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June 23rd, 2007, 6:21 PM

Setting: Long ago, three families helped to found the city of Olivine City in the land of Johto. As the city's construction progresses, the richest of the three families, the Espinares, also began construction on a large castle on the outskirts of the city. Over time, the magnificent limestone castle was completed, overlooking the sheer cliffs near the Olivine Bay.

The Espinares were a wealthy merchant family that had grown tired of life in the quiet Violet City. So when they finally moved into their castle, the housewarming party they threw was anything but quiet. Musicians, clowns, dancers, and all sorts of performers populated the dance hall, entertaining the many powerful figures that had come to celebrate.

The food was delicious, the drinks intoxicating, and the conversation plentiful. The party was moving along without a hitch until a sudden scream sounded from the western wing. A few men ran to investigate, only to find a large fire had started, having already consumed several rooms. A few Water Pokemon were released and attempted to subdue the large fire. But the inferno could not be stopped.

The fire spread, and the frantic guests began a stampede that rivaled a group of rampaging Tauros. The smaller and slower guests were trampled as the fire almost seemed to be chasing them. They escaped into the night, and when they reached a safe distance, they watched the castle fall to the monstrous flames.

At the end of the night, eighteen people died. The most significant of these deaths was the youngest daughters of the Espinares, Catalina. It was in her room that the fire started and it was presumed it was the lamp in her room that was the cause. A mass funeral was held for those who died, and a large memorial was built in the courtyard of the castle for the young Catalina. The rest of the family left the charred castle for a smaller home in the city and their descendants have lived there ever since.

Over time the dilapidated castle succumbed to the forces on nature and humans. Moss began to overtake its walls, numerous villagers took large chunks of stone to build their own structures, and wind helped to erode at the walls. Rumors too began to spread across the city and the rest of Johto. Some said the young Catalina had started the fire on her own and accidentally caught herself in the flames. Others said the Espinares had built a great structure underneath the castle where they hid numerous rare Pokemon and items. Some said that the spirit of Catalina resided in the castle, hoping for visitors to help soothe her loneliness.

These rumors helped to pique the interest of one distant descendant of the Espinare family. The young man knew there were hidden secrets in the castle, but knew all too well that he could not explore this castle on his own. So, from his home in Ecruteak, he attached a letter to numerous carrier Pidgeys and set them off on their own, hoping a few trainers would respond and help him explore the castle. The letter stated:

"Hello fellow trainer,
My name is Erstad Espinare III. You may or may not of heard of the Lost Castle of Olivine, but if you have or you seek a grand adventure, please read further. My family has long ignored this magnificent castle and the secrets it holds have long been forgotten. I hope to find these secrets, but the castle is much too large to explore own my home. I need several strong and brave trainers to accompany me and I promise those who do help will be rewarded handsomely. So please arrive in Olivine City at the Lighthouse in exactly one week and we will begin our trek into the castle. I ask only those who can brave the strange to respond.

-Erstad Espinare III"

With the letters attached, he set the Pidgey free, letting them wander aimlessly in hopes they reach the strongest trainers in the world.


Mr. AltoSax

So, this is my first try at trying to create an RPG. I will now be taking applicants to join. Please follow a few simple rules:
1.) Follow the basic rules of the Forums. Please!
2.) I withhold the right to deny applicants, so if I don't like your application, I'm sorry.
3.) At least four paragraphs of text per post.

Character's Name:
Physical Description:

Pokemon (Limit to 3):

June 24th, 2007, 6:58 PM
Character's Name: Rain Skylark
Physical Description: Roughly 6'4", Rain has long light blue hair and icy blue eyes. She always wears a long white trench coat with a black tank top and jeans. She also wears a pendant that is shaped like a white dragon.
Background: Rain grew up in Viridian City, Kanto. She knew Lance when he was younger, and some say she had a short stint as Giovanni's apprentice. However, that's all behind her now, she travels around and just happened to have been in an area where a Pidgey droped off an invitation. Her first pokemon was a Bagon that she rescued from a Team Rocket lab.
Etc: Rain has an ability to understand pokemon.

Nickname: Ruby
Species: Salamence
Personality: Usualy kind-hearted, but has a habit of being unpredictable.
Etc: Ruby is a Salamence of a different color, she has black scales and her wings are a gold color.

Nickname: Hera
Species: Blaziken
Personality: Always willing to fight, Hera is usualy in conflict with Ruby for some reason or another.
Etc: Nothing to note at the moment.

Nickname: Serena
Species: Dragonite
Personality: A peacekeeper, but very timid.
Etc: Is slightly smaller than a usual Dragonite.

If there's anything else, tell me.

June 25th, 2007, 12:07 AM
Character's Name: Ayame Yamanaka
Physical Description: Lengthy chesnut hair, twinkling brown eyes,and tan skin. Her hair is kept behind an orange bandana, she always wears brown boardshorts, an orange tanktop and a valore hoodie.
Background: A traveler and skilled pokemon trainer from Slateport city in the Hoenn region. She grew up with her pokemon, but she became a trainer at six years of age.
Etc: Ayame is always quite aggresive, tough, tomboyish, and eager to fight. Sometimes, she can be rather arrogant. She loves dark-type pokemon, hence Houndoom, but she can communicate with the dead, and so she was naturally interested in ghost-types.

Pokemon (Limit to 3):
Nickname: Kiba
Species: Houndoom
Personality: Feirce, intellegent, and eager to fight
Etc: Kiba, like Noir, is rarely found inside his pokeball. Rather, he lurks around Ayame and tends to keep close to her. He is Ayame's strongest pokemon, given to her as a gift from her father.

Pokemon (Limit to 3):
Nickname: Noir
Species: Misdreavus
Personality: Mischevious, mysterious, playful
Etc: Noir was Ayame's first pokemon, who she caught when exploring an abandoned light house using the ultra ball her mother gave to her as a present. The pokemon has a tendency to escape from her pokeball and frighten Ayame when she isn't looking. Noir is rarely kept inside a pokeball to begin with, as she is normally at Ayame's side.

Pokemon (Limit to 3):
Nickname: Reaper
Species: Duskull
Personality: Anti-social, impateint, withdrawn, secretive
Etc: Reaper dislikes Rukia and Ichigo, and usually keeps to himself.

PKMN Trainer Max
June 25th, 2007, 7:41 AM
Character's Name:Max Night

Physical Description:Exactly 5ft 9in tall.He has average length brown hair,and brown eyes.He wears a black and red bandana around his neck. His shirt is as red as the fire on a Typhlosian’s back,and his pants as black as a Gengar's shadow ball.

Background:Max grew up on the outskirts of Cianwood City.Max loved pokemon from the start.He liked dark type pokemon as a child.so as a gift his father caught him a Murkrow.He loved the pokemon so much he started his Journey through Johto at an early age,8.He battled wild pokemon for months and then one day his best friend,Murkrow,evolved into a Honchkrow.Also on his journey he caught a Cyndaquil.He evolved it,after long hours of hard work,into a Typhlosion.These two pokemon are Max’s best friends and no matter what Max will always protect,and love them.

Etc:Max has captured other pokemon,but he left them with professor Elm back in New Bark town.

Etc:Wings’ fighting style involves extremely technical moves, and commands.

Personality: Playful, loves to battle.
Etc:Vulcan likes to explore new places and meet new friends to battle.

June 25th, 2007, 12:49 PM
Name: Kelly Billings
Physical despription: Dark brown hair with lighter highlights, in a pony tail. Wears cool blue and green pants, grey shirt, and jean jacket. Also wears flipflops and has a messenger bag that looks like a large pokeball
Backround: her parents left her when she was five, and has lived with pokemon ever since
Ect: Keeps her pokemon out of their pokeballs most of the time. Also understands pokemon.


Nickname: Mush
Species: Breloom
Personality: Serious, easily angered
Ect: Bigger than most Brelooms

Nickname: Boo
Species: Aron
Personality: Childish, Cuddly
Ect: Should have evolved by now, but didn't

Nickname: Poison
Species: Arbok
Personality: protective, kind
Ect: power house of the team

June 25th, 2007, 1:43 PM

Character's Name: James Squier

Physical Description: James is a man of around 24 years old, which a strong build. He's very tall and lean. His clothing consists of a brown trenchcoat and hat, Sherlock Holmes style. He also wears black slacks, and a black undershirt. Behind silver rimmed glasses, are brilliant green eyes, that always seem to be inspecting things around him. He wears white gloves, and a black belt around his waist. In the center is a golden belt buckle. His face wears a neatly trimmed goatee complementing the curly mass of black hair in the back of his head.

Background: Growing up in Ecruteak City, James always knew what he wanted to be when he grew up. Little James wanted to be a detective, and his dream came true.
Everyday he would go to Morty (one of his childhood heroes, 2nd only to Sherlock Holmes himself) and do odd jobs for him. There he learned to love ghost pokemon, and also studied with the vast array of book in Morty's library. He always had a knack for solving mysteries, and once he turned 18 he began to help the police in solving crimes. Once he was 22he became an official detective for the Johto police force.
At the age of ten James received his first pokemon, a Gastly, from Morty and began his journey through Johto. Pokemon Training came naturally to him, after reading all of Morty's books, and he quickly became an accomplished trainer. Though, he was very interested in the mysteries surrounding pokemon, such as how Slowpoke evolved into Slowbro. In his travels he tried to acquire as much knowledge as possible, and tried to solve these mysteries, making him a sort of genius in the matter of pokemon.
Now he has begun studying the rumors of Olivine Castle, and when he received a letter concerning the castle's exploration he couldn't resist going.


Nickname: Kilroy
Species: Gengar
Personality: Gengar is witty, and would rather trick opponents into their loss rather than bombarding them with attacks.
Etc: Gengar evolved from the Gastly that James received from Morty when his journey began.

Nickname: Rebel
Species: Noctowl
Personality: Noctowl as his name suggests, is very stubborn. He seems to ignore post people, save James, and would rather do things his own way than anyone elses. Including James.
Etc. Noctowl was caught as a Hoot-hoot, just outside Ecruteak at the beginning of James' adventure. It evolved during the Johto League. It often uses it's keen eyesight to help James during investigations.

June 26th, 2007, 6:50 PM
If you don't mind waiting until tomorrow, I would love to sign-up. Heck, I might even make a completely new character instead of using the over used Shaden Woodsworth.

Scarlet Weather
June 26th, 2007, 7:31 PM
Name: Langley Antechronos

Physical Description: Langley is about 5"5, and sports a bright green vest as well as a darker green long-sleeved undershirt, blue jeans, and a long, flowing silver hair that occasionally causes nearby females to swoon. That, and the fact that his face and self-described "gorgeous green eyes" don't break any mirrors, that is. At about sixteen years old, he secretly suffers from horrible acne, which he is constantly keeping at bay with medicated pads and/or concealer, which he keeps hidden in his backpack, along with a camera, some spare supplies, and a cell phone, which he occasionally uses to "radio for backup", i.e., ask his parents or friends back home about something. Due to the fact that Langley considers himself a gentleman, he often attempts to help out the girls near him, all in "the spirit of chivalry". Unfortunately, he is also a horrible flirt, and his insistence on kissing any girl's hand multiple times and exploitations of the occasional fangirl from his hometown (i.e., using them to get chores around the house done) often cause people to take a rather dim opinion of him. He speaks in measured, stately tones, carries himself with dignity, and considers Pokemon battles to be duels, fought for honor.

