sign-up...i hope it isnt too late to join

Name: Pyrex

Appearance: [sorry, but no pic available] Pyrex is more on the slim side in terms of body type, though he is muscular and his body is toned and in shaped. He has spiky hair, which is a very deep rusty-red color. He also has reddish-brown eyes. Pyrex wears a metal-mesh undershirt and a brownish-red vest, shorts, and shoes. He also wears a silver chain around his neck, which has the heiroglyph for 'fire' on it. The chain was given to him at birth by his father.

Chosen Element: Fire

Sin: Sloth

Birth place: Cairo, Egypt

Birthmother’s name: Neokki

Personality: Pyrex has a calm personality and laid-back attitude. He doesn't like to rush things or waste energy, often taking his time with everything. He speaks in a relaxed, calm tone of voice. Pyrex is very lazy and likes to do things at a slow and refined pace. Although he is undoubtedly lazy, when he finally does muster up the energy to do something, he does it very well.

Rp Sample:

"Why must she always send me to do the most energy-taking tasks," said Pyrex sighing to himself, walking at a slow pace through the sand. A bucket and shovel was being carried in his hand. His mother, Neokki, had sent him out to go through the desert to get some hot coals so she could cook supper. The wind blew with slight force, kicking up sand all around him. "Man, it's so hot out here...if she wanted to cook supper, she should've just let the sun cook it."

Above, the sun's ray shone down with hot intensity. The sand was very hot, but Pyrex was used to the hotness of the sand, having been walking in it his whole life. There was scattered clusters of grass and plants here and there. Up ahead, a hut could be seen.

"Finally, now i can go and get these coals," said Pyrex, arriving at the hut. He slowly opened the door and entered. There was a large fire pit in the middle of the room. Walking closer to it, there were hundreds of black-red coals burning in the pit. Small puffs of fire shot up here and there. Taking the bucket and shovel from his back, Pyrex proceeded to get some of the coals. "Hopefully I won't get burned fooling around with these coals...."

Dropping the coals into the bucket one at a time, they made a soft hissing noise as their heat collided. There was an insulating cloth within the bucket, so the coals wouldn't lose their heat. At last when he was done, Pyrex grabbed the bucket and walked back out the door, headed back to his home.

"I'm back," said Pyrex in a bored voice, entering his house. He walked to the kitchen and set the bucket down carefully beside his mother. "Here are the coals...and how long will it take for the food to cook."

"Thank you and about two hours I expect," said Neokki, dumping the hot coals into the cooking pit. She placed some fish and pig meat onto the coals and placed a covering over them so they could cook and keep the smoky flavoring in. "I'll go take a nap....you watch while the food cooks." His mother then left the room and went to the back.

"Hmph...after all that work I did, I'm the one who deserves a nap. The lest she could've given me was a little food," said Pyrex lazily, looking at the cooking food. "Maybe the fish has cooked just enough for me to..." Looking this way and that, he lifted the covering from the cooking food. As soon as the covering was removed, a burst of flame shot upward. "Woah!" Pyrex quickly threw his hands up in front of his face, shielding him from the flames. His eyes were squinted tightly, a reflex in respone to pain. After a few moments, Pyrex realized he wasn't burning, nor feeling any pain.

"What the..." he said, lowering his hands. He looked at his hands and saw that he held flames in the palms of his hands. "Woah..." The flames danced in his hand, swaying this way and that. As he looked at the flames, they began to move at his own will. Pyrex went and sat down at the table, manipulating the flames.

About two hours later, Neokki walked back into the room rubbing her eyes and yawning. "Pyrex, has the food finished yet?" she asked.

"Huh? What?" said Pyrex quickly hiding his hands behind his back. "Oh...yeah it should be done by now...." He closed his hands into fists, making the flames dissappear.

"Ok then, I'm going to go to the bathroom then I'll come back and fix supper," said Pyrex's mom, once again going to the back. When she left, Pyrex sighed and sat down.

"Did I just...control fire?" he thought to himself, looking down at the palms of his hands in disbelief.

May 25th, 2007, 2:46 PM
((I really like that, I forgot to put that Fire and sloth were taken, but accualy having anouther person reperesenting your opocet is alot better. Sorry Speedo_nh, but... T P P took your Element and Sin. and he did a very good job with them. But speedo, I do need someone to controle Earth. if Dark Knight every shows up maybe he'll take it.. Hm.


Tha Pkmn Prodigy
May 25th, 2007, 3:24 PM
"Sigh...it took us weeks to get here," said Pyrex in his calm voice, leaning against the side of a building. He looked down beside him, where a king cobra was coiled and looking at him. After weeks of travelling, Pyrex had arrived in the odd state of Wisconsin in America. "Just why did we have to come here?"

"I already told you Pyrex," said the cobra. "The time has come for you to meet the other angels."

"But I don't feel like leaving this spot to go off looking for the other angels," said Pyrex lazily, sighing and closing his eyes as he leaned against the building. "Besides, how do you where the others even are Apep?"

"Because...today is the day that you all are to meet," said Apep. He began slithering towards the mall. "And besides, I can sense the other angels and their guardians near. Now quit qhining and follow me."

Pyrex slowly got out of his comfortable leaning position against the building and followed Apep to the mall. "Ugh...why couldn't someone else have been the angel of fire," he said disdainfully to himself.

The two entered the mall and walked around. Apep suddenly turned into a coffee shop. Pyrex followed him with a sigh. Apep looked up at him. "There they are over there Pyrex," he said, gesturing over to where the other angels were.

May 25th, 2007, 3:35 PM
"Ah well then Iori. Now we wait."

Raziel hated waiting. It always ment that time slowed down. But then Sion started pecking him again.

Raziel there is another one

"Sion can you stop pecking me. I was paying attention"

Sion started to motion towards a boy that was coming their way. A snake was with him

Why is it that everyone has animals with them?

"Iori how about you introduce yourself first"

May 25th, 2007, 4:09 PM
Iori smiles and stands his wings visible breafly, "Hello fellow Angel, I am Iroi, the Angel of Darkness." He walks over his overcoat flowing in the wind, "What's your na-" Charlie runs over and jumps at the Cobra.

"Snake!" the dog barks, "snake snake!"

Iori grabs Charlie's coller and gently pulls him back, "Sorry about that, Charlie was bit by a snake a few years ago, I guess he still hasn't gotten over it. but he's old so I don't think he'll do anything to that Cobra of yours." Iori smiles holding the old dirty dog betwean his legs, "Good thing i'm wearing jeans."

May 25th, 2007, 4:13 PM
"I doubt that Sion here minds lizards either. Mainly because he can fly"

Raziel got up. His trench coat ruffling itself back to its usual position. Raziel bowed gently and started to speak "I am Raziel. Angel of either I guess"

Sion began to laugh in his head Could you get any more formal?

