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BLEACH: Rise of the Privaron (PG-16)
Yes, that's right. I'm trying another BLEACH RP after my last one died. =o Anyways, I wouldn't recommend reading onwards if you aren't up to date with the Japanese episodes. I try to keep to Japanese terms, but I might spring an English translation in here and there. XD

General Plot
For a short time after the betrayal of Sosuke Aizen, Gin Ichimaru, and Kaname Tousen, both Soul Society and the human world enjoyed a term of peace.

"Shinigami are the spirit protectors of the real world. They serve to balance all of the souls that are mixed together in this world. Aizen, who stole the Hougyoku from Soul Society, has finally made his move in the real world. The fierce battle between the Arrancar and the Shinigami has begun." -Bleach episode introduction

After nearly being defeated by the arrancar Grimmjow Jaggerjack, Kurosaki Ichigo realizes his need to grow stronger to protect his friends, and turns to the vaizard to help him control the hollow within as a new source of power. It's around this time that our story begins...

Prior to the point in which Aizen was capable of creating artificial arrancar through the use of the Hougyoku (Orb of Distortion), he relied on arrancar who had removed their hollow masks naturally. Some of these arrancar rose as high as the rank of Espada, only to have their titles ripped from them by the new, artificially created Espada, since they had a greater potential unlocked than the normally spawned ones.

Espada that were seen as obsolete when Aizen introduced the Hougyoku were called Privaron, which in Spanish means "deprived". The Privaron live in a section of Hueco Mundo known as Tres Cifras. While some have chosen to still follow Aizen, others have broken away from Hueco Mundo entirely, and have taken up residence in the real world. Spiteful towards Aizen for being rejected, as well as towards the rest of the worlds for their obvious upbringings, a handful of Privaron found themselves stirring up chaos in a city far away from Karakura Town, on the opposite side of Japan. Ultimately, these Privaron had the goal of annihilating everything, and many other arrancar and hollows began joining them due to a similarity in goals. While Soul Society originally made an attempt to turn a blind eye to the town due to the movements of Aizen's arrancar in Karakura, they eventually saw the need to send some above average Shinigami to the city after the Privaron destroyed an entire hospital. Based on their actions, it almost seemed as if they were trying to attract attention...

You are not limited to participation as only a Shinigami in this RP. Rather, I have made several choices open:

Shinigami are souls of the deceased that have acquired supernatural powers. Much like the ghosts we're used to hearing about, they are composed of ectoplasm and can only be seen by "spiritually aware entities", which does not incorporate a large number of humans. They are, however, capable of influencing the environment around them. They can be injured, but are not as easily killed as humans. They also have much longer lives, living hundreds and hundreds of years. Every shinigami possesses a zanpakuto, which translates to "soul-cutting sword". Zanpakutos originate from the souls of shinigami, and have three different forms.
The first form is its sealed form, which looks like a regular katana. The size of the zanpakuto in this state is in relation to the amount of spiritual power its user possesses. It was once noted that high-leveled shinigami would have to be able to compress this powers, or else their sealed zanpakuto would be the size of a skyscraper.
A zanpakuto's initial release can be obtained once the shinigami learns the name of their zanpakuto. The name can only be obtained once the living spirit of the zanpakuto and shinigami can communicate effectively with one another. After the name is learned, the initial release can be activated by speaking a command followed by the name. The command varies from zanpakuto to zanpakuto. Once the initial release is activated, the zanpakuto takes a new form to represent its abilities. This form is usually still a blade, but it differs from person to person. There is a significant power difference between the sealed and initial forms, and initial forms possess special attacks that can be activated with a key phrase.
The third and last form is known as the final release, or bankai. To perform it, a shinigami must be able to materialize their zanpakuto's spirit in the real world and subjugate it, giving the shinigami full reign over the zanpakuto's power. Bankai normally takes hundreds of years of combat experience to obtain, but methods of bypassing this limit have been discovered, and people who work towards it for a long time can obtain it at a relatively young age. There is no command to activate bankai, but most users say "bankai" beforehand. A zanpakuto's final release is often a manifestation of the spirit itself, usually creating a massive creature or effect to aid the user in battle (Ichigo's final release is an exception, doing almost the exact opposite). Certain shinigami also change with their zanpakuto, gaining different clothing to fit with the form. Most zanpakuto will also gain additional special abilities. Like with the initial release, most of these abilities have an associated name. Maintaining the final release is taxing for the wielder, and it is difficult to maintain it for long periods of time.

Shinigami also have other abilities such as kido or demon arts, which is a form of spellcasting. Kido is divided into two types: hado or blast spells, and bakudo or binding spells. These forms of demon arts spells are performed by calling out a complicated and often long-winded incantation followed by the name of the spell, which causes an effect once the name has been recited. Lesser versions of the spells can be used by calling out the name alone, but their effectiveness is reduced when used in such a fashion. Another technique, known as shunpo, allows the user to travel faster than the eye can follow.

An arrancar is a hollow that has removed its mask and gained shinigami powers. Very few hollow have the ability to remove the masks themselves, and even those who can aren't as powerful as those created artificially by Aizen's Hougyoku. A hollow taking off its mask and becoming an arrancar is known as shinigamification. Arrancar and ordinary hollows differ in two ways: the location of their holes and the near-total disappearance of their masks. When becoming an arrancar, only vasto lord-class hollows are guaranteed a humanoid form. If powerful enough, an arrancar can seal his or her excess power into the form of a zanpakuto. Unlike with shinigami, this zanpakuto is by no means sentient. It is simply the hollow's true form sealed into a sword. Therefore, an arrancar's release of their zanpakuto is merely a temporary restoration of their former selves. An arrancar release is called resurrección, which is resurrection in Spanish. Because their powers are sealed in their zanpakutō, an arrancar's release will usually transform some or all of their body back into whatever their original hollow forms were, allowing them to use their original abilities. Arrancar normally only return to their human form when they reseal their hollow powers; doing so without resealing, though possible, is a permanent change comparable to amputating a limb. The reason arrancar go through such trouble to seal their power is twofold: it allows them to maintain human form and conserve their power in times of inactivity. Those arrancar under Aizen's command also have a standard theme for their clothing. Their uniforms consist of a white jacket, black sash, white hakama, and black socks with white sandals; in essence, the uniforms are basically inverted shinigami uniforms. While not all arrancar follow Aizen (those who don't are usually those Aizen lacks interest in), those who do follow a specific ranking.
The first and foremost rank is Espada, and is composed of the top ten Espada based on combat ability, and they are assigned a number of 1 to 10 based on the level, and this number is tattooed on their body somewhere. There is a significant gap in power between the Espada and the other ranks.
The next rank is the Números, which are arrancar that were formerly menos. They are given a number between 11 and 99 based on age. Números are combat specialists and the basic Número uniform consists of a white-collared jacket and robes held with a black sash. They tend to customize these to an extent, however, giving a sense of individuality. The fighting ability of Números is thought to be superior to all other arrancar, except for the Espada. The Fracción are a subsection of the Números that directly serve a specific Espada. The number of Fracción for any given Espada varies.
The Privaron have been described already, and the Exequias are part of the execution division, apparently charged with termination of intruders and rebels.
Since not all arrancar follow Aizen, they don't all dress in the outfits mentioned above.

The vaizard are the antithesis to the arrancar; they are shinigami who have obtained hollow powers and whose shinigami powers remain dominant. To accomplish this, they must at some point battle their inner hollow, and then maintain dominance over it from that point onwards, however. Since they were originally shinigami, they appear as most humans do, but can summon their hollow masks at will. They carry zanpakuto, but have a tendency to prefer the use of their hollow powers over their shinigami powers. When they use their hollow powers, the vaizard must have their mask on, and the whites of their eyes turn black with the irises turning gold. Other than that, no other physical changes take place. In battle, the vizard use their hollow powers to augment their shinigami abilities, granting them massive increases in speed, stamina, and strength. They also gain access to some of the common hollow abilities, such as cero blasts. Bodily harm can seemingly be ignored while wearing their masks. Vaizard zanpakuto seem to act like those of a shinigami, and the fact that Ichigo is technically a vaizard suggests that they can use initial release and bankai as well. While wearing their masks, they are in complete control, although the time they dawn their masks seemingly has a limit, although it varies from vaizard to vaizard. Vaizard are considered criminals by Soul Society for committing the ultimate taboo of acquiring hollow powers. Hollows would also never accept a vizard, due to their former status as shinigami. It is because of this that it can be presumed that the only side the vizard are on is their own.

The Bounts were accidentally created by shinigami during an experiment involving eternal life. There was an explosion during this experiment, and as a result the Bount souls were scattered across the real world. It was discovered that Bount do not age after they hit their twenties or thirties, and were treated as outcasts by humans because they didn't age. Because of this, they could live forever by eating the souls of humans, much like a vampire would take a humans blood. Normally, Bount consume human souls that have already died. Under the leadership of Jin Kariya, however, they began consuming living souls. Consuming living souls causes a Bount to physically age to a small degree. Bount, being created as variations on a shinigami soul, have similar powers to shinigami. The foremost of these powers is the Bount doll, a familiar equivalent to the shinigami zanpakuto. Like a zanpakuto, a doll is its creator's power given physical form. Also like a zanpakuto, a doll's personality is much like its creator's, though the dolls seem to have more personality variation than the zanpakuto spirits seen thus far. The main difference between a doll and a zanpakuto is how they operate. Unlike a zanpakuto, whose personality is generally dormant except when the shinigami wishes to speak to them, a doll's personality is always dominant. Dolls are self-sufficient when released, though they can easily be resealed. The Bount's ability to control their doll is largely based on their individual power and relationship with the doll. Moreover, if either the doll or its Bount partner sustains severe damage in a battle, the Bount may lose control over his doll, depending on the amount of damage dealt. If a doll is injured, it will simply return itself to its sealed state. Like a zanpakuto, dolls are generally sealed into an object and released as necessary (Koga Gō's doll, for example, is sealed into a metal sphere). The object varies greatly from person to person and is often an expression of the doll's abilities. In order to call upon a Bount's doll, the phrase "Zeige dich" is said, which is a German phrase meaning "Show yourself." While it was implied at the end of the Bount arc that all Bount were now gone except one, there was no proof to this claim, so there could still be Bount out there.

Follow the RP rules (http://www.pokecommunity.org/showthread.php?t=78893)!
Do NOT join this RP if you're going to give up. It's really starting to irritate me.
Don't join if you aren't up to date with the BLEACH anime at least. Otherwise you're going to get really lost really quickly.


Alliance: [Soul Society, Privaron Rebellion, Aizen's spy]
History: or Seireitei.]
[B]Zanpakuto: [Name/Ability (released and bankai)/Appearance (released and bankai) /Appearance of the entity your Zanpakuto represents.]
Kido (Demon Arts): [Only three per character, with the exclusion of shunpo (flash step). Since most of them haven’t been named yet, you are able to make up your own. However, it must follow this format (an example is given with it):
[I]Name: Shakkaho (Shot of Red Fire)
Effect: Casts a red ball of spiritual energy at target.
Incantation: Ye Lord, Mask of blood and flesh, all creation, flutter of wings, ye who bears the name of Man, Inferno and pandemonium, The sea barrier surges, March on to the south! Demon Art, Shot of Red Fire!
Roleplay Sample: [I will ask you to post one if I am unsure of your abilites. Otherwise, feel free to ignore this.]

Alliance: [Soul Society, Privaron Rebellion, Aizen's spy]
Artificial or Natural?:
[B]Release: [What body transformations and powers are given?]

Roleplay Sample: [I will ask you to post one if I am unsure of your abilites. Otherwise, feel free to ignore this.]

Alliance: [Soul Society, Privaron Rebellion, Aizen's spy]
Appearance: [Include mask appearance!]
History: or Seireitei.]
Zanpakuto: [Name/Ability (released and bankai)/Appearance (released and bankai) /Appearance of the entity your Zanpakuto represents.]
Kido (Demon Arts): [Only three per character, with the exclusion of shunpo (flash step). Since most of them haven’t been named yet, you are able to make up your own. However, it must follow this format (an example is given with it):
[I]Name: Shakkaho (Shot of Red Fire)
Effect: Casts a red ball of spiritual energy at target.
Incantation: Ye Lord, Mask of blood and flesh, all creation, flutter of wings, ye who bears the name of Man, Inferno and pandemonium, The sea barrier surges, March on to the south! Demon Art, Shot of Red Fire!
Roleplay Sample: [I will ask you to post one if I am unsure of your abilites. Otherwise, feel free to ignore this.]

Alliance: [Soul Society, Privaron Rebellion, Aizen's spy]
Doll: [Name/Ability/Appearance.]

Roleplay Sample: [I will ask you to post one if I am unsure of your abilites. Otherwise, feel free to ignore this.]

May 21st, 2007, 4:31 PM
I'll finish this laterr ^_^.

Name: Hiratori Tomoe.
Age: Never wondered, looks about 15.
Gender: Female.
Alliance: Aizen’s Spy.

Appearance: Tomoe stands at an height of five inches and one centimeters. Which is of an average size; not enough to attract some attention in a large crowd. Her body is built for enduring long and tough sessions. After all those years of training for being perfect and all , ergo, Tomoe was built for endurance. Not strength. As so, her muscle aren’t much that of a body-builder, but stronger then ‘he who sits at the television watching reruns eating barbecue potato chips.’ All those years, they have increased Tomoe’s sense of reflex and flexibility also.

Tomoe often enjoys walking or jogging to where she is supposed to be. Only on cold winter days or when offered a ride will she not appear a bit late then Tomoe usually is. Ergo, Tomoe has powerful legs. Tomoe has an hourglass figure, which is still developing. Her chest is almost flat, which always seems to make people wonder whether Tomoe Hiratori is actually a girl. Tomoe is a healthy girl, though one case of viral pneumonia that seemed to go almost right after it started. Only visited by the common cold, flu, fever, and upset stomachs every once in a while. A habit that Tomoe has always had, different then the common stuff, was to pick at her skin when nervous. Due to this, there are permanent scars dug into there. They are small but evident, as they appear all over her arms, only noticeable if you were say, five inches away. Now, this has still sufficed but now there is also a tendency to pick or bite her nails. So, they always seem to be flat, without a manicure, but still a speck of dirt once in a while. Birthmarks, or are they Freckles, many people ask that very same question. And actually, all of them are freckles. With Morgan’s tendency to be lying in the sun, an army of them is slowly conquering.

Tomoe’s features are not what you would call vibrant. They appear as what people consider normal; Tomoe has never received any degrading of mean comments from other people because of her freckles, hair, skin, or anything else, though no positive comments either. One odd thing about Tomoe’s nearly normal features that she is outcasted for is that she has Heterchromiac. Her left eye is a shade of hazel and coffee, while her right eye is hazel. Also, Morgan has a minor case of retina deterioration, making it a small bit blurry in her right eye. Tomoe’s hair is that of Brunette. Though, more of a coffee tone to it, with slightly golden blonde highlights. Tomoe was aiming for a ‘cute’ look, as it rests upon her shoulders and covers her chest. Her shiny glint and soft texture is due to massive amounts of conditioner used in the shower. The shape of Tomoe’s scalp is a perfect line, while her hair is also equally parted.

Tomoe stresses over personal hygiene. She has never had a proper time in the bathroom, meaning never a time to go in there and pamper herself. Though she wouldn’t. A practically symmetrical face, if you had folded a picture of Tomoe, they would look almost exactly the same. Except for her eyes, and her different placing of freckles and birthmarks. Both ears are open-lobed, and pierced. She has tiny nickel-free earrings that are with small pearl gems imbedded in the silver rings. Also, there is a small bump on her nose, which was caused by tripping over a rock on the way to a restaurant, and falling head first into a wooden fence. The only hygiene Tomoe has never heard about is dental. She has almost never brushed, and her teeth are almost a rancid yellow, also, they are very crooked.

Tomoe Hiratori’s nationality looks principally Germanic; though she’s not. Her skin complexion is that of a slightly tan Caucasian, with a pale gleam to it. She has low tolerance to the cold, and her body would heat up in physical activity. Her skin has a warming touch to it. Tomoe’s skin is anything but fragile, and she won’t obsess over a broken nail. Tomoe regularly gets acne, though she hasn’t bothered to treat it.

Donning the fake name “Tomoyo Inari,” Tomoe’s clothing preferences in her human form are naturally fit for the bandwagon. Nothing out of the ordinary of anything like that. Tomoe is not one to start a trend. Besides the school uniform for her high school, you can find Tomoe with basic long jeans, khaki shorts, and anything else a teenage girl can get her hands on. You will usually see Tomoe with her blue denim jeans that are worn and slight sun faded. Tomoe’s jeans are more then loose for her. Making them seem like too-big bellbottoms. Never worrying about a belt or anything else similar to hold them up, Tomoe can regularly keep them on, without losing them, you know.

Her upper apparel include many different T-shirts and blouses. Other then the beige-colored, woven vest that she wears as her uniform, with the logo at the center-right, Tomoe likes more vibrant, or more darker colors, both she likes. Most of her T-shirts have different logos on them or slogans from famous script writes. One of Tomoe’s favorite blouses is her has a cascade of colors, from a pale blue to a pale violet. As for footwear, she wears the typical dress shoes as her uniform, a few sandals and flip-flops, though she mostly wears her pale pink colored sneakers.

In her minor mask form, Tomoe’s eyes turn to a ink black color, all you would see is darkness, except for the rancid color of her teeth in a minor pupil. And so, her teeth become sharper, and more grosser. Her hollow mask is broken apart to her left forehead area, where only half of the mask is visible. As if it has broken off from her full face a little, so she is not in her full mask form yet, and not that close to it.