Background: Six years ago, Langley was chosen, as the youngest member of the wealthy and influential Antechronos family, to go out and make a name for himself in the field of Pokemon training as a part of the family's plan to amass wealth and become obscenely rich. While his brothers were put through finance, performing arts, and the like, Langley was sent out on a Pokemon journey, along with the finest offspring of the revered family Spinarak, Arachne. Together with his insect like companion, he traveled the world, searching for any event that would allow him to become noticed as a trainer. After receiving the note from the carrier Pidgey, Langley decided that solving any mysteries surrounding Olivine Castle might earn him at least a bit part in the news, which would then allow him to make a springboard towards his goal of national fame, all for the family honor.

Etc.:While the Antechronos family is exceedingly rich, a year on the road has taught Langley not to trust in his family for support, and he was rather well-bred in the first place, so he avoids showing any condescension or superiority to others in anything but a Pokemon battle. He does maintain an annoying habit, however, of manipulating people or events to his favor whenever it seems most profitable. He does rely on his family's resources occasionally when he runs into a problem that he can't solve on his own, keeping in touch via his ever-present emergency cell-phone. In addition, Langley has a veritable army of gullible fan-girls from his home town who occasionally call him, sometimes at the worst possible moments. The primary reason for these fangirls is the fact the Antechronos family is fairly rich, and rich boys with good looks always have at least one fangirl.


Name: Arachne

Species: Spinarak

Personality: A loyal, devoted Pokemon whose humble appearance hides great battle experience and cunning, as well as an excellent degree of synchronicity with its trainer, Arachne is Langley's number one fan girl, and his first and most used Pokemon. While she lacks physical attacking strength, she demonstrates the use of attacks that slowly sap a victim's HP over time, as well as amazing stamina and the ability to fire ridiculously strong webbing at enemies. Arachne is devoted to her trainer, and will not allow anyone to harm him. She occasionally hides herself in his backpack, waiting to attack anyone who comes near him.

Name: Clytemnestra

Species: Ninetales

Personality: A refined and demure Pokemon, Clytemnestra is Langley's only Pokemon he has ever succesfully captured on his own. Clyte, as she is called for short, displays a working partnership with Langley, but doesn't seem to care about him quite as much as Arachne does. She seems to be following her own agenda, at times, so much so that one wonders who is really pulling the strings, trainer or Pokemon. Clyte is the powerhouse of Langley's team, coupling powerful fire attacks with a keen sense of hearing and amazing speed and agility in order to take down opponents. She is usually only called into battle as a last resort, or against Pokemon Arachne has a great disadvantage against.

June 26th, 2007, 9:21 PM
Hey everyone. I think we'll be starting Friday or Saturday. My birthday is Saturday, but I'm sure I'll be online sometime that day. Now, to the applicants:

DragonQueenRachel: I really like the sound of your character. I think it will mesh well with the story. You're in. But I'll ask that you please use more details when describing things.
Stardust-Kumo: Again, you're character intrigued me. I'd prefer not to have two of the same Pokemon (Dragonite) in the story, but it could work out into an intriguing storyline. You're in. Again, like DragonQueen, please use more description. It makes RPing much more fun.
PKMN Trainer Max: I'm sorry, but you seem to lack proper grammar and description. Can't let you join. :(
Sillyskitty: Like Max, you lack description. I'm sorry but I can't let you play. :(
Mr.Altosax: I really really liked your character. Above everyone else's character, I think your's will fit the story the best. Welcome.
Art_Critic_Cubone: Your attention to detail and description are astounding. I love your style and character. You're in.

Now, here's my profile:

Character's Name: Erstad Espinare III
Physical Description: For generations, the Espinares have been known for their astounding appearances and Erstad is no different. His hair is neatly cut and blonde, and no hair is out of place. His eyes are a enigmatic blue, exploding with energy. His lips are a soft pink, and they seem to melt in his rosy but tanned skin. He's fit and lean from his journeys to the harshest places in the world. He's also moderately tall, standing around 6'00" or 6'01". He wears a skin-tight black shirt, jeans that have been worn and beaten over the years, and white sneakers, freshly purchased from the store. Around his neck he wears a necklace with a key.
Background: Growing up, he was told the numerous stories of his family's fabled castle. Upon becoming a trainer, he set out, searching for any information he could find. After ten years, some time after his twentieth birthday, he had found enough information to finally enter the castle. He comes from a wealthy family, and often let's his unlimited resources go to his head. But he is far from a jerk, often helping those in need by purchasing them food or a hotel room. He was awkward as a trainer at first, but over time he grew into an accomplished trainer. He's intelligence is his strong point. At a young age he was considered a genius, and he finished schooling at the age of eight. He's not sure what he will find in the Lost Castle, but hopes it will unlock the many secrets of his family's past.
Etc: Like the entire Espinares, he was born with the ability to use telepathy and telekinecity. Also possesses an incredible fear of blood and spiders.

Pokemon (Limit to 3):
Nickname: ---
Species: Togetic
Personality/Background: His neighbor growing up bred Pokemon and for Erstad's Tenth birthday, they gave him a Togepi egg as a present. Soon, the Egg hatched and identified Erstad as its "mother." It is often quiet and subdued, only becoming energetic when battling. It has an interesting habit of collecting small trinkets, which hang around its neck on pieces of string which Erstad provided. In battle, it possesses numerous abilities, ranging from breathing a searing stream of flames to firing beams of solar energy to drawing the opponent into using the same move over and over. It also loves to eat Wiki Berries.
Etc: Like its trainer, it possesses an odd fear of spiders.

Nickname: ---
Species: Milotic
Personality/Background: While traveling to Mahogany City, a local fisherman told Erstad that a large swarm of Feebas had been spotted in a nearby stream. So Erstad quickly purchased a fishing rod and bait and set off to capture the rare Pokemon. Upon catching one, he was surprised by the Feebas' bold personality. Despite its appearance, Erstad's Milotic is a Male and hates to be mistaken for a Female. Its body is surprisingly sturdy, possessing the capability to absorb both special attacks and physical assaults, which is rare for the Milotic species. In battle, it uses both defensive and offensive techniques, whether its harshly poisoning the foe, releasing a wave of immense energy, or recovering injuries it had substained. It loves to eat anything sour.
Etc: There is a large tear in its fin from when it battled a rampaging Gyarados.

Nickname: ---
Species: Lucario
Personality/Background: While visiting the local library in Goldenrod City, Erstad heard a rumor of a mysterious figure haunting the locals who lived in the suburbs of the city. Always eager to investigate rumors of ghosts, Erstad ventured out and began to search around for clues. However, he found out it was a hungry Lucario scavenging for food. Erstad, always compassionate, fed the poor Lucario, who was on the brink of starvation. From that point on Lucario followed Erstad, and eventually was captured by the man. Lucario is all offense and prefers to attack with physical attacks rather than special attacks. It knows numerous odd abilities for a Lucario like the ability to attack with a kick engulfed with flames and attack with a punch that rivals that of a bullet. It loves spicy foods, especially peppers and Cheri berries.
Etc: It loves to run wherever it goes, often disappearing from Erstad's watchful eye.

June 26th, 2007, 9:22 PM
Kam Tokiyo
Description:5'7 weres a Orange jacket with a black Tee and Orange shoes and a Orange hat hes hair sticks out the front hole part.Hes also has a orange backpack that he keeps almost everything he needs in there Food Cloths Water ect.He likes to give pet name to thoses hes really close to like his one friend Carrie he calls her Pretty and his other John calls him Giant.The frist pokemon hes ever had was a Psyduck. It saved his life when he fell into a lake while trying to fish for food, on a camping trip hes had it ever sense and keeps it out its ball mostly.Hes just recived a letter about Olvine City about a strange mansion so he packed up his things and set off for a long adventure.

Background:Kam is was a wildfire as a child he wanted to know about everthing. But hes parents where never around so he was always alone he had friends but they never come over to play. As he got older he lost his wildfire attuide and learned only to trust his self and his pokemon. You will normally see him in the back of crowds and only speaking up if there is something he thinks is wrong.

Pokemon Golduck
Species: Psychic Duck pokemon
Personality:Serious It always interfears if it thinks Kam is in trouble.
Etc:It has a diamond on its forehead insted of a Sphere.

Pokemon Leafeon
Species:Grass Cat pokemon
Personality:Kam has yet to understand it its always Cailm a bit too cailm.

Pokemon Skarmory
Species:Metal bird pokemon
Personality:The only pokemon Kam gave a nickname to. It only trust those it knows and tries to bite at people its not used to.
Etc:Where normal skarmory would have black under its wings Trust has light pink.

OOC:If you need more of anythign plz tell me.

June 26th, 2007, 9:26 PM
Umm... X-Files. I'm sorry but you can't join this game. You lack any form of proper spelling, grammar, description, and above all else, you didn't use the form I provided. Sorry, you can't join.

June 26th, 2007, 9:58 PM
Character's Name: Nichole
Physical Description: kinda short, long blonde hair, blue eyes. she wears a long cloak, and underneath it a black tank top and black pants
Background: she grew up in Lavender town. she is completely fascinated by ghost pokemon, and was the leader of the gym. (hope its ok if i make this up..its in my pokemon fanfic. is that ok?)
Etc: Nichole became the gym leader in lavender town a few years ago. you see, a long time ago, there used to be a leader. But when team rocket came to the town and tortured the poor pokemon there, they messed with a little cubone's mother, marowak. the pokemon was killed, and her ghost haunted the gym. When a challenging trainer was nearly killed, the mayor decided to close the gym and seal marowak in the tower. Years came and went, and eventually the town settled down. But the mayor wasnt happy. He wanted to attract tourists. He created the Kanto Radio Tower, which definetly attracted more people. But it was a bad decision. A bunch of ghost pokemon came and terrorized the town, sending eerie sounds through the radio stations. A bunch of people left the town; only the oldest members stayed, and so did Nichole. She was determined to solve the problem. I wont go into details about that anylonger, you'll find that about later in the RP (if i can join that is).

