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June 19th, 2007, 12:15 PM

Seven orbs which are each held by the most powerful being of each race. These orbs each hold the power to control the race it belongs to, regardless of their own stand or status. When brought together, they create the beholder into a being greater then God, with the ability to control every living or extinct race ever to step upon the Land of the Living, or the Sea of the Dead.

Ceto, the Sea of the Dead.

The vast, swirling mass of gray-waters who's waves tumble beneath the Land of the Living, Gael as it's inhabitants have dubbed it. In Ceto, islands in which the land-borne monsters live upon are governed by High Slavs, kindly or ruthless, varying with each passing island. These High Slavs are the fallen souls of great figures in Gael history, immortal and unbelievably powerful. In the deepest depths of Ceto, live the souls of even extinct species that no longer live within the Land of the Living. Referred to as high Slaven's, Lunastrael's, Torstrael's, Maelstoms, Haelstoms, and Vernaths reside at the top of the food chain, the most powerful entities that reside Ceto. However, there is one extinct species that does not retain this glory, and remain as High Slavs that remain governed by the High Slavens. Selktic's, a race of undead, whom were the second race to roam the Land of the Living. It is one particular Selktic who out of all others, felt this was something that was intolerable. Kroni, a High Slav due to his notorious status as the greatest Warlock of the Selktic's, believed that he deserved more then the High Slav he was, or even the High Slavens who commanded him. Kroni's power was greater then the High Slaven's, he reasoned, asking himself why he heeded anything they said. Controlling the most land out of all the Selktic's, he quickly engulfed the smaller islands around him with his mass army of lesser beings, searching for control of all seven Raels. The Selktic Rael was already in Kroni's possession. Six more was child's play.

Gael, Land of the Living.

Home to the Homini, Alvens, and Pons, Gael is the flat world which floats above the Sea of the Dead. A peaceful land, no single race concerns itself with another. In the Kingdom of Alderan, the Homini are most advanced in their technology, with great castles, buildings, airships, and jetboards. The Great Forest of Eremes, blessed with knowledge, Alvens immerse themselves in the study of greater beings and long-range fighting to keep Homini and Pons far from the outskirts of their beloved forest. And in the Nation of Divern, Pons live in a more old-fashioned manner, due to the fact that their most essential things can be made or conjured with magic. Each race lives as if the others do not exist, and there are no records of any coexisting or friendship between the three. The edges of Gael are oceans, and travelling too far out will catch you in death's current, a stream that pulls you towards the edge of the world, which falls into the Sea of the Dead. Though the water continuously falls into the Sea of the Dead, the water never increases or decreases in height.

In reaction to Kroni's desire for Raels, entities created from the dead souls of the three races, dubbed Spectre's and Banshee's, began to roam and terrorize Gael, beings controlled by Kroni, and normally found only in the Sea of the Dead. Thus, the rare council meeting of King Halle, Lord Ryone, and Chief Puuka was held to discuss the attacks and the potential causes. It was deducted that Lord Ryone, in the capitol of Eremes, had seen what no other race could see. In the very center of Lord Ryone's dwelling was a very large hole, the Cecile Pit, that passed from the topsoil of Gael, all the way down to the muddy sky that cloaked the Sea of the Dead. He accounted that he had seen the wars that Kroni waged. Being the oldest in council, he boldly suggested that the three countries send their best fighters down the Cecile Pit to stop Kroni's actions, and to destroy the Raels. The high tempers and rivalries between the Homini and Alvens soared but Chief Puuka's cheerful disposition and persuasion eventually brought the two back to earth, and thus the group was assembled, ordered to gather in the Great Forest of Eremes' capitol.


Homini: [Humans]
Powerful strategists and attackers, Homini have extensive knowledge about weapons and technology, and can use the most basic white magic available.
-Powerful Physical Attacks
-Able use all types of weapons (Though how efficiently varies. Ex. A Homini can wield a Magic Book, but the book will be a book and nothing else.)
-Basic Heal, Shield and Cure
-Weapon Forgers (Out of Battle)

Pon: [Animal Humans]
Half the size of an average Homini, Pons are the smallest race to ever live on Gael, yet pack a punch due to their magic skills. They carry one characteristic of the animal they represent. (Ex. Cat pons have cat ears and tails, or one or the other.)
-Elemental Magic (No chanting)
-One aspect magnified, depending on animal type (Ex. Leopard Pon, speed increase)
-Every 50 years is one Homini year for a Pon. (Ex. A Pon that is 1,500 years old is 30 years old.)

Alven: [Elves]
Intelligent in almost every aspect, Alvens have knowledge about things that they cannot even grasp or use. The elders of the Alvens have lived through the extinction of two other species, Maelstoms and Selktics.
-Summoners (With chanting and Magic Book)
-Status Effects (Status effect compounded onto weapon.)
-Potion Brewers (Out of Battle)
-Bows+Arrows, Daggers, Katars, etc. (Status Effects) //Magic Books (Summoner)
-Every 100 years is one Homini year for an Alven. (Ex. An Alven that is 1,500 years old appears 15 years old.)


Lunestrael's: Angel Sages (Female Race) Holy Magic, staffs. Shares a Rael with Torstraels. Which race is in possession of the Rael is unknown. Fourth to be extinct.
Selktics: Undead, Zombies/Skeletons (Genderless Race) Once lived on Gael. Fifth to be extinct.
Torstrael's: Demon Warlocks (Male Race) Arcane Magic, Books/Wands. Shares a Rael with Lunastraels. Which race is in possession of the Rael is unknown. Third to be extinct.
Maelstoms: Water Dwellers/Mermaids/men Spear wielders, water magic. Only Maelstoms are in control of the water in Ceto. Hold your breath if you want that Rael. Sixth to be extinct.
Haelstoms: Alven ancestors, animal tamers. Wind and Earth Magic. Shares a Rael with Alvens. Haelstoms are in possession of the Rael. Second to be extinct.
Vernaths: Dark Martial Artists/Staff users. First to become extinct.

Gael: Home to Homini, Alvens, and Pons.
Ceto: Home to Lunastraels, Torstraels, Selktics, Maelstoms, Vernaths, and Haelstoms.
Rael: Orbs that control the respective race it belongs to.
Event Horizon: The edge of the world. If you pass or fall off the Event Horizon, then you immediately pass away and become one of the monsters that inhabit Ceto.
Kingdom of Alderan: Homini lands.
Nation of Divern: Pon lands.
Great Forest of Eremes: Alven lands.
Cecile Pit: Only entrance to Ceto which doesn't kill you on the spot.

Rules:- Follow all PC rules.
- Follow all Roleplaying rules.
- Will add more later.

Age: (See the last note about each species for Age rates.)
Species: (Homini, Pon, or Alven. Other species will be universally played characters.)
Appearance: (Take note that this is not in the future, present, or past. A stereotypical fantasy setting is where this takes place.)
Personality: (Don't make a hyper, happy-go-lucky Alven. That's the only thing I have to stop you from.)
Weapon: (Every race can wield any weapon, however, they're most effective with the ones I've mentioned above. Pons cannot use heavy weapons such as axes and hammers, while a Homini can use a wand for sticking it up the opponents nose or in it's eyes, but that's about it.)
Class: (I haven't specified a class because I don't want to limit what your character's skills are. However, if I feel it's too god-moddish, I'll stop you.)
Roleplay Sample:

It's a confusing thing, I know, so if you've any questions, please feel free to ask me through a PM.

June 19th, 2007, 12:53 PM
OMG A JYU-CHAN RP ;O. Italics = not finished ;].

Name: Lily.
Age: 14.
Gender: Female.
Species: Homini.
Appearance: Lily has quite an odd appearence for a Homini, more so, she appears as an Alven. She stands a height of five foot nine, which is quite tall, and easy to be noticed in a crowd. A stick thin figure has adorned Lily for her life and has earned the bit-insulting nickname "Tree." Which Lily often has a temper towards to. Lily has a pale complexion, that is penciled in with an army of freckles whose personality seems to be happy-go-lucky. Though, there isn't anything odd about her skin, it has a few cases and acne and some birthmarks, but overall, it's soft and smooth. The complexion of Lily contrasts with her very vivid amethyst eyes, that were inherited from her great-great grandmother, who was an Alven. They also seem to gleam with a blessed glow, and always have a hint of curiosity to them. Lily's hair is short and spunky, it reaches down tyo her mid-neck, and spikes out a bit. Lily's hair is very thick and bushy, and resembles a dried out, dead, bush, though not that much, only because of the color and thickness. The hair color is a light chestnut color.

Lily's attire that she wears is perfect for traveling and long journeys, she always keeps a black bandana with designs of grape vines and floral designs on it that always sits around Lily's head. A pure ivory necklace made out of coral from an unknown place is wrapped around Lily's neck, and one of her most prized possesions. Lily wears a top that is the color of a raven, and is short sleeved, it is made of cottons and it reaches down to her knees, it is hooded, though she usually doesn't wear the hood. Lily's leggings fit like a second skin, and are a transparent brown shade. A pouch also is around Lily's waist, a copper color, it is always nessecary for her to keep this, since it holds many and many of her potions and contraptions, it also holds some goggles for Lily, they are also copper and have a silver lining, for prrotection against her- well, you know.

Personality: (Don't make a hyper, happy-go-lucky Alven. That's the only thing I have to stop you from.)
Weapon: Just wanted to say what they were, will make more descriptable. A scimitar, and a wand (couldn't resist xD.)
Class: Chemical Engineer, cabaple of making many potions and poisons.
Roleplay Sample:

June 19th, 2007, 1:46 PM
Name: Mireio Donat
Age: 1,900
Gender: Female
Species: Alven

Appearance: Mireio Donat (http://fc02.deviantart.com/fs7/f/2006/346/4/d/Anima__Ice_Goddess_by_Wen_M.jpg) has very thin and short hair. Standing at a towering 7'2", she seems like a very imposing person who is a force to be reckoned with. Her pale maroon colored fringe hides a special tattoo on the back of her neck that associates her with the Donat clan, one of the ancient summoner families in the Great Forest of Eremes, along with her richly tinted sapphire eyes. Her intricate outfit consists of a hooded shirt that is bound tightly around her slender stomach with leather that lets the diamond shaped fabric flow over her loose pants that are held in place both by a band just below her knees, and by her boots, which are wrapped in the same leather around her abdomen. On the elbows of her shirt, hang two pieces of kite-shaped cloth, that have the same squares that hang from the drapes that cover her pants. Her long sleeves end in diamond shaped cuts that cover both the top of her hands, and her palms. Around her waist are three belts, two that simply hang across her waist, and one that holds a brown, triangle shaped bag that holds various things like packets of powder and tubes of liquid. Her entire outfit is scattered with designs of diamonds and Alven markings, on her sleeves over coat, and on the square of her stomach that isn't covered in black leather.

Personality: Mireio is a very placid Alven, her personality a reflection of a serene lake that has seen many things, yet left undisturbed. Her temper is something rare, something that seems as if it can only be brought out when artificially summoned by something like a Maelstom's extinct ability of Berserk. She always seems to have a smile tugging at the corners of her lips, and her quiet personality gives her the air as if she's carefully studying everything around her. Having been on the back lines of the scattered defense that watched the borders of the Forest, protecting it from outside interference she is accustomed to seeing Homini and Pons every now and then. Though her actions towards regular Homini and Pons are somewhat strained, if it is the wish of her superiors, she masks all dislike for other races and tries her best to imagine as if she needn't stare right down to the ground to see a Pon, or a short Homini. Although Mireio carries a very laid-back attitude, as an Alven of the Donat clan, she takes responsibility very seriously, and never tries to understand the enemy, as sympathy is any person's downfall. Though she may rarely hold a full smile on her face, she tries her best to never show disappointment in her expressions. It is her belief that even the slightest slip-up makes a weakness that can be held against in future battles.

Weapon: A large black book that has straps attatched to the ends of it's bindings for easy carrying. It's heavy, and it hurts when it's flung like a hammer. It's leather cover and backing has no markings on it. She also carries a crystal cane which serves no purpose but to stab enemies if they get too close to her, as if her summoning is interuppted, then the chanting is nullified. The end of the cane is tipped with metal that is sharpened to a point.

Class: Summoner

June 22nd, 2007, 8:02 PM
Name: Yumikari Komoto

Age: 650 (Or 13 Homini Years)

Gender: Male

Species: Pon

Appearance: Yumikari has silver hair that doesn't go far down his head and stops at his neck. Two Panther like ears pop out of the top of his head, with his sensitive hearing, Yumikari can hear things about a mile away if he focused enough. His eyes are a deep emerald, some other Pon's say its hard to get away from his gaze if you make eye contact. Yumikari has a scar on his right cheek and descends right to his eye lid and stops at the right of his mouth. Yumikari isn't very tall, when he stands at his straightest hes only about 3 feet 5 inches. He doesn't like to wear very heavy armor so he settles for a light robe that covers most of his body, and a sign of somesort is imbedded in the middle of it. It looks like two infinity signs, pointed in a cross.

Yumikari wears some lightly padded steel armor on his shins that are somewhat like pants. His shoes are Orangish in color and look almost transparent, so when Yumikari's running, you can barely see his feet. Yumikari carries a staff that isn't very long, but it's long enough to be qualified as one. A sphere is seen at the top of it, with little stone pieces jutting out like thorns. The sphere itself gleams a Hazel color. Yumikari has some padded armor on his arms and dark blue gloves on his fingers with a more recognizable symbol on them, the symbol of courage.

Personality: Yumikari isn't as carefree as he looks. If you get to know him better, you would realize he is not one to be beating around the bush with. He would do anything for the truth and is pretty serious when it comes down to it. As stated, he hates it when people lie and wouldn't think twice when sticking up for his friends, even if life threatining. Yumikari isn't anti-social, but he likes talking, even to strangers. The crossed infinity sign was given to him at birth as a symbol of what he was, what he means. Its probably where he gets his serious personality from. He doesn't want to let people down, and probably would kill himself if he did.

Weapon: A staff Yumikari calls "Thorns".

Class: Wind/Earth Wizard

Other: N/A

Roleplay Sample

"Great, just great." Yumikari thought to himself as he held a broom in his hands, and his staff in a sheath on his back. A Gael store manager, a Homini, saw Yumikari advising people not to buy some things at his shop because he thought they were too low quality and poorly made. Now he had to clean the store to "Make everything look better then it seems, don't want anyone not to be satisfied." Yumikari rolled his eyes whenever the manager came around and said he wasn't doing good enough. He got a devilish idea to pick up a vase inside the store with his wind magic and throw it at the managers head, but he took the thought aback, he was already in enough trouble as is.

It was nearing noon, and the Homini manager said "Okay you can go now, just don't make my shop look bad anymore." The homini said, smiling at him. All Yumikari did was nod and walk out silently. Down a path he started to walk, it was getting dark by now. "The so called 'Giant Tarantula' that everyones been raving about should come out on this path, but whose going to believe that?" said Yumikari. A thought came into his head. "The young traveler Yumikari has slain the legendary Tarantula beast." said a story teller in his mind. "He was greatly rewarded and a statue erected in his order." Some little Homini's in the thought went "Wow."

