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“Transcending history and the world, a tale of souls and swords, eternally retold.”

Long ago, the sword was forged by a man.

The sword at first bore no significance or power at its creation. However over years, the sword was tainted by hatred and bloodshed, thus it became a demonic weapon.

The sword known as Soul Edge… Not many know what it really is. Some considered it the sword of Salvation, others simply thought of it as a powerful weapon. However, the truth was that it was an evil sword. It slowly devoured the soul of the wielder and those who sought it were virtually asking for destruction.

After its destruction after all the havoc it had caused, the king had thought that the despicable cursed sword will surely reappear and cause more pain and turmoil.

This ill omen steeled the king’s resolve. For the sake of humanity and the world, he had vowed that he would do whatever it took to create a divine blade that could fight against Soul Edge. He had enlisted the aid of the greatest sage in existence in order to achieve his awe-striking goal.

They had together attempted creating this sword from fragments of Soul Edge that had been purified, after many failed attempts; they had succeeded in forging the sword. They named this blade Soul Calibur.

Soul Calibur needed to be protected until the return of Soul Edge.
So it was protected all the way to the late sixteenth century.
The infamous Soul Edge was known to have returned.

You are seeking down Soul Edge for whatever cause you are after. Whether you wish to wield the blade and be filled with great power, or whether you wish to destroy it. Whether you will slay countless warriors, or die trying. Whether you travel alone, or team up with others. Will you be noble or a terror that strikes fear into the hearts of others by the mere mention of your name?

The choice is yours.

For this is your tale, of souls and swords.

Notes: In your sign up, do not use any characters that have appeared in the games, or any character that you didn’t create yourself. Also note that, this is set in a custom land that I have created myself and all characters start in a place known as Spica, the training grounds for becoming a verified warrior, just like in weapon master of Soul Calibur 2. The places will be different, except I am naming all the cities after the brightest stars, so if you wish to create your own city, town or whatever please refer to this (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_brightest_stars) link.

I would also like to say, don’t be afraid of taking the lead and adding new adventures to the plot, as I haven’t planned things yet and I probably will only want full control in the ending place. Obviously all PC rules apply, and no killing other characters without their permission and don’t even ask to kill somebody else off, only if they ask you. Anyway, here is the sign up-sheet you need to, uh… sign up with… Yeah.

Oh, one last thing, all the nameless characters in the plot are nameless because their names simply unknown. ( Or Namco just isn't telling us.)

Name: Your character’s full name, duh.

Age: In years thanks, and keep the age appropriate, no 10 year olds and whatever.

Personality: I would like at least 4 good descriptive sentences about this. No rush jobs either; I wanna be able to know how they will react to things.

Appearance: Yeah, I’d like four sentences here too; I want to be able to picture your character in my head.

Birthplace: What country and state they were born in.

Height: If you can, please use the metric system. But if you can’t that’s ok.

Weight: Same thing with height, metric if possible.

Birth date: Month and day born, no need for year.

Blood Type: Y’know, like AB, O positive, whatever it is.

Weapon: What type of weapon they use, please keep it limited to one type, and if it is an uncommon or foreign weapon, please provide some information or give a link.

Weapon description: Describe what their actual weapon that they have and set out with looks like, also give their weapon’s name. (If applicable.)

Discipline: Who they trained under, how they were trained?

Family: Well, about family, all dead, do they have siblings?

History: This is what they have done all the way up until they got to Spica training grounds. Well the important stuff at least. Also here, you should mention why they are looking for Soul Edge.

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OOC: Hmm, looks interesting. Soul Calibur FTW. ^^

Name: Gin Yoriko
Age: 16

Personality: Yoriko is a clown of all clowns. Ditzy and bubbly, she loves to smile, and she'll be the first to laugh all her troubles away. She's kind of spacey at the same time, as when someone insults her, she usually takes it as if the person were talking to someone else, or as if there was absolutely no way that person was saying that she was the one who was stupid and clumsy. A dreamer, Yoriko tries her very hardest to be the bright shining light in everyone's lives, and though she has a strange ability to get bored of something within seconds, she always finds a way to entertain herself with something new, while finishing up whatever she already started. This is a particular problem during serious fights, as she usually finds her own serious-ness dwindling after a few seconds, and usually ends up just rolling around on the floor dodging attacks while moaning that she's bored out of her mind. Yoriko could very easily be labelled as suffering from 'ADHD', but this would only happen by someone who has never seen someone who was actually under the effects of the disease. Yoriko is simply just a very happy-go-lucky optimist that finds things boring after the first few minutes thus making it hard for her to keep focused.

Appearance: Yoriko's outfit is rather strange, and is certainly true to the fact that she was once a circus performer. Wearing a black, mandarin collared sleeveless dress, she wears a pair of sheer sleeves that are ridiculously long, starting at her elbows and at least two whole arm lengths long, taking an iridescent white color. Yoriko's performance as a contorionist is well known with these sleeves, as she can use them as an extension of her right hand, using Hyoujin with ease due to Hyoujin's extremely light build. However, with Uta, the long sleeves cannot grasp the weight and the same goes for other heavy weapons. The sleeves are also used to hide Yoriko's movements, as their shimmering sheen are rather distracting. The dress itself only reaches halfway down her thigh's, but a pair of black shorts that rise a tad higher then the skirt of the dress are worn underneath, so that Yoriko have complete mobility, as it is her legs that are the most flexible of all. On her feet are a pair of black ballet shoes with only two straps on top of her feet to keep the shoes in place. The ballet slippers are soft-split-sole shoes, for maximum felixibility. Yoriko's hair is an ashen black, her bangs choppy and extremely feathered, brushed to slightly bend towards the left of her face. Her pale face is framed by two long pieces of hair, which share the same choppy quality as her bangs, while the rest of her hair is pulled into a bun that has long stands of hair sticking out of the sides.

Birthplace: Okinawa, Japan

Height: 158 cm.

Weight: 53 kg.

Birth date: April 19th

Blood Type: AB+

Weapon: Dual Tonfa (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tonfa), Hyoujin and Uta.

Weapon description: Yoriko's Tonfa are elongated to be as long as her arms. The left Tonfa, Uta, is extremely heavy, and has a regular rounded shaft. The right Tonfa's shaft is made like a blade, essentially a sword in the shape of a tonfa, which is why it's called Hyoujin. Both tonfa's are silver in color with black handles, Uta having black caps on the ends to keep the heavy weights inside the hollow shaft.

Discipline: Yoriko worked as a performer in a circus, her act including her main role as a contortionist blended with gymnastics. She spent most of her years performing, and also learned how to fight during performance. She used two wooden tonfa against a staff user once every week in a performance, training with various tonfa users for different fighting displays during the other days, and molded her own style by combining her frightening flexibility and speed. Thus, her attacks are flashy and rather showy.

Family: Mother - Harumei Hana - Alive - Harumei Hana lives alone in a small cabin in the northern forests of Japan. She is seclusive, and has long gone insane, thus is seperated from other's. Yoriko has no recollection of her mother, and is unaware that she is still alive.

Father - Gin Sonousuke - Deceased - Sonousuke died when Yoriko was 3, of an unknown sickness that is said to have slightly transferred to Yoriko's mother, thus making her insane, as the sickness was a sort of induced paranoia. Yoriko has no recollection of her father, and is unaware that he is dead.

History: After her father died and her mother lost her mind, Yoriko was sent to a travelling circus, so that she could be around more people to keep her mind off of her own family. However, to any logical mind, this was a stupid notion, and indeed, the elder of her village was no logical man. She quickly asked where her own family was, and she was never given an answer. Thus, the issue ceased, and Yoriko quickly stopped asking, as she was involved in rigorous exercises that would turn her into a flexible monster, someday one of the main attractions of the travelling circus. The ringmaster had watched a performing fight and decided to teach Yoriko the methods to use a weapon that was non-fatal, a pair of tonfa. She was thus labelled the 'Flexible Fighter', as her circus name. However, being apart of a travelling circus, she heard many many stories, and the story of Soul Edge caught her interest. She listened with great intent and found that whoever was possessed by the sword gained great, powerful, and horrifying powers. Asking around the village, the elder told her that a long time ago, a family lived there, and the father had seen and touched the sword. He was an average blacksmith who had one enormous stroke of misfortune to come across the sword.

But when he returned, the sword had already left his body, and left the man mindless and insane. The mother tried her very best to tend to the zombie-like man, but soon lost her sanity as well. In fear, the elder told Yoriko that he snatched the family's only daughter away from them, secluding them and keeping her in hiding for months. When the father finally passed away, the mother was sent away, and the girl was sent on a travelling circus, much like the one that Yoriko was apart of. Yoriko wondered if this was her past, and though she had no memories of herself at the age of 3, she set off in search of Soul Edge to discover whether her history was really as cloudy and stormy as the elder had depicted the story of the young girl...

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OOC: Oh, I remember this from the discussion thread. It looks good Sephiroth+.

Name: Li Meiling

Age: 22

Gender: Female

Personality: Meiling is a serious person who will do whatever it takes to accomplish her goal. She is unafraid of confrontation and will speak her mind regardless of the situation. Because of this, she often gets into arguments and if opposed, can become very stubborn. She fights for what she wants and does not concede defeat on any level until she has been proven wrong.
Despite her upfront and brash nature, Meiling does have a more calm and caring attitude towards her family and very close friends. She will support them whenever necessary, but expects the same treatment in return. Due to her upbringing and experience, Meiling has become unnecessarily sarcastic, but does not let this affect her interaction with others that may provide her with more information on the fabled sword. This often annoys those associated with her, as it tends to provoke her initial stubborn attitude, but she will swallow her pride if it were to detour her from her goal.

Appearance: Meiling’s main attire involves a long ceremonial dress, decorated with detailed patterns across the front, sides and back of the garment. The dress opens from the neckline, extending across both arms and reaches further down covering her torso and legs. The dress parts across the front of her torso before being tied together by a supporting cummerbund across the waist. The dress then continues down and over her legs before completely covering her feet.
Each sleeve of the robe is extended across both arms and reach just short of her fingertips. The hemline of each arm is layered against the sleeves of her inner dress and comes just short of each hand’s palm. The inner dress itself provides a thin undercoat for cushioning against the over dress and for general support.
Thin floral patterns decorate the ends of the dress’s hemlines and sleeves, and are stitched directly into the material. The main body of the dress is of a faded maroon colour, while its floral patterns are stitched using thin white thread.

