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once in a blue mew
June 7th, 2007, 2:36 PM
So then… this is my deck for the new D/P set, hope to see some posts here, saying that it’s pretty good, or that it needs major improvement. So then, I’ll stop boring you with this and lead you to the deck, hope you like it!


Torterra - 17/130 - Diamond and Pearl
Grotle – 49/130 – Diamond and Pearl X2
Turtwig – 103/130 – Diamond and Pearl X4
Beautifly – 19/130 – Diamond and Pearl
Silcoon – 63/130 – Diamond and Pearl X2
Wurmple – 104/130 – Diamond and Pearl X4
Heracross – 28/130 – Diamond and Pearl
Combee – 79/130 – Diamond and Pearl X4
Sneasel – 100/130 – Diamond and Pearl X3


Grass X18
Dark – Diamond and Pearl – X6


Old Rod
Battle Frontier
Professor Cozmo’s Discovery X2
Rival – Diamond and Pearl X2
Celio’s Network X2
Bill’s Maintenance X3

So then. I just fixed it according to sets, and I hope it's atleast decent. Please rate!

Hyper Lugia
July 12th, 2007, 11:27 AM
Just a question, is that the terra firma deck with different trainers and Energys? Your deck is ok and is ok for an improved theme deck. I would suggest makeing a new theme opposed to healing though(what that deck is supposed to be based off of). To show you what I mean I will post my not so great new deck That I am preparing for my first tournament season, 2007-2008. 5/10 at the most for slightly lame pokemon without their evelutions i.e. combee, sneasl.