View Full Version : What was the first Pokemon episode you ever watched?

September 29th, 2003, 5:24 PM
I'm just wonderin what was the first episode you ever watched! the first episode i ever saw was "The Case of the k-9 Caper!" i remember that episode, its what sparked my interest in the show!

September 29th, 2003, 5:30 PM
mine was "The Ghost of Maiden's Peak"

It is what established Gastly as my very first favorite pokmon...

September 29th, 2003, 5:39 PM
Yep, i remember you saying that Ghost of Maidens Peak was your first episode! that episode kinda wierds me out! ^_^;

September 29th, 2003, 7:23 PM
Mine was "The Punchy pokemon". Thats the day I got hooked on the show

September 29th, 2003, 10:10 PM
1st was Sisters of Cerulean City(when I didnt like it)

next one that got my attention was Path to the Pokemon League

Electric Shock Showdown got me totally hooked

Mystic Mew
September 29th, 2003, 11:17 PM
Mine was episode about Sabrina. Kadabra won with Pikachu.

It was totally cool.

September 30th, 2003, 7:22 AM
Well, I was at the library looking at their video selection when I saw the tape 'Seaside Pikachu'. (I think that's what it's called. With Tentacruel, etc.) I thought it looked so cute so we rented it! After we watched all three of those episodes we were crazy about it, lol. *_*

September 30th, 2003, 9:21 AM
The first episode I ever saw was...the very first episod!

September 30th, 2003, 2:02 PM
The first actual show I watched was "The School of Hard knocks"..I HATED IT!But then I saw "The Ghost of Maiden`s Peak" and then I got a huge interest in the shows cause of Gastly!

September 30th, 2003, 3:15 PM
I think it really depends on which episode you watch that can get you hooked!

September 30th, 2003, 3:30 PM
Mine was that Mt Moon episode when brock gotta zubat, i thought that little pika thingy was sooo fuzzy!

September 30th, 2003, 4:09 PM
AAK! I double posted *looks ashamed* ......darn...my stupid sister....made me exit out...right..before...

October 2nd, 2003, 2:57 AM
When YTV first aired it "Pokmon I Choose You!" back then it took awhile for it to sink in but it did.

Hiroshi Sotomura
October 2nd, 2003, 3:08 AM
I actually got really intrested when I saw "The Water Flowers of Cerulean City". I constantly asked them questions like, "What are you watching?" or "What the ____ is this?" but then they told me I could see it on TV... then a certain episode sparked my interest... and then... I saw it... and I quickly got used to it...
Makes me wonder how.

October 2nd, 2003, 3:14 AM
The first episode I saw was 'Ash Catches a Pokmon'! lol my bro's friend told us about it thats why we decided to watch. I'm so glad i did!

October 2nd, 2003, 3:31 AM
Lol, I don't think I would ever have started liking it as fast if Pikachu hadn't been on there. It's the cutest thing ever created! ^_^ By the second episode we were like 'WHEN'S THE NEXT COMING ON?!' 'MOM, YOU GOTTA TAKE US TO THE STORE SO WE CAN BUY THIS TAPE!' etc. My poor mother... -_-' After 5 years we're still just as crazy about it, lol.)

October 2nd, 2003, 3:32 AM
i remember when i was really little (well, not really little) i got a call from my friend saying:"Yo, check out the new show..."
i think my first episode was the first one with bulbasaur.
my friend binsky's (that's his username here, but he's pretty inactive...stupid homework! :tired: ) first ep was the ponyta race, he constantly reminds me.

October 2nd, 2003, 5:57 AM
Mine was "Battle Aboard the St. Anne!" IT was one of the few episodes my local carrier had before KidsWB! picked it up. They showed it over and over but I never go tired of it.

At the end of the episode, it was a cliffhanger and it said "To Be Continued". I Thought I had caught like the first multi-part episode. Actually, I learned it says that at the end of all of them. XP I was ten, so yeah. o.o;

October 3rd, 2003, 2:09 AM
Mine was the Pokemon- The First Movie.
I watched it when my friend had his uncle bring it over from the States in 1998...... and then I watched Pokemon- I choose you (the first epi) on tv and thats how it all started. But, I had the rest of my pokemon from internet...

October 5th, 2003, 4:10 PM
Hm... I remeber waking up really early in the morning like 7 to watch them... I think the Clefairy one with the moon stones was the first one I saw.

October 11th, 2003, 11:33 AM
I saw the one where Metapod evolved to Butterfree, I liked teh pweety butterfly so I watched it next day.


The Overlord
October 16th, 2003, 12:10 AM
I saw the the first episode when came out.It yoused ta be on upn but they moved it to kids WB

October 16th, 2003, 8:50 AM
I'm not exactly sure, really.

October 16th, 2003, 1:25 PM
first episode is "Bye Bye Butterfree" when i am... in grade 4 so that's like 9 for me... it's by SHEER LUCK how i learned about Pokemon. I was already an anti-social person back then, and never watched TV... I was about to turn on my SNES, and when i turn on the TV it just so happen to have a very cute looking yellow thingie running around... and so begins my interest in Pokemon.

October 18th, 2003, 9:04 AM
I think my first episode of Pokemon was The Laramie ranch episode can't remember the title but the first Pokemon I ever saw in my life was Ghastly.

October 18th, 2003, 4:50 PM
The first episode I saw was 'The Problem with Paras' and it was on a Saturday. I didn't really like the episode much but I watched more and got attached to it.