In her full mask form, Tomoe’s mask is a pure white color, with cascades of reds and blacks all over her mask. Three claws on each side reach out to her ears as if they are holding the mask and Tomoe together. A pattern of crimson that is similar to war paint is ‘painted’ on each side of Tomoe’s cheeks. The teeth on her mask are just as crooked and rancid as Tomoe’s real teeth. As so, they are crooked and the same yellow as her teeth, the teeth only take up a small part of the mask, as they are actual-size. Most of Tomoe’s mask is fit to have colors of crimson and blacks and other more important aspects. The eye slits in Tomoe’s mask as queerly large, and in the eyes, there is nothingness. Not even a speck of yellow, like Tomoe’s pupils.

Tomoe’s clothing preferences in her mask form fit the black and white criteria of the shinigami’s. She wears black tights with white polka dots bunched onto them, with white sandals that are a bit to big for Tomoe. Her attire consists of a shirt with one black sleeve, and no sleeve on the left arm. The shirt is buckled with belts made from the finest of iron, and weigh about 20 pounds each, whereas Tomoe has four of them. A black loner glove covers Tomoe’s left arm, where there is no sleeve, it reaches up to Tomoe’s mid wrist. The main color of Tomoe’s shirt is black all over, with specks of dirt and chalk. As her lower attire, Tomoe has a pure white skirt that reaches very shortly, and so, Tomoe is completely comfortable in the skirt as well. Tomoe’s nails become sharper, though still short, and looks like they are coated with white polish.

History: Soon.

Personality: Tomoe is just as hotheaded as everyone else is. Her temper can be easily broken and she would cause a straight-on riot. Steaming mad, mad, just angry, Tomoe’s emotions always seem to be one of these. She is constantly pushing herself to her physical limits and indeed that of the city's. Headstrong, courageous and plucky, Tomoe is very energetic and enthusiastic, always on his feet (or bouncing on the balls of them) and this seemingly boundless energy is quite contagious. Most of Tomoe's friends, after spending a good hour with her or so, will soon be looking at things with her view; that the world and all its contents are just one big playground. And whenever questioned about what she does and why she does it, she can prove to be quite irritable, often snapping: "Because I can! What more do you want from me?!" For some odd reason, possibly grandeur related, Tomoe is quite stubborn and does not like to be questioned on her decisions. It's either her way or the high way, for lack of better words. This has proven to be her downfall on more than one occasion, but she constantly gets back up. There's seldom anything stopping her.

Another quality most know about would be her sarcasm, always gently teasing others or putting them rather roughly back into the real world. If that doesn't keep everyone at a distance her impatience most likely will. It will most likely come from either her current company being obnoxious, arrogant, or stupid. It would be a surprise if those three qualities didn't irritate her though during a battle she'll become more taunting if it does, feeding of the infuriation of her opponent to fuel her own anger, especially if they're sexist.

Tomoe isn’t particularly one to speak up in a crowd, unless she has something important to say. However, her idea of “important” isn’t normally the same as everyone else’s. Her personality is full of tomboyish quirks, such as an extreme love for the outdoors. She finds it fun to explore and search out any artifacts that may be of use, hoping that one of them might actually be worth something to her training or to the battle at hand. But besides that, her biggest and most noticeable quirk is the strong belief that she is actually a male stuck in a female human’s body. She denies that she’s a girl at times, and she’ll probably never accept that she actually is female.

Tomoe has often been described in one very, very simple word: INSANE Youdon’twanttogetnearherknowhertalktoherlookathe rorshemightposionyou! Okay, that’s two, but still. At least, that’s what the guys usually commune to each other when one of them announces that Tomoe’s pretty, implying that they might want to romantically pursue her. And yeah, she’s just a wee bit insane in most light. Impish and optimistic, Tomoe is a reincarnation of these two words. She’s sly, knavish and will usually order people around using this prodigious ability of hers. Tomoe teases and makes people think less of their selves, while her frequency of sarcastic remarks will only make the first-impression of her worse. Tomoe is one of those people that can turn the world upside-down with a small hint of a smile, grin, smirk, or just her lips turned upward in a happy position. She's blindly optimistic and never takes a chance to make the scenario more clement, sunnier.

She acts like a child actually, innocent and with a grand field of imagination. Some say she’s really six, but a brewery of hers went wrong and aged her to her current looks. Sadly, a lot actually would believe that rumor, at least, if they know her. She’s impossibly cheerful and condones this fact by consulting with her shoulder puppet, the ornament cat she’d carved herself, using strings and a falsetto voice to make the cat lively (or, otherwise, she simply communicates with imagination, where she believes the cat is talking to her.) Tomoe has dubbed the cat, Mr. Gato. She has this impeccable liking for animals and such, wanting to catch many they see, and tends to name them silly, unrelated titles. You could say that if she looks at one of your pets… you should hide it. Immediately, for its animal senses will shiver out of proportion and the animal even knows to run. Actually, that holds true to anything the girl likes. She’s like this mirthless antique of a unique child preserved in a teenager’s body.

Zanpakuto: Fureasei [Flare Star] -- In it's sealed form, Fureasei looks like an ordinary katana, wrapped in a simple katana sheath and looking simple. The katana though, is a bit thinner and taller then most katanas. The metal or steel used to make is portrayed as very hard and sturdy, surely not to break if something like cats and dogs rained down on it. And, if someone were to step on it or something, it wouldn't shatter into a million pieces. Though overall, Fureasei in its sealed form looks like a normal katana.

It's incantation for it's initial release it "Ignite to the galaxy! Fureasei!" And the thin, steel katana has changed to a scythe-like weapon with two blades sticking out. And so, the blades of Fureasei are very sharp, which has become so that whenever in even small contact, it may even cut someone severely. Well, maybe. Fureasei's special abilities are that first, Tomoe can make small little projectiles, that may hardly be seen from the human eye. When seen closer, they are small pieces of flammable steel. On Tomoe's indication, she can make those tiny pieces blast of into heaps of fire, lighting, water...oh wait, just fire. You see, Tomoe's zanpakuto isn't that strong, she just controls the fire part. The detail on the scythe is amazing, the blast of crimsons, scarletts, and many other shades of red make Fureasei pop out. While the handle part is made of bronze with many rusty spots on it. Fureasei is connected on a chain to Tomoe's hip, while the chain has also become rusty through out the years of Tomoe leading it. Fureasei's true form is actually a large dragon that is a European dragon that looks blood shot. It may be represented as 'only a baby' but, it is strong. It's coral-colored fins are scaly and hard. It can breathe fire, and is learning how to spit out life-threatening acid.
Kido: Soon.
Other: Soon.

May 21st, 2007, 7:59 PM
OBVIOUSLY under construction. XD

Name: Atsuishigure Shiori
Age: Appears 16
Gender: Female
Alliance: Soul Society

Shiori is a girl with dark green eyes and flaming red hair, standing at 5'4". Since Shiori was forced to abandon Soul Society, and vaizard are seemingly visible to all humans, she strays away from the standard, black and white Shinigami attire. Instead, she wears a white nightshirt that is visible from underneath a dim orange blouse that cuts down from her neck to just above her stomach, revealing whatever is on underneath in between the blouse's frilled edges. This is all accompanied by a jean skirt that is cut off just above her knees, which shows off black and white striped tights going up her legs and cutting off just before the skirt. She wears a pair of black boots with many buckles, and she wears a short, black baseball cap pointed slightly to the right overtop of her straight, flaming red hair that is tied into two ponytails by brown hair ties, and flows down to just before her knees. She also has two little belts wrapped around her right wrist, and one sitting on an angle over her blouse and skirt around her waist. Overall, her look is reminiscent to the Gothic Lolita style of clothing, though it is noticeable different.

When the Shinigami Research Institute was originally established by Kisuke Urahara, many dangerous and inhuman experiments were carried out under Urahara's orders. He, of course, came to regret these later on in his life, but that's beside the point. One of the experiments executed before Urahara's banishment from Soul Society involved the practice of combining the souls of a shinigami and a hollow. This, of course, was considered a taboo, so he executed it primarily by himself. The concept was actually quite similar to when Kurosaki Ichigo regained his shinigami powers. The subject was placed at the bottom of hole without their zanpakuto. What they DID have, however, was a nice little hollow companion eating away at their soul. If the subject was fully consumed by the hollow, they too would become a hollow. On the other hand, if they were determined and resourceful enough, there was a method of sealing the emerging hollow self within their soul. Once this was accomplished, the hollow was removed from the pit, leaving the subject to wage an inner battle with their new hollow self. If they succeeded, the theory was that they would have total control over the hollow powers. However, if they failed, it was known that the would be overtaken by the hollow within, and would have to be executed. The only one of the subjects that succeeded was Atsuishigure Shiori, a young shinigami girl who had been sentenced to death for the murder of her parents. She had not killed them of her own will, she had been possessed by a hollow that had infiltrated Soul Society, and the higher ups were aware of this. However, since the proof wasn't sufficient enough, she was still given the execution sentence. Urahara, however, saved her by getting her on board his experiment. Knowing the risk involved with keeping the new vaizard in Soul Society, he expelled Kiyone into the real world. When Urahara was banished from Soul Society himself, and records of the experiment were erased. Shiori, while angered by Soul Society for attempting to execute her, and at Urahara for turning her into some sort of unknown creature, she eventually turned to Urahara for aid in the real world from time to time, eventually forgiving those she hated. During her last meeting with Urahara, he informed her of the exploits of Kurosaki Ichigo, as well as news of the arrancar and other vaizard. In a series of catacombs underneath Karotaru City, she stumbled upon an arrancar, sealed within a barrier. Seeing it as an opportunity to learn a little about this new party, she destroyed the barrier, and placed an ancient seal on the arrancar's abilities, leaving it to serve her if it ever wants to regain its full power.

Shiori is a very rough individual with a positive exterior. She makes an attempt to always seem fine, even when shes injured, or more importantly, feeling bad. She locks her feelings up inside and tries to make them all non-existent, with the exclusion of a positive attitude. It's only when she becomes comfortable with people that she begins to show other sides of her personality. She has a very controlling side, especially in regards to Terguarr, since he had little choice but to follow her instruction. She likes to put down the ideas of other when she feels her own are superior, which of course leads to problems while working in groups. Because she is technically part hollow, her other half is buried deep within her, waiting for the perfect moment to take control with its dark and sinister thoughts. When confronted with a challenge, she opts herself to take it indefinitely, never backing down. As you can imagine, this is a personal burden she has to bear during battle, since she sometimes becomes so caught up that she can't tell when she's in over her head. In that sense, I suppose you could call her arrogant. Overall, Shiori is a good person with a good head on her shoulders. She values friendship above all else, and she is pretty easy to get along with if you can get past the arrogance and occasional violence.

Zanpakuto: Sebenhitofuki [Seven Gusts] - While sealed, Sebenhitofuki remains in the state of a thin katana, primarily used for stabbing, although Shiori can manipulate it's size. The incantation relayed for it's initial release is as follows: "Seven winds from hell! Sebenhitofuki!" While in it's initial release, the zanpakuto takes the form of an oversized, traditional Japanese fan, with a red edge and black interior. It can open and close, and while in it's closed state it can be used as a blade, since it is fairly sharp. Because its well, a fan thats roughly four feet tall, it can obviously create wind. Most of the attacks in this state rely on its closed state however, with the exception of Fainaru Furaito (Final Flight), which involves the creation of a gust of wind that shines like a rainbow, and sends the opponent flying along with tiny shards of ice. Sebenhitofuki has a bankai, but Shiori hasn't had access to the ability since becoming a vaizard. Urahara hinted at there being a way for her to regain it, but he never said anything specific.

Kido (Demon Arts): Other than cero blasts, which is a hollow attack, she doesn't rely on kido.

Name: Rey Caído
Age: Unknown; Appears to be in his late teens
Gender: Male
Alliance: Whichever side Kiyone is on.
Artificial or Natural?: Artifical (Privaron Class)

Rey Caído, like most humanoid arrancar, sports the standard coloured clothing of those arrancar existing in Aizen's army. He is quite tall, standing at 6'2", and while he isn't bone thin, he's just about there. His skin a milky white. His arrancar uniform is styled to fit his own style, as it is made baggy to make him look larger, and it possesses a large hood that he tends to hide his face in. Rey Caído has long, raven black hair that flows down to his back, and his eyes resemble that of a dead man, dark and void of life. On his right side, a scabbard with a zanpakuto is held on by a black sash that wraps all the way around his waist. All that remains of his mask a small piece that just sits above his nose, between his eyes, with a large white horn with a red tip portruding putwards.

Rey Caído was one of the first few arrancar created by Aizen through the use of his hougyoku. As such, he was promoted to Espada, only to soon after, be thrown into Tres Cifras with the Privaron because he was not as strong as some of the others, and because of his attitude towards Aizen's goals. Even the Privaron did not accept him, however, for he was created artificially, making him the reason the Privaron were cast aside in the first place. They were quick to banish him to the human world, sealing him beneath a city. One day, however, a vaizard girl found him and released his seal. He decided he would serve her, but only until he had exacted his revenge upon the Privaron.

Rey Caído, like most of Aizen's earlier works, is imperfect. He is not considered imperfect due to his abilities, nor his appearance, but for his attitude. Despite originally being a hollow,
Rey Caído does not believe in Aizen's ideals, and he was tossed aside because of this reason. He had no intention of following Aizen's desires to overthrow the king of Soul Society, nor was he swayed by the incentives provided. Rey Caído talks very little, and when he does, it will most likely send chills down your spine. He has that tone of voice, and the way he speaks adds to the effect, and thus he sounds terribly creepy. He is very pessimistic, yet loyal to those he deems worthy enough to serve. In that respect, he's like a cute little puppy... that could bite off your head, and grind your skull between it's teeth. He, like most arrancar, is very bitter to a specific group. In his case, he despises the Privaron for having him exiled from Tres Cifras.

Rey Caído's zanpakuto is named Vacíe el Alma, and responds to the trigger "Llegue a ser repleto!". When released, large white spikes form on each of Rey's shoulder, three larger ones down his back, three on each arms, and his hands become thick and sharp. In addition to this, he feet take on a razor sharp appearance, and he has the spikes shooting up his legs.

Shinigami x 2
Name: Yokoai Akemi
Age: 155
Gender: Female

Soul Society- Akemi wears her Shinigami garments in an unusual fashion; much like a yukata-style kimono (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yukata). It appears to be similar to a black yukata aside from the lower portion. The area around the legs is much wider, allowing for better mobility while running. White stockings also climb up her legs. The obi (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Obi_%28sash%29) is made of white fabric, and ties into a white bow around her back. She generally wears her straight, white hair in a ponytail that flows halfway down her back, and her eyes are a shade of white that appears almost grey. Thus, the pupils stand out the most on her eyes. On the top, right side of her head, Akemi has a cherry blossom that never seems to wither, and hasn't even shown signs of doing so during the last 155 years of her life. She is fairly tall, only standing at about 5'8", and she seemingly has a very frail build. Looks aside, she isn't frail at all. On her feet, she wears a standard pair of geta (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Geta_%28footwear%29). Akemi keeps her zanpakutou, Tentougokuin, in an ordinary scabbard on the left side of her body; opposite from her dominant hand. The hilt of Tentougoukin stands out on her black clothing, as it is pure white.

Human World- Akemi's gigai takes on a form similar to her own. The most noticable differences at the differences in colouring. Her eyes take on a dark shade of blue, and her hair recieves a blonde colour to it. Her hair also changes from straight to wavy, but she keeps the cherry blossom on her head, however. She generally wears a pair of white pants along with an ordinary white blouse while in her gigai, a pair of white running shoes accompanying them. She also wears a silver necklace with a charm in the form of a cross.

History: Akemi was born and abandoned in Rukongai 79 along with her twin brother, Kuro. Here they were found by an elderly man whom of which they grew to call "father." While they grew up in Rukongai 79, they were strongly influenced by stories about Seireitei and those who resided there. Shinigami, Captains, Lieutenants, they heard all of the storied. They were primarily influenced by the stories of Yachiru Kusajishi, the Lieutenant of the 11th Division. Apparently, after she was found by Kenpachi Zaraki and Kenpachi defeated the Captain of the 11th Division and took his place, many stories had reached out to Rukongai 79. Together, Akemi and Kuro trained to be Shinigami themselves with the help of the man they called father. They eventually enrolled in the Shinigami Academy, where they learned the basics of being a Shinigami of the Gotei 13. Here they made many friends, and were quite popular due to the fact that they were an oddity. Twin Shinigami were a rare sight indeed. When they finally learned the names of their Zanpakutou, their appearances changed. Akemi's hair and eyes turned white, and Kuro's turned black. They were still obviously twins, but at the same time, they felt distant from what they were before. In the end, they graduated with flying colours, and took the 19th and 20th seats in the 11th Division recently. They finally got to meet their idol, and even got to serve under her. Unfortunately, they also got cursed with nicknames from the childish Lieutenant...

Personality: Akemi is by far, the most naive of the twins. If it wasn't for Kuro being with her almost constantly, chances are she'd be conned out of all of her money, or even worse in some cases. Although she is naive, she is also the most persistant of the two. When she has an idea in her head that she believes in strong enough, she'll stop at nothing to make those thoughts reality. For example, if not for her, Kuro would have given up on becoming a Shinigami just before they entered the Academy. Her appearance and attitude may make her seem like a pushover at times, but she is far from that. During combat, she shows no mercy, and can sometimes go out of control when provoked enough. Only when provoked, however, does she reveal her true capabilities. She is very kind, and easy to make friends with. Of course, her bond with Kuro is very strong, and she gets very jealous when he is hanging around with other girls. She feels its her duty to protect him from basically... everything. Despite everything, her emotions are very frail, and it doesn't take much to make her upset.