Pokemon (Limit to 3): Shuppet, Ninetails, and a black rapidash
Nickname: no nickname
Species: human
Personality: quiet, but once she gets to know you, shes a true and loyal friend

June 27th, 2007, 5:32 AM
Character's Name:Suchii Arrow
Physical Description:Suchii is a tall boy, about six feet, with a medium build.He has dark brown, almost black, hair.Suchii has deep blue eyes.His right eye is slightly tinted green while his left is slightly tinted red.His skin is somewhat tan.He normally wears a solid red shirt and blue jeans, topped off with a green six-pocket vest.
Background:Suchii was born in Blackthorn City.Here, he received a Charmander, which quickly became a Charmeleon, and, finally, a Charizard.On his journey through Johto, he met an Eleckid, who decided to come with him.He was given a Munchlax upon return to Blackthorn.He challenged the Gym Leader, but failed just as he gained an Elctivire.Using it, and Charizard and his newly evolved Snorlax, he deafeted his final Gym.Two days later, he recived a note on a Pidgey.



Personality:Charizard is an incredibly active pokemon.It is always happy to meet a new trainer-pokemon team.

Personality:Electivire is a strong-willed pokemon.He and Suchii get into many fights about what should be done,but if it beleives Suchii is right,then it will obey him.

Personality:Snorlax is a lazy pokemon who will follow orders only if it's prize for winning is food.

June 27th, 2007, 7:26 AM
PikaPal: While your character sounds interesting, I can't let you join. Again, it's the lack of details.
Sparx25: I'm looking for more from the members. I'm sorry, but I can't let you join.

I think we'll be starting Friday. I don't think I can wait until Saturday.

Oh and by the way, applications will only be accepted up until the characters move into the castle. So until then, applications will be open but after that, no more applications.

June 27th, 2007, 6:18 PM
Name: Samuel Ander

Physical Description: Samuel is a 15 year old boy and stands at 5'6". His dark brown hair is spiked up with gel and sticks through a backwards turn tan visor. He has bright blue eyes that seem to light a room and a smile that seem infectious. His face is smooth and unblemished, and his ears stick out a little further than most.

Samuel is an average built guy with average strength. He is, however, quick on his feet and is quiet the dancer. Samuel typically wears a green button-up short sleeve shirt with a white undershirt. A dusty pair of worn jeans covers his lower body and green tennis shoes are on his feet. Samuel is, overall, a nice looking guy.

Background: Born of a well to do family, Samuel was pampered for most of his life. He lived in the town of Potterston with his father and mother. His father was the owner of a very successful chain of restaurants and his mother was former dancer turned dance instructor. Needless to say, neither of them were home very much, and Samuel was often left alone. To cope with this time alone, his parent gave him two pokémon: a Plusle and a Minum.

Samuel became very attached to his pokémon. He would spend house upon hour of time with them. His parents would try to get him interested in other things such as dancing, but pokémon overshadowed them. It was when Samuel started talking about becoming a trainer that his parents put their foot down. They refused to allow their son to be a trainer when he could be something way more successful.

Late one night when Samuel was 14, Samuel's parents discussed how to deal with the problem. They came to the unanimous decision to take his pokémon away. As Samuel sat on the stairs listening, he knew what he had to do. Gathering together some money and cloths, Samuel ran away to fulfill his dreams of being a pokémon trainer. 3 months later, Samuel came across a Pidgey carrying a message. Wanting to prove his ability, Samuel made his way to Olivine City.

Etc: Samuel is still a relatively inexperienced trainer. He still makes many mistakes, but is very eager to prove his worth.


Nickname: Más
Species: Plusle
Personality: Gracefully and beautiful are the best words to describe Más. She is a pokémon built for contest. She is well trained and the executions of her attacks are almost flawless. She also likes to add a fair amount of flair to each of her moves, which can be good and bad. Unfortunately, Más is not the strongest pokémon and is often overwhelmed while in battle.
Ect: Más is very concern with her appearance at all times. She also longs to be a pokémon contest champion.

Nickname: Menos
Species: Minun
Personality: Powerful and thickhead are the best words to describe Menos. He is a pokémon built for battles. Despite his small stature, Menos can deliver quite a punch. Menos is, however, a little too straight forward when it comes to battling and come sometimes run headfirst into traps. He is, however, very obedient when it comes to listening to Samuel and does everything he can to please him.
Etc: Menos thinks he is much bigger than he actual is. He never backs down and is very quick to fight.

Nickname: Dusty
Species: Sandshrew
Personality: Strategic but clumsy is the best way to describe Dusty. Dusty doesn't like being out in the world to much. He prefers the solitude of his pokéball much more. When he does come out, however, he can prove to be quiet useful. Dusty is very smart when it comes to battling. When ordered to do an attack, he will sometimes find better ways of using said attack than what was intended. This comes quite in handy since Samuel still isn't that good of a trainer. Unfortunately, Dusty is also clumsy. He often makes simple mistake that mess up his perfect plans. He is still a very powerful pokémon, and can be quite a handful in battle.
Etc: Dusty isn't very social. He is quite fond of Más however.

June 28th, 2007, 7:35 AM

Nate_Dawg: You're in. I like your character and he shows a tremendous amount of potential of fitting into the story perfectly. Welcome!

And by the way, we are starting today. I can't wait any longer. I'll be sending you all PMs informing you of us starting.


The young man sat on the bench installed outside of the Olivine PokeCenter. Sitting next to him was a petite, chicken-like Pokemon named Togetic. The small Pokemon was fidgeting a bit as it played with the numerous trinkets that hung around its neck. The man next to Togetic was reading a book, and every few seconds would look up to see if anyone was coming his direction.

"Togetic, today was the day I told them to be here by. I hope a few people responded to my letter," Erstad said as he looked back down to his book. He sighed and once again looked up from his book. This time, he looked to the west. There, sitting on the horizon, was the large Forbidden Palace, also known as the Espinare Manor. The rising sun was peering over the side, and the light was being refracted by the harsh fog that surrounded the castle, creating an eerie sight.

"Kiikiki...koooo.." Togetic said, looking at its trainer with a worried expression. Erstad smiled at it and patted Togetic on the head. He could tell the little Pokemon was worried and he appreciated it.

"Now, if only some people would show up. Then, I can stop worrying Togetic," Erstad said. His Pokemon smiled, and the two continued to wait, hoping for someone to show up.

June 28th, 2007, 8:01 AM
James approached the Olivine Pokemon Center nearly shaking with excitement. To think that he received an invitation to explore the very subject he'd been researching for nearly a year.

The brown trenchcoat wrapped around him waved around in the sea breeze. His right arm was extended, supporting a large Noctowl. The Noctowl wore a scowl, and a fierce look in his eyes. James on the other had an opposite look on his face. He wore a wide grin, and his emerald eyes sparkled with excitement.

"Well Rebel, it looks as though we've arrived," James told his pokemon as the glass doors to the Pokemon Center slid open to either side. "This is the meeting place, I wonder where Mr.Espinare might be..." he said, looking around for the host. James' voice was very broad and rich, it seemed wise. "Well, we'll deal with that matter later, Rebel. We had quite a few battles on the way here, so we best heal you up." he said, walking up to Nurse Joy, who stood at the counter.

James gave her his two pokeballs, after returning his Noctowl, and decided to have a seat until they were healed. He took a seat near a rich looking boy, playing with a Togetic.

Scarlet Weather
June 28th, 2007, 3:01 PM
"No. I emphatically refuse to tell you where I am, miss... what did you say your name was?" The silver haired trainer asked as he lounged against a bench set beside one of Olivine city's sidewalks, overlooking the calm shoreline. The remark was addressed to the person on the other end of his cellular phone at the moment. As curious passerby stopped to watch, him, he continued his conversation. "Ah, yes. Miss Rachel."

He paused as a veritable rush of wind blew from the receiver end of the phone, which he immediately moved away from his head for a moment in order to escape the fury of the girl on the other line. "I'm truly sorry, Miss Rebeccah. I do promise to attempt to make greater efforts towards remembering your name in the near future. However, at the moment, my reception is rather bad, so if you will please excuse me for mishearing certain words, I would certainly be ver pleased. By the way, how did you discover my new cell phone number?"

Another pause.

"Ah. Brother Michael told you. Well, I shall be sure to thank him, as I would be very saddened by the entire deprivation of your..." he paused and stroked his chin, as if trying to fit someone's name to their face, "Interesting voice. No. Yes. No. Well then, take care, and farewell." With that, the sighing teen snapped his phone shut, and removed his backpack, unzipped it, and placed the small device inside. "When Michael and I meet next, I swear that he will know no small amount of pain." he muttered to his companion, a small, green, spiderlike creature, who nodded in reply.

A passing sailor strode up to the pair, twirling a red-and-white sphere commonly known as a Pokeball between his fingers absentmindedly. "Excuse me, son, but you don't look like you're from around here. May I ask what summat who talks the way you do is lopin' around Olivine? I hope yer not thinkin' of challengin' our gym leader with that little thing, because you'll be squashed flat! Yessir, our Janice, she's like a rock- puny little bugs like that will barely make a scratch in her defense!" he laughed, staring at Arachne. "In fact, it's amazing you got this far relyin' on nothin' but an insignificant bug!"

The teenager smiled as he stood up. He wore a pale green vest with a darker green undershirt, presumably to keep in the warmth on this unusually cool day. His pants seemed to be an ordinary pair of blue jeans, however, by looking closely, one would notice the miniscule insignia placed on them, a clock with both hands pointing towards a blank space where the numeral "Twelve" should have been. In other words, a clock reading zero o' clock. He brushed some of his silvery hair out of his eyes, his eyes flashing. "The 'bug' as you have addressed her is my companion, Arachne, and she and I," he said, flashing a look at the Spinarak, who nodded her assent, "Are natives of Ecruteak, so yes, we are not from this area. As to our purpose here, that is no business of yours."

The sailor's grin changed instantly to a grimace. "Around these here docks, pretty-boy, them's what we call fightin' words!" he threatened.

The boy stood, neither backing down nor advancing. "Interesting. So you people have a quaint custom of poking into affairs that do not concern you, then getting angry when people refuse to oblige you. My, your family must not be in the government, or this place would definitely be a backwater." He was playing the "stuck-up rich boy" personality for all it was worth, calculating the exact words that would send the hot-tempered sailor over the edge.

It worked better then the enigmatic boy could have expected, the sailor came close to literally exploding with anger. "That does it! I challenge you, stranger, and your bug!" he yelled, pointing at the trainer threateningly.

The boy nodded, accepting the challenge. "My name is Langley Antechronos, for your future reference. Arachne and I accept your challenge, but on the condition that this battle be one-on-one, and no money be exchanged. You see, I find myself late for a rather pressing appointment, and I must be on my way."

"Langley, eh? Well, Langley, if you think you can get out of paying your fee that easily, you're under a misappro- missapi-"


"Yeah, that! You can use as many Pokemon as you want, I don't care, but there's no way you'll get out of payin' your dues!"

Langley sighed, shrugging. "Very well. I did give you every oppurtunity to avoid going broke, though." He motioned to his Pokemon. "Arachne, it seems we have some business to take care of."

Understanding its trainer perfectly, Arachne leaped to his shoulder, then scurried down into the center of the space between sailor and Langley.

