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July 3rd, 2007, 9:04 PM
Vvardenfell: The Awakening of Slakun Shar

History of Vvardenfell: Many centuries ago Morrowind was inhabited by a large group of people known as the “Dunmer”. The Dunmer were separated into four main tribes: The Kakinu (Northeastern Tribe), the Ghabisu (Southwestern Tribe), the Norincha (Southeastern Tribe) and the Arlani (Northwestern Tribe). These four tribes always fought due to their differences. However, when Slakun Shar (The Devil) appeared and had started to kill off all Dunmer, the four tribes formed an alliance due to the leadership of the Zakar (God-like figure/leader) and fought back against Slakun Shar. Zakar was able to trap Slakun Shar underneath Red Mountain (A large mountain in the middle of Vvardenfell) and create a large magical fence around this mountain to keep him sealed in. This fence was known as the “Ghostfence” and only had one entrance into it: Ghostgate. Unfortunately, to make this seal Zakar was forced to give up his life. With his final words spoken; he told the Dunmer that he would reincarnate himself to an outlander who was born on an uncertain day and by uncertain parents.

About a century later, The Empire came in and claimed Morrowind as part of it’s territory. All of the Dunmer became upset and once again worked together to try and force the enemy out of their land. However, the Empire was too strong and was able to rule the land. Thankfully, the Empire made a treaty with the four Dunmer Tribes, which prevented a lot of crime and hate amongst the Dunmer and the outlanders. Many Dunmer across Morrowind started to have disturbing dreams, which was the result of Slakun Shar contacting them through dreams. He promised them that if they prayed for him and gave him sacrifices, he would become strong enough to escape from the mountain as well as Ghostfence and drive all the outlanders home. These Dunmer, known as “Sleepers”, did give offerings to Slakun Shar and with his new powers he was able to create a new race of the undead and unholy known as Daedrith.

With Slakun Shar’s army of Daedrith continuing to grow on Red Mountain and his growing powers (which will eventually allow him to escape from Red Mountain), Slakun Shar will be able to break through at Ghostgate and most likely attack the inhabitants of Morrowind and drive out all outlanders from Morrowind. Every year the Empire and the Four Tribes send an army through Ghostgate to kill off the Daedrith and hopefully kill Slakun Shar. After half a century, the Empire and the Tribes halted their raids on Red Mountain due to massive loss in numbers. People believe that the incarnate of Zakar will appear once again to banish Slakun Shar from Morrowind.

Plot: The leader of the Empire, Penith IV, has pardoned you (from jail), to go on a journey throughout Morrowind and to become tougher. Due to the scouts near Ghostgate, the Empire knows that the Daedrith plan to attack Ghostgate and break the seal. This can only mean one thing; Slakun Shar will soon be able to escape from treacherous undergrounds of Red Mountain. You are to become a strong warrior after traveling around Morrowind and go to Ghostgate and stop the raids and if need be; kill Slakun Shar.



-Argonians: Little is known and less is understood about the reptilian denizens of Black Marsh. Years of defending their borders have made the Argonians experts in guerilla warfare, and their natural abilities make them equally at home in water and on land. They are well-suited for the treacherous swamps of their homeland, and have developed natural immunities to the diseases and poisons that have doomed many would-be explorers into the region. Their seemingly expressionless faces belie a calm intelligence, and many Argonians are well-versed in the magical arts. Others rely on stealth or steel to survive, and their natural agility makes them adept at either. They are, in general, a reserved people, slow to trust and hard to know. Yet, they are fiercely loyal, and will fight to the death for those they have named as friends. In Morrowind, they are treated as slaves. Strength: Immunities to poisons and high resistance to disease + ability for under-water breathing. Weaknesses: Defense against physical and projectile.

-Bretons: Passionate and eccentric, poetic and flamboyant, intelligent and willful, the Bretons feel an inborn, instinctive bond with the mercurial forces of magic and the supernatural. Many great sorcerers have come out of their home province of High Rock, and in addition to their quick and perceptive grasp of spellcraft, enchantment, and alchemy, even the humblest of Bretons can boast a high resistance to destructive and dominating magical energies. Strengths: Use of non-offensive magic + resistance to magic. Weakness: Defense against physical.