October 18th, 2003, 8:12 PM
The first one I saw was the one where Ash got Charmander... that was a good one, I like Poke-abuse. The theme of it, not saying I enjoy seeing people abuse Pokemon, but the whole saving Charmander's life was touching and junk.

October 18th, 2003, 8:17 PM
Ya, Pokemon was bassically a one hit wonder back then! every one loved it and now someone would rather tie Pikachu to a tree and let a Crocodile loose than even connsidering watching the show!

October 18th, 2003, 9:17 PM
The first episode I saw was the one where Ash eltrocuted (well, Pikachu really) Misty's bike. I can't remember if that was the first episode or not though.

Electric Hero
September 27th, 2004, 6:50 PM
the truth is that I don't remember the name of the episode , but I remember that is when Ash capture Krabby, and is in a beach and meets a Pokemon Researcher in a lighthouse , and is the first time they saw Dragonite but just its shadow 'cause TR interrupts the the gang and the dragonite and the Dragonite escapes, when they meet the researcher he has a kabuto disguise. When Ash capture Krabby it goes over the lab. of Oak. It was the seventh pokemon Ash captures.

I remember it so well, I will always love that episode just because that episode was my first one

September 27th, 2004, 6:57 PM
First epp for me was obviously Episode 1,and to tell you the truth,I only enjoyed the first 3 seasons of the dub....and then they started going into the wrong direction for my taste.

over in NYC it was on WB11(a WB affiliate,duh).7am..right before school.

And also I noticed on another thread a pic of pokemon on Fox Kids. When was that?

September 27th, 2004, 8:10 PM
The first episode I saw was "Clefairy and the Moon Stone". This was when pokemon first aired in the US and I remember being a little peeved that I had missed the first few shows, but still excited that I was finally getting to see what I had gotten so worked up over from my Nintendo magazines. I made sure not to miss another episode by recording each one every afternoon until I had the entire first season on tape (that was all they ever aired before the show went on KidsWB. After that I stopped taping it).

Water Pokemon Master
September 27th, 2004, 8:22 PM
Ah, I remember...
When I came home from school my friend Alicia was on my couch (we babysit her even though she's my age) watching Pokemon...at the time I thought Pokemon was dumb and real annoying. "Pikachu? What a stupid name!"

At first I was reluctant to watch it, but she forced me to sit down and watch the show...it was the one with the Beauty Salon and when Brock got Vulpix...
It was the scene when Meowth was getting mad at Jessie and James about their budget. I thought Meowth was their boss, but soon learned he was actually their mascot!

After that I never wanted to unglue myself from the World of Pokemon, and I never have!
To think, earlier that morning I thought Pokemon was dumb...but in just 5 minutes I thought it was the best thing EVER.

September 27th, 2004, 9:01 PM
I'm just wonderin what was the first episode you ever watched! the first episode i ever saw was "The Case of the k-9 Caper!" i remember that episode, its what sparked my interest in the show!

was "So Near, Yet So Farfetch'd". At this time, Pokemon was being aired on Sunday mornings on Kids WB in my area. I was too sick to go to church that day, so I checked it out. The episode never sparked my interest, but I kept watching week after week for some strange reason. They were showing Pokemon on a local station in my area as a free standing show on their network, sort of like syndication. They were showing the older episodes, so I caught up on those and I instantly loved Pokemon. :)

September 27th, 2004, 10:59 PM
My first episode ever was about a battle between Abra/Kadabra vs Pikachu. First anime wasn`t cool for me, but later I saw episode about Gastly, Hauter and Gengar and I had a fun.

September 27th, 2004, 11:08 PM
The first episode I saw was the very first one Pokemon! I choose you.
and I have watched it ever since.


September 27th, 2004, 11:12 PM
The first episode I watched was the first episode.....

espeon and umbreon
September 28th, 2004, 2:05 AM
First ep. Ever since then I was attached to pokemon.

kris B.
September 28th, 2004, 2:02 PM
My first episode was "Pokemon Scent-sation". I was at my cousin Luke's when my mom was working one day. I didn't have that channel on my TV, so I didn't get to see another episode for a few months. Then one Christmas Eve my uncle's horse rear ended my satalite dish (seriously!!) and I got The WB as a Christmas presesnt! lol! I don't know how it happened, it just did, so don't ask me! lol!!!

September 28th, 2004, 2:24 PM
The firzt epizode I zaw waz "Zo near, Yet zo farfetched" I had zeen alot of people trading cardz and talking about it zo I checked it out. Then I got hooked...then I lozt interezt <<;; But hey, I'm glad I watched it ^^;;

September 28th, 2004, 2:41 PM
the first one I saw was um, I dunno the name but it was like eppy 2 where ash was rushing pikachu to da pokecenter

September 28th, 2004, 2:42 PM
the fist episode I saw was the episode where Ash cought squrtel (I think...)
I was fliping threw chanells with my a friend of mine and we desined to watch it since we were hocked on the games =P

Star Crossed Dreamer
September 28th, 2004, 5:43 PM
I've been with the show since the beginning. It's awesome.

Sayuri no Hoshi
September 29th, 2004, 10:24 AM
Wow, I just realized...this thread is like, a year old. O_o; Sorry for not noticing it sooner! I'm gonna have to lock this one up! Make a new one if anyone still wishes to discuss the topic--and it does seem that way, so feel free to.