Hey I like formality

"So whats your name?" Raziel who didn't fear his snake walked up to him.

Tha Pkmn Prodigy
May 25th, 2007, 4:22 PM
Pyrex picked up Apep, who hissed agrily at Charlie. The cobra wrapped himself gently around Pyrex's neck and rested upon his shoulder. "He won't bite...unless it's neccessary," he said in his calm tone, looking at the snake. He looked at the other two angels with his reddish-brown eyes. Pyrex ran his hand through his spiky, rusty red hair. "Good to meet you Raziel and Iori. My name is Pyrex, angel of fire. I am from Cairo, Egypt. And this here is Apep." The cobra flicked his tongue at everyone.

May 25th, 2007, 4:28 PM
"Well Egypt is exotic all right."

Raziel noticed that Pyrex's snake flicked its tongue at them. Sion began to hiss at Apep

Sion cool down allready

"So do we still wait? I mean how many more angels are there?"

Raziel was getting restless. He wanted to be outside very badly

May 25th, 2007, 4:31 PM
Iori smiles, "I like Egypt, never been but I hear it's nice."

Charlie growls and Iori bends down and check's the dog's eyes, "Con razon!!" he sighs. "Can one of you guys hold him for me, I need to put some drops in his eyes and ears. Old dogs are a hassle." Iroi lets charlie waddle out from betwean his legs and takes the dog's head."oh and Raz, Charlie told me that there were seven angles in total." Iori says as Charlie tries to get away.

May 25th, 2007, 7:02 PM
“You annoying bug!” Ali moans trying to shoo the ever present praying mantis off his shoulder. “Why won’t you go away?!”

The praying Mantis swipes at him, “Because I’m your guardian,” it says grabbing Ali’s hand, “I’m here to guide you.”

“Oh great, I get rid of one nuisance and another one takes it’s place.” Ali says giving up.

“Why did you have to do such an awful thing to her?!” the mantis says jumping onto his head.

“Cause she was in the way! Like you are right now!” He starts jumping around trying to get rid of the talking bug, but it doesn’t work.

“But killing your own mother… that’s not the right thing to do, you could’ve just run away…” Flutters up and lands on his head again.

Ali sighs and sits on the floor, “Yeah… But she said something, and I’ll never forgive her for it.”

“Yeah well, one day you’ll understand what an awful thing that was to do, and you’ll be asking for forgiveness.” The mantis says eating some lice it found in his hair.

“Maybe…” Ali looks down and sighs.

The mantis jumps down to the floor, “Well, we’d better get going, we have a long walk ahead of us.”

Walk? Where!?” Ali was surprised he wasn’t’ expecting to go anywhere.

“Point Place Wisconsin.” The mantis says flatly.

“Where’s that?!” Ali asks trying to keep from being rude.

“Pretty far from here, It’s in America.” He jumps onto Ali’s arm, “But since you can control the wind, you can fly us there.”

Ali thinks about it, “What makes you thin I’ll fallow orders from a bug?” he shakes him off and tries to step on him, in fact he can’t even get his leg to move. “What the-! I can’t move my leg!”

“yep” the bug says, “I’m your guardian remember, you can’t kill me. And I’m going to stay with you for as long as you live.”

“Agh! Fine…” Ali says picking him up and making a face, “but first we need to go and get some stuff.”

“What stuff?” the mantis asks hiding in Ali’s blond hair.

Well You’re going to be there, so you’ll find out then.” Ali says scratching his neck.

“Ok” the mantis says crawling around to get comfy.


The next day


Ok let’s get going you ugly bug.” Ali says when he gets up the next morning.

The mantis angrily nips at Ali’s hand, “Stop calling me Bug! I have a name you know!”

“Ok…” Ali pulls the bug closer to his face, “What is it?”

“My Name’s Damien thank you very much.” He says scratching Ali’s face.

“Ok Dami!” Ali says smiling.


“Let’s go get some stuff, I want to buy a few things before I leave for point place.” Ali says placing the mantis on his shoulder.

“By buy you mean steal don’t you!” The mantis says loudly, “Thy shall not steal!”

“I would never steal.” Ali says hurt, “Someone will pay for it.” He smiles to himself.

“Aye that does-“ the mantis sighs, “I’m not going to be able to stop you am I?”

“Nope,” Ali says laughing.

The mantis shakes his head, he was going to be praying for this kid a lot, good thing he was a praying mantis. “Ok.. let’s get this over with.”

Ali sighs and concentrates, the last time he controlled wind it was easy, he was angry, after a while a small amount of air surrounds his legs, “come on… I know you can…” The air increases in strength as he concentrates harder, he was starting to get a head ache, ‘ok… I think-“ he jumps experimentally, and stays suspended, “yeah! I can fly! Woah!” he falls to the ground with a loud thud, “ow… I got to practice more.”
Three hours later
Ok I’m ready now!” Ali says all proud of himself, “but.. I’ve never been out of the city, except for two days ago.”

The mantis touches his cheek, “Don’t worry, I’ll give you directions.”

Ali nods and then remembers, “oh yeah I have to go buy stuff.” The mantis sighs, he was hoping that Ali had forgotten. “let’s see, I want to go.. to California! I’ve always wanted to go there!, people say that is always sunny and warm there.”

“That’s Florida, and besides we can’t, we have to get to Point place!”

“Da-“ he gets his lip bit, “Ow! Fine I’ll buy the stuff I need there!”


“ok, where should we go.”

“Fly that way until I say stop.” The mantis says pointing to the horizon. “We’re going to have to cross some countries so bring money.”

Ali sighs and grabs his long hooded cape, covering his face in shadow, “I’ll be right back Dami.”

Where are you going?” the mantis asks as Ali puts him on the floor.

To go get money, like you told me.” Ali says opening the door and going outside.

“Please don’t hurt anyone…” the mantis pleads crawling over to him.

“I’ll try, but I can’t make any promises.” Ali says smiling.

He walked all the way to the mayors house.. were he stood on the street in front of the one acre lot with a giant mansion with black finish and 5 foot windows on each side
“He doesn’t deserve to have all that money… because of him I have to pay the police so they don’t beat me up every time I pass through the police station And he doesn’t even do anything to make this place decent! Ill make him pay he says in an infuriated voice
“Ill take everything from him... I need it more than him”

“Hm, now… how do it get in there…” he says tapping his left foot

he jumped on the air and flew really high... just enough so he wouldn’t be noticed*

“Were should I land?” he says

he sees a patch of trees “Ooo there”

he hovers slowly down* ok now to find an entrance … he walks cautiously around the house.., then suddenly a maid passes by with dirty clothes, “agh why do they have to leave them so dirty! its like they never shower” the maid says

Ali snickers

“???” the maid looks around “I thought I heard something… probably that freaking cat that scratches everything”

ali sighs out of relief “I wonder were she came from.. I’ll follow her maybe I can find an entrance ” and so he did , he followed her for about 10 min

‘How much longer?” ali complained

He smiles, “there it is” he sees a brown door near a little water fountain
“Ok im going in!” he runs over and goes throw the door wile the maid was pulling the clothes out of the basket.