Underneath her dress’s waist, Meiling also sports a pair of tight knee-long pants that cover her groin and upper thighs. The pants are also of a white colour, matching her inner dress top.

Furthermore, Meiling often adorns small slip-on shoes that reach just above her ankle bone. These are often hidden from view underneath of her initial cover dresses and undergarments.

She also sports two iron rings on each arm and has made the point of never removing them. Each ring spans 8.5 centimetres wide and are gold in colour.

Birthplace: Hong Kong, China

Height: 160cm

Weight: 56kg

Birth date: March 25

Blood Type: B+

Weapon: Deer Horn Knives ( http://i61.photobucket.com/albums/h46/Phanima/martialartsmart_1952_142204542.jpg)

Weapon description: Deer Horn Knives are specialised Chinese bladed weapons consisting of two steel crescents crossing. This crossing produces four curved, claw-like points, one of which is extended as the main blade. The user grips the wrapped middle of the lengthened crescent with the other acting as a hand guard.

The Deer Horn Knives are normally used against longer weapons such as spear, sword, broadsword, or any weapon which uses safe distances to attack from. They are mainly used in trapping an opponent’s weapon in aid of tying up or breaking the opponent’s weapon, disarming the opponent and other close combat applications.

Discipline: Meiling had learnt one of the few martial arts available for students in Hong Kong, under the influence of the capital’s martial arts’ school. She was taught in group and individually by the school’s only teacher. She left the school after five years of training in response to family matters that forced her to abandon her education. She then continued training under her own influence by repeating exercises she learnt during her training.

Family: Meiling’s family had completely fallen apart by the time she was eleven-years-old. Her parents had gotten into numerous disputes after relocating, one resulting in the death of her mother. Her father had killed her mother during an argument concerning debts he owed to a number of the villagers for being able to afford their recent lifestyle. The argument also brought up her father’s affair with one of the villager’s wives, where she had become pregnant and bore a daughter, ten years Meiling’s junior.

Soon after the discovery of her mother’s death, Meiling’s father left the village. Still young, Meiling was taken in by the same village wife that had had an affair with her father, and was brought up together with her half-sister.

History: Meiling had spent the majority of her life being brought up in a comfortable and privileged environment. Her family led a relatively peaceful and prosperous lifestyle in Hong Kong’s capital, even though they were considered second-class citizens.

She attended daily martial arts classes and learnt all she knew from her academics and peers. There she trained in the soft style of Chinese martial arts, Baguazhang, known for its diverse weaponry. This was also where Meiling had acquired her first set of Deer Horn Knives, used in her style of fighting.

She was also home schooled by her parents and learnt much about the history of the country, as well as other foreign lands from which another interest of hers derived. She had come across information on a sword known as Soul Edge, a sword known to devour the souls of those who seek its destructive power. Learning of a weapon so powerful only encouraged her interest, and soon, she devoted all of her time to finding and obtaining the ultimate sword. Her desire to do so, derived from her time after being forced to leave the capital’s martial arts school.

The capital of Hong Kong had become unstable during the earlier periods of the sixteenth century. Its economy had become unproductive and many of the capital’s residents were forced out of corrupted businesses due to the lack of support and the sudden inflation.

Meiling’s family was heavily affected by the country’s collapse and along with many other second-class and below citizens, were forced to leave the country or risk losing everything they had. With no significant financial support, Meiling and her parents relocated to a small village in the country, where they managed to afford a small home and sufficient jobs to survive.

However, after moving from Hong Kong to her new country home, she spent the remainder of her childhood and teenage years under the care of her foster parents.
Her father had become indebted to several of the villagers with loans that he had borrowed to start a new life in the village. Her mother confronted him about the issue, where the topic of his affair was also brought up. The argument resulted in the death of her mother after her father had struck her out of anger.
The discovery of her mother’s death was imminent, but by that time, her father had already left the village, leaving Meiling.
Soon after, she was taken in by the villager’s wife that had had the affair with her father. From then, Meiling grew up under the care of her new parents and alongside her half-sister.

Because of her family’s history, Meiling was treated with little respect and acknowledgement as she grew up in the village. Her half-sister was also looked down upon for being the result of an affair, but not to the extent of Meiling’s treatment. She was bullied and taken advantage of throughout her childhood and teenage years, and found that the only people she could trust were her foster parents, her half-sister, and herself. Thus her desire to become stronger and acknowledged, despite her origins, led to her recollection of the ultimate source of power. She remembered the readings she found of an ultimate sword, known as Soul Edge, and made finding and obtaining the sword her goal.

Now, hearing of a lead that may inevitably lead her to Soul Edge, Meiling left for a place known as Spica.

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@ Phanima: This is MUCH more than I expected and is extremely good, there really isn't anything else for me to say, so I'll just say ACCEPTED

@ Jyukai: Obviously your not done, so y'know, I'll judge it when it is PENDING

PS: I forgot to add gender to the sign up, so could you both please edit and squeeze it in between name and age. I'll post my sign up later.

Name: Zyreth Dasias (His brother and his friends call him phoenix)

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Personality: Zyreth is an outgoing and full of confidence and determination. This may sometimes be overconfidence and not knowing when to quit. He loves fighting and sword play with great intensity which is sometimes a good thing, as he would never be afraid to fight when he needs to, yet this is also a bad thing as he jumps into fights when he doesn’t need to. He dislikes being alone and is quick to make friends and cling to a group. He is quick to anger and would start a fight over a few insults. He doesn’t care about how he is thought of by others and constantly shows his true colours. He does care about things being fair and only enjoys fights for the challenge, not for the fact that he is fighting and usually wouldn’t take on opponents who are significantly weaker than he is.

Appearance: Zyreth has a somewhat muscular build, (For someone his age). He has olive skin, deep aqua-blue eyes that are filled with youthful confidence and determination. He has straight and medium length slightly dark brown spiky hair that points backwards in chunks of hair. He wears a fighting headband around his forehead and it is a bright red colour. He wears a loose-fitting sleeveless red shirt with a yellow phoenix on it. He has a leathery yellow body band around his waist as armour and red flared pants that look kind of like samurai pants, except underneath he wears light protective armoured grieves. He wears large brown protective gauntlets and light red armoured pads of steel that protect most of his forearm. His clothing weighs a total of 4 kilograms (As his armour is light and crafted out of light yet durable steel) and is specifically designed not to restrict movement.

Birthplace: Greece, Sparta

Height: 1.74 metres

Weight: 62 kilograms

Birth date: 31st of July

Blood Type: O positive

Weapon: Xiphos (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Xiphos)

Weapon description: His xiphos is named ‘Phoenix’ and is said to be imbued with the power of a phoenix. Due to this, whenever the sword breaks or gets even slightly damaged, it would be a matter of seconds until it is repaired. It has a leaf shaped blade and is a beautiful and somewhat luminous Gold colour with traces of red. It is actually an extended range version of a usual xiphos, as it is 1 metre long in total, with an 85 centimetre blade and a 15 cm hilt, which is a plain brownish colour. It also discharges the recovery power into his hands, so whenever his hands are injured, they recover instantly, this serves as the hand protection that a xiphos usually lacks.

Discipline: Fighting style passed down through every male generation, starting in Ancient times. This training was taught to him by his father. He fights with the discipline and courage of a Spartan warrior, and fights with mixtures of precise, barbaric and butchering attacks from his sword.


Father: Alexander, 35

Mother: Athena, 34

Brother: Jason, 18

History: The Dasias family come from a long line of warriors and passed on fighting skills since ancient times. Zyreth spent most of his life training with his father and brother and apart from that, hanging out with his friends. When Zyreth’s brother Jason was 17, he had set out on a quest to destroy Soul Edge, a year later, he been brought back by his fellow travelers seriously injured and was in dire need of intensive care, after the best they could do, doctors had managed to help him, but he had become paraplegic. Upon hearing this, that night Zyreth had left a note saying that he would finish what Jason started and had set off on a ship to Spica training grounds.

He had started there, because that was where many warriors started their journeys and Zyreth could probably join a group of others instead of traveling alone. Plus, apparently at the grounds, a technique that was being taught was ‘Soul Charge’ which allowed the user to focus and manipulate all the power in their soul.

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Name:Charlotté Cãrmichael Francois [Fran-swah.]

Age: 16.

Gender: Female.

Personality: Charlotté Cãrmichael is fairly level headed and posseses a serious nature, making her one of the mature ones of the group and the most 'compos mentis' as she calls it. Charlotté is quick thinking, a trait that could be a useful tendency at times, and she never hesitates and does what first comes to her mind. But this is both Charlotté's strength and weakness. Her thought out situations and calm and cool reactions, leaves her estimating her opponent, which not always may seem recherché or pleasing to others.

Though it may not look like it at first, Charlotté Cãrmichael has a fairly quick, fiery temper that often shows when under stress, or someone she cares about is being threatened. This, above all, is one of the things she cannot stand – having someone she loves threatened. When this happens, she becomes frivolous, and doesn't conceive. Thus, another one of her weaknesses is being muddled by personal things. Charlotté Cãrmichael is particularily lazy, and some tiny things can bore her a lot, therefore, she just hums a song she has recently heard out loud, which is both rude and insulting.

Charlotté Cãrmichael has a tendency of having rude and sarcastic remarks at ideas that are dumb and stupid, as she calls them. Though living in the simple country of France, she is used to people with a weird accent, and as a youngster, Charlotté called them "stupidheads." and that's what she calls them now. Though, Charlotté Cãrmichael has a pretty odd accent herself, she has learned four languages, and only in French, have people actually understood her. When speaking English, Charlotté hardly ever pronounces the S's, she rolls her R's and pronounces her long words by each syllable, she also 'spits' on her H's. Charlotté Cãrmichael can also speak Japanese and German, which was learned when she was in Liechen Academy in Paris.