Yumikari laughed out loud, and was almost spent for the night, so he was going to set up a small camp with a tiny fire so no one could know he was there. After a cooked meal over the fire he saw a nearby river and scooped up some water, drenching the fire to cinders that glowed dimly in the moonlight. Yumikari sighed, falling slowly asleep, awaiting a new day to come tommorrow.

Whew, that took a while for me to do, nothing to go off on. XP

June 23rd, 2007, 7:56 PM
I've been waiting for this kid of Rp, i have a char that I've been playing with and been wanting to use.

Sheet. ((be careful how you say that Sheet.))
Name: Pink Link, "Pink" ((yes call me Pink))
Age: 1,500
Gender: Male
Species: Alven
Appearance: Link (http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/56427904/?qo=28&q=by%3Ajbcblank&qh=sort%3Atime+-in%3Ascraps) may wear pink but he's all man underneath, Brod shoulders accented by a strong chest and back. Arm's and legs are also muscular but not as much as his chest making him seem weak to the untrained eye. Brilliant green eyes are accented by flowing coffee brown hair. Fair skin with nary an imperfection, gives him the glow that every Alven possesses, also meaning that during battle he will not seam dirty, ((if you watched the LOTR trilogy you know what i mean.))

Personality: He's a cowboy wrapped in a geniuse Wrapped in a dream wrapped in another cowboy. For those who didn't understand that, he's a gentlemen, he thinks of others first and always has something planned no matter what the situation is. He cares so much for others that it is as though he isn't even real, he cares more for men then for women however, which is something that he has to work on. This Problem of his is so strong that he will go out of his way to help a man and go past a woman in danger. He believes that women can get out of trouble themselves and gives them more then enough of an opportunity before he actually helps out, and even when he does he only helps a little.

Weapon: The Angel's Blade (http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/52991741/?qo=47&q=by%3Ajbcblank&qh=sort%3Atime+-in%3Ascraps); A silver sword that he got from his mother, who raised him, he carries it with pride, even if it has a heart on it.
Class: Animal Trainer; He trains animals for a living mostly horses and dogs are what people ask for, his specialty is cat's however.
Other: He has a weird cat that fallows him everywhere, he has never seen it only heard it, if anyone sees it let him know.
Roleplay Sample:
Blank opened her eyes, she was still on Kimeramon's back but he was no longer flying, he was lying on the ground, Renemon, Unionmon and another dark digimon were talking near a blue fire. Blank starts climbing down and almost falls she was saved by Ditmon's strong jaws. "Careful Blank..." he says with a mouthful of her gray hood.

"Thanks Ditmon..." she says as he floats down with her. She sits next to Renemon shaking slightly, “Who are you?” she asks the new digimon.

“He’s BlackAgumon, the god of Serenity.” Renemon says wrapping her tail around Blank. “He’s been telling us where he thinks that the Goddess of Kindness is.”

Blank smiles, “Really? Where?”, she asks exited, she really wanted to find the gods and get back to the physical world.

BlackAgumon smiles and looks to the sky, “She’s in the stars…”


~next morning~

Everyone but Ditmon clambered onto Kimeramon’s back, Blank was very glad that she had been able to convince him to come with them, she would have hated to be walking all over the digital world to find the Gods. “How can we find her if the star’s aren’t out?” Blank asks looking at BlackAgumon and Unionmon as Kimeramon flaps his large wings and gains altitude.

“Not all starts are only seen at night…” BlackAgumon says showing all of his silver teeth.
Blank was confused but then she saw that they were flying over the ocean, “The goddess of kindness was always seen with the God of hope, they should be together.” Unionmon says watching as the water got darker and darker.

Soon they were flying over water so dark that it was black, the sunlight bounced off it, Blank was transfixed by its beauty it looked just like the night sky. Ditmon swerved over head his eyes fixed on a small island with a single palm tree. “I can see her.” Kimeramon bellows as a small figure appears over the island and starts towards them.

Blank watched as the bird Digimon lands in front of her moments later, Ditmon lands next to Blank as the birds begins to speak, “You must be Blank, I am Fenixmon, the Goddess of Kindness in rookie form.” She says bowing, “the other gods are waiting for us at the temple, BlackAgumon informed us of your predicament and we decided that it would be best to meet there.”

Kimeramon roars suddenly and Blank get’s so startled that she falls off, Ditmon and Fenixmon try to catch her but they aren’t fast enough and she falls in the water. With a large splash she hits the water hard and instantly a MegaSeadramon comes out of the water holding her, “Ditmon!” she screams.

Ditmon knew that he couldn’t digivalve without Blank’s Physical energy, “Blank!” he calls to her flying around Seadramon, “Red Dragon!” he yells as a red laser shaped like a dragon comes out of his wings hitting the sea dragon in the face, MegaSeadramon closes his eyes and squeezes Blank harder between his teeth.

Renemon jumps from Kimeramon’s back, Kimeramon was unable to do anything, any of his attacks would destroy both MegaSeadramon and Blank, and he couldn’t risk it. “Diamond storm!” Renemon cries spreading her arms, a dozen diamond’s shoot from the fur on her chest and hit’s MegaSeadramon in the eyes, He roars dropping Blank who lands on Ditmon’s back. Seadramon growls and catches Renemon in his mouth shaking her violently, “Kimeramon!” she cries, “Attack him! Attack him now!”

“If I do I’ll destroy you too!” he says not doing anything.

“I know….” She cries tears flowing from her eyes, “I’ve lived a good life, destroy him!”

Kimeramon closes his eyes, and swipes his giant claws at MegaSeadramon, the moment his claws touch the sea dragon, it is destroyed falling into the sea a pool of red in the ocean noting more.
“Renemon….” Blank whispers as Ditmon drops her on Kimeramon’s back, “she gave her life for me… she didn’t have to do that…”
Fenixmon places her wing around Blank’s shoulders, “it was her decision, I’m sure the God of hope will be proud to-“

“We have no time for this!” Ditmon interrupts landing in front of them, “We must get to the temple. Kimeramon!”

Kimeramon heads to the temple, Ditmon on his head eyes hard as though he were expecting trouble, He had almost lost his digidestend, and he didn’t want anything else to go wrong. Especially now... that he would be forced to leave her…


~a few minutes later~

Kimeramon drops them off at the Temple, he joins MetalGraymon who was still flying around the temple, and Blank enters with Ditmon and the others, instantly she is greeted by a very large Purple cat, “I’m Sphinxmon! Rookie form of the God of friendship.” He says standing back blinking his deep blue eyes.

Blank smiles and looks around her, “I’m Sacramon, the Rookie of the God of love…” a purple long tailed rabbit says from a dark corner.

Blank looks him over then smiles friendly like, “They call me Knightmon, rookie form of the god of Light.” A silver disk with the hologram of an orange *Rook says to her.

A black bowling ball with wings lands on her shoulder, “I’m Demidevimon, the rookie form of the God of knowledge.” It says rubbing against her face.

“And I…” says what looked to be a black Gomamon with red markings on his front paws and red silted eyes, “Am Nevermon, the rookie form of the God of Courage.”

Blank noticed something, “You guys are the gods of the crests aren’t you!?” They nod standing in a line, “But if that is true then were is the God of Hope?”

“Right here…” a sad voice came from behind her.

Blank turns around and only Ditmon was sitting there tears in his loving blue eyes, “Ditmon…?” Blank asks not believing what she was hearing.

Ditmon walks over to the others his steps were slow and sad, he never wanted to leave her… not now that he knew how much he loved her. “You created an already existing digimon Blank… you just didn’t know it…”

Blank falls to her knees as Ditmon takes his place right in the middle, as soon as his paws were inline with there’s they glowed and digivalved to there Elite/God forms, each said it’s name as the light disappeared.

PharoDevimon! “This can’t be…” Blank whispered.

SerpentMyotismon! Her eyes filled with tears.

FlameAngemon! A lump developed in her thought so hard that she couldn’t breathe past it.

Robodramon! She started standing up looking up at the Gods that were standing before her.

Ceracormon! She stood straight the tears running down her cheeks and landing on her shirt.

DevineGraymon! Her hair suddenly grew long and she began to take on her original body shape and her bond with Cain grew quieter.

Saqulamon! She inhaled sharply as purple feathers flew all over the place never landing.

DarkAngemon! “Ditmon… I don’t want-“she whispered.

SamuriAngemon! She ran at this Digimon, she knew he was hers and she didn’t want him to leave her. She hit him with such a force that he actually took a step back, He wraps his arms around her dropping his gold and silver sword and getting to his knees so that he can hold her against him, he was only 8’ tall but that was still a lot compared to his 5’ Digidestand, “Don’t leave me!” she cries taking handfuls of the maroon feathers on his chest.

SamuriAngemon tried to keep the tears in but was unable, “If didn’t have to I wouldn’t Blank, but in order for you to get back I must…”

“Then I won’t go back!” The other gods could only look on, they had never experienced the love of a Human, they didn’t understand what was being lost. “Without you what’s the point! I’m legally dead and buried, so even my family won’t believe that it’s me!”

SamuriAngemon stands up letting her go as his sword flies to his hand, “I can’t Blank, don’t’ you understand, the Digiworld needs me.”

“I NEED YOU!” she cries grabbing his arm as the other Gods fly out the Temple roof.

“Blank please don’t make me choose…” he begs spreading his long purple wings and flapping them pulling from her grasp.

Blank closes her eyes tears hitting the floor, “COME BACK! PLEASE COME BACK!” she cries falling to the ground and curling up in the fetal position.

SamuriAngemon looks down at her, His wings, the longest wings in the Digital world with and individual wingspan of 32’ giving him a full wingspan of 64’, tremble as he takes his place in the circle of protection giving his power to the circle he remembers the time that he had played hide and seek in Blank’s house, and how it had taken her nearly an hour to find him under her parents’ bed. “I love you Caramon! I never want to live without you…” she had said.

SamuriAngemon knew that if he finished giving his power he would have to leave forever, “I’m sorry…” he says taking his long sword and staring at his reflection, “I hope that one day you guys will understand what I have to do…” He dives closing his long wings and stops just short of the Temple roof. He takes the long sword and smiles down at Blank who had stood up and was staring at him, “I love you Blank, and I will do anything for you…” he says landing, “That is why… I will do the only thing I can to save both our worlds…”

Blank watches openmouthed as he stabs himself threw with his sword in entered his chest and exited threw his right wing, Golden blood hits the ground as he falls to his knees and smiles at her, his data begins to disperse as he reaches to her, the moment Blank takes his hand he is gone, his data flies away, Blank knew that Comandramon must have taken on his old form because Ditmon was gone… gone forever… “Why did you-“ Blank starts as a black hole opens in front of her and SamuriAngemon’s voice speaks to her, “Go on home Blank, I’ll find you…” she feels a kiss on her cheek and a small push that made her fall threw the portal.


~in the physical world~

A golden fog surrounds Cain, he looks around trying to see what digimon was going to attack, yet he field a sudden calm and a voice he had never heard before spoke to him, “Take care of her…” it whispered and Blank fell into his arms, Unconscious. If Cain had taken the time to look at himself he would have noticed that he was back to his normal self, but all that he noticed was that Blank was back… she was actually back…

((Hope that's good enough.))


June 23rd, 2007, 9:14 PM
I'm a rusty roleplayer, so forgive me if I start out sort of bad..

Name: Ayumi Satoi
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Species: Homini
Appearance: Blonde hair that reaches her shoulders, there are layers in assorted places. She wears a dark brown bandanna, which helps keep her hair out of her face. Her eyes are light blue, and her skin has a pale tan to it. She wears a white tank top, and a brown vest the covers about half her shoulders. The vest only comes halfway down her torso; she only takes it off when she's sleeping, or needs to move faster during a fight. She wears a pair of tan shorts that comes down about halfway to her knees. She's short at only 5'3, and skinny. She doesn't have much muscle because she doesn't use a weapon that requires too much power.
Personality: Happy go-lucky human; She's usually happy, unless certain situations occur. Ayumi doesn't like it when people say they can't do something, that just makes her mad, and yells the confidence into them until the believe in themselves. She has a try try try attitude, and refuses to give up when the going gets tough. She can be somewhat of a klutz, though, and tends to fall down when startled, and will act like it didn't even happen. Ayumi has a bad habit of being late to things, which gets her into trouble more than she would hope for it. She's hesitant around Elves because their intellect makes her feel like some inferior being who has no right to spit in their direction. As for the animal humans, she treats no differently then a regular human. She'll even try to make friends with them, and if they refuse she'll either get mad, or go into a depressed slump.
Weapon: She has a bow and arrow, but keeps a knife on her belt just to be safe. Her bow is about 4 feet long, and is light brown in color. Her knife has a wooden handle, so it's really light.
Class: Because she's so small in body size, she is really fast, and can react to almost anything quickly. She's mainly an archer, but liked to dabble in swordsmanship from time to time.
Other: Ayumi loves animals, and will take any chance she gets to play around a little.
Roleplay Sample:

I swayed in my seat everytime the car turned a corner, and continued his until we got to my apartment. "Hah, playing wet noodle makes the time go by faster!!" I declared, the got out of the car, and ran up to my room, with Salamon not too far behind. "Oh god..." I muttered, looking around at all the junk on my floor.

"All right first the most important thing OF ALL." I yelled, clipping my cell phone to my belt. "And um... Thin'n." I shoved my GameCube into my backpack, with a couple games. Then I went to my drawer, and got some clothes.

I [I]noticed this, so I RAN into the bathroom to get my toothbrush, toothpaste, and hair brush. "OK, I'm ready!" I said, opening to door, locking it, and running back down to the car.

...Ok, That's kinda short. I'll post another one from the same thred:

"Alright. Gallantmon is a dork. We all know that now. And he resembles a toothpick around the waist." I said, putting my hands on my own waist. Then I looked at the city. Waaaaaaaay over in the distance. "Ugh..." Salamon muttered something, but I ignored it again.

She looked up. The sky looked different now. When we had landed, it was a yucky brown shade, but it was slowly changing purple. "Ew...." She said, and looked down again. "The gasses are in rotation. Its sunrise, so some of the lighter gasses are rising from all the stuff going on in the city." She nodded her head, and stuck her nose up.

"You know, I love that you keep me from dying from toxic gas, but when you put it like that it makes me want to punch babies." I said. Salamon laughed sarcastically, stopped short, then kicked my ankle.

Keo Kirito
June 24th, 2007, 10:19 AM
Name: Masashi Tashiro

Age: 23

Gender: male

Species: Homini

Appearance: Standing at an average 5'11, Masashi doesn't look much different than most homini. He has long dark brown hair that nearly reaches his shoulders. His eyes are deep blue with a white vertical strip going down the middle of them. He has a scar above his left eyebrow from getting beat by his father when he was a young child. His smile is soft and welcoming, but it is hardly ever seen. He wears a tattered and torn cloak he recieved from his step-father before he left home at the age of 14 to learn from his grandmother the power of white magic. His cloak is long and light blue in color. The bottom are frayed and torn from all constant travel of Masashi. He wields a long dark brown staff with a white glowing orb on the top of it. He travels in a pair of brown boots that are covered by his cloak.

