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May 28th, 2007, 9:46 AM
Hello everyone, These questions have been buzzing in my mind the past days, and since NO ONE answers the Simple Questions thread anymore, here goes...

1) Can you buy the cosplay outfits? Like after you beat the person in the Colosseum Mode?

2) How do you earn points besides battling online? Can you get them from beating Colosseums? (Cause believe me, anyone could destroy me online!)

3) If you can get points through Colosseums, Do Legendaries cut down the number of points you recieve, like it was in Pokemon Colosseum?

Thanks again anyone who answers this, I'll appreciate your help.

~*!*~Tatsujin Gosuto~*!*~
May 28th, 2007, 1:17 PM
question1: yea you can

question2: Yea you can also

:t354:tatsujin gosuto

May 28th, 2007, 1:19 PM
Cool thanks,

Hopefully someone answers the 3rd one soon!

EDIT: Hey everyone who actually looks at this, (Queen Boo!)
Let's say I used an Action Replay to catch a Hacked Celebi...
Will it on PBR be considered a BAD EGG, even though it has regular stats, movelists and everything and I didn't modify it whatsoever?

Basically what I am saying is, Pokemon you recieved through the Wild Pokemon Modifier Action Replay Code on Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, would they be considered bad eggs on PBR?

June 14th, 2007, 7:09 PM
GBA games won't.

Just don't use hacked Pokemon. It's that simple. Play with some morality, maybe? You'll feel cleaner that way.