The sailor grinned. "Hah! I'll squash it like the bug it is- come out, Missy!" he yelled, clicking a hidden button on his Pokeball and tossing it into the air in one smooth motion. The sphere burst open, releasing a blazing white light that coiled and transformed itself into the shape of a blue-skinned creature with a ridged head and tiny, vestigal tail: a Machop.

Langley stared.

"Scared already?" the sailor laughed.

Langley shook his head, still staring. "No, just surprised you were foolish enough to follow through on this- ah, well. Time to begin." Snappin his fingers, he shouted, "Arachne! Finish him!"

The sailor cursed at his opponent. "Missy! Crush that bug with a cross-chop!" he commanded, gritting his teeth in anger.

The blue-skinned powerhouse rushed forward, eager to destroy the tiny insect in front of it. Raising its arms into an X-like shape, it gathered energy into them and brought them down on Arachne, effectively defeating the spiderlike Pokemon and rendering it unable to battle.

At least, that was the plan. What really happened was that in the exact moment that the Machop brought down her attack, Arachne fired a jet of webbing directly into her face. Startled, the superhumanly strong Pokemon raised up its hands and grasped the webbing in an attempt to free itself. This, however, only succeeded in entrapping the Pokemon's hands as well. The superpower Pokemon was effectively bound, unable to use its arms. It was in this moment that Arachne struck. Raising her abdomen, the spiderlike creature began gathering energy, drawing on its experience as a fighter in order to create the strength needed for the attack. When she was finished, she condensed the purple miasma that had formed around her into a denser orb and fired it at the Machop. The attack sent the unfortunate creature reeling backwards as it crashed into its trainer, knocking them both to the ground. Seeing that its work was done, the spiderlike Pokemon crawled back to its trainer, who lifted her to his shoulder and allowed her to crawl onto the back of his vest, before extending his arm. "I'd like my winnings now please," he remarked casually to the downed sailor in front of him, whose eyes were wide as he tried to decipher what had just happened.

OOC: Okay, two things.

1. The attack Arachne used was Night Shade, and since she's been battling for six years, it does make sense that her experience would create a powerful enough attack Night Shade to OHKO this guy's relatively inexperienced Machop.

2. In regards to this post, it was sort of just to introduce Langley. Whoever arrives at the mansion next can post him arriving, but that is it. If you have him so much as introduce himself, I will eat you.

Or you can wait and let me move him there. I'm just too lazy to post him walking in myself. XD

June 28th, 2007, 3:30 PM
A larger black and gold Salamence makes a landing at the Pokemon Center in Olvine City. Rain climbs off of the dragon pokemon, and takes her invitation out. "Well, this is the place, Ruby return!" she says, and the dragon vanishes in a red flash into an Ultra Ball, and straightens out her white trench code as she looks around for anyone else.

June 28th, 2007, 4:19 PM
Ayame charged for the Olivine Pokemon Center, riding upon the back if her immense houndoom. She was very eager to begin the search for the lost castle, as it was bound to be inhabited by rare ghost pokemon. The mad dash to the pokemon center was sent to a screeching halt when the houndoom's paw slipped in a shallow puddle of mud and lost his balence. They went tubling down the road and were hurled into the pokemon center, distraught and slightly confused.

"Agh, Ichigo! You take the cake when it comes to clumsy pokemon," Ayame said, dusting herself off. She spotted a group of trainers standing in the west corner, chatting away, and strode over to them. "Hi, I'm Ayame," she said, grinning eagerly.

June 29th, 2007, 6:44 AM

Okay, two things.

One, Stardust-Kumo and DragonQueen Rachel, like I said before please please please please please use more description. One or two paragraphs aren't enough. The limit is four, so please be advised in the future.

And two, to you all, thank you for participating. I'm so excited we are on our way.


Erstad looked at the trench-coating man who sat next to him and smiled. The man had a mysterious aura to him. But, his mind was racing all over the place, so it was almost impossible to read his mind. So Erstad nodded at him, and looked away. Then, he looked at his Togetic, who was acting unusual for her normal demeanor. The Happiness Pokemon was leaping up and down, and pointing with great effort at the man's pocket. From his pocket a yellow parchment with gold trimming could be seen.

"Could--it--be--" Erstad stuttered, his excitement beginning to overtake him. That's the kind of paper he had used to send invitations out to start the exploration of the castle. He couldn't believe it. Someone had actually responded to his message. He was ecstatic.

"Umm... sir. That paper in your pocket. Was it sent by a--Mr. Espinare," he asked. At that moment, Erstad came up with a plan. For a while he had been concerned that only a bunch of treasure hunters would accompany him, and would steal all of the ancient artifacts in the castle rather than help him study them. So, for the time being, he would pretend to be another invitee and figure out what the true intentions of those who came to explore with him. Then he continued, "Because I have an invite here too."

Erstad pulled out one of his extra parchments and unraveled it, revealing the handwritten letter Erstad had sent out. His Togetic, always a judgement of character, fluttered over to the trench coat-wearing man and tossed out a handful of "Joy Dust," which the chicken-like Pokemon used to judge the character of those whom she deemed suspicious. Upon fluttering on the man's body, the dust turned gold, and the Togetic fluttered around happily, seeing as gold meant the best of the person's character.

"Ehh.. sorry.. my Togetic tends to get a little 'overexcited' at times," Erstad said with a smirk.

June 29th, 2007, 7:03 AM
"Why yes, this invitation was sent by a Mr.Espinare," James replied, "I would think that someone from a family like his would actually show up on time to his own exploration." James was confused, the Espinares were a high class family. Not ones to be late to occasions like this. James' train of thought was interupted by the man's Togetic throwing some Joy Dust at him. James coughed a little bit at the dust, which became a glimmering gold color. Instantly the Togetic began dancing around joyously.

"Ehh...Sorry, my Togetic tends to get a little 'over excited' at times," the stranger said.

"It doesn't bother me, by the way my name is James Squier, detective. May I ask yours?" James said, extending his hand to shake. James was curious as to who the stranger was, then again most of the invitees probably didn't know each other.

"Excuse me sir, your pokemon are healed now," Nurse Joy said, holding out two pokeballs to James. He took them and nodded in appreciation. He would have thanked her, but he was more interested in the stranger. He seemed awfully quiet. And more so he wondered where Mr.Espinare might be, as well as the other invitees.

June 29th, 2007, 7:28 AM
"Umm.. my name.. umm.. haha.. my name is Rex Altomare. I come from Petalburg City in Hoenn. I got this invitation a week ago and I was intrigued by the prospect of exploring a castle.. a foreign one no less," Erstad said. Dammit, so much for hiding who I am. Listen to me speak. Could I sound anymore upper class. "Togetic, will you please stop dancing!"

The Happiness Pokemon ceased danced and fluttered over to Erstad's shoulder and perched on it. Its eyes never left James however. Erstad then said, "Well.. what brings you here to this adventure. I'm here because I've always been interested in the history of Pokemon and figured a castle as old as this one must hold some secrets."

Erstad... I am incredibly bored. Will you pleasssse let me out of this ball? a voice rang in Erstad's head. Yeah! Yeah! Lemme out too! I hate hate being cooped up in the ball! C'mon! C'mon! "Well, I just arrived here in Olivine and my two other Pokemon have been stuck in their balls this whole journey. It's best to let them get some breathing room." Erstad picked off the two balls from his belt and tossed them into the air. Two figures burst from them in a glowing display of light. From one ball materialized a sea snake who measured at well over twenty feet in length; a Milotic. From the other ball appeared a lupine humanoid figure with large spikes protruded from the tops of its hands; a Lucario.

Dang it. I did it again. What poor person owns a Milotic. "Well.. umm.. you two stretch out. We probably have quite a while before we head into the castle..."

June 29th, 2007, 7:30 PM
Rain noticed the other trainers gathering, recognizing the same invitation that she had recieved. She paused for a moment, not sure what she should do right now. Looking around to make sure that there wasn't any other groups, she makes her way towards the group.

"Hey, you!" A voice from behind her says, and she turns to see a sailor shouting at her carrying a pokeball.

"Me?" Rain asks.

"Yeah, you, I want a battle now, you and me, one pokemon each!" The sailor shouts. "I'll choose my Poliwrath!"

The dark blue swirl pokemon appears in a burst of light and strikes a pose.

"Alrighty then, go Hera!" Rain shouts, and her Blaziken bursts out of the pokeball. "Lets make this quick, Aerial Ace!"

"Poliwrath, Hydro Pump!" The sailor shouts, and the water/fighting pokemon starts a water attack, but the attack misses, and Hera hits from behind.

"Now, use Earthquake, and follow up with Double Kick!" Rain shouts, and the ground shakes, knocking the opponent to its knees, and then gets kicked away by Hera, and then gets struck right in the stomach as Hera makes a perfect landing, leaving the Poliwrath knocked out. "Hera return," Rain says, and the Blaziken vanishes into a red beam, and Rain walks up to the group. "Hey, are you all here for the castle thing?"

June 30th, 2007, 9:30 AM
Erstad looked, and found a few others had joined him. There was a girl who had just defeated a Sailor using a Poliwhirl, another girl who was riding a very large Houndoom, and a man who had defeated another Sailor who was using an overwhelmed Machop. Could all of these people have come to explore the castle. This response was overwhelming.

He felt a tap on the shoulder. Erstad turned and found his Lucario holding a large key. "Lucario, where in the world did you get that thing," Erstad exclaimed. His Pokemon turned and pointed to a strange looking man sitting by a large Dragonite fountain. The man held a large basket with numerous little trinkets sitting in it. A group of small children surrounded him, asking him questions and requesting one of his berries.

Then, Erstad heard the old man say something very strange, "I'm sorry children, but these presents are for my master back at the castle. I must be getting back to her now as she is waiting for me," he said, pushing the children aside and walking in the direction of the castle. Erstad was startled. Did he say back at the castle? MY castle.

"Sir, wait!" Erstad exclaimed, starting towards the man. But then a voice rang in his head If you want to learn more about the castle, meet me at its gates in one hour. And bring your new companions. But remember this: Where the ashes of the past once fell, the identities of the present will be revealed. Erstad froze in his tracks, a look of fear on his face. Was that the old man? He looked at his Lucario, who was tying the key to one of the strings around Togetic's neck. And why did he give my Lucario a key when they were for his master?

June 30th, 2007, 12:28 PM
Ayame quickly turned on her heel and akwardly dashed for the PC. Her phony smile was fading rapidly into a nervous laugh. As far as she could tell, most of the applicants were wealthy. She didn't grow up in a luxurious mansion, but rather a small cabin near the Slateport dock. Furthermore, she didn't have extremely fancy pokemon, just her hard-earned party of ghost and dark pokemon...

Ichigo whinned promptly after reading his trainer's ominious and doubtful thoughts. Ayame, you still love me, don't you? Please don't wish you had other pokemon....It hurts me. Ayame kneeled down to pet her precious houndoom.