Personality: Masashi used to be a very stern, keep to yourself person until his mother took him in. He isn't the most intellegent in words but lacks nothing with everything else. He can be funny, sweet, charming even at times. But if you can find this pocket in him your a very lucky person because he is very quiet. He is known as a loner, very quiet and shy. He doens't have an "in your face" attitude. He is more the, "Get out of my face unless you want me to break yours" attitude. He can be rude at times but mostly keeps to himself. If he does speak it is only because he feels he needs to. When he does speak, he uses as little words as possible and gets straight to the point. He may seem ignorant and rude but really he just tells it like it is.

Weapon: Masashi carries around a long, light brown staff with a glowing white orb on the top. This is the only weapon he carries.

Class: white mage

Other: (history) After what seemed like a life time in hell, Masashi's mother rescued him from his father at the age of 9. Nine years with his father seemed like a life time in hell to him because he was beaten almost everyday. If he spoke to his father wrong he was beat. If he did one little thing wrong he was beaten for it. This in general made him a loner. Never spoke. Never smiled, until he was rescued by his mother. He was scared at first because his mother was with a man. He never met another besides him and his father. So naturally he was scared. When the man grabbed him as his mother attacked his father, Masashi was kicking and screaming because he thought this man was going to hurt him to. Once they escaped, after his mother abruptly killed his father, he learned to trust him and love him and his mother, who for years wasn't around and he knew not why. When he decided to leave home to his grandmothers to learn the ways of light magic, his step-father gave him a snow white cloak. He told him how it used to be his until he quit using magic because of a curse upon him. He told Masashi that and old woman cursed him. If he used magic it would steadly decrease his lifespan. At first he didn't believe the witch. Until he started feeling his own power drain. Thats when his magic using days ended. With Masashi on his way to his grandmothers he didn't know what to expect because he never met the old woman. But his skills developed in time and he had to take what he knew when the old woman died.

Roleplay Sample:

Shou walked down the streets of the small town. Humans and other creatures were scurrying about their business. Selling their items. Shouts of Bargains entered his ears. But Shou continued on. He was not interested in foolish items. He was a Demon. Of human appearance, yes, and he was always like that. He needed not lesser nutrients. His white Cloak and hood appeared not to be touched by the dirt and filth of the street. His face was soft in appearance and comforting. He seemed kind enough, his baritone voice kindly refusing all the offers handed to him. Thanking the shop keepers for their kindness and all.

Then, a small child ran into Shou and fell over. Shou kneeled down to pick the child from the street floor. The smile and soft features were still on his face. But the eyes had changed tone into a darker, crueler, colder yet the eyes burning with rage. The Childs happy face turned to that of horror and ran off like he had seen a ghost.

The villagers looked oddly at Shou, and Shou took his hood off of his head, his face was back to normal, kind and comforting. The villagers seeing the face saw nothing wrong, and thus came to the conclusion that the child had probably imagined something. Without knowing what else to do, the villagers continued with their shots of great bargains and offers. Life returned to normal. Why not? Nothing else was catching the attention of the idiotic villager who know not of the horrors this single demon could cause. They knew not that this may be their last day on this pitiful planet.

For the moment, he will allow the lesser filth to run free in the lands of Ordek. Let the disgusting creatures bargain their way into death. No, Shou couldn't kill them yet. It was against everything he had built. Everything he has done. This was the final resting ground. It would all end here. But not yet. Not quite yet. But soon, Shou will claim his true title, Kurayami no Shou, so as to declare dominance over the living and the dead alike. Control the past and the present and thus dominate the Future with the choking alliance of Darkness and Fire.

June 24th, 2007, 11:24 AM
Oh GOD, I am SO sorry about the delay! >.<

Wouldn't you know I'm the SMARTEST person in the world and accidentally unplugged my router, so I thought our internet cable had been disconnected? I'll look through your sign-ups right now.

Miki-chan: Hurry hurry! xD

Barboach: Wow, that's pretty good actually! The only thing I'm wondering about your Pon is if it has the fur of a panther, or the skin of a Homini? Even though the personality is just a tad short for my tastes, I think you've really got it down as to what a Pon is even though they were one of the more confusing races. ^^ Oh, and Pon's can use all the elements. It doesn't have to be just one or two. They're the only ones who can use elemental magic either way around so you don't need to limit yourself. If you want to however, feel free!Accepted.

JBCBlank: I should've expected the RP sample in quotes. ;D I'm extremely sorry about this, but I seriously don't want a character that looks like Link in this RP. I do want you in this RP though, but I want to see these conditions first: I can read through your sign-up sheet and see no glaringly obvious mistakes, and a written description. I know you don't really use written descriptions very often, but I want to see what you can do with it. ^^ Also, I know the quoting of your RP is like, your brand, but it kind of stretches the page more then it needs to. Pending.

Chi-chan: OMG JYU-CHAN RULEZ CUZ SHE GOT CHI-CHAN'S FIRST RP BACK! (I think) Anyway, no offense, but you are rusty. ;D I would like to say first, you need some polishing. I would like to say second, that your sentence structures are the main problem. And third and lastly, I think the quality of your sign-up is actually better then some I've seen. However, I would like to ask you to elaborate on... everything. What does the bow look like? What is it made out of? Does her white shirt have any sleeves? Just little details like that. ^^ Pending.

Randall: First things first: Don't bold everything. D: It's painful on the eyes. And horizontal doesn't go "down" it goes "across", so I can really tell if the line is vertically down, or horizontally across his eyes. Only pons can use black magic, Homini can only use white. Red mage (useless class IMO) or not, you can't have black magic. Alvens have status magic, Pons have Elemental, and Homini have support. Once you unbold it and fix the things I've already pointed out, I'll read it more in detail. My eyes hurt. xD

June 24th, 2007, 1:09 PM
Hey thanks Jyukai! I kind of forgot about the fur on Yumikari, and yes he does have it. XD

Keo Kirito
June 24th, 2007, 2:41 PM
Alright. I edited and its not bolded. Let me know if you find something wrong with it because I'll gladly change it.

June 24th, 2007, 6:40 PM
Well I changed it and I was as detailed as I could be at 10:30 at night... If it still isn't enough, then I'll make it into a novel or something. Seriously though, I tried harder this time.

June 24th, 2007, 9:04 PM
If you didn't notice, everyone's got a reserved spot until it gets too full, so once your sign-up looks good to me, you're accepted. RPing is going to be a different story though. I'll be doing the same thing that David's doing in Iruka's RP, due to the fact that some of the RPers here aren't in the other RP. So watch out. ;D Beezhoo's on the prowl! *shotshotshot*

Randall: Alright, though your personality is sorta eh, it looks okay. If you can add more to the personality, then that'd be awesome. But, you're not accepted until you find me the obvious spelling error you made. Yes, using a spell checker is allowed. Mostly Accepted

Chi-chan: Ho-kay, if you can make yours as long as my super super short sign-up for Mireio, and it's not full of rubbish, you're in. I see that you've described mostly everything you need to, but everything's kind of plain, which kills the length of your sign-up. It's good to start things with your character's name too, it helps people reading it get through their mind what your character's name is.

Ayumi has blonde hair that reaches her shoulders, the cut layerd in assorted places, giving it a choppy look.

Or something like that. You can use that if you want, but that was just a random guess at what effect you were looking for with the layers. Also, I changed it to "Blonde" because, trick of the trade, longer words make the thing slightly longer. ;D The first thing people see is the length of your sign-up, though if you just fill it with blah (like me) you're in deep trouble once they read it through. xD

With her personality, you can add things like, how she reacts to other races, or to other people in general the first time they meet or something. You just need to add more. ^^; And I won't lie, you should add a lot more to your personality. But with both, you should try using more complete sentences it would help. Try writing a mini-novel, but focusing on only the appearance and personality aspect, rather then like a super long this character that character. (Reason I didn't add history here.) Still Pending

Keo Kirito
June 24th, 2007, 10:32 PM
Ok Jyikai. I couldn't really think more on what to put in my personality so I added what I could. My brain is really hurting right now. I read through and through my sign up and fixed what I could. Can you tell me if I fixed it?

June 25th, 2007, 6:14 AM
Ok, edited for the last time, I hope. I put more into the personality than the appearance because I couldn't think of anything. If this doesn't work out this time, I might have to wait for another roleplay cause I don't wanna hold everyone up for sucking after my break ^^'

June 25th, 2007, 7:57 AM
Gomen for the lateness...if I'm late ;;

Name: Talia Lorelei

Age: 600

Gender: Female

Species: Sparrow Pon

Appearance: Talia stands at about 3 feet 6 inches. She has dark brown colored hair that flairs out at her shoulders. Her eyes are a dark scarlet color and can see objects from a mile away. Talia's skin is smooth with a light tan and two medium-sized brown wings protruding from her back in proportion to her body. Because she can fly short distances, if someone is taller than her, she likes to fly head level with them instead of walking. Her outfit can be described as a rather large buttoned khaki jacket over a light brown tee. The jacket itself is very much trench coat(not like the Matrix) with large light brown buttons. She wears solid black shorts and dark brown boots that go up to a little past her ankle. Talia wears three accessories; one is a string bow that she wears behind her head while another is an emerald pendant that she wears underneath her jacket. Underneath her jacket is a dark brown pouch belt where she keeps all of her collected items and shiny..things.

Personality: Talia is a bit shy at times, but otherwise, she's a happy-go-lucky soul. When it comes to meeting new people, Talia is always curious in meeting them, but her shyness usually takes hold of her; though this doesn't stop her. If she's too shy to talk to you, she'll start 'following' you until she finds someway that you two could get to know eachother. When it comes to other people and her things though; things are always first. Especially rare things. And shiny things. She's always interested in something new and can be caught 'collecting' things that she likes. Because of her packrat interest in rare and shiny items, it's her biggest weakness. Another bad habit of Talia is molding words into whatever meets her fancy. It's not taking; it's 'borrowing'. Otherwise, when it comes to words, Talia will remember every word that you say and take every serious word into context. With friends, she'll be by their side through thick and thin and try to cheer them up when they're gloomy.

In being a Sparrow Pon, her main focus is control of the wind. The sparrow being one of the top types of Pon in controlling the wind, she takes her skill as an important part to her, though she sometimes likes to play with her magic. Unlike most, her power had reached it's height at an early age and has grown since, giving her a sense of identity through this.

Weapon: Mjollnir :A dark green gem within Talia's pouch that forms into a black rod with the gem on top when she wills it.

Class: Wind Elementalist

Other: Shiny and rare things are her life. The pendant that she wears was something she found buried in a field. She likes to make different stories on it's origin to encourage her or just to brag about.

Roleplay Sample:

"Miss Lorelei! Do you plan to buy that or not?" His ears turned back, Talia could tell that she had overspent her time in the Antique Shop. The emerald bracelet seemed to glitter against her rist, though she had to pull up her jacket sleeve occasionally to see it again. It was so unbeleviebly pretty! It would match woderfely with her pendant...if only she had the the money. She had been training with her Elder for the past month for an important trip up to Great Capitol and was told to quit her job in operating the windmill. Speaking of training, she was supposed to be on her way towards the training grounds, but the bracelet through the window had just-

"Talia, do you plan to buy that or not?" The shopkeeper's tail twitched. Covering the bracelet back up with with her jacket, the Pon gave a scared look at the shopkeeper.

"I'm sorry mister, but...I would have been out of here awhile ago...it's just...this pendant!" Clutching the pendant with her hand, she continued, "It drew me here to this bracelet. It's some type of spell! It won't seperate! This bracelet and pendant have some intense binding on them..." The fox Pon's ears perked up.

"A spell you say?"

"Yes, I can really sense it; It's the spirit of the Torstrael who had this bracelet before me! Part of his power that was in this pendant is also within this bracelet. If you deny the spirit's wish to reunite with it's past relics...I'm sorry if anything happens to you in advanced." It was a cruel lie, but it wasn't like anything would ever happen either way; it was full of air. Obviously it had it's effect on the store owner.

"Eh...well, please take it little one; no one wants a vengeful spirit of the dead after oneself, right?" Talia's wings gave a small flutter of delight.

"Hai! Yessir! I'm sure youve made this spirit very happy! Thankee mister!" Hovering with her wings, Talia glided through the door with a new sense of sucess towards the training grounds. Hopefully she hadn't made some spirit upset.

June 25th, 2007, 8:02 AM
Name: Kaida Honda

Age: 900 (or 18 in human years)

Gender: Female

Species: Pon (Fox)

Appearance: Kaida is part human and part fox (Cozumel Fox to be exact). She has short mousey colored hair which spikes out in all manors of direction; she has no parting because her hair basically has a mind of its own. She has deep emerald eyes and a few tribal markings running across her thin frame, some of the most obvious being the two brown triangular tattoos on both her cheeks, running from under her eye to mid way down her cheek, another is the tribal take of a kitsune running up her left hip and then half pouncing over her bellybutton. If her clothes were to be removed, one would see that a great deal of her body is covered in abnormal tribal markings; parts of the tattoos can be seen peeking up from beneath her top and below her three quarter length baggy trousers.

She wears an abnormal white crop top and a brown, custom made jacket of equal length. Her preferred bottoms are a pair of baggy brown pants with multiple pouches, patches, belts and bottles dangling from them, one would be amazed at how a stealthy character such as Kaida could possibly be as quiet as she is with the multitude of items she carries, even a length of rope and a small grappling hook hang at her rare. She then wears a pair of clumpy brown boots, which unfortunately aren’t big enough to cover her great claws, but the boots have apparently been custom made to suit Kaida’s long talons so that they are able to poke through the tip of the boot almost naturally.

A pair of brown leather gloves and a dark brown bandana finishes off her appearance nicely. Of course her appearance does not go without the fault of a pair of light brown fox years and a fluffy light brown hail with a darker brown tip.

Personality: Kaida (http://i41.photobucket.com/albums/e281/Lutalo/Anime/Female/CatGirl4.jpg) is sneaky, sly and cunning, but in no way is she a bad person. She likes to do things for her own gain, but she will not do it if she is forced to harm someone innocent, but if they job pays well she will gladly turn on her own and do whatever it takes, but causing death to those she trusts or likes is not apart of it, she will find some sneaky way around something that requires the death of innocents, especially children.

Kaida can be viewed as a sort of mercenary, willing to take on jobs for money or personal gain, she is not afraid to take on whatever job as long as it pays well, which makes her a little bit two faced at time. To say she is a good person would be wrong, but to say she is bad would also be wrong, she is a neutral creature and would not wish harm on anyone who didn’t deserve it.

She is not stupid, nor is she foolish and would prefer to think things through before rushing into anything, but if the time calls, she would gladly jump in without thinking if need be, though there are very few she would class as worth dying for. The only people she has ever risked her life for or has been wounded over are herself, children and those she deems friends.