-Dark Elves: Dark Elves are the dark-skinned Elven peoples of the Eastern Empire. "Dark" is variously understood to mean "dark-skinned," "gloomy," and "ill-favored by fate." The Dunmer and their national character embrace these various connotations with enthusiasm. In the Empire, "Dark Elves" is the common usage, but in their Morrowind homeland they call themselves the "Dunmer". The dark-skinned, red-eyed Dark Elves combine powerful intellect with strong and agile physiques, producing superior warriors and sorcerers. On the battlefield, Dark Elves are noted for their skilled and balanced integration of swordsmen, marksmen, and war wizards. In character, they are grim, aloof, and reserved, distrusting and disdainful of other races. Strength: Offense with magic and swords. Weakness: Defense against physical attacks.

-High Elves: In Imperial speech, the haughty, tall, golden-skinned peoples of Summerset Isle are called "High Elves," but they call themselves the "Altmer," or the "Cultured People." In the Empire, "High" is often understood to mean "tall," "proud," or "snobbish." The High Elves confidently consider themselves, with some justice, as the most civilized culture of Tamriel; the common tongue of the Empire, Tamrielic, is based on Altmer speech and writing, and most of the Empire's arts, crafts, and sciences are derived from High Elven traditions. However, the High Elf's smug self-assurance of his superiority can be hard to bear for those of other races. Deft, intelligent, and strong-willed, High Elves are often gifted in the arcane arts, and High Elves boast that their sublime physical natures make them far more resistant to disease than the "lesser races." Strength: Offense with magic. Weakness: Defense against Magic.

-Imperial: Natives of the civilized, cosmopolitan province of Cyrodiil, the Imperials are well-educated and well-spoken. Imperials are also known for the discipline and training of their citizen armies. Though physically less imposing than the other races, the Imperials have proved to be shrewd diplomats and traders, and these traits, along with their remarkable skill and training as light infantry, have enabled them to subdue all the other nations and races, and to have erected the monument to peace and prosperity that comprises the Glorious Empire. Strength: Bartering/trading. Weakness: Defense against projectile or thievery.

-Khajiit: Khajiit hail from the province of Elsweyr and can vary in appearance from nearly Elven to the cathay-raht "jaguar men" to the great Senche-Tiger. The most common breed found in Morrowind, the suthay-raht, is intelligent, quick, and agile. Khajiit of all breeds have a weakness for sweets, especially the drug known as skooma. Many Khajiit disdain weapons in favor of their natural claws. They make excellent thieves due to their natural agility and unmatched acrobatics ability. Many Khajiit are also warriors, although this is less common among the suthay-raht Strength: Offense with hand-to-Hand combat. Weakness: Defense against projectile or physical.
-Nord: The citizens of Skyrim are a tall and fair-haired people, aggressive and fearless in war, industrious and enterprising in trade and exploration. Skilled sailors, Nords can be found in seaports and settlements along all the coasts and rivers of Tamriel. Strong, stubborn, and hardy, Nords are famous for their resistance to cold, even magical frost. Violence is an accepted and comfortable aspect of Nord culture; Nords of all classes are skilled with a variety of weapon and armor styles, and they cheerfully face battle with an ecstatic ferocity that shocks and appalls their enemies. Strength: Defense against cold magic + offense with “blizzard fist”. Weakness: Defense against fire magic.
-Orc: -These sophisticated barbarian beast peoples of the Wrothgarian and Dragontail Mountains are noted for their unshakeable courage in war and their unflinching endurance of hardships. In the past, Orcs have been widely feared and hated by the other nations and races of Tamriel, but they have slowly won acceptance in the Empire, in particular for their distinguished service in the Emperor's Legions. Orcish armorers are prized for their craftsmanship, and Orc warriors in heavy armor are among the finest front-line troops in the Empire. Most Imperial citizens regard Orc society as rough and cruel, but there is much to admire in their fierce tribal loyalties and generous equality of rank and respect among the sexes. Strength: Defense against physical. Weakness: Offense with projectiles or magic.
-Redguard: The most naturally talented warriors in Tamriel, the dark-skinned, wiry-haired Redguards of Hammerfell seem born to battle, though their pride and fierce independence of spirit makes them more suitable as scouts or skirmishers, or as free-ranging heroes and adventurers, than as rank-and-file soldiers. In addition to their cultural affinities for many weapon and armor styles, Redguards are also physically blessed with hardy constitutions and quickness of foot. Strengths: Offense with swords/blunt weapons. Defense against projectiles.
-Wood Elf: The Wood Elves are the various Barbarian Elven clanfolk of the Western Valenwood forests. In the Empire, they are collectively referred to, as "Wood Elves," but "Bosmer," or "the Tree-Sap People," is what they call themselves. "Tree-Sap" suggests the wild vitality and youthful energy of Wood Elves, in contrast with their more dour cousins, the Altmer and Dunmer. Bosmer reject the stiff, formal traditions of Aldmeri high culture, preferring a romantic, simple existence in harmony with the land, its wild beauty and wild creatures. These country cousins of the High Elves and Dark Elves are nimble and quick in body and wit, and because of their curious natures and natural agility, Wood Elves are especially suitable as scouts, agents, and thieves. But most of all, the Wood Elves are known for their skills with bows; there are no finer archers in all of Tamriel. Strength: Offense with projectiles. Weaknesses: Defense against Magic.