"Ichigo, don't think I'd rather take a Milotic over you! You're my best pokemon! Secretly, you're my favorite, too!" Ayame said softly into her pokemon's ear. The dark dog nodded and set off to explore the Pokemon Center, making sure to sniff every trainer and snatch every item avalibale for taking. Ayame walked over to where Nurse Joy was standing behind the counter, looking merry as always.

"Can you heal my pokemon, please?" Ayame asked, handing over her pokeballs. The nurse bobbed her head accordingly and healed them.

June 30th, 2007, 1:12 PM
Samuel Ander

Samuel smiled brightly as he walked down the path on the outskirts of Olivine. It was a beautiful morning, and Samuel was taking in every second of it. The air was fresh, the breeze was cool, and the sun was shining brighter than ever. Raising his arms over his head, Samuel stretched himself out and let out an audible groan. The wind blew his unbuttoned green shirt open and stuck his white undershirt. It also blew through his spike brown hair and caressed his smooth face. Closing his blue eyes, Samuel stretched for a second more and then relaxed. The nap he had taken earlier, while refreshing, had left Samuel a bit stiff. But it wasn't a big problem. In fact, on a morning like this, most problems seem to just disappear. It was just such a calming time. The grass on either side of the path side gently moved in the breeze. The trees, which periodically providing shade from the sun, rustled their leaves filling Samuel's ears with the music of nature. Flowers offered lovely fragrant smells and filled the surrounding area will color. The morning was so nice. The morning was so beautiful. The morning was so peaceful. The perfect morning was....



A small blue mouse pokémon, Menos, dashed between Samuel's legs, laughing, and continued quickly down the road. Seconds, later, a red mouse pokémon, Más, followed suit, looking very angry, covered in dirt. Fueled by anger, it didn't take long for Más to catch Menos and tackle him to the ground. The two mouse pokémon then proceeded to wrestle in the middle of the dirt. Longing for his lost morning, Samuel quickly moved to break the two pokémon apart. As he got closer, he could hear the two arguing. Well, it was more like Más screaming and Menos laughing.


It was just a joke, hahaha, a very funny joke.


Chill girl. Hahaha, I am pretty sure it comes off with water.

By this time, Samuel had reached the two, and he quickly snatched Más up off of Menos. The tempered pokémon continued her tantrum.

It's not funny to through dirt in someone’s face, BUT I WILL BROADEN MY SENSE OF HUMOR IF I GET THE CHANCE.

"Menos, how many times do I have to tell you to leave Más alone? You know how sensitive she is about her appearance." Samuel had to force himself not to laugh. As mean was it was, it was funny to see the usually collected and proper Más covered in dirt and screaming.

"Menos, you apologize to your sister right now." The blue pokémon, finally done laughing, looked up at Más and apologized. "If this happens again, I am going to keep you in your pokéball next time we travel." Menos nodded with understanding. Samuel then turned his attention to Más. "When we get into Olivine, I will get you all cleaned up again. Until then, why don't you stay in your pokéball? That way, no one will see you."

Más, still sad and angry about her appearance, nodded in agreement. She disappeared a moment later in a flash of red light. Putting the pokéball safely at his side, Samuel followed by Menos made his way to Olivine. Upon reaching the town, Samuel quickly made his way towards the Pokémon Center. As he got closer, however, he noticed a large group of trainers gathering close by.

"I wonder if they for the same reason I am." Taking out the piece of paper, Samuel took one more look at it and sighed. "Maybe I shouldn't have come. There is no way I can be as talented as them." With his head down, Samuel made his way into the center.

OOC: Sorry for the long delay. I have been busy.

Scarlet Weather
June 30th, 2007, 1:53 PM
"Curses. I knew I should have sprung for a Pokenav when I had the chance. This map is inordinately confusing." Langley complained to Arachne, who sat perched on his shoulder, reading the scrap of paper in his hands. The map was indeed confusing, but unfortunately for Langley, the confusion it caused was partly due to the fact that he was reading it upside-down. The trainer took no notice of this particular detail, instead choosing to fold it up and place it in the pocket of the down vest he wore. Reaching into the other pocket, he muttered, "I suppose it's time to resort to this...." before removing a small, round wooden stick, which he immediately placed on the ground, before removing his hand and jumping back. The stick stood for a moment, before falling to the ground, its end pointing in a north-eastern direction. Langley nodded, and stepped forward, intending to go in the direction the stick indicated, before he felt a hand on his shoulder.

"You know, you could always ask for directions." The old man said, laughing. He wore a brown bowler hat, as well as a much-worn brown suit was probably older then he was. What made Langley jump, however, was the simble on the suit's pocket- a clock pointing towards the zero o' clock number. The same insignia on his own jeans. The family crest of Antechronos.

"G-grandpa? What are you doing here? I thought-" Langley stuttered, before his Grandfather gripped him by the shoulder.

"You thought I was vacationing in Hoenn. I was, but I heard you had made your way out here to Olivine, so I decided to pay my favorite grandson a visit. And besides, I found one of these," the elderly man answered, reaching into his coat pocket and removing a yellowed scrap of paper.

Langley's eyes bugged out. "You got the invite too?" he asked incredulously.

Grandpa nodded, gazing at something over Langley's head. "Yes," he said, "But obviously, an old man like me isn't going to be much help on a treasure hunting expedition. I'm not young enough to go gallivanting after things like that. You, however, are perfectly suited for it- or would be, if you weren't completely unaware that the place you're looking for is right over that hill." With that, the octogenerian grabbed Langley's shoulder again, and in a surprise move whipped him around and pointed ahead, before walking away briskly in the oppposite direction.

"That was certainly odd," Langley commented to Arachne, who had crawled into his backpack during the course of the conversation. "Straight ahead, eh? Alright, let's go."

Fifteen Minutes Later.

As Langley approached the castle, he noticed that a crowd had already gathered. Figuring he had nothing much to lose, he decided to introduce himself. Walking up to the group, he called out, hoping to grab their attention. "Excuse me? I'm Langley Antechronos. I got a message from someone named Estrad Espinaire asking me to come. Are any of you named Estrad Espinaire?"

OOC: And... I'm back!

June 30th, 2007, 5:47 PM
As more people began to join the group, James continued eyeing the stranger. His clothes were brand new, and expensive looking. He had very rare pokemon, too. He seemed very classy, and educated. There was but one solution.

"I know that you're Mr.Epsinare, I am a detective, after all," James whispered into his ear as Estrad's Lucario approached the group with a strange key. Along with him the new members to the group included a girl with a large Houndoom, a handsome boy and a companion who looked like his grandfather, and a girl in a white trenchcoat.

Rebel the Noctowl wasn't pleased with the other people, then again he didn't like most people...He cocked his head to the side, which for a Noctowl is about 180 degrees, staring at the people morbidly.

James couldn't help but wonder who the strange man giving away berries might be. He had given Estrad the key to the castle...but who was he? He had a mysterious air about him, and being the detective he was James couldn't stand being stumped like this.

"Hello all, we best get introductions out of the way before we get going to the castle. My name is James Squier, Mr.Espinare has informed me that he will meet up with us later," the detective said, winking to Estrad. "May I ask all of your names, please?"

OOC: I had the urge to introduce myself as Estrad.

July 1st, 2007, 6:35 PM
Erstad snorted and gave James a malignant sneer. Whatever... "I'm Rex Altomare, a trainer from Petalburg City on the continent of Hoenn... I actually spoke with Mr. Espinare earlier and he did say to meet him at the gates of the castle as soon as a group formed. So, as soon as we're done with introductions, let's be on our way, shall we?" Erstad said, turning to his Pokemon. His Lucario was eating a Sitrus Berry it had found on a nearby tree, his Milotic was sunbathing, letting the sun shimmer on its scales, and his Togetic was attempting to place a bottlecap on one of its necklaces.

Then, he remembered the old man. Best to not let them talk to him. So he said, "Umm... actually, I'm going to go up ahead. James was it? Can you come with me. I really don't feel like going alone. Togetic! Milotic! Lucario! Come on! We're heading to the castle." He said, turning away from the rest of the group. He grasped his pocket, making sure the key was still there. So he started on his way, hoping James would follow...

Meanwhile, at the castle, a young police officer is invesigating a report of an intruder at the Espinare Castle. The man is well over six feet tall, muscular, strong, and intimidating. He is wearing the normal Olivine Police Force uniform, which consists of a teal hat, short sleeve shirt, and pants with black boots. Following him close by was an Arcanine and a Machoke, both keeping a look out for the intruder as well. "Of course. Another empty call. Well, might as well head--" Then, he heard a crack of a stick nearby. He turned, to find a lone Sudowoodo hanging next to a dying tree. It had its eyes closed and its two arms folded in front of it. He seemed to be sleeping. The Police Officer motioned to his two Pokemon to follow him, and then started towards the Pokemon. As he walked closer to it, he called its name but got no response out of the Pokemon. Then, as he got right up to its face, he noticed the Pokemon had a pink tint to its skin.

"What the--" the officer started, but he was soon interrupted by the Sudowoodo opening its eyes and yelling "Dittttooo!" The Pokemon's body morphed, transforming into an identical copy of the officer except with bubblegum pink eyes. The officer grew startled and stumbled backward, and knocked into something behind him. He turned, and found his two Pokemon subdued, knocked out from a hidden attack. Woosh! That was the last sound the officer heard just before the large bone hit the back of his head. He collapsed to the ground, falling into a large lump of a man.

"Wak..." an emerging figure said as it came out of the bushes. It was wearing a skull helmet and its body was small and brown. It lifted its hand in the air and grabbed the returning bone. Then, coming from a nearby bush, appeared a yellow humanoid figure. It held a pendulum in its hand and its eyes were locked directly on the two sleeping Pokemon. Hmm.. the mistress wants them inside. We can't leave evidence can we? the Hypno said as it lifted the three figures into the air and began its walk into the castle. The Ditto and Marowak followed closely behind, disappearing into the shadows of the castle.

July 2nd, 2007, 8:12 AM
Samuel Ander

Samuel made his way up to the front counter of the Pokémon Center and smiled brightly at Nurse Joy. He always found it weird that he had to introduce himself every time. He felt like he had met her multiple times by now. It wasn't until his fourth visit to a Pokémon Center did he figure out there were like fifty of the sisters. Even with that knowledge, Samuel felt like he was talking to a stranger he had met many times before.

"Hi, Nurse Joy," Samuel said happily as he placed two pokéball and Menos on the counter. "My pokémon could really use a good healing." As Menos saw the Nurse Joy, he instantly livened up. The blue mouse pokémon had always had an extreme liking of Nurse Joys. As the Olivine Nurse Joy came closer to the counter, Menos sprang across the gap and landed neatly on her shoulders. He then proceeded to rub up against her cheek. The Nurse Joy, a bit shocked at first, began to laugh and happily scratched the Minun on the head.

"You have a very affectionate pokémon, don't you?" Nurse Joy giggled as she talked and continued to scratch Menos.