Appearance: Charlotté Cãrmichael seems to tower over every individual and seems the most of intimidating. Referred to as pale, her gaunty skin seems the least bit flawless with an army of freckles guarding her radiant cheekbones. Her auburn colored hair is filled with tangles due to carelessness, and has naturel honey colored streaks throughout the piece of twigs and sticks. Charlotté has the darkest eyes of russet, and if you look into the light you are to find two eyes of shadowed sepia, if not, her eyes seem like one big pupil, her raven plaited specticales helping with her vision.

Generally wears a sterling pure white ribbon flowing down to her chest, as it have been done by a mere child. Wears, a tainted collar top in the trimmest form of white accompanied by a fuchsia tie with crescent moons. Charlotté wears navy jeaned khakis accented with a pearl belt to ensure the jeans to not fall. Charlotté prefers wearing laced mountain boots with the slightest tint of mauve with numerous rocks stuck in the two boots.

Birthplace: Marseille, France.

Height: 145 Centimeters.

Weight: 45 Kilograms.

Birth date: August 11.

Blood Type: AB Negative.

Weapon: Australian Stock Whip. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:Stockwhip.jpg)

Weapon Description: Charlotté Cãrmichael has dubbed her whip the name of Tranche, in which it means 'slice' in French. Tranche's handles is more longer then most whips, and is made from a very strong piece of iron, Charlotté usually likes to twirl the whip above her head and then "BAM." Hit the opponent with the iron handle. Tranche's thong (the leather part.) is also long, about four feet long. It is made from braided leather and hurts. Alot. Charlotté Cãrmichael usually likes to just 'slice' the opponent with the whip.

Discipline: Charlotté Cãrmichael wasn't really trained under everyone, though her aunt and uncle in the countryside have taught Charlotté how to use an Australian Stock Whip against cattle, and have told about the effect on humans as well. They too have taught Charlotté about how to survive in deserts, forests, and other remote areas. Charlotté was also taught in the prestigious Liechen Academy in Paris, she was taught about analyzing things, math, science, and languages. Charlotté can also kick and punch very hard.

Family: Father - Alethander Beau Francois - Deceased - Alethander Beau died of an unknown illness, most likely cancer when the sixth born child was just a young girl, this affected that one the most, without a father to piggy back her, and though Charlotté was the third born, though it affected her as well. Alethander was a successful business man who worked as a vice president of a real estate agency. Alethander Beau was a kind man who was always piggy-backing his children, but Charlotté had a particular liking to him.

Mother - Hortensia Mallory Francois - Dissapeared - Hortensia Mallory quickly dissapeared after Alethander's death, leaving the oldest one to take care of the other's as a mother. The family hugged each other to bed, and no others were there for them, some of them became very quiet and kept to themselves, while the two oldest had to take part-time-jobs, because what they left wasn't enough. Though a kind woman usually brought them bread and pastries every 5days. Hortensia was a bit more serious then the kind Alethander, but she cared about her children a lot.

Sister - Amarante 'Ama Ama' Eleanor Francois - Alive - Amarante Eleanor was the oldest, and when Hortensia dissapeared, the mother of the family, she cares about her grades, her sisters, and she was the motherly figure, Amarante, when Hortensia dissapeared, was mortified, as she looked up dearly to her mother, and she knew she had to take charge, some even started calling her 'mother.' Amarante's name, meaning flower, has given a new bloom to her motherly figure that she has. Witty, and beautiful, Amarante can even cook!

Sister - Blanche Reine Francois - Alive - Blanche takes on the oldest sister part of the family, she has priorities and teases everyone, if Amarante doesn't appear. she takes pride in her name and her gorgeous blonde hair. Blanche means fair-haired, or fair-complexion, and she always takes pride in herself with this. Though, Blanche can sometimes get a bit carried away, she is a drama queen and can scream very loud.

Charlotté Cãrmichael Francois

Sister - Darlene Yvette Francois - Alive - Darlene Yvette is very childish, though a darling. As her name, Darlene, means little darling, she means very innocent and means all good. I guess you can say that Darlene is perfect, her hair, her personality, even her poise. Darlene is a perfect child, and her parents were delighted to have her, though Alethander's death has affected her a lot. Darlene's innocence comes from her tendency to be a bit spoiled from her father, and that is why her father's death has affecte her so much, she prefers to stay quiet now.

Sister - Elle Jenay Francois - Missing - Elle Jenay was always quiet, though Alethander and Hortensia were both her idols, after the death and dissapearence, Elle also dissapeared without a trace, none know what had happened to Elle and none want to know, so, all three dissapearences from the household caused great grief for the last and other children. Some say she has moved on, though some say she went to find the Soul Edge. Though, Charlotté Cãrmichael might see Elle Jenay on the way for her long journey, though no one knows.

Sister - Fleur Genevieve Francois - Alive - When Fleur was a small girl, Alethander died and Hortensia and Elle dissapeared, that has caused Fleur to greive and live her life without three pieces of the puzzle, and that has caused Fleur to develop an illness that has been growing in Fleur, she sometimes refuses to eat and has caused troubles for Amarante Eleanor. Fleur's name means flower, so Fleur seems like a dead flower, or just a weed. Her illness has been growing and they don't know how long Fleur can survive, so she is getting special care in Spica.

History: From the day she was born, Charlotté Cãrmichael, has led a life to be recorded in a autobiography, the tradition of the Francois family is to name your children after all of the letters of the alphabet, though it hasn't gone that far. After Fleur Genevieve was born, the mysterious illness of Alethander Beau was slowly spreading, and after the seventh month, he passed away. Hortensia Mallory, the mother, was devastated, and through her grief, her sanity was passing away, just like Alethander Beau and soon she disappeared. Amarante Eleanor, the oldest, had to take up the position of mother and had to take a part-time job, as well as Blanche and Charlotté. Charlotté worked as a part-time instructor at the prestigious Liechen Academy in Paris, and as pay recieved some money and lessons at that academy. Also, a kind old lady brought the Francois family some pastries and bread every five days.

This was enough for Charlotté! After the disappearence of Elle Jenay, and the diagnosis of Fleur Genevieve, Charlotté had then set out for what her father once tried to do when he was alive, and what Elle Jenay also set out for. To seek the legendary Soul Edge. Though Charlotté doesn't know what happened with the trauma of her family. She took her Australian Stock Whip, some medicine, and left.

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Jyukai: This is great! Again more than I expected, your ACCEPTED

Mikuru-chan: Your not finished so like, I'll read over it again when it is... PENDING

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Yay a place to use his full abilities!

Sign up sheet in the making. so reserve me a spot please. @.@

((there it is.))
Name: Raul Luis Franchisk Hylian “Pink Link” (That’s as far as I got with his name.)

Age: 15

Personality: He's a cowboy wrapped in a genius Wrapped in a dream wrapped in another cowboy. For those who didn't understand that, he's a gentlemen, he thinks of others first and always has something planned no matter what the situation is. He cares so much for others that it is as though he isn't even real, he cares more for men then for women however, which is something that he has to work on. This Problem of his is so strong that he will go out of his way to help a man and go past a woman in danger. He believes that women can get out of trouble themselves and gives them more then enough of an opportunity before he actually helps out, and even when he does he only helps a little.

Appearance: Imagine with me children, a man with brown hair long ears and green eyes. Well that’s not enough is it you could just imagine any old guy; well let’s go in deeper shall we.
Pink Link (http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/56427904/); He’s wears a pink tunic and Santa hat without fluff. He’s got Brown gloves that come almost all the way up to his elbows, his straight yet bouncy brown hair clashes slightly with his emerald green eyes. Large heavy brown soft leather boots cover his feet up to the knee and his brown belt’s buckle is forged with the symbol of the Hylain royal seal.
Fare clean, yet slightly tanned skin gives him a Mexican look. The brown belt that holds his beloved sword that rests in a white sheave with gold markings and a large pink heart. Don’t let all the hearts on his things lead you a stray, he just likes hearts is all.

Birthplace: Hyrule

Height: 1m. 80 cm

Weight: 70 Kg…… yeah.

Birth date: 25th October

Blood Type: B+

Weapon: A sword.

Weapon description: Angel’s Blade (http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/52991741/?qo=47&q=by%3Ajbcblank&qh=sort%3Atime+-in%3Ascraps), is made of different colored silver’s. It’s very important and has a tiny pink topaz in the shape of a heart on the hilt, with little Silver angle wings around it. A smooth ruby tops the whole thing off.

Discipline: Actually he was trained by his mother, she showed him the things that his father had taught her, he wasn’t taught by his father because he liked pink to much and his father wasn’t going to stain his reputation on such a son.

Family: His mother and father died just before his Big brother, Green, took off and became the Hero of the land, his other brothers (http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/59099444/) include Red and Blue that helped Green on his journey. The rest of the family that actually likes Pink are; Purple, Yellow, Black, White, Gold, and Silver, they all look like Green except for tunic color. That’s what their father looked like. Pink Looks like his mother.

History: Growing up he was a normal boy, he played in the kitchen with his mom while his brothers got fighting lesions from dad. Link learned to help in the kitchen and learned the best things to use to clean but also how to defend himself as his mother knew. She always told him never to fight, only defend your self when attacked. He loved his mother and cried for days when she died, he ended up living alone in the house he grew up in while all of his older brothers went off to live together in a separate house. He learned threw rumors that his oldest brother Green was crowned Hero, and that his brothers were throwing him a party.
Pink attended this party but was thrown out by Red and Blue because Navi had said that he was much better then them. Pink went back home and his brother’s were kidnapped; he fallowed their trail which led him to Hyrule castle where he meets and falls in love with Princess Zelda. Things happen and he ends up in the dungeon where Navi finds him and helps him escape, after that he meats and battles with Raul Musket and learns that the only way to save his brothers is to deliver the Soul edge back to Raul, and he must do it fast because for each week that passes he’ll loose one brother, starting with Green.


July 4th, 2007, 7:14 PM
Hey Zai I am going to ask for a reservation as well. It is going to take me a while to create a new bio

July 4th, 2007, 8:49 PM
JBCBlank, well, you will be doing quite some editting, it's just that your character is a variation of a Zelda character, in other words let me refer to this...