“Wow…” ,ali looks around to see a beautiful home full of fancy furniture and paintings on the wall.

“Total waist of our money” he said angrily “I can’t take it I’m going to destroy everything!”

He summons a fierce gale trough the door breaking all the windows in the floor
“Were are you you SOB!!!” he yells

He runs around destroying everything he sees.

“I know your in here somewhere!” He notices a little boy in a corner crying he seemed to have a bruise on his arm.

“Get over here you little brat!” ali said wile getting close to the boy , he tried to run but ali threw him to the floor with a gust
He stoped the gale that was passing threw the house
ali grabbed the boy from the hair and pulled him up “I HAVE YOUR BOY! If you want him back alive I suggest you get over here! All of you!”

He pulls on the kids hair and the boy screams, “ow mommy! Help me!”

then footsteps are heard, ali smiles evily, 7 people arrive.

To teen age girls , a mature woman , 3 maids and 2 butlers.

“Ok I assume you’re the mother of this brat “

“Yes I am” the mature woman says.

“Ok … I want money” ali says bluntly

“Ok just let him go !” says the older girl.

“Nuh-uh not until I see 100,000 dollars in the floor between us “ali says with a smile in his face.

“Ok just let me call my husband” says the mother. She takes out her cell phone and dials.

“You servants!” Ali yells.

“Tie the girls up! Or you’ll be the ones substituting this boy and I don’t think you’re as important as their little boy”

“Yes” the servants say in a sad tone.

“My husband will be here shortly” the mother says in a preoccupied and scared voice.

“Good in the meantime ... lets sit”

“Fine...” she says.
The servants guide the girls and the mother in front wile ali and the kid walk behind them to the living room.

“All of you sit in the big sofa over there” ali points to the big silk sofa on the left corner of the living room.

“You sit here kid” ali says pointing to the reclining chair near him.

“I want to be with my mommy!” the little boy cries.

“Shut up!” Ali yells.

The kid goes silent.

Ali says calmy, “Once your dad gets here and gives me what I want… you’ll be with her ... just wait … ok ?” The boy nods, “Good” ali says his evil smile widening.

10 min went by ~~~~~~~~~~~~

There’s a knock on the door, “One of you maids answer the door” the chubby one goes to answer the door

“Who is it?!” ali demands.

“It’s the mayor… I’ve brought the money you asked for “ he says in a firm voice.

“Ok let him in” ali says. The maid opens the door, “Throw it to the ground” ali orders.
The mayor throws the briefcase to the floor, “Now kneel down and open it slowly” *ali says. The mayor does as hes told, “Now back off go, to your family, now you go too kid” the kid and mayor go to the sofa , the kid crying. “Now that I have what I want … ill go” ali opens the front door.

At least 20 policemen are outside, “Put your hands up! Drop the briefcase! Now!” says a policeman with a loudspeaker

Ali smiles widely, “please don’t shoot” he mock pleads. He lifts his hands but doesn’t drop the briefcase, “Pay for what you did to me …” ali whispers.

A small gust of wind forms around the policemen making a little circle
And it gets stronger with each passing second, “I said put down the briefcase! This is your last warning!” The loudspeaker policeman says.

“Ok ok … “*ali says annoyed , as he lowers himself he notices the mayor had a gun,
“You’ll pay for what you did to us” *the mayor says coking the gun.

Ali almost touches the ground with the briefcase “You’re wrong you’ll ill get what I deserve and you’ll get the same… “And he jumps and flies away.

The police men surprised, and confusing the mayor with ali, because he had a gun ,”shoot him!” mean while the small gust kept getting stronger… and after they shoot the mayor it turns into a tornado. The entire police squad gets swept away.

ali , looked down laughing like a maniac, “that’s what you deserve all of you!” He says.

After 5 min he gets back to dami “I’m back!” Ali says happily.

“Oh thank goodness your alright ... you didn’t hurt anyone did you?” the mantis asks preoccupied.

“I didn’t kill anybody….” ali says making an innocent face.

“Well that’s good” matis says relieved.

“It was the wind” ali whispers.

“What?” Dami asks.

“That it was hard to get the money” ali says.

“Oh .. well as long as you didn’t kill nobody” mantis says.

“Yeah… well let me change and then well go ok?” ali says.

“Yeah just hurry or were going to be late” mantis says.

“Yeah yeah” he goes to his old room to change.

15min later ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

“There done” he’s wearing a dark purple pants and a gray sweater.

“…. That’s what your going to wear?” dami says looking disgusted.

“Yeah its warm” ali says offended. “Come on dami “ lifts up the mantis to his shoulder. “Hold on ,and tell me were should I go” ali says.

“Ok ! we have to go south west” points with one of his claws “over in that direction”

“Ok ready ? ill go as fast as I can!” ali says wile crouching

“Yes I am now go!” Dami says hurried.

Ali jumps and flies to the direction that dami pointed.

1 hour later~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

“There can you see it?!” dami shouts.

“On that fountain?!” ali shouts back.

“Yes!” Dami says.

“Ok ill go down” starts hovering down. “Oh man I need lots of concentration to go down” makes a face.

Dami notices a big breasted girl, “Now those are nice boobs” dami says.

“Boobs?! Were?!” ali gets distracted and falls on the fountain.

Splashes water everywhere, it hits Iori square in the back.

May 25th, 2007, 7:14 PM
Iori's eyes go red, "You..." he turns around, "you ruined my Jacket!" he goes to punch Ali but misses, "This was a really expensive jacket and it's ruined because of you!" He takes off his jacked and only his red vest and black jeans can bee seen, "I've had this thing for years. I was wearing this my first time!" The blue fire in his eyes flashes, "And now it's destroied!"

He turns and puts his now wet OverCoat back on, "feel the wrath of the Angel of Darkness!" He lunges at Ali his movements graceful and clean like thoes of a true angel. As he attacked his hands burned Blue like his eyes, showing that his true intencions were to kill the one who ruined his favorate Overcoat.

Tha Pkmn Prodigy
May 25th, 2007, 7:23 PM
Pyrex's reddish-brown eyes began to glow a fierce volcanic red. In one of those rare moments where he actually exerts some energy, he stepped in between Iori and Ali to stop a fight breaking out. "That's enough," he said in a relaxed tone, though his eyes still glowed that fierce volcanic red. "Don't be a fool and start a fight with another angel Iori, especially in a public place like this. You will draw attention to us. We should head to a location that is more...secluded."

