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Cosmic Tyrant
July 2nd, 2007, 8:29 PM
Okay, not a lot of luck with RPG's, so I hope this one will fly.


We all know that Cyrus has failed in his attemps to incase Dialga and Palkia in an immense power to do his bidding, but what he was thinking during that time was never known... The thing is, he wasn't thinking. He couldn't. His mind had litterally snapped like a twig when the three spirits thwarted his evil scheme. All of the remaining grunts, along with commander Saturn, tended to their mental leader for three years, untill he died a sad, unpredicted death...

Saturn diddn't take this too well. He went on a rampage, beating the other Galactic members to a pulp. then trotting off into the sunset with one pokemon: Steelix. Saturn was truely in a rut. His hair was streaming off all ways. His eyes dialated. His teeth grinding with intense vigoration. He too, had snapped. but not too much...

Two more years had passed, and not a peep from Saturn since. Then, rumors started spreading about a new rumor. A new evil Syndicate was forming. Team Universe. With three new admins: Archie, Maxie, and Giovanni. They somehow got intwined with this new team. Heck, Giovanni even quit being a part of the league, they got some other Johnny Pencilpusher to do it. He surely knew that what he was getting into was gonna be big. and the worst part was that Saturn was the leader, and that he was crazier than ever...

Then, the rumers proved to be true. Commander Saturn, now going by the name Galactus, Emerged onto the scene with his loyal Admins and grunts. only Galactus diddn't look like his origonal parsona, Saturn. He had wild gray hair, and a long gray beard, along with eyes that were pearcing, not by contacts but due to pure madness. He had truely gone crazy, as anyone could tell. He kept cackling with in insane voice that struck both deep and squeaky. He and his admins of team Universe went into Sunnyshore one day and announced an era of darkness. then conveniently stated their plan to wake up Heatran; the fabled beast said to live in stark mountain. By doing so, will allow Galactus to capture Heatran so it can engulf the entire planet in lava, thus allowing Galactus to reshape it in his image. He plans to make it a living wasteland, letting only people and Pokemon that he likes live in his new kingdom. He also detests anybody to try and stop his plan, lest they encour the wrath of their pokemon (He's a steel trainer now, and Giovanni has changed his pokemon preference to the Poison type) It's up to our heroes to save the world as we know it!

1: No god-modding
2: No legendaries
3: No more than four pokemon at the start. you can catch more, but please heed to rule no.2
:4 No typing L1k3 th15
:5 No obscene randomness: this is a serious RP
:6 please respect all other Pokecommunity rules

Now for the sign-up sheet:

Nickname:(If any)
Gender: (If any)
Obtained:(How'd you get it?)

Here's mine

Name: Nick Orton
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Appearance: Nick is a little heavier than most men his height. he stands 6'6 and weighs 275 pounds, but his body structure is muscular. He has molotto skin, a well grown goatee, and a large tatoo of a seviper with a pair of dice both showing the one's where the eyes should be on his back. for his ensamble, he prefers classy clothes. He dons a dark grey pinstripe fedora hat, a white T-shirt with a deep red tie and a dark grey pinstripe blazer jacket, dark grey pinstripe slacks, and black leather shoes. Miscellanious objects include black leather gloves, and black studded earring on his left ear, two silver chains (Necklaces) and a black cain with a golden bulb handle.
Personality: Nick is a bit of a snob, but that part of him only concerns his clothes. For the most part, he's nice, but don't cross him. He's vengeful, and unchilverious to boot. He dosen't care about age, color or gender; if you get on his bad side, he WILL get you one way or another. but most people don't get too worried, as it's harder to get him angry than most people. but other than that, he enjoys the company of others. He's also a HUGEfan of Alternative music.
History:Nick grew up in the glistening lights of Vielstone city. and thus, has formed a habit of gambling. He enjoys playing the slots, as that's were most of his payout comes from. but he only goes there once a week. His job keeps him away from the game corner most of the time. He's a professional bobybuilder, which is why he's so big. He spends a lot of his time in the gym pumping up lots of iron. He can bench up to 450 pounds with out even breaking a sweat. but that doesn't necessairly mean he's the greatest at pokemon...

Species: Piplup
Nickname: N/A
Gender: Male
Personality: Prinplup is much like Nick in the fact is that it loves being around others. it is also very sad when it is left
Obtained:Prof: Rowan's lab.
Other:Piplup is shiny

Species: Sunflora
Nickname: N/A
Gender: Female
Personality: Sunflora can be a little rude at times, but on the whole is a pretty decent pokemon. it also loves to eat.
Obtained: Nick was on it's way to Vielstone after viewing a contest and found it being attacked bu a wild Ponyta. Nick and Prinplup rescued it.

Species: Honchkrow
Gender: Male
Personality: Honchkrow is very vain. It takes great pride in it's smooth feathers. It also likes to sleep.
Obtained: Nick caught a Murkrow in the lost tower, and decided to evolve it afher leveling it up.

We'll start this bad boy up after four other people join. Hope you join!

July 4th, 2007, 10:22 AM
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