She is sarcastic and a little annoying because of her teasing nature and would not turn down the chance to taunt an enemy or those she has won out against. She has been captured only a few times and has always managed to slither out of it, though the enemies she has gone against have never been as intelligent as her, but her sarcastic nature has always gotten her a few lashes.

Weapon: Kaida wields a custom made staff which is carved into many shapes of foxes, each of which curl around the leading fox until it reaches the end where a larger fox coils around a maroon sphere, its eyes closed as if blinded by the light of the orb. The staff is made of hard wood which has proven itself to be quite unbreakable due to the fact the staff was made by a close friend of Kaida’s who owes his life to her. Kaida is more likely to use this staff as a means of attack than much magic as she, unlike many Pon’s prefers close battle.

Class: Theif/ Fire Elementalist (Though she is not that skilled with her magic as of yet)

Other: Kaida isn’t particularly fond of water.


Name: Kazu

Species: Cozumel Fox

Gender: Male

Description: Kazu is a small Cozumel Fox (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:Taxidermied_grey_fox.jpg), his frame is so tiny that he can easily hitch a ride sprawled across Kai’s shoulders. He has the usual appearance of a Cozumel Fox, save for a few specifics such as his emerald eyes that match that of his Pon partner. The tuffs of fur atop his head are longer than average and are parted to make way for a brown feathered headdress. He has the same peculiar tribal markings as Kaida and even shares the same type of bandana around his neck. His front paws have golden bangles gracing them and even the base of his tail is home to a few more of the golden rings.

Personality: Kazu is pretty much like his owner, a little bit of a prankster who knows exactly how and when to taunt a foe. This little trickster is Kaida’s means of distraction and sneaking through smaller gaps that she herself can’t reach. He’s fast and together he and Kaida make an unstoppable team. He is the only creature who Kaida would do anything for and vice versa, if the pair were ever to be separated they would do anything to be re-united and if that fails, they’re personalities would change completely to a more depressing sort.

Other: Like his owner, he is not fond of water, but also like her would enter if need be.

Roleplay Sample: There was a clatter and a loud bang. A young woman fled from the scene with her Wolf companion in tow, a man in a white Fox mask and a red centaur like creature stood with weapons draw as the due fled. The woman did not spare a glance back over her shoulder as she replaced the silver blades to her belt. The man in the mask shook his head in despair and bid his Digimon to return to its rookie level. The weasel slithered up his arm and around his neck, never leaving the capsule it carried go.

“It’s hard to believe”

“Believe what?”

“Never mind”

The man turned his back on the fleeing couple, but the weasel continued to watch their silhouettes before they disappeared into the mist of sand, the human riding upon the wolf’s back.


“The-They should have been here by now.”

“Be calm, Aisha. They will be here. The crests have been sent out; their curiosity will get the better of them. Not many teenagers can refuse an offer like that, you couldn’t.” The Digimon nudged the girl playfully in the side.

“I sure hope so. Don’t stand much of a chance without ‘em, do we?” Aisha stated, running a hand through the silken fur of her companion before hoping onto his back. “C’mon, chances are that they are gonna land in Primary village. That’s where I ended up and met a cute lil Digimon of m’own.” She grinned.

Sangloupmon snorted before raring up and dashing off towards the colourful village ruled by the small critters and an overprotective Elecmon. She had been living there for quite a while now and had come close to the residence of the Digital world, well became close to those who didn’t oppose her that was. They were quite well known in many small villages and even the towns had come to respect the duo.

“You don’t think they will notice, do you?” Aisha asked the tamed wolf. “I mean, if they do, then we won’t stand a chance!”

“Calm down, Aisha. I promise to you that everything will work out for the best, and if it does not…we still have each other. Just believe that you…no believe that we can do this, together.” They were wise words, coming from a wise digimon. He may only be in his champion form, but Sangloupmon had surpassed a normal champion level digimon in both intelligence and power.

The Primary village had changed a lot during the past years in the Digital world. It was still run by the same Elecmon, but its design had completely changed. It was a larger spit of land compared to what it first was, with schools and training facilities for the small digimon. When they came of a rookie age, the digimon would leave to fend for themselves, but until then, they were under the care of the fatherly Elecmon and his helpers.

“Hey there, young mistress! Come for another Digimon have ye?” The Elecmon greeted. “Yours is looking a little rusty at the moment, could I interest you in a sparkling new Punimon?”

“Watch your mouth, or you will find yourself decaying in mine…” Sangloupmon growled. “Nothing could ever replace me, Aisha would not allow it.” It was evident that this Digimon did not take kindly to being pried away from his tamer, even if it was classed as a joke.

“Hah hah, y’know I could never get rid of him, Elecmon.” Aisha chided. “I could never.” She ran hand over the Digimon’s head and nuzzled its jaw. “Anyways, have they arrived yet? Has there been any sign of them?”

“I’m afraid not, young mistress. There has been no sign of them yet, but the crests have been dispatched have they not?”

She nodded. “Yeah but…I would have thought they would have received them by now…that’s all.”

She collapsed to the floor. The wolf watched her just incase she had fainted and not just fell due to exhaustion.

“If they don’t hurry soon, this is never gonna work. Waka’s just gonna keep doing what he’s doing and this is never going to end!”

The Wolf said nothing, but looked to the heavens.

(SIDE NOTE: Would it be okay to have an animal companion, or is that going too far?)

June 25th, 2007, 8:42 AM
Randall: Naw. xD You didn't fix the error. But that's alright, because the whole thing looks pretty good anyway.

He doens't have an "in your face" attitude. <-- You spelled "doesn't" wrong, that was the error I was looking to have fixed. Accepted

Chi-chan: Hmmm, alright. I can see that you've described a good amount of stuff, I think you just need to use fuller sentences, it helps to give everything a sort of complete feel. But alright. Accepted

Chibi-chan: You're not late. ^^ Just in time! ~Accepted Suzume Pon! Wai~ *shot* If you want to add an RP sample, feel free, but you're accepted either way since I've seen on-hand what you do.


*gets kicked over to the corner of incompetence* ALRIGHT. I'LL ADD MORE TO MY SIGN-UP YOU CRAZY PEOPLE WITH LONG SIGN-UP'S. >O

But yes, you can have your own pet, that's fine. Accepted

JBCBlank: If you want to join, I suggest you finish your sign-up before we start, otherwise, it'll be hard to catch up.

Mikuru-chan: You're on vacation, yes, I finally noticed that Shinji'll eat me, but for your reference when you get back, you can join in when you get back if you still want to.

We'll start once I finish making my sign-up the longest thing you lackey's have ever seen. >OO *shotshotshot*

June 25th, 2007, 3:43 PM
OOC: Hope, this is enough. Hard to concentrate with all the distractions happening simultaneously...

Name: Keeo Aking

Age: 21

Gender: Male

Species: Homini


Keeo (http://www.planetrenders.net/renders/displayimage.php?pos=-19323)is forever wearing his favourite bandana or other headgear of some sort. That said, his hair is often entirely concealed, save for a few lengthy, orange bangs that fall to either side of his face. A large tattoo covers the left side of his chest, and extends half way up his left arm. His eyes are a dark shade of brown, reflecting almost no light. Keeo is a seasoned warrior and habitually travels in his combat gear, comprising of worn and tattered looking slacks held up by the thorny belt tied around his waist. The outfit is shirtless. (Typically, what you see in the image, but it would also be worthwhile to mention Keeo cuts out holes at the back of his pants for the benefit of his striped tiger tail).


Despite his very combat-oriented spirit, Keeo has a high tolerance level for nonsense, this coming from constantly having to deal with his 5-year-old sister. Inadvertently, her hyperactive personality taught him patience like nothing else in Gael had. Keeo is a Homini with strong family values, and would do anything to protect what is dear to him. People close to him unanimously describe him as a tough shell housing a soft heart. Strangers to who he is, would not think so however, as he seldom shows his softer side to outsiders. He is a warrior after all. Trained to think and act like one when necessary.

Weapon: Nunchaku

Class: Warrior. He mostly specialises in hand-to-hand combat.

Other: Keeo can dance.

*** Roleplay Sample ***

The cloud-free sky hung calmly over the vacant seashore, evidence of the early morning tragedy absent from its light blue gaze. To Hoenn’s self-appointed rulers, nothing would appear out of place. Their lax attitude spread across the heavens and beamed in the rays brightening the white sands of the beach. They remained ignorant to the coming day, blind to the soft sea’s deposits that intended to disrupt their casual confidence.

Figures emerged, breaking the subtle waves as they marched their drenched bodies to dry sand. One man crashed to his knees and hands. Heavy drips of water fell from his face and tresses. His normally orange hair took a dark-blood tone when soaked to such extents. His muscles cringed in exhaustion as the pants kept coming. He never before swam the lengths he had this morning. It was hours and miles of relentless ocean. He repositioned himself, sitting his bottom on the sand, and then taking off his shoes to empty the pools that had collected within. The white clothes, drenched greyish, clung to his chest and legs. They needed to be hung somewhere so they could dry. But stripping in front of the groups of men and women that continued to rise from the ocean and walk onto the beach didn’t seem like a feasible option. Some of them looked surprisingly young, and Wrang wouldn’t show them anything they weren’t ready to see. He had a better idea.

He pushed back to a stand and plucked the blue, red and white PokéBall, or GreatBall, clipped to his belt. The sphere rolled off his fingers and popped open, streaming a red current that soon developed into a tall, winged dragon. The Charizard sank to one knee, bowing its head before him and folding its wings in respect. Wrang put a hand on the trained Pokémon's shoulder. That was his way of telling it to relax and that no danger was present. Understanding its master’s gesture, it rose to its feet, towering over the man’s nearly six-foot figure.

Wrang pinched the wet cloth on his shoulders and raised them for presentation to the Charizard. He grinned nervously. “Heat Wave, please.”

The Pokémon sucked in a long breath. Once warmed inside itself, it exhaled a hot wave over Wrang. The heat wave poured on him, flicking his wet tendrils and fluttering his clothes violently. Wrang frowned. The warm wind felt pleasant but at the same time a tinge like it was burning his flesh. After long minutes and a couple more Heat Waves, his attire had been almost perfectly dry. The Charizard, of course, had applied a lot less force on the technique than it would have in a battle. Its goal wasn’t to burn his master but only rid of them the ocean’s residue. A powerful Heat Wave attack could very well burn a foe.

“Good work,” Wrang looked over himself, smiling at his Pokémon’s handiwork. “Completely dry! I feel better already.” The Charizard roared in success. It raised both fists in the air which made Wrang laugh. He returned the dragon to its spherical home. His shoes were still a little wet so he held them instead as he walked barefoot on the beach.

He squinted as he looked to the skies. The sun was out and it was clearly noticeable. It started as such a beautiful day. Why did all those people have to die on the ship? He gritted his teeth and pumped a fist. Not that he personally knew them all, but they were allies and therefore, friends in some sense. He looked at the handful of survivors sharing the beach with him. He estimated that there were about eighty of them left. How were eighty soldiers meant to carry a job originally assigned to over a thousand men?

It was impossible. But he tried to tell his mind otherwise. All those men might’ve gone down, but they went down fighting, and brave. So would he.

Brown eyes suddenly snapped awake. Wrang searched around his back with a hand. It wasn’t there. He knew something didn't feel quite right. His Gunblade was missing. If he was lucky, it got detached from him after he reached the shore and not in the infinite waters of the ocean. He surveyed every bit of ground in sight, hoping to find the weapon laying around somewhere. There was nothing but sand and more sand. Maybe one of the survivors had picked it up for safe keeping? He had to hope that that was the case. He began to approach people and ask whether they caught sight of the long blade.


EDIT: Poking the enemy can't be any fun... Righto, Homini it is. Anything else?

June 25th, 2007, 4:07 PM
Hoe, I remember saying something about Pons not being able to fight. :O

Well, I suppose you CAN keep 'em, but you're not going to be doing much anything other then poking at the enemy with nunchuks dude.

Pons are magic critters, not fighting critters. D: If you want hand-to-hand combat, you need a Homini.

June 25th, 2007, 6:58 PM
Name: Arc Deschain

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Species: Homini

Appearance: Arc, like most Homini boys of his age, is tall, fit, and handsome. He is by no standards buff, but he has toned arms and a toned stomach, and he's in no way a slouch - working an airship is hard! He stands at a modest 5' 11", weighing in at a slim and trim 125 pounds. His blonde hair and dazzling blue eyes have earned him the name "Diamond of the Skies", a title that he wears with great pride.

From the top down, his appearance belies his profession. His complexion is the pleasant color of coffee with just the right amount of cream added. His light blonde hair is fluffy and straight, held right above his browline with a pair of goggles that glisten off the sun with blue lenses, tied to the back of his head with aging leather clasps. On his upper body, Arc tends to wear a black flight jacket open over a navy tightfitting shirt. The coat bears the insignia of his crew and vessel; although it is rarely (if ever) recognized... yet. His pants are rough cargo pants, riddled with pockets and clasps, all the way down to his ankles. The sandy colored slacks are slightly frayed at the knees and at the ankles, although it rarely poses a problem to his moveablility or appearance factor. A pair of light, but solid black boots sit soundly on his feet, and make a satisfying clunk clunk whenever Arc is patrolling his vessel. His left ear bears a small golden hoop earring, and his ship's crest is tattooed on his back.

Personality: Arc is a 100% leader in mostly every way. Being so young, he has had to fight tooth and nail to the top. (er.. sort of) If one had to describe Arc in a single phrase, it'd be smooth talker. His elder brother once described him as "being able to convince the devil to set himself on fire," if he had the chance. He rather has a knack for words, and is completely comfortable with performing in front of people. Arc is a sucker for a pretty girl. His flattery skills are unrivaled, and his constant compliments of a girl that he finds visually or intellectually (or both!) attractive can sometimes be a little much - but in the end, it rarely gets him anywhere but a smile and a "promise" to meet again sometime. Pfft.

Arc has a very strong social intuition in the sense that he can tell right off the bat if he's going to like someone or not. In addition, his negotiation skills are unrivaled. He's an excellent mediator, and can usually resolve a conflict with minimal effort. Beware, however! If you give him a piece of your heart, don't expect to be rid of him anytime soon - he'll steal the rest from right under your nose. In his heart, he truly dreams of wild adventure and fabulous recognition and fame - the hungry eyes of a true vagabond.

Weapon: Arc keeps a set of hidden hand claws on his person just in case of an emergency, but his main weapons are a pair of high powered "Aegis" class pistols - Garrison model. Each equipped with piercing shells, and he keeps a bag of explosive and other nasty shells on him at all time. Once owned by his father, Roland, Arc has dubbed the firearms "Roland's Fangs."

Class: Pilot by trade, Gunslinger by battle.

Other: Arc is the captian and primary benefactor of his (as of now) two man Airship, the Maelstrom. Originally a private luxury ship, it's been modified for speed, cargo, and efficiency - needing almost no manpower to operate.

June 25th, 2007, 7:23 PM
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YoshiRiRu: YAIIII HIIIIIIIIIIIII!!! dewd. our charries are totally gonna hate each utha. :D it'll be awwwesome. ACKSHEPTED.

