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May 27th, 2007, 12:50 PM
This poem describes to you how The original One was creator, so this might help you with you PokeKnowledge by fan means.

Creation: As told by Cynthia's Grandmother

It was a dark ball of chaos and uproar.
There was nothing, anything to smile for.
Black and purple clouds had gathered there.
For a certain Egg was to hatch. But where?
As the Egg hatched, It shone, It grew, it glew.
The Original One has awoke to create, anew.
It created millions of other creatures on dawn.
They were what would be our help, our Pokemon.
It also created us too, just like me, us, and you!
Dialga, which had power to rule eras, was born.
Palkia, glorifying over all of the cosmos, awoke.
They had creations which were our age and stars.
It was a gift for anyone newly born, near and far.
Heatran, of heat, lava and flames, first shone.
Shaymin, of fields, and petals, first burrowed.
It made fire and grass, which was helpful of them.
It would also keep us comfortable, warm, and then,
Also, Cresselia, keeper of good dreams true, brought.
Darkrai, guard of nightmares, wrong and cruel, sought.
They supplied our dreams, for sleeping at wonder,
Although when they were nightmares, we'd shudder.
Giratina, who shaped had the land in the world, first dug.
Manaphy, who made the tides in our world, first glugged.
It made our land, mud and soil, as well as the beach.
It colored our oceans, blankets of deep blue, of peace.
This world was to be dubbed Earth, and we would be in it.
Our land was to be called, Shin'ou, and the moon was lit.
After that, Dialga and Palkia then created 3 lakes,
Not after there in Shin'ou was a huge shake.
There were 3 Pokemon, on those 3 Great Lakes.
Azelf, Yuxie, and Emrit, which were the 3 Mystical Guards.
They helped our regions, our lives, our hearts.

And that by fan means, is how it was created. Whaddya think?