"He can get that way around Nurse Joys. It is about the only time he is like this." Samuel watched his pokémon for a bit more before continuing. "But anyways, I need to ask you a favor about one of my pokémon. Is there any way I could have my Plusle clean. She got covered in dirt and is very upset about it."

The Nurse Joy scratched Menos for a few more moments before answering. "It won't be a problem at all. We get that request quite a bit actually. We have a machine that will do the trick in no time. Just give me a minute, and I will have your pokémon back to you." With that, Nurse Joy turned, Menos still on her shoulders, and went to take care of Samuel’s pokémon.

As he waited, Samuel turned and looked around at the Center. There were a few people scattered around the place. Nearby, a girl with chestnut hair was standing by her very large houndoom. Samuel was amazed at the pokémon’s size. Samuel had never really liked large pokémon. He tended to go for the smaller ones. He never really knew why though. Still, he couldn’t help be impress with the girl's dog pokémon.

"You have a very strong looking pokémon there," Samuel said towards the chestnut haired girl. "You must have trained it very well."

July 2nd, 2007, 9:10 AM
OOC: Ok, quick post before I head to work. It seems everyone's characters are all over the place. Right now, everyone should be outside of the PokeCenter, unless they went inside to heal their Pokemone. Erstad and James will be heading to the castle, followed shortly by those who want to follow. No one should be at the castle yet. Ok, I'm off to work now.

July 3rd, 2007, 10:28 AM
Rain yawns, and starts walking in the direction of the castle, not catching up with the others just yet. She balances an Ultra Ball on her finger, and lightly tosses it up, letting it roll across the palm of her hand as she thinks.

There's gotta be something strange about all this. Something is going on at this castle, I can feel it, she thinks, trying to decide whether or not this was a good idea after all.

The Ultra Ball suddenly bursts open, revealing Rain's black and gold Salamence, Ruby. "Rain, are you okay? You seem troubled," Ruby asks, as they start walking.

"Oh, its nothing," Rain says as she clips the Ultra ball onto her belt. "This whole thing makes me a little nervous, but its probably nothing," she says, and Ruby nods.

July 3rd, 2007, 5:24 PM
OOC: Errr...How did Rain just understand her Salamence?


"Very well it can't hurt to come along, isn't that right, Rex," James said, putting emphasis on the fake name. Estrad wasn't going to fool a pro that easily. "Come on out, Kilroy!" the detective shouted, throwing down a pokeball. A red light exploded from the ball, forming into the shape of a Gengar. James thought that he should release his other pokemon as well, since Estrad had.

James wondered why they were walking on toward the castle ahead of the others. And for that matter where the castle was, he seemed to be the only one who didn't actually know. He supposed it didn't matter, he would see it soon enough anyway.

"Where are we going, anyway? Shouldn't we await the others?" James asked as him and Estrad trenched down the Krabby infested beach. Of course, between Milotic, Gengar, Noctowl, and Lucario the smaller pokemon kept their distance.

Once again James was nearly shaking with excitement. Finally he'd get to see the legendary Olivine Castle, and he'd be the first in decades, maybe even centuries!

July 3rd, 2007, 7:06 PM
"Well you see James," he said, emphasizing the detective's name like he had done so to Erstad, "I wanted to let you know something," Erstad said while trying to keep his eye on the other Pokemon. "This castle.. isn't exactly normal." He let out a nervous laugh. I hateee when I do that... Then he continued, "Uhh... the last time someone went into the castle, they never came out. And that was my grandfather forty five years ago. The castle is... umm.. haunted I guess. No one is sure if its just some powerful Ghost Pokemon or if its something else. A human spirit. And I brought you ahead because from what I see, you train certain Pokemon who are.. uhh... attuned to supernatural happenings," he said, nodding towards Gengar and Noctowl.

He stopped suddenly, and looked ahead. The gate to the castle was only twenty feet ahead. And there, standing next to it, was the old man from before. Again, he was surrounded by children, pestering him for one of his trinkets. But he had his eyes closed and seemed to be ignoring the children. As Erstad got closer, the children grew nervous and scattered, much like Rattata who just had a flashlight shone on them.

The old man smiled and said, "Ahh.. you're finally here. And you only brought one of your companions. I hope the others are close." He pushed himself off the wall and took a quick few steps towards James and Erstad. Damn, he's nimble for an old man. "Young man," he said, motioning his closed fist to James, "you better take this." He opened his fist and exposed in his palm was a small golden dagger with a bronze hilt. On the hilt was an intricate emblem.

"That's my... our family crest on that dagger--" Erstad stuttered as he tried to grab the dagger.

"Nuh uh uh.. this is for this young man here. Not you my boy. You--you have the key," the man said with a grin. He turned away from Erstad and grabbing James' hand, placed the dagger in it. "And whatever you do--DO NOT LET HIM HOLD THIS DAGGER!" And with that, the man turned, and placed the basket on the ground. In it were four other trinkets. "Those--are to be distributed to your other companions. They should know which ones to take. Trust me--they'll feel it." Erstad looked at the old man puzzled as he watched him disappear into the gates. Erstad ran forward to see where the man went, but when he got close to the gate, the old man had disappeared. What in the world is going on... I hope I don't pull these people into something they shouldn't be involved in...

July 5th, 2007, 5:45 PM
((I'm bored. So I'm going to go ahead and join this shindig.

Character's Name: Davis Ryan Lee
Physical Description: Davis has shaggy, dark red hair, which, at the tips, curls out. He has green eyes, a pale face, and a collection of freckles around his cheek bones and across his nose. He wears a green polo with dark green stripes and a white shirt underneath. Over top he wears a black jacket. He almost always wears blue jeans, with a pair of beat up tennis shoes on his feet. He stands at 5'5".
Background: Davis was born and grew up in Lilycove, Hoenn. When he was ten, he left for his journey, and since then has yet to return home. After getting his Hoenn badges, he set off for Sinnoh, followed by Johto. While exploring there, he encountered one of the messenger Pidgey, and decided to take a break from his Gym battling to investigate.
Etc: N/A


Nickname: Goukazaru
Species: Infernape
Personality: Goukazaru, being the Infernape he is, is always raring to get out of his Pokeball and battle. However, he also enjoys playing around with his teammates.
Etc: N/A

Nickname: Mukkuhawk
Species: Staraptor
Personality: Mukkuhawk is laid back, and generally doesn't like battling. But when he gets angered, he won't stop attacking until the opponent has fainted. He and Goukazaru often get into fights.
Etc: Mukkuhawk is Davis's one and only shiny Pokemon, much to his delight.

Nickname: N/A
Species: Milotic
Personality: Milotic is very shy, and tends to stay in his Pokeball unless absolutely neccessary.
Etc: N/A


By the way, when I RP, I use double parentheses for OOC. Just thought I'd let you guys know.))

July 6th, 2007, 10:54 AM
I read the large "Still taking applicants" and liked the story, so here goes nothing

Name: Jonathan Lewis
Physical Description: Jonathan sleep deprived, to say the least, he has large bags under his bloodshot eyes, and a slow reaction time. He wears a big tattered mess of a black coat, grass-stained jeans and wrecked white trainers. He is 5'9 and skinny, but not lanky. He has a long mass of greasy black hair which looks as though it hasn't seen shampoo in months. The root of most of his strange characteristics is his unrelenting insomnia, which only allows him to sleep every two or three days

Background: He didn't have a very steady childhood, as his father left when he was a baby, and because of this, he never had a real father figure. The steady train of men he grew up with offered him nothing in the way of love and support. When he reached 10, and was allowed to leave home to become a pokemon trainer he was only too happy to do so. Instead of one of the starter pokemon he was given a Teddiursa, which he trained and cherished. He has never battled in a gym, preferring to just battle other trainers in a friendly manner. He has been told that he is a "gifted trainer with a unique battle style". He is absent minded, and can find himself going down bizarre trains of though in the middle of a battle. He cares for all of his pokemon a lot, and they are happy with him. He has an odd talent for music, and picks up tunes which get stuck in his head for days, and because of this he tends to hum a lot


Nickname: Ursamajor (Or just "Major")
Species: Ursaring
Personality: Ursamajor is fierce, aggressive and quick to anger. He often takes the initiative when Luke becomes distracted in a battle, and is a powerhouse on the field. He cares for Luke deeply, and wants to protect him from anything he sees as a threat; wild pokemon, tame pokemon, even other trainers!
Etc.: Due to a birth defect, UrsaMajor is missing a claw on his left paw

Nickname: Ursaminor (Or "Minor")
Species: Teddiursa
Personality: Ursaminor is bubbly, outgoing and eager to please. She tries to make friends with everyone, and lacks much common sense. She finds it hard to discern between someone liking her, and someone not. On the battlefield, she is speedy and strategic, while not being very powerful.

Nickname: Horne
Species: Pidgeot
Personality: Horne acts as Jonathan's memory aid, and primary form of transport. He will try to remind his trainer of important events he has forgotten about by flapping his wings and clawing the sand until Jonathan catches on to what he has forgotten. On the battlefield, he is a mix of agility and power, able to deliver effective attacks and dodge enemy shots. People have often told Jonathan that Horne would do well in pokemon contests, due to his gracefulness and natural talent for flare
Etc.: The right streamer-like feather on Horne's head is only half length. This happened due to an unfortunate collision with a hedge when he was a Pidgeotto

Scarlet Weather
July 7th, 2007, 4:37 AM
Langley growled. It had been moments since the detective and his friend, "Rex Altomare", had run off. Not only had that bumpkin accused him of disguising himself, but he had run off before Langley could accuse him of the supreme crime of insult and beat him into a pulp! This was serious business, and it called for a bit of... retribution.

Langley caught his hand absentmindedly stroking the green Pokeball on his belt, located directly next to the black and gold ball that housed Arachne when she was off-duty, or too tired to crawl around in Langley's backpack. Now that he thought about it, Langley realized, that ball was probably what had forced the detective onto the wrong course. He had no way of knowing that when Langley's family had sent him onto the road, they had decided that traveling and working his way up from the bottom like any ordinary trainer would be good for him. The only things he had received from his family when he started were Arachne, an ordinary Pokeball, some traveling clothes he had long since grown out of, some ordinary department-store camping supplies, and his cell phone. Everything else he had with him he had earned with his own money, received from doing odd jobs, battling other trainers, and in general making his own way.

Langley shook himself out of his flashback. That Rex Altomare person intrigued him. Heading to the castle seemed to be the next order of business, along with correcting the detective's grievous mistake. And when speed was needed...

Langley hurled the Pokeball outward, watching as it opened, releasing a deluge of white light which curled and formed itself into the outline of a large, creamy yellow, fox-like Pokemon. The majestic creature rested daintily on her paws, as a thin wisp of smoke escaped her mouth. With a swish of her nine, flowing tails, she turned, red eyes glinting.