Name: Jakk Haine
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Species: Homini
Appearance: Jakk Haine (http://i59.photobucket.com/albums/g316/KendoGurl3/Red%20and%20Orange%20hair/Males/boyandbottle8zq5ee.png) is the man who's got the looks. Self-proclaimed, 'most-wanted-guy-in-Alderan', Jakk's convinced that his messy orange blonde hair and keen amber eyes are irresistable. Though there is an age old scar across the bridge of his nose, he simply claims that the blemish on his perfect face only makes him all the more attractive. Wearing a slim-fitting white tank top, coupled with a pair of navy straight legged pants that are much too long for him and gather on top of his shoes, Jakk likes to make sure that he's never too clean, and never too dirty. "Just the right amount of Rough" is what he calls it, giving him the appearance that he's no gentleman's boy, but he's no poorman's boy. A thin brown jacket and a tan carpenter's belt slung across his midsection make him look more like a mechanic's boy, but this would be no lie. A pair of large goggles hang around his neck, along with a chain necklace that hangs the keys to his jetboard and home. A pair of heavy black motorcycle boots cover his feet, cross laced in the front though only the black metal toe guards peek out from underneath his jeans. A pair of brown fingerless gloves lace his 'perfect' hands, held tightly in place with a belt device thats adjustable for different wrist sizes.
Personality: All ego, and all hot air, the only thing Jakk's truly got to his name is the one thing about him that isn't self-proclaimed. "Number 1 Good-for-Nothing Thief." Sneaky and sly, Jakk is mischevious, and steals whatever he wants. But though he may seem twitchy and restless at times, he can very easily switch to his different facet, that of a suave, smooth-talking guy who can't hold his tongue for a second around a pretty girl. A young Homini who lives in the very heart of the capitol of Alderan, Comole, he has never seen any race other then Homini, and would quite like to keep it that way, due to his misconception of the Homini's neighbors, that spawn from his proud and selfish personality. Though he has a way with words, he is the most self-serving person ever, and if he see's no direct merit in it for himself, then he will usually unconcern himself with it. Jakk knows what he can and can't do, but his brash attitude usually makes him the type to throw those conceptions away. In other words, he's the type that will run head-first into a battle without a plan, strategy, or any idea of what his opponent is.

Weapon: Jakk uses a large hammer (http://roempire.com/database/image.php?ip=images/items/big/Mjolnir.gif) that is silver in color, with a long handle that matches it's color. There is a lightning bolt that runs down both sides of it, so it can be turned around to be used as a stabbing device. (The handle is longer then it is in the picture) When not in use, it rests in Jakk's carpenter's belt as a small silver sphere, and expands when quick and heavy friction is applied to it's surface.

Class: Blacksmith

Other: Jakk refuses to go anywhere without his jetboard, which sometimes causes some troubles. It was one of the few expensive things he owns that he's bought with honest money. Though Jakk's father is still very much alive, after he stole an artifact from King Halle's castle, (which was eventually returned,) he was kicked out of the house, quite literally. This is the reason that the Number 1 Good-for-Nothing Thief was recruited (forced) into helping out with the issue at hand, even though there weren't any merits for himself. However, once told that he would be allowed to have the artifact he stole from the castle back if he completed the mission, he gladly set off at full-speed.

Jyukai: Your characters suck. >O Get outta here. Shoo. Shoo. Away with you. Declined

~ + ~

And we start.

Your character will either be headed for, or arriving at the edge of Eremes. You will be led by an Alven you can name and describe yourself, to the Hall of Dew, which is where Lord Ryone will greet you. If you're an Alven, (me...) then you'll be sitting in the Hall of Dew, waiting for the others.

~ + ~

It has been many centuries since I last saw the Homini lands, let alone a Homini itself. And I'm sure that only the oldest of our kind remember what a Pon or Homini are even like. Rash, and impatient, with knowledge for only the things that make their lives easier. The last kind that would be welcomed in the Great Forest of Eremes. However, the beasts and mindless minions that have been roaming free are less welcome then even our neighbors, and it is only what a wise Alven would do, to join with enemies no matter how reluctantly, to fight a greater, common enemy. I realize that many of my advisor's look down upon my decision, Ryxam and Beren in particular. But even they know that the onslaught of a war between six great powers under our feet is something Alven's alone cannot handle. Thus, I have decided to welcome selected Homini and Pon into our lands, both of which will be closely monitored by our elite guardsmen. Welcome means nothing more then acceptence. Acceptence is far from trust. Such young critters could not possibly realize the intensity of a war in Ceto. And though Respected Chief Puuka is many years wiser then that child, King Halle, he is very much 5,000 years my junior. And not only so, but even if I were a lowly Homini, I would still be King Halle's senior of two decade's, the child standing at a mere 65 years of life. How could such young and unexperienced races live to understand what was underneath our feet? What was truly the face of the Sea of the Dead?

They could not. They could never. But here, today, on this fateful date, the number of Gael's most treasured fighters who would undoubtedly become High Slav's after death, will gather, and bear the weight of a sight of nothing but death, nothing but war, and nothing but terror. This is the nature of the Sea of the Dead. And I fear that their simpleton minds cannot comprehend that this may very well be an effort in which they will not leave without being irrepairably changed. Closing my eyes, I see the last Homini and Pon I remember seeing in person. King Halle and Chief Puuka. It is King Halle's first time seeing such an old being. And like any Homini his age, he is unaccustomed to being told what to do. I am probably the first Alven he has ever seen. Respected Chief Puuka being the first Pon as well.

Such a weak mind, so easily bent from it's path...

"Lord Ryone." Head of the Protection of Eremes, Ryxam spoke up, breaking me out of my silent judgement of the inferior races that surrounded my land.

"Yes, Ryxam?" I replied in a deep baritone.

"It seems the first to arrive is a Homini." Ryxam held out a large leaf, one that was larger then both mine and his palms stretched flat and put together at the edges. A puddle of water that took shape as a swollen droplet rested in the middle, reflecting the actions of possibly the most stupid looking and sounding Homini I had ever seen. And I had seen many many stupid Homini in 8,500 years.

"Ehhh? I can't use my Jetboard in the forest?? Well why not?! Walking is slow!"

Ryxam shuddered with supressed mirth. I had not seen him laugh for at least a century, only shudder as he did now, "He seems to be a very unintelligent Homini, does he not?"

"Indeed. I should only hope that he is not half as stupid as he looks." I replied, and Ryxam shook his head, as if doubting my hopes. I nodded, doubting my hopes as well as I watched Ryxam's guardsmen try to coax the Homini into keeping his jetboard firmly jet-free in the forest.

"Should I intervene, Respected Lord Ryone?" Mireio Donat asked, keeping her voice down under the hang of willows.

"I see no need for that Respected Lady of Donat," I replied calmly, sitting back, "Patience is a key we must teach Homini and Pon in this venture, and going to them is much too welcoming a gesture for my tastes. Ryxam, you know what to do."

The dark haired Alven bowed his head quickly and held his palm over the droplet of water, speaking loudly and clearly, "Shall you recieve passage through the Forest of Eremes, please refrain from the usage of Homini objects."

"OH MY GOD, THE WATER IS TALKING, DUDE, THE WATER IS TALKING!!!" The boy was pointing frantically at the leaf and droplet in the guardman's hands identical to the one in Ryxam's. Silence filled the hall in which I sat day-by-day, though this not the ordinary respectable silence, but a silence of embarassment, of great pity for the witless Homini.

"Oh dear." Beren, Head of the Information Flow of Eremes, finally uttered, putting on his freshly wiped monacle, "It seems Respected King Halle has sent us a jester."

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Oh.. I fixed one of those to. I need to start slowing down when I type.

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"You have a very pretty necklace, Miss"

"Thank you young Pon, It was an heirloom given to me from past generations of my family." The Alven gave a quick second to look upon the sapphire crystal that contrasted the pale texture of her skin. "I hold it very dear to me." Flying at head length with the Alven, which happened to be four feet off the ground, Talia quickly glanced again at her escort. Her hair was a pale blonde, almost white color while her eyes reflected the sapphire necklace that she wore. Dressed in a white and light blue robe, she looked very pretty, yet very different. The Elder had told her that Alvens were tall but this once was double her height! Come to think of it, did that mean all their things were double her height? How amazing! How she'd love to ask about Alven treasures, but would that give her the wrong impression? It would be best to keep the conversation casual.

"There sure are a lot of different types of trees here..."

"Really? I've never known what kinds of trees don't exist in other places...in a forest." The sparrow blinked. It was conversation; really, she didn't know which trees grew in her forest and which didn't. Honestly, she'd never really been in a forest before. Sensing Talia's obvious attempt to try and continue the conversation, her guide smiled. "You must be very talented in magic to be summoned to the Hall of Dew," There was a conversation! Fluttering her wings more than she had been, the Pon was more enthusiastic than ever.

"I'm a Wind Elementist! Just about as high as you can get from where I come from! I'm really grateful for being so recognized for what I'm able to do!" The Alven gave the Pon a smile and glanced towards the ground, Does this Pon understand what she's getting herself into?

Within a couple of minutes, the pair had reached the large gates of the hall, where they were greeted by two equally tall guardsmen. Uwaii~ The gate was so tall! It would take a lot of effort to get over them, but with the Wind, things could be simpler.It was also here that an authoritative voice sounded from a water droplet that one of the guards held. Uwaii! That was so cool~ It'd be neat to have one of those hexes, but then again, where would you put something like that? It'd get all of her things wet if she put it in her sidepack... The wide doors to the ancient gate opened and her Alven accomplice lead her through to the entrance of the hall. Here, she turned to face me.

"After I open this door for you, I will leave you to the Hall of Dew where Lord Ryone will greet you and others that he has summoned. I wish you luck." With a bow, the she placed her and against the door and opened it. Dropping from my hover and onto the ground I entered the hall. It gave off an ancient air and was filled with more...tall Alvens. A bit embarrassed, the Pon looked for a place to sit. Everything they had was bigger; including the chairs. Now feeling a bit out of place, she pulled herself into one of the large chairs and sat down; her shoulders barely level with the table itself. Laying her hands on the table, the Pon swung her feet underneath. Hopefully others would get here soon so she wouldn't feel so awkward for so long...

June 26th, 2007, 10:18 AM
Yumikari sighed. First he had to be dragged out to Eremes, a place he had never heard of before. And to top it off, he needed a guide to get him there too. Like Yumikari didn't know the way to Eremes himself. Chief Puuka had said it would be dangerous going on his own and that his earth magic skills weren't fully developed to be travelling alone anyway. Yumikari tried to walk faster then normal to keep up with the Alven. The Alven wasn't a very talkitive, as all are, and only said one thing to Yumikari at the beggining of the trip. "My name is Omi Igruashi." And Yumikari replied with a handshake, "Yumikari Komoto, nice to meet you."

The padding of Yumikari and Omi's feet kept up to a simple motion, and never withered to a rest. It seemed like neither one of them would get tired at this rate, but Yumikari was getting tired and didn't want to show that to Omi. Yumikari didn't want him to think that he was carrying a weak spirit along with him. Finally they saw the Hall of Dew in the distance and increased their pace, but not long after they were in front of the door to get into the Hall of Dew was finally infront of him. Omi turned to Yumikari "Just behind these doors is the Hall of Dew. I grant you luck on the journy that awaits you." They shaked hands again and as the Alven was turning to leave, Yumikari whispered, "Thank you." and walked in.

Yumikari gave a sort gasp. Everyone around him was tall except for a sparrow like pon in the corner sitting in a chair too big for her size. He sighed. "Looks like I'm not the only one." he smirked. Yumikari paced his way over to a chair that was one chair over from the Sparrow Pon. She was the only person in this room he would seem comfortable sitting near. Yumikari quietly awaited the appearence of Lord Ryone.

June 26th, 2007, 10:18 AM
"Lower the sails! Prepare all cargo for landing!" Arc roared across the deck of the Maelstrom. Klonoa, his eternally loyal first mate roared back across the deck "All safe and secure sir!" Arc smiled, and walked toward the main flight deck. Stepping inside, followed by Klonoa, he manned the smooth wheel, and began the slow descent into the makeshift landing area.

Arc had been in posession of the Maelstrom only for about 3 months, but he already knew it inside and out. His father and uncle had both been commercial pilots, so Arc knew a lot about flying - often impressing people by his skill despite his young age. With a concentration only seen in airship pilots, the Diamond of the Skies cleanly maneuvered the Maelstrom into the small clearing. The whirring engines drew to a hum as the modest airship touched down, kicking up a slight amount of dust.

Rikimaru the Alven sat mesmerized as the Airship touched down. He was young by Alven standards, only 1752 years old, and he had never really ventured far from the forest. He dropped a little bit of his Alven dignity to gawk at this humongous thing settling down just yards in front of him. "Raels be praised..." he mumbled. However, all wonder he held at this machine was lost when it set down, and a wave of dust and dirt assaulted him. Standing back, absolutely revolted, the Alven tried to brush himself off, but hated the feeling of dirt on his hands as well. Infernally frustrated, he shook himself around frantically, trying to get the dust off of his clean High Alven robes.

Arc stood on the deck, one foot propped against the rail of the deck, and he watched his Alven escort lose his famous cool, and couldn't help but laugh. Klonoa laughed too.

"It looks like he's got a Pon in his pants or summat!" he croaked between waves of laughter.

"Sure enough, mate - I'm sure he could fit two or three in that big ol' sheet that he's wearin'!" Arc replied with a chuckle. He propelled himself from the side of the Maelstrom and grabbed a rope, sliding down to ground level. "Ahoy there, friend!" he called, still holding back a chuckle.

Rikimaru, now at least a bit more clean than he was before, resumed his sage-like composition. "Likewise, traveller. Come. We have quite a bit of a walk to the hall of Lord Ryone. Arc nodded.

"..and my ship?" he inquired, his hands stuffed in his pocket. Rikimaru nodded, and waved his hands, chanting something under his breath. This time, it was Arc's turn to be surprised. The forest around them that led to the sky was covered with a magic seal.

"Nothing is getting out of that seal - your... thing is safe here." Rikimaru finished that sentence with only the slightest audible distaste, although inside he was loathing it with all his heart. He motioned impatiently for them to come along, and Arc and Klonoa, convinced that their ship would be safe for the time being, held no objection.

The road to the hall wasn't nearly as long as Rikimaru had convinced them it was. When Arc made this point, Rikimaru shrugged and replied "I thought it'd be long for... people like you." And that was that.

When they finally made it into the hall, Arc sat down at one of the tables, Klonoa right beside him. Although, being a Pon made it a little hard to see over the table. Arc nodded over to a pair of Pons sitting in a corner. "If you want to go sit with them, you can - I know this whole thing doesn't sit with you too well." Klonoa only nodded, and walked over to the other Pons - one was a Sparrow, and the other some kind of big cat. Klonoa, being a dog, felt perfectly at home. It had been a long time since he'd been with other pons.