Zanpakutou: Tentougokuin [Heaven's Seal]- Tentougokuin's sealed form is like that of most zanpakutou. It is basically just a katana inside of a scabbard. The only notable difference is the white hilt it posesses. The incantation for its initial release is "Bring down infinite judgment! Tentougokuin!" While in its initial release, Tentougokuin takes on the form of a thin white blade (in a similar style to Ichigo Kurosaki's Zangetsu during bankai) bound to a white staff with white chains. She holds the blade in her right hand, and the staff in her left, the chain usually spanning either behind her back, or in front of her chest. Since her weapons aren't as heavy as most, she is faster than most, but she is still easily outrun by quite a few people. Tentougokuin's special ability allows the creation of imperfect illusions using light during combat. Imperfect in the sense that there are often things wrong with the illusions that allow for opponents to see through them. Tentougokuin's true form is a pure white elk with a glowing white orb in between its horns.

Kidou (Demon Arts):
Name: Aotenohira
Effect: A relatively advanced healing technique that can reach from an average distance. Healing is general and not specialized, and therefore not as effective as specialized techniques for specific wounds. As the distance increases, however, the efficiency of Aotenohira decreases.
Incantation: Though from great distance, let great pain be healed by the kindness in my hand... Demon Art, Aotenohira!

Name: Clef Blanc
Effect: Chanting the incantation, a large blanket of white, shimmering substance is cast. It hovers above the user at around fifty feet, usually covering a greater area, but can be resized. As light filters through the substance, it acts as a catalyst and turns the light into a healing rain that will affect the user and all allies within the range of the blanket. Potent to heal all minor wounds, moderately deep slashes and close even the deepest of wounds, though not really healing the latter. Will wash away any poison and rejuvenates the muscles and mind, removing fatigue. Works for two minutes before fading, and all objects subject to healing may move freely while the spell is in effect. This kidou takes a great amount of Akemi's power, and is only used as a last resort.
Incantation: A gift from the skies, the soft touch of Divinity in a realm of filth and impurity. Chastity and charity, let the soothing rain fall from the Heavens and calm the storm, taming the beast. How I wish. Shine your light, Demon Art, Clef Blanc!

Name: Yokoai Kuro
Age: 155
Gender: Male

Soul Society- Standing at the same height as Akemi, Kuro takes on a much darker look in comparison to his female counterpart. He wears his Shinigami garments much like a hooded robe that flows down to just above his knees, with a seperate piece of the same outfit in a style similar to a very baggy pair of black pants. He wears the white sash that most Shinigami wear around their waists on his forehead, allowing his black hair to slip over it. His hair is shoulderlength with long bangs, and his eyes as black as night, which often has him mistaken for being blind. When the situation warrants it, Kuro may remove his robe to reveal a black muscle shirt along with his muscular build underneath. He also wears standard wooden sandals like most Shinigami. Kuro has his right ear pierced, in which he keeps a gold earring. He also wears a pair of black sunglasses over the sash on his forehead during the times he isn't wear the glasses. Like Akemi, he has his Zanpakutou in a scabbard on the left side of his body.

Human World- While in the real world, the only physical features that alter are his hair and eye colour. His hair turns blonde, and his eyes turn blue like Akemi's do in her gigai. This gives them a sense of being perfect twins again, a feeling they once lost. He wears a pair of dark blue jeans, as well as a black hoodie, a black muscle shirt underneath it much like the one under his robe. He wears a pair of black running shoes with white socks, and he still wears his earring in his right ear.

History: See Akemi's history above.

Personality: Since he is easily embarassed, Kuro is a lot less bubbly than Akemi, and a lot quieter as well. He doesn't like being with large groups, which tends to cause issues since Akemi loves to be with with, and they are almost always together. He isn't as overprotective of her as she is of him, although he is constantly looking out for her since she has a tendancy to wind up in trouble. Kuro himself is not entirely perfect in that respect, either. He still has issues with some things he preformed in Rukongai 79, such as pilfering minor items like food and ocassionally pricier. He generally keeps personal matters and opinions between Akemi and himself, since he'd rather not have people worrying about him, even though Akemi generally acts as a mediator and tells others anyways. When it comes to fighting, Kuro is far from enthusiastic. Despite the fact that he was trained specifically for that reason, he is still pained with memories from their past; memories Akemi isn't even aware of.

Zanpakutou: Narakugokuin [Hell's Seal]- In it's sealed form, Narakugokuin takes the form of a normal katana in all respects. The incantation for the initial release is as follows: "Trample the Holy grounds and consume all impurities! Narakugokuin!" Narakugokuin's appearance during initial release is that of a large (about 2 meters long), thick, black blade that is in the shape of a zigzig, with a strip of dark purple zigzaging down the center of both sides of the blade. It lacks a crossguard. Narakugokuin's ability allows Kuro to launch blades of darkness from shadows as a suprise attack. Narakugokuin's true for is that of a large shadow bat, a ball of black energy in it talons.

Name: Break of Dusk
Effect: Shrouds an area in low-visibility darkness
Incantation: Blacken the night deeper, o watcher of life. Veil, hide, cast away your foolish pride. Demon Art, Break of Dusk.

Jack O'Neill
May 25th, 2007, 11:06 PM

Name: Sarah Kuwashima

Age: Unknown; appears 20-24

Gender: Female

Alliance: Soul Society


Human: While masquerading as a regular human, Sarah Kuwashima takes on the general appearance of an young woman of Southeast Asian descent; despite her Japanese surname, she could easily pass for Filipino or Vietnamese (among other nationalities). She is 5'8" and 130 lbs, with piercing amethyst-coloured eyes, a slightly tan complexion, a thinly-built frame, and a 36" bust; her jet-black hair drops down to her shoulders, with long bangs framing her face. Even she is obviously not of high-school age, Sarah insists on wearing a somewhat modified schoolgirl uniform as her daily attire; this outfit is composed of a long-sleeved white blouse with rolled-up sleeves, a navy blue and scarlet tie, a navy blue pleated miniskirt, knee-high black socks, and a pair of black low-cut Converse Chuck Taylor All-Stars [see here (http://img257.imageshack.us/img257/9615/1178260902312pn4.jpg)]. She carries a SIG-Sauer P226 (http://world.guns.ru/handguns/hg09-e.htm) chambered in .40 S&W in a belt holster at all times.

Shinigami: Sarah's true appearance as a shinigami/Soul Reaper is identical with her human appearance, with the sole exception of her outfit. Her combat attire is the standard-issue battle dress uniform of the Japan Ground Self-Defense Force [see reference pics here (http://img504.imageshack.us/img504/2859/1173899630694fu8.jpg) and here (http://img407.imageshack.us/img407/3751/1174366862455hk7.jpg)], albeit with a few modifications; she wears various American-issue skill badges (Combat Infantry (http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/d/d3/CombatInfantry.gif), Master Explosive Ordinance Disposal (http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/d/df/EODbadge.jpg), Master Parachutist [with three service stars] (http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/8/87/MasterBadge3Jumps.gif), Military Freefall (http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/8/84/FreefallBadgeArmy.gif), and Air Assault (http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/b/b0/AirAssault.gif)) and tabs (President's Hundred (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/President%27s_Hundred_Tab), Ranger (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ranger_Tab), and Sapper (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sapper_Tab)), along with either a Philippine, Singaporean, South Korean, Taiwanese, or Vietnamese flag patch. On rare occasions, Sarah wears her own personal variation on the standard shinigami uniform, which is so radically different from the baseline uniform so as to be considered a different outfit altogether. She has omitted the hakama entirely; replaced the undershirt, socks, and sandals with a dark grey leotard, black stockings, and black leather knee-high, high-heeled boots; extensively modified the kimono and sash to look more Western in appearance; and added a plain black balmoral bonnet and a scarlet scarf. Consequently, the resulting outfit bears an odd resemblance to the attire of Caren Ortensia (http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/8/89/MagdalaCaren.jpg) from Fate/hollow ataraxia. Regardless of her outfit, she retains her P226 and carries her zanpakuto slung over her shoulders.

History: Sarah Kuwashima's past history is similar to those of Rukia Kuchiki, Renji Abarai, and Kenpachi Zaraki in that they all hail from the outer districts of Rukongai. In Sarah's case, she was born in the 79th district; her parents, Toshiro and Momo (any coincidence their names may have with those of Toshiro Hitsugaya and Momo Hinamori is purely coincidental), died when she was only a year old; she was found by a young shinigami named Yuri and his wife Tara, who resolved to raise the child as if she was their own. When Sarah came of age, she was given a unique present brought over by Yuri after a brief trip to the real world: a modified M1D Garand sniper rifle (http://world.guns.ru/rifle/rfl05-e.htm) with a permanently-attached bayonet. After spending a brief stint as a vigilante alongside her surrogate family, Sarah discovered that she wield spiritual powers; shortly after this discovery, she then attempted to seek admission into the shinigami academy by any means possible, finally doing so after single-handedly defeating five junior officers of the 11th Division using only her rifle and her bare hands. While in the academy, Sarah excelled in all fields of study except for swordsmanship (she proved incapable of wielding any bladed weapon larger than a standard wakizashi or similar short sword); after graduation, she attempted to establish a marksmanship school, only to realize that no other shinigami shared her interest in firearms.

Now a full-fledged shinigami, Sarah found a position as the 20th seat of the 12th Division, where she served as a development officer at the research institute under Mayuri Kurotsuchi. During her time at the research institute, she managed to achieve the final release of her zanpakuto over a period of six weeks by using a downgraded copy of Kisuke Urahara's original tenshintai (and nearly dying twice during the process); among other accomplishments, she also crafted a gigai to her own unique specifications from scratch and created a custom batch of Soul Candy for her own use (replete with a dispenser made from an empty Browning Hi-Power magazine). One year prior to the start of events in the main Bleach storyline, Sarah was stripped of her position as 20th seat and expelled from the research institute for reasons that are currently unknown, even to her; one of her primary motivations these days is finding out the exact reason behind her dismissal.

Personality: Sarah is generally a diligent, determined, soft-spoken, compassionate, and personable intellectual with strong convictions, limitless energy and curiosity, a rich imagination, and a well-defined code of ethics. Above all else, she values quickness and efficiency. If there's a task to be performed, Sarah will try and find a way to accomplish it as swiftly as possible, without any heed for the consequences; likewise, if a situation presents itself, she would rather act quickly and resolve it than wait around for orders. Sarah does not value obedience highly; she is perfectly willing to break rules and disobey orders if she believes that such insubordination is for the greater good.

Zanpakuto: Arashi no Shofu [rough translation: "Storm Rifle"] -- Arashi no Shofu is relatively unusual among zanpakuto in that it is always released; its released form is also unusual in that it takes the form of a modified Lee-Enfield bolt-action rifle (more specifically, an Ishapore 2A1 (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rifle_7.62mm_2A1)) with a scope and sword bayonet. Arashi no Shofu's final release is similar in concept to that of Ichigo Kurosaki's Zangetsu in that it is a compression of its wielder's spiritual powers instead of an expansion; more specifically, it takes the form of a slightly modified Heckler & Koch G3 (http://world.guns.ru/assault/as12-e.htm) battle rifle with a scope, knife bayonet, and HK79 (http://world.guns.ru/grenade/gl09-e.htm) grenade launcher. Arashi no Shofu's true form is that of a gaunt, stern-looking, large-breasted, short-haired Caucasian woman in her mid-twenties clad in a white United States Navy uniform; oddly enough, she has the exact same hair and eye colour as Sarah.

Unlike the firearms on which it is based, Arashi no Shofu is incapable of firing actual 7.62x51 NATO rounds; its "ammunition" is spiritual energy, which it discharges in the form of energy blasts in a manner similar to Momo Hinamori's Tobiume. These blasts have penetration and explosive capabilities similar to that of an AT4 (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AT4) anti-tank rocket, able to penetrate up to 600 mm of rolled homogeneous armour (to say nothing of the flesh of a Hollow). In its initial release, Arashi no Shofu's bolt must be pulled after each energy blast, just as with an actual Lee-Enfield rifle firing live ammo. In its final release, Arashi no Shofu is capable of semi-auto, three-round burst, or full-auto fire; since it does not fire actual ammo, there is no recoil, thus making full-auto a practical proposition when battling Hollows, Bounts, and shinigami. In addition, the attached HK79 grenade launcher made available as part of the bankai can fire enhanced energy blasts with destructive capability comparable to an SMAW (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shoulder-Launched_Multipurpose_Assault_Weapon) thermobaric warhead or RPO-A Shmel (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RPO-A_Shmel_%28Bumblebee%29) rocket; depending on the desired effect, these blasts can either create a massive firestorm or collapse an entire building with a few well-placed shots. In both releases, Arashi no Shofu's bayonet is detachable and can be used as a ballistic knife.

Kido (Demon Arts):

Name: Geek Stink Breath
Effect: Emits a cloud of caustic, foul-smelling gas in a preset radius around the caster. This gas has different effects on different individuals; it behaves as a powerful riot control agent against spiritually-aware humans, a moderately effective blister agent against Bounts, shinigami, and arrancar, and a highly lethal nerve agent against normal Hollows.
Incantation: I'm on a mission, I made my decision to lead a path of self-destruction. I'm on a roll, no self-control, don't know what I want, that's all I've got. Demon Art, Geek Stink Breath!

Other: Sarah has only a limited knowledge of the Japanese language; she is capable of reading and writing only hiragana and katakana and can only speak a few simple (often gramatically incorrect) phrases. How she's been able to survive in Japan without knowing the language is anyone's guess. Oddly enough, she is semi-fluent and semi-literate in several other Asian languages (namely Korean, Malay, Tagalog, and Vietnamese). She insists on calling herself a Soul Reaper instead of a shinigami, her reason being that many non-Japanese wouldn't know what a shinigami is.

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Sorry for the delay. I'm getting into the last month of school, so I'm getting homework slammed. Anyways, I should have my signups done by tomorrow night. I know Jyukai is away for the next two weeks, so she wants to keep her character out until she gets back. If all goes well, I should have this started by Tuesday at the latest.

Jack: I know I should have been expecting that signup. Anyways, if you insist on using guns for a zanpakuto release, I don't want you using real ammo at all. What you have basically defeats the purpose of what a zanpakuto is meant for. If you can do that for me, I'll accept you.

Mikuru: Loooong. Once you get History up, accepted.

June 1st, 2007, 3:12 PM

Name: Kisa Takuto

Age: 24

Gender: Male

Alliance: Soul Society

Appearance: Has hair that looks like Tatsuki's (for those who don't know, it's a girl in Bleach, and sorry I really have no talent for discribing appearances =x), but less energic and stretches lower down his face. Tall at 5'12, with average body mass & shape, and wears standard shinigami 11th Squad outfit.

Hollow mask is just a simple face mask without any blacklines on it.

Misagou has is a beautiful young-looking girl with long blonde hair that stretches down past her entire body. 5'4 tall, bright red eyes. She wears a mysterious cyber patch on her right eye. Her clothing is a simple, short, patternless white dress and tan-top.

When in bankai or final release form, Takuto does not have Misagou's girly clothing on him but a classy white suit with twin small oval-shaped holes on his back, from which white wings that are capable of stretching up to 20 meters shoot out.

History: Initial release and hollow mask obtained at age 19 in Karakara Town. Entered Soul Society at age 20, then proceed to join the 11th squad as 4th seat in the same year. Final release obtained at age 23.

Personality: Always focused on gaining power and thinking up methods of assinating the enemy. The person he admires the most is Zaraki Kenpachi. And, as of now, he has no specific opponent. His wish is not to defeat somebody but to simply possess a legendary capacity and control over battles. Any worthy opponent with equal power is good enough to 'have some fun' with. He likes taking part in revenge, random killing intentions, not for its own sake but for the fun activity of cutting down opponents and growing more powers. He does not like killing his opponents or dying himself as it is no fun and too easy. It is a personal shame for Takuto to ever hit vital points, unless ordered to by his superiors.

Because he dislikes the idea of not hiding behind Zaraki Kenpachi's attitude, he, like Madarame Ikakku, hides his final release. For the same reason he has been unable to train much with his final release, and is only capable of a shred of Misagou's container.

Zanpakuto: Designed for long-range combat and close-range assassination. A 5 ft long, 3 cm wide sword, flashes silver, bends backwards, attached to his back with a sheath made of the same spirit energy. "Flash" to command and release.

Initial release: Misagou. Enlargens to 6' long, 5 cm wide sword, bent back. Fires a disintegrating orange-colored energy wave. Capable of dimension-reversing which teleports Takuto to a previous location when in a pinch.

Final Release: Tenshi Misagou. Sword turns red, straightens out, and becomes a 4'5 long, 4 cm wide red-colored sword. Gigantic wings stretching up to 50 ft attaches to his back, acting as extra arms for combat. Uniform changes to an arrancer-like white uniform. Takuto gains power, speed, and huge defensive abilities. Gains the ability to form temporary clones of equal strength to fight with him as well. Currently Takuto cannot maintain the released form for more then a minute and a half at a time.

Kido (Demon Arts): None.

Other: Takuto's strongest source of power is not his hollow mask but his legendary soul slayer, the Misagou. Its reiatsu in final release is only short of the strongest couple of Zanpakutohs in Soul Society. Kisa Takuto suspects Misagou's reiatsu is only shorter of General Yamamoto's soul slayer. However, that didn't not mean Misagou had the second strongest destructive powers in Soul Society, as the main purpose of Misagou's power is not its offensive but its defensive ability. His inner hollow is not as impressive, being at best an Adjuchas-level if not mere Gillian level.