"Would you mind taking me to the castle, dearest Clytemnestra?" Langley asked, bowing his head in a slightly deferential manner.

The Ninetales nodded, and knelt, allowing Langley to slip himself onto her back, careful not to grab one of the swishing tails. With a short bark, the Pokemon took off, and Langley was on his way to the palace.

July 7th, 2007, 7:27 AM
Nuh uh uh.. this is for this young man here. Not you my boy. You--you have the key," the man said with a grin. He turned away from Erstad and grabbing James' hand, placed the dagger in it. "And whatever you do--DO NOT LET HIM HOLD THIS DAGGER!" And with that, the man turned, and placed the basket on the ground. In it were four other trinkets. "Those--are to be distributed to your other companions. They should know which ones to take. Trust me--they'll feel it," the crazy looking old man said, leaving the basket of trinkets at their feet. It was definetely an odd assortment of items, for sure.

"Thank you, sir...I'll be sure to hold onto it" James said, stowing the dagger away within his coat. "It seems that someone is following us to the castle, though. So I suppose we can deal with the dagger later on," the detective continued as the rich man on the Ninetales grew closer.

The man seemed angry for some reason, and was obviously heading toward him and Estrad. James wondered why he was going so quickly, perhaps he was just as excited as James, but with speedy transportation.

He supposed that they were prepared to go into the castle anyway, so his arrival wouldn't harm them. Besides they needed to give away the...trinkets anyway. Of course as a detective James was still curious about the Old Man. He was beginning to feel nervous to the events that may take place.

Scarlet Weather
July 7th, 2007, 12:41 PM
"Clyte! Slow down a bit! I can barely hold on at this rate!" a ragged Langley pleaded as he and his Pokemon barreled towards the palace gates. An equally ragged Arachne poked her head from his backpack, her eyes swirling from the dizziness of being knocked up and down.

Rolling her eyes, Clytemnestra slowed her pace slightly as she cantered towards the castle, where Rex and the detective were already waiting. Langley was too jostled, however, to dismount, instead opting to release his grip on the Ninetales's back and drop to the ground unceremoniously, Spinarak in tow. The fox Pokemon shook her head haughtily at the antics of her trainer before stepping forwards and bowing slightly to the old man, the detective, and the trainer at the gates.

Pulling himself to his feet, Langley brushed his body free of grass, before removing a Pokeball from his belt and pressing the capture switch. Immediately, a beam of red light shot from the ball before striking Clytemnestra's body, causing her to lose shape and form as she too dissolved into red light and disappeared within the ball. "Greetings," he announced, giving one final brush before turning towards the so-called Rex Altomare. "I take it you're finished with this charade, Mr. Espinaire? Believe me, if all you can do to disguise yourself is use the name of a city, I'm really not so sure that you're going to find anything worthwhile on your own in this palace."

July 9th, 2007, 8:10 AM
OOC: Okay, no more applicants. We're good. Chomp and ThatInsaneKid... you're in. Hurry up and introduce yourselves. If you don't before we enter the castle, then don't bother joining.

And I'm sorry for my absence. I had a three day graduation party so I've been very busy. Haha...


Erstad snorted. I'm such a bad liar... he moaned to himself. "Ah... I wasn't sure if you all had heard of the city Altomare. Yes, I'm Erstad Espinare the Third... The technical owner of this castle. But, in my duration of the my ownership, I've never been inside this castle. I've spent my life in the other Espinare manors in Hearthome City of Sinnoh, Ecruteak City of Johto, and Saffron City of Kanto. And, as of the last several years, I have researched this particular castle and the strange happenings that have been reported recently. Disappearances, apparations, and strange screams. This castle is so large, I couldn't do it alone. So, I sent invites around the world and hoped the strongest trainers would respond. And I think I lucked out."

"Oh yes. I have a present for you Langley," he reached into his pocket and pulled out a pearl necklace, tarnished and beat up from the years it had been passed around. Tied around it was a small piece of paper with the name "Langley" on it. "This is for you," he said, tossing it to Langley.

He sighed and looked up to the castle. What the...! In the upper tower, in the northern window, a shadowy figure stood. He couldn't tell if it were male or female or Pokemon. As soon as it had appeared, it disappeared into the rest of the shadows that engulfed the castle. He stood with his mouth agape, stunned and shaken.

"Oh my god guys. We really need to get in that castle. I think someone beat us in there. I just saw something in there. We have to hurry. Catch up when the others arrive. I'm heading in!" Erstad sprinted to the door, wanting to get inside more now than he had before.

July 9th, 2007, 10:02 AM
"I'm sure you were just imagining things, Estrad! Shouldn't you wait for the others to arrive?!" James called after Estrad, as the castle's owner sprinted away. Langley was still standing beside James, both of them watching as Estrad ran off. "Oh, forget it..." James muttered, rolling his eyes slightly as he began running after Estrad.

There were still several invitees that were back behind them, farther down the beach. James picked up the basket of trinkets as he ran toward the castle, wondering how they were supposed to give them to the others at this rate. The detective waved the others over toward the castle, signaling them to come.

"Estrad! Please wait up!" James shouted in his scruffy voice, he was having trouble running in the large trenchcoat, not to mention the large Noctowl on his arm. The old man was nowhere to be seen anymore, something felt eerie about the castle. James shrugged off the feeling though, it was probably just excitement. "Will you fly already," James said, coming to a halt, panting. Rebel stayed on his arm, staring out onto the ocean. "Very well, then..." James said, returning the Noctowl to it's pokeball. Luckily the Gengar was obedient.

James stood there catching his breath for a few moments, trying to see what Rebel was looking at. It seemed to be the Whirl Islands, but it was hard to tell through the foggy silhouette. He'd always wondered if the rumors of a Lugia nesting there were true, but that mystery would have to wait for another day.

July 9th, 2007, 1:19 PM
Samuel Ander

"I am a complete loser," Samuel mumbled as he trudged slowly down the beach. His head was hanging low on his shoulder, and his arm hung limply at his side. He was practically dragging his feet through the sand. Menos sat on Samuel's shoulder doing the best he could to cheer his owner up.

Maybe she didn't hear you. It was kinda noisy in the Pokémon Center.

"I was standing right beside her. There was no way she couldn't hear me." Samuel tried to brush the mouse pokémon off his shoulder, but Menos simply moved to the other side.

Maybe she thought you were talking to someone else.

"Yeah, like there was more than one houndoom there. Face it; she just didn't want to talk to me." Samuel kicked at a rock that was sticking out of the sand. Unfortunately, the rock was bigger than Samuel thought, and did not budge. Pain shot through his foot, causing him to balance on his good foot. Not being the most balanced person in the world, Samuel quickly fell backwards in the sand. Menos landed neatly on his chest.

I hate to say this to you boss, but you need to suck it up. Someone ignored you, so what. If you let things like that get to you, you will never make it as a trainer.

Samuel, after staring at his pokémon for a moment, began to laugh. "Hahaha, I guess your right, Menos. No use worrying over silly things like that. She was probably just consumed in her own thoughts and did not hear me. But anyways, let's keep moving. We are almost to the castle." After a few more minutes of walking, Samuel and Menos came to the entrance of a very large castle.

"This must be the place," Samuel said while taking a good look at the old castle. "Espinare Castle, I guess it is not what it use to be, but it is still quite impressive." Samuel marveled at the building for a bit longer before making his way through the gate. Upon passing through, he got a view of three trainers. Two of them were running towards the castle doors. One had blonde hair and a black shirt. The other sported a long brown trench coat and hat. He looked liked the inspectors you saw in old movies. Another trainer still stood still. His longer silver hair was quite impressive but not as impressive as his Ninetales. It was a disappointment when its trainer recalled it. About this time, the man in the trench coat began waving as if he wanted people to follow. Not quite sure what to do, Samuel made his way to the silver haired kid.

"What's going on here? Why are they in such a hurry to get in there?"

July 9th, 2007, 3:41 PM
Rain and Ruby landed at about that time. Rain had taken the oppertunity to do a quick search from the air of the castle, and she recalls the black and gold Salamence as she looks around at the others.

"Nice place," she mutters, thinking about the figure that she had glimpsed in the castle tower. "Welcome to castle Dracula..."

In reality she was still a little nervous about all this. She had traveled around the pokemon world several times, and there where always rumors about this place.

She shrugs, and shakes it off, glancing over the other trainers. "Hi," she says. "I'm Rain Skylark, are you all here for the castle thing?"

July 11th, 2007, 5:26 AM
OOC: I have been away from my computer for a while, I am very sorry for the lateness of, well, everything


"Oh God! Whats the time? I'm so late!" Jonathan clutched at the Pidgeot's feathers, "Can you not go any faster Horne? I had to be in Olivine hours ago!" he urged the bird forwards
"Pijoot!" it screeched, in acknowledgment of it's owners request
"Wait, Hey! Olivine's just there! No time to go to the pokemon center, head for the big creepy castle" he commanded, "Could the day possibly be going much worse?" He had overslept, and the irony was not lost on him. The invitation told him to go to the pokemon center, but he reasoned that the rest of the trainers had left for the castle without him, so he went there instead. There was already a group of people there, one of whom was presumably this Ersat Escalade, or whatever his name was
"Pijooot!" the bird again screeched as he neared the group
"Sorry I'm late!" he shouted as Horne came to a clumsy landing on the path to the gate. He ran after the trainers, who had already begun entering the castle. As he neared them, he could hear their conversation;
"I'm Rain Skylark, are you all here for the castle thing?" one girl asked, maybe he wasn't as late as he had first thought
"Hi -puff- I'm -pant- Jonathan -wheeze-" he tried to catch his breath, "Castle thing, yeah. Estrad Espinare" that was his name. "Where is Mr. Espinare?" he looked round the group, but, due to the fact he had no idea what Estrad looked like, he didn't know which one he was

July 11th, 2007, 11:07 AM
Erstad reached for the door and tugged on the handle, but it didn't budge. He sighed and thought Aww damn... its locked! He turned and leaned on the door, but when he turned, he was shocked by the amount of people who had followed him. People were landing on numerous flying Pokemon, ranging from a shiny Salamence to a large bird Pokemon he presumed was a Pidgeot. He had seen plenty of Pidgeys but never a Pidgeot, but due to the resemblance, he guessed it was the tiny bird's evolution. He looked at James, who had followed him. "Umm.. is there a key in there by any chance?"

He looked at the horizon and noticed large, ominous looking clouds were barreling towards the castle. "Oh god... I hope we get inside before it rains. These are the only clothes I brought..." Swoosh! Something flew by his face, disappearing as quickly as it had appeared. He looked up and saw a Gengar hovering above them. But it looked... wierd. Its face looked as if it was drawn on by a three-year old and its body held a pink tint to it. And, its facial expression looked almost sweet, very different from the typical mischievous look of normal Gengars.

