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May 27th, 2007, 12:27 PM
Alright Trainers. Its time to get down to business. I have had up some threads where some Trainers think they can offer me a Magickarp for a Shiny Charizard. Now we being Poke'mon Trainers know that an offer like that is crazy. I repectivly ask that all offers made on my Thread are Fair. Thanks.

** This is how trading works on my Thread. You can look at my list of Poke'mon for trade and tell me which ones you liked. Then you proceed to looking at the Poke'mon I'm looking for. Then you make a Fair offer off my wants list for the Poke'mon you want off my list. As a Second option you can Provide me with a link to your list. Again Please be Fair with what you offer. I want us both to be happy with the Final Out come. **

Ok well now that thats coverd I would like to tell you about what pokemon I'm Currently Trading.

*Pokemon are Hard to Get.

Shiny Poke'mon

1x Shiny Charizard *
1x Shiny Mewtwo *

Legendary Poke'mon

1x Uxie
1x Azelf
1x Cresselia
1x Rotom
1x Giratina
1x Regigigas
1x Heatran
1x Palkia
1x Entei
1x Suciune
1x Lugia (XD Gale of Darkness)
1x Latios
1x Latias
1x Registeel
1x Regirock
1x Regice
1x Groudon
1x Kyogre
2x Deoxys

Other Pokemon

1x Infernape
1x Chimchar
1x Turtwig
1x Piplup
3x Charmander
1x Charmeleon
9x Snorlax
2x Bulbasaur (Lv 1) (With Sunnyday and Solarbeam)
6x Phione
1x Chikorita
1x Totodile
1x Cyndaquil
1x Tyrogue
2x Hitmonchan
1x Hitmonlee
1x Hitmontop
5x Gyarados
3x Fearow
1x Luxray
1x Roserade
1x Pinsir


1x Red Shard
1x Big Root
1x Smoke Ball
2x Fire Stone
1x Miracle Seed
1x Leaf Stone
1x Oval Stone
1x Dusk Stone
1x Thunder Stone
1x Pearl
1x Shell Bell
1x Razor Fang
1x Scope Lens
1x Quick Claw
1x Nugget
1x Lustrous Orb
1x Leftovers
1x Sharp Beak
2x Exp. Share
2x Dread Plate
1x Spooky Plate
1x Fist Plate


No. 21 Frustration
No. 25 Thunder
No. 29 Psychic
No. 30 Shadow Ball
No. 37 Sandstorm
No. 48 Skill Swap
No. 49 Snatch
No. 51 Roost
No. 52 Focus Blast
No. 55 Payback
No. 57 Charge Beam
No. 63 Embargo
No. 65 Shadow Claw
No. 67 Recycle
No. 76 Stealth Rock
No. 77 Psych Up
No. 86 Grass Knot
No. 91 Flash Cannon

Now Trainers for My Wants

1x Shiny Hitmonchan
1x Shiny Hitmonlee
1x Shiny Sucicune
1x Shiny Entei
1x Raikou
1x Shiny Raikou
1x Togekiss
1x Rypherior
1x Electubuzz Evolved form
1x Magmortar
1x Lucario(Really Low Want)
1x Shiny Lucario
1x Lucario (PKRS)

1x Every Arceus Plate
1x All Power Items.


Just looking for BT Tm's right now. Thanks.

Ok Bring on the Offers.

!!Gotta Catch'em All!!

May 27th, 2007, 3:02 PM
Magmar with magmarizer for Lugia?

May 27th, 2007, 3:03 PM
Magikarp for shiny charzard O_O