Artemis Enzeru
June 9th, 2007, 2:27 PM
Name: Nikolai L.Wolke
Age:Impossible to confirm. However,in terms of appearence he appears to be in mid-twenties.
Alliance:Soul Society
Artificial or Natural:Natural

Appearance: A gaunt, towering man, Nikolai stands over 6 feet in height. The hole retained from his hollow form is on the side of his neck.He wears a silk black dress shirt open over a red t- shirt, with khaki slacks and polished dress shoes. His hands are covered by gloves similar to Edward Elric,albeit completely black in colouration. The remnants of the hollow mask have twisted into a short circle around his left eye and his hair is slightly overgrown to the point where twisted bangs cover his eyebrows on the front and ears on the side, curling backwards at the base of his neck.It's already starting to grey, but still retains a dirty blonde colour in certain places. His eyes remain permanently bloodshot, the red veins tracing patterns over his ice-blue colored eyes. His attire is the same in the human world as the Seretei, minus the hollow remnant around his eye.

History: Nikolai, after going through the standard trials that all Arrancar go through,had merely resolved himself to remain out of the conflicts that revolve around him. The current events that have unfolded around him(the events that have led up to the RPG) have led him to at least make an attempt to interfere,as the Privaron's destruction of the hospital dwelling have digusted him to no end, as well as the Shinigami leading it. He holds both races in contempt, particuarly his fellow Arrancar brethren for being so weak to heel to a Shinigami;artifical or not.

Personality:. His social conduct is less than mediocre, as he often stumbles on what he was going to say or goes silent altogether. His words are never wasted however, and he's extremely intelligent in the point where he can decipher hidden meanings behind events or words that no one else can at times, and possesses a sense of wit and cunning that if combined with his dry, sarcastic sense of humour, can offend people to no end.

Release:The release of Nikolai's zanpakutoh is quite unique, in that it gives him the appearence of a seraphim.The wings that appear fragile, but a glistening white-blue color that dazzles the viewer in a glance, can be used for either offense or defense. The feathers that emerge from the wings are a sharp as a blade of tempered steel, and can rip an unwary enemy to pieces before they even knew what came in contact with their constitution. As for the zanpakutoh itself, it does not take the form of the traditional japanese katana, but rather a fencing sabre with a polished blade of steel,completely with handguard. The blade allows for quick movement and thrusts, and Nikolai prefers to keep the rapier in a sheath that appears to be covered with an elegant black-laquer material.

June 13th, 2007, 8:22 AM

Name: Ginsuke Tōya
Age: He appears to be 14, but his age isn't certain as nobody has kept count.
Gender: Male

Alliance: Freelance

Appearance: Shinigami: Tōya is known for having constantly widened, silvery blue eyes. His hair, which is a darker shade of blue, is slicked back, while two white strands of hair covering his left eye. He has a slender build, slightly small for his age. Wearing the usual black and white kimono/hakama, Tōya's sleeves are visibly ripped off, and the fold over his chest loose and open. The thin white obi tied around his waist is knotted on his right hip, and the hakama's legs reach only to his mid-shins. On his feet and legs are a pair of black socks and the usual zori sandals. His zanpakuto is usually found strapped vertically up and down his back, the hilt black and white while the guard is black, shaped like an eight-pointed star.

Human: Tōya is known to have two gigai's, one he was designated to use in the 11th division. He keeps the soul candy Alfred in his other gigai when he's not using it, and Alfred is normally confined to the apartment Tōya lives in. The gigai Tōya uses most frequently in the human world is the one that almost completely surpresses his reiatsu, leaving on the tiniest trace. This gigai has dark black hair and matching black eyes. It's hair is messy and covers most of his eyes with it's long fringe. It's face is seemingly always plastered with a fearful look, and is usually found wearing the black winter school uniform of the school Tōya attends, with gold colored buttons down the chest and a stiff turtleneck. The gigai that Alfred is normally inside is an exact replica of Tōya's normal appearance in soul society, save for a few wardrobe changes. He is usually wearing a pair of dark denim slim fit jeans that are just a tad too long, mostly covered by a loose white tank top that drapes over his mid-section. A pair of black and white puma's are usually discarded in the corner of the apartment due to the fact that the floors, save for the kitchen and bathroom, are tatami mats, and Alfred is forbidden to leave the apartment. A long black skinny scarf that has two thin white stripes down the middle is wrapped once around his neck, while a plain silver band bracelet dangles around his bony wrist.

History: Tōya was 2 years old when he died, smothered and shaken to death by his parents. As an infant and a child, Tōya was indeed one of the strangest they'd seen, his strange expression of a maniac frightening them and driving them insane with fear. In reality, even as a young child, Tōya harbored a horrible demon inside of him, a parasite which lived inside of his mind, sleeping dormant and only appearing in it's host's expressions when the host became angry or exhilirated. After his death, Tōya, who was sent peacefully to Rukongai 35, was practically always starving to death. He frequently passed out from hunger, and found himself a sickly boy who was slowly being taken over by the demon who was hungry for control. He learned to be cheerful as he grew older, in order not to worry the old couple who'd taken him in, and slowly deteriorated as time went on. But a shinigami in Seireitei heard about this strange boy in his home Rukongai who had an appetite so great that it could never be satiated. He scoped him out and after a week of determined protest and childish yelling, the shinigami, Ares, succeeded in dragging the boy into the Shinigami Academy. Upon recieving the zanpaktō, an item Tōya would keep with him forever, he caused a ruckus when nobody could pry the zanpaktou from his fingers. Only a day after could he remove the sword from his hands, and an eerie voice whispered, "It's nice to finally meet'cha. My name is Dokutsume."

The parasite demon had switched it's host to the zanpaktou, something Tōya could now no longer part with. The demon had killed the spirit that had been resting in the zanpaktou, the entity created by Tōya's reiatsu, and replaced it with himself. The young boy's appetite was now halved. He still had hunger pains that immobilized him, but he no longer passed out. And, without even a day of class, he knew his zanpaktou's name. It was something that was unheard of. He dodged the scientists from the 12th division and successfully graduated the shinigami academy, and was assigned to the 11th division, but stayed for only two days before he suddenly disappeared without a trace.

Personality: Tōya is a very cheerful person, who is pretty much always all smiles. His outlook on life certainly isn't optimistic, but he tries his best not to bring people around him down with his own problems. He goes out of his way to help people he likes, making the point that his loyalty is unbending. However, despite his happy disposition, Tōya has trouble eating large amounts of food, due to the fact that he once needed to eat unreasonable amounts to sustain himself. Out of an entire feast, if Tōya is starving, he can only eat one and a half plates without feeling sick to his stomach and dizzy with guilt. When Tōya becomes scared or nervous, his eyes somehow widen even more, and his expression becomes extremely similar to his gigai, which always has a worried face, and he becomes emotionally unstable, thus giving countless openings for Tsume to control his host. But there are usually only three large facet's to Tōya's personality. The first is his happy, childishly innocent attitude, whose first priority is to make the people around him laugh. The second is his disguise gigai's attitude, which is silent and serious. And the third, is the most puzzling of all, his hyper insanity when he's on a battlefield. An obsessive person, Tōya is dangerious to his own health while he's fighting, as Tsume's disposition makes Tōya grin just like him, and he becomes both a masochist and a sadist, in which he enjoys inflicting damage to his own body when attacking a hollow or an enemy. Tōya is possibly the most successful person to ever live a lie, and his lie is quite different from the normal assumption. He is more true to himself in the human world, isolated and quiet, rather then Soul Society, where he pains to create a more suitable image of himself.

Zanpakuto: Dokutsume, (Poison Claw - Possession Type Zanpakuto)

Released Ability/Appearance: Released, Dokutsume's hilt stretches itself to cover Tōya's hands like gloves, leaving the regular katana blade to embed it's tip in the floor. When the gloves are finished forming, the blade fans out into ten different blades, and Tōya need only attatch his fingers to the blades. They take the appearance of black gloves that have mid-length katana blades that stretch from the fingertips. The abilities that Dokutsume gains in it's released form is that there's a lethal poison in one of the ten fingers and a paralyzing one, and which the poisons are inside changes each time Tōya releases Dokutsume. The longer Tōya keeps Dokutsume released, the more the gloves stretch to his torso, legs, and lastly, his face and head. The more area the gloves cover, the more control Dokutsume has over his host. To release Dokutsume, one must call out, "Tougyo! Dokutsume!" - Control, Poison Claw.

Dokutsume Hebi Ko (Poison Claw, Snake Sin)
Bankai Appearance/Ability: During Bankai, Dokutsume engulfs Tōya, and reveals his true form, that of a wide eyed black skinned entity with an insane and sadistic grin permanantly stretched across it's face. His hands are still covered with the same gloves and blades that were on his hands during released form. Tōya can currently only achieve Bankai if he lasts a battle long enough for his released form to swallow him up, and this has only occured once, so the young shinigami who had two days of experience before he left, doesn't really know how to use his bankai, and doesn't know much about it's other abilities, since he is the dormant during bankai, and has no conciousness.

Dokutsume: Dokutsume's name as a parasite is simply Tsume, and he takes on the appearance of a very long and slender human, save for the fact that he appears to have black skin and no nose. His teeth are long and sharpened, fitting perfectly together like thin triangles. His eyes are all white save for the slit-like pupil that's only visible if you really look for it, and they taper into black points at the outermost ends.
(Spiderman III Venom-esque. So sue me, he was awesome.)

Kido (Demon Arts):
Name: Kakushitsuijaku (Summoning of the Tracking Sparrows)
Effect: Tracks and locates any spiritual force the user focuses on. To activate it, the user must draw a circle on the ground, cut into four parts with a specific character in each. The incantation animates the circle, causing various numbers to appear within until the specific set is found. The number set seems to be a variation on longitude and latitude.
Incantation: Heart of the south, eye of the north, finger of the west, foot of the east, arrive with the wind and depart with the rain.

Name: Raikōhō (Thunder Roar Cannon)
Effect: Fires a massive wave of yellow energy at a target.
Incantation: Sprinkled on the bones of the beast! Sharp tower, red crystal, steel ring. Move and become the wind, stop and become the calm. The sound of warring spears fills the empty castle!

Other: N/A


Name: Adelita Velázquez
Age: Unknown
Gender: Female
Alliance: Privaron Rebellion
Artificial or Natural?: Natural

Human: Adelita takes on the appearance of a very very pale, sickly looking young girl, with soft green eyes. Her hair grows out to the small of her back and is dyed a very washed out blonde-color, her long bangs clipped back from her face with white clips. Adelita carries her thin and angular frame proudly, and wears a plain white sundress, the straps and collar forming a square around the base of her neck, while the lower rim ends at around her knees. A pair of thick silver bangles rest on her right wrist, threatening to slide right off her stick-like hands and wrists, while she wears a pair of simple white sandals that are lifted off the ground about one inch with a flat cork-bottomed sole. She resembles a ghost in this form, and hardly never catches the eye of an on-looker when she walks about.

Arrancar: When she reverts back to her Arrancar form, Adelita's hair becomes short enough so that the thin ends just barely brush against her shoulders, her pale blonde hair draping over all of the right side of her face. Her normally kind green eyes turn into a sharp royal purple color. She leaves very little of her face showing, as the remains of her hollow mask cover the lower part of her face, a distinct black tear painted underneath her eye. Unlike most Hollow masks, Adelita's mask does not have teeth, or any form of mouth. Her outfit is styled after the usual uniform, but with distinct differences. There are no sleeves to her uniform, and the shirt, zipped up to beneath her chin, ends at around her mid-thighs. A pair of tight black pants made of a stretchy yet durable material are worn underneath the shirt, while a pair of white heeled boots cover her feet. The entire outfit is visibly similar to the artificial arrancars clothes, based on color and design. Her stick thin, no chest, no curves figure that she retains as a human follow her as an arrancar, and her hollow hole has moved to the very middle of her torso.

History: Born during a time of war on the battlefield, Adelita was extremely malnourished as a child, and easily adapted to the sight of death and blood. Her family escaped death's grip many times for five years after her birth, in which she was taught to fend for herself, and to never trust anyone, for when the inevitable came. After five years of hell, Adelita was faced with even more torture as she was forced to run from her parent's and their killers to save her own life. She had to live, because her parents had given their lives for hers. And so she lived and lived, until she was captured by the enemy forces as a prisoner, eventually drowned when her ransom was not presented, and it became imminent that she was a human of no worth. She became an attatched spirit, unable to leave the depths of the lake she had died within, and after a year at the bottom of the lake, Adelita became a hollow....

Personality: Adelita is a very lazy person, unwilling to go beyond her limits. Due to her lazy nature, she is very easily bored, but a quiet disposition keeps her boredom under wraps. She is not unwilling to act for the Privaron cause, but she is usually only sent out as a last resort. But this is also promoted by the fact that she puts very little effort into anything unless she herself has something to gain from it, whether it's a spite against Aizen for throwing her away, or just something that entertains her, she only acts if there's merit to be had. Though in one way, she goes against her outside appearance. She is extremely emotionally unstable, and very often loses 'control', becoming a psychopath if she see's a large pool of water, and large counts as little as a bathtub when it comes to water. Adelita is actually a very serious person, who handle's something she's accepted with the utmost responsibility and formality. This spurs on her picky attitude, as she needs everything about herself to be perfect, be it her hair, her clothes, or the things around her. She needs everything to be in a very organized manner, otherwise she just can't sit still.

Release: Released, Adelita's face is entirely englufed in a blank mask that was mostly what used to be her mask. However, skeletal like wings which are sharpened to the point where they could easily pierce even the sturdies of objects grow out of her back, and her fingers elongate to match the wings. The wings can grow in length, thus letting Adelita fight without moving an inch from where she is, but for true close-to-close combat, she uses her sharpened fingers. Because of the nature in which she died, the longer Adelita is in her released form, the more humid the area around her becomes, and once it reaches a certain point of humidity, she can bring it together into a ball of water and drown her oppoenents.

June 13th, 2007, 9:41 AM

Name: Neko Katsume.
Age: Appears 7.
Gender: Female.
Alliance: Soul Society.
Appearance: Neko stands at a size of a too-small size of four feet and three inches, which she is usually teased about. And while in a crowd, she is definately undernoticed, oh, and underestimated, well, a bit. I mean, so much where she usually gets very angry at one very mention of her small size. Neko's body shape is an hour-glass figure, and she is a lot more thinner then people around her. She also looks paler then someone else. It has reason to believe that Neko has had an odd disease in her past life, and part of it has carried on to her life as a shinigami. Although her small size, Neko's legs are very long and sturdy, they are nearly perfect for stamina and traveling long distances. Neko has a habit of biting her tongue when she is nervous, so it is always a odd red colors, and bleeds occasionaly.

Neko's facial features include a series of odd genetic features, her nose is abnormally small, and it has an odd birthmark on the right side of it. You would only notice it you would look directly at her. Neko's eyes are a bright cerulean color, and many people have complimented her eyes as marbles. But actually, her eyes are shades of indigo, baby blue, sky blue, azure, teal, and sapphire. Neko's hair is an onyx color, which seems to shine as if the brightest sun was shining on it. Her hairstyle can be put into two trick braids, or let down to flow down to her shoulders. Neko bangs stay right in front of her face, and obscure her eyes, if really bothered, Neko will brush them to the side.

In her gigai, prepared specially for Neko, Neko's hair color appears to be a platinum blonde, while curls are ringletting off her shoulder-length hair. Childish, she looks. Her eyes are a piercing blue color, with venom like a snake. But this doesn't reflect Neko's personality at all, just to scare people; "for fun!" Neko says. A pendant, that holds the beads of Neko's kimono are now on a necklace, ironically, on her neck. She wears the traditional 'sailor school' uniform. It is of a navy blue color, and is adorned with a big ribbon, which Neko likes to tug at a lot. Her school uniform is always worn, as she can't find any clothes in her size. The size of Neko's gigai is the same as her shinigami life. The name that Neko dons is the name "Mikan Haruhi."

In her shinigami form, Neko wears the standard shinigami uniform, black and white and all of that stuff. But Neko has added some different stuff to hers, making it unique and pretty. The texture of it is hard and only ones being able to stand the harsh texture, like Neko, may be able to wear it. Otherwise, you would receive a big amount of rug-burns. The kimono is special, as on the waist-line, there are beads. Each bead represents a time when Neko has cried in her human life, the beads are warm colors consisting of the following – olive, peach, navy, scarlet, and orange. They shape into rounded circles and are big in size. They are seven beads that Neko can’t remember how they got there. Neko wears multiple bandages that are all reminiscent from her training, they whirl down to Neko’s mid-leg and are much like velour tights. Neko deosn’t mind what attire on her feet that she wears – tradition waraji, that are a bit queer, as they have cleats, spiky ones at that.

History: What is the secret to the beads on Neko’s hakata? No one, not even Neko knows, only the ones of the Motoko clan know of it. They gave one to her everyone time she cried, and onto the kimono it went, it was a tradition for the family. While they also only know, there is no one as Katsume Neko in their eyes, only Motoko Niji. The secret of Neko is that; when she died, Neko had a severe case of amnesia. This all started out when Neko was young, her parents were cruel and rude. She thought about running away, about 16 times through the first four years. But she soon got used to it. When Aiko cried seven times; she received the beads, one by one each. And this started because of a death. We will be referring to Neko as Niji. Niji had an aniki, and his name was Motoko Takato, he was a police man. In the Motoko family, there was an odd law for women not to have any jobs, so they spent their time doing household duties. Niji’s life was carefree, she had nothing to worry about. That is, until “he,” died.

When Niji received the new of the death, she was attending an etiquette class run by the nanny, Naoko. No one was supposed to tell Niji of this, until she older and more mature. But one careless person ruined the plan. He, he pratically dashed to the room and yelled in panic “Takato’s dead!” Then it hit Niji like a ball, her aniki was dead! That gave Niji the first bead, when she was 3. It was a turquoise color. Naoko was the one to comfort her the first time. The second time, she saw some guy walking down the path, he was laughing. It reminded her of her brother, he was kind, sweet, and protected Niji, he always made her laugh. Niji cried again, though she had no one to comfort and she sat under a tree, sobbing her beautiful eyes out, she gave a bead herself, one that was an olive color. The third time was ironically, Niji tripping on a rock when taking a stroll in the garden with her mother. She received a orange-colored bead.

