View Full Version : Them and Me

May 19th, 2007, 3:03 PM
I was actually going to make this into a song at first, the lyrics are writtin in hip hop style

Followin' every line he's rippin' out
I stand back from his slippin' doubt
As I'm listenin closesly to every drippin shout
'Till it seems that I am finally flippin' out

and her...

She's just trapped in a cage
Crashin down to his molten rage
She just waits there thinkin' he might actually care
to finally stop his ongoing flare

so back to him...

Been so long since he took apart his wicked heart
and from the start
it was just the rigid part
of his frigid heart
that would put her in this torment
slippin her back into the shadows which were once so dormant

her again...

She's obliviouse to how furious he is
this is how delirious she is
she doesn't know how seriouse he is
about her untimely death
or his deep desire for every last whining breath

and me...

Today i wonder why I let him continue on so violently
And wonder why I let the cares wash out so silently