June 26th, 2007, 12:56 PM
Ayumi sighed, and adjusted the placement of her bow. The road to Eremes was longer than she had ever attempted to travel. She looked up at Ira, the Elf who was leading her the way there, and sighed even heavier. When she had asked for a patient elf to help her along the way, they gave her an elf that didn't care the distance she had to walk, she would get there one way or the other.

I meant patient in tolerating me long enough to get at least halfway there... Ayumi thought sadly. "Felling alright?" Ira asked, staring at her, with a smile. Ayumi automatically looked up, and saluted.

"Um, uh yessir!" She said louder than she had actually intended to. "How much longer until we get there um..."

"Do not worry, call me Ira. We have a good day before we reach our destination." She explained. "I'm sure you're fine with that seeing as how it's so important you get there soon." Ira adjusted her floor skirt, and walked on without waiting for my answer. Ayumi had to admit, she felt bad for lying to Ira about how urgent it was that she got there, but she had no choice. She was mostly going for a scenery change, and they wouldn't let her take Ira along with an excuse like that.

"Miss Ira, I'm fine, but do you think we could continue through the night?" Ira looked at Ayumi with a look that said "IRA". Ayumi quickly rephrased. "Ira, can we continue throught the night, please?"

Ira thought on the new idea of how to travel for a minute, and finally agreed. "Fine. But no complaining, we won't stop because you're tired." She turned, and continued on.

Heh... thanks... Ayumi thought, following close behind.

June 26th, 2007, 3:40 PM
OOC: Alvens. xD; Not elves Chi-chan! This is my character introduction post. It's long. D: And it's filled with nonsense and padding. xD;

IC: "Fine." Jakk glared at the Alven who'd met him at the big oxygen factory's edge. Even though Jakk wasn't exactly the shortest Homini, he was painfully aware of how the Alven had to literally look down at the ground to see him. But not only that, he looked too clean. Didn't he know that rough and tough was the way to go with girls? Psh. He'd heard that Alvens were uptight and stuffy, but honestly. You live in an forest and this guy hasn't a single speck of dirt on his green robes. It was like, dirt-repellent, those clothes. And Jakk had to restrain himself not to grab the long sleeves of the thing and see if the dirt moved away when he put it near the ground.

"But I'm HOLDING my jetboard. Don't touch it."

The Alven sighed, "Very well. However, our forest will not take well to outside technology, and unless you want to keep that abominable machine intact, I suggest you keep it on the 'off' position until you pass at least halfway through the Pit of Cecile."

"Yeah yeah." Jakk waved it off, starting his march into the forest.

"The forest is alive, and does not take well to intruders. Please," The Alven said in an irritated voice, his face showing his extreme dislike for this Homini he'd so unfortunately encountered, "Stay with me."

"Whaaat? I'm 18, not 8." Jakk said, eyeing the Alven, "I don't need to be babysat old man."

'Old man' was obviously the Alven's last straw. An older Alven, true, but judging by the slightly widened eyes of the Alven's around him, the stupid giant didn't seem to like being called 'old'. It was silent, and Jakk froze, even the Self-Proclaimed-Most-Courageous-Hero slightly faltering in his path and words as at least 5 alvens two or more heads taller then him stared. Finally, the 'old man' spoke, saying, "King Halle is surely not the smartest King of his ancestors."

"No, he's pretty darn stupid." Jakk replied, and again, silence overfell the group.

One of the Alven's stepped forward, "If you will please, follow me."

Jakk sighed, deciding that Alvens had some sort of defect with their humor-sensing abilities. Grudgingly walking behind the Alven that was tall and skinny as a broom Jakk remained silent, a rare sight or sound, but it seemed like the trees were pressing in to get a good look at him. Wait. Darn these Alvens. The forest is alive. Pft. Trees are trees. They're used to make fire and houses. They definetely don't watch you because you're too loud...

Jakk visibly shivered and the Alven stopped in his tracks, turning to look at the Homini behind him, "Is there anything to your dislike?"

"Eh?" Jakk finally said, louder then he'd intended to. Trees. Pressing in.

The Alven raised an eyebrow, "I should suppose not. If you could walk with a lighter step, the forest would not seem quite as sufferable."

Jakk sighed, "I've got like, a 50 pounder on my back," He pointed to the jetboard, "And you want me to step lighter?"

"Yes." The Alven said, point-blank, turning and continuing. By the time they got anywhere that looked like civilization, or maybe, a bunch of hammocks and bridges hanging from trees if that counted as civilization, Jakk was about to die of hauling his jetboard around. Jetboards were meant to be ridden, not carried, darn it.

"In the Hall of Dew, you will mind your manners." The Alven said, unlatching a gate and showing him inside of a room, who's ceiling was made of weeping willows, and a circular crystal table set in the middle of it.

"Ah," An Alven with huuuuge muscles and a beard almost as long as himself said, greeting Jakk who only barely went up to his mid-torso, "Welcome to the Hall of Dew, stupid Homini."

Jakk stood back and craned his neck to take a look at the wrinkled and weathered face, "Excuse me? Did you just call me stupid? What, do you say that to everyone?? I am no stupid Homini, I am a highly intelligent being."

The Alven looked amused, but another one, sitting at the circular table, stood up.

"Pardon my interupption," She said in an indignified voice, pale hair slightly draping over her face, "But I will not have you speak to Respected Head of the Protection of Eremes Ryxam like that."

"What?" Jakk bent around to look at the Alven-girl, "What's his name? Respected Head of Whadda whadda Eremes Ryxam? I thought this place was just 'Eremes', not 'Eremes Ryxam'. And that's a really really long name! Do you say that every time you talk about him?? That must get tire-"

"Please," Said another Alven just as huge and old-lookin' as the insulting one, "do sit, young Homini."

Jakk looked down on the chairs, a little more then half his height. How clumsy would he look tryin' to get onto one of those? Well. Whatever. Hoisting himself up, he looked around the table, "So guys!" He said cheerfully, earning more stares from the Alvens around him, "Let's have a 'Get to know each other session'!"

"He seems more foolish in person." The Head of- Well. Whatever his name was said to the old guy sitting at the far end of the table.

"Whether he is or is not,"

"And I'm not." Jakk interuppted.

"...You will not act in such a degrading manner towards a Homini who has journeyed so far to come here. Lady of the House of Donat, Head of the Protection of Eremes Ryxam. Please apologize for your behavior."

"Whew!" Jakk leaned forward, "That was a mouthful! Lady of the something of something?"

The girl paused for a moment to take in how stupid the Homini really was, before saying flatly, "Please accept my humblest apologies for reprimanding you Respected Homini of Alderan. It was not my place."

"My apologies for acting on my initial impressions of you, Homini-boy." The big muscle-man added a bow after his words, and retook his seat beside the old man.

"Thank you," Said the old man, "And now we will wait for the remaining to arrive before I must bore you yet a little while longer with an old man's banter."

June 26th, 2007, 5:56 PM
(((*Falls from the sky* *hand shoots up from the whole in the ground pointer finger up* Quick question! Before I finish my sheet, oh and sorry for the delay my dad wasn't letting me on the computer, I need a laptop something fierce. What is the local currency? for my new sheet i must know. *scratches head* I'll Change Pink some, he only looks like Link because of the cloths, I mean he has brown hair and green eyes. But I'll change him for you.)))

June 26th, 2007, 6:06 PM
OOC: Yeah it was the clothes that were buggin' me. xD; Cause Link is always wearing the same clothes and stuff, so I was kind of turned off by the fact that your character looks so similar to a canon character.

Anyway, the currency? Well, you're an Alven, so there isn't any currency. :/ Pons don't have any kind of currency either, only Homini have currency, and we'll call that Lodes. 1 Lode, is like, one dollar. Or something like that. But, Alven and Pon don't have currently, they make and share.

June 26th, 2007, 6:33 PM
Name: Pink Link, "Pink" ((yes call me Pink))
Age: 1,500
Gender: Male
Species: Alven
Appearance: Link may wear pink but he's all man underneath, Broad shoulders accented by a strong chest and back. Arm's and legs are also muscular but not as much as his chest making him seem weak to the untrained eye. Brilliant green eyes are accented by flowing coffee brown hair. Fair skin with nary an imperfection, gives him the glow that every Alven possesses, also meaning that during battle he will not seam dirty, ((if you watched the LOTR trilogy you know what I mean.))
Hair; His hair is the color of the strong oak, bouncy yet strait it shines in the sun like brown silk giving his face a soft glow that only an Alven of 1,300 is known to have.
Eyes; Green, green like the grass on the other side of the fence, Long lashes that seem to go on for miles giving him the cleanest, purest, deepest eyes you have ever had the pleasure of staring into.
Rest of his face; his skin is clean as I said and together with his eyes and his full lips he can charm a widow out of her life savings and leave her loving him for it.
Voice; You want to talk about his voice? He sounds like a perfect dream; you swear that he’s not even talking to you, that you’re hearing the voice from inside your very soul. He makes you feel like the only one on the planet and you simply melt hearing him speak when he sings it’s the voice of the angels. ((Listen here (http://www.freewebs.com/jbcblank/randomsongs.htm) for a sample))
Cloths; ((since you said that’s what was turning you off)), A pink tunic, that covers a white short sleeve, crushed silk shirt with silver ties. His brown leather gloves cover up to his elbows making him look slightly stronger then he really is. His pink hat clovers most of his hair yet accents his gold earrings, A brown belt around his waist held closed by a bronze belt buckle engraved with a picture of himself, (of all things), He also wears dark brown tights because he believes that pants will diminish his…. Never mind. Black leather, knee high boots cover most of tights anyway. A white sheave with a pink heart and gold trim is the home for his sword it catches the light in such a way that you can’t possible miss it.

Personality: He's a cowboy wrapped in a geniuses Wrapped in a dream wrapped in another cowboy. For those who didn't understand that, he's a gentleman, he thinks of others first and always has something planned no matter what the situation is. He cares so much for others that it is as though he isn't even real, he cares more for men then for women however, which is something that he has to work on. This Problem of his is so strong that he will go out of his way to help a man and go past a woman in danger. He believes that women can get out of trouble themselves and gives them more then enough of an opportunity before he actually helps out, and even when he does he only helps a little.

Weapon: The Angel's Blade; A silver sword that he got from his mother, who raised him, he carries it with pride, even if it has a heart on it.
Class: Animal Trainer; He trains animals for a living mostly horses and dogs are what people ask for, his specialty is cat's however.
Other: He has a weird cat that fallows him everywhere, he has never seen it only heard it, if anyone sees it let him know.

((is that good Jyukai?))

Keo Kirito
June 26th, 2007, 7:19 PM
OOC: Sorry its short. My head is pounding right now and I'm having a little bit of writers block. I will certainly add more tomorrow.

Can we move any faster? Masashi thought to himself as he sprinted to keep up with the Alven leading him to Eremes. I want to get this done with so I can go back home. I haven't been in a while and...His thought was interupted as the Alven spoke.

"So, what did you say your name was?" The tall, pale creature spoke. "I don't think I caught it." The Alven said in a very low tone. He was very tall. 6' 8 or 6' 9. Very pale with bright green eyes. His hair was long. About to the mid of his back, bright blonde in color. He wore a light brown robe with a bow slung across his back. He wore a quiver of arrows on his side. This look did not surprise him because of the rumors and legends of Alven being great archmen.

"My name is not important." Masashi replied bluntly and picked up his speed. I do not care about anything except for finishing this alive. Masashi's thoughts continued. "When will we arrive at Eremes?" The question startled the Alven.

"It should be within the next day or so." The Alven replied as he glanced back at the homini. "So what is your addition to this war? Not to be nosey but I just want to know what to expect." The Alven paused. "Your race is..." He was cut off.

"My race is a waste of space." Masashi replied stunned the Alven. "Most of them use their knowledge for stupid experiments. I hate being set in with them, let alone the same race." Masashi replied in a very dull voice. "Now, just continue to Eremes and no more talking." The Homini spoke in a very commanding voice. He picked his pace up yet again, actually passing the slowing Alven and trying to focus on the job ahead.

June 26th, 2007, 8:57 PM
Hmmm... I certainly can't say that you have any kind of diability to make original characters, but I would like to say you went over the top. I know it's a hassle, but I'd like you to keep in mind that your character is a race that I created, and well... I personally like having a degree of respect for my creations. If you would like to be a Homini, by all means, you may have that character.

If you would like to be an Alven, I suggest you completely re-do the sign-up, because what you have there is very much so, not, what an Alven is. The first thing is that Alven wear earth colors, or deep colors. Why only earth colors? Well let us remember that they live in a forest, and do not interact with the Homini and Pon, who are the only ones likely enough to have bright colors. In fact, they do have bright colors.

I'm sorry if this is put in a rude way JBC, and I'm pretty sure I did. But I'm not going to lie to you. Your character offends me. I don't know any other way to put it without getting the point of the severity across.

Very pale with bright green eyes. His hair was long. About to the mid of his back, bright blonde in color. He wore a light brown robe with a bow slung across his back. He wore a quiver of arrows on his side. This look did not surprise him because of the rumors and legends of Alven being great archmen.

As I said. I'm gonna whoop you into shape. xDD First things first, a lot of those sentences are fragments. Conjunction's, my old friend, conjunctions! The last sentence is a perfect example of what you should do with the rest of them. ^^

June 27th, 2007, 2:15 AM
“I didn’t catch your name” The Alven said, looking down upon the small Pon walking at his side. The Cozumel half breed looked up at him, almost having to bend her back in order to look into the sparkling emerald eyes. She tilted her head to the side and the small fox hitching a ride on her shoulder mimicked the movement of its partner. “Didn’t catch yours either.” She countered, lifting a sleek eyebrow and smirking slightly.

The Alven chuckled low and directed his gaze back towards the path he was leading the young Pon across. “Then our named will be unknown to one another, I will remember you for many years and my memory is ten times more likely to remember your face.” The Alven seemed to pick up the pace from then on and the Pon was made to run or skip every now and again to keep up with the long legs of the Alven, her tail beating from side to side until she had had enough. “Could you slow down a little, my legs aren’t as long as yours.”

The Alven smiled down at the smaller one and did as was asked of him, he took smaller steps. “So, are you going to tell me your name now?” He asked again almost certain that the Pon would answer this time. “Or am I going to have to resort to asking your little Fox companion?” His gaze was directed to the small fox sprawled over the Pon’s shoulders.

The Fox tilted its head and then turned its gaze to the female Pon who in turn sighed and held out her hand to the Alven. “My names Kaida, or Kai for short” The Alven took the offered hand and shook it thoughtfully, smiling as he did so. He withdrew his hand when Kaida’s fell loose and once again took to looking at the Fox. “And you are?”

“This is Kazu.” Kai answered, nudging the Fox with her shoulder playfully. “He doesn’t normally act this calm around others, but he seems fine with you. I’m a mercenary; I take on jobs for the money…so I better get some kinda reward through doing this.” She eyed the Alven warningly and was soon joined by Kazu who imitated the look as perfectly as he good with her small canine features.

The Alven laughed “You will find many things on your path, it is up to you whether you class them treasures or not, but you will be repaid handsomely when the time comes.” He turned his gaze back to the path and nodded, “we are almost there, the grand hall stands tall just over this hill.”