Other Main Characters:

Slakun Shar: (http://mpg.planetelderscrolls.gamespy.com/images/lnightblade/dreadedsharmat****thur.jpg) The “Devil” or bad guy who leads the army of Daedrith and wishes to force out all outlanders in Vvardenfell.

Types of Magic:
Alchemy – Ability to mix ingredients together to make potions.
Alteration – Changes the structure of an object to benefit the user in any way. For ex. Water walking, swift swimming, levitation etc.
Conjuration – Allows the user to morph gear into much stronger gear or to summon other worldly creatures (such as Skeletons, zombies, etc)
Destruction – Any form of offensive magic such as a Fireball or Lightning. Also is the use of spells that are used to drain health or magic.
Illusion – Ability to make things appear different from what they really are without actually changing their physical structure. For ex. Paralysis, demoralization, sound (prevents opponent from suing magic), camouflage.
Mysticism – Ability to manipulate the mystical forces of nature. Allows things such as Teleportation, detection of enemies, keys or weapons, spell absorbtion or reflection.
Restoration – Ability to restore or fortify health or magic. Also is the ability to cure poisons, disease and blights.
Weapons: Axes, short swords, long swords, blunt weapons, marksman (projectiles).

Armors: Heavy, medium, light and unarmered.

Notes:-Only one of us will be the reincarnate of the Zakar. It will not be me and I will end up choosing between whomever signs up. With that, just make your sign ups how you would have before and I will bend the prophecies to fit that person more accurately.
-All of us will be outlanders. Except me, I will be a native just to help show around, share myths and teach you guys stuff etc.
-Most Dunmer have joined the Empire and most live in towns and cities with the other races in harmony. However, the true believers of the reincarnation of Zakar still inhabit their ancestral grounds as the four main tribes of the Dunmer.
-Some things in the rules, plot, history or even this notes section may get edited. So make sure to check back here every once in a while to check up.
-If you want the actual spells and their description and which type of magic they go under. Click here. (http://www.uesp.net/wiki/Morrowind:Spells)
-Have any questions? Just PM me or talk to me on MSN, I’ll be glad to help!

1. Follow all standard SS rules.
2. Try not to argue or get in a tantrum with me. If you think something is wrong, PM me and we will discuss it.
3. I only want about 4 or 5 of us to be RPing this tine around. IF this RP becomes a success, then I might make a new one (modified a bit) which is more open.
4. No god-modding
5. All of us are weak (duh) at the beginning.
6. If using thievery, take away one type of magic or weapon.

Sign-Up Sheet:

Name: (Whats your name?)

Age: (How old are you?)

Race: (What race are you?)

Description: (4 lines minimum, describe what your character looks like.)

Personality: (4 lines minimum, describe how your character acts like etc.)

History: (4 lines minimum, your characters background)

Magic (will) Use: (State the one or two types of magic you’ll be using)

Armour: (state the one type of armor you’ll be using)

Weapons (will) use: (Just state the one or two types of weapons you’ll be using)

Thievery: (Your choice, just say yes or no.)