May 25th, 2007, 7:29 PM
Iori growls and turns away, "He's not worth my energy... the only one that is.. is that sweat Blond!" He turns to look at the girl walking by, "Hey there wanna walk that over this way?!"

She looks him up and down, "In your dreams Wet rabbit." she says walking away.

Iori stands there compleatly dazzled, "I...was... rejected..." he spins on Ali, "It's your falt!" He growls, "Because you got my Overcoat wet!"

Charlie tries to stop Iori but is to tired from being old, "Setle this like an Angle Iori.." is all the old dog said.

May 25th, 2007, 7:35 PM
"why are you getting all hyped up about" gets out of the fountain "you didnt looked good dry anyway"
get closer to iori "youd better change before you catch a cold .. bunny" smiles.

May 25th, 2007, 7:59 PM
Iori growls wanting to bite Ali's nose, "What makes you think you have the right to-" he stops himself, "Never mind..." He pushes Ali back into the fountain, "I'm gonna go buy myself a new outfit, I'm soked to the bone here..." he starts off, "Keep an eye on Charlie will you?!"

Iori gets to the leather shop and smiles at the attractive assistant, "Why hello..." He goes over to the redhead, "You wouldn't happen to have black pants with extra room in front would you?"

She blushes slightly, her face almost matching her hair, she smiles at him then see's his wet overcoat, "Um..." she giggles.

"I had a little... insident over by the fountain." Iori explains trying to keep his cool calm demiener.

"I'm sure you did..." she says leaving him were he stood.

Iori growls, "I can't-" He grabs a pair of black leather pants and a leather vest and a long red leather overcoat, he heads into the dressing room and changes his cloths. He exits and grabs a brown leather suitcase, "I want all this..." he tells the red head showing her the cut off tags.

"that'll be 500 dollers." she says eyeing him now that he was dry.

Iori pulls out his wallet and hands her his Debit card, having a bank acount had it's benifits. "put it on this." he says as she takes it, her eyes never leave thoes black pants. "you like what you see?" he asks her.

She blushes as she hands him a pen so he can sign paper that the boss wanted all card users to sign, Iori signs it witout taking his eyes from her. "Thank you..." she says taking it.

Iori takes her hand as she places it on the paper, "Shall we part so soon?" he asks kissing her hand.

She gasps as his lips touch her skin, "I guess..." she starts as he rounds the counter, "I could..." He kisses her.

((and that is all you need to know!))


Tha Pkmn Prodigy
May 25th, 2007, 8:06 PM
At the table, Pyrex had his head down. His snore could slightly be heard among everyone else's voices in the coffee shop. Apep was coiled around his neck and had his own head rested on the back of Pyrex's head, in his spiky, short deep rusty red hair.

"How lazy...he never even puts energy into staying awake," said Apep, flicking his tongue. "It isn't too hard being his guardian, seeing as how he never really does anything. It's like guarding a rock...."

May 25th, 2007, 10:48 PM
A slight chuckle came from behind the fountain and walked over to the snake.

"And I thought I was going to have a tough angel to guide, but your angel clearly takes the number one." Artemis smirked as he lept up onto the back of the chair of the Angel of Sloth and leaped over onto the table.

He turned to look at them, his crimson red orbs showing the slight humor he was having.

Anya had turned around looking for the feline and had found herself inside the mall near the coffee shop where she spots the silvery-white furred cat looking at a snake as she blinked.

"The hell?!" she growled as she walked over to them.

She walked up behind Artemis and grabbed him by the back of his neck and lifted him up causing him to squirm and try to get her off him.

"You good for nothing feline! How the hell am I supposed to be the very best if you keep disappearing on me!" she growled slightly ignoring the others and the snake as she glared at the cat who looked to her.

"You kept telling me to leave you alone so I did." he commented as she dropped him and he landed on his feet looking up to him.

"Yeah, but I didn't you would take it litterly. What happened to always being there for me and all that big talk!" she growled stomping her foot down at Arttemis who backed away.

"Woah, hold on Anya, the other angels are here." he stated as she blinked and looked at the sleeping boy as she giggled in humor.

"That?! Is an angel? How pathetic, you've got to be joking Artemis." she stated as she folded her arms infront of her. "Besides, he looks like he's never jogged a day in his life." she murmured as she rose an eyebrow at Artemis.

"Now on to more pressing matters. Are you transexual or what?" she asked as Artemis was shocked.

"What do you mean am I transexual?" he stammered.

"Well, Artemis is the greek goddess of the moon. GODDESS! Not god." she shot back as Artemis's ears hung down.

"I'm a male. I'm not transexual and I have the name Artemis for a reason." he growled as she giggled more.

"Pathetic just like the other guardians I bet." she said when she noticed the snake and grew dreamy eyed. "Now that's the perfect guardian right there. Artemis, why couldn't you be a snake?" she asked as Artemis sighed and hung his head down in defeat.

Tha Pkmn Prodigy
May 25th, 2007, 11:25 PM
"Zzzz...Huh? What's going on?" said Pyrex, lifting his head up as he heard a girl's loud voice resonate through his dazed mind. He yawned a little and looked around, noticing another angel arrive.

"It seems as though another angel has arrived," said Apep with a low hissm flicking his tongue. "This one seems to be angel of light."

"More like the angel of waking me up," yawned Pyrex. He glanced at the light angel and then turned away. He looked at Apep, who was looking back and forth between Pyrex and the light angel.

"Well?" he said, looking this way and that. "Don't just sit there, introduce yourself."

"I'm not good with introductions. Do it for me," said Pyrex lazily. He leaned back in his chair and folded his arms in a relaxed and careless way.

May 26th, 2007, 6:36 PM
Name: Musashi Yamamotojujizorowakazashibergenstein

Appearance: It's a rock. With feet.
Musashi enjoys jeans. Blue is his favorite color.

Chosen Element: Angel of Earth

Sin: Gluttony

Birth place: Hoth

Birthmother’s name: Janet Yamamotojujizorowakazashivergensten

Personality: Very calm, collected. Musashi does not speak unless spoken to, and even then he's straight to the point.

Rp Sample:

And as the Lord Bidoof glared at his minions, he raised his paw, glass of blood-red wine in hand. "My fellow pokégods! Our victory is at hand! For too long have the trainers entrapped us within their spherical prisons; the time has come to strike back!"

The crowd cheered. Millions of pokémon cried out their own names as Lord Bidoof delivered unto them their promise of retribution.

"Tonight, at midnight, we begin our assault on the mastermind behind these unforgivable crimes. The man the humans call "Professor Oak"! He created these diabolical machines, in which I myself was encased for a time!"

Murmurs spread through the crowd. They could not believe that their lord had once been captured! But soon their attention was drawn to the rising curtain behind the god-emperor Bidoof.