The fourth time she cried was at Takato’s funeral, there to comfort her was Naoko once again, she received a scarlet bead. In the same day, she received the fifth and sixth bead. The fifth bead was because she cried once again during the funeral, after wiping up her old tears, another turquoise bead. The sixth was when people shared their experiences with Takato, Niji never had the memory to remember them and didn’t come up, which made her receive the sixth bead, another olive- colored one. Right after the funeral, Niji went running, farther and farther away from home. Only with her was a gold bead and herself. But Niji wasn’t looking where she was going, she was just running as she could.

And she ran into a tree.

Normally this is supposed to be funny and comedic, but the impact of it was severely large. Niji cried the last time, and put the bead onto the kimono. But right after putting the bead on. Bam. She began to get amnesia. First, she forgot about the secret of the beads. Then, she forgot her name. And for a period of time, Niji only remembered how cruel her parents were to her. And right after that, a car, Niji not knowing what it was, was beginning to go at super-fast speeds, Niji, unable to do anything, just went, and died. Then she became a soul, the konso was performed by one shinigami who she forgot was his or her name was, but remembered his funny hair.

Neko resided in Rukongai District 79, also known as Kusajishi, the North Alley of Loitering Spirits. There, she met someone named Ail who made her feel very comfortable in Rukongai. She gave herself the name Katsume Neko, because Ail, the boy, liked cats a lot. A shinigami scout was looking for potential shinigamis, and he found Neko, though Ail wasn't that powerful enough to become one. Neko was at the academy for a little shorter then most people, as it only took two years for her to graduate. She then went into the 11th division, intrigued by the captain and the lieutenant. And she ended up with the nickname Cat Cat-chan. And the lowly 17th seat.

Personality: Neko dons all smiles, she is always happy and optimistic, yet very demanding, if her most crazy wishes aren't desired or fufilled she will usually call up a storm of a tantrum. She is rude to all her peers, but not her captain or lieutenant, or else she would be hanged from her legs on the soukyoku execution place. She doesn't really respect anyone at all, and she is also very impatient, and is up to "that" with people who are late, though she isn't always right on time either. Neko is blind of all the bad stuff happening around her, she only focuses on the good or really good stuff, which explains even during a very gruesome war, you will still see Neko shining the sunshine of smiles. Neko is strong, head sturdy, and won't shout out in pain if a zanpakuto slashes at her. You see, all the training with the other 11th divisioners gave Neko a lot of stamina, and that means a lot more hyperness.

Neko's speech is very odd, she speaks in Kyoto dialect, like many villians, which make certain people very suspicious of Neko, though she isn't. And her favorite word is desu. Desu desu desu desu desu, so much, Neko says it after every single one of her sentences. Smiles, smiles, and smiles, Neko loves all the smiles, smiles, smiles, all the smiles that you can get. Neko smile can brighten up many people. Neko's odd disease is well, odd: she gets the occasional nose bleed, and coughs a lot, though it doesn't put her life into any danger. Just like her zanpakuto, Neko wants everyone to love her, and she wishes she had the same affect as Jouyouheki. Very impish, Neko can also be very stealthy, so she can usually sneak up behind someone. Neko loves giving nicknames to other people, from the influence the lieutenant has. And so, this is Neko's character.

Zanpakuto: Jouyouheki [Addiction] -- Jouyouheki in it's sealed form is in a scabbard in hanging across Neko's back, when taken out, it is very unusual then the usual zanpakatou, it is a large claymore with steel as hard as concrete. The hilt is a pink color, much like the color of Kusajishi Yachiru's hair, the guard is shaped in a square shape, and is a gleaming silver color. The incantation for Jouyouheki's release is "Aishiteru, Jouyouheki!" This means "I love you so, Addiction!" Jouyouheki's special ability is to send out Pheromones which immobolize the enemy with feelings of love for Neko. This means that they now can't hit Neko because, well, her pheromones make them seem that they love Neko. The appearence of it is a sword with chains flowing down it. The guard is now a silver wing with something similar to a red ruby in it. While the hilt is still pink.

Neko's bankai, which she definately hasn't acheived yet, now named Atashi Dake Jouyouheki, which is "Only for me, addiction!" The sword then becomes much thinner, where to the point if she turns it on the side, you cannot see Atashi Dake Jouyouheki. But the steel is very hard to break and can do lots of things. Neko's special ability is that she can now control the person too with her pheromones, so they will do her every command, it can only be broken if Neko stops it, or something really bad happens. When under the trance, the person's eyes become pink and pupiless. The sword is much like her first release, but much thinner. Jouyouheki's true form is a pink swan with graceful feathers.
Kido (Demon Arts):


Name: Motoko Takato (DUN DUN DUN ;O).
Age: Looks 16.
Gender: Male.
Alliance: Aizen's Spy.
Artificial or Natural?: Artificial.
Appearance: [Both Human world appearance and Soul Society Appearance.]
Release: [What body transformations and powers are given?]

Scarlet Weather
June 13th, 2007, 6:30 PM
Well, I finally got un-lazy enough to get into Bleach, and since I'm here, I may as well write up a character...

Name: Hoshigaki Ryouta
Age: Appears about Sixteen, real age closer to two hundred.
Gender: Male
Alliance: Soul Society

Appearance: Not really diminuitive in height, but still not quite an imposing figure either, Ryouta stands at about five feet seven inches, and is often made the subject of some (ahem) distasteful jokes told while he is not present in person due to his, well, unusual appearance.

While Ryouta wears the standard Shinigami uniform, his kimono is often thrown away to reveal his real clothing when the fighting warms up- a green, sleeveless tank top that loosely fits his body, complete with a small roman numeral "VII" on the upper-right pectoral area and a pair of heavily worn grey sweats with a small hole in his upper-right knee. His zanpaku-to is worn in a small sheath on the right hand side of his waist. His muscles are fairly well defined in comparison to most due to his constant physical training, as is his smile, which often changes itself to a toothy, vampirish grin whenever he gains the upper hand in a fight and is about to close in for the kill. His discarding of the Shinigami robes is usually coincided with his performing his initial release.

Ryouta's most unusual characteristic besides his almost irremovable smile are his thin, cat-like ears, which are camoflaged against reddish-auburn, usually snarled and messy hair by their similarly shaded fur, and his golden eyes, which contain oval-like pupils that seem to widen considerably whenever he becomes incredibly excited. It is a widely told joke around his home in Soul Society that his mother "fell in with an alley cat", though most of this joking occurs when Ryouta isn't present, as performing it when he is nearby is tantamount to asking for death. His eyebrows are of a color similar to that of his hair, and he often furrows them when thinking, while still keeping his smile intact. His hair, as stated before, is usually snarled and messy, but Ryouta often allows it to hang in front of his eyes, sweeping it aside in order to better express his emotions.

Ryouta's smile is one of his most defining features. However, Ryouta himself is not constantly happy or peppy- a better adjective, in fact, to describe his constant mood would be "High". However, his smile has become so pronounced that those who know Ryouta best can state that he expresses a whole range of emotions through it, by gritting his teeth when angry, biting into his lip with his fang-like upper canines when sad, and so on and so forth. His mood is often hard to determine, however, for those who don't know him, until he actually speaks.

Ryouta's gigai, which is hardly ever used, looks exactly like his ordinary body, with the exception of the removal of his cat-like ears and his eyes, which are no longer gold, but are now green, with the ordinary variety of pupil. As for clothing, Ryouta's gigai usually wears the same clothing hidden underneath his Soul Society uniform.

Personality: Ryouta is hard to pin down exactly, which is the case with most people. His exact level of maturity is about what you would expect from a sixteen year old. His exact mannerisms are usually described as "Full of energy", "Driven", and "forceful", though with his almost slovenly appearance, an outside viewer would hardly assign him those particular traits. Ryouta's "drive" however could be interpreted in a multitude of different ways, including, but not limited to, ambition, determination to win, and hedonism depending on his current situation. Contrary to his forceful nature, he usually speaks with a measured tone and an even voice. Occasionally, he will use the Japanese onomatopoeia "Nya" interchangably with words such as "Huh", "Eh", or "What?", but otherwise his speech patterns are normal.

Ryouta is, at heart, a "street brawler". While he does not openly admit it, his "ultimate thrill" is fighting, the stronger the opponent, the better. While he wouldn't attack an ally or challenge a fellow shinigami by any means, Ryouta often challenges the more powerful hollows he meets, and while he has not yet encountered any arrancar above the Numero rank, he intends to take on the first Espada he meets, no matter what their power level is in comparison to his. In preparation for any new assignment, Ryouta will head out into one of Soul Society's more remote regions and begin training his physical endurance and strength, claiming that without strength of body, strength of mind is useless. While such training does not allow Ryouta any greater ease of wielding his zanpaku-to in comparison to other shinigami, it has accelerated his training to reach bankai, and he is on the verge of completing it.

History: Erm... well, Ryouta was born in Rukongai, district number eight, and from the moment he was born, he was, well, different to say the least. By the time the majority of his generation had attained their initial release, Ryouta had been practicing with his for months. Ryouta's other main problem in appearance revealed itself by the time his body had aged to sixteen- he was aging at a rate even slower then that of the average shingami, a side effect of his zanpaku-to's initial release. After many years fighting hollows and whatnot, he was assigned to this particular mission, and... well, that's about it. His former captain and team are currently on assignment in another area, so Ryouta has taken this particular mission on without them, and is very excited about the prospect of fighting the Privaron.

Zanpaku-to: In its sealed state, Ryouta's blade's appearance is the same as that of any other zanpaku-to. However, when he draws his blade and says "Release your blade to the heavens, and tear apart the cosmos! Come out, Natsuhiboshi!", it reveals its true form, a large, two- handed broadsword with a blade about two hand-lengths thick, and about three feet in length. Since zanpaku-to can be easily wielded by their creator, Ryouta can wield his massive sword in one hand with no trouble. Natsu, as it calls itself, can cause small, localized tremors when Ryouta slams its blade into the ground and shouts "Rave!", the ability's proper name being "Terra Rave". Depending on the amount of spiritual energy Ryouta chooses to use, the attack may produce anywhere from a tremor to a localized seven point five earthquake.

Another ability of Tsuru is its power to increase Ryouta's longevity, causing him to age at half the rate of an ordinary shinigami. This is due to its ability to heal small injuries, i.e. shallow cuts, sprains, etc. by emitting a constant stream of healing particles. When Ryouta has no injury to heal, the particles instead begin adding to his life force. Due to his constant training with initial release, this has happened quite often, hence his longevity.

Natsu's true form is a man with piercing blue eyes and long, spiky black hair wearing a shinigami's uniform. He doesn't talk much, and when he does, he's usually telling Ryouta to hurry up and kill somebody.


Aside from Shunpo, Ryouta has one kido that he tends to rely on when the going gets tough- the flaming star, Estrella del Fuego. The technique produces a thing, concentrated beam of light that causes whatever it touches to burst into flame. The technique itself was developed when trying to find a shinigami equivalent of a hollow's cero blasts, hence its Spanish name. The incantation for the attack is as follows- "The heavens filled with burning stars march towards eternity! The devil's flame burns away evildoers! Reveal yourself, Estrella del Fuego!"

Meh, that's about it. History sucks, but you get the point.

(Erm... under construction, shall return.)

June 15th, 2007, 1:24 PM
GAH. SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SORRY GUYS. School has been horrible with exams next week, and I almost forgot about this. ><! I have time tonight and tomorrow, so I PROMISE I'll get things going then!

June 16th, 2007, 12:11 PM
Name: Kamekaze Uria (Uria is his first name of course)

Age: 15 (his real age is about three hundred , he just looks like he's fifteen)

Gender: male

Alliance: Soul Society
Appearance: In the human world he is usually seen wearing black clothes , as his favorite color is black.His human world clothes include a black , gold-trimmed vest with no sleeves ; black jeans , black and white sneakers , black gloves with the fingers ripped off , a white t-shirt , and a red forehead protector that has a symbol of what looks like a phoenix. In the spirit world he still has his forehead protector andhis gloves. He wears the usual Shinigami robes and sandals. In both worlds he has dirty-blonde and black hair , which he is teased about ; and red eyes. He also has a small scar going across the top of his nose.

History: He originally came from Rukongai , district 79 , but then came to be in Seireitei as his Parents died when he was only one and was found by a Shinigami couple , the husband named Yousuke and the wife being named Naru. He grew up to learn how to do everything a Shinigami could do. He finally attained his Zanpakuto when he was a hundred years old (he only looked like an eleven year old at this time) and was able to get Bankai when he was three hundred (just barely got it , but doesn't show it to anybody).

Personality:He is daring , passionate , friendly , and full of courage. He won't give up no matter what , even if it kills him. He has never faced a moment in his life when he feared anything. If someone he cares for is in trouble , he'll immediately dash to their side to help.

Zanpakuto: [Name(released): Houou Name (Bankai): Kamekaze Houou/Ability: As a shikai its ability is to be able to manipulate the wind and use it to slice and slash its opponent , the wielder can also shoot out barely visible wind waves. As a bankai it can do everything like a normal shikai with some extras. The bankai form can also levitate the wielder and also bring create a huge shockwave that can cut down the top of a mountain. /Appearance (released and bankai): In released form it looks like a Tidus' longsword from Final Fantasy , only difference is that it uses wind and its handguard is in the shape of a phoenix. In bankai form it looks like a normal katana , only that it's all black with a gold handguard and gold cloth on the handle. /Appearance of the entity your Zanpakuto represents: Houou looks exactly like the name means. Houou has two forms though. one form is that of a black and gold Phoenix , while the other form is of a young boy wearing black armor with gold trimming and has black wings on his back.

Kido (Demon Arts):
Name: Shouho (Shot of Phoenix Fire)
Effect: Casts a gleaming gold ball of spiritual energy at target.
Incantation: Thy lord of the sky hear the praying of your worshippers.Blast thy foe's sins away and purify thee forever.Ye will then never harm again. Revive all of the sinless and kill all of the sinfull. Demon art , Shot of Phoenix Fire!!!


June 16th, 2007, 8:44 PM
OOC: Accepted: Jyukai, Mikuru-chan, 22sa, ACC.
Just a short post to get things rolling.

IC: Our story begins on a dark night in Karotaru City. There is no power throughout the entirety of the city, the only viable source of light is the reflection of lightning across the droplets of water falling from the sky in a varying intensity. Even if someone was capable of using the periodic silhouettes of the lamp posts and skyscrapers provided by the flashes of light, they would still most likely fail to grasp all that lurked in the darkness. But even still, what truly lies within that which we can't see?


A girl with red hair stood atop a rooftop, rain pouring down relentlessly like it had the intent of cleansing her very soul. She was panting heavily, a katana in her right hand. "Well..." The girl began, but was cut off by a surge of blood from her throat. As she expelled the fluid, the sounds of a seemingly restless crowd of spectators. "...I guess at this point I don't need to confirm whether or not what Urahara was telling me is true... Too bad I may not go on to be capable of doing anything about it..."


The silhouettes all rushed at the girl at once. There was seventy five, maybe even one-hundred of them. It was at that moment the calls of hollows filled the moist, stormy air...

The next day...
"Kurooo~ Where are the other Shinigami~" The white haired shinigami whined to her brother as they waited atop a skyscraper. It was a beautiful day to be outside, especially without gigais. The sun was shining, and there wasn't a cloud in the sky. If not for the smog, it would be picture perfect. "I mean, we're supposed to meet here, right~"

"Yes, yes. They'll be here eventually... Not that I like being in groups..." Kuro sighed in return, moving s black bang to the side so it wouldn't block his vision. "Just wait... I'm really more interested in the rumors of vaizard in this area. Part of our mission is to see if we can recruit any..."

OOC: If you're character is a Shinigami, meet there. If not, do whatever. XD

June 16th, 2007, 9:29 PM
"Do you want to go get something to eat?"

"No, I wanted to stop by that new store that opened the other day. I've been dying to check it out. We could get something afterwards?"

Hands shoved into his pockets, Ginsuke Tōya, otherwise known as, Hayotora Hibiki, ignored the banter of his classmates, living a normal, human teenaged life just for fun. Hayotora Hibiki was known for his studious ways, cool and sharp demeanor that unfortunately flocked all the otaku's to him for some godforsaken reason. School had just let out, as Hibiki had made sure that he tested his way into the most challenging and qualifying school. Time was far from the essence when a practically dead-twice-over shinigami had nothing to do but fight the few hollows that disturbed the peace of Karotaru. And even then the deal was to suppress as much reiatsu as possible to keep the shinigami off his tail, and take out zanpakuto only to finish off the hollow.

It was a restricted life and left Tōya with more pent up reiatsu then he could say, especially since human world food was much richer then the food in Soul Society. The walk back to his apartment was short, and as usual, Alfred was there to greet him when he unlocked the shabby door to his plain, one-room apartment.

"Welcome home!"

"Hardly." Was Hibiki's usual and cold response. Removing his shoes and padding across the tatami floors in a pair of black socks, he sat down without any reaction to seeing himself in another body. After awhile, it became a daily thing to see a weird guy talking from your body. This was the "after school ritual". Alfred would make some tea and an ever-changing snack, Tōya would stand in front of the window for ten minutes and stare out at the city beheld before him while Alfred cleaned up and found something to entertain himself for the next few hours as Tōya patrolled for Hollows.

Patrolling was more like... walking around and window shopping. Since Tōya never really actually sensed or ran into any Hollows, it was just exercise time for his gigai. The route was different everyday and always snaked back to the apartment an hour before eight 'o clock, leaving enough time for Hibiki to get his homework and studying done. And today, patrolling would be heck of a lot of trouble. Indeed, Tōya did see something he would've preferred not to. Two shinigami, and two always meant company. Hollows, or shinigami alike. A detour would've been nice. After all, they could handle any hollows that came their way.