In your sign up, do not use any characters that have appeared in the games, or any character that you didn’t create yourself.

Pink Link is the pink Link in Four Swords... REJECTED

But you can try again if you major edit, by that I mean anything that has to do with the games, so that would be your Appearence, History and family. Maybe the name as well, or just the Hylian and the Pink Link part.

OmniReaper: Want a reservation? You got it!

PS: Since when am I Zai? Lol. Too used to my Star in the SKy character I'm guessing...

Jack O'Neill
July 4th, 2007, 9:48 PM
[Obviously, this is a work in progress. Just leave a spot open for me while I try to work out the other details.]

Name: Park Ji-hyun

Age: 23

Gender: Female

Personality: On the exterior, Ji-hyun appears to be a very peaceful character in a cast of frantic people. She is almost always seen presenting a cheerful, calm, and collected façade, even in the face of conflict or other chaotic events; she constantly has a wide smile on her face and always speaks in a formal and polite voice, albeit with a distinct mocking and facetious undertone.

Under Ji-hyun's serene exterior, however, lies an latent, seething rage. Part of the cost of maintaining the plastic smile on her face is the complete and total repression of even the slightest feelings of anger, fear, and despair; the teasing, sarcastic undertone in her voice is partly a result of these repressed feelings. She does have enough self-control to keep her rage in check in most situations, preferring instead to unleash it on her foes during combat.


Birthplace: Hanseong, Korea (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Seoul) [present-day Seoul, South Korea]

Height: 1.68 m

Weight: 48 kg

Birth date: 25 June

Blood Type: AB+

Weapon: Jian (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jian)

Weapon description: Ji-hyun's jian is simply named "Independence." Its blade, which measures approximately 82.5 cm long, 2.75 cm wide, and .25 cm thick at the base, is forged from an unknown alloy that is stronger, lighter, more flexible, and more durable than ordinary steel; consequently, the blade is quite light and flexible, yet extremely keen and strong enough to parry direct strikes from other weapons with ease. The blade has images of dragons engraved along the length of the blade on both sides and decorated in enamel, red on one side and blue on the other (a la the Green Destiny (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Green_Destiny) from Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon). The guard is built from gold and ornately shaped in the form of an eagle with outspread wings pointing towards the tip of the blade. The hilt, constructed from platinum and measuring 20 cm long, 6.5 cm wide, and 1.75 cm thick, has a timed security device built into it that must be deactivated as soon as it is held by someone other than Ji-hyun; if it is not disarmed in time (a process that only Ji-hyun knows), a set of eight small steel blades in the hilt are released, severely mangling the would-be wielder's hand. The disc-shaped pommel is initricately crafted from platinum and gold and decorated with red and blue enamel; the design featured on both sides of the pommel bears an uncanny resemblance to the modern-day South Korean coat of arms (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coat_of_arms_of_South_Korea), right down to the hangul inscription on the ribbon. A red and blue horsehair tassel is attached to a knob on the bottom of the pommel; if the blade trap in the hilt is engaged, pulling on this tassel will cause the blades to retract back into the hilt (actually resetting the trap so it will work again is another issue entirely).

Discipline: Ji-hyun has received some instruction in traditional Korean swordsmanship from her father and official military instructors; in addition, her paternal grandfather has passed down most of his knowledge of kenjutsu down to her. In forming her own fighting style, Ji-hyun has taken to observing, learning, and adapting other sword styles, taking the techniques that work for her, discarding the ones that don't, and using simple improvisation to fill in the gaps; consequently, her greatest advantage in combat is her sheer adaptability and unpredictability. In addition, she tends to use taekwondo techniques to supplant her swordplay and will fall back on those if she is somehow disarmed. She often takes advantage of her pent-up hostility by channeling it to enhance the power of her attacks, armed or unarmed.



July 4th, 2007, 9:53 PM
Ok, Jack O' Neil, reservation for you...

By the way, this is set in 1581, not present day...

Another thing, I'm rating this Rp PG.

July 5th, 2007, 11:55 AM
There you go Zai. A completely new character.

Name: Cain Zanith

Age: 18

Personality: Cain is more or less the every man. He is friendly and is always trying to stop conflict. This is why his sword is legendary to react in the complete opposite of him. But Cain is complected. He is smart and uses logic or quotes many legendary people. When Cain is fighting that is a different story. He fights because it calms him down in the heat of day. When he fights angry his blade reacts to Cain's mind and does multiple things such as blocking arrows at the precise moment. However Cain is always wanting to make friends with the strangest of people and would of course want to fight them if possible

Appearance: Cain is slimmed to the max. He has black hair that is quite long on him. He of course however has a matching goatee that he has no intention of shaving. The goatee however acts more like a beard. He has cerulean eyes.

Cain's armor is a different story. He usually wears armor to intimidate his opponents. His armor (http://www.noblecollection.com/images/catalog/NN9905-C.jpg) is steel that covers his entire body. Chainmail rests underneath. Cain however has mastered movement with armor and no longer feels chafing or movement problems. He barely feels the weight when he moves around in it.

Birthplace: England, Unknown

Height: 5'9

Weight: 50 kg

Birth date:October 25

Blood Type:O positive

Weapon: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Claymore

Weapon description: The blades name is the "Doomgiver". Its blade is pure white and silver. witch gives it an angelic look. Close to the hilt is a blue sapphire which gives it more of a glow. On the actual hilt, in the middle of the pommel is a ruby that legend has it is dragonsbane and feeds off the users anger. When the user is more angry due to the train of battle the blade will then react to the users mind more often.

Discipline: He was trained by a family friend named Avery since his father and mother were killed. He was trained in basic swordplay and other improvised forms.

Family: Cain is the oldest in his family. He has a younger brother named William though. However all other ties to family are dead

History: After Cain's mother and father died in a peasant revolt when he was 14 Cain was trained by a family friend named Avery in order to be a knight. He was trained in many different types of swordplay and how to wear armor. After a few years at 18 he was already a famous knight. However the thirst for more power got to him as he learned of the fabled weapon known as the Soul Edge. He took upon the weapon passed down to him known as the Doomgiver and set off for the Spica training grounds in hopes that he could find someone who knew more about the soul edge

July 5th, 2007, 1:13 PM
Omni Reaper: You got everything that's needed, it's a good sign up, you failed to mention birthdate, but that isn't important. You're ACCEPTED, but just edit it when you see this. But, one more thing, seriously I'm not 'Zai', but I'm planning to change my username back to Zaiku when I can so I guess there is no reason for me to be telling you this.

EDIT: I'm going to start with the RP when we have five fully accepted members. I will be accepting late sign ups, and if they want to join by the time we are in another city, you don't need to start off in Spica.

July 6th, 2007, 7:42 PM
((actually Purple Link is in Four Swords, Pink link isn't in any of the games. he has his own story and everything. I made him up.))

July 6th, 2007, 10:05 PM
Name: Kamekage Uria

Age: 15

Personality: A boy of patience and wisdom , he would no less be a very skilled fighter , however , he is mildly an aggressive one if he is angered. In a fight he always waits for his opponent to make the first move , since he is also very lazy when it comes to certain things , although there are some exceptions. He is not easily angered as one might think though. In fact it is only 97% possible for someone to anger him. He doesn't take threats easily and is agile and cunning when it comes to the fight.

Appearance: He wears a hachimaki except the Japan symbol is replaced by a black diamond. He also wears a black mask , a black scarf , black leather pants (recognizable as Ryu's from Ninja gaiden), a black shirt with straps on it to hold projectiles (stars , kunai , etc.) , tabi boots , and two black armlets with big black diamonds also embedded in them. He has one red eye and one blue eye , the red eye looking as if it were a demonic one. There are blue stripe markings on his cheeks , three on each and get smaller the lower they are. He has an athletic build and an amulet that his sister has given to him.

Birthplace: Kyoto , Japan

Height: 1.75 meters

Weight: 50 kg

Birth date: October 26th

Blood Type: AB

Weapon: a souba (double bladed katana) (http://www.phantomblades.com/images/images_big/souba.jpg)

Weapon description: It's name is Houzaru. Its blades are of pure black diamond and steel and the hilt is covered with a white cloth that protects the sword from anyone who is not the real wielder of the sword. The blade is very thin and razor sharp , making it a dangerous weapon. Its hand guard is made of gold and the feather of the fabled phoenix , which gives the sword its power over wind and fire. It uses little bits of the wielders energy to give it power , but stops when the wielder is on the verge of dying or is dead. The sword is still untouchable to others and doesn't crumble away. The blades are about four feet long and the sword is very , very , VERY light. Blocking with it increases the energy lost for that hit , as the energy drain is still in effect.

Discipline: Uria trained under a ninja named Suzaku Sousuke , since he never knew his mother and father. Sousuke acted as a father to him and cared for him until he died in a mission.

Family: He and his eight year old sister , Vale , are the only ones left in their clan. They were adopted into Taki's former clan after she became an outsider.

History: When his clan was slain he was trained by Suzaku Sousuke for seven years , which was up until he was fourteen. For the last year he spent his time researching on different legends and myths and deadly weapons. Before his fifteenth birthday a man , all battered up and bloody , told him of the real power of Soul Edge , and what it was for. Since he knew the Head Ninja of the village wanted the sword and that the sword would bring chaos upon the world , he left to go find out more about it at Spica before destroying it.

July 6th, 2007, 11:36 PM
((actually Purple Link is in Four Swords, Pink link isn't in any of the games. he has his own story and everything. I made him up.))

Fine, I guess when you start getting technical; because I used to never know whether the fourth guy in four swords is pink or purple. But since you put it that way, I guess being related to pre-existing characters who have appeared in the Soul Calibur franchise would be ok, so luckily for you, I'm gonna say ACCEPTED

And OEoD, you get your reservation.

Anyway, on to the first post: We have begun.

IC: Zyreth stood in the middle of the hustle and bustle of the city of Spica, as he watched the large wooden ship he had arrived on sail away slowly. The voices of merchants, peasants, nobles, knights, mages and many other types of fighters that hadn’t been in Europe let alone Greece had filled the air.

Spica must’ve been a well integrated ecosystem. He proceeded north for a kilometre or two before eventually the only other folk around him were fellow fighters. There were knights, mages, martial artists, even some eastern warriors who titled themselves ‘samurais’ or ‘ninjas’.

