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May 27th, 2007, 8:53 AM
**RATED PG-15**


Recently, Kekkei Genkai clans have been under attack and carriers have gone missing, some having been found to have been brutally murdered. These mysterious attacks are the work of Kizumo and Kizore, two S-class missing-nin from Kirigakure. Kizumo and Kizore are also twins. While growing up, they always hated Kekkei Genkai and the ones who carried them. Naturally, they took their hate for bloodline traits with them when they went missing from the village. During the twins' absences, their hate grew stronger, and they formed a secret organization dedicated to killing all who possess a Kekkei Genkai. They have even gone so far as to develop a gene-destroying poison, which destroys the victim’s bloodline trait when it enters their bloodstream. Bloodline clans from various villages are all under threat, and both sides are getting ready for the upcoming war…

Basic RP Rules:
1. No God-modding.
2. No one liner posts. A minimum of a paragraph is needed.
3. Stick to the storyline.
4. Romance between characters is allowed, just don't get too XXX

RP Tools (weapons, jutsu, etc.):


Your char will start off with the basic ninja weapons (shuriken, kunai, exploding tags, trap wires). As the story progresses, you can acquire more weapons. New weapons must be approved by me.


Made-up Jutsu: I'll allow made-up jutsu, but if you choose to make one, be sure to provide a detailed description of what it does. Your char may NOT start off with a made-up jutsu. New jutsu must be approved by me.

Summons: I'll allow summons, but if you choose to have one, give a description of the object/aid being summoned. Your char may NOT have a summon until after reaching Chunin rank. Summons must be approved by me.

Kekkei Genkai:

I’ll allow made-up bloodlines, but if you choose to make one, be sure to provide a detailed description of what it does. In order for your char to have a new loodline, it must be approved by me.

Signing Up (rules and Sign-Up form):

Okay, you start off as a Genin with 7 known jutsu, caught up in the recent happenings that have been going on. You undergo rigorous rank training (missions, exams, etc.) to become stronger and advance as a ninja. Your rank and abilities will change during timeskips and as the story progresses. Don't give your character any skills/jutsu they aren't ready for. KG LIMITS: only three chars per bloodline will be allowed, so first come, first served. Note: You don't have to have a bloodline, you can play a regular Shinobi.

Sign-Up Form:

Name: (your char's name)
Age: (your char's current age)
Village: (the village your char is from)
Bloodline: (if available)
Height/Weight: (your char's height and weight)
Rank: (your char's current rank)
Background: (a description of your char's life)
Appearance: (how your char looks)
Personality: (what your char is like)
Weapons: (the weapons your char has)
Jutsu: (your char's currently known jutsu)
Strengths/Weaknesses: (strong and weak points)
RP Sample: (a sample of your skills)

My Char:

Name: Hyuga, Isuro
Age: 14
Village: Konohagakure
Bloodline: Byakugan
Height/Weight: 5'5'', 129 lbs.
Rank: Genin
Background: As first-born child to the head of the Hyuga Clan's main branch, Isuro is the heir to his clan. Growing up, Isuro looked like somewhat of an oddball compared to other members of his clan. Although he looked slightly different from his clan, he was a quick learner: developing his Byakugan and learning Gentle Fist techniques early on. As a child, Isuro was always very curious. He would often spend hours and hours on end just sitting and watching his father train in awe.
Appearance: Hyuga Clan members generally have dark hair, but Isuro has light, pale-blue hair. He wears it in a mohawk, though the sides of his head arent completely shaved, they are kept low-cut and he allows two of his bangs to hang on both sides of his face beside his ears. His eyes are also different: all other Hyuga members possess pale lavender, pupil-less eyes, but Isuro's are pale blue, but still with the trademark missing pupil. He wears a dark blue vest and a metal-mesh undershirt, with dark blue shorts. He doesn't wear a Konoha headband, but instead he wears a belt that has the same silver plate and symbol on it. Isuro also wears fighting tape on his left forearm and right leg.
Personality: Isuro is a calm person, but with a good sense of humor and laid-back attitude. He is curious by nature, and it often gets him into mischief. He is also a bit stubborn and has a temper. He’s a bit of a loner and keeps to himself sometimes, but he stills enjoys the company of others.
Weapons: Shuriken, Kunai, exploding tags
Eight Trigrams Sixty-Four Palms
Eight Trigrams Heavenly Spin
Eight Trigrams Empty Palm
Shuriken Shadow Clone Jutsu
Haze Clone Jutsu
Phoenix Flower Jutsu
Paralysis Jutsu
Strengths/Weaknesses: Strengths: advanced learning and memory capabilities, fights well in high-pressure situations. Weaknesses: his Genjutsu skills arent very good, curiosity can be a problem at times.
RP Sample:

"Why must it rain now?" sighed Isuro to himself as he sat on the windowsil, looking out the window. The sky was a steely gray as rain fell from above, hitting the window and dampening the ground. A wild rabbit was seen quickly streaking across the field and into the forest, obviously seeking shelter from the weather. "I was hoping to get some training done today...."

Isuro walked away from the window and went over to his dresser, where a book was laying innocently. He retrieved it and then hopped back up on the windowsil and opened the book. "At least I have a chance to start this book my father gave me," said Isuro to himself, looking at the cover of the book. "Hmm..."A Midnight Odyssey". This sounds pretty interesting...."

Isuro glanced out the window for a moment and then proceeded to begin reading. After about 30 minutes or so, Isuro was nodding in and out of sleep. "I'm getting tired," he said with a yawn, closing the book and walking over to the bed. He laid down on it and instantly fell asleep. "Zzzz..."