For behind the curtain, strapped to a large cross, was the trainer known by the name of Ash Ketchum. Bidoof laughed, a hearty beaver laugh, and sipped from his glass. "Tonight, your home will burn to the ground, Mr. Ketchum. Vengeance will be ours!"

Bidoof turned to face his minions. "Onward! To victory! TO GLORY!"

May 26th, 2007, 7:18 PM
Hmm, let's keep this RP going in paragraphs, okay?

Warning #1

If you want me to elaborate on who needs to improve their posts, I'll do it after I get home from vacation. But I personally find it painfully obvious.

May 28th, 2007, 8:31 PM
Name: Musashi Yamamotojujizorowakazashibergenstein

Appearance: It's a rock. With feet.

((We don't look like our elements kid.))

Musashi enjoys jeans. Blue is his favorite color.

Chosen Element: Angel of Earth

Sin: Gluttony

Birth place: Hoth

((Where's that? is it a real place?))

Birthmother’s name: Janet Yamamotojujizorowakazashivergensten

Personality: Very calm, collected. Musashi does not speak unless spoken to, and even then he's straight to the point.

Rp Sample:

And as the Lord Bidoof glared at his minions, he raised his paw, glass of blood-red wine in hand. "My fellow pokégods! Our victory is at hand! For too long have the trainers entrapped us within their spherical prisons; the time has come to strike back!"

The crowd cheered. Millions of pokémon cried out their own names as Lord Bidoof delivered unto them their promise of retribution.

"Tonight, at midnight, we begin our assault on the mastermind behind these unforgivable crimes. The man the humans call "Professor Oak"! He created these diabolical machines, in which I myself was encased for a time!"

Murmurs spread through the crowd. They could not believe that their lord had once been captured! But soon their attention was drawn to the rising curtain behind the god-emperor Bidoof.

For behind the curtain, strapped to a large cross, was the trainer known by the name of Ash Ketchum. Bidoof laughed, a hearty beaver laugh, and sipped from his glass. "Tonight, your home will burn to the ground, Mr. Ketchum. Vengeance will be ours!"

Bidoof turned to face his minions. "Onward! To victory! TO GLORY!"

((The Rp sample was supposed to be your introduction, did you even read my first post? as far as I'm concerned you're request is Denied. I've never typed that before. Now all you have to do is retype this to fit in the means of the story, read the other's sign up sheets for help.))

"I love this mall don't you?!" Iori says so loud that Charlie jumped. "I mean... I jus-" Iori returns to find a girl standing next to Pyrex who was asleep at one of the many tables around the coffee shop. He looks at the young girl, she was curvaceous for her age but other then that she was to young for his teast, as he looked at her he felt an undeniable bond, "And you are?" he asks, walking over to her his new leather overcoat flapping in the breeze giving the illusion of black wings.

Charlie whines from next to the fountain, catching Iori's attention before he was even close to the girl, "Iori... help..." he whines.

Iori runs over to the old dog, he loved that dog, they had been together since Iori was little. "Charlie... what's wrong?" he asks placing his hand under the old dog's muzzle.

"I can't move Iori." Charlie whispers licking Iori's hand.

Iori turns to the other angels, "I don't know what to do... he has so much wrong with him-" he covers his mouth to keep in the squeak what fallowed, tears brim in his eyes as he watches Charlie deteriorate in front of him. "What do I do... Charlie- tell... me..." his voice breaks as tears flow from his eyes, he didn't want to loose his best friend, not now that he knew how important he really was.

May 28th, 2007, 11:06 PM
She was about to say something when she felt a sudden tug at her heart. She turned around to notice the Angel of Darkness and watched him as he moved closer to her. When he asked about who she was, she gave a light smile as knew he was checking her out. She loved the elevator eyes and the sudden attention of what looked to be a hunk of meat. But when he seemed to not show much interest she made her face turn angered. She turned her head away, her eyes closed and her arms folded in front of her.

"I don't explain myself to anyone. As far as I'm concerned, you are a. . ." she was interrupted when she noticed him running to his dog as her mouth slightly dropped.

She regained composure when she saw his state and she smirked. "Just put him to sleep, it's calm and peaceful, but if it were my dog? I would go out and shoot him myself." she calmly and easily stated with a sudden hint of humor. It was a mix at how the Angel acted so compassionate for a soulless creature and also stated the truth. Artemis' mouth dropped open in shocked.

Anya always did not know how to make herself known and the center of attention, weather by negative or positive, she would turn the attention back to her.

"Any. . ." He protested trying to say her name when he was interrupted.

"Quite you transsexual cat!" she barked as Artemis growled.

"I'm not a transsexual cat! Artemis can be a males name too you know!" he yelled as she giggled.

"Sure it can. . . On the moon that is. But if I'm not mistaken, Artemis is the goddess of the Moon. Now, perhaps Luna would be better. . . Then again, Diana would work too. Wait." she stated bringing her hands up to her chin as she pretended to think. "They are all goddess of the Moon. They are three in one. Female." she turned to walk away from them.

Artemis was speechless and just sat there. As she began to walk towards the clothing department she stopped and only turned her head.

"And for the record, none of you angels can compare to me. You are all pathetic idiots and if I were you kid. . . I'd kill the dog to keep him from suffering. After all, dieing is part of one's every day life." She continued walking giggling as she enjoyed her slight evil side or more of enjoying to see one of the angels crying.

Artemis sighed, "I don't get it. She's the angel of Light and yet somehow I feel as though she is the Angel of Evil. If it isn't her pride, it's this evil phase she gets into. Almost like she is two different beings in one body."

He's ears hung down as he watched the old dog and the Angel of Darkness. "I wish I could offer help, but I'm a cat and we don't like dogs so weather or not I know how to save him, I wouldn't." he jumped down and began to follow after Anya. Why do I put up with this teenager? First she insults my name sake, then she wishes I was a snake and then she insults my name sake again and then walks off leaving a bad image. What the hell are the others going to think of the Angel of Light? He wondered as he ran off.

OOC: You know she isn't 10 years old. That was when she met her guardian, she is 16. I probably should have stated that but I think I may have put her age when the rp started and that was 16. Of course I could be wrong, but I'm sure I put about the age 16 years old. I'll look again.

Second edit. I guess I forgot to mention it. . . Sorry. But I loved how it came out. It was perfect for me to turn the attention from the hurt dog back to herself. ^_^ (wonders if I'm playing proud correctly. Goes to reread what Pride is and how to use it properly.)

Tha Pkmn Prodigy
May 29th, 2007, 9:09 AM
Apep made a low hiss at Anya's back as se walked away. He uncoiled himself from around Pyrexs neck and slithered onto the table. "That girl is just a little too cocky for my liking," said Apep with a flick of his tongue. "Those pride angels are probably the most difficult to deal with. I feel very sorry for that cat guardian of hers..."