But what interested Tōya was what they were here for. Were they looking for him? Were they invesitgating the Hollow reiatsu's he'd felt during the thunderstorm last night? The mass of hollow's that had been moving in huge packs had been disturbing enough for Tōya, a battle enthusiast, to sit it out. More then a dozen hollows all at once for an inexperienced shinigami who hadn't actually done any good old-fashioned fighting for quite awhile was something similar to suicide. But Tōya found himself lingering a good distance, though close enough to hear a shinigami's voice over the crowd of humans and transportation. He wanted the scoop he could no longer get.

And so, observing a very fancy Mp3 player in the window of an electronic's store, Tōya stamped away the sounds of human life.

Jack O'Neill
June 17th, 2007, 12:23 AM
Life in Karotaru City was good for Sarah Kuwashima. Ever since her involuntary exile from Soul Society, she had been forced to take up residence in the real world largely out of necessity; however, as time passed, she found herself growing more and more attached to her life as a human. Maybe she'd ditch her quest to retake her seat in the 12th Division, accept her exile, and settle down. Fate would have other plans for Miss Kuwashima, however.

It all started when the Privaron arrived in Karotaru. At first, Sarah found it relatively easy to fend off their assaults, but they simply brought more arrancar with them, along with endless multitudes of hollows and even a few menos. When the Privaron destroyed the hospital, Sarah was caught up battling a menos grande and its hollow retinue; though she managed to dispatch them easily, she unwittingly played right into the Privaron's hands by falling for the diversion. The guilt caused by this failure gave Sarah a new purpose in life; if she could quash the Privaron uprising in Karotaru, perhaps the higher-ups at Soul Society would let her back in at last. With that, Sarah dutifully answered the summons by the two 11th Division shinigami posted to Karotaru as soon as she had received it.

The sight of a woman running around an urban area wearing a Japan Ground Self-Defense Force battle dress uniform and packing a Lee-Enfield rifle would draw the attention of any and all passers-by...if they were spiritually aware, that is. Fortunately for Sarah, she was currently occupying a gigai in the form of an unassuming schoolgirl. Under such a guise, she moved fluidly in and out of the crowds; to the civvies, she was nothing but a normal, run-of-the-mill student. If only they knew the truth of the matter.

After a few minutes of uninterrupted running, Sarah finally arrived at the skyscraper where she was supposed to rendevous with the 11th Division grunts. A few more minutes spent in an elevator, then sprinting up a few flights of stairs, and she was topside at last. Two people, a gaunt white-haired woman with a cherry blossom in her hair and a gothic-looking man, were waiting for her.

"So, you're the people that the 11th Division sent to deal with the hollow problem?" Sarah said matter-of-factly. "Just cut to the chase and tell me what needs to be done. We all need to get this situation under control as quickly as possible, and we don't have any time to waste."

June 17th, 2007, 5:20 AM
Neko Katsume.

"Kuso, where is ever'one desu."

A very lost Neko Katsume was wondering around a town in her shinigami form. Her raven hair bounced as she kept going to where she was supposed to be. Along the way, she passed signs that said "Katoraru City Special Takoyaki!" and ones like "Katoraru City Subway Line." But all Neko failed to notice was the odd city name. Where was everyone! Neko couldn't hold it in any longer, so she puffed in her cheeks as she 'patiently' waited for an answer. Cute was a synonym of Neko.



"Eh, Katoraru City, then where's Karotaru City desu?"

Neko fawned over a map that was conveinantly in the middle of the road. It was a simple map that Neko checked before, and she was dang sure that this was Karotaru City. Yes, even in a swirly-thing desu kind of way. Though it didn't help that Neko had always had a bad time reading maps, and checking the clock. Neko inwardly blushed at her mistake, Karotaru City was only west of here, in the big blue area.

To avoid wasting her time, Neko quckly shunpo-ed to the welcome area of Karotaru City, where she show a whole league of a city, compared to all the tumbleweeds at Katoraru City. Where was Neko supposed to meet again at. Oh yeah, the really big sky-scraper, and Neko already saw some people in the distance with her marble eyes. And on the sky-scraper it said. "Super Teenage Pop Idol, Narururu!" Neko's eyes glistened with stars, her popularity had even been to Soul Society! But she shook it off, she was supposed to go to the sky-scraper. And so:

Neko jumped.

Her jumps were big and floppy, Neko could fall any second, but she held on, and now, you can play some rock music of Neko climbing up. When she reached the top, there were three people, an innoce..-wait, a pretty silly school girl. And then there were the two twins from her division.

"Yo! I'm Neko Katsume from the 11th Division desu!"

Scarlet Weather
June 22nd, 2007, 4:21 AM
"Nya? So this is chocolate..." the shinigami murmured, bringing the small, rectangular bar of chocolate to his lips once again.

To anyone ignorant of his true nature, at that moment he would have appeared to be a normal, human teenager, albeit an athletic one. His muscles were well-pronounced, giving him the appearance of a weight-trainer or marathon runner in the middle of his season. In some ways, it wasn't far from the truth. His eyes were closed as he slowly, tenderly savored the sweet taste of the candy in his mouth. It had been his first time tasting it, and its flavor caused his mouth to burst into song. He ran a hand through his snarled, reddish hair, as he looked out over the crowd. His smile, at that moment, seemed to be one of pure joy and ecstacy. Once again, he lifted the bar away from his lips as he looked up, past the city buildings towards the stars above him.

His smile changed almost instantly, noticeably shortening, as he felt the energy pulsing around him. Somebody's reiatsu was nearby. Concealed, since he could barely pick it up, but nearby nonetheless. A shinigami or a vaizard? he wondered to himself, before his smile elongated into a thin, nearly vampirish grin. Only one way to find out....

Without warning, he reached into his pocket and pulled out a small, green ball of candy. As he was about to pop it into his mouth he stopped and looked at the chocolate bar in his other hand. Momentarily torn by indecision, the shinigami shook his head, wolfed down the remains of the chocolate in record time, then popped the green candy into his mouth. His body seemed to shake for just a moment, and he stepped out into the open.

His body was only noticeably different in two ways- his ears, which were now long and feline, and his eyes, which had now obtained ovular pupils and changed in color from a more normal green to a feral gold. His clothing, too, had undergone an alteration. Instead of the torn grey sweats and muscle shirt his gigai still wore, his body was now covered in a black and white kimono-like garment with long, flowing sleeves. Within moments he was bounding over rooftops, making a soft, swishing sound as he jumped across each one. At last he saw who he was looking for. A small group of fellow shinigami, clustered on top of a skyscraper. Two younger girls, an older woman, and a younger male shinigami. They seemed to be a bit younger then he was, but hey, who was he to judge his company?

With a soft, swishing sound, he appeared on the balcony next to them, kneeling, his sealed zanpaku-to in one hand. Lifting his head, he smiled. "Greetings," he began, lifting his uniform just enough to sheathe his blade, "You may address me as Ryouta, soon-to-be-captain. I've been assigned here as your back-up, and I can't wait to see how many hollows I'm going to get to rack up on my scorecard."

Jack O'Neill
June 22nd, 2007, 6:48 PM
"'Soon-to-be-captain,' eh?" Sarah deadpanned. "A few pieces of advice. First, don't announce that you're gonna be a captain; that actually decreases your chance of landing that much-coveted position. Second, you actually keep a scorecard? Don't bother; most shinigami start losing track of their kills after the first fifty or so. Oh, and one more thing..." she trailed off as she produced a SIG-Sauer P226 from her belt. "Swords are passé. Don't you know that firearms are more effective?"

Sarah stared at the pistol in her hand before holstering it. "I specifically told Urahara to procure me a matched pair of Colt M1911s, but I digress," she said. "I can't really give you a satisfactory demonstration while I'm in this gigai and armed with only this popgun, so give me a few moments to make the necessary preparations." She produced a gikongan from her pocket and held it up for a few moments before finally ingesting it; after convulsing slightly, she finally took a step forward. Her schoolgirl uniform had been replaced with a JGSDF battle dress uniform, adorned with multiple badges and tabs; her zanpakuto, which outwardly resembed an Ishapore 2A1 bolt-action rifle with a bayonet and scope, was openly slung over her shoulders.

Sarah brought up the rifle and peered into the scope. "Let's say I wanna eliminate a target at greater than arm's length," she said. After performing a brief sweep of the area, Sarah finally set her sights on an airborne Hollow approximately 1 kilometer away from her current position. "See that Hollow? Just floating around without a care in the world, not sensing us here, only concerned with looking for stray souls to devour. Just pull the trigger, pull the bolt, and repeat those two steps until it's terminated. It won't know what hit it until it's too late."

Sarah fired off a single shot at her target, reflexively pulling the bolt before putting her weapon down. A bolt of spirit energy, manifesting itself as a bright red tracer bearing an uncanny resemblance to a Quincy arrow, streaked forth towards the Hollow's head, obliterating it directly upon contact and putting the Hollow out of commission for good; from her position, Sarah could observe a small, inaudible explosion, not unlike a signal flare going off.

Sarah then turned to her shinigami companions and said to them, "While you folks have to close in to melee range in order to use your swords and kido, I can just stand back with my rifle and pick off the Hollows before they can pose any real threat to me. Some of you may call this cowardice, but I call it prudence; I gotta get them before they can get me, right? Besides, if they're foolish enough to close in..." She gestured towards the bayonet on her rifle for emphasis. "I need not say any more than that."

Scarlet Weather
June 23rd, 2007, 3:40 AM
Ryouta stared at his fellow shinigami blankly as she lectured. He couldn't understand a word she was saying... something about swords being passe? Wasn't passe a kind of fancy fish dip? It wasn't until she popped her gigonkan into her mouth and stepped out of it that he really got interested. He smiled as she took aim and fired at the hollow, sending a bullet of spiritual energy ripping through it. Chuckling under his breath, he smiled at her. "Well, army girl, for a shinigami, you seem to be unaware of the importance of our blades. These swords are part of us- we can't just turn them in for long-ranged weaponry. Besides," He added, pulling his zanpaku-to from its sheath slowly and methodically, "Taking out hollows at a distance is no fun at all, and it requires less reiatsu to swing my sword around then for you to fire a bullet, last I checked." His eyes narrowed, as he silently challenged his maybe superior officer to go further.

Before his conversation could continue, a small burst shook the skyscraper, knocking Ryouta off balance for a moment. Quickly recovering, he looked down over the skyscraper's edge, scanning for any reiatsu in the immediate area. "What was that, nya?" he muttered to himself, staring down. Straightening up, he turned to the other shinigami. "Maybe I'm not the best qualified one to give orders here." he began, tipping a wink to army girl, "But I think it's safe to say that anything that can shake a structure of this size, even a little, warrants investigation, right?"

June 23rd, 2007, 10:11 AM
"Peh, firearms." Akemi chimed in after hearing enough blade bashing. "You can think what you want, but last I checked, we aren't dealing with run-of-the-mill hollows. One can only think your precious little gun will only carry you so far against the arrancar." Akemi did not take kindly to people who showed some degree of arrogance, and this army chick running her mouth off about the superiority of firearms over zanpakutos was more than enough to put her in a bad mood.

Kuro, meanwhile, was staring off onto the horizon, sitting on the ledge of the skyscraper. He didn't like large groups, so of course he would refrain from socializing. Besides, over time he had learned that participating in meaningless arguments would create nothing more than tension between people, which would most likely lead to internal conflict amongst the group. It was at that point that the skyscraper began to shake violently, and with the lack of objects to hold onto, Kuro tumbled over the edge, most likely without notice of the others.

A pink cellphone located in Akemi's pocket began beeping violently, provoking her to open it just to make the annoying sound stopping. She examined the message for a moment, before shutting the phone closed and looking at the others. "Apparently, we have orders. Anyone want to guess where?" She informed the group with a sarcastic tone to her voice, before the building shook again. It was at that moment the Kuro's body shot back up to the skyscrapers roof, apparently holding a figure in his arms as he landed near the group. He set down what appeared to be a girl no older than sixteen human years. She was dressed in an outfit reminiscent of the Gothic Lolita style, but everything was torn up. Her skirt, blouse, nightshirt, tights, everything, were all cut up by what was seemingly claws. The claws had seemingly pierced her skin as well, for there were cuts and bruises everywhere. What was most interesting, however, was the fact that she had a zanpakuto in a brown scabbard at her side. The girl was seemingly unconscious, and breathing heavily.

As if it had followed Kuro back up the building, a heavy amount of reiatsu suddenly became apparent as an overly large hollow flew up before them. It was quite the ugly thing. It was humanoid... sort of. In all seriousness, it looked like someone had taken a large snake-like hollow and given it arms and legs. Standing at about 10' tall, it had a long, snake like body, with even a snake-like hollow mask and the tongue to support that theory, along with very large and powerful looking arms and legs that took up most of it's body mass. To make things worse, it had a zanpakuto attached to its long, snakey body."Give me, the girl. Ssssurender, sssshinigami."

"Arrancar, I can only assume Fracción class based on our original orders." Kuro said coldly to the group as he drew his zanpakuto. "I'm actually surprised, I would have thought we would have noticed this things abnormal reiatsu..." He thrusted his zanpakuto into a nearby shadow, shouting, "Trample the Holy grounds and consume all impurities! Narakugokuin!" He pulled his zanpakuto out of the shadow, revealing it's initial release of a black sword in a zig-zag pattern, with a purple zig-zag following the center of the blade. Kuro placed the cross-guard-less blade over his shoulder as he waited for the others. "Don't underestimate it. Apparently even Captain Hitsugaya had problems with his first arrancar."

Akemi let out a sigh as she reached for her zanpakuto, and threw it directly into the sun's rays. "Bring down infinite judgment! Tentougokuin!" What she caught was not the original sword, but her zanpakuto in it's intial release. Akemi needed both hands to hold onto her zanpakuto's intial release, for it was composed of two pieces. The first was a thin white staff, similar to a quarterstaff, held in her left hand. The staff was bound to a thin white blade in her right hand with a white chain draped over her shoulders. "Can we hurry this up? I haven't even been here for half an hour and we're already fighting... And whats with that girl you saved!?"

Scarlet Weather
June 23rd, 2007, 10:45 AM
Still smiling, Ryouta turned to the black-haired shinigami who had just leaped up the building, carrying an unconscious girl. Before he could even begin to wonder who she was, however, a dense mass of reiatsu appeared, followed by what he could in all honesty describe as the ugliest looking arrancar he had ever seen- granted, he had only seen a few arrancar, and most of those from a distance. He barely waited to hear the orders of the girl beside him- now wasn't the time to make plans or draw up strategy anyway, now was the time to fight, and hopefully terminate with extreme prejudice. With a graceful, fluid motion, the cat-like shinigami slipped his arm beneath his uniform, grasping his zanpaku-to. Against an enemy of this size, he had learned, the best way to get yourself injured was to make the first move. As his eyes narrowed to feral slits, he tightened his grip, just as he heard the two shinigami of the group who seemed to be the leaders draw their blades and activate their initial releases. "Don't want to be left out of the fun, now do we?" he muttered, before leaping towards the arrancar in what he hoped to be a surprise move, pulling his blade from its sheath as he did so.

The gamble, however, did not pay off this time. Hissing angrily, the snake like beast swung its arm at Ryouta's gut, neatly knocking him several feet into the air. Wincing in pain, the shinigami pulled himself out of his fall, neatly executing a quick backflip that returned him to his original position on the skyscraper. "He's... strong." he muttered, as he dropped to one knee, panting. With noticeable effort, he pulled himself to his feet, as his smile narrowed to a near-glower. "Looks like I've got to make an adjustment..." he muttered, before grabbing the folds of his shinigami uniform and throwing them aside, revealing the tattered sweats and sleeveless shirt beneath. "Heh, didn't expect to have to go all out against my first opponent- guess I underestimated arrancar, nya?" He asked.

The arrancar was circling him slowly now, sizing him up as if Ryouta were a mouse, and he was some kind of barnsnake, preparing to strike and swallow his prey whole. "Die!" the monster hissed, lunging forward at speed that seemed nearly impossible, one massive arm poised to pound the gunk out of its target. As it landed however, expecting to feel its fist pounding into flesh, it instead felt the bite of concrete. Confused, it turned its head upward, only to see a still wincing Ryouta drop down, sword in hand, and use its head as a springboard to leap over the edge of the building.

Ryouta's move, however, was far from suicidal. As he fell, he muttered to himself, "Extend your blade to the heavens, and tear apart the cosmos! Come out," he muttered, as he reversed his head first dive and drove his sword into the wall, "Natsuhiboshi!"

Instantly, the blade of the long, keenly sharp katana Natsuhiboshi had been until that point transformed, instead becoming a yard-long, double-hand-width broadsword. Along with this change, a small stream of glowing, blue sparks shot from the blade's handle as it began to draw energy from the earth. The particles themselves immediately began flowing into Ryouta's body, replacing his lost vigor and slowing his rate of injury. With a toothy grin, the shinigami planted his feet on the skyscraper's wall, pulled out the blade, and at the same time leaped, propelling himself back towards the top of the skyscraper with mighty bounds, just as the arrancar turned away from the edge.

Because of the arrancar's rash choice to count Ryouta out of the fight, it suffered its first injury. Turning away from the edge, it left its back exposed to the returning shinigami. It was too good an oppurtunity to miss. As Ryouta leapt over, he swung his blade in a quick arc, cutting a shallow gash along the arrancar's shoulder. Hissing, the beast lashed its tail at Ryouta, which he narrowly dodged.

Jeez, this thing moves faster then I thought... the shinigami thought to himself, I really might die if I don't shape up. My only hit so far has been a lucky shot!