It was made clear that he had reached his destination, which was obvious by the crowd around him, yet even more so by the grand bridge entry with a large flashy sign reading

Zyreth ran down the remarkable bridge, soon to find he was in a large fighting ring, before he knew it, he was spoken to by a so called samurai, he had course and masculine features and a scruffy and short beard.

The man spoke in a rough and course voice,

“Ah, the training session doesn’t start for another ten minutes, but it is good to see that a lad like you is taking on the challenge of the Spica training grounds.” The man paused and cracked his neck “Anyway, if you are put in my squad you’ll be training with me, the name is Shigeru.”

“Good to meet you, they call me Skyru.”

Shigeru cracked his neck again and continued to speak,

“So, judging by the colour of your skin tone and your features, I’m guessing you’re European.”

“Yeah, I came over from Greece,”

Shigeru gave an abrupt and amused laugh,

“If you came from so far away, I could bet my life you came here to get training to find Soul Edge, am I right?”

“Heh, you pretty much wrapped it up.”

“Well, you are a bit young, but with my training, you’ll be a step in the right direction.

Zyreth had explained everything to him about how his brother once went on a quest to destroy Soul Edge but didn’t quite make it, hence why he was finishing what his brother started.

Zyreth had waited patiently as the arena had gradually filled up with people.

July 7th, 2007, 7:55 AM
"Stingy stingy." Yoriko muttered in annoyance as she finally made to the training grounds of Spica. The minute she mentioned leaving to go look for Soul Edge, Hatchi, the ringmaster, pushed her out of the circus tent and threw her belongings out as well. He had a short temper, and always did that whenever people in the troup mentioned leaving. Sighing, Yoriko used her left hand, still concealed within her sleeves, to pull up her right sleeve and pin it at her elbows, before doing the same with her left sleeve. Patting the top of her hair to make sure it looked just right, the young girl took one giant step down the flashy circus-ey bridge before simply striding down the bridge in as normal a way a circus performer could. Putting her arms behind her head, one could tell that this girl was not trained in the arts of manners.

Yoriko, being Yoriko, made the bridge scene as exciting as it could be, making it jump up and down as she skipped across it, spinning around every now and then just for the heck of it. Life was goooood, after all, and you had to live like everyday was your last. Especially at this point, since she really was going after Soul Edge.

"Hiyo!" Yoriko waved with both her hands at no one in particular, smiling in as cute a kitten-like way as she could, "Am I in the right place??"

OOC// I know it's the crappiest post ever, but I wanted to get a post in before I left for the rest of the day. :< Forgiveth me, please?

July 7th, 2007, 1:32 PM
OOC: Relax, the post is fine.^___________^

Zyreth quickly spun around as he heard a voice asking whether they were in the right place, it clearly wasn't directed at anybody, but Zyreth thought he'd might as well take it.

"Yeah, the training begins in around 10 minutes."

By the looks of her, she had once been a part of a circus troupe. She wielded what looked like tonfa, that he had once read about.

Before he could say anymore,

He was interrupted by Shigeru, who had handed them both a piece of paper,

"This is the paper that tells you what group you are in, there are 8 groups, each with a different instructor, use these to get into your group that you are told.

As Shigeru walked away, Zyreth stared at his paper, apparently his instructor was Shigeru and he was in group seven. He turned back to the girl.

"What group are you in?" Zyreth questioned.

OOC: Eh, I guess my post was pretty crappy, there isn't much to post about when the training hasn't started...

July 7th, 2007, 7:39 PM
“Spica Training Grounds…” the long-haired brunette read, as she stood before a large sign overhanging a long bridge leading to what appeared to be an arena in the distance. She had finally arrived at her first destination, the place where she would find out more about the cursed sword, Soul Edge.

Looking around as she stepped onto the threshold of the heavy wooden bridge, the ceremonially dressed woman noticed various other individuals who looked somewhat familiar physically, but decided to think nothing of it. Their faces were hidden beneath cloaks and none of them had paid any attention to her current presence. There were also others, foreigners from her guess, which also plagued the bridge’s walkway, dressed in outfits that seemed obscure and unflattering at best. Each of them however, carried a certain strength about themselves, in the way they moved and spoke. They were confident, some overly confident to the point of being arrogant, but the brunette decided not to underestimate anyone she should meet, in the case they may surprise her. She hated surprises.

Crossing the spacious bridge, the Chinese orphan stepped onto a short path that led straight into the gates of the large arena she had seen from her first steps into Spica. The noise from the stadium-like arena could be heard from where she stood, a mix of shouting, cheering and cursing. There was also a heavy stench in the air that the brunette found utterly repulsive. It was a combination of blood and sweat, and she found herself feeling sick in the stomach as she approached the arena’s entrance.

“This place stinks!” she breathed, pinching her nose as she waved away the air around with her other hand.
“You’ll get used to it,” spoke a voice off to the woman’s side, making her turn towards the source in question, “if you’re here to train, then get used to it. This place prepares the strongest of warriors who seek that ultimate power and-”
“Shut up old man!” the woman suddenly interrupted, surprising the merchant who had greeted her. “I can take care of myself, so butt out!”
“You ungrateful wench…” the burly merchant breathed, before again being interrupted.
“I said shut up! Now leave me alone.”
The merchant looked insulted, surprised at such a rude response from a woman who had first appeared subdued, respectful even. Cursing under his breath, the roadside merchant, along with other curious and startled onlookers, watched as the long-haired woman regain her composure before continuing along the path towards the arena, her face content as it was before her uproar.
“Foreigners,” the man huffed.

Stepping into the arena, the Chinese traveller was greeted by an even heavier wave of blood and sweat, causing her to cover her nose and mouth completely, in disgust.
“Uh gees, how do people train in here?” she asked herself, as she looking around the large arena and its inhabitants. “This is a death trap…”

“Yeah, the training begins in around ten minutes,” called a sudden voice to her side. Looking across to her left, the source of the voice was a tall teenager dressed in a sleeveless red top and matching pants. He appeared to be addressing a younger looking girl, adorning a black sleeveless dress.
There was another man beside the two, who appeared much older and more physically built than either of the teenagers. He wore heavy armour and had rough black hair.
She watched as the man handed the two teenagers a piece of paper, in which he explained, told them which group they would be training within.

“Are you another one?” spoke a sudden voice from behind the Chinese traveller, causing her to shiver in surprise.
“Another what?” the brunette replied, turning to meet the person that had greeted her so informally. “Who are you?”
The voice, which had greeted her, belonged to a tall and pretty woman dressed in very heavy and unflattering armour. She smiled at the other woman’s response before handing her the same sized piece of paper she had seen the other two teenagers received.
“I’m one of the instructors of the training grounds,” she replied, still smiling, “on that piece of paper I just gave you, is a number of the group you will be training within for the rest of your time here. Make sure you show whichever instructor you get that piece of paper when training starts or you won’t be able to participate.”
The Chinese traveller held the piece of paper in both hands as the woman finished speaking. “Uh, thank you,” she said with a slight bow, as the instructor gave her a nod before leaving.
“Good luck.”
Pocketing the paper, the brunette looked around the arena, taking in the atmosphere and setting.

“What a dump.”

OOC: I kind of dragged on cause I wasn't really sure what to write. I also added another instructor if, but I didn't give her much detail in case it's not all right, so I can edit it if necessary. Also, I might have to withdraw from the RP, due to certain...things, but I'll see how it goes from here. I'm still in for now.

July 8th, 2007, 5:01 PM
Pink winced as he stepped onto the Spica Training Grounds, I don't like it here... he thought, It feels wrong. He sighs and walks toward the largest group of people that he saw, I only hope that they don't connect me with Green right away, I will have to explain myself for weeks and by then there will be no Green.

He closes his eyes and remembers what Green had told him about he place, how it was rough and tough yet the people were friendly. I'm not sure if I get it Green but I trust you. Releasing his silver and pink sword from it's white sheaf with a light hiss he remembers the way his brother always did it, and about the fact that his brother never talked to anyone, I wonder if I can pull that off? he wondered.

Unfortunately as he always did, he forgot to pay attention to where he was going and he slammed right into someone his sword scratching that person's left side. Opening his eyes he looked at the person, His olive skin collided with his brown hair, he was a faction nightmare in Pink's opinion, he opened his moth to say this but caught the glint of the guys weapon it was a beautify crafted Xiphos, without a second to think about it he swipes the weapon and stares at it, it held him in a trance that only the Princess Zelda was able to do. As he stared a drop of saliva fell from his parted lips and fell upon the knife's shining blade. Pink Froze immediately, how expensive was this....? he wonders looking up at the guy and smiling sheepishly.

((it's not much I know...))

July 8th, 2007, 5:46 PM
OOC: I finished my application =].

July 8th, 2007, 6:35 PM
OOC: Princess... Zelda? o O;;;;

Anyway, I stand in the same position as Phanima, I may have to pull out for certain reasons, but I'm not positive yet. Only time will tell. ;<

IC: Yoriko held up the piece of paper to her face as if it were a time bomb about to explode, with her thumb and forefinger. Tilting her head to the side she read, "Group numberrrrr.... SEVEN!!!"

Two! What a great number! It was certainly better then 1, because as everyone knew, first was the worst, and second was the best. Pressing her lips together and putting her carefully manicured finger onto the glossy lips, she appeared to be deep in thought as she stared at the sky. In reality, she wasn't thinking of anything in particular. Maybe, 'how long do we have to train here, anyway'? Or, 'I wonder if there are butterflies here?' Or maybe even 'Maybe I'll meet someone fun on my journey??'

But in the end, her thoughts could not be discerned quite so easily, and she looked at the boy eventually, and a sudden onslaught of curiousity slammed right past her, along with a whirlwind of questions.

Grinning at the boy and clasping her hands in front of her neckbone, she pelted the boy with question after question, certainly more then he'd asked, and certainly more in-depth then his questions.

"Where are you from?? What's that weird lookin' short sword called? What group are you in?? Who's your instructor? What are you here for? How old are you????"