July 5th, 2007, 9:13 AM
Sign-Up Sheet:

Name: Razan So'rin

Age: 27

Race: Redguard

Description: Razan is quite tall and lean, improving his agility. The only portion of darkly tanned skin showing on his body is his face. His eyes are a piercing blue color, overshadowed by black eyebrows. He wears large sheets of white linen, tightly wrapped around his limbs. These are surrounded by plates of leather armor, binded together with black cloth. He wears no armor on his torso or back, and the cloth covering these areas is loose, not binded tightly like his arms and legs. He wears anklets, bracelets, and a belt all made of a black leather material. More white linen is draped over his head, as well as a scarlet scarf going up to his nose, leaving only his eyes showing. Another band of leather is wrapped around his forehead, to hold the cloth in place. On his back he wears two swords, scimitars. He wears black socks and gloves, as well as a pair of brown leather sandals.

Personality: Razan is a man of few words. No one usually knows what's going on in his head, but when he does speak his words are wise. He never speaks if he thinks his opinion isn't needed. He seems to have an excellent quality of leadership, usually trying to take charge of situations. Despite that he often seems angry, as shown by his eyes, probably a side-effect of his imprisonment by the empire.

History: When Razan grew up, he was raised to become a member of an Elite member of Redguard. He learned the way of the sword, and how to fight from birth. This was because his father was an elite Imperial Soldier, and it was believed that Razan had just as much potential. He never knew his parents personally, nor did he have any friends. He was simply made to be a fighting machine, and the Empire thought that personal relationships would only hold Razan back.

Of course, Razan didn't like being this way. He wanted to feel excitement, and not be a pet to the Empire. At the age of 25he fled the Empire for a life on the run. He fled the empire for a life of crime. He had to steal if he wanted to live. He had no clothes other than his military uniform, so he went to the Bosmer to hide outside their villages. Telling his story to them, he was able to rid himself of the military uniforms, and the elves he'd befriended made him an outfit he could use to stay hidden. It was unlike any of the clothes commonly seen in Vvardenfell, but they complemented his speed and agility. After this he heard word that the Empire had invaded and went on the run once again, to escape their clutches. Unfortunately he was ambushed by imperial soldiers (of his former squadron, ironically) and imprisoned. He remained in the outfit, hiding his identity, he would rather be imprisoned than have to fight for the Empire again. Especially after he saw them attacking his befriended "woodelves" as they called the Bosmer.

Magic (will) Use: Alteration

Armour: Light. Leather armor on arms and legs.

Weapons (will) use: Two long swords (scimitars)

Thievery: yes

July 5th, 2007, 12:11 PM
Altosax, very good sign-up and thanks for joining. One slight problem with the story line, however I don't blame you. It was extremely hard to try and make this RP as simple as I could and yet it still turned out big a ugly like this. So just to clear things up, A) There are no deserts in Vvardenfell (Please use the term Vvardenfell instead of Morrowind, I forgot to change some those in the History section, sorry again). B) The Redguard are already part of the Empire before they annexed Morrowind. Other wise, very good sign-up and with just fixing the history a bit, you'll be fully accepted. ^-^

July 5th, 2007, 12:59 PM
Name: Four, Soul

Age: 25

race: Argonian

Description: Four Soul is generaly Tealish color with lighter colors around different parts of his body. However he normally wears medium bonemold armor that he rarely takes off

Personality: Four is more or less the every man. He is friendly and is always trying to stop conflict. But Four is complected. He is smart and uses logic or quotes many legendary people. But other then that Four reacts as any Argonian does.

History: Four lived in the Black Marsh for most of his life. His Argonian race was mostly built on loyalty. Overall to honor the clan. Four, Soul was trained in many skills including speed and magic. However wanting to to see more of the world he began to travel towards the south western coast

Magic (will) Use: Illusion, Restoration

Armour: Medium Bonemold

Weapons (will) use: Simple Claymore

Thievery: no

July 5th, 2007, 1:21 PM
Okay, with the edited version, Altosax is accepted!
Omni-reep, sorry but your sign-up is too short. Please lengthen it a few more lines for each catagory. Also, with the history, you will end up being arrested... even if it is for no reason, but in your history it will be required that you are arrested and then you'll be released and your first post... well I'll talk about that later.

July 10th, 2007, 2:01 PM

As per thread master's request.