Pyrex was still sitting in that comfortable reclining position, watching as Anya and Artemis walked away out of the coffee shop. He raised one eyebrow at her as he crossed his arms. "Yeah, she's a cocky one alright," he said, nodding at Apep. His head started to nod back and forth as he started to doze off again.

"Don't fall asleep again Pyrex!" hissed Apep, noticing the angel starting to go off to sleep again. He whipped his tail around and gently hit him in the face to keep him from falling asleep again. "You sleep enough as it is..."

"Alright, alright!" said Pyrex grumpily, sitting back up in the chair and folding his arms. His forehead wrinkled as he frowned at Apep, giving him an irritated look. Pyrex always got a little grumpy when someone woke him up from a nap or tried to prevent him from taking one. "I don't see why you're forcing me to stay awake anyway...i'm not going to miss anything, you know."

Apep merely sighed to himself and shook his head at Pyrex and slithered back up his arm. He coiled himself up a little and stayed on the table. "Maybe the angel of pride isn't the only difficult one..." he thought, smiling as he looked at Pyrex.

May 29th, 2007, 3:36 PM
Raziel noticed that Pyrex was starting to fall asleep

"Is your body struggling to cope with the different timezones? Then try drinking something caffinated"

Raziel was glad he remembered things from school. Like people go to sleep for hours after a plane trip.

Suddenly Raziel noticed that there was another angel here. But he didnt even need to sense or ask Sion. Because she was dressed in very light colors.


Sion looked towards the angels cat. Then looked away. He noticed that Sion appeared not interested in the angel of light

Then Raziel noticed that Iori's dog was whimpering. He quickly knelt to the ground where he was

"Iori maybe we should take him to a vet or something. He looks like he is in a lot of pain"

May 29th, 2007, 5:28 PM
Iori looked up at Raziel, "I can't, i wasn't even supposed to bring him into the country, if I take him to a vet they'll send me and him back..." he looks at Charlie, "I don't know what to do..." he looked after the Angel of light, "She's no better then any of us." he says patting Charlie.

Charlie licks Iori's knee, "I'm not going to last long Iori..." he says.

"Don't say things like that Charlie... Please don't." Iori couldn't believe being the Angel of darkness and he couldn't control his emotions. "What am I going to do without you?!" Iori places his forehead on Charlie's back.

Charlie smiles a doggy smile, "you won't be without me, I'm bound to you for life, I'll find my way back to you." He licks Iori's neck.

Iori listens to the old dog's heartbeat, as it slows... and finally as it stops completely. "Bye Charlie..." he whispers kissing the old dog and lifting him up, "Charlie said that this was supposed to be a meeting... so I think we should start talking about what our job is here. Now he told me-" he shakes his head trying to get rid of tears, "Charlie told me that we were put here to forgive the wicked and release pure souls, and that we were also supposed to fight the Dark riders."

May 30th, 2007, 10:14 PM
"Whoa wait a minute. Your dog died?"

Raziel noticed much of this was happening very fast. Like Iori's dog dying and all the angels coming together

"So what do we do now? Fight more enemies like those shade things"

Raziel was hoping so. Sitting around in this mall wouldnt acomplish anything. Nothing would be fixed

Sion, what are we really supposed to do?

Tha Pkmn Prodigy
May 30th, 2007, 10:30 PM
Pyrex just looked at the dog indifferently. He was sad yes, but he was too lazy to show any sort of emotion at the moment. He just sat there like a lump, looking around at everyone. Pyrex's attitude perked up a little when he heard Iori's words. "Dark riders?" he asked in his calm voice.

"Yes, part of your job is to fight the dark riders," said Apep with a low hiss, flicking his tongue at Pyrex. He raised his body up a little and looked around with his slitted eyes. "Aside from fighting dark riders, you are also to release the souls of the pure, meaning release the pure souls to heaven. Forgiving the wicked means purifying those who have sinned and done wrong, so their souls become clean. As for the dark riders, I really don't know much about them...they may be dark minions of hell or something like that."

"Aw man...we're going to have to find the souls ourselves?" sighed Pyrex, closing his eyes for a second and them opening thme again. "That sounds like so much work though Apep...maybe you could find someone else to do it for me..."

"Stop being so lazy Pyrex. You are one of the chosen angels: the angel of fire and unfortunately, sloth. You can't be replaced," said Apep, flicking his tongue. "Without you, the group will be incomplete and the other angels would be missing your strengths as a pyro in the group."

"Man...this isn't fair. Why on earth was I chosen to be the angel of fire?" said Pyrex lazily. He leaned back in his chair and closed his eyes, sighing. "I wouldn't mind being an angel if there wasn't so much work involved..."

May 31st, 2007, 3:21 AM
Anya had managed to get to the clothing department and began to pull off fancy dresses as Artemis looked up to her.

"Please Anya, we must get back to the others. We need their strength together with yours in order to finish our job." stated Aretmis as Anya wasn't paying attention.

He gasped as she put the first dress in front of her which was silver with light pink streams and moved to pull off to the light pink with silver streams.

"Which one do you think looks better on me Artemis?" she asked as Artemis shook his head.

"I'm serious Anya, this thing for playing barbie is a waste of your time and your powers. We need to head back to the others now." demanded Artemis as he looked around an to make sure no one was looking and then looked to Anya to see she disappeared as he gasped. "Anya?!"


"Bla bla bla, that's all he talks about is these stupid meeting of the angels of destiny. Doesn't he know that I don't like being in a group of guys?! Can he not see that I'm the only girl there?! How pathetic is that?" she growled to herself as she saw herself in the mirror. She had put on the pink dress and looked at herself as she put her right hand behind her neck and pulled her hair up as she smiled and then moved her hand to kiss her lips and blew it toward her with a flirtatious wink and smile.

"You've got to admit it Anya. . . You really are a gem." she stated.


Artemis meanwhile was roaming around the clothing department looking for Anya, but keeping himself quiet.

June 1st, 2007, 3:58 PM
Iori sighs holding the old dog in his arms, "Charlie told me that the Dark Riders are the Guardians to the gates of hell, he said that if they were ever to be released by the time the Blood moon rises that the gates will open and everyone even the innocent will be doomed to wander the new Hell." He looks at everyone, "and about he souls... all we have to do is forgive anyone that we see dieing, we don't have to go searching for them."

He runs his long fingers threw Charlie's dirty fur, "I suggest that we meet somewhere else tomorrow, we have less then thirty days till the Blood moon rises and most of us don't even like each other, I'm gonna have a talk with that so called Angel of Light, you guys go get some rest, practice using your powers and we'll meet at the Greyhound bus station tomorrow morning say...." he thinks of an appropriated time, ".... Eight-thirty."