Both Kaida and Kazu’s ears perked up at that and almost instantly forgot what they were talking about before hand. Unlike the Alven who could now see the top of the hall, Kaida was too short and so made to run up the hill. It came to the point where the hall was slowly coming into view and when she reached the top of the hill, she stopped and stared at the grand exterior of the Alven hall. Her eyes widened and her breath hitched. “It’s amazing.” She stated.

“Isn’t it just? The Hall of Dew is one of our most grand of buildings. Come they are waiting.” With that, the Alven proceeded down the hill towards the grand gates of the hall. Kaida was made to run again in order to keep up with the taller being and came to a stop outside the gates where two equally tall guards stood, obviously protecting the hall from unwanted intruders. She grinned at them, but was not met with any sort of acknowledgment. “They will not move unless they are told too, it is no use trying to make conversation of pleasantries with them.” Her companion Alven stated, motioning for the guards to open the gates.

Kaida huffed, “Maaah, I didn’t want to make conversation with them anyway.”

Again, the Alven chuckled and lead the way towards a set of grand doors. Kaida couldn’t help but feel a little belittled by the gates and the doors, after all, the Alven was twice the size of her. Kaida had always through Homini to be tall, these creatures were like monsters! “When you enter through these doors, you will find your place at the table and wait until you are instructed to do otherwise, am I clear?”

Kaida nodded, the last thing she wanted was to cause trouble for herself at the moment. Given any other time she would be content on causing a ruckus, but things just seemed to important and eerie, this was one of the few times that she would promise to behave herself and mean it. “All clear, boss!” She stated with a salute to the taller being.

The Alven smiled and opened the doors, beckoning that the small Pon go through. As the doors closed, Kaida remembered that she had not asked the kind Alven his name. With eyes wide, she turned just in time for the doors to close in her face. She pounded at the door and yelled: “I didn’t catch your name!” but was met with no response. “I’ll remember you, and when you need help I’ll be there! I promise!”

Kai was brought back to reality when little Kazu nudged her cheek, beckoning her to turn around and face the growing crowd that was watching her with raised eyebrows. She grinned sheepishly, understanding that she had already managed to make a little bit of a fool of herself and wandered around the long table to find a place to sit. She was not willing to admit that her cheeks were flaming red, but still she hid her face in the coils of her arms when she found a space on the table.

Keo Kirito
June 27th, 2007, 8:59 AM
As I said. I'm gonna whoop you into shape. xDD First things first, a lot of those sentences are fragments. Conjunction's, my old friend, conjunctions! The last sentence is a perfect example of what you should do with the rest of them. ^^

Keep at me Jyukai! I know I need to write these better. I mean I will write my next post when I get back from my ortho appointment. I will write my next post as long as I can. Thanks Jyukai.

June 27th, 2007, 12:08 PM

Keeo made his way through the Great Forest of Eremes alongside one of the residents. The Alven assigned to escort him remained silent during most of the journey, only speaking up when he needed to caution the visitor about certain aspects of the forest. The respect the taller being held towards nature was plain to see, which Keeo understood wholly; this forest was his home after all. Generally, interaction between Homini and Alven was rare, yet Keeo could easily sense characteristics in the Alven he could identify with. He too, was a warrior of peace, and respected most forms of life.

The Alven experienced comfort he had not expected to in the presence of a Homini. “You differ from the others I have come across in my lifetime.”

Neither traveller stopped to look at the other as they continued to walk on. Keeo brood over whether to receive his comment as a compliment, or regard it a concealed insult directed at his race. To his best efforts, Keeo had done nothing to offend the Alven and so he considered his words in a positive light. “Yes. The Homini would not be a mortal race if a share of the populace did not consist of … embarrassments, so to say. I assure you, there are much more similar to me in Alderan. If you cared to, I could return this favour, and show you the favourable parts of my land.”

The Alven smirked in response. “As inviting as your proposal appears to be, I would simply miss the humility here too much.” He was not particularly the adventurous type, and seldom did he journey beyond the borders of Eremes. Whatever lay out there, airships and castles alike, could not impress him as did the natural structures of the great, living forest. “It would be best to place those thoughts away for the time being. This assignment requires the utmost attention from you all.”

Keeo nodded. Anything that drew all three prominent races of Gael together could require no less. After he fulfilled his duties however, Keeo planned on finding this very Alven, and reaching out his invitation once more. The Kingdom of Alderan was beautiful too in its own right, and he would convince this foreigner.

Silence governed the rest of their journey through the forest. Keeo absorbed the rare images of various trees he had yet to see before arriving in the Great Forest of Eremes. The land was impressive. Despite the lengthy distance between the entrance of the forest and the Hall of Dew’s tall gates, Keeo felt time had passed awfully quick. He looked forward to the return trip. The Alven turned and looked him in the eye for probably the first time since he met him. “Beyond these gates, you will find your companions. I wish you success.” He nodded as he placed a warm hand on Keeo’s shoulder. Without another word, he disappeared into the forest.

The Hall of Dew had been crowded with occupants of all races. It was the first time the solitary Homini encountered a unified gathering. Amusement played slightly on his face, as he walked passed several Pons hardly filling their seats. It seemed the hosts had overlooked some things. For the most part, the hospitality was reasonable, so Keeo could forgive them for the little bit of neglect in preparations. He climbed into his own seat, which was quite large for him too, since he was not particularly a big Homini himself. He awaited the proceedings patiently.


June 27th, 2007, 12:37 PM
OOC: Chikara and Randall, if we could just get to the Hall of Dew now, that'd be awesome. xD;

June 27th, 2007, 1:14 PM
Ayumi gave Ira a look that said "You told me it would take another day to get there." She sighed, and shielded her eyes, looking up at the huge building in front of herself. Ira then, smiled and patted Ayumi on the back.

"Well, it took a little less time than I thought!" She said, trying to make herself sound humorous, but it wasn't working out very well. Ayumi rubbed her shoulder where Ira had hit her more than pat her.

"You act like it's a job well done." Ayumi muttered, grabbing the door handle, and tried tugging it open. She paused, realizing that she would have to tug a little harder in order to pull the door open. She turned around to look at Ira with a meek smile. "Help..?" she muttered, unsure of herself.

Ira, who had her arms crossed shook her head, and walked forward. She pulled the door open easily; baffling Ayumi. "Alright. We're here so I have to go back to the travel agency. You'll be ok right?" She asked.

Ayumi gave a small thumbs up, and smiled. "I'll be fine! Don't you worry!"

"I wasn't going to worry..." Ira muttered, walking away. "It's my job to ask that."

OOC: I know it's a little short, but I had to whip something up quick because I have to go ;_;

June 28th, 2007, 5:30 PM
(( I'll be a Homnini then.... Homani... Homuni.... well you know what I mean, and I understand your attachment to your created races, I blew up on a guy that called my Xentenl a Fairy. *smiles* Ok how should I start, um, I'm drawing a blank so I'll "drop" in in a bit.))

IC: ((coming soon))

June 30th, 2007, 11:47 AM
OOC: Kuraudo Sutoraifu will catch up later. JBCBlank, pretend you were already in the Hall of Dew, if you will. ^^

IC: I looked up at the opening and closing of the tall silvery gates.

Perhaps it was just Homini and Pon nature, to speak so loudly. In this forest, the silence will ring in your ears, thus leaving you straining for sound. Is a whisper not enough to break that silence? Alvens move in silence. But that Homini and that strange decoration on his back move and speak like thunder. It pains my ears. Staring at the ceiling with my eyes alone, keeping my head straight and poised, I let myself examine the tree branches which had weaved themselves in and out of each other, forming a ceiling puntured by sunlight, letting the sun dance about the room like little beings that came with the wind. This Hall was indeed the most impressive of the Alvens, because the weeping willows which grew side by side, lining the larger trees, an Alven placed between each tree's shadow. The table, the tall backed chairs, and the door at the very end of the hall in which no Alven but Beren and Lord Ryone were permitted to enter.

The door that led to the Cecile Pit. That led to the Sea of the Dead.

"I see that you are all, for the most part, here." Lord Ryone glanced at Beren, and the tall, spindly Alven stared back with an unflinching gaze, before Lord Ryone turned his gaze back to the various people and species sitting about the crystal table. Putting two hands on the table, both accompanied by long, waxy fingers, Lord Ryone hoisted himself up, waving away the number of Alven who had rushed forward to help him.

"Therefore, I welcome you, perhaps your second time, to the Great Forest of Eremes." Standing at an impressive eight feet tall, he dwarfed every Alven in the room, though it was only twice per Alven day that he stood from his spot in the grandest, most embellished chair in the Hall, "Thus, I would like to first say, in this Forest, it is forbidden to enter the door at the end of this Hall. You see it stands there, tall enough for even a tree to pass. However, it is there in which you will cross to the Sea of the Dead. You will find it's inhabitants are not friendly, and you will need to be very careful about yourself when you finish your descent, as the gate that will open it's bars to the Sea of the Dead is ever changing it's position. If we are lucky, you will land in a land that is governed by a Lunastrael. These lands will be your refuge, and though few and far in between, you can rest in these places. So as not to bore you with speech, the Alven I have sent with you, Mireio Donat, has studied the knowledge of Ceto for the past few months, and will be both your guide, and your fellow quester. I am going to assume in advance that your leaders have explained to you as to what you need to do. If not, then Lady Donat will explain. The Rael's of Pon, Homini, and Alven are all in their respective places."

He paused, a lengthy silence that only an Alven would pause. I stared down the Homini who had caused a ruckus earlier, but he said nothing, simply fiddling with that strange silver decoration that was once on his back, now sitting on his lap.

"Please, leave us."

Five Alven's, once hidden in the shadows of the tree's left at once, and the rest faltered at Lord Ryone's request. Many of these Alven had not left this Hall for centuries, their sleeping places the crooks in the trees. But his eyes took one swift glance about the room, and the rest quickly glided out. The only Alven's left in the Hall of Dew were myself, Lord Ryone, Beren, and Ryxam, who put one thick hand on the largest tree next to the gate.

"Should any of you wish to back out, I suggest you leave quickly."

After a moment's pause, Ryxam's palm glowed a brilliant neon green, the branches of the tree his hand rested upon growing out and weaving around itself until not even the light of the forest could penetrate them. I looked determindly away from Ryxam, and at Lord Ryone who began to speak again, "Ryxam, prepare yourself."

Ryxam bowed, and quickly strode to Beren's side next to the large door, made of the blackest obsidian stone, and carved into it, images of monsters that could be found in the Sea of the Dead.

"Beren." Lord Ryone sat back down. Beren bowed as well, placing both his hands on the double doors, both palms glowing a quick, blinding flash of white before he pushed them both aside with ease.

I stood the minute the door was opened, protectively grabbing the book I had laid in my lap, gray, faceless spirits reaching out from behind the door, moaning wordlessly, only mouths upon the flat of their heads. The ones with hair had their ghostly fringe draped over their faces and shoulders, yet their disgusting, rotting hands reaching out for the world of the living. But the ones without, drooling and with mouths wide open, were what repulsed me into taking a step back. Their moans pounded at my ears, their cries for the living to die were enough to shake the entirety of Eremes. I could not collect why such a repulsive room was housed within the Great Forest of Eremes. Ryxam waved his hand lazily, and all the spirits flew back into what I saw as a huge black hole in the ground, swirling with the very same monsters like a pot of soup.

"If you will, Alven, Homini, and Pons alike. This, is the Cecile Pit. Your descent will be one riddled with the prescence of Spectre's and Banshee's, the souls of our three races which have all been laid to recent deaths. You have just seen two of the three weakest beings that live in the Sea of the Dead." Lord Ryone said, putting his fingertips together, "Have you any last questions?"

OOC: If you have no questions, PM me so I know that I don't need to wait for your post. This is just a stall for Kuraudo Sutoraifu and JBCBlank.

July 1st, 2007, 8:56 AM
Ayumi looked around dumbly; she didn't understand a word that high alven had said. Something about crossing a dead sea, and then encountering a banshee... and some thing called a Spectre that she supposed meant 'ghost'. She swallowed the little pride she had in even being there, and raised her hand.

"Um... You said some of the weakest things we would encounter." She waited for a reaction from the high Alven that didn't come. "Well I didn't think there was anything more violent than a banshee..." She waited once more, and felt like everyone was staring at her and her stupidity.

Ayumi hadn't noticed that she had taken a few steps forward in asking her question, and she had tried to make a point of staying away from important people; especially important Alven. She took a few steps back, and pursed her lips. She had let that question come out stupidly, by saying "I thought", and cursed herself for doing it.

July 1st, 2007, 9:37 AM
Lord Ryone shook his head, "Remember, a Banshee and Spectre are essentially the population of the Sea of the Dead. Surely they would not be the ones to hold Raels? If they were then we would've had to deal with the Sea of the Dead at least a million years ago. There are plenty of beasts down there, though what we Alven's have seen through the Cecile Pit is limited to four. We have met with the High Slav Lunastrael, Helna, and three of the lowest class of monster in the Sea of the Dead. Spectre's, Banshee's, and the island dwelling beast, Farrell's. Pons and Summoner Alven need stay back when there are Farrell's about, as magic does not penetrate their skin."

"Spectre's and Banshee's are immune to physical attacks though, so respected Homini," Beren keenly stared at the Homini who'd caused quite the ruckus earlier, "Had best stay behind and let Pons take care of them. However, Selktic's are an undead race, therefore they do not become Banshee or Spectre's. Thus, the Alven Minds have brought together the theory that the Selktic's were simply banished to the Sea of the Dead. It is our idea that you will find Selktic's down there, very much dead, but still retaining their faces and memories. This is our knowledge of the bestiary in the Sea of the Dead. High Slav Lunastrael Helna may divulge to you some other monsters to be found however, do not count on her hospitality to stretch so far."

"Sooo..." Jakk leaned back in his chair, with great difficulty, "How're we supposed to cross an OCEAN from island to island? Sorry, but my Jetboard fit's one, and only one."

Beren waved his hand, "I believe a Homini in this room has brought a strange, large contraption. Helna has already taken possession of it, and it will be waiting for you once you find your way to her territories."

"You mean an airship?" Jakk raised an eyebrow, "O-kay, s'long as there's cloaking or something cause I'd rather NOT be flyin' around on an airship the size of Alderan in enemy territory, you know what I'm sayin?"

July 1st, 2007, 10:43 AM
Ayumi had chosen to keep her mouth shut after asking the question. An airship sounded like fun, is the possibility of death wasn't included. She felt awkward by still standing in the corner which she had backed into to hold herself up, but she wasn't sure if it was ok for her to sit down. She rubbed her head; trying to be proper was confusing.

Ayumi had never seen an airship now that she thought about it. Living in the country really does work wonders on how caught up in the times you are, and her level of clueless just proved it. But in a desperate attempt to try to look like she know what was going on, she crossed her arms, and payed attention.

She did feel a sense of inferiority, being in the presence of so many Alven, and all she could so was wonder if the other Homini felt the same as she did.