It seemed to not occur to Yoriko that all these questions might be personal, and even more so, it seemed not to occur to Yoriko to give the boy any time to answer the questions.

July 8th, 2007, 6:58 PM
If you're still accepting late characters...

Name: Parisa Ghurani

Gender: Female

Age: 35

Personality: Parisa's funny, and loves to make other people laugh. She's easy to frighten and has a...slower-than-most reaction time. But when she starts battling she uses all her strength. She has a short temper around everyone. When she meets someone new, she's very shy and hardly speaks at all, and when she does her voice sounds unnaturally high-pitched. But once she gets to know you, she's bright, cheerful, kind and outgoing. But at the same time, Parisa is very hateful. Get her angry once, and you might as well never speak to her again. She's easily insulted and hates when people poke fun at her. She has a tendancy to let loose some Farsi curses, a habit which she has been trying to stop for some time now.

Appearance: Parisa has very, very curly dark brown hair up that goes down to her shoulders. It's usually in a ponytail. She has very dark brown eyes and "olive" colored skin, a little lightly tanned. She is a little bit muscular. She wears a bloodred veil over the lower half of her face, so you can only see her nose and up. She can always be seen wearing a flexible black shirt that reveals only her bellybutton, and on her arms are silk armpieces the same shade as her veil. She usually wears short black shorts with a long black silk skirt over it. The skirt has a long cut up the side. She has a string of gold coins that she ties around her forehead and wears as a sort of headband. On her left hand is a matching bloodred glove, affixed to which are more gold coins around the opening.

Birthplace: Esfahan, Isfahan, Iran

Height: 5'4" (sorry, no good with metric... ^_^; )

Weight: 130lbs (again, sorry...)

Birth date: January 5

Blood Type: O+

Weapon: Shamshir (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shamshir)

Weapon description: Parisa's shamshir, Rashne, is long, has a gleaming silver blade (which she frequently cleans and sharpens) and a shining gold hilt.

Discipline: Parisa trained herself at a young age the art of swordfighting, watching passerby and picking up their techniques.

Family: Tabor Ghurani, father. Nasrin Ghurani, mother. Tallis Ghurani, younger brother. All alive and well, living in Esfahan - her mother a housewife, her father a merchant, her brother married and raising a family.

History: One January 5th, Parisa was born (pretty important, right?) She lived a very normal and happy life, raised to be a smart and healthy woman by her caring parents. Growing up she didn't have too many friends but was always kind to strangers. She learned to play many instruments and draw. At the age of 14, she began to realize the things happening around her. Her country was in poor shape. She longingly wished to be able to do something. One day she told this to a friend of hers, and some nasty teens nearby heard and remarked, "How stupid! You can't even add 2 plus 2. You'd never be a help to our country!" This statement got to Parisa. It was true, to her, 2 plus 2 made 3, but it still angered her to be told that. Some years later, with the insult still emblazoned in her mind, and Iran in even poorer shape still, she overheard two shady men talking, whispering quickly as if there were no time - about a sword that could revive the dead and bring great power to whoever weilded it. Parisa didn't catch the location of where it was hidden, but Parisa didn't care about that. She didn't even realize that they were worried that someone would soon find it. All she could think of was obtaining that sword and using it to conquer Iran, bring prosperity to her people...and destroying those she hated. For almost 20 years she trained her hardest, every waking moment a chance to become stronger, until an opportunity shone for her to get closer to that sword.

July 8th, 2007, 8:48 PM
Mikuru-Chan: This is really good, really extensive and a lot of info on the personality, it’s clearly obvious that you should be and will be ACCEPTED

Rivvon: Good sign up, has everything asked for and done to a good level. ACCEPTED

(Man, I really suck at these accepting comments >.<)

IC: The girl had replied that she had been in group seven, before Zyreth had a chance to reply that he was also in group seven, she had bombarded him with questions:

"Where are you from?? What's that weird lookin' short sword called? What group are you in?? Who's your instructor? What are you here for? How old are you????"

“Heh,” he had chuckled slightly, “I’ll try my best to answer those in order… I came from Greece, my sword is a Greek Xiphos, I’m also in group seven, meaning we both have Shigeru as an instructor, I’m training for a quest to go on Soul Edge and I’m 15 years old.” He paused, taking a chance to catch his breath, “But I suppose most importantly, my name is Zyreth, what do they call you?”

He was expecting her to ask a whole new set of questions, about his last name, name origin and other stuff.

Out of the blue, he felt a slight pain in his left side,

“Ow!” Zyreth had whispered while clenching his eyes. He turned around to see that he was given a light cut on his left side; it throbbed a little, but didn’t hinder him.

He then noticed the perpetrator of it, it was a man dressed in pink, Zyreth turned to him with a somewhat angry expression on his face, then the guy had seemed to be entranced with ‘phoenix’ He had actually drooled on the sword.

Wow, the people here are so quirky…

But at least the curious girl didn’t injure him, or drool on his sword. Zyreth gently took the sword off the man and watched as the little glob of saliva had seemed to fade into ashes, apparently blood and anything else that dirtied phoenix did the same.

The man had a rather awkward expression on his face, so it was clearly an accident, so Zyreth decided to let it slide. Instead, he gave him a friendly warning,

“You might want to be a little more careful where you walk, you or I may have been badly hurt.”

Zyreth gestured at the slight scratch, which hadn’t seemed to have scratched his outfit, just his skin, he couldn’t tell if he was bleeding though, then again, that was the reason his outfit was red. If the enemy didn’t see blood, they couldn’t find a weakness. He had picked that trick up from the Greek armies.

July 8th, 2007, 9:28 PM
"Ah..." Yoriko glanced at the man who had just bumped into hmmm... Did he say Zeiruth? No, it was slightly different... Zei....Zai...Zyreth! Yoriko glanced at the man who had just bumped into Zyreth and blinked. He would do well in a circus. No, but if he grabbed the audience's stuff and drooled on it, he'd probably get in trouble. Nevermind that though. Yoriko shook her thoughts away and turned to face the boy, who'd reacted in a much calmer way then she herself would've if he'd drooled on Hyoujin and Uta.

"Greece is far! At least, I think it is..." Living in a circus didn't give you much of an education, "So, if you're going after Soul Edge, I guess that means we're either enemies, or allies. Which one is it?! The plot thickens!!" Yoriko squealed in a very childish way, as if the prospect of an unknown future excited her beyond belief. (And it did.)

Yoriko took her time to realize that Zyreth had asked her her own name, and by the time she noticed, she had a whole new round of questions to ask. But holding them back, she set her feet together, side by side and saluted Zyreth, grinning cheerfully as always.

"Gin Yoriko, and my perfoming name is the Flexible Fighter because I was the contortionist show when I was still apart of my troup!" She chirped, dropping her salute and clapping her hands together, "It's very nice to meet you!"

July 8th, 2007, 10:45 PM
OOC: Two! What a great number! It was certainly better then 1, because as everyone knew, first was the worst, and second was the best.

You forgot minus the finest and zero the hero 1st the worst, second the best, 3rd the treasure chest and 4th the golden dress. *shot* XD

IC: "Well it's nice to meet you as well Yoriko." Zyreth had replied smiling,

She had seemed quite friendly, if she was known as the flexible fighter by her circus troupe, it was assumable that she fought with acrobatic movements; he would see when the training started.

It was clear that she was also on a quest for Soul Edge by her reaction,

"Well, I suppose we would be rivals if you wanted to claim Soul Edge, but if you wanted to destroy it... I guess that means that we are allied." he nodded, "Cuz I know that sword is pure evil, I hope you do. It needs to be obliterated!"

Before he could rant any further about Soul Edge, Shigeru’s rough voice filled the air,

“Group number seven, report to me immediately! Your training will begin now!”

“Come on Yoriko, let’s go!” said Zyreth as he walked towards the samurai.

July 9th, 2007, 4:40 AM
OOC: Miki wanna be seven D=.

IC: "So, this is Spica Training Grounds.."

Charlotté Cãrmichael glanced around the place, according to her, the training grounds weren't very remote, as it appeared like she was in the desert, though the flea market of Spica was still visible to some people, without glasses. Charlotté adjusted her glasses. She had noticed that some people were already at the training grounds, as Charlotté is. Though she kept a fair-head and just rolled her eyes, and just sighed at everyone. They were around her age, though were much different then she expected. Charlotté just wanted some calm always-meditating, never-bothering-Charlotté people. Though, it wasn't going to be that way.

Charlotté was a bit confused, with was very unlikely of her, what were they going to do at Spica Training Grounds, Charlotté then suddenly felt a force come up from behind her, Charlotté just squinted her eyes and then turned around to she who.

"We train here."

Charlotté's eyes widened, it was just like this woman had read her mind. She had russet brown hair, that was very scraggly and twiggy, like Charlotté's own hair, and cerulean eyes, it seemed lilke she was wearing some steel armor that was shaped into her arms, chest, hips, and legs. A bow was strapped around her waist, that looked like it was made from steel, and a pack of arrows were strapped to her back. Charlotté faintly blushed, this woman was very pretty! And she looked very strong as well.

"And you have to pick a group number, and you will be training with that group, you get your group by a piece of paper, which to me is really odd, they should be picking on strengths and weaknesses!" The lady replied in her smooth voice.

"I know!" Charlotté agreed, it looked like some girls were gossiping.

As of then, the lady 'magically' pulled out a small bucket that had pieces of paper written in it, what a way to pick groups! Charlotté thought. Then she reached into the small bucket, took a deep breath and reached into the bucket, and took a paper.

"And my group number is..."

July 9th, 2007, 10:07 AM
its not too late, is it? ^_^;

Name: Takamine Haru (japanese style of last-name-first)

Age: 15

Personality: He's got a bit of a split personality. On one hand, he is foolish, carefree, relaxed. Your average prankster. But as soon as somone challenges his life, honor, or the life of a friend he goes mad, turning into a full out berserker with no understanding of the word "mercy". A tip, dont get in his way when he gets mad.

