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Fallen Angel_Messiah Of Black Roses
June 11th, 2007, 6:39 PM
This is a game I'm planning to design within my company, Fade Games. I decided to try an RP of it, so yeah.

Takes place in the city of Susdan in New Hampshire, named after its founder Emily Susdan in the tender year of 1942. This cities real purpose was as a Giant bomb shelter just in case World war 2 became a nuke fest, But the military had something planned for the city. After many inhabited the city. experiments begun in the underground labs of the city, The experiments weren't finished before the end of the war and the experiments were benched, these experiments were supposed to be in human bionics, to create a Super human or A Bio warfare weapon. After September 11th 2001 the military continued the work on the bio-genetic projects, essentially the people of Susdan were going to be used as the first test subjects. This was made clear when the city was first being made and Heavy gates were designed to keep the civilians in and the underground tunnels were designed as a secondary exit for the workers at ENONIC Corp.
I am Zach Young, a Amnesia plagued prisoner of Susdans jail. I was Supposedly Tried for Murder and had to life in prison, I was Twenty three when thrown in jail and am currently Twenty five. One day ENONIC corp perfect their experiments enough to where they're ready to release the Parasites, They decide to make a background to the civilians, just in case. They Construct a Fake Meteor and where the meteor will land the parasites will be released, To the rest of the world they will call it a epidemic of Rabies and once finished with the city they will Nuke it. There bye Destroying all of the evidence of ENONIC Corps immoral Bio Disaster. After Two days of the Fake meteor crashing The warden came in Bloodied and set me free saying that I could die staying here, before I left I saw him get attacked by six of the parasites. I then walked out and walked under the prisons Arch, the arch collapsed and killed every prisoner except me, I grabbed a Revolver off the ground its a Colt .357 magnum, I then ran to ENONIC Corp right down the street avoiding the infected Citizens, as going in I met other survivors and they will told me about the meteor.

After finding enough evidence about ENONIC's Bio work you will officially have 92 Hours before the Place gets neutralized.

The Infected Citizens have increased strengh but are slow and mindless, zombie like. More infected one's are a lot better.

1. No Powerplaying
2. No Invincible people
3. No killing off each other ( Unless agreed on)
4. Post atleast four lines
5. If you are inactive without excuse for a long time you will be killed off.
6. Have fun

Sign up sheet:

Age: Atleast 17 and up
Weapon: Start out with one