July 1st, 2007, 8:28 PM
((Sorry it took so long, parents, you know how they are.))

Pink smiled broadly, riding this horse was the best thing in the world! He lets out a whoop as the beast goes into a gallop, "You have got to be the best horse I have ever Trained!" He leans back and the horse turns sharply to the right just as he had been trained, "That's it good turn."

"ARE YOU DONE WITH THAT ANIMAL YET!?" came a voice from across the field.

Pink was distracted, he accedently dug his heals into the horses side the singal for stop, The animal does just as it was trained it stoped short and Pink went flying over it's black neck and fell face first into a pile of nothing less then menure. He growled ubsenities under his breath, "yes i'm done sr!" he yells grabbing the horses rains as the owner came waddling over.

"he won't do that do me will he?" The fat rich man asks rougly taking the rains from the green eyed Trainer's hands.

I only hope so... Pink thinks but does not say, "of course not sr." he says as politely as possible, "He's a magnificent animal, you know my fee...pay up." he says this last part with no sign of ever being polite in his voice.

"They say you are worth it, here you go, 300 as promised." he hands Pink a bag.

Pink counts the money, it was all there, "Thank you for the ride." he says and walks off the property, "I hate the rich..." he says to himself, "They think they're so much better then us." he takes some of the money out of the bag, "Just enough." he runs to the closest corner and whistles, a shadowy man appears faster then Pink could even blink, "here's your d*** money!" Pink says sourly pushing the money at the man.

"you're two hundred short this time pinky." the man spat, "I didn't give you that animal for free."

"I lost it ok!" Pink hisses getting right in the man's face, "I wasn't able to tame him yet... but I will and when I do you're going to give me back all the money you're taken from me!" The man smiles an evil smile and disappears, Pink sighs, "That animal wasn't worth it..." He covers his face, "four hundred a week until it's tamed, it seemed so good back then..."

((I ran out of time, I'll find my way to you guys, or you can find me I'm like right outside. I hate time limits.))

July 1st, 2007, 9:42 PM
OOC: Mmm, well, time limits is something that comes when I want to keep something going. Um, first things first, don't RP in present tense. Present tense is my pet peeve, so you're on a 'three-strikes-you're-out' system with that. This one won't count since I didn't tell you. Also, don't switch tenses around. You started out past tense, ended present, that's even worse. :/

Also, you didn't need to post that situation with the taming of the horse. All you needed to do was put yourself in the Hall of Dew.

July 1st, 2007, 9:58 PM
Yumikari paid full attention to the high Alven and practically never blinked when he said there would be dangerous monsters. He scoffed at the fact that these 'Farrell Creatures' would be able to withstand his Earth Magic. "Just open up a crack underneath the suckers and let them fall into the crust of the planet I say." Yumikari whispered under his breath. But when the two high Alvens started transfering power to the door that held all the people gathered in the Hall of Dew, he started to sweat. "What if something goes wrong." Yumikari thought, "what if I drop my staff down into the ocean by accident?" All of Yumikari's worried thoughts came to reality when the door finally opened and a flesh ridden hand grasped the side, moaning to the people gathered.

Yumikari held his head in agony as the screams of the banshee's seemed to tear apart his soul. The moaning, the screaming proved to be too great for Yumikari to bear. He was just about to scream out his own agony, but something stopped him. Yumikari flinched and then reasurred himself that everything was going to be okay. He looked at the symbol on his glove. "Could it...?" Yumikari thought. He quickly looked around to see if anyone saw him in such pain. Yumikari sighed, relieved that all of the eyes were focused upon the high Alven.

July 2nd, 2007, 11:06 AM
((All your desos {points} are duly noted J. ok, I was able to steal some time on the computer so I'll "finish" the post, I had a reason for the horse thing. you'll see.))

Pink rubbed his side and noticed that he had obtained three broken ribs on his way to the ground, "Great just great, that's the last thing I needed to make this a perfect day!" he turns, the only thing he saw was a huge brick wall, "Maybe there's a healer in there..." he pants, "God why does it have to start hurting when you notice it?"

He takes a few steps, falls to his knees, eyes closed, "Mrrroowww." The sound grabs his attention, eyes snap open, "Mrrrrrr Prrrow."

"you..." he stands up, "Where are you?!"

"Mew..." The sound came from the other side of the wall, "I'm going to find you!" he starts towards the place where he knew a door was, "I'm going to see you once and for all!" Ever since he could remember he had wanted to know what that Cat looked like, it was one of the reasons he made such a bad deal.

When he reached the corner the cat still mewed as though begging for food, "I'll feed you... if you show yourself." he goes around the corner, "Shi-" he half curses as pain shoots threw his body, "I have to get this looked at." as he walked his ribs decided to start a symphony, the noise was enough to make him nauseous and the feeling only made i worse, "If I find someone to-" He collides with someone, "For everything that's holy why don't yo-" he stops in mid sentience as he notice's that he had Just made an acquaintance with an Alvan. Frozen on the floor he stares, "I"m so..." he stands up and helps the Alvan up, "SORRY!" he bows, he didn't know how to act around an Alvan, he had heard that they were very powerful and dangerous if angered. "I'm so sorry Sr, I'll do anything to make it up to you. I was clumsy as Homini's can be. Please don't judge my Race by me."

He looks up at the tall Alvan, He hoped not to be hit, or worse laughed at. That moment the cat that he had yet to see took that moment to add his own comment to the happenings and the sound came from above."Prrrroooowww." Pink scowled, Looks like I'll have you with me forever afterall.

July 2nd, 2007, 12:07 PM











There are a lot more, but I'm not going to stretch out the page. You did use some past tense, but again, you mixed it up with present tense. This is just as bad as present tense! >O This is the last time I'll let you slip by without a strike for present tense. Once or twice, fine, whatever, I know it's hard to break out of a habit, but it's not hard to re-read your posts.

You spelled Alven wrong three times, it's Alven, not Alvan. Also, I don't know where you are. I assumed you were in Alderan, but now that you've met an Alven, I'm not sure where you are anymore. Where are you? And could you please get to the Hall of Dew in your next post?

Also, I don't mind when you use words that aren't censored in your posts, but the word that comes with 'shi-' is censored, so please don't use it.

July 4th, 2007, 6:30 PM
OOC: (( Actually I tried to make it sound like I bumped into you, you see without a map of the place I really don't know where is what. So I had to wing it, and yeah I caught some of the present tenses, you should have seen it before the official editing, you would have slapped me, but how about we just clear everything up, I was supposed to run into your char because I was looking for that cat, and that cat is now sitting in a rafter over us. Does that clear up some stuff? or... do you need more?))

July 5th, 2007, 9:31 AM
OOC: ....I don't understand. Could you read the posts again?

1) You wouldn't be taming any horses in the Great Forest of Eremes. There aren't any domesticated animals in there, apologies for not mentioning this earlier... (nor are there 'rich' people, since there's no currency for Alvens. I think I mentioned that earlier.)
2) How would you bump into me if the Hall of Dew is sealed off? That's the whole reason why I've been telling you to just get to the Hall of Dew and skip everything in between. :/ Just write a post saying you're in the Hall of Dew, because you're holding everybody back. We could be in Ceto by now. < <;
3) Please re-read all the posts before you post again. o O;
4) Also, here and now, I would like to say "Absolutely no bunnying of any kind unless you get direct permission from the character's creator."
5) When you bump into someone, you should describe what they look like. I assumed that you'd just bumped into a random Alven.

6) Lastly JBC, if you don't get to the Hall of Dew within your next post, we're going to Ceto without you. I've waited 3 days, given you two IC posts in which you could've easily gotten to the Hall of Dew.

That's about all I have to say. The next time I post, we're heading into Ceto.

[/Sorry everyone, I'm really frustrated right now. If you still have any questions, just PM them to me. I want to get moving.]

July 5th, 2007, 10:18 AM
OOC: I don't have questions, and I can't think of any more to stall. I don't think Randall's coming back either, so I say we just continue.

July 6th, 2007, 7:27 PM
((I'll just fall in on you guys I guess, give me a minute to reread all the posts and I'll just Kinda... fall.. oh and the cat that fallows me around doesn't count as domesticated does it? I also elect to have my own religion if that's ok with you guys.))

Pink's eyes snaped open, "By the God's what a bad dream." he looked around him, he had been waiting in the Hall of Dew for so long that he had fallen asleep, he wasn't even sure of who he was supposed to meet anymore. "I wonder if there's any food anywhere..."

Standing and straitening his tunic he pulled his hat off, "I should really bring food with me... my hat is big enough." he stupidly stuck his head inside of his hat as far as he could, "Mrfhno fushuth moorosh..." he says threw the hat.

"mrroww." Came a familiar meow.

Who knew that a cat could get in here.. I thought it was sealed off. he pondered to himself, "Hrrr krrfky krrfky." he said trying to get his hat off, "O Oh." He says, "Dafmn krit."

Yanking at the hat he proceeded to walk backwards towards people voices, Maybe one of them can help me get this thing off, He thought to himself. When he arrived to where he estimated the voices came from, he asked politely and as clearly as possible, "Can one of you help me...? Please."

July 6th, 2007, 7:28 PM
OOC: No it doesn't. Just get down the Cecile pit. < <

The old Alven dude looked about. When no more questions were pelted at him, he waved his spindly hand towards the open door.

"Then with that, your journey may officially begin. Please enter the Cecile Pit at once."

"Ehhh? We have to go down that Soul Pit? The old geezer didn't say anything about that." I said standing up and hitching my jetboard over my shoulder, I marched toward the big hole in the ground, but just as I was about to step in, someone's hand grabbed my shoulder.

"Noooow whaaa-" I turned to see the girl Alven from before.

"Please, allow me to go first, Jakk of Alderan." She stated flatly, pushing me aside with ease and stepping lightly into the room. I scrambled back to my feet and rubbed the growing bump on my head which had begun to grow when I ran headfirst into the tree that held the hinges of the door. Darn Alvens. IT WAS A CONSPIRACY AGAINST ME, JAKK, SELF-PROCLAIMED-MOST-WANTED-GUY-IN-ALDERAN. THAT WAS JUST SIN!!! Grumbling and pushing up the sleeves of my jacket, I prepared to head inside and give that crazy Alven a piece of the greatest mind on earth, but another hand grabbed me and pulled me away from the door, holding me in place with inhomini strength.

"Hey! Let go of me-"

"Chivalry is dead in Alderan, I see." The offending Alven who'd called me stupid earlier said, his hand like a dead moose on my shoulder.

"CHIVALRY?!?!" I shouted, writhing and running in place, trying to get out of his grip, "WE'RE GOING DOWN A HOLE TO WHERE DEAD PEOPLE LIVE AND YOU'VE GOT TIME TO WORRY ABOUT CHIVALRY?!!?!"

"Myself and Ryxam are not accompanying you to the Sea of the Dead. We have the rest of our lives to worry about Chivalry." The OTHER Alven who held a book and had been called something like "Respected something something of information of Eremes or something." said pushing up his spectacles like a NERD. He turned to look at me through these darned pieces of glass, saying in a monotonous voice, "And we will surely outlive you by at least a century."


"Please settle down Homini." The old geezer in the chair said, and I ruefully shut up, "As said earlier, it is our custom to let female's enter first."

"I thought girl's were supposed to die AFTER guys- OWWW!!" I got a good flick from the moosey-hand and sighed. Chivalry was going ahead and making sure the coast was clear, wasn't it?? Crazy Alvens. Crazy Chivalry. CHIVALRY IS FOR KNIGHTS, AND ALVEN'S CAN'T EVEN LIFT A SWORD!!! I was about to explode. Any minute now.

Any minute now.


"Valahkshar of the great firey demons, show your face, unbind your chains, and open your eyes!" Mireio said rhymically as she fell feet first down the pit, "Lend me your destructive power and use it for the righteous journey ahead! Summons Spell Three! Fire Lord!!"

A great pillar of fire erupted up and down the tunnel, bursting out from Mireio's open book, and as soon as the fire disappeared, so did the book. In it's place, was a large behemoth, with a scaly and gruesome draconic appearance, it's brown hide and black claws coupling with it's fiery red eyes which rolled in different directions.

"Stop the fall!" Mireio snapped her fingers and Valahkshar reached out his limbs, grabbing onto the earth around the Cecile Pit, and bringing Mireio and himself to a sudden stop. Looking up at what she could barely make out as the opening of the Pit, she thought out the series of events that would happen in this tunnel. The spectre's and banshee's would begin to appear again furthest from the source of destruction, thus, it would be away from Mireio herself. However, the ones at the top would have to be overcome by the others. This was the first test, no doubt, to keep weaklings from entering the Sea of the Dead. Weak would die here. Strong would die later.


The Cecile Pit - Essentially a hole in the ground, it spans from the topsoil of Gael all the way down to the sky of Ceto. Spectre's and Banshee's who bear the souls of newly deceased people live in the Cecile Pit, and emerge most frequently from the bottom of the Pit, or the walls of the Pit. It was named the Cecile Pit after the last remaining Haelstom, Cecelea Pietore, the most famous Haelstom of her generation.

Keo Kirito
July 8th, 2007, 8:04 AM
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July 8th, 2007, 10:27 PM
Yumikari looked all but too assured that this trip would go well. "Demons and the like, not to be handled lightly," he whispered. "but the weak will surely die in the Cecile Pit if not using cunning and endurance." Yumikari smirked. This was the first major trip he had ever been on. Fighting the evil's of the Cecil Pit would be a piece of cake to him. Yumikari walked slowly but surely to the entrance and spotted a dispute at the front. A boy Homini was being held back by one of the high Alvens as a girl Alven walked through the entrance to the Cecil Pit. The Homini was complaining about his self rights and what not. Yumikari shook his head. "Whereever you go you always need manners." He whispered to the Homini and walked through the entrance himself. The Cecil Pit's walls were very dim and gloomy, encasing the blackish aura inside that seemed to move about and absorb light as if it were alive.

Yumikari shuddered at the thought of being here if and when he died, haunting the souls of the living. He glanced at the Alven that walked in before the Homini, it appeared as if she was casting a summoning spell. Yumikari looked in awe as the giant beast came right out of her book and grasped a giant slab of rock and carried her on it. Yumikari looked around. "Maybe if I use a spell like she did, the banshee's and everything else will appear farthest away from destruction." Yumikari thought. An earthish brown aura came around Yumikari. "Earth Spell 2: Sheild of Earth!!"A spell sign appeared under him and the ground around Yumikari started to shake gently, then more rapidly. Boulders rised all around him and they appeared to be acting as a sheild, a moving sheild. The light disappeared around Yumikari. The boulders were levitating around him, awaiting his command. He started walking forward with a smile on his face. "The Demons and Banshee's of the Cecil Pit won't suspect a thing. These rocks will surely crush them under their weight."

July 16th, 2007, 10:26 AM
((I haven't been able to even touch the computer lately and not Rping has been killing me, but I don't think I'm going to be able to Rp if I can only get on once a week.. so I'm dropping out.. making some of you very happy I'm not proud to say...