Appearance: He stands at about 5'11" and weighs a tiny 99 1/2 pounds, yeah, long and lanky. He wears a tattered old t-shirt, black wrist-gaurds, and a scarf. along with that he wears a black mask that covers his face below the nose(like kakashi off of naruto). He has silver hair that goes down to his waist and red bangs on one side, that go down to his chin, hiding his left eye, which is blue, his right gold. He wears black baggy pants and a belt covered in pockets and pouches. his pants are stopped at the ankle by the leg bandage-socks holding them in place, and he wears straw sandals as well. when not in use the sheilds he uses (or sheild if he puts them together) are strapped to his back like a shell, only smaller.

Birthplace: This world's Japan I guess.

Height: 5'11" (not sure what that would be in cm/m, sorry)

Weight: 99 1/2 Lbs (again, sorry)

Birth date: June 13. (and yea, it is my real birthday!)

Blood: AB+

Weapon: Berserker Sheilds (see below)

Weapon description: Two, interlocking sheilds that can link together into a larger shield for blocking, or ramming, each of which has a flat edge with 2 thick spikes each along the top for use as punching weapons. along the front(when linked together) He has named them/it "Tatsu-kibamaru" (dragon's fang-ring if my translation is correct)

Discipline: He learned from his father, who invented (as far as they know) this fighting style during a battle where all he had was a broken sheild after his sword had been broken. continuing to beat his way through the remaining enemy forces and rein victorious, Haru heard of his victory and asked how his father had done it when he returned. when he explained haru instantly decided that was what he would grow up and use as his fighting style (haru was only about 6 at the time)

Family: his mother, who is living at home and wishing her son luck in his quest.

History: Haru was just your average kid with parents, his father had left for the war. during this time haru had become the 'man of the house' so to speak, and when his father returned he idolised him more so than before. hearing of how his father had helped in the war, using only sheilds, haru decided to go on and follow in his father's footsteps, using shields as weapons. as he did this however, a second personality begin to stirr in him, due to the fact that someone, weilding a demonic shard of the soul edge had killed him shortly after haru had begun his training. his mother believed this 'awakening' of the personality had been caused by coming into close proximity to a shard of the soul edge, and so, several years later, he set off to destroy it, able to now control (for the most part) this new, and destructive side of his mind. He got a few strange looks due to the large shield strapped to his back when he arrived at the camp, but he is used to that.

July 9th, 2007, 11:43 AM
OOC: Oh crap there have been a few posts. Okay I am going to need someones character to introduce themselves to mine or something. Since I have no idea what to do


Cain finally stepped into the training grounds. It was an okay place. But he had been in better places to train. But he was still looking for the Soul Edge. After hearing about it he learned that in order to continue finding it was to train at the Spica training grounds.

Cain looked at all the other people there. Most of them looked as confused as he was.

"So what happens now?" Cain asked himself. His armor's helm was taken off. But he still achieved some of the intimidation that he usually had with his opponents

July 9th, 2007, 2:00 PM
((Whoo-hoo, I'm in! ^_^ Sorry, but I'm gonna sprinkle my character's speech with Farsi. She'll say whatever it was in English, too, though.))

Parisa was almost done tieing her hair in her typical ponytail when she was bumped by a passing stranger. She heard an all-too familiar dull snap and let go of her hair in defeat.

Grrr...must this always happen to me?!

The tossed the string that was once a scrunchie onto the ground. Passerby walked on it without taking notice. Why would they be looking at the ground anyways? There were more important things to do than look at the ground. But Parisa looked anyways.

Still looks wet. Did it rain?

She saw a woman pass, elegantly dressed with countless gold bangles.

"B-Be bakh shid! Excuse me?" The lady took no notice. Parisa saw two younger girls walking together, and chatting happily. "Pardon me, but --" They ignored her and walked on.

Oh, great. I am lost in this weird place, and no one takes notice of me.

Turning to find whatever could help her, she noticed a sign bearing "SPICA TRAINING GROUNDS!"

Well at least I'm in the right place. She took off her veil which was covering the lower half of her face. Maybe they'll hear me better if my mouth isn't covered...

At that moment she noticed a lanky man from her ship - certainly he could help her!

Rushing up to him, she jabbered, "Mota assef am, az kodam rah berim? Uh, sorry...where should we go?"

The man shook his head. "I'm as lost as you are."

Parisa stomped her foot. "Ahh...Ayatollah!! The training's probably gonna start soon!"

Grunting, she walked over to a post and leaned against it, sporting a very pouty face.

July 10th, 2007, 12:38 AM
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July 10th, 2007, 1:04 AM
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July 10th, 2007, 8:12 AM
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July 10th, 2007, 12:58 PM
Uria walked on and on until he arrived at the Spica training grounds , where he was to train if he wanted to find Soul Edge. He noticed quite a few people had arrived and that they were probably waiting for the same thing he was.

"Hmmm... What happens now? I don't want to waste my time here if nothing is happening." Uria spoke to himself quietly.

Uria sat down patiently and waited until it was time for everything to begin.

OOC:Sorry if post is short , have stuff to do.

July 11th, 2007, 12:10 AM
Silvertail: Oh sorry, I was in a rush before and I missed examining yours, lemme see. *Checks* It's good, but the personality section is slightly lacking, I need four sentences. I know you do have four sentences, but some are really short and should be extended to give just a little more detail. Just extend that and your in, but for now, PENDING

UPDATE: Ok, you extended it, so ACCEPTED

IC: "So what happens now?"

Zyreth had noticed someone say, it was a man in rather impressive armour.

"Yeah, you gotta get a paper that tells you what group you are in from an instructor, go to one of the people carrying the little buckets with the paper in them, that's them."

Zyreth had decided to answer the rather confused man to set him in the right direction,

Shigeru had aken notice of this and had come up to the man and handed him a number.
The samurai instructor who was then impatient of waiting for so many people had seemed to call out in a voice that was extremely loud,


The other instructors had then seemed to pull out signs with nbumbers written on them, which presumably were the numbers of the group they were in charge of.

The people had seemed to stampede towards Shigeru to be first in line, at the rate of people there were, you could say that it was lucky that he was wearing armour.

OOC: This post should direct all of you who have confused caracters. If you wanna meet up with the group on the journey and be in the group ( Which you obviously do) go into group seven so they can al get aquainted and stuff.

July 11th, 2007, 4:55 AM
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July 11th, 2007, 10:55 AM


Charlotté Cãrmichael read the piece of paper that that she then dropped. The number 'Seven.' was written in scraggly writing, and in ink. Charlotté sighed, why did she have to get seven? It was her unlucky number, because a seventh kid would mean trouble in Charlotté's family as well. The woman that was just near Charlotté stood up to speak.

"Eh, just go to Shigeru, he's the big guy."

Charlotté Cãrmichael than trotted over to the big guy, and then stood to speak, she was a bit intimidated to talk with him, I mean, she was a lot taller then Charlotté, and she was one of the tallest in Liechen Academy. She didn't feel like talking, but she knew that she had to, to actually do what she really wanted. Though, Charlotté was still a bit confused, what were they going to do to seek the Soul Edge, and how. Charlotté's head spun with those question as she pondered over then. Charlotté Cãrmichael then overcame the intimidating person, and got courage. Charlotté Cãrmichael then asked the man about something;

"Heh, bounjour, watashi no Charlotté Cãrmichael Francois."

July 14th, 2007, 8:26 PM
Uria stepped up next in line after a girl who apparently got the number seven.

"I hope I don't get six or seve-" He was cut off short after he pulled out the number.

It was a seven , the unluckiest number he could ever have next to thirteen. He walked towards the girl and the guy , Shigeru , and stood there waiting for everything to be finished.

"I guess everyone's anxious for Soul Edge.... huh?" He spoke with an exaggerated tone.

OOC:short post alert! AAAAAH!

July 15th, 2007, 8:36 AM
((I'm gonna be a rebel without a clue, and thus my character shall literally be left, without a clue. Also, sorry for the short post.))

Parisa had gotten her number at last.

"Six? Darn, one number less and I could have gotten my lucky 5." Her paper had a thick "7" written on it, which, to her, looked like ۶. She marched up to the man holding up a sign with a bold "7" on it.

"What number is this?" she asked someone next to her, pointing stupidly to the seven on her paper.

"Seven." he replied shortly.

Seven? she thought to herself. Wow, whoever thought of roman numbers must have been cut off from our side of the world.

July 15th, 2007, 8:37 PM
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July 16th, 2007, 11:11 AM
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July 16th, 2007, 4:55 PM
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Haru sighed, looking around the camp, breathing in all the different smells of the area. There were the usual smells of trees and grasses you'd expect to find, mingled with the scents from a small tent which was obviously a kitchen of sorts, and the musky smell of warriors that had sparred and were now resting. "You'd think we would have come up with something that could cover up this smell by now..." he muttered, not carrying a bag and actually clean, only his sheild strapped to his back. "Now, where do I go?" he said to himself, walking deeper into the camp and looking around at all the tents.

July 23rd, 2007, 8:55 AM
((I'm not droping out, but, I'm going to be away for a week and won't be able to reply 'til I get back. Also, sorry, but I'm in a hurry, and I won't be able to make a real post right now.))

July 24th, 2007, 3:27 AM
OOC: Instead of being an irresponsible RP master and letting this thing die, I'm gonna line us all up into a group (group 7) like thing and poke the RP ahead a little because it would be a waste of time to make boring posts about training. So remember, you are all in group seven, ALL OF YOU! *shot for loud in capital dictatorship*

It had been 9 hours, the group members of group 7 had been training many different ways for NINE hours. It had been grueling, AWFULLY grueling. Shigeru was as harsh, real harsh. Over this time, the group had gotten to know each other better though. They also learned they all had a common goal, to find Soul Edge, whether they wanted to destroy it, claim it, or just find out more about it, they all still wanted to find it in the first place.

It was 10 o'clock at night and te moon shined brightly over the worn out fighters.

Shigeru had done one of his tough guy neck cracks as he prepared to speak,

"Ok, we will call it a night, rest your bodies and you will be given your final part of training tommorow."

He had guestured for the group to follow him, so they did, he had led them to a spacious, yet dank and dull room that had small and uncomfortable, yet sufficable matresses lying on the floor.

"Tommorow you all will learn how to perform the soul charge and an unblockable attack."