OOC: Yes, sorry for being an arrancar hog, and also sorry for changing the name of Ryouta's Zanpaku-to without posting, but I did change the blade's name on the sign-up sheet, and, well, since I didn't actually give a roleplay sample I thought I might as well add some flair to my first action post.

Jack O'Neill
June 23rd, 2007, 7:24 PM
Sarah reflexively brought up her rifle in response to the arrancar's assault on her would-be comrades in arms. "Okay, don't bother telling me my orders," she said. "I believe our job here's self-explanatory."

"So what if that pipsqueak Hitsugaya had problems battling the first arrancar he encountered? I've been fighting these abominations ever since they first started popping up in this city! Sure, they're an order of magnitude more powerful than a normal Hollow, but once you get past that..." Sarah muttered to herself as she got into fighting position and set the arrancar in her sights. By the time the arrancar had lashed out its tail at Ryouta, she had a clear shot at the monstrosity's head. Without hesitation, Sarah pulled the trigger, smashing the arrancar's mask into pieces with a well-placed spirit energy bolt; after pulling the bolt, she adjusted her aim slightly and opened fire a second time, knocking the arrancar back with another headshot and almost causing it to fall off the roof of the skyscraper.

Unfortunately for all shinigami involved, however, the arrancar managed to regain its footing. While taking a moment to regain its composure before rejoining the fray, it was snapped back to reality by a blade in its neck; Sarah had detached the bayonet from her rifle and used it as a ballistic knife, firing the blade from the handle with the simple flick of a switch. "You actually let your guard down like that?" she taunted in that irreverent, nonchalant tone of hers as she reattached the now-bladeless bayonet to her rifle; a new blade sprouted from the handle upon reattachment. "You obviously haven't been in the business that long. You're quite obviously pissed that Aizen didn't choose you to be part of his own personal army of the damned, so you're taking out your frustration by tossing in your lot with the Privaron, going into people's houses, and wrecking up the place. Pitiful."

The arrancar glared disdainfully at Sarah; unmasked, it bore an uncanny resemblance to Orochimaru from Naruto, right down to the long black hair and sickly complexion. "I did not come here to be lectured by sssome wannabe army girl with a sssuperiority complex!" it hissed angrily. "Hand over the girl and sssurrender peacefully, and maybe I'll consssider sssparing your livesss." With that, it unsheathed its zanpakuto, which more closely resembled a talwar (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:PB210833.JPG) than the standard-issue katana. "You ssseverely underessstimate the extent of my powersss, army girl!" the arrancar cried out as it grasped its sword in both hands and brought it down on Sarah, intending to cleave her in half for her insolence.

In response, Sarah brought up her rifle and used its barrel to parry the oncoming blade; she then lashed out with a vicious strike to the arrancar's forearms using the butt of the rifle. "None of you 11th Division people are helping out here!" Sarah cried out as she ducked under the arrancar's arms, stabbed it in the stomach with her bayonet, and fired off an energy blast at point-blank range; the force of the resulting explosion was sufficient enough to launch both Sarah and the arrancar several feet into the air in opposite directions, with the latter being launched off the roof and left to tumble many stories down to the cold, hard ground.

Sarah unceremoniously landed in a heap on the roof, her hands still on her firearm. She looked at Akemi and Kuro. "Well, are you two fine people gonna go pursue that arrancar or not?" she asked nonchalantly as she got back up and dusted off her uniform. "I'll look after the girl while you guys are gone. Now, go kick some arrancar ass already."

June 23rd, 2007, 9:44 PM
OOC: Sorry to speed things along, but I'm going to be in Europe from the 2nd until the 12th, so I want to get you guys to a point where you can act on your own devices before I leave.

"Oh, but I thought your firearms were so much better than our run of the mill zanpakuto." Akemi said in a very mocking voice as she shot a glance at her 'brother'. "I'm surprised you haven't noticed. The real Kuro has been gone for a while now. What you're looking at is Tentougokuin's special ability. Note the fact that the illusion isn't carrying a zanpakuto. I haven't exactly mastered the ability yet, but it was enough to fool this stupid arrancar." She paused her explanation for a moment as a blade like object shot out of her shadow. The illusion of Kuro dissipated as she brought Tentougokuin's white blade to her side, and she jumped over the buildings edge towards the fallen arrancar. "Looks like he's ready!"

As Akemi rapidly approached the fallen arrancar, it was regaining it's footing in the fresh, wide hole in the ground. As she fell closer and closer, she took note of all of the large chunks of concrete taken out of the building and surrounding buildings, all angled to a specific point in the air. It didn't take long for the arrancar to notice Akemi closing in before it prepared a counter attack. As Akemi thrusted her blade at the arrancar, even with the added velocity of the fall, the arrancar grabbed it, forcing Akemi to let go of the blade and grasp onto the staff. Not giving any notification other than an obnoxious grin, the arrancar began spinning the zanpakuto, along with Akemi, around and around, eventually letting go so that Akemi through straight up, screaming and completely dizzy. The arrancar followed suite, and that was enough of a reason for Akemi to shout, "NOW!"

Atop a nearby building, Kuro finally got the signal he had been waiting for, and thrusted Narakugokuin into his shadow. At the exact same time, all of the shadows formed by the nicks in the walls suddenly produced blade projectiles, all focused on the arrancars position, and all hitting their mark. The arrancar fell to the ground, disintegrating as it drew closer to the ground.

"Phew... that would have been impossible if you guys hadn't have weakened it first..." Akemi panted, as she stumbled along the top of the skyscraper, still dizzy. As she went to fall, Kuro caught her.

"It's... not gone. It'll... be back." An unfamiliar voice spoke to the group, causing Kuro and Akemi to turn to the injured girl. She appeared to barely be concious, and her breathing was still deep. "There's... no time... take me to this address, or I could die..." She dropped a piece of paper onto the ground, and Akemi picked it up.

"Hey, you shouldn't be talking! You're hurt! But guys... what should we do? It could be a trap."

Jack O'Neill
June 24th, 2007, 3:41 PM
Sarah shot a disdainful glare at Akemi as she picked up the dropped piece of paper. "You should take into consideration that this is only the initial release of my zanpakuto, as well as the fact that it only took three shots and two stabs from it to suitably soften up that arrancar," she lectured. "Besides, you even admitted that it was impossible for you and Kuro to finish off the arrancar like you did without me and that Ryouta fellow weakening it for you. All he got in was a single lucky swipe that barely gashed its shoulder; as mentioned previously, I shot it three times and knifed it with my bayonet twice. Do the math."

Sarah focused her attention towards the piece of paper in Akemi's hands. "If that girl really is gonna die, we should get her to that address ASAP. We obviously don't have any time to waste," she ordered, glancing briefly towards the gravely injured girl. "We'll deal with any traps as we encounter them."

Sarah's attention was then brought to the boy who had made a rather ungraceful entrance on the roof and was now demanding answers from her and the other shinigami. "Our business here? We've got a Privaron infestation in this city, and we're here to clean it up. Feel free to help out if you want," she stated matter-of-factly. With that, she hefted the unconscious girl's body over her shoulder and turned to Akemi. "Now, what was that address again?"

June 24th, 2007, 5:32 PM
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Scarlet Weather
June 24th, 2007, 5:54 PM
"Hey, the only reason I got in one shot is because you rushed in first! If any of us had attacked, we might have gotten in the way of your line of fire, army-girl." Ryouta pointed out, resealing his zanpaku-to and returning it to its sheath. "Besides, for all we know, if Kuro hadn't finished that arrancar off when he did, it might have unleashed its full power, and then where would we be?"

Ryouta's ears flicked as he heard the unfamiliar voice and stepped back in surprise. The girl in the black-haired shinigami's arms was stirring, and gave a start as the girl dropped a sheet of paper. After a short discourse, army-girl matter-of-factly slung the unconscious girl over her shoulder, and asked where the address was. Ryouta decided immediately that now would be a good time to add his opinion to the matter. "Hate to say it, but army-girl is right. Our main objective is to gather as many shinigami and local vaizard, if any, as we can, and take out the privaron. That girl can see us, and she doesn't have a soul chain or a hollow hole, plus the arrancar are after her, so she must be either a shinigami or a vaizard. Since she seems to be here in the real world on something other then a vacation, I'm leaning in favor of the latter. And we're supposed to be tracking them down, so..." he nodded to his superior officer, "Let's go. In fact, why don't the two of us head out alone? That's all we really need. You all," he continued, nodding to the other shinigami, "Can stay behind for a while. We can rendezvous on this building later. Sound good?"

June 24th, 2007, 7:22 PM
"What good would that do us?" Kuro asked, finally saying something to someone other than Akemi. "We have evidence that there are arrancar here, so I don't believe it wise to separate. Not to mention that for some reason, they can hide their reiatsu. Any of us could be attacked at any time, so going solo will probably lead to a higher amount of casualties."

"And besides, whooo has the paper? That's right! The great, beautiful, totally awesome Akemi!" Kuro's sister obnoxiously announced as she held the sheet into the air for everyone to see. This was her own way of trying to accomplish what Kuro had been attempting. "And besides, Kuro is the one who saved her, so does he not have an obligation to help take her there? But I digress, we should hurry before something serious happens to her! 1276 Cellon Street... Hey, isn't that the shop that provides goods to Shinigami in this area? If this girl is a vaizard, why would she have dealings with a Shinigami shop? Ah well, let's go!" And, as per her character, Akemi leapt off in the direction of the shop, with little time for arguments from the others pertaining to the splitting up idea.

Kuro let out a loud sigh as he placed his zanpakuto back into his scabbard. "Sorry, she can be a little bit... hard to deal with. The name is Kuro, by the way. 11th squad. I don't believe me nor Akemi have introduced ourselves yet, but we can save that for later." He murmered shyly as he jumped off the building after his twin sister.

June 24th, 2007, 8:54 PM
"I haven't the slightest idea as to why there are shinigami here."

Hibiki sighed, resisting the urge to slap it out of the stupid man. His mind games never ceased to give the young shinigami and human-in-training a headache. Or a migrane, depending on the day and mood of the arrogant shop-keeper. In fact, he even refused to tell Hibiki his name, mostly since Hibiki wouldn't tell him his real name either.

So, Hibiki settled on calling him by his fake name, Ibu. The man was certainly not one to sit on ceremony, covered with simply a gray colored haori and hakama, not usually without an unlighted cigarette hanging in his mouth. For what reason it was there, he claimed, 'Decoraction'.

"Ehh?" Hibiki snapped, unconvinced, "Don't give me that. You know everything that has to do with spirit-anything here."

He stretched out across the tatami floors of the backroom, "Errr, well, when you put it that way... No, still nothing."

Hibiki sighed, "Best shopkeeper, greatest dresser, and unsurpassable knowledge on the intricate workings of the spirit world and senses."

"No idea what you just said, but it sounded flattering. They're here on something related to hollows."

Hibiki jumped to his feet, yelling, "NO, I would've NEVER guessed."

"Ahh, calm down, I was just kidding! Jesus christ. I heard they're here on something related to Aizen, or the Arrancar or whatever." Ibu scratched the back of his prickly hair, raising an eyebrow, "How'dja know they're here anyway?"

"It's kind of hard to confuse a dead soul with a living one." Hibiki sighed, sitting back down, "Well, as long as they're not here to drag me back kicking and screaming, I guess it doesn't really concern me."

Picking up his teacup and lazily taking a sip, Ibu rummaged through one of the boxes that were concealed behind a sliding door. Ibu was the one person who supplied Hibiki with his need for a large amount of items that keep him bound to his gigai. The appearance of the shinigami had been convinient, as he was down to his last block of battery for his black mobile phone, though it was only used as a Hollow detector when he couldn't walk about the way he usually did. Blowing on his tea so it would cool down faster, Ibu placed a medium sized box on the table between Hibiki and his own teacups.

"That's all the stuff you wanted." The man said, shooting the cigarette from his mouth into the trash can in the corner of the room, "¥8,540 thanks."

Hibiki cringed. Eeking out just enough for all the stuff he needed by fighting hollows was no easy ordeal, since most hollows around the town were weaker then weak. No less, it was a pain getting the money since he technically wasn't a registered shinigami anymore, and always had huge issues with choosing a random pattern of cities to appear in. Taking his time to count out the money, he continued the conversation.

"So what's with this Aizen?"

"You really don't know anything about Soul Society anymore, do you?"

"I know he's the 5th Division Captain." Hibiki replied irritably.

"Not anymore he ain't. He's the Arrancar captain." Ibu shook his finger, "You need to read the paper."

"Pft. So tell me what's going on."

"I'll think about it. How about, a 1,000 extra fee?" Ibu smiled his widest, whitest smile at Hibiki, who glared at him as he slapped the bill down on the table.

"Spill it."

Jack O'Neill
June 25th, 2007, 8:24 AM
"'Great, beautiful, and totally awesome.' Right. Greatly, totally, and awesomely irritating, more accurately," Sarah muttered sarcastically under her breath as Akemi leapt off the skyscraper, with Kuro following shortly afterwards. "Looks like I've got no choice than to follow those two. I've got the girl, after all." With that, Sarah took her own leap off the roof, with the unconscious girl safely in tow.

"1276 Cellon Street. Yup, that's the old shop, all right. I wonder if those M1911s I ordered are already in stock," Sarah said to herself as she followed Akemi and Kuro through the city. No reiatsu other than those of herself and her comrades. She hoped that there weren't any arrancar lurking, waiting to ambush her and claim the unconscious girl as their quarry; the Privaron were naturally crafty foes.

Scarlet Weather
June 25th, 2007, 9:15 AM
Ryouta smiled as Kuro and Akemi, who he now vaguely recognized from somewhere in Soul Society, leaping over the building's edge. Licking his lips he nodded to army-girl as she muttered her opinion of Akemi, then followed her in the steep descent over the tower. As he landed, he straightened up, preparing to break into a quick run, however, he was interrupted by a slight hissing.

Turning slowly, hand Natsuhiboshi's hilt, Ryouta faced what was behind him. His gaze immediately met a large, imposing-looking hollow, though one of the usual variety, who was staring at a quaking girl, who was backing away slowly, preparing to break into a run. It didn't escape Ryouta's notice that the girl had a chain hanging from her chest- she was a plus, a benevolent spirit awaiting konso. And this hollow was about to eat her.

Ryouta glanced behind him as his companions raced ahead, not noticing the girl's plight. Not surprising- this hollow was definitely weak. He barely had a discernable reiatsu. But nonetheless, there wasn't much a normal ghost could do against him. Ryouta debated for a moment on whether to call for the others, before cursing and running back to save the girl. It took only a moment- one swing, and Natsuhiboshi had cut through the hollow's back. Two swings, and the entire hollow was completely decimated. Licking his lips and smiling slightly, the cat-eared shinigami turned to race back towards his companions- if he used shunpo, he might still catch up. As he stepped forward, however, he felt a tug on the back of his shirt. He turned once again, and met the eyes of the plus.

She was around twelve or thirteen years old, and wearing a formal kimono, black, decorated with vivid embroidered cranes. She had brown hair, neatly curled into a bun, and a wide, innocent face. She pulled herself close to him, and whispered "Thank You", before racing off.

"Nya... that was weird. Wonder what else- oh, cripes!" Ryouta muttered, realizing that the entire adventure had cut him off from the rest of the group. Racking his brains, the shinigami tried to remember the adress. "1276 Cellon street? Okay..." he muttered, before racing down the road. He had no idea which way Cellon street was, so he decided to choose a path at random, hoping to decide by guesswork where the actual place was.

He nearly chose wrong. After a quick blunder, he recognized army-girl's reiatsu, and forged ahead, not concentrating on or caring about anything else.

Including the Gillian class hollow observing him.

June 28th, 2007, 7:41 PM
OOC: Sorry, slipped my mind. XD;; ACC, lets not throw too many foes out there. I have 3 days to cover a few things, so more combat is a no-no for just now. Unless all it was doing is watching, then that's fine. ^^;



"That girl is a vaizard, right?" Akemi asked as the finally reached the building specified on the note given to them by the girl dressed in almost Gothic Lolita attire. It was a... dojo?, designed much differently from the Urahara shop. Also unlike the Urahara shop, it was located in plain sight on the middle of a busy street, not secluded like it's Karakura counterpart. The two began walking down the long stone path, surrounded by lush green grass, shrubs, and trees. They even crossed a little wooden bridge overtop a small creek filled with koi in a variety of beautiful colours. As they approached the building, the felt a sudden burt of reiatsu for a short moment. It was a security device, once that made it so only those of shinigami descent could pass through. Smart, although it wouldn't be much use if a shinigami or vaizard decided to turn on the shop.

Kuro finally nodded, his arms crossed in a strict manner. "Yes, I can't imagine her being anything else." They began walking up the steps towards the building, a variety of weird reiatsu beginning to surface. That was to be expected at such a place, however. "The chance of an ordinary human seeing us is slim to none, and I could tell by the little reiatsu she was exerting that she isn't an ordinary shinigami, either." Akemi opened the door, and the two walked in, only to find themselves confronted by a somewhat easygoing looking individual. He was young, maybe around the age of twenty, and he had dirty blond hair that he wore in a ponytail that went down to his neckline, the front covered by a red bandana. A closer look would show that he had blue eyes. Dressed in a white dress shirt and a pair of jeans, he glanced the group over through his circular glasses with very small lenses.

"Ah, I see. You brought Shiori home! She gave us quite a scare when she just ran off last night in the condition she was in! Ah, but I digress, we need to get her well again!" The man said positively as he began walking down the wooden hallway, turning into a room. Akemi and Kuro followed, expecting the rest of the happy band to do the same. When the entered the room, they found the man making a bed with white sheets, with a kit including supplies found commonly with the fourth division off on a table to the side. On the opposite side of the room, there was another bed, but there was a body buried under the sheets, exerting a weird reiatsu. "Ah, my apologies." The boy began. "My name is Kazumi Shiwatori, I work here as the owner's apprentice. I was originally from the fourth squad, you see, so I deal with health related issues... But I digress once more! Just leave Shiori here, and I'll have my master explain everything about this shop! IBU! WE HAVE COMPANY!"