He smiles and heads off into the mall then stops, "That's Eight-thirty in the morning Sloth." he says loudly to Pyrex.

Iori enters the mall looking for Anya, he could feel her emotions, full of pride and Self Lust, it almost made him proud to be her oppocite, and yet he was annoyed about how Prideful she was, way to much for any girl he had ever known. He fallows her emotions till he finds Artemis wandering around looking very lost, "need help cat?" he asks.

Before Artemis can answer Iori hears the sound of silk on skin, "That must be her..."

He puts the dead dog next to the silver cat and opens the dressing room door, not caring if she even had any cloths on. "Anya we need to talk!" he says angrily, his voice full of the leadership that he knew that he needed to show from now on.

June 1st, 2007, 5:47 PM
Raziel noticed that Iori had stormed off in some direction just after he had told them about the meeting place.

Sion. I think I should follow Iori just in case something happens

Sion nodded his beak. Then Raziel found himself following Iori. Soon he saw Iori place Charlies courpse next to the silver cat that was Light's guardian. Soon he stormed into the dressing room

Raziel walked over to the dressing room and called out "Iori, trying to get lucky in the change room?"

Raziel knew he had just said a very obnoxious remark and was bound to get shouted at by Iori and Light

June 2nd, 2007, 3:19 PM
Artemis looked up at the angel of darkness but also at the dead dog guardian he put next to him which made him back off. He was slightly surprised when decided to follow the angel only to be followed by another angel.

Anya had taken off her dress and allowed it to slip when she felt the sudden feeling of darkness rush over her body in waves as she turned to see her door open and him walking in. Being naked, she really didn't mind, but she gave him a death look. As he yelled at her she closed her eyes and looked away.

"I don't care. Why should I worry about it? I'm not the one in trouble." she commented when the second one came in as she closed her eyes and when he mentioned about him getting lucky her body was outlined in light as she clutched her fists, her face red with furry.

"Get out of here!" she screamed as a huge explosion of light flew toward the two boys and send they flying to the side of the wall and she vanished from their sight in a blink of an eye.

She appeared on the roof top still naked, but her hair draped over her body as she clutched her fingers and looked down to see her clothing. She began to put them on while wondering how she was able to do that. The last thing she knew was she was angry that one, they invade her privacy, two insult her of having anything to do with the Angel of Darkness, and then yelling at her and then out in the open.

Artemis was rather surprised as he looked to the others. "Please, leave this to me. I can handle her. I'll scratch some sense into her, are you two aright first of all?" he asked and awaited for them to say anything.
Anya looked down seeing how high she was and suddenly she screamed and crouched down to the roof, nearly hugging it at realizing how high she was. She didn't scream of being attack, she was screaming of fear at how high she was from the floor. It was after all, a big fear. She had no idea why she was afraid of heights. It was strange as she was always told that she hated flying and hated being picked up when she was a baby.

June 7th, 2007, 6:27 PM
Iori didn't answer the cat, he simply stood up and looked down at the Angel of either, "Smooth... now i have to go after her..." the looks at where he had left Charlie's body, it was gone. "Que!" He goes over and stares at the blackened floor. He growls, "I hate the world."

The sound of a scream gets his attention, Spreading his great black wings he flaps them once and exits, he goes striate threw the ceiling only leaving black feathers as a mark that he was there at all, as he comes out the roof he grabs Anya in his arms holding her as close to him as possible, closing his wings he whispers into her ear, "there is no reason for you to be scared... you and I.... we've been connected since we were conseived..." He looks into her eyes, "I'm the only one who really understands you, you only fear heights... because I fell from a three story building as a child, you're angry because you can feel my anger, you care for no one, because I have cared for everyone..." he smiles, "It's simple."

June 8th, 2007, 9:33 PM
She nearly clutched to the roof as she was pryed off and held closely to her savior. She could feel a sudden rush of energy wave threw her body as they flew down. This made her grab Iori tightly to his arms nearly squeezing them very tightly.

When he spoke she opened her eyes and looked at him almost feeling a calm flow over her. She gave a gentle pink around her cheeks as he spoke. When they landed, she narrowed her eyes a bit and jumped off him.

"I know that! I ain't afraid of anything. So now, if you'll excuse me. . . The fact that you butted into my dressing room right when I was getting dressed is enough to send rages of light to beat the crap out of you!" she growled as she faced him angered.

She calmed herself and just looked at him with a slight smirk. "Besides, I'm flawless." she commented herself and flicked her hair back behind her.

Aretmis ran outside and blinked as he saw the sight. He's mouth dropped open. As she forced herself off him and yelled at him about how perfect she was, Aretmis shook his head and walked up to the Angel of Darkness.

"Now look here dark angel. There will be no funny business or romances in this group. There are too many boys and only one girl." commented Artemis.

June 10th, 2007, 5:02 PM
Iori gave a very hearty laugh, "Romance!? Why would I want to romanticize with her, she'd just spend the whole time telling me what I'm doing wrong." he turns to Anya, "Now as for you being flawless, let me tell you..." he leans in close his lips brushing her cheek as he spoke, "No body... not even you, is perfect. If you were..." He kisses her lightly more out of respect for her powers then for anything else but she could translate it however she liked, "God would have taken you along with the other perfect people yesterday." He stands up striate, "Or didn't you watch the news?"

He closes his eyes and remembers what he had heard on the radio that morning, millions of people gone missing, not a trace found only the cloths they were wearing the night before. He gets called from this thoughts by something crawling along his neck, he slaps at it.

"you know what..." he says opening his eyes and looking in to hers, "How about i take you to dinner, Charlie told me a lot about what we have to do, and you walked off before I told everybody, and anyway you must be tired after throwing me into the side of that store wall." he smiles and places a hand on her shoulder, "What do you say? My treat."

June 21st, 2007, 12:25 PM
Anya looked to the Iori and closed her eyes while turning her head away as he spoke. When opened her eyes and turned to look at him shocked. Her not perfect to be taken yesterday? What the hell was he talking about. She was even more shocked at being kissed as he spoke more. Why was he kissing her? She had been nothing but out right rude and arrogent. Not to mention have a huge ego in which wouldn't disappear. She glared at him.

"I don't date trash." she closed her eyes looking away as Artemis' mouth hung open.

"Anya! What are you talking about?! We need to know what is going on." stated the feline as Anya looked to her feline guardian.

"FINE you transexual cat!" she insulted as she turned to look at Iori. "I don't like you. Let me say that. . . Second, I really won't hear the end of it if I refuse." She sighed and turned around to look at the others who had just come over.

OOC: Sorry it's so short guys. I'm trying to keep it going. I'm feeling much better, but still feel weak and dizzy.

