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May 10th, 2004, 4:30 AM
I just shovedall the cards in my cardboard and made a new deck, I havent looked through it yet. Some of the cards are japanese though >.0

Pokmon 17
Eevee 50 HP
Eevee 40 HP
[all eveelutions holo]
Vapereon 80 HP
Vapereon 80 HP
Jolteon 70 HP
Flareon 80 HP
Pikachu 50 HP
Goldeen 40 HP
Machop 40 HP
Machoke 80 HP
Ponyta 40 HP
Rapidash 70 HP
Chinchou 50 HP
Lanturn 80 HP
Suicune 90 HP
Raikou 90 HP
Entei 120 HP (O.o; Its japanese) [holo]

Trainer 21
Bill's Teleporter
Super Energy Removal
Professor Oak's Researh
Professor Elm
Pokemon march
Super Potion
PokemoN nurse
Vermillion Gym (stadium)
Cerulean gym (stadium)
Balloom berry (tool)
TV Reporter
Super Rod
Energy Search
Energy Search
Moo Moo Milk

Energy 24
5 Fire Energy
5 Water Energy
5 Lightning Energy
5 Grass Energy
2 Double Rainbow Energy [holo]
2 Rainbow Energy [holo]

May 10th, 2004, 10:25 AM
Singles = bad. Drop as many singles as you can and try to form a 4-4 Eeveelution line, preferrably using all SS versions. Get rid of everything else, and put in 3 SS Dunsparce.

look around the site for other suggestions regarding the trainer situation, I can't fix that.