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June 8th, 2007, 3:50 PM
I have two decks, i'm not sure which to use for the Battle road thing i'm going to this weekend. I'm still sort of new to pokemon, so any advice you could give, that would help me out tons!
If you can think of other trainers or pokemon that would be better, please suggest changes for me.
Thanks! :D

My first deck i made at the prerelease of D/P:
Steelix/Goldeen/Magnezone, all from DP

Onix x 2
Steelix x 2
Goldeen x 2
Seeking x 2
Magnemite x 3
Magneton x 2
Magnezone x2

Mary's Request x2
Castaway x 4
Master ball x4
Cursed Stone x2
Curse powder x 2
Cello's Network x 4
Rare Candy x2
Mr Stone's Project x2
Copycat x1
Strength Charm x1
Steven's Advice x1
Holon Lass x1
Pokemon Fan Clubx1
Holon Farmerx1
Water Energy x 4
Steel Energy x 13

.. i was thinking about replacing some with Great balls and maybe some double rainbow energies? let me know what you think please.

My second deck, a friend made for me.. I practiced battling with another friend, and i don't win as easily as i had hoped...
Any suggestions on trainers/pokemon for this deck?

Crawdaunt ex x4
Corphish x4
Vaporeon ex x3
Umbreon ex x1
Eevee x4
Great Ball x4
Giant Stump x4
Scott x1
Mary's Request x4
Windstorm x2
Warp Point x2
ER2 x4
Pokemon Reversal x4
Water energy x11
Multi x4

Any comments are greatly appreciated.
Thank you!!

Hyper Lugia
July 12th, 2007, 11:17 AM
First off, I would prefer your deck over your friends be cause of the larger variety of trainers. and don't think that because it has a pokemon ex in it makes it any better. Crawdaunt ex sucks in my opinion. First thing that I would suggest is that you add a few potions to your deck. I only have onix, magnimite, and magniton but none of those pokemon look like they have attacks that heal to me. and no you will not want a discard pile of pokemon that you didn't heal. Otherwise I would add a few stadium cards(is okemon fan club one?) and your deck doesn't look that much worse. Oh, and great balls are always good to have. And only ad 2 total rainbow energys if you want them(Thank god for dark and metal basic energys:))overall I would give it a 6.5 out of ten. I would be able to rate it higher if I knew what kind of stratagy you were going for...