June 21st, 2007, 6:11 PM
OC: ((I think it's gonna be you and me Netta, unless someone shows up... I almost cried when I saw this Rp disappear, this story is really important to me.))

IC: Iori smiles and takes Anya by the hand, "Listen Anya, I was told-" he stops short as a very large Black widow lands in her hair, He points a shaky finger at it, "S-S-S-S...." He stammered.

The spider turned to him, crouched and Jumped on his face, "SPIDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Iori screams running as fast as he can to anywhere, He runs face first into a wall and the spider goes into his shirt, "GHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA", he screams actually taking a dive into the Fountain.

The spider jumps off him as soon as he hits the water and just looks at him, Iori gets out of the water so slowly that he almost ran out of air, "you moron..." the spider says reaching a leg to him, "It's me... Charlie."

Iori was confused then recognized the voice, "Charlie!?"

"yep, I'm back, sorry about the spider thing, It was the only animal I found." Charlie says trying to get onto Iori's shoulder as he stands up.

Iori flicks the big Black widow off his leg, "you know I hate sp-Spiders... especially if they crawl on me!" He looks to the others he blushes scarlet, "Um.... let's all... go... to my place? there's something you guys have to see."

June 25th, 2007, 1:23 AM
OOC: That's fine with me. I'm feeling much better now.


Anya was slightly pink in the checks as he took her hand and she quickly pulled it away before he could have a chance to grab it only to notice something strange as he began to studder. Anya rose an eyebrow as Artemis got a good whiff of the guardian.

"Why a Widow?" asked Artemis.

When she saw the spider jump off of her to his she bit her lip in order to keep from making a fool of herself only to find Iori freaked out. She blinked and closed her eyes as he crashed into the wall. When he dived into the water and the spider spoke Anya folded her arms infront of her chest and leaned on her left leg.

"What a wimp. Afraid of a messly spider. How pathetic." She stated with a smile of a gentle smirk and yet satisfaction.

As he lead the way to his place, Anya stayed behind the others gazing at Iroi thinking about how silly he looked and yet was sweet. Artemis was walking beside her and had looked up to see her small dreamy stated as he smirked.

"Anya. . . Do you really like Iori?" he asked as Anya blinked snapping out of her thought and looked down to her guardian with pink checks.

"N. . . No." she stated as Artemis had said it loud enough and she could tell she was turning redder.

"GET OUT OF THIS SCHOOL GIRL CRUSH OF YOURS WE HAVE A MISSION TO SETTLE! NO ROMANCE!" Yelled Artemis as Anya gasped and grew angry her eyes shut tight and her fists clutched. Artemis then realized his fault and just as he was about to protest, he gasped and tried to run as she leaped high into the air hovering for a fleeting moment and sent a silver orb down upon Artemis' back as he slammed into the ground. She landed panting hard.

"Never, tell me I have a crush when it's clearly I don't!" she growled and continued walking her eyes closed and her blush had faded quickly as she walked on ahead.

Artemis' tail and legs were twitching. "Wemend me not woh dew that agwain." he babbled.

June 26th, 2007, 6:03 PM
((I can't just be talking to Anya! I need the rest of you guys to come back!))

June 30th, 2007, 2:45 AM
OOC: Wow, it's going to be gone? *sniff sniff* I was really liking the story. WAHHHHAAAHAHAHAHA! *stream of tears fall from eyes.*

June 30th, 2007, 7:04 AM
Is earth spot still open if it is I will make a sign up for it But i dont know yet can someone tell me sorry if I am makeing anyone go off track.

July 1st, 2007, 6:42 PM
((*Hugs X-Files* take Earth, no one has it, and take Gluttony, no one has that ether just fill out a sheet and show up with Iori and Anya then it can live again!))

July 1st, 2007, 8:37 PM
Name: Sarah Hopskin
Appearance: A simple Picture of Hinata from Naruto sense I dont know how to post picture.
She likes her hair short and likes to keep to her self.Every sense she was little she could here and listen to plants and trees. She would always go out into her garden and listen to the flowers as the where always in a good mood. It was when she was 13 she saw a rabbit in her garden and went up to it it had long floopy ears and was the cutest thing ever. She still has it and she takes it everywhere in her Paris Hilton doggy purse thingy.

Chosen Element: EARTH
Sin: Gluttony
Birth place: Gary,Indiana
Birthmother’s name: Deseced Mary Hopskin
Personality: Her foster parents couldnt understand how such a slim girl could eat so much. She wondered that also she could eat four plates of dinner and still keep her figure.She also is a sorta mall freak even thoe she keeps to her self if she sees a sale she goes mad crazy always buying her rabbit and herself matching outfits.

History:It was her 13 birthday she was so exicted. She went out to tell the flowers and the trees everything they all where very happy for her and said the had a very spicail gift for her. Low and behold it was a floppy eared bunny rabbit she was so exicted. She brought the bunny in to show her foster parents. They allowed her to keep the rabbit and went out to but her a cage and food for the rabbit. she was so exicted the next day the rabbit appread rto be speaking to her telling her that she was her garudian. So she started to train Sarah in the powers to earth so she could learn to use the powers of earth to her will.
hope its ok I added history.

SampleRP: "Run Sarah we have to get to the forest before that thing catches us" Isha said "I know im running as fast as I can" Sarah replied. A blast of dark energy came flying at Sarah Isha jumped in the way with a blast of her own. "k where here lets get this thing now" Sarah pointed her hands right at the Dark Figure and the trees start swinging there branches right at the Dark Figure. She then had the trees to grab the figure and tie him to itself and squeeze it with its branches. Sarah then went to expect the figure but it was gone. sarah then was very confused and looked at Isha to see if it was real Isha just noded. "Next time we have to be very careful more of this things well come we just have to be ready" isha contiuned.

if you want more ill add it

July 6th, 2007, 7:22 PM
((you're accepted X-Files, XD ok, we'll start the Rp together at my Aunt's house so everyone zip to my aunt's house, my mom and aunt won't be home and I'll join you.))

July 6th, 2007, 7:29 PM
I started walking i was finally able to stay out all night. My parents trusted me this is going to be great, as I walked past a house I saw a couple of teen entering the house. I thought it was to be a House Party. So I followed them in the house, to my suprise it wasnt a house party at all but a meeting of somesort about angels. They where all talking about the dark riders as I listen by the the window of the house trying to be unnoticed.

July 9th, 2007, 8:46 PM
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July 16th, 2007, 10:29 AM
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PS. you guys will have spots saved for when I start this Rp up again ok.))

July 30th, 2007, 1:41 PM
Pls fill me a spot on the game... please. I want to be a villain in ur game. Is that possible. I can be a assistant to the villain of the game. pls give me a spot in the game

July 30th, 2007, 3:47 PM
The post above yours says this rpg is done for now and she will re open when she feels ppl are back .