OOC: Sorry, kind of assuming you were all there. XD

June 28th, 2007, 8:47 PM
"Ehhh?!" Ibu called in a very annoyed and stupid sounding voice, "Yeah I know he's already in here!!"

Hibiki raised an eyebrow, "Think for a minute old man. It's been at least ten minutes since I came here, honestly, is your assistant really that incompetant to inform you of my prescence after ten whole frickin' minutes? You have more visitors, dimwit."

Ibu stared at Hibiki for a few seconds before standing up and stuffing his right hand into the folds of his haori, "You think I'm really stupid, don't you?"

"Yes." Hibiki replied, staying put on his cushion, "Yes I do."

"Ehhh," Ibu scratched the back of his head with his free hand before pushing the sliding door aside to see the shinigami that Hibiki had witnessed earlier with a bloodied girl dressed as strangely as possible in tow. The gigai-clad Toya stared at the girl and narrowed an eye at both Ibu, then the assisstant.

"You never told me you were housing a Vaizard."

"You never asked, nor endorsed me to say so. Besides, not jumping to conclusions is the first step in becoming wise. Nobody said I was 'housing' her." Ibu waggled his finger, before he pulled out another cigarette, "But other, and unwelcome, visitor aside, what brings you shinigami here- Shiori-chwan!!" The cigarette he'd just put into his mouth fell out as he dramatically 'just-realized' the bloody girl was an accquaintence of his. (Even though he'd just countered Hibiki's sarcastic statement showing he knew that she was indeed within the shop, and within view.)

If Hibiki could say anything about the two shinigami before him, he would say that he knew exactly who they were. Yokoai-san and Yokoai-san of the 11th division. Both of them he'd seen when he'd spent the few days of employment under that division, but he'd never actually spoke to them before. Being observant of his surroundings then however, seemed to have paid off. Well. Kind of. That depended on whether they would take the liberty of catching a rogue shinigami on the side of their assigned mission. Probably, if they really were 11th division true members. The fight would be enthralling. Hibiki sighed and silently took another sip of his tea, slightly shaking the cup to shift the tea leaves. Aizen, huh? He would've been the last one Toya would've pinned to betray. If anyone, Kurotsuchi was crazy enough to step out the boundries for something like this, not Aizen. But, who knew that Aizen was the mad scientist, not Kurotsuchi? Well. They were both mad scientists, but each more mad then the other in their own way...

Arrancar. Hibiki scoffed. So why here, of all places?

"I was sooo worried about you! Running off like that is a no-no!" Ibu cried in his freaky-very-creepy voice that was one octave higher then his usual voice. Reserved only when he wanted to be annoying, or was talking to very very cute animal's.

"So anyway." Ibu quickly recovered from his bout of worry for the vaizard, "What brings you shinigami here? Would you like to buy anything? Gikongan? Kikanshinki? A brand smackin' new gigai? Or maybe a new battery for that important phone of yours?? Everything here is a heck of a lot cheaper then it is in Soul Society!"

Hibiki's loud "HMPH" at the last sentence, earned himself a death glare from Ibu, who muttered darkly, "You got a problem with my prices, kid??"

Hibiki simply sipped his tea extremely loudly in response.

Jack O'Neill
June 28th, 2007, 9:29 PM
Sarah was not far behind Akemi and Kuro when she finally arrived at the shop on 1274 Cellon Street, with her precious cargo intact and in one piece (albeit still out cold). She overheard the remark about the unconscious girl being a vaizard; she had her own suspicions regarding the girl, though she obviously had no way of confirming them.

After encountering the brief surge of reiatsu that represented the shop's only security measure, Sarah followed Akemi and Kuro into the building, where she ran into Ibu's apprentice, Kazumi Shiwatori; not bothering to greet him, she kept on following the two 11th Division personnel in silence all the way to the infirmary. She placed the would-be vaizard's body on the bed, then turned to face Kazumi. "I would believe that the purpose of this shop would be self-explanatory," she deadpanned. "So, the unconscious vaizard's name is Shiori, right?"

"Right," Kazumi replied. "As I mentioned previously, she wasn't exactly in the best of shape when she ran off on us last night."

"Judging by the wounds she's sustained, I'd probably guess she went off and fought one too many Hollows," Sarah mused. "At least it would appear that way."

"Who knows, really?" Kazumi asked. "We didn't have the slightest clue about what happened to her until you brought her back here."

"I must say, it's quite odd to see a vaizard in these parts. Seeing as she tried to do her part to clean out the Privaron infestation, I would assume that this Shiori person's already on our side," Sarah replied. "However, who's to say that she doesn't have ulterior motives, and they just happen to coincide with ours?"

Sarah leaned forward over the bed to have a closer look at Shiori; she had only looked over her for just a few seconds before she was interrupted by Ibu making his own entrance, along with a young male visitor. A startled Sarah simply righted herself and stood off to one side as she bore witness to Ibu's rather bizarre display of concern for the vaizard; once the shopkeeper was done being obnoxious, Sarah immediately confronted him. "You should know why we're here," she said. "Two words: Privaron infestation. What can you do to help us with it?"

Scarlet Weather
June 29th, 2007, 7:47 AM
OOC: Just wanted to throw something in there to explain the arrival of any hollows/arrancars who happen to show up later, if thou wantest. So yes, Mr. Gillian is only watching, and watch he will until you tell him to attack.


"Hey, army-girl, it's not the best idea to just start badgering everyone we meet about this whole Privaron thing. It's going to get really old." Ryouta said, his smile curled into something that resembled a sneer. He had arrived just in time to see Shiori get taken in back, and to hear army-girl get up in the shopkeeper's face. "Anyway, even if he could help us, he'd probably ask for money."

Ibu turned his face to the newly arrived shinigami. "Well, there's another one of you, eh? Well, aren't you the interesting-looking one? Tell you what, I'm not entirely certain I should be doing anything for you... without something in it for me. After all, I'm not exactly on active duty." The shopkeeper leered as he finished the last sentence.

Ryouta hastily dug through his pockets. "Shoot!" he muttered, before facing Ibu again. "Sorry- no cash. I've got a spare bar of chocolate back with my gigai, though- will that count for something?" he asked, praying that the confection was as hard to come by for this shopkeeper as it was for himself.

The leering shinigami shook his head. "Sorry, no dice. Cash or nothing. Besides, I've got more then a little bit of chocolate in the back of the store- you won't believe how it sells."

Ryouta cursed under his breath. "Dang, and I thought I was actually going to find a piece of helpful information without running into it with my zanpaku-to." he muttered, his smile taking on an almost rueful quality. He turned to Sarah. "Alright army-girl, don't mind me. Continue interrogating him, or whatever." he said, just the slightest hint of a commanding tone layered into his voice.

June 29th, 2007, 11:54 AM
"...And that's why shinigami should stay away from human drugs." Akemi said in a very quiet, muffled voice, getting a little smirk out of Kuro. There was no denying it. This man was off his rocker, even more so than Urahara Kisuke. Akemi almost picked the girl, Shiori, right up with the intent of leaving after listening to the way the man, Ibu, addressed the vaizard girl. The pair watched attentively as the man's assistant, Shiwatori, pulled some strange long gloves up his arms and began squeezing Shiori's body in a few, non-inappropriate places such as the arms and her neck. He pulled out a small syringe containing a neon pink, translucent liquid, and made haste to inject it into the vaizard's right arm.

"I was afraid of this..." Shiwatori said aloud as he lead the group out of the room, closing the door to the room behind him. "You see, the hollows here that are following the Privaron, they haven't been acting normally." He continued walking, until he lead them to what appeared to be a lounge, four small couches creating a boxed area, with a table in the center. He sat down, and Akemi and Kuro did the same on the couch opposite to him. "For the most part, they're ganging up in groups of twenty to sometimes even one hundred on essentially ANYTHING with an abnormal reiatsu. I'm personally surprised you guys got here without being attacked in that manner. Of course, Shiori, being a vaizard, exerts a strange reiatsu, and she was attacked last night. Somehow, she made it back here with her life, but after I went to get the supplies to treat her, she had run off again. That being said, I'm personally surprised she's alive right now. But..."

"...But?" Akemi repeated questionably as she took a sip from a teacup that had been handed to her by another worker in a gigai. "I've studied healing before. I know that serum you injected into her only acts as a method for keeping her alive. Do you not have any Gualin Herb here, or is that what you're going to ask about?" There was a short moment of silence as Shiwatori readjusted his posture so that his arms rested on the small table before them after he shifted his glasses. "I'll take that as a yes. You want us to go back to Soul Society and get some Gualin Herb to treat her?"

"Well, yes. Since you possess a method of traveling to and fro from Soul Society, I would like to ask you to. However, since you apparently know what it is I need, I'd like to ask you to go, Akemi, along with your twin brother." Shiwatori asked as he looked from Akemi to Kuro. Akemi was confused, since this man apparently knew who they were, but Kuro was too busy looking at that shinigami boy that was here when they arrived. he was somehow familiar...

"I'm not going to ask how you know my name, but I guess so. It's part of our mission I suppose..."

"Great! That serum she keep her breathing for at least three days, so feel free to spend the night here, and you two can depart in the morning!"

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June 29th, 2007, 12:29 PM
OOC: I'm so sorry about the crappy quality of my posts lately. I know, they suck. >.<;

IC: After the strange shinigami who had offered him value-free chocolate for information, (where did this kid come from, Rukonkai 80?) Ibu proceeded to more fully ignore the arrogant army-girl who obviously was unaware of the proper way to ask for information. Walking back into the room where Hibiki sat, and pushing a door aside he peered inside the same stock room he'd pulled the cardboard box of Hibiki's that now sat silently on the table. Taking his time to look around, Ibu finally stepped over a number of boxes and disappeared into the room.

"So anyway Toya!" Ibu yelled, and Hibiki spat out a mouthful of tea, "You got any extra bucks to spare for these handsome and beautiful shinigami?"

Hibiki stood up and threw his now drained teacup at Ibu's back which was hunched over in the storeroom as he hauled a box off the ground, "What the heck was that?!"

"Whaaat??" Ibu pouted very un-cutely when he re-emerged, "I don't care who the money comes from, you should know that!"

Hibiki sat back down. That was far from the problem.

"I can help you like this. That'd be about 18,400 yen from yah for these er..." Ibu looked at a piece of paper produced from the pocket of his haori, "M...1911's. Or whatever. I charge an extra 3,000 yen price for information, and 10,000 for my help in shinigami missions, so if you want me to add that to your tab, I will. Oh, and I added 400 yen for being pigheaded. Discounts come depending on how much I like you." Ibu waved the thousand yen that Hibiki had recently given him.

Hibiki snorted, and stood, "Well whatever, I'm leav-"

"Woooah there!" Ibu's arm flew right into Hibiki's face and sent him tumbling back into the room, "Nobody said you were leaving either! I haven't finished my story yet!!"

"What story?!" Hibiki snapped, cradling his nose, "You finished already!!"

"Ehhhh, you haven't been listening have you?? I didn't tell you about the Privaron yet, that's why you asked in the first place, isn't it??" Ibu waved his hand, "Once I rip people off I give them their merits worth. Usually. But I don't get interuppted during a story kiddo, yah hear?"

"Ehhhh-nehow, you crazy kids get to know each other! I'll be taking count of stock, so Shiwatori will show you where you'll be staying for the night." Ibu took a step back into the storage room, but paused, "Oh, aaand, it's a 2,000 yen price per night!"

"I'm going home." Hibiki stated flatly.

"Ehhhh?! But I already have your old room ready!! It's dust and clutter-free this time!!" Ibu cried from behind the storage room door, faking tears.

"What?!" Hibiki screeched.

"U-Umm..." Alfred's distinct voice said and Hibiki glared death at Ibu, who smiled back, "Could you let me down now??" He said to one of the shopkeepers who had the small gigai in tow on his shoulder like a bag of potatoes. But at the sight of all the shinigami before him, Alfred blinked and cried, "AHHH!! SHINIGAMI! HIBIKI-SAN, THEY'RE AFTER ME!!! NOOOO YOU'VE GOT THE WRONG PERSON!! I'M NOT HIIIMMM!!" Squirming and kicking and yelling and punching, the shopkeeper finally dropped Hibiki's real gigai to the floor and Hibiki sighed.

"Ibu. You owe me 1,000 yen for this. Damage of property."


July 3rd, 2007, 7:55 AM
[FONT="Comic Sans MS"]OOC: Kyaaa~ I have a lot to make up, ohohohoh Shinji [ebil Mikuru] --- oh, and YAY FER SUPER DUPER SUCKY MIKI-CHAN POST =].


Okay, so blah blabbity blah, it was really odd that Neko was quiet following everyone, she didn't even fight, what...what..eh. What's the word, irony? Yes, irony! Oh the irony, Neko even loved fighting soo much. But what was on Neko's happy-go-lucky mind? Eh, what was on it, it was...the most important thing ever..how kawaii her idol looked on the billboard near the skyscraper! And Neko wondered who does her hair. So, through all the hollow-fighting, vaizard-saving, go-to-places, Neko didn't do anything! Because stupy Miki was on a nice vacation!

There was lots and lots of people there, there was Twins-chan, and Army-kun, and Neko Dos-kun, there was other people whom Neko didn't recognize and she didn't care.

It was kind-of chaos, chocolate, which Neko really really wanted, hey doing nothing takes a lot of energy, money, which was also very wanted. But what Neko really noticed was the sucky post that Mikuru did because she had to catch with the ones that Shinji was going to eat very soon. And while all of that was happening, Neko was trying to figure how to hold her teacup only using her pinky, but the tea was good! Neko wished she could just use Jouyouheki to make everyone's attention to her and love her. Oh how Neko wished that so. Because *cough, cough* someone people were ignoring and being very rude to a young girl who was very cute. And one thing that Neko needed:



A figure grinned "This will be fun."


July 3rd, 2007, 9:36 AM


"Hnnn." Adelita replied, sitting on one of the higher elevations of the floor, arms pulled back and resting on another elevation where Antonio stood, "Why me?"

"Don't complain Adelita." Antonio said roughly, his arms folded as he glared down at the girl from behind the shadows.

"I'm not complaining Antonio, I was asking a question." Adelita replied in a snippy voice. When nobody but Antonio responded to her question, she sighed, running a hand through her blonde hair. It was true that Adelita had spent most of her time sitting in this very spot for the past few weeks. She'd denied any missions and dumped them all on Antonio, even though he was technically her superior. Finally pulling herself out of the same position she'd been in for the past month or so, her arms cracked, ringing throughout the room. Nobody flinched, not even when her legs cracked as she made a move to stand up.

"Fine." She finally said, stretching a little before her eyes turned a brilliant green, her hair growing out and her normal attire changing to a plain white sundress, "I'll go."

And she crushed the hollow mask around the lower portion of her face as she stared straight forward at a pair of eyes that watched her every move.

Turning from her spot, she hopped off the platforms, her white sandal's making a 'clack' 'clack' sound every time she landed until she was finally on the floor level, far beneath her perch under Antonio.

"Don't forget to count!"

The room shared a soft chuckle and Adelita made no motion back before the door slammed shut behind her.

"One shinigami, two shinigami, three shinigami, four shinigami, five shinigami, six...shinigami... I see nine shinigami, two vaizard." Adelita murmured to herself, standing just outside the barrier, "This seems like a nasty barrier. I don't really like it, because then I can't count for sure, but..."

She placed her palm onto the barrier and immediately withdrew it when the seemingly thin air sparked at her.

"Water and electricity don't mix." She said lazily, looking at her charred hand which was quickly mending itself.

Inside, however, Ibu stopped with his crazy antics and stuck his cigarette on Alfred's gigai, and out of the mouth popped a gikongai, which he threw into Hibiki's unprepared mouth. Struggling for a few second, Hibiki waged war against choking, before Hibiki caught himself, Alfred's voice saying confused, "Err, Ibu-san?"

"I CAN'T GET OUT THAT EASILY YOU OLD FAGGORT." Toya yelled, trying to get his foot away from the gigai, but mostly succeeding in dragging Alfred to his feet.

After a few minutes of struggle, Ibu pointed outside, and Toya scoffed, "You've got about 8 shinigami at your calling and you force me out of my gigai so I can go fight something everyone else is gonna go fight anyway? Right. That makes a lot of sense."

Pushing the door to the shop aside, Toya raised an eyebrow at the sight of a girl who was examining the air, or, more specificially, the barrier. Pulling out his zanpakutou, and not thinking at all about who the girl could be, Toya was just about to lop off her head when he found the head, and her entire body wasn't there anymore.

"Wha-" Toya started, "A ghost??"

"I'm kind of offended. I'm not a ghost, as I'm real as you are. Well, I guess we are ghosts, since we're both dead, you know?" Adelita suddenly stood five feet away from Toya, who raised his zanpakutou again, "You must be an 11th division shinigami. You haven't even tried to reason why I can see you yet. You attacked me head-on without a second thought. I find those shinigami kind of funny, cause they're so stupid, you know?"

"If you can see me," Toya replied, "It means that your not a human!" He swung his zanpakuto into thin air again and spun around, "I don't need to know anything more. And if you were a shinigami, your reiatsu wouldn't feel like it does."

"But you can't find me until I talk. Don't you wonder why?" Adelita asked, pushing her zanpakuto through Toya's back, "But I guess you can't wonder anymore. You're an awfully rusty shinigami. Where are your friends? Why don't you..." Adelita twisted her zanpakutou around, cutting a hole in Toya's back and chest, "Call them out for me?"

Toya let out a yell, as Adelita pulled out her zanpakuto and slashed a deep cut across his back, "That's the spirit, pipsqueak!"