These odd sounding techniques had piqued Zyreth's interest so he had asked,

"What exactly are those techniques and how come the training is so short?"

Shigeru had laughed vaguely, "Your first question, you will see tommorow, and your second, well thats just how we do things in Spica, now all of you get some rest, I bet you are all tired after that. Goodnight."

He had slammed the creaky door behind him andthe room had fallen into dead silence.

Maybe I can travel with these guys to look for soul edge, travelling in a group is much better than travelling alone...

Zyreth soon stopped thinking and just fell asleep out of fatigue.

OOC: I know that post was bare and lacking description, but I just wanted to push this thing further, y'know? Anyway, next poster make your post the following morning like a wake-up post when characters converse for a short time before Shigeru comes in to finish the training, where by some reason afterwards we will hunt down soul edge, yeh?

July 24th, 2007, 8:39 AM
Yoriko had certainly not enjoyed the day earlier. After all, there had been absolutely no time for play and happiness, and she was used to the cheery laughing enviroment of a circus. It had left her in a horrid mood last night, but as she sat up from the mattress, much nicer then the wooden cot that most performers normally slept on, she felt refreshed and bubbly and hyper all over again. Grinning as she pulled out a brush and fixed up her hair again, she was Gin Yoriko all over again. For sure.

Pressing out the wrinkles in her costume, which took quite some time when one took into account the length of her sleeves, Yoriko looked around herself. It seemed that she, as a circus performer, was the only one who was waking up at the crack of dawn, and sleeping at the deepest of night. After all, putting up and taking down a tent took time. Training and preparing for a day's performance took time. Taking off make-up and helping out with the animal's took time. But now, Yoriko had all the time in the world.

Huffing as she realized that she was the only one awake, she sat back down onto the mattress and waited, growing more bored by the second, as she swept her eyes around the room. She was accquainted only with Z... well, the guy with the name that started with 'Z'. Names were not her strong point, and she'd practically forgotten everything they'd discussed earlier, so being accquainted with him was no longer really applicable.

July 24th, 2007, 2:59 PM
"And, of cource, I missed all the training..." I muttered, sighing and following. "tomorows the last day of training, and I havent learned a thing..." I sighed, walking with them, listening to the shaky description of tomorrows schedule. I sat, looking around at all the other fighters, starting to feel uneasy. They knew more than he did about actually fighting, the different techniques, all he had was the shield strapped to his back, which, he was surprised noone was questioning him about. Shields were not commonly used as a main weapon, as they usually had a companion, offencive weapon such as a sword or axe to accompany them. I pulled out a small berry from one of the pouches on my belt, pulling out my mask slightly so i could eat the berry, but still so it would cover my face. This was going to be a very long journy, but I was ready, or atleast, I hoped I was.

Double 7
July 29th, 2007, 2:30 PM
Name: Gonia Fructimaru
Age: 26
Personality: Gonia isn't a public type. He likes to be alone but has strong feelings about his family. Nothing really scares him. He is also so strong that he wan a fighting tournament by age 19.
Appearance: He wears a blue head band and a bandana around his mouth. He wears a black jacket and green jeans. He has blond, spikey hair And his shoes are old and brown. His eyes are red like fire.
Birthplace: Hong Kong, China
Height: 6 feet 7 inches
Weight: 145 pounds 3 ounces
Blood type: B
Weapon: He has twin swords. Like this
Weapon Description: These twin swords were handed down from his father to Gonia. His father used them to fight off the evil that threatend the Country. They were named Soka Hesho, after Gonia's 2 brothers.
Discipline: Gonia was trained by his father. Every day he had to train 5 hours straight.
Family: His Father, Kona, His brother, Soka, and his brother Hesho.
History: His family was captured by the evil wizard, Katona. The only way to defeat him is with Soul Edge. He wants to defeat the evil wizard and free his family.

Hero of Time Link³
July 29th, 2007, 10:35 PM
OCC:Not too late is it?
Name: Destiny Leonheart

Age: 23
Personality: Desting is a very social person and will befriend anyone needing it but he has a hatred for thieves and murderers. He stops any fights he can but has a short temper for crooks. He can make many friends but he likes the strangest people like ones who believe in non-existent things.He doesn't spend much money for many reasons and he hates sweets that are high in sugar.He can be tempted to do some weird things but not very often.
He will help someone who asks for it but if they steal to do it he will hunt them down.

Appearance: Destiny has jet black hair with blue and orange highlights running through it and wears dark blue jeans and a black hoodie. He is quite a slim adult and weighs roughly about 130 pounds.He has dark brown eyes and is very social. He has a Dark Red T-Shirt reading "Ultimite Swordsmaster". His shoes are mainly white sneakers and black sneakers with red stripes. He also wears a necklace with a dragon tooth on it and he never takes it off.

Birthplace: Hakata,Fukuoka,Japan

Height: 167cm, 5 feet 5 inches

Weight: 50kg

Birth date: April 20th

Blood Type: O+

Weapon: 4 Japanese Katanas

Weapon description: The Katanas names are from top to bottom: Field MkIV, Tsunami, Field MkV, Dragon. He only uses 3 of them at once and commanly uses Field MkIV,Tsunami and Field MkV because Dragon holds too much weight for him to handle.

Discipline: He learn the art of using 3 swords otherwise known as Santōryū,he holds 2 in his hands and 1 between his teeth. His teacher was the village swordsmaster who had taugh some of Japans best swordsmen.

Family: His little brother Kohta.

History: He was a normal teenager until his father went to war and gave him his dragon tooth necklace. His father died in the war fighting 10 horseback archers, his father never used a shield as he used Santoryu aswell, his father got betrayed by a teamate and the 10 archers shot arrows at his back. Destiny found out that the Soul Edge the weapon his father wanted to destroy during the war and vowed to do it for him or die trying.

July 31st, 2007, 11:29 PM
OOC: Both of you have sufficent sign-ups, so accepted! By the way, since you missed out on the training, you could possibly meet the characters when the training is over, or better yet, say you were in a different group and write about how the training was and whatever.

IC: Zyreth felt his body slightly aching still from yesterdays training. He had lifted himself up off the mattress and picked up phoenix, its luminous glow was so entrancing, it was entrancing enough to get drooled on out of interest, but the pink-dressed man was long gone and Zyreth was pretty sure he wouldn't be seeing him anytime soon. The Greek boy casually surveyed his surroundings, to find that the only other one who had awoken was Yoriko.

“Mornin Yoriko.” Zyreth had greeted in a low voice so that he wouldn’t wake up the others, she was truly the only one of the people in the group that she actually knew before the training, but Zyreth was comfortable around pretty much everyone in the group, considering he even got to spar against most of them.

“Hey, I was thinking,” Zyreth had began, “Since we are both searching for Soul Edge, do you wanna work together to find it?”

Double 7
August 1st, 2007, 1:40 PM
Gonia was running down the path. The dirt was getting in his shoes, but he didn't care. He had to find Soul Edge.
He was running for about an hour when he spotted something. He stopped and turned around. It was a wounded bird. What should i do? he thought. He started swaying rapidly. Then without hesitation he pick up the bird an ran to a nearby town.
He finally noticed it was a bald eagle chick, his favorite bird. He could remember a bald eagle saving his life, back when he was 10.
As soon as he got the chick to a vet he started running back up the path.
Another hour passed and he was close to his destination. Two minutes later he stopped in front of a man.
" Two hours. Not bad." said the man.
" I don't have time for this training, Axel! I need to find Soul Edge!" yelled Ganio.
Then he felt something land on his shoulder. It was the chick he saved earlier. It seemed happy. Ganio smiled and patted the chick.
" And who is this?" asked Axel. But Ganio started running down the path to find Soul Edge with his new partner.
" I'll call you, Salco." said Ganio. Behind him, Axel was trying to to catch him, but Ganio was to fast. He was already half a mile away.

Hero of Time Link³
August 1st, 2007, 9:55 PM
OCC:Not such a good post.
Destiny was running through the forest for some sign of life as he had seen none since the training had ended. The air was thick and Destiny was thinking only about destroying Soul Edge and whether or not to meet up with Group 7 which he had heard about in whispers from a rather small crowd in the city.
He heard a rustle in the bushes and drew his sword but it turned out to be a small animal and stowed his sword away again.
He was now thinking about the journey ahead and whether it would be long a perilous(which he hoped)or short and hard.

August 2nd, 2007, 9:17 AM
I sat up, sighing and looking around. It was the next day, only a few were up, probably unable to sleep like me....."what am I going to do..." I muttered to myself, rubbing my head slightly with one hand, reaching down and picking up my shields, placing them on my back before getting up out of my bed. I was out of food, hopefully someone around here had something to eat.

It was still dark when I got outside, looking around at the make-shift 'camp' that had been created, I could see what I hadn't been able to before when everyone was running around training in the camp. Over near the edge I saw a tree that had been slashed at for practice with knives, swords, axes and other sharp weapons. I walked over to it, thinking I might as well work up an appetite by training.

August 6th, 2007, 3:23 PM
Name:Charles R. Deathnote

Age: 22

Personality:He is calm even in the scaryiest of times. He has really bad anger problems. Most of time he is uptight and mean. He always is flirting with girls.
Appearance: He has light brown hair with a tint of white. He has pale skin wich seems to make is black dragon scale cheast plate, scorpian shoulder pads, dragon gantlets, and hunters pants seem to glow like a moonless nite. His eyes are blood red and seem to glow with a fire for revenge. He hasa look of determantion.

Birthplace: A large town in the heart of germany that was burned down by his own brother

Height:7.5 meter

Weight:150 kilograms

Birth date:aug fri 13

Blood Type:O positive

Weapon: The legandary weapon "Deathnote".

Weapon description: Deathnote a mysterous black weapon that changes shapes depeanding on the user of the family it will kill anybody that is note part of the deathnote family. for Charles the weapon is a sword like a knight would weild.

Discipline:He spent many of his child and teen years learning to weild this weapon from his father

Family: His family all died except his lost brother who he hates for not doing hisduty of gaurding the family.

History: He has come to the training grounds after makeing a breack from the hardest prison without even a scratch to find soul edge so that he can kill his brother and find his peace.

January 29th, 2008, 10:05 AM
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