After about an hour, a ray of light pierced through the window and stretched across Isuro's sleeping face. Yawning, Isuro got up and walked over to the window and looked outside. "Looks like the rain's stopped," he said, looking at the rainbow that had appeared. "It's still too wet to go training though, so I guess I'll continue the book." Grabbing the book, Isuro once again positioned himself on the windowsil and continued reading as a familiar-looking rabbit appeared from out of a bush, wiggling it's ears.

June 11th, 2007, 3:54 PM
(Yeah, I don't care if you hate me. I want to roleplay.)

Name: Yuri Kazemashai

Age: 14

Village: Village Hidden in the Mist-Mizukage

Bloodline: None

Height/Weight: Hight: 5 '2 Weight: 120

Rank: Genin

Background: Yuri grew up hating the bloody, cruel ways of the sand people. She had considered many a time becoming a missing-nin, but she always came up with the same conclusion: it was too dangerous. Infuriated with the murders of the ninja from the Kekkei Genkai, she left her village and journeyed to Konoha to join the war.

Appearance: Yuri has short purple-black hair and light purple eyes. She's skinny but strong and she usually wears all of her equipment and other armor. She has extra equipment now that she has left the scorching heat of the desert. Look! A Picture!! (http://i47.photobucket.com/albums/f151/Aki_Hakkai_/Anime%20Ninja/anime_ninja_fav1.jpg)

Personality: Usually kind and patiant, but she has a very bad temper. She's not very nice when she gets mad. She gets angry when people are cruel, stubborn, unhelpful or snobby, or greedy. Although she is not a coward, she knows when to give up a fight and knows that her life is more important than her pride. She is very resiliant and likes to try hard.

Weapons: Yuri uses baisic ninja equipment. (I want to add a longsword and fanblades later.)

Jutsu: Dance of the Cresent moon (Mikazuki no mai)
Body substitute (Kawarimi no jutsu)
Air slicing Blast (Zankuuha)
Dust Wind (Ninpou Fuusajin)

Strengths/Weaknesses: Strengths: Hard worker, Agile, likes to think things through Weaknesses: Temper, she's picky, perfectionist

RP Sample: The wind felt like a shower of rain as Yuri walked to Konoha. "This really is a village hidden in leaves," The sound of her voice echoed across the forest as she rubbed the sleepyness from her eyes. She looked around cautiously. "I wonder if I'm close... I must be by now."

The trees parted quite suddenly to reveal a large village. The vastness of the village surprized her. "I haven't seen such a large place in quite some time," She remarked, semembering faintly how large the sand village was. Yuri shook the thoughts out of her head. Now is not the time, She thought.

The wind had died down a bit when she had first seen the village. Now Yuri sighed because she could no longer feel the breeze on her skin. "It is beautiful here... quiet and pleasent," Because of the destractions, Yuri did not see the rather shady people who were, unlike the pleasent ones on the main street, watching her with hateful eyes.

But Yuri had no time to notice them either before she was swept into a quaint looking inn by a plump woman and her husband, the host.~

July 10th, 2007, 12:07 AM
Is it possible to reserve a spot in this RP?

July 10th, 2007, 6:42 PM
Name: Zenshi Tetsugi
Age: 14
Village: Konohagure
Bloodline: None
Height/Weight: 5 '3, 124 lbs
Rank: Genin
Background: Zenshi has always trained to become powerful. Zenshiworks hard day and night to become as powerful as the Hokage. Zenshi trains in the art of Ninjutsu and with his mom, trains in Taijutsu with his dad, and trains in Genjutsu with his Grandfather. He's always wanted to have a Kekkei Genkai because he believes that it would make him stronger...
Appearance: Zenshi wears a blue hoodie and brown shorts, with his headband as a belt. He wears your basic ninja sandals. He has indigo blue hair and his front bangs stand up.
Personality: Zenshi can be stubborn at times but loves havng fun. Zenshi enjoys sparring and believes teamwork is key in combat, but when in a feirce battle get's so excited he forgets about the others sometimes!
Weapons: Kunai, Shuriken, Paper bombs, Sanbon
Jutsu: Shadow clone Jutsu, Sub jutsu, Leaf Hurricane, Dynamic Entry, Uzumaki Barrage, Lion's Barrage, 1000 years of Death
Strengths/Weaknesses: Zenshi is very strategic, and never gives up, but he knows when he's outmatched. Unfortunatley he doesn't have much endurance, but he trains to overcome this weakness.
RP Sample:The sun rised, and Zenshi jumped up and had a long stretch. "Today's the day I become Hokage!" He yelled. It echoed through the village. All the citizens knew who it was. The thing is, Zenshi does this every day.

Zenshi got dressed and ran downstairs. "By mom; see ya' dad; later, grandpa!" They all greeted him as Zenshi dashed out of the front door. "I probably should've grabbed something to eat," Kenta said dashing from roof to roof. ",Oh well! I'll just grab something at the Ichiraku Ramen shop!"

"Closed!!?" Zenshi exclaimed. "Yes," The shop owner said coming aroud from the back. ",A bunch of hoodlums came and thrashed the place last night." The guy said. "I'll beat'em to a pulp! No one thrashes my ramen!"

"Some person with short hair destroyed it last night." The man said. "Short hair, eh?" Zenshi cracked his knuckles. When I'm done with' em his hair won't be the only thing short! First I'll check the hotel!"