View Full Version : Speed SNATCH!

May 11th, 2007, 2:36 PM
I made up a pkmncommunity game it is called Speed Snatch.
See I am a Weavile and you are either a Dark or Psychic Pokemon of any type.And the objective is to steal Poke'coins from people
everyone starts with 500.Dark Pokemon quiz Psychics about the your Pokemon any kind(so be prepared to be challenged)you need to pm the Psy or do it here.Psychics have to retrieve stolen money from darks by taking quiz(note:challenges can be declined)
for each sort of question has coin wagers:
300-400:Weakness,Trainer who owns(your pokemon)
500-600+:Any sort of question.
If you have any questions pm me.
Oh and the first to get the most has to pm and I'll send em somethin to post on their sig.
Don't leave this thread hanging. :(