The Pokemon etched closer, heading towards James. It sped up as it approached, seeming to prepare an attack. Quickly Erstad called his Togetic, who was resting in a nearby bush, "Togetic quick. Use Ice Beam on that pink Gengar!" The Pokemon quickly reacted to its mother's order and without hesitation it fired up a sphere of white, frigid energy in front of its opened mouth. It reared its head backward and fired the energy in a long, slender beam at the Gengar. It turned quickly and without notice, its body began to glow. Evolution? Gengar doesn't evolve! Soon, emerging from the light was a Jynx. The beam struck it head-on but because of its type advantage, the Ice-Type attack barely made it flinch.

"It is a Ditto! Quickly Togetic, hurry up and use Flamethrower before it transforms again!" Togetic went in for the charge all the while gathering flames in its mouth. It got face to face with the Transforming Pokemon and drenched it in a river of fire. The Ditto let out a human-like cry much like a Jynx, but found itself distorted from the pain and the tone of its Ditto voice. The Pokemon fell backward, covered in burns. Again it began to glow and quickly transformed into a Spearow. It took off from the spot it was laying on and headed towards the castle.

"Forget the key! Follow Ditto! It might lead us to another way into the castle! Hurry, let's go!" And again Erstad set off, following the pink Spearow.

Scarlet Weather
July 13th, 2007, 4:29 AM
Langley stared. "My. I'm only here for five minutes, and already I've ended up with a pearl necklace and a psychotic Ditto chase has started. Perhaps this wasn't such a good idea after all." he commented to Arachne, who nodded her spiderlike head in agreement. Shrugging, Langley nodded to his Pokemon, and joined the chase. The pink Spearow looped and dived as it saw them approaching, moving from place to place about the castle. Langley bit his tongue to keep from cursing. Whatever else could be said about that Ditto, one thing was for sure: it was good at what it did. If anyone had wanted to attack the group, now would be the perfect oppur-

Oh, crap. Langley realized, sliding to a halt. What if this Ditto is some sort of diversion? "Erstad, wait!" he bellowed, frantically trying to warn his fellow trainer that he might be running into a trap.

July 13th, 2007, 7:08 AM
Just as Langley called for Erstad, a Hypno stepped out of a nearby bush. It raised its arm straight out with its palm open. Its eyes began to emanate a purple aura, and its pendulum began to swing back and forth. Immediately, Erstad began to feel woozy and his body began to relax. Anyone in sight of the Hypno too would of begun to feel this way. Erstad dropped to one knee, finding his usually powerful mind falling to the Hypno's hypnosis. His eyes began to close and he eventually fell into a huge clump of a person, with his Togetic following right next to him.

The Ditto landed nearby and took the form of a Machamp. He would go around and collect all of those who had fallen, including their Pokemon, and take them inside of the castle. Who knew what awaited them inside.

July 13th, 2007, 7:53 AM
(Sorry I haven't posted, just comming on to say that I'm going to be gone until Tuesday or Wednesday, vacation.)

July 13th, 2007, 11:51 AM
"That's no normal Ditto, usually they take the shape of an opponent that it sees, not a pokemon of it's choosing," James said as Estrad ran off. James had been thinking out loud, his chin stroking his goatee as he thought. "Estrad definetely shouldn't be following that Ditto..."

"Erstad, wait!" Langley shouted from beside James. It was too late. A Hypno jumped out from the corner of the castle, waving it's pendulum at Estrad. A violet aura began to enevlop the Hypno's eyes, it was using hypnosis. Estrad and Togetic both fell to the ground, asleep. Something was going on at this castle. Pokemon never band together like this, especially to harm people. They seemed as though they were already trained, but James hadn't seen anyone around who could own them.

"That Hypno's strong, and so's the Ditto...Come back, Kilroy, we can't fight these pokemon..." James said, beginning to grow weary. His entire body seemed to become heavy as he fell to the ground unconcious, a result of the hypnosis. Luckily he managed to return Kilroy, just before he fell.

mew three
July 13th, 2007, 12:35 PM
(i didnt read the hole of this thread so i dont know if ur done searching for trainers but ill av a wack at it and if u want you can put me in at the point ur at like they walk into me or somin)
Characters name:Storm

Physical description:Red Spiky hair,Green and blue eyes,likes to wear sunglasses,wears a jacket with a picture of mewtwo on it and blue jeans with a little keyring of Mew.

Background:Grew up in Cerulean city with his Dad,Mom,big Brother and The familys pet houndor.Storm was mad about legendery pokemon, he loved them all.He has met Mew before in a forest.Ever since that day he could talk to pokemon through minds.Storm mad Friends with Mew so Mew talks to Storm through minds.
Etc:Storm has a power that allows him to talk to pokemon throguh minds.Storm is very funny,(a little)Sarcastic,Cool like,tough and charming.

Nickname: Blade
Personality:Hard Working,Loyal,Is always ready to fight,Will do anything to protect Storm cause he loves (not in the gay way) him.
Etc:Has a scar down his face,is oange instead of red.

Personality:Loving,Caring,Never dissobays.
Etc:Has a much more sensitive nose then usual Mightyena.

Personality:Slightly Aggresive,Outgoing,Usualy wants to fight with Growler.
Etc:The rock its made out of is more thicker then usual rock.

thx for reading and i hope i get put in.

July 13th, 2007, 1:45 PM
Jonathan watched in horror as a Hypno dropped Erstad and his Togetic. The other trainers were doing nothing to help, and Jonathan was suddenly furious. He pulled a pokeball from his jacket and threw it in the air
"Major! Help that guy!" he shouted as a large bear emerged from the light. It roared and charged at the Ditto, and Jonathan ran behind it

"Horne!" he shouted to his Pidgeot, "Get that damn Ditto! Aerial Ace!" the bird took to the skies with a flap of it's large wings, and took off after the Spearow

"Ursamajor, use Hammer Arm!" he commanded. The Ursaring immediately began round-housing towards the Hypno, punching it aside powerfully. Just as Jonathan went to recall his pokemon, a Marowak darted from the bushes, and cracked Ursamajor over the head with it's bone club. The bear backed up in shock at this surprise attack, and the Hypno regained it's feet and concentrated on it's Hypnosis.

"Any help would be appreciated" he called back to the other trainers, as the Ditto turned into a rose tinted Charizard, and turned the tables on his Pidgeot, "Horne, use Tailwind!" this would not harm the Ditto, but would give Horne the speed necessary to outrun it. The Pidgeot swerved as a Flamethrower tore through the air inches from it's wings; upon hearing this command from it's trainer, it streamlined itself, and began to gain speed quickly, making it easy to evade the Charizard/Ditto.

Erstad lay on the ground, at the mercy of the Hypno, as the Marowak and Jonathan's Ursaring stood their ground, staring at each other with contempt. The Marowak seemed to want to protect the Hypno, and the Ditto was acting as their distraction, which was strange, as wild pokemon of different species tend not to band together like this. As Jonathan reached this conclusion, he could feel his eyes begin to droop; it must be the Hypno, he never felt tired! That Hypno seemed to be affecting the others as well, he saw the man by the door drop to the ground

"Horne...r...ret...return" he managed before collapsing, asleep, the Pidgeot's pokeball still in his hand. The last thing he remembered was his Ursaring falling protectively around him, his paws around Jonathan; guarding his master to the last.

The darkness enveloped Jonathan as he drifted deeper and deeper to sleep. He could feel his body falling, but he was relaxed, serene. Suddenly the dark was gone, and he was in a room. It was large, fancy, and full of dancing, talking, happy people. He tried to move, but it was like he was walking in syrup, so he stood. There were people all around him, in what he assumed was a ballroom of some kind; there were dancing couples, tables upon tables of lavish food, and a string quartet in the corner. There was chat and laughter all around, it was a happy place. A scream suddenly echoed through the room, and the music stopped. The dancing and the talking and the laughing ceased, and guests started to worry. Then Jonathan, along with the other people, saw the flames. They were licking out of a window on one of the wings, and they were eating through the building with unnatural speed. Suddenly the room was full of terrified shrieks and screams as the guests crowded to get to the door. People were trampled and pushed aside, and nobody was getting out. The flames were in the room, destroying the curtains, and engulfing the tables of food. Jonathan stood, transfixed, with horror as he watched the flames approach the guests. The door, the big heavy main door, was heaved open, but that only fueled the fire. People were blown back as the inferno sucked air in from the doorway, and Jonathan began to sob as he saw people screaming, their faces contorted in pain, as the flames ate them alive.

July 13th, 2007, 4:07 PM

Sorry Mew three... I forgot to change the status to no applicants. I can't let you join this game. Anyway, here we go...


Erstad's body had fallen into complete stillness. Everything had faded into black and the world had all but disappeared. But suddenly, Erstad heard a voice. At first it sounded distant but the longer it spoke, the louder it grew. Then, within the blackness, a room began to take form. Wait, this is the dining room back in Ecruteak... There was the large oak dining table, the large crystalline chandelier that had been installed above it, and the numerous paintings that lined the room.Oh... there's some people at the table... At first they were blurry and unrecognizable but as the rest of the room came into focus, so did the people. Mom! And there's me! Sitting at the head of the table was a young boy of around the age ten. His hair was cut in that terrible bowl cut style, he wore his blue and white school uniform with the shined black shoes and red, hideous tie. Seated on his lap was Togepi, who was looking up all doughy-eyed at the boy. Then, seated next to him was a woman around the age thirty five. Her hair was a shimmering blond and she wore a gorgeous lavender and blue dress that fit on her waist like a corset. The boy was reading a large, dusty-looking book while the woman ate her breakfast.

"Erstad! Stop reading that old book. You have an algebra test today and you should be studying for it," she reached out to grab the book, but young Erstad pulled it away from her.

"I'm sorry Mother. But I just got to the part about our castle in Olivine. The part about the fire. It's sooo cool," he said with the enthusiasm of a young child. "But, it's kind of sad, y'know. Especially about Catalina. Poor girl..." Erstad said with a sad look on his face.

"Yeah... she was your age actually when she died. And she had just received three Pokemon for her birthday. Just like you..." she said as she stood. She walked over to a nearby painting, where a young girl was seated in a large chair. She wore two large ponytails, one on each side of her head. She was wearing a long red dress that had a large collar around her neck. She had a cute smile on her face and her hands were folded across her lap. And she was surrounded by three Pokemon: a Ditto was seated on her lap, a Marowak was perched on the top of the chair, and a Hypno stood next to her, staring at his owner. "They never found the remains of her Pokemon though. They're not sure if they died or they ran out before the fire started. Whatever their fate, they were never seen again...."

Dammit! I knew those Pokemon looked familiar. They were Catalina's Pokemon! But, what were they doing back at the castle...

July 16th, 2007, 10:03 AM

Hey you guys. I hate to do this but I'm gonna ask for this RP to be closed. I've kind of lost interest in this RP and I really don't feel like anyone is really involved in it anyway. But I think I'll be starting another one soon so look for that.

mew three
July 16th, 2007, 11:27 AM
dun Dun